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    Armor/Equipment List by Feral

    Version: 0.7 | Updated: 01/20/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Suikoden 2 armor types and equipments listing 
    compiled by Feral (feralnoa@aol.com)
    Version 0.7 January, 2000. Started this list.  
    Don't you just hate it when you find something like Windspun Armor, and 
    it looks really great, but no one (well, no one that you brought along, 
    at any rate) can wear it? Me too. Well, this is my solution to that. 
    This list is intended to show which of the many characters in the Playstation 
    game Suikoden 2 can equip which armors and helmets/headgear, as well as 
    whether they can have a shield. Also hopefully it will eventually have a 
    comprehensive listing of the accessories and which characters those can be 
    equipped by. I had noticed that the instructions booklet which came with 
    Suikoden 2 had a list placing each of the armors into one (or more) of 
    four categories. This then gave me the idea that it could be possible to 
    put together a list of which characters can wear each of the armors, 
    without having to write it all out over and over about 70 or so times. 
    If each character could only wear one type of armor, then it would be 
    comparatively simple to use the categories to predict which armors 
    could be worn by each character, as opposed to manually trying out 
    each combination. Same thing for the helmets/headgear, and it would 
    also be simple to determine whether a character can carry a shield as 
    well. The accessories, on the other hand, pose a bit more of a problem, 
    as the instructions booklet did not provide types for them.  
    Note: This is still preliminary, and some of these are still from 
    guesswork. If you find any mistakes, such as characters/equipment being 
    left out or incorrectly listed, please e-mail me with the correction(s), 
    and how you determined it so I can fix the problem. Also, the 
    instructions booklet that came with the game also had some mistakes in 
    it which I have attempted to catch and fix, but some may still have 
    slipped by. 
    List of characters and their armor type, helmet or headgear, shield if 
    they can carry one. Specific unremoveable equipment is in (parentheses).  
    the hero - Light Armor, Headgear
    Amada - MA Karate Suit, Headgear  
    Anita - Light Armor, Headgear, Shield  
    Ayda - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Badeaux - Heavy Armor, Helmet 
    Bob - MA Karate Suit, Headgear 
    Bolgan - Light Armor, Helmet 
    Camus - Light Armor, Helmet, Shield, (Crimson Cape)
    Chaco - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Clive - Light Armor, Headgear 
    Eilie - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Flik - Light Armor, Headgear, Shield 
    Freed - Light Armor, Helmet, Shield, (Water Amulet) 
    Futch - Light Armor, Helmet, Shield 
    Gabocha - Light Armor, Headgear 
    Gantetsu - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Gengen - Light Armor, Helmet, Shield   
    Genshu - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Georg - (Silver Armor), Helmet 
    Gijimu - Heavy Armor, Helmet 
    Hai Yo - Light Armor, Headgear 
    Hanna - Light Armor, Helmet, Shield 
    Hauser - Light Armor, Helmet 
    Hix - Light Armor, Headgear, Shield 
    Hoi - Light Armor, Headgear 
    Humphrey - (Knight Armor), Helmet
    Jowy - Light Armor, Headgear 
    Kahn - Light Armor, Helmet 
    Karen - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Kasumi - MA Karate Suit, Headgear 
    Killey - Light Armor, Headgear 
    Kinnison - Light Armor, Headgear 
    Koyu - Light Armor, Headgear 
    L.C. Chan - MA Karate Suit, Headgear 
    Lo Wen - Light Armor, Headgear  
    Lorelai - Light Armor, Helmet, (Thunder Amulet) 
    Luc - Robe, Headgear, (Speed Ring) 
    Mazus - (Robe of Mist), Headgear 
    McDohl - Light Armor, Headgear
    Meg - MA Karate Suit, Headgear, (Lucky Ring) 
    Miklotov - Heavy Armor, Helmet, (Fire Emblem) 
    Millie - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Mondo - MA Karate Suit, Headgear 
    Nanami - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Nina - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Oulan - Light Armor, Helmet, (Power Gloves) 
    Pesmerga - (Knight Armor, Horned Helmet, Chaos Shield, Guard Ring, Iron Boots)  
    Rikimaru - Light Armor, Helmet 
    Rina - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Sasuke - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Sheena - Light Armor, Headgear, Shield, (Star Earrings) 
    Shilo - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Shin - Light Armor, Headgear 
    Sid - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Sierra - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Simone - Light Armor, Headgear, (Cape of Darkness, Gold Emblem)
    Stallion - Light Armor, Headgear, (Winged Boots) 
    Tai Ho - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Tengaar - Robe, Headgear, (Wind Amulet)  
    Tomo - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Tsai - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Tuta - Robe, Headgear 
    Valeria - Light Armor, Headgear, Shield 
    Viki - Robe, Headgear 
    Viktor - Light Armor, Headgear 
    Vincent - Light Armor, Headgear, Shield, (Rose Brooch) 
    Wakaba - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Yoshino - MA Karate Suit, Headgear, (Water Amulet) 
    Zamza - Robe, Headgear 
    Shiro, Gadget, the five squirrels, Feather, Sigfried, Abizboah and 
    his wife and child can't have anything equipped.
    Types of equipment 
      Bandana (headgear)         def + 1
      Leather Hat (helm/hdgr)    def + 2
      Feathered Hat (headgear)   def + 3, Spd + 3, resists wind  
      Pointed Hat (headgear)     def + 5, protects against balloons
      Circuret (helm/hdgr)       def + 7
      Half Helmet (helm/hdgr)    def + 10
      Head Gear (headgear)       def + 14
      Silver Hat (headgear)      def + 19, restores HP, resists darkness 
      Full Helmet (helmet)       def + 20
      Wind Hat (headgear)        def + 24, Spd + 7, resists wind 
      Flame Helmet (helmet)      def + 30, Str +4, resists fire 
      Horned Helmet (helmet)     def + 35 
      Mole Helmet (helm/hdgr)    def + 12, Prevents unfriendly 
     Armor (R = Robes, MA = Martial Arts Karate Suit, Lt = Light Armor, Hvy = Heavy Armor)
      Robe (Lt/MA/R)             def + 1
      Tunic (Lt/MA)              def + 2
      Leather Coat (Hvy/Lt/MA)   def + 4
      Brass Armor (Hvy/Lt)       def + 6
      Guard Robe (Lt/MA/R)       def + 7
      Karate Uniform (Lt/MA)     def + 10, Tech +5
      Leather Armor (Hvy/Lt)     def + 14
      Chain Mail (Lt)            def + 16
      Ninja Suit (Lt/MA)         def + 17, Spd +15
      Half Plate (Hvy)           def + 19
      Magic Robe (Lt/MA/R)       def + 22
      Thunder God Garb (MA)      def + 25, Hit +10, resists lightning
      Scale Mail (Lt)            def + 28
      Dragon Armor (Hvy/Lt)      def + 30
      Master Robe (MA/R)         def + 33, Restores HP 
      Full Plate (Hvy)           def + 36
      Taikioku Wear (MA)         def + 40, Spd +10
      Master Garb (Lt/MA)        def + 45, Str + 15, Tech + 15
      Robe of Mist (MA/R)        def + 47, Repels magic, resists water
      Earth Armor (Hvy/Lt)       def + 49, Anti-bat, resists earth
      Dream Robe (MA)            def + 52, can't be attacked
      Silver Armor (Lt)          def + 55, Restores HP, resists darkness
      Knight Armor (Hvy)         def + 58
      Blood Armor (Hvy/Lt)       def + 62, Drains HP 
      Windspun Armor (Hvy)       def + 65, Spd +15, resists wind
      Mole Suit (Hvy/Lt/MA/R)    def + 29, Resists earth, no target      
      Wooden Shield   def + 2
      Steel Shield    def + 7
      Kite Shield     def + 12
      Mangosh         def + 19, Return stab x 1.5
      Silver Shield   def + 27, Restores HP, resists darkness
      Chaos Shield    def + 34
      Earth Shield    def + 36, Anti-bat, resists earth
      For hands (cannot be worn by Kobolds)
       Gloves         def + 2
       Gauntlet       def + 4
       Power Glove    def + 16, Str + 15
       Silverlet      def + 11
       Goldlet        def + 18
      Footwear (cannot be worn by Wingers or Kobolds) 
       Wooden Shoes   def + 1
       Leggings       def + 2
       Boots          def + 3
       Toe Shoes      def + 9
       Winged Boots   def + 14, Spd +10
       Iron Boots     def + 15
      Necklaces (can only be worn by Kobolds and Wingers)
       Necklace         def + 7
       Heavy Necklace   def + 11
       Silver Necklace  def + 17, Restores HP
       Gold Necklace    def + 21, Mag def + 5  
      Capes (* can be worn by all) 
       Cape             def + 1
       Leather Cape     def + 5
       Fur Cape         def + 9
       Cape of Darkness def + 12
       Crimson Cape     def + 14
      Rings (? ... can't seem to find a pattern.. I may have to do each separately..)
       Guard Ring   def + 7, Mag def +10
       Speed Ring   def + 10, Spd +15
       Skill Ring   def + 9, Tech +20
       Lucky Ring   def + 12, Luck +20
       Magic Ring   def + 7, Mag +15
       Power Ring   def + 8, Str +20
      Cheek Guards      def + 3
      Shoulder Pads     def + 5
      Blue Ribbon       def + 6, can't be targeted
      Belt of Strength  def + 6, Str +5
      Sun Badge         def + 4, Restores HP 
      Fish Badge        def + 6, Repels magic (** I can't seem to figure this out)
      Fire Emblem       def + 7, Str +15, resists fire (cannot be worn by Kobolds or females)
      Gold Emblem       def + 10, Mag def +10
      Water Amulet      def + 6, Repels magic, resists water
      Thunder Amulet    def + 9, Hit +15, resists lightning
      Wind Amulet       def + 12, Spd +10, resists wind
      Star Earrings  def + 8, Restores HP
      Wing Ornament  def + 19, Spd +12 (can only be worn by Wingers)
      Rose Brooch    def + 13 (can only be worn by Vincent and Simone)
     * can be equipped by all characters, Except those who can't have any items at all, 
       of course. 
     ** I thought that it could only be worn by characters younger than 18 years old, 
        but Viki can't wear it and according to Richmond, she's only 16... 
    Credits and Thanks to: 
     whoever at Konami made Suikoden2 and the booklet that came with the game, otherwise 
    I wouldn't have anything to write about.
     Aya Brea for chatting with me via e-mail and asking "Don't you hate powerful stuff 
    like Windspun Armor that no one can wear?" which is what gave me the idea to make 
    this list. 
     The people who post on the Suikoden board at rpgamer for giving me feedback 
    and encouragement (I post on there as Viki) and Pesmerga for just being helpful 
    in general.
     Anyone else who helped me in any way that I may have forgotten to mention. 
    If you'd like to use this list for something, feel free, but Please give me credit for 
    typing it all up and testing most of the stuff to make sure it's accurate. 

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