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    Old Book Guide by Blazefeeler

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    >>>Suikoden Old Book Guide<<<
    By Blazefeeler 8/10/2007
    1. Introduction
    -A) History
    -B) Copyrights
    2. Old Books
    -A) History and Information
    -B) Locations
    -C) Contents
    3. Credits
    1. Introduction
    This guide was constructed rather as a mark of completion and
    faqs for the series and guides I have written in the past. 
    I have the rest of the Old Book Guides up on the site for
    the other games in the series, and seeing as how no complete
    walkthrough that I can find has them compiled, I thought it 
    about time to finally get this out there for everyone to 
    read through and enjoy. The Old Books themselves, are one of 
    the things that I enjoy in the games as much as anything else. 
    I hope that those of you who don't know where all of the Old
    Books are, or just didn't have time to find them, enjoy this 
    guide and can garner some knowledge from reading it.  
    -A) History
    8/10/2007-Began work on the guide. 
    8/10/2007-Submitted to Gamefaqs. 
    -B) Copyrights
    This guide may not be posted in any other website other then
    Gamefaqs.com, or informational source without my approval.
    I will more then likely grant permission if you simply ask, and
    give credit where it is due. If you notice an error, or have found
    something not listed in this guide, please email me and I will
    correct the faqs and give credit where due. Some amount of effort
    went into this guide, and I would be most upset to see it used
    without consent, credit, or due notice. That all being said and
    out of the way, there will be spoilers. Consider yourself warned.
    2. Old Books
    -A) History and Information
    Beginning with this game, every Suikoden to date has used an 
    information source in-game to help the player with many of the
    not-so-obvious tricks such as recruitment, True Rune lore, 
    Rare Finds, and recruitment of certain Stars which..you may 
    not otherwise be able to obtain.  
    To best use and appreciate the Old Books in the original
    Suikoden game, you need to recruit yourself a decent librarian. 
    In this game, that character would be Hugo (Chisui Star). 
    Hugo can be found in the game facilitating study at the 
    Qlon Temple. But, you can find many of the Old Books before
    you recruit him, so make sure that when you obtain one you 
    keep it in storage with Rock until you can deliver them to 
    To recruit Hugo, you need to find what's called a "War Scroll".
    There is only one in the game, and luckily for you, it's right 
    close and handy to where Hugo is. It can be found in the depths
    of the caves behind Qlon, where you are forced to journey 
    anyways for story purposes. When you find it, simply revisit 
    Hugo and he will decide to join up with your army. 
    -B) Locations (Where to find the Books) 
    There are a total of eight (8) Old Books in this game. 
    Less you'll find, than the sequels it has thus far spawned. 
    Many of these books are quite easy to find, and hard to miss, 
    but I realize that sometimes inventory room is hard to plan, 
    and sometimes you just may not find the right chest or certain 
    hiding place of the book itself.  
    Old Book Volume 1
    This book is found within a chest at Pannu Yakuta Castle. It 
    is concealed in the one of the chests which is laying in wait
    on the upper floor of the fortress. Simply open the chest to 
    retrieve this Old Book. 
    Old Book Volume 2
    The reason this edition may be hard to find, is because it 
    is carefully concealed away within the depths of the Qlon Caves, 
    behind Qlon Temple. If you've ventured inside to any great 
    length of time, you probably are aware of the frustration
    that can sometimes be found within. Especially, when you're
    playing the game for the first time. Anyways, the book is 
    found within a chest and is found before reaching the 
    Star Dragon Sword. 
    Old Book Volume 3
    This book in particular, may be the one which is easiest to 
    find or miss, depending on how you look at things. It is 
    concealed away from sight behind where Hugo is standing at
    the Qlon Temple. If you walk up to the bookshelf on the 
    left side of the room, and press the (X) button on your
    controller to search, you should be able to find it right 
    Old Book Volume 4
    Much like Volume #3, this book can be obtained by searching
    a bookshelf in the proper location. The place you want to 
    look for it, is at the Dragon Knight's Fortress, in 
    Joshua's room, it is in the right hand side bookshelf. 
    Simply walk up to it and press the (X) button to search 
    for it again and it's yours for the taking. 
    Old Book Volume 5
    This book is found a few moments before actually reaching
    the Dragon Knight's Fortress. If you look carefully for
    chests within the Dragon Den Cave, you can find this volume
    waiting for you tucked away within the rocks. 
    Old Book Volume 6
    When you get to the point in the game where you need to 
    infiltrate the Soniere Prison, you can find this particular
    Book on the 1st Floor of the garrison, corner room, in a 
    typical and familiar chest. You can't really miss this one 
    if you're keeping your eyes open for loot. 
    Old Book Volume 7
    You obtain this Book quite late in the game really, at the
    Northern Checkpoint leading to Moravia Castle. You should 
    be able to spot it straight-away as it's in a chest as you
    pass through the checkpoint on foot. 
    Old Book Volume 8
    Found within a chest in Kalekka, this is one of the more 
    often missed Books in the set. Once you enter the ghost 
    town, look for the sign designating what used to be the Bar
    or Tavern. There is a chest in this building which contains
    the Old Book, safe away from the Monsters reach. 
    -C) Contents
    In this section of the guide, we'll explore together what 
    each of the Old Books define as their contents. While much 
    of this may seem familiar, much of it may not, in 
    comparison to the Old Books found in the later versions of
    the series. These books will be listed as Volume 1-8 in 
    the order that they are displayed in Hugo's Library for 
    reading pleasure. Keep in mind, these are listed with the
    grammar and punctuation as they are found in-game. I didn't 
    correct any of the mistakes due to wanting to keep it as
    original in content as possible for you, the reader. 
    Old Book Volume 1
    "The 27 True Runes: Their Creation"
    "In the beginning...there was "Darkness". "Darkness" lived
    for eons in a rift in time. Suffering in solitude for so 
    long, "Darkness" finally dropped a "Tear". Two brothers
    were born of "Tear". "Sword" and "Shield". "Sword" said
    he could cut anything to pieces. "Shield" swore he could
    protect anything. And so, the two went to battle. The 
    battle lasted seven days and seven nights. "Sword" cut
    apart "Shield", and "Shield" broke "Sword" into pieces. 
    Fragments of "Sword" fell and became the sky. Fragments 
    of "Shield" fell and became the earth. Sparks from the
    battle became the stars. The 27 jewels that adorned 
    "Sword" and "Shield" became the "27 True Runes," and 
    the World went into motion. 
    Old Book Volume 2
    "Ancient Teachings" 
    At certain times, the runes can give men immense powers. 
    The power they provide is magic. Each rune provides four
    magical powers. But, the great ancient magician Crowley, 
    found a method of surpassing teachings. If two souls are 
    united, two runes are united, and their ultimate power is
    unleashed, a power greater than the sum of the parts is 
    generated. The union of souls means that two runemasters
    apply their magic almost at the same time. 
    The union of runes refers to harmony. In other words, 
    Fire and Earth, and Wind, and Water, Water and Lightning, 
    Lightning and Fire are harmonious. Ultimate power means
    the release of the maximum runic magic. When three of 
    these powers are combined, the greatest of magical 
    powers is unleashed. 
    Old Book Volume 3
    "Strategy of War" 
    War begins with the understanding of the enemy's methonds. 
    A soldier is stronger than an arrow. An arrow is stronger 
    than magic. Magic is stronger than a soldier. As a result,
    knowing the enemy's methods are a natural advantage. To 
    know an enemy's hand, it is necessary to utilize Ninja
    Power. An enemy's methods always follows a pattern. 
    Knowing the pattern is a shortcut to victory. When the 
    enemy is without a magician, attack in full force. 
    Betrayal is most effective when you are few and the enemy
    is many. When the enemy is reduced to a few, use arrows. 
    When your numbers are many, soldiers and arrows are 
    effective. When you are few in number, magic is 
    effective. The only way to increase your number is to 
    Old Book Volume 4
    "The Knights of the Dragon's Den"
    Joshua Levenheit, Commander of the Knights of the 
    Dragon's Den, keeps the Dragon Rune. From a very early 
    age, the children of the Dragon Knights are brought up
    in the Palace of the Dragon Knights. Once a year, they 
    participate in the Bonding Ritual. Only those who 
    succeed in bonding with a dragon, become a Dragon Knight. 
    If a child fails to bond before the age of six, he 
    will never become a Dragon Knight. The bond between a 
    dragon and his knight is strong. A dragon lives longer
    than a human, but should a Dragon Knight die, his 
    dragon, out of sorrow, will take its own life. 
    On the other hand, if a dragon dies first, its master 
    loses his rights and privileges, and must leave the
    Knights of the Dragon's Den. 
    Old Book Volume 5
    "Craftsmen's Profiles" 
    Mace Master blacksmith. Of stubborn temperament, but
    very kind to his apprentices. Tesla, Scrivener of 
    Antei. Competent. Gen Simple-minded shipbuilder of 
    Teien. Templeton Mapmaker. Perfectionist who appears
    whenever changes occur. Kimberly Ostensibly a 
    stampmaker. She is in fact. Sergei. Unsuccessful 
    inventor. Said to be in Kaku. Antonio. Excellent cook
    living in Seika. Lester Cook whose specialty is stews. 
    Presently working in Moravia Castle. 
    Hugo Librarian of Qlon Temple. Kasios Balladeer. 
    Deeply in love with Milich, to whom she sings. Jabba
    Arrogant but exceptional appraiser. Feels he can 
    appraise anything. Kamandol Popular alchemist of 
    Old Book Volume 6
    "Black List" 
    The following list, compiled by the Imperial Guard, 
    describes suspicious characters who may have evil 
    intent against the Empire: Clive Appears to be on the
    trail of somebody with the intention of extracting 
    revenge. Occasionally sighted at an inn in Rikon. 
    Kreutz Follower of the former Emperor Geil Rugner. 
    Long incognito, but recently discovered to be hiding
    out with the Knights of the Dragon's Den. Anji 
    Pirate of Lake Toran. Long-standing friend of Tai Ho. 
    Rubi Stray elf. Fuma Masterless ninja. Hides out with
    the Knights of the Dragon's Den. Fu Su Lu Warrior who
    wears a tiger mask. Always repays his debts and 
    obligations. Pesmerga Seems to be looking for Yuber, 
    the Black Knight in the service of Windy. 
    Old Book Volume 7
    "Antique Prices" 
    Failure Urn- 10 bits
    Octopus Urn- 500 bits
    Flower Urn- 2500 bits
    Wide Urn- 4000 bits
    Persian Lamp- 7500 bits
    Blue Dragon Urn- 8000 bits
    Celadon Urn- 10,000 bits
    Black Urn- 20,000 bits
    Fine Bone China- 60,000 bits
    Hex Doll- 60 bits
    Japanese Dish- 3000 bits
    Chinese Dish- 6000 bits
    Peeing Boy- 16,000 bits
    Bonsai- 25,000 bits
    Knight Statue- 30,000 bits
    Goddess Statue- 100,000 bits
    Graffiti- 100 bits
    Flower Painint- 7000 bits
    Landscape Paining- 40,000 bits
    Nature Painting- 200,000 bits
    Lover's Flower Garden- 29,000 bits
    Old Book Volume 8
    "The Kalekka Tragedy" 
    Border disputes between the Empire and the City-State
    have been going on for many years. The so-called
    "Kalekka Incident" took place against this tense, ugly
    background. Taking advantage of the civil strife 
    within the Empire, the City-State overran the 
    northern part of the Empire all the way to Kalekka, 
    which they occupied. After pacifying the Empire, 
    Barbarosa's forces headed to confront the invaders. 
    As the City-State's forces began to retreat, the 
    Imperial Army entered Kalekka. What they found was a 
    burnt-out city whose residents wiped out. Leon, let 
    his forces know of the appalling devestation of 
    Kalekka. Despite their exhaustion after the long 
    march north, the forces were infuriated by the news 
    and, with renewed vigor, succedded in forcing back 
    the City-State Army. 
    3. Credits
    -Thanks to Konami, for making such awesome games such as 
    those found in the Suikoden Series. 
    -Thanks to Gamefaqs, CJayC and Sailor Bacon for providing 
    hosting of this faqs and the boards at Gamefaqs.
    (my home away from home)
    -All of the posters at Gamefaqs, for which this guide is
    intended to help.
    -Thanks to my family for being so patient with me,
    and my hobbies.
    -My email should you wish to contact me about this
    guide, is kooptsk@hotmail.com

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