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    Character Combo FAQ by ISung

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/02/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Gensou Suikoden Character Combo FAQ
    Author: Insun Sung
    Version: 1.0
    Created: April 2, 1999
    Last Updated: April 2, 1999
      FAQ copyrighted by Insun. Suikoden is copyrighted by Konami. Bless Konami 
    for such a wonderful, endearing game. Polygons and stunning graphics are all
    that, but for me it's always been the gameplay and the characters. And trust
    me, Suikoden II has a GREAT storyline, some great characters, and absolutely
    stunning music. Anyway, distribute this for free, just make sure my name is 
    on it somewhere. ^^ Keep the disclaimer, too. ^^
      This is for the Japanese version of Suikoden II. I don't know what changes
    they plan to make to the game in the English version, but doubtless it will
    be minor (like in Suikoden I) so I guess this would be okay for the English
      Oh yes, the romanization. Most of these are straight romanization of their
    names; for those characters that appeared in the original Suikoden I just 
    gave their English names (which are not far off the mark of the original, 
    Some Side Information
    Version 1.0 [April 2, 1999]
      -Did all of this FAQ. Unlikely I'll update it. 
    Latest Version of FAQ 
      -http://www.gamefaqs.com [Gamefaqs]
      -http://members.xoom.com/sisteena/index.html [Rainy Night]
      -sung@icomkorea.com [my email for questions/additions]
    Character Combinations
      For all those that remember, Gensou Suikoden had certain combos by certain
    characters available provided you had the right party. The same thing can be
    found in Suikoden II; that is, if you have the right characters in your 
    party, certain options will open up and you can do combos that are much more
    powerful than the characters' attacks by themselves. 
      However, a new thing has been added: unlike the previous combos from
    Suikoden I, Suikoden II doesn't always use an attack combo. Many of them can
    also charm or heal in addition to attack (for example, the combo between the
    main character and Nanami will heal and attack). This has made the combo
    system potentially VERY useful (especially in those tight situations where
    healing is really needed and you've run out of magic/items). So keep in mind
    what each attack does. ^_^
      I have not given a description of the attack on all of them because I 
    think it's more fun to experiment and view for yourself. ^_^
    2 Character Combos
    1. Main character, Joey
      Note: Joey and main character encircle around one enemy and hit. 
      Very neat to watch; just remember that you ain't going to see this combo
      for very long (as you'll see as the game progresses) so make the most of 
      it while you can. ^^  
    2. Main character, Nanami
      Note: Nanami heals for 10% of HP (I think) while main character 
    3. Gengen, Gabocha
      Note: uh....something like a 100 of them run over the enemy. ^^ 
      Honest. ^^
    4. Meg, Karakuri
    5. Viktor, Flik
      Note: Don't feel like spoiling it. ^^ I'm sure all of you fans are
      enthused by Flik and Viktor coming back, right?
    6. Kinisun, Stallion 
      Note: Is it just me, or is Stallion the only elf among the stars?
    7. Rikimaru, Amada
    8. Chai, Tomo
      Note: It sort of looks like a wind boomerang rushing forward. 
    9. Tengaar, Hix
      Note: Hix leaps forward toward 1 enemy while Hix casts magic. I guess they 
      really do love each other. ^^
    10. Kasumi, Mondo
    11. Furiido Y, Yotsuno
      Note: They leap forward together and slash down on the enemy. 
    12. Chako, Tsudo
    13. Maikuroifu, Camus 
      Note: Why do the remind me of Alen and Grenseal from Suikoden I?
    14. Zekkii; Azezuboa OR Ruroradeia
      Note: Have you ever seen an octopus hop...?
    15. Zeekufuudo, Fuezaa
    16. Azezuboa, Ruroradeia
      Note: TWO of them!! o_O
    17. Sen, Genjyuu
    18. Vincent, Simon
      Note: Hee, Vincent de Boule finally fights! ^O^ However, this is one 
      freakishly appropriate combo for him...all roses. ^^
    19. Ronchanchan, Wakaba
    20. Flik, Nina
      Note: I ruptured something when I saw this one. ^O^ Just to tell you, Nina
      seems to have a little bit (okay, BIG) crush on Flik. ^^ And she's only 16,
      while Flik is 27. Talk about wanting older men! ^^;; Poor Flik. First he 
      loses Odessa, then attracts a really old woman (Kimberly), and now he 
      attracts a girl WAY too young (Nina). ^^ I feel kind of sorry for him. ^^ 
    21. Main Character, Hoi
    22. Hanna, Ouran
    23. Shiro; Gengen OR Gabocha
    24. Valeria, Anita
    25. Kinisun, Shiro
    3 Character Combos
    1. Airi, Riina, Borugan
      Note: Borgan plays human flamethrower. ^^
    2. Tengaar, Mirii, Meg
      Note: Another version of the former Pretty Girl Attack, I guess. ^_^
    3. Borugan, Ganteshi, Ronchanchan
      Note: It looks like a laser light display. ^^
    4. Flik, Camus, Maikuroifu
      Note: Ah! So that's why Camus and Maikiroifu remind me of Alen and 
      Grenseal. 'Tis another version of the Pretty Boy Attack. ^^
    5. Shiera, Bobu, Borugan
    6. Fushichi, Sasuke, Rushiku
    7. Gijimu, Kouyuu, Rouen
    8. Karen, Kasumi, Riina, Lorelai (any 3)
      Note: A pretty woman attack. ^^
    4 Character Combos
    1. Lorelai, Riina, Karen, Kasumi
      Note: an enhanced version of the 3 girl attack. Lots more hearts, if you
      ask me. ^^
    5 Character Combos
    1. Makumaku, Mikumiku, Mukumuku, Mekumeku, Mokumoku
      Note: Erk. ^^ They look like flying squirrels. Sorry. ^^ 
      I don't know if they'll keep it or not in the English version (well, it's
    highly likely because we DID get Suikoden I here in the US) but Suikoden II 
    has a little special omake (gift) for all those who played Suikoden I and 
    kept the saved Suikoden game on their card. Depending on whether or not you
    saved Gremio or not, if you DID keep the former saved game, you get to have
    the former hero (named whatever you named him in the first game) PLUS Gremio
    (IF you saved him) to join your party in Suikoden II. ^_^ I highly recommend
    you do this, even if it means buying Suikoden I (but then, you already did, 
    right, because why else are you playing Suikoden II?) because not only are
    you treated to a lot of fun scenes (ie, the one between the hero and Kasumi--
    apparently she still has feelings for him), there's a special combo between
    the main character of Suikoden I and the main character of Suikoden II. It's
    very cool, and just a lot of fun to watch. ^_^ 
    Eh, that's it. ^_^ I spent a lot of time figuring out a lot of these combos. 
    FAQ Copyrighted Insun Sung, 1999

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