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    Personal Combat Guide by Lungky

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/01/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Suikoden 2 Personal Combat
    Version 1.0
    Author : Lungky (lung_ky@hotmail.com) / Johanes Karim
    Last Updated : Feb 1 2000
    * Please distribute this FAQ as long as it' still origional              *
    * If you want to use this on your FAQ / Walkthrough ASK ME first         *
    * Plagarism is not only unjust to authors but it is also a serious crime *
    * Please help stop plagerism on the net.                                 *
    Version 1.0 - First publish
    Read ME
    HI, my name is Johanes Karim / Lung
    I know my english is SUCK..... so if there is any thing .....
    I wrote had some mistake. PLEASE Tell ME.
    Q : Why i made this FAQ ?
    A : Because on Personal Combat i always dream want to win with perfect ....... ^_^.
    Q : How you can find the author ?
    A : Just mail me at lung_ky@hotmail.com
    Q : I knew the new move of Personal Combat that not on my list ...
    A : Please tell me ...... and I will give u a credit... :)
        (I knew i forgot to add full of Luca Blight and Jowy....) 
    Nice try i'll go next	 - Attack
    That's the spirit	 - Attack
    This is just a waste of time - Attack
    That's how to attack. got it ? - Attack
    Okay, let's see what you've got - Attack
    Oops, I might have put too much into that one - Attack
    Hey, be careful how you swing that thing - Attack
    Whoa, nice stroke. That's the way. - Attack
    In combat, caution is the best weapon - Defend
    C'mon take a swing at me - Defend
    Want to try that again - Defend
    Okey, it's your turn. Let's see what you've got - Defend
    That's how to attack. try it yourself - Defend
    Don't get too condfident or you'll get yourself killed - Defend
    Hey, That was a surprise - Defend
    Hey, wanna try that again - Defend
    The next one's going to hurt - Wild Attack
    One of us is going to have to finish this - Wild Attack
    Here goes! Hope you can handle this - Wild Attack
    Here it comes. Better get out of the way - Wild Attack
    Thinking the same thing, eh. C'mon let's go. - Attack
    Okay, first a little test - Attack
    Ouch! Pretty good! - Attack
    Ouch! That musta hurt! Sorry about that - Attack
    Hey, you're not gonna win that way y'know - Attack
    ARGH!!!!..... Nice shot..... But it ain't over yet!!!!! - Attack
    YOWCH!!!!! Nice one! My hand's all numb! - Attack
    Ouch! Pretty good! - Attack
    Ha ha ha ha! Too bad, boy!!! Now it's my turn !!! - Attack
    Ouch! I felt that one! - Attack
    He he, first show me what you've got, boy - Defend
    I won't fall for that one again - Defend
    C'mon. It's your turn now. - Defend
    Dammit!!! I might lose this one!!! - Defend
    He he, I guess i'd better hold back a little - Defend
    Got to keep your head cool when you're in a fight, y'know. - Defend
    Woa!!! That was scary!!!!! - Defend
    Ha ha! Wanna try that again? - Defend
    Damn! Dammit!!! Gotta think!!!!! - Defend
    Way to go, kid!!! But I won't lose that easy! - Wild Attack
    Okay, it's my turn next - Wild Attack
    Okay, boy, here I go! - Wild Attack
    I'm just about ready to take the kid gloves off - Wild Attack
    Better get ready. Here I go again. - Wild Attack
    That was fun!!! Let's go again!!! - Wild Attack
    If ya liked that, I'll give ya some more - Wild Attack
    That won't get us anywhere! Try this one on fer size!!!!! - Wild Attack
    He he, I'll show ya how to attack! - Wild Attack
    Argh! I'll get ya next time!!! - Wild Attack
    Luca Bright
    Ridiculous!!! You think a punk like you can stop me !!!!! - Defend
    That's Nothing - Attack
    Pathetic!!!! That's what you call power !!!! - Defend
    Hah...hah hah hah... Fighting is my life..... - Defend
    Hah...... A draw.......... - Attack
    Idiot!!!! Is that the best you can do!!!! - Attack
    Hah........ Are we still doing this.... - Wild Attack
    Very good, boy - Attack
    I may be old, but I haven't lost my sword arm - Attack
    I can't let you past here, son - Attack
    You're a tough one.... - Attack
    You can't defend yourself forever - Attack
    You can't win like that, boy - Attack
    And now it's my turn - Attack
    Foolish boy!!! - Attack
    Ho ho ho.... You taught him well, Genkaku my friend.... - Attack
    Unf..... Your father would have been proud to see you today - Attack
    What will you do now, boy? - Defend
    You think you can beat me, boy ? - Defend
    Let me see your power, Genkaku's son - Defend
    Well struck .... It seems I should be more careful.... - Defend
    I should have avoided that cheap little shot... - Defend
    Try that again, boy - Defend
    Yes, but can you defend against my sword!!! - Wild attack
    You think my sword has lost it's bite!!! - Wild Attack
    Let's bury our past here, boy!!! - Wild Attack
    You've got spirit... - Wild Attack
    Can you take this? - Wild Attack
    You've got spirit... - Wild Attack
    Now feel my deadly sword - Wild Attack
    Watch closely, boy!! - Wild Attack
    You'll have to do better than that - Wild Attack
    Watch and learn, boy. Here's how to wield a sword!!! - Wild Attack
    Let's finish this long, long battle.... - Attack
    Here goes.... Hero........... - Attack
    Why won't you fight, Hero!!! - Attack
    Let's test your strength.... Hero....... - Defend
    Hero.... You...... - Defend
    You're the leader of of the Orange Army, Hero...... - Defend
    1. Thanks to GAMEFAQS for putting my FAQ online.
    2. Thanks to KONAMI KCET for producing this Great GAME 
    3. Thanks to my Akira..... <my PC> hihihihi for her patient to wait for me to 
    type..... for the move of Personal Combat ^_^
                         Thank For Reading my FAQ

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