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    Recipe #34 FAQ by KatanaSoul

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    Recipe #34 FAQ for Suikoden II
    Written By: KatanaSoul
    Version: Final
    Date: August 25, 2002
    Email: Katanasoul@hotmail.com
    Yahoo: DejaGuardian
    MSN: Katanasoul
    AIM: HolyKnightDias
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    Disclaimer: This FAQ is Copywrited 2002 to me Dale Ray (KatanaSoul) and 
    cannot be reproduced in any way, shape, or form and cannot be sold, 
    distributed, or used in any way to make money or for any promotinal 
    purposes. I write FAQs to help all the gamers out there, not to benefit 
    myself with money or anything else so respect that. If you wish to place 
    this FAQ onto your site, drop me a line at my email above, it is very 
    doubtful that I would refuse.
    Table of Contents
    1: What is Recipe #34 and why an FAQ just for it?
    2: How to Acquire Recipe #34
    3: The Uses of Recipe #34
    4: Other Recipes
    5: Credits
    1: What is Recipe #34 and why an FAQ just for it?
    Recipe #34, also known as the Japanese Stew recipe, is a Recipe that is 
    extremely hard to acquire in Suikoden II that is used in Hai Yo's 
    restaurant to make items that do various things for your party, such as 
    heal a characters HP and give your characters various status effects. 
    The Recipe can also be used in the cook off mini game that you can 
    participate in at random intervals during the game. You can recruit Hai 
    Yo and have him open his restaurant by speaking with him on the balcony 
    of your castle on the second floor to the right of the castle's bath 
    area after the events in Two River.
    The reason an FAQ is needed for just this recipe is that this recipe is 
    very tricky to obtain, and in some cases impossible, unless you do 
    certains things during your play through the game. In the next section 
    I'll explain how to obtain this hard to come by recipe.
    2: How to acquire Recipe #34
    Like I said in the above section, Recipe #34 is very tricky to obtain. 
    Many people on the Suikoden II message boards at www.gamefaqs.com have 
    claimed to obtained the Recipe its normal way, which it is dropped by 
    the Yellow DoReMi Elf in the forest path of Greenhill the second time 
    you enter to recapture Greenhill. But there are alot of people, 
    including myself and every one of my friends that play Suikoden II, that 
    have never had the recipe dropped before, even when using the hunter 
    rune for hours at a time. After this recipe ruined my perfect game for 
    about the 20th time I began to experiement with various ways of getting 
    it. A friend of mine mentioned that it could have to do with how many 
    recipes you have gotten previously, considering we both loved to acquire 
    all the recipes as soon as possible during our play throughs this could 
    have very play a factor in if the Yellow DoReMi Elf drops the recipe. So 
    I began a play through only getting the recipes that you cannot get 
    later in the game and low and behold when I reached the Greenhill forest 
    path I got the recipe in the 3rd battle with the DoReMi Elves! So 
    apparently the game looks at how many recipes you have (not including 
    the ones Hai Yo comes with) and if you have too many the DoReMi elf will 
    not drop the recipe. So below are the ONLY recipes you should pick up 
    during your play through the game.
    - Recipe #3 from Dr. Huan in Muse right after recruiting Tuta
    - Recipe #16 shelf in Taki's House in Lakewest before recruiting her
    - Recipe #20 from the cook in the Greenhill inn on visit as students
    I'm not 100% sure that you have to get Recipe #20 on your first visit to 
    Greenhill or not, but I got it on my playthrough along with the other 
    two and still got Recipe #34. Below are some other tips on what to avoid 
    while trying this method.
    - Never buy Recipes in Rare Finds
    - If an enemy drops a Recipe reset your game
    - Refrain from searching shelves and talking to people in town, if you 
    accidentally get a recipe from one of them, reset your game
    If you try this and still have problems getting the Yellow DoReMi Elf to 
    drop the recipe, try using the Hunter Rune. With the Hunter Rune 
    attached to a characters weapon it garuntees that an enemy will drop an 
    item if they successfully strike the enemy, the only problem with using 
    it is that your character has a 1% chance to strike the enemy. This can 
    be helped though by attaching a Long Range characters weapon with the 
    Killer Rune. This will drastically increase the characters chance for a 
    critical hit, which is a 100% chance for a hit if you get one. It works 
    well on Long Range characters because they have not only a high chance 
    for a critical hit to begin with, but they also have a high rate to 
    attack more than one enemy, which if they do attack more than once it is 
    a 100% chance for a hit. When you enter battle kill off all the DoReMi 
    elves but the Yellow ones, you can achieve this faster by using the 
    Lighting/Thunder runes or the Blinking Rune and then have all your 
    characters but the one with the Hunter Rune defend and have the Hunter 
    Rune character attack until they hit the enemy, this will garuntee that 
    the elf will drop an item, which will most likely be Recipe #34. The 
    following are ways to obtain the Hunter Rune, Killer Rune, and a list of 
    long range characters.
    Long Range Characters: Clive, Tengaar, Eilie, Rina, Tuta, Millie, 
    Gabocha, Shilo, Kinnison, Meg, Ayda, Lo Wen, Sasuke, Stallion, Simone.
    Killer Rune: Sasuke, Tai Ho, and Georg come with them attached. They 
    area also dropped by the Woodpecker enemies in Ryube Forest.
    Hunter Rune: There are only two places to get a Hunter Rune, you can get 
    one after defeating the Beast Rune and returning to Kyaro Villiage and 
    searching the Tree at the back of the Genkaku's Dojo. The other place to 
    get one is the Statue Event. When you first recruit Jude from the 
    Greenhill academy bring him the following plans.
    Unicorn Plans #4: Inside chest in Rockaxe Castle
    Turtle Plans #1: Dropped by Rockadillo enemy outside of Lakewest
    Unicorn Plans #2: Inside chest on Rakutei Mountain
    Unicorn Plans #3: Sculptor in Tinto
    Tell Jude to build the statue like this:
    - Body: Unicorn
    - Tail: Turtle
    - Legs: Unicorn
    - Head: Unicorn
    The statue will reward you with the Hunter Rune.
    Well I think thats just about it on how to acquire the Recipe. I guess 
    you are wondering though if the Recipe is really worth getting. Well if 
    you are one of those gamers that has to have everything, than yes it is, 
    if not you probably don't want to waste your time, Don't worry about the 
    other recipes you can always go back and get them after you have acquire 
    Recipe #34. I can't say that this method will work for everybody, but so 
    far everybody that has tried it that I know it has worked for, It may be 
    miss programming in the game that causes this, which Suikoden II is 
    known for its horrid programming, or it could be a clever tactic used by 
    Konami to make you think, who knows. The next section is on the uses of 
    the Recipe.
    3: The Uses of Recipe #34
    The only real use of the Recipe is the Hai Yo mini game and the various 
    items you can make out of the recipe. It is a decent recipe to use 
    during the mini game, especially if you get a judge that likes Japanese 
    Food. Below are the various items you can make out of the recipe via Hai 
    Yo's resturant and Ingredients. You'll need to make a menu out of the 
    recipe before you can buy them.
    Japanese Stew (No Ingredient)
    Cost: 1000 Potch
    Use: Restores an allys HP by 550
    Sweet Tofu (Sugar)
    Cost: 1000 Potch
    Use: Restores an allys HP by 580
    Bouillabaise (Salt)
    Cost: 1100 Potch
    Use: Restores an allys HP by 620
    Shabu Shabu (Soy Sauce)
    Cost: 1000 Potch
    Use: Restores an allys HP by 600
    Dark Stew (Mayonnaise)
    Cost: 1000 Potch
    Use: Heals an allys HP by 550 and can cause status effects, some good, 
    some bad
    Spicy Stew (Red Pepper)
    Cost: 1000 Potch
    Use: Heals an allys HP by 450
    You'll need the following Ingredients to put the items on the menu:
    - 1 Spinage Seeding
    - 1 Calf
    - 1 Shellfish
    - 1 Sugar, Salt, Soy Sauce, Mayonnaise, Red Pepper (If needed for Item)
    The Locations of the Ingrediants are as followed:
    Spinage Seedlings:
    - From the Winger Elder, Susu, in Two River after the events there
    - Forest Villiage Elder after Tony is recruited
    - Dropped by Eye Flower enemy outside of Greenhill (Post Recapture)
    - Buy in Highway Villiage
    - Buy in Drakemouth Villiage
    - But in Highway Villiage after taking Rockaxe Castle
    In order to obtain shellfish for your resturant you need to fish with 
    Yam Koo on the castle docks. After you catch the max number of Squid, 
    Stonefish, blowfish, and whitefish before you can catch shellfish. Yam 
    Koo will tell you when you have caught the max number of the fish.
    - Buy in Trading Posts in Kobold Village, Highway and Forest Villiage
    - Buy in Trading Posts in Forest Villiage, South Window, and Rokkaku
    Soy Sauce:
    - Buy in Trading Posts in Rokkaku and Gregminster
    - Buy in Trading Posts in South Window, Kobold and Highway Villiages
    Red Pepper:
    - Buy in Trading Posts in Gregminster, Crom, and Rockaxe
    4: Other Recipes
    Here are the locations of all the other recipes in Suikoden II.
    Recipe #1: Hai Yo joins with it
    Recipe #2: Win in Hai Yo's first mini game cook off
    Recipe #3: Received from Huan in Muse after Tuta joins
    Recipe #4: Hai Yo joins with it
    Recipe #5: Cook in Coronet's Inn will give it to you
    Recipe #6: Hai Yo joins with it
    Recipe #7: Hai Yo joins with it
    Recipe #8: Win in Hai Yo's second mini game cook off
    Recipe #9: Bookself in a house in Kuskus
    Recipe #10: Hai Yo joins with it
    Recipe #11: Kuskus item shop rare find
    Recipe #12: Dropped by Eagle Man enemy in Kobold Forest
    Recipe #13: Kobold in Kobold Villiage Elder's house gives it to you
    Recipe #14: Cook in Radat's bar will give it to you
    Recipe #15: Hai Yo joins with it
    Recipe #16: Bookshelf in Taki's house in Lakewest before she joins
    Recipe #17: Win in Hai Yo's third mini game cook off
    Recipe #18: Radat item shop rare find
    Recipe #19: Win in Hai Yo's fourth mini game cook off
    Recipe #20: Cook in Greehill's inn will give it to you
    Recipe #21: Dropped by Land Shark enemy in Two River's Sewers
    Recipe #22: Win in Hai Yo's sixth mini game cook off
    Recipe #23: Two River item shop rare find
    Recipe #24: Win in Hai Yo's fifth mini game cook off
    Recipe #25: Greenhill item shop rare find
    Recipe #26: Highway Villiage item shop rare find
    Recipe #27: Win in Hai Yo's eigth mini game cook off
    Recipe #28: Gregminster item shop rare find
    Recipe #29: Dropped by Zombie Slug enemy in Matilda forest path
    Recipe #30: Win in Hai Yo's seventh mini game cook off
    Recipe #31: Kobold Villiage item shop rare find
    Recipe #32: Kent's mother in Highway villiage after Dragon Quest
    Recipe #33: Win in Hai Yo's tenth mini game cook off
    Recipe #34: Long Story.....
    Recipe #35: Muse item shop rare find (Post Recapture)
    Recipe #36: Dropped by Highland enemy (Archer) in Rockaxe Castle
    Recipe #37: Bookcase in Garudo's Room in Rockaxe Castle (Recaptured)
    Recipe #38: Win in Hai Yo's eleventh mini game cook off
    Recipe #39: (See Below)
    Recipe #40: Win in Hai Yo's final mini game cook off
    Recipe #39 can only be gotten if you have loaded your Suikoden I data 
    and have done the Mcdohl side quest in Banner Villiage. If you have 
    already beaten Lester in Hai Yo's mini game than Gremio will never give 
    you the recipe, wait until after you have done the side quest then do 
    the cook off with Lester, aftewards Lester will tell Hai Yo about 
    Gremio's special stew. Return to Gregminster after that and speak with 
    Gremio and he'll give you Recipe #39.
    Well thats it for my FAQ on Recipe #34, I hope this helped some of the 
    people that have gotten many headaches trying to get this recipe.
    5: Credits
    - Myself for typing this FAQ and the many many many times I played 
    through Suikoden II just to make sure this method wasn't a coincidence.
    - The People at www.suikosource.com and all of my friends whom had also 
    tried the same method and proved I wasn't the only one getting these 
    - CjayC at www.gamefaqs.com for not only excepting this FAQ, but for 
    creating the best site on the net.
    - You the viewer of my FAQ, thanks for viewing my work. Drop me a line 

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