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    McDohl Guide by Roric

    Version: 1.8 | Updated: 03/21/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    McDohl Guide
    Ver 1.8
    By:  Roric  (thedragoon@hotmail.com)
    What's new this time around:
    ~ Added complete information about the Kasumi/McDohl scene.
    ~ Added information about Gremio's Special Stew.
    Note:  This guide should only be found in six (yep) places:
    1 - Accompanied by Sir Aronar's FAQ (which can be found at GameFAQs)
    2 - As a separate guide on GameFAQs
    3 - On my website (which is actually there this time) http://www.warriors-village.com/
    4 - On http://vgstrategies.about.com/
    5 - On http://www.rpgclassics.com/
    6 - On http://www.rpgvortex.com/
    You can always find the most current guide on my webpage or on 
    If anyone finds this file someplace else other than in the six places
    specified, please let me know.  I promised Aronar that I would do this
    for him, and I am very weary about finding my work on other places.
    DO NOT E-MAIL ME TO HELP YOU WITH THE GAME.  I got hundreds of e-mails 
    about asking for help.  It became just overwhelming.  So, rather than 
    help a few people out and leave some in the dark, I'm gonna leave 
    everyone in the dark.  So sorry.
    Also:  READ THE GUIDE, PEOPLE!   People who are telling me stuff on 
    why loading data isn't working (like you need to be at the last save 
    point in Gregminster) apparently aren't READING what I've TYPED.  So, 
    before you ask me any questions (which I probably won't reply to) or 
    e-mail me any facts, read this thing before you even attempt to 
    help me.
    Anyway, enough with the boring stuff.  Let's get to the fun stuff.
            It's true that you can use everyone's lovable Suikoden 1 hero
    in Suikoden 2.  And, if you play your cards right, you can even see
    Gremio as well.  You must have Suikoden 1 to even attempt this.
            There are some things you need to take care of first in
    Suikoden 1 however.  The thing that is definitely required is your 
    saved game must be at the last save point in Gregminster before you
    battle the Golden Hydra.
            If you have Gremio alive (get all 107 other stars before 
    Leknaat appears for the final time and she will bring him back to life),
    then there is an added bonus which I will explain later.  But, for the 
    time being, make sure that your last save is in Gregminster before the 
    last boss.
            When you start a new Suikoden 2 game, it will ask you if you 
    want to load in Suikoden 1 data.  The purpose for this is to see what
    requirements you have met in Suikoden 1.  If it sees that the save
    game you loaded in is at Gregminster, it will release the McDohl lock,
    and you can participate in his side quest.  The game will also detect
    if Gremio is alive.  If he is, the Gremio lock will also be released.
    ** Below this part contains some spoiler material.  Read at your own 
    risk **
            The soonest you can find McDohl is after your battle with Luca
    Blight.  As you would expect, he's still in the Toran Republic 
    somewhere, "living la vida loca" (okay, bad joke).
            Head to Banner Village after that battle, and talk to Ko, the
    kid who is obsessed with the current hero.  Now, if everything was done
    right, Ko should say how there is someone named "McDohl" staying at his 
    inn, and all he does is go fishing all day, but he thinks it's the 
    current hero.  Head to the docks behind the inn.
            Now, if you have all 108 stars in the previous game, Gremio 
    will stop you.  If not, Ellie will stop you.  Since Ellie plays the 
    role of Gremio in this side quest if you don't have him, I'll just 
    refer to Gremio and Ellie interchangeably.
            Talk to Ko again.  This time he'll tell you that he'll distract
    Gremio for you.  Talk to Gremio again, and he'll rush off to save Ko.
    This will free up the dock, and you'll get to see everyone's favorite
    hero, McDohl!  If any major members from Suikoden 1 are in your party
    (Viktor, Flik, Humphrey, etc...) They'll say things like "It's been
    a long time" and what have you.
            There will be a brief meeting at the inn.  McDohl agrees to 
    save Ko, and then the Soul Eater will shine, causing McDohl pain.  
    McDohl will stop, but Gremio will convince him to continue forward.
            Now, you have the option to take McDohl along with you.  Ask 
    him to help, and he'll join you.  Refuse, and he'll go on ahead by 
            If you choose to take him along, McDohl will join your party 
    at this point to help save Ko, who has apparently got into more trouble 
    than he planned.  Travel through the forest as if you were heading to 
    Gregminster.  You will encounter another worm, but just when you think 
    you've killed him, he'll evolve into a Poison Moth.
            It's safe to lose this battle.  In fact, I recommend you do.
    If you decide to lose this battle, you'll see the powers of the Soul 
    Eater and Bright Shield runes in action.  Their powers combine and
    destroy the Poison Moth.
            Head into Gregminster, and Dr. Liukan will treat the boy.
    President Lepant will offer the presidency to McDohl.  McDohl slowly
    crawls his way back from your party, and almost makes a break for it
    at Lepants offer.  Eileen will tell Lepant that young men like McDohl
    should be exploring the world and not cooped up in some air-tight 
    office making executive decisions.  Lepant understands, but makes
    McDohl promise to return some day.
            There are a few more cut scenes.  And then, the next morning, 
    You, McDohl, and co. head back to Banner Village.  When you reach
    Banner, McDohl and Gremio will head back to Gregminster, saying that
    they will stay there for the time being.  The cool part is that you can
    travel through the woods and back to Gregminster anytime and recruit
    McDohl for your party!
            If you bring Kasumi with you, you'll find out even more about 
    other characters pasts from Suikoden 1.  It's quite a touching scene, 
    and it really makes you think.
            If you're keeping up with the cooking mini-game, Gremio will 
    give you a recipe.  Is it a worthy trade off for reviving Gremio at 
    the end of Suikoden 1?  It may not sound like much, but you do get 
    this warm, cozy feeling inside of you, knowing you saved McDohl's 
    best friend at the end of the game.
           Recipe #39 - Special Stew.
           Obtained from Gremio in Gregminster.  
           Items needed:  2 Shrimp, 1 Sheep, 1 Chicken Egg, 1 Potato
           Combo       Name           Price        In battle effects
           None        Special Stew   1700         Heal 750HP
           Sugar       Sweet Syrup    1700         Heal 750HP - Become Hyper (30%)
           Salt        Adult Stew     1800         Heal 760HP
           Soy Sauce   Clear Soup     1600         Heal 750HP
           Mayonnaise  Mellow Stew    3500         Heal 750HP - Cure Unconcious
           Red Pepper  Spicy Stew     1750         Heal 800HP
            Many people have e-mailed me, saying that loading in their 
    Suikoden 1 data does not work.  Now, I'm not a smart man, so I don't
    know what's wrong.  Please don't e-mail me why its not working.  I'm
    no techie expert, I'm just a moron who likes McDohl.
    	The only thing I can suggest is make sure that all the 
    things I outlined above are true.  If that doesn't solve your problem, 
    and you can't load it in, then I'm sorry.  Like I said, I'm a moron, 
    and I can't solve your save card problems out.  Please don't e-mail 
    me about it, since your e-mail will probably just get lost then.
    	From what I understand, there's some sorta deal about 
    European games and American/Japanese games that don't work well with 
    save games.  So, if you're European, and you can't load in the data, 
    then keep this in mind.  I'll have more definite information about 
    this next update.
            Here's a fun way to freeze the game.  I went to go get McDohl 
    during the Neclord scenario, and Koyu was in the convoy.  McDohl 
    joined the party, and Gremio joined the convoy too.  I went to leave 
    Banner, and a text-box popped up, as if someone was going to say 
    something, but the game froze at that point.  Go ahead.  Try it with 
    your friends.
            The lowdown:
            Before things are even set in action, Konami messed things up.
    Even though Suikoden 2 was a great game, their translation sucked.  
    One of the things that was affected was the transferring of McDohl's
    name from Suikoden 1 to Suikoden 2.
    	For each capital letter you have in your McDohl's one name,
    will be transfered into McDohl's name in Suikoden 2.  So, if you name
    him Roric, like me, he would be RcDohl.  If you're like me, you
    probably named him using uppercase and lowercase letters.
    	If you used all capital letters, then you lucked out a little
    bit.  If you named him RORIC (see the difference?), then his name would
    override the first 5 letters of McDohl, and he'd be named RORICl.  If
    you named him ASH, he'd be named ASHohl.  If you named him GURNSEY, 
    then his name would be GURNSEY.
    	Also, if you used symbols in McDohl's name, such as an "!",
    then you'll get a different symbol in the name (an é to be specific).
            Other than that little bit, Konami did a pretty good job of
    the transferring of stats and whatnot to Suikoden 2.  While he isn't the
    level 60 tank you left him as in Gregminster, his stats are toned down
    accordingly, to how the rest of your party is.  And even then, he's
    better than all the rest.
            It should be noted that McDohl is NOT one of the stars of
    destiny this time aroud, and is not required at all to get. Hence why
    this is a mini-quest.  Although, it makes you wonder what the Tenkai
    star is thinking, switching heroes like that.
            McDohl is a GREAT magic user.  Make sure that the Soul Eater 
    isn't the only rune he has equipped on him.  Unlike most other heavy
    magic users, his attack is as high (even higher in some cases) as
    Viktor's.  His defense rocks as well (about as high as Humphreys).
            It may seem tedious that you have to go through the forest
    to get to Gregminster just to get McDohl every time, but I think it's
    a fair trade-off.  After all, McDohl can easily become the best 
    character in your party.  Not only that, but the "Double Leader Attack"
    is great for killing off groups of enemies rather quickly.  It's not
    as strong as the buddy attack, but it gets the job done.
    Thanks to:
    SirAronar (sir_aronar@msn.com) - For letting me write for his FAQ and 
    giving me something to write about.
    Jeremy Steimel (locke@one-eleven.net) - For giving me additional info
    about McDohl.  
    Joshua Grand (medion@home.com) - For actually giving me some information
    on how some people's stats are transfered, instead of just saying I'm
    xeglon (xeglon@earthlink.net) - For the complete deal with McDohl's 
    Æther SPOON! (aetherspoon@hotmail.com) - For informing me about having
    characters in McDohl's name.
    Middletails - (http://www.middletails.com) - For the whole Kasumi 
    Ruk Chan - (skysenshi@yahoo.com) - For suggesting addressing Gremio's Recipe.
    Konami for making a sequel to Suikoden 2, and I hope they consider 
    making a third. (and, hey guys, if you do, make sure to bring back
    McDohl in that one too, as well as Suiky 2's hero!  ^_^).
    This McDohl guide is protected by copyright laws.  All the Suikoden 
    names in it are Konami's, and I don't take credit for it.  I just take
    credit for writing this little diddily.  Don't steal it from me please.

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