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    Guardian Deity List by Sir Aronar

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/22/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Guardian Deity List
    Compiled by: Sir Aronar (sir_aronar@msn.com)
    Version 1.0
         After some deliberation, I decided to make this list to allow 
    people to see what they could get through the Guardian Deity option 
    from Jude.  It's fairly complete (maybe a few tags are missing), so 
    there should be nor real problems.
         If you see that I've missed something, feel free to pass on the 
    Disclaimer: This FAQ can also be found in my Suikoden 2 Walkthrough.  
    It is meant for private use.  If you wish to add it to your page, 
    please ask me first (that's not too much to ask).  Also note that it 
    must be used in its entirety.
    Head        Body        Legs        Tail        Prize
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Rabbit      Rabbit      Stone of Magic
    Turtle      Turtle      Turtle      Turtle      110000 potch
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Unicorn     Unicorn     Blue Gate Crystal
    Dragon      Dragon      Dragon      Dragon      Dragon Incense
    Rabbit and Turtle
    Rabbit      Turtle      Rabbit      Rabbit      Escape Talisman
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Turtle      Rabbit      The Shredding x6
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Rabbit      Turtle      66000 potch
    Rabbit      Turtle      Turtle      Rabbit      Healing Wind x9
    Rabbit      Turtle      Rabbit      Turtle      Prosperity Crystal & 
                                                     Fortune Crystal
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Turtle      Turtle      74000 potch
    Rabbit      Turtle      Turtle      Turtle      Fine Bone China
    Turtle      Rabbit      Rabbit      Rabbit      Wine
    Turtle      Turtle      Rabbit      Rabbit      Red Curry x6
    Turtle      Rabbit      Turtle      Rabbit      Cyclone Crystal
    Turtle      Rabbit      Rabbit      Turtle      83000 potch
    Turtle      Turtle      Turtle      Rabbit      Canopy Defense x9
    Turtle      Rabbit      Turtle      Turtle      78000 potch
    Turtle      Turtle      Rabbit      Turtle      98000 potch
    Rabbit and Unicorn
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Rabbit      Rabbit      Ship Combo x8
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Unicorn     Rabbit      Dancing Flames x6
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Rabbit      Unicorn     Wind Crystal 
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Unicorn     Rabbit      Japanese Curry x6
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Rabbit      Unicorn     Phero Crystal
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Unicorn     Unicorn     Warrior Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Unicorn     Unicorn     Medicine Crystal
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Rabbit      Rabbit      Fortune Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Rabbit      Rabbit      Kindness Rain x6
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Unicorn     Rabbit      Goldlet
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Rabbit      Unicorn     Hazy Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Unicorn     Rabbit      Antitoxin x4
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Unicorn     Unicorn     Sylph Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Rabbit      Unicorn     Kite Crystal
    Rabbit and Dragon
    Rabbit      Dragon      Rabbit      Rabbit      Fire Wall x9
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Dragon      Rabbit      Chinese Noodles x8
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Rabbit      Dragon      Chaos Shield
    Rabbit      Dragon      Dragon      Rabbit      Nanami's Vase
    Rabbit      Dragon      Rabbit      Dragon      Lucky Ring
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Dragon      Dragon      Boots
    Rabbit      Dragon      Dragon      Dragon      Lucky Ring
    Dragon      Rabbit      Rabbit      Rabbit      Revenge Earth x6
    Dragon      Dragon      Rabbit      Rabbit      Protection Mist x9
    Dragon      Rabbit      Dragon      Rabbit      Dragon Incense & 
                                                     Fortune Crystal
    Dragon      Rabbit      Rabbit      Dragon      Full Helmet
    Dragon      Dragon      Dragon      Rabbit      Medicine x6
    Dragon      Rabbit      Dragon      Dragon      Circuret
    Dragon      Dragon      Rabbit      Dragon      Leather Hat
    Turtle and Unicorn
    Turtle      Unicorn     Turtle      Turtle      65000 potch
    Turtle      Turtle      Unicorn     Turtle      120000 potch
    Turtle      Turtle      Turtle      Unicorn     Earth Crystal
    Turtle      Unicorn     Unicorn     Turtle      31000 potch
    Turtle      Unicorn     Turtle      Unicorn     Mother Earth Crystal
    Turtle      Turtle      Unicorn     Unicorn     Magic Drain Crystal
    Turtle      Unicorn     Unicorn     Unicorn     Wizard Crystal
    Unicorn     Turtle      Turtle      Turtle      72000 potch
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Turtle      Turtle      72000 potch
    Unicorn     Turtle      Unicorn     Turtle      22000 potch
    Unicorn     Turtle      Turtle      Unicorn     Hunter Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Unicorn     Turtle      22000 potch
    Unicorn     Turtle      Unicorn     Unicorn     Blue Gate Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Turtle      Unicorn     Hunter Crystal
    Turtle and Dragon
    Turtle      Dragon      Dragon      Dragon      Silver Armor
    Turtle      Turtle      Dragon      Dragon      Master Robe
    Turtle      Dragon      Turtle      Dragon      Windspun Armor
    Turtle      Dragon      Dragon      Turtle      Dragon Armor (x2)
    Turtle      Turtle      Turtle      Dragon      Earth Armor
    Turtle      Dragon      Turtle      Turtle      88000 potch
    Turtle      Turtle      Dragon      Turtle      Prosperity Crystal
    Dragon      Turtle      Dragon      Dragon      Full Helmet
    Dragon      Dragon      Turtle      Dragon      2 Bandana
    Dragon      Dragon      Dragon      Turtle      Hex Doll
    Dragon      Turtle      Turtle      Dragon      Half Helmet
    Dragon      Turtle      Dragon      Turtle      Gold Bar x2
    Dragon      Dragon      Turtle      Turtle      15000 potch
    Dragon      Turtle      Turtle      Turtle      Gold Bar
    Unicorn and Dragon
    Unicorn     Dragon      Unicorn     Unicorn     Viper Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Dragon      Unicorn     Water Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Unicorn     Dragon      Rose Brooch
    Unicorn     Dragon      Dragon      Unicorn     Knight Crystal
    Unicorn     Dragon      Unicorn     Dragon      Horned Helm
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Dragon      Dragon      Goldlet
    Unicorn     Dragon      Dragon      Dragon      Wing Ornament
    Dragon      Unicorn     Unicorn     Unicorn     Skunk Crystal
    Dragon      Dragon      Unicorn     Unicorn     Fury Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Dragon      Unicorn     Rage Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Unicorn     Dragon      Silver Hat
    Dragon      Dragon      Dragon      Unicorn     Fire Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Dragon      Dragon      Bandana
    Dragon      Dragon      Unicorn     Dragon      Flame Helmet
    Rabbit, Turtle, and Unicorn
    Rabbit      Turtle      Unicorn     Rabbit      Stone of Magic Defense
    Rabbit      Turtle      Rabbit      Unicorn     Wind Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Turtle      Rabbit      Sukiyaki x8
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Turtle      Unicorn     Earth Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Rabbit      Turtle      2 Pearl
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Unicorn     Turtle      13000 potch
    Rabbit      Turtle      Turtle      Unicorn     Water Crystal
    Rabbit      Turtle      Unicorn     Turtle      63000 potch
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Turtle      Turtle      34000 potch
    Rabbit      Turtle      Unicorn     Unicorn     Fire Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Turtle      Unicorn     Resurrection Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Unicorn     Turtle      14000 potch
    Turtle      Unicorn     Rabbit      Rabbit      2 Octopus Urn
    Turtle      Rabbit      Unicorn     Rabbit      Pancakes x9
    Turtle      Rabbit      Rabbit      Unicorn     Water Crystal
    Turtle      Turtle      Unicorn     Rabbit      Wind of Sleep x9
    Turtle      Turtle      Rabbit      Unicorn     Kindness Crystal
    Turtle      Unicorn     Turtle      Rabbit      Stone of Defense
    Turtle      Rabbit      Turtle      Unicorn     Dryad Crystal
    Turtle      Unicorn     Rabbit      Turtle      72000 potch
    Turtle      Rabbit      Unicorn     Turtle      28000 potch
    Turtle      Unicorn     Unicorn     Rabbit      Boulder Set & Toy Boat
    Turtle      Unicorn     Rabbit      Unicorn     Sleep Crystal
    Turtle      Rabbit      Unicorn     Unicorn     Exertion Crystal
    Unicorn     Turtle      Rabbit      Rabbit      Kindness Rain x6
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Turtle      Rabbit      Rising Sun Bento x9
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Rabbit      Turtle      11000 potch
    Unicorn     Turtle      Turtle      Rabbit      Mega Medicine x9
    Unicorn     Turtle      Rabbit      Turtle      16000 potch
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Turtle      Turtle      35000 potch
    Unicorn     Turtle      Unicorn     Rabbit      Antitoxin
    Unicorn     Turtle      Rabbit      Unicorn     Kite Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Turtle      Rabbit      Mega Medicine x9
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Turtle      Unicorn     Chimera Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Rabbit      Turtle      16000 potch
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Unicorn     Turtle      9000 potch
    Rabbit, Turtle, and Dragon
    Rabbit      Turtle      Dragon      Rabbit      Mega Medicine x3
    Rabbit      Turtle      Rabbit      Dragon      Speed Ring
    Rabbit      Dragon      Turtle      Rabbit      Needle x4
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Turtle      Dragon      Wooden Shield
    Rabbit      Dragon      Rabbit      Turtle      14000 potch
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Dragon      Turtle      22000 potch
    Rabbit      Turtle      Turtle      Dragon      Earth Shield
    Rabbit      Turtle      Dragon      Turtle      58000 potch
    Rabbit      Dragon      Turtle      Turtle      56000 potch
    Rabbit      Turtle      Dragon      Dragon      Mangosh
    Rabbit      Dragon      Turtle      Dragon      Kite Shield
    Rabbit      Dragon      Dragon      Turtle      57000 potch
    Turtle      Dragon      Rabbit      Rabbit      2 Medicine x6
    Turtle      Rabbit      Dragon      Rabbit      Tonkatsu x9
    Turtle      Rabbit      Rabbit      Dragon      Blood Armor
    Turtle      Turtle      Dragon      Rabbit      Throat Drops x4
    Turtle      Turtle      Rabbit      Dragon      Half Plate
    Turtle      Dragon      Turtle      Rabbit      The Shredding x6
                                                     Bolt of Wrath x6
    Turtle      Rabbit      Turtle      Dragon      Taikyoku Wear
    Turtle      Dragon      Rabbit      Turtle      63000 potch
    Turtle      Rabbit      Dragon      Turtle      55000 potch
    Turtle      Dragon      Dragon      Rabbit      Boulder Set
    Turtle      Dragon      Rabbit      Dragon      Scale Mail
    Turtle      Rabbit      Dragon      Dragon      Robe of Mist 
    Dragon      Turtle      Rabbit      Rabbit      Stone of Luck
    Dragon      Rabbit      Turtle      Rabbit      Bolt of Wrath
    Dragon      Rabbit      Rabbit      Turtle      12000 potch
    Dragon      Turtle      Turtle      Rabbit      Beefsteak x6
    Dragon      Turtle      Rabbit      Turtle      35000 potch
    Dragon      Rabbit      Turtle      Turtle      39000 potch
    Dragon      Turtle      Dragon      Rabbit      Kindness Drop x9
    Dragon      Turtle      Rabbit      Dragon      Feathered Hat
    Dragon      Dragon      Turtle      Rabbit      Flaming Arrows x9
    Dragon      Rabbit      Turtle      Dragon      Half Helmet
    Dragon      Dragon      Rabbit      Turtle      8000 potch
    Dragon      Rabbit      Dragon      Turtle      17000 potch
    Rabbit, Unicorn, and Dragon
    Rabbit      Dragon      Unicorn     Rabbit      2 Boots
    Rabbit      Dragon      Rabbit      Unicorn     Fire Sealing Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Dragon      Rabbit      Angry Blow x9
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Dragon      Unicorn     Lightning Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Rabbit      Dragon      Magic Ring
    Rabbit      Rabbit      Unicorn     Dragon      Steel Shield
    Rabbit      Dragon      Dragon      Unicorn     Draining Crystal
    Rabbit      Dragon      Unicorn     Dragon      Fire Emblem
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Dragon      Dragon      Sun Badge
    Rabbit      Dragon      Unicorn     Unicorn     Barrier Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Dragon      Unicorn     Darkness Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Unicorn     Dragon      Silver Shield
    Unicorn     Dragon      Rabbit      Rabbit      Toy Boat
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Dragon      Rabbit      Revenge Earth x9
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Rabbit      Dragon      Gold Emblem
    Unicorn     Dragon      Dragon      Rabbit      Flaming Sea x6
    Unicorn     Dragon      Rabbit      Dragon      Gloves
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Dragon      Dragon      Guard Ring
    Unicorn     Dragon      Unicorn     Rabbit      Tekka-Don x8
    Unicorn     Dragon      Rabbit      Unicorn     Lion Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Dragon      Rabbit      Stone of Skill
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Dragon      Unicorn     Unicorn Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Rabbit      Dragon      Power Ring
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Unicorn     Dragon      Star Earrings
    Dragon      Unicorn     Rabbit      Rabbit      Raw Tomato x9
    Dragon      Rabbit      Unicorn     Rabbit      Pointed Hat
    Dragon      Rabbit      Rabbit      Unicorn     Titan Crystal
    Dragon      Dragon      Unicorn     Rabbit      Stone of Speed
    Dragon      Dragon      Rabbit      Unicorn     Double Strike Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Dragon      Rabbit      Flaming Arrows x9
    Dragon      Rabbit      Dragon      Unicorn     Counter Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Rabbit      Dragon      Silver Hat
    Dragon      Rabbit      Unicorn     Dragon      Pointed Hat
    Dragon      Unicorn     Unicorn     Rabbit      Clay Guardian
    Dragon      Unicorn     Rabbit      Unicorn     Fire Sealing Crystal
    Dragon      Rabbit      Unicorn     Unicorn     Spark Crystal
    Turtle, Unicorn, and Dragon
    Turtle      Unicorn     Dragon      Dragon      Thunder God Garb
    Turtle      Dragon      Unicorn     Dragon      Master Garb
    Turtle      Dragon      Dragon      Unicorn     Fire Lizard Crystal
    Turtle      Turtle      Unicorn     Dragon      Magic Robe
    Turtle      Turtle      Dragon      Unicorn     Friendship Crystal
    Turtle      Unicorn     Turtle      Dragon      Ninja Suit
    Turtle      Dragon      Turtle      Unicorn     Silence Crystal
    Turtle      Unicorn     Dragon      Turtle      34000 potch
    Turtle      Dragon      Unicorn     Turtle      32000 potch
    Turtle      Unicorn     Unicorn     Dragon      Knight Armor
    Turtle      Unicorn     Dragon      Unicorn     Down Crystal
    Turtle      Dragon      Unicorn     Unicorn     Technique Crystal
    Unicorn     Turtle      Dragon      Dragon      Goldlet
    Unicorn     Dragon      Turtle      Dragon      Crimson Cape
    Unicorn     Dragon      Dragon      Turtle      8000 potch
    Unicorn     Turtle      Turtle      Dragon      Wind Amulet
    Unicorn     Turtle      Dragon      Turtle      19000 potch
    Unicorn     Dragon      Turtle      Turtle      Landscape Painting
    Unicorn     Turtle      Unicorn     Dragon      Rose Brooch
    Unicorn     Turtle      Dragon      Unicorn     Water Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Turtle      Dragon      Wind Amulet
    Unicorn     Dragon      Turtle      Unicorn     Great Hawk Crystal
    Unicorn     Unicorn     Dragon      Turtle      19000 potch
    Unicorn     Dragon      Unicorn     Turtle      16000 potch
    Dragon      Turtle      Unicorn     Dragon      Wind Hat
    Dragon      Turtle      Dragon      Unicorn     Dragon Incense & Blue
                                                     Gate Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Turtle      Dragon      Circuret
    Dragon      Dragon      Turtle      Unicorn     Rage Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Dragon      Turtle      15000 potch
    Dragon      Dragon      Unicorn     Turtle      9000 potch
    Dragon      Turtle      Turtle      Unicorn     Killer Crystal
    Dragon      Turtle      Unicorn     Turtle      36000 potch
    Dragon      Unicorn     Turtle      Turtle      32000 potch
    Dragon      Turtle      Unicorn     Unicorn     Double Beat Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Turtle      Unicorn     Firefly Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Unicorn     Turtle      22000 potch
    Rabbit, Turtle, Unicorn, and Dragon
    Rabbit      Turtle      Unicorn     Dragon      Winged Boots
    Rabbit      Turtle      Dragon      Unicorn     Earth Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Turtle      Dragon      Fish Badge
    Rabbit      Dragon      Turtle      Unicorn     Balance Crystal
    Rabbit      Unicorn     Dragon      Turtle      8800 potch
    Rabbit      Dragon      Unicorn     Turtle      22000 potch
    Turtle      Rabbit      Unicorn     Dragon      Full Plate
    Turtle      Rabbit      Dragon      Unicorn     Nymph Crystal
    Turtle      Unicorn     Rabbit      Dragon      Dream Robe
    Turtle      Dragon      Rabbit      Unicorn     Poison Crystal
    Turtle      Unicorn     Dragon      Rabbit      2 Hex Doll
    Turtle      Dragon      Unicorn     Rabbit      Dancing Flames x6 &
                                                     Kindness Rain x6
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Turtle      Dragon      Iron Boots
    Unicorn     Rabbit      Dragon      Turtle      39000 potch
    Unicorn     Turtle      Rabbit      Dragon      Power Ring
    Unicorn     Dragon      Rabbit      Turtle      17000 potch
    Unicorn     Turtle      Dragon      Rabbit      Stone of Skill
    Unicorn     Dragon      Turtle      Rabbit      Chick
    Dragon      Rabbit      Turtle      Unicorn     Gale Crystal
    Dragon      Rabbit      Unicorn     Turtle      22000 potch
    Dragon      Turtle      Rabbit      Unicorn     Wall Crystal
    Dragon      Unicorn     Rabbit      Turtle      17000 potch
    Dragon      Turtle      Unicorn     Rabbit      Tom Yum Soup x9
    Dragon      Unicorn     Turtle      Rabbit      Thunder Runner x9
    This list was only possible from the submissions of others.  I 
    personally chinked away at 120-140 combinations, but without the aid of
    others, this would never have been accomplished.  Thus why it is a 
    compiled list.  Anyway, on with those more worthy than I.
    Everaldo Moura de Melo Junior <everaldo@xoommail.com>
    Flame <flame@yifan.net>
    Speed <speed@nts-online.net>
    If I missed anyone's name (and I fear I have, please e-mail as soon as 
    possible).  Thanks for reading.

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