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    Flik's Suikoden II 108 Stars of Destiny FAQ
    Table of Contents
    I. Updates, Revisions
    II. 108 Stars of Destiny list. (Complete!)
      -Shows the names of stars as well as the characters.
    III. Character Combinations/Unite Attacks (Complete!)
      -Explains Attacks, with the characters needed to perform.
    IV. Character Secrets (Um..I think Complete!)
      -Well Spoken!
    V. Trading Guild help
      -Explains average prices, and Low selling, Medium, and High Selling 
    VI. Locations of Items (Recipes, Sound/Window Sets, Hammers, Old Book 
      -I think this speaks for itself.
    VII. Appreciation
      -I say thanks to the people that have inspired me, and helped out.
    VIII. Legal Jargon
      -Disclaimer, Copyrights
    IX. Where to find me
      -My Email, ICQ #, and my EFnet channel.
    I. Updates and Revisions
    12/15/99 Version 1.9
    Alright, back up and running!
    11/21/99 - Version 1.8
    Erm......got ascii in there, having a bad day.
    11/3/99 - Version  1.7
    -  Took a breather from the FAQ, resumed getting my game to it's former 
    Got all of the characters again, but with some different variations.
    (Valeria in my first game was Tensyo Star, and now Tomo is the Tensyo star. 
    I think
    that it was because I chose Kasumi instead of Valeria.)
    -  Adding Weapon Embedding Runes (Weapons Only)
    -  Adding Legal Jargon, Where to find me, and I finally gave appreciation to 
    all the people that
    helped in some way.
    10/25/99 - Version 1.6
    I lost my full save, the one with all 108 characters!!!!! I'm SO MAD!
    10/24/99 - Version 1.5
    -  Whew! Lot of work, 'tis! Added Recipes and their locations
    (I will add Seasoning Denominations of the food later)
    - Added Locations Section.  Old Books, Recipes, Sound Sets, and Window Sets 
    10/23/99 - Version 1.4
    -  Added Trading Help, still thinking about Recipes and things.
    10/22/99 - Version 1.3
    -  Finished Character Secrets section, thinking about putting locations of
    Recipes, Old Books, and putting in "Unite Attack help items" sections.
    10/19/99 - Version 1.2
    -  Finished 108 Stars of Destiny! Finished Combination/Unite Attacks!
    Created a new section- Character Secrets.  Setting up lists of characters
    and where I found them!
    * Some characters may have their location say "North Window" This means
    either : Battles fought around North Window (i.e. Gilbert), or Characters
    that automatically join in the Castle.
    10/18/99 - Version 1.1
    - D'oh! I messed up in my Suikoden II game...I passed up some characters
    that I could only get in certain parts...started over, I have 52 characters
    and climbing!
    10/16/99 - Version 1.0
    - Started at 12:00 AM!!!
    - Beginning to set up new lists and locations, and explore to find
    new combos. I am not completed with the 108 stars, I have 84.
    But I shall find them!!!!!!!
    II. 108 Stars of Destiny
    -=-=Star=-=-   -=-Character-=-  -=-Location-=-
      Tenkai	    Hero	    Start
      Tengou	   Ridley	  Two River
       Tenki	    Shu		    Radat
      Tenkai	    Luc		 North Window
       Tenyu	  Humphrey      Highway Village
       Tenyu 	   Hauser	  Tinto City
      Tenmou	    Kiba	 North Window
        Teni	  Pesmerga	Cave of the Wind
       Tenei	   Sierra	 Crom Village
       Tenki	   Teresa	Greenhill City
       Tenfu	    Nina        Greenhill City
      Tenman 	  Abizboah	  Tinto Mine
       Tenko 	   Viktor	Mercenary Fort
      Tensyo 	  Valeria	  Gregminster
    Tenritsu	  Fitcher	  Two River
      Tensyo           Clive	 South Window
       Tenan	    Flik	Mercenary Fort
       Tenyu 	    Tsai  	 Ryube Forest
       Tenku	    Jess	  Tinto City
    Tensoku	 Stallion	    Radat
        Teni	   Georg	Tinto Mt. Pass
    Tensatu	   Hanna	 Toto Village
       Tenbi	   Killey        South Window
      Tenkyu	   Anita	Banner Village
      Tentai      Feather/Sigfried	 Forest Village/Kobold Forest
      Tenjyu	  Nanami          Kyaro Town
      Tenken	   Rina		 Coronet Town
      Tenhei	  Tai Ho	 Kuskus Town
      Tenzai	   Eilie	 Coronet Town
      Tenson         Yam Koo	 Kuskus Town
      Tenpai 	  Bolgan	 Coronet Town
      Tenrou	   Hix	        Kobold Village
      Tensui	 Tengaar	Kobold Village
      Tenbou	 Freed Y	 South Window
    Tenkoku	 Yoshino	    Radat
      Tenkou	  Chaco	          Two River
      Chikai	  Klaus		 North Window
    Chiretsu	 Gilbert        A Major Battle (3)
       Chiyu          Tetsu	 	 Lakewest Town
    Chiketsu	  Jeane		  Two River
       Chiyu         Wakaba         Forest Village
        Chii 	   Max		 South Window
       Chiei	 Genshu		 Coronet Town
       Chiki	  Camus	 	   Rockaxe
      Chimou	Miklotov 	   Rockaxe
      Chibun          Jude		Greenhill City
      Chisei 	Lebrante	    Radat
    Chikatsu        Lorelai		 Gregminster
      Chitou	  Tony		Forest Village
    Chikyou	 Gijimu		  Tinto City
       Chian	Rikimaru	 Ryube Village
    Chijiku        Gantetsu	 South Window
      Chikai	 Simone		    Radat
       Chisa	 Connell	Forest Village
       Chiyu	  Hans 		  Two River
      Chirei	  Huan		 North Window
      Chijyu	  Tuta		 South Window
       Chibi	  Futch        Highway Village
      Chikyu 	  Tomo	        Ryube Village
    Chibaku         Badeaux     Forest Path to Matilda
      Chizen	  Mazus		 Tinto Mine
      Chikou	  Mondo		Rokkaku Village
    Chikyou	  Sasuke	Rokkaku Village
       Chihi	  Leona	        Mercenary Fort
      Chisou	  Adlai		 South Window
      Chikou	  Raura		 Tinto City
      Chimei	  Sheena	 Gregminster
      Chisin	 Kinnison	 Ryube Village
      Chitai	  Shiro	   	 Ryube Village
      Chiman 	  Amada		    Radat
      Chisui          Emilia	Greenhill City
      Chisyu	  Zamza		 Toto Village
       Chiin	  Karen		 Kuskus Town
        Chii	 Lo Wen		 Tinto City
       Chiri	 Tenkou		 Crom Village
    Chisyun	  Gadget     Muse-Greenhill Border
    Chiraku        Annallee         South Window
    Chitatsu	  Viki	     Forest Path to Matilda
    Chisoku	  Koyu 		  Tinto City
    Chichin    Vincent De Boule        Radat
      Chikei	  Meg	     Muse-Greenhill Border
       Chima 	Mukumuku          Kyaro Town (Muse-Greenhill Border Also)
      Chiyou	Marlowe   	  Tinto City
       Chiyu	Richmond	    Radat
    Chifuku 	  Apple		 Toto Village
       Chihi	L.C. Chan	Rockaxe, Crom Village
       Chiku	 Millie		 Ryube Village
       Chiko	 Tessei		  Kuskus Town
      Chizen	  Taki		 Lakewest Town
      Chitan	 Gengen		Mercenary Fort
    Chikaku	Gabocha		  Two River
      Chisyu	  Yuzu	 	Kobold Village
      Chizou	 Hai Yo		 North Window
      Chihei	  Kahn		 Crom Village
      Chison	 Barbara	 South Window
       Chido	   Sid		  Two River
    Chisatsu	  Shin		Greenhill City
      Chiaku	 Oulan		 Kuskus Town
      Chisyu	 Shilo		Lakewest Town
       Chisu	 Alex		South Window
       Chiin 	 Hilda		South Window
      Chikei	  Bob		  Two River
      Chisou	 Ayda		Forest Village
    Chiretsu	 Pico	        Greenhill City
      Chiken	Alberto		 Tinto City
      Chikou        Templton	Toto Village
    Chizoku	 Hoi		   Radat
      Chikou	Gordon		Gregminster
    III. Character Unite Attacks/Combinations
    Hero + Jowy
    Buddy Attack: 1x Damage to all enemies, great looking effects.
    Hero + Nanami
    Family Attack: 2x Damage to one enemy; Nanami either heals for 10% of total 
    or attacks.
    Hero + Hoi
    Copycat Attack: 1x Damage to one enemy; Basically, Hoi Fails to connect.
    Abizboah + L'Roladia
    Double Kraken Attack: 1x Damage to first row of enemies.
    Flik + Viktor
    Cross Attack: 1.5x Damage to one enemy, 30% chance of knockdown.
    Gengen + Gabocha
    Kobold Attack: 1x Damage to one enemy; Gabocha becomes unbalanced, 20% 
    chance of
    special attack.
    Hanna + Oulan
    Tackle Attack: 0.75x damage to all enemies, 30% chance of unbalance for the 
    Kasumi + Mondo
    Ninja Attack: 1.5x damage to one enemy; 30% chance of knockdown.
    Kinnison + Shiro
    Loyal Dog Attack:  1.5x Damage to one enemy; 0.5x damage to one Column
    to enemies.
    Kinnison, Stallion, Ayda (Two of Three)
    Bow Attack: 0.5 damage to all enemies.
    Long Chan Chan + Wakaba
    Twin Fighter Attack: 3x damage to one enemy; BOTH FIGHTERS MUST BE BERSERK!
    Meg + Gadget
    Trick Attack: Gadget attacks all for the normal amount.
    Miklotov + Camus
    Knight Attack: 2x Damage to one enemy; Miklotov and Camus have a 30% chance
    of unbalance.
    Nina + Flik
    Groupie Attack:  2.5x Damage to one enemy; Nina becomes unbalanced.
    Chaco + Sid
    Winger Attack:  1.5x Damage to one enemy, 30% chance of becoming poisoned.
    Freed Y + Yoshino
    Husband-Wife Attack:  2x Damage to one enemy; Yoshino Unbalanced.
    Rikimaru + Amada
    Manly Attack: 2x damage to one column of enemies.
    Shin + Genshu
    Swordsman Attack: 0.5x damage to all enemies; 20% chance of Instant Death.
    Shiro + Gengen/Gabocha (1 of the 2)
    Bow Wow Attack: 1.5x damage to one enemy.
    Sigfried + Feather
    Double Monster Attack: 3x Damage to one enemy; both characters unbalanced.
    Tengaar + Hix
    Warriors Attack: 2x damage to one enemy; Hix gets hit by Tengaar's attack.
    Tsai + Tomo
    Dad-Daughter Attack: 1x damage to front row of enemies.
    Valeria + Anita
    Rival Attack: Val and Anita attack with their Falcon Runes, 3x damage; Val
    Viki + Abizboah or L'Roladia
    Heads Up!!: 2x damage to one enemy; Abizboah/L'Roladia unbalanced.
    Vincent + Simone
    Narcissus Attack: 0.5 Damage to all enemies; Way too many
    roses, if you ask me!
    3 Character Unite Attacks
    Badeaux + Abizboah/L'Roladia/Feather/Siegfried (Choose Two Monsters)
    Beastmaster Attack: 1.5x damage to one enemy; two animals become berserk.
    Bolgan + Gantetsu + Long Chan Chan
    Flash Attack: 1.5x Damage to all enemies; 0.5x damage to all Allies.
    Eilie + Rina + Bolgan (Bolgan becomes unbalanced)
    Circus Attack: Bolgan Plays Human Flamethrower while Eilie and Rina support 
    Filk + Camus + Miklotov
    Fancy Lad Attack: Adult Pretty Boy Attack. 1.5x damage to one enemy; Sudden 
    chance 25%.
    Futch + Sasuke + Luc
    Pretty Boy Attack: 1x Damage to all enemies; Unfriendlyness; the trio takes
    20% of the damage.
    Gijimu + Lo Wen + Koyu
    Bandits Attack:  1.5x damage to one enemy; Knockdown chances 30%.
    Sierra + Bob + Bolgan
    Servant Attack: 4x damage to one enemy. (4 TIMES!!!)
    Tengaar + Millie + Meg
    Pretty Girl Attack: Too many hearts!! 0.5x damage to all enemies.
    4 Character Unite Attacks
    Lorelai, Rina, Karen, or Kasumi (Choose Three)
    Beauty Attack: 0.25 damage to all enemies; Sleep chances 70%.
    5 Character Unite Attacks
    Makumaku + Mokumoku + Mikumiku + Mukumuku + Mekumeku
    Five Squirrel Attack: Instant deaths one enemy; 3% chance for enemies who
    are impervious to instant death.
    IV. Character Secrets
    The Mysterious Tale of Clive and Elza
    * FLiK's Note: This is for veterans. To see all of the scenes in this, you 
    must be
    at the end of the game in UNDER 20 hours! It's very difficult.
    This is one of THE coolest things I have seen in a game.
    Location                            Events
    -=-=-=-=                            -=-=-=                                   
    Muse City                    See Elza and Clive confrontation in city gates.
    South Window                 Recruit Clive when you have a ship to Lakewest.
    Lakewest                     Recieve a letter from the innkeeper (From 
    Forest Village               Go in trade center, Clive meets with Elza 
    Rockaxe or Highway Village   Enter Inn with Clive; he asks about Elza's 
    Radat                        Enter Pub with Clive; after Rockaxe Liberation.
    Muse City                    Go to the top of Jowston Hill with Clive.
    Sajah Village		     Enter Sajah, and watch. (Not going to tell!!)
    Bath Fun!
    Flik's Note: When you get Tetsu, in Lakewest, he'll build you baths
    for your castle. (In other words, he's like Sansuke.) Leaving certain items
    and bringing certain people in the baths, events occur.
    Try these combinations first!
    1.  Take Viktor, Flik, and Nina into the Marble Baths.
    2.  Take Bolgan, Gantetsu, and Long Chan Chan into any bath.
    3.  Take Viktor and Flik into the Cypress Baths.
    4.  Take Viktor and Flik into the Jungle Baths.
    5.  Take Abizboah and L'Roladia in the baths, and place 6 Octopus Urns
    around the baths.
    6.  Place 6 Chinese dishes around the baths.
    7.  Place 6 Hex Dolls around the baths.
    8.  Place a Peeing Boy statuse in the upper right pedestal on the Boy's
    9.  Place 6 Persian Lamps around the baths.
    10. Place 6 Hex Dolls and 2 Graffiti around the baths.
    11. Place 3 Knight Statues on the Boy's Side, and 3 Goddess Statues on the
    Girl's Side.
    12. Place 6 Vases and two Flower Paintings around the baths.
    13. Place 6 Blue Dragon Vases and 2 Landscape Paintings around the baths.
    14. Enter the Baths 20 times after your castle is level 4 for outdoor
    The Blocked Staircase in Radat
    Have you ever wondered what is above the staircase that is blocked by that
    mean old lady? Well, now you can see for yourself!
    - Keep Trying to teleport to Radat by talking to Viki.  Sometimes, she'll
    screw up her teleportation spells, by saying Huh? instead of Shazam!!, and
    if that happens when you teleport to Radat, you'll end up in the room above
    the house! But be quick and get the booty, because the old lady will run up
    the stairs and catch you rummaging around in a short period!
    * Note: While trying to test this method, I accidentally found out that you
    could teleport ANYWHERE, and still end up there.
    (I went to Greenhill, and got the "Huh?" message.)
    Special Combination Spells for Level 4 Magic
    Spell Name		    Rune Combinations
    -=-=-=-=-=                  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Blazing Camp         Fire or Rage + Lightning or Thunder
    Thor               Lightning or Thunder + Water or Flowing
    Water Dragon         Water or Flowing + Wind or Tornado
    Storm Fang         Wind or Tornado + Earth or Mother Earth
    Scorched Earth      Earth or Mother Earth + Fire or Rage
    V. Trading Hints and Average Price Ranges for Items
    Item	         Average	Low Selling          Middle Selling		High Selling
    -=-=	         -=-=-=-	-=-=-=-=-=-	     -=-=-=-=-=-=-=		-=-=-=-=-=-=
    Sugar		300 Potch    150p: Forest Village    350p: Kobold Village   550p: 
    Salt		500 Potch    270p: South Window      550p: Forest Village  700p 
    Soy Sauce	700 Potch    300p: Rokkaku Town      680p: Headquarters    850p 
    Mayonnaise     2000 Potch    400p: South Window     1500p: Kobold Village  
    220p : Highway
    Red Pepper     1500 Potch   1200p: Crom Village	    2350p: Gregminster     
    3200p: Rockaxe
    Fur	        800 Potch    350p: Headquarters	     400p: Forest Village   
    800p: S.Window
    Musk	       7000 Potch   4500p: Highway Village  7000p: Rokkaku Town	   
    8500p: Crom
    Pearl         20000 Potch  18000p: Rokkaku Town    24000p: Gregminster    
    35000p: Rockaxe
    Ancient Text  25000 Potch    700p: Kobold Village  22000p: Gregminster    
    35000p:Forest V.
    Gold Bar      30000 Potch  17000p: Rokkaku Town    30000p: Crom Village   
    40000p: Highway
    Wooden Amulet   600 Potch    350p: Kobold Village    700p: South Window     
    850p: Crom
    Holly Berry     900 Potch    550p: Forest Village    900p: Crom Village    
    1100p: Rockaxe
    Deer Antler    5000 Potch   1100p: Forest Village   4000p: Highway Village 
    5500p: HQ
    Book	       4000 Potch   3500p: Forest Village   6000p: Crom Village	   
    7300p: Rockaxe
    Native Costume 1700 Potch    800p: Gregminster      1900p: South Window    
    2500p: Highway
    Flute		400 Potch    200p: Headquarters	     550p: Forest Village   700p: 
    Crystal Ball   3000 Potch    300p: Crom Village      500p: Forest Village  
    7000p: Kobold V.
    Wine           1200 Potch    650p: Gregminster      1500p: Crom Village    
    1900p: Rockaxe
    Candle		500 Potch    200p: Rokkaku Town      600p: Kobold Village   750p: 
    * Flik's Note: Trade as early as possible! You need 50,000 potch worth of 
    trading, to recruit
    Gordon, who resides in the Trade Center in Gregminster. You'll probably want 
    to get him the
    first time around, because it's a pain to keep going back and forth up the 
    path to Gregminster.
    VI. Locations for Assorted Things
    Old Books
    Old Book Volume 1 - Check desk in Genkaku's room in Kyaro Town - Curio List
    Old Book Volume 2 - Treasure Chest in Sindar Ruins - History of Sindars
    Old Book Volume 3 - Rare Find in South Window's Item Shop - Rare Find List
    Old Book Volume 4 - Investigate Bookshelves in Muse's Offices - People 
    Requiring Care
    Old Book Volume 5 - Bookshelf in 1st Floor Lower Left Class in Greenhill - 
    Legend of 27 Runes
    Old Book Volume 6 - Speak with a person in Forest Village's Trade Center - 
    Trading Help
    Old Book Volume 7 - Gregminster's Devoted room to Mcdohl (Bookshelf) - Gate 
    Crest Warfare
    Old Book Volume 8 - House in Lower center, Tigermouth Village - Tinto and 
    Grassland Info.
    Old Book Volume 9 - Treasure Chest, Tinto Mine - Blacksmith Hammers
    Old Book Volume 10 - Talk to someone in Greenhill's Basement after 
    Liberation - Field Ingredients
    Old Book Volume 11 - Shelves inside Item shop in Rockaxe - Pasture 
    Old Book Volume 12 - Muse's Bar after Liberation - Recipe List
    Guardian Deity Pieces
    Dragon Plans 1 - Limbs - Recieve When you Recruit Jude
    Dragon Plans 2 - Tail  - Treasure Chest in Rakutei Mountain
    Dragon Plans 3 - Body  - Speak to a person in the lower right house in Tinto
    Dragon Plans 4 - Head  - Treasure Chest in Rockaxe Castle
    Unicorn Plans 1 - Limbs - Recieve When you recruit Jude
    Unicorn Plans 2 - Tail  - Treasure Chest in Rakutei Mountain
    Unicorn Plans 3 - Body  - Speak to a person in the lower left house in Tinto
    Number      Recipe Name       Location Found
    ------	    -----------       --------------
    Recipe 1  -  Tamago-Yaki      Hai Yo has this when you recruit him.
    Recipe 2  -  Tomato Soup      Prize for winning against the 1st chef. (Cook 
    Recipe 3  -  O-Hitashi        Huan gives this to you when you recruit Tuta 
    in Muse.
    Recipe 4  -  Salad	      Hai Yo has this when you recruit him.
    Recipe 5  -  Gyoza	      Man in Coronet Inn gives this to you when you speak 
    to him.
    Recipe 6  -  Chowder	      Hai Yo has this when you recruit him.
    Recipe 7  -  BBQ Pork Bun     Hai Yo has this when you recruit him.
    Recipe 8  -  Buttered Clams   Prize for winning against the 2nd chef.
    Recipe 9  -  Fish Fry	      Take from bookshelves in a house in Kuskus.
    Recipe 10 -  Ice Cream	      Hai Yo has this when you recruit him.
    Recipe 11 -  Quiche	      Lucky find in Kuskus' Item Shop.
    Recipe 12 -  Sandwich	      Win from an Eagle Man in Kobold Forest.
    Recipe 13 -  Meat Pie	      Get from a Kobold in the Elder's House in the 
    Kobold Village.
    Recipe 14 -  Simmered Fish    Get from a man in the bar in Radat.
    Recipe 15 -  Fried Fish Balls Hai Yo has this when you recruit him.
    Recipe 16 -  Sunomono	      Shelves in Taki's house in Lakewest.
    Recipe 17 -  Cake 	      Get from winning against the 3rd chef.
    Recipe 18 -  Croquettes	      Lucky find in Radat's Item Shop.
    Recipe 19 -  Pasta	      Prize for defeating the 4th rival chef.
    Recipe 20 -  Tempura	      Get from a person in Greenhill's inn.
    Recipe 21 -  Grilled Fish     Win from the Landsharks in Two River's sewers.
    Recipe 22 -  Gratin	      Prize from the 6th rival chef.
    Recipe 23 -  Rice Omelet      Lucky find in Two River's Shops.
    Recipe 24 -  Fried Rice	      Win from 5th rival chef.
    Recipe 25 -  Pizza	      Lucky find in Greenhill's Item Shop.
    Recipe 26 -  Teriyaki	      Lucky find in Highway Village's Item Shop.
    Recipe 27 -  Tonkatsu	      Prize for defeating the 8th rival chef.
    Recipe 28 -  Curry Rice	      Lucky find in Gregminster's Item Shop.
    Recipe 29 -  Grilled Beef     Win from Zombie Slug in the Path To Matilda.
    Recipe 30 -  Ramen	      Prize from defeating the 7th rival chef.
    Recipe 31 -  Hamburger	      Kobold Village's Lucky Finds.
    Recipe 32 -  Obento	      Recieve from Kent's Mother after Kent's Rescue.
    Recipe 33 -  Sushi	      Prize from defeating the 10th rival chef.
    Recipe 34 -  Japanese Stew    Win from Yellow Doremi Elf in Greenhill 
    Recipe 35 -  Full Course      Lucky find in Muse's item shop after 
    Recipe 36 -  Ghengis Khan     Win from Bow Soldier in Rockaxe Castle.
    Recipe 37 -  Steak	      Get from Gerudo's Office Bookshelves after Rockaxe 
    Recipe 38 -  Sashimi Combo    Prize for winning against the 11th chef.
    Recipe 39 -  Special Stew     Get from Gremio only from 1st Suikoden save, 
    and defeated Lester.
    Recipe 40 -  Kaiseki Dinner   Get for winning against the 12th rival chef.
    Sound Sets
    Number		Location
    ------		--------
    Sound Set 1	Get from Elza during the Clive and Elza spiel in Muse.
    Sound Set 2     Win from Yellow Doremi Elf in Greenhill's Forest.
    Sound Set 3     Connell has this when he's recruited.
    Sound Set 4     Connell has this when he's recruited.
    Sound Set 5     Lucky find in Radat's Item Shop.
    Sound Set 6     Obtain from a person in Rokkaku's Trade Center.
    Sound Set 7	Meet with Connell's Sister after Liberation of Greenhill.
    Window Sets
    Number		Location
    ------		--------
    Window Set 1    Win from Tiger in Banner Pass.
    Window Set 2    Win from Flying Lizard in Tinto's Mountain Pass.
    Window Set 3	Tenkou has this when he's recruited.
    Window Set 4    Tenkou has this when he's recruited.
    Window Set 5	Chest in Tinto Mine
    Window Set 6    Lucky find In Greenhill's Item shop after Liberation.
    Window Set 7    Treasure Chest in L'Renouille Castle.
    VII. Appreciation
    	Hey, I want to say thanks to many people who've helped me with this
    game, and showed me some (very little) stuff that I missed on my way 
    Harry, when I write my next one, I'll seek you out for help!
    (Currently I'm working on a Grandia FAQ/Walkthrough, because it is a great 
    game, and It's necessary.)
    Misa! Thanks for giving me the desire to buy this game! And your enthusiasm 
    and support
    ErisE, thanks for the talks that we had, it helped with clearing my 
    and I hope I don't have as many clouds floating in my head next time!
    Arris, for the days that was spent "Being annoyed, severely." You probably
    know what I'm talking about, considering this person annoys us both!
    Pred, for the great ascii at the beginning of my faq! It's very cool.
    Suzaku, for looking over my FAQ in it's developmental stages.
    Eh....DogFu, I guess, considering he calls me an ant and such. He really 
    didn't help at all, but
    he's cool.
    VIII. Legal Jargon
    Ok, Let me start this off by saying how annoying it is to have all your hard
    work and effort that you've put into making a FAQ, get stolen and reworded
    by a fool who can't take his own time and doesn't have enough patience to
    find this stuff by himself. If you look at this, and add some of
    this to YOUR faq, at least give me recognition for it. Plagiarism isn't 
    Suikoden and Suikoden II copyright 1996, 1999 KONAMI
    All produced material in this document Copyright 1999 Zach Marquette "Flik"
    IX. Where to find me
    ON IRC: EFNET'S #Suikoden - I run the channel, so, if you need help
    with the game that isn't in this FAQ, give me a ring over there. Just look
    for Flik, and Synbios.
    Email: FlikBoi@hotmail.com

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