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    Perfect Game Guide by scarlet988

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 08/17/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    MM  MMMMMMMM`88888P'dP      dP   `88888P'`88888P'  dP   
    MM'"""""`MM                            MM'"""""`MM        oo      dP         
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    M  MMMMMMMM.d8888b.88d8b.d8b..d8888b.  M  MMMMMMMMdP    dPdP.d888b88.d8888b. 
    M  MMM   `M88'  `8888'`88'`8888ooood8  M  MMM   `M88    888888'  `8888ooood8 
    M. `MMM' .M88.  .8888  88  8888.  ...  M. `MMM' .M88.  .888888.  .8888.  ... 
    MM.     .MM`88888P8dP  dP  dP`88888P'  MM.     .MM`88888P'dP`88888P8`88888P' 
    MMMMMMMMMMM                            MMMMMMMMMMM
    Suikoden II
    Perfect Game Guide 
    Version 2.1 (08/17/2007)
    By Jose Roble [scarlet988]
    E-mail: ff_perfectionist01@hotmail.com
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. What Makes a Perfect Game?
    3. Walkthrough
       A. The Beginning
       B. North Sparrow Pass
       C. Kyaro Village
       D. Mercenary Fort
       E. Kent Sidequest
       F. The Flame of Evil
       G. Sindar Ruins
       H. Muse Invasion
       I. Vampires From The Past
       J. Wingers and Kobolds
       K. Greenhill
       L. Matilda
       M. The Toran Republic
       N. Unicorn Quest
       O. Fighting Luca Blight
       P. Fighting Neclord
       Q. Retaking Greenhill
       R. 108 Stars of Destiny
       S. The Lost Star (McDohl)
       T. 108 Stars of Destiny (continued)
       U. Muse and Rockaxe
       V. The Final Showdown
       W. Inside L'Renouille
    4. Tuning Up Your Perfect Game
       a. Level 99 with 9/9/7/5 MP
       b. Complete Rune List
       c. Window Set List
       d. Sound Set List
       e. Livestock List
       f. Seed List
       g. Recipe List
       h. Old Book List
       i. Statue Plans List
       j. Squirrels
       k. Hammers
       l. All Weapons to lvl16
       m. Bath Models
    5. Version History 
    6. Copyright
    7. Credits
    1. Introduction
    The purpose of this guide is to help gamers to get everything they need to 
    achieve a perfect game. This game has a lot of missable things that once you 
    pass a certain point, they are lost forever. This guide also focuses on time, 
    being kind of a speed game, because of the fact that you need to get to the 
    last part of the game under 20 hours. This is in order to finish the Clive 
    Quest, which is one of the requirements for a perfect game. In other words, we 
    are going to speed through the game while collecting everything that can be 
    lost forever. 
    I finished my game in 11 hours and 32 minutes, but, by no mean you have to do 
    that. As long as you finish under 20 hours, it is fine. One last thing is that 
    if this is your first time playing this game, don't try to do this. Everything 
    written in this guide assumes that you are familiar with this game.
    2. What Makes a Perfect Game?
    This is my criteria of a perfect game. You can make your own criteria if you 
    want, you can even contact me and tell me if I should add or take out 
    something. My e-mail address is ff_perfectionist01@hotmail.com, you can also 
    find me in the message boards.
    - 108 Stars of Destiny: Hard and tedious, this can be a bit of a challenge
      because you have to recruit all of them in less than 20 hours
    - Clive's Quest: Very hard, must reach the last place of the game under 20
    - All Treasure Boxes opened: Self explanatory, all treasure chests exact
      location is pointed in the walkthrough.
    - All Runes: Some of them (Sylph Rune, Skunk Rune, Gale Rune, Silence Rune) are
      missable, I will point the last time to get them.
    - All Window Sets: There is a glitch concerning Window Set #2 that will make it
      missable after some point in the game.
    - All Sound Sets: Sound Set #1 is missable.
    - All Livestock: Not to worry.
    - All Seeds: Same as above.
    - All Recipes: Recipe #3, #16 and #20 are missable. Also there is a glitch
      concerning Recipe #34 and Recipe #12.
    - All Old Books: Old Book Vol. 4 is missable.
    - All Statue Plans: Turtle Plans #3 and Turtle Plans #2 are missable.
    - All Weapons lvl16: Self Explanatory.
    - All Characters lvl99: Self Explanatory.
    - All Bath Models: Not to worry.
    - All characters at level 99 having 9/9/7/5 MP: Ok, this one requires the abuse
      of a trick. So if you don't like to use tricks because you think is cheating
      the rule this one out. For me cheating is using a gameshark or something
      similar, all the glitches inside the game are fine to me.
    - All Hammers (except the Golden Hammer): This is another one that you can rule
      out if you want. For this one you need to have a save data from Suikoden I in
      which you have the hero's weapon level maxed out. As you may already know,
      stats such as level and weapon level are transferred from Suikoden I to
      Suikoden II. In this case, in order to preserve the Silver Hammer, you need 
      to transfer the weapon level from McDohl.
    - Obtain Forgiver Sign: Obtain all stars after you retake Muse.
    - Nanami/Famous/Large Vase, Black Urn, Chick: These are bath items. But they   
      are missable.
    3. Walkthrough
    A. The Beginning
    Items: Boots x2
    Collection Items: Flint
    Characters Recruited: Hero, Gengen, Barbara, Leona
    At the Highland camp choose the second option to go to sleep. When your camp is
    under attack, instead of going east, exit to the north. When you reach the top
    of the cliff Capitan Rowd appears with Luca Blight and you have to fight some
    soldiers. The Hero and Jowy Unite is very powerful and useful in this guide,
    make sure to use it in every fight that has many monsters. After you beat them,
    choose the second option when Jowy tells you to jump and then the first option.
    After Viktor finds you, you will be taken to the Mercenary Camp. There you are
    going to do tasks each day to get your meal. Be sure to do them as fast as you
    First you have to push some boxes against the wall. After you are done pick up
    the rope that Pohl pointed.
    The second task is to find 2 pair of boots, 3 flints and 2 bags of flour. Go to
    the blacksmith and ask him for 2 flints first and then talk to him again and
    choose 3 this time, that way you will have two extra FLINTS in your inventory.
    In the same room talk to Barbara (2/108) to the south and you can do the same
    thing with the boots to get some extra pairs; first ask for 1 and then for 3 in
    order to have two extra pairs of BOOTS. Now go down the stairs and go to the
    item shop and you will be told the there is no flour. Go back to Pohl and then
    talk to Leona (3/108) in the bar. Gengen (4/108) and Tuta will join you. Now
    leave the Fort and head to Ryube Village. Go directly to the item shop and ask
    for the flour, Make sure you go to the inn and save your game. Go back to the
    fort and talk to Pohl once again
    MY TIME: 0.10.24
    The next day you have to clean oil spills on the floor. Do so quickly, and talk
    to Polh when finished. Remember that there is one spill in Flik's room in the
    second floor.
    After all the scenes with Jowy make sure you go to the second floor and escape
    as quickly as you can. Remember that the less time you spend in the story, more
    time you have to recruit all the stars and do everything to get a perfect game.
    After you escape, go to Ryube village and check the north area to see a show in
    which you will participate. Choose the first option every time and Ellie, Rina
    and Bolgan will join you. Save and exit. Go north to enter:
    MY TIME: 0.16.49
    B. North Sparrow Pass
    Items: Fire Wall, Escape Talisman, Brass Armor, Feathered Hat.
    Note #1: Remember to escape every battle unless I tell you to fight.
    Note#2: Enemy CutRabbit drops the Double Beat rune. This is a very useful rune,
    so when you come across a group of CutRabbit don't run away, kill them with the
    Buddy ATK. If you reach the save point before the boss fight and you don't have
    it yet, reset and try again until you have one. This rune can acquired later,
    but it make your life easier.
    At the first intersection go left and get the FIRE WALL and drink from the well
    to restore your HP and MP. On the next screen go right and get the ESCAPE
    TALISMAN. Go back to the left path and go to the next screen. Go right again to
    get the BASS ARMOR, then return to the left path and keep going. Save at the
    save point and before continuing make sure you remove the Sacrificial Jinzo
    from Bolgan. Go north to fight:
    MY TIME: 0.20.44
    Mist Shade, 200 Potch
    Drop: Kindness Drops x4
    This boss can be very hard if you don't know what you are doing. He has two
    forms, the first form (demon-like) will attack you entire front row for heavy
    damage. The second form (woman-like) uses magic to attack the whole party, but
    is a much weaker attack. Use Circus ATK and use medicine with the Hero and Jowy
    and you will be fine.
    Go north after the fight. Go right in the next screen to get FEATHERED HAT.
    Return and keep going until you exit the place.
    C. Kyaro Village
    Collection Items: Old Book Vol.1, Famous Vase/Large Vase/Nanami's Vase
    Characters Recruited: Mukumuku, Nanami
    When you enter Eilie, Rina and Bolgan will leave the party. Jowy will leave
    too; go left to the next screen. Don't go to your house yet, instead go around
    to the back and search the big tree three times to recruit Mukumuku (5/108).
    Now go inside the house and head to the room in the southwest corner, check the
    dresser to obtain ?BOOK which is OLD BOOK VOL.1. Now head to the back of the
    house to trigger an event with Nanami (6/108). When you are leaving make sure
    you pick a vase in the center of the house, it doesn't matter which one. When
    you exit the house you will have to fight some highland soldiers. After that,
    pick the first option to surrender. Pick any option in the following scenes
    when Flik and Viktor come to rescue you. When you are in control exit the town
    and go back to the Mercenary Fort passing through North Sparrow Pass. On the
    way back fight some enemies until you have 3000 potch, use Buddy ATK.
    D. Mercenary Fort
    Items: Leather Cape, Gauntlet
    Characters Recruited: Rikimaru, Shiro, Kinnison, Millie
    Back in the Mercenary Fort, you are free to do whatever you want. Go to Ryube
    Village and talk to the man on the floor. Agree to pay his meal and Rikimaru
    (7/108) will join you. Save your game.
    MY TIME: 0.38.16
    Next talk to Millie in the northeast and agree to find his pet Bonaparte. In
    the goods take the left path, and put the bird back in the nest. In the next
    screen go left to find two chests with LEATHER CAPE and GAUNTLET. Fight some
    battles and come back to the screen with the bird nest. Shiro (8/108) and
    Kinnison (9/109) will be there and will join after you pick the first option
    twice. Now follow the right path. You will see Bonaparte, follow him and you
    are going to fight him.
    He's very easy; just use Family ATK with the Hero and Nanami and Loyal Dog ATK
    with Shiro and Kinnison. Use medicine when necessary.
    After the fight Millie (10/108) will join.
    Head back to the Fort and leave only Nanami and Jowy in your party. Save your
    MY TIME: 0.49.37
    Exit to the World map and head northwest to Toto Village. A scene with Pilika
    will take place. Before heading to her house go to the inn and recruit Zamza
    (11/108) with Nanami in the party. Now go to Pilika's house and agree to buy
    her the Wooden Amulet in Muse. Cross the bridge on the northwest to the world
    map. Follow the road and stop by the White Deer Inn and MAKE SURE you save your
    game and have space in your memory card for another save.
    MY TIME: 0.53.24
    E. Kent Sidequest
    Items: Fur Cape, Thunder Amulet, Stone of Power, 2000 potch, Medicine Crystal,
    Skill Ring.
    Collection Items: Dragon Plans #2, Unicorn Plans #2.
    Characters Recruited: Futch, Humphrey
    Note #1: Get the Black Urn and Turtle Plans #3.
    SPECIAL NOTE: In this section, I am going to abuse a glitch, so if you for 
    some reason are not comfortable with it and consider it cheating, then skip 
    this section. The rest of this guide is going to assume that you used this 
    trick since it will make the rest of the game a lot easier and less 
    Now follow the road to Muse but don't enter, instead go northwest to the Muse-
    Matilda border. When you enter don't talk to the guards, just walk to the gate
    and PUSH it, then exit.
    On the world map just follow the road and pray that you don't get into any
    fight since the enemies here will kill you in one hit. You will arrive at
    Highway Village. Go to the inn and you will bump into Futch. Talk to Humphrey
    next to the stairs and you will see a scene with Futch and Kent. Talk to
    Humphrey again and ask him some questions. The next day go outside and another
    scene with Kent will take place. Talk to Humphrey and Futch will appear, and
    then talk to the innkeeper to go to bed again. The next day Kent will be
    missing, offer to help them and they will join you. Now save your game and go
    MY TIME: 0.57.59
    This is the tricky part, in the world map, wander around until you get into an
    encounter. Try to kill them with Futch and Humphrey who are at higher levels,
    if all your low level characters get killed, reset and try again. After you win
    you will see that your levels will go up like crazy. Go back to the village,
    rest and save and repeat the process until your levels match Humphrey's, try to
    do it as fast as you can. Go back to Highway Village and buy 2 Fire Emblems and
    equip then to Humphrey, make sure you leave the Mega Medicine, also buy at
    least 10 Medicines. Now go north of Highway Village and enter Rakutei Mountain.
    Go through a couple of screens and when you reach an intersection go left to
    get a FUR CAPE. Go the other way and go through the lower right path to get a
    chest with a THUNDER RUNNER and exit through the upper right. Next screen, go
    right and get a THUNDER AMULET, and exit to the left. Head left in the next
    intersection to get a STONE OF POWER and go to next screen. In the first
    intersection go right, and then follow the lower path to get UNICORN PLANS #2.
    Go back and take the upper path and keep going right until you come with a
    SKILL RING. Now, go all the way to the beginning of the screen and go up and
    left at the intersection to get DRAGON PLANS #2. From that chest go right and
    south and get a chest from the right containing 2,000 potch. Now, go back
    north, all the way right and get a MEDICINE rune from the upper path and exit
    through the lower right. Go up two screens, and there is a safe point to the
    MY TIME: 1.20.25
    There are two items we need to get now. The Black Urn dropped by Spiker and 
    Turtle Plans #3 dropped by Hawkman. Remember not to waste too much time. The 
    Black Urn is a appraisal item so when you get it should look like this "?
    vase". Sometimes you will get a Failure Urn instead, so what you have to do is 
    to save in a separate file when you get it, then go to Highway and appraise 
    it. If you get the Black Urn, reset and keep playing normally. If you get a 
    Failure Urn instead, reset and load the other file and keep trying until you 
    get it. After you are done, save, heal and go up, you will have to fight Harpy.
    MY TIME: 1.28.34
    Harpy, 40,000 Potch
    You are going to be highly overpowered by this boss. Harpy's attacks are very
    powerful and hit the whole party; also it has an attack that can unbalance you.
    On top of that it has an enormous amount of HP (around 7500), there is no way
    you can defeat it unless...
    The key to win this battle is Humphrey (Mr. Powerhouse). During the battle
    don't even bother healing any of you characters, except for Humphrey who has to
    be full health the entire battle; instead, focus on draining away as much life
    as you can from the monster. When only Humphrey remains alive, the real show
    begins. One of Harpy's attacks will do ~250 of damage to him so have your
    health above that point. Use a Mega Medicine when he gets low on HP. Now, as
    the battle goes on you will see that Harpy will stop using his powerful magic
    and will only attack Humphrey dealing very little damage to him. Just keep
    attacking and heal when your HP gets to critical. After you used all the Mega
    Medicine take from the bag the Kindness Drops you got earlier from fighting
    Mist Shade and heal with that instead. Before you run out of those, the boss
    should be dead since you are dealing about 200 damage per turn thanks to those
    Fire Emblems and the boss is only hitting you for 20 damage.
    After this long battle, follow Kent to the dragon egg and you will be back at
    the village in no time. Futch (12/108) and Humphrey (13/108) will join you. Now
    let's spend all that potch that you have won. Save and exit the village and
    head northwest to Rockaxe.
    MY TIME: 1.44.7
    Go to the armor shop and buy one Scale Mail for the Hero and Jowy, and check
    the Rare Finds and buy a Thunder God Garb for Nanami (if the Rare Finds don't
    appear reset and try again). If you have anything left you can buy whatever you
    want. Now head all the way back to the Muse-Matilda border, push the gate and
    head back to Muse.
    Now you that your stats are sky high and you have one of the best characters as
    early as this point of the game, the rest of the game will be a breeze. Also
    you have powerful equipment and will be able to run from every battle with ease
    because your level is much higher than the enemies. Now it's going to be easier
    to get everything to achieve a perfect game and meet the time requirement to do
    the Clive's Subquest. ;-)
    F. The Flame of Evil
    Characters Recruited: Apple, Hanna, Tsai.
    Back in Muse, head to the item shop and buy the Wooden Amulet, when Jowy asks
    you what to do, you can pick the second answer and you will receive 1500 potch.
    Exit and go back to Toto to see it destroyed; Apple (14/108) will join you.
    After the scene, reenter the town and talk to Hanna (15/108) to recruit her.
    Head to the Fortress and talk to Flik and Viktor and agree to find Tsai. Go
    back to Ruybe and enter the forest.
    Go through the forest until you reach the house that was empty before and you
    will find Tsai (16/108), he will join. Head back to the village to see it in
    flames, when Jowy asks you to go fight Luca Blight select the second option.
    After the scene, head back to the Fortress and talk to Flik and Viktor again.
    Choose to stay and fight and you will have a duel with Flik. The duel is very
    easy since you are overpowered; just attack once and it will be over. Exit the
    room and you will be given the choice of naming your company; do so and the
    next day, save your game, go to the front and the battle will begin.
    MY TIME: 1.57.32
    I won't be explaining these battles, because they are really easy, I will just
    tell you what are your conditions for winning and any other tip. For this
    battle use you fire spears if you want after two turns you will win.
    After the battle, you will be attacked again. This time you have to defend the
    Fortress; don't do anything just wait and after Luca Blight appears the battle
    will end.
    Back at the Fortress, you have to save Pilika. Make you way to Flik's room
    fighting Highland soldiers on the way. When you reach the room, a scene with
    Luca Blight will take place, soon after you will be at Toto village. Follow
    Pilika into the cave and you will be transported to some other place where you
    will meet Leknaat. Jowy and the Hero will get the Black Sword rune and the
    Bright Shield rune respectively. After the scene, you will be back at the world
    map; head to Muse.
    When you arrive at Muse, you won't be able to enter. Follow the road southeast
    to White Deer Inn. After the scene with Hilda and Alex you will go to bed. The
    next day when you try to leave the place, Alex will appear. Offer to help him
    to find his treasure; there are two people seating here that will sell you
    runes and items. Save you game and go to the ruins at the back of the inn.
    MY TIME: 2.19.31
    G. Sindar Ruins
    Items: Stone of Magic, Mega Medicine, Angry Blow, Gauntlet, Shoulder Pads, Fire
    Lizard Crystal, Chain Mail, Water Crystal, Magic Drain Crystal.
    Collection Items: Old Book Vol.2
    At the first intersection, go left to get MEGA MEDICINE and STONE OF MAGIC and
    go to the next area. Go south to get ANGRY BLOW and cross the bridge to the
    other side. After you cross go north to get a GAUNTLET. Go back south and at
    the intersection go left and then north to the next screen. Head left and put
    the statue back in its place to open a door; here you will find SHOULDER PADS
    and a Round Plate. Now, retrace your steps and go right, place the round place
    on the wall to open the door. In the next area, head left at the intersection,
    and you will find a Triangle Plate. Keep heading left to find a chest
    containing a FIRE LIZARD CRYSTAL. Now head back to the intersection and go
    north. You will be at another intersection; head right, up the stairs and place
    the Triangle Plate on the wall. The water level will drop. Go back to the
    intersection and go north through the broken bridge to find a chest with a
    CHAIN MAIL, and take the brown path heading south. Go south two screens and
    then left to find a Square plate. Go back to the main path and keep going south
    to find another chest with a WATER CRYSTAL. Now, head all the way back to the
    intersection and take the left path across a bridge to find a save point;
    insert the plate on the wall and head back to the first intersection, the one
    with a statue, and go all the way right, go through the semi open door to find
    two chests containing a MAGIC DRAIN CRYSTAL and OLD BOOK VOL. 2. Return to the
    save point, (I don't save here, not necessary) and go through the door,
    eventually you will fight a boss.
    Double Head, 4000 Potch
    Drop: Spark Crystal
    This is very easy; you are far more powerful than the monster. Use Jowy's rune
    to kill him in 2 o 3 turns. Every boss battle from now on will be like that for
    a long time.
    After the battle, keep going until you reach the treasure. After the
    conversation, you have to go back to the inn to find Hilda is very sick. When
    you regain control, head back where Alex dropped the Healing Herb and bring it
    back to Nanami. The next day you will be given the Entry Permit, so go back to
    H. Muse Invasion
    Items: Circuret, Belt of Strength
    Collection Items: Old Book Vol. 4 (Missable), Recipe #3 (Missable), Sound Set
    #1 (Missable).
    Characters Recruited: Tuta, Gilbert.
    Note #1: FIRST CLIVE INCIDENT!!!!!!!
    Note #2: Last time to get Gale rune and ONLY time to get Silence rune.
    You will be taken prisoner when you arrive at Muse. Viktor will take you out
    and advise you to go to the bar to see Leona. Do so and save your game after
    talking to Leona.
    MY TIME: 2.31.25
    Outside, go to the Rune Shop and check the Rare Finds, and buy a Fury Rune if
    it appears on the list. If it doesn't appear reset and try again until it does.
    Now, head to the eastern side of town and you will meet Elsa, who will give you
    two packages. Clive will appear right after and ask you if you have seen her,
    then leaving. Head to the meeting hall, Viktor will take you to see Annabelle.
    After the scene go to where Jess is and agree to infiltrate in the Highland
    Camp, agree to do so. Before you leave, search the last bookshelf for OLD BOOK
    VOL.4. Now exit the Hall and go a little bit south to meet Tuta (17/108) who
    will join you. Go inside the Dr. Huan's house and talk to him again and he will
    give you RECIPE #3. Now go to the inn and get some people to accompany you
    (Futch, Humphrey, and Zamza of course), save you game, but don't exit before
    removing any rune equipped to Jowy (except the Black Sword rune). Before
    leaving another scene with Clive and Elsa will take place, and you will receive
    SOUND SET #1 from Elsa.
    MY TIME: 2.41.33
    On the world map there an enemy called Sickle that drops the Gale rune that is
    a missable item and now is the last time to get. In my opinion this is not
    necessary for a perfect game because there is a character that comes with this
    rune when you recruit him. But if you feel that you need to get another one, do
    it now because you won't be able later on. Now, go north of Muse to the Muse-
    Highland Border, talk to the guard when you arrive and head to forest.
    Just go right until you find a chest with a CIRCURET, then return to the
    previous screen and go north staying on the left side. Eventually you will find
    another chest with a BELT OF STRENGTH. After that just keep going north until
    an event occurs. After you change enter the Highland Camp, and go to the
    provision's tent. When you are back outside, you will be discovered by Capitan
    Rowd. When you regain control, get the chest with a FIRE SEALING CRYSTAL next
    to the provision's tent. Try to escape and you won't be able to, so go inside
    the princess's tent (the only one a bit different from the others). After the
    event go out and remove all Jowy's equipment, and the try to exit the camp just
    to be ambushed. After the battle Jowy will stay and you will escape. Now, THIS
    IS VERY IMPORTANT: the soldiers here drop the Silence rune and this is the ONLY
    chance you have to get it. After the first battle, if they don't drop the item,
    keep choosing the second option to fight more soldiers. Don't spend more than
    20 minutes doing this, if they don't drop it, reset and go through the camp
    again. This can be time consuming, but with patience, eventually, they will
    drop the Silence rune.
    Get back to Muse and go to the Meeting Hall, but you won't be able to see
    Annabelle. Go to the inn and Flik and Viktor will help you out.
    MY TIME: 2.58.4
    Head back and this time you will see Annabelle, but she can't do anything to
    save Jowy. Back at the inn, join Nanami at the entrance and eventually Jowy
    will appear. The next day, you will be heading to Jowston Hill, which is to the
    northwest of town. A meeting with the heads of the City-State will take place.
    After the meeting, go back to the bar and Annabelle will be waiting for you.
    When the choice comes up, select that you want to fight. The next day, talk to
    Viktor to start the fight.
    MY TIME: 3.5.1
    The only important thing about this battle is to get Gilbert (18/108), make
    sure that Flik damages with the fire spear. If not, reset and try again.
    After the battle, go to your room and talk to Nanami. The next day, go see
    Annabelle for a scene, the go back to the inn to wait for the night. At night
    go see her again and watch her death and the Highland invasion. When you regain
    control, go to the inn and escape the city. Some more scenes and you will be at
    the world map, enter Coronet.
    I. Vampires From The Past
    Items: Friendship Crystal, Sun Badge, Fish Badge, Fire Wall, 3000 potch,
    Medicine, Blue Gate Crystal, Stone of Defense, Half Helmet, Fire Crystal, Stone
    of Magic Defense, Darkness Crystal, Blue Ribbon (missable), Chain Mail,
    Characters Recruited: Rina, Ellie, Bolgan, Viktor, Flik, Freed Y.
    Note #1: The treasures in North Window Castle are one time only, make sure you
    open them all.
    Head for the docks to find that there is no boat running. Go to the inn and you
    will encounter a few familiar faces; after the introduction to Nanami, you have
    to find some way to get out of town. Save your game.
    MY TIME: 3.22.16
    Go down two screen and head right when you reach two trees. After the scene, go
    inside the cabin to meet Tai Ho and Yam Koo. Accept Tai Ho's challenge to start
    playing Chincirorin. If you lose, reset and try again to save some time. After
    defeating him, go to the bar to get Rina (19/108), Ellie (20/108), and Bolgan
    (21/108) and head back to Tai Ho to depart.
    You will arrive at Kuskus Town. Nothing to do here, exit the town and head
    south to enter the town of South Window. Viktor will welcome you and take you
    to the inn, where all of you will agree to have a meeting with the Mayor,
    Viktor (22/108) and Flik (23/108) will join you. Head for the center of the
    town where a big stone is and look for a FRIENDSHIP CRYSTAL in one of the
    bonsai plants. Go to the Rune Shop and buy a Lightning Rune, and attack it to
    Nanami as well as the Spark Rune. Also, attach the Fury Rune to the Hero. Head
    for the city wall and Freed Y (24/108) will join you. Exit the place and go
    back to the inn where you will have a conversation. On the world map, head
    northwest to enter North Window.
    You will meet Neclord from Suikoden and fight him; just defend and after three
    turns the battle will be over. Now you have to get the Stat Dragon Sword to
    defeat the vampire once more. Exit the place and head south to enter the Wind
    Cave. Save you game and enter.
    MY TIME: 3.34.26
    Go through the cave and when you get to the first intersection, go to the upper
    part to find a SUN BADGE inside a small room. Keep going and eventually you
    will reach another intersection where you will take the upper left path to get
    a FISH BADGE. Take the other path and go left and around when you hit another
    intersection to find a FIRE WALL. Keep going and solve the puzzles with the
    rocks, make sure that in the third one you take the upper path first to find
    three chests containing 3000 potch, MEDICINE and BLUE GATE CRYSTAL. Take the
    lower path and keep going until you reach yet another intersection. The exit is
    to the northwest, and there are two chests with STONE OF DEFENSE and HALF
    HELMET in this area. Keep going and eventually you will meet Kahn, who will
    join the party. Keep going until you meet the sword, who you will have to
    Star Dragon Sword
    The boss is easy, just hit with everything you have. Use Battle Oath to get you
    characters in berserk status, Viktor and the hero will deal a lot of damage
    this way. Use the Lightning Rune with Nanami and heal when necessary.
    After the battle, exit the cave and go back to South Window. Rest up and go
    back to North Window, and this time enter the castle. Inside, take the right
    stairs to find a FIRE CRYSTAL. Go back and take the left stairs this time. On
    the big room go down the stairs to find a STONE OF MAGIC DEFENSE, go back
    upstairs and keep going left to the next screen. Keep going until you reach a
    room with statues, push the left most to reveal a secret door, go inside to
    find a DARKNESS RUNE. Go back to the statue room and move the statue that is
    out of place where it belongs to reveal another door, and then go inside. Keep
    going through the castle until you enter a room with candles. Light all the
    lower candles except the one before the last one to reveal a secret door, go
    inside to get a BLUE RIBBON. Go back out and light the upper candle to reveal
    yet another door, through this one you will keep moving on, getting two chests
    along the way with a CHAIN MAIL and a NECKLACE. Soon, you will meet Neclord and
    fight what he left behind.
    Abomination, 10000 potch
    Attack with Hero and Viktor, use Kahn's Resurrection Rune and the Lightning
    Rune for heavy damage. Use Battle Oath to deal even more damage and heal when
    After the battle, exit the castle and you will meet Flik and the others. Inside
    the castle, save your game and talk enter the meeting room, and when prompted
    choose the second answer "There must be a way". Now you have to go to Radat
    MY TIME: 3.53.41
    J. Wingers and Kobolds
    Items: Kindness Crystal, Head Gear, Resurrection Crystal, Healing Wind, Fire
    Emblem, Stone of Defense.
    Collection Items: Cabbage Seed, Recipe #16 (missable)
    Characters Recruited: Shu, Huan, Luc, Richmond, Yoshino, Amada, Templton, Tai
    Ho, Yam Koo, CLIVE, Alex, Hilda, Adlai, Taki, Fitcher, Ridley, Chaco, Hans.
    NOTE #1: Second and third CLIVE INCIDENTS!!!
    NOTE #2: Get Turtle Plans #2 and Chick.
    Radat is to the east of South Window. When you enter the town, go east and
    enter Shu's house. Next, enter the bar and try to leave and Shu will appear.
    After some conversation he will leave again. Now go to the Appraiser's Shop and
    talk to Richmond. Pay what he asks and go to the inn; talk to the inn keeper to
    go upstairs. Talk to Richmond again to get valuable information. The next day,
    go all the way east to the docks and Shu will appear again. After some
    conversation you have to open the sluice gate. Talk to the person standing at
    the beginning of the bridge with a headband and choose the second option. Amada
    will appear, choose option two twice to fight him in a duel. Just three wild
    attacks should be enough to take him down. Now go down to the water and start
    searching. After some scenes Shu (25/108) will come and join you. Head back to
    the castle. At the castle, go to the meeting room to hear some battle strategy.
    The next morning, save your game and go to the meeting hall to start a battle.
    MY TIME: 4.3.46
    This battle is very easy, just attack Solon Jhee and after three turns he will
    retreat. Back at the castle, you will be received as a hero. Head to the
    meeting hall and you will be chosen as the leader of the army. At night, go to
    the bar and talk to Viktor and choose the second option, go back to your room.
    The next day come back to the meeting hall and agree to become the new leader,
    doctor Huan (26/108) and Luc (27/108) will join the group. Now, go to the
    entrance of the castle to meet Fitcher. Return to the meeting room and after
    some conversation you will be off to Radat once more; but before that, go to
    the bar and make sure Freed Y is in your party, as well as your tanks Futch and
    Humphrey. At Radat, go to where Richmond is and ask him to join, play his game
    and choose "I give up&". Now go to the bar and talk to the person nearest to
    you, he will give you a coin. Go back to Richmond (28/108)and he will join you.
    Now go south and the east through the opening and talk to Yoshino (29/108) to
    recruit her. Talk to Amada (30/108) and ask him to join you and beat him again
    in another duel. Now, go all the way east and exit Radat. You are back to the
    area where the Mercenary Fortress is, so go there and meet Templton (31/108).
    Now go to Toto village and meet him again and he will join this time. Now go to
    Kuskus town and save your game. Then head for the docks where you will meet Tai
    Ho (32/108) and Yam Koo (33/108), after another Chincirorin challenge, they
    will join.
    TIME: 4.29.18
    Go back to the meeting room and after the scene is over, go to the docks and
    sail to Lakewest to the northwest. After you arrive, board the ship again and
    go to Kuskus. Exit the town and go to South Window. Talk to Clive (34/108) and
    he will join you. From now on, Clive must be in your part all the time, make
    sure you keep an eye on this. Go to the second floor of the inn and talk to
    Alex (35/108) and Hilda (36/108) and they will join you. Next, go to the weapon
    shop and buy a Wooden Shield and a Wind Rune from the Rune Shop. Now enter the
    house north of the weapon shop. Inside talk to Adlai (37/108) give him a
    Sacrificial Jizo, the Wooden Shield and "throw" him the Wind Rune. Go back to
    the castle and at the docks board the boat again to Lakewest. When you arrive,
    search the pot with plants in front of you for a KINDNESS CRYSTAL. Also search
    a barrel between the northern houses for a CABBAGE SEED. Enter the left house
    and search the shelf to find RECIPE #16. Talk to Taki (38/108) several times
    and she will join you. Go to the inn and talk to the person next to the counter
    to trigger a Clive Incident, (he will get a letter from Elza). Now, exit the
    town and go west to Two River.
    When you enter somebody will steal you money. Follow him to the next screen
    which is the Winger District and follow him until he flies away. Now go back to
    the Human District and a scene with Fitcher will take place. Enter the city
    hall for more conversation, and go to the inn when done. Talk to the innkeeper
    and go upstairs to find Chaco in the last room. The next day, head to the Rune
    Shop, and put the Double Beat Rune to Humphrey, then go to the city hall.
    After the conversation with Ridley, go to the Kobold District but you can't
    enter. Head back and another scene with Chaco will take place. Follow him to
    the sewers. Follow the path, cross the bridge and go up to find a HEAD GEAR.
    Now, go down and when you reach another bridge, do not cross it. Instead go up
    to find a RESURRECTION CRYSTAL. Cross the bridge to the next screen, go down
    the stairs and keep going and you will find a chest with a HEALING WIND. At the
    next intersection, cross the bridge to the north to find two chests with a FIRE
    EMBLEM and a STONE OF DEFENSE. Head back and go south this time and keep going
    until you find a save point, save and go through the door. Keep going to fight
    a boss.
    MY TIME: 4.52.27
    Pest Rat, 20000 potch
    Drop: Poison Crystal
    The usual, Oath to berserk your characters. Attack with Hero and Humphrey and
    Lightning Rune with Nanami.
    Exit the sewers and talk to Ridley. Back at the Human District the Highland
    Army is there. After the scene go to the inn, heal and save your game
    MY TIME: 4.57.21
    Now, go to the city hall, conversation, exit, Chaco appears, go to the Winger
    District and follow him, talk to Susu and then go back to the inn, rest up and
    the next day be ready for some action at the entrance of the city. After the
    fight choose the second option to go see Ridley, the wingers and kobolds join
    the fight. After another battle, the Highland Army will retreat. Some storyline
    will take place at the Highland Camp. When you wake up go to the city hall for
    some conversation, Fitcher (39/108) and Ridley (40/108) will join your party.
    At the entrance, Chaco (41/108) will return your money and join you. Go back to
    town and save your game.
    Talk to Susu again to receive a SPINACH SEEDLING. Now, go to the item Shop in
    the Kobold District and buy Fried Tacos and exit the town, but through the
    Kobold District to reach a new area. Head for a big peninsula in the northwest
    part of town to reach Forest Village. At the entrance, Clive will tell you that
    this is the place where Elza is. Save your game.
    MY TIME: 4.56.43
    Head for a clearing in the northeastern part of town for another Clive
    Incident, Elza is now in Matilda. Save again.
    MY TIME: 4.57.49
    Now that you are in this area is a good idea to get two items that later on you
    won't be able to: Turtle Plans #2 and Chick. They are both dropped by the same
    enemy, Ragged One. Spend no more than 10 min at the worldmap, if after this
    time they don't drop anything, reset and try again. Go back to Two River and
    recruit Hans (42/108) in the second floor of the inn. Return to your castle.
    K. Greenhill
    Items: Protect Mist, Toe Shoes, Silver Hat, Chimera Crystal.
    Collection Items: Recipe #20, Old Book Vol. 5
    Characters Recruited: Emilia, Tetsu, Teresa, Shin, Nina.
    Go to the meeting room for some conversation. The next day, you have to go to
    Greenhill in a mission. Select your party members and go through Lakewest, and
    exit Two River by the Kobold District. Greenhill is to the Northwest. As you
    arrive a scene with Fitcher takes place, select "A" for the names to speed up
    the process. Now, go to the inn and talk to the lady in the kitchen to receive
    RECIPE #20. Keep going up for another scene. Go all the way to the school which
    is a big building at the north end of town and register at the main desk.
    Follow Emilia (43/108) north and talk to her again, then return to her desk and
    recruit her, choosing the first option. Head for the second room to the left
    and check the right bookshelf to get OLD BOOK VOL. 5. Go to the dorms which are
    west of the school and talk to the person on the counter, then go upstairs to
    your room and rest. The next day, head back to the inn for a scene, return to
    your room and go back to sleep. The next day, enter the school and go left to
    find Nina, Flik will join you outside. Head south to the village for another
    scene with Fitcher. Head back to your room and go to sleep. In the evening,
    Nanami will wake you up, try to run and Nanami joins you, you see a shadow,
    follow it. When you get to the basement, there is a switch the wall. Follow the
    passage and you will reach the school and you will ambush Flik who will join
    you. Touch the statue to reveal another secret passage. Follow it and at the
    first intersection head right to find a PROTECT MIST. Keep following the path
    until you find a cabin. The next day, go outside to meet Flik and go to town to
    find Jowy. Go back to the cabin in the forest fighting highlands on the way.
    When you get there, there is another scene with Shin and Teresa. Head back to
    town to fight more soldiers and then back to the forest. In the new area,
    choose the lower right path to get TOE SHOES. Return to the main path and go
    north to find a SILVER HAT, and exit to the east. On the next screen you will 
    be able to see a chest, get it to receive a CHIMERA CRYSTAL. Now, just keep 
    going until you exit the place.
    Return to Two River and go into the Kobold item shop and buy some Fried Tacos.
    Use then on the Hero to get in toasty condition. Exit to Lakewest and go to the
    house next to Taki's and talk to Tetsu (44/108) and pick the first option twice
    for him to join you. Go to the inn and talk to Hix and Teengar and return to
    the castle. Go to the meeting room and Teresa (45/108), Shin (46/108) and Nina
    (47/108) will join you. In your room go to sleep and a scene will take place in
    the Highland Camp. The next day, save your game and go to the meeting room.
    MY TIME: 5.42.22
    L. Matilda
    Items: Guard Ring, Mega Medicine, Dragon Armor, Violence Crystal.
    Characters Recruited: Shilo, Jeane, Sid, Gabocha, Viki, Miklotov, Camus, Kiba,
    Note #1: Clive Event
    Note #2: Get Sylph and Skunk Rune.
    You have to go to Matilda (you have been there already remember). Anyway, when
    you have to pick your party make sure to put Chaco, Gengen, and Clive. At
    Lakewest, go to the inn and save your game, now talk to Shilo (48/108) and
    recruit him, but you have to play Chinchirorin first. At Two River, go to the
    rune shop to recruit Jeane (49/108). In the Winger District, enter the sewers
    one more time. Follow the path and when you have to go down the first ladder,
    go left to find a secret passage. There you will meet Sid (50/108) who will
    join you. In the Kobold District, enter one of the houses to find Gabocha
    (51/108) who will join you as well. Exit the town and go north to reach the
    Path to Matilda.
    Go past Badeaux to find a chest with a GUARD RING. Go north two screens and
    look for a hidden passage to find a MEGA MEDICINE. Go north to reach a chest
    containing a DRAGON ARMOR, then exit to the east. In the next screen you will
    find Viki (52/108) who will join, make sure you pick the second option when she
    asks you if you want to go with her. When you reach the end of the path you
    will be received by Miktolov who will take you to the palace. After the
    conversation with Gorudo you will go to sleep. The next day you will have a
    woldmap battle, just wait until it is over. After the battle, follow Miktolov
    into the town. Go to the appraiser shop and search the cabinet to find a
    VIOLENCE CRYSTAL. Go south to the next screen for a scene and then head to the
    inn for another Clive Event. Save your game and exit to the worldmap.
    There are two more runes we have to get before we continue with the storyline.
    Walk around this area and fight those pink birds. They are really easy to beat,
    but most important of all is that they drop the Sylph Rune and the Skunk Rune.
    These items are missable, so you have to get them now, remember not to spend
    too much time on it, reset if you are having bad luck.
    After you get both of them, go all the way east to the Muse-Matilda border.
    This time there will be no gate, so just witness the conversation and Miktolov
    will join your party. Head to Muse for a scene with the Beast Rune. Enter the
    town and head to the northwest for another scene. Now exit and go back to
    Matilda. Go see Gorudo and another scene takes place, Miklotov (53/108) and
    Camus (54/108) join the group. You will be back at your castle, save your game.
    MY TIME: 6.6.21
    Go to the meeting room and after some conversation go to your room to sleep. At
    Highland theirs is a scene. The next day go to the meeting room, after the
    scene you have to go to Radat (remember to warp with Viki). At Radat a
    scene takes place with the Highland Army, when you are finished, return to the
    castle. At the meeting room, preparations are made for another battle. At the
    battle, just wait for three turns and it will be over, don't even bother
    attacking. After the battle, save your game and go to your room. At Highland
    another scene takes place, now Luca is the king.
    MY TIME: 6.14.29
    The next day, go to the meeting room and choose the second option for another
    battle. For this battle go for General Kiba, if you defeat him the battle ends.
    Eventually, Kiba will surrender. Back at the castle, ask Kiba (55/108) to join
    you three times to recruit him, along with his son Klaus (56/108). The next
    day, go to the entrance and you will find Sheena. Go to the meeting room and
    another scene takes place, now you have to go to the Toran Republic. Go to the
    bar and form a party, make sure to bring Clive along.
    M. The Toran Republic
    Items: Alert Crystal, Mega Medicine, Full Helmet, Stone of Luck, Magic Ring,
    Wing Ornament, Poison Crystal, Silver Shield, Silverlet, Cyclone Crystal.
    Collection Items: Seed Potato, Tomato Seedling, Old Book Vol.7, Copper Hammer.
    Characters Recruited: Hai Yo, Stallion, Anita, Kasumi, Sheena.
    Note #1: Clive Event.
    Go to Radat town, save your game at the inn and go to the bar for another Clive
    Event. You will be back at the castle. Go to the Stone Tablet room and go right
    two screens, the go south and east in the other two. The just go south to
    recruit Hai Yo (57/108). Back at Radat, talk to Stallion (58/108) (the blue
    haired guy running around) to recruit him. Next, go to the docks and talk to
    the man with the boat. Follow the river and you will arrive at Banner Village.
    Get the ALERT CRYSTAL from one of the barrels, as well as a SEED POTATO from 
    the woman in the house next to the item shop. Now, save you game at the inn.
    Go to the item shop and buy a Rose Brooch from the rare finds. Reset if it
    doesn't appear.
    MY TIME: 6.39.13
    At the inn, talk to Anita (59/108) and answer each question as follows
    - When she asks you to fill her cup, talk to the innkeeper to do so.
    - When she asks for an antidote answer "Okay" even if you don't have one.
    - When she asks you if you have never seen a female swordsman answer the second
    To trigger another question, you have to exit and reenter the town, so
    remember to do it. She will join you eventually. Now exit the village north.
    At the first intersection, go north to find a MEGA MEDICINE. At the next
    intersection, go east to find another chest with a FULL HELMET. Keep going
    and when you get to the ladders, climb the left one for a chest containing a
    STONE OF LUCK. Now climb the right stairs and then left two times to get a
    MAGIC RING. Go down and choose the right ladder this time to get a WING
    ORNAMENT. Go down twice and climb the right ladder and take the chest with a
    POISON CRYSTAL along the way. Keep climbing up until you reach a save point.
    To the north there is a chest with a SILVER SHIELD and to the lower right
    another one with a SILVERLET. Save your game and go east to fight a boss.
    MY TIME: 6.44.2
    Worm, 35000 potch
    This battle is very easy. Flik's Lightning rune will do extremely high damage.
    Attack with the rest of the party.
    Keep going until you meet Varkas. At Toran Castle, there will be a scene with
    president Lepant, who will give you the Blinking Mirror. When you have to
    choose between Valeria and Kasumi make sure you pick Kasumi (60/108). Sheena
    (61/108) will also join. Head back to Gregminster and go to the second floor of
    the inn, talk with Sarah to receive a CYCLONE CRYSTAL. Go to the trading post
    and buy a Celadon Urn. Outside, talk to a guy north of the trading post and buy
    him a TOMATO SEEDLING. Now, enter the castle again and check a bookshelf to the
    left to find an OLD BOOK VOL.7. Also talk to the soldier in the room right of
    the entrance for a COPPER HAMMER. Return to Banner where Apple will be waiting
    for you. Back at the castle, go to the meeting room. At night, talk to Nanami
    and return to your bed. The next day, save you game and go to the meeting room.
    MY TIME: 6.55.13
    N. Unicorn Quest
    Items: Necklace, Necklace, Necklace, Necklace, Mangosh, Guard Ring.
    Collection Items: Iron Hammer, Calf, Spinach Seedling.
    Characters Recruited: Hix, Teengar, Yuzu, Wakaba, Tony, Meg, Gadget.
    Go to the bar and pick your party. Now that you have the Blinking Mirror is
    easier to do some the Unicorn Quest. First, teleport to Two River and exit to
    the world map. Head south until you reach Kobold Village. Buy an Ancient Text
    from the trade post if they have any. Now follow Hix and Teengar into the
    elder's house. After some scenes, agree to help Hix to find the items Blue
    Stone, Red Flower and Green Bell. After you find an item you have to go back to
    the elder so he tells you where the next item is.
    Blue Stone: Found in the item shop in South Window.
    Red Flower: Entrance of Cave of the Wind.
    Green Bell: Sewers in Two River.
    After you find the items, you have to go to the Unicorn Woods where Teengar
    was taken. Go north into the forest. Go right to find a chest with NECKLACE.
    Take the left path now and keep going left, eventually you will find another
    chest with a NECKLACE. Another NECKLACE can be found in this area to the
    southeast. In the next screen, take the upper left path yet for another
    NECKLACE. Now, keep going until you find Teengar. After the scene Hix (62/108)
    and Teengar (63/108) will join you.
    Outside of the village talk to Yuzu (64/108) and help her find the sheep and
    she will join you. Also go back to where the unicorn appeared and check the
    tree for a MANGOSH and a GUARD RING. Go back to your castle and teleport to
    Forest Village. Talk to Wakaba (65/108) next to the weapon shop. After he
    joins, go inside the shop and talk to the man in the back to buy an IRON
    HAMMER. Buy a CALF next to the trading post. Enter the hose next to the trading
    post and talk to Tony (66/108) and ask him to join you, and then talk to the
    elder to receive a SPINACH SEEDLING. Teleport to the Muse-Greenhill border and
    recruit Meg (67/108) and Gadget (68/108). Also make sure you go to Kuskus and
    raise the Hero and Humphrey's weapon level as high as you can, embed the
    Kindness Rune to the Hero's weapon and the Friendship Rune to Humphrey's
    weapon. Return to your castle and save your game.
    MY TIME: 7.18.9
    O. Fighting Luca Blight
    Go to the meeting room and talk to Shu, you have to save Ridley. Don't even
    bother trying to fight, just wait until Ridley is defeated. After the battle,
    another conversation takes place. When you regain control, go to your room and
    a scene with Tsai takes place. Conversation at Highland Camp. The next day,
    before going to the meeting room there are some preparations to be made. Go to
    the rune shop in you castle and attach the Cyclone Rune to Eilie, a Wind Rune
    to Rina, the Darkness Rune to Clive, and the Violence Rune rune to Viktor. Save
    your game and prepare for another battle. For this battle, wait until your
    troops appear and damage Luca with a Fire Spear and the battle will be over.
    After the battle, go to the stone tablet room to see that Ridley is saved. Head
    back to the meeting room and choose the three teams to fight Luca Blight.
    Hero's team: Clive, Humphrey, Nanami, Futch, Shin
    Flik's team: Miklotov, Camus, Rina, Nina, Teengar
    Viktor's team: Anita, Kasumi, Eilie, Stallion, Gadget
    Luca Blight, 15000 potch
    White Wolves x5
    This battle is the hardest of the entire game. Luca Blight attacks three times
    per turn with powerful attacks that can kill you easily. For the first two
    rounds you only have to survive some rounds. During the first round, use Flik's
    and Camus powerful magic to kill the soldiers and deal some damage. The entire
    back row should be healing and cast Clay Guardian with Teengar to the front
    row. Defend is also a great strategy for this and the second round to survive
    Luca's attacks. The key is to stay alive, so healing comes first then
    attacking. For the second round, use the same strategy, attack with the front
    row and heal with the back row trying to stay alive no matter what. In the
    final round is time to do all the damage, and you already know the drill.
    Lightning Rune with Nanami and attack with the rest. The Hero should keep the
    entire party healed the whole time, so don't expect to attack too much with 
    him, rather concentrate on healing with him. Battle Oath is a must. Good luck, 
    you may have to try a couple of times before winning.
    After the battle, pick your party and follow Luca Blight fighting Highland
    soldiers along the way. After the scene, you have to fight him again but this
    time in a duel. Just an attack from you should kill him. When you arrive at the
    castle you will faint (like always) and in Highland Jowy becomes king of
    Highland. The next day, save your game and go to Kuskus.
    MY TIME: 7.51.28
    In the docks you will meet Culgan, return to the castle with him. At the
    meeting room a scene takes place, you have to go to Muse, just go with your
    boat to Coronet and from there go to Muse. There, head for Jowston Hill and a
    scene with Jowy takes place, the exit the city fighting soldiers along the way.
    Back at the castle a scene takes place in the Stone Table room. Go back to the
    castle entrance to meet Koyu and take him to the meeting room. There accept
    Viktor's offer to help Koyu and depart to fight Neclord one last time.
    P. Fighting Neclord
    Items: Master Robe, Power Ring, Cape of Darkness, Dancing Flames, Full Helmet,
    Stone of Mag-Def, Master Garb, Silver Necklace, Mega Medicine, Double-Strike
    Crystal, Star Earrings, Wind Hat.
    Collection Items: Cabbage Seed, Tomato Seedling, Chick, Old Book Vol.8, Unicorn
    Plans #3, Dragon Plans #3, Old Book Vol.9, Window Set #5.
    Characters Recruited: Raura, Kahn, Sierra, Hausser, Jess, Marlowe, Koyu,
    Gijimu, Lo Wen.
    Note #1: Get Window Set #2 from Airlizards.
    Teleport to Kobold Village and from there go southwest to Drakemouth Village.
    On the empty house to the north there is a CABBAGE SEED. Also, buy a CALF from
    a man here. Save your game and talk to the man guarding the exit, he'll let you
    pass. In here, the Airlizards drop Window Set #2, make sure you get this now.
    After you have the item, at the first intersection go up the stairs to the
    right. On the next screen, go right in the intersection for a chest containing
    a MASTER ROBE. Now, go left for a scene, then go back and keep heading left
    until you exit to Tigermouth Village.
    A man next to the well will give you a TOMATO SEEDLING. Also, you can catch a
    CHICK on the south part of the village (not far away from the guy the gives you
    the seedling). Check the bookshelf in the southern house for the OLD BOOK
    VOL.8. Exit the village and head to Tinto Village to the north.
    When you arrive, go up the ramp and check the mine cart outside the weapon shop
    for a POWER RING. South of here you will find two houses, talk to the person
    inside each house to receive UNICORN PLANS #3 and DRAGON PLANS #3. Go up the
    stairs and talk Raura (69/108) to the right of the mayor's house to recruit
    her. Now enter the mayor's house. Talk to Gustav and then go to sleep. The next
    day, return to the meeting room for another scene, then go to the entrance of
    town to find Neclord. Go to the meeting room for more scenes, talk to Jess
    again, and then talk to Gustav, and back to your room. When you wake up talk to
    Nanami in one of the rooms, make sure you choose the first answer twice. The
    next day go to the meeting room and go to the entrance of town to see Jess
    depart, you will be back in the meeting room. Go outside and head right, talk
    to the workers and go inside the mines. At the first intersection, go right for
    a chest with a CAPE OF DARKNESS. Keep going and eventually you will fight
    Neclord, just defend and after three turns the battle ends. After the scene go
    back to the town to see it full of zombies. A scene with Jowy. You wake up in
    Crom Village, try to exit the town to meet Kahn (70/108) and he joins. Save
    your game and go back to Tigermouth.
    MY TIME: 8.19.48
    A scene with Sierra takes place and eventually you will have to fight her.
    Sierra, 1000 potch
    She is very easy, just pound her away. Use Kahn's magic for heavy damage.
    After the battle, Sierra (71/108) joins. Go back to the elder house in Crom for
    a scene, then to bed. The next day, another scene, exit town and go right to
    Crom Mines. Follow the path and go right at the intersection. Keep going for
    some screen and when you reach the next intersection go right for DANCING
    FLAMES. Go back left and keep going until you reach a screen with some water
    and keep to the right side for two chests with FULL HELMET and STONE OF MAG-
    DEF. At the next intersection, take the upper path for a MASTER GARB. Go down
    the ice and keep going for a couple of screens, go down the bridge and keep
    going up for two more chests containing a WINDOW SET #5 and OLD BOOK VOL.9.
    Now, go down and right to cross another bridge and exit to the right. In the
    next intersection, go down to get two chests containing SILVER NECKLACE and
    MEGA MEDICINE. When you reach the screen with the ice slides, slide down twice
    the right ice, then go left and slide down for a chest with a DOUBLE-STRIKE
    CRYSTAL. Go around and back up and this time go right and up the ramps to find
    a save point, make sure you save here.
    MY TIME: 8.32.44
    Go right and slide down the rightmost ice. Get the chest with a WIND HAT.
    Return to the save point and slide down the ice south of where you are to the
    next screen. Push the crate to make a bridge and exit keep going. Eventually
    you will fight again.
    Stone Golem, 50000 potch
    He attacks for a lot of damage the entire party, so stay healed all the time.
    Use Battle Oath and keep attacking with Viktor and Humphrey. Make sure you
    don't waste all your magic because you still have to fight Neclord. Instead
    take him down with your physical guys.
    Once you beat him keep going until you exit the mines. You'll find yourself in
    Tinto. Head for the church which is in the upper part of town, fighting zombies
    along the way. Inside you will fight Neclord.
    Neclord, 70000 potch
    Drop: The Shredding
    This fight is somehow easy if you didn't use all your magic in the last battle.
    Sierra and Kahn will be doing heavy damage with their spells. Battle Oath and
    good healing and this battle is a piece of cake. Neclord has some powerful
    attack so be careful, if you don't have healing spells left, this will be
    After the battle, exit the town for another scene. Hausser (72/108), Jess
    (73/108), Marlowe (74/108), Koyu (75/108), Gijimu (76/108), and Lo Wen (77/108)
    will join the group. Back at the castle, a scene with Sheena takes place, save
    your game and go to the meeting room.
    MY TIME: 8.48.35
    Q. Retaking Greenhill
    Items: Dream Robe, Winged Boots, Stone of Skill.
    Note #1: GET RECIPE #34!!!
    It's time to take Greenhill back. But first go to your room and get some rest.
    At night, go to the second floor and talk with Chaco in the stairs. Go back to
    your room and somebody is waiting for you.
    Lucia, 20000 potch
    Just use regular attacks and she will go down easily.
    After the battle, another scene. The next day go to the meeting room and agree
    to deploy. You now have an option to choose in which battle you wish to
    participate. I recommend that you choose neither and instead stay in the
    castle, it is easier and faster that way. The only thing you have to do is wait
    and choose some answers. For the first one pick the first option, then first
    option again and once again a third time.
    After the battle is over, you will be at the entrance of Greenhill, select your
    party and return to your castle and save the game because now we have to get
    another missable item. Return to Greenhill and go through the secret path
    Teresa showed you. In here the enemy Doremi Elf, specifically the yellow one
    will drop the Recipe #34. This item is the hardest to obtain because due to a
    glitch if you have any other recipe except Recipe #3, #16, and #20 then the
    enemy will not drop the item, EVER. But if you followed my guide, then you
    won't have any problems. Also, it is said that if you kill the Yellow Elf last,
    there is a higher chance of getting the item. So, after you get the item, go
    back and save if you want just to make sure. Another IMPORTANT thing is that
    you should keep the recipe in your inventory because there is another glitch
    involving another item that we can get later.
    Now for the items here, there are three chests containing DREAM ROBE, WINGED
    BOOTS and STONE OF SKILL. The first two are to the north and the last one to
    the left. From there just follow the path and you will meet Lucia again.
    Lucia, 20000
    Karayans x3
    Use your runes and your attack and she will go down very quick. First kill off
    the three Karayans and then concentrate on Lucia. Battle Oath like always will
    do a lot of damage if Viktor and Humphrey get berserk.
    After the battle keep going through the forest fighting Highland soldiers along
    the way. You will eventually arrive at the academy. Outside there will be two
    people that will let you rest and save your game. Keep going through the town
    to meet General Yuber who will summon one of his beasts
    MY TIME: 9.9.7
    Bone Dragon, 100000 potch
    This monster is not big deal, only his body. He has attacks that do a lot of
    damage but he only gets to attack one time per round, giving you enough time to
    heal and take him away. He also has a lot of a HP, about 9000, and is immune to
    Lighting, but other than that is nothing to worry about. Also, Shining Light
    does decent damage on him, as well as the Resurrection Rune.
    After the battle some scenes take place and back at the castle you decide is
    time to attack Muse. But first we have to do some things so pick the first
    answer, and save your game.
    R. 108 Stars of Destiny
    Collection Items: Piglet, Sound Set #7.
    Characters recruited: Oulan, Karen, Hoi, Lebrante, Simone, Max, Annallee,
    Gantetsu, Killey, Badeaux, Pico, Connell, Ayda, Feather, Jude, Tenkou, L.C 
    Alberto, Tomo, Georg, Tessai.
    It is time to get all the remaining stars. First, make sure you have one Sound
    Set one Window Set, the Rose Brooch and the Celadon Urn you bought earlier in
    your inventory (remember to keep Recipe #34 in there all the time). Now, speak
    to Leona in the bar and select a party of pure females, an example could be
    Nina, Nanami, Teengar, Ellie, and Rina. Go to Kuskus and cross the bridge. A
    scene will take place and Oulan (78/108). Enter the inn and talk to Karen
    (79/108) next to the stage and dance with her and she will join you. While
    dancing if you press select, a controller will appear on the lower left corner
    telling you the next button you have to press. Go back to the castle and put
    Shiro and Wakaba in your party and go to Radat. In the bar Hoi (80/108) joins
    after a scene. Enter the appraisal shop and give the Celadon Urn to Lebrante
    (81/108) and he joins too. Buy a PIGLET from the boy next to Shu's house. Head
    to the docks and go south, here you will find Simone (82/108). Give him the
    Rose Brooch and he joins you. Go to South Window and at the entrance Max
    (83/108) joins the group. Go to the inn and a scene with Annallee (84/108)
    takes place, then she leaves. Go to the meeting hall and before entering head
    to the right to find her again, allow her to sing you a song and recruit her.
    Talk to the big guys standing in front of the big rock and move him, his name
    is Gantetsu (85/108) and he will join you. Before leaving, talk to the guy in
    red outside the trading post and pick the first option. Return to your castle
    and go to the inn. Here, a scene with Alex and the red guy takes place, he
    leaves. Head back to South Window and speak to him again in front of the
    trading post and Killey (86/108) joins you. Go to the Forest Path to Matilda
    and talk to Badeaux (87/108) in the second screen, if an animal is in the party
    (that's why we brought Shiro) he joins you and gives you two Listening Crystals
    that we will use later on.
    Next stop is Greenhill, inside the inn talk to Pico (88/108) and he joins. Now
    go to the academy and talk with Jude inside the weapons classroom, he asks for
    some clay. Go to Forest Village and enter the second house to the left. Inside,
    talk to Connell (89/108) and he will notice the Sound Set you have and joins.
    Talk to her sister to receive Sound Set #7. Now, go north and a scene takes
    place, you will fight some enemies. After the fight, use one of the Listening
    Crystals and Ayda (90/108) and Feather (91/108) join the party. Go to where 
    the Clive event took place but instead head south and talk to the guy there, 
    he will give you some clay. Return to Jude (92/108) to recruit him. Now, go to 
    Crom and go to the northeast house and show the Window Set to Tenkou (93/108) 
    and he joins. Go to the inn and talk with L.C. Chan (94/108), if Wakaba is in 
    the party (he is right!?) he will join you. Go to Tinto and inside the armor 
    shop talk with Alberto (95/108) who will join you.
    Now put Viktor, Tsai and Simone in your party. Go to Tsai cabin in the woods to
    recruit his son Tomo (96/108). Go to Tigermouth and enter the pass. Go up the
    first set of stairs and follow the lower path to find Georg (97/108). Go to
    Kuskus again and this time enter the weapon shop. Inside, talk to Tessai
    (98/108). At this point, save your game that we have to do one last quest.
    MY TIME: 9.51.35
    S. The Lost Star (McDohl)
    Items: Blinking Crystal.
    Collection Items: Sound Set #6, Piglet.
    Characters Recruited: Mondo, Sasuke, Lorelai.
    Talk to Leona and get your strong party with Kasumi and go to Banner Village.
    SPECIAL NOTE: During this quest you game may freeze when you try to talk with
    Gremio. This happens when he appears invisible and only his text appears. This
    happened to me during my playthrough. I don't know the cause of this, but my
    theory is the use of the Muse-Matilda glitch (remember the one you had to push
    the gates). Since this is a glitch, it could activate other glitches in the
    game. If this happens to you, there no reason to panic, just reset and try
    again and eventually Gremio will appear and from there you can continue with
    the game normally. If this happens to anybody else, feel free to contact me and
    tell me about it.
    Talk to the boy running around the item shop and accept his help. Go east of
    the inn into the beach and talk to Gremio standing there, and the kid distracts
    him so you can pass. You will meet McDohl, the hero of Suikoden 1. Ko is
    kidnapped and after a few scenes you agree to help McDohl to find the kid. Go
    through the forest again to Gregminster. In the screen after the ladders, there
    is a secret path almost at the end of the screen that will take you to Rokkaku
    Hamlet. Here, after a scene Mondo (99/108) will join you. When you regain
    control, talk to the person outside this building, he will give you the
    BLINKING CRYSTAL. Outside the trading post you will find Sasuke (100/108), talk
    to him and he joins. Go inside the trading post and speak to a person here to
    get SOUND SET #6. You can also buy a PIGLET from another person. Exit this
    place and keep going until you find the screen with the save point. A funny
    scene, then save your game, and keep going. In the next screen you will find
    MY TIME: 10.0.35
    Worm/Poison Moth, 50000 potch
    This boss is a joke. Use your most powerful attacks and be amazed by the amount
    of damage the Soul Eater Rune of McDohl can inflict. After some damage the Worm
    will evolve into a Poison Moth, nothing to worry about, just keep abusing.
    Continue until you reach Gregminster for some scenes. Exit the castle to find
    you old crew, now you will have dinner in McDohl's house. When you finish, go
    down the stairs and speak with Cleo. The next day, exit the house and head to
    the northwest part of town. Here talk to Lorelai (101/108) walking around and
    ask her to join. Go to the trading post and ask Gordon to join your party. He
    tells you that in order to recruit him you need to make 50000 potch by trading.
    The easiest way to do this is to buy Ancient Texts from here and Kobold
    Village and sell it in Forest Village. If this is not enough, I have other tips
    taken from the message board. Anyway, we have to come back here again, so by
    that time, you should have the amount of money necessary.
    Buy Salt from Forest Village and sell it at South Window
    Buy Native Costume from Forest Village and sell it at South Window
    Buy Fur from Forest Village and sell it at South Window
    Buy Sugar from Forest Village and sell it at Kobold Village
    Buy Deer Antler from Forest Village and sell it at Rokakku Hamlet
    Buy Mayonnaise from South Window and sell it at Kobold Village
    Buy Wooden Amulet from Kobold Village and sell it at South Window
    Buy Soy Sauce from Rakakku Hamlet and sell it at Gregminster
    Buy Crystal Ball from most trading spots and sell them at Kobold Village
    Head to the castle for another conversation and pick the first choice to be
    taken back to the village. Back at the castle, save your game.
    MY TIME: 10.9.21
    T. 108 Stars of Destiny (continued)
    Characters Recruited: Bob, Vincent, Pesmerga, Abizboah, Mazus, Gordon, Genshu.
    Go to Two River and Talk to Bob (102/108) in the Kobold District. With Simone
    in your party, go to the same place you recruited him and you will find Vincent
    (103/108). Go to the Wind Cave and you will find Pesmerga (104/108) where you
    found the Star Dragon Sword (yes you have to all the way there). Go to the Crom
    Mines and use the remaining Listening Crystal in the 6th screen from the
    beginning near the water to find Abizboah (105/108). Keep going until you reach
    the screen with the save point and recruit Mazus (106/108) there.
    Now, make sure you reach the 50000 potch by trading and go back to Gregminster
    and recruit Gordon (107/108). Also, stop by McDohl's house and put him in your
    party. He has a lvl 16 weapon, the requirement to recruit the last star Genshu
    (108/108) who is found in Coronet docks (take the boat from your castle to get
    there). Save your game and it's time to continue with the story.
    MY TIME: 10.39.6
    U. Muse and Rockaxe
    Items: Stone of Speed, Escape Talisman, Crimson Cape, Stone of Defense, Earth
    Shield, Power Gloves, Mega Medicine, Gold Necklace, Flame Helmet.
    Collection Items: Dragon Plans #4, Unicorn Plans #4
    Go to the meeting room select the second answer. Back in Greenhill, go outside
    and you will see Lucia, follow her through the forest path and you will meet
    Jowy. Go back and talk to apple to start another battle. The winning condition
    is to enter Muse, so get a company to enter Muse as soon as possible, any will
    do. After the battle enter the city hall to find a surprise.
    Golden Wolf, 10000 potch
    Very easy, just attack and use your runes. If you still have McDohl, the battle
    will end in less than three turns.
    After the battle, exit the city making sure you don't run into any more wolves.
    Back at the castle, save your game and go to Shu's room in the fourth floor and
    watch the scene, then talk to Shu and select the first answer. A scene takes
    place and if you have all stars of destiny (which you do) Leknaat appears and
    you learn the final spell Forgiver Sign. The next day, be sure you remove runes
    and equipment from Nanami, then go the meeting room and select the second
    option to depart. Another worldmap battle, after 4 turns the enemy will
    retreat. More scenes, pick your party and enter the secret passage.
    Follow the path and open the chest with a STONE OF SPEED along the way and up
    the ladder. To the right there is another chest with an ESCAPE TALISMAN. Go
    back and left, up the ladder, left again and through the door to find two more
    chests containing a CRIMSON CAPE and STONE OF DEFENSE. Go down the ladder and
    keep going. When you have the option to go down and right, choose right and
    cross to the other side. Go through the door and go right at the next
    intersection to find an EARTH SHIELD. Now, go back and down the ladder and go
    south for some POWER GLOVES. Go back, head right and go though until you reach
    the castle.
    Enter the first room for a MEGA MEDICINE and a GOLD NECKLACE in the room to the
    left. From here, go up to find another chest with a FLAME HELMET. Go back out
    of the room and up the stairs to the left. Go right and enter the door there to
    get DRAGON PLANS #4 and UNICORN PLANS #4, go upstairs. Save your game here.
    MY TIME: 11.4.11
    Keep going until you meet Jowy. Be sure to choose an answer in half a second
    when Nanami is trying to block the arrows if you want to get the good ending.
    After that you have to fight Gorudo
    Gorudo, 125000 potch
    M-Knight x5
    Drop: Knight Armor
    Two rounds of Forgiver Sign and Hungry Friend.
    V. The Final Showdown
    Note #1: Clive Event in Jowston Hill.
    More scenes. The next day save your game and go to the meeting room, and talk
    to Shu, you will pass out and another scene in Highland. At night, go to Shu's
    room and watch the scene, then go back to your room. The next day, put Clive in
    your party and go to Muse. Head to Jowston Hill and you will meet Elza, then go
    back to your castle. In the meeting room, pick the second choice to depart. You
    have to fight another worldmap battle, but this one you can't control. More
    scenes, save you game and talk to Apple for the last battle.
    MY TIME: 11.22.6
    You win when one of you troops enters the city. Inside, pick your party (with
    Clive of course) and exit to the woldmap. Head northwest to enter Sajah
    Village. This is it, the final showdown between Clive and Elza, here they will
    fix their differences. Enjoy the great scene and go back to L'Renouille, save
    your game.
    MY TIME: 11.32.4
    Ok guys, this is it; from now on you don't have to worry about time. From now
    own you can do everything your way. There are still a lot of things to get done
    in order to reach a perfect game. Now, is when the fun begins, the hardest part
    is done already, and that was to complete the Clive Quest.
    W. Inside L'Renouille
    Items: Thunder Crystal, Earth Robe, Robe of Mist, Bolt of Wrath, Fury Crystal, 
    Stone of Power, Stone of Defense, Wind Amulet, Champion's Crystal, Escape 
    Talisman, Goldlet.
    Collection Items: Window Set #7.
    SPECIAL NOTE: I couldn't find a place to fit this information, but it is very 
    important that now that you have completed the Clive Event, you get Recipe 
    #12. There is a (yes another) glitch involving Recipe #34 and #12. Remember 
    when I told you to keep the it in your inventory at all times. Well, the 
    reason is that if you give Recipe #34 to Hai Yo, then you won't be able to get 
    Recipe #12 and vice versa. Recipe #12 is dropped by Eagle Man in the the 
    forest of Kobold Village (Unicorn Sidequest). Once you have this there is no 
    more to worry about glitches and missable items because I covered them all.
    Also, reenter Rockaxe secret passage, go past the place where Nanami was shot 
    and you will reach Gorudo's office. Talk to the soldier and he will give you a 
    THUNDER CRYSTAL. Inside the office you will find a chest with an EARTH ROBE.
    The last place left to visit is L'Renouille Castle. The only reason to go 
    there now is to open the treasure chests there. After you go through this 
    place the "All Treasure Chests" criteria will be met. As you enter the castle 
    you will have to fight right away.
    Lucia, 60000 potch
    She has fire attacks that hit the whole party, a powerful physical attack and 
    three turns per round. Luckily, she doesn't have too much HP. Pound her away 
    with anything you have and she will go down easily.
    After the battle, she finally leaves you alone. Go right, keep going until you 
    fight some Highlands. Go left, get the chest in the first room with a ROBE OF 
    MIST and another in the last room with a BOLT OF WRATH. Return to where you 
    fought the soldiers and go up. Battle more soldiers and keep going until you 
    reach the room with the red carpet. Go left and keep going until you reach an 
    intersection, where you will go right. More soldiers and a chest with a FURY 
    CRYSTAL will be found here. Return to the room with the red carpet and go up. 
    Here you will have a duel with Han.
    After you beat him continue on to the next screen. When you reach the four way 
    intersection, go right and keep goinu up through a long series of doors until 
    you reach some stairs. Go up and you will find two chests containing a STONE 
    OF POWER and a STONE OF DEFENSE. Return and on the way back you should see a 
    path to the left you ignored earlier, take it and fight some soldiers. Keep 
    going and you will reach two more chests containing a WIND AMULET and a 
    CHAMPION'S CRYTAL. Return to the four way intersection and go south and then 
    left and make your way to the outside of the castle. Back inside, keep going 
    until you reach a save point. Save your game and get the ESCAPE TALISMAN in 
    the room to the right. Now, take the exit to the southeast corner of this 
    room. It will take you outside, open the chest here for a GOLDLET. Go back to 
    the room with the save point and take the northeast exit. Here you can find 
    the last chest of the game containing WINDOW SET #7. 
    From now on, if you continue you will fight the last two bosses of the game. 
    So, use the Escape talisman you got earlier and exit this place. In the next 
    section you will find everything you need to get a perfect game.
    4. Tuning Up Your Perfect Game
    a. Level 99 with 9/9/7/5 MP
    Like I said earlier, in order for your characters to end up with max MP which 
    is 9/9/7/5 you have to abuse a trick. The mechanics are that in order for a 
    character to have max MP, Magic Power must be 250 before that character 
    reaches lvl 99. But, not a single star will have that magic stats naturally. 
    The keys to achieve this are Stones of Magic and the game option.
    When you get a game over, you have the option to choose "Don't give up" 
    or "Give up". If you choose the first choice you will start at your last save, 
    but all the levels and stats that you got will remain. Using this and a good 
    amount of Stones of Magic will give you the desirable stats.
    But, where can I get those stones if I only have one and I opened all the 
    chests in the game? The answer is the Rope Climbing Game inside your castle, 
    which can be found north of the restaurant. Just talk to the soldier here to 
    start the game. There are three leagues and you get prices according in what 
    place you finish. In the one that costs 5000 potch, Stones of Magic appear as 
    a 2nd place prize. So basically, you have to get second place in the games. 
    Sometimes other prices appear, just exit and the prizes change. Get around 20 
    of them and save your game, then use all the stones on the character, enter a 
    fight, die, choose not to give up, and keep the stats AND the stones.
    Now, you can choose to level your characters the hard way getting 5 EXP each 
    battle or the easy way using another trick. If you character level is below 
    49, go to L'Renouille and fight the 6x Highlands that appear there, Kill 
    everybody else and the character lvl will jump to 99, but you need to have the 
    Fortune Rune equipped. If you want to keep the Guardian Deity Event undone, 
    then get the rune, equip it, get the desired characters to lvl 99 and die, 
    choose not to give up to keep the levels and the event will still be undone. 
    The remaining characters above lvl 49 must be leveled the hard way. 
    Another thing is that you don't have boost your magic to 250, instead boost it 
    around 200 and when you reach lvl 99, you will have 250. That will save you 
    some time.
    b. Complete Rune List
    A complete list of runes, their location and where can be bought is provided 
    by the excellent "Rune Guide" by Blazefeeler on Gamefaqs 
    (http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/file/198844/48252). You will find 
    everything you need there.
    c. Window Set List
    Window Set #1: Dropped by the enemy Tiger on the way to Gregminster.
    Window Set #2: Dropped by the enemy Air Lizard. (missable)
    Window Set #3: Tenkou comes with it when you recruit him.
    Window Set #4: Tenkou comes with it when you recruit him.
    Window Set #5: Crom Mines. (see P. Fighting Neclord)
    Window Set #6: Rare Finds in Greenhill.
    Window Set #7: L'Renouille. (see W. Inside L'Renouille)
    d. Sound Set List
    Sound Set #1: Given by Elza (see H. Muse Invasion). (missable)
    Sound Set #2  Dropped by the enemy DoReMi Elf.
    Sound Set #3: Connell comes with it when you recruit him.
    Sound Set #4: Connell comes with it when you recruit him.
    Sound Set #5: Rare Finds in Radat.
    Sound Set #6: Found inside the Trading Post in Rokkaku Hamlet. (see S. The 
                  Lost Star (McDohl)
    Sound Set #7: Given to you by Connell's sister after Liberation. (see R. 108 
                  Stars of Destiny)
    e. Livestock List
    The livestock can be bought in towns from people. They are easy to find 
    because they will appear with the available livestock standing next to them. 
    There are some that you can catch.
     - Drakemouth
     - Highway Village
     - Highway Village after Liberation. If you did not buy the first one before 
       the liberation of Rockaxe, just buy one, exit the place, reenter and you 
       can buy the other one. 
     - Lakewest, catch it on the beach
     - Tigermouth, you can catch it in south part of the village 
     - Kobold Village 
     - Forest Village
     - Sajah Village, Rare Finds
     - Rokkaku 
     - Radat
     - Greenhill, catch it on the field in the back of the dorms.
    f. Seed List
    Cabbage Seed
     - Lakewest, barrel between the northern houses
     - Drakemouth, empty house to the north of the entrance.
    Seed Potato 
     - Dropped by the enemy Papa Holly in the forest to Matilda
     - Banner, woman in the house next to the item shop.
    Tomato Seedling  
     - Banner, Rare Finds.
     - Tigermouth, man next to the well.
     - Gregminster, buy from guy north of the trading post.
    Spinach Seedling
     - Dropped by the enemy Eye Flower on the worldmap outside Greenhill.  
     - After Tony joins, talk to the elder and he will give it to you.
     - Susu will give to you after events in Two River. 
    g. Recipe List
    Recipe # 1: Hai Yo comes with it when you recruit him.
    Recipe # 2: Cooking Contest first match
    Recipe # 3: Dr. Huan Gives it to you in Muse (missable)
    Recipe # 4: Hai Yo comes with it when you recruit him.
    Recipe # 5: Coronet Inn, a person gives it to you.
    Recipe # 6: Hai Yo comes with it when you recruit him.
    Recipe # 7: Hai Yo comes with it when you recruit him.
    Recipe # 8: Cooking Contest second match
    Recipe # 9: Bookshelf inside the big house in Kuskus.
    Recipe #10: Hai Yo comes with it when you recruit him.
    Recipe #11: Kuskus Rare Finds
    Recipe #12: Dropped by the enemy Eagle Man inside Unicorn Woods. (Read 
                SPECIAL NOTE under W. Inside L'Renouille)
    Recipe #13: Inside the Chief tent in Kobold Village, somebody gives it to you.
    Recipe #14: Somebody gives it to you inside Radat Pub.
    Recipe #15: Hai Yo comes with it when you recruit him.
    Recipe #16: Shelf inside Taki's house. (missable)
    Recipe #17: Cooking Contest third match
    Recipe #18: Radat Rare Finds
    Recipe #19: Cooking Contest fourth match
    Recipe #20: Women inside Greenhill Inn gives it to you. (missable)
    Recipe #21: Dropped by enemy the Land Shark in Two River sewers.
    Recipe #22: Cooking Contest sixth match
    Recipe #23: Two River Rare Finds
    Recipe #24: Cooking Contest fifth match
    Recipe #25: Greenhill Rare Finds
    Recipe #26: Highway Rare Finds
    Recipe #27: Cooking Contest eighth match
    Recipe #28: Gregminster Rare Finds
    Recipe #29: Dropped by enemy the Zombie Slug in Forest Path to Matilda.
    Recipe #30: Cooking Contest seventh match
    Recipe #31: Kobold Rare Finds
    Recipe #32: Given by Kent's mother after you rescue him. She can be found in 
                one of the houses in Highway.
    Recipe #33: Cooking Contest tenth match
    Recipe #34: Dropped by the enemy DoReMi Elf (yellow) in Greenhill forest path.
    Recipe #35: Muse Rare Finds. (after liberation)
    Recipe #36: Dropped by the group of Highlands in Rockaxe secret path.
    Recipe #37: Found in Gorudo's room, check the bookshelf to find it.
    Recipe #38: Cooking Contest eleventh match
    Recipe #39: After Cooking Contest tenth match (Lester), return to McDohl's and
                Gremio will give it to you.
    Recipe #40: Cooking Contest last match.
    h. Old Book List
    Old Book Vol. 1: Genkaku's room when you visit Kyaro. (missable)
    Old Book Vol. 2: Chest inside Sindar Ruins. (see G. Sindar Ruins)
    Old Book Vol. 3: South windows Rare Finds.
    Old Book Vol. 4: Muse Meeting Hall. (missable)
    Old Book Vol. 5: Greenhill Academy. (see K. Greenhill)
    Old Book Vol. 6: Somebody in Forest Village trading post will give it to you.
    Old Book Vol. 7: Gregminster Castle. (see M. The Toran Republic)
    Old Book Vol. 8: One of the houses in Tigermouth. (see P. Fighting Neclord)
    Old Book Vol. 9: Crom Mines. (see P. Fighting Neclord)
    Old Book Vol.10: Dorms in Greenhill Academy. A guy in the basement gives it to 
    Old Book Vol.11: Basement in Rockaxe item store.
    Old Book Vol.12: Somebody gives it to you in Muse Pub. (after liberation)
    i. Statue Plans List
    Dragon Plans #1: Judo comes with it when you recruit him.
    Dragon Plans #2: Rakutei Mountain (see E. Kent Sidequest)
    Dragon Plans #3: One of the houses in Tinto (see P. Fighting Neclord)
    Dragon Plans #4: Rockaxe Castle (see U. Muse and Rockaxe)
    Rabbit Plans #1: Judo comes with it when you recruit him.
    Rabbit Plans #2: Highway Rare Finds
    Rabbit Plans #3: Banner Rare Finds
    Rabbit Plans #4: Greenhill Rare Finds (after Liberation)
    Turtle Plans #1: Dropped by the enemy Rockadillo in Two River worldmap area.
    Turtle Plans #2: Dropped by the enemy Ragged One in Greenhill worldmap area. 
    Turtle Plans #3: Dropped by the enemy Hawkman in Rakutei Mountain. (missable)
    Turtle Plans #4: First Prize in the Climbing Contest 10000 potch League.
    Unicorn Plans #1: Judo comes with it when you recruit him.
    Unicorn Plans #2: Rakutei Mountain (see E. Kent Sidequest)
    Unicorn Plans #3: One of the houses in Tinto (see P. Fighting Neclord)
    Unicorn Plans #4: Rockaxe Castle (see U. Muse and Rockaxe)
    j. Squirrels
    Mukumuku is a Star of Destiny, but there are other squirrels like him that you 
    can recruit. They are not stars but they will change the ending if you recruit 
    them. In order to recruit them the Hero and Mukumuku only should be in the 
    party. The actual recruitment occurs in the worldmap, they will appear in a 
    fight and join you. After you recruit one, go back to Leona and remove him 
    from the party, keeping only Mukumuku and the Hero. 
    ***Thanks to JHawks for this info, it is taken from his sticky topic.
    Makumaku: Road between Greenhill and Two River City. Walk on this road and 
              after a few battles. This is completely random, meaning that he can 
              appear in the second battle or you after two hours. This also
              applies for the remaining squirrels.
    Mekumeku: Road between Greenhill and Forest Path to Matilda.
    Mikumiku: Road between Greenhill and Forest Village
    Mokumoku: Clearing below Forest Village. If you look at the worldmap, you will 
              see a peninsula south of the peninsula where Forest Village is. 
              There is where it appears.
    k. Hammers
    ***Thanks to JHawks for this info, it is taken from his sticky topic.
    Iron Hammer:   Forest Village, buy it from a guy in the Armor Shop.
    Copper Hammer: Gregminster Castle, get it from a soldier in a room to the 
                   right near the entrance.
    Silver Hammer: Greenhill City, after recruiting Jude, talk to one of the 
                   students in the room where you recruited him.
    Golden Hammer: Sajah Rare Finds.
    l. All Weapons to lvl16
    Now that you have all the hammers, take the Golden Hammer ONLY and give it to 
    Tessai. Now you can raise your weapons to max level, which is 16. For a 
    perfect game all characters' weapons must be leveled to the max.
    This requires a lot of potch, there is a trick that will allow you to get 
    maximum potch. It can be found at 
    I have never tried this myself, but it should work.
    m. Bath Models
    Different bath models are unlocked a the castle level increases by recruiting 
    more people. I don't know exactly the amount of starts per level, if somebody 
    wants to share this information with me I'll more than happy to add it.
    Drum Can Bath: Castle Level 1
    Cypress Bath:  Castle Level 2
    Marble Bath:   Castle Level 3
    Jungle Bath:   Castle Level 4
    Open-Air Bath: To unlock this bath model, you need to bath around 20 times in 
                   the other baths.
    5. Version History 
    Version 0.0 - 06/09/2007 - Started the guide.
    Version 1.0 - 07/22/2007 - Finished the guide. 
    Version 2.0 - 08/06/2007 - Added section 3.W. Inside L'Renouille
                               Added section 4. Tuning Up Your Perfect Game
                               Fixed information relating Dragon Plans #2 and 
            Unicorn Plans #2, I put that they were missable and you can come
            back and get them later (Futch and Humhprey must be in the party)
                               Fixed some spelling errors.
    Version 2.1 - 08/17/2007 - Fixed some errors on the guide.
    6. Copyright
    This document is copyright (c) 2007 by scarlet988.
    All rights reserved.
    If you wish to post my guide in your site you must contact me fist and ask for 
    permission. Any attempt to post this guide is a violation of copyright and the 
    law. You have been warned. So please, ask for permission. 
    Sites allowed to post this guide
    - www.gamefaqs.com
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    - www.supercheats.com
    The latest update for this guide will be found in www.gamefaqs.com
    7. Credits
    CjayC - For making this site and having it updated and running.
    JHawks - For his wonderful message board topic, it really helped me a lot. 
    Thanks a million.
    GradeABrassiere - For his suggestion about not including Lvl 99 with 9/9/7/5 
    MP as a requirement for a perfect game.
    rnoron: For his helpful information on the Level 99 with 9/9/7/5 MP section.
    GamemaniaX: For pointing out an error concerning the recruitment of Tetsu.
    Suikoden II Message Board Members - for their excellent work giving helpful 
    Konami - For making this splendid game.
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