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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Sir Aronar

    Version: 1.71 | Updated: 02/29/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Suikoden 2
    A FAQ by Brandon Binkley (aka Sir Aronar)
    I)     Disclaimer
    II)    Version
    III)   Author's Note
    IV)    Character Info
    V)     Walkthrough
    VI)    Weapons
    VII)   Armor and Accessories/Items
    VIII)  Art
    IX)    Runes/Spells
    X)     Trading Posts
    XI)    Combos
    XII)   Tactics
    XIII)  Enemies
    XIV)   Headquarters options
    XV)    Miscellaneous
    XVI)   Side Quest
    XVII)  The 108 Stars of Destiny
    XVIII) Secrets
    XIX)   Credits
    I)    Disclaimer
         This FAQ is my original work with augmentations by many 
    supporters.  Therefore, do not steal this work.  If you'd like to use 
    it for your site, then you must leave it in its original form.  If you 
    wish to alter text size or color to go along with your site's scheme, 
    you must obtain my written permission.
         This FAQ is © 1999-2000 Brandon Binkley
         Suikoden and Suikoden 2 are registered trademarks of Konami and 
    copyright protected under the law.
         Warning that this FAQ is full of secrets and spoilers, so read at 
    your own risk.
    II)   Version/update record
    1.71 In a realized blunder, I found that I copied over an earlier 
         prepared version that had several contirbutions in it.  This fixes 
         that for the most part (sorry contributors).  Also, I need the 
         person who supplied a tip in the mountain climbing game to get in 
         contact with me (provide your tip so I can make sure it's you) as 
         I believe I deleted my mail before a certain date.
    1.7  Last planned update.  Added some info in walkthrough.  Added 
         character commentary.  Added additions based on e-mails recieved.
         General update to other sections.  Finally remembered to add Soul 
         Eater to the Rune list.  More dropped items from monsters.
    1.6  Added a few more items.  Added the updated McDohl guide by Roric.
         Added announcement at top.  Possible other minor things that I 
         forgot about.
    1.5  Added various tips that have been collecting in my mail box.  
         Added the Guardian Deity list.  Some minor revision work.  
         Alphabetized the credits and reorganized some sections.  Added 
         scroll making section.
    1.4  Added statistic ratings for playable characters.  Added some more 
         to the Headquarters extras.  Made a list of Spell Combos.  Added 
         more combos.  Mokumoku now with real directions.
    1.3  Added a few more items and findings.  Added Roric's McDohl Guide.  
         Further updated character info.  Fixed an error in the recipe 
         list.  Now collecting info on gifts from Guardian Deities, so if 
         you have some data, please send it to me.
    1.2  Got the best ending.  Completed most of Clive's quest, but missed 
         out at the end.  Compiling more info on monsters and Runes.  
         Projects include Magic Combos, Combos, and finding the last few 
         items.  Also will start work on the other options in your castle.  
         I plan to play through two more times (for a total of four), 
         using one quest  to seek out more monster items and exploration, 
         and another fast play to get Clive's subquest done.  Any 
         submissions are welcome.
    1.1  Basically finished the weapon section (need info on Nanami).  
         Revised the rune section.  Fixed up a few errors and the 
         Hix/Tengaar sidequest.  I'm revising the Miscellaneous and 
         Character sections.  Also seeking info on trading posts rates.
    1.0  I finally beat the game, but didn't get the last two stars in 
         time.  Walkthrough is updated as far as the ending.  I plan on 
         working on the wording used in the walkthrough.  Also, I will be 
         revising the character section and several others as well 
         (including filling in some holes in the equipment lists and rune 
         lists.  If there's anything I missed, please let me know.  I will 
         be playing through the game again, and might revolutionize the 
         monster data (not sure yet).  I also want to work on compiling 
         the market rates for trading to figure out the ranges.  E-mail me 
         any submissions.
    0.2  Added more information, redid the layout, added sections, and 
         worked on some writing in some sections.
    0.1  This is a preliminary version.  Not much info yet, but I'll add 
         more as I get to it, as I'm writing this while progressing 
         through the game.  Expect format changes in updates.  For now, 
         only ask questions or send in stuff up to where the FAQ is at.  I 
         do not want spoilers.  If you have suggestions for sections, 
         please let me know as I try to cater to my fellow gamer as much 
         as possible.
    Version 1.7 will be the last update that I put much work into, future 
    updates being dependent upon submissions or random discoveries.  I 
    know that some sections are not 100% complete, but these proved beyond 
    my meager skills, and have yet to be addressed.
    If you have anything new to send feel free to e-mail me.  Things I 
    most need are: Karen's 3rd, 4th, and 5th dance prizes (with relevant 
    info); the enemies in the Greenhill area before the flight from Muse 
    (with relevant info); any holes (such as prices); anything I miss.  
    Also feel free to send any feedback.  Also, if you'd like to see a 
    cooking list, please tell me so I know whether or not to write one 
    (I'll just add the missing meals to the item list).
    If you need help, I am available to answer questions, but before you 
    ask, please read through the entire FAQ/Walkthrough.  If you're 
    looking for an item, use the search command (under Edit or Find on 
    most text readers).  I will not answer anymore questions for things 
    clearly stated in this document.  If something is unclear, let me 
    know.  Thank you.
    IV)   Characters
         I tried to arrange this in the approximate order you can get the 
    various characters.  Be sure to look ahead for certain characters, as 
    some have prerequisites that must be meet before they'll join (Clive, 
    McDohl, and Sigfried).
         Note that sometimes you will not be able to recruit characters at 
    certain times.  If you are currently on a quest pertaining to the main 
    plot, many free characters will vanish.  In this case, finish your 
    current quest.  Do not talk to Shu, or approach the meeting room.  As 
    long as you don't trigger the next section, you should be alright to 
    recruit people.  If someone will not join, try getting more recruits, 
    then try again.
    1 - Hero
      Level: 2
      Age: 16
      Role - Att: A, Def: C, Tch: A, Spd: B, HP: B, Mag: B, Spl: B
      Runes: none
      Equipment: Bandanna, Robe, Medicine, Gloves, Boots
      Commentary: Gets Bright Shield Rune.  Overall, the hero is a good 
    character, and since you're stuck with him all the time this isn't too 
    bad.  His double strike attack does really good damage and should keep 
    him on par with the other fighters.  Also, since he has the Bright 
    Shield Rune, he is a good healer, and sometimes the only one you'll 
    need.  He also fares well with attack spells.
      How to get: You play his role
    * - Jowy
      Level: 2/approximately your level -5
      Age: 16
      Role - Att: B, Def: C, Tch: A, Spd: A, HP: C, Mag: A, Spl: A
      Runes: none
      Equipment: Tunic, Medicine, Flaming Arrows, Boots
      Commentary: Gets Black Sword Rune.  Jowy is also a rather strong 
    charcater, with very strong magic.  The Black Shield Rune is the most 
    powerful offensive rune in terms of raw damage power.  His weapon is 
    decent as well.  His true asset in the early game is his unite attack 
    with the hero.
      How to get: Jowy starts with you
    2 - Gengen
      Level: 6
      Age: 17
      Role - Att: C, Def: C, Tch: B, Spd: C, HP: C, Mag: D, Spl: C
      Runes: none
      Equipment: Leather Hat, Leather Coat, Wooden Shield, Cape, Boots, 
      Commentary: He helps you get flour.  Gengen is okay, but as you get 
    more recruits, his lack of merit detracts from his use.  It's best to 
    have Gabocha so you can do the Kobold ATK.  Aside from this, Gengen as 
    good technique, so he should hit more than some of the stronger 
    characters, and his armors are not too bad.
      How to get: Joins after you and Jowy are held by Viktor
    3 - Mukumuku  (Kyaro or Greenhill Area)
      Level: 2/33
      Age: 6
      Role - Att: B, Def: C, Tch: D, Spd: C, HP: D, Mag: D, Spl: C
      Runes: none
      Equipment: none
      Commentary: One of five squirrels.  Mukumuku is good when you have 
    open slots when(if) you get him in Kyaro, but otherwise isn't anything 
    special.  He can equip a Fire Rune, but magic is not his strong suit.
      How to get: Search the tree above your house repeatedly; or on the 
    road between Muse and Greenhill in Greenhill's territory, but you must 
    be alone and possibly with mandatory characters.
    4 - Nanami  (Kyaro)
      Level: 5
      Age: 16
      Role - Att: C, Def: C, Tch: A, Spd: A, HP: D, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: none
      Equipment: Feathered Hat, Tunic, Medicine, Gloves, Wooden Shoes
      Commentary: Your sister.  Nanami is one of the fastest characters in 
    the game.  Also, she gets a double strike attack, but her damage is on 
    the low side.  If you give her the Spark Rune, she becomes a great 
    asset allowing the slowest to attack at her speed.
      How to get: Joins automatically
    5 - Rikimaru  (Ryube)
      Level: 8
      Age: 25
      Role - Att: A, Def: B, Tch: C, Spd: C, HP: A, Mag: E, Spl: C
      Runes: none
      Equipment: Leather Coat
      Commentary: Rikimaru is strong and can soak damage, but you'll need 
    to get him some good armor first.  His true asset is the Manly ATK he 
    does with Amada.
      How to get: You find him laying outside ill.  Bring him to the 
    tavern for some food and cover the 3000 potch bill.
    6 - Millie  (Ryube)
      Level: 6
      Age: 14
      Role - Att: E, Def: D, Tch: D, Spd: C, HP: D, Mag: B, Spl: B
      Runes: Groundhog
      Equipment: Feathered Hat, Tunic, Medicine, Gloves, Blue Ribbon
      Commentary: Millie makes a good mage, but lacks physical ability.  
    Bonaparte allows her to do double damage once, but this doesn't make 
    her much better.  Use her if you want a cutesy character who can throw 
    out some decent magic support.
      How to get: Complete the Finding Bonaparte subquest
    7 - Kinnison  (Ryube Woods)
      Level: 6
      Age: 18
      Role - Att: C, Def: C, Tch: A, Spd: B, HP: C, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: none
      Equipment: Bandana, Leather Coat, Medicine, Healing Wind, Boots
      Commentary: Kinnison is a good archer.  He's fast and accurate, but 
    don't expect huge damage from him.  His unite with Shiro is useful for 
    eliminating random enemies.
      How to get: Place the baby bird and nest back in the tree.  He'll be 
    there when you return.
    8 - Shiro  (Ryube Woods)
      Level: 6
      Age: 9
      Role - Att: A, Def: B, Tch: B, Spd: A, HP: C, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: none
      Equipment: none
      Commentary: Shiro is probably the second fastest character in the 
    game.  He also has some good physical stats.  When given a Double Beat 
    Rune, he'll do silly amounts of damage in no time at all.  Just be 
    careful about his HP.
      How to get: Joins with Kinnison
    9 - Zamza  (Toto or South Window)
      Level: 6
      Age: 29
      Role - Att: B, Def: B, Tch: C, Spd: D, HP: C, Mag: B, Spl: B
      Runes: Fire Dragon
      Equipment: Feathered Hat, Guard Robe, Medicine, Cape, Leggings
      Commentary: Zamza is mostly talk, but has some good stats.  He's a 
    good mage and competant fighter.  He can be on the frontline (and has 
    to be to attack).  Just watch out for his speed and accuracy as both 
    are lacking.  His Fire Dragon Rune is helpful, provided you block the 
    fire damage it deals to him.
      How to get: Bring Nanami to see him in Toto before it is destroyed 
    or South Window after the occupation.
    10 - Hanna  (Toto)
      Level: 6
      Age: 29
      Role - Att: B, Def: A, Tch: B, Spd: D, HP: C, Mag: D, Spl: D
      Runes: none
      Equipment: Leather Hat, Leather Coat, Steel Shield, Medicine, 
       Leather Cape
      Commentary: Simply a warrior.  She lacks speed, but should have high 
    defense overall.  Use her with Oulan to untap her true potential.
      How to get: Ask her join after Toto is burned.
    11 - Apple
      Level: NA
      Age: 18
      Role: Strategist/non-combatant
      Commentary: Talk to her to change your support commanders.
      How to get: Apple meets you in Toto, and joins after the fort is 
    12 - Viktor
      Level: 22
      Age: 32
      Role - Att: A, Def: A, Tch: C, Spd: B, HP: B, Mag: D, Spl: D
      Runes: none
      Equipment: Half Helmet, Chain Mail, Gloves, Boots, Kindness Drops
      Commentary: Gets Star Dragon Sword.  Viktor is one of the best 
    warriors in the game.  His flaws in Suikoden 1 are not as stark.  Give 
    him a Fury Rune, and he'll throw out some of the hardest hits, 
    especially with the Star Dragon Sword (I've seen him do over 3000 
      How to get: Joins automatically
    13 - Flik
      Level: 22
      Age: 27
      Role - Att: B, Def: B, Tch: B, Spd: B, HP: C, Mag: B, Spl: A
      Runes: Lightning
      Equipment: Circuret, Leather Armor, Steel Shield, Leather Cape, 
       Boots, Mega Medicine
      Commentary: Flik is a character you don't want to neglect.  He has 
    no weak points, and is a good warrior and great magician.  Keep him 
    with a Lightning/Thunder Rune for use against bosses.
      How to get: Joins automatically
    14 - Tsai  (Ryube Forest)
      Level: 11
      Age: 37
      Role - Att: C, Def: B, Tch: A, Spd: C, HP: C, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: Unicorn
      Equipment: Leather Hat, Leather Coat, Clay Guardian, Gauntlet, 
      Commentary: Tsai is fair at best.  He should hit at least 90% of the 
    time, but he doesn't hit that hard.  He's more useful in war than in 
    personal combat.
      How to get: He joins when you recruit him for Flik and Viktor
    15 - Tuta (Muse)
      Level: 3
      Age: 11
      Role - Att: D, Def: E, Tch: D, Spd: B, HP: E, Mag: D, Spl: C
      Runes: Medicine
      Equipment: Leather Hat, Guard Robe, Medicinex2, Mega Medicine
      Commentary: Aside from being fast and having a long range attack, 
    Tuta is very weak.  I really recommend not using Tuta for most quests.  
    Early on the Medicine Rune is okay, but Tuta will use it in place of 
    any action you tell him to do.
      How to get: Joins briefly on Flour expedition, but later joins 
    permanently at Muse before it is captured.
    16 - Anita  (Muse or Banner Village)
      Level: 16 or 42
      Age: 29
      Role - Att: B, Def: C, Tch: A, Spd: B, HP: C, Mag: A, Spl: B
      Runes: Falcon
      Equipment: Circulet, Brass Armor, Wooden Shield, Thunder Runner, 
       Shoulder Pads, Gauntlet
      Commentary: Initially, Anita is nohing special.  She can fight well, 
    and do some good damage with her Falcon Rune, but there are better 
    warriors.  Late in the game, however, she gets a second rune slot, and 
    should also be very strong in magic.  Give her an attack rune and see 
    just how strong she can be.
      How to get: Keep being nice to her and she'll eventually join you 
    (after about 3 things).  To speed things up, exit and re-enter town.  
    You can also recruit her by having Valeria in your party.
    17 - Gilbert  (Battle #3)
      Level: NA
      Age: 36
      Role: Troop commander/non-combatant
      Commentary: Used in wars only.
      How to get: During the battle, his unit needs to be damaged.  As 
    long as he doesn't die (but he can be wounded), he'll join you in the 
    next battle.
    18 - Rina  (Coronet)
      Level: 4/approximate to your level - 19
      Age: 18
      Role - Att: D, Def: D, Tch: C, Spd: C, HP: D, Mag: A, Spl: A
      Runes: Fire
      Equipment: Robe, Medicine, Angry Blow, Cape
      Commentary: Joins temporarily until you get to Kyaro.  Rina is a 
    great mage with a long range attack.  She doesn't have high attack 
    power, defense, or HP, so it's good she has long range.  Otherwise, 
    she's average.  Use her as a mage and you shouldn't be disappointed.
      How to get: Joins automatically
    19 - Eilie  (Coronet)
      Level: 4/approximate to your level - 19
      Age: 17
      Role - Att: C, Def: C, Tch: B, Spd: B, HP: C, Mag: B, Spl: B
      Runes: none
      Equipment: Tunic, Medicine, Gloves, Wooden Shoes
      Commentary: Joins temporarily until you get to Kyaro.  Eilie is 
    pretty fast and accurate, and she can make a good auxiliary magician.  
    Her attack is fairly good for a back line character.
      How to get: Joins automatically
    20 - Bolgan  (Coronet)
      Level: 4/approximate to your level - 19
      Age: 16
      Role - Att: A, Def: B, Tch: D, Spd: E, HP: B, Mag: D, Spl: D
      Runes: Fire Breath
      Equipment: Leather Hat, Leather Coat, Leggings, Wooden Shoes, 
       Sacrificial Jizo
      Commentary: Joins temporarily until you get to Kyaro.  Bolgan can 
    take a bit of damage and hit hard, but is slower than a tortoise and 
    rarely lands a blow.  There are better characters to choose from, but 
    if you can get his accuracy up, he should work out.
      How to get: Joins automatically
    21 - Freed Y  (South Window)
      Level: approximate to your level - 20
      Age: 25
      Role - Att: C, Def: C, Tch: C, Spd: C, HP: C, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: Lightning Rune embedded on weapon
      Equipment: Circuret, Brass Armor, Wooden Shield, Water Amulet*, 
       Medicine, Boots
      Commentary: Average man.  Freed Y has no weakness, but he also has 
    no assets.  Equipping runes that improve stats and embedding an attack 
    rune are vital to make him stand out.
      How to get: Joins automatically
    22 - Templeton  (Toto)
      Level: NA
      Age: 14
      Role: map maker/non-combatant
      Commentary: Gives you the Suiko Map.  Talk to him to view the world 
    map at you leisure.
      How to get: Meet him at the Mercenary Fortress after Highland 
    occupies.  After going to South Window, meet him again in Toto, and 
    he'll join.  You can also get to Toto when you are disguised as 
    Highland Soldiers for Jess.
    23 - Leona
      Level: NA
      Age: 32
      Role: barkeep/non-combatant
      Commentary: Talk to her to change your party.  Sometimes she's gone, 
    which is always plot related.  At the end of the game she will be gone 
    so you cannot add characters to your party.
      How to get: Joins automatically
    24 - Shu
      Level: NA
      Age: 26
      Role: strategist/non-combatant
      Commentary: Usually the person with whom to speak to advance the 
      How to get: find a coin in the river (plot point)
    25 - Huan
      Level: NA
      Age: 34
      Role: doctor/non-combatant
      Commentary: Great rune for use in war.
      How to get: Joins automatically
    26 - Luc
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 17
      Role - Att: E, Def: E, Tch: B, Spd: A, HP: D, Mag: A+, Spl: A
      Runes: Wind, Pixie
      Equipment: Circuret, Guard Robe, Speed Ring, Mega Medicine, Bolt 
       of Wrath
      Commentary: Comes with the Stone Tablet.  Luc is a fast and strong 
    magician.  Use him for spell power only as his attack and defense are 
      How to get: Joins automatically
    27 - Barbara
      Level: NA
      Age: 36
      Role: warehouse keeper/non-combatant
      Commentary: Drop off items with her to free up your inventory, but 
    be careful as she has limited space.
      How to get: Joins automatically
    28 - Hilda  (South Window)
      Level: NA
      Age: 33
      Role: inn keeper/non-combatant
      Commentary: Simply the innkeeper, but lets you stay for free.
      How to get: Talk to her at the inn in South Window after 
    establishing your castle
    29 - Alex  (South Window)
      Level: NA
      Age: 36
      Role: item store clerk/non-combatant
      Commentary: Will sell any item you've seen in the Item stores, 
    except Rare Finds.  Needed to get Killey.
      How to get: joins with Hilda
    30 - Tai Ho  (Kuskus)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 37
      Role - Att: B, Def: C, Tch: A, Spd: C, HP: C, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: Killer
      Equipment: Half Helmet, Guard Robe, Grilled Fish, Belt of 
      Commentary: Tai Ho is stronger and has better aim than other spear-
    users, but doesn't do a whole lot more than this.
      How to get: Talk to him in Kuskus and win 5000 P from him.
    31 - Yam Koo  (Kuskus)
      Level: NA
      Age: 28
      Role: fisherman/non-combatant
      Commentary: His fishing mini-game lets you get mroe ingredients for 
      How to get: Joins with Tai Ho
    32 -Richmond  (Radat)
      Level: NA
      Age: 35
      Role: private eye/non-combatant
      Commentary: Gains info on companions and recruitment.
      How to get: Take his bet on coin toss, then go talk to a man in the 
    tavern.  He'll give you a coin.  Tell Richmond to use it, and he'll 
    33 - Amada  (Radat)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 26
      Role - Att: B, Def: B, Tch: D, Spd: D, HP: A, Mag: D, Spl: C
      Runes: Earth Rune embedded in weapon
      Equipment: Leather Coat, Chirashi-Zushi, Belt of Strength, Leggings
      Commentary: Amada is a hit point god, and can take a bit of a 
    beating with the right armor.  However, his speed and aim need work.  
    Best used with Rikimaru for the Manly ATK.
      How to get: Beat him in a duel after Fitcher meets with you and Shu
    34 - Yoshino  (Radat)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 23
      Role - Att: D, Def: D, Tch: C, Spd: C, HP: C, Mag: C, Spl: B
      Runes: none
      Equipment: Guard Robe, Water Amulet*, Obento, Belt of Strength
      Commentary: Freed Y's wife.  Though weaker than her husband, she is 
    a little better with a M rank weapon and some spell ability.
      How to get: Visit with Freed once, she will not be there.  Later 
    visit again with him in the party (after getting Shu).  She'll join.
    35 - Adlai  (South Window)
      Level: NA
      Age: 42
      Role: inventor/non-combatant
      Commentary: Makes elevator.
      How to get: After getting Shu, he'll ask you to run errands.  First, 
    he wants a Sacrificial Jizo (buy from Alex or take Bolgan's).  Second, 
    he wants a Wooden Shield (buy at armory in South Window).  Third he 
    wants a Wind Crystal (buy from runemaster in South Window).  He'll 
    then repeat the pattern.  Starting with the Wind Crystal, you'll have 
    the option to throw it at him.  Do so and he'll join.
    36 - Clive  (South Window)
      Level: 16
      Age: 27
      Role - Att: C, Def: D, Tch: A+, Spd: A, HP: C, Mag: D, Spl: D
      Runes: none
      Equipment: Guard Robe, Leather Cape, Boots, Sacrificial Jizo
      Commentary: Has a secondary quest.  Clive is one of the best 
    characters.  Despite average strength, he hit hard and has the best 
    aim in the game.  He's also very fast.  Give him a Kite Rune to hit 
    more enemies if you'd like.
      How to get: First meet Elza in Muse and agree to help her.  Next, 
    talk to him after getting on your boat and promise to take him to 
    37 - Taki  (Lakewest)
      Level: NA
      Age: 72
      Role: Gossiper/non-combatant
      Commentary: Doesn't contribute much after joining.
      How to get: Talk to her a few times.
    38 - Hans  (Two River City)
      Level: NA
      Age: 33
      Role: Armory clerk/non-combatant
      Commentary: Will sell any (non-Rare Find) item you see in an armory.
      How to get: Ask this armorer to join you.  If you'd like, charge him 
    either price.  It'll just take him some time to get the money 
    39 - Gabocha  (Kobold District)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 13
      Role - Att: D, Def: D, Tch: B, Spd: B, HP: D, Mag: D, Spl: C
      Runes: none
      Equipment: Pointed Hat, Leather Coat, Croquette, Fish Badge
      Commentary: A long ranged weaker version of Gengen.  Like his hero, 
    he's best suited for doing the Kobold ATK.
      How to get: Take Gengen to see him.  He follows behind you.
    40 - Ridley
       Level: NA
       Age: 39
       Role: troop commander/non-combatant
       Commentary: Possibly the most effective general.
       How to get: Joins automatically
    41 - Fitcher
       Level: NA
       Age: 32
       Role: information specialist/non-combatant
       Commentary: He provides pre-war services and comic relief.
       How to get: Joins automatically
    42 - Chaco  (Two River City)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 14
      Role - Att: C, Def: C, Tch: C, Spd: B, HP: D, Mag: B, Spl: C
      Runes: none
      Equipment: Half Helmet, Karate Uniform, Meat Pie, Sun Badge
      Commentary: Chaco's fast and resists magic fairly well, but his 
    otherwise average stats and low hit points make him turn out not to be 
    very good.  At least he has a medium ranged weapon.
      How to get: Joins automatically after Highland retreats
    43 - Sid  (Sewers)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 21
      Role - Att: C, Def: C, Tch: C, Spd: B, HP: C, Mag: B, Spl: C
      Runes: Waking
      Equipment: Head Gear, Karate Uniform, Mayo Rice Omelet, Gauntlet
      Commentary: Sid is a little stronger than Chaco, but overall about
    as useful.  You may wish to remove the Waking Rune from him as well.
      How to get: Go to secret room in sewers with Chaco in your party
    44 - Tetsu  (Lakewest)
      Level: NA
      Age: 42
      Role: bath master/non-combatant
      Commentary: Baths are kind of pointless and only let you see some 
    scenes and get Toasty (regenerate hp for a time).
      How to get: Talk to him while toasty (use Fried Tacos)
    45 - Shilo  (Lakewest)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 24
      Role - Att: C, Def: D, Tch: A+, Spd: C, HP: C, Mag: D, Spl: C
      Runes: Poison Rune embedded in weapon
      Equipment: Karate Uniform, Medicine, Wind of Sleep
      Commentary: He's accurate and has okay strength and long range.  
    That's about it, though.
      How to get: After joining with Two River City, win 5000 P from him 
    in Chinchirorin.  you can get him after getting a level 2 castle.
    46 - Hai Yo  (Your Castle)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 27
      Role - Att: C, Def: C, Tch: D, Spd: C, HP: C, Mag: D, Spl: C
      Runes: none
      Equipment: Leather Hat, Leather Coat, BBQ Meat Buns, Fried Fish 
       Balls, Wooden Shoes
      Commentary: Even though you can, there is really no reason to use Hai 
    Yo in battle as he has no strenghts.
      How to get: Hai Yo shows up after Two River City and joins you.  
    He's through the right door in the courtyard. 
    47 - Oulon  (Kuskus)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 27
      Role - Att: B, Def: A, Tch: C, Spd: D, HP: A, Mag: E/A, Spl: D
      Runes: Angry Dragon
      Equipment: Half Helmet, Chain Mail, Power Gloves*, Medicine, Boots
      Commentary: Oulan is a great attacker and warrior especially when 
    paired with a Fury Rune.  She also defends well against magic.
      How to get: Go to Kuskus with only women in your party (excluding 
    your hero) after Two River City.  You'll get attacked by some ruffians.
    She'll rescue you.
    48 - Stallion  (Radat)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 28
      Role - Att: C, Def: D, Tch: B, Spd: A+, HP: C, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: True Holy Rune
      Commentary: He's ultra fast and lets you flee from battle 100% when 
    you have the option.  His Technique is good too.  Otherwise, he's not 
    very strong.
      How to get: Run or Let Go from 50 battles to beat him in a race.
    49 - Hix  (Kobold Village)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 20
      Role - Att: C, Def: C, Tch: B, Spd: B, HP: C, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: Exertion Rune embedded in weapon
      Commentary: His is a warrior who favors speed and aim over power.  
    He's okay, but is best uniting with Tengaar.
      How to get: Complete the Hix/Tengaar subquest
    50 - Tengaar  (Kobold Village)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 18
      Role - Att: D, Def: D, Tch: C, Spd: C, HP: C, Mag: B, Spl: A
      Runes: Earth
      Commentary: Tengaar is a great mage and has a long range attack.  
    She is a good support magician to take anywhere.
      How to get: Complete the Hix/Tengaar subquest
    51 - Emilia  (Greenhill)
      Level: NA
      Age: 29
      Role: librarian/non-combatant
      Commentary: Just give her books to read them.
      How to get: Confide in her during the rescue mission in Greenhill
    52 - Teresa  (Greenhill)
      Level: NA
      Age: 27
      Role: troop commander/non-combatant
      Commentary: The longest range archery war unit, but also the 
      How to get: Joins automatically
    53 - Shin  (Greenhill) 
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 27
      Role - Att: B, Def: D, Tch: A, Spd: C, HP: C, Mag: D, Spl: C
      Runes: Spider Slay
      Equipment: Head Gear, Chain Mail, Mega Medicine, Belt of Strength
      Commentary: Shin has good attack power and hits often, but he has 
    terrible defense.  More often than not, strong enemies will eliminate 
    him before he goes.
      How to get: Joins automatically
    54 - Nina  (Greenhill)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 16
      Role - Att: C, Def: C, Tch: D, Spd: C, HP: C, Mag: B, Spl: B
      Runes: None
      Equipment: Head Gear, Magic Robe, Spicy Pilaf, Fish Badge, Guard Ring
      Commentary: Aside from a humorous unite with Flik, Nina's best 
    suited as a support mage.  She can also attack okay from the back 
      How to get: Joins automatically
    55 - Meg  (Greenhill-Muse Bordergate)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 16
      Role - Att: D, Def: D, Tch: B, Spd: C, HP: D, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: Trick
      Equipment: Guard Robe, Lucky Ring*, Anchovy Pizza, French Toast
      Commentary: Meg seems like she'd be good, but is really pretty poor.  
    She should only be used with Gadget for their unite attack.
      How to get: Find her after rescuing Teresa
    56 - Gadget  (With Meg)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 3
      Role - Att: A, Def: A++, Tch: B, Spd: C, HP: C, Mag: E/C, Spl: E
      Runes: none
      Equipment: none
      Commentary: Gadget is a machine made by Juppo.  Gadget has a superb 
    defense rating, and if it could use weapons would really be powerful.  
    Use it with Meg for their combo, or use it to soak damage.
      How to get: Joins with Meg.
    57 - Lebrante  (Radat)
      Level: NA
      Age: 40
      Role: appraiser/non-combatant
      Commentary: An overpriced appraiser.  You probably don't want to 
    visit him unless you're lazy.  Charges 400 potch.
      How to get: Bring him a Celadon Urn after getting over 60 recruits.
    58 - Jeane  (Two Rivers)
      Level: NA
      Age: ???
      Role: runemaster/non-combatant
      Commentary: She sell any Rune you've seen for sell (except Rare 
    Finds), and attach/remove at the standard fee.
      How to get:  Talk with her in her shop after saving Teresa
    59 - Yuzu  (Kobold Village)
      Level: NA
      Age: 10
      Role: herder/non-combatant
      Commentary: Give Yuzu all you livestock.  Also give them to her one 
    at a time if you want to see all your animals or else some won't 
    appear (but they will becounted for use in the restaraunt).
      How to get: Look for her lost sheep.
    60 - Wakaba  (Forest Village)
      Level: approximate to you level
      Age: 15
      Role - Att: B, Def: C, Tch: A, Spd: A, HP: A, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Rune: White Tiger, Fire Rune embedded in weapon
      Equipment: Head Gear, Karate Uniform, Veggie Sandwich, Belt of 
       Strength, Skill Ring
      Commentary: Wakaba is a great attacker to have.  her only real 
    weakness is defense, but her high hit point total should compensate 
    for this.
      How to get: Talk to her after completing the Two River City section
    61 - Tony  (Forest Village)
      Level: NA
      Age: 19
      Role: farmer/non-combatant
      Commentary: Lets you play Whack-A-Mole.
      How to get: Offer him a chance to have a garden.
    ** - Makumaku (Greenhill Area)
      Level: approximate to Mukumuku's level
      Age: 6
      Role - Att: E, Def: C, Tch: D, Spd: B, HP: E, Mag: C, Spl: B
      Runes: none
      Commentary: Makumaku is like a weaker Mukumuku with mojo (spell 
      How to get: Wander on the road between Two River City and Greenhill 
    alone or with Mukumuku
    ** - Mikimiku (Greenhill Area)
      Level: 33
      Age: 6
      Role - Att: D, Def: C, Tch: D, Spd: A, HP: E, Mag: D, Spl: C
      Runes: none
      Commentary: A weaker Mukumuku with a lot more speed.
      How to get: Wander between Greenhill and Forest village alone or 
    with other squirrels while on the road.
    ** - Mekumeku (Greenhill Area)
      Level: 33
      Age: 6
      Role - Att: B, Def: C, Tch: D, Spd: C, HP: E, Mag: D, Spl: C
      Runes: none
      Commentary: He's stronger than Mukumuku, but has hitting problems.
      How to get: Wander the path to Matilda like Makumaku and Mikumiku
    ** - Mokumoku (Greenhill Area)
      Level: 40
      Age: 6
      Role - Att: A, Def: A, Tch: E, Spd: C, HP: C, Mag: E, Spl: E
      Runes: none
      Commentary:  Aside from pitiful spells and low hit rate, he is the 
    strongest squirrel overall.
      How to get: Wander around the clearing below Forest Village alone of 
    with other squirrels.
    62 - Viki  (Forest Path)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 16
      Role - Att: E, Def: E, Tch: B, Spd: D, HP: D, Mag: B, Spl: A
      Runes: Blinking
      Equipment: Magic Robe, Tempura, Magic Ring
      Commentary: You can still teleport when Viki is in your party.  Just 
    walk into the space she normally occupies, and she'll offer to teleport, 
    and still be part of the party.  Viki is a good mage, but she has random 
    luck.  Spells cast by her may sometimes backfire.
      How to get: Let her go to your castle when you meet en rout to 
    63 - Futch  (Highway Village)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 14
      Role - Att: C, Def: D, Tch: B, Spd: B, HP: C, Mag: D, Spl: C
      Rune: none
      Equipment: Circuret, Leather Armor, Steel Shield, Medicine, Gauntlet, 
      Commentary: Futch is a reliable medium ranged attacker, but is weak 
    in defense, but can wear some good armors to improve this quality.
      How to get: Complete Humphrey/Futch subquest
    64 - Humphrey  (Highway Village)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 35
      Role - Att: A, Def: A, Tch: C, Spd: E, HP: A, Mag: D, Spl: D
      Rune: none
      Equipment: Half Helmet, Knight Armor*, Mega Medicine, Gauntlet, Boots
      Commentary: He has the best defense in the game and high hit points.  
    He only really lacks any magic talent and speed.  One of the better 
    stars to use.
      How to get: Complete Humphrey/Futch subquest
    65 - Miklotov  (Rockaxe)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 26
      Role - Att: A, Def: A, Tch: C, Spd: C, HP: B, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: Knight, Wind Rune embedded in weapon
      Equipment: Half Helmet, Half Plate, Fire Emblem, Mega Medicine, 
      Commentary: Miklotov is a good warrior with good attack and defense strength.
      How to get: Joins automatically
    66 - Camus  (Rockaxe)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 27
      Role - Att: B, Def: B, Tch: B, Spd: B, HP: C, Mag: B, Spl: B
      Runes: Rage Rune
      Equipment: Half Helmet, Chain Mail, Kite Shield, Crimson Cape*, Mega 
       Medicine, Gauntlet
      Commentary: He's weaker than Miklotov, but has appreciable magic 
    power.  Use him as a fighter/mage.
      How to get: Joins automatically
    67 - Kiba  (Your Castle)
      Level: NA
      Age: 37
      Role: troop commander/non-combatant
      Commentary: The most defensive general.
      How to get: Joins automatically
    68 - Klaus  (Your Castle)
      Level: NA
      Age: 19
      Role: strategists/non-combatant
      Commentary: Only used in war.
      How to get: Joins automatically
    69 - Simone  (Radat)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 32
      Role - Att: C, Def: D, Tch: B, Spd: C, HP: C, Mag: B, Spl: B
      Runes: none
      Equipment: Chain Mail, Cape of Darkness*, Gold Emblem*, Mega Medicine
      Commentary: Simone is competant with magic and has a decent long 
    range attack, making him useful.  Never put him in the front line.
      How to get: You need to find his Rose Brooch.  Buy one in Banner 
    Village (warning, it's a Rare Find).
    70 - Valeria  (Gregminster)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 29
      Role - Att: A, Def: C, Tch: B, Spd: A, HP: B, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: Falcon
      Equipment: Half Helmet, Scale Mail, Kite Shield, Mega Medicine, 
       Gauntlet, Leather Cape
      Commentary: Strong, fast, and good hit points, there's nothing not 
    to like about Valeria.  She also has the Falcon Rune and can unite 
    with Anita for a strong attack.
      How to get: Joins automatically, but you cannot get Kasumi
    70 - Kasumi  (Gregminster)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 19
      Role - Att: C, Def: C, Tch: A, Spd: A+, HP: C, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: Shrike
      Commentary:  Fast and accurate, but not too strong.  Also, since 
    she's short range, she needs to be on the frontline.  Not the place to 
    put someone with her defense.
      How to get: Joins automatically, but you cannot get Valeria
    71 - Sheena  (Your Castle)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 19
      Role - Att: B, Def: C, Tch: B, Spd: C, HP: C, Mag: B, Spl: B
      Runes: Earth
      Equipment: Silver Hat, Magic Robe, Steel Shield, Star Earrings*, 
       Green Salad, Boots
      Commentary: Shows up at your base after you defeat Kiba.  Sheena is 
    a little stronger than Hix, and he also has some magic power.  
    Definitely more useful that he was in Suikoden 1.
      How to get: Joins automatically in Gregminster
    72 - Lorelai  (Gregminster)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 28
      Role - Att: C, Def: C, Tch: A, Spd: B, HP: C, Mag: A, Spl: B
      Runes: Draining, Sleep Rune embedded in weapon
      Equipment: Circuret, Chain Mail, Thunder Amulet*, Mega Medicine, Fur 
      Commentary: Lorelai is a good warrior to have, and she is rather 
    strong with magic and is one of the characters that can use a Blue 
    Gate Rune.
      How to get: Ask her to join with at least 60 recruits.
    73 - Gordon  (Gregminster)
      Level: NA
      Age: 38
      Role: trader/non-combatant
      Commentary: A trader like any other.
      How to get: Ask him to join, then make 50000 P through trading.
    74 - Mondo  (Rokkaku)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 35
      Role - Att: B, Def: B, Tch: B, Spd: B, HP: B, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: Mayfly
      Equipment: Ninja Suit, The Shredding, Belt of Strength, Sacrificial 
      Commentary: Mondo is a fairly strong Ninja, but sucks at magic.  He 
    can afford to be on the front line.
      How to get: Bring Kasumi to Rokaku (60+ recruits) or return after 
    building up your castle to max.
    75 - Sasuke  (Rokkaku)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 13
      Role - Att: C, Def: C, Tch: B, Spd: A, HP: C, Mag: D, Spl: C
      Runes: Killer
      Equipment: Head Gear, Ninja Suit, Dancing Flames, Sun Badge, Boots
      Commentary: Sasuke is fast and accurate, but not too strong.  Good 
    thing he attacks from long range.
      How to get: Bring Kasumi to Rokaku (60+ recruits) or return after 
    building up your castle to max.
    ** - McDohl (Banner Village/Gregminster)
      Level: 46
      Age: 19 (est.)
      Role - Att: A, Def: B, Tch: A, Spd: B, HP: B, Mag: A, Spl: A
      Runes: Soul Eater
      Equipment: What he had in Suikoden 1 plus Obento
      Commentary: In the words of myself and a friend, McDohl is a tank.  
    All his stats are good, and with the Soul Eater, there are few people 
    better at magic.  His attack is awesome and should hit about every 
    time.  He's fast too, plus his defense is good enough for the front 
    line.  The only drawback is you have to trek to Gregminster to get him 
    if you dismiss him from your active team.
      How to get:  Refer to the secrets section below
    76 - Connell  (Forest Village)
      Level: NA
      Age: 12
      Role: sound setter/non-combatant
      Commentary: Lets you change the window sounds.
      How to get: Talk to him while carrying a Sound Set.
    77 - Badeaux  (Forest Path)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 38
      Role - Att: C, Def: C, Tch: C, Spd: C, HP: B, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: Howling
      Equipment: Half Helmet, Leather Armor, Canopy Defense, Leather Cape
      Commentary: He gives you 2 listening crystals.  A fairly average 
    character who works best with beasts.
      How to get: Bring Shiro to him.
    78 - Hoi  (Radat)
      Level: 35
      Age: 16
      Role - Att: D, Def: D, Tch: B, Spd: B, HP: D, Mag: E, Spl: D
      Runes: Technique Rune embedded in weapon
      Equipment: Circuret, Leather Armor, Sacrificial Jizo x3
      Commentary: Hoi is pretty poor despite dexterity.  Even his Unite 
    with the hero is poor.
      How to get: Thief who goes in and out of Radat.  He's at the tavern.  
    Help him out.
    79 - Ayda  (Forest Village)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 17
      Role - Att: C, Def: C, Tch: B, Spd: A, HP: C, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: Great Hawk
      Equipment: Head Gear, Karate Uniform, Medicine, Fur Cape
      Commentary: Ayda is a good archer on and off the battlefield.
      How to get: Fight the griffins and save Feather.
    80 - Feather  (Forest Village)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 23
      Role - Att: A+, Def: B, Tch: B, Spd: B, HP: A, Mag: D, Spl: C
      Runes: Shining Wind
      Equipment: none
      Commentary: Feather is worth the trouble for a large sized monster, 
    but isn't very strong against magic.  The Shining Wind Rune is useful, 
    and with Feather's speed, you should be able to launch a quick attack.
      How to get: Fight the griffins and save Feather.
    81 - Sigfried  (Unicorn Forest)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 170
      Role - Att: A, Def: B, Tch: C, Spd: D, HP: B, Mag: B, Spl: B
      Runes: White Saint
      Equipment: none
      How to get:  Hang out in by the Unicorn Tree with a listening 
    crystal after the Hix/Tengaar subquest, and he'll appear.  Accept 
    betrothal, and he's yours to command.
    82 - Karen  (Kuskus)
      Level: 40
      Age: 17
      Role - Att: C, Def: D, Tch: C, Spd: C, HP: C, Mag: C, Spl: B
      Runes: Twin Ring, Sleep Rune embedded in weapon
      Equipment: Feathered Hat, Master Robe, Wind of Sleep, Blue Ribbon, 
       Toe Shoes
      Commentary: Karen is okay, and medium ranged.  She makes up for low 
    defense with a better than average spell ability.
      How to get: Dance with her.
    83 - Max  (South Window)
      Level: NA
      Age: 65
      Role: troop commander/non-combatant
      Commentary: Used only in war.
      How to get: Don't worry, he'll find you.
    84 - Annallee  (South Window)
      Level: NA
      Age: 17
      Role: singer/non-combatant
      Commentary: You can talk to her to listen to some of Suikoden 2's 
      How to get: She gets chased out of the inn.  Find her near the 
    mayor's house.  She work with two other musicians (Pico and Alberto), 
    but they were split up.  She'll sing a song for you.  Ask for another 
    song, and she'll join.
    85 - Killey  (South Window)
      Level: 38
      Age: 30
      Role - Att: C, Def: B, Tch: C, Spd: B, HP: C, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: Fire
      Equipment: Half Helmet, Scale Mail, Mega Medicine, Cape of Darkness, 
      Commentary: Killey is fast and strikes twice which makes him do more 
    damage than attack power indicates.  He also has decent defense.
      How to get:  Mention Alex's fascination with the Sindar when you 
    meet him in South Window.  Later, at your castle, visit Alex.  Killey 
    will be there.  He'll return to South Window.  Repeatedly ask him to 
    join and he will.
    86 - Tomo  (Tsai's House)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 14
      Role - Att: B, Def: C, Tch: A, Spd: B, HP: C, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: Unicorn
      Equipment: Half Helmet, Thunder God Garb, Ice Cream, Gauntlet, 
      Commentary: Tomo actually seems better than Tsai.  Like other spear 
    users, put her in the back line.
      How to get: Joins you in a mini quest with Tsai after Luca's attack
    87 - Bob  (Kobold District)
      Level: 38
      Age: 25
      Role - Att: C, Def: B, Tch: C, Spd: B, HP: B, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: Rabid Fang
      Equipment: Guard Robe, Grilled Beef, Shoulder Pads
      Commentary: His rune lets him turn into a werewolf (for a few 
    rounds).  As a wearwolf he's really good, but otherwise he leaves a 
    bit to be desired.
      How to get: Recruit 80 or so Stars of Destiny.
    88 - Koyu  (Your Castle)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 16
      Role - Att: D, Def: D, Tch: C, Spd: B, HP: C, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: Gale
      Equipment: Head Gear, Dragon Armor, Medicine, Belt of Strength, Fish 
      Commentary: He's naturally quick, but lacks attack strength.  You 
    could use him as a support mage.
      How to get: Joins automatically
    89 - L.C.Chan  (Crom Village)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 33
      Role - Att: B, Def: C, Tch: A, Spd: A, HP: A+, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: White Tiger, Lightning Rune embedded in weapon
      Commentary: Like Wakaba but with more hit points.  If you liked 
    Wakaba, you should really enjoy L.C.Chan.  Equip both with Fury Runes 
    and watch their true power come out.
      How to get: Enter with Wakaba in your party.  Follow him to behind 
    the item store.
    90 - Raura  (Tinto)
      Level: NA
      Age: ???
      Role: scroll maker/non-combatant
      Commentary: She makes scrolls, but if you don't use them, she's kind 
    of useless.
      How to get: If you have Jeane, she'll join.
    91 - Tenkou  (Crom Village)
      Level: NA
      Age: 67
      Role: window setter/non-combatant
      Commentary: Lets you futz with the window appearance.
      How to get: Bring him a window set.
    92 - Kahn  (Crom)
      Level: 24/approximate to your level
      Age: 32
      Role - Att: C, Def: C, Tch: B, Spd: C, HP: B, Mag: B, Spl: B
      Runes: Resurrection, Magic Drain Rune embedded in weapon
      Equipment: Leather Hat, Leather Armor, Cape of Darkness
      Commentary: Kahn is a good character overall.  He makes up for 
    average attack and defense with medium range and higher hit points.  
    He's also good with magic, probably best with the Water and 
    Resurrection Runes.
      How to get: Joins automatically
    93 - Sierra  (Tigermouth Village)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: ???
      Role - Att: C, Def: D, Tch: C, Spd: B, HP: C, Mag: B, Spl: A
      Runes: Darkness, Thunder Rune embedded in weapon
      Equipment: Circuret, Magic Robe, Magic Ring, Tomato Juice
      Commentary: Sierra is fast and pretty good with magic, but her 
    defense sucks.  She does get a double attack which is decent, but this 
    means putting her in the front line to use it.
      How to get: Joins automatically
    94 - Gijimu  (Tinto)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 39
      Role - Att: A, Def: B, Tch: D, Spd: C, HP: B, Mag: D, Spl: D
      Runes: Double-beat
      Equipment: Full Helmet, Dragon Armor, Broiled Eel, Fur Cape, Boots
      Commentary: Gijimu is a pure fighter, and he's a darn good one too.  
    He has high attack power and a double strike.  He just lacks accuracy 
    and shouldn't come within ten feet of magic.
      How to get: Joins automatically after beating Neclord
    95 - Lo Wen  (Tinto)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 28
      Role - Att: B, Def: C, Tch: C, Spd: C, HP: B, Mag: C, Spl: C
      Runes: Water, Down Rune embedded in weapon
      Equipment: Half Helmet, Dragon Armor, Crab Cakes, Belt of Strength, 
      Commentary: The strongest long range attacker.  She also has better 
    than average hit points.  Starting with the Down Rune is another 
    asset.  She'd be perfect if she had better magic.
      How to get: Joins automatically after beating Neclord
    96 - Marlowe  (Tinto)
      Level: NA
      Age: 19
      Role: servant/non-combatant
      Commentary: The most worthless character on the grounds that he does 
    absolutely nothing.
      How to get: Joins automatically after beating Neclord
    97 - Hauser  (Tinto)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 43
      Role - Att: A, Def: A, Tch: C, Spd: C, HP: B, Mag: D, Spl: C
      Runes: none
      Equipment: Half Helmet, Scale Mail, Dancing Flames, Silverlet, Boots
      Commentary: Hauser is a faster version of Humphrey with less hit 
    points and a weakness with magic.
      How to get: Joins automatically after beating Neclord
    98 - Jess  (Tinto)
      Level: NA
      Age: 24
      Role: troop support/non-combatant
      Commentary: Only used in war.
      How to get: Offer to let him join after he tells Hauser to follow 
    81 - Abizboah (Tinto Cavern)
      Level: 46
      Age: 76
      Role - Att: A++, Def: A+, Tch: D, Spd: E, HP: A+, Mag: E, Spl: D
      Runes: Blue Drop
      Equipment: none
      Commentary: The hardest hitting character in the game.  Abizboah 
    also boast huge amounts of hp, but is utterly slow and has poor aim 
    and a vulnerability to spells
      How to get: Provided you have not triggered Sigfried, go to the 
    cave.  Where there is a large pool, go left from an incline that leads 
    deeper in.  You will be prompted to use a Hearing Crystal.
    ** - Rulodia (Tinto Cavern)
      Level: 40
      Age: 68
      Role - Att: A+, Def: A, Tch: C, Spd: D, HP: A+, Mag: D, Spl: C
      Runes: Blue Drop and Flowing
      Equipment: none
      Commentary: A little weaker than Abizboah, but also makes up for his 
    shortcomings.  The main drawback to Rulodia is that you cannot get all 
    108 stars if you get her.
      How to get: Return to the same spot where Abizboah was with Abizboah.
    ** Chuchara (Your Castle - docks)
      Level: 40
      Age: 1
      Role - Att: E, Def: A++, Tch: B, Spd: D, HP: E, Mag: E, Spl: C
      Runes: none
      Equipment: none
      Commentary: Chuchara is basically a physical wall.  His attack is 
    pitiful and is very vulnerable to magic.
      How to get: After getting Rulodia, go to your docks and chase him 
    until his parents show up.
    99 - Pico  (Greenhill)
      Level: NA
      Age: 24
      Role: musician/non-combatant
      Commentary: Adds more songs to Annallee's list.
      How to get:  After liberation, talk to him.  He joins if you have 
    100 - Georg  (Mountain Path Drakemouth/Tigermouth)
      Level: approximately 10 levels higher than you
      Age: 41
      Role - Att: A+, Def: A, Tch: A, Spd: A, HP: B, Mag: E, Spl: E
      Runes: Killer
      Equipment: Full Helmet, Silver Armor*, Cheesecake, Silverlet
      Commentary: Georg Prime is the strongest pure warrior in the game.  
    The drawback?  He has next to no ability with magic.  Still, he is 
    definitely one of the game's best character's.
      How to get: Agree to not give up the fight after beating Neclord.
    101 - Mazus  (Mine/Cave)
      Level: approximately 10 levels higher than you
      Age: 87
      Role - Att: D, Def: E, Tch: C, Spd: C, HP: C, Mag: A+, Spl: A
      Runes: Blue Gate*, Thunder*, Fire
      Equipment: Circuret, Robe of Mist*, Mega Medicine, Guard Ring, magic 
      Commentary: Mazus is Crowely's rival and the best mage in Suikoden 2 
    as fas as spell power is concerned.  If you use him, let him blow the 
    opposition to oblivion.
      How to get: Talk with him when you have over 100 recruits
    102 - Gantetsu  (South Window)
      Level: 27
      Age: 45
      Role - Att: C, Def: B, Tch: D, Spd: D, HP: C, Mag: B, Spl: B
      Runes: Resurrection
      Equipment: Karate Uniform, Healing Wind, Belt of Strength
      Commentary: Gantetsu is a mage with good defense (for a mage), but 
    by the time you get him, you won't use him.
      How to get: Beat him in a pushing contest with your party after you 
    slay Neclord.  Must have a decent strength total.
    ** - Boris
      Level: NA
      Age: 21
      Role: troop commander/non-combatant
      Commentary: Ridley's son.
      How to get: The meeting after Tinto joins if Ridley died.
    103 - Alberto  (Tinto)
      Level: NA
      Age: 31
      Role: musician/non-combatant
      Commentary: Adds more songs to Annallee's list.
      How to get: Talk with him after getting both Annallee and Pico
    104 - Tessai  (Kuskus)
      Level: NA
      Age: 37
      Role: blacksmith/non-combatant
      Commentary: Bring him hammers to make him better.
      How to get: Bring the Star Dragon Sword to him.
    105 - Jude  (Greenhill) 
      Level: NA
      Age: 22
      Role: sculptor/non-combatant
      Commentary: He'll make your Guardian Deity.
      How to get: Get some clay for him (go to Forest Village and get 
    some.  A guy right of the elder's house has it).
    106 - Genshu  (Coronet)
      Level: approximate to yours
      Age: 37
      Role - Att: B, Def: C, Tch: B, Spd: B, HP: C, Mag: D, Spl: C
      Runes: Swallow
      Equipment: Head Gear, Thunder God Garb, Steamed Abalone, Shoulder
      Commentary: Genshu is much like Shin, but a little better overall.  
    Use those two together for the best results.
      How to get: Talk to him with a weapon at level 15 and you castle 
    must be at maximum size.
    107 - Pesmerga  (Cave of the Winds)
      Level: approximately 10 levels higher than you
      Age: ???
      Role - Att: A+, Def: B, Tch: B, Spd: D, HP: B, Mag: B, Spl: B
      Runes: Counter, Rage Rune embedded in weapon
      Equipment: Horned Helmet*, Knight Armor*, Chaos Shield*, Guard Ring*, 
       Iron Boots, Bolt of Wrath
      Commentary: Pesmerga is an absolute beast in battle.  He only lacks 
    speed, which is easily fixed (Spark Rune on the hero).  If you want to 
    have a character that can blow the enemy to dust, he's you man.
      How to get: After getting over 100 recruits  with you castle at full 
    size, find him in the final chamber of the Cave of Winds.
    108 - Vincent  (Radat)
      Level: approximate to your level
      Age: 34
      Role - Att: C, Def: D, Tch: B, Spd: C, HP: C, Mag: D/A, Spl: C
      Runes: Wind
      Equipment: Feathered Hat, Scale Mail, Mangosh, Rose Brooch, Potato 
       Pudding, Blue Ribbon
      Commentary: Vincent is nothing special, but he does have a good 
    spell defense.  Use him if you want, but you might want to use Simone 
    as well for their unite.
      How to get: Bring Simone to meet him (in the dock section) after 
    your attack on Muse plus castle must be at max.
    V)    Walkthrough
    Unicorn Brigade
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
     Tenzan Pass
       Items: none
         Explore the camp with Jowy.  Head east, and you'll spot a 
    mysterious soldier who flees beyond your reach.  Return and get some 
    sleep.  You'll awake to the sounds of an attack.  Captain Rowd tells 
    you to flee east.  Jowy will advise you to go back to Captain Rowd, 
    expressing concerns of an enemy ambush.  No choice but to heed him.
         Rowd is meeting with Prince Luca.  The ambush is a sham.  Prince 
    Luca seems to desire conquest of the states.  You can now flee to the 
    cliff and jump, or talk to the captain.  Talking takes you into a 
       Battle:  (1 Commander, 3 Highlands)
         Just use Unite Buddy ATK and kill the Highlands.  Finish off the 
    commander in the next hit.
         You'll run to the cliff next.  You'll be attacked by an identical 
    group when you reach the cliff.  If you chose to run first, you'll be 
    confronted by Rowd and his troops and face only one battle that is the 
    same battle as above.
         After the fights, Jowy will advise jumping.  You have to jump, 
    after which, you'll be separated.
    The Mercenary Army
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
      Toto-Ryube region
       Enemies: Cut Rabbit, Holly Boy, Fur Fur
      Mercenary Base
       Items: Boots (x3), Flint (x3)
       Items: Flour
       Nothing Special
        You'll be found by Viktor who takes you captive.  Answer however 
    you feel like it.  His mood doesn't improve much either way.  Flik 
    shows up, reporting his failure to rescue Jowy.  You're taken back to 
    their camp and placed in a holding cell.
         In order to eat, you have to do a couple of tasks.  Pohl, a soldier 
    serving Viktor, will be your liaison.
        First task: moving boxes.  Walk into a box and push with the X 
    button.  Once all are arranged, grab the rope.  Last, exit and talk to 
    Pohl and finish this assignment.
        Second task: errand running.  Pohl tells you to get 2 pairs of 
    boots, 3 flints, and 2 bags of flour.  Go see Barbara for the boots.  
    If you want, take an extra pair.  Next see the blacksmith and get your 
    flint.  Now head upstairs and go to the item store.  turns out they 
    have no flour.  He says Ryube village may have some.  Return and 
    report to Pohl.  He'll send you and an escort to Ryube to get the 
    flour.  You need to speak with Leona (the innkeeper here).  Pohl will 
    unlock the door.  She assigns Gengen to help you.  A girl named Tuta 
    tags along too.  Pohl now lets you out.  Ryube is northeast.
         There are entertainers preparing for a show.  Explore if you like, 
    but you need only get the flour.  Head back to the camp.  Pohl is at 
    Leona's, so go up and speak with him.  Gengen and Tuta leave, and you 
    rest for the night.
         Third task: wipe up spilled oil.  A simple task.  Wipe up the oil 
    from the three floors.  Stand over the spill and press X.
         During the night, Jowy rescues you.  He'll lose HP if you do not 
    call out to him.  You get caught by Flik upstairs.  You can try to 
    bust through or surrender.  Trying to rush results in Flik's 
    effortless trouncing of your hero.  The two of you are interrogated.  
    You may as well say the truth.  They'll get to it anyhow.  They place 
    you back in holding.  Follow Jowy's lead to escape.
    The Mist Monster
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
      Toto-Ryube Region
       Enemies: Cut Rabbit, Holly Boy, Fur Fur
       Allies: Eilie, Rina, and Bolgan will join you until Kyaro
       Nothing special
      North Sparrow Pass
       Enemies: Bandit A, Bandit B, Bandit C, Bon Bon, Killer Bee, Wolf
       Items: Fire Wall Scroll, Escape Talisman, Brass Armor, Feathered Hat
         Now you're free to explore around.  Start with Toto to the 
    northwest.  Buy Feathered Hats if you like.  The speed boost can be 
    useful.  You may want to return when you have more money, or sell Clay 
    Guardians from the Fur Fur outside.  Also, the girl Pilika is not 
         Now head to Ryube.  Check out the entertainers.  They'll select 
    you for an exhibit - knife tossing.  Just remain calm.  Don't move, or 
    she'll hit you.  After a chat, they'll offer to accompany you to the 
    mountain where the locals speak of a Mist Monster.  Agree to help 
    them, and they join you.  Five members will certainly help on the road 
         Go to North Sparrow Pass (north Ryube).  Rina will get you past 
    the guards.  Advance up the path.  At the branch go left and get a 
    Fire Wall.  The water pool will restore your HP and MP to full also.  
    The right path leads to the next area.  Take the right branch here to 
    get an Escape Talisman.  Left takes you to the next section.  Again, 
    the right branch leads to a chest.  This one contains Brass Armor.  
    The left branch leads farther in the range.  To the right on the next 
    screen is a save point.  Advance a little farther and face the mist 
       Boss:  Mist Shade
    HP: 800;  2000 P;  Kindness Drops
       Have your main character and Jowy attack and use medicine.  Bolgan, 
    Eilie, and Rina should use their Circus ATK.  While Bolgan is 
    recovering, have Rina use fire magic (Fire Wall if you can use it).  
    The boss will attack three times per round for about 20 a hit.  It can 
    also shift form.  The other form uses magic that does 10-25 damage to 
    all  This should be easy.
         Continue up to the next section.  Take the east path to a 
    Feathered Hat.  North will take you out of the mountain range.
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
      Kyaro Region
       Enemies: Bon Bon (2), Cut Rabbit (2), Spider
       Items: Old Book Vol. 1, Normal Large Vase, Genkaku's Famous Vase, 
             Nanami's Handmade Vase
       Recruits: Mukumuku
         The circus people leave your party.  Jowy heads home.  Explore 
    town.  It seems that you're wanted now.  If you leave, you'll see a 
    scene where Jowy is denounced and captured.  Head home (the path to 
    the west).  If you want, you can get Mukumuku near the tree above your 
    house.  Inside, look for Nanami.  You can also find a ? Book (Old Book 
    Vol. 1) from a dresser in the lower left room and if you investigate 
    the vases, you can select one of them.  The big vase is a Normal Large 
    Vase, the large one is Genkaku's Famous Vase, and the small one is 
    Nanami's Handmade Vase.  Head out the back door and find Nanami who is 
    overjoyed to see you.  You sit next to your grandfather's grave, 
    before deciding to flee.
         Guards come to arrest you as you leave your house.  They fight 
       Fight:  Highlands (x5)
         Just attack them, they're easy.  You'll get 250 Potch and the 
    Hazy Rune Crystal.
         Rowd comes up after the fight and speaks with you.  If you resist, 
    Rowd fights you and kicks your butt.  You are then captured.  
    Fortunately, you find Jowy.  Rowd then explains why he labeled you 
    spies and had the Unicorn Brigade slaughtered.  You are lead to you 
         Princess Jillia accosts you, but continues on her way.  As Rowd 
    gloats, Flik beats his guards and rescues you and Jowy.  Viktor comes 
    too.  Rowd runs off.  You say you need to rescue Nanami.  She, of 
    course, makes the rescue attempt a little moot.  Exit through the way 
    you came in.
    * Nanami joins
         Go back to North Sparrow Pass.  The guards will let Viktor pass.  
    Now head back for the Mercenary Camp.  Viktor and Flik leave and say 
    you can look for recruits if you want.  Go to Ryube and recruit 
    people, then try out Toto.  When you're done return to base.  If you'd 
    like to exchange members, talk to Leona.  Pohl will let you rest and 
    save.  Barbara replaces Rock from Suikoden 1 as the store house 
    * Gengen joins
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
      Toto-Ryube Region
       Enemies: Bon Bon (3), Shadow Dog, Woodpecker
       Recruits: Rikimaru, Millie
      Ryube Woods
       Enemies: Bon Bon (3), Woodpecker, Spider, Giant Snail, Wild Boar
       Recruits: Kinnison, Shiro
       Recruits: Zamza, Hanna
      Muse Region
       Enemies: Gold Boar, Kill Spider, Sickle
         Now go back to Toto.  Pilika is back.  She takes you home where 
    you chat with her parents.  She then asks you to get a present for her 
    daddy in Muse.
         On the way to Muse, you'll pass the White Deer Inn.  The price is 
    good (30/person), and you'll meet Hilda.  From the north path of the 
    inn, is a ruin, but you can't get in yet.
         The port town of Coronet is to the south of Muse, west is the 
    gate to Greenhill, and north leads  to two other gates (Highland and 
         In Muse, go to the item store.  The Wooden Amulet will cost 500 
    potch.  Pay it.  Muse is also the home of Dr. Huan, and thus Tuta as 
    well, but they are not home at present.  Also, the blacksmith is 
    closed.  If you want to upgrade, go south to Coronet.  The blacksmith 
    there can raise your arms to level 5.  When you're done, return to 
         When you get back, Toto has been burned to the ground.  Pilika is 
    crying.  She tells you her parents are dead.  Apple then arrives.  She 
    tells you that Luca Blight is responsible.  She asks you to take her 
    to Viktor.  Apple and Pilika accompany you (non-combatants).  Also, a 
    cave is now open in the cave ruins, but you can't do much with it.
    * Apple joins
         Apple reports to Viktor and Flik.  Viktor has you and Jowy rest.  
    Leona fetches the two of you a little later.  Run up to the meeting 
    room.  Viktor will ask you to find Tsai to fix the Fire Spears.  Agree 
    and Flik gives you money for Tsai.  He lives near Ryube, perhaps at 
    that cabin in the woods...
         Head to the cabin in the woods.  No one's home yet, so just wait.  
    Tsai will arrive as Jowy is ready to leave.  Tsai joins, and refuses 
    to take the payment yet.  Head back to Viktor.
    * Tsai joins
         As you are leaving, Ryube is under attack.  Luca kills the people 
    mercilessly.  You arrive too late to stop the slaughter.  Tsai knocks 
    you out if you try to take on Luca, as he say's you are no match for 
    him.  Now go back to camp.
         Pilika greets you on your return.  Talk to Viktor, Flik, and 
    Apple.  They tell you to go to Muse and leave the rest to them.  
    Instead, offer to join, and Flik will test you.
       Duel vs. Flik
         This is hard as Flik tends to only Attack and Defend.  Thus, 
    you'll want to stick to Wild Attacks and regular attacks.  You just 
    need to inflict about 50 damage to win.
         Viktor gives you command of a company.  Name your company and 
    prepare for your first battle.
       Battle #1  First Defense
         Just let the AI do what it needs to do.  Listen to Apple.  Fire 
    Spear works well, as you'll hit 3 enemies where you are.  The Fire 
    Spears make this too easy.  Keep it up for an easy win.
       Battle #2  Second Defense
         Viktor tells you to stay in the fort.  Best do so.  You are 
    seriously outnumbered.  Luca comes with another force from behind, and 
    the Fire Spears have lost their effectiveness.  You lose.
         Run away, as the fort is lost.  But first find Pilika.  You'll 
    encounter Highland soldiers and Commanders along the way.  Just beat 
    them and keep looking.  Viktor and Flik are in the basement with a 
    plan to get out, but you need to locate Pilika, so head upstairs.  
    She's in the command room.  Pohl is protecting her from Luca.  Luca 
    drops Pohl in one blow, so it's up to you to save her.  As things look 
    bad, Flik and Viktor come to the rescue.  Viktor also rigged the fort 
    to blow with the remaining Fire Spears.
    * You'll get a random party here depending on who you recruited
         Pilika has been traumatized and cannot speak.  Best go to Muse.  
    In Toto, Pilika goes to the cave, so follow her.  You and Jowy are 
    transported at the engraving in the shrine.  There you meet Leknaat.  
    She tells you to find the Stars of Destiny, then vanishes.  Go forward 
    and see a flashback of when you met Jowy, and how you became best 
    friends.  Leknaat appears again and tells you fate has read your 
    'character'.  She tells you to seek the Beginning Rune.  However, if 
    you fear the power and responsibility to turn back.  Take the power 
    and receive the power of the Runes.  Leknaat then sends you back.
    Getting into Muse
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
      Muse Region
       Enemies: Gold Boar, Kill Spider, Sickle
      Greenhill Region
       Enemies: Gold Boar, Kill Spider, Sickle 
      White Deer Inn
       Items: Entry Permit
      Sindar Ruins
       Enemies: Creeper, Mega Watt, Nightmare, Mr. Venus, Salamander
       Items: Stone of Magic, Mega Medicine, Angry Blow Scroll, Gauntlet,
             Shoulder Pads, Round Plate, Triangle Plate, Fire Lizard 
             Crystal, Chain Mail, Water Crystal, Square Plate, Old Book 
             Vol. 2, Magic Drain Crystal, Healing Herb
    * You may be able to reach Rockaxe at this time by pushing on the gate 
    at the border (like pushing boxes).  It is not recommended.
         At Muse, the guard turns you away, as you are not part of 
    Viktor's army.  You'll need another approach.  Go to White Deer Inn.  
    Alex, Hilda's husband enters talking about finding a way to the 
    treasure.  He leaves for Muse to find help getting the treasure.  
    After staying the night, Alex will return without help.  He'll lend 
    you his Entry permit for your help.  By all means, agree.  Also, two 
    travelers can aid you.  One sells items, the other is a Runemaster.  
    Pilika will stay behind, and Alex will join the convoy.
        Now, head for the ruins.  Alex opens the door so you can enter the 
    Sindar Ruins.  Inspect the thing right of the door, and Alex will use 
    it to open the door.  Go left in the room and find two treasure boxes.  
    Inside are a Stone of Magic and Mega Medicine.  Now go north instead.  
    You'll reach another intersection.  South is a dead-end.  North leads 
    to another section.  Go upstairs to cross over the stream, but first 
    pick up the Angry Blow from the path south, next to the stream.  On the 
    other side, you can find a Gauntlet.  Now head up to the next section.  
    There's a door with a hole next to it which you can't open yet.  Head 
    left.  Push a statue back into place to open the next door.  Inside, 
    find Shoulder Pads, and a Round Plate.  Place the Round Plate in the 
    hole to open the door.  In the room with the 2-headed snake chamber 
    are three new paths.  To the right is another door with a square hole 
    next to it.  Left across the bridge leads to a Triangle Plate.  
    Further left is a door with an octagonal hole, but it's broken, so you 
    can enter.  Find a chest containing the Fire Lizard Crystal.  Head up 
    from the statue and left across another bridge and find an identical 
    statue and a Save Point.  Another door needing a square plate is here 
    too.  Head back right and up a few stairs.  Use the Triangle Plate to 
    turn off the water.
         New areas open up now.  Head up from the intersection and find 
    some Chain Mail.  Now, go back into the canal region.  Head all the 
    way down, then go left.  You'll find a Water Crystal on the platform 
    on the north side.  Head back up and take a left now.  You'll find a 
    Square Plate.  Go back to the door in the lower right region (right of 
    the first snake statue).  Open the door and you'll find Old Book Vol. 
    2 and the Magic Drain Crystal.  Now double back to the door near the 
    Save Point.  Open it the same way (you do not need to get a second 
    plate).  Go inside and analyze the stone etching by the door.  You'll 
    be asked for what is most dear to you.  Choose everyone if you want to 
    keep your party's respect.  In the next room is a two headed snake 
    (you knew it was coming).
       Boss: Double Head
    HP: 2500;  4000 P;  Spark Crystal
         Use your strongest spells and combos.  It has spells that hurt 
    quite a bit, but its standard attack isn't so bad despite hitting 
    everyone.  Have your hero heal with the Bright Shield Rune when 
         With Double Head defeated, climb the stairs for your reward - a 
    'healing herb'.  Head back to Hilda.  At the exit, Alex drops the 
    Healing herb.  Make a note and hurry back.
         Hilda has fallen ill.  Jowy is sent to get a doctor, but Toto is 
    where people here usually go.  Run back and get the healing herb.  
    Talk to Nanami and she'll treat Hilda with them.  It seems to do the 
    trick as she awakens.  Alex lends you the Entry Permit and you get set 
    on your way.
         Now with the Entry Permit, enter Muse.  Nanami makes a plan 
    worthy of Viktor to convince the guard to let you in as Alex and 
    Hilda.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work and you are thrown in prison.
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
       Items: Old Book Vol. 4, Recipe #3, Sound Set #1 (Elza)
       Recruits: Anita, Tuta
      Highland Camp
       Enemies: Armadilloid, Armadillon, Kill Rabbit
       Items: Circuret, Fire Sealing Crystal
         Nanami and Jowy squabble about whose acting was better in prison.  
    At night, Jowy and you are up and reminisce.  You retire for the night 
    and awaken to Viktor's and Flik's entry.  They tell you to check out 
    Leona's new bar and meet them later at city hall.  Feel free to 
    explore Muse.  At the inn, Leona will take charge of Pilika.  Now head 
    for city hall.
         Viktor meets you and takes you to meet Anabelle.  Viktor asks 
    Anabelle if she'll take the four of you in.  Anabelle shows her 
    information network's ability by knowing who you are.  She also seems 
    to have known Genkaku and wronged him at some point.  She says she'll 
    explain later, but for now the Highland army is more pressing.  You're 
    left in the care of Jess.  He leaves you to explore on your own, while 
    Viktor heads to Leona's.
         Talk to Jess as he has a request.  He has a few Youth Brigade 
    uniforms and would like you to infiltrate Luca's army and report on 
    their provisions.  Search the bookshelf to find a ? Book (Old Book 
    Vol. 4).  Outside, meet Tuta who takes you to see Dr. Huan.  Huan 
    assigns Tuta to help out Viktor.  Talk to Huan again to get Recipe #3.  
    Return to Leona's.  She'll tell you Viktor and Flik are getting more 
    soldiers.   Jowy explains Jess's plan.  Pick your party and set off to 
    the northeast.
         Getting through the gate is a snap.  Follow the guard to the 
    woods and take that path to reach the camp.  Navigating the woods may 
    be tricky as there are lots of wide open spaces and paths.  Head 
    strait right to the next screen and find a Circuret (shouldn't that be 
    Circlet?).  Next, advance upward through a few screens.  You'll enter 
    a cluster of trees.  From this point, Jowy and you will travel alone.
         In the camp, you have fairly free reign.  At the provisions gate, 
    luck will smile on you as a guard buys your story and lets you in.  
    You discover there's only about two weeks of food.  As you exit, Rowd 
    chances upon you.  Depending on how you answered the guard, you may 
    have to fight some Highland soldiers.  You can collect a Fire Sealing 
    Crystal near the provision tent.  Enter the large tent, and you'll 
    find Jillia.  Jowy convinces her to help you hide.  She turns Rowd 
    away.  She talks to you for a while.  Afterwards, it's time for you to 
    go.  Rowd intercepts you.  You have to fight more Highland soldiers.  
    Jowy tells you to run while he holds them.  You flee, while Jowy is 
    stuck with the enemy.
         Return to Muse to see Jess.  At city hall, an official tells you 
    that an important meeting is underway and that you should just wait.  
    Nanami suggests seeking out Viktor and the others.  Go to Leona's.  
    Flik and Viktor are there.  Nanami explains what happened.  They go 
    with you to see Anabelle.
         Back at city hall Viktor removes the guard.  Viktor demands an 
    explanation.  Anabelle apologizes, but says she can do nothing to save 
    Jowy.  You leave without gaining any ground with Jess.  Nanami waits 
    outside the gate for Jowy.  Go find her and wait with her.  Pilika 
    joins you later, but still there is no sign of Jowy.  After a long 
    wait, Jowy finally makes it back.
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
      Battle #3
       Recruits: Gilbert
         A week passes.  Nanami gets you and Jowy up for some event at 
    Jowston Hill.  Head there (it's northwest in the city) and meet 
    Viktor.  He'll get you in to the Hilltop meeting (a meeting of all the 
    city-states).  The guard doesn't admit Viktor in, but recognizes Flik 
    as he arrives.
         At the meeting, Anabelle convenes to decide what to do about 
    Highland.  Most of the other members do not care to support Muse.  
    Word then arrives of attack by Highland at the border gate.  Anabelle 
    gives the order for the states to gather their armies.
         Follow Viktor's suggestion and head back to Leona's.  Anabelle 
    and Apple are there.  Anabelle asks Viktor to slow down Highland for 
    two days for Jowston to muster its armies.  Apple says it's possible, 
    and Flik agrees.  Agree to help.
       Battle #3
         In this battle you need to defeat Solon Jhee or stall for a few 
    turns.  Flik recognizes Gilbert and tries to convince him to defect.  
    Matilda knight reinforcements arrive in three turns.  Gilbert is 
    persuaded after Flik's Fire Spear.  Keep up a good fight.  Beware 
    random results that might lead to defeat.  Eventually (turn 8 or so) 
    Camus appears and orders the knights to retreat.  Following this 
    round, Solon Jhee flees.
         After the battle you return to Muse.  At night, Jowy has a 
    mysterious meeting with Kage.  In the morning, go see Anabelle about 
    Genkaku.  Gustav and Granmeyer are arguing as you enter.  Anabelle 
    tells you to return in the evening.  Jowy asks Anabelle why she is 
    fighting as you leave.
         Return to Leona's where Pilika wishes to play with Jowy.  He, 
    however says "later" and runs out.  Go look for Jowy.  He's meeting 
    Kage by city hall.  Kage leaves and Jowy asks you to take care of 
    Pilika if he were to die.
         At night, Viktor meets Anabelle to discuss some things.  He 
    leaves to rest for tomorrow's battle.  Now you and Nanami can go and 
    see her.  Jowy has arrives before you to take Anabelle's life.  
    Anabelle catches Jowy off guard and tackles him.  You arrive and see 
    Anabelle on the floor with Jowy standing over her.  He flees.  The 
    Highland army is also attacking.  Anabelle tells you to flee and live 
    as she lays dying.  In the night, you get Pilika and flee to 
    rendezvous in South Window.
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
      Muse Region
       Enemies: Gold Boar, Kill Spider, Sickle
       Items: Recipe #5
       Recruits: Genshu (100+)
      South Window Region
       Enemies: Dark Bunny, Flyer, Target Lady
       Items: Recipe #9
      South Window
       Items: Friendship Crystal
         Head to Coronet.  You'll find that the Highland army is already 
    here.  Search about town.  A man in the restaurant will give you 
    Recipe #5.  At the docks, the soldiers will not let any boats depart.  
    Head to the inn, and of all people, you'll see Eilie, Rina, and 
    Bolgan.  They ask you to chat for a while.  You explain the situation 
    to them.  By coincidence (or is it fate?) they are headed to South 
    Window too.  They seem to have given up, so it's up to you.  Head 
    right from the docks to a house.  Here you'll see Sheena yelling at 
    Tai Ho for a boat.  Enter the house and speak with Tai Ho and his 
    brother Yam Koo.  Like in Suikoden 1, he'll help if you beat him in 
         Here's how the game, Chinchirorin, is played: You roll three dice 
    in a cup.  If two dice are the same, the third is your score.  Triples 
    are good except 1-1-1.  They are called storms.  Also, 4-5-6 is good 
    too.  You win 3 and 2 times bet respectively.  1-2-3 is bad, and like 
    1-1-1, makes you lose more money.  This time, you need only beat Tai 
    Ho in a single game.
         At Nanami's suggestion, you go back to tell Eilie and the others 
    and bring them along.  They join your party at a level near yours.  
    Return to Tai Ho and board your craft.  Sheena misses the ship.  You 
    sail to Kuskus and Tai Ho drops you off.
    * Eilie, Rina, and Bolgan join
         There are tales of a monster in North Window.  Recipe #11 is a 
    rare find at the item store.  The smith can upgrade you to level 6.  
    When you're ready, head south for South Window.
         Viktor greets you shortly after entering.  He inquires about 
    Jowy, so fill him in.  He says to meet Flik in the tavern.  For now, 
    you're free to explore.  You'll also find you first trading post 
    (unless you've been to Greenhill already).  When you're ready, go to 
    the inn.  Viktor says he has bad news.  He and Flik had trouble 
    getting here.  No else has arrived yet either.  Viktor and Flik join 
    you to go to city hall to see Granmeyer.  He admits you in.  Viktor is 
    revealed to be from North Window.  Freed Y, Granmeyer's assistant 
    fills you in on that town's peril.  They want you to investigate.  As 
    you leave, they'll be a cut scene of someone who is VERY reminiscent 
    of Neclord.
    * Freed Y joins
    The monster of North Window
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
      South Window Region
       Enemies: Dark Bunny, Flyer, Target Lady
      Cave of the Wind
       Enemies: Griffin, Minos, Sorceror, Sun King
       Items: Sun Badge, Fish Badge, Fire Wall Scroll, Blue Gate Crystal, 
             Medicine, Stone of Defense, Half Helmet
       Recruits: Pesmerga (100+)
       Allies: Kahn joins you for a until you drive Neclord from North 
      North Window Castle
       Enemies: Shadow Man, Sorceror (2), Zombie
       Items: Fire Crystal, Stone of Mag-Def, Chain Mail, Necklace, 
         Viktor explains the circumstances of North Window's desertion and 
    of Neclord.  Neclord interrupts Viktor's story, much to Viktor's anger 
    that the fiend still lives.  He animates the corpses to attack you.
       Fight:  Neclord and 3 Zombies
         The zombies prove easy targets, but Neclord is immune to attack.  
    You can't win.
         Viktor tells you that you need the Star Dragon Sword to harm him.  
    Neclord challenges you with that sword.  You'll have to get it and 
    meet him at his castle.  The sword is in the Cave of the Wind.
         Head south and enter the cave.  Navigate through this cave as 
    best you can.  When you reach you first path choice, choose the upper 
    one.  You'll get a Sun Badge for it.  Now take the lower path.  Head 
    left as far as you can, then up to collect a Fish Badge.  Take the 
    passage above and right of the incline next.  At the next intersection, 
    take the left path for a Fire Wall.  Now take the right.  Push a block 
    out of your way.  You'll be in the wind section of the cave.
         You cannot enter passages with wind blowing from them.  Also be 
    careful of strong currents as they can blow you away.  Push rocks to 
    aid your progress.  The first one is simple, push the rock in the way 
    of the blast.  The next chamber requires you to move the top rock to 
    block the first half of the current and the bottom block for the other 
    half.  The next room is trickier.  You'll want to push the blocks into 
    position to block each passage at the source.  Refer to the map below:
      W W W W            Key:
    __ + + + __           W: Wind current source
            1             1,2,3,4: Rocks
    __    2  3
    <-- passage
    Push 1 strait up to block the first current.  Do the same with two to 
    block the next one.  Now push 3 into position to block the third one, 
    being careful not to overdo it.  Then slide 4 into the last wind 
    tunnel.  There are three chests and a mysterious old man.  He'll 
    transport you out.  The chests contain 3000 P, Blue Gate Crystal, and 
    Medicine.  Now take the lower passage.  You'll find another fork down 
    the road.  Take the lower one and swing around to get a Stone of 
    Defense.  Head over left from there and find a Half Helmet.  Head up 
    and note that all the paths converge.  This leads you to another 
    chamber where a man is.  He is Kahn, and he says he was waiting for 
    Viktor.  He's a vampire hunter.  He explains that Neclord duplicated 
    himself, and that Viktor killed a fake.  He proposes teaming up.  Kahn 
    is a welcome addition.  Continue on the now linear path to the Star 
    Dragon Sword.  Viktor and the sword argue, angering the sword into 
    attacking.  Time to teach it some manners.
       Boss:  S.D. Sword
    HP: 2500
         Use your best attacks to sap its HP.  Cast Clay Guardian on the 
    two people in the middle, as it attacks them more often than anyone 
    else, and the spell should cut damage to less than 10.
         Viktor sucks up to the sword and tells him Neclord is back, and 
    Kahn explains the Doppelganger Secret Neclord uses.  Viktor takes the 
    sword and you exit the cave.
         Go back to North Window and enter the castle.  The main stairway 
    is blocked by debris.  Take the right stairs to find a Fire Crystal. 
    Go back up and take the other stair.  Go left as the right is blocked 
    off.  Head downstairs to get a Stone of Mag-Def.  Take the left exit, 
    as the right leads to a dungeon, hence a dead-end (there is a blocked 
    stairway though).  When you reach a statue room, push the out of place 
    statue on the brown panel to reveal a door.  You can also push the 
    statue furthest to the left to reveal a hidden door and a Darkness 
    Crystal.  Go through, then head upstairs.  Continue on to a room with 
    candles.  Light the top ones (using X) and reveal a door to the right 
    on the upper wall.  If you return to the candle room, you can light 
    the bottom row so that they match the top row to reveal a doorway to 
    a Blue Ribbon.  From the hidden door in the candle room, go through it 
    to find another stairway up.  You'll find a bridge to the other half 
    of the castle.  Go upstairs again.  There are two treasure boxes.  
    They contain Chain Mail and a Necklace.  Go upstairs again.  You'll 
    find another bridge back across.  Advance up the stairs.  You'll find 
    Neclord playing the organ.  Neclord welcomes you.  He brings a girl in 
    front of you named Daisy.  He offers the girl for the sword.  Viktor 
    cuts off her head, seeing through Neclord's bluff.  Neclord, realizing 
    he's outmatched, flees.  But he leaves you something to play with.
       Boss: Abomination.
    HP: 4400;  10000 P
         This 5 headed creature means business.  He can attack twice per 
    round.  One attack inflicts moderate damage to all your party.  He 
    also can claw for medium high damage.  It also has a devastational 
    breath weapon.  Use Clay Guardian to maximize your defense against his 
    physical attacks.  Have your hero heal with the Bright Shield Rune.  
    Kahn's Resurrection Rune can deal high damage also.  Viktor's attack 
    should equal Bright Shield's Shining Light power.  Having someone with 
    a Fire or Water Rune wouldn't hurt either.  As it gets weaker, it 
    breathes more often so kill it quickly when it starts to do 2 in a 
    row, so you might want to save Charm Arrow for his last 1500 HP.  Keep 
    your HP high, and you should win.
         Time to head back to South Window to report.  Kahn leaves to hunt 
    for Neclord.  Flik and the others arrive as you near the exit, reporting
    that South Window has fallen and Lord Granmeyer is dead by Solon Jhee's 
    hand.  Granmeyer surrendered to avoid bloodshed.
         Apple and Eilie both feel that running away is a poor idea, so 
    Apple proposes getting Shu, also a student of Mathiu, on your side.  
    Thus favoring tactics to beat the numerically superior Highland army.  
    Apple accompanies you to Radat (to the east).  Select 4 other members.  
    Also, note that Neclord's castle is now yours.
    Shu of Radat
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
      South Window Region
       Enemies: Dark Bunny, Flyer, Target Lady
       Items: Recipe #14
      Mercenary Base:
       Meet Templton
       Recruits: Templton
         Radat is a pleasant little town.  By all means search around.  
    You can find Recipe #14 from a man in the restaurant, and Sound Set #5 
    from the item store's rare finds.  At Shu's house, Apple leads you in.
         Apple asks Shu to join you, but he says he cannot.  He says he 
    doesn't care which country gets destroyed.  Besides, he's now a trader 
    more concerned with profit.  You get turned away, leaving you to find 
    some new approach.
         At the restaurant, Shu enters and warns you that Highland may be 
    approaching at any time.  Apple begs Shu to help.  Apple asks to stay 
    a little longer, hoping she can still get through to Shu.
         Go speak with Richmond.  He says he knows about you (the hero, 
    Nanami, and Apple anyway).  He says he's a private eye and can find 
    out anything.  By the way he talks, he sounds more like an 
    eavesdropper.  He charges 1500 potch to gather info on Shu.  It's 
    fairly cheap, so go ahead and pay.  Go to the inn and wait (talk to 
    the innkeeper).
         He tells you that an important trade will occur tomorrow night 
    that Shu has to attend at the port.  You should wait at the bridge.  
    In time, Shu arrives.  He seems to not want to be responsible for the 
    loss of life that war brings.  He says he'll join you if you can find 
    a coin he just threw in the river.  Talk to the man in green and ask 
    him to close the Sluice gate.  He refuses, but a man named Amada 
    offers to handle the situation.  He says he'll fight you.  If you win, 
    he'll close the gate.
       Duel vs. Amada
         Read his actions, and counter appropriately.  He takes about 220-
    250 damage.
        Amada keeps his promise and closes the gate for a night.  Apple 
    spends the night rooting through the riverbed looking for the coin.  
    Help her out.  Nanami then says she saw Shu replace the coin with a 
    stone to throw that instead, thus making the task impossible.  Apple 
    tells you to go back, but as she does, you discover a coin.  Shu 
    arrives and decides he'll help.  Shu ask you to show him that coin and 
    notices Bright Shield.  Shu reveals that he knew Genkaku also.  As the 
    scene closes, it's revealed that Richmond dropped the coin in the 
    river for you.  Guess he's a good guy after all.  Now go back to your 
    * Shu joins
         Shu arrives just after you to hear Viktor's doubt of him.  Shu 
    lays it out hard for Viktor, telling him to listen to him or be 
    treated as an inconvenient obstacle.  Flik gives Shu the numbers -
    2000 irregulars/remnants vs. 20000 seasoned troops.  Shu explains that 
    their forces will be only half strength after garrisons.  About a 
    third of them should be South Window soldiers too, so you may be able 
    to recruit them.  That'd even the odds.  He sends Freed to spread 
    rumors in the enemies camp.  He also plans on using ships to transport 
    a rear attack unit.  He chooses you to lead that attack against Solon 
    Jhee.  Accept or decline.  If you say no, he'll give you some time to 
    think.  Agree and prepare for war.
       Battle #4
         Attack Solon Jhee with all speed.  Freed will convince the South 
    Window troops to join you.  The AI will start mopping up the rest.  
    After about 6 turns, Solon Jhee retreats.
         You are celebrated as a hero, and have been given the title 
    "herald of victory."  Shu says that North Window is the perfect 
    staging point.  All it needs is a leader to pull it together.  That 
    would be you.  As the son of Genkaku with the same Rune he had, you 
    are the one to do it.  As you're left to consider your decision, 
    Viktor tells you about Genkaku.  You may go talk to Viktor or sleep.
         If you see Viktor, he'll tell you about Genkaku.  If you sleep, 
    you'll not hear about Genkaku.  Viktor will tell up about the events 
    that led to Genkaku's exile.  Anabelle's father Darell led the attack 
    against Highland 30 years ago.  He was losing the war, but Genkaku 
    saved the States.  Genkaku and Han (Highland's general) were friends 
    and both realized the idiocy of the war.  They made peace, but Darell 
    would not return Kyaro.  Agares Blight, Highland's king suggested 
    trial by champions to resolve this.  The champions were Genkaku and 
    Han.  Genkaku refused to raise his sword.  Han took the victory.  Lord 
    Darell of Muse exiled Genkaku.  Turned out that Genkaku refused to 
    fight because Darell coated the sword with poison.
         Now you need to decide.  If you say yes, everyone pledges their 
    loyalty to you.  Huan shows up too and joins you.  Now you get to name 
    your castle.  Leknaat appears and gives you the Stone Tablet which 
    records the names of the Stars of Destiny.  Luc soon joins her and 
    joins your team at her behest.  Leknaat leaves.  Luc notes Flik and 
    Viktor still live.
    * Huan, Luc, Flik, Viktor, Barbara, and Leona join
    The new order
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
      Your Castle
       Recruits: Hai Yo
      South Window Region
       Enemies: Dark Bunny, Flyer, Target Lady
       Recruits: Tai Ho, Yam Koo, Oulan, Karen (after Luca fight), Tessai 
                 (after joining with Tinto)
      South Window
       Recruits: Hilda, Alex, Clive, Adlai, Max (after Luca fight), 
                 Annallee, Killey, Gantestu (after joining with Tinto)
       Items: Piglet
       Recruits: Richmond, Yoshino, Amada, Stallion, Lebrante (60+), Simone
                 (later), Hoi (after Luca fight), Vincent (100+ and Simone)
      Two River Region
       Enemies: Rockadillo, Sandillo, Spikebeak
       Items: Recipe #16, Kindness Crystal, Chick, Cabbage Seed
       Recruits: Taki, Shilo, Tetsu
      Two River City
       Items: Spinach Seedling
       Recruits: Hans, Gabocha, Jeane (after Greenhill)
       Enemies: Devil Eye, Land Shark, Shadow, Siren
       Items: Head Gear, Resurrection Crystal, Healing Wind Scroll, Fire 
             Emblem, Stone of Defense
       Recruits: Sid (Chaco)
      Kobold Village
       Recruits: Hix, Tengaar, Yuzu
       Items: Exertion Crystal, Recipe #13, Lamb
      Unicorn Forest
       Enemies: Eagle Man, Mirage
       Items: Necklace (x4), Mangosh, Guard Ring
       Recruits: Sigfried (must have Listening Crystal from Badeaux)
         On the way out of your castle town, Fitcher is waiting.  He's 
    looking for you.  He doesn't believe you're the leader and sneaks 
    inside.  In a meeting with Shu and your top people, he is led to the 
    truth.  He asks you to ally with Two Rivers, not that he has the 
    authority...  Furthermore, you need a captain to pilot your ship as 
    the bridge has been destroyed.
         Head to Radat and recruit Amada.  Also, you can pick up Tai Ho 
    and Yam Koo in Kuskus.  Return with Amada to the meeting room.  Amada 
    says he'll pilot the boat.  You can also take Tai Ho instead if you'd 
    like.  You're to head west to Lakewest first, then go on foot to Two 
    River City.  Head downstairs and head for your dock.  Amada takes a 
    liking to it.  Walk up to it an press X to get the option to board the 
         You get full control of the boat, so if you want, have some fun 
    sailing all over the sea.  You can't go back to Coronet yet, as it's 
    still under martial law by Highland, but you can sail to Kuskus (for 
    no particular reason).  Head to Lakewest.
         Fitcher gives you a letter of introduction to get you into Two 
    River City.  Find Recipe #16 in Taki's house.  Head west by road to 
    Two River City now.  Kobold Village is to the south.  And farther 
    south west is Drakemouth Village.  However, there's not much to do at 
    either, so go to Two River City.
         As you enter, some kid named Chaco runs into you and steals your 
    money and your letter of recognition.  The thief runs to Winger 
    territory, so give pursuit.  Once you corner him, he flies away.  
    Check the kobold district, then return to the human area.  You'll see 
    Ridley accusing Fitcher of desertion and sentences him to 100 lashes.  
    Tell them to stop.  However, people do not seem to want to believe you 
    are the leader of the force who beat Highland.  Ridley looks at your 
    rune.  He says that's proof enough.  You're taken in to meet Makai.  
    Makai asks for you support in dealing with Highland.  He also asks 
    about an incident here.  Tell him about your wallet.  This angers 
    Ridley.  Makai sends you to the inn.  Go to your room and find Chaco 
    again.  He ate you dinner and doesn't believe you are who you are, and 
    flies out the window.
         Fitcher tells you that Makai and Ridley are fighting over a 
    Highland spy in the morning.  Go see what's up.  Somehow, Ridley 
    doesn't feel he can trust the humans and storms off.  Makai asks you 
    to go find out what happened from Ridley.
         The kobolds tell you that Ridley forbids entrance.  Head back to 
    the winger section.  Chaco appears again and steals from Fitcher.  You 
    corner him again.  This time he enters the sewers.
         Enter the sewers.  You can pick up Head Gear early on.  Further 
    down the tunnel is a Resurrection Crystal.  Go south to the next 
    screen.  There's a hidden tunnel just down the ladder to the right.  
    You can meet Sid here, but he scares you off.  Go south again.  You 
    can find a Healing Wind in a box.  Now exit to the west from the box.  
    Take the top bridge to find a Fire Emblem and a Stone of Defense.  
    Then, go the other way.  You'll exit north.  Climb up a ladder, then 
    down another.  There is a save point at the bottom.  Enter the door to 
    the left.  A monster is at the end of the path.
       Boss: Pest Rat
    HP: 5000;  20000 P;  Poison Crystal
        This is another long fight.  Use combos and runes to deal damage 
    out fast.  This pest has three attack forms: a charge against one 
    person for moderate damage that is easy to evade, a rock crush for 
    more damage to everyone, but still physical, and a poisonous breath 
    that is considered magic.  The breath deals out high damage and may 
    poison you as well.  It also attacks twice.  This is a fight to keep 
    you HP at max.  An earth rune wouldn't hurt either.
         With that out of the way, enter the doorway to the north.  Take a 
    ladder up and arrive in the kobold section.  Ridley arrives and asks 
    why you are here.  Ridley says a spy dropped a note concerning a 
    treaty between Makai and Highland.  Your meeting ultimately fails.
         Return to Two River City and find Kiba of Highland in town 
    talking to Makai.  Klaus, Kiba's son, says he looks forward to meeting 
    you on the battlefield.  Chaco appears again saying it's a plot.  Go 
    talk with Makai in the meeting hall.  You tell him what Ridley said.  
    Makai decides to sign the treaty with Highland.  As you leave, Chaco 
    rushes up to you and says that Granny wants to meet you before running 
         Chaco waits for you at the entrance of the winger district.  
    Follow him and meet Susu.  She ask to see your right palm and sees the 
    Bright Shield Rune.  The Wingers used to live in Tinto, but were 
    driven off by miners.  Genkaku brought them to Two Rivers. After your 
    chat, return to the inn.
         Outside, Kiba breaks his promise.  The Highland army attacks.  
    You'll face a group, which should be fairly easy, and earn 3200 potch.  
    Go talk to Ridley.  He refuses to help yet.  Meanwhile, Chaco leads 
    the Wingers to help Makai.  The other kobolds want to fight for their 
    town too.  This convinces Ridley.  Kiba presses on the attack (another 
    Highland battle for 3200 P).  Finally, your army arrives at Kiba's 
    flank.  Kiba follows Klaus's advice to retreat.
    * Ridley, Fitcher, and Chaco join
         In a cut scene, Luca bitches Solon out.  He orders Solon's 
    execution.  Jowy is now in Luca's camp and volunteers to lead an 
    attack on Greenhill.
         Head back to see Makai and Shu in the meeting hall.  Makai, Shu, 
    Ridley, and Viktor are there.  Makai and Ridley pledge their aid, and 
    Fitcher joins you.  Shu tells you to get back to your castle.  Chaco 
    is waiting at the exit.  He joins you then, and he returns your stuff.
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
      Greenhill Region
       Enemies: Holly Boy (2), Ragged One, Sauroid
       Recruits: Mukemuku, Makumaku, Mikumiku, Mekumeku, Mokumoku
      Greenhill-Muse Border Gate
       Recruits: Meg, Gadget
      Forest Village
       Items: Lamb, Spinach Seedling, Old Book Vol. 6, Iron Hammer
       Recruits: Wakaba, Tony, Connell (60+), Ayda (with Feather), Feather 
                 (need Listening Crystal from Badeaux)
       Items: Recipe #20, Old Book Vol. 5
       Recruits: Emilia, Jude (after liberation), Pico (liberation and 
      Forest Path Behind the Academy
       Enemies: Holly Boy (2), Holly Elf, Melonzoo, Monwer
       Items: Protect Mist Scroll, Toe Shoes, Silver Hat, Chimera Crystal
         Back at base, Flik and crew are assembled.  Shu says another 
    development has happened but waits until morning for the details.  Shu 
    explains that Greenhill has fallen.  He explains that taking Greenhill 
    back is not possible, but rather that the goal is to rescue Teresa, 
    the acting mayor.  You will act as students to get into Greenhill and 
    bust her out.  Flik will act as your leader and bodyguard.  The rest 
    will be made up of the younger members.  Only the younger members will 
    appear on the roster.
         You meet Fitcher at the entrance of Greenhill.  Fitcher will get 
    word to you once he locates Teresa.  Until then, you need to 
    infiltrate.  Fill in some fake names and move on.  You even get to 
    name Flik.  Getting pass the guard proves easy.  You now need to 
    enroll and wait for Fitcher.
         You can search the town.  In the inn, you get Recipe #20 from a 
    woman.  As you near the university, you see a scene where a guard is 
    upset at a young woman, Nina.  Go help her out.  You manage to make 
    him back down, but he'll probably cause trouble later.  Nina is left a 
    bit curious when Flik messes up your name.
         Sign in at the main desk in the building on the strait ahead 
    path.  Emilia takes your papers and shows you around.  She points out 
    the smith, appraisal, and Runemaster classrooms.  As she finishes, 
    Shin comes downstairs.  He doesn't seem too friendly.  If you'd like, 
    confide in Emilia about your true story.  You can trust her.
         Outside you see Nina bragging about Flik saving her.  Seems she's 
    got a crush on him.  She decides to take Flik on a tour of the school.  
    Go to the dormitory (to the west).  Choose to rest.  After eating, 
    Nina finds you, expressing her desire to have Flik, and not fearing 
    any competition from Nanami.
         In the morning, you'll find Flik.  He informs you he is 
    investigating Shin.  Lovesick Nina runs after Flik as he leaves.  Now 
    you can go search for Shin.  Meet Emilia down the road to the city.  
    She warns you to beware Highland soldiers in town.  According to the 
    soldiers, Teresa is in the inn somewhere.  Circle around to the front.  
    The soldiers are forcing their way into the inn.  Before you can act, 
    Rowd enters the scene.  Shin comes to try and reason with Rowd.  
    Follow Shin.  You lose his trail, so Nanami suggests returning to the 
    dormitory to let Pilika rest.  Rest until dinner.  Nina will show up 
    asking what Flik likes to eat.  As she leaves, she mentions a 
    wandering ghost which terrifies Nanami.
        Go outside and look for Flik.  You can find Nina in the academy to 
    the left of the entrance.  She's mad at Nanami, saying that Flik has 
    someone already (guess neither of them knew about Odessa).  As such, 
    Nina challenges Nanami to a duel.  Flik is waiting outside.  Nanami 
    explains to Flik what transpired.  Flik says you're to wait in town 
    for Fitcher.
         Fitcher is in trouble as many townspeople are surrounding him and 
    calling him a traitor.  Flik attempts to diffuse the situation.  Flik 
    pretends to want to take Fitcher's head and sends the people running.  
    Fitcher has no news on Teresa's whereabouts.  He does say that the 
    general who took Greenhill will be in town in two or three days.
         On the way back to the academy, Nina accosts you.  Flik leaves 
    you to handle it, but Nina chases after him.  Go back to your rooms 
    and rest again.  Nina approaches you again saying Nanami won the first 
    round, but that your duel is only starting.  As you leave her 
    answering a question, you sneak off.  At night, Nanami wakes you up to 
    investigate a creaking.  A figure runs upstairs.  Follow it.  It 
    rushes back downstairs to the basement.  Look on the wall between the 
    crate and the map to find a switch that reveals a secret passage.
         The passage empties into the academy where you see the shadowy 
    figure run again.  Nanami tells you to prepare to tackle the figure.  
    Turns out you found Flik.  He was following Shin.  You'll be in the 
    room with the bust.  Search the bust and a passage is revealed.  You 
    are now behind the academy.
         The forested region is home to monsters.  At the first split, go 
    right and find Protect Mist.  Go left now.  When you reach a clearing, 
    Flik notices a building in the back of the forest.  Before you can 
    check it out, Shin prepares to attack you.  Pilika's cry stops him.  
    Teresa comes out and begs Shin to stop.  Flik now has a chance to 
         Teresa says she cannot help you, and has no power over her people 
    any more.  She tells you what happened when Highlands armies came.  
    First the Muse survivors arrived.  Highland laid siege, but did not 
    attack.  With the Muse soldiers, food depleted rapidly.  This lead 
    into internal dissention.  Thus, Greenhill fell without a single 
         It appears your efforts were in vain.  Talk to Flik in the 
    morning.  In the town square the townsfolk are all gathered.  Rowd 
    offers a large reward to anyone who aids in the capture of Teresa.  
    Jowy then enters and tells the people that the people responsible for 
    raiding the inn are being punished.  Pilika approaches Jowy with 
    Nanami right behind.  You'd better help them out.  Fitcher gives you 
    cover to escape.  Back at the academy, a few soldiers attack.  They're 
    nothing special so mop them up.
         Your best bet to escape is Teresa's secret path.  At the academy 
    doors, more soldiers attack.  At the path, expect more soldier 
         At the house Nina pleads with Shin and Teresa to flee.  Flik 
    tells Teresa that you must all escape.  Teresa refuses and walks to 
    surrender.  Nina chases after, and so should you.  Find Shin and 
    Teresa outside the academy with Rowd.  Shin resists Rowd's attempt to 
    take Teresa.  Help them out.  You'll fight some Highlands, but as 
    usual, they're easy.  After two battles, Nina arrives with the 
    townspeople and Muse refugees who all wish Teresa to live.  Rowd is 
    forced to retreat, and Teresa decides to aid you.
         Back in the back woods, Shin clears the path and Teresa joins 
    your convoy.  Hurry back to the house.  You'll face more battles vs. 
    Highlands.  Before you make it, Rowd returns.  Shin says he'll hold 
    them off and sort of professes his love for Teresa.  Flik pledges to 
    save her.  Run up and out.  If you want, in the more open area, you 
    can find some Toe Shoes and a Silver Hat.  The exit is to the right.  
    In the next area you can get Chimera Crystal.  After that, you'll meet 
    Jowy.  He tells you to give up command and flee.  You have to leave 
    him behind, but he doesn't seem to have loyalty to Luca Blight, but 
    rather is waiting to dispose of him.  Keep fleeing the forest you're 
    almost out.
         Rowd threatens to turn Jowy in, but Seed and Culgan support him.  
    Seems they are not fond of Luca either.  They pledge loyalty to Jowy.  
    You need to return home in the meantime.
    The Blue Knight
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
      Greenhill Matilda Border Gate/Path
       Enemies: Doremi Elf, Holly Boy (3), Papa Holly, Zombie Slug
       Items: Guard Ring, Mega Medicine, Dragon Armor
       Recruits: Badeaux, Viki
       Items: Violence Crystal
      Matilda Region
       Enemies: Phantom, Pink Bird
      Highway Village
       Items: Recipe #32, Calf
       Recruits: Futch, Humphrey
      Mount Rakutei
       Enemies: Assassin, Hawk Man, Pixie, Spiker
       Items: Fur Cape, Thunder Runner Scroll, Thunder Amulet, Stone of 
              Power, Medicine Crystal, Dragon Plans #2, Unicorn Plans #2, 
              Skill Ring
       Muse Region
        Enemies: Time Knight, White Tiger
         Return to Shu with Teresa.  Shin arrives right after with Fitcher.
    Also, Fitcher managed to sneak Nina out as well.  Both now join you.  
    It is then time for you to retire.
    * Teresa, Shin, and Nina join
         Meanwhile, Luca congratulates Jowy.  Jowy then asks Luca for his 
    sister's hand in marriage.  Luca threatens to take his head, but Jowy 
    has a plan for him.  They are to meet in Luca's quarters later.
         Back at base, Viktor and Shu are having a meeting.  The objective 
    is to ally with the Knights of Matilda.  Since Greenhill is occupied, 
    you need to move in small groups.
         The guards allow you to pass into the forest passage to Matilda.  
    Early on you'll meet Badeaux, who doesn't say anything to you.  Don't 
    worry about that now.  If you go northeast of him, you'll find a Guard 
    Ring.  Exit to the north and keep going.  A secret passage leads to 
    the Mega Medicine in the chest on the next screen.  Go up the upper 
    right path and find Dragon Armor.  Take the right path, and you'll run 
    into Viki.  If you ask her to join you, she'll teleport you back to 
    your castle.  Keep going and you're on the other side.
          Miklotov greets you with an army.  He escorts you to his castle.  
    Gorudo is waiting inside.  Enter the castle and explore if you like.  
    When you're ready, talk to Gorudo.  He insults you, Muse, and your 
    army, and promptly ends the meeting.  Rest for the night.  Leknaat 
    will contact you in your sleep.  She tells you not to give up in a 
    manner that seems to foretell an ill future.  Miklotov informs you 
    that they are in a rush, but you'll after to inquire for more of an 
         Highland is moving against the refugees of Muse on the border.  
    Miklotov wishes to aid them.  Gorudo gives him the go-ahead.
       Battle #5
         In one turn, Luca's forces appear and easily overwhelm the 
    refugees.  You're basically helpless, and can only watch the senseless 
    slaughter.  Gorudo lends no aid to the refugees.
         Back at Rockaxe, Gorudo tells Miklotov and Camus to stand down.  
    After the meeting, the two knights discuss what happened.  Miklotov 
    heads for Muse to see what's happening.  Camus asks you to help 
    Miklotov.  You can explore Rockaxe before going if you'd like.  Search 
    the cabinet of the appraisal shop and find a Violence Crystal.  
    Miklotov is still in town, and two knights beg him not to go alone.  
    He departs on his own anyway.
         You find Miklotov at the border gate.  He asks you to accompany 
    him to Muse.  The guards recognize him, but Camus sent word to them to 
    not interfere.
         At Muse, Miklotov warns you to approach with caution.  As he 
    finishes, there is some strange sorcery going on.  The scene shifts to 
    Luca and Jowy.  It seems that Luca is sacrificing the souls of the 
    Muse people.
         Inside, there is no sign of life.  The shops are closed, and no 
    one walks the streets.  Near the path to the Hilltop meeting hall, a 
    man will fall at your feet pursued by soldiers.  Beat them and the 
    original soldier runs away.  The man says some silver monster has 
    eaten everyone alive.  With this, return to Rockaxe.
         Camus meets you inside the castle.  Miklotov tells Camus that 
    something terrible has happened.  Gorudo has assembled his knights.  
    Miklotov gives his report.  Gorudo doesn't care about Muse or helping.  
    Miklotov resigns from his duties.  Camus tells Gorudo to let Miklotov 
    rest.  Gorudo wants Miklotov arrested.  Camus joins Miklotov in 
    renouncement.  Both join you.  The other knights wish to follow Camus 
    and Miklotov, and throw down their badges as well.  You now need to 
    retreat through Greenhill.  Camus stays behind to recruit more knights.
         As the knights prepare to attack you, Shu arrives to back you up.  
    However, as he points out, your pursuers are the knights recruited by 
    Camus with him at the lead.  You arrive back at headquarters.
    * Miklotov and Camus join
    Loyalty to King
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
      Nothing remarkable during this section
         Luca discusses strategy with Jowy while you are resting.  Leon 
    Silverburg arrives as Jowy's strategist.  In the morning, Nanami is 
    waiting for you.  She says everyone is gathering in the square.  
    According to Shu, the Highland army is in Radat.  The forces are led 
    by Kiba and his son.  Viktor joins you to see what's going on.
         Radat has been taken over by Highland soldiers.  Further down the 
    path, Kiba gives a speech.  As you prepare to leave, Klaus calls out 
    to you.  He tells you that Jowy is marrying Jillia.  After that, head 
    back to your castle.  Shu prepares for a full attack.
       Battle #6
         This is your first real battle.  I suggest concentrating on 
    defense.  Also, give Flik or another fast character Tsai and his Fire 
    Spear.  This way, you can strike 3 enemies early on.  Also, focus on a 
    defensive formation with few exposed flanks.  Use magic at long range 
    to soften your enemy.  Early on, Ridley expresses concern over the 
    positioning of the kobolds.  On the 4th round, he falls back.  Two 
    rounds later, Shu calls for the retreat.
         Back at base, Shu works on a new strategy and tells you to get 
    some rest.  In the meantime, Jowy becomes a Highland Knight, and Luca 
    Blight poisons his father.  Luca says the cause of this is from a 
    disgrace he and his mother Sara suffered.  Jowy supported Luca's plot.
         Shin gets you up, so head back to the meeting room and meet with 
    Shu.  Kiba has moved out of South Window and is about to breath down 
    your neck in a frontal assault.  Shu has an envelop strategy planned 
    that may just work despite spreading your forces thin.
       Battle #7
         Klaus sees through the strategy, and decides to push through 
    strait for your leader as Rowd mans the defense.  Hold tight and trust 
    Shu.  After a few turns, Shu gives the signal.  Try to maintain a 
    solid defense, as you are outmatched offensively.  When things look 
    bleakest, Ridley appears with his kobolds.  Shu's real strategy goes 
    as planned.  The battle isn't won yet.  Randomization can be very 
    fatal, so try and kill units fast.  Also protect your flanks to avoid 
    being attacked from two sides.  Huan and your hero need to keep your 
    units refreshed.  During your assault, Rowd does nothing.  As Kiba 
    yells for assistance, Leon appears with orders for Rowd to retreat.  
    Kiba curses as Klaus blames himself.  You win as Kiba has to 
    surrender.  Also, you take him and Klaus prisoner.
         In the aftermath, you can recruit both.  Also, you learn of 
    Luca's ascension to the throne.  Shu ponders if he's responsible for 
    Leon's aiding of the enemy.
    * Kiba and Klaus join
    An old liberation
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
      Banner Village
       Items: Alert Crystal, Potato Seed
       Recruits: Anita (if you missed her), and *spoiler*
      Path to Toran
       Enemies: Ran Ran, Rin Rin, Ten Ten, Samurai, Tiger
       Items: Mega Medicine, Full Helmet, Stone of Luck, Magic Ring, Wing 
              Ornament, Poison Crystal, Silver Shield, Silverlet
       Items: Old Book Vol. 7, Cyclone Crystal, Copper Hammer, Recipe #39
             (from Gremio), Tomato Seed
       Recruits: Lorelai, Gordon
         Things are picking up.  You have a substantial force.  However, 
    you have no more allies to turn to.  Sheena shows up saying you need 
    to ask his old man (Lepant) for help.  Ridley starts dragging Sheena 
    out when Apple tells him to wait.  Lepant is the president of the 
    Toran republic.  Freed is against the idea.  The choice, as always, is 
    yours.  To get there, you must cross the bad lands to the south.  
    Sheena says it's impossible, but Viktor's done it.  Freed and Sheena 
    join you.
         On the way out, Freed asks to stop by South Window before 
    departing for Radat.  At South Window, go to the governor's mansion.  
    Freed reflects about his lord.  Now go to Radat and catch a ship 
         According to Freed, you can get to the wastelands by crossing the 
    mountains.  Search around.  In a barrel near the ship is an Alert 
    Crystal.  Exit north to enter the path to the mountain.
         Go up at the first intersection and find a Mega Medicine.  
    Continue from the right path.  Take the next path to the east to find 
    a Full Helmet, then head back south.  In the next section, you'll see 
    a couple of ladders leading up into the mountains.  Up the left one is 
    a Stone of Luck.  Up the right ladder are two more ladders.  Take the 
    left path.  There are two more ladders.  The left leads to a ladder 
    down and a chest containing a Magic Ring.  The right leads to a Wing 
    Ornament.  Head back down to the other right ladder.  It leads to a 
    Poison Crystal.  Further up it is a path onward.  Press ahead, 
    fighting the monsters (none are very tough).  Also, there is a hidden 
    path shortly after climbing the mountain.  Head south through some 
    woods to reach a path down to Rokkaku.  Ignoring that you'll come to a 
    save point and two more directions.  Up leads to a Silver Shield.  
    Right leads to two paths.  The bottom one leads to a Silverlet, while 
    the top leads onward.  A little farther, and you'll be attacked by a 
    giant caterpillar.
       Boss:  Worm
    HP: 4200; 35000 P
         This is not a hard foe.  It has two main forms of attack.  A body 
    flop that hits one row which is easily negated by Clay Guardian.  It's 
    more dangerous attack is a lightning blast with its tail.  This hits 
    all members for about 150 damage.  Use Bright Shield to fix you up.  
    Also, physical attacks work better than magic here.
         With that done, keep heading north.  When you reach the end, 
    you'll meet Varkas (no portrait this time) at a gate.  Sheena explains 
    your business.  Varkas agrees to escort you.
         You are brought to a waiting room in Gregminster.  Shortly, an 
    aid takes you to the throne room entrance.  Search (and be rude) if 
    you want.  Old Book Vol. 7 is on a bookshelf in McDohl's statue's 
    room.  A guard will give you the Copper Hammer.  At the throne room, 
    Lepant greets you.  Propose your alliance.  Lepant is reluctant, given 
    the history, but Freed tells his abandoning of past discord.  Lepant 
    ask why you fight, so answer him.  He says you remind him of McDohl.  
    Lepant asks for how many men can be spared, to which Tesla says 5000.  
    For a leader, Lepant calls in Valeria and Kasumi.  You must choose one 
    of them.  After choosing, Lepant gives you the Blinking Mirror.  Also, 
    Lepant sends Sheena with you.
    * Sheena joins and you may choose either Valeria or Kasumi
         After your meeting, you leave to the gate.  Talk to Vargas to go 
    back.  Back in Gregminster, you can meet other Suikoden people like 
    Marie and Sarah.  Sarah gives you a Cyclone Crystal.  Once you're 
    done, head back through the path.  Ridley and Apple meet you at Banner 
    Village.  You are transported back to your Castle.
         Meet with Shu.  Luca's headed your way with a huge army.  Shu 
    says to rest and not worry about it.  That night, Nanami and Pilika 
    are up late.  Meanwhile, Flik and Nina are on the battlements.  Nina 
    asks if he was thinking about Odessa.  This sends Flik away.
    The nature of the beast
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
       Items: Sound Set #6, Piglet
       Recruits: Sasuke, Mondo (60+ recruits and Kasumi or 100+ recruits)
      Ryube Woods
       Recruits: Tomo
         Over in the other camp, Leon offers a strategy which Luca turns 
    down.  Sasarai of Harmony and Jowy act as the advanced guard.  On your 
    end, Nanami greets you in the morning and joins your convoy.  Ridley 
    is investigating, while you prepare for a massive enemy attack.
       Battle #8
         Ridley is forced to fight on his own against overwhelming odds.  
    More likely than no, he'll fall.  You'll then retreat.  Also, after 
    three round Luca Blight comes to make things rougher.  If Ridley can 
    hold, you can save him.  You need to move a unit next to him.
         Ridley is captured.  Luc appears to tell you about Sasarai of 
    Harmonia.  Luca will attack South Window, but Shu already has a plan.  
    Tsai meets you in your room and asks you to take him home so he can 
    get some tools he left behind.
         If you haven't already been back, Ryube is in the process of 
    being rebuilt.  There's not much of interest, though.  The enemies in 
    the forest are the same too, so you can ignore them or slaughter them.
    Head to Tsai's cabin and meet his daughter, Tomo, who welcomes him home.  
    As you can determine, Tsai and his wife have problems.  Tomo joins your 
         After this little side trip, rest in your room.  Meanwhile, Luca 
    interrogates Ridley.  Back at base, Luc gets you up for the meeting.  
    Shu issues orders (note the name typo for Kasumi - the game says 
    Valeria).  You are to face Luca, while the others make sure you have to
    chance.  As you prepare, Shu will call for Sasuke and Mondo, if you have them.
       Battle #9
         Kiba will pull Luca into your trap.  After a few rounds, Sasarai 
    and Yuber show up to support Luca.  In the following round, Luc appears 
    and uses the True Wind Rune forcing Sasarai to flee and inflicting 
    heavy damage on Sasarai's and Yuber's troops.  Luc then retreats.  Hit 
    Luca with whatever you can once you have the opportunity.  Spells and 
    the Fire Spear are your best choices.  He'll flee once injured.  
    However, as he does so, he says he is not injured, and damages all your 
    units.  You must retreat.
         At base, you lick your wounds.  Nanami joins your party.  In the 
    tablet hall, Ridley returns courtesy of Mondo and Sasuke.  Ridley has 
    a message for Shu.  His message is from Leon Silverburg.  It reveals 
    that Luca will be leading a night raid.  This could be it.  Make three 
    parties.  These will be the one's to kill Luca Blight.
         [If you managed to save Ridley, these scenes unfold differently.  
    After Battle 8, Ridley will report about the enemy.  Also, instead of 
    Ridley returning with Leon's message, Leon will deliver it himself.]
         As Luca rides through the woods, he gets reports that you're 
    attacking his advanced troops.  A hail of arrows kills some troops and 
    Luca's horse.  Flik prepares to attack.
       Boss:  Luca and 5 White Wolves
    White Wolves have less than 300 HP
    Luca - HP: 6500  15000 P
         Luca is easily the most difficult opponent you've faced (or 
    probably will ever face).  He has high defense and takes half damage 
    from all magic attacks.  Furthermore, he has enough attack power to 
    bring your entire army to their knees.  He has three forms of attack.  
    His standard attack is a triple slash that'll hit for 40-60 damage a 
    hit (120-180 damage).  This can be reduced by a Clay Guardian spell.  
    His next attacks involve summoning flames on his blade.  Fortunately, 
    anti magic works on these, so Protect Mist might help keep you alive.  
    The first is a double slash followed by a thrust that deals 60-80 a 
    hit to one member of your front rank (180-240 damage), plus the thrust 
    strikes the person behind the target for 100-120 damage.  The last 
    attack is a fire slash to the front rank for 100-120 damage.  To make 
    matters even worse, he attacks three times in one round.  If you do the 
    math, he can halve your strength in one round.  For this reason, your 
    front line should have optimal defense.  Also, all weapon attackers 
    should have their weapon levels no less than 9 (10 and 11 preferably).  
    The best actions are high damaging spells (Thor Shot, Pale Palace, etc.) 
    and combos (Knight attack works well).  Also, each party should have 
    someone to cast defense magic, and no less than one area healer.  The 
    first two teams need to do 2000 damage to force Luca back.  If they 
    fall, Luca will run into the next team, with the same deal.  Your last 
    party, led by your hero must win (thus it's helpful to have 2/3 of his 
    HP already depleted).  Through strategy, preparation, and maybe a little 
    luck, you will beat him.  Also, to make things much easier, use Fire 
    Sealing Runes and items that defend against fire. You can also try to 
    void magic, provided you can recover with items.  A lucky silence can 
    also make a big difference.
         After beating Luca, he gasps at how he could lose.  Viktor and 
    Flik join you chasing him as he flees.  Shu calls for the archers.  As 
    you pursue, soldiers will attempt to block you.  Dispense with them.  
    Meanwhile, Luca expresses his fear of death.  He grabs a wooden amulet 
    with fireflies inside it from a tree.  Archers start nailing him as he 
    tries to focus himself, and you reach him right after.  His soldiers 
    try to help him, but are cut down by another volley.  He then 
    initiates a duel, and you must win.  He's heavily wounded, so you 
    could take him in a hit.  Luca is too weak to continue.  He makes a 
    speak about being the true face of evil before collapsing again.  Jowy 
    and Leon bear witness to Luca's fall, which is exactly what Jowy 
    Short lived victory
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
      Drakemouth Village
       Items: Calf, Cabbage Seedling
      Mountain Path to Tigermouth Village
       Enemies: Air Lizard, Killer Dog
       Items: Master Robe
       Recruits: Georg (after joining with Tinto)
      Tigermouth Village
       Items: Tomato Seedling, Chick, Old Book Vol. 8
      Tinto Region
       Enemies: Ghost Slug, Skeleton, Zombie
       Items: Unicorn Plans #3, Dragon Plans #3, Power Ring, Mother Earth 
              Crystal (after joining)
       Recruits: Raura, Alberto (need Pico)
      Tinto Mines
       Items: Cape of Darkness
       Items: Sunbeam Crystal (from elder after beating Neclord)
       Recruits: L.C.Chan (need Wakaba in your party), Tenkou
      Crom Cavern
       Enemies: Skeletons, Zombies, Neclordia, Unicombie
       Items: Dancing Flames Scroll, Full Helmet, Stone of Mag-Def, Master 
              Garb, Old Book Vol. 9, Window Set #5, Silver Necklace, Mega 
              Medicine, Double-beat Crystal, Star Earrings, Wind Hat
       Recruits: Mazus (100+), Abizboah (Listening Crystal from Badeaux), 
                 Rulodia (Listening Crystal from Badeaux and Abizboah)
      Your Castle
       Recruits: Chuchara (need Rulodia)
         You return triumphantly home (to your castle).  Suddenly, you 
    faint from exhaustion.  Meanwhile, Jowy marries Jillia.  Later (one 
    week), Nanami greets you at your room.  She wants to take a walk and 
    see South Window and Kuskus.  In Kuskus you'll see two men who greet 
    you, then rush to the docks.  There's a messenger, Culgan, who wishes 
    to see you.  He offers peace between the State and Highland.  He asks 
    to go with you to your castle to make it look honorable.
         Bring Culgan to meet Shu and the others.  He says Jowy wants to 
    end the war, hence he's here to negotiate peace.  He asks for you and 
    Teresa to meet him in Muse to negotiate peace.  He hands you a letter 
    from Jowy.  The opinions are mixed, and it's your decision.  You can 
    think all you like, but you must eventually agree.
         You depart for Coronet to the north with Nanami, Chaco, and 
    Teresa (who's is in you convoy).  Shu has Viktor and Flik prepare for 
    another plan.  The guards in Coronet allow you to pass untroubled.  
    Jowy is at the Hilltop Meeting Hall.  Chaco leaves you to explore 
    Muse.  Head for the meeting place.  Talk with Jowy.  Leon calls for 
    your unconditional surrender.  No surprise really, that Jowy lost the 
    vision of peace.  Jowy has archers back up his words.  Refuse to 
    surrender.  Leon will prepare to order an attack when Viktor comes to 
    the rescue.  Pilika runs up to Jowy as you flee and regains her voice.  
    Despite any protests, Viktor gets you out.  Expect Highland soldiers 
    to attack you.  Before you get out, Chaco arrives, having opened the 
    gate.  Viktor explains that Shu figured on this.  Flik and the troops 
    are at Toto for you to rendezvous with.
         You arrive back at headquarters.  Shu and Apple meet you, and 
    Nanami hates him for using Pilika.  At the entrance of your castle is 
    a boy named Koyu, who is looking for you.  He's a bandit who request 
    your aid.  You take him to the meeting hall.  His brother and sister 
    (Gijimu and Lo Wen) and him run a small scale operation.  Based on his 
    report, Neclord is in the area.  Shu doesn't even try to stop you from 
         With Viktor and Koyu in tow, prepare to leave.  Nanami wants to 
    go too.  Take her, as she's useful.  Koyu get you pass the guard.  Now 
    enter a path and keep going to get to Tinto.  At a break point, Koyu 
    tells you the right path leads to his siblings and the left to Tinto.  
    Best go to his siblings first.  You can find a Master Robe in the 
    right path after ascending a level up.  Up the next level, you'll find 
    Gijimu.  He says the zombies are moving towards Tinto.
         Now head to Tinto.  You'll arrive in Tigermouth Village.  A kid 
    will give you a Tomato Seedling.  You can also pick up a chick.  Old 
    Book Vol. 8 is in a bookshelf.  Later, you may also find an ally here, 
    nut for now move on.
         Head to Tinto.  A search of the town reveals Unicorn Plans #3 
    from an old man, Dragon Plans #3 from his neighbor, a Power Ring in a 
    mine cart (near Blacksmith).  There's also an elevator and a church.  
    Exploring done, go to the guild to see Gustav.  He agrees to join 
    forces to beat the zombies.  Gustav makes a room for you.  Rest for 
    the night.
         This time, Viktor gets you up.  Ridley and Klaus have arrived in 
    the meantime.  Gijimu is also here to lend you his strength.  Lilly 
    (Gustav's daughter) tells him that goblins have come.  he goes to deal 
    with it.  Neclord and his zombies are at the entrance.  He declares he 
    wants the area for his kingdom, issues a challenge, and leaves.
         Report back to Gustav.  Jess enters (he's alive) with Hauser.  
    They gathered some troops.  Jess accuses you of being a spy and blames 
    you for killing Anabelle.  Jess leaves in anger.  Talk to Gustav and 
    prepare your strategy against the undead.
         Talk to Lilly that night.  She's looking for her father.  Head to 
    your room.  Jess is waiting outside your door.  He states his hatred 
    of you, then goes.  Talk to Nanami in her room.  She expresses her 
    will to stop fighting.  Meet everyone in the morning.  Jess and Hauser 
    have already left.  Jess has already deployed his troops.
    * Note: If you run away, see the Side Quest section.
         Hauser ignores Ridley's reasoning.  Jess thinks the battle is a 
    simple matter of killing Neclord.  Klaus tells you to aid Jess, and 
    his reasoning is sound.  You, Nanami, and Viktor are left behind.  
    Only Nanami is with you.  Head to the mine.  There was a collapse, and 
    no one has returned.
         Head down the elevator.  When you come to a direction choice, go 
    right and find a Cape of Darkness.  Further ahead (the strait path) is 
    Neclord.  He placed spies in Jess's troops.  He fights you.  Little 
    surprise, you can't hurt him.  He should drop you in 3 rounds.  He 
    activates his Blue Moon Rune to make you an undead, but Bright Shield 
    repels the power.  He calls his zombies, so run away.  Zombies overrun 
    Tinto now.  At this point, you collapse.
         Nanami carries you off.  Meanwhile, Jowy experiences pain that is 
    part of the connection between your runes.  You awaken in Crom with 
    Nanami, Viktor, and Gustav.  Your troops were badly damaged, but Klaus 
    and Ridley are okay.  Jess and Hauser are missing.  Also, Lilly is 
    missing.  Klaus and Ridley await you downstairs with Leona.  You'll 
    meet Kahn on the south exit.
    * Kahn joins
         Kahn talks about a plan to seal Neclord's soul so he can never 
    revive.  There is a guy in Tigermouth Village that has the power.  
    Head to Tigermouth Village.  Sierra is in the middle of town 
    surrounded by the townspeople.  They accuse her of being one of 
    Neclord's minions.  As she feels insulted, she musters up a lightning 
    flash to scare the townspeople away.  Kahn approaches her.  She 
    reveals that Neclord stole her Moon Rune.  The Star Dragon Sword sees 
    her as a vampire.  She joins you under threat of taking you down if 
    you slow her down.  You must beat her in battle first.
       Boss: Sierra
    HP: 2500+
        She has two attacks a round.  She uses three different attacks.  A 
    double strike, a bat attack, and an illusion (splits it two) attack 
    that hits a row.  All but her physical slashes are painful and should 
    be healed promptly.  After doing 2000-2500, she'll turn into a bat and 
    end the fight.
    * Sierra joins
         Sierra now joins you and agrees to take you to Neclord.  Take her 
    back to Klaus and Ridley.  Sierra takes an interest in Klaus, which 
    sends him running to do military matters.  You rest that night.  you 
    can talk to Sierra that night.  She tells you about her people, the 
    vampires, and how the Moon rune is what cursed them.  She seems quite 
    sincere.  You can find out Kahn's reasons too.  Neclord's death has 
    become the driving cause of his being.  Turn in for the night after 
         Nanami resumes her role of getting you up.  Downstairs, Gustav 
    has bad news.  Lo Wen has also been taken by Neclord.  The plan is to 
    get into Tinto.  The best way is through the cave to the east.
         Take the first right (up is blocked off).  Then stick with the 
    uppermost path of the two and head up.  Go right at the 'T' and get a 
    Dancing Flames scroll.  Go take the left now.  Your path will be 
    linear for a ways.  When you reach water, take the right to find two 
    boxes (a Full Helmet and a Stone of Mag-Def).  Now take the path to 
    the upper left (upper of the two presented as well).  You'll arrive 
    near the entrance.  Head up.  There's a chest (Master Garb) on the 
    upper level, and an ice slide back down.  Exit to the right.  At the 
    next intersection go left.  Pass under a second and third land bridge 
    to find Old Book Vol. 9 and Window Set #5.  Go up the ramp, then, and 
    cross over the bridge.  Head right (left is a dead-end).  Keep heading 
    right.  Head down to collect a Silver Necklace and a Mega Medicine.  
    Go back up and go right.  Fall down the right most ice slide.  Do this 
    for the second set too.  Head down another slide to get a Double-
    beat Crystal.  Swing up and around to meet Mazus.  Head upward to 
    find a Save Point.  Go up and fall down the slide to find Star 
    Earrings.  Take the last far right slide to a treasure box containing 
    a Wind Hat.  Now take the other ice path and find an entrance (there 
    is no turning back).  You'll find yourself in a room with water and a 
    crate.  Push the crate into the opening between ledges.  Now exit left 
    and swing around.  You'll get to an incline, where Sierra tells Viktor 
    to go first.  A golem burst through the floor.
       Boss: Stone Golem
    HP: 7000;  50000 P
          This creature uses magical attacks that hit everyone for high 
    damage.  It starts with an earth spell, but later switches to a laser 
    attack that deals more damage.  Expect 150 from the earth attack, and 
    over 200 from the laser.  Viktor does immense damage on a critical (I 
    saw over 3000 on the final blow).
         With Neclord's pet golem destroyed, advance forward.  After 
    crossing a bridge, you are in the mines.  Find the elevator and take 
    it down.  Once across the next bridge, head up.  then back down along 
    the tracks.  Trace your steps back to the mine entrance (up the other 
    elevator).  Now you need to find Neclord.
         There are zombies scattered throughout town.  Feel free to fight 
    them, and you will have to fight at least one group.  Also, an 
    infinite hoard of zombies blocks the exit to town, so you can't leave.  
    Neclord is in the church.  Tell Viktor you're ready, and you'll enter 
    the room.
         Neclord is there with his two captives.  You bust up his little 
    argument with Lo Wen.  While Viktor, you, and the Star Dragon Sword 
    distract him, Kahn seals Neclord's power.  Sierra prevents him from 
    using the Moon Rune.  This, further aided by Viktor's enthusiasm to 
    slay him make Neclord truly afraid.
         Boss: Neclord
    HP: 4500;  70000 P;  The Shredding scroll
         He has powerful magic attacks, but if you managed to reserve your 
    best spells for him (i.e. not using them on the golem, he can go down 
    in round two.  Be sure you can heal to max after each round, or you'll 
    not make it as his magic is phenomenally strong.  Charm Arrow and 
    Sierra's magic work great.  Also, count on the Star Dragon Sword to do 
    massive damage.  You and Nanami should use Family ATK when not 
         Neclord returns Sierra's rune.  Viktor and the Star Dragon Sword 
    get the satisfaction of slaying the fiend and sending him back to the 
    abyss of oblivion.  With Neclord dead, the people return.  Time to go 
    report in.
          Everyone (Gustav, Lilly, Lo Wen, Koyu, Gijimu, Klaus, Marlowe, 
    Hauser, and Jess) is at the entrance of Tinto.  Jess passes mayoral 
    duties to Fitcher.  Hauser convinces him to help your cause as you 
    goals are the same.  Gustav will give you a Mother Earth Crystal at 
    his home, and Tinto is now a part of your forces.
    * Gijimu, Lo Wen, Marlowe, Hauser, and Jess join
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
      Greenhill Path
       Enemies: Doremi Elf (2), Grand Holly, Holly Boy (3), Holly Fairy, 
               Target Girl
       Items: Winged Boots, Dream Robe, Stone of Skill
         Sheena meets you in the Tablet room to tell you Shu's having a 
    meeting and a strategy.  With the support of Tinto, and Highlands 
    concentration of men in Muse, it's now time to take back Greenhill.  
    Greenhill is under the command of Yuber.  Shu tells you to rest before 
    the battle.  Sheena leaves you at your room.  You can see another Nina 
    & Flik scene on the ramparts again.  Also, on the second floor you may 
    speak with Chaco.  Downstairs, Eilie, Rina, and Bolgan discussing 
    returning to their gypsy lifestyle after the war.  Gengen and Gabocha 
    bolster some kobolds for tomorrow.  Further down are Tsai and Tomo.  
    Tomo wants him to patch things up with his wife/her mother.  Leona 
    will make you some hot lemon tea if you talk to her.  At the inn, 
    Freed and Yoshino talk about the oncoming battle.  Back at your room, 
    a woman named Lucia waits for you.  She's an assassin sent to kill 
       Boss: Lucia
    HP ????
         She has a Rage Rune, is very fast, and can hit a bit hard.  This 
    isn't a hard as it seems though.  You have to last 5 rounds.  Her 
    attacks tend to do about 70-100 damage each, thus enabling you to 
    recover every three rounds.
         After the fight, Flik, Viktor, and Tsai enter the room and 
    capture her.  You get the option of letting her go or sending her to 
         Head back to Shu in the meeting hall.  Shu tells you his plans.  
    Once you're ready, give the word, and head out.  You get to pick which 
    army you want to be part of (Viktor's or Kiba's).
       Battle #10a
         You must face Jowy in this fight.  He has 3 other Cavalry units 
    with him (melee, archer, and magic).  After a few turns, Seed arrives 
    as reinforcements (more of the same).  After another 2 turns, Jowy 
    retreats, and Culgan takes over.  Seed flees next.  Then Culgan will 
    flee.  Fleeing is most likely a response to losing half their unit.
       Battle #10b
         Here you face Yuber and Lucia.  The enemy has archers and 
    infantry, and you're fairly balanced.  Since they're defending, you 
    must advance.  Most the enemies can be subdued by missile troops.  
    Yuber, however, requires luck to beat (he's 16/12).  Eventually, 
    you'll see it through as long as you keep your units refreshed.
         After winning a battle, you arrive at the gate of Greenhill.  
    However, your army cannot attack yet.  Instead, Teresa will lead a 
    group of people in through a secret passage to open the gate from the 
    inside.  Shin offers to go.  Choose your party and go.
         Head down the path fighting random monsters and the occasional 
    group of Highlands.  Head up to a clearing and find some Winged Boots 
    and a Dream Robe (further up).  Over the other way is a Stone of 
    Skill.  Head up to go forward.  The next are should be familiar.  
    You're back in the old escape path.  If you missed achest, be sure to 
    get them thins time.  Part way through, Lucia and some Karaya tribe 
    warriors.  She decides to fight and kill you.
       Boss: Lucia
    HP: 4600;  30000 P;  Blue Gate Rune
         This time, she's fighting with deadly intent.  She'll use Explode 
    and other big fire spells casually.  Also, her escort of tribal 
    warriors have similar speed and can poison you.  Use area hitting 
    spells first to kill her support.  Then use big attacks and heal when 
    needed.  Hold nothing back, and she'll go down.
         Lucia says her people have been in countless wars with Greenhill.  
    She says that Alec and Gordeau poisoned her father at a peace council.  
    Teresa promises to investigate her claims.  She lets you pass.
         Head left and down.  You'll face more Highlands.  You'll find the 
    cabin.  After exiting, more Highlands attack.  Keep heading down and 
    you'll wind back up in the academy.  Outside are a soldier that will 
    save your game and a girl that refreshes your strength.  You can find 
    a piglet to the left of the academy.
         Highlands attack you in the town.  As you near the gate, Yuber  
    sends a Bone Dragon to attack you.
       Boss: Bone Dragon
    HP: 9200; 100000 P
         This guy is a serious threat.  It has two massive attacks and a 
    devastational bite.  First, and much preferable, is its breath that 
    hits the whole party for 150-250 damage.  This attack might be 
    lightning in nature.  Worse than its breath is its meteor swarm 
    attack.  This also hits everyone for 300-550 damage!  It's bite is 
    also mighty, inflicting 300 damage give or take 150.  As an undead 
    creature, the Resurrection Rune works well, as does Bright Shield.  
    Otherwise, throw out any attack spell and attacks you can. This 
    monster is also immune to Lightning attacks, so don't waste time with 
    those.  However, Wind magic will work effectively as it is weak to wind 
         Yuber retreats, Highland flees, and Greenhill is yours.  Fitcher 
    says that Shu wants you back at your castle as soon as possible.  Back 
    there, you hear that Matilda has surrendered to Highland.  Plans to 
    take Muse are made immediately.  You head back to Greenhill.
    The shadow of war
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
      Greenhill Region
       Enemies: Eye Flower, Kookaburra
       Find: Rage Crystal, Old Book Vol. 10, Piglet, Silver Hammer
         In the academy grounds, you see Lucia dart into the academy.  
    Chase after her.  She runs into the back woods.  There you meet Jowy 
    who is with Lucia.  Again he asks you to quit as leader of the army.  
    Jowy says he cannot stop the war, and you and he hold up your runes.
         Search around the academy.  The Runemaster instructor gives you a 
    Rage Crystal.  Old Book Vol. 10 is given to you by a man in the 
    basement of the dorms.  Head back to Apple.  You'll be sent into 
       Battle #11
         You're against Lucia, Jowy, Seed, and Culgan.  You hold the 
    advantage.  On the fourth turn, your enemies mention finishing some 
    preparations and choose to withdrawal.  At first Jowy is against 
    leaving Lucia behind, but decides to heed him men's advice.  Archers 
    can smash Lucia's men in no time.  Lucia retreats after losing.
         As many of your followers feel, there must be some reason for 
    your easy victory.  At the entrance, Viktor joins you to explore the 
    city.  Choose the rest of your party.  Muse is too quiet.  A soldier 
    at the entrance to the manor, says he saw a shadow moving in there.  
    Follow Viktor in.
         Soldiers shout about a monster.  Could this be the preparations 
    made by the Highland army?  A large golden wolf attacks as your 
    soldiers retreat.
       Boss: Golden Wolf
    HP: 3500;  10000 P
         This beast attacks twice per round.  It has a bite that hits one 
    person.  It can also send a thunderbolt against someone (usually 
    back line).  Lastly, it has a multi-missile attack that hits everyone 
    for about 150 damage.  It resists magic fairly well, so weapons are 
    your best bet.
         More cries come from outside.  Go back out.  There are three more 
    Golden Wolves.  You can fight them if you'd like, or just run away and 
    out of Muse.  If you kill one, it just reappears.  You really have no 
    other choice but to flee.
         Luc identifies them as servants of the Beast Rune.  It was a gift 
    from Harmonia.  Luca sacrificed the people of Muse to power the rune.  
    The rune, once awakened, would assume the form of a monster.  
    Fortunately, Luc doesn't sense it nearby.
         Fitcher rushes in reporting Highland attack.  You need to flee to 
    the west.  Apple says it a trick and that soldiers lie in ambush to 
    the south and west. She orders Hauser to strike north.
    Fall of Knightdom
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
      Rockaxe Castle
       Enemies: Cockatrice, Commander ,Highlands, Hippogriff, M-Knight
       Items: Stone of Speed, Escape Talisman, Crimson Cape, Stone of 
             Defense, Earth Shield, Power Gloves, Mega Medicine, Gold 
             Necklace, Flame Helmet, Dragon Plans #4, Unicorn Plans #4
         After escaping, you arrive back at headquarters.  Viktor tells 
    you to rest and restrategize tomorrow.  Kiba goes to see Shu.  He asks 
    Kiba to attack Viktor's old fort as a diversion in the battle with 
    Highland.  That way they'll have to split their forces.  Kiba agrees 
    to do it.  Tell him you're ready to fight, and he'll call the meeting.
         Shu informs you of the numerics.  Thus, Kiba will draw off half 
    their army east of Muse.  Then, the rest of the army shall strike 
    Matilda.  There's a clamor when Shu explains that death is possible, 
    but every stays.  You ask everyone to lend you their strength, and are 
        *** If you have all 108 Stars by this point, Leknaat will appear.  
    Since you have the 108 Stars, the seal on Bright Shield is broken, 
    giving you its full power.  She wishes you well and leaves. ***
         Nanami wakes you up to see Kiba off.  He says farewell to his 
    son.  Klaus tells you to head to the meeting room.  Shu tells you all 
    preparations are complete.  Give the command to move out.
       Battle #12
         You're against Jowy.  Leon is not present.  Yuber and Gorudo, 
    however, are.  The odds are stacked against you, so fight defensively.  
    After a bit of fighting (2-3 turns) Culgan attacks your rear.  A bit 
    after, Shu calls a few reinforcements of your own.  The enemy 
         Afterwards, you find out that Barbara and Leona led the 
    reinforcements.  Alex and Hilda helped them out too.  You rendezvous 
    back at Greenhill.
         Shu lays out the strategy to take Rockaxe.  Teresa, Ridley, and 
    Hauser are to deploy immediately.  Then they are to lure the enemy 
    from the castle.  You will then lead a small force into the castle.  
    You will switch flags, causing confusion and crushing morale.  Choose 
    your party and head out.
         The enemy makes this look too easy.  As you enter, a messenger 
    reports that Kiba engaged Leon Silverburg.  Both warriors mortally 
    wounded each other.
         You'll be entering the castle by way of the secret passage.  
    Shortly after entering, you'll find a Stone of Speed.  Climb the 
    ladder.  To the right is Escape Talisman.  Head left, and go up the 
    ladder.  Go left again.  Go through the door in the room at the end of 
    the hall and find a Crimson Cape and a Stone of Defense.  Now go 
    downstairs.  Go through a couple doors and head up another ladder.  Go 
    right and across the rampart.  Go through the door (the door 
    downstairs does not open).  Go right and find an Earth Shield.  Head 
    back and go down the ladder.  South is a treasure chest containing 
    Power Gloves.  Go back and take the right passage.  Follow it to the 
    side of the castle.
         Go inside the castle.  It looks different than when you last 
    visited.  Enter the first room on the left.  Five Matilda Knights 
    attack.  Beat them, then get a Mega Medicine.  Take the next room to 
    the left and get the Gold Necklace.  Head up from there and find a 
    Flame Helmet.  Now take the left passageway (bottom of the rooms).  
    Five more Matilda Knights attack you.  Head upstairs.  To the right 
    and down, five more knights jump you.  There is a room with Dragon 
    Plans #4 and Unicorn Plans #4.  Go upstairs after getting those.  
    There you'll find a save point.  Go out and face another five Matilda 
    Knights.  Go into the room.  At the stairs, you're almost there.  You 
    and Nanami go after the flag while your other members hold off the 
    knights.  Go through the door.  You'll find Jowy.  He prepares to 
    attack you.  However, you are interrupted by Gorudo.  His archers fire 
    and take Nanami down.  Jowy joins you against Gorudo.
       Boss: Gorudo and 5 Matilda Knights
    HP: 5000;  125,000 potch;  Knight Armor
         Just use Jowy's rune's spells to mop up.  Gorudo has the Mother 
    Earth Rune, but it doesn't aid him much.  This could be the easiest 
    boss in the game.
         After beating Gorudo, Jowy leaves.  Shu arrives and sends 
    soldiers to burn the flag and to fetch a doctor.  Jowy pulls Seed and 
    Culgan out of battle, and Matilda is yours.
         You return to the castle awaiting Huan's report on Nanami.  She's 
    dead, unless you've managed to gather all 108 Stars of Destiny before 
    this point (Kiba's death from Leon doesn't count as a missing star).  
    From this point on, it's your turn to take the war to Highland.
    Striking it home
    Notes for this section (arranged by location):
      Matilda Region
       Enemies: Black Tiger, Fei Yu, Li Lan, Shiu Lin
      Mount Rakutei
       Enemies: Iron Claw, Leather Cut, Pixie (2), Sky Knight
      Highway Village
       Items: Calf
      Rockaxe Castle
       Items: Thunder Crystal, Earth Armor, Recipe #37 (all past the hallway 
             where you fought Gorudo), Old Book Vol. 11
      Muse Region
       Enemies: Copper Sun, Fish Eye, Iron Moon
       Items: Flowing Crystal, Silver Armor, Old Book Vol. 12
      L'Renouille Region
       Enemies: Colossus, Minotaurus
      Tenzen Pass
       Enemies: ¿ñ '0,  ß :
       Enemies: Bronzem, Chimera, Commander (2), Highlands (2), Magus
       Items: Fury Crystal, Robe of Mist, Bolt of Wrath Scroll, Wind Amulet,
             Champion's Crystal, Stone of Power, Stone of Defense, Escape
             Talisman, Goldlet, Window Set #7
       Items: Hunter Crystal, Trio Painting (only after the final boss)
         Shu suggests attacking Highland.  He says that it is imperative 
    to bringing peace to the land.  Proceed with his plans and prepare to 
    launch an attack to the heart of your enemy.  As you leave, you 
    collapse.  Freed finds you.  Meanwhile, Culgan, Seed, and Jowy feed 
    lies to their troops.  In an offering to the beast rune, Jowy 
    sacrifices Jillia, or rather a doll made to look like Jillia.  Also, 
    somehow Leon managed to survive.  Jowy collapses like you.
         You awaken to your companions who are worried about you.  They 
    leave you to rest.  That night, you observe Apple going to see Shu.  
    She asks why Shu let her attack Muse if he knew she'd lose.  Seems 
    that Shu had another plan that the attack helped conceal.  Apple gets 
    set to go, when Shu asks her to pick a card from the table.  She gets 
    the fire card.  Shu lets her go then.  You should go back to your 
         At the meeting hall, your leaders are assembled and you can give 
    the order to advance.  Your troops give some encouraging words, and 
    you mobilize.
         A sentry reports that Flik has found Leon Silverburg with Seed 
    and Culgan.  Shu has you and Hauser move to finish this.  Shu has 
    another plan with Viktor as you, Hauser, and Apple leave for battle.  
    Shu has a mission of his own too.
       Battle #13
         Shu and Viktor are currently in position on the field against the 
    Highland army.  As they approach, Shu sets the forest on fire.  He 
    then signals you and Hauser to attack.
         Afterwards, Shu finds Leon in the burning woods.  Shu pretty much 
    mocks Leon as Leon tries to assert dominance.  Leon makes some speech 
    about having to push history.  Shu asks if that was Leon's motivation 
    in going against the Scarlet Moon Empire and supporting Highland.  Shu 
    proves he's better by not being like Leon and treating people like 
         Apple believes Shu is dead in the remnants of the forest.  She 
    blames herself for drawing the fire card.  Of course, a little fire 
    could never do in Shu, who arrives in a little bit.  Viktor apparently 
    saved him from finding his peace.  Shu says to move on to the capital.
         You take a break on the border before striking out for 
    L'Renouille.  You can rest and/or save with Hilda.  Talk to Apple to 
    launch your attack.
       Battle #14
         Your enemies are Seed, Culgan, Lucia, Han, and Yuber.  You need 
    to get into the city.  Your enemy takes the defensive, so you'll need 
    to take the fight to them.  I advise leading with Mazus for his Fire 
    Rune if you have him.  Before you reach the enemy, Yuber will flee.  
    Use your archers on the Karaya Tribe.  Tsai's Fire Spear also 
    simplifies things.  Use this and spells to weaken leaders.  When they 
    take enough damage, they go down this time.  Try to avoid unnecessary 
    melees.  Only Lucia and Culgan have ranged attacks, so it's fairly 
    easy pickings.  Seed is vulnerable to ranged attack, but Culgan proves 
    resistant (14 defense).  Once you get a unit anywhere in the city, you 
         After routing your foes on the battlefield, you need to capture 
    L'Renouille.  Note, that you can return to you castle and fully 
    upgrade and rest too.  Choose you party and move out.  Lucia meets you 
    inside.  She attacks you.
       Boss: Lucia
    HP: 6000;  50000 P
         She uses the Rage Rune with high magic strength.  She also acts 
    three times a round and can strike for high damage.  Just use combos 
    and strong attacks.  Heal as needed with your hero.
         Lucia says that there is no justice.  Shin and Teresa enter, and 
    Teresa again states her promise to investigate what happened to 
    Lucia's father.  Lucia prepares to slay Teresa, but Teresa does bot 
    even attempt to flee.  Lucia asks if Teresa really trusts people so 
    much, to which she replies, "I trust you."  Lucia drops her knife.  
    Continue on, as Lucia tells you she will no longer intervene.
         The main doors are locked, so try a side passage.  Both the left 
    and right paths lead to Highland Soldiers and deeper into the castle.  
    In the central area are more set encounters with Highlands lead by a 
    commander.  In one of those rooms is a Fury Crystal (left side).  A 
    Robe of Mist and a scroll of Bolt of Wrath can be found on the right 
    side's inner chamber.  If you head up from the right side, you'll find 
    more Highlands.  You'll end up in the a central room.  The left way 
    also leads here.  Head through the doors to the north.  Han waits for 
    you there.  He expresses regret that he and Genkaku were unable to 
    prevent the Black Sword and Bright Shield runes from fighting.  He 
    duels you.
       Duel vs. Han
         He has about 500 HP.  Try to read his intention, and counter it.  
    He shouldn't be too hard.  After you win, he apologizes to you.  He 
    tells you that he and Genkaku sealed their runes.  He also says that 
    the runes were once one in their true form as the Rune of Beginning.  
    He falls, and you enter the next room.  Han dies and finds his peace.
         Run up the stairs and out one of the doors to the south.  You'll 
    reach a central chamber.  If you go south, some soldiers will ambush 
    you.  If you go right, you'll reach a room with a door to the rampart 
    (the other is locked).  This area is where the sacrifice was made.  As 
    you can probably guess by now, this castle mirrors itself.  You can 
    swing around left to return to that lower room and go back up to the 
    central chamber.  Also you can go up as this half's door is not 
    locked.  This way, you'll find a chamber, and if you head up by the 
    left door, you'll meet more soldiers.  You'll then find a T-
    intersection.  Up is a stairway, and right leads into another chamber 
    with a locked door.  To the right of the central chamber is a room 
    with highlands.  There are two more doors here.  The south is a dead-
    end.  To the north are a series of doors, followed by a T-
    intersection.  To the left are Highlands and a door further in.  Here 
    you'll find a Wind Amulet and a Champion's Crystal.  Further up is a 
    double door.  Leave the doors as they lead to an empty room, and 
    return the in intersection.  Up is a stairway leading up.
          Use it and go through the north door.  In the armory are a Stone 
    of Power and a Stone of Defense.  South is locked.  Head up the other 
    stairs.  North (south is a dead-end) from that stairway leads to more 
    Highlands and an intersection. Go up and find a room with a large map, 
    but nothing else, so head the other way.  Left leads to a series of 
    empty rooms and a door to the outside where there are (surprise) more 
    Highlands.  Run right, and re-enter the castle.  You'll fight more 
    Highlands and find more direction choices.  South is locked, as is the 
    door further up.  To the right are more soldiers.  Past them is a 
    hallway, and a save point in a room.  Another room has an Escape 
    Talisman.  To the right are stairs leading up and a passage down.  
    Down leads outside to a Goldlet and a locked door.  Upstairs you'll 
    find Window Set #7 and a passageway down.  If you take the next up, 
    you'll find another stairway up, while down takes you to the altar.
         Up those stairs is another save point that also heals you.  Seed 
    and Culgan wait for you just ahead.  They fight you.
       Boss: Culgan and Seed
    Culgan: 3800 HP, Seed: 4000 HP;  130,000 P
         Culgan has defensive strength and gets two actions.  He has the 
    Flow Rune and the Thunder Rune.  Seed has a Flow Rune too, and his 
    hard.  Don't be surprised to them heal each other or halt all magic 
    for a few turns.  Thus have a couple people with Mega Medicine 
    equipped.  I advise taking Seed out first as he hits harder.  Use Clay 
    Guardian to minimize him.  Heal as needed, and favor combos over 
    spells.  As long as you focus on one, the fight should be short.
         After beating them, you push forward.  Jowy says good-bye to 
    Pilika, as he's prepared to die.  He holds Pilika as her father did, 
    by her request.  Jillia arrives, and Jowy tells her to flee with 
    Pilika to Harmonia.  Jowy apologizes to her, but she says it isn't 
    needed, as she knew his plot from the beginning, and that she loves 
    him.  They say good-bye.
         Leon is waiting for you over the Beast Rune.  He uses his blood 
    to awaken the rune to summon a beast as your final test.  This is your 
    last battle.
       Final Boss: Beast Rune Monster - 5 areas
    HP: Rune: 3600, Left Head: 4000, Right Head: 4400, Left Leg: 4000, 
    Right Leg: 5500;  200,000 P
         This is a difficult battle.  The fiend can attack multiple times, 
    with each part possessing a different type of attack.  The rune can 
    cast a ghost wolf attack that hits everyone for fairly high damage.  
    The left head can cast a multiple shard spell for similar damage to 
    everyone.  The right head casts a fire sword spell that does physical 
    damage to all (Clay Guardian reduces this).  The left leg can cause 
    multiple status ailments to everyone.  For defenses, the heads are 
    immune to combos.  Also, the Rune can grant an area immunity to attack 
    for 2 or 3 rounds.  The right leg can also resurrect fallen parts.  
    It also has a super attack that uses both heads and the rune that 
    summons a moon and makes an attack like Shining Light for heavy damage 
    to everyone.  Your best bet is to kill the left leg first, then the 
    rune.  From here, target the left head, then the right leg.  Lastly 
    kill the right head (since its attack is the weakest).
         After slaying this beast, you walk to the throne room.  No one is 
    around.  However, the castle is starting to collapse.  You are forced 
    to flee.
         Everyone is waiting for you.  When you come running out, they are 
    ecstatic.  Eilie gets you up and says that Makai and Gustav are 
    waiting for you in the great hall.  At the hall, the lords ask you to 
    lead the land as a unified land.  You have the choice of taking the 
    leadership of not.
    VI)   Weapons
     1-2      300
     2-3      600
     3-4     1500
     4-5     2700
     5-6     3500
     6-7     4500
     7-8     7000
     8-9    11000
     9-10   18000
    10-11   27000
    11-12   35000
    12-13   43000
    13-14   52000
    14-15   60000
    15-16   70000
    Hero (2-weapon)
     1   Twin Fang             5 M
     2                         6
     3                         8
     4                        11
     5                        14
     6   Twin Heaven Fang     18
     7                        35
     8                        42
     9                        49
    10                        58
    11                        68
    12                        79
    13   Twin Destiny Fang    92
    14                       127
    15                       148
    16                       170
    Amada (club)
     8   Oak Oar              48 M
     9   Teak Oar             53
    10                        80
    11                        88
    12                        98
    13                       110
    14                       120
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Anita (1-handed sword)
     4   Star Sword           12 S
     5   Seven Star Sword     15
     6                        27
     7                        35
     8                        42
     9                        50
    10                        59
    11   Rival Star Sword     67
    12                        90
    13                       102
    14                       120
    15                       138
    16                       150
    Ayda (bow)
     7   Forest Bow           33 L
     8                        40
     9                        48
    10                        57
    11                        65
    12   Earth Bow            73
    13                        98
    14                       116
    15                       135
    16                       147
    Badeaux (whip)
     7   Whip of Fury         33 S
     8                        40
     9                        47
    10                        56
    11                        66
    12                        76
    13   Whip of Love         89
    14                       124
    15                       145
    16                       165
    Bob (club)
     7   Beast Rod            33 M
     8                        40
     9                        47
    10                        56
    11                        66
    12                        76
    13   Beast Lord Rod       89
    14                       124
    15                       145
    16                       165
    Bolgan (fist/claw)
     2   gluv                  8 S
     3                         9
     4   Gluv                 10
     5                        39
     6                        42
     7                        45
     8                        48
     9                        51
    10   Glove                53
    11                       110
    12                       114
    13                       118
    14                       124
    15                       130
    16                       135
    Camus (1-handed sword)
     8   Uriah/2              42 S
     9                        50
    10                        59
    11   Uriah/3              67
    12                        90
    13                       110
    14                       120
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Chaco (spear)
     8   Air Spear            48 M
     9   Sky Spear            53
    10                        80
    11                        88
    12                        98
    13                       110
    14                       120
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Clive (gun/shuriken)
     8   Storm                43 L
     9   Tornado              48
    10                        70
    11                        83
    12                        95
    13                       108
    14                       119
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Eilie (knife/shuriken)
     3   Slash Knife          12 L
     4                        20
     5                        25
     6                        31
     7                        37
     8                        43
     9   Razor Knife          48
    10                        70
    11                        83
    12                        95
    13                       108
    14                       119
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Feather (monster)         ** M
    Flik (1-handed sword)
    10   Odessa+              59 S
    11   Odessa++             67
    12                        90
    13                       102
    14                       120
    15                       138
    16                       150
    Freed (1-handed sword)
     5   Raikomaru            15 S
     6                        27
     7                        35
     8                        42
     9                        50
    10                        59
    11   Shinraikomaru        67
    12                        90
    13                       102
    14                       120
    15                       138
    16                       150
    Futch (spear)
     7   Sigmund              42 M
     8                        48
     9   Sigurd               53
    10                        80
    11                        88
    12                        98
    13                       110
    14                       120
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Gabocha (sling/shuriken)
     6   Sling Shot!          31 L
     7                        37
     8                        43
     9   Sling Shot!!!        48
    10                        70
    11                        83
    12                        95
    13                       108
    14                       119
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Gantetsu (staff)
     7   Iron Staff           26 S
     8                        33
     9                        42
    10                        50
    11                        58
    12   Iron Rock Staff      64
    13                        80
    14                        87
    15                        94
    16                       100
    Gengen (1-handed sword)
     3   Sword                 9 S
     4                        12
     5   Good Sword           15
     6                        27
     7                        35
     8                        42
     9                        50
    10                        59
    11   Great Sword          67
    12                        90
    13                       102
    14                       120
    15                       138
    16                       150
    Genshu (2-handed sword)
    11   Kamui                73 S
    12                        97
    13                       111
    14                       129
    15                       147
    16                       160
    Georg (2-handed sword)
    12   Kumo                 97 S
    13                       111
    14                       129
    15                       147
    16                       160
    Gijimu (axe)
     7   Double Battleaxe     23 M
     8                        35
     9                        43
    10                        52
    11                        60
    12                        72
    13   Double Greataxe      85
    14                       135
    15                       155
    16                       175
    Hai Yo (club)
     4   Wok                  11 S
     5                        14
     6   Dragon Wok           17
     7                        33
     8                        40
     9                        47
    10                        56
    11                        66
    12                        76
    13   Blue Dragon Wok      89
    14                       124
    15                       145
    16                       165
    Hanna (1-handed sword)
     3   Blade                 9 S
     4                        12
     5   High Blade           15
     6                        27
     7                        35
     8                        42
     9                        50
    10                        59
    11   Steel Blade          67
    12                        90
    13                       102
    14                       120
    15                       138
    16                       150
    Hauser (2-handed sword)
    11   Steel Sword          73 S
    12                        97
    13                       111
    14                       129
    15                       147
    16                       160
    Hix (1-handed sword)
     6   Tengaar+             27 S
     7                        35
     8                        42
     9                        50
    10                        59
    11   Tengaar++            67
    12                        90
    13                       102
    14                       120
    15                       138
    16                       150
    Hoi (2 weapon)
     6   Faux Twin Fang       17 M
     7                        33
     8                        40
     9                        47
    10                        56
    11                        66
    12                        76
    13   Twin Fang Nouveau    89
    14                       124
    15                       145
    16                       165
    Humphrey (2-handed sword)
    10   Murasame             64 S
    11   Muramasa             73
    12                        97
    13                       111
    14                       129
    15                       147
    16                       160
    Jowy (staff)
     1   Star Staff            5 M
     2                         6
     3                         8
     4                        11
     5                        14
     6   Heaven Staff         18
     7                        35
     8                        42
     9                        49
    10                        58
    11                        68
    12                        79
    13   Heavenly Star Staff  92
    14                       127
    15                       148
    16                       170
    Kahn (sword/club)
     6   Shadowbane           17 M
     7                        33
     8                        40
     9                        46
    10                        56
    11                        66
    12                        76
    13   Shadow Slayer        89
    14                       124
    15                       145
    16                       165
    Karen (club)
     6   Red Nails            17 M
     7                        33
     8                        40
     9                        46
    10                        56
    11                        66
    12                        76
    13   Black Nails          89
    14                       124
    15                       145
    16                       165
    Kasumi (claw)
     7   Big Sakura           45 S
     8                        48
     9                        51
    10   Max Sakura           53
    11                       110
    12                       114
    13                       118
    14                       124
    15                       130
    16                       135
    Killey (club)
     9   Shade                47 M
    10                        56
    11                        66
    12                        76
    13   Night                89
    14                       124
    15                       145
    16                       165
    Kinnison (bow)
     2   Light Bow             6 L
     3                         7
     4                        10
     5   Ranger Bow           13
     6                        25
     7                        33
     8                        40
     9                        48
    10                        57
    11                        65
    12   Hunter Bow           73
    13                        98
    14                       116
    15                       135
    16                       147
    Koyu (axe)
     5   One-handed Axe       13 M
     6                        17
     7   One-handed Battleaxe 23
     8                        35
     9                        43
    10                        52
    11                        60
    12                        72
    13   One-handed Greataxe  85
    14                       135
    15                       155
    16                       175
    L.C.Chan (fist/claw)
     9   Killer Knuckles      51 S
    10   Power Knuckles       53
    11                       110
    12                       114
    13                       118
    14                       124
    15                       130
    16                       135
    Lo Wen (ball and chain/shuriken)
     6   Falling Star         31 L
     7                        37
     8                        43
     9   Shooting Star        48
    10                        70
    11                        83
    12                        95
    13                       108
    14                       119
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Lorelai (lucerne hammer/axe)
     7   Death                23 M
     8                        35
     9                        43
    10                        52
    11                        60
    12                        72
    13   Judgement            85
    14                       135
    15                       155
    16                       175
    Luc (rod/staff)
     4   Wind Rod              7 S
     5                         9
     6   Gale Rod             11
     7                        26
     8                        33
     9                        42
    10                        50
    11                        58
    12   Gust Rod             64
    13                        80
    14                        87
    15                        94
    16                       100
    Makumaku (monster)        ** L
    Mazus (rod/staff)
     6   Cosmic Rod           11 S
     7                        26
     8                        33
     9                        42
    10                        50
    11                        58
    12   Nova Rod             64
    13                        80
    14                        87
    15                        94
    16                       100
    McDohl (staff)
    14   Heaven Fang Staff   124 M
    15                       145
    16                       165
    Meg (knife/shuriken)
     5   Assassin's Dagger    25 L
     6                        31
     7                        37
     8                        43
     9   Sliver Dagger        48
    10                        70
    11                        83
    12                        95
    13                       108
    14                       119
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Mekumeku (monster)        ** L
    Miklotov (2-handed sword)
     9   Dunceney/2           55 S
    10                        64
    11   Dunceney/3           73
    12                        97
    13                       111
    14                       129
    15                       147
    16                       160
    Mikumiku (monster)        ** L
    Millie (boomerang/shuriken)
     1   Boomerang             6 L
     2                         9
     3   Hit Boomerang        12
     4                        20
     5                        25
     6                        31
     7                        37
     8                        43
     9   High Boomerang       48
    10                        70
    11                        83
    12                        95
    13                       108
    14                       119
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Mokumoku (monster)        ** L
    Mondo (claw)
     8   Dark Claw            48 S
     9                        51
    10   Tooth and Claw       53
    11                       110
    12                       114
    13                       118
    14                       124
    15                       130
    16                       135
    Mukumuku (monster)        ** L
    Nanami (three-piece rod)
     2   Flower Rod            9 M
     3                        11
     4                        12
     5                        17
     6   Blossom Rod          22
     7                        37
     8                        44
     9                        51
    10                        59
    11                        69
    12                        78
    13   Eden Rod             91
    14                       125
    15                       145
    Nina (book)
     6   New Book Belt        17 M
     7                        33
     8                        40
     9                        47
    10                        56
    11                        66
    12                        76
    13   Book Belt of Love    89
    14                       124
    15                       145
    16                       165
    Oulan (fist/claw)
     7   Iron Fist            45 S
     8                        48
     9                        51
    10   God Hand             53
    11                       110
    12                       114
    13                       118
    14                       124
    15                       130
    16                       135
    Pesmerga (2-handed sword)
    14   King Crimson        129 S
    15                       147
    16                       160
    Rikimaru (2-handed sword)
     5   Onimaru              19 S
     6                        31
     7                        39
     8                        46
     9                        55
    10                        64
    11   Dojikiri             73
    12                        97
    13                       111
    14                       129
    15                       147
    16                       160
    Rina (card/shuriken)
     1   Chariot               6 L
     2                         9
     3   Empress              12
     4                        20
     5                        25
     6                        31
     7                        37
     8                        43
     9   World                48
    10                        70
    11                        83
    12                        95
    13                       108
    14                       119
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Sasuke (shuriken)
     6   Blue Comet           31 L
     7                        37
     8                        43
     9   Fiery Blue Comet     48
    10                        70
    11                        83
    12                        95
    13                       108
    14                       119
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Sheena (1-handed sword)
     9   Kirinji 2            50 S
    10                        59
    11   Kirinji 3            67
    12                        90
    13                       102
    14                       120
    15                       138
    16                       150
    Shilo (dart/shuriken)
     7   Silver Jiromaru      37 L
     8                        43
     9   Gold Iromaru         48
    10                        70
    11                        83
    12                        95
    13                       108
    14                       119
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Shiro (monster)           ** S
    Shin (2-handed sword)
     9   Death Tarantula      55 S
    10                        64
    11   Ray Tarantula        73
    12                        97
    13                       111
    14                       129
    15                       147
    16                       160
    Sid (spear)
     8   Cursed Spear         48 M
     9   Devil Spear
    10                        80
    11                        88
    12                        98
    13                       110
    14                       120
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Sierra (nails/claw)
    10   Full Moon            53 S
    11                       110
    12                       114
    13                       118
    14                       124
    15                       130
    16                       135
    Sigfried (monster)        ** M
    Simone (flower bomb/shuriken)
    11   Rhapsody             83 L
    12                        95
    13                       108
    14                       119
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Stallion (bow)
     8   Shine Bow            40 L
     9                        48
    10                        57
    11                        65
    12   Elfin Bow            73
    13                        98
    14                       116
    15                       135
    16                       147
    Tai Ho (spear)
     7   Kanae                42 M
     8                        48
     9   Mizuki               53
    10                        80
    11                        88
    12                        98
    13                       110
    14                       120
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Tengaar (knife/shuriken)
     8   Ray Knife            43 L
     9   Shining Knife        48
    10                        70
    11                        83
    12                        95
    13                       108
    14                       119
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Tomo (spear)
     9   Fujin Long Spear     53 M
    10                        80
    11                        88
    12                        98
    13                       110
    14                       120
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Tsai (spear)
     6   Raijin Spear         37 M
     7                        42
     8                        48
     9   Raijin Long Spear    53
    10                        80
    11                        88
    12                        98
    13                       110
    14                       120
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Tuta (rock/shuriken)
     2   Pebble                9 L
     3   Stone                12
     4                        20
     5                        25
     6                        31
     7                        37
     8                        43
     9   Rock                 48
    10                        70
    11                        83
    12                        95
    13                       108
    14                       119
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Valeria (1-handed sword)
     7   Seven Star Sword     35 S
     8                        42
     9                        50
    10                        59
    11   Conqueror Star Sword 67
    12                        90
    13                       102
    14                       120
    15                       138
    16                       150
    Viki (wand/staff)
     5   Wand                  9 S
     6   Wow Wand             11
     7                        26
     8                        33
     9                        42
    10                        50
    11                        58
    12   Wow Wow Wand         64
    13                        80
    14                        87
    15                        94
    16                       100
    Viktor (2-handed sword)
     9   Shiko Sword          55 S
    10                        64
    11   ???                  73
    12                        97
    13                       111
    14                       129
    15                       147
    16                       160
     9   Star Dragon Sword    59 S
    10                        69
    11                        78
    12                       102
    13                       117
    14                       136
    15                       155
    16                       170
    Vincent (1-handed sword)
    10   Savat                59 S
    11   Felicitation         67
    12                        90
    13                       102
    14                       120
    15                       138
    16                       150
    Wakaba (leg guard)
     8   Killer Leg Guard     48 S
     9                        51
    10   Power Leg Guard      53
    11                       110
    12                       114
    13                       118
    14                       124
    15                       130
    16                       135
    Yoshino (naganata/spear)
     6   Long Naganata        37 M
     7                        42
     8                        48
     9   Great Naganata       53
    10                        80
    11                        88
    12                        98
    13                       110
    14                       120
    15                       130
    16                       140
    Zamza (fist/claw)
     3   Tekken                9 S
     4   Burning Iron Fist    10
     5                        39
     6                        42
     7                        45
     8                        48
     9                        51
    10   Iron Fist of Rage    53
    11                       110
    12                       114
    13                       118
    14                       124
    15                       130
    16                       135
    VII)  Armor and Accessories/Items
    Bandana                 50       1
    Leather Hat            100       2
    Feathered Hat          500       3   SPD +3, Wind Resistant
    Pointed Hat           1200       5   Prevents Balloon
    Circuret              3500       7
    Half Helmet           7800      10
    Mole Helmet           8500      12   Prevents Unfriendly
    Head Gear            12000      14
    Silver Hat           24000      19   Regeneration (5)
    Full Helmet          18200      20
    Wind Hat             35000      24   Spd +7, wind resistant
    Flame Helmet         42000      30   Str +4, resists fire
    Horned Helmet        65000      35
    Robe                   100       1
    Tunic                  200       2
    Leather Coat           700       4
    Brass Armor           1000       6
    Guard Robe            1700       7
    Karate Uniform        3000      10   Tech +5
    Leather Armor         5900      14
    Chain Mail            6500      16
    Ninja Suit           88000      17   Spd +15
    Half Plate           12000      19
    Magic Robe           20000      22
    Thunder God Garb     23000      25   Hit +10, resists lightning
    Scale Mail           22000      28
    Mole Suit            25000      29   Resists earth, no target
    Dragon Armor         23000      30
    Master Robe          24000      33   Regeneration (10)
    Full Plate           26000      36
    Taikoku Wear         28000      40   Spd +10
    Master Garb          37000      45   Str +15, Tech +15
    Robe of Mist         54000      47   Repels magic, resists water
    Earth Armor          67000      49   Anti-bat, resists earth
    Dream Robe           95000      52   Impervious to attack
    Silver Armor        120000      55   Regeneration (10), resists dark
    Knight Armor        180000      58
    Blood Armor                     62   Drains 15 HP each round
    Windspun Armor      210000      65   Spd +15, resists wind
    Wooden Shield          300       2
    Steel Shield          2500       7
    Kite Shield           4300      12
    Mangosh               6500      19   Return stab x 1.5
    Silver Shield        10000      27   Regeneration, resists dark
    Chaos Shield         17000      34
    Earth Shield         32000      36   Anti-bat, resists earth
    Gloves                 300       2
    Gauntlet              1700       4
    Power Glove          16500      16   Str +15
    Wooden Shoes           100       1
    Leggings               200       2
    Boots                  800       3
    Winged Boots         10200      14   Spd +10
    Iron Boots           17000      15
    Cape                   400       1
    Leather Cape          1300       5
    Fur Cape              3500       9
    Cape of Darkness      6800      12
    Crimson Cape          9000      14
    Cheek Guards          1000       3
    Shoulder Pads         2000       5
    Blue Ribbon           6600       6   Can't be targeted
    Belt of Strength      4800       6   Str +5
    Sun Badge             3700       4   Regeneration (3)
    Fish Badge            4300       6   Repel magic 3%
    Fire Emblem           3300       7   Str +15, resist fire
    Gold Emblem           8500      10   Mag Def +10
    Water Amulet          3800       6   Repel magic, resists water
    Thunder Amulet        7500       9   Hit +15, resists lightning
    Wind Amulet          13000      12   Spd +10, resists wind
    Necklace              1600       7
    Heavy Necklace        5700      11
    Silver Necklace      20000      17   Regeneration (1)
    Guard Ring            8500       7   Mag Def +10
    Speed Ring           16000      10   Spd +15
    Skill Ring           11500       9   Tech +20
    Lucky Ring           13000      12   Luck +20
    Magic Ring           13000       7   Mag +15
    Power Ring           14000       8   Str +20
    Star Earrings        12000       8   Regeneration (5)
    Wing Ornament         8000      19   Spd +12
    Silverlet             7000      11
    Goldlet              19000      18
    Rose Brooch          14000      13
    Items (You can equip)
    Medicine               100      Heals 100 HP
    Mega Medicine          500      Heals 500 HP
    Dragon Incense           X      Heals 50 HP for all allies
    Antitoxin              200      Cures poisoned status
    Needle                 200      Cures balloon status
    Throat Drops           200      Cures silence
    Sacrificial Jizo      5000      Auto cures unconsciousness
    Boulder Set           2000      Equip and go take a bath
    Chick                           Makes a rubber ducky float in the bath
    Toy Boat              2000      Floating boat for bath
    Sexy Wink             5000      Beauty ATK Up
    Lubricating Oil          X      Gadget's Attack up by 50%, Meg only
    Sunglasses            1500      No damage from Flash ATK
    Rose Bouquet                    Narcissus ATK up
    Leisure Set                     For Family ATK.  Nanami screws around 
    Dog Whistle                     Increses odds of the Kobold ATK army 
                                     strike going off
    Invincible Smile                Fancy Lad ATK up
    Cup of Promise           X      Manly and Bandit ATK up
    Millet Dumplings
    Secret Writings
    Anchovi Pizza          580      Heals 600 HP & become berserk (30%)
    BBQ Meat Bun           250      Heals 300 HP
    Broiled Eel            600      Heals 500 HP
    Buttered Clams         150      Heals 200 HP & cures target
    Cake                   370      Heals 450 HP
    Cheesecake             450      Heals 450 HP
    Chinese Noodles        850      Heals 500 HP & cures silence
    Chirashi-Zushi         950      Heals 600 HP
    Chowder                120      Heals 200 HP
    Crab Cakes             190      Heals 250 HP & cures balloon
    Cream Stew            1300      Heals 500 HP
    Croquettes             350      Heals 500 HP
    Curry Rice             800      Heals 650 HP
    Dark Chowder           120      Heals 300 HP & causes panic
    Diet Lunch             500      Heals 650 HP
    Fish Fry               170      Heals 250 HP & cures bucket
    French Toast           180      Heals 250 HP & cures unfriendly
    Fried Fish Balls       190      Heals 300 HP & cures balloon
    Fried Rice             600      Heals 500 HP
    Fried Tacos            170      Heals 250 HP & become toasty
    Full Course           1000      Heals 650 HP
    Ghengis Khan          1500      Heals 500 HP
    Green Salad             80      Heals 100 HP
    Gratin                 520      Heals 600 HP
    Grilled Beef           800      Heals 700 HP
    Grilled Fish           500      Heals 500 HP
    Gyoza                  100      Heals 150 HP & cures sleep
    Hamburger              900      Heals 450 HP
    Ice Cream              200      Heals 280 HP
    Japanese Curry         750      Heals 650 HP
    Japanese Stew         1000      Heals 550 HP
    Kaiseki Dinner        2000      Heals 900 HP
    Kobold Pie             160      Heals 300 HP & causes boost
    Mayo Rice Omelet       560      Heals 500 HP & become unfriendly
    Meat Pie               170      Heals 300 HP & cures spellbound
    Obento                 700      Heals 650 HP
    Ohitashi               120      Heals 120 HP & cures silence
    Pancakes               500      Heals 500 HP
    Pasta                  450      Heals 500 HP & cures poison
    Pizza                  580      Heals 600 HP
    Potato Pudding          80      Heals 300 HP
    Pudding                200      Heals 100 HP & becomes hyper (30%)
    Quiche                 250      Heals 280 HP & cures knockdown
    Ramen                  850      Heals 500 HP & cures sleep
    Red Curry             1500      Burst spell vs. all enemies for 150
    Red Pepper Ice         200      Heals 250 HP & causes boost
    Rice Omelet            550      Heals 400 HP
    Rising Sun Bento       700      Heals 450 HP
    Salad                   80      Heals 100 HP
    Sandwich               160      Heals 250 HP & cures unfriendly
    Sashimi Combo         1500      Heals 650 HP
    Ship Combo            2000      Heals 450 HP and cures unconscious
    Simmered Fish          250      Heals 350 HP
    Special Stew          1700      Heals 750 HP
    Spicy Pilaf            620      Heals 500 HP
    Spicy Stew            1000      Heals 450 HP
    Spinach Juice           75      Heals 300 HP & causes poison
    Steak                 1300      Heals 950 HP
    Steamed Abalone        190      Heals 200 HP & cures target
    Steamed Gyoza          120      Heals 150 & cures sleep
    Sukiyaki               800      Heals 750 HP
    Sunomono               380      Heals 400 HP & cures rust
    Sushi                  900      Heals 600 HP
    Sweet Salad             80      Heals 200 HP
    Tamago-Yaki             60      Heals 80 HP
    Tempura                400      Heals 400 HP
    Teriyaki               900      Heals 400 HP
    Tomato Soup            150      Heals 60 HP & cures poison
    Tomato Juice           150      Heals 60 HP & cures poison
    Tonkatsu               750      Heals 600 HP
    Veggie Sandwich        160      Heals 250 HP & cures unfriendly
    Items (not able to be equip)
    Escape Talisman        500      Escape from dungeons
    Stone of Power        2000      Raises Strength attribute (1-3)
    Stone of Magic        2000      Raises Magic attribute (1-3)
    Stone of Defense      2000      Raises Defense attribute (1-3)
    Stone of Mag-Def      2000      Raises Magic Defense (1-3)
    Stone of Luck         2000      Raises Luck attribute (1-3)
    Stone of Skill        2000      Raises Tech attribute (1-3)
    Spinach Seed             X      for farming
    Potato Seed              X      for farming
    Tomato Seed              X      for farming
    Cabbage Seed             X      for farming
    Iron Hammer              X      Boost Tessai to level 9
    Copper Hammer            X      Boost Tessai to level 12
    Silver Hammer            X      Boost Tessai to level 15
    Gold Hammer              X      Boost Tessai to level 16
    Flaming Arrows         700      
    Fire Wall             1000      
    Explosion             2000
    Angry Blow             700      
    Thunder Runner        1000
    Bolt of Wrath         2000      
    Kindness Drops         700      
    Protect Mist          1000
    Kindness Rain         2000      
    Clay Guardian          700
    Revenge Earth         1000
    Canopy Defense        2000      
    Wind of Sleep          700      
    Healing Wind          1000      
    The Shredding         2000      
    VIII) Art
    Nanami's Vase           10
    Failure Urn             20
    Octopus Urn           1000
    Normal Large Vase     3000
    Vase                  5000
    Genkaku's Famous Vase 6000
    Wide Urn              8000
    Blue Dragon Urn      16000
    Celadon Urn          20000
    Black Urn            40000
    Fine Bone China     120000
    Hex Doll               120
    Japanese Dish         6000
    Chinese Dish         12000
    Persian Lamp         15000
    Peeing Boy           34000
    Coral                40000
    Bonsai               50000
    Knight Statuette     60000
    Karen Statue A       70000
    Karen Statue B      130000
    Goddess Statuette   200000
    Graffiti               200
    Trio Painting          700
    Flower Painting      14000
    Lover's Garden       58000
    Landscape Paint      80000
    Nature's Beauty     400000
    IX)   Runes
    Black Sword
      Flash Judgement        120 damage to one enemy
      Twinkling Blade        100 damage to all enemies, 30% death
      Piercing One           700 damage to one enemy
      Hungry Friend          1200 damage to all enemies
       Ready!                Teleport enemy, failure teleports ally
       Set!                  150 damage to all enemies or allies
       Go!                   Teleport all enemies or all allies
    Blue Gate* (30000)
       Open Gate             50 damage to one enemy
       King's Road           150 damage to all enemies
       Pale Palace           500 damage to all enemies
       Empty World           900 damage to all enemies, 90 to all allies
    Bright Shield
       Great Blessing        Heals 70 HP for all allies + cures status
       Shining Light         130 damage to all enemies
       Battle Oath           Heals 300 HP for all allies  30% Berserk
       Forgiver Sign         Heals allies for 2000, overflow damages enemy
    Cyclone* (18000)
       Healing Wind          Heal one ally to full
       The Shredding         450 damage to all enemies
       Storm Warning         Reflects spells
       Shining Wind          500 damage to enemies, allies healed 500
    Darkness (12000)
       Finger of Death       Sudden death to one enemy
       Stealer of Souls      300 damage to 1 foe + heals self
       Final Bell            Death or 500 damage to a row
       Black Shadow          500 damage to all enemies
    Earth (4000)
       Clay Guardian         Def x1.5 for 1 ally
       Revenge Earth         100% counter rate for 1 ally
       Canopy Defense        Repel all magic once at 100%
       Earthquake            800 damage to all enemies on ground
    Fire (6000)
       Flaming Arrows        60 damage to all enemies
       Fire Wall             150 damage to a row of enemies
       Dancing Flames        300 damage to all enemies
       Explosion             700 damage to all enemies
    Flowing (22000)
       Protect Mist          +20% magic resistance for 3 rounds to allies
       Kindness Rain         Heal all allies for 300
       Silent Lake           Negates all spell casting for 3 rounds
       Mother Ocean          Restores person to full HP
    Lightning* (6000)
       Angry Blow            100 damage to one enemy
       Thunder Runner        120 damage to a column
       Bolt of Wrath         600 damage to one enemy
       Thor Shot             1200  damage to one enemy
    Mother Earth (16000)
       Revenge Earth         100% counter rate for 1 ally
       Canopy Defense        Repel all magic once at 100%
       Earthquake            800 damage to all enemies on ground
       Guardian Earth        DEF and MAG-DEF up for 5 rounds on allies
    Rage (18000)
       Fire Wall             150 damage to a row of enemies
       Dancing Flames        300 damage to all enemies
       Explosion             700 damage to all enemies
       Final Flame           900 damage to all enemies
    Resurrection (9000)
       Scolding              30 damage to 1 enemy x2 vs. undead
       Yell                  Cures unconscious ally
       Charm Arrow           400 damage to all enemies, x2 vs. undead
       Scream                Heals 300 HP for all allies
    Soul Eater
       Finger of Death       Sudden death to 1 enemy
       Black Shadow          500 damage to all enemies
       Hell                  Sudden death vs. all enemies
       Judgement             1500 damage vs. 1 enemy
       Thunder Runner        120 damage to a column
       Bolt of Wrath         600 damage to one enemy
       Thor Shot             1000  damage to one enemy
       Thunder Storm         1200 damage to one enemy
    Water (7000)
       Kindness Drop         Heal one ally to full
       Protect Mist          +20% magic resistance for 3 rounds to allies
       Kindness Rain         Heal all allies for 300
       Silent Lake           Negates all spell casting for 3 rounds
    White Saint
       Shining Pupil         120 damage to one enemy
       Moonlit Forest        200 damage to a column
       White Priestess       400 damage to all enemies
    Wind* (5000)
       Wind of Sleep         Attempts to put one row asleep
       Healing Wind          Heal one ally to full
       The Shredding         450 damage to all enemies
       Storm Warning         Reflects spells
    * NOTE: These Runes have been known to backfire.  Counter with high 
    Effect (always active)
    Alert (10000)       Become hyper after 4 rounds
    Balance (9000)      Immune to unbalance
    Barrier (15000)     Magic Resistance (MAG/10%)
    Champion's          Avoid weak enemy encounters
    Counter             Increase counterstrike rate
    Double-Beat (8000)  2 Attacks, damage x2 if counter
    Double-Strike(6000) Damage received & taken x1.5
    Draining            Heals HP on a critical strike
    Dryad (9000)        Level 2 magic exchanged for level 1
    Fire Sealing (8000) Voids fire, but water damage is at x2
    Firefly (9000)      Makes user targeted more often
    Fortune (200000)    Doubles XP
    Fury (15000)        Always berserk
    Gale (6000)         Speed x 1.5
    Hazy (5000)         Can avoid physical attacks
    Killer (9500)       Critical hit rate up
    Knight              Protects dying comrades
    Medicine (4500)     Use medicine on injured allies
    Nymph (11000)       Attack changes with Luck value
    Phero (50000)       Appeal up
    Prosperity (150000) Double money gained
    Spark (4000)        All members attack after user
    True Holy Rune      Fast overworld travel.  100% flee rate
    Violence (18000)    Become berserk after damage
    Waking (17000)      You start asleep, but are berserked when hit
    Wall                Defense x2, can only defend
    Warrior (32000)     Str up, Def halved
    Wizard (22000)      Mag up, Mag Def halved
    Command (must use)
    Angry Dragon        DMG x2 once, unlimited berserk
    Banshee (9000)      Drains ally HP to give to user
    Blue Drop           Damages row or all, ruins balance
    Chimera (8000)      Transfer status to others
    Falcon              2x damage, -10% accuracy
    Fire Breath         2 x damage, ruins balance
    Fire Dragon         2x damage, but receive fire damage = half
    Gozz (7000)         Axe can attack one row
    Groundhog           2x damage usable once
    Howling Rune        Monster allies become berserk
    Kite (8000)         Shuriken attack all for 1/2 damage
    Lion (10000)        1.5 dam to one enemy, Mag & mag-def -50, for claws
    Mayfly              Attack one row, go unbalanced
    Pixie (4500)        Makes staff range L
    Rabid Fang          Converts Bob into werewolf form
    Shining Wind        Attack all enemies, good vs. fliers.
    Shrike              2x damage, -5% accuracy
    Spider Slay         3x damage to an enemy once
    Swallow             30% Sudden Death, ruins balance
    Sylph (12000)       Reduces HP to give to allies
    Titan (6000)        Attack up for 2 handed sword
    Trick               Wind-up Doll ATK once
    Twin Ring           2x damage, may ruin balance
    Unicorn             One column is treated as having 0 DEF
    Viper (5000)        Death for 1-handed sword
    White Tiger         2x damage for fighters only
    Cyclone (18000)     Repel magic 15%
    Down (25000)        30% Knockdown
    Earth (4000)        DEF +5, Regeneration (3)
    Exertion (27000)    Attack increases each turn
    Fire (6000)*        Adds 1/4 fire damage
    Fire Lizard (11000) Damage x1.5, damage self
    Flowing (22000)     Regeneration (15)
    Friendship          Increase attack power for you and allies
    Hunter (45000)      Hit 5%, enemies always drop items
    Kindness (11000)    Increases attack power if you're liked
    Lightning (6000)*   Adds 1/4 lightning damage
    Magic Drain (30000) -15% to hit, restore L1 magic
    Mother Earth (16000)DEF +15, Regeneration (5)
    Poison (8000)       40% chance to poison
    Rage* (18000)       Adds 1/2 fire damage
    Sleep (18000)       20% to cause sleep
    Technique (12000)   Steals money (40%)
    Thunder Rune*       Adds 1/2 lightning damage
    Water (7000)        Regeneration (5)
    Wind (5000)         Repel magic 5%
    * runes that add elemental attack may also cause your power to drop, 
    especially if the enemy is immune to that element.
    X)    Trading Posts
         These prices are approximations as the rates do vary.  there are 
    some general good tips below.
    Kobold Village
    Sugar              310
    Mayonnaise        1498
    Wooden Amulet      422
    Flute              202
    Candle             805
    Ancient Text      1162
    Crystal Ball      4670
    Failure Urn        160
    Graffiti           854
    Forest Village
    Sugar              167
    Salt               479
    Fur                502
    Crystal Ball       333
    Flute              550
    Holly Berry        962
    Wine               666
    Deer Antler       1829
    Native Costume    1204
    Book              3499
    Ancient Text     34997
    Vase              8929
    Wide Urn         12671
    Soy Sauce          271
    Salt               582
    Candle             159
    Flute              227
    Crystal Ball       671
    Musk             11667
    Gold Bar         28331
    Deer Antler       2329
    Japanese Dish    11331
    Soy Sauce          683
    Wooden Amulet      200
    Wine               648
    Native Costume    1005
    Red Pepper        2933
    Ancient Text     29337
    Pearl            24004
    Persian Lamp     10667
    Flower Painting  10670
    Celadon Urn       7666
    South Window
    Salt              1014
    Mayonnaise         502
    Crystal Ball       264
    Candle             642
    Wooden Amulet      233
    Fur                798
    Native Costume    1269
    Chinese Dish      7999
    Flower Painting  14002
    Persian Lamp     10002
    Blue Dragon Urn  16002
    Peeing Boy       31998
    Coral            26671
    Crom Village
    Red Pepper        1198
    Crystal Ball       203
    Candle             746
    Wooden Amulet      570
    Holly Berry        300
    Wine              1127
    Book              4004
    Musk             11332
    Gold Bar         29995
    Wide Urn          8665
    Blue Dragon Urn  29334
    Red Pepper        4266
    Flute              696
    Holly Berry       1651
    Wine              1265
    Book              9737
    Pearl            35002
    Chinese Dish      8005
    Persian Lamp     29328
    Peeing Boy       42999
    Coral            64999
    Highway Village
    Sugar              478
    Mayonnaise        2754
    Candle             437
    Native Costume    1662
    Deer Antler       3998
    Book              1333
    Musk              7505
    Gold Bar         40001
    1) Expensive items like Celadon Urns can be bought from a market and 
    later sold back for profit.
    2) Each area has a expertise which produces faster than the other 
    3) Conversely, each place looks for a certain ware that they do not 
    produce with much frequency.
    4) If your looking for just money, buy art and sell it at an item 
    store.  You might get more for it there.
                            Suikoden II---Trading Guide
                                    by Mike Good
    Item              Avg     Low                       High
    Sugar            300p    150p: Forest Village     550p: Highway Village
    Salt             500p    270p: South Window       700p: Rokkaku Town
    Soy Sauce        700p    300p: Rokkaku Town       850p: Gregminster
    Mayonnaise     2,000p    400p: South Window     2,200p: Highway Village
    Red Pepper     1,500p  1,200p: Crom Village     3,200p: Rockaxe City
    Fur              800p    350p: Headquarters       800p: South Window
    Musk           7,000p  4,500p: Highway Village  8,500p: Crom Village
    Pearl         20,000p 18,000p: Rokkaku Town    35,000p: Rockaxe
    Ancient Text  25,000p    700p: Kobold Village  35,000p: Forest Village
    Gold Bar      30,000p 17,000p: Rokkaku Town    40,000p: Highway Village
    Wooden Amulet    600p    350p: Kobold Village     850p: Crom Village
    Holly Berry      900p    550p: Forest Village   1,100p: Rockaxe City
    Deer Antler    5,000p  1,100p: Forest Village   5,500p: Headquarters
    Book           4,000p  3,500p: Forest Village    7,300: Rockaxe City
    Native Costume 1,700p    800p: Gregminster      2,500p: Highway Village
    Flute            400p    200p: Headquarters       700p: Rockaxe City
    Crystal Ball   3,000p    300p: Crom Village     7,000p: Kobold Village
    Wine           1,200p    650p: Gregminster      1,900p: Rockaxe City
    Candle           500p    200p: Rokkaku Town       740p: Crom Village
    XI)   Combos
    Bow ATK          Kinnison & Stallion     .5 DMG vs. all enemies
                     Ayda & Stallion
                     Ayda & Kinnison
    Bow Wow ATK      Gengen & Shiro          1.5x DMG to one enemy
                      Gabocha & Shiro
    Buddy ATK        Hero & Jowy             Hits all enemies for normal
    Copycat ATK      Hero & Hoi              1x DMG on 1 enemy
    Cross ATK        Viktor & Flik           1.5x DMG to one enemy + 30%
    Dad-Daughter ATK Tsai & Tomo             1x DMG to front row
    Double Kracken   Abizboah & Rulodia      1x DMG to front row
    Double Leader    Both heroes            .75 DMG to all
    Double Monster   Sigfried and Feather    2x damage to an enemy + both 
     ATK                                      unbalanced
    Family ATK       Hero & Nanami           2x DMG to one enemy + Nanami
                                              gets unbalanced
    Groupy ATK       Flik & Nina             2.5x DMG to one enemy + Nina
    Head Up!!        Abizboah & Viki         2x DMG to an enemy + Abizboah 
                     Rulodia & Viki           unbalanced
    Husband-Wife     Yoshino & Freed Y       2x DMG to one + Yoshino
     ATK                                      unbalanced
    Knight ATK       Miklotov & Camus        2x DMG to one + 30% unbalance
    Kobold ATK*      Gengen & Gabocha        1x DMG vs. one enemy + 
                                              Gabocha unbalanced
    * Kobold ATK     Gengen & Gabocha(rare)  3x DMG vs. all + both 
      1 in 10 chance                          unbalanced
    Loyal Dog ATK    Shiro & Kinnison        1.5 DMG to one, or .5 DMG to
    Manly ATK        Rikimaru & Amada        2x DMG vs. one column
    Narcissus ATK    Vincent & Simone        .5 DMG on all enemies
    Ninja ATK        Mondo & Kasumi          1.5x DMG to one + 30% knockout
    Rival ATK        Valeria & Anita         3x DMG to an enemy + Valeria 
    Swordsman ATK    Shin and Genshu         .5x DMG to all + 20% sudden  
    Tackle ATK       Oulan & Hanna           .75 DMG to all enemies + 
    Trick ATK        Meg & Gadget            Gadget damages all enemies
    Twin Fighter ATK Wakaba & L.C.Chan       3x DMG to one enemy.  Usable 
                                              only when both are berserked
    Warriors ATK     Hix & Tengaar           2x DMG to one enemy + Hix 
                                              takes DMG
    Winger ATK       Sid & Chaco             1.5x DMG vs. one enemy + 30% 
                                              chance to poison
    Bandit ATK       Lo Wen, Koyu, & Gijimu  1.5x DMG to 1 enemy + 
                                              knockdown at 30%
    Beastmaster ATK  Badeaux & 2 Monsters    1.5x DMG to an enemy + berserk
    Beauty ATK       Any three from the      .25x DMG to all enemies + 
                      True Beauty ATK          sleep 60%
    Circus ATK       Eilie, Rina, & Bolgan   2 x DMG to one enemy + Bolgan
                                              gets unbalanced
    Cutie Boy ATK    Futch, Luc, & Sasuke    1x DMG vs. all + become 
    Flash ATK        Bolgan, L.C.Chan, &     1.5x DMG to all enemies, but 
                      Gantetsu                all allies take .5x DMG
    Pretty Boy ATK   Flik, Miklotov, & Camus 1.5 DMG to one enemy + 25% 
                                              sudden death
    Pretty Girl ATK  Tengaar, Meg, & Millie  .5x DMG to all enemies
    Servant ATK      Sierra, Bolgan, & Bob   Drains 4x DMG from an enemy,  
                                              Bob and Bolgan damaged, 
                                              Sierra healed
    True Beauty ATK  Kasumi, Lorelai, Karen  Damage to all enemies + sleep 
                      and Rina                70%
    5 Squirrel ATK   All five squirrels      Removes an enemy from battle, 
                                              but you get no reward
    Spell Combos (Must use them as level 4 spells)
    Blazing Camp     Fire/Rage &             2000 vs. an enemy plus extra 
                      Lightning/Thunder       damage to other enemies
    Scorched Earth   Earth/Mother Earth &    1300 DMG to all enemies
    Storm Fang       Earth/Mother Earth &    1000 DMG to all enemies
    Thor             Water/Flowing           2000 DMG to an enemy and 
                      Lightning/Thunder       heals allies
    Water Dragon     Water/Flowing &         800 DMG to all enemies, heals 
                      Wind/Cyclone            all allies
    XII)  Tactics
    Character  Stats       Abilities
    Hero        8 / 9      Bright Shield
    Ayda        6 / 5      Repair Self & Forest Walk
    Boris       9 / 8      Evade
    Flik        7 / 7      Cavalry
    Georg      11 / 8      Critical
    Gilbert     7 / 8      -------
    Hauser      9 / 7      Cavalry
    Kasumi      6 / 6      Scout
    Kiba        7 / 12     Cavalry & Heavy Armor
    Luc        10 / 4      Wind
    Max         6 / 7      Cavalry
    Mazus       9 / 6      Fire
    Ridley     10 / 7      Critical
    Teresa      5 / 6      Bombard
    Valeria     8 / 8      Cavalry
    Viktor      8 / 7      -------
    Character  Modifier    Abilities
    Adlai       +0 / +0    Invention
    Annallee    +0 / +0    Encourage
    Apple       +1 / +2    Evade
    Camus       +0 / +1    Cavalry
    Chaco       +0 / +1    Flight
    Emilia      +0 / +0    Investigate
    Freed Y     +0 / +1    -------
    Gijimu      +2 / +0    Melee
    Hanna       +2 / +0    -------
    Huan        +0 / +0    Heal
    Humphrey    +0 / +2    Heavy Armor
    Jeane       +0 / +0    Lightning
    Jess        +2 / +0    Evade
    Jowy        +0 / +0    Critical
    Klaus       +0 / +3    Evade & Cavalry
    Koyu        +1 / +0    Repair Self
    Lo Wen      +2 / +0    Melee
    Lorelai     +0 / +2    -------
    Miklotov    +1 / +0    Cavalry
    Nanami      +1 / +1    Repair Self
    Oulan       +0 / +0    Bodyguard
    Pesmerga    +3 / +0    Cavalry
    Shin        +1 / +0    Critical
    Shu         +3 / +1    Critical & Evade
    Tai Ho      +2 / +1    --------
    Templton    +0 / +1    Shortcut
    Tsai        +1 / +0    Fire Spear
    Tuta        +0 / +0    Repair Self
    Yam Koo     +1 / +1    --------
    Bodyguard      Makes commanders immune to battlefield death
    Bombard        Attack enemy within 5 panels
    Bright Shield  Heal all allies in 2 panels
    Cavalry        Move +2
    Critical       May cause double damage
    Encourage      Gives second turn
    Evade          Temporarily avoid taking damage
    Fire           3x3 fire strike with a range of 3(harms allies too)
    Fire Spear     Damage enemies in a 3 square path
    Flight         Move +2, compatible with Cavalry
    Forest Walk    Move through forest like field
    Heal           Heal a unit in a 3 panel range
    Heavy Armor    Defense +1
    Invention      Damage everyone around and self
    Investigate    See opponent's ability
    Lightning      Damage to one enemy in three panels
    Melee          Increased power vs. magic and archery
    Repair Self    Heals damage
    Scout          See enemy ability
    Shortcut       No terrain effect
    Wind Rune      Damage enemy units within a 3 panel range
    XIII) Enemies
    Cut Rabbit        50 P  Antitoxin; Double-Beat Crystal; Cream Stew; 
                            Technique Crystal
    Holly Boy          5 P  Medicine; Spinach Juice
    Fur Fur           30 P  Clay Guardian
    Bandit A         150 P  Medicine
    Bandit B         150 P  ? ornament, Rising Sun Bento
    Bandit C         150 P  Escape Talisman; Cheek Guards
    Bon Bon           35 P  ? vase
    Killer Bee        15 P  Flaming Arrows
    Wolf              60 P
    Bon Bon (2)       40 P  ? vase
    Cut Rabbit (2)    60 P  Antitoxin; Technique Crystal
    Spider           100 P  Leather Cape
    Bon Bon (3)       60 P  Fried Fish Balls, ? vase
    Shadow Dog       130 P  Hazy Crystal
    Woodpecker        80 P  Wind of Sleep; Killer Crystal; Fried Fish 
    Giant Snail      200 P  Antitoxin
    Wild Boar        250 P  Pointed Hat
    Gold Boar        300 P
    Kill Spider      100 P  Cheek Guards
    Sickle           200 P  Antitoxin; Gale Crystal
    Creeper           50 P  Medicine; Green Salad; Throat Drops
    Mega Watt        300 P  Leather Armor, Green Salad
    Nightmare        250 P  Escape Talisman
    Mr. Venus        400 P  Titan Crystal; Unicorn Crystal
    Salamander       200 P  Fire Lizard Crystal
    Armadilloid     7000 P  ? vase
    Armadillon       350 P  Brass Armor
    Kill Rabbit      300 P  Belt of Strength
    Dark Bunny       350 P  Shoulder Pads
    Flyer            150 P  Medicine;  Medicine Crystal
    Target Lady      600 P  Dryad Crystal, Pixie Crystal
    Griffin          550 P  Wind Hat, Wind Crystal
    Minos            500 P  Grilled Beef; Gozz Crystal, Mega Medicine
    Sorceror         450 P  Escape Talisman
    Sun King         700 P  Wall Crystal
    Shadow Man       300 P
    Sorceror (2)     500 P
    Zombie           110 P  ? vase
    Rockadillo       550 P  Turtle Plans #1
    Sandillo       15000 P  ? ornament
    Spikebeak        600 P  Balance Crystal, Mega Medicine
    Devil Eye        600 P  Kite Crystal
    Land Shark       800 P  Guard Ring; Recipe #21
    Shadow           900 P  Mangosh, Throat Drops
    Siren            800 P  Banshee Crystal; Water Amulet
    Eagle Man       1100 P  Sandwich; Recipe #12
    Mirage           800 P  Fire Emblem
    Holly Boy (2)    100 P  Needle; Spinach Juice, Medicine
    Ragged One         5 P  Turtle Plans #2, ? ornament, Chick
    Sauroid          600 P  Protect Mist
    Holly Elf       1200 P  Toe Shoes
    Melonzoo         750 P  Needle
    Monwer           800 P
    Doremi Elf       900 P  Sound Set #2
    Holly Boy (3)    150 P  
    Papa Holly      1300 P  Boulder Set, Seed Potato
    Zombie Slug     1000 P  Recipe #29, Thunder Amulet, Canopy Defense 
    Phantom         1500 P  Healing Wind
    Pink Bird       2000 P  Sylph Crystal, Skunk Crystal
    Assassin        1100 P
    Hawk Man        1400 P  Turtle Plans#3
    Pixie           2000 P  Pixie Crystal
    Spiker          1200 P  ? vase
    Time Knight     1700 P  Mega Medicine
    White Tiger     3000 P  Double-Beat Crystal
    Ran Ran         2200 P  Silverlet, Diet Lunch
    Rin Rin         2200 P  Medicine
    Ten Ten         2200 P  Barrier Crystal, Ninja Suit
    Samurai         2500 P  ? ornament, Ninja Suit
    Tiger           3500 P  Window Set #1
    Air Lizard      2000 P  Firefly Crystal, Window Set #2
    Killer Dog      1800 P  Antitoxin
    Ghost Slug      3000 P  Dancing Flames
    Skeleton        random  Gauntlet, Steel Shield
    Zombie          random  ? vase, ? ornament, Power Gloves
    Neclordia       3000 P  ? ornament
    Unicombie       4000 P  Fire Sealing Crystal
    Doremi Elf (2)  3000 P  Japanese Stew, Throat Drops
    Grand Holly     5500 P  Cape of Darkness, Spinach Juice
    Holly Boy (3)    800 P  Toy Boat
    Holly Fairy     4000 P  Dryad Crystal, Kindness Rain
    Target Girl     4000 P  Nymph Crystal, Waking Crystal
    Eye Flower      3500 P  Spinach Seedling, Medicine
    Kookaburra      5000 P  Guard Ring
    Cockatrice      6000 P  Thunder Crystal
    Commander       5000 P
    Highlands       3500 P  Recipe #36, Ghengis Khan, ? ornament
    Hippogriff      9000 P  Wind Amulet
    M-Knight        7000 P  Master Robe, Knight Rune
    Black Tiger    15000 P  Full Helmet
    Fei Yu          4800 P  Diet Lunch
    Li Lan          4800 P  Mega Medicine
    Shiu Lin        4800 P  Flowing Crystal
    Iron Claw       9000 P  Medicine
    Leather Cut     6500 P
    Pixie          30000 P
    Sky Knight      8000 P  Turtle Plans #3
    Copper Sun      7000 P  Rage Crystal
    Fish Eye        5500 P  Protect Mist
    Iron Moon       7000 P
    Bronzem        20000 P  Master Garb
    Chimera        17000 P  Blood Armor; Lucky Ring
    Commander (2)  15000 P  
    Highlands (2)  10000 P  Escape Talisman
    Magus          14000 P  ? ornament
    Colossus       15000 P
    Minotaurus     10000 P  Mother Earth Crystal, Spicy Stew
    ¿ñ '0          13000 P  ? painting
     ß :           15000 P
    XIV)   Headquarters Options
         On the second floor near the elevator is a suggestion box.  
    Periodically check it out.
         Yam Koo offers fishing at the castle.  Cost 100 P per try.
    Fishing Prizes
    Boot         8 @ 0.95 +/-   1  /0.5
    Squid       50 @ 2.00 +/-  2.5 /0.5
    Stonefish  225 @ 3.00 +/-   15 /0.5
    Blowfish   900 @ 4.00 +/-   18 /0.5
    Whitefish  160 @ 1.40 +/-   20 /0.5   Food
    Shellfish  450 @ 2.50 +/-   15 /0.5   Food
    Shrimp    1200 @ 2.00 +/-   60 /0.5   Food
    Salmon    4050 @ 7.00 +/-   45 /0.5   Food
         After Hai Yo joins, you can make menus.  His menu increases as 
    you bring Recipes to him.  Also, if you have any spices in your 
    inventory, he can make more meals.  These items are not expended.
    There are 40 Recipes
    1)  Tomago-Yaki                    2)  Tomato Soup
    3)  Ohitashi                       4)  Salad
    5)  Gyoza                          6)  Chowder
    7)  BBQ Meat Bun                   8)  Buttered Clams
    9)  Fish Fry                       10) Ice Cream
    11) Quiche                         12) Sandwich
    13) Meat Pie                       14) Simmered Fish
    15) Fried Fish Balls               16) Sunomono
    17) Cake                           18) Croquettes
    19) Pasta                          20) Tempura
    21) Grilled Fish                   22) Gratin
    23) Rice Omelet                    24) Fried Rice
    25) Pizza                          26) Teriyaki
    27) Tonkatsu                       28) Curry Rice
    29) Grilled Beef                   30) Ramen
    31) Hamburger                      32) Obento
    33) Sushi                          34)
    35) Full Course                    36) Ghengis Khan
    37) Steak                          38) Sashimi Combo
    39) Special Stew                   40) Kaiseki Dinner
    Music Test
        Annallee will play the various game songs for you.  Pico and 
    Alberto add more songs when they join.
    Song list (I may be off on some of these, let me know)
    In Praise of Peace (Gregminster Castle)
    Distant Sky (Banner Village)
    Captured City (Greenhill - 1)
    Free Again (Greenhill - 2)
    The Golden Capital Shines Once More (Gregminster)
    In Tranquility (White Deer Inn)
    Peaceful Time (Headquarters - 1)
    Bustling City (Headquarters - 2)
    City of Memories (Kyaro)
    We Are Number One! (Kobold Village)
    If you Listen Carefully (Coronet/Drakemouth/Sajah)
    Oh Beautiful Dancer (Kuskus)
    The Outskirts of Tinto Town (Crom)
    Ripple of Fate Carry You Away (Lakewest)
    Let's Climb That Hill (Muse)
    My Lady's Sigh (Radat)
    Proud Saraband (Rockaxe)
    Village of Chirping Birds (Ryube)
    Hidden Hamlet of the Ninjas (Rokkaku)
    Nahara Yan Kun (South Window)
    Barren Earth (Tinto)
    Children Playing in the Field (Toto)
    Everyday is a Carnival (Two River)
    If You Don't Work, You Can't Eat (Mercenary Fort)
    The Oppressed (Winger District)
    Forest of Confusion (Generic Dungeon Theme)
    "We Love Our Master" Fugae (Neclord's Castle)
    Kobold Dance (Gabocha and Gengen)
    Annallee's song (still looking for the title of this) (seems to be a 
      Spanish version and a Japanese version)
    Dance with Karen
    During you're performance, you can press select for some help.
    Round 1: 8 steps; Karen Statue A
    Round 2: 16 steps; Karen Statue B
    Round 3: 24 steps; 
    Round 4: 32 steps; 
    Round 5: 40 steps; 
         You get a different bath house based on your castle size.
       Level 1: Drum
       Level 2: Cypress
       Level 3: Marble
       Level 4: Jungle
       Special: Open Air (use the bath house 20 times)
         By placing certain item combinations, you get different effects.
    6 Hex Dolls
    6 Hex Dolls and 2 Graffiti
    6 Octopus Urns (with Abizboah and/or Rulodia)
         There are hidden scenes in the bath house (must be accessed with 
    only those participating in the scene)
    Flik & Viktor
    Rope Climbing (located north of Hai Yo's)
         You can climb a cliff to win prizes.  Also, if you don't like the
    prize list, you can say "no" and talk to the guy again for a new list.
       You can roll a die to advance 2-6 spaces or slide back to your last 
    mark or you can place a mark.  You race against three clones.  First 
    to the top wins.
    [Weapon] League      -  1000
     Rare Items: Rose Bouquet, Cup of Promise
    [Hero Name] League   -  5000
     Rare Items: Blue Dragon Urn, Boulder Set, Secret Writings, Lubricating 
      Oil, Ninja Suit, Invincible Smile, Leisure Suit
    [Castle Name] League - 10000
     Rare Items: Taikyoku Wear, Sexy Wink, Dog Whistle, Ninja Suit, 
      Sunglasses, Turtle Plans #4, Millet Dumplings
    Scroll Making
         Raura will make a single crystal into a collection of scrolls.  
    Each crystal makes one list, as shown below.
      Wind of Sleep x8  - 2 scrolls
      Healing Wind x5   - 1 scrolls
      The Shredding x4  - 1 scroll
      Clay Guardian x8  - 2 scrolls
      Revenge Earth x6  - 1 scroll
      Canopy Defense x3 - 1 scroll
      Flaming Arrows x6 - 2 scrolls
      Fire Wall x 4     - 1 scroll
      Dancing Flames x2 - 1 scroll
      Kindness Drops x7 - 2 scrolls
      Protect Mist x6   - 1 scroll
      Kindness Rain x3  - 1 scroll
      Angry Blow x8     - 1 scroll
      Thunder Runner x4 - 1 scroll
      Bolt of Wrath x2  - 1 scroll
    Mother Earth
      Clay Guardian x8  - 3 scrolls
      Revenge Earth x8  - 1 scroll
      Canopy Defense x5 - 1 scroll
      Flaming Arrows x8 - 3 scrolls
      Fire Wall x4      - 1 scroll
      Dancing Flames x6 - 1 scroll
      Kindness Drops x5 - 2 scrolls
      Protect Mist x4   - 1 scroll
      Kindness Rain x2  - 1 scroll
      Wind of Sleep x6  - 2 scrolls
      Healing Wind x3   - 2 scrolls
      The Shredding x2  - 1 scroll
    Beginner - Mole Helmet
    Regular  - Mole Shield
    Hard     - Mole Suit
    Ultimate - Any of the three Mole items
         Jude offers to sculpt a guardian deity.  This is where the plans 
    come in.  Here's what you can make
    Guardian Deity
    Head        Body        Legs        Tail        Prize
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Rabbit      Rabbit      Stone of Magic
    Turtle      Turtle      Turtle      Turtle      110000 potch
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Unicorn     Unicorn     Blue Gate Crystal
    Dragon      Dragon      Dragon      Dragon      Dragon Incense
    Rabbit and Turtle
    Rabbit      Turtle      Rabbit      Rabbit      Escape Talisman
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Turtle      Rabbit      The Shredding x6
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Rabbit      Turtle      66000 potch
    Rabbit      Turtle      Turtle      Rabbit      Healing Wind x9
    Rabbit      Turtle      Rabbit      Turtle      Prosperity Crystal & 
                                                     Fortune Crystal
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Turtle      Turtle      74000 potch
    Rabbit      Turtle      Turtle      Turtle      Fine Bone China
    Turtle      Rabbit      Rabbit      Rabbit      Wine
    Turtle      Turtle      Rabbit      Rabbit      Red Curry x6
    Turtle      Rabbit      Turtle      Rabbit      Cyclone Crystal
    Turtle      Rabbit      Rabbit      Turtle      83000 potch
    Turtle      Turtle      Turtle      Rabbit      Canopy Defense x9
    Turtle      Rabbit      Turtle      Turtle      78000 potch
    Turtle      Turtle      Rabbit      Turtle      98000 potch
    Rabbit and Unicorn
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Rabbit      Rabbit      Ship Combo x8
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Unicorn     Rabbit      Dancing Flames x6
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Rabbit      Unicorn     Wind Crystal 
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Unicorn     Rabbit      Japanese Curry x6
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Rabbit      Unicorn     Phero Crystal
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Unicorn     Unicorn     Warrior Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Unicorn     Unicorn     Medicine Crystal
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Rabbit      Rabbit      Fortune Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Rabbit      Rabbit      Kindness Rain x6
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Unicorn     Rabbit      Goldlet
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Rabbit      Unicorn     Hazy Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Unicorn     Rabbit      Antitoxin x4
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Unicorn     Unicorn     Sylph Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Rabbit      Unicorn     Kite Crystal
    Rabbit and Dragon
    Rabbit      Dragon      Rabbit      Rabbit      Fire Wall x9
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Dragon      Rabbit      Chinese Noodles x8
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Rabbit      Dragon      Chaos Shield
    Rabbit      Dragon      Dragon      Rabbit      Nanami's Vase
    Rabbit      Dragon      Rabbit      Dragon      Lucky Ring
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Dragon      Dragon      Boots
    Rabbit      Dragon      Dragon      Dragon      Lucky Ring
    Dragon      Rabbit      Rabbit      Rabbit      Revenge Earth x6
    Dragon      Dragon      Rabbit      Rabbit      Protection Mist x9
    Dragon      Rabbit      Dragon      Rabbit      Dragon Incense & 
                                                     Fortune Crystal
    Dragon      Rabbit      Rabbit      Dragon      Full Helmet
    Dragon      Dragon      Dragon      Rabbit      Medicine x6
    Dragon      Rabbit      Dragon      Dragon      Circuret
    Dragon      Dragon      Rabbit      Dragon      Leather Hat
    Turtle and Unicorn
    Turtle      Unicorn     Turtle      Turtle      65000 potch
    Turtle      Turtle      Unicorn     Turtle      120000 potch
    Turtle      Turtle      Turtle      Unicorn     Earth Crystal
    Turtle      Unicorn     Unicorn     Turtle      31000 potch
    Turtle      Unicorn     Turtle      Unicorn     Mother Earth Crystal
    Turtle      Turtle      Unicorn     Unicorn     Magic Drain Crystal
    Turtle      Unicorn     Unicorn     Unicorn     Wizard Crystal
    Unicorn     Turtle      Turtle      Turtle      72000 potch
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Turtle      Turtle      72000 potch
    Unicorn     Turtle      Unicorn     Turtle      22000 potch
    Unicorn     Turtle      Turtle      Unicorn     Hunter Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Unicorn     Turtle      22000 potch
    Unicorn     Turtle      Unicorn     Unicorn     Blue Gate Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Turtle      Unicorn     Hunter Crystal
    Turtle and Dragon
    Turtle      Dragon      Dragon      Dragon      Silver Armor
    Turtle      Turtle      Dragon      Dragon      Master Robe
    Turtle      Dragon      Turtle      Dragon      Windspun Armor
    Turtle      Dragon      Dragon      Turtle      Dragon Armor (x2)
    Turtle      Turtle      Turtle      Dragon      Earth Armor
    Turtle      Dragon      Turtle      Turtle      88000 potch
    Turtle      Turtle      Dragon      Turtle      Prosperity Crystal
    Dragon      Turtle      Dragon      Dragon      Full Helmet
    Dragon      Dragon      Turtle      Dragon      2 Bandana
    Dragon      Dragon      Dragon      Turtle      Hex Doll
    Dragon      Turtle      Turtle      Dragon      Half Helmet
    Dragon      Turtle      Dragon      Turtle      Gold Bar x2
    Dragon      Dragon      Turtle      Turtle      15000 potch
    Dragon      Turtle      Turtle      Turtle      Gold Bar
    Unicorn and Dragon
    Unicorn     Dragon      Unicorn     Unicorn     Viper Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Dragon      Unicorn     Water Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Unicorn     Dragon      Rose Brooch
    Unicorn     Dragon      Dragon      Unicorn     Knight Crystal
    Unicorn     Dragon      Unicorn     Dragon      Horned Helm
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Dragon      Dragon      Goldlet
    Unicorn     Dragon      Dragon      Dragon      Wing Ornament
    Dragon      Unicorn     Unicorn     Unicorn     Skunk Crystal
    Dragon      Dragon      Unicorn     Unicorn     Fury Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Dragon      Unicorn     Rage Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Unicorn     Dragon      Silver Hat
    Dragon      Dragon      Dragon      Unicorn     Fire Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Dragon      Dragon      Bandana
    Dragon      Dragon      Unicorn     Dragon      Flame Helmet
    Rabbit, Turtle, and Unicorn
    Rabbit      Turtle      Unicorn     Rabbit      Stone of Magic Defense
    Rabbit      Turtle      Rabbit      Unicorn     Wind Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Turtle      Rabbit      Sukiyaki x8
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Turtle      Unicorn     Earth Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Rabbit      Turtle      2 Pearl
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Unicorn     Turtle      13000 potch
    Rabbit      Turtle      Turtle      Unicorn     Water Crystal
    Rabbit      Turtle      Unicorn     Turtle      63000 potch
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Turtle      Turtle      34000 potch
    Rabbit      Turtle      Unicorn     Unicorn     Fire Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Turtle      Unicorn     Resurrection Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Unicorn     Turtle      14000 potch
    Turtle      Unicorn     Rabbit      Rabbit      2 Octopus Urn
    Turtle      Rabbit      Unicorn     Rabbit      Pancakes x9
    Turtle      Rabbit      Rabbit      Unicorn     Water Crystal
    Turtle      Turtle      Unicorn     Rabbit      Wind of Sleep x9
    Turtle      Turtle      Rabbit      Unicorn     Kindness Crystal
    Turtle      Unicorn     Turtle      Rabbit      Stone of Defense
    Turtle      Rabbit      Turtle      Unicorn     Dryad Crystal
    Turtle      Unicorn     Rabbit      Turtle      72000 potch
    Turtle      Rabbit      Unicorn     Turtle      28000 potch
    Turtle      Unicorn     Unicorn     Rabbit      Boulder Set & Toy Boat
    Turtle      Unicorn     Rabbit      Unicorn     Sleep Crystal
    Turtle      Rabbit      Unicorn     Unicorn     Exertion Crystal
    Unicorn     Turtle      Rabbit      Rabbit      Kindness Rain x6
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Turtle      Rabbit      Rising Sun Bento x9
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Rabbit      Turtle      11000 potch
    Unicorn     Turtle      Turtle      Rabbit      Mega Medicine x9
    Unicorn     Turtle      Rabbit      Turtle      16000 potch
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Turtle      Turtle      35000 potch
    Unicorn     Turtle      Unicorn     Rabbit      Antitoxin
    Unicorn     Turtle      Rabbit      Unicorn     Kite Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Turtle      Rabbit      Mega Medicine x9
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Turtle      Unicorn     Chimera Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Rabbit      Turtle      16000 potch
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Unicorn     Turtle      9000 potch
    Rabbit, Turtle, and Dragon
    Rabbit      Turtle      Dragon      Rabbit      Mega Medicine x3
    Rabbit      Turtle      Rabbit      Dragon      Speed Ring
    Rabbit      Dragon      Turtle      Rabbit      Needle x4
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Turtle      Dragon      Wooden Shield
    Rabbit      Dragon      Rabbit      Turtle      14000 potch
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Dragon      Turtle      22000 potch
    Rabbit      Turtle      Turtle      Dragon      Earth Shield
    Rabbit      Turtle      Dragon      Turtle      58000 potch
    Rabbit      Dragon      Turtle      Turtle      56000 potch
    Rabbit      Turtle      Dragon      Dragon      Mangosh
    Rabbit      Dragon      Turtle      Dragon      Kite Shield
    Rabbit      Dragon      Dragon      Turtle      57000 potch
    Turtle      Dragon      Rabbit      Rabbit      2 Medicine x6
    Turtle      Rabbit      Dragon      Rabbit      Tonkatsu x9
    Turtle      Rabbit      Rabbit      Dragon      Blood Armor
    Turtle      Turtle      Dragon      Rabbit      Throat Drops x4
    Turtle      Turtle      Rabbit      Dragon      Half Plate
    Turtle      Dragon      Turtle      Rabbit      The Shredding x6
                                                     Bolt of Wrath x6
    Turtle      Rabbit      Turtle      Dragon      Taikyoku Wear
    Turtle      Dragon      Rabbit      Turtle      63000 potch
    Turtle      Rabbit      Dragon      Turtle      55000 potch
    Turtle      Dragon      Dragon      Rabbit      Boulder Set
    Turtle      Dragon      Rabbit      Dragon      Scale Mail
    Turtle      Rabbit      Dragon      Dragon      Robe of Mist 
    Dragon      Turtle      Rabbit      Rabbit      Stone of Luck
    Dragon      Rabbit      Turtle      Rabbit      Bolt of Wrath
    Dragon      Rabbit      Rabbit      Turtle      12000 potch
    Dragon      Turtle      Turtle      Rabbit      Beefsteak x6
    Dragon      Turtle      Rabbit      Turtle      35000 potch
    Dragon      Rabbit      Turtle      Turtle      39000 potch
    Dragon      Turtle      Dragon      Rabbit      Kindness Drop x9
    Dragon      Turtle      Rabbit      Dragon      Feathered Hat
    Dragon      Dragon      Turtle      Rabbit      Flaming Arrows x9
    Dragon      Rabbit      Turtle      Dragon      Half Helmet
    Dragon      Dragon      Rabbit      Turtle      8000 potch
    Dragon      Rabbit      Dragon      Turtle      17000 potch
    Rabbit, Unicorn, and Dragon
    Rabbit      Dragon      Unicorn     Rabbit      2 Boots
    Rabbit      Dragon      Rabbit      Unicorn     Fire Sealing Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Dragon      Rabbit      Angry Blow x9
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Dragon      Unicorn     Lightning Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Rabbit      Dragon      Magic Ring
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Unicorn     Dragon      Steel Shield
    Rabbit      Dragon      Dragon      Unicorn     Draining Crystal
    Rabbit      Dragon      Unicorn     Dragon      Fire Emblem
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Dragon      Dragon      Sun Badge
    Rabbit      Dragon      Unicorn     Unicorn     Barrier Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Dragon      Unicorn     Darkness Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Unicorn     Dragon      Silver Shield
    Unicorn     Dragon      Rabbit      Rabbit      Toy Boat
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Dragon      Rabbit      Revenge Earth x9
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Rabbit      Dragon      Gold Emblem
    Unicorn     Dragon      Dragon      Rabbit      Flaming Sea x6
    Unicorn     Dragon      Rabbit      Dragon      Gloves
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Dragon      Dragon      Guard Ring
    Unicorn     Dragon      Unicorn     Rabbit      Tekka-Don x8
    Unicorn     Dragon      Rabbit      Unicorn     Lion Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Dragon      Rabbit      Stone of Skill
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Dragon      Unicorn     Unicorn Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Rabbit      Dragon      Power Ring
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Unicorn     Dragon      Star Earrings
    Dragon      Unicorn     Rabbit      Rabbit      Raw Tomato x9
    Dragon      Rabbit      Unicorn     Rabbit      Pointed Hat
    Dragon      Rabbit      Rabbit      Unicorn     Titan Crystal
    Dragon      Dragon      Unicorn     Rabbit      Stone of Speed
    Dragon      Dragon      Rabbit      Unicorn     Double Strike Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Dragon      Rabbit      Flaming Arrows x9
    Dragon      Rabbit      Dragon      Unicorn     Counter Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Rabbit      Dragon      Silver Hat
    Dragon      Rabbit      Unicorn     Dragon      Pointed Hat
    Dragon      Unicorn     Unicorn     Rabbit      Clay Guardian
    Dragon      Unicorn     Rabbit      Unicorn     Fire Sealing Crystal
    Dragon      Rabbit      Unicorn     Unicorn     Spark Crystal
    Turtle, Unicorn, and Dragon
    Turtle      Unicorn     Dragon      Dragon      Thunder God Garb
    Turtle      Dragon      Unicorn     Dragon      Master Garb
    Turtle      Dragon      Dragon      Unicorn     Fire Lizard Crystal
    Turtle      Turtle      Unicorn     Dragon      Magic Robe
    Turtle      Turtle      Dragon      Unicorn     Friendship Crystal
    Turtle      Unicorn     Turtle      Dragon      Ninja Suit
    Turtle      Dragon      Turtle      Unicorn     Silence Crystal
    Turtle      Unicorn     Dragon      Turtle      34000 potch
    Turtle      Dragon      Unicorn     Turtle      32000 potch
    Turtle      Unicorn     Unicorn     Dragon      Knight Armor
    Turtle      Unicorn     Dragon      Unicorn     Down Crystal
    Turtle      Dragon      Unicorn     Unicorn     Technique Crystal
    Unicorn     Turtle      Dragon      Dragon      Goldlet
    Unicorn     Dragon      Turtle      Dragon      Crimson Cape
    Unicorn     Dragon      Dragon      Turtle      8000 potch
    Unicorn     Turtle      Turtle      Dragon      Wind Amulet
    Unicorn     Turtle      Dragon      Turtle      19000 potch
    Unicorn     Dragon      Turtle      Turtle      Landscape Painting
    Unicorn     Turtle      Unicorn     Dragon      Rose Brooch
    Unicorn     Turtle      Dragon      Unicorn     Water Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Turtle      Dragon      Wind Amulet
    Unicorn     Dragon      Turtle      Unicorn     Great Hawk Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Dragon      Turtle      19000 potch
    Unicorn     Dragon      Unicorn     Turtle      16000 potch
    Dragon      Turtle      Unicorn     Dragon      Wind Hat
    Dragon      Turtle      Dragon      Unicorn     Dragon Incense & Blue
                                                     Gate Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Turtle      Dragon      Circuret
    Dragon      Dragon      Turtle      Unicorn     Rage Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Dragon      Turtle      15000 potch
    Dragon      Dragon      Unicorn     Turtle      9000 potch
    Dragon      Turtle      Turtle      Unicorn     Killer Crystal
    Dragon      Turtle      Unicorn     Turtle      36000 potch
    Dragon      Unicorn     Turtle      Turtle      32000 potch
    Dragon      Turtle      Unicorn     Unicorn     Double Beat Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Turtle      Unicorn     Firefly Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Unicorn     Turtle      22000 potch
    Rabbit, Turtle, Unicorn, and Dragon
    Rabbit      Turtle      Unicorn     Dragon      Winged Boots
    Rabbit      Turtle      Dragon      Unicorn     Earth Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Turtle      Dragon      Fish Badge
    Rabbit      Dragon      Turtle      Unicorn     Balance Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Dragon      Turtle      8800 potch
    Rabbit      Dragon      Unicorn     Turtle      22000 potch
    Turtle      Rabbit      Unicorn     Dragon      Full Plate
    Turtle      Rabbit      Dragon      Unicorn     Nymph Crystal
    Turtle      Unicorn     Rabbit      Dragon      Dream Robe
    Turtle      Dragon      Rabbit      Unicorn     Poison Crystal
    Turtle      Unicorn     Dragon      Rabbit      2 Hex Doll
    Turtle      Dragon      Unicorn     Rabbit      Dancing Flames x6 &
                                                     Kindness Rain x6
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Turtle      Dragon      Iron Boots
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Dragon      Turtle      39000 potch
    Unicorn     Turtle      Rabbit      Dragon      Power Ring
    Unicorn     Dragon      Rabbit      Turtle      17000 potch
    Unicorn     Turtle      Dragon      Rabbit      Stone of Skill
    Unicorn     Dragon      Turtle      Rabbit      Chick
    Dragon      Rabbit      Turtle      Unicorn     Gale Crystal
    Dragon      Rabbit      Unicorn     Turtle      22000 potch
    Dragon      Turtle      Rabbit      Unicorn     Wall Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Rabbit      Turtle      17000 potch
    Dragon      Turtle      Unicorn     Rabbit      Tom Yum Soup x9
    Dragon      Unicorn     Turtle      Rabbit      Thunder Runner x9
         Make a messed up statue to see people's reactions.  Also, after 
    making the Guardian Deity you can have Jude make another one as often 
    as you please, but you only get a gift once.
    Window Making
    Tenkou starts with 3 windows, each Window Set adds another option.
    Connell changes the sound setting.
    Red      Starts      
    Yellow   Starts      
    Green    Starts      
    Blue     Set #1
    Purple   Set #2
    Cyan     Set #5
    Pink     Set #6
    Sky Blue Set #7
         Tony makes food for the kitchen provided you bring him seeds.
         Yuzu raises sheep, cows, chickens and pigs that all provide 
    product for use in the kitchen.
    XV)    Miscellaneous
    Old Book Locations
    Vol. 1:  Genkaku's house in Kyaro on a dresser
    Vol. 2:  Sindar Ruins
    Vol. 3:  Rare Find in South Window's item store
    Vol. 4:  Anabelle's mansion in Muse
    Vol. 5:  Greenhill's academy, on the 2nd room to the left on the 1st 
             floor on the rightmost section of the bookshelf
    Vol. 6:  From a man in the Forest Village trading post
    Vol. 7:  On shelf near McDohl's bust in Gregminster
    Vol. 8:  Tigermouth Village on a bookshelf
    Vol. 9:  Cave to Tinto Mines
    Vol. 10: From a man in the basement of Greenhill's dormitory
    Vol. 11: In the downstairs portion of Rockaxe's item store
    Vol. 12: From someone in Muse's tavern/inn after you liberate it
    Window Set Locations
    #1: Dropped by Tiger
    #2: Dropped by Air Lizards
    #5: Cave to Tinto mines
    #6: A rare find in Greenhill's item store
    #7: L'Renouille
    Sound Set Locations
    #1: From Elza in Muse
    #2: Dropped by Doremi Elf
    #5: A rare find in Radat's item store
    #6: From a ninja in Rokkaku
    #7: From Connell's sister
    Recipe Location:
    #1:  Hai Yo starts with it
    #2:  Win the cook-off against Yu Kum
    #3:  Huan in Muse gives you this after Tuta joins
    #4:  Hai Yo starts with it
    #5:  A man in the tavern of Coronet will give this to you
    #6:  Hai Yo starts with it
    #7:  Hai Yo starts with it
    #8:  Win the cook-off against Goetsu
    #9:  On the bookshelf in the north most house in Kuskus
    #10: Hai Yo starts with it
    #11: A rare find in Kuskus's item store
    #12: Dropped by Eagle Man
    #13: In the elder's house of Kobold Village
    #14: The cook in Radat (restaurant) gives you this
    #15: Hai Yo starts with it
    #16: In Taki's house (Lakewest)
    #17: Win the cook-off against Shiki
    #18: A rare find in Radat
    #19: Win the cook-off against Ryuki
    #20: A woman in the inn of Greenhill gives you this
    #21: Dropped by Land Shark
    #22: Win the cook-off against Ryuko
    #23: A rare find in Two River City
    #24: Win the cook-off against Bashok
    #25: A rare find in Greenhill's item store
    #26: A rare find in Highway Village
    #27: Win the cook-off against Gyokuran
    #28: A rare find in Gregminster's item store
    #29: Dropped by Zombie Slug
    #30: Win the cook-off against Antonio
    #31: A rare find in Kobold Village's item store
    #32: Kent's mother gives you this after the Dragon Quest
    #33: Win the cook-off against Lester
    #34: Dropped by Doremi elves in Greenhill's forest
    #35: A rare find in Muse's item store
    #36: Dropped by Highlands in Rockaxe
    #37: Bookshelf in Gorudo's room
    #38: Win the cook-off against Retso
    #39: See Gremio at Lester's behest
    #40: Win the cook-off against Jinkai
    Hammer Locations
    Iron:   Buy this from a man in Forest Village's armory for 2000 P
    Copper: A guard in Gregminster gives this to you
    Silver: After liberating Greenhill & getting Tessai, his student will 
             give you this (Greenhill)
    Gold:   A rare find in Sajah's item store (north west of L'Renouille)
    Plans Locations
    Dragon #1: Jude has it
           #2: Mt. Rakutei
           #3: Tinto
           #4: Rockaxe Castle
    Rabbit #1: Jude has it
           #2: A rare find in Highway Village
           #3: A rare find in Banner Village's item store
           #4: A rare find in Greenhill's item store after liberation
    Turtle #1: Dropped by Rockadillo
           #2: Dropped by Ragged One
           #3: Dropped by Hawk Man
           #4: Rock Climbing prize
    Unicorn#1: Jude has it
           #2: Mt. Rakutei
           #3: Tinto
           #4: Rockaxe Castle
    Livestock Locations
    Calf -   Drakemouth Village (6000)
             Highway Village (7000)
             Highway Village (5000) after taking Rockaxe
    Chick -  Tigermouth Village
             Lakewest Beach
             Yuzu starts with one
    Lamb -   Forest Village (4000)
             Kobold Village ()
             Sajah Village rare find ()
             Yuzu starts with 3 sheep
    Piglet - Radat (5000)
             Rokkaku (6000)
             Greenhill, next to academy after liberation
    Vegetable Locations
    Cabbage - In a barrel in Lakewest
              In the rear of the box with a bag on it in the empty storage 
               room in Drakemouth Village
              Tony starts with one
    Potato -  From a woman in Banner Village
              Dropped by Papa Holly.
              Tony starts with one
    Spinach - From Susu after Chaco joins
              Elder from Forest Village gives you this after Tony joins
              Dropped by Eye Flower
    Tomato -  A rare find in Banner Village's item store
              From a man in Gregminster for 700 P
              From a child in Tigermouth Village
    Free Items
    1) Search the Bonsai in South Window near the Stone Garden and find a 
    Friendship Crystal
    2) Search the basket with plants in it by the dock in Lakewest to find 
    the Kindness Crystal
    3) Search the urn next to the elder's house in Kobold Village to find 
    an Exertion Crystal
    4) The elder of Crom will give you a Sunbeam Crystal after you slay 
    5) Gustav will give you a Mother Earth Crystal after Neclord is dead.
    6) After liberating Greenhill, the rune teacher gives you a Rage 
    7) Silver Armor is given to you by Muse's weapon store clerk.
    8) The runemaster in Muse upstairs from the store gives you a Flowing 
    9) After the flag area in Rockaxe, keep going right to Gorudo's room.  
    You'll find the Thunder Rune (from the guard outside), Earth Armor and 
    Recipe #37.
    10) Back in Kyaro, if you search the tree that Mukumuku was in, you'll 
    find a Hunter Crystal, Trio Painting, and 30 P, plus every time you 
    search again, you get scene of your hero looking off in the distance.  
    This is only possible after the Beast Rune has been defeated.
    Combat notes
    1) In about 1 in 10 Family ATK, Nanami will goof around instead of 
    fighting.  The result is your hero doing double damage, Nanami doing 
    none, and Nanami not being off-balance.  Nanami is also healed.  A 
    mixed blessing.
    2) Couples and family will block for each other if the one is weak.  
    Also, if the one falls, there is a good chance that the other will 
    become berserk.  Examples of this include the Hero and Nanami, Yoshino 
    and Freed Y, Tsai and Tomo, Hix and Tengaar.
    3) Healing and defensive spells are cast at a faster speed than 
    attack spells and weapons
    4) Sleeping monsters and characters receive double damage and can always 
    be hit
    5) You can negate the damage from the Fire Dragon Rune with the Fire 
    Sealing Rune, or reduce it through the Fire Emblem
    Pure Maiden List
    Other stuff
    1) Richmond will uncover secrets about your companions or figure out 
    how to make others join... for a price.
    2) For some reason, I got a bug in McDohl's name.  I named him Hiryu, 
    but in Suikoden 2, his name is listed as HcDhol.  :(  Also, it seems 
    the name of the castle is similarly messed up.  Effectively, the name 
    McDohl gets replaced by your capital letters in the original.  Thus 
    Hiryu becomes HcDohl, while LUNE would be LUNEhl.  Castle probably 
    works the same way.
    3) Maximum potch is 999,999
    4) Ridley's son, Boris, replaces him if he died against Neclord.
    5) The Hunter Rune makes your character do one point of damage, and 
    requires you to kill your foes with that attack.  With a 5% chance to 
    hit, you'll be in a single battle for hours, and Thunder Amulets do 
    not help your accuracy any.  Basically, this Rune is a novelty and 
    nothing else.  If you get one via the Guardian Deity, you can make use
    of it.  Put it one a weak attacker, and form a party.  You'll want the
    Wind Rune for the Wind of Sleep spell on some character.  Go fight a 
    battle and put the enemy to sleep.  Now the Hunter Rune character can 
    hit it.  Finish the monster off and get the item.  Note: the Bright 
    Shield spell Shining Light seems to negate the Hunter Rune.
    6) Rare Finds re-randomize every half hour game play
    7) You can reach the upstairs of the item shop in Radat that the woman 
    will not let you pass by having Viki teleport you.  If she makes a 
    mistake, there's a chance you'll end up here.  You'll find: Dragon 
    Armor, Mole Suit, Mega Medicine (9), Gold Emblem, and a Blue Gate 
    8) Level 60 is your last level of full stat gain.  After that, all stat 
    gains are half.
    XVI) Side Quests
    1) Finding Bonaparte
         Head into the forest with Millie (leaving makes her leave the 
    party, so don't bother trying to upgrade her weapon yet).  On the left 
    path is a nest with a baby bird in it.  You can put the nest back up.  
    Continue down that path to find a Gauntlet and a Leather Cape.  
    Further on across a wood bridge is a cabin.  It looks like a 
    blacksmith's place, but no one is home.  Head back to the first branch 
    and go right.  On the way back, you'll meet Shiro (a white wolf) and 
    Kinnison.  They join you if you helped the baby bird.  Next, go right.
    Bonaparte is there but flees in deeper.  Bonaparte is in the next 
    screen, but attacks when Millie gets close.
       Fight:  Bonaparte
    HP: 600
         He hits for about 30 damage.  Just use strong attacks and combos 
    and heal with Medicines, and you should win.
         Millie recovers her pet and rejoins your team after the battle.  
    Also, she can now use her rune.
    2) Getting Clive
         In one alley in Muse, you'll encounter Elza who gives you two 
    packages.  Shortly after, Clive appears and is looking for her.  On 
    the way out Elza rewards you with Sound Set #1.  Clive then arrives.  
    He says he's come to get her.  Elza fires at him and retreats.  Clive 
    rushes after.  The next time you meet Clive will be in South Window 
    here he wants to get to Lakewest. Once you have a boat, he'll join.
    3) Hunting Elza.
    * NOTE:  If you wish to complete this subquest in time and save 
    Nanami, you'll need to do the following (you might be able to get by 
    without following 1-5):
       1) efficiently recruit members (not jump around randomly)
       2) pick Kasumi over Valeria so you can get Sasuke and Mondo early 
    on and get you castle level up to max asap.
       3) pray the Rose Brooch shows up in Banner in a timely fashion
       4) previously collected 4 Celadon Urns (one for Lebrante, and three 
    to trade to Gordon)
       5) skip the McDohl subquest (you could do this and use McDohl with 
    Soul Eater to blitz through some battles.)
       6) race through the game without reading dialogue
         More likely than not, this rushing through the game will minimize 
    your enjoyment, and one wrench in the network is enough to make this 
    impossible.  This is a speed based quest based on your total hours of 
    game play which includes other quests and screen fade-in and fade-
    outs.  Overall, it is very frustrating. *
         Take Clive to Lakewest and talk to a man in the inn.  Seems she's 
    ahead of you.  If you get there in time, you'll get a letter from her.  
    The letter says that she's headed for Forest Village.  Go there before 
    your trip to Greenhill, and you'll see Elza next to the large tree in 
    the upper part of the village.  However, it turns out that Elza had 
    left this girl to dress like her to throw Clive off.  The girl gives 
    you the next lead - Matilda.  Informants in Matilda tell you she
    headed off for Radat.  There, Elza and Clive will have a shoot out in 
    which Clive will be badly injured and Elza will escape.  Later, you'll 
    find Elza on the Jowston Hilltop, where she tells Clive to meet her in 
    a town west of L'Renouille (Sajah).  You must get here in under 20 
    hours of game play, or she will not be there.  This will be their final
    4) Getting Hix and Tengaar.
          You should find Hix and Tengaar in the inn at Lakewest after 
    joining with Two River City.  The two will leave for Kobold Village.  
    Later, go to Kobold Village (south of Two River City) and go to the 
    elder's house.  Hix and Tengaar should be there.  Tengaar wants Hix to 
    pass the Unicorn's Test.  Hix doesn't want to.  The next morning, go 
    back and Tengaar should be sick (well, not really).  The elder says 
    that she's been stricken by the Unicorn Curse, and that only three 
    items brought to the Unicorn woods will save her.
          You need to bring three items to the Unicorn Woods.  They are 
    the Blue Stone (South Window), Red Flower (Cave of Wind), and a Green 
    Bell (Sewers).  Take each if these items back to Kobold Village.  
    After retrieving all three, Tengaar will be missing.  She is at 
    Unicorn Woods.  You need to go there with the three items and fight 
    the Unicorn to find her.
         Take the first right branch to find a Necklace.  Left takes you 
    to another fork.  Go left and down for a Necklace.  Another Necklace 
    can be found on the northern path.  Head right.  After a screen, you 
    can take an upper right path to yet another Necklace.  The bottom path 
    will take you on a windy path to the elder, Tengaar, and a few 
    kobolds.  As you chat with the chief, the Unicorn appears.  The 
    unicorn says it will take Tengaar, but Hix stands up to it.  This 
    allows Hix and Tengaar to pass the test.  They now join you.  If you 
    return to the Unicorn Tree later (like helping Yuzu), you can find a 
    Mangosh and a Guard Ring.
    5) Cooking Contest
         About after the Greenhill rescue, a cook named Yu Kum will 
    challenge Hai Yo to a cooking contest.  You need to make three meals - 
    appetizer, main course, and desert.  You will be judged by a panel of 
    four.  Try to cater to your judges tastes as much as possible.  You 
    can also quicken your prep time by rapidly pressing X.  You just need 
    to score overall higher.  Winning nets you the Tomato Soup recipe.  
    Later cooking battles occur periodically.  Other opponents are Goetsu 
    (Buttered Clams), Shiki (Cake),  Ryuki (Pasta), Bashok (Fried Rice), 
    Ryuko (Gratin), Antonio (Ramen), Gyokuran (Tonkatsu), Lester (Sushi), 
    Retso (Sashimi Combo), and Jinkai (Kaiseki).
         As things progress, Hai Yo's past comes back to haunt him.  Just 
    who is the Black Dragon Group?  Apparently, Hai Yo took a recipe (Moon 
    Bird) that he shouldn't have taken, and now the 'Group' wants him.  
    When you face Gyokuran, she has stolen your recipes.  When Retso 
    comes, prepare to lose as his meals get strait 5's.  Fortunately, he 
    promises to return.  After a bout with Lester, Retso returns.  This 
    will be a fair fight(?).  After beating Retso, Jinkai appears.  He 
    demands the recipe.  This is the final cook-off.  Beat him and Hai Yo 
    will rip up the recipe.  Jinkai will mellow out.  Watch the credits 
    that follow.
    6) Futch and Humphrey.
         You can meet Humphrey at the inn in Highway Village while your 
    visiting Matilda for the first time.
         After talking to Humphrey, you'll see a scene with Futch and 
    Kent.  Futch tells Kent his story of being a Dragon Knight and losing 
    his status.  Futch and Humphrey are on a quest to find a new dragon.  
    Ask Humphrey some questions.  He'll leave, but will pay for your 
    lodgings.  Outside the inn, Kent hears tale of a dragon in Rakutei 
    Mountain, north of Rockaxe.  Talk to Humphrey again and Futch will 
    return.  Rest at the inn.  Futch and Humphrey with several town 
    members are gathered looking for the missing Kent.  Offer to help find 
    Kent at Mt. Rakutei.  Place Humphrey and Futch in your party and head 
    to the mountain.  A barrier prevents your progress, but your rune 
    clears it.
         Run up the mountain.  Go left to get a Fur Cape.  Go back right, 
    and take the next right to find a scroll with Thunder Runner.  Now 
    take the remaining choice.  Next, take the right to find a Thunder 
    Amulet.  Then exit upward to the left.  Take the next left to find a 
    Stone of Power.  Next take the right.  Take the upper rout and find 
    2000 P in a chest to the right.  Further right is a Medicine Crystal.  
    Back left are Dragon Plans #2.  The lower rout takes you to Unicorn 
    Plans #2.  Continue around this area and find a passage east.  There 
    you'll find a Skill Ring.  Now exit through the higher east passage 
    after returning.  Head up.  Soon you'll find a save point.  At the 
    summit, you see Kent.  As you try to get near him, you are attacked.
       Boss: Harpy
    HP: 7500;  40000 P
         The harpy has two basic attacks and two spells.  One attack is a 
    quick slash with its talons for some damage.  Another is a swoop that 
    lifts up a character and drops them, making them unbalanced.  It also 
    has two wind spells that can be devastational especially if it uses 
    them for both its attacks. It's basically an endurance test.
         After beating it, you rescue Kent.  Futch says the rumor of a 
    dragon being here is bull, but Kent believes it.  Kent said Black's 
    scale lifted the mist for him.  Kent wants to press on and see if 
    there's a dragon, and Humphrey agrees.
         Follow Kent farther up the mountain.  you'll discover an egg.  
    Humphrey says it's probably a wild dragon egg, since it's not in a 
    dragon cave.  Futch then tells you that he doesn't want to ride 
    another dragon.  Humphrey says that if Futch feels that way, he'll 
    destroy the egg.  Futch tells him to wait.  The egg hatches, and a 
    little white dragon comes out.  Humphrey convinces Futch to adopt it.  
    Futch names it Bright.  They join you as you leave the mountain.
    7) Finding Rokkaku
         Rokkaku is fairly well hidden, but once you know where to look, 
    it's fairly easy.  Go towards Gregminster.  Climb the ladders to the 
    top of the mountain.  On the next screen, follow the path.  When it 
    curves to the right, keep along the lower edge of the forest.  In the 
    first dip, you should be able to pass down through the trees.  Now 
    keep heading south, and you'll find Rokkaku.
         Rokkaku is a hidden town of Ninja.  Entering here will have you 
    ambushed by ninja.  However, if you have Kasumi in your party, they 
    will allow you to stay.  She asks for Rokkaku's support against 
    Highland.  He gives you Mondo and Sasuke.  A ninja outside gives you 
    the Blinking Crystal.  In the trading post, a woman sells piglets for 
    3000 P, and a ninja gives you Sound Set #6.
    8) Running away with Nanami
         If you agree with her, you'll be taken outside Tinto with you 
    other two members.  You can't leave the region, so go to Crom where 
    you'll be taken to the elder.  Koyu will meet you there.  During your 
    trip, Tinto was attacked.  Marlowe reports to Koyu in the night that 
    Lo Wen and Lily were captured by Neclord.  In the morning, Crom will 
    be over-run with zombies.  You have the option of saving the towns 
    people from zombies.  Koyu and Marlowe help you escape.  More Zombies 
    attack Tigermouth Village.  Bright Shield will chase the zombies off.  
    You are weakened and Nanami carries you off.  On the path you will be 
    saved by Georg.  You recover and can talk to Georg.  He won't join you 
    yet. Head back down the mountain.
         At Drakemouth Village, you'll collapse again.  Nanami feels bad 
    for wanting to run away.  A commotion disturbs you.  Outside the house 
    you awakened in are Shu, Flik, and Apple.  Apple tells you Ridley died 
    in battle.  Neclord ambushed Tinto that night, and Ridley died looking 
    for you.  Shu will slap you for running off.  You'll need to take the 
    role of leader again.  Your other party members will leave and Nanami.  
    If you leave Drakemouth for the south, the game will end with a scene 
    of a cabin.
         Head back to Crom to meet Viktor.  He's at the elder's house with 
    Klaus and Gustav.  He gives you back the Blinking Mirror and sends you 
    to bed.  Talk to Viktor that night.  He tells you now is not the time 
    for tears over Ridley's death.  Also, Nanami's note has been kept 
    confidential to key personnel.  Koyu and Marlowe go off to try and 
    rescue Lilly and Lo Wen.
         Nanami wakes you up.  Viktor says that all will be underway when 
    Kahn and Sierra arrive.  From this point, it's basically the same as 
    if you did not run away in the night.
    XVII)   The 108 Stars of Destiny
    Tenkai     Hero                 Tengou      Ridley/Boris
    Tenki      Shu                  Tenkai      Luc
    Tenyu      Humphrey             Tenyu       Hauser
    Tenmou     Kiba                 Teni        Pesmerga
    Tenei      Sierra               Tenki       Teresa
    Tenfu      Nina                 Tenman      Monster 1*
    Tenko      Viktor               Tensyo      Valeria/Tomo
    Tenritsu   Fitcher              Tensyo      Clive
    Tenan      Flik                 Tenyu       Tsai
    Tenku      Jess                 Tensoku     Stallion
    Teni       Georg                Tensafu     Hanna
    Tenbi      Killey               Tenkyu      Anita
    Tentai     Monster 2*           Tenjyu      Nanami
    Tenken     Rina                 Tenhei      Tai Ho
    Tenzai     Eilie                Tenson      Yam Koo
    Tenpai     Bolgan               Tenrou      Hix
    Tensui     Tengaar              Tenbo       Freed Y
    Tenkoku    Yoshino              Tenkou      Chaco
    Chikai     Klaus                Chiretsu    Gilbert
    Chiyu      Tetsu                Chiketsu    Jeane
    Chiyu      Wakaba               Chii        Max
    Chiei      Genshu               Chiki       Camus
    Chimou     Miklotov             Chibun      Jude
    Chisei     Lebrante             Chikatsu    Lorelai
    Chitou     Tony                 Chikyou     Gijimu
    Chian      Rikimaru             Chijiku     Gantetsu
    Chikai     Simone               Chisa       Connell
    Chiyu      Hans                 Chirei      Huan
    Chijyu     Tuta                 Chibi       Futch
    Chikyu     Kasumi/Tomo          Chibaku     Badeaux
    Chizen     Mazus                Chikou      Mondo
    Chikyou    Sasuke               Chihi       Leona
    Chisou     Adlai                Chikou      Raura
    Chimei     Sheena               Chisin      Kinnison
    Chitai     Shiro                Chiman      Amada
    Chisui     Emilia               Chisyu      Zamza
    Chiin      Karen                Chii        Lo Wen
    Chiri      Tenkou               Chisyun     Gadget
    Chiraku    Annallee             Chitatsu    Viki
    Chisoku    Koyu                 Chichin     Vincent
    Chikei     Meg                  Chima       Mukumuku
    Chiyou     Marlowe              Chiyu       Richmond
    Chifuku    Apple                Chihi       L.C.Chan
    Chiku      Millie               Chiko       Tessai
    Chizen     Taki                 Chitan      Gengen
    Chikaku    Gabocha              Chisyu      Yuzu
    Chizou     Hai Yo               Chihei      Kahn
    Chison     Barbara              Chido       Sid
    Chisatsu   Shin                 Chiaku      Oulan
    Chisyu     Shilo                Chisu       Alex
    Chiin      Hilda                Chikei      Bob
    Chisou     Ayda                 Chiretsu    Pico
    Chiken     Alberto              Chikou      Templton
    Chizoku    Hoi                  Chikou      Gordon
    * the monsters are Feather, Sigfried, and Abizboah
    XVIII) Secrets
    1) Suikoden 1 data - must have saved at Gregminster before final boss.
         This gives returning characters bonus levels, better weapons, and 
    runes.  It is not required to find McDohl.
    2) Gremio and McDohl.
    Special Bonus, the McDohl Guide by my good friend Roric (my lesser 
    version appears below it).
    McDohl Guide
    Ver 1.5
    By:  Roric  (thedragoon@hotmail.com)
    What's new this time around:
    ~ Got some more definite info this time.
    ~ Got that girls name right this time.
    Note:  This guide should only be found in three places:
    1 - Accompanied by Sir Aronar's FAQ (which can be found at GameFAQs)
    2 - As a separate guide on GameFAQs
    3 - On my website, http://flik.interserver.net/
    If anyone finds this file someplace else other than in the three places
    specified, please let me know.  I promised Aronar that I would do this
    for him, and I am very weary about finding my work on other places.
    Also, I haven't thoroughly experimented with McDohl as much as I'd
    like to.  If anyone can provide information, then please, e-mail me
    as well.  (thedragoon@hotmail.com).
    DO NOT E-MAIL ME TO HELP YOU WITH THE GAME.  I got hundreds of e-mails 
    about asking for help.  It became just overwhelming.  So, rather than 
    help a few people out and leave some in the dark, I'm gonna leave 
    everyone in the dark.  So sorry.
    Also:  READ THE GUIDE, PEOPLE!   People who are telling me stuff on 
    why loading data isn't working (like you need to be at the last save 
    point in Gregminster) apparently aren't READING what I've TYPED.  So, 
    before you ask me any questions (which I probably won't reply to) or 
    e-mail me any facts, read this thing before you even attempt to 
    help me.
    Anyway, enough with the boring stuff.  Let's get to the fun stuff.
            It's true that you can use everyone's lovable Suikoden 1 hero
    in Suikoden 2.  And, if you play your cards right, you can even see
    Gremio as well.  You must have Suikoden 1 to even attempt this.
            There are some things you need to take care of first in
    Suikoden 1 however.  The thing that is definitely required is your 
    saved game must be at the last save point in Gregminster before you
    battle the Golden Hydra.
    (some people say that just having a saved game is enough.  I'm not 
    sure about this, so if you want to definitly want to have at least 
    McDohl in your party, have it how I described above.)
            If you have Gremio alive (get all 107 other stars before 
    Leknaat appears for the final time and she will bring him back to life),
    then there is an added bonus which I will explain later.  But, for the 
    time being, make sure that your last save is in Gregminster before the 
    last boss.
            When you start a new Suikoden 2 game, it will ask you if you 
    want to load in Suikoden 1 data.  The purpose for this is to see what
    requirements you have met in Suikoden 1.  If it sees that the save
    game you loaded in is at Gregminster, it will release the McDohl lock,
    and you can participate in his side quest.  The game will also detect
    if Gremio is alive.  If he is, the Gremio lock will also be released.
    ** Below this part contains some spoiler material.  Read at your own 
    risk **
            The soonest you can find McDohl is after your battle with Luca
    Blight.  As you would expect, he's still in the Toran Republic 
    somewhere, "living la vida loca" (okay, bad joke).
            Head to Banner Village after that battle, and talk to Ko, the
    kid who is obsessed with the current hero.  Now, if everything was done
    right, Ko should say how there is a McDohl look-alike staying at his
    inn, and all he does is go fishing all day.  Head to the docks behind
    the inn.
            Now, if you have all 108 stars in the previous game, Gremio 
    will stop you.  If not, Ellie will stop you.  Since Ellie plays the 
    role of Gremio in this side quest if you don't have him, I'll just 
    refer to Gremio and Ellie interchangeably.
            Talk to Ko again.  This time he'll tell you that he'll distract
    Gremio for you.  Talk to Gremio again, and he'll rush off to save Ko.
    This will free up the dock, and you'll get to see everyone's favorite
    hero, McDohl!  If any major members from Suikoden 1 are in your party
    (Viktor, Flik, Humphrey, etc...) They'll say things like "It's been
    a long time" and what have you.
            McDohl will join your party at this point to help save Ko, who
    has apparently got into more trouble than he planned.  Travel through
    the forest as if you were heading to Gregminster.  You will encounter
    another worm, but just when you think you've killed him, he'll evolve
    into a Poison Moth.
            It's safe to lose this battle.  In fact, I recommend you do.
    If you decide to lose this battle, you'll see the powers of the Soul 
    Eater and Bright Shield runes in action.  Their powers combine and
    destroy the Poison Moth.
            Head into Gregminster, and Dr. Liukan will treat the boy.
    President Lepant will offer the presidency to McDohl.  McDohl slowly
    crawls his way back from your party, and almost makes a break for it
    at Lepants offer.  Eileen will tell Lepant that young men like McDohl
    should be exploring the world and not cooped up in some air-tight 
    office making executive decisions.  Lepant understands, but makes
    McDohl promise to return some day.
            There are a few more cut scenes.  And then, the next morning, 
    You, McDohl, and co. head back to Banner Village.  When you reach
    Banner, McDohl and Gremio will head back to Gregminster, saying that
    they will stay there for the time being.  The cool part is that you can
    travel through the woods and back to Gregminster anytime and recruit
    McDohl for your party!
            If you're keeping up with the cooking mini-game, Gremio will 
    give you a recipe.  Is it a worthy trade off for reviving Gremio at 
    the end of Suikoden 1?  It may not sound like much, but you do get 
    this warm, cozy feeling inside of you, knowing you saved McDohl's 
    best friend at the end of the game.
            Many people have e-mailed me, saying that loading in their 
    Suikoden 1 data does not work.  Now, I'm not a smart man, so I don't
    know what's wrong.  Please don't e-mail me why its not working.  I'm
    no techie expert, I'm just a moron who likes McDohl.
    	The only thing I can suggest is make sure that all the 
    things I outlined above are true.  If that doesn't solve your problem, 
    and you can't load it in, then I'm sorry.  Like I said, I'm a moron, 
    and I can't solve your save card problems out.  Please don't e-mail 
    me about it, since your e-mail will probably just get lost then.
            The lowdown:
            Before things are even set in action, Konami messed things up.
    Even though Suikoden 2 was a great game, their translation sucked.  
    One of the things that was affected was the transferring of McDohl's
    name from Suikoden 1 to Suikoden 2.
    	For each capital letter you have in your McDohl's one name,
    will be transfered into McDohl's name in Suikoden 2.  So, if you name
    him Roric, like me, he would be RcDohl.  If you're like me, you
    probably named him using uppercase and lowercase letters.
    	If you used all capital letters, then you lucked out a little
    bit.  If you named him RORIC (see the difference?), then his name would
    override the first 5 letters of McDohl, and he'd be named RORICl.  If
    you named him ASH, he'd be named ASHohl.  If you named him GURNSEY, 
    then his name would be GURNSEY.
            Other than that little bit, Konami did a pretty good job of
    the transferring of stats and whatnot to Suikoden 2.  While he isn't the
    level 60 tank you left him as in Gregminster, his stats are toned down
    accordingly, to how the rest of your party is.  And even then, he's
    better than all the rest.
            It should be noted that McDohl is NOT one of the stars of
    destiny this time aroud, and is not required at all to get. Hence why
    this is a mini-quest.  Although, it makes you wonder what the Tenkai
    star is thinking, switching heroes like that.
            McDohl is a GREAT magic user.  Make sure that the Soul Eater 
    isn't the only rune he has equipped on him.  Unlike most other heavy
    magic users, his attack is as high (even higher in some cases) as
    Viktor's.  His defense rocks as well (about as high as Humphreys).
            It may seem tedious that you have to go through the forest
    to get to Gregminster just to get McDohl every time, but I think it's
    a fair trade-off.  After all, McDohl can easily become the best 
    character in your party.  Not only that, but the "Double Leader Attack"
    is great for killing off groups of enemies rather quickly.  It's not
    as strong as the buddy attack, but it gets the job done.
    Thanks to:
    SirAronar (sir_aronar@msn.com) - For letting me write for his FAQ and 
    giving me something to write about.
    Jeremy Steimel (locke@one-eleven.net) - For giving me additional info
    about McDohl.  
    Joshua Grand (medion@home.com) - For actually giving me some information
    on how some people's stats are transfered, instead of just saying I'm
    xeglon (xeglon@earthlink.net) - For the complete deal with McDohl's 
    Konami for making a sequel to Suikoden 2, and I hope they consider 
    making a third. (and, hey guys, if you do, make sure to bring back
    McDohl in that one too, as well as Suiky 2's hero!  ^_^).
    This McDohl guide is protected by copyright laws.  All the Suikoden 
    names in it are Konami's, and I don't take credit for it.  I just take
    credit for writing this little diddily.  Don't steal it from me please.
    Just ask if you want to use it, and I'll be more than willing to say
    yeah, sure go ahead.  I'd rather have someone ask me for it than not.
    Basically, just don't steal it from me, okay?  Thanks.  I appreciate it.
    My version
         After beating Luca Blight, go to Banner Village.  Talk to the kid 
    dressed as you.  Now go to the fishing spot in town.  Gremio will halt 
    you from entering.  Talk to the kid again.  Say you want to meet the 
    person behind Gremio.  He runs off to scream "help" while you may go 
    speak with Young Master.  Gremio still blocks you until the kid 
    shouts.  Talk to McDohl, who is fishing.  Former Suikoden 1 characters 
    will recognize him.  Say you want to speak with him.  You'll be back 
    at the inn.  Gremio tells you something happened to the boy.  Offer to 
    save him.  Soul Eater acts up briefly.  they join your convoy.  By the 
    save crystal in the mountains are some bandits.  Tell them to return 
    Ko.  The goons recognize you as the person responsible for Luca's 
    defeat, and McDohl as the leader of the Toran Liberation.  They run, 
    leaving the leader.  He says a monster has the kid.  Ko is lying on 
    the ground in the clearing.  Another Worm attacks.
       Boss:  Worm
    HP: 3200
         This boss is like the one you fought earlier.  Use the same 
    tactics.  After sustaining lethal damage, it splits open, revealing a 
    Poison Moth.
       Boss: Poison Moth
    HP: 6800;  50000 P
         This form is much stronger.  It has the same lightning blast, but 
    it does a little more damage.  Also, it's physical attack is now a 
    swoop-grab-fly-and-drop attack that does some serious damage.  Its 
    other new attack is a high damaging poison attack that hits all which 
    can poison you (naturally).  Use the power of the Soul Eater to the 
    fullest to beat him back.
         After sustaining so much damage, the fight will break.  Gremio 
    says that you need to flee, instead, the two heroes use their runes.  
    Both 4th level spells activate, doing over 4000 damage, killing the 
    moth.  However, if you deal the damage fast enough, you'll beat it 
    without the combo attack.
         Now go to Gregminster to have Liukan treat the boy.  Varkas takes 
    you to Gregminster.  Lepant and Eileen meet you there.  Liukan has 
    successfully saved Kou.  Lepant tries to pass leadership to McDohl, 
    but he refuses.  At the gate of the castle, Pahn, Cleo, Marie, and 
    Sarah wait for the Young Master.
         That night you dine at the McDohl house and stay for the night.  
    Pick up Ko in the castle and let Varkus escort you back.  Young Master 
    and Gremio return to Gregminster.
         Whenever you'd like to use your old hero, return to Gregminster 
    and ask him to join.  If you remove him from the party, he'll return 
    home.  If you don't mind the trek (an additional 100000 or so potch 
    from encounters too), then don't worry.
    1) Do not have all 108 Stars, or did not save Nanami
         You must agree to lead the Jowston State.  You are sworn in at 
    the Hilltop and then reside at Muse.  Everyone goes back home.  You 
    get aftermath reports for each character between scenes of your former 
    army.  After seeing reports for all the stars you had, the credits 
    roll.  Afterwards, you get a picture of Jowy in the mountains.
    2) You do not lead the State.
         Head to Tenzan Pass (northwest of Kyaro).  This is the first area 
    of the game.  Go to the waterfall and meet Jowy.  He explains what 
    happened to him.  He challenges you to a fight.  This is the last duel 
    in the game.  Beat him. He says the war will finally end.  He holds up 
    his rune.  Both runes shine, and Jowy dies.  Afterwards, the ending is 
    the same as before.  The final picture is of you, Nanami, and Jowy.
    3) You do not lead the State
         But wait, there's more.  If you refuse to fight Jowy and instead 
    defend the entire time.  Jowy tells you to end it here, so there will 
    never be another war.  He fights you again and expresses that he was 
    always jealous of you and your ability to make friends.  He collapses 
    explaining that he had to use the Black Sword Rune to defend against 
    the Beast Rune.  He is dying and asks you to take his rune.  If you 
    agree, you get an ending like #2.  Furthermore, unless you meet the 
    criteria for saving Nanami, you cannot decline.  But if you have all 
    108 stars before the conquest of Rockaxe, Leknaat should appear and 
    release Bright Shield's final power.  Then, when you're at Rockaxe, 
    shout Nanami! when the arrows fly (this requires split section 
    reaction speed).  Your characters should whip out his tonfa, but 
    Nanami should still get hit.  At base, however, Huan gives the same 
    report, BUT asks to speak with Shu.  If this happened, you can receive 
    this ending (and the other two).
         After the second fight, Jowy will ask you to take the rune.  Keep 
    refusing, and after four times, there will be a reaction between the 
    runes, which heals Jowy.  He then joins you, leaving behind this pass.  
    On the way out, Shu arrives to tell you that Nanami is still alive and 
    is waiting in Kyaro.  She told Huan not to tell you to get away from 
    the war.
         Back in Kyaro, Nanami will embrace you, and the three of you will 
    begin a new journey together.  You seem to pass through Harmonia, as 
    Jowy looks in on Jillia and Pilika before continuing with you and 
    Nanami.  The final picture is a colored version of the Tri-painting 
    (Nanami, you, and Jowy by the tree near Genkaku's house).  
    XIX)  Credits
    Thanks to Konami for such a great game
    Also, thanks to:
    ? . (jetarr@hotmail.com) for a couple of items in Neclord's castle.
    Agustin Fest (tsef_thaed@yahoo.com) for info on recruiting Mukumuku 
      with Nanami in the party.
    Anthony M. Nelson (amn001@Bridgewater.EDU) for how to find Mokumoku.
    Brett Herter (bertberter@hotmail.com) for the fact that Zamza appears 
      in South Window if you missed him in Toto.
    Christian M. Sine (shuriken@dacc.cc.il.us) for many combos, some 
      items, and the start of the "Pure Maiden List.
    ClydeBass9 (ClydeBass9@aol.com) for confirming the early entrance to 
      Matilda trick
    Dana Bharata (electricyouth79@yahoo.com) for bath house info, combos,
      and dropped items
    David Crandell (rufferto@jeff.pccompsoft.com) for additional info on
      items dropped by monsters, info on the Boulder Set, and info on the 
      chick bath item.
    Dragon Fogel (knearey@ualberta.ca) for the other way to recruit Anita, 
      more info on the Family ATK, and stats for Kasumi.
    Ethan Gilchrist (syberus@hotmail.com) for info on recruiting Stallion, 
      Hix, and Tengaar
    Harold Santos (y3kman@hotmail.com) for the location of several items 
      and combos
    Jeremy Andreo (anderoug@yahoo.com) for info on recruiting Templton 
      while still in the Muse area
    Jimmy/Yimmy (e-mail not available) for quite a few bits of info 
      scattered about from items to prizes.
    John Madison (jugalo2000@excite.com) for pointing out that I neglected 
      to add the first third of the Hix/Tengaar subquest
    Matt Hobbs (yelseyking@aol.com) for a revised list of the music, Jowy's
      staff info, Sigfried's stats, and some additional notes
    Mike Good (impressario@aol.com) for trading information.
    Quatoria (Quatoria@bellsouth.net) for pointing out an error on a 
      double labeled section before I sent in an update and telling me 
      where to find Turtle Plans #4.
    Richard Case (caser1234@email.msn.com) for info on getting into Matilda 
    Roric (thedragoon@hotmail.com) for pointing out the data requirements 
      for Suikoden 1 info, for confirmation on recruiting Tetsu, info on 
      spell combos, and a faq on McDohl
    Son Bui (sbui@erols.com) for some items with descriptions
    Tony Dimarcantonio (the_rpg_lord@hotmail.com) for the Mole Shield as 
      the regular mode prize.
    Plus many people for sending me e-mails pointing out areas I missed 
      and making me feel my efforts are worth it
    Credits for the Guardian Deity Section:
    This list was only possible from the submissions of others.  I 
    personally chinked away at 120-140 combinations, but without the aid 
    of others, this would never have been accomplished.  Thus why it is a 
    compiled list.  Anyway, on with those more worthy than I.
    Everaldo Moura de Melo Junior (everaldo@xoommail.com)
    Flame (flame@yifan.net)
    Speed (speed@nts-online.net)
    If I missed anyone's name (and I fear I have, please e-mail as soon as 
    possible).  Thanks for reading.

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