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All 108 characters, under the whim of my command02/22/07Berserker_Blade
Starting the series off with a bang!10/17/11Bkstunt_31
An amazing RPG that should be the industry standard11/23/05bokunokuso
A model of mediocrity and antiquity02/06/09Crack Addict
An RPG with poor graphics, shoddy sound effects and it's only 20 hours long? It must be awful...right?11/16/04DjSkittles
The best random bargain bin purchase Ive ever made - I cant stop loving this true PSX classic...04/16/07Ephemeral88
One of the first flawed little masterpieces.10/26/04Fein
Amazingly Satisfying in a Minature Form.04/26/06hecktic00
A highly overlooked RPG04/22/03Hiarashi
Mega Man isn't the only game with awful cover art.08/13/14Kashell Triumph
A Must Play For All RPG Fans12/23/08LordShibas
For some, greatness is a public cry. For others, it is banishment to the depths of obscurity. But true greatness can live in any environment01/08/03matt91486
Mediocre Game That is Worth Playing for the Series03/03/08nineteen9
A "collection" game that actually is cool01/13/05Overdrive
A rare, but simply required RPG for any fan of the genre.08/31/05Penguin Dragoon
My favorite game of all time is Suikoden10/15/00Shady
Suikoden is a highly generic role-playing game that fails to evoke the grandiose feeling necessary to make the jump from good to great.12/06/03theREALbbobb
Suikoden is the proof that the whole IS greater than the sum of its parts.12/18/06threetimes
Classic feel and massive detail make Suikoden unique.03/02/06ZolarCzakl
An early Playstation classic.09/16/13Zylo the wolf

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