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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JL Lee

    Version: 3.0a | Updated: 01/16/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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     _/    _/ _/       _/    _/_/       _/ _/    _/
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        _/_/_/_/ _/    _/ _/ _/    _/   _/_/_/_/ _/     _/_/_/_/ _/      _/
       _/       _/    _/ _/ _/   _/    _/    _/ _/_/   _/       _/_/    _/
      _/_/_/_/ _/    _/ _/ _/_/_/     _/    _/ _/  _/ _/_/_/_/ _/  _/  _/
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    GENSO SUIKODEN 2 for Playstation            _/_/_/_/_/_/ 
    WALKTHROUGH Version 3.0a (FINAL)              _/   _/
    BY JL LEE <jl98@pacific.net.sg>              _/   _/                    
    Re-Closed 16-1-2000                         _/   _/
    This piece of crappy ASCII was done due to extreme boredom while 
    studying at home. Notice the 'D' is a little out of shape ^^;
    *Ya know what? I'm contented enough not to be the 'biggest' walkthrough
     for Suikoden II in terms of text size. In fact some of you who read 
     this right from the time I started this know that I've cut out a 
     rather large proportion (roughly 50K) from what I initially started 
     out from. At least I know mine is the most comprehensive in terms of 
     USEFUL information. That's the reason why I stopped adding in to 
     Section 10. Hope you all don't mind ^__^. And with this update, one 
     full year since its initial release, I'll bring my first-ever (and 
     since then, largest) project to a close. Thanks for all your support!
    *Just started writing a Parasite Eve II Bounty Mode guide. Hope all of
     you will keep on supporting me!! *Sounds disgusting isn't it? :P*
    This is a STORY-BASED walkthrough. You are supposed to clear out the 
    puzzles (all VERY simple) by yourselves. If you are looking for steps 
    to clear the game, don't bother to look further unless you can decipher 
    all the hidden steps in here. ALSO, this was written based on the 
    Japanese version, so do expect story differences.
    If you want to add this walkthrough on your site, please feel free to 
    do so, PROVIDED no alterations, censorship, yadda yadda blah blah, AND 
    YOU DO NOT MAKE ANY MONEY ON THIS!! I have to make this clear, as the 
    sick world we are living in needs regulations in order for people to 
    sit up and look/listen. Although I think it won't have any effect. 
    They'll probably delete these crap anyway. :(
    Another one just found out. This time in Indonesia, in a MAGAZINE at 
    that. The title is Game Guide Volume 8: Genso Suikoden 2 ANGGOTA IKAPI
    106/JBA/10-08-99) According to Alda Pratama Suwana (one of the Dino 
    Crisis FAQs authors) the mag translated the entire document into 
    Indonesian without my authourity. This, dear readers, is why I stopped 
    writing others that might have appeared if not for this foolishness. If
    anyone has a copy of that please e-mail me and I'll tell you an address 
    to sent it to.
    WARNING NUMBER 3!! ( that's a LOT of warnings for a simple walkthrough 
    If you want to flame, toss the burner elsewhere. Nobody's perfect. No 
    walkthrough is either. I know I'm still missing out on things here and 
    there, but I DON'T CARE!!! I'll update as long as I have the time to do 
    so once the US release hits shelves.
     "Don't waist you money okay?" -Item store, Merc. Camp
     "I haven't sharpened for very long time." -Blacksmith, Merc. Camp
     "Hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha!" -Asthmatic Luca Blight
     "Hoo hoo hoo" -Asthmatic Rina
     "Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo." -A VERY asthmatic Cid (NOT Sid!!)
     "It's a 'piss'" -Gloating Tai Ho/Shilo
     "...if I would please lend him your services." -Spineless Makai
     "...I can spend time with my husband Yoshino." -Yoshino
     "So let me here your bad news." -Viktor
     "You're coming with us one way or another, Nanami..." -Nanami 
     "...Alec and Gordeau of Matilda poisoned my father..." -Lucia
     "The path of traing is the path of the Buddha..." -Wakaba
      "This is a cursed letter. If you don't pass it on to 5 more people,
    you'll be cursed.
      Have a nice day.
    Here's another one ^_^
      "Mu-Mu! Mu-Mu-Mu!!!
      Version 3.0a (16-1-2000)
    - This is a purely cosmetic change.
    - Removed ALL updates till Version 3.0
    - Cleared up the wrapping and tab glitches
      Version 3.0 (26-11-99)
    - After almost one full year of the game, I now hereby release......
      the FOURTH ending!!!!! Look for it in the Endings section
    - Added in some combinations which will gain you the Rune Crystals. Sad
      to say, no Fortune yet ^^;
    - A major glitch that has been verified by yours sincerely. Not worth 
      the try, but hey! It's yet another Konami screw-up!! Everyone 
      applause!!! Look for it in the walkthrough.
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Main Characters
    3.  Information
    4.  Battle Modes 
    5.  Walkthrough
    6.  Others & Tips
                      6.1  Name Changes
                      6.2  Converting Data from Genso Suikoden 1
                      6.3  The Castle
                                       6.3.1  The Baths
                                       6.3.2  The Library and its Books
                                       6.3.3  The Dice Game
                                       6.3.4  Tessei's Hammers
                                       6.3.5  The Castle Mascot
                                       6.3.6  Dance baby Dance!
                                       6.3.7  Whack-A-Mole!
                                       6.3.8  Animal Farming
                                       6.3.9  Fishing
                                       6.3.10 The Climb
                                       6.3.11 Hai Yo's Recipes
                      6.4  Unlimited Enemies
                      6.5  Battle Map Star Statistics
                      6.6  Flying Squirrels Mania
                      6.7  About Nanami......
                      6.8  The Blocked Stairs
                      6.9  Clive's Story
                      6.10 Lv 99 Trick
                      6.11 The Return of McDohl
                      6.12 The Unicorn Quest
                      6.13 Notes on Ridley
                      6.14 The Path to Rokkaku
                      6.15 The Endings
    7.  Combination Attack List
    8.  Rune List
    9.  Free Character List
    10. Favourite Characters' Secret Files *ULTRA BIG SPOILERS!!!*
    11. Credits
                            1. INTRODUCTION
            Genso Suikoden 2 (GS2) was released in 1998 by Konami. The 
    storyline is almost same as the part 1 with better graphics, improved  
    gameplay with a completely different setting. For those who don't study 
    Chinese literature Suikoden is the story of 108 Heroes coming together 
    to fight against an oppressive government. For PC owners some may 
    remember the game called Bandit King of Ancient China by KOEI which is 
    the adaptation of the original story.
            GS2 takes after the original in the fact that there are 108 
    people possible to recruit in the game, and that they are fighting 
    against an Empire bent on wiping out the population of the Jouston 
    City-State Alliance. Those who have played the first episode may 
    remember that Mathiu Silverburg made a reference to the Alliance in the 
            There have been several improvements from part 1. Most 
    significantly is that each character now can equip up to 3 Runes, and 
    the party now has an inventory to hold up to 30 items. The minigames in 
    this episode have also increased, as well as a mini-story within the 
    main story. The music is fully ochrestated as well, very few times 
    synthactic sound is added to the soundtrack. Graphicswise the faces of 
    the characters have been given a new look much different from the 
    previous version, and the battle graphics have seen new facelifts, 
    though the main look of the game remains the same.                                        
                            2. MAIN CHARACTERS
            The Hero in the story is a member of the Highland Empire 
    military youth group known as The Unicorns. He and his good friend Jowy 
    joined the group as part of the youth corps recruitment programme 
    started by the Empire.
            Nanami, a free spirited, tomboyish and caring sibling, is the 
    Hero's elder sister and only family. Both were orphans adopted and 
    taught martial arts by their aged father Genkaku who had died a year 
    prior to the beginning of the story.
            Flik and Viktor, members of the victorious Toran Republic that
    liberated the areas held by the former Scarlett Moon Empire and thought
    missing during the final battle, are currently leaders of a band of
    mercenaries stationed near the city of Muse.
            Anabelle is the mayor of the city of Muse, also by default the
    leader of the Alliance. It is she who kept up the goodwill between the 
    quarrelling that erupts from time to time within the alliance, and the 
    one who bears the burden of sticking to the Ceasefire Treaty between 
    Jouston and Highland.
            Rugal Bright is the son of Agares Bright, King of the Highland
    Empire. Utterly ruthless and ambitious, he is the one instigating the 
    war between the Empire and the Jouston City-State Alliance, all for an 
    unknown agenda.
                            3. INFORMATION
         This is the status screen of every character:
            |            |  Character Name
            |            |  Level
            |    Face    |  Strength                Experience
            |            |  Skill                   Guard
            |____________|  Magic                   M. Guard
                            Speed                   Luck
                            Head Rune                                               
                            R. Hand Rune
                            L. Hand Rune
                            Attack                  Defence
                            Weapon Name             Range
                            Weapon Level            Weapon Attack
                            Weapon Rune
            Experience is measured in 1000 points per level 
            The character's range is as follows:
       S (short) - can only fight in front row, attacks front row only
       M (medium)- can attack from front or back, attacks front row only 
       L (long)  - can attack from front or back, attacks both rows
            The rest are stats, and speak for themselves.
                            4. BATTLE MODES
            Like the first game GS2 has several modes of battle. They are
    explained in detail below. Note that all battles are turn based.
    a) Normal Battles
            This is the battle the player sees most of the time. The 
    player's party consists of up to 6 members recruited or joined plus 2 
    slots for other followers, although the two slots are mainly story-
    based personnel.
            There are two selection screens for this mode. Those who have 
    played GS1 will realize that there are new options in GS2.
            FIGHT           control the party's actions for the next turn
            RUN             escape from battle (may not work)
            BRIBE           pay to escape (requires bits)
            AUTO            AI chooses characters' targets (all will       
            The following commands appear when the player selects FIGHT:
            +ATTACK         uses weapon to fight opponent 
            DEFEND          1/2 physical damage in the round
            RUNE            selects usable runes
            *ITEM           uses equipped items             
            UNITE           2 or 3 person combo (must be chosen by 1st 
            SHIFT           change rows (front to back; vice versa)
    + The character may be able to do a second or third attack, although on 
      different enemies.
    * Each character can equip only 3 Items, be it other armour or battle 
      items. If battle items have been used up, the character can use a 
      turn to draw from Inventory.
    b) 1 on 1
            The classic 1 on 1 battle makes a return in the sequel, 
    although the number has been cut to 5(6). Basically it pits the Hero in 
    a scissors, paper, stone situation against another opponent, but the 
    player can usually guess the next move from the opponents speech at the 
    start of each turn.
            ATTACK                  x1 damage, gets countered unless op. 
            DEFEND                  1/2 damage taken from ATTACK, counters 
                                    DESPERATE ATTACK
            DESPERATE ATTACK        x2 damage, fails vs DEFEND(receives x2 
    c) Map Battles
            Much different (and much worse) than GS1 are the map battles. 
    The player still controls groups of 3 (they can be edited manually or 
    by Apple) but fighting becomes a random game of hit and miss. Each 
    troop has 2 HP and if it gets hit there will be a sword sticking out 
    (indicating it is injured) and the only way to restore HP is by resting 
    a turn in specific town squares or by group runes.
            There are basically 3 types of units, either on horse or not. 
    Foot troops move at a rate of 1 square per turn; Calvery at 2.
            SOLDIERS     range 1, will be countered 
            ARCHERS      range 1-2, can be countered by archers or magic
            MAGIC        range 1-3, can be countered by magic or archers(2)
            Why I'm unhappy about this mode because 1) the boss characters 
    are insanely strong and the winning conditions are very vague, 2) the 
    hit/miss percentage is very inaccurate in accordance with the unit's 
    stats, 3) there is no save in the battle, very maddening if you make a 
    mistake during the long, drawn out battles.
            But we have to grit our teeth and bear with this and fight out 
    the battles. Winning conditions will be given in the walkthrough.
                            5. WALKTHROUGH
            Note: This walkthrough is story-based, meaning that it does not 
    have the "go to so and so place" sequence. (although the choices are 
    given) AND it does not include the process of recruiting the free 
    characters. The free character list can be found in the next section. 
    The story is divided into 8 chapters, by the definition of the writer. 
    (Please bear with the grammatical mistakes/repetitions made in the 
            Note 2: People recruited will be included between paragraphs.
            Note 3: This walkthrough chooses Kasumi as the ally from Toran, 
                    and Sigfried and Feather as the two L-sized monsters.
            Author's personal note: The prince of Highland can be read as 
    Ruga Bright. I added the 'L' at the end to remind myself of a very 
    cheap last boss of a certain SNK fighting game......(he's just as cheap 
    as that Omega *****) You'll know what I mean when fighting him......
    Chapter 1: Highland Attacks!
    [The Hero]                                                        1/108
            The story starts in a military camp near the Muse/Highland 
    border. Jowy walks into the tent he is sharing with the Hero and two 
    others. Jowy will talk about going back to their hometown of Kyaro the 
    next morning, then asks what the Hero wishes to do. Choose 2 to sleep 
    inside and start the action.
            In the middle of the night all are awoken by shouting sounds. 
    When the Hero and Jowy go out of their tent they are met by their 
    commander Rowd who tell them to run East to the forest as they are 
    Being attacked by the Jouston City-State Alliance. Before they enter 
    the forest Jowy stops the Hero and suggest reporting to Rowd of a 
    possible trap in the forest. 
            Upon re-entering the camp they see Rowd talking to a man and 
    about their plot to kill off the Unicorn corps as an excuse to attack 
    the City-State Alliance . Choose 2 to report to Rowd and the two are 
    introduced to Rugal, Prince of the Highland Empire. Immediately they 
    are attacked by the soldiers by their side.
            Once the soldiers are down both will run West to the waterfall 
    where they are accosted by Rowd and attacked by another group of 
    soldiers. After the soldiers are defeated Rowd will run away. Jowy will 
    tell the Hero the only way to escape is to jump into the waterfall. 
    Choose 2 to accept the idea, then 1 to mark on the rock by the falls by 
    himself. Then the two will jump into the waterfall.
            The Hero will wake up at the edge of a river, saved by a man 
    known as Viktor. Then a man called Flik appears as well, and the Hero 
    will be brought to the Mercenary Camp, and kept in a cell.
            The next morning he is met by Pohl, who tells him that he will 
    be doing menial work. Then he will be brought to a storeroom, and to 
    push the crates in the room in a neat order, and pick up the rope on 
    the floor. Once done Pohl will bring him back to his cell, and feeds 
            The next day Pohl will ask the Hero to get a) 2 Shoes from 
    Barbara, b) 3 Flints from the Forge, and c) Flour from the Item shop. 
    Once a) and b) are done the Item shop will say that he is out of it and 
    tells the Hero to get from Ryube.
    [Barbara recruited] ??                                            2/108
    [Leona recruited]   ??                                            3/108
            Report to Pohl, who will bring the Hero to talk to Leona at the 
    bar. She will ask GenGen to accompany the Hero to Ryube. Just then Tuta 
    enters, overhears the conversation, and asks to go along. 
    [GenGen recruited]                                                4/108
            Proceed to the Ryube item shop, and the owner will give the 
    flour to the party. Once done, return to the Mercenary Camp and report 
    to Pohl, who is talking to Leona. GenGen and Tuta will leave the party, 
    and the Hero will be brought back to his cell.
            The next day Pohl assigns the Hero to clean up oil patches 
    within the building. Upon completion of the task Pohl lets the Hero to 
    keep the oil rag, and leads him back to his cell.
            That night Jowy will come to rescue the Hero. Unfortunately 
    upon coming out of the basement they will be stopped by Flik and 
    Viktor. Both will be put back behind bars after being questioned by 
    Viktor about the attack upon the Unicorn corps by the City-State 
            Inside the cell Jowy will explain that he was saved and hidden 
    by a couple in Toto village, but does not go into detail.
            That night Jowy, using the items the Hero has amassed, manages 
    to break out of the camp. Firstly he lights the oil rag using the 
    flint, causing a distraction on the lower level, then using the rope to 
    climb down from the balcony of the upper level. Before running out from 
    the camp Jowy suggests going back to Kyaro by a mountain track North of 
    the Camp.
            In Ryube, they will see a travelling band consisting of Rina, 
    Eilie and Bolgan performing. Eilie will pick out the Hero for her next 
    performance, throwing daggers. Choose 1 to not move and see all the 
    things put on the Hero's head. They are (in order): a watermelon, a 
    pumpkin, a bunch of bananas, and finally, an apple! (Note: If the Hero 
    moves {choose 2 or 3} he will be hit and the performance will end) 
            After the performance ends they will introduce themselves, and 
    say that their next stop is Highland . Choose 1 to ask for their 
    company and they will join the party.
            At the entrance to the mountain trail the party is stopped by 
    the guards, despite pleas by Jowy, Eilie and Bolgan. Then Rina steps up 
    and asks one of the guards to follow her, and after a brief talk the 
    party is allowed to continue. When asked about her conversation she 
    says that the words are not meant for minors. (let your imagination run 
    wild!! ^_^)
            In the middle of the trail the party encounters the monster 
    which caused the fog in the mountain, Mist Shade (MistFiend). After 
    defeating it the party can move on to Jowy's and the Hero's hometown, 
            At the entrance to Kyaro, Rina, Eilie and Bolgan leave the 
    party to continue their travels, while Jowy goes off to look for his 
    family, telling the Hero to look for his sister Nanami. The Hero's 
    house is located in the West side of the town. 
    [MukuMuku recruited]                                              5/108
            At the back of the house The Hero sees Nanami at a grave. 
    Nanami looks in shock at the appearance of the Hero, and knocks him 
    down, asking where he had been, and if the rumors about them being 
    spies of the Alliance are true, and why they returned. Just as they 
    were leaving she knocks the Hero into the wall, remembering and pulling 
    the Hero to their adopted father's grave to pay his respects.
    [Nanami recruited]                                                6/108
            Just as they were leaving the house Empire soldiers arrive, led 
    by Rowd. The siblings will be forced to fight, and by the time Rowd 
    attacks Nanami would be out of breath, and they would be caught.
            Over at Jowy's house he would be betrayed by his father who 
    would disown him and tell soldiers to take him away.
            In the jail the Hero and Nanami see Jowy brought in, followed 
    by Rowd telling them the complete facts of the plot Rugal started. By 
    killing the Unicorn corps and saying that it was done by the Alliance, 
    Highland will have a good reason to start a war against the Alliance. 
    Since the two of them managed to escape the massacre they were labelled 
    as spies, and would be executed that evening.
            While the two are brought to the execution ground they meet 
    Jillia, Princess of Highland, in a carriage. Seeing the two Jillia 
    stops the carriage and asks if they are the spies as reported. Whatever 
    the answer the carriage will move on and they will be brought to the 
    execution ground. 
            At the ground they are noosed up and beaten to get 
    "confessions" out of them. As Rowd is admiring the sunset, Viktor and 
    Flik appear and free the Hero and Jowy. Outnumbered, Rowd runs away, 
    and Jowy asks them to save Nanami as well.
            When the party appear at the military ground they see Nanami 
    break out of jail by herself. Without staying further the five (or six) 
    of them run out of Kyaro, stopping for Nanami to have a last look at 
    her hometown. 
            Once the party returns back to the Mercenary Camp, Viktor and 
    Flik leave to relax, giving the three free reign to move about as they 
    [Rikimaru recruited]                                              7/108
    [Kinnison recruited]                                              8/108
    [Shiro recruited]                                                 9/108
    [Millie recruited]                                               10/108
    [Zamza recruited]                                                11/108
            When the party arrives in Toto a young girl by the name of 
    Pilika sees Jowy and rushes up to him. Upon questioning Jowy explains 
    that she is the daughter of the couple who saved him when he jumped 
    into the waterfall. She will ask the party to her house, where the 
    couple ask after Jowy's health. Pilika then leads them to her bedroom, 
    where she asks Jowy to buy her an amulet from Muse's Item shop. After 
    agreeing, she gives Jowy her savings (70 bits) which she had 
    accumulated (2 at a time). 
            In Muse the Item shop owner will sell the charm to them, but at 
    the price of 500 bits. Choose 1 to pay the 500 bits. Choosing 2 will 
    lead to Jowy selling his ring and getting 1500 bits in balance. Either 
    way the party will get the charm, and return to Toto.
    At this point of time you can travel virtually around Jouston. You can 
    enter Greenhill to have a good look. And you can even enter Matilda!!
    Although the guards tell you that you may not enter, you can push the 
    gate right off its hinges. You can keep pushing the gate until you 
    enter the world map:) Once you enter the Matilda area you have full 
    access to towns such as Rockaxe and Highway village. I'm not sure what 
    else you can do here because if you get attacked even once you will be 
    slaughtered, no matter how much you have built up. Chances are if you 
    do win by any fluke chance you will gain levels like crazy. but with 
    under 100HP at this point of time ^^;
    There is only one problem, the game might lock up if you try to advance
    the Dragon Quest. I'm not sure by any means that you can do (except 
    maybe hacking) to clear the quest at this point of time. Oh well......
    THE END...?
            After crossing the bridge the party finds out that Toto has 
    been burned down. Jowy finds Pilika crying in front of her house, and 
    realizes that the entire village had been massacred, with Pilika's 
    parents among the victims.
    [Hanna recruited]                                                12/108
            Apple appears while Jowy is comforting Pilika, and informs the 
    party that it had been done by Rugal and his troops to boost the morale 
    of his army. Then she inquires about the whereabouts of Viktor. She and 
    Pilika will follow the party as they return to the Mercenary Camp.
    [Apple recruited]                                                13/108
            Upon entering the Camp, Apple will lead the party to the 
    command room to meet Viktor and Flik. She explains that she is on a 
    journey to collect material for a biography on her teacher Mathiu, and 
    happened to be in the area. Curious, Pohl asks about their 
    relationship, and Viktor replies that the three of them were comrades 
    in the battle to liberate the Toran Republic from the Scarlett Moon 
    Empire three years ago. Flik enquires about Mathiu, and Apple says that 
    he died from wounds suffered before the final battle.
            Then Apple will report about the destruction of Toto by Rugal 
    and their plot as said by the Hero. Viktor will ask the party to leave 
    as he tries to think of a plan.
            The Hero and Jowy retire to their rooms, and Pilika is put to 
    sleep. Jowy questions the need for the fighting, as Leona enters and 
    tells them that Viktor is looking for them.
            Inside the command room Viktor shows the party the Fire Spears, 
    and asks the party to recruit the help of Tsai, Apple saying that he 
    lives in the mountains beyond Ryube. Flik will give the party 2000 bits 
    as recruitment fee and wishes them good luck.
            The track in Ryube Forest leads to a single hut on top of a 
    hill. They find nobody inside the hut, and as they are about to leave 
    Tsai returns. The Hero requests for his help and he agrees, knowing 
    what the Empire was up to. He rejects the recruitment fee however, and 
    follows the party out. 
    [Tsai recruited]                                                 14/108
            At the entrance to the forest the party sees Ryube being burned
    down and the villagers killed by Rugal and his soldiers. Knowing the 
    danger involved, Tsai tells the party to stay behind until the Empire 
    troops left the village. Once the place has burned down the party 
    proceeds back to the Mercenary Camp.
            At the entrance the party is met by Pilika, who follows them to 
    the command room, where Tsai is introduced to Viktor and Flik. Then 
    Tsai will leave to prepare the Fire Spears, and Viktor tells the party 
    to leave before the fighting begins. Choose 2 to join in the battle, 
    and Flik will challenge the Hero to see if he is good enough to fight.
        {1 on 1 vs Flik}
            Once Flik is injured a little he will end the battle, and 
    allows the Hero to join in the battle, despite Viktor's protests. Jowy 
    will lead the Hero back to their room, and asks the Hero for the 
    group's name. 
            The next day, while they are resting, the Empire attacks. 
    Viktor and Flik will give morale speeches, while Apple lines out the 
    battle plan. Choose 2 when talking to Viktor to start battle.
    ------------------------{BATTLE MAP 1}---------------------------------
    WINNING CONDITION: Defeat the enemy commander
                       Enemy retreats
      Enemy Turn 3-Highland retreats
    Apperantly the Battle Music DOES NOT START!!! Till now there is no 
    known reason why. DAMN KONAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            After the battle, just as the party is going back to rest, the 
    enemy attacks again, with a much larger force.
    ------------------------{BATTLE MAP 2}---------------------------------
      Enemy Turn 3-Highland reinforcements appear
    LOSING CONDITION: Enemy enters camp
            Once the Empire enters the camp Viktor and Flik will ask the 
    Hero and Jowy to run. (Note: Party now has Hero and Jowy only) Jowy 
    remembers about Pilika and asks the Hero to help find her.
            After fighting to the second level of the building the two of 
    them find Pilika and Pohl inside the command room, along with Rugal. 
    They see Rugal killing Pohl and stepping up to kill Pilika as well. 
    Choose 1 to rush up and stop Rugal, but the two of them are brushed 
    aside. As he lifts his hand to make the killing blow the building 
    explodes, and Flik and Viktor appear to save the three of them, telling 
    them to meet at Muse, before running away from the burning camp as 
            Outside the camp Jowy realizes that Pilika has lost her ability 
    to speak, having been shocked beyond her limit. Then they make their 
    way to Muse. (Note: Party will consist of the Hero, Nanami, Jowy, and 3 
    other random members that you have recruited)
    Chapter 2: Strings of Destiny
            As the party enters Toto, Pilika suddenly moves towards a 
    formally sealed cave entrance, and enters. the party follows, and 
    inside Jowy sees a plaque written by Genkaku, and asks the Hero to have 
    a look. Suddenly the two are blinded by a flash of light, and find 
    themselves teleported to a strange place within the cave. Leknaat, 
    Holder of the Gate Rune and Keeper of the Balance, appears to tell them 
    that Destiny has brought them there. She disappears, and the two of 
    them continue down the long corridor. 
            At the end of the tunnel Leknaat appears again, saying that 
    they have passed the requirement test to be able to control the 27 True 
    Runes, and that they will each control one element of the "Beginning" 
    Rune. Jowy picks the right entrance, with the Hero taking the left.
            Together they lift up their right hands, and receive their 
            The Hero receives the Bright Shield (Shining Shield) Rune.
            Jowy receives the Black Sword (Dark Blade) Rune.
            Then both are teleported back to the cave where they are met by
    Pilika as well as the rest of the party, and carry on their journey.
            At the gates of Muse, the party are turned back by the guards, 
    and although Nanami tries to charm the guard, she is rebuffed instead. 
    Without any plan the party moves to an inn located East of Muse.
            Upon entering the inn, they are welcomed by the owner of the 
    White Deer Inn, Hilda. As they were thinking of renting a room, Hilda's 
    husband Alex returns, saying that he has found a way to open the gate 
    to the ruins next to the Inn, and rushes out again. The party is then 
    led to their rooms by Hilda to retire for the night.
            The next morning, as they are going out Alex returns, and 
    during his exchange with Hilda Nanami overhears him saying that he has 
    a pass to enter Muse. Alex agrees to give them the pass, provided they 
    help him get the treasure inside the ruins. Pilika is left behind for 
    Hilda to take care of, and Alex will follow the party into the ruins.
            At the end of the ruins the party sees a huge monster guarding 
    the treasure, Double Head (Doublehead). After killing the monster Alex 
    rushes up to open the chest, only to find a herb inside.
            Frustrated at finding a worthless treasure Alex throws away the 
    herb at the entrance to the ruins. and returns to the Inn.
            Upon entering Pilika and Alex's son Pete rush up to him, and 
    they find Hilda lying unconscious on the floor. Nanami takes charge and 
    orders Jowy to find a doctor, the Hero to make hot water, Alex to move 
    Hilda to a bed. Hilda's fever did not reduce despite Nanami's efforts, 
    and while Alex reproaches himself, the Hero goes back to the ruins 
    entrance and picks up the herb, and hands it to Nanami.
            Hilda recovers after taking the medicine, and only when the 
    family is rejoicing in tears does Jowy return, saying that he failed to 
    find a doctor...
            The next day Hilda had completely recovered, and thanks the 
    party, offering to let the party to stay in the Inn for free. Alex 
    honors his promise and gives the party his Muse pass.
            Back at the Muse gate, Nanami tells Hero that he is to be Alex, 
    she acts as Hilda, and Jowy as Pete. The guard, after looking at them 
    closely, summons more guards, and they are arrested and thrown into 
            The next morning Viktor and Flik will come and bring the party 
    out, and tells them to look for Leona in the bar. Once the party talks 
    with Leona Pilika and the others will leave party, leaving the Hero 
    with Nanami and Jowy. She tells them that Viktor is waiting for them in 
    the City Hall.
            Once they enter the town hall, Viktor will meet them and lead 
    them to meet Anabelle, Mayor of Muse, leader of the Jouston City-State 
    Alliance. He tells her of the attacks made by Highland Empire, and 
    request her help in sheltering the four children. She looks at the 
    three of them, recognizing Jowy, and asks if Nanami and the Hero are 
    the adopted children of Genkaku, saying that she had heard that he had 
    adopted two children by their names. Once the introductions were done, 
    she asks her assistant Jess to take care of matters.
            Jess leads them out, and tells them to follow him to another 
    room where he informs them of a plan to sneak into the Highland camp at 
    the Muse/Highland border north of the city. At Jowy's instance the Hero 
    accepts, and the two of them are given a set of Highland uniforms each.
    [Tuta recruited]                                                 15/108
            When they return to the inn Leona meets them. Jowy tells them 
    about Jess' plan. Leona then tells them to leave before Viktor returns 
    to stop them. Encouraged the party leave for the border.
    [Anita recruited]                                                16/108
            At the border the party reports to the guard there, who show 
    them the alternative path to the Empire's camp. Near the camp entrance
    the Hero and Jowy change into the given uniforms, and sneak into the 
            They manage to bluff past the soldiers guarding the storage 
    tent, and count up to two weeks worth of food for the entire army. 
    Satisfied with their work the two leave the tent, only to meet Rowd who 
    immediately calls for troops. With no way of running out of the camp 
    they run into the biggest tent to hide, and find that Jillia inside the 
            Some time later Rowd comes into the tent, saying that there 
    were spies within the compound, and asking if she needed any guards. 
    Jillia refuses, and sends Rowd out. Once he left the tent she calls the 
    two of them out, inviting them to tea, at the same time questioning 
    their motives as well as thoughts about her brother Rugal.
            When Jillia thinks it is safe enough she lets the two out of 
    her tent. However before they can run away Rowd stops them. He had 
    guessed correctly that the two had been hiding in the Princess' tent, 
    and sends a large force of soldiers to capture them. Jowy tells the 
    Hero to run away first, and that he would catch up later after the Hero 
    objects. Reluctantly the Hero runs off while Jowy tries to stop the 
    advancing soldiers himself using the Dark Blade Rune.
            As the Hero rejoins the rest of the party, they are attacked by
    soldiers who had escaped Jowy's desperate attack. Although Nanami wants 
    to wait for Jowy, the place was too dangerous to stay, and she has no 
    choice but to run away and return to Muse with the rest of the party.
            Once the party returns to Muse they report to Jess, but find 
    him in a meeting. Thus they return back to the Inn first, where they 
    see Viktor and Flik drinking in the bar. Nanami then tells them about 
    the mission, and Jowy's disappearance.
            Both take the party to the City Hall, where Viktor brushes 
    aside the guard outside the meeting room, and goes in, confronting 
    Jess, who defends his situation. In order to defuse the situation the 
    Hero gives his report. Jess advises Anabelle to call a meeting with the 
    Alliance leaders, saying that depending on defeated mercenaries was 
    stupid, enraging Viktor further.
            After the event, the party returns to the Inn, and Nanami goes 
    to the city gate to wait for Jowy. The Hero will follow her out to wait 
    as well, and Pilika joins them some time later. After a long wait, 
    during which Nanami recalls happier times, Jowy finally returns, 
    triggering a tearful reunion for the four of them.
            Several days pass, and one morning Nanami wakes the two boys 
    up, saying that Viktor asked them to meet him at Jouston Ridge. At the 
    top of the Ridge Viktor tries to lead them into the conference room but 
    is rebuffed as he was not a member of the Alliance. Flik appears then, 
    and the guard, recognizing him, allows all of them to pass.
            The party sits at a row of benches watching the guests arrive, 
    and the meeting begin. The other mayors were skeptical and unwilling to 
    offer help at first, but in the middle of the meeting a courier arrives 
    and reports that the border troops were wiped out. This got the 
    attention of the other mayors, who agreed to help Muse.
             The party returns to the bar after the meeting, and are met by
    Apple and Anabelle who discuss their battle plan. Jowy requests for to 
    join in the battle as well, and rope in the Hero and Nanami as well. 
    Anabelle agrees readily. seeing no problems with the arrangement.
            The next morning, the three awake to see the rest of them 
    preparing for the battle. Speak with Viktor to start the battle.
    ------------------------{BATTLE MAP 3}---------------------------------
    WINNING CONDITION: Enemy retreats 
      Player Turn 2-Viktor and Flik recognizes Gilbert
        Viktor,Flik fights with Gilbert event happens
    [Gilbert recruited]                                              17/108
      Player Turn 3-Matilda reinforcements appear
      Player Turn 8-Matilda retreats
      Enemy Turn 8-Highland retreats
            Once the battle is over Viktor tells the party to rest. In 
    their rooms the Hero talks to Nanami, while in his room Jowy talks to a 
    shadowy figure who disappears before Pilika enters.
            The next morning Viktor meets with the three main characters 
    and tell them that Anabelle is looking for them. When they enter the 
    meeting room they see Gastuf, mayor of Tinto, quarrelling with 
    Granmeyer, mayor of Southwindow. Gastuf leaves, and Anabelle tells the 
    three to look for her that night.
            Back at the inn Jowy behaves strangely, and gets a promise from 
    the Hero to look after Pilika. Then he goes out on his own. The Hero, 
    after seeing Nanami and Pilika worried over Jowy, goes out to look for 
    him, and finds him outside the City Hall talking to a shadowy figure. 
    Even though questioned Jowy does not say who that figure was, nor 
    explains his recent actions. Then he goes off on his own again.
            That night Viktor visits Anabelle, bringing a bottle of wine to
    talk to her. After he leaves Jowy enters by himself....
            Over at the inn Nanami tells Pilika to go to sleep, and she 
    follows the Hero to the City Hall for their appointment with Anabelle.
            Inside Anabelle's room Jowy flashes out a knife, intending to 
    kill her. When she asks why, he tells her that he's doing it to protect 
    Pilika. She questions his intent, and when he shows uncertainty she 
    suddenly rushes at him....
            By the time the Hero and Nanami enter the room they see Jowy
    standing over her, knife in hand. On seeing them he runs away, leaving 
    her dying on the floor. Just then Jess enters, saying that Highland had 
    just staged a night attack, when he sees her on the floor, with the 
    Hero and Nanami over her. Almost immediately a soldier enters to inform 
    that the city gates was open, and they were fighting in the city. Jess 
    tells the soldier to run and find a doctor, while he leaves to take 
    charge of the fighting.
            After Jess leaves, Anabelle tells the two of them to run away, 
    and her last wish is for them to live and save the Alliance from 
    falling apart.
            When they run out of the Hall, Nanami remembers about Pilika 
    and tells the Hero to pick her up. Back in the inn, Leona passes Pilika 
    to them saying that the rest had gone by than. Then the three of them 
    escape from Muse.
            Resting under a tree some distance from the fallen city, Nanami 
    asks the Hero what has happened to Jowy to make him betray them. He 
    does not know and does not wish to know, as Jowy is his best friend. 
    Tired, the three fall asleep under the tree. 
            Morning arrives, and Nanami suggests going to the port town of
    Coronet to hire a boat to get away from the fighting.
            When they enter Coronet, they realize that it has also fallen 
    to the Empire. In the docks, they are refused a boat from a soldier, 
    who says that nobody was allowed to leave by boat until further orders 
    were given.
            Frustrated, the three of them retire to the inn to think up of
    another way when 3 familiar faces appear. The Travelling Group is then
    introduced to Nanami, and Rina suggests finding other unotherdox 
    fishermen to gain passage across the lake.
            The two siblings searched till East of the docks, where they 
    see a young man by the name of Sheena cursing the inhabitant of the 
    solitary hut there, Tai Ho, for not bringing him across the lake. 
    Interested, the two of them enter the hut, to see two men sitting and 
    drinking. Tai Ho, thinking that Sheena had returned, was prepared to 
    brush them off, but his brother Yam Khoo noticed that it was not 
    Sheena. Tai Ho also rejects the Hero at first, but seeing that he was 
    serious, agrees to ferry them across the lake if he manages to beat him 
    in a game of dice.
            After the Hero wins, Tai Ho conforms to his promise, and the 
    Hero and Nanami return to the bar to tell the good news to the others. 
    Upon returning to the hut they see the boat ready, and Tai Ho ferries 
    them across the lake to Kuskus, leaving Sheena behind......
    [Rina recruited]                                                 18/108
    [Eilie recruited]                                                19/108
    [Bolgan recruited]                                               20/108
    Chapter 3: A New Alliance
            Upon reaching Kuskus, Tai Ho puts them down and they follow 
    Viktor's instructions to go to Southwindow.
            They find Viktor near the entrance, who tells them to look for 
    Flik in the inn. There Viktor and Flik accompany the Hero and Nanami to 
    the City Hall to meet the mayor Granmeyer.
    [Viktor recruited]                                               21/108
    [Flik recruited]                                                 22/108
            Inside the City Hall the mayor introduces Freed Y. to the 
    party, who proceeds to report about missing females seen in the ruins 
    of Northwindow, Viktor's hometown. Granmeyer then asks Viktor to 
    investigate, and sends Freed Y. along.
    [Freed Y. recruited]                                             23/108
            Upon returning to the inn, the party discusses who to go along 
    for this mission. Bolgan offers to stay behind and look after Pilika, 
    and Rina pulls Flik to have tea with her. Thus the Hero is joined by 
    Viktor, Nanami, Freed Y. and Eilie for this trip.
            In Northwindow the party see a lot of graves on the ground. 
    Viktor proceeds to explain that the townspeople were killed by a 
    vampire named Neclord, who suddenly appears in front of the party.
            He tells the surprised Viktor that the Star Dragon Sword Viktor 
    wielded in the past did not kill him. Instead only dispelling his body 
    the last time round. He calls up a horde of zombies, and the party was
    overpowered by them. Neclord then calls off his attack, saying that he 
    wants Viktor to bring the Star Dragon Sword to fight with him, then 
            After Neclord leaves, Viktor says that the Star Dragon Sword is 
    the only sword possible to dispel the magical shield around Neclord 
    created by his True "Night Rune". And that the Star Dragon Sword is in 
    the Wind Cave Southwest of Northwindow.
            In the middle of the cave they meet a man named Kahn, a third
    generation vampire hunter who is also seeking out Neclord for his 
    grandfather's revenge. He also reveals that the it is not possible to 
    kill Neclord using the Star Dragon Sword alone. Choose 2 to allow him 
    to journey with the party.
            At the end of the cave the party find the Star Dragon Sword. It
    shocked everyone save Viktor and Kahn by talking to it's previous 
    owner. Miffed at being sealed up once more, it attacks the party.
            When defeated, the Star Dragon Sword calmly goes back to 
    Viktor's hand, and follows his orders once more.
            Back at Northwindow the party goes to the top floor where 
    Neclord has made a chamber for himself. After failing to convince 
    Viktor to hand over the Star Dragon Sword he disappears, leaving behind 
    a huge 5-headed monster, Abomination.
            Once the Neclord menace is gone Freed Y. tells the party to 
    report back to Southwindow, while Kahn leaves to chase after Neclord. 
    But before they could leave they see the rest of the group left in 
    Southwindow come up to them. Flik, leading the group reports that 
    Highland has taken over Southwindow and Granmeyer killed.
            Inside the newly remade castle Flik explains in detail that 
    Highland staged an attack on the city. Seeing that he had no chance to 
    win Granmeyer surrendered to the enemy. His head was hanging from the 
    city gates the next morning. Flik managed to escape before the city was 
    sealed off, and met Leona and Tsai along the way. He also says that 
    Highland is going to attack this place with a vastly superior force.
            While everyone is despairing over the matter, Apple comes up to 
    say that there may be a way to defeat the Empire troops. Although she 
    is not good enough, she knows a man named Shu, living in Radat. He was 
    also under Mathiu's tutelage once, but left before he finished. She 
    believes that in terms of ability he can be as good as Mathiu was, as 
    he is an expert tactician.
            Seeing no choice, Viktor agrees and Apple follows the party to 
    Radat, while he and Flik gather the soldiers that have escaped from 
    Muse and Southwindow.
            In Radat the party find a large mansion belonging to Shu, and 
    are brought inside to wait for him. After a while he comes out to see 
    them, and Apple requests for his help in fighting Rugal and Highland. 
    To her surprise he refuses. saying that it's not his business to 
    interfere in politics, and as a businessman his main concern is trade, 
    not the name nor ruler of the country, and asks them to leave.
            Undaunted, Apple leads the party to gather information, and 
    meet him again as they were leaving the bar. This time Apple goes on 
    her knees to plead to him, but he leaves without replying.
            When they are passing by the Appraisal shop they meet Richmond, 
    a private inspector, who offers his help to give them information for 
    the price of 1500 bits. Choose 1 to pay up, and he tells the party to 
    wait for him in the inn.
            That night Richmond returns with news of his success. He says 
    that Shu would be going to the river bridge the next evening for 
    something important. Once he finishes his report, Richmond takes leave 
    of the party, who return to sleep.
            The next day the party goes to the bridge to wait for Shu. Sure
    enough he appears near evening time. When Apple goes up to plead with 
    him once more he takes out a gold coin, and throws it into the river, 
    saying that he would aid them if they could find it again. Apple 
    agrees, and after Shu leaves she says that to find the coin they must 
    close off the river dam to lower the water level.
            On the west side of the bridge Apple speaks to the man in 
    charge of the dam, explaining her purpose, but is refused. Just then 
    Amada shows up and Apple explains again. The Hero also helps out, and 
    Amada challenges the Hero to close the dam.
        {1 on 1 vs Amada}
            After the Hero defeats him, Amada agrees to close off the dam, 
    but only for that night.
            That night Apple, along with Nanami and the Hero, start their
    search. and after a long time, just as the were about to give up, the 
    Hero spots something shining in the bed. Picking it up, he sees the 
    gold coin that they have been looking for. Shu, who has been watching 
    from the side all the time, is convinced by their sincerity, and agrees 
    to help them out. 
    [Shu recruited]                                                  24/108
            The next day the party makes a move first, with Shu saying that 
    he would be right behind them.
            Back in the new Castle meeting room, Apple reports her success 
    to Flik and Viktor. Shu appears behind her, and starts laying out the 
    battle plans. Freed Y. is to return to Southwindow to lead the original 
    troops against them, but spread that there will be a need to change 
    sides suddenly. He then outlines that if the enemy commander is 
    attacked from behind the Southwindow troops will surely rally and fight 
    against the Highland troops. He assigns this task to the Hero.
            The next day Nanami wakes the hero up, expressing reservations 
    about Shu's plans, but will still follow the Hero into battle.
            As everyone is inside the meeting room waiting, a soldier 
    enters to report that the enemy had surrounded the castle. Choose 2 to 
    begin the battle.
    ------------------------{BATTLE MAP 4}---------------------------------
    WINNING CONDITION: Enemy retreats
      Player Turn 2-Hero + 1 group reinforcements appear
      Once Solon Jhee attacked from behind Southwindow troops will
       change sides.
      3 Enemy Turns after Solon Jhee attacked-Highland retreats
            As the Hero returns to the castle, he is welcomed as a hero. 
    Tsai, Eilie, Bolgan and Pilika congratulate him and bring him to the 
    meeting room to meet Shu.
            Shu says that with the Alliance in tatters they must be the 
    ones to patch it up, and that requires a leader, whom the Hero is 
    recommended. When Nanami objects, he explains that the son of Genkaku, 
    with the Shining Shield Rune in his right hand, and the hero of the 
    previous battle is the best choice for the post. Seeing that the 
    siblings are confused over the importance placed on the name Genkaku, 
    Viktor tells them to look for him in the bar that night, and he would 
    tell the whole story.
            That night, the two of them find Viktor drinking alone in the 
    bar. He tells them to sit down, as re relates the story of the 30 year 
    feud between Jouston and Highland.
            30 years ago, a series of border disputes escalated into a 
    major war between the two factions. Anabelle's father, then Muse's 
    mayor Darell, led the Alliance against the Empire's First Regiment, led 
    by General Han. The Empire was about to win, but a brilliant plan by
    Genkaku led to the loss of the Empire's food supplies, giving the 
    Alliance a chance to recover.
            After a series of fruitless battles Genkaku and Han somehow 
    managed to become friends, and even found time to drink together in the 
    middle of the war, forgetting momentarily the reason for the fighting. 
    With their persuasive skills the two managed to draw out a Ceasefire 
    Treaty, thus effectively ending the senseless war, so the people 
            However Darell was not happy. He refused to hand over Kyaro to 
    the Empire, and the talks nearly ended into another battle. Agraes 
    Blight, Emperor of Highland, then suggested a Knight's Battle, in which 
    the loser would gain control of Kyaro. Darell agreed, thus setting up 
    the two friends to fight against each other.
            Before the fight each leader gave his personal sword to their 
    Champions, indicating that they were fighting for their country's 
            But Darell had secretly told Genkaku to kill Han, despite that 
    there should be no killings in a contest. Genkaku did not want to stain 
    his hands and in the course of the battle did not draw out his sword 
    even once, losing eventually to Han, and Kyaro was ceded to Highland.
            After his defeat, Genkaku was labelled a traitor by Darell and
    hunted down, so he left the lands held by the Alliance, and went into
    retreat in Kyaro.
            It was only after Darell's death years later did the reason for 
    his actions revealed. In accordance with Darell's plan, the sword given 
    to him was coated with a layer of deadly poison, enough to kill Han. 
    That's why Genkaku never touched a sword ever since, and though his 
    name was cleared, he still refused to return to the Alliance, choosing 
    instead to stay in Kyaro with his two foster children.
            By the time Viktor had finished his story, Nanami had fallen 
            The next day, inside the meeting hall, Choose 1 to accept Shu's 
    preposition and become the leader of the new Alliance. Everyone present
    pledges to follow until Highland is defeated, and are joined by Huan, 
    the doctor from Muse.
    [Huan recruited]                                                 25/108
            The Hero is then asked to name the new castle.
            Then Leknaat appears to the rest of them, telling the Hero to 
    gather the Stars of Destiny once again, and gives him the Tablet of 
    Promise, as well as her disciple Luc, the Wind Rune master, and leaves.
    [Luc recruited]                                                  26/108
            After the introductions are finished, Viktor calls for a 
    banquet to celebrate the forming of the new Alliance.
    [Richmond recruited]                                             27/108
    [Alex recruited]                                                 28/108
    [Hilda recruited]                                                29/108
    [Adlai recruited]                                                30/108
    [Oulan recruited]                                                31/108
    [Yoshino recruited]                                              32/108
    [Templton recruited]                                             33/108
    Chapter 4: Return of Allies
            The next morning, Nanami wakes the Hero up, wanting him to go 
    out with her. At the entrance to the castle they see Fitcher, who goes 
    in after talking to them.
            In the meeting room, the Hero is introduced to Fitcher. He 
    explains that TwoRiver wishes to ally with the Hero's army. Choose 2 to 
    accept Fitcher's proposal to head there. Fitcher then says that all 
    land bridges have been destroyed, and the only way there is by boat. 
    Realizing that they need someone who could man a boat, Viktor asks the 
    Hero to look for some. 
            In Radat the party meets up with Amada again. After the Hero
    explains why his help is needed, he agrees on the condition that the 
    Hero defeats him.
        {1 on 1 vs Amada}
            After being defeated, Amada joins willingly.
    [Amada recruited]                                                34/108
    [Tai Ho recruited]                                               35/108
    [Yam Koo recruited]                                              36/108
            Upon returning to the castle the Hero introduces Amada to Shu, 
    then Fitcher will follow on the boat to Lakewest, near TwoRiver.
            Once they land at Lakewest, Fitcher leaves the party to report 
    back first, and gives the Hero a letter of recommendation. Amada leaves 
    to take care of the boat.
    [Clive recruited]                                                37/108
    [Taki recruited]                                                 38/108
            On entering TwoRiver Chaco will run up from behind and flinch 
    off the party's money as well as the letter from Fitcher. Despite their 
    explanations the guards to the city hall prevent them from entering. 
    Then they see Chaco running off to the Winger area. Chasing after him 
    the party is led a merry-go-round chase before Chaco flies off, without 
    returning the letter or the money.
    [Hans recruited]                                                 39/108
            Upon returning to the Human area they see Fitcher about to be 
    punished by Ridley, and pleading hard to say his side of the story. 
    Seeing the situation going bad the Hero decides to step in and prevent 
    any bloodshed. Ridley does not believe at first, but after seeing the 
    Shining Shield rune, he accepts the Hero and tells him to enter the 
    city hall and see Makai, overall leader of TwoRiver. After the 
    introductions are made, Makai asks the Hero to rest in the inn.
            Inside his room the Hero sees Chaco once more, who flies off 
    after introducing himself.
            The next morning, Fitcher tells them that they have caught a
    Highland spy, and were questioning him. Upon entering the city hall, 
    they see no sign of the spy, but instead see Ridley fuming, saying that 
    the Humans were betraying them, before going off. Makai calls upon the 
    Hero to calm Ridley down.
            At the entrance to the Kobold area the party is turned back, 
    the guards stating that it was under Ridley's orders. Without any other 
    way they start to turn back, but not before Chaco comes up and steals 
    off Fitcher's purse.
            Chasing him around the Winger camp once more, the party finally 
    trap him in a corner. But to their surprise he lifts up a log and runs 
    off into  the sewers. At the end of the sewers they enter a dark 
    storeroom, where they are met by a Pest Rat (Huge Rat).
            The ladder in the room beyond the storeroom leads them to the 
    Kobold area, where they are caught by Ridley. The Hero explains that 
    they are after a thief, which is accepted by Ridley, who then explains 
    that a letter has been stolen from his house the night before. The 
    letter's contents, carried by the 'spy' were of a meeting between Makai 
    and the Highland general Kiba for a ceasefire. The reason Ridley was 
    angry is because the treaty asked for the Kobold area of TwoRiver to be 
    ceded to the Empire.
            Back in the Human area they chance upon Makai and Kiba talking.
    Klaus sees them and goes up to introduce himself as Kiba's son as well 
    as Kiba's army strategist.
            After they left, Fitcher confronts Makai, and Chaco complaining 
    to the humans, but they get rebutted by the commoners, who did not wish 
    to have a war with Highland.
            Inside the city hall the Hero reports his meeting with Ridley,
    but Makai says that his mind is fixed on the ceasefire, and asks the 
    Hero to leave. Outside the hall Chaco comes up and returns Fitcher's 
    knife, and Fitcher thinks up of a plan to ask Shu for reinforcements, 
    and asks the Hero to rest first.
            The next morning the party joins in the welcome party, but Kiba
    betrays Makai's trust and orders his troops to attack. After a skirmish
    Fitcher asks the Hero to inform Ridley. Choose 1 to carry on fighting, 
    2 to go to inform Ridley. In any case, the Birdmen will appear to help 
    in repelling the Highland soldiers, joined by the Kobolds.
            After some time, Klaus will come up to report that the Hero's 
    army could be seen, and asks Kiba to retreat first, then pulling out 
    the remainder of the troops.
            In the Highland camp, Rugal executes Solon Jhee who was 
    responsible for the failed attack on the Hero's castle, and asks his 
    remaining generals to take up the next mission to take over Greenhill. 
    Jowy volunteers for the task, requiring 5000 soldiers.
            The morning after the victory Fitcher wakes the Hero up, saying 
    that Makai was looking for them. By the time the Hero enter Makai, 
    Ridley, Shu and Viktor have finished their talks, and Makai says that 
    Shu had explained the needs for a new Alliance, and that TwoRiver would 
    gladly help to restore the Alliance, at the same time telling Fitcher 
    to be his representative in the Hero's entourage.
    [Fitcher recruited]                                              40/108
    [Ridley recruited]                                               41/108
    [Chaco recruited]                                                42/108
    [Sid recruited]                                                  43/108
    [Gabocha recruited]                                              44/108
    [Hai Yo recruited]                                               45/108
    [Stallion recruited]                                             46/108
    [Shilou recruited]                                               47/108
    [Tetsu recruited]                                                48/108
    [Hix recruited]                                                  49/108
    [Tengaar recruited]                                              50/108
    [Meg recruited]                                                  51/108
    [Karakuri-maru recruited]                                        52/108
    [Wakaba recruited]                                               53/108
    [Tony recruited]                                                 54/108
            Back at the castle everyone congratulates the Hero for getting 
    a big ally in TwoRiver. Shu suggests for the Hero to rest.
            Next morning in the meeting hall Shu reports that Greenhill had
    fallen to Highland. He then outlines a plan to rescue the Mayor of 
    Greenhill Teresa, and appointing Fitcher and Flik to lead the 
    operation. Fitcher leaves first to check out the situation in the city, 
    saying that he will meet them at the gates of the city.
            Outside the Greenhill gates Fitcher gives the party a false 
    history as well as registration forms to the school, tells them to 
    assume false names within the city, then leaves.
            Inside the city the party see Nina accosted by a soldier. She 
    runs behind Flik and uses him as a body shield. After Flik has chased 
    off the soldier, the party move on, leaving Nina staring after Flik's 
            In the school Flik hands over the registration forms to Emilia 
    who than gives several instructions to the party, then proceeds to 
    introduce the classes to them. Shin walks past them, and after he 
    leaves Flik asks Emilia his identity. It seems that he is the bodyguard 
    of Teresa, who has been missing since the Highland invasion. Then she 
    tells the party to rest and prepare for the next day's lessons.
    [Emilia recruited]                                               55/108
            Outside the school they see Nina, who spots Flik, calling him 
    her 'destined person', and gets to know his name, then drags him to 
    view the school compounds.
            The party then goes to the hostel located West of the school, 
    where they are given further instructions, then they go up to retire 
    for the day. 
            That night, after dinner, they meet Nina once more, who 
    befriends Nanami.
            The next morning, Flik tells the party to listen for 
    information regarding Teresa or Shin, before running off in a hurry. 
    Nina then appears from the other side, and asks Nanami where Flik has 
    run off to, and runs after him once more.
            Outside the inn they see the innkeeper accused by Highland 
    soldiers of hiding Teresa. Just as the Hero is about to step in Nanami 
    stops him, seeing Rowd coming up. Shin then appears to stop Rowd from 
    issuing any orders. After the innkeeper thanks Shin, he leaves. The 
    party try to follow him, but lose his trail inside the school 
            That night, Nina asks Nanami about Flik's likes and dislikes, 
    and warns her of a ghost in the school after thanking Nanami for the 
            The next morning, the party see no sign of Flik. They found 
    Nina instead in front of the Appraisal class. Nanami questions her 
    about the ghost. Nina says that it was a joke, but does say of strange 
    noises in the night. She also issues a challenge to Nanami, thinking 
    that she is her rival for Flik.
            Outside the school they meet Flik. Nanami explains the 
    situation to him, and to her relief he assures her that he has no 
    interest in children, then leads the party to the streets.
            In the streets they see Fitcher surrounded by a few people, 
    accusing him of being a traitor. Flik steps in, acting the part of a 
    person trying to kill Fitcher in the name of justice, scaring off the 
            Later, Fitcher says that no signs of Teresa can be found, 
    although the Highland soldiers were searching all over. Back in the 
    school Nina sees Flik with the party, and accuses Nanami of hiding 
    Flik, who runs off in the process. Nina chases after him, much to the 
    confusion of Pilika.
            After dinner, Nina stops Nanami, wanting a showdown, but is 
    neatly sidetracked by the Hero, who pulls the girls aside as Nina 
    begins to fantasize about herself with Flik......
            That night, the girls, having heard a strange noise, wakes the 
    Hero up, and asks him to investigate the 'ghost'. They then spot a 
    shadow going up. On the third floor they see the shadow running off 
    again. On the ground floor they see the shadow run into the basement, 
    but find no sight of it. 
            On checking the unlighted lamp a doorway appears, and they 
    follow the passageway to the basement of the school. They finally spot 
    the shadow in a corner of the school. The six of them surround the 
    shadow, and it turns out to be Flik, who was following Shin all the 
    time. At the end of the corridor they reach a dead end, or so they 
    thought, until the Hero checks the statue next to the wall, revealing a 
    doorway leading out to a forest trail, at the end where they find a 
    small hut. 
            Shin appears then, and when the situation began to get ugly, 
    Pilika cries out, stopping the potential fight. Teresa comes out of the 
    hut, and Flik explains that they need her help in the fight against 
    Highland. She says that she cannot help, explaining the situation that 
    led up to this.
            After the fall of Muse, the Muse soldiers that had escaped put 
    up refuge inside Greenhill. With the aid of the Muse soldiers the 
    people in Greenhill began to be confident of repelling the Highland 
            Highland did come, but did not attack, instead barricading the 
    city. The barricade soon took it's toll on the city's food supply, and 
    infighting broke out between the soldiers and the civilians, thus 
    effectively ending the resistance without spilling a drop of the 
    Empire's soldiers' blood. 
            Having lost confidence in herself and her leadership abilities, 
    she retreated to hide in the hut, and thus refusing to help the Hero as 
    she is not strong enough mentally. Before leaving Shin tells them to 
    get out of Greenhill before the bulk of the Highland troops arrive.
            The final morning in the school Flik asks if they had forgotten
    anything, and then leads them out. In the streets they see Rowd making 
    a proclamation that anybody who finds Teresa will be given 20,000bits 
    reward. The citizens, thinking of the money, actually began thinking of 
    supporting the Highland troops.
            Just then Jowy appears, and Pilika naturally goes toward him, 
    the party with no choice but to follow. Seeing them Rowd orders the 
    soldiers to attack, but Fitcher distracts the crowd, giving them time 
    to run off and warn Teresa.
            Inside the hut, the party is surprised to find Nina with Teresa 
    and Shin. He says that she had been the ione providing information and 
    food for them. Despite their attempts to tell her to run away, Teresa 
    says that she would not shun responsibility anymore and would surrender 
            The party heads back, to find Rowd trying to manhandle Teresa, 
    but stopped by Shin. Angered, Rowd orders his soldiers to kill both of 
    them, and the party runs up to assist Shin.
            After 2 fights, Nina leads several people up from behind, who 
    runs away. The soldiers and civilians ask Teresa to run away so that 
    she can return with an army to free the city. With heartfelt thanks she 
    follows the party back to the forest trail where Shin shows the way 
            Along the way Rowd shows up, and Shin steps up to stop him and 
    his soldiers single-handedly, despite Teresa's attempts to stop him. 
    Flik knocks her unconscious, and the party proceeds on, with Shin's 
            At the exit, the party meets Jowy, who advises the Hero to stop 
    the rebellion, saying that it is pointless to fight against Rugal. The 
    party, seeing chasing soldiers, continue to run, Jowy not stopping 
    [Jeane recruited]                                                56/108
    [Yuzu recruited]                                                 57/108
            Back at the castle, the Hero brings a saddened Teresa to Shu. 
    To their surprise Shin enters the meeting room, brought out by Fitcher. 
    Nina also appears, and pulls Flik out. With the new allies, Shu tells 
    the Hero to rest as he thinks out the next step.
    [Teresa recruited]                                               58/108
    [Shin recruited]                                                 59/108
    [Nina recruited]                                                 60/108
            In the Highland camp, Rugal praises Jowy on his success and 
    agrees to one thing. Jowy asks for Jillia's hand in marriage, much to 
    Rugal's surprise , though he agrees to the promise.
    Chapter 5: A Knight's Honor
           The next morning, Nanami wakes the Hero up, saying that the rest 
    are gathering in the meeting room. Shu than explains the current 
    situation. With Muse and Greenhill taken, and Tinto is blocked by a 
    mountain range, the next logical ally will have to come from Matilda. 
    As informewd by Apple, the road to Matilda lies north of Greenhill.
    [Viki recruited]                                                 61/108
            At the end of the Greenhill/Matilda path the party is met by 
    Miklotov, who brings them into Rockaxe and ushers them into the castle 
    to meet Gorudo, the ruler of Rockaxe. Gorudo looks down on the Hero, 
    and tells Camus to take them to their resting quarters and to bring 
    them for a tour of the city later. After showing them to their 
    bedrooms, Camus apologizes for his Lord's behavior.
            That night Leknaat pays the Hero a visit, saying that his path 
    will be bloody, but the turns of destiny was to be decided by the rune 
    on his hand.
            The next morning, outside the throne room, they see Miklotov in 
    a hurry. Entering the throne room, they hear Miklotov reporting that 
    Highland troops have been seen at the Muse border, along with refugees 
    from Muse. He requests for mobilization, which is accepted by Gorudo. 
    Camus than asks the Hero if he wishes to go along. Choose 1 to accept 
    the proposal.
    ------------------------{BATTLE MAP 5}---------------------------------
      Enemy turn 1-Highland troops appear
      Muse Refugees killed-Highland retreats
            To Miklotov's displeasure, Gorudo does not go in to help as his 
    reason that none of the refugees or the Highland soldiers had entered 
    his domain was valid. Outside the throne room Miklotov tells Camus that 
    he is going to Muse to see why Highland troops were killing refugees. 
    Camus enlists the help of the Hero in looking after Miklotov.
    [Humphrey recruited]                                             62/108 
    [Futch recruited]                                                63/108
            At the Matilda/Muse border the party finally manage to catch up 
    with Miklotov, and the guards, on Camus' order, allow him to pass.
            Outside Muse the party witness the collection of something, 
    that changes into a vision of a two-headed wolf-like creature. On 
    Jouston Ridge Rugal gloats about the hatred that releases the Beast 
            Inside Muse the party does not find a single person, and going 
    further in, see Highland soldiers killing civilians. They manage to 
    repel off the initial attack, the civilian saying that he saw his 
    family eaten by a silver monster before dying. With no further need to 
    stay there, Miklotov leads the party back to Rockaxe, Empire soldiers 
    chasing along the way.
            Back at Rockaxe castle, Miklotov requests to mobilize the 
    knights to attack Muse, citing that Highland was killing innocent 
    civilians. But Gorudo rebuts the request, and does not allow the 
    movement of any troops. Angry and disappointed with his insensitive 
    Lord, Miklotov throws away his Knight Badge, followed by Camus, as well 
    as the soldiers under their command, deciding not to follow their Lord 
    any further. 
    [Miklotov recruited]                                             64/108 
    [Camus recruited]                                                65/108
            Upon returning to the castle, Shu asks the Hero to rest, saying 
    that he needs a plan, with the limited assistance from the former 
    Alliance partners to fight the future battles.
            In Highland, Jowy and Rugal are introduced to their new 
    strategist, who is none other than Leon Silverburg, older brother of 
    Mathiu Silverburg, as well as Rugal's sworn brother.
            The next day inside the meeting room, Shu informs the Hero that 
    Radat had fallen to Highland, led by Kiba and his son. Viktor tells
    him that he wishes to check out the situation, and goes along with the 
            Upon entering Radat, choose 2 to go in and have a look. The 
    party will find Klaus making a speech, putting Radat under Highland 
    military law and giving them free reign in the village. As the party is 
    about to leave, Klaus calls the Hero. Choose 2 to answer back, and he 
    will tell the Hero of Jowy's impending marriage to Jillia, and that he 
    would use full force in the upcoming battles.
            Back at the castle, Shu asks the Hero whether he wants to start 
    the battle. Choose 2 to begin.
    ------------------------{BATTLE MAP 6}---------------------------------
      Player Turn 2-Ridley complains about putting Kobolds too far in 
      Player Turn 3-Ridley and Kobolds retreat. Rowd troops attack.
      Player Turn 4-Alliance retreat
            Back at the castle, the other members of the Alliance berate 
    Ridley's ruining away. Shu then tells everyone to rest as he thinks up 
    of another plan.
            In Highland, Agares asks Jillia, who says that she would take 
    Jowy as her husband. A soldier will then lead her away as not to see 
    the Knight Proclamation. After she leaves, Jowy will recite that he 
    would be the loyal subject of Agles, and show it with his blood, 
    dripping some into the Wine of Loyalty, tasted beforehand by Rugal.
            He than passes it to Agles, who drinks it, and falls 
    immediately, struck by the poison imbued into Jowy's blood. Rugal, 
    enjoying the scene, curses his father for abandoning his mother for the 
    sake of the country, and as a sinner, would get the just punishments 
    for the sin. Jowy also collapse as a result of the poison.
            The next day, inside the meeting room, Shu and Apple explain 
    the battle plan. Half the army, led by the Hero, will go out and lure 
    the enemy, The rest, led by Viktor, Flik, Tsai and Camus will lie in 
    wait and surround Kiba. Choose 2 to begin.
    ------------------------{BATTLE MAP 7}---------------------------------
                       Kiba surrenders
      Enemy Turn 5-Alliance other groups reinforcements appear
      Player Turn 8-Ridley + Kobold reinforcements appear
      Enemy turn 11-Leon appears,Rowd troops and Leon retreat, Kiba 
            After the battle, Shu asks the Hero to keep both of them alive, 
    as they are able generals. Choose 2 three times, and a messenger will 
    come up, with a letter congratulating them, on behalf of Rugal Bright, 
    Emperor of the Highland Empire, on the victory. Shu asks Klaus to 
    explain the meanings of the letter, and he replies that Rugal had 
    assinated Agles, to the surprise of Kiba. Klaus goes on to say that all 
    the recent events have been cleverly orchestrated so as to distract 
    attention from the main event, that is the complete takeover of the 
    Jouston Alliance areas. 
            Kiba finally sees the wrong in Rugal's ways, and agree to help 
    the Hero, accompanied by Klaus.
    [Kiba recruited]                                                 66/108
    [Klaus recruited]                                                67/108
            But Shu starts worrying, as the opposition has Leon 
    Chapter 6: To Toran!
            At the castle gates, the Hero sees a girl searching for 'that 
    man' who turns out to be Sheena, and comes out from hiding, running off 
    to look for Viktor.
            Inside the meeting room, Apple explains that with their current
    strength, it is only equal to one of Highland's four armies. A combined
    assault from Highland will not be defendable. With Greenhill taken, 
    Matilda neutral, and Tinto too far away, they have very little chance 
    against Highland. 
            Sheena then enters, disrupting the meeting. Just as Ridley 
    begins to pull him out, Apple stops him, saying that he is the son of 
    the President of the Toran Republic.
            Ridley explains to the baffled that the Toran Republic replaced 
    the Scarlett Moon Empire after a bloody revolution, and President 
    Lepent took over the seat which had originally gone to McDohl, the 
    leader of the liberation army. Despite objections, Shu asks the Hero if 
    he is willing to ally with Toran, who have traditionally been at odds 
    with the City-State Alliance. Choose 2 to accept.
            Freed Y. will join the party to lead them to Toran, and Sheena 
    goes along as well.
            Outside the meeting room, Freed Y. asks the Hero to stop over 
    at Southwindow first.
            At the Southwindow City Hall, Freed Y. explains his distrust 
    for Toran. 3 years ago Granmeyer was forced out of Toran after the 
    revolution, even though he was invited to take over some of the land 
    during that 'War of the Gate', especially after Tinto allies returned 
    back home. Than Granmeyer sacrificed himself just to protect the city 
    from following the same path that he had taken, to protect it from 
    occupation. Putting the past behind him Freed Y. tells the Hero that 
    the only way to the Toran path is by boat, and says that Radat is the 
    only place that provides a downstream route.
    [Lebrante recruited]                                             68/108
    [Simone recruited]                                               69/108
            In Radat, a boat is found at the east of the dam. Freed Y. asks 
    the fisherman to ferry them to Banner, where he tells the Hero that the 
    path to Toran can be found in the mountain. Along the path the party is 
    stopped by a giant Worm. After defeating it, they continue on until 
    they  reach the Toran border, where they are stopped by the commander 
    of the border guards, Vargas.
            Sheena steps up to introduce him to the Hero. Vargas than asks 
    the Hero to accompany them to Gregminster, capital of the Toran 
            The party is brought to Gregminster Castle, where they are led 
    to meet President Lepent. After the Hero asks for an alliance, Lepent 
    recounts the number of skirmishes the two adversiries have fought since 
    the last war. Freed Y. steps up and parlays for the help of Toran. 
    Lepent then asks the Hero why he is fighting. Choose 2, and Lepent will 
    consider his answer, then saying that once a young man with the same 
    sparkle in his eyes led them forward and brought about the peace in the 
            He then asks his advisor Tesla what they can so to help. Tesla 
    answers that they can support up to 5000 soldiers, as well as a 
    General. Alen suggests Valeria; Grenseal suggests Kasumi. When both of 
    them arrive, Lepent gives the Hero a choice on who to aid him in his 
    [Valeria/Kasumi recruited]                                       70/108
            He also pulls his son Sheena to one side, and entrusts him to 
    the Hero's care.
    [Sheena recruited]                                               71/108
            And as a token of the alliance, he gives the Hero the Blinking 
    Mirror, which gives the party instant teleportation back to the castle 
    on the world map.
            After that the party will be brought back to the border, but 
    now are able to enter Gregminster freely.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
    {{ SPECIAL NOTE }}
    Lotte has a new cat!! It's called Momo. And as usual, Mina is missing:(
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
    [Lorelai recruited]                                              72/108
    [Mondo recruited]   {only if Kasumi recruited}                   73/108
    [Sasuke recruited]  {only if Kasumi recruited}                   74/108
            Upon returning to Banner the party will be met by Apple and 
    Ridley, who will bring them back to the castle, and tell the Hero to go 
    the meeting room.
    [Badeaux recruited]                                              75/108
    [Feather recruited]                                              76/108
    [Ayda recruited]                                                 77/108
    [Sigfried recruited]                                             78/108
    [Gordan recruited]                                               79/108
            In the meeting room, the Toran ally will report to Shu, and 
    Apple will give an updated situation report. Highland is organizing an 
    all-out attack, with Rugal leading the first army, Jowy leading the 
    third, and the remnants of Kiba's army along with reinforcements from 
    Harmonia Kingdom making up the fourth army, with a total of 50,000 
    troops. With the Toran allies their total strength number a little over 
    20,000. Shu begins to think up of a plan, telling the Hero to rest 
            In the Highland camp, Leon spells out his plan: To capture the 
    cities around the Hero's castle first, then launch a blockade against 
    the castle. With Emperor Rugal leading the front, and magical aid from 
    Sasarai of Harmonia, morale will be boosted highly, leading to a 
    crushing victory.
            The next morning, inside the meeting room, Shu informs the Hero 
    that Ridley had made a move first to check out enemy lines. Then a 
    soldier arrives to report that Ridley's troops have been surrounded by 
    an ambush and in danger of being captured. Choose 2 to go and help him.
    ------------------------{BATTLE MAP 8}---------------------------------
      Player Turn 2-Alliance reinforcements appear
      Ridley defeated-Alliance retreats
            Everyone debates Ridley's loss, then Luc teleports in, saying 
    that he recognized Sasarai from Harmonia, and would take care of him, 
    then teleports out, without giving further information. With the 
    overwhelming number of soldiers sitting at Southwindow, Shu tells the 
    commanders to let their troops rest as he puts his plan into motion.
            Outside the Hero's room, Tsai approaches and asks the Hero 
    permission to go back and take a few possessions of his.
    [Tomo recruited]                                                 80/108
            In the Highland camp, Rugal asks Ridley to surrender to 
    Highland. He does not, and Rugal tells several soldiers to take him 
    away and await execution. Leon then starts to tell the next step of his 
    battle plan......
            The next morning, Shu describes his plan, that is to 
    concentrate an attack on Rugal alone using an ambush. At the same time 
    another group will go on directly to the highland camp and rescue 
    Ridley. Choose 2 to begin.
    ------------------------{BATTLE MAP 9}---------------------------------
      Player Turn 5-Alliance reinforcements appear
      Enemy Turn 6-Highland reinforcements appear
      Player Turn 7-Luc appears:event with Sasarai.Sasarai retreats.Luc 
      Rugal injured-Rugal teleports to safety, all Alliance troops injured.
                    Alliance retreats
      Player Turn 10-Alliance retreats
            After the battle, Shu remains silent as the others think of 
    other alternatives to defeat Rugal.
            On the ground floor, the Hero sees Ridley, who was rescued 
    successfully by the second group. Back in the meeting room, Ridley 
    hands Shu whatever information he had gathered while he was imprisoned. 
    After reading the note, Shu tells the people present in the room to 
    prepare for a night attack, much to their surprise.
            Shu elaborates, saying that everyone will lie in ambush as 
    Rugal is passing through the forest near the castle. After the initial 
    attack, 3 groups of people will personally attack Rugal. The first 
    group led by Flik, the second led by Viktor, and the final group led by 
    the Hero.
            That night, as Rugal is advancing, reports from the front and 
    back state that the army is under attack from both sides. Suddenly a 
    barrage of arrows fly towards Rugal's party, killing most of the 
    soldiers and wounding Rugal. Flik's party will then rush up to attack.
    Author's personal note:
    This is the hardest battle in the game, so it deserves some 
    elaboration. Basically it pits 18 men against one. The first fight with 
    Rugal will consist of Flik's party against Rugal and 5 soldiers. The 
    second fight will consist of Viktor's party against Rugal and 3 
    soldiers. The third fight will pit the Hero's party against Rugal 
    alone. The final fight will be a 1 on 1 against Rugal.
    Rugal's a tough one. He has 3 attacks each turn, and has 3 kinds of 
    attacks. The first is a 3 hit sword attack against 1 front row person.
    The second is a fire-based sword attack to the entire front row.
    The third is a fire-based sword attack to the center column.
    Since the attacks are completely random, it's very easy for someone to 
    die in the very first round. The only way to prevent that (as far as I 
    know) is to have, by this time, at least 18 people with levels above 
    35, and fully equipped with the strongest armour, and upgraded weapons 
    till at least lv.8
    This is my party choice, it's really up to you, but remember to have at 
    least 2 people who can heal, and 3 who can do decent damage. (Flik is 
    awesome with the Lightning rune!! Wait a minute...he's a compulsary 
    character......) These are in party order:
                                    1st PARTY
                 Hero               Humphrey           Oulan 
                 Rina               Clive              Nanami
                                    2nd PARTY
                 Nina               Flik               Hix
                 Millie             Simone(yes!!)      Tengaar
                                    3rd PARTY
                 Anita              Viktor             Mondo
                 Meg                Eilie              Kasumi
    Note that the results are culminative, so the more damage you do to 
    Rugal in the first two fights, the less you have to do in the third. 
    Incidentally, the first two parties CAN be defeated, Rugal will just 
    run to the next fight! BUT you CANNOT lose the third, nor the 1 on 1 
    for that matter. All experience will be earned in the third battle 
    Oh yeah, one last thing. This madman has 6,500HP, courtesy of the Prima
    I guess that's about it. Good Luck!!
            After several rounds of attacks, Rugal will manage to get away, 
    only to be met by Viktor's party.
            Even after repeated attacks, Rugal still doesn't fall, and he 
    moves off, and is confronted by the Hero's party.
            Finally Rugal is defeated, but he still manages to run off a 
    little. Flik and Viktor follow the Hero in the chase, while Shu calls 
    for archer reinforcements.
            Rugal eventually reaches a dead end, and while standing in 
    front of a tree wiping a good-luck charm is shot by a lot of arrows. 
    The party catches up with him, but so do Rugal's soldiers, who are 
    mercilessly cut down by another hail of arrows. Rugal, knowing his time 
    was up, launches a final desperate attack on the Hero.
        {1 on 1 vs Rugal Bright}
            Rugal finally dies, but not before saying that the Hero will 
    soon fall prey to the demons that he himself have released.
            In the background, Leon and Jowy contemplate the fall of their 
    leader and leave shortly after his death, the first step of their 
    master plan complete.
            Back at the castle, everybody celebrated the fall of Rugal, but 
    the Hero, exhausted by the fighting, falls unconscious to the ground.
            In Highland, the wedding ceremony between Jowy and Jillia is 
    finalized, and Jowy is recognized as the new King of Highland.
    Chapter 7: Trouble from Within
            After being bedridden for a week, the Hero finally is able to 
    get up. Nanami tells him that Apple said no Highland activities could 
    be seen since their withdrawal, and that they were free to roam the 
    [Maximillian recruited]                                          81/108
    [Annallee recruited]                                             82/108
    [Killey recruited]                                               83/108
    [Hoi recruited]                                                  84/108
    [Connell recruited]                                              85/108
    [Bob recruited]                                                  86/108
    [Karen recruited]                                                87/108
            In Kuskus, the people there tell the Hero that a Highland ship 
    had been spotted. Rushing to the docks they meet Culagan, one of the 
    Highland generals. He officially tells the Hero of Jowy's rise to the 
    throne,and marriage to Jillia, and as a friend, is inviting the Hero 
    over for the ceremony as well as truce talks between Highland and the 
    City-State Alliance. Culagan also tells the Hero that he is the 
    emissary from Highland for the truce talks, and asks to be taken to the 
    Hero's castle. The Hero agrees, bringing him to the castle to hand over 
    the official documents to start the process.
            In the meeting room, Culagan explains that he is acting on the 
    orders of King Jowy, and asks for key members of the Alliance to be 
    present for the talks, before taking his leave.
            While everyone has his own thoughts, Klaus sounds out that it 
    could be a trap set up by Leon Silverburg, and agreed upon by Ridley. 
    However Teresa and Nanami see it as a chance to end the fighting, and 
    follow the Hero to Muse. Shu asks the Hero to take Chaco along, just 
    in case.
            After the Hero has sailed off, Shu calls Viktor and Flik for a 
    small mission......
            In Muse, after they have reported their names, the party is 
    told to go to Jouston Ridge. Chaco goes off by himself, wanting to have 
    a look at the city.
            At Jouston Ridge, the party is led to the conference room, 
    where they meet Jowy and Leon. Leon then says, to their surprise, that 
    the truce they want is the complete surrender of the Hero's armies, 
    reinforced by archers standing behind them. Jowy says that it is only 
    for the sake of the country that the fighting cease, by forcing a 
    complete surrender.
            Just as the Hero is about to agree, Viktor charges in, throwing 
    Pilika to Jowy, and pulling the others to safety. Leon gives the order 
    to shoot, but Jowy stops him, saying that he does not want Pilika to 
    see any more bloodshed. Pilika, reunited with Jowy, finally manages to 
    find her voice and speak.
            On the other hand, the fleeing party find themselves chased 
    after by Highland soldiers. Chaco, ever alert to the situation, had 
    opened the locked gates, and was busy fighting off some soldiers. On 
    seeing the Hero, the soldiers run away, and the party menage to get to 
            Outside Muse, Viktor tells them that Shu had anticipated this, 
    saying that the Hero is too kind-hearted to notice the scheme of Leon, 
    and that Flik is leading a small army stationed at Toto to ward off any 
            Back at the castle, their work done, Flik and Viktor retire to 
    the baths for a rest. Inside, Shu meets up with them. Nanami scolds him 
    for using Pilika as a tool to achieve his ends, and runs off. Shu 
    explains to the Hero that it was necessary to get him out alive, even 
    if it meant playing an underhanded card.
            At the entrance to the castle, the Hero is approached by Koyu, 
    who asks for his help. In the meeting room, Koyu explains that the area 
    around Tinto has been infested by zombies, probably a tactic of 
    Highland, leading Viktor to suspect the hand of Neclord. He asks Shu to 
    help out, and Shu agrees, although it was not feasible to lead an army 
    to Tinto. Viktor then asks the Hero to accompany him, and Koyu follows, 
    leading the way to Drakemouth Village, southwest of Kobold.
            The guard at the border barrier, recognizing Koyu, lets the 
    party pass without a problem. Along the way, they meet Gijimu, one of 
    the mountain bandits, who is introduced to the Hero. He then tells Koyu 
    to hurry to Tinto as things were going strangely wrong there.
            On the other side of the mountain range is TigerMouth Village, 
    where Koyu tells the party to quicken their pace to Tinto.
    [Long Chan Chan recruited]                                       88/108
    [Tenkou recruited]                                               89/108
    [Raura recruited]                                                90/108
            In Tinto, the party manage to find the mayor's house, and after 
    a short wait, are allowed in. Inside, they are met by Gustav, mayor of 
    Tinto. After a few preliminary exchanges, Viktor explains that they are 
    here to investigate the reports of zombies in the area. Koyu takes his 
    leave to rejoin the mountain bandits, and Gustav introduces the party 
    to Marlowe, who takes the party to their restrooms.
            The next morning, Viktor wakes the Hero up, saying that Ridley 
    and Klaus have arrived with a small number of troops. Nanami then 
    enters, wanting to wake the Hero up, but find him already talking to 
            In Gustav's room, Ridley reports that he had brought a small 
    number of soldiers as backup, as instructed from Shu. Just as they 
    start to talk, Gustav's daughter Lilly barges in and says that monsters 
    were approaching. Gustav runs out, and Viktor smells a rat.
            At the entrance to Tinto, the party sees Neclord. Viktor asks 
    him why he is helping Highland, and Neclord replies that his advance 
    has nothing to do with their war, and before Viktor can approach him to 
    question him further Neclord disappears, his zombie forces moving off 
    as well.
            Back in his room, Gustav swears that he will not let hand Tinto 
    over to Neclord. Jess enters, accompanied by Muse general Hauser. He 
    says that he has managed to gather 5000 surviving members of the Muse 
    army. Then he sees the Hero, and says that he does not need the help of 
    a murderer. Despite the protests from the Hero and his friends, Jess 
    states that he clearly saw the Hero bending over Anabelle's prone form 
    in Muse in that fateful night, then leaves. Klaus tells the Hero to 
    rest as they begin their preparations to move against Neclord.
            Outside the Hero's room they meet Jess, who tells them that the 
    City State Alliance will be saved with people from the Alliance, not 
            That night Leknaat visits the Hero, telling him not to be sad, 
    and that the destined meeting between the Shining Shield and the Dark 
    Blade is nearing once more. She reminds him that his battle will not be 
    fought alone, but with the combined will and thoughts of many people, 
    before leaving.
            The Hero then goes to Nanami's room, and finds her still awake. 
    She wonders about the coming fights, as well as Jess' stubborn stance, 
    as they were chased out to the Alliance, just as Genkaku was chased out 
    to Kyaro. She asks the Hero his reason for fighting, as well as the 
    reasons for everyone else. She reasons that there is no need for him 
    to fight, especially that their main objective is to stop Jowy from 
    doing anything foolish, and asks him to give up and go with her and 
    look for Jowy.
    Author's personal note 2:
           At this point of time, the player is given two choices, of which 
    there are two major branches in the story. If you choose the second 
    choice then the first, the Hero and Nanami will run off on their 
    own, along with two random characters,leading to the eventual death of 
    Ridley, and the Hero getting slapped by Shu.
           When this happens, at the end of the event a Kobold by the name 
    of Boris will appear in the meeting room. He is Ridley's son, and will 
    take over his father's position in the Tablet of Promise.
           Therefore the logical route will be to choose the first choice 
    both times to go along the correct route, though I must agree that to 
    follow Nanami is the more emotionally correct route :)
            Nanami will be saddened by the Hero's answers, but says that as 
    his sister she will stand by his side, then tells the Hero to go back 
    and rest.
            The next morning, Nanami comes and wakes the Hero up. In 
    Gustav's room a soldier comes in to report that Jess has begun to move 
    out his army. Outside Jess says that one of his spies has managed to 
    pass information on Neclord's location, so he is moving out his troops 
    to crush Neclord's zombies in one strike. Ridley tries to stop Hauser, 
    but he replies that he has to follow the orders of the acting Muse 
    mayor, which is Jess, especially since they have lost their home.
            After they have left, Klaus reports that all 5000 soldiers have 
    moved off, also remarking that if the army loses, Neclord will gain a 
    total of 5000 zombies in his army. Therefore he will lead the Hero's 
    troops behind Jess' army in order to prevent a disaster, leaving Viktor 
    to wonder if the information passed to Jess is confirmed true.
            Outside the entrance to the mines the Hero overhears two miners 
    saying that those that have entered the mines have not come out at all. 
    Nanami tells the Hero to investigate, and the two of them enters the 
            Inside, they are surprised to see Neclord, who was making his 
    base from under Tinto. He says that Jess' 'spy' was actually controlled 
    by him, giving false information, leading them to their deaths, and now 
    that they have seen him, they must be part of his undead army as well.
            After fighting for a while. Neclord says that he just need a 
    few more people's blood to reach a total of 100 people in order to work 
    his final magic, and attacks them once more, but is repulsed by the 
    Shining Shield Rune. Nanami pulls the Hero out, with the zombies 
    following behind. 
            By the time the two of them have escaped from the mines, they 
    realize that it is too late, as zombies are running around in the 
    undefended city. Left with no choice, Nanami says that they have to 
    escape, but suddenly the Hero falls, drained by the use of the Shining 
    Shield during the fight with  Neclord. Nanami then carries him on her 
    back as she fights their way to safety.
            In Muse, Jowy begins to feel the effects of their linking, the 
    pain of the Hero also affecting him......
            When the Hero wakes up in Crom, two days have already passed. 
    Tinto has completely fallen to Neclord, and Klaus' troops could not 
    find a trace of Jess' army. Worse still, Gustav's daughter Lilly has 
    been missing since.
            At the entrance to Crom, the party meets Kahn, who has found a 
    way to trap Neclord's soul, thus opening a way to destroying him 
    forever. By creating a field that nullifies Neclord's power, and using 
    Viktor's Star Dragon Sword, they will be able to kill off Neclord for 
    good, and tells Viktor to meet someone in TigerMouth, following along 
    as well.
            In TigerMouth Village, the party see a pale-faced woman 
    surrounded by several villagers, who accuse her of being in the same 
    league as Neclord. Viktor steps in to calm them down, but in doing so 
    only manages to provoke the woman, who sends the villagers scurrying 
    away with a magic blast. Kahn recognizes her as Sierra, and introduces 
    himself and the party to her, wishing her to help them in chasing after 
    Neclord. The Star Dragon Sword also recognizes her, identifying her as 
    a vampire, as well as the founding member of the vampire tribe.
            She says that Neclord is the one who stole the Moon Rune from 
    her village, and wants to see if the Hero is good enough to fight with 
    her. When defeated, she changes back to her original form for a while, 
    before resuming her human form, and follows the party along to take on 
            Back at the Hero's temporary lodging in Crom, Klaus comes up to 
    greet him, and is hitched up by Sierra, and runs away from her.
            The next morning, the others report that Lilly and Lo Wen, one 
    of the bandits, have been caught by Neclord,as seen by Marlowe, who 
    escaped last. Sierra, who just came down, says that they are necessary 
    to Neclord as his instruments in his latest project, to the surprise of 
    Klaus. She notices Klaus then, and asks him to get a drink for her.
            Gustav says that the only way to enter Tinto quietly is through 
    the Crom mines, which has a passage leading to Tinto. That done, the 
    party moves out. By the time Klaus comes back with a glass of water, 
    nobody was there....
            Inside the mines, in an open cavern, Sierra suddenly stops, 
    telling Viktor to go ahead first. He does so with suspicion, when 
    suddenly a violent earthquake shakes the entire mine, and a Stone Golem 
    came out from the ground to attack the party.
            After defeating it, Viktor fumes about being used by her, but 
    Kahn cools him down, using Neclord's close proximity to get his 
            When they finally get to Tinto, they find it full of zombies. 
    After clearing out the zombies, Sierra feels the presence of the Moon 
    Rune inside the church. Once inside, choose 1 to go in and confront 
            Upon entering the room, the party sees Neclord about to take 
    Lilly and Lo Wen as his latest wives. Seeing them standing in front of 
    him, he is surprised that his Stone Golem did not finish them off. 
    Viktor then shouts out a number of nonsessiscal lines, but gains the 
    time needed for Kahn to cast his spell and bind Neclord within a field, 
    and Sierra uses her powers to defuse the Moon Rune, forcing Neclord to 
    fight the party on even terms.
            After he is defeated, Neclord tries to escape, but finds the 
    field impassable. Trapped, he begs for forgiveness, giving back the 
    Moon Rune to Sierra. Her purpose met, she tells Viktor to finish him 
    off, and he and the Star Dragon Sword do so gratefully, removing the 
    curse of Neclord from the world forever.
            At the entrance to Tinto, Lilly is reunited with her father, 
    and Lo Wen is greeted by Koyu and Gijimu. Klaus says that whatever left 
    of the Muse soldiers that haven't been turned into zombies have been 
            Jess then confronts the Hero, asking why he bothered to save 
    Tinto. Choose 1, and Jess tells Hauser that he is handing the reins of 
    acting mayor to Fitcher, and since Fitcher is part of the Hero's army, 
    tells Hauser to join up as well, while he stays behind. Hauser asks him 
    to fight alongside with him, Choose 1, and Jess will apologize for his 
    previous actions, and joins the Hero's army as well.
    [Jess recruited]                                                 91/108
    [Hauser recruited]                                               92/108
    [Marlowe recruited]                                              93/108
    [Kahn recruited]                                                 94/108
    [Sierra recruited]                                               95/108
    [Koyu recruited]                                                 96/108
    [Gijimu recruited]                                               97/108
    [Lo Wen recruited]                                               98/108
    [Georg recruited]                                                99/108
    [Gantetsu recruited]                                            100/108
            Back in the main lobby of the castle, Sheena meets up with the 
    party, saying that Shu is looking for them, following the party to the 
    meeting room. Inside, Shu says that Gustav has officially pledged his 
    help in the fight against Highland, and Apple says that the total extra 
    help has amounted to 7000. Shu says that it is time to move against 
    Highland, with Apple reporting that the bulk of Highland's army is 
    gathered in Muse. Shu then says that it is a good time to claim back 
            However, Greenhill is guarded by Yuber, who is the newest 
    addition to the Highland ranks, his previous data unknown, although he 
    was also present during the Gate Rune War.
            Choose 1 to let Sheena to tag along to Greenhill as well, and 
    Shu tells the Hero to rest first as he makes preparations.
            That night, while walking around the castle, the Hero sees 
    several of his friends making their post-war plans. Upon returning to 
    his room, he finds a female assassin waiting for him. After a few 
    rounds of fighting, Flik, Viktor and Tsai come up to overpower her. 
    Choose 1 then 2 to put her in jail, but by morning she had already 
            Inside the meeting room the next day, Shu explains that the 
    battle will be fought on two fronts. Flik, Viktor and Hauser will go to 
    the Muse border to hold off any enemy reinforcements; Kiba and Klaus 
    will head directly to Greenhill and capture it. Choose 2 to begin, then 
    choose 1 to follow Viktor and company; choose 2 to help Kiba.
    ------------------------BATTLE MAP 10a---------------------------------
      Enemy turn 5-Highland retreats
    ------------------------BATTLE MAP 10b---------------------------------
    WINNING CONDITION: Enter Greenhill
      Player reaches center of Greenhill-Highland retreats
            At the Greenhill gates, the party find no way of breaking
    through the gates. Teresa then tells the Hero to use the forest track 
    to enter the city, coming along to lead the way, also because as the 
    acting mayor of the city it is her responsibility to get back the city 
    by the side of the Hero. Shin offers to come along as well. Choose 1 to 
    accept, choose 2 to reject.
            In the middle of the path the party sees the female assassin, 
    along with a band of fighters, who has been waiting there for them. She 
    introduces herself as Lucia, daughter of the chief of the Karaya Tribe, 
    then attacks.
            Upon her defeat, Teresa asks her why she hates her. Lucia 
    replies that her father went to a meeting with Gorudo and Teresa's 
    father Alec, and was killed in that meeting, burdening her with the 
    responsibilities of keeping the tribe together. After hearing the 
    story, Teresa promises to check out the truth, once the was is over. If 
    what Lucia said is true, she would gladly pay for her father's 
    mistakes. Since she had lost, Lucia has no choice but to retreat for 
            Upon reaching the city from the school, the party is set upon 
    by Highland soldiers. After repulsing them, Yuber appears in front of 
    the party and summons a Bone Dragon (Bone Dragon) to fight for him.
            With the monster defeated, the Highland soldiers flee, while 
    Yuber disappears. The townspeople celebrate as they see that Teresa has 
    fulfilled her promise of returning to free Greenhill.
            Suddenly Fitcher runs in and says that Shu asks them to return 
    to the castle as soon as possible.
            Back at the castle, Klaus tells the Hero that Matilda has 
    surrendered to Highland while they were retaking Greenhill. Apple 
    reports that two-thirds of Highland's army moved towards Matilda while 
    they were on the offensive, and despite the fact that Highland's major 
    generals were stationed at the Muse/Greenhill border, the sheer number 
    of soldiers, along with the presence of Leon Silverburg, which marched 
    into Matilda was enough for Gorudo to ask for surrender terms. 
    Currently Matilda has complete rule, but will provide troops whenever 
    Highland needs them to fight against the Hero's army. Apple suggests 
    that they should attack Muse now as most of the Highland troops are 
    still in Matilda. Choose 2 to ask for Shu's advice. He tells those 
    stationed at Greenhill to go and attack Muse, while he and Kiba stay 
    behind in the castle, just in case.
            In Greenhill, due to the lack of facilities, the party uses the 
    school lodging house to act as their temporary base of operations. 
    Apple tells the Hero to relax first as she makes preparations for the 
    coming battle.
            Outside the building, Nanami sees Lucia walking into the 
    school. The party follows her into the forest trail, where Jowy is 
    waiting for the Hero. A surprised Nanami pleads with Jowy to stop the 
    fighting, but he refuses, the Shining Shield and the Dark Blade glowing 
    in their enmity. He says that the next time the two of them meet will 
    be the final battle between two opposing forces, and to see who should 
    follow the path destiny has set for them. 
            After Jowy and Lucia take their leave, the party returns to the 
    lodge, where Apple asks if the Hero is ready. Choose 1 to begin.
    ------------------------BATTLE MAP 11----------------------------------
    WINNING CONDITION: Defeat Enemies
      Enemy Turn 3-Highland troops retreat
      Alliance troops enter Muse-Player win
            When the party enters Muse, Viktor remarks that it is just as 
    Miklotov said, completely devoid of life. Outside the City Hall, s 
    soldier reports that a large shadow could be seen inside. Upon 
    entering, the party sees Alliance soldiers fleeing from a Golden Wolf, 
    which attacks the party. After defeating it, the party hears screams 
    from outside.
            Rushing out, they see 3 other gold wolves inside the city, and 
    that their wounds keep healing themselves. Seeing that there is no way 
    to kill them, Viktor tells the Hero to run outside.
            Outside the city, Luc says that the golden wolves are a part of 
    the Bsast Rune, a gift to Highland from Harmonia High Priest Sasarai. 
    He also says that the massacre of Muse was to ensure that the Rune had 
    plenty of blood to drink in order to awaken.
            Then Fitcher runs up, saying that Highland troops are fast 
    approaching from East and North, and tells the party to escape West. 
    Apple stops them, thinking that an ambush can be set up South and West, 
    and tells Hauser to clear a path to the North for their escape.
            Back at the castle, a concerned Shu asks the Hero how it went. 
    After giving Shu the necessary information, Viktor tells the Hero to 
    rest as they have just came back from a long trek.
    [Pico recruited]                                                101/108
    [Jude recruited]                                                102/108
    [Alberto recruited]                                             103/108
    [Tessei recruited]                                              104/108
    [Vincent de Boule recruited]                                    105/108
    [Pesmerga recruited]                                            106/108
    [Genshu recruited]                                              107/108
    [Mazus recruited]                                               108/108
            Outside Shu's room, the Hero sees Kiba going in. He overhears 
    Shu apologizing to Kiba for what he is going to do, asking him to take 
    a small number of soldiers to Viktor's Mercenary Camp and cause trouble 
    there, distracting Highland long enough for the rest of the army to 
    conquer Rockaxe, hopefully drawing the attention of Leon Silverburg, 
    and reduce the problems the main group will face. Kiba, after a 
    moment's thought, agrees to the preposition, although he does not 
    believe in miracles. Shu apologizes again, but Kiba stops him, telling 
    him to teach Klaus well in the future, then leaves to make his final 
            When the Hero enters Shu's room, he tells the Hero that there 
    are only two ways to end the war now: to fight and win, or give up and 
    lose. Choose 1, and Shu will call all the companions to the meeting 
            There he explains the plan. With the joining of the Matilda 
    Knights with Highland, the current strength of the enemy totals 55,000, 
    and the Alliance strength totals 25,000. Thus he will split the army. 
    One part will be led by Kiba to head East of Muse, therefore Highland 
    will have to split its army as well. Then the rest of the army will 
    attack the Matilda Knights, with a more even troop count, thus creating 
    more chances for victory. The rest of the companions will voice their 
    approval, and the Hero leads them into a cheer. Leknaat then appears, 
    congratulating the Hero in getting so many companions who are willing 
    to fight with him. She tells him that the Shining Shield and the Dark 
    Blade are the fragments of the Original Shield and Sword, and since he 
    has managed to get all 108 Stars of Destiny, thus has the capability to 
    fully utilize his rune, and disables the seal on the rune, opening the 
    full magical abilities of the Shining Shield, then leaves.
            The next day, Nanami wakes the Hero up to send Kiba off as he 
    begins his incursion into Highland territory. Klaus wishes his father 
    good luck, and Kiba tells him to serve the Hero well, before leaving.
            After Kiba leaves, Klaus tells the Hero that Shu is waiting for 
    them in the meeting room. Inside, Shu asks if the Hero is ready to move 
    out. Choose 2 to begin.
    ------------------------BATTLE MAP 12----------------------------------
    WINNING CONDITION: Defeat all Enemies
      Enemy Turn 2-Culagan troops appear
      Player Turn 4-Alliance reinforcements appear, Highland, Matilda 
            After the battle, Viktor asks where the reinforcements came 
    from, as they had put all their forces into the battle. Barbara and 
    Leona turn up, with their 'soldiers' who are actually the castle 
    workers. Shu apologizes for their help, saying that the move would not 
    work for a second time, and asks the irregulars to return to the castle 
    first. He then tells the Hero to regroup at Greenhill.
            Inside their temporary base, Shu explains the plan for Rockaxe.
    Ridley, Hauser and Teresa are to lead their troops to attack Rockaxe, 
    and move back when contacted, drawing the enemy troops away from the 
    castle. The Hero will take that as a signal and move into the castle. 
    Apple explains that some of their soldiers managed to mingle with the 
    retreating Matilda Knights, and will open the castle gates for them. 
    then Shu continues, saying that the Hero's task is to go to the top of 
    the castle and burn down the flag, replacing it with theirs. That move 
    will demoralize the Matilda troops, and the Highland army will be 
    forced to pull back. If the plan fails, all would be lost.
            Nanami then asks the Hero to let her come along as well. Choose 
    1, and Shu will ask the Hero whether he is ready. Choose 1 to move out.
            At the castle, as expected, the combined army is drawn out by 
    the others, and Apple whistles for the gates to be opened, then the 
    party enters the castle. After they have entered, a messenger arrives, 
    bringing sad news of Kiba's death while defending his hold in the 
    Mercenary Camp against Leon Silverburg......
            When the party is nearly to the top, the number of soldiers 
    chasing them has increased. The others tell the Hero and Nanami to go 
    on while they hold back the soldiers.
            Along the corridor to the balcony the two of them are stopped 
    by Jowy. He pulls out his sword, and despite Nanami's pleas and the 
    Hero's desire not to fight, he challenges the Hero, attributing their 
    differing views on the use of their power to destiny. Just as the two 
    of them are about to start, Gorudo appears from behind and tells his 
    archers to shoot at the three of them. Nanami dives forward to block 
    the arrows, but gets hit by the last arrow, shocking the Hero and Jowy, 
    who team up one last time to fight Gorudo.
            After Gorudo's death, the Hero and Jowy close up to Nanami to 
    access her condition. Jowy apologizes to her, then leaves, leaving her 
    in the care of the Hero. Nanami's last wish is to hear the Hero call 
    her his sister, as they have never called each other by family terms 
    before. Choose 1, and a happy Nanami will fall unconscious. 
            After a while Shu finds the Hero over Nanami's unconscious 
    form, and tells several soldiers to pull down the Matilda flag, at the 
    same time instructing others to call for the doctor.
            On the battlefield, the Highland troops, on Jowy's order, 
            Back at the corridor, Huan says that she is still breathing, 
    but must be brought back to the castle for emergency treatment. 
            Outside the doctor's room, after a long wait, Huan comes out,
    apologizing to the Hero, saying that he has done his best, and calls 
    Shu inside to talk......
    Chapter 8: What was Two, will become One......Again................
            When the Hero wakes up, he finds Shu waiting for him inside the 
    meeting room. Shu says that the withdrawal of Highland from both 
    Greenhill and Matilda puts them in a dangerous situation as there are 
    now two fronts to defend, and Highland will strike sooner or later. 
    Therefore the only way to end the war is to stop the source of the 
    fighting, and that is to attack the Highland capital directly. He 
    points out that Harmonia to the north, Toran in the south and the 
    Grassland in the west have all fought major wars so as to change the 
    survivors, and leave their names in history, then asks the Hero for the 
    order to attack Highland. Choose 3 to do so, and Shu will leave to 
    give the final orders, and the Hero will fall unconscious outside the 
            In Highland's capital L'Renouille, in order to increase the 
    morale of the troops, Jowy 'sacrifices' his wife Jillia to the Beast 
    Rune in a ritual, stabbing his dummy wife filled with red liquid. After 
    the ceremony, Jowy also falls...
            That night the Hero wakes up, to the relief of his friends, who 
    then make their leave to return to their preparations. 
            Outside Shu's room, he hears Apple asking Shu if he had 
    confidence in her during the attack on Muse. He assures her that he was 
    sure she could do it, and reminds her that as a strategist, he must 
    make sure that the objective is met, even if it meant losing a battle, 
    saying Klaus is an example of having to minimize the damage afterwards. 
    Before she leaves he asks her to pick up a card from the three on his 
    table. She picks up the right one, which reads 'Fire', and Shu asks her 
    to go back to her room. She does so, and finds the Hero standing 
    outside, and tells him to go back and rest.
            The next day, inside the meeting room, with the remaining 
    members of the Alliance present, choose 2, and the Hero will make an 
    order to march towards L'Renouille.
            On the way towards L'Renouille, a soldier comes up and reports 
    that Flik has seen Leon Silverburg and several Highland generals ahead. 
    Shu tells the Hero to take one group, and wait on the right, while 
    Hauser leads another group to the left, and tells Apple to follow the 
    Hero. After they leave, Shu tells Viktor to help him as they prepare to 
    set his plan into motion......
    ------------------------BATTLE MAP 13----------------------------------
      Leon has already seen through Shu's plan to deploy ambushes on the 
       left and right, but tells his army to charge at Shu anyway, as if he 
       is brought down, he will not have the time to call the 
      Player Turn 4-Shu sets the forest on fire, trapping most of the 
                    Highland soldiers inside the burning trees, then 
                    telling the reinforcements to clear out anyone who 
                    managed to escape the fire.
            Inside the burning forest, Shu meets Leon Silverburg for the 
    first time. The two of them argue about the point of change in history, 
    but before Shu could question him further about his change of heart, a 
    trees falls between them, cutting their conversation short......
            Outside the forest, Apple despairs as the fires get stronger, 
    engulfing the entire forest. Flik stops her from foolishly charging 
    into the forest to save him, but as it turns out, he has been saved by 
    Viktor, to her joy.
            At the Muse/Highland border, the Hero's army take a short 
    break. Choose 2 when talking to Apple to start the final battle.
    ------------------------BATTLE MAP 14 (FINAL)--------------------------
    WINNING CONDITION: Enter L'Renouille
      Enemy Turn 3-Yuber retreats
            Outside the castle, Viktor asks the Hero to choose the final 
    party to attack the castle.
            The first opponent is Lucia, who is waiting just inside the 
            After the victory, Teresa enters with Shin. She tells Lucia 
    that as promised, she has found out the truth of the matter, and it was 
    just as she had said, and is now willing to pay the price of her 
    father's action, turning her back to Lucia. Confused, Lucia pulls out a 
    knife, wanting to stab her, and asks her why she did not want to 
    escape. Teresa says that as the acting mayor, it is her duty to be 
    responsible for past actions of her father, and says that she believes 
    that Lucia will not kill her as it is not in her to kill others for 
    sins people have done. Her will to fight broken, Lucia drops the knife, 
    and lets the party pass.
            Towards the end of the first floor the party is met by Han, 
    Genkaku's friend. Now that his country is in danger, it is his job to 
    defend the castle, even if it meant fighting against the child of his 
    best friend.
        {1 on 1 vs Han}
            When defeated, he asks for the Hero's name, choose 1 to reply, 
    and he will let the party carry on, but not before telling him that 25 
    years ago, he and Genkaku sealed the two Runes away, knowing the 
    destructive change they would do to the world, as they are the two 
    halves of the Beginning Rune.
            Outside the throne room, the party is stopped by the two 
    Highland generals Culagan and Seed.
            After their defeat, the two of them, say that they followed 
    Jowy because he was their last hope to restoring Highland back to its 
    former glory, and asks the Hero to lead him away from the path of 
    destruction he has chosen.
            Meanwhile, Jowy makes his final farewells with Jillia and 
    Pilika, telling them to lead new lives in Harmonia after the fall of 
    Highland, knowing full well that they will never see him again. He 
    tells Pilika not to forget her experiences in this short period of 
    time, and to tell everybody the true meaning of peace. Before Jillia 
    leaves, she hugs Jowy for one last time......
            In the throne room, the party does not see Jowy, but instead 
    sees Leon Silverburg, who uses hie blood to awaken the Beast Rune 
    implanted on the floor of the room.
    Author's personal note 3:
            This then, is the final Boss battle of the game. And how! It 
    has 5 parts to fight, and can do up to 3 attacks in a turn. Here then 
    are the body parts of the Beast Rune:
    Rune: Basicially does not attack, but can use a combination attack with 
          the two heads to do a devastating magic attack. Will 
          automatically cast a magic barrier on the entire body.
    Left Head: Magic attacks, either on 1 or party.
    Right Head: Physical attacks, either on 1 or party.
    Left Leg: Status attacks on the entire party.
    Right Leg: Completely heals one part of body, including 'dead' parts.
            So the recommended order of attacks will be Rune, R Leg, L Leg, 
    and finally the heads. Remember to heal only when needed, otherwise you 
    will find the Hero healing every turn, which is definitely not the best 
    way to utilize him. 
            With the defeat of the True Beast Rune, the castle begins to 
    fall apart. Without even finding Jowy, the party has no choice but to 
    escape to safety......
            Back at the castle, the leaders of the City-State Alliance 
    gather at the meeting room, each pledging loyalty and complete 
    deference to the Hero, and all ask him to lead the Alliance. Choose 1 
    to accept, 3 to reject. 
            If the Hero accepts, he will become the overall leader of the 
    Alliance, and the game will end.
            If the Hero rejects, Flik and Viktor give their blessings, and 
    tell him to return to his home and sort things out.
            The Hero then returns to Kyaro, and then goes northwest, back 
    to where he and Jowy made their promise, back to where it all began.
    As expected Jowy is waiting there for him, and despite the Hero saying
    that there is no longer any need to fight, he engages the Hero......
                            6. OTHERS AND TIPS
      6.1    Name Changes
    I decided to add this in all because of Konami's habit of messing up 
    the names of the characters. Therefore for all the US players who have 
    just seen this for the first time, here's their original Jap names, 
    translated by yours truly:
    Japanese Names        |English Names
    Adalie                |Adlai (............)
    Agles Bright          |Agares Blight
    Alek                  |Alec
    Annabelle             |Anabelle 
    Albert                |Alberto (WHY THE O!?)
    Amata                 |Amada
    Annelie               |Annallee (sounds like an alien's name......)
    Ayle                  |Eilie (......)
    Borgan                |Bolgan
    Charko                |Chaco (He has been named after potato 
    Cid                   |Sid (*sob*)
    Cornel                |Connell
    Domo                  |Tomo
    Eida                  |Ayda (dosen't sound right anymore......)
    Elisa                 |Elza (*ack*)
    Eugina                |Yoshino (this was supposed to be correct, me bad 
                                    :( )
    Fisher                |Fitcher
    Freid Y.              |Freed Y.
    Gaboucher             |Gabocha
    Gante                 |Gantetsu (another syllable......)
    Gijim                 |Gijimu (muu....)
    Goncha                |Genshu
    Georku                |Georg
    GonGon                |Gengen
    Granmaiwa             |Granmeyer (for once it sounds better)
    Gustuv                |Gustav
    Hardo                 |Badeaux
    Hou An                |Huan (*ack*,*cough*,*spits more blood*)
    Jamon                 |Simone (My fault again......)
    Jill Bright           |Jillia Blight (I can't stand the name Blight)
    Joey                  |Jowy (!!!!!!)
    Judo                  |Jude (Now what does it mean?)
    Kamiyu                |Camus 0_o
    Karakurimaru          |Gadget (I REFUSE TO CHANGE TO THIS STUPID 
    Karn                  |Kahn
    Kimisun               |Kinnison
    Kipa                  |Kiba
    Koukou                |Koyu (!?!?!?)
    Krugan                |Culagan (YUCKS!!)
    Kylie                 |Killey
    L'Roldadia            |Rulodia
    Laura                 |Raura (ROOOOOOARa :P)
    Lily                  |Lilly
    Marlo                 |Marlowe (added another two uselsss 
    Meisas                |Mazus (another stupid name......)
    Mikrotov              |Miklotov
    Markai                |Makai
    Ouran                 |Oulan (I'd call her Mulan :P)
    Paul                  |Pohl (WHAT KIND OF NAME IS THAT!?)
    Peter                 |Pete
    Piriko                |Pilika (well......it's cute enough)
    Rand                  |Rowd (??????)
    Reverand              |Lebrante (still sounds bad >( )
    Ron Chan Chan         |Long Chan Chan (LONG!?)
    Rouen                 |Lo Wen (not much to say any more......)
    Rugal(Ruka) Bright    |Luca Blight (ARGH!! The name of a dwarf 
                                        princess!? NO CHANGE!!)
    Sheila                |Sierra :)
    Shiro (human)         |Shilo (err......)
    Shiu                  |Shu (okay....it's my bad translation......)
    Silkfried             |Sigfried
    Sin                   |Shin (as in "Real"? "New"?)
    Teleise               |Teresa
    Teleru                |Darell (another much better name :) )
    Templeton             |Templton (a character with two names >( )
    Tesai                 |Tessei
    Touta                 |Tuta >(
    Yuz                   |Yuzu
    Ryupun                |Ryube
    Chiro                 |Kyaro
    Dodo                  |Toto (that's the name of a game!!)
    Koroni                |Coronet
    Rataido               |Radat
    Koskos                |Kuskus (Ugh......)
    Tint                  |Tinto (TINTO!?)
    Northwind             |Northwindow (huh!? Two names of the same place 
                                        in two games!?)
    Street                |Highway (hmm...)
    Saijin                |Sajah (...)
    Rurunei               |L'Renouille (*blinks* wha...FRENCH!?)
    DragonMouth           |Drakemouth
    Crome                 |Crom
      6.2    Converting Data from Genso Suikoden 1
    If you have the LAST save data of Genso Suikoden 1 at Gregminster, you
    can actually bring forward a couple of things, in addition to using 
    a) The name of Toran Castle will be changed to whatever you named it.
       It's screwed up, but you might unscramble the code......
    b) Hero McDohl's name (duh......)
    c) All returning characters' data (i.e. Luc with higher speed)
    d) Extra Levels
     In other words, the starting level of characters change according to 
     this equation (so far as accurate as it can be) - 
     Base Starting Level + [Starting Level x {(GS1 Level- 50)/10}/10]
     or simplified to
     Base Starting Level + [Starting Level x (GS1 Level - 50)/100]
     If the character's level was below 50, then the GS1 Level is 
     considered as 50.
     eg Viktor(20) is  20 + [20 x {(63<GS1 Level> - 50)/100] = 22.6 (round 
                                                            down to get 22)
     AND if you managed to jack up a returning character to Lv 99, that 
     character will automaticially get a 5-Level bonus AFTER the above 
     AND/OR if a returning character had the highest Level in GS1, that 
     character will gain an extra 5-level bonus AFTER the LV 99 bonus!!! 
     (where applicable)
     BUT if there are multiple characters with the same level, than only 
     ONE of them, decided randomly, will gain the last bonus.
    e) Weapon Level Bonus
     As like the above, the starting levels of the returning characters' 
     weapons are also subject to changes - 
     Base Starting Level + (GS1 Level - 10)/2
     If the weapon's level is below 10, then the GS1 Level is considered as 
    f) Carrying forward of Runes
     Not all Runes can be carried forward. Listed below are the known ones 
     that a returning character will equip on his/her right hand IF the 
     character has none to start with (eg Luc starts with the Wind Rune, so 
     therefore whatever he had will NOT be brought forward)
      Fire Rune (Rage Rune will be downgraded to Fire)
      Water Rune (Flowing Rune will be downgraded to Water)
      Earth Rune (Mother Earth Rune will be downgraded to Earth)
      Wind Rune (Cyclone Rune will be downgraded to Wind)
      Lightning Rune (Thunder Rune will be downgraded to Lightning)
      Resurrection Rune
      Double Beat Rune
      Counter Rune
      Spark Rune
     All other Runes cannot be brought forward to GS2.
     PS Strangely enough, I couldn't get the Double-Beat Rune I placed on 
        Viktor to carry forward......
      6.3    The Castle
      6.3.1  The Baths
      The baths is the best guide for your HQ levels:
    Level 1 (30 characters & below): Drum Can (Drum) Baths
    Level 2 (31-60 characters)     : Cypress (Wooden) Baths
    Level 3 (61-100 characters)    : Marble (Marble) Baths
    Level 4 (100+ characters)      : Jungle (Jungle) Baths
    Level 5                        : Open-Air (Onsen Baths) (Woo Hoo!!!)
    So there IS a lv 5 baths. You get it after going in for a soak around
    20 or so times. Thanks to ReGodzill for telling me that :)
      Fun in the Baths:
    Place 6 Hex Dolls and 2 Graffiti, and......(same as GS1)
    Place a Peeing Boy in the corner of the baths, and......(same as GS1)
    Place 6 Flower Vases and 2 Flower paintings, and......
    Place 6 China Dishes, and Wakaba and LongChanChan must not be in party, 
    Place 6 Persian Lamps, and...... (thanks to Geneviève Pingot)
    Viktor and Flik are in party, upon entering Cypress and Jungle baths 
    Viktor, Flik, and Nina are in party, upon entering Marble baths......
    Bolgan, LongChanChan and Gantetsu are in party, upon entering the 
     Barrel Baths......
    If you have an all male party with Vincent and Simone, upon entering 
    any of the baths......
      6.3.2  The Library and its Books
      As in part 1, there is a library to hold the Old Books:
    Vol. 1 - In the shelf inside the Hero's house. Will appear as ?book.
    Vol. 2 - Inside one of the chests at the Ruins.
    Vol. 3 - Bought in Southwindow Item shop under Special. (3rd choice)
    Vol. 4 - In the topmost shelf inside the room where the uniforms are 
             given. Will appear as ?book.
    Vol. 5 - On the RIGHT side of the shelf inside Greenhill school 1st 
             Floor classroom. (the room with a book above the entrance)
    Vol. 6 - An old man inside the Trading center in Forest Village will 
             give it to you.
    Vol. 7 - In the shelf behind Hero McDohl's statuette at Gregminster 
    Vol. 8 - In the shelf inside one of the houses at TigerMouth Village.
    Vol. 9 - Inside one of the chests at Crom Mines.
    Vol. 10- After Greenhill has been recaptured, an old man in the 
             basement of the students' quarters will give it to you.
    Vol. 11- In the shelf in the cellar of the Item shop in Rockaxe. 
             Possible only after Matilda has been annexed.
    Vol. 12- After Muse has been repopulated, the old man in the bar will 
             give it to you.
      6.3.3  The Dice Game
      The dice game returns in GS2, although it is much harder to win 
    - The maximum amount that can be betted is 3000 bits.
    - The bowl is MUCH bigger. Chances of 1,2,3's 4,5,6's and storms very 
    - Is there skill in this game? The AI sure gets 5 and 6 very easily.
    - And there is NO ACCUMULATION of winnings this time round, i.e. every 
      round resets to 0.
      6.3.4  Tessei's Hammers 
      The Hammers are located in different locations, although by the time 
    you get Tessei all you need is the Silver Hammer and the Gold Hammer.
    Iron Hammer(Lv 9)    - A man inside the Armour shop in Forest Village 
                           will give it to you.
    Copper Hammer(Lv 12) - A soldier inside Gregminster Palace will give 
                           it to you.
    Silver Hammer(Lv 15) - The boy inside the Forge classroom will give it 
                           to you. Possible only after Greenhill has been
                           recaptured, Tessei has been recruited.
    Golden Hammer(Lv 16) - Sold under Specials in the Item shop in Sajah 
                           Village (near L'Renouille)
      6.3.5  The Castle Mascot
      The Castle Mascot can be made once Jude is recruited. Just bring all 
    the plans found to him, and if you have at least 1 of each kind (Head, 
    Body, Legs, Tail) you can create a mascot. 
    Different mascots give different Presents, and I think the presents are 
    random, though around the level of the mascot. (Rabbit being the 
    lowest, Dragon being the highest) You can combine the body parts to 
    create an original mascot as well. (for laughs)
    MORE: If you put different combinations, you will get different items.
          Unfortunately the list is sooooo long that I have no time to try
          all of them out. Instead what I'll put is instead the locations 
          of ALL the plans.
    Dragon Plans #1  - Judo has it
    Dragon Plans #2  - Inside one of the chests in Rakutei Mountain
    Dragon Plans #3  - Tinto, one of the houses
    Dragon Plans #4  - Inside one of the chests in Rockaxe Castle
    Unicorn Plans #1 - Judo has it
    Unicorn Plans #2 - Inside one of the chests in Rakutei Mountain
    Unicorn Plans #3 - Tinto, one of the houses
    Unicorn Plans #4 - Inside one of the chests in Rockaxe Castle
    Turtle Plans #1  - Dropped from enemy Rockadillo near Greenhill area
    Turtle Plans #2  - Dropped from enemy Ragged One near Greenhill area
    Turtle Plans #3  - Dropped from enemy Skyknight at Rakutei Mountain
    Turtle Plans #4  - Win in (Group Name) Ring
    Rabbit Plans #1  - Judo has it
    Rabbit Plans #2  - Highway Item shop Specials
    Rabbit Plans #3  - Banner Item shop Specials
    Rabbit Plans #4  - Greenhill Item shop Specials, possilbe only after 
                       Greenhill has been liberated
    Currently only the Crystals that are found appear, thanks to Hieu 
    Nguyen. Can you see a pattern here?
    Head     Body      Legs       Tail      Item
    Dragon   Rabbit    Tortise    Unicorn   Gale Crystal
    Rabbit   Rabbit    Unicorn    Unicorn   Warrior Crystal
    Tortise  Tortise   Unicorn    Unicorn   Magic Drain Crystal
    Tortise  Unicorn   Unicorn    Unicorn   Wizard Crystal
    Dragon   Unicorn   Unicorn    Unicorn   Skunk Crystal
    Dragon   Dragon    Unicorn    Unicorn   Fury Crystal
    Tortise  Tortise   Rabbit     Unicorn   Kindness Crystal
    Tortise  Rabbit    Tortise    Unicorn   Dryad Crystal
    Dragon   Tortise   Tortise    Unicorn   Killer Crystal 
    Dragon   Tortise   Dragon     Unicorn   Blue Gate Crystal + Incense
    Dragon   Dragon    Tortise    Unicorn   Balance Crystal
    Rabbit   Dragon    Tortise    Unicorn   Balance Crystal
    Dragon   Dragon    Rabbit     Unicorn   Double Strike Crystal
    Dragon   Rabbit    Dragon     Unicorn   Counter Crystal
    Rabbit   Dragon    Rabbit     Unicorn   Fire Sealing Crystal
    Unicorn  Tortise   Unicorn    Unicorn   Thunder Crystal
    Unicorn  Unicorn   Tortise    Unicorn   Hunter Crystal
    Unicorn  Rabbit    Rabbit     Unicorn   Hazy Crystal
    Unicorn  Rabbit    Unicorn    Unicorn   Sylph Crystal
    Rabbit   Unicorn   Rabbit     Unicorn   Phero Crystal
    Tortise  Unicorn   Tortise    Unicorn   Mother Earth Crystal
    Dragon   Unicorn   Dragon     Unicorn   Rage Crystal
    Unicorn  Unicorn   Unicorn    Unicorn   Blue Gate Crystal
    Unicorn  Dragon    Dragon     Unicorn   Knight Crystal
    Tortise  Dragon    Dragon     Unicorn   Fire Lizard Crystal
    Tortise  Dragon    Tortise    Unicorn   Silence Crystal
    Tortise  Tortise   Dragon     Unicorn   Friendship Crystal
    Dragon   Tortise   Rabbit     Unicorn   Wall Crystal
    Dragon   Unicorn   Tortise    Unicorn   Firefly Crystal
    Dragon   Tortise   Unicorn    Unicorn   Double Beat Crystal
    Rabbit   Dragon    Unicorn    Unicorn   Barrier Crystal
    Tortise  Rabbit    Dragon     Unicorn   Nymph Crystal
    Tortise  Dragon    Unicorn    Unicorn   Technique Crystal
    Tortise  Rabbit    Unicorn    Unicorn   Exertion Crystal
    Unicorn  Rabbit    Tortise    Unicorn   Chimera Crystal
    Unicorn  Rabbit    Dragon     Unicorn   Banshee Crystal
      6.3.6  Dance baby Dance!
      Once you have recruited Karen, go to the stage, and dance with her. 
    There are 5 levels of difficulty, but it is actually very easy. All you 
    need to do is to remember the first 8 steps of the dance, and repeat 
    them in ascending order, meaning 1 time for level 1, 2 times for level 
    2, and so on. Note that from level 3 onwards the steps are randomly 
    given and it may get confusing so it's best to write down the first 8 
    steps each time.
      For the musically deaf, just press the buttons according to Karen's 
    claps, and you should be fine. Be careful though, she will not clap for 
    the very first beat, so gauge the first beat properly. Practice makes 
      You'll get 3 cool Karen statuettes for completing the first 3 levels 
    and 2 Karen paintings for completing the last two levels. Dance on!
      6.3.7  Whack-A-Mole!
      Once Tony is recruited you can play Whack-A-Mole! Just go to the farm 
    and talk to him, he will lead you into the game.
      There are 4 different levels of this game, each with different 
    BEGINNER      - All brown moles
    REGULAR       - Brown, green and yellow moles
    HARD          - Same as regular, except the screen will rotate.
    ULTIMATE      - Same as hard, no green moles, no misses allowed
    -Brown moles are the standard: They pop out for a while, then pop in 
    -Green moles are the faster version of the brown moles. Very 
    -Yellow moles are the "Don't hit me!" moles. 1 hit=1 miss. Be very 
    -3 misses before time's up and it's game over.
    -There's no time counter for Ultimate. The higher the score, the better 
      the prize!
    -There are only three prizes in each of the first three modes, so don't
      think that the Beginner mode is a goldmine.
      6.3.8  Animal Farming
      Who's the one that said that this is like Harvest Moon!? All you can 
    do is to either pick up animals found strutting in the towns and 
    villages, or buy them from people standing next to stationary ones,
    (dogs & cats not included) then pass them to Yuzu. That's all!! You 
    can't rear them, you can't milk them all you can do with them is to eat 
    them at Hai Yo's restaurant!!
      6.3.9  Fishing
      Visit Yam Khoo to get into this minigame. Those who have played BOF3 
    will realize that this is a VERY POOR rip-off of the fishing game. All 
    the player can do is to cast out the line and wait for a random 
    fish/boot to get hooked and pull them out. No different baits, no 
    casting techniques, nothing!
      Fortunately the fish caught can be either converted into cash or into 
    food for Hai Yo's restaurant.
      6.3.10 The Climb
      6.3.11 Hai Yo's Recipes
    The following is the places where you can get all 40 of Hai Yo's 
    Recipes, as given by Game Players magazine.
    Recipe 1  - Hai Yo has it
    Recipe 2  - Win Hai Yo's first match
    Recipe 3  - Muse, Huan, possible only after recruiting Tuta
    Recipe 4  - Hai Yo has it
    Recipe 5  - Cook inside Coronet Inn
    Recipe 6  - Hai Yo has it
    Recipe 7  - Hai Yo has it
    Recipe 8  - Win Hai Yo's second match
    Recipe 9  - Kuskus, bookshelf......
    Recipe 10 - Hai Yo has it
    Recipe 11 - Kuskus Item shop SpeciaollZ ls
    Recipe 12 - Dropped from enemy Eagle Man inside Kobold Forest
    Recipe 13 - Cook inside Kobold Village Chief's tent
    Recipe 14 - Cook inside Radat Bar
    Recipe 15 - Hai Yo has it
    Recipe 16 - Lakewest, Taki's house (thanks Pahnn!)
    Recipe 17 - Win Hai Yo's third match
    Recipe 18 - Radat Item shop Specials
    Recipe 19 - Win Hai Yo's fourth match
    Recipe 20 - Cook inside Greenhill Inn
    Recipe 21 - Dropped from enemy Land Sharks inside TwoRiver Sewers
    Recipe 22 - Win Hai Yo's sixth match
    Recipe 23 - TwoRiver Item shop Specials
    Recipe 24 - Win Hai Yo's fifth match
    Recipe 25 - Greenhill Item shop Specials
    Recipe 26 - Highway Item shop Specials
    Recipe 27 - Win Hai Yo' eighth match
    Recipe 28 - Gregminster Item shop Specials
    Recipe 29 - Dropped from enemy Zombie Slug inside Matilda Path
    Recipe 30 - Win Hai Yo's seventh match
    Recipe 31 - Kobold Iem shop Specials
    Recipe 32 - Highway, Kent's mother, possible only after Dragon Quest
    Recipe 33 - Win Hai Yo's tenth match (Lester of GS1!!!)
    Recipe 34 - Dropped from enemy DoReMi Elf inside Greenhill forest path
    Recipe 35 - Muse Item shop Specials, possible only after Muse has been 
    Recipe 36 - Dropped from enemy Hoghlands inside Rockaxe
    Recipe 37 - Rockaxe, Gorudo's room, possible only after Rockaxe has 
                been annexed
    Recipe 38 - Win Hai Yo's eleventh match
    Recipe 39 - Gremio will give it to the Hero, possible only after 
                defeating Lester
    Recipe 40 - Win Hai Yo's final match.
    The followng list was compiled by Kathy MacMullen, thanks a LOT!! 
    I edited it to fit the walkthrough, hope you don't mind ^_^.
    NOTE: Unfortunately beacuse of the extreme width of this section, it is
          not recommended to print this section.
    R# Name(w/o spice)    Sugar              Salt              Soy Sauce          Mayonnaise         Red Pepper
    1  Tamago-Yati        Sweet Omelet       Adult Fried Egg    Fried Egg          Egg MayoRoll       Eggsplosive
       Heals 80 HP        Heals 80 HP        Heals 100 HP       Heals 70 HP        Heals 60 HP        60 dmg vs. all enemies
    2  Tomato Soup        Tomato Juice       Raw Tomato         Tomato Miso Soup   Tomato Salad       Red Hot Tomatoes
       60HP,cure poison   60HP,cure poison   80HP,cure poison   100dmg, 1 enemy    60HP,cure poison   50HP,cure poison
    3  Ohitashi           Spinach Cake       Spinach Juice      Spinach Saute      Spinach Salad      Spicy Stir Fry
       120HP,cure silence 120HP,cure silence 300HP,cause ???    100HP,cure silence 130HP,cure silence 130HP,cure silence
    4  Salad              Sweet Salad        Pickled Cabbage    Island Salad       Green Salad        Veggie Stir Fry
       Heals 100 HP       Heals 200 HP       Heals 150 HP       Heal 100 HP        Heals 100 HP       Heals 90 HP
    5  Gyoza              Fruit Gyoza        Steamed Gyoza      Fried Gyoza        Deep Fried Gyoza   Szechuan Gyoza
       150HP,cure sleep   180HP,cure sleep   150HP,cure sleep   150HP,cure sleep   150HP,cure sleep   100HP,cause berserk
    6  Chowder            Potato Pudding     Vichyssoise        Dark Chowder       Egg Soup           Gumbo
       Heals 200 HP       Heals 300 HP       Heals 200 HP       300 HP, Panic 30%  Heals 200 HP       Heals 200 HP
    7  BBQ Meat Bun       Sweat Bean Bun     Ginger Beef Bun    Ma Bo Bun          Pirate's Bun       Pizza Bun
       Heals 300 HP       Heals 300 HP       Heals 500 HP       Heals 450 HP       Heals 400 HP       Heals 400 HP
    8  Buttered Clams     Clam Pudding       Grilled Scallops   Steamed Abalone    Clam Mayonnaise    Mai Mai?? 
       200HP,cure Target  200HP,cure Target  200HP,cure Target  200HP,cure Target  200HP,cure Target  200HP,change status
    9  Fish Fry           Fish Donuts        Deep Fried Fish    Tatsu Age          Frech Fries        Fried Tacos
       250HP,cure bucket  250HP,cure bucket  290HP,cure bucket  250HP,cure bucket  250HP,cure bucket  250HP, Toasty 30%
    10 Ice Cream          Pudding            Nanami Ice         Soy Ice            Fried Ice Cream    Red Pepper Ice 
       Heals 280 HP       100 HP, Hyper 30%  100 HP, Panic 60%  100 HP, toasty 30% 100 HP,invul. 30%  250 HP, boost 30%
    11 Quiche             Pineapple Rice     Egg Porridge       Baked Mochi        Cream Quiche       Lasagna
       280HP,cure kdown   350HP,cure kdown   280HP,cure kdown   300HP,cure kdown   350HP,cure kdown   280HP,cure kdown
    12 Sandwich           French Toast       Steak Sandwich     Teri-Sand          Veggie Sandwich    Spicy Sandwich
       250HP,cure uf      250HP,cure uf      250HP,cure uf      200HP,cure uf      250HP,cure uf      270HP,cure uf
    13 Meat Pie           Cream Pie          Meringue Pie       Kobold Pie         Mayonnaise Pie     Chili Pie
       300HP,cure sb      300HP,cure sb      Def up X 1.5       300 HP, boost 30%  300HP+status,party 300HP,cure sb
    14 Simmmered Fish     Simmered Carp      Tai-Chili Style    Sole               Fish with Sauce    Baked Sole
       Heals 350 HP       Heals 350 HP       350 HP,Toasty 30%  Heals 350 HP       Heals 350 HP       300 HP,berserk 30%
    15 Fried Fish Balls   Sweet & Sour Fish  Crab Cakes         Meatballs          Greasy Fish        Fiery Fish Balls
       300HP,cure balloon 300HP,cure balloon 250HP,cure balloon 300HP,cure balloon 300HP,cure balloon 150 dmg 1 enemy row
    16 Sunomono           Sour Shrimp        Nonpei Sunomono    Gourmet Sonomono   Weird Sunomono     Cajun Shrimp
       400HP,cure rust    400HP,cure rust    400HP,cure rust    400HP,cure rust    700HP,cause uf     400HP, Berserk 30%
    17 Cake               Shortcake          Nanami Cake        Black Cake         Cheesecake         Fire Cake
       Heals 450 HP       Heals 450 HP       350 HP,panic 60%   300 HP, hyper 60%  Heals 450 HP       Heals 350 HP
    18 Croquettes         Sweet Croquettes   Ellie Croquettes   Black Croquetes    Cream Croquettes   Hot Croquettes
       Heals 500 HP       Heals 500 HP       700HP,cause ???    Heals 500 HP       Heals 500 HP       Heals 500 HP
    19 Pasta              Kiddie Pasta       Pasta Parmesan     Dowtown Pasta      Pasta Salad        Chili Pasta
       500HP,cure poison  500HP,minus 60%    500HP,cure poison  500HP,cure poison	 500HP,cure poison  500HP+status,party
    20 Tempura            Snack Tempura      Real Tempura       Tempura-Don        Amazing Tempura    Spicy Tempura
       Heals 400 HP       Heals 400 HP       Heals 400 HP       Heals 350 HP       Heals 400 HP       Heals 400 HP
    21 Grilled Fish       Boiled Eel         Salted Fish        Dried Fish         Salmon Meunire     Grilled Red Fish
       Heals 500 HP       Heals 500 HP       500 HP, panic 30%  Heals 500 HP       500 HP, hyper 30%  Heals 500 HP
    22 Gratin             Apple Gratin       Salty Gratin       Crispy Gratin      Creamy Gratin      Chili Gratin
       Heals 600 HP       600HP,status 30%   600HP,cause silenceHeals 600 HP       Heals 600 HP       Heals 600 HP
    23 Rice Omelet        Kid's Lunch        Salty Omelet       Soy Rice Omelet    Mayo Rice Omelet   Red Pepper Omelet
       Heals 400 HP       Heals 400 HP       Heals 500 HP       Heals 400 HP       500HP,cause uf     Heals 400 HP
    24 Fried Rice         Shrimp Pilaf       Salty Fried Rice   Gunpowder Rice     Heavy Pilaf        Spicy Pilaf
       Heals 500 HP       Heals 500 HP       Heals 500 HP       Heals 500 HP       Heals 500 HP       Heals 500 HP
    25 Pizza              Pancakes           Anchovy Pizza      Senbei             Okonomiyaki        Spicy Pizza
       Heals 600 HP       Heals 600 HP       600 HP,Berserk 30% Heals 600 HP       Heals 600 HP       600 HP, boost 30%
    26 Teriyaki           Sweet Teriyaki     Hot Spare Ribs     Mild Teriyaki      Teri-Cream         BBQ Bomb
       Heals 400 HP       Heals 400 HP       Heals 400 HP       Heals 400 HP       Heals 400 HP       300dmg,all enemies
    27 Tonkatsu           Meat & Potato      Ginger Pork        Soy Cutlets        Cream Cutlets      Spicy Cutlet
       Heals 600 HP       Heals 600 HP       Heals 570 HP       Heals 570 HP       600, invul. 60%    Heals 600 HP
    28 Curry Rice         Kiddie Curry       Salty Curry        Japanese Curry     Creamy Curry       Red Curry
       Heals 650 HP       Heals 4000 HP      Heals 620 HP       Heals 650 HP       700, invul. 60%    Red Curry Magic
    29 Grilled Beef       Sukiyaki           Grilled Tongue     Beef Rice Bowl     Meat Salad         Chige Nabe
       Heals 700 HP       Heals 750 HP       Heals 700 HP       Heals 700 HP       Heals 700 HP       Heals 700 HP
    30 Ramen              Chinese Noodles    Salty Ramen        Soy Sauce Ramen    Gourmet Ramen      Red Hot Ramen
       500HP,cure sleep   500HP,cure silence 500HP,cure poison  500HP,cure status  500HP,cure uf      500HP,cure status
    31 Hamburger          Sugar Cured Meat   Kobold Burger      Japan Burger       Tintoburger        Surprise Burger
       Heals 450 HP       450 HP, hyper 60%  450 HP, boost 60%  Heals 450 HP       Heals 450 HP       Heals 450 HP
    32 Obento             Ladies Lunch       Rising Sun Bento   Sashiuni Bento     Diet Lunch         Shrimp Lunch
       Heals 650 HP       Heals 700 HP       Heals 450 HP       Heals 650 HP       Heals 650 HP       Heals 650 HP
    33 Sushi              Chirashi-Zushi     Salty Rice Ball    Fancy Rice Ball    French Roll        Takka-don
       Heals 600 HP       Heals 600 HP       Heals 650 HP       Heals 700 HP       600HP,cure sb      Heals 600 HP
    35 Full Course        Elf Course         Kobold Course      Rokkaku Course     Matilda Course     Tinto Specialty
       Heals 650 HP       650 HP, Hyper 30%  650 HP, Boost 60%  Heals 650 HP       650 HP, Toasty 30% 650 HP, Berserk 60%
    36 Ghengis Khan       Fachu Chin         Coopa              Ghengis Stew       Cream Stew         Tom Yum Soup
    37 Steak              Sweet Steak        Beefsteak          Japanese Steak     Piccata            Pepper Steak
       Heals 950 HP       950HP,cause uf     Heals 950 HP       Heals 950 HP       Heals 900 HP       Heals 850 HP
    38 Sashimi Combo      Queen of the Sea   Sea Treasure       Ship Combo         Salad Combo        Spicy Sashimi
       Heals 650 HP       700HP,Cure Status  Heals 690 HP       450HP,Cures Uc     Heals 700 HP       650 HP, Toasty 30%
    39 Special Stew       Sweet Syrup        Adult Stew         Clear Soup         Mellow Stew        Spicy Stew
       Heals 750 HP       750 HP, Hyper 30%  Heals 760HP        Heals 750 HP       750 HP,Cure Uc     Heals 800 HP
    40 Kaiseki Dinner     Candy House        Salt House         Complete Kaiseki   Special Salad      Flaming Sea
       Heals 900 HP       900HP,Cure Silence 900HP, Boost 60%   Heals 950HP        Heals 900 HP       Cure Uc, 1/3 HP
      6.4    Unlimited Enemies 
      There are 4 places where there are fixed unlimited enemies. They are:
    a)Opening, just before jumping into the waterfall. Hesitate 4 times and 
      Rowd will bring in another group of soldiers to fight. (Choose 
    b)After Highland invades the Mercenary Camp. The guards at the entrance 
      will always be replenished immediately after every fight.
    c)Tinto, after zombies have taken over the town. The zombies at the 
      entrance are forever there, so you can fight as many battles as you 
      like there.
    d)Muse, when you just retook it. The Gold Wolves regenerate every after 
    a) and b) are basically for earning money and items, while c) can be 
    used to train low level recruits, and d) is practically useless.
      6.5    Battle Map Star Statistics
      On the battle map your characters are used differently than before. 
    You can now edit your own teams, courtesy of Apple, although the Leader 
    of each team is fixed. Here then is the complete list of the 45 usable 
    characters on the Battle Map.
      Character List
    NAME         AT   DF   AT+   DF+     SKILLS
      Direct Attack Leaders
    Hero         8    9    -     -       Bright Shield
    Boris        9    8    -     -       Evade
    Georg        11   8    -     -       Critical
    Gilbert      7    8    -     -       -
    Hauser       9    7    -     -       Cavalry
    Kiba         7    12   -     -       Heavy Armour, Cavalry
    Maximillian  6    7    -     -       Cavalry
    Ridley       10   7    -     -       Critical
    Valeria      8    8    -     -       Cavalry
    Viktor       8    7    -     -       -
      Arrow Attack Leaders
    Ayda         6    5    -     -       Repair Selfx1, Forest Walk
    Flik         7    7    -     -       Cavalry
    Kasumi       6    6    -     -       Scout
    Teresa       5    6    -     -       Bombardx2
      Magic Attack Leaders
    Luc          10   4    -     -       Windx3
    Mazus        9    6    -     -       Fire Magicx1, Evade
      Other Characters
    Adlai        -    -    -     -       Inventionx1
    Annallee     -    -    -     -       Encouragex2
    Apple        -    -    +1    +2      Evade
    Camus        -    -    -     +1      Cavalry
    Chaco        -    -    -     +1      Flight
    Emilia       -    -    -     -       Investiate
    Freed Y.     -    -    -     +1      -
    Gijimu       -    -    -     +1      Melee
    Hanna        -    -    +2    -       -
    Huan         -    -    -     -       Healx3
    Humphrey     -    -    -     +2      Heavy Armour
    Jeane        -    -    -     -       Lightningx1
    Jess         -    -    +2    -       Evade
    Klaus        -    -    -     +3      Evade, Cavalry
    Koyu         -    -    +1    -       Repair Selfx1
    Lo Wen       -    -    +2    -       Melee
    Lorelai      -    -    -     +2      -
    Miklotov     -    -    +1    -       Cavalry
    Nanami       -    -    +1    +1      Repair Selfx1
    Oulan        -    -    -     -       Bodyguard
    Pesmegera    -    -    +3    -       Cavalry
    Shin         -    -    +1    -       Critical
    Shu          -    -    +3    +1      Critical, Evade
    Tai Ho       -    -    +2    +1      -
    Templeton    -    -    -     +1      Shortcut
    Tsai         -    -    +1    -       Fire Spearx2
    Tuta         -    -    -     -       Repair Selfx3
    Yam Koo      -    -    +1    +1      -
      And not forgetting
    Jowy         -    -    +2    +1      Critical
      Skill List
    Bodyguard       - Ensures that nobody in group will die
    Bright Shield   - Heals all player troops in 2 square range of Hero's 
    Cavalry         - Group changes to Calvery, movement 2
    Critical        - Does double damage
    Encourage       - All player groups that have ended their turns in 1
                      square range of Annallee's group can move again 
    Evade           - No damage taken from enemy attack
    Fire Magic      - Fire magic attack to all in 2 square range within 3 
                      square range
    Fire Spear      - Fire attack to all in a 3 square straight line
    Flight          - Group can move 2 squares, no movement restrictions
    Forest Walk     - Able to move 3 squares in forest, will not work with 
    Heal            - Recovers 1 hit damage for 1 player group within 3 
                      square range
    Heavy Armour    - Can take 1 extra hit i.e. 3 hits before unit retreats
    Invention       - Attack to all in 1 square range of Adlai's group
    Investigate     - Will report the troop's and enemy's hit percentage
    Lightning       - Lightning magic attack to 1 enemy within 3 square 
    Melee           - 100% damage to enemy Archer, Magic groups, will not 
                      work with Archer, Magic groups 
    Repair Self     - Recovers 1 hit damage for group
    Scout           - Will report the troop's and enemy's hit percentage
    Shortcut        - No movement restrictions
    Sniper          - Arrow attack to 1 enemy within 5 square range     
    Wind            - Wind magic attack to 1 enemy within 3 square range                  
      6.6    Flying Squirrels Mania
      There are 5 flying squirrels found in this game. Mukumuku is one of 
    the 108 Stars, and can be found very easily. If you missed him in 
    Kyaro, the only place to find it is on the road between Greenhill and 
    the Muse border.
      In fact the squirrels are all found on the roads leading from 
    Greenhill. The trouble starts from here. To be able to get them you 
    must a) be walking alone, b) the battle must be on the road, and c) 
    wait for the random chance that make them appear. You can earn your 
    running away score (for recruiting Stallion) here. Happy searching!
      Added information from Andrew Au: It's not necessary for the Hero to 
    be alone to find them. Instead, you can bring along the flying 
    squirrels which had already joined you.
      6.7    About Nanami......
      By now everyone should know that Nanami can be saved. There are many
    conditions for it to happen.
    1) You must gather all the 108 Stars of Destiny before the invasion of
    2) None of the Stars must die before or during that Battle map.
    3) When Nanami is about to block the incoming arrows, the player must
       shout "Nanami!".
      Back in HQ, Huan will come out of his operation to report his 
    failure, just as per normal, but if the above requirements are met, 
    Huan will call Shu inside......
      Nanami will still be blacked out, indicating that she is dead, but in 
    the end......
      It seems that some are having trouble even if they get the Lv 4 spell
    for the Hero. Well, there's more!! You have only HALF A SECOND when the 
    choice comes up to pick the correct answer. Furthermore, KEEP her 
    armour!!! Chances are, if you removed it, she'll die no matter what.
      6.8    The Blocked Stairs...
      Once again there is a blocked staircase. This time the 2nd floor is 
    in the Item shop in Radat. There is a woman who will stop you from 
    going up the stairs.
                             The solution: Viki!!
      She will teleport the party wrongly once in a blue moon. You can see 
    it from her speech: she will say "Huh!?" and your party should be 
    teleported to the second floor of the Item shop. Note that it doesn't 
    always happen though, you may be teleported to another place. It seems 
    the most common place people end up is in the Wind Cave. I wonder 
      6.9    Clive's Story
      This is by far the hardest sub-plot to see, as the entire story is 
    based on your speed of clearing the story. Basicially Clive has been 
    chasing after Elza, the woman with the scar on her face, for several 
    years. He joins the party after travel to Lakewest is possible, and his 
    story begins......
    Meeting in Muse    - Before fall of Muse
    The Search Begins  - After travel to Lakewest is possible, Clive joins
    Elza's Letter      - The man left of the counter inside the inn has it 
                         (under 11 hours - Lakewest}
    The False Elza     - Found standing at the clearing in the trees (under 
                         13 hours - Forest)
    A Late Arrival     - Upon entering the Rockaxe inn (under 14 hours)
    Round 2, ready, GO!- Clive loses to her inside the Radat bar (under 15 
    Third Time Unlucky - The Jouston Bout revisited!! Only after recovery 
                         of Muse (??)
    The Final Showdown - Sajah Village (under 20 hours)
    The following are the times for the Clive subquest, submitted by a few 
    1. baka chibi - 18.42 (hours)
    2. Justim Sueno - 19.30
    3. Minmei - 19+?
    4. Yours sincerely - 18.50
      6.10   Lv 99 Trick
      Yes, it's possible to get a character to Level 99 without resorting 
    to using a Gameshark! But beware, it's tough, VERY tough. Below are the 
    conditions and steps to getting a character to the highest level.
    P.S. This trick WILL NOT WORK with the Hero!!
    1. Have as few members as possible in your party. Best is 2, as the 
    character and the Hero will have a long fight if you decide to bring 1 
    2. The character should be below Lv 40, and equipped with the Fortune 
    Rune (x2 experience)
    3. In L'Renouille, the highest level enemies will be the Commander + 5 
    soldiers. Run away from all fights before meeting them, then try to get 
    the Hero killed off without your character killed as well. The 
    experience earned by killing off the group, plus earning it all by 
    him/herself and with the help of the Fortune Rune will be enough to 
    shoot the character from Lv 40 to Lv 99!! 
      6.11   The Return of McDohl
    Alright, this is one of the most important items in this walkthrough, 
    so I'll make it a little precise. You will need to fulfil a few 
    conditions first for it to happen: 
    1. You completed Gensou Suikoden, and have the final save data ready
    2. You must have ALL 108 stars in GS1
    3. You must have used the data when starting your GS2 game
      The event will happen only AFTER you have went to Gregminster and 
    met Lepent, so don't go shouting that nothing is happening. Anyway, 
    upon reaching Banner, you will find McDohl fishing in the dead end that 
    leads to the river after talking to Kou, the little boy who dresses 
    like the Hero, but Gremio will block your path to McDohl.
      Talk to Kou again, and choose 1 when he asks whether he can help to 
    draw Gremio away, and he will run off. Talk to Gremio again, and you 
    will hear a shout of help, as agreed upon, and Gremio will rush to see 
    what happened. Speak with McDohl next, choosing 1, then head back to 
    the inn, where the Hero is told that Kou has been kidnapped by bandits.
      Choose 1 for the next two choices, and you will find your group on 
    the path to Gregminster again. You will find the 'bandits' after a 
    little while, who tell the Hero that Kou has been taken by a monster. 
    McDohl will help out the group, with Gremio only accompanying, and 
    along the way, the group will meet a giant moth hovering over Kou. 
      The fun begins after you kill the moth. Seeing that the boy has been 
    severely poisoned, McDohl, decides to bring him to Gregminster to see 
    Liukan for healing. Inside the castle, Lepent speaks with McDohl, 
    wanting to hand over the rulership to him, but is refused. McDohl then 
    invites the Hero to his house for a meal. 
      After that, head back to the castle to find Kou completely recovered, 
    and choose 1 to bring him back to Banner. That done, McDohl and Gremio 
    decide to return home. Follow them all the way back, and speak with 
    Cleo in the McDohl residence.  
      Upon re-entering the residence, you will find McDohl in his room. You 
    will now be able to recruit him, but take note: unlike other 
    characters, he will return here if you decide to remove him from your 
    party, so if you cherish the long walk to and fro, by all means carry 
    EXTRA!! If you recruited Kasumi as the ally from Toran, and bring along 
    old characters (Flik, Viktor etc.) be prepared for a few touching 
      6.12   The Unicorn Quest
      The Unicorn Quest is activated once travel to Lakewest is possible. 
    You will find Hix and a furious Tengaar quarreling in the Lakewest Inn. 
    After the event they will go to Kobold.
      In Kobold you will find Hix and Tengaar in the Inn again, and after 
    they have finished talking, head to the Chief's tent, where another 
    event with the two of them takes place, after which Hix retires to a 
    tent with the Hero.
      The next day, the Chief tells them that Tengaar has fallen to the 
    'Unicorn Curse', and needs 3 ingredients to cure her. Hix drags the 
    Hero out with him despite the Hero's reservations.
      The first ingredient is found in the Southwindow item shop. You will 
    see a Kobold go out of the shop first before you can enter, and Hix 
    will buy the item at a ridiculously low price.
      Upon going back you will be told to search for the second ingredient 
    in the Wind Cave. Despite the Hero's view that this is all a hoax, Hix 
    still pulls him out......
      You will see a kobold exiting the cave upon entering...... and just 
    inside the cave you will find the second ingredient. (Hix is soooooo 
    naive. sigh)
      Returning to Kobold, you will see Tengaar up and about before she 
    runs to her bed again (and Hix misses it - as usual). The Chief will 
    tell Hix to look for the final ingredient in the sewers of TwoRiver, 
    where the Hero spots a Kobold dropping the bell (....) and Hix goes to 
    pick it up.
      In Kobold the Chief tells Hix that the Unicorn has abducted Tengaar, 
    and only a warrior like him could save her. Thus 'Warrior' Hix drags 
    the Hero to the Kobold forest to 'confront' the Unicorn......
      At the end of the forest, a Unicorn actually appears, scaring off the 
    Kobolds and finally acknowledging Hix as an accomplished warrior.
      After all the events, Tengaar will join the Hero's entourage, adding 
    Hix's name as well......
      6.13   Notes on Ridley
    It has been proven that Ridley can be saved in Battle Map 8. If you are
    good enough (or lucky enough) to prevent Ridley from being surrounded 
    and get rid of Sasarai, he will be present during the next battle, and 
    you can skip the entire event in which he is caught. A letter from Leon 
    will come, instead of Ridley providing the information, telling the 
    Hero Rugal's next move.
    Also, during the Tinto event, if the Hero runs away during the night, 
    it will lead to his death. However, after Neclord has been defeated, 
    his son Boris will turn up at the castle, and take over his father's 
    place in the Alliance, as well as in the Tablet.
      6.14   The Path to Rokkaku
    This was meant for all players to find, but I guess many aren't able to 
    find it, judging from the amount of mails asking me for the way, so I 
    decided to add just these few lines for the lazybones.
    Anyway, the path to Rokkaku can be found on the screen AFTER the one 
    with the ladders on the way to Gregminster. When there are trees at the
    bottom of the screen, just keep pressing towards the lower right on 
    your pad while walking/running and you will soon pass through a bush of 
    trees which leads to a path that will eventually lead to Rokkaku.
      6.15   The Endings......
    And finally we reach the endings. Now that the fourth (READ FOUR!!!) 
    ending has been unravelled, this walkthrough is finally complete......
    Ending 1: Agree to lead the City-State Alliance when asked to. Fin 
              screen will show a black/white Jowy sitting at the place 
              where they made their promise.
    Ending 2: Go meet Jowy at the waterfall. Kill him when fighting him, or 
              if you have not gotten all 108 Stars he will die even if you 
              do not fight him. Fin screen will show a black/white picture 
              of the three of them at the big tree.
    Ending 3: Go meet Jowy at the waterfall, defend all the way, and do not 
    (Best     agree to accept the Dark Blade Rune. Leknaat will appear, and 
     ending)  Jowy will be healed. Shu will come up to meet the Hero, and 
              tell him that Nanami is alive, and that she is waiting for 
              him at their house. Fin screen will show a colored picture of 
              the three of them at the big tree.
    Ending 4: Run away during the Tinto event, and when slapped by Shu, 
    (worst[?] just be a bad boy and keep on refusing. The two random party
     ending)  members will leave with Shu, and the Hero and Nanami will 
              slink off. Fin screen will show a wooden cabin in the woods.
                            7. COMBINATION ATTACK LIST
      Most of the names are original (i.e. self-made) names. Translations 
    are welcome. 
    (What I called them)
    Buddy Attack            Hero, Jowy              x1 damage to all 
    (Friendship Attack)                             enemies (Ver. 2 Jowy 
    -2 versions                                     uses sword)
    Circus Attack           Rina, Eilie, Bolgan     x2 damage to 1 enemy,
    (Travellers' Attack)                            Bolgan unbalanced
    Family Attack           Hero, Nanami            x2 damage to 1 enemy,
    (Sibling Attack)                                Nanami unbalanced
    -2 versions                                     (Ver. 2 Nanami HP restored)                                                
    Cross Attack            Viktor, Flik            x1.5 damage to 1 enemy,
    (Cross Attack)                                  30% knockdown
    Loyal Dog Attack        Kinnison, Shiro         x1.5 damage to 1 enemy,
    (Partner Attack)                                x0.5 damage to enemy in 
                                                    same column
    Bow Wow Attack          GenGen, Shiro           x1.5 damage to 1 enemy        
    (WonWon Attack)     or  Gabocha, Shiro
    Manly Attack            Rikimaru, Amada         x2 damage to 1 column 
    (Musclemen Attack)                              of enemies
    Warriors Attack         Hix, Tengaar            x2 damage to 1 enemy,
    (Warrior Village Attack)                        Hix damage
    Kobold Attack           GenGen, Gabocha         x1 damage(?) to 1 
    (Kobold Attack)                                 enemy, Gabocha 
    100 Kobolds Attack      GenGen, Gabocha         x3 damage to all 
    (20% occurrence)                                enemies, GenGen, 
                                                    Gabocha unbalanced
    Groupie Attack          Flik, Nina              x2.5 damage to 1 enemy,
    (Love Attack)                                   Nina unbalanced
    Husband-Wife Attack     Freed Y., Yoshino       x2 damage to 1 enemy,
    (Couple Attack)                                 Yoshino unbalanced
    Rival Attack            Anita, Valeria          x3 damage to one enemy,
    (Rivals Attack)                                 Valeria unbalanced
    Ninja Attack            Kasumi, Mondo           x1.5 damage to 1 enemy,
    (Ninja Attack)                                  30% knockdown
    Knight Attack           Camus, Miklotov         x2 damage to 1 enemy,
    (Knights Attack)                                30% unbalanced
    Pretty Boy Attack       Camus, Miklotov, Flik   x1.5 damage to 1 enemy,
    (Handsomes Attack)                              25% death
    Dad-Daughter Attack     Tsai, Tomo              x1 damage to enemy 
    (Family Attack)                                 front row
    Copycat Attack          Hero, Hoi               x1 damage to 1 enemy
    (Copycat Attack)
    Pretty Girl Attack      Tengaar, Meg, Millie    x0.5 damage to all 
    (Beautiful Girls Attack)                        enemies
    Flash Attack            Bolgan, Gantetsu,       x1.5 damage to all 
    (Baldies Attack)        LongChanChan            enemies, 
                                                    x0.5 damage to party
    Bandits Attack          Koyu, Gijimu, Lo Wen    x1.5 damage to 1 enemy,
    (Bandits Attack)                                30% knockdown
    Winger Attack           Sid, Chaco              x1.5 damage to 1 enemy,
    (Wingbod Attack)                                30% poison
    Narcissus Attack        Simone, Vincent         x0.5 damage to all
    (Roses Attack)                                  enemies
    (personally, I think this is just a goofed-up version of the Friendship
     Attack. Who uses these two clowns anyway?)
    Trick Attack (V!V! ^_^) Meg, Karakuri-maru      Karakuri-maru damage to 
    (Karakuri-maru Attack)                          all enemies
    Bow Attack              Kinnison, Ayda          x0.5 damage to all 
    (Wild Arrow Attack)  or Kinnison, Stallion      enemies
                         or Ayda, Stallion
    Double Monster Attack   Feather, Sigfried       x3 damage to 1 enemy,
    (Double Monster Attack)                         Feather, Sigfried 
    Beastmaster Attack      Feather, Sigfried,      x1.5 damage to 1 enemy,
    (Monster Breeder Attack)Badeaux                 Feather, Sigfried Fury
    Tackle Attack           Hanna, Oulan            x0.75 damage to all 
    (Tackle Attack)                                 enemies,Hanna, Oulan 
    Twin Fighter Attack     Wakaba, LongChanChan    x3 damage to 1 enemy,
    (Double Martial Artists Attack)
    (Just think Ryo and Robert together, and you can imagine this ^_^)                    
    Servant Attack          Bolgan, Bob, Sierra     x4 damage to 1 enemy,
    (Companion Attack)                              Bolgan, Bob 1/2 of max 
                                                    HP drained, Sierra HP 
    Double Kraken Attack    Abizboah, Rulodia       Tentacle damage to 
                            (names from New Jack)   front row
                               of enemies
    Head Up!!               Viki, Rulodia           x2 damage to 1 enemy, 
    (Together----------) or Viki, Abizboah          Abizboah, Rulodia 
    5 Squirrel Attack       Mukumuku, Makumaku,     Makes one enemy 
    (Flying Squirrel Attack)Mikumiku, Mekumeku,     disappear (may fail)
    Double Leader Attack    Hero, McDohl            x0.75 damage to all
    Cutie Boy Attack        Luc, Futch, Sasuke      x1 damage to all
                                                    enemies, Futch, 
                                                    Sasuke damage, become
    Beauty Attack           Kasumi, Rina, Karen     x0.25 damage to all
                         or Kasumi, Rina, Lorelai   enemies, 
                         or Kasumi, Karen, Lorelai  60% sleep
                         or Rina, Karen, Lorelai 
    True Beauty Attack      Kasumi, Rina, Karen,    x0.25 damage to all
                            Lorelai                 enemies, 70% sleep
    Swordsman Attack        Shin, Genshu            x0.5 damage to all 
                                                    enemies, 20% death
                            8. RUNE LIST
    This rune list was compiled by Middletails. I added in a few bits here 
    and there, changed several mistakes, edited the look to fit this piece 
    of work, and changed the text font. OK, enough official talk. Here's 
    the belated, untranslated and unfinished list, in no particular order, 
    without the spell names: Note: Some names are made up...translations 
    are very very much welcome and appreciated! 
    Bright Shield Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Hero
    Where to find it: Toto
    Spells: Lv 1 - Heals 70 HP to party while walking, factored by magic 
                   stat in battle.
                   Also cures all status aliments (less unconscious)
            Lv 2 - 130 damage to all enemies
            Lv 3 - Heals 300 HP to party, 50% Fury status
            Lv 4 - Heals party completely, then deals 2300 less healing 
                   amount to all enemies
    Black Sword Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Jowy
    Where to find it: Toto
    Spells: Lv 1 - 120 damage to one enemy
            Lv 2 - 100 damage to all enemies, 30% death
            Lv 3 - 700 damage to one enemy
            Lv 4 - 1200 damage to all enemies
    Soul Eater (I wouldn't miss this for the world MT :=) )
    Who comes with the Rune: Hero McDohl of GS1 fame
    Where to find it: Well....Ted gave it to McDohl
    Spells: Lv 1 - Death to one enemy
            Lv 2 - 500 damage to all enemies
            Lv 3 - Death to all enemies
            Lv 4 - 1500 damage to one enemy
    True Wind Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Luc
    Spells: ??
    Where to find it: Who knows? Ask Luc.
    Effects: Well......it can be used only once in the entire game, and you 
             won't be controlling Luc when it happens, so let's just say 
             it's there, but you can't use it :)
    Fire Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Rina, Killey. Wakaba has one attached to her 
    Where to find it: Runeshops, Jeane's shop
    Spells: Lv 1 - 60 damage to all enemies
            Lv 2 - 150 damage to one row of enemies
            Lv 3 - 300 damage to all enemies
            Lv 4 - 700 damage to all enemies
    If attached: Does 1/4 extra damage (Fire)
    Rage Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Meisas, Camus. Pesmerga has one attached to 
                             his weapon
    Enemies with Rune: Rugal, Seed, Lucia
    Where to find it: Rune Teacher in Greenhill school. Possible only after
                      recapturing Greenhill
    Spells: Fire Lv 2-4
            Lv 5 - 900 damage to all enemies
    If attached: Does 1/2 extra damage (Fire)
    Water Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Lo Wen, Meg
    Where to find it: Runeshops, Jeane's shop
    Spells: Lv 1 - Completely heals one party member
            Lv 2 - 20% magic block for party, lasts 3 turns
            Lv 3 - Heals 300HP to party
            Lv 4 - Silence to all, lasts 3 turns
    If attached: Heals 5HP at the beginning of every turn
    Flowing Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Abizboah
    Enemies with the Rune: Culagan, Seed
    Where to find it: Person on 2nd floor of Runeshop, Muse. Possible only
                      after Muse has been repopulated
    Spells: Water Lv 2-4
            Lv 5 - Completely cures one party member (includes unconscious)
    If attached: Heals 15HP at the beginning of every turn
    Wind Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Luc, Vincent. Miklotov has one attached to his 
    Where to find it: Runeshops, Jeane's shop
    Spells: Lv 1 - Sleep on front row of enemies
            Lv 2 - Completely heals one party member
            Lv 3 - 450 damage to all enemies
            Lv 4 - Reflects next magic cast on castor to opponant
    If attached: Magic block +5%
    Cyclone Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: -
    Where to find it: 2nd floor, Marie's Inn, Gregminster. Sarah of GS1 
                      fame will give it to you
    Spells: Wind Lv 2-4
            Lv 5 -Heals 500HP to party, 500 damage to all enemies
    If attached: Magic block +15%
    Earth Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Tengaar, Sheena
    Where to find it: Runeshops, Jeane's shop
    Spells: Lv 1 - Defense of one party member increased to 1.5 times of 
            Lv 2 - 100% counter (only counterable attacks), lasts 3 turns
            Lv 3 - 100% magic block, once per party member
            Lv 4 - 800 damage to all enemies
    If attached: Defense +5, heals 3HP at the beginning of every turn
    Mother Earth Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: -
    Enemies with the Rune: Gorudo
    Where to find it: Mayor's house, Tinto. Gustav will give it to you. 
                      Possible only after defeating Neclord
    Spells: Earth Lv 2-4
            Lv 5 - Defense and Magic Defense of party increased by 30%
    If attached: Defense +15, heals 15HP at the beginning of every turn
    Lightning Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Flik. Long Chan Chan, Freed Y. and Sierra have 
                             one attached to their weapons
    Where to find it: Runeshops, Jeane's shop
    Spells: Lv 1 - 100 damage to one enemy
            Lv 2 - 120 damage to one column of enemies
            Lv 3 - 600 damage to one enemy
            Lv 4 - 1000 damage to one enemy
    If attached: Does 1/4 extra damage (Electricity)
    Thunder Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: -
    Enemies with the Rune: Culagan
    Where to find it: Rockaxe Castle, Rockaxe. One of the monsters inside 
                      will drop it.
    Spells: Thunder Lv 2-4
            Lv 5 - 1200 damage to one enemy
    If attached: Does 1/2 extra damage (Electricity)
    Resurrection Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Kahn and Gantetsu
    Where to find it: ?
    Spells: Lv 1 - 30 damage to one enemy, double damage to undead
            Lv 2 - Revives one unconscious party member
            Lv 3 - 400 damage to all enemies, double damage to undead
            Lv 4 - Heals 300HP to party
    Darkness (JL: Sublet of the Soul Eater) Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Sierra
    Where to  find it: Southwindow Runeshop, after invasion of L'Renouille,
                       Jeane's shop
    Spells: Lv 1 - Death to one enemy
            Lv 2 - 300 damage to one enemy, caster absorbs HP
            Lv 3 - Death to one row of enemies, if fails then 500 damage
            Lv 4 - 500 damage to all enemies
    Blinking Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Viki
    Where to find it: Rokkaku. The ninja in front of Hanzo's house will 
                      give it to you
    Spells: Lv 1 - Makes one enemy disappear, if fails then one party 
                   member disappears
            Lv 2 - 150 damage to all enemies, if fails then party receives 
            Lv 3 - Makes all enemies disappear, if fails then party less 
                   Viki disappears
    Blue Gate (JL: Sublet of the Gate Rune) Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: -
    Where to find it: Chest in Wind Cave
    Spells: Lv 1 - 50 damage to one enemy
            Lv 2 - 150 damage to all enemies
            Lv 3 - 500 damage to all enemies
            Lv 4 - 900 damage to all enemies, 90 damage to party
    White Saint Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Sigfried
    Where to find it: -
    Spells: Lv 1 - 120 damage to one enemy
            Lv 2 - 200 damage to one column of enemies
            Lv 3 - 400 damage to all enemies
    True Holy Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Stallion
    Effect: Dash possible on World Map
    Angry Dragon Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Oulan
    Effect: 2x damage to one enemy, unbalanced, usuable once per battle.
            Infinite uses as long as in Fury, no unbalance
    Falcon Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Anita, Valeria
    Effect: 2x damage to one enemy, hit -25%
    Fire Breath Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Bolgan
    Effect: 2x damage, fire elemental, unbalanced
    Fire Dragon Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Zamza
    Effect: 2x damage to one enemy, receives 1/2 damage
    Groundhog Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Millie
    Effect: 2x damage to one enemy, usuable once per battle
    Howling Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Badeaux
    Effect: All allied monsters enter Fury condition
    Mayfly Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Mondo
    Effect: Attacks front row, unbalanced
    Rabid Fang Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Bob
    Effect: Turns into warewolf, attack and defense x2, speed x1.5, 
            recovers 50HP at the end of every turn, cannot have other 
            commands except attack, HP halved when over, lasts 3 turns
    Shining Wind Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Feather
    Effect: Strong against flyers, attack patterns change as level 
    Shrike Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Kasumi
    Effect: 2x damage to one enemy, hit -15%
    Spider Slay Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Shin
    Effect: 3x damage, usuable once per battle
    Swallow Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Genshu
    Effect: 30% death upon hitting, unbalanced
    Trick (Karakuri) Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Meg
    Effect: 3x damage to one enemy, usable once per battle
    Twin Ring Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Karen
    Effect: 2x damage to one enemy, 35% unbalanced
    White Tiger Rune
    Who comes with the Rune: Wakaba, LongChanChan
    Effect: 2x damage, Wakaba 50%, LongChanChan 20% unbalanced. When HP is
            critical, 3x damage
    Gozz Rune
    Effect: Attacks one row of enemies, unbalanced
    Who can equip it: Axe owners (eg Koyu)
    Where to find it: Rockaxe Runeshop, Jeane's shop
    Great Hawk Rune
    Effect: x0.5 damage to all enemies
    Who can equip it: Bow owners (eg Stallion)
    Where to find it: Radat Runeshop, Jeane's shop
    Kite Rune
    Effect: x0.5 damage to all enemies
    Who can equip it: Shuriken Throwers (eg Meg)
    Where to find it: Greenhill Rune student, Jeane's shop
    Lion Rune
    Effect: x1.5 damage to enemy, Magic and Magic Defence -50
    Who can equip it: Claw owners (eg Sasuke)
    Where to find it: TwoRiver Runeshop, Jeane's shop
    Pixie Rune
    Effect: Range changed to L, damage equals 1/5 of Magic
    Who can equip it: Staff owners (eg Viki)
    Where to find it: Greenhill Rune student, Jeane's shop
    Titan Rune
    Effect: x1.3 damage to enemy, attacks last
    Who can equip it: Two-handed sword owners (eg Viktor)
    Where to find it: Muse Runeshop, Jeane's shop
    Unicorn Rune
    Effect: Attacks one column of enemies, Defence reduced to 0 for next 
    Who can equip it: Spear owners (eg Tsai)
    Where to find it: Muse Runeshop, Jeane's shop
    Viper Rune
    Effect: Death to one enemy, hit 1/3 max
    Who can equip it: Single-handed sword owners (eg Flik)
    Where to find it: TwoRiver Runeshop, Jeane's shop
    Down Rune
    Effect: 30% chance knockdown upon hitting
    Where to find it: Rockaxe Runeshop
    Exertion Rune
    Effect: Increases attack as number of rounds increase, up to maximum of 
            Calculated by [Base Attack + {Base Attack x No. of rounds/6}]
    Where to find it: Vase in front of Chief's house, Kobold.
    Fire Lizard Rune
    Effect: x1.5 damage to enemy, fire elemental, owner receives 1/2 damage
    Where to find it: Chest in Sindar Ruins
    Friendship Rune
    Effect: Increases attack by [no. of recruits/2]
    Where to find it: Bonsai on the rightmost part of Southwindow, below 
                      City hall
    Hunter Rune
    Effect: Damage = 1, hit = 5%, but enemy will drop items upon hitting
    Where to find it: Big tree behind Genkaku's house, Kyaro. Possible only 
                      after defeating Beast Rune
    Magic Drain Rune
    Effect: 20% chance restores 1 Lv 1 MP upon hitting, hit -15%
    Where to find it: Chest in Sindar Ruins
    Poison Rune
    Effect: 40% chance poison upon hitting
    Where to find it: Dropped from Pest Rat
    Silence Rune
    Effect: 20% chance silence upon hitting
    Where to find it: ?
    Sleep Rune
    Effect: 20% chance sleep upon hitting
    Where to find it: Rockaxe Runeshop
    Technique Rune
    Effect: 40% steal money upon hitting
    Where to find it: ? (Hoi has it......)
    Balance Rune
    Effect: No unbalance
    Where to find it: ?
    Barrier Rune
    Effect: Increases chances of Magic Block by [Magic/10]%
    Where to fine it: ?
    Champion's Rune
    Effect: No more weak enemies
    Where to find it: Chest in L'Renoullie
    Chimera Rune
    Effect: Passes on status effect to another party member
    Where to find it: Chest in Greenhill Forest
    Counter Rune
    Effcet: Counter rate increases by 1.5 times
    Where to find it: Guardian Deity event
    Double Beat Rune
    Effect: Attacks twice per turn, NOT INCLUSIVE of second or third 
            attacks. If counter-attacked receives x2 damage
    Where to find it: Dropped from enemy CutRabbit.
    Double-Strike Rune
    Effect: x1.5 damage, receives 1.5 times damage
    Where to find it: Chest in TigerMouth Pass
    Draining Rune
    Effect: Drains 1/3 of enemy's HP per critical hit. Equippable only on 
            Right Hand.
    Where to find it: Rare Find in Greenhill school Rune student
    Fire Sealing Rune
    Effect: No damage from Fire, x2 damage from Water
    Where to find it: Chest in Highland Camp at Highland/Muse border
    Fortune Rune
    Effect: Double experience to wielder
    Where to find it: Guardian Deity event
    Fury Rune
    Effect: Auto Fury, lasts forever
    Where to find it: Chest in L'Renoullie, Rare Finds in Muse Runeshop
    Gale Rune
    Effect: Speed increases by 1.5 times
    Where to find it: ?
    Killer Rune
    Effect: Critical rate increases by 1.5 times
    Where to find it: ?
    Knight Rune
    Effect: Will help block an attack on a critically injured member
    Where to find it: Dropped from enemy Matilda Knight, Rockaxe Castle
    Medicine Rune
    Effect: Character will autmatically use Medicine on party member below 
            35% HP.
    Where to find it: ?
    Prosperity Rune
    Effect: Double amount of bits received
    Where to find it: Guardian Deity event
    Skunk Rune
    Effect: No enemies will attack unless only one standing.
    Where to find it: ?
    Slyph Rune
    Effect: Drains 1/3 of castor's HP, heals rest of party with drained 
    Where to find it: ?
    Spark Rune
    Effect: Always the first to attack
    Where to find it: Dropped from Double Head
    Sunbeam Rune
    Effect: Recovers 1 HP every 3 steps, 15 HP at the end of every round
    Where to find it: Chief of Crom village will give it to you. Possible 
                      only after defeating Neclord
    Violence Rune
    Effect: Enters Fury condition when HP falls below 1/2 max. Next attack 
            x3 damage to enemy.
    Where to find it: Bookshelf in Appraisal shop, Rockaxe
    Waking Rune
    Effect: Starts battle in sleep condition, if awakened will be in Fury
    Where to find it: ?
    Warrior Rune
    Effect: Defence 1/2, the halved amount added to Strength
    Where to find it: Rare Finds in Southwindow Runeshop
    Wizard Rune
    Effect: Magic Defence 1/2, the halved amount added to Magic
    Where to find it: Rare Finds in Southwindow Runeshop
                            9. FREE CHARACTER LIST
            The following list is of the free characters that can be 
    recruited in the game. What are free characters? They are the rest of 
    the stars that have ZERO impact on the storyline, and aid you in one 
    way or another. Which explains the "free", and you can recruit them if 
    you want to. Then again, why won't you, if you want to get the Hero's 
    level 4 spell. They are placed in chronological order, and includes 
    non-stars. Feel free to use this list at your own discretion. 
            To get free characters, you must first NOT be in the middle of 
    an event, like going to Greenhill as students (forget what the Prima 
    guidebook says), or fighting Neclord in Tinto. Simply DO NOT report to 
    Shu when told to, and you can go about your merry recruiting spree.
            Note: MukuMuku and Anita can be found in two places, depending 
    on the time of the story.
            Note 2: You must choose between Valeria and Kasumi. Tomo will 
    appear in the spot of the one not chosen on Luc's tablet.
            Note 3: You must not clear the Unicorn quest first if you wish 
    to get the Kraken (and two other non-stars), otherwise the Unicorn will 
    appear in Richmond's list, which means that the Unicorn is the other L-
    sized star.
            Note 4: You'll only get TWO Listening Crystals. Therefore you 
    can only recruit TWO L-sized monsters out of the four that appear. 
    Chuchura will automatically join once you get the Krakens.
    Character       Found in                How to join (exact location)
    ---------       --------                ----------------------------
    Mukumuku        Kyaro                   Check the big tree behind the 
                                            Hero's house {the one in the 
                                            opening credits} 3 times, Hero 
                                            will circle the tree once, it 
                                            will appear. (Behind house, 
                                            before meeting Nanami)
                 or Greenhill/Muse border   Wander alone back and forth 
                                            along the road between 
                                            Greenhill and the Greenhill/ 
                                            Muse border and it will appear 
                                            randomly in one of the battles 
                                            (world map)
    Rikimaru        Ryube                   Pay 3000 bits for his meal (man
                                            lying down at entrance)
    Kinnison        Ryube Forest            Put the birds back on the tree, 
                                            he will appear after some time 
    Shiro           Ryube Forest            Joins with Kinnison (forest)
    Millie          Ryube                   Before Ryube is burned down, 
                                            agree to help her find her pet 
                                            (before entrance to Ryube 
    Zamza           Toto                    Before Toto is burned down, 
                                            Nanami must be in party. (Inn)
    Hanna           Toto                    After Toto is burned down 
    Tuta            Muse                    (in front of Huan's house)
    Anita           Muse                    Help her fill her glass, give 
                 or Banner                  her antidote, or answer 2 when 
                                            she asks the Hero's impression 
                                            of her, and she can be asked to 
                                            join after doing so several 
                                            times. You must exit the city/ 
                                            village to have her ask you
                                            again (Inn)
    Gilbert         Battle Map              Injure him once(Battle Map 3)
    Templton        Toto                    Find him at Mercenery Camp 
                                            first (Toto ruins)
    Richmond        Radat                   Play Heads/Tails with him 
                                            once,get coin in bar, look for 
                                            him again (outside Appraisal 
    Alex            Southwindow             (Inn 2nd floor)
    Hilda           Southwindow             Joins with Alex(Inn 2nd floor)
    Adlai           Southwindow             Give him a Sacrifice, Wood 
                                            Shield and throw him the Wind 
                                            Crystal (inside one of the 
    Oulan           Kuskus                  Bring a female only party (L of 
                                            first bridge)
    Yoshino         Radat                   Freed Y. must be in party 
                                            (washing point)
    Tai Ho          Kuskus                  Win 5000 bits {docks}
    Yam Koo         Kuskus                  Joins with Tai Ho {docks}
    Clive           Southwindow             Talk to him after ship travel 
                                            to Lakewest is possible. ONLY 
                                            IF you have met him first in 
                                            Muse(below entrance)
    Taki            Lakewest                Talk with her 4 times (inside 
                                            one of the houses)
    Hans            TwoRiver(Human)         (inside Inn 2nd floor)
    Sid             TwoRiver(Underground)   Chaco must be in party(go L at 
    Gabocha         TwoRiver(Kobold)        GenGen must be in party (inside 
                                            one of the houses)
    Hai Yo          HQ                      Castle must be Lv 2. On second 
                                            floor balcony (R side)
    Stallion        Radat                   Possible only after fall of 
                                            Greenhill. Run from battle 50 
                                            times (running...)
    Shilo           Lakewest                Castle must be Lv 2. Win 5000 
                                            bits (Inn)
    Tetsu           Lakewest                Buy Fried Tacos from TwoRiver 
                                            Kobold Item shop, use until 
                                            Hero is 'toasty', then talk to 
                                            him (one of the houses)
    Hix             Kobold                  Found in Lakewest inn first, 
                                            then go to Kobold, and complete 
                                            Unicorn Quest (Kobold)
    Tengaar         Kobold                  Joins with Hix (Kobold)
    Meg             Greenhill/Muse border   Castle must be Lv 2 (border)
    Karakurimaru    Greenhill/Muse border   Joins with Meg (border)
    Wakaba          Forest                  Castle must be Lv 2, Hero must 
                                            be above Lv 30. (in front of 
                                            Armor shop)
    Tony            Forest                  Castle must be Lv 2 (inside 
                                            village Chief's house)
    Emilia          Greenhill               Choose the first choice when 
                                            talking to her (Greenhill 
    Jeane           TwoRiver(Human)         Possible only after fall of 
                                            Greenhill (inside Runeshop)
    Yuzu            Kobold                  Possible only after Unicorn 
                                            quest, agree to help her find 
                                            her sheep (Kobold)
    Humphrey        Highway                 Complete Dragon quest (Inn)
    Futch           Highway                 Joins with Humphrey (Inn)
    Lebrante        Radat                   Castle must be Lv 3. Asks for 
                                            rare item Celadon Urn, which 
                                            can be bought in Griegmeister 
                                            trading house-last item or 
                                            dropped from enemy in area near
                                            Radat (Appraisal)
    Simone          Radat                   Castle must be Lv 3. Buy 
                                            Rose Brooch from Banner(at 
                                            lower L of dam screen)
    Lorelai         Gregminster             Castle must be Lv 3 
    Mondo           Rokkaku                 Kasumi must be in party. If 
                                            Valeria is recruited, Castle 
                                            must be Lv 4 (Rokkaku)
    Sasuke          Rokkaku                 Kasumi must be in party. (In 
                                            front of trading house) If 
                                            Valeria is recruited, Castle 
                                            must be Lv 4 {Rokkaku}
    Badeaux         Greenhill/Matilda Path  Castle must be Lv 3. Shiro and 
                                            no other humans must be in 
                                            party (2nd screen upon 
    Feather         Forest                  After Badeaux's Crystal 
                                            obtained (in front of trading 
    Ayda            Forest                  Joins with Feather (in front of
                                            trading center)
    Sigfried        Kobold Forest           After Badeaux's Crystal
                                            obtained. Possible only after 
                                            Unicorn Quest. Must bring at 
                                            least 1 "pure" female along eg.       
                                            Nanami, Eilie (Unicorn area)
    Gordon          Gregminster             Must make at least 50,000 bits 
                                            profit from trading (inside 
                                            Trading house)
    Tomo            Ryube Forest            Castle must be Lv 3. After Tsai 
                                            asks to go home, Tsai must be 
                                            in party (Tsai's house)
    Maximillian     Southwindow             Castle must be Lv 3. After 
                                            Rugal has been killed (upon 
                                            entering the city)
    Annallee        Southwindow             Castle must be Lv 3. After 
                                            Rugal has been killed, she will 
                                            be inside Inn, then on R side 
                                            in front of town hall. Joins 
                                            after singing a song. (Inn, 
                                            outside Town Hall)
    Killey          Southwindow             Castle must be Lv 3. Possible 
                                            only if Alex has joined, after 
                                            Rugal has been killed. After 
                                            talking to him, go back to HQ, 
                                            find him quarrelling with Alex,
                                            then look for him in 
                                            Southwindow again (in front of 
                                            trading house)
    Hoi             Radat                   After Rugal has been killed 
    Connell         Forest                  Castle must be Lv 3. Bring 1 
                                            sound set to him (inside one of 
                                            the houses)
    Bob             TwoRiver(Kobold)        Possible only if there are 80
                                            recruits (TwoRiver Kobold)
    Karen           Kuskus                  Castle must be Lv 3. After 
                                            Rugal has been killed, dance 
                                            accordingly to her steps (Inn)
    Long Chan Chan  Crom                    Wakaba must be in party. He 
                                            will run out of Inn upon 
                                            reaching door (behind house on 
                                            R of inn)
    Tenkou          Crom                    Bring 1 Window Set to him 
                                            (inside one of the houses)
    Raura           Tinto                   Possible only if Jeane has 
                                            joined (in front of mayor's 
    Georg           Path to TigerMouth      After defeating Neclord (go R 
                                            from TigerMouth entrance)
    Gantetsu        Southwindow             After defeating Neclord. Party 
                                            members' strength must be high 
                                            enough to move him, >400? 
                                            (below town hall)
    Pico            Greenhill               Possible only if Annallee has 
                                            joined (inside Inn)
    Jude            Greenhill               Possible only after Greenhill 
                                            has been recaptured. When he 
                                            asks for some clay, go to 
                                            Forest and get from a man there 
                                            (inside Forge classroom, 1F, 
                                            Greenhill school)
    Alberto         Tinto                   Possible only if Annallee and 
                                            Pico have joined (inside Armour 
    Vincent         Radat                   Castle must be Lv 4, Simone 
                                            must be in party {where Simone 
    Tessei          Kuskus                  Castle must be Lv 2. Possible 
                                            only after Greenhill has been 
                                            recaptured, Viktor must be in 
                                            party (inside Forge)
    Pesmerga        Wind Cave               Castle must be Lv 4 (sword 
    Genshu          Coronet                 Weapon must be LV 15, castle 
                                            must be Lv 4 (dock)
    Mazus           Crom Mines              Castle must be Lv 4, no other 
                                            people can be recruited {not 
                                            confirmed} (place where there 
                                            is a lot of sliding)
    Abizboah        Crom Mines              Castle must be Lv 3, after 
                                            defeating Neclord, it will be 
                                            found in the mines. Must have 
                                            at least one of Badeaux's 
                                            Crystals (??)
    Rulodia         Crom Mines              Possible only after Abizboah 
                                            has been recruited, (where 
                                            Abizboah was)
    Chuchara        HQ                      Possible only after Abizboah 
                                            and Rulodia have been 
                                            recruited, chase it around the 
                                            docks (docks)
    Makumaku        Greenhill/TwoRiver      Wander alone back and forth 
                                            along the road between 
                                            Greenhill and TwoRiver and it 
                                            will appear randomly in one of 
                                            the battles (world map)
    Mikumiku        Greenhill/Forest        Wander alone back and forth 
                                            along the road between 
                                            Greenhill and Forest and it 
                                            will appear randomly in one of 
                                            the battles (world map)
    Mekumeku        Greenhill/Matilda Path  Wander alone back and forth 
                                            along the road between 
                                            Greenhill and the Greenhill/ 
                                            Matilda border and it will 
                                            appear randomly in one of 
                                            the battles (world map)
    Mokumoku        Forest Area             "If someone walks around the 
                                            Forest Village......" -Richmond 
                                            (world map)
    (A-Z)cDohl(^^;) Gregminster             Clear the Banner event,possible 
                                            only if you loaded Suikoden 
                                            data at first (McDohl house)
    I'm stopping at 15 'cos there's no reason to add them anymore. If I do
    add them in it would seem like I'm just adding it up for the sake of
    increasing the size of this document.
    1. Eilie (Ayle)
    Secret #1
     Name: Eilie
     Age: 17
     From: Grassland
     Position: Royal Guard
     Note: None
    Secret #2
     She's been travelling ever since she left the Grasslands. As far as 
     her knife-throwing goes, she's the real thing alright.
    Secret #3
     She's got a big inferiority complex towards her big sister. Who can 
     blame her? After all, Rina is so much sexier.
    Secret #4
     She's got a thing for you (THAT'S the Hero, not YOU), all right. She's 
     always worried about you when you head off into combat...
    2. Luc (Luc)
    Secret #1
     Name: Luc
     Age: 17 (!!! That means he was 14 in GS1!!)
     From: Unknown
     Position: Magic Unit Captain
     Note: None
    Secret #2
     That sorceress, Leknaat, is the keeper of the 'Gate Rune', one of the 
     27 True Runes. (JL: Some secret......)
    Secret #3
     Luc is pretty secretive about his past. I'm pretty sure something 
     happened to him in the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia.
    Secret #4
     10 years ago, he ran into some trouble at the shrine. I don't know the 
     details, but someone told him to keep the mouth shut about it.
    3. Sid (Cid)
    Secret #1
     Name: Sid
     Age: 21
     From: TwoRiver City
     Position: Infantry
     Note: None
    Secret #2
     What's with this guy? When I peeked in on him, he was walking around 
     on his hands upside-down. Is that some kinda training or what!?
    Secret #3
     I saw him surrounded by a bunch of kids the other day. I thought he 
     was playing with them, but it turns out he was telling them a super 
     scary story. One of the kids even pooped in hes pants.
    Secret #4
     What a weirdo. He makes graves for fish after he eats him (JL:!?). 
     He's already got over 100 here.
    4. Meg (Meg)
    Secret #1
     Name: Meg
     Age: 16 (!? They get younger and younger......)
     From: Lenankamp, Toran Republic
     Position: Special Forces
     Note: None
    Secret #2
     She set off on a journey to follow an old man names Juppo who was 
     teaching her the lost art of gadgetry, but she lost track of him
     on the way. Guess he didn't really want to be followed.
    Secret #3
     I looked into her room the other day and saw Gadget all broken down 
     into pieces. I can't believe she really put it back together.
    Secret #4
     This girl doesn't think before she does something. There's no good 
     reason for her setting off after Juppo either it seems.
    5. Leona (Leona)
    Secret #1
     Name: Leona
     Age: 32
     From: Toto, Muse Principality
     Position: Rearguard
     Note: None
    Secret #2
     She's originally form Toto. When it went up in flames, she was pretty
     broken up but didn't want to let it show in front of her customers.
    Secret #3
     She may complain, but that's just for show. The truth is that she 
     loves taking care of kids.
    6. Kasumi (Kasumi)
    Secret #1
     Name: Kasumi
     Age: 19
     From: Rokkaku Hamlet
     Position: Volunteer Army General
     Note: Vice-Chancellor of Rokkaku Hamlet (JL: At age 19!! Wow!!!)
    Secret #2
     With Kasumi in your unit, you can find out your chance of a successful
     attack against a unit by using her 'Scout' ability.
    Secret #3
     Looks like she was born and raised in Rokkaku like the other ninjas.
     maybe that's why she knows so little about the outside world.
    Secret #4
     Once in a while, she heads for Banner Village. I wonder if she has a 
     boyfriend there. (JL: Hehe, those who played Suikoden should know ^_^)
    7. Rina (Rina)
    Secret #1
     Name: Rina
     Age: 18
     From: Grasslands
     Position: Royal Guard
     Note: None
    Secret #2
     Rina and Eilie are sisters, but they're as different as dogs and cats. 
     Rina is sophisticated, a real adult. You'd never know they were only a
     year apart.
    Secret #3
     She says she's from the Grasslands, but the truth is, who can tell? 
     She's been travelling since she was old enough to walk.
    Secret #4
     She can handle her liquor, lemme tell ya. She even beat Viktor in a 
     drinking contest.
    8. Miklotov (Mikrotov)
    Secret #1
     Name: Miklotov
     Age: 25
     From: Rockaxe
     Position: Calvery Captain
     Note: Former Captain of Blue Knights of Matilda
    Secret #2
     This guy's got 'Cavalry Ability', so during a battle sequence, any 
     unit you put him in will become a cavalry unit.
    Secret #3
     He's the type of guy that says whatever is on his mind. That's why he 
     dosen't do too well in the lady department.
    Secret #4
     He wakes up every morning and trains for 3 hours before breakfast. 
     That's why his 'Blue Knights' were such great fighters. Poor guys.
    9. Sierra (Sheila)
    Secret #1
     Name: Sierra
     Age: Unknown (JL: ^^;)
     From: Blue Moon Village
     Position: Special Forces
     Note: Inheritor of the "Moon Rune"
    Secret #2
     With the power if the "Moon Rune", the vampiress Sierra was able to 
     become founder of an entire coven of lesser vampires.
    Secret #3
     Although vampires live much longer than humans, even they die 
     sometime. All of them except for the coven mistress, Sierra, that 
    Secret #4
     Sounds like she's got no plans to go back to her village right away. 
     There's no one left alive there anyway...only the undead.
    10. Viki (Viki)
    Secret #1
     Name: Viki
     Age: 16 (JL: EH!?)
     From: Anywhere (JL:......)
     Position: Magic Unit
     Note: Watch out for her teleport!
    Secret #2
     It looks like this chick isn't even from this continent. I think she 
     wound up here cause of one of her crazy teleport mistakes.
    Secret #3
     Could it be teleport shock? She said that just before she came here, 
     she was celebrating the birth of the Toran Republic. But that was 3 
     years ago.
    Secret #4
     She was talking in her sleep, I guess. What the hell could 'waffu'
     mean anyway?...
    11. Klaus (Klaus)
    Secret #1
     Name: Klaus
     Age: 19
     From: Highland Kingdom
     Position: Vice-strategist
     Note: Former Strategist of the Highland 3rd Army
    Secret #2
     Klaus' 'Evade' ability gives his unit a good chance of avoiding an 
    Secret #3
     It looks like Klaus takes after his mother for the time being. But ya 
     never know. Maybe when he gets a little older, he'll become more like 
     his dad...
    Secret #4
     He's worried that his dad drinks too much, he'll ruin his liver.
    12. Tomo (Domo)
    Secret #1
     Name: Tomo
     Age: 14
     From: Ryube, Muse Principality
     Position: Infantry Soldier
     Note: Tsai's daughter
    Secret #2
     Poor Tomo, she's working hard to get her parents back together, but 
     with that stubborn father of hers...
    Secret #3
     Her dad taught her how to wield a spear, but she got her good looks 
     from her mom.
    13. Tsai (Shy)
    Secret #1
     Name: Tsai
     Age: 37
     From: Ryube, Muse Principality
     Position: Infantry Captain
     Note: None
    Secret #2
     He's got one daughter and a wife he's seperated from. I heard his 
     daughter still goes to Ryube once in a while to meet friends...
    Secret #3
     It looks like he's good with a spear, but not too good with women. His 
     daughter wants him to reunite with his wifem but he's more intrested 
     in his work.
    Secret #4
     He once pierced a steel helmet with his spear. Ever since then, 
     they've called him 'Tsai of the Divine Spear'.
    14. Tuta (Touta)
    Secret #1
     Name: Tuta
     From: Muse City
     Position: Rearguard
     Note: None
    Secret #2
     Tuta is the son of one of Dr. Huan's friends. At his age, he's still 
     probably crying for his momma when it gets dark out. Poor little 
    Secret #3
     Tuta's 'Medicine Rune' automatically supplies medicine to members of 
     the group when they need it. It's pretty useful.
    15. Annallee (Annalie)
    Secret #1
     Name: Annallee
     Age: 17
     From: Holy Kingdom of Harmonia
     Position: Special Forces
     Note: None
    Secret #2
     With Annallee's 'Ecourage' ability, a unit that has already ended its 
     turn gets a chance to go again.
    Secret #3
     Annallee was born in Harmonia, but her parents were killed under 
     suspicious circumstances...It took her a long time to open up after 
    Secret #4
     She first met Pico and Alberto at a friend's house. That meeting 
     changed her forever. She seems pretty happy now, if ya ask me.
                            11. CREDITS
    It's time to give credits where they are due.
    Heartfelt thanks to New Jack <newjack420@hotmail.com> for leading me 
    into this project (my first) and posting this walkthrough on his 
    website. <http://members.tripod.com/~suikoden2/main.html>
    Not to mention IcyBrian <icybrian@aol.com> and his Suikoden II webpage
    <http://www.icybrian.simplenet.com/suikoden2.html> for the use of some
    of the translated names of people and places.
    Special thanks to my ex-schoolmate and friend(...) JYC Boon for his help 
    on some of the more difficult translations.
    Also to Masaki <msakai@siu.edu>. I know you have not heard of me before, 
    but thanks all the same for providing the information needed for the 
    players to save Nanami, and see the best ending.
    Mention must also be given to Game Weekly magazine as well for the 
    wealth of information provided which filled several of the gaps I 
    And a BIG BIG thank you to Middletails for listing out the much needed 
    Rune List that I have been too lazy to compile up. Check out her pages 
    of crap at <www.middletails.com>, and join in the online Suikoden 2 
    Joey-dono, accept another bow from me. The name revisions couldn't 
    come earlier if not for your helpful name changes. Accept my third bow, 
    and my fourth, and...... 
    Members and fellow players of the Suikoden 2 RPG, accept my heartfelt 
    thanks for compiling up such a big list. Let's all have fun writing our 
    chapters, ne?
    And to the following who have made their contributions to this 
    stephen, for the extra information about recruiting Anita.
    Alexander Fader, for reminding me that I missed out one of the 
    minigames you can find in the castle: The Climb.
    Geneviève Pingot, for the Persian lamp thingy in the baths, as well as 
    the yet as unconfirmed 5th Level Baths.
    Darja Jesse-AJD068, being the first person to tell me about the final 
    showdown between Clive and Elza.
    Andrew Au, for the load of information (as well as the scan) on how to 
    get McDohl and additional information on the flying squirrels.
    LimpBzkBob, for the information about the third Kraken Chuchara.
    ReGodzill, for the confirmation on the level 5 baths.
    Pahnn, for being the first to tell me the location of recipe #16.
    Felix Kusuma for telling me a glaring mistake made by me on Boris.
    Sam Kim Cheong for the location of the Darkness Rune.
    Kathy MacMullen, for the load of information on Hai Yo's recipies.
    baka chibi, being the first to reply to my request for Clive timings.
    Justin Sueno, also for the Clive subquest submission.
    Minmei (PLEASE don't take this out of context...) as well for Clive. 
    P.S. Gremio really looks feminine this time round! Hehe.
    Hieu Nguyen for some of the combinations of the Guardian Deity.
    MLKTuxedoM for the secret 4th ending.
    Richard Case for the glitch that no one in his right mind would even
    think of trying ^^;
    And to all who have read my maiden walkthrough. THANKS!
    Finally, many, many thanks to Konami for making such a great sequel to 
    one of the better RPG games in the Playstation market.
    Genso Suikoden 2 and all its characters are the copyright of Konami. 
    This walkthrough is under sole copyright of Lee Jin Lai. No attempts 
    should be made to use any of this information written in this 
    walkthrough in another without the permission of the author. You may 
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    Under no circumstances should any new copy have anything added or 
    removed except by the author. 
    Peace to All

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