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    Clive's Quest FAQ/Walkthrough by The Leviathan

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 03/11/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     THE   _   _   _     _______   _   _________   _____   _______   _____
          /|\ /|\ /|\   [|||||||] /|\ /|||||||||\ /|||||\ [|||||||] [|||||]
          [|] [|] [|]    ŻŻ[|]ŻŻ  [|] [|]Ż[|]Ż[|] [|]Ż[|]  ŻŻ[|]ŻŻ  [|]ŻŻŻ
          [|] [|] [|]      [|]    [|] [|] [|] [|] [||_[|]    [|]    [|]___
          [|] [|] [|]      [|]    [|] [|] [|] [|] [|||||]    [|]    [|||||]
          [|] [|] [|]      [|]    [|] [|] \|/ [|] [|]Ż[|]    [|]    [|]ŻŻŻ
          [|\_/|] [|]___   [|]    [|] [|]  Ż  [|] [|] [|]    [|]    [|]___
          \|||||/ [|||||]  [|]    \|/ [|]     [|] [|] [|]    [|]    [|||||]
           ŻŻŻŻŻ   ŻŻŻŻŻ    Ż      Ż   Ż       Ż   Ż   Ż      Ż      ŻŻŻŻŻ
             @@@@@@          @          @    @@   @@  @@@@@@  @@ 
           @@@@@@@@@@@@     @@@        @@  @@@@  @@@ @@@      @@ 
          @@@@@@@  @@@@@@   @@@         @@  @@@  @@@ @@@       @  @@@
         @@@@@@       @@@@   @@         @@   @@   @@  @@ @@@     @@  @@
         @@@@@         @@@   @@         @@    @  @@@   @@@@@      @@  @
         @@@@                 @         @@   @@  @@     @          @@
         @@@                 @@@    @  @@    @@ @@     @@           @@   
         @@@                @@@@@  @@ @@@     @@@     @@@@@@@@   @   @@
         @@@@           @@  @@@@@@@@@  @@       @       @@@       @@@@
         @@@@@        @@@@
          @@@@@@    @@@@@    @@@@   @    @ @@@@@  @@@@ @@@@@@
           @@@@@@@@@@@@     @@  @@  @@   @ @@    @@      @@
             @@@@@@         @@  @@  @@  @@ @@@@   @@@@   @@
                            @@  @@  @@  @@ @@        @@  @@
                             @@@@@  @@@@@@ @@@@@  @@@@   @@
                ___   ___         ___  ____       ___  ___
               /   \ /   \ |\  /| |  \ |  | |\  |  |  /   \ |\  |
               |     |   | | \/ | |__/ |__| | \ |  |  |   | | \ |
               \___/ \___/ |    | |    |  | |  \|  |  \___/ |  \|
                              - by Travis Adkins -
            - İ2001 -         -      a.k.a.      -       - Version 1.3 -
                              -  The Leviathan   -
    |                          Legal Disclaimer                           |
       "Suikoden" is a trademark of Konami Co., Ltd. İ1995 1998 Konami.
       All rights reserved. All characters and scripts mentioned in this
       guide are owned by Konami.
       You, the reader, have the following rights and privileges:
       1) I wrote this Companion to aid Suikoden II fans in their
          completion of Clive's Quest. You may print out this guide
          as is, for personal use only.
       2) You cannot under any circumstances repackage or alter this
          guide or take credit away from me, the writer. You cannot
          post this guide on a website without my permission.
       3) You cannot sell this guide whether it be for profit or
          non-profit. I wrote this for fun, not for money. That
          means you can't make money from it either.
       4) The following sites have permission to post this FAQ:
                            - GameFaqs -
                            - psxcodez -
          If you see it elsewhere, please contact me.
       5) Remember, this is a COPYRIGHTED work. Simply obey all applicable
          laws pertaining to copyrights and we'll get along just fine.
       All this means is that you can use this guide, as is, to aid
       in completing Clive's Quest. Those are pretty much the only
       rights you have. If you're an honest person, those will be
       the only rights you'll need.
    |                             Introduction                            |
       This is a Companion Guide for Suikoden II's Clive's Quest. I
       haven't seen many available and the ones that I have seen are
       pretty vague ---and in most cases, incorrect. I'm solving all
       that by writing this one.
       I was a bit intimidated when I first started the quest on my own,
       since "20-hour limit" was expounded over and over. (That's right,
       Clive's Quest has a twenty-hour time limit, in case you didn't
       know.) So there I was, rushing around, making sure every movement
       I made was a necessary one. I only recruited Stars that were quick
       and easy to get.
       Well, it turns out that 20 hours is more time than you'll ever
       need. I realized this when I was headed for Tinto and was only
       10 hours into the game. From then on I took it easy and finished
       Clive's Quest in a little under 16 hours. I even recruited most
       of the Stars. Yes, it's easily possible to recruit ALL the Stars
       while playing through Clive's Quest. If you want to, that is.
       However, the big question is: "Is it worth it to play through
       again simply for Clive's sake?"
       If you're a big Suikoden fan, yes. Otherwise, no.
       There are no secret FMV's or special endings. If you're attempting
       Clive's Quest, you're doing so out of curiosity alone. See the
       section titled "Spoiler Scripts" if you don't want to play, but
       still want to know what happens.
       I hope that you find this guide helpful and informative. I've
       assumed that you've already played through Suikoden II at least
       once, because spoilers are abundant here. As is customary, I've
       made the hero's name "Hero" for the purposes of this guide and
       sometimes I'll say "you" meaning the Hero.
    |__________              CONTENTS             ________________________|
    |\/\/\/\/\/\       1) The Story                \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\|
    |/\/\/\/\/\/\                                   \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/|
    |\/\/\/\/\/\/\        2) Tips                    \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\|
    |/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                                   \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/|
    |\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\         3) The Quest              \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\|
    |/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                                   \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/|
    |\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\          4) Spoiler Scripts       \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\|
    |/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                                   \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/|
    |\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\           5) Tidbits              \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\|
    |/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                                   \/\/\/\/\/\/\/|
                          _________   __   __   ______
                         /___  ___/  / /  / /  / ____/
                            / /     / /  / /  / /___     
                           / /     /  ŻŻŻ /  / ____/
                          / /     / /ŻŻ/ /  / /___ 
                         / /     / /  / /  /     / 
                         ŻŻ      ŻŻ   ŻŻ   ŻŻŻŻŻŻ
                  _______  _________  ______  _______ __    __
                 / _____/ /___  ___/ / __  / / ___  / \ \  / /
                / /          / /    / / / / / /  / /   \ \/ /
               /  ŻŻŻŻ/     / /    / / / / /  ŻŻŻ /     \  /
               ŻŻŻŻ/ /     / /    / /_/ / / /\ \ŻŻ      / /
             /ŻŻŻŻŻ /     / /    /     / / /  \ \      / /
             ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ      ŻŻ     ŻŻŻŻŻŻ  ŻŻ    ŻŻ      ŻŻ
       In the original Suikoden, there is a grave in Rockland that reads: 
                        /                           \
                       /                             \
                       | Homeless Woman's Last Words |
                       |             ___             |
                       |           __| |__           |
                       |           |     |           |
                       |           ŻŻ| |ŻŻ           |
                       |             | |             |
                       |             ŻŻŻ             |
                       |    Clive, forgive me for    |
                       |   not dying at your hands   |
       If Clive sees this tombstone, he will say: "... It's a trick. You're
       trying to deceive me again, woman. I swore I would find you, and I'll
       never give up until I do. So I can kill you with my own hands."
       Who is the woman that Clive is obsessed with, and why does he want to
       kill her? Konami only gave us a morsel of the tale in Suikoden. Now,
       in Suikoden II, you can find out the whole story, including its
       violent end.
       In order to do this you have to be quick in proceeding through the
       plot, because the woman, "Elza", is fast as she moves from place to
       place. Clive will be hard-pressed to keep up.
                       _________   __   _______   _______
                      /___  ___/  / /  / ___  /  / _____/
                         / /     / /  / /  / /  / /     
                        / /     / /  /  ŻŻŻ /  /  ŻŻŻŻ/
                       / /     / /  / /ŻŻŻŻŻ   ŻŻŻŻ/ /
                      / /     / /  / /       /ŻŻŻŻŻ /
                      ŻŻ      ŻŻ   ŻŻ        ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
    Note:  Feel free to use any combination of these tips to help you
           succeed in Clive's Quest. That's what they are here for.
    | 1|  In the options menu in Suikoden 2, go to Settings. Set Message
    ŻŻŻŻ  Speed to 'Fast'. (I also prefer to have in-game windows opaque;
          it's easier to read text.)
    | 2|  When speech boxes appear on-screen during the game, press X
    ŻŻŻŻ  rapidly to close them. You'll notice that each message appears
          a letter at a time. You have to press X twice per window to close
          Explanation: Pressing X one time makes all the text appear all at
          once. The second time you press X the window will close and the
          next message will appear, if there is one. I make note of this
          because the best way to proceed through Clive's Quest is to watch
          the character portraits while in-game conversations are occuring.
          Don't worry about the text, just keep pressing X. 99% of the time
          it isn't necessary to read the rambling that most of the characters
          say. Like Nanami. ARGH!
          When you see Hero's portrait appear, it means you have to make a
          decision. So when you see your character's portrait, immediately
          stop pressing X so you won't accidentally make the wrong choice.
          However, keep in mind that while undertaking Clive's Quest, you
          can't always choose the 'best' option. Instead, choose the FASTEST
    | 3|  Always RUN. (duh)
    | 4|  Any time you enter a new area or town, immediately save your game.
    ŻŻŻŻ  Figure out who you have to talk to to advance the plot or chain of
          events. Write down what items and armor you want to buy and who
          you want to equip them on. Make maps of dungeons and the treasures
          inside. Then, reload your game and go through the same routine
          except do it fast.
          Since you'll know exactly what you want to purchase and who you
          want to equip it on, you should hear "bleepidy-bleepidy" when
          accessing menus, NOT "bleep... bleep..." This means your fingers
          are moving FAST.
          Referring to a walkthrough would also be wise; this way you'd know
          exactly where you have to go and what you have to do. There are
          plenty of nice ones available on GameFaqs, some even have maps.
    | 5|  There comes a point in the game when Viktor is sitting in the
    ŻŻŻŻ  tavern and asks you if you'd like to hear a long story about
          Genkaku. Say "Forget about it" and go back to bed.
          Also do this for similar incidents.
    | 6|  Use the "Easter Egg", a well-known trick where you push through
    ŻŻŻŻ  the barrier at the Muse/Matilda border. Don't talk to the guards
          standing there; just face the gate and start pushing. You can
          then get to Highway Village and Rockaxe.
          I recommend doing this AFTER you're finished at the White Deer
          Inn, which means you've conquered the Sindar Ruins. Of course
          you could do it before the Sindar Ruins, but it'd probably be
          too hard to defeat the monsters in Matilda. My time leaving
          the White Deer Inn before going to Muse was 2.19.41. I then
          spent roughly 1/2 hour leveling up. I went to Rockaxe and
          purchased the best armor for Hero, plus a Down Rune.
          I DO NOT recommend recruiting Humphrey and Futch just yet.
          I found it too difficult. Wait until you have sharper weapons. 
          When you get into Matilda, treat the monsters there as you
          would treat bosses. Use all the powerful magic at your disposal
          to kill them. Head straight to Highway Village, (hopefully you've
          had only 2 monster encounters; 3 is a step towards lethal), and
          rest and save your game. Then run out of the town, fight some
          more, then return, rest and save. You can easily get your Hero
          up to level 30 or so. Jowy's Black Sword Rune will probably be
          your best friend at this stage.
          You don't need to spend too much time here; hurry back to Muse
          to advance the plot. You'll find that you can decimate the
          monsters even in the Cave of the Wind, saving you a lot of time.
    | 7|  If you want to recruit all 108 Stars in Clive's Quest, do it
    ŻŻŻŻ  QUICKLY. Recruit the ones on a time limit as soon as you can,
          (Mukumuku and Oulan, for example.) Then determine which ones
          can wait until you have the Blinking Mirror.
          Also, determine how many Stars you can recruit in one outing.
          I'll use Hix's quest as an example. Wait until you have the
          Blinking Mirror for this one. Put Gengen and Chaco in your
          party. Recruit Gabocha in the Kobold section of Two River.
          Recruit Jeanne from the Human section and recruit Sid when
          the last part of the quest puts you in the Sewers underneath
          the Winger section.
    | 8|  Don't waste too much time intentionally fighting monsters in
    ŻŻŻŻ  each new area in order to level up. You'll find it only takes
          4-5 fights in each area to level up enough to fight the boss
          of that area. For instance, you can enter a dungeon, use your
          magic in order to win 4-5 fights, then use an escape talisman
          and return to a town to rest and save. When you reenter the
          dungeon, the fights will be much easier. This works very well.
    | 9|  If you die, simply CONTINUE. Don't reset your game. By
    ŻŻŻŻ  continuing, you are allowed to keep all the experience points
          you earned since your last save point, AND the clock remains
          at the same time since your last save point. Note, however,
          that you will not be able to keep any items you have collected,
          but rarely is this a problem. You can always collect them again.
          This "Save, Level Up, and Die" method can also be used
          intentionally, thus strengthening your party without losing
          any time on the clock.
    |10|  Always keep Clive as a member of your party unless the game
    ŻŻŻŻ  forces you into choosing other characters. If this case arises,
          put Clive back in the party when the next opportunity presents
                         _________   __   __   ______
                        /___  ___/  / /  / /  / ____/
                           / /     / /  / /  / /___     
                          / /     /  ŻŻŻ /  / ____/
                         / /     / /ŻŻ/ /  / /___ 
                        / /     / /  / /  /     / 
                        ŻŻ      ŻŻ   ŻŻ   ŻŻŻŻŻŻ
                _______    __   __   ______   _______   _________ 
               / ___  /   / /  / /  / ____/  / _____/  /___  ___/
              / /  / /   / /  / /  / /___   / /           / /   
             / /  / /   / /  / /  / ____/  /  ŻŻŻŻ/      / /
            / /  / /   / /  / /  / /___    ŻŻŻŻ/ /      / /  
           /  ŻŻŻ  \  /  ŻŻŻ /  /     /  /ŻŻŻŻŻ /      / /
    |                           Introduction                              |
       Well, here it is. This is all the places you need to be to see the
       events in Clive's Quest. I've tried to make it as accurate and
       informative as possible.
       Remember, for every incident in the Quest to occur, (except #1),
       Clive must be in your party.
       For some events I'll list the time limit according to Prima's
       Strategy Guide. I haven't confirmed them, but I assume they are
       One last thing... You may find it better to keep Clive in your
       party all the time so you won't accidentally get to a point
       where you can't put him in your party when you need him.
    |                            Incident #1                              |
    |                          Skirmish in Muse                           |
       This will occur when you arrive in Muse after you've conquered the
       Sindar Ruins. Here you will first meet Elza when she asks you to
       hold on to a parcel for her because a "bad man" is chasing her.
       Moments later you will encounter Clive, who asks if you've seen a
       tall woman with blonde hair.
       When you go to leave Muse, Elza steps in and requests that you
       return her parcels. That's when you see Clive. Elza uses Hero as
       a human shield and fires at Clive, who quickly rolls out of the
       way. Elza runs and he gives chase, leaving Hero in anticipation
       of the next encounter.
       There is no set time limit for this event, but you'd better get
       to it early. (Less than 3 hours.) It's suggested you use the
       "Easter Egg" before this event, (see "Tips")
       (It goes without saying, this incident is a MUST if you want to
        be able to recruit Clive in South Window, regardless of whether
        or not you want to undertake his quest.)
       If you are having trouble triggering this event, search the alleys
       on the east side of town.
    |                            Incident #2                              |
    |                          Recruiting Clive                           |
       You must recruit Clive from South Window before Highland takes it
       over. You can do this only after you have gotten transportation to
       Lakewest, (by recruiting either Tai Ho or Amada and introducing them
       to Shu). Then put Clive in your party and head by boat to Lakewest.
       There is no time limit for this encounter, but for the record, my
       time was 4.40.00.
    |                            Incident #3                              |
    |                         A letter from Elza                          |
       With Clive in your party, enter the Inn in Lakewest and talk to
       the man near the counter. He'll give you a letter from Elza.
       You should reach this incident 2 to 4 minutes after Incident #2.
       According to Prima, the time limit for this event is 11 hours.
    |                            Incident #4                              |
    |                             Mind Games                              |
       After the Two River City battle, before you go to Greenhill in
       the guise of students, take Clive to Forest Village. Go to the
       clearing behind the buildings north of the town and find...
       According to Prima, the time limit for this event is 13 hours.
    |                            Incident #5                              |
    |                       Always one step behind                        |
       After the events in Rockaxe Castle, BEFORE following Miklotov,
       head into town and go to the Inn. If Clive is in your party
       you'll get more clues to Elza's whereabouts.
       This has to be done before Rockaxe falls to Highland. The only
       chance you'll get is during your initial visit. According to
       Prima, the time limit for this event is 14 hours.
    |                            Incident #6                              |
    |                            The Gunfight                             |
       After you have finished all events in the Matilda area and are
       supposed to head back to your castle, instead go straight to
       Radat. Miklotov will still be in your party, and hopefully you
       were smart enough to bring Clive too. If not, go to Leona, put
       him in your party, then go to Radat. Don't do anything else to
       advance the plot yet. If you do, Radat will be under Highland
       control and you won't get to see this Incident until much later. 
       Take Clive into the bar to see a confrontation with Elza. My
       time at this incident was 7.25.53. According to Prima, the time
       limit is 15 hours.
       Spoiler Script available.
    |                            Incident #7                              |
    |                          Storm's Failure                            |
       After you receive word from Dr. Huan that Nanami is dead, (after
       the liberation of Rockaxe Castle,) put Clive in your party and go
       to Muse. Take him to the top of Jouston Hill for another encounter
       with Elza.
       My time was 15.3.44.
       Spoiler Script available.
    |                            Incident #8                              |
    |                         The Final Showdown                          |
       Before infiltrating L´Renouille Castle, Viktor will ask you to
       form a party. Choose Clive and 4 other strong characters (there
       are very tough monsters roaming around Highland) and then head
       northwest to Sajah Village. There, Clive and Elza will duel.
       My time was less than 16 hours. The time limit is 20 hours.
       Spoiler Script available.
                 _______  _______  ______  __  __      ______  _______
                / _____/ / ___  / / __  / / / / /     / ____/ / ___  /
               / /      / /  / / / / / / / / / /     / /___  / /  / /
              /  ŻŻŻŻ/ /  ŻŻŻ / / / / / / / / /     / ____/ /  ŻŻŻ / 
              ŻŻŻŻ/ / / /ŻŻŻŻŻ / /_/ / / / / /___  / /___  / /\ \ŻŻ
            /ŻŻŻŻŻ / / /      /     / / / /     / /     / / /  \ \
            ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  ŻŻ       ŻŻŻŻŻŻ  ŻŻ  ŻŻŻŻŻŻ  ŻŻŻŻŻŻ  ŻŻ    ŻŻ
          _______   ______   _______   ___   _______  _________  _______
         / _____/  / ____/  / ___  /  /  /  / ___  / /___  ___/ / _____/
        / /       / /      / /  / /  /  /  / /  / /     / /    / /     
       /  ŻŻŻŻ/  / /      /  ŻŻŻ /  /  /  /  ŻŻŻ /     / /    /  ŻŻŻŻ/
       ŻŻŻŻ/ /  / /___   / /\ \ŻŻ  /  /  / /ŻŻŻŻŻ     / /     ŻŻŻŻ/ /
     /ŻŻŻŻŻ /  /     /  / /  \ \  /  /  / /          / /    /ŻŻŻŻŻ /
     ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ   ŻŻŻŻŻŻ   ŻŻ    ŻŻ  ŻŻŻ   ŻŻ           ŻŻ     ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
    |                           Introduction                              |
          This section is for those that choose not to attempt Clive's
          Quest, so stop reading now if you don't want to know what
          I firmly believe that when someone purchases a video game,
          then they OWN it. Which is to say they have every right to
          see everything that the game has to offer, whether they
          choose to play the game or not. The game may be too hard,
          too time-consuming, etc. That still should not take away
          the right of the customer to see exactly what they have
          Some developers are of the same opinion and offer cheat
          codes or secret menus that enable the player to view FMV's
          or select a level. There are some exceptional FMV's out
          there, (Final Fantasy, for example,) that the developers
          should be proud of and therefore WANT the player to view
          more than once. Personally, I love watching FMV's and on
          several occasions I watch them over. There was a lot of
          hard work put into them and the customer should have the
          right to view them whenever he/she wants.
          The point of all this is that Suikoden II is a LONG game.
          It's great and well worth the time, but many people don't
          have the patience to play through again to see the conflict
          between Clive and Elza ---but since the customer PAID for
          Suikoden II, he/she has the RIGHT to see it.
          Unfortunately, I cannot SHOW you what happens.
          But I can at least TELL you.
          What follows are selected scripts of the confrontations
          between Clive and Elza during Clive's Quest in Suikoden II.
    |          Confrontation between Clive and Elza in Radat              |
                      <  Clive and Hero enter the bar.  >
                      < Clive approaches a nameless man.>
      Clive:  "Hey Master."
        Man:  "Y, yes? What can I do for you?"
      Clive:  "Do you know a woman named Elza? She's tall with blonde hair."
        Man:  "Umm... I... err... Well ya see..."
      Clive:  "Do you know her!!!"
        Man:  "Umm... well it could be..."
      Clive:  "What?"
        Man:  "That person over there..."
                         < Clive turns and sees Elza! >
       Elza:  "So, boy, you finally came. But I was thinking about going to
               another city soon."
      Clive:  "It's you!... finally. Now I'll bring this to an end..."
       Elza:  "Here? You'll hit the customers. The Guild won't like their
               reputation being damaged like that, y'know."
                         < Customers flee in a panic. >
      Clive:  "... Listen up, you criminal... For the murder of my fellow
               Gunner and Guild member, Kelley... In the name of my gun, Storm,
               I sentence you to death."
       Elza:  "Hey Clive... We used to be more than friends... Couldn't you
               just let me go?"
      Clive:  "Don't say it... Murdering a Guild Gunner, stealing a gun and
               fleeing... According to Harmonia law, both crimes are punishable
               by death."
       Elza:  "Tsk... laws mean nothing. Do you really believe in anything
               besides the weight of your guns?"
      Clive:  "Maybe I can believe again... Once I kill you, that is..."
       Elza:  "... Fine then. Let's go. A duel between Gunners."
      Clive:  "Wrong!!! You're a criminal and I'm the executioner."
                < They draw. Elza fires first. Clive is hit. >
      Clive:  "Storm... why..."
            < Clive falls, his blonde hair spilling to the floor. >
       Elza:  "See you later... handsome."
                     <             Fades out.            >
                     <   Clive wakes up in one of the    >
                     <   beds in Dr. Huan's infirmary.   >
                     <        Hero is by his side.       >
      Clive:  "Where am I... Am I... alive?"
       Huan:  "You're a lucky one, Clive. What'd you call em? 'bullets'?
               They only hit you in the shoulder and leg and it nearly
               killed you."
      Clive:  "... A knight-class gunner missed?... That can't be..."
       Huan:  "Just a few inches more and... If she was really aiming,
               then she's an incredible shot..."
    |       Confrontation between Clive and Elza at Jouston Hill          |
       Elza:  "So how have you been, Clive?"
                            < Clive steps forward. >
      Clive:  "Will you tell me why you did it?"
       Elza:  "Did what? What are you talking about?"
      Clive:  "You couldn't have... a knight-class gunner couldn't miss
               their target."
       Elza:  "That's what you wanted to ask?"
      Clive:  "No, I... I'll only ask once more. Why did you kill my
       Elza:  "Brother? You grew up in the Guild together, but 'brother'?
               You're a nice man, Clive. Maybe if Kelley had been even
               half as nice to me, I wouldn't have done what I did.
               I started to hate the Guild... hate all those people who
               lusted for power... That place could turn an angel into
               a devil."
                             < Elza steps closer. >
       Elza:  "You guys grew up in that filthy courtyard... You got
               involved with those guns and those Guild rules...
               But I put an end to all that, with my friends Moon and
                           < Elza displays her guns. >
      Clive:  "So why didn't you kill me back then too!!! Try and see
               if you can do it now! You witch!!!"
                 < Elza walks up to Clive, then steps past him. >
       Elza:  "Clive, enough already. You don't owe the Guild anything."
                       <    Elza begins to walk away.    >
                       < Clive aims his gun at her back. >
      Clive:  "The Guild and my brother were the only important things
               I had in my life. You already took my brother away. I
               won't let you destroy the only thing I have left in this
               world. Now is the time for me to execute your sentence."
       Elza:  "Storm..."
               < Clive pulls the trigger but the gun does not fire. >
      Clive:  "Storm, What is it..."
                              < Elza walks away. >
       Elza:  "Sorry about that kid... Well the Guild isn't everything.
               There's a small village west of L'Renouille, Highland's
               capital. You can find me there..."
                       < Clive lowers his gun in dismay. >
      Clive:  "Why Storm, why?! Why?!"
                                 < Fades out. >
      Clive:  "I'm sorry... Hero... I came all this way..."
    |                             EXTRA SCRIPT                            |
    |       Confrontation between Killey and Lorelai in Gregminster       |
          This event occurs if you have Killey in your party when you
          recruit Lorelai in Gregminster. I've included it as a bonus
          script because I was intrigued by the relationship of these
          two characters, which seemed similar to the love/hate shared
          by Clive and Elza.
    Lorelai:  "Good afternoon. Oh, you... You're the boy who came to see
               President Lepant... Hero, right?"
       Hero:  "Yes... Will you come with us?"
    Lorelai:  "Come with you...? Join your army? But, I'm..."
                               <Killey steps out.>
     Killey:  "You're the same as ever, Lorelai. Always thinking of
               profit... the way to the Sindar will never open to someone
               like you!"
    Lorelai:  "You...! Killey!! I thought you went to the Queendom of
     Killey:  "Oh, I was there, alright... thanks to your 'tip.' And what
               a tip it was... I didn't find any Sindar ruins, but I did
               find a squad of police ready to throw me in a stinking cage."
    Lorelai:  "Hmph. That was pretty foolish. But what can you do about it
               now? How unfortunate for you."
     Killey:  "Oh, I wouldn't say that..."
    Lorelai:  "What?! Did you find something?!?"
     Killey:  "And why should I tell you?"
    Lorelai:  "Because that was MY tip!! MY information..."
     Killey:  "I'm part of the [?] Army at the moment... One more person
               won't make a big difference, but we ARE looking for more
    Lorelai:  "You... you underhanded...!!"
     Killey:  "No more than you, Lorelai."
    Lorelai:  "Fine... but first..."
                    <Lorelai walks around Hero, inspecting him.>
    Lorelai:  "Hmmm, not bad... You seem pretty tough, kid. Killey wouldn't
               join a fool's army. Hero, I'll join your cause. The goddess
               of victory does indeed seem to be smiling down on you."
    |     Final Confrontation between Clive and Elza in Sajah Village     |
       Elza:  "You came back, eh boy. Well, let's finish this..."
      Clive:  "Yeah..."
       Elza:  "Clive, my old friend... How about a duel between Gunners?"
      Clive:  "... Fine... It looks like Storm won't shoot you."
                < Clive takes Storm from his cloak and drops it. >
       Elza:  "Hee-hee, thanks."
               < Elza offers Clive his choice of one of her guns. >
       Elza:  "My gun, Stern or 'Star', represents trust in the Guild,
               and Mond or 'Moon', represents betrayal. Protection and
               Assassination, the 2 faces of the Howling Voice Guild.
               Choose the one you prefer."
                        < Clive picks one of the guns. >
       Elza:  "Stern... I thought you'd choose that..."
                    < They spread apart and face each other. >
      Clive:  "Whenever you're ready..."
                    < Elza cocks her gun and stands ready. >
       Elza:  "Impatient, eh... Don't you want to stay in this world
               a little longer?"
                    < Clive cocks his gun and stands ready. >
      Clive:  "That's not necessary."
                                  < A pause. >
       Elza:  "Howling Voice, shadow upon the ground!"
      Clive:  "Howling Voice, flash of thunder from the gods!"
                            < They raise their guns. >
       Elza:  "Cursed Voice that separates Life from Death!"
      Clive:  "Right here, right now, these Guns want to shed blood."
                < Their guns slowly start to point at each other. >
       Elza:  "They want to feast on souls!"
      Clive:  "Listen you cursed Guns!"
                   < Their guns are now aimed at each other. >
       Elza:  "We are it!"
      Clive:  "The final blast to signal war!!!"
                                  < A pause. >
       Elza:  "CLIVE!"
      Clive:  "No hesitation!"
                           < Clive fires. Elza falls. >
       Elza:  "Ugh... unf..."
      Clive:  "It's over..."
       Elza:  "Yeah... you're right... You... you won..."
                                  < A pause. >
       Elza:  "Did you... really think... I could shoot you...?
               Boy... there are no bullets in this gun..."
      Clive:  "..."
       Elza:  "The day I shot Kelley... It was me who should have
               died... Died with pride as a Gunner... That's why,
               boy... That's why I've got more regrets than I care
               to count..."
      Clive:  "What...?"
       Elza:  "Clive... this place... this village... This is where
               I was born... My father, my mother, our house...
               They're all gone... Nobody who even remembers them...
               But even so, this is the place where my heart always
      Clive:  "..."
       Elza:  "Poor Clive... He was born in the Guild, raised in the
               Guild... Pretty sad, don't you think, boy? And then...
               he lost Kelley... Give me Storm..."
              < Clive picks up Storm and puts it in Elza's hands. >
       Elza:  "Storm... the only Gun in the world with a soul inside
               it. The Guild chose Kelley to inherit this Gun, not
               me... But then Storm itself chose me... The Guild could
               not go against the wishes of Storm, and the only way to
               settle it was with a duel."
      Clive:  "..."
       Elza:  "Stern and Mond were the guns prepared for the day of the
               duel. And just like today, only Stern was loaded with
               bullets. Kelley knew that... and so, he chose Mond..."
      Clive:  "The Guild... those fools..."
       Elza:  "I deeply regretted it... Shooting Kelley... And then
               running away from the Guild... Thank you... Clive...
               Now, my soul can return home..."
      Clive:  "Elza..."
       Elza:  "Ha... Ha ha ha!!! You're too soft, boy... You didn't
               really believe that sob story, did you..."
      Clive:  "What do you..."
                      <  Elza aims Mond towards the  >
                      < sky and shoots into the air. >
       Elza:  "Go back to the guild, boy... It's the only place for
               you... I won't steal that from you..."
                        <  Clive steps toward her.  >
       Elza:  "Clive... take care of Storm... You're its keeper now...
               Farewell... forever... Farewell, gunslinger..."
                    <    Clive removes his hood and     >
                    <  falls to his knees next to her.  >
      Clive:  "N... No... NO!!! Elza! Elza!!"
       Elza:  "You did good, boy... But, remember... You still couldn't
               do it... You couldn't catch me..."
                          <       Fades out.        >
                          <  Clive and Hero stand   >
                          < in the street, talking. >
      Clive:  "Hero... My job as executioner is over... I think... I'll
               eventually return to the Guild soon... But for the time
               being, I'll stay with the [?] Army. I'm not quite ready
               to leave this land yet..."
             _________  __   ___      _____    __  _________  _______
            /___  ___/ / /  / _ \    / ___ \  / / /___  ___/ / _____/
               / /    / /  / / \ \  / /  / / / /     / /    / /     
              / /    / /  / /  / / /  ŻŻŻ<  / /     / /    /  ŻŻŻŻ/
             / /    / /  / /__/ / / /ŻŻ/ / / /     / /     ŻŻŻŻ/ /
            / /    / /  /      / /  ŻŻŻ / / /     / /    /ŻŻŻŻŻ /
            ŻŻ     ŻŻ   ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  ŻŻ      ŻŻ     ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
    |                           Introduction                              |
          These are just some personal thoughts and ideas I decided
          to throw in.
    |                        Favorite Characters                          |
                     Bob           Kasumi          Killey
                     Rina          Millie          Sasuke
                     Clive        Pesmerga         Sierra
    |                       Most Hated Characters                         |
                            Nanami         Chaco
                             Nina          Eilie
                             Tuta           Hoi
    |                  Favorite Quotes from Suikoden II                   |
         "Are you going to the Academy? Be sure to say 'Hello' to the
          receptionist, Emilia... Sigh... She's not only beautiful,
          she's got quite a head on her shoulders... I'm smitten."
                                              ---from a WOMAN in Greenhill.
                       "I'm tired, so let's do it later."
                                              ---Futch, in bed.
    |                        The Names Of My Heroes                       |
                 Suikoden          Suikoden II         Suikoden III
                 ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ          ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ         ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
                  Conrad             Dalziel              Azrael
    |                         FYI, Suikoden Style                         |
         - The official names of the heroes are as follows:
                               Suikoden 1: Tir
                               Suikoden 2: Riou
         - Suikoden is pronounced "Su-eee-ko-den"
         - Translated, "Suikoden" means "The Water Margin."
         - For all things Suikoden, visit
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        title. It focuses on a group of friends who make a horrible
        mistake one October night, resulting in the death of a man they
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    |                               Thanks!                               |
        Thank you for reading my guide. I hope it was helpful to you.
        The Suikoden series are great games, it's just a shame that Clive
        does not return for Suikoden III. I found this kind of strange
        since the Gunner's Guild is in Harmonia, the land where the next
        story takes place.
        Oh, well.

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