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    Duel Guide by MMansson

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/14/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          ______    __  __  __  __   __  _____    ___      ______  ____     __
         /\ ____\  /\_\/\_\/\_\/\_\ -\_\-\____\  /\__\    /\_____\/\___\   /\_\
        / / ____/ / / / / / / / / /¯_-_/ - ___ \/ / _ \  / / ____/ /   |  / / /
        \/ /__\  / / / / / / / / /_-_-/ / // / / / //\ \/ / /__\/ / /| | / / /
       __\____ \/ / / / / / / /   _- / / // / / / // / / / ____/ / /|| |/ / /
      /\_\_/ / / / / / / / / / _ \  / / // / / / // / / / /_  / / / || | / /
      \/ /_\/ /\/ /\/ / / / / /\\ \ \/ /_\/ / / /_\/ / / /__\/ / /  || |/ /
       \_____/  \___-¯\/_/\/_/  -\_\ \____- \/_____-¯\/_____/\/_/   \|___/
          ___      __  __  ______  __       _____     __  __  __  ___      ______
         /\__\    /\_\/\_\/\_____\/\_\     /\____\   /\_\/\_\/\_\/\__\    /\_____\
        / / _ \  / / / / / / ____/ / /    / / ___ \ / / / / / / / / _ \  / / ____/
       / / //\ \/ / / / / / /__\/ / /    / / /_ /_// / / / / / / / //\ \/ / /__\
      / / // / / / / / / / ____/ / /    / / /\_\  / / / / / / / / // / / / ____/
     / / // / / / / / / / /_  / / /_   / / /\/_ \/ / / / / / / / // / / / /_
    / / /_\/ /\/_/\/ / / /__\/ / /__\  \/ /__\/ /\/ /\/ / / / / /_\/ / / /__\
    \/_____-¯  \___-¯\/_____/\/_____/   \______-  \___- \/_/\/_____-¯\/_____/
                                Current Version:        1.2
                                Last Uptdated  :        14 August, 2000
                                Contact me on  :        Yonder@enigma.se
                                              Written By Mikael Månsson 2000           
      Hi! My name is Micke and this is my first FAQ ever written. It's a guide
      for the special events in Suikoden 1 & 2 called duels. These little 
      battles have fascinated me ever since I defeated Teo with Pahn in 
      Suikoden I. Not everyone knows that it's possible to foresee your
      opponents moves and when I found out I started to write this FAQ. I can't
      guarantee that I have all the phrases for Luca Blight or Jowy but if I 
      dont I'll be glad to hear that from you and I'll put them in the FAQ 
      credited to you. I have not been able to read any mails lately and I've
      desided to add the tip about gaining levels.
      There are some problems with my primary email for the moment and I haven't
      been able to read any emails last week. Please use this temporary email-
      address instead:
      email:   Yonder@enigma.se
      ICQ#:    34039459
      By the time I update my FAQ next time you should be able to use the old 
      one again.
    Revision History
      Version 1.2 14/8 2000
      *I forgot to write which of the games the "cheat" is for.
      *New phrase for Luca Blight added
      Version 1.1 13/8 2000
      *Problem with the email - new address added.
      *Small Tips & Tricks section added. (You'll find it at the end)
       -How to gain levels easy and quick in the beginning.
      Verion 1.0 3/8 2000
      First publish
      *Duel Guide added
    What are Duels?
      Duels are battles fought one on one with a kind of fighting that differs
      from the usual battles. It can be compared with the paper, scissors and
      rock game. In the duels you get to do three different moves:
      Attack                                         -Attack with medium damage
      Defend                                         -Recieve less damage
      Desperate Attack (Wild Attack in Suikoden 2)   -Attack with heavy damage
      You will have to choose to do one of these for each round and so will
      your opponent. It works like this:
      -If your opponent defends and you attack you will hurt him a little.
      -If your opponent defends and you do a desperate attack the opponent will
        evade it and counterattack with heavy damage.
      -If both of you defend nothing will happen.
      -If both of you attack you will both get hurt with medium damage.
      -If both of you do a desperate attack you'll both get hurt with heavy
      -If your opponent attacks and you do a desperate attack your opponent 
        will hurt you with medium damage and you'll hurt him with heavy damage.
      As a conclusion:
      |       MOVE       |      BEATS       |     LOSES TO     |
      |      Attack      |      Defend      | Desperate Attack |
      |      Defend      | Desperate Attack |      Attack      |
      | Desperate Attack |      Attack*     |      Defend      |
      *You'll hurt your opponent bad, but you will still get hurt
      This isn't all! The level of the character and the level of his weapon
      will affect the amount of damage your character will do to his opponent
      and the damage he will receive when attacked and of course it will 
      affect your amount of HP. If you are on a very low level it might not be 
      wise to use a Desperate Attack against a normal Attack because of the 
      great damage just a normal Attack would do to you. In such a case you 
      should defend to receive minimal damage from the Attack and hope that 
      your opponent will do a desperate attack.
    Then why this FAQ?
      Well, the great thing about these duels is that you can foresee your 
      opponents next move with 100% accuracy. 
      After each move your opponent will say something about your last
      performed action, and that phrase will accually reveal their next move.
      This FAQ contains these phrases that your opponent will say and will
      help you to pick the right move before each round.
    How do I do a flawless victory?
      First of all, it's almost impossible to win without getting hurt at all.
      This is because you cannot evade a normal attack in any way. If you
      defend you will get hurt a little and if you do a desperate attack
      your opponent will be hurt real bad, however you will also be hurt but 
      with medium damage. Because of this you'll have to ways of calling a 
      duel a perfect win - either with the smallest possible amount of 
      Hit-Points lost or with the fastest possible victory. It doesn't matter 
      on what time you finished the duel or how much HP you lost as long as you
      win, but I think doing a "perfect victory" feels great.
    Enough with the small talk, on with the fun stuff...
    * SUIKODEN I *
      Kwanda Rosman vs Hero
      This is your first battle and isn't to much to worry about
      Taste the sharpness of my blade!
      Well done. But can you take this?
      Heh, now it's my turn.
      Ha ha! You'll have to do better than that!
      At a loss, are you? But I'll show no mercy!
      What's the matter? If you don't attack, I will!
      Damn! I underestimated you.
      Whoa! Pretty good, Teo's little boy. Now it's my turn!
      That's nothing!
      You're better than I thought. But how about this?
      Can you break my invulnerable defenses?
      Pretty good. How about another one?
      Damn! My turn!
      Now it's your turn. Come on!
      Don't bore me. Show me what you can do.
      Cautious, aren't you. Just like a leader.
      Arghhh! I underestimated you.
      Forget it. You're methods are obvious.
      What now?
    |Desperate Attack|
      Victory is near! I strike with all my might!
      The next one won't be so easy!
      I'll get you!
      Here we go again!
      Take that!
      We're getting nowhere. Here I come!
      Impossible! You can't avoid my blows!
      Well done. You're a worthy opponent. Now it's my turn!
      I'll show you how it's done.
      Interesting. How about another round?
      Teo McDohl vs Pahn
      This battle is very easy to loose because General Teo is very strong and
      a couple of false moves could easily get you killed. You should at least
      be at level 30 with Pahn and have his weapon at level 12 before you enter
      this duel. Because of Teo's strength this battle is easiest won by 
      defending every round because he often uses desperate attacks.
      My sword's not rusty yet.
      Pretty good, Pahn.
      Is that all you've got? Now it's my turn!
      Do you see how we're mismatched?
      All you can do is defend, Pahn? No mercy!
      We're getting nowhere. Here I come!
      Did you see me coming?
      That was a good one, Pahn. Now it's my turn.
      Get serious, Pahn. This is how it's done.
      The numbness in my hands, it's real.
      Strike me, Pahn!
      All right, do it again!
      I'll see that coming next time!
      Do you give up?
      Come on, Pahn. See if you can kill me.
      You're a smart one, Pahn.
      Good work, Pahn. I'll have to be more careful.
      I'm losing my cool. Better be careful.
      What's the matter, Pahn? How about another round?
      You're better than I thought.
    |Desperate Attack|
      Finish me with a single blow!
      Can you dodge my blade, Pahn?
      My killer blade...
      Hmmm. Here I come again!
      The next one will be more painful.
      If you don't attack, I will!
      Impossible! Take that!
      Now that I've seen what you've got, I'll show you what I can do.
      That's...no good.
      Excellent, Pahn. You're a real fighter. Here's another!
      Teo McDohl vs Hero
      You can hardly loose this duel. General Teo starts with half HP.
      Here I come, my son.
      Well done!
      That was nothing. Now it's my turn.
      Do you see how much better I am?
      Is defending youself all you can do? You'll never win that way.
      We're getting nowhere. Here I come!
      Did you see that coming?
      That was pretty good. Now it's my turn.
      You're soft...soft! This is how you attack!
      The numbness in my hands, it's real!
      Show me what you've learned.
      Good, try it again!
      I'll see you coming next time!
      Is that all you've got?
      Come on! Show me what a man you've become.
      Leader of the Liberation Army! No wonder you're careful.
      Well done! I must be more careful too.
      I'm losing my cool. I must be more cautious!
      I underestimated you! What's wrong? Another round?
      I mustn't underestimate you.	
    |Desperate Attack|
      My sword is the Emperor's sword. I'll show no mercy!
      Can you avoid my sword?
      My deadly sword...
      Hmmm. Here I come again!
      The next one will be more painful.
      If you don't attack, I will!
      Are you trying to surpass me?
      Now that I've seen what you've got, I'll show you what I can do.
      That's...no good.
      I'm delighted, my son. You're quite a warrior. But here's another!
      Flik vs Hero
      This is your first duel in Suikoden II and isn't a real one because it
      will be over once you have hurt Flik a little.
      Whoa, nice stroke. That's the way.
      This is just a waste of time.
      That's the spirit.
      Nice try i'll go next.
      Okay, let's see what you've got.
      That's how to attack. got it?
      Hey, be careful how you swing that thing.
      Oops, I might have put too much into that one.
      Hey, That was a surprise.
      Want to try that again.
      In combat, caution is the best weapon.
      Hey, wanna try that again.
      C'mon take a swing at me.
      That's how to attack. try it yourself.
      Don't get too confident or you'll get yourself killed.
      Okey, it's your turn. Let's see what you've got.
    |Wild Attack|
      Here goes! Hope you can handle this.
      The next one's going to hurt.
      Here it comes. Better get out of the way.
      One of us is going to have to finish this.
      Amada vs Hero
      You will have to battle Amada twice in the game, but don't worry -he will
      say the same things both times and isn't very hard to beat. =)
      Ha ha ha ha! Too bad, boy!!! Now it's my turn!!!
      Ouch! Pretty good! Ok, it's my turn next!
      Ouch! I felt that one!
      Thinking the same thing, eh. C'mon let's go.
      Ouch! That musta hurt! Sorry about that.
      Okay, first a little test.
      YOWCH!!!!! Nice one! My hand's all numb!
      ARGH!!!!..... Nice shot..... But it ain't over yet!!!!!
      Hey, you're not gonna win that way y'know.
      Dammit!!! I might lose this one!!!
      Got to keep your head cool when you're in a fight, y'know.
      Damn! Dammit!!! Gotta think!!!!!
      C'mon. It's your turn now.
      Ha ha! Wanna try that again?
      He he, first show me what you've got, boy.
      Woa!!! That was scary!!!!!
      I won't fall for that one again.
      He he, I guess i'd better hold back a little.
    |Wild Attack|
      That won't get us anywhere! Try this one on fer size!!!!!
      Better get ready. Here I go again.
      Argh! I'll get ya next time!!!
      Way to go, kid!!! But I won't lose that easy!
      If ya liked that, I'll give ya some more.
      Okay, boy, here I go!
      He he, I'll show ya how to attack!
      That was fun!!! Let's go again!!!
      Okay, it's my turn next.
      I'm just about ready to take the kid gloves off.
      Luca Blight vs Hero
      This is very easy. Luca is strong but his HP will be very low when the
      battle begins which makes this battle hard to loose.
      You little punk!!!
      Idiot!!!! Is that the best you can do!!!!
      Hah...... A draw..........
      That's Nothing
      Hah...hah hah hah... Fighting is my life.....
      Fool!!!! That can't stop me!!!!!!
      Pathetic!!!! That's what you call power!!!!
      Ridiculous!!! You think a punk like you can stop me!!!!!
      You fool!!!!!!
    |Wild Attack|
      Hah........ Are we still doing this....
      You Pig!!!!! You dare wound me!!!!!
      Han vs Hero
      Not too much to worry about, just read his phrases and act right.
      Very good, boy.
      I may be old, but I haven't lost my sword arm.
      I can't let you past here, son.
      You're a tough one....
      You can't defend yourself forever.
      You can't win like that, boy.
      And now it's my turn.
      Foolish boy!!!
      Ho ho ho.... You taught him well, Genkaku my friend....
      Unf..... Your father would have been proud to see you today.
      What will you do now, boy?
      You think you can beat me, boy?
      Let me see your power, Genkaku's son!!!
      Well struck .... It seems I should be more careful....
      I should have avoided that cheap little shot...
      Try that again, boy.
      Unf... You like to take risks, eh?
    |Wild Attack|
      Yes, but can you defend against my sword!!!
      You think my sword has lost it's bite!!!
      Let's bury our past here, boy!!
      You've got spirit...
      Can you take this?
      You've got spirit...
      Now feel my deadly sword.
      Watch closely, boy!!
      You'll have to do better than that.
      Watch and learn, boy. Here's how to wield a sword!!!
      Jowy vs Hero
      If you wish to have the best ending -dont attack! If you defend for three
      rounds Jowy will give up and offer you to take his black sword rune.
      Refuse it, and he will be healed by your bright shield rune. =)
      Let's finish this long, long battle....
      Here goes.... Hero...........
      Why won't you fight, Hero!!!
      Let's test your strength.... Hero.......
      Hero.... You......
      You're the leader of of the Orange Army, Hero......
    |Wild Attack|
     Tips & Tricks
    -==SUIKODEN II==-
    How to gain levels up to level 35 (even 40) very fast in the beginning of 
    the game.
      This in no way any kind of gameshark or xplorer code or anything like
      that. All you need to do this trick is to have the ntsc/us version of
      the game (I dont know if it works with pal or jap).
      In this "cheat" you take advantage of a glitch in the game which can be
      used in the beginning of the game. It can be done either when you're
      supposed to get Pilika's wooden amulet or when you are visiting Hilda
      for the first time in the White Deer Inn. I recommend you do it when
      you are at least at level 10 or it will be very hard to accomplish. It's
      easiest to do right after your journey with Alex in the temple.
      This is what you should do:
      Gather as many powerful rune-items as possible and head northwest of Muse.
      You will come to the border of the Matilda region. There are soldiers
      guarding the border so you can't pass... or at least you shouldn't be
      able to. Walk up to the gate and push it just like you pushed the boxes
      in the mercenary fort earlier in the game and the gate will just glide of
      its hinges. Push it as far as you have to and leave for the Matilda-
      region. Here you will encounter very strong enemies. Any enemy will most
      likely kill any of your characters in one blow and the enemies have
      about 200 HP. Use all of your most powerful items and runes to win. This
      isn't very easy but it's not impossible either. Once you've won once it
      will be a lot easier because you'll gain about 10 levels the first fight.
      After a fight just go back to Hilda and sleep. Fight again and again and
      you'll soon be at level 35 (or higher if you want) with all of your 
      So far I've done everything by myself, but I have to thank Gamefaqs for 
      publishing me.
    Mikael Månsson 2000

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