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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JP

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/14/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                  ©1999 - 2000 Jonathan Bouldin
                  The JP guide to
                  Suikoden II
              Questions? Get in touch at lunchboxs@hotmail.com
    - The Mercenary Base
    - Your New Destiny
    - In Need of a Leader
    - New Places, New Faces
    - New Places, New Faces (part 2)
    - Return to Muse
    - The Toran Republic
    - More new Places, and More new Problems
    - ‘Tis Neclord Again
    - Four Major Battles and a Very Good Time
    - The Final Mission
    ~Vertion Numbers~
    0.1. I’ve written the forward, cast list, and just started the walkthrough. I’m actually half
    way dreading writing this thing; I’ve made one hell of a project for myself.
    0.2. Wrote even more in the walkthrough and its going nicely! Although I may not have
    the chance to over the next little while as to I’m going on vacation, and right after I
    get back friends are coming over. My calendar is full for the next 2 weeks.
    0.3. I’ve started on a Castle FAQ, which is about your Suikoden 2 castle, of course. I’m
    not going to put it on here just yet, however. It’s still not quite done. I also fixed a
    few problems in the walkthrough itself.
    0.4. Very small walkthrough update this time, but I made a few corrections to it and
    added two lists. An armor list and a character list. I’d like to thank both of the people
    who let me use these, Feral and Odin135 (check the Thank You section for more
    0.5. This is a pretty big update, if I do say so myself. I covered the whole Greenhill
    section of the game, and also the Unicorn Quest you have to go on to get Hix and
    Tengaar. Oh, and if you’ve noticed that I haven’t been writing the interactive
    questions down, it’s because most of them at this time are just unimportant, so I’ve
    been saving time by not writing them down. If it’s an important one, I’ll put it down
    for sure, though. Ok, I just wanted to clear that up.
    0.6. A added the castle FAQ to this, and submitted it on another document as well! Yay!
    0.7. A rather large update this week. Lots of walkthrough updates, updated the Your
    Castle section with a few corrections and new info. Started a Suggestion Box Letters
    section, which is coming along alright, but it’s going to take a long time to finish, so
    if you happen to want to send me some of the suggestion box letters I’d be happy to
    toss them up here. I also added the Suggestion Box letters section to the Castle FAQ
    since the Suggestion Box is, as a matter of fact, in your castle!
    0.8. I almost forgot to add my new version number! Another really big walkthrough
    update and also more letters, etc. Nothing too special, really. I’m planning on putting
    the content of the Old Books up here sometime soon, so that should be pretty cool.
    Anyone agree? Of course, I thought so! I can’t believe I’m actually getting close to
    being DONE with the walkthrough!!! I mean, I know I still have a ways to go, of
    course, but I’m getting closer all the time! I simply can’t get over it! Oh, and this is
    also a happy time because of the big 200k anniversary! This FAQ is now a whopping
    200k!! Woo hoo!!!
    0.9. Well, another update hits the web. I started the Old Book section by putting three old
    books on this FAQ. I have two more to add, but I’m a bit tired of writing for now. I
    haven’t found all the old books, so if you want to send me one, I have a spot in my
    wonderful Thank You’s section just for you. I evidently won’t be finished with this
    guide by version 1.0, but that’s alright. Maybe I’ll be done by the time I reach 2.0.
    Yes, I DO expect to get to 2.0, I’m not sure that I will or anything, but I rather expect
    I will sometime in the future, probably thanks to the suggestion box letters ?.
    Anyway, enjoy the new update, and don’t wonder off too far till the next one.
    1.0. Well, here we are at the big 1.0, the whole number, the big tomalley. You’d think
    that after the huge gap between this update and the last one, this would be a huge
    update. Unfortunately, it’s not. Actually, all I have for you is a couple more old
    books and letters. I’ve been sick for quite a while now, so I finally sort of feel like
    writing again. Even so, I’m forcing myself to write even this much (you may not
    guess, but writing the old books out is a real pain). Over the past couple weeks I’ve
    been playing a lot of Golden Eye, actually. I borrowed it from a friend. I’ve gotten
    him several new cheats, only one of which is actually cool (well, I sort of like Enemy
    Rockets…), and all of the sudden he wants it back. Of all the nerve! I spent a couple
    hours trying to get the Invincibility cheat, then decided it was sort of stupid to get it
    on someone else’s game, so I gave up on it. I did, however, get the next best thing…
    Invisibility! Beating the Archives on 00 agent in 1:20 seconds is really tons easier
    then I thought it would be. I wouldn’t have even tried, but I accidentally went to the
    level on that difficulty. The very first time I tried I beat it and got a time of about
    1:55, so I decided I could do it and kept trying. And eventually I beat it with 1:20
    exactly, which is satisfactory to me. I made a very, very weak attempt at the
    unlimited ammo cheat. I ended up getting blown away by the drown gun right
    outside the elevator… really quite sad. I mean, I practically didn’t even start the
    level! Needless to say I haven’t tried since. Anyway, I’ve been blabbering on
    enough, and it’s about a totally different game! So, I’ll just leave you with this
    thought: I’m hoping to write more in the walkthrough this week, but please don’t be
    mad if I don’t, since I might be a bit busy. Also, I’d like to give a shout out to Tutsy
    for the e card. Thanks, it was a lovely change from the normal array of game
    questions that I usually get. ;-) Again, thanks.
    1.1. Are you glad that I finally updated this dang thing?? Anyway, we’ve got lots
    more walkthroughness, tons of new letters. And I even added a battle system
    explanation thing. Why an explanation on battle systems, you ask? Well, it came to
    me while I was playing a major battle, that some people might not fully understand
    everything about all the battles systems. Major battle’s are the most complicated,
    normal six person party battles are the easiest. Of course, the other reason that I made
    it is I have to come up with lots of crazy and nigh useless ideas so this FAQ can get
    bigger and bigger. Yes, my evil plan has been revealed! Anyway, enjoy the update,
    and I’d like to say sorry for not updating in so long. Sorry! And another sorry for not
    replying to all my e-mail. If you sent me a question and I didn’t answer, you sent it
    when my inbox was down (it goes down a lot!). Anyway, I shall leave you now with
    this 1.1 update. Have a wonderful day, guys and gals.
    1.2. Ahhhhhh, yes... can you say, “finished the walkthrough”, boys and girls? I knew you
    could!! FINALLY!!! After like, 5 months, I’m done with the walk through!!!! I’m ever
    so fulfilled.
    1.3. I took some time to fix all the errors and stuff in the guide. Other then that, nothing’s
    really new…
    If anyone remembers Suikoden, the first game, they probably remember the sheer size
    of everything. The cast, the game itself, the soundtrack, the list goes on. Well, there are
    just as many, and more of those things in the sequel, properly named Suikoden 2. This is
    a walkthrough of the USA version of the game. Oh, also, this guide is one big spoiler. If
    there’s something to be spoiled, this will spoil it. Keep that in mind!
    It would be stupid to list all 108 people, really. Instead, look at the end of this guide for a
    list, and the methods to get them all. Yes, it’s better that way. I’ll just cover the main
    characters here.
    The Hero: You get to name this guy at the start of the game. He uses a strange weapon
    that’s best described as two big sticks with handles… He joined a Youth Group called
    The Unicorns. Ever so fear-inspiring…
    Jowy: Another Member of The Unicorns, also a good friend of the Hero. He uses a staff,
    like the Hero from Suikoden.
    Flik: Presumed dead after being hit by an arrow and staying the Emperor’s castle to fight
    off some guards. Somehow, he pulled through, and here he is. He is now a part of The
    City-State, and is a leader of a mercenary group southeast to Muse and leads them with a
    big sword.
    Victor: Also presumed dead after staying behind to help Flik in the Scarlet Moon
    Emperor’s castle. He is still helping Flik out as the other leader of the mercenary group.
    He also uses a sword to take out baddies.
    Nanami: The Hero’s sister. She is also his only family member. She and Hero guy were
    orphaned and then adopted by a nice old man. He then gave them lesions in hurting bad
    guys. He died a year before the game starts. And now Nanami and the Hero are on there
    Luca Blight: I mean young man who is starting a war between Highland the Jowston
    City-State. No one knows why…
    Genkaku: This is the man that adopted you. He’s more then just an old guy, though. The
    game will answer why.
    Shu: A very rich trader from Radat. A little ways into the game he joins you as a Military
    Strategist. He studied under Mathiu. And he also knows Apple, another character from
    Suikoden who is a lead character in this game, too.
    _-_-_-_-_-_-_-BATTLE SYSTEMS-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
    Why did I write this, you ask? Simple. The battle systems in the game very, so I decided
    to put together some suggestions, tips, and other little things to help you with battles.
    Major battles especially because of all the options that are involved.
    -Normal Battles-
    Normal battles consist of 2 to 12 people/monsters (1 to 6 people in your party and 1 to 6
    baddies) and happen at random. This is the basic battling style that you’ll be using
    throughout a huge majority of the game. As far as working with this style, you’ll have no
    trouble. The instruction manual explains it pretty fully!
    -One on One Battles-
    A favorite of most Suikoden players, the one on one battles are between two people and
    use a different engine then the normal and major battle engines. It’s sort of like playing
    Rock, Paper, Scissors; except the options are vastly expanded from a mere three menu
    commands. What ever your opponent does, you have to counter-act it by choosing
    ‘Attack’, ‘Defense’ or ‘Wild Attack’. The guy you’re fighting has the same options, but
    you can predict his actions by what he says before each turn. See the walkthrough for
    lists of commands and what to do with the commands.
    -Major Battles-
    And so, this brings me to the last, and second most commonly used battle system, the
    major battle system. Apple explains how to work your units close to the start of the game,
    but what she doesn’t explain in that you can do more then simply go out in a major battle
    and hope everything works out for your overly weak units. Actually, characters that you
    can recruit also lead units. And other characters that you recruit can be put into these
    units giving you certain attributes. A good example of this is how I half the hero’s unit set
    up in my own game. I have Chaco, who gives me the ‘Fly’ ability and lets me cover a lot
    of ground. And I also have a character with strong defense, AND who gives me the
    ‘Calvary’ ability. ‘Calvary’ gives the hero’s unit a horse and lets him move faster. With
    this combo, the hero’s unit can cover tons of ground in a turn, and has higher defense
    then he normally would. Easy, yeah? If it doesn’t seem easy, it’s because of my sloppy
    technique of explaining things!
    Ok, the first part of the game isn’t too tough, but this IS a walkthrough so I’ll stick by my
    word. The scene opens on a camp. Your pal, Jowy will walk in to your tent and say some
    stuff, after which, you’ll be given a choice. The first of many. He’ll ask if you’re going to
    “Let’s go outside…”
    (go walk around outside)
    “I’m going to sleep.”
    (go to sleep and progress with the story)
    If you want to walk around, go ahead. Get a feel for the controls. You won’t really gain
    anything from in, though. You can talk to people, many of which will just tell you to go
    to bed. Taking the path from the bottom right of the camp will take you to another path.
    At the end of it you’ll see a strange man who will run away. Not necessary, but so scary!
    Whenever you go to bed, you’ll be woken up by some noise outside. And then you’ll here
    someone yell “Surprise attack!!!” Jowy joins you here. Go on out side to see what’s up.
    The camp boss man will run up and fill you in and tell you to escape. You can do two
    things, run up to the exit at the top of the camp to a cliff. Or you can do what he says and
    try to escape out the lower right passage. If you take the upper passage, you can get on
    with the game faster. Rowd comes and talks a little and you find out he’s in on the whole
    thing. You’ll then be attacked a couple times. Just use your unite attack to make quick
    work of them. Rowd will run off, and you and Jowy will think of something to do. You
    decide to jump the heck off the cliff. If you take the lower right passage, however, Jowy
    will make an observation. Before you run off one of the screens, Jowy will stop you. You
    can ask him why.
    “What is it, Jowy?”
    (ask him why he stopped you)
    “Let’s run away.”
    (try to talk him into running away)
    Either way he’ll say the same thing. Run all the way back to camp and you’ll see Rowd
    talking to Luca Blight. Saying that everything is as planned and mean things like that.
    Then you can say yet another thing.
    “Let’s get out of here, Jowy.”
    (run out the exit at the top of town)
    “Let’s talk to the captain, Jowy”
    (go talk to the captain)
    If you talk to him, you’ll get in a fight, then run. If you decide to run, you’ll just run. It’s
    up to you. At the cliff, Rowd will come and you’ll have to fight off some baddies. Do
    your Unite attack for an easy win (take advantage of this attack. You won’t have it
    forever…). Then Rowd will run off to get more people to kill you. Well, all three of the
    paths you can take end up here (that is, whether to run out the north exit, talk to the
    captain, run from the captain etc.). The only way out is to jump for it.
    “Look at that current! We’ll never make it!”
    (be told the facts, it’s the only way)
    “I guess there’s no other way.”
    (agree with Jowy)
    After some more talking, Jowy will strike and \ type line in a rock as a point to come
    back to if you both live but get separated. Then he’ll ask for a promise. You can say:
    “I promise.”
    (promise him and strike a / type line in the rock, making an X)
    “Forget it… We’ll make it together.”
    (he’ll strike the / line in the rock and finish the X and say that’s his prayer that you make
    it together)
    It doesn’t matter what you do. Choose one and jump. The opening credits will role, then
    you’ll wake up on a beach.
    _-_-_-_-_-_-_-THE MERCANARY BASE-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
    Some guy’ll find you on the beach. He’ll ask for you’re name. These questions aren’t
    very important, so I won’t put them down. It really doesn’t matter what you say. He’ll tell
    you his name, Viktor, and then he’ll take you prisoner. Flik will walk up and mention
    Jowy, then you’ll head to the fort to be put in jail. Pohl will then make his appearance.
    For the next few days, you’ll have to do work for these people. The first job is to push
    some crates up against the wall. Pretty simple. Just walk against one till it moves. And do
    this with all of them. As for the last crate, it has no where to go. Just push it up to the
    right or left wall and that’ll do fine. Pick up the rope on your way out. When you exit the
    room, Pohl you go and judge your work. If you did everything right (its hard not to), he’ll
    say you did a good job.
    “Of course!”
    (let him know you have a working spirit)
    “I’m pretty tired.”
    (he’ll say he’s not surprised and will still be impressed)
    Then you’ll reach day two, as well as job number two. This will be the longest job, but its
    not hard. From where you are, just go left and up to the black smith and get three Flint
    Stones. Next, go down and left some more and talk to the large loud woman there and
    take two pairs of Boots. Now go up stairs and tall the way right. You’ll see a guy in green
    behind a counter. This is the item shop. But he’ll say he’s out of Flour, which is what you
    need. Go tell Pohl about it. He’ll tell you to go to Ryube for him. No problem. But he
    says to take someone with you. So go upstairs and talk to the woman with the red dress.
    She’ll help you out. Go talk to Pohl at the front door, straight down from where you are,
    and he’ll let you out. Gengen (one of the people who is with you) ill ask to be called
    Captain Gengen. You can play along with this or not.
    (he’ll tell you to speak up and be strong)
    “Yes, Captain Gengen.”
    (he wont mind baby sitting you)
    Gengen is a cool guy, so be nice! Do what Pohl says and follow the road up and right.
    This is Ryube. The item shop is between the BlackSmith and the Armor shop at the lower
    right side of town. Grab some flour. You may want to save at the inn before going back.
    There really isn’t anything else to do, so just leave and head back to the fort after you’ve
    saved. Talk to Pohl again. This will trigger day three. This job isn’t very hard. All you
    have to do is clean oil up off the floor with a rag. There are two oil spots in you line of
    site. But there are more all over the place. There are altogether three on this floor and
    Pohl cleans one of them up. Just go left and you’ll come across the other two. When
    you’re done with them, go up the stairs. Go across the room to the stairs and there will be
    other spot here. Then go up these stairs. This is the top floor. Go in the middle door and
    clean the spot there, then leave and to left and clean the spot there. Go down and talk to
    Pohl again and he’ll say you’ve got talent.
    “Of course!”
    (let him know you’ve got spirit)
    “It’s my talent…”
    (he’ll think you’ve got spirit anyway. evidently you were joking)
    It doesn’t matter what you say. He’ll think you’re cool no matter what. Jowy will sneak
    in and yell for you a while later. You can answer him or not.
    “Im here Jowy!!!”
    (he’ll run to the prison)
    (he’ll yell for you again)
    If you stay silent four times he’ll find you anyway, so just answer. Now he’ll join you
    and you’ll both make a brake for it. You don’t get very far, though. Flik, Viktor, and a
    bunch of solders are waiting on the next floor. Jowy is ready to give up for the moment.
    But you can disagree.
    “Lets bust through!”
    (This is pretty funny. You try to run through only to get smacked in the head by Flik)
    “……. I understand.”
    (give up quietly)
    Either way, you’ll both be put in front of Flik and Viktor for questioning. Viktor will ask
    what happened, that is, how you both wound up washed up by the river.
    “The truth is…”
    (fill him in and get thrown back in prison)
    “I cant say.”
    (try to keep your Highland pride and get thrown back in the prison)
    That night, Jowy will ask to see what you have with you in your inventory.
    “Are you going to try to escape?”
    (he’ll say yes)
    (he’ll say its cause he’s going to escape)
    He’ll pick the lock with a spoon, and you’ll get out. On the second floor, you’ll see two
    guards. Jowy, being the James Bond fan he is, will light that oily rag with the flint and
    throw it, catching the floor on fire. This will give you a chance to run. Go up the stairs
    right below you. Now go down and out the door and you’ll be on the deck. Jowy’ll use
    the rope and you both will climb down. You’ll get out just fine and Jowy will say that he
    wants to go back to Kyaro, your hometown.
    “Lets go back to Kyaro Town.”
    (agree with him)
    “Its too dangerous to go back.”
    (disagree, leaving poor Jowy speechless)
    When you leave the fortress, go back to Ryube and walk to the right a little ways. You’ll
    see some traveling performers putting on a show. When you start watching, Eilie will
    pick you from the crowd to help them out with the next trick. They’ll put a fruit on your
    head and Eilie will throw a few knives at you. And they’ll say not to move. When you’re
    up, about to have the thing thrown, a menu will pop up.
    “Don’t move.”
    (don’t move, don’t get stabbed)
    “Move a hair to the left.”
    (move, get stabbed)
    “Move a hair to the right”
    (move, get stabbed)
    You’ll have to decide this a few times before the event ends. Or can just move once and
    get stabbed, bringing it to a quick end. It doesn’t matter, for the most part. Rina has good
    medicine. After the show, you’ll learn that all of them are going to Kyaro, too. And they
    suggest that you all go together.
    “Of course.”
    “It’s my pleasure to travel with such a beautiful lady.”
    (hit on Rina and agree at the same time)
    “No way!”
    (Jowy will back you up and you wont go with them)
    You can’t get to Kyaro without them, so bring them along. If you refuse them just talk to
    them again to take them. Buy new armor for yourself and for Jowy, and buy some
    Medicine. Of course, save at the inn, and leave town. North Sparrow Pass is straight up
    from Ryube. Take a right at the fork in the road. You’ll come to North Sparrow Pass in
    no time. The guards here don’t want to give in, though. So Rina “talks” some sense into
    the captain… anyway. Head on up.
    -North Swallow Pass-
    Ok, first of all, follow the path up and you’ll reach a fork. Take a left to see a treasure
    chest and a small pool of water. Take the treasure, but don’t leave this area. The pool of
    water refills you HP and MP, so build your levels to five (or six if you have the time).
    And also, the Cut Rabbits in this area drop the Double-Beat Rune, which is a really great
    one. Be sure to get one of these while you’re doing your level building. When everyone’s
    up to level, go back to the fork in the road and take the right path.Just follow it to another
    fork. Take the right path to a Escape Talisman (if you’ve gotten a billion of these from
    building levels, skip this treasure). Now go back and continue up. You’ll come to another
    fork. Take the right path and grab the Brass Armor. Equip it on the Hero and go back to
    the fork and go left. Go all the way up. When you get to the next screen, don’t take the
    path leading up. Go all the way right and save at the save point. Heal if you REALLY
    need it, but don’t just waist medicine. After you’ve saved, go up and fight the Mist
    ===Beating the Mist Shade===
    Well, for a first boss, I’ll just say that it’s pretty hard. But if Rina is Level 6, she’ll have a
    very strong spell to use against it that makes the fight easier. There are two random forms
    you might fight, a male and a female. The female form uses one attack a turn that hits
    everyone. The male form uses two attacks a turn on one person at a time. So it’s a very
    balanced fight. Don’t be shy, use your Circus unite attack when possible and when
    Bolgan is unbalanced, use all the magic you have, and have Bolgan use any attack Scrolls
    he has equipped. The hero and Jowy should attack, not unite. Other then that, use
    whomever to heal whenever that’s needed. This isn’t too bad. By the way, they each have
    about 750 to 800 HP.
    -After The Mist Shade-
    Well, if you want, you can run back and save. But it doesn’t matter. Just keep going up
    till you reach another fork. Go right and grab the Feather Hat and put it on Jowy. Then go
    back and continue along the path to the exit. Go up on the world map and you’ll see
    Kyaro. Go on in and Eilie, Rina and Bolgan will leave to find other places to perform.
    Jowy will leave, too, and go home. Save at the Inn, and then go to your house. DO NOT
    go in your house yet, however. Go up the right side of the fence and you’ll see a big tree.
    Walk up to it and push X. Do this three times and Mukumuku will join your party. Isn’t
    he cute? Now go into your house. Go through the back door and you’ll see Nanami, your
    sister, for the first time. But, she hardly even notices you’re there. Silly girl. After her
    calm, peaceful, not-painful-at-all welcome, she’ll join you. On your way out, you’ll se
    some vases on a large box. There are three, a large one, a small one, and a medium one.
    Take whichever one you want and leave the house. You’ll be attacked by some solders
    outside, then Rowd will come and try to act cool. He’ll tell you to come along
    “Captain…… Why…..”
    (ask him why then get arrested)
    (fight him and his men)
    It doesn’t matter what you say here. You can go quietly or choose to fight. If you fight
    him, you’ll lose. But I heard from someone that he IS possible. Xuniveur, the person who
    told me this said that he seems to have about 1200HP and he said he give you about
    10025p. But anyway, after you’re done getting arrested, a scene cuts to Jowy and you’ll
    see that he’s not doing so well on his side of the crib either. In the end, you’ll find that
    you’re all sharing a jail cell. Together again at last… Anyway, Rowd will come up and
    tell you the plan… His plan. Then he’ll send you all to die painfully. You’ll be led down
    the road, where you’ll see Princess Julia. She’ll ask what’s going on and stuff, and Jowy
    will say some last words. You can, also, if you’d like.
    “I’m Innocent!”
    (try to talk some sense in to her. this, however, will be useless)
    (let Jowy do the talking)
    Whatever you say, you’ll be taken away. The next scene will be of you and Jowy being
    beaten, right before you’re hanged. Rowd, being the nice guy he is, asks if you have any
    last words.
    “No, I don’t”
    (get on with the murder)
    You’re a jerk.
    (I like this one!)
    After your last words, Rowd will look up at the sun set. When he looks back down,
    though, he’ll see a bunch of dead people and Viktor and Flik will be busting you out!!
    Yeah!!! After this Rowd will run off and Jowy will say that you should go get Nanami.
    “Let’s go save Nanami.”
    “Let’s hurry out of here.”
    (be told to go save her)
    To save time, just agree. Nanami is an awesome party member anyway, so why fight it?
    But, if you’d like, you CAN leave her behind and she’ll join up with you again in Muse,
    which you’ll be at later. You’ll leave and see Nanami and Mukumuku running from the
    guards. She’ll then see you and join you. Then you’ll have to run out of town. Take the
    exit where you came in to get out and on the way out, Nanami will stop and ask you if
    you think you’ll ever some back.
    “We’ll come back someday.”
    (reassure Nanami)
    “I don’t want to come back.”
    (this will also reassure her)
    Head back to North Swallow Pass. Backtrack through this place. In fact, head all the way
    back to the Mercenary Fort. Once you’re back, Viktor and Flik will tell you some things.
    Viktor suggests you go and recruit people. There are three people you can recruit, and
    they’re all in Ryube. Before you set off, though, go talk to Leona at the bar and pop
    Gengen into the party. The more, the merrier, you know. You can go down stairs and talk
    to Pohl, too. You can rest and save for free with him. You know, he was the guy that told
    Flik and Viktor to go save you, so be thankful. You also have the chance to sharpen your
    weapons to level three, if you wish. Of course, you should cause this is a very important
    part of the game. When you’re done, head to Ryube.
    -Recruit #1-
    The first thing you might see when you arrive in Ryube in the strange man in blue laying
    on the ground (those are kickin’ sideburns!!!). Walk up to him and push X and a menu
    will come up asking what you want to say to him.
    “Are you Ok?”
    (ask him if he’s Ok)
    “Whats wrong, you bum?”
    (ask him if he’s ok, just in a mean way)
    “…Lets leave him.”
    (take a guess!)
    After you ask him this, he’ll just say, “My Stomach…” Then another menu will come up.
    “Does it hurt?”
    (ask him if it hurts in a nice way)
    (give him a puzzled look)
    He’ll then say he’s starved. To recruit him, you’ll have to buy him some food.
    “Ok… Sure…”
    (agree to buy him some food)
    “No way.”
    (don’t buy him any)
    To recruit him, and proceed in the game, you’ll have to buy him his food. It’ll be 3000p,
    so be sure to have some cash handy. If you don’t buy it for him, he’ll have to wash dishes
    and you wont recruit him. So, for the last time, buy his lunch and be done with it! He’ll
    join you afterward.
    -Recruit #2-
    Now, walk on over to the top right corner of town to see a girl with a very large hat on,
    pacing back and forth. Talk to her to see what’s goin’ on. She’ll ask what you want.
    “No. Nothing.”
    (tell her you’re just watching her pace back and forth)
    “What’s wrong.”
    (see what’s happening)
    She’ll tell you her pet ran into the woods and asks if you’ll help her find it.
    “Sure I will.”
    (say yes)
    “Sorry. I’m busy.”
    (be called “mean”)
    Agree to help her and she’ll join the party and you’ll appear in the forest. This is a very
    easy place to get through. At the fork, turn right and follow the path to her pet. However,
    her pet attacks the party…
    ===Beating Bonaparte===
    This isn’t too hard. Just attack, mostly, and have the Hero and Nanami do there unite
    attack. You’ll have to heal, too, though. Cause even though this is a small little guy, it has
    a strong attack!
    -After Bonaparte-
    She’ll ask if he’s cute. Just say whatever to her. She’ll then join you!
    Recruit #3
    A lot of people miss this guy. Go back to the fork in the path and go right. On the path
    you'll see a small bird on the ground. Walk up to it and put it in its nest. Now go up into
    the next screen and keep going up. Turn at the first left and get the Leather Cape and the
    Gauntlet from the chests. Equip them on a couple people, then walk around and fight
    things for a few minutes. I think the time he appears at is random. Eventually, go back to
    the bird’s nest and there will be a guy and a dog standing there. Talk to him and he’ll ask
    if you put the bird back in the nest.
    “That’s right.”
    (say yes)
    “Not me.”
    (say no)
    Say yes and he’ll tell you about himself. Then he’ll ask what you’re up to.
    “We’re looking for companions to join us.”
    (tell him what you’re doing)
    “I can’t say…”
    (brush him off)
    If you say no, he’ll walk off and you wont recruit him. If you say yes, you WILL recruit
    him and everything will be fine. Be SURE to recruit him… Oh, and then he’ll ask if he
    should go with you. If you say no, he’ll just go back to the fort and if you say yes, he’ll
    join your party right there. By the way, if you don’t feel like walking around in the forest
    waiting for him, know this: You come back here later. And he’ll be here for sure on your
    next visit to the forest.
    -After All the Recruiting-
    Go save at the Inn at Ryube since you just got four new helpers, and head back to the
    world map. Don’t go back to the fort right now (unless you want to change party
    members or something), just follow the road up. At the fork take a left and follow this up
    to a town called Toto. When you get to this village, a small girl will run up saying “Uncle
    Jowy!!” This, of course, is the girl that found him on the beach. During the chat, you’ll
    bust in and say:
    “Who is this kid?”
    (act like a moron and ask who she is)
    “A friend of Jowy’s?”
    (ask who she is without being a moron)
    After this, Jowy will tell you the untold story of being washed up on the river. Pilika will
    ask if you’re a friend of Jowy’s.
    “That’s right.”
    (say yes)
    “Yes. Im his best friend.”
    (say yes and tell her you two have known each other for a while)
    “No way.”
    (lie to the poor girl)
    No matter what you say, she’ll ask for your name.
    (say your name in a calm way)
    (get all nervous)
    Somehow, she knows you name even if you say “Ummmm…” Which is kinda strange.
    She’ll then lead you both up into her house and introduce you to her parents. After a
    heart-warming conversation with them, Pilika will ask you both into her room. Then
    she’ll explain that its almost her dad’s birthday and she wants to get him a present. She
    saw a gift in Muse she thinks he’ll like, but she cant go there alone. So you and Jowy
    have to get it for her. Jowy says you will right away, but you can act like a moron again
    and say
    “Yeah right.”
    (agree with Jowy to go to Muse)
    “Its kinda far.”
    (act stupid and go anyway)
    When you’re done, leave the village through the top left exit and follow the road on the
    world map. You’ll see a small house on the way. This is a Inn, and a very cheap one. Go
    ahead and stay just cause you can. After which, continue left to the huge city of Muse.
    Once you’re there, go up and take the second right. Follow this path to a shop with a
    small circle above it and go in. This isn’t the item shop, but you’ll want to go here.
    Remember the Double-Beat Rune you got by fighting the rabbits? Well, you can actually
    put them to use. Go in and talk to the shopkeeper. If you got one Rune, put it on the Hero.
    If you got more then one, be sure to put on the Hero and the rest on whoever. But if you
    have an extra, the best choices are Nanami or Rikimaru, if you happen to have him in
    your party (I normally put mine on Nanami). Also, you can buy some Runes. He has a
    couple nice ones in the ‘Rare Finds’ section. If you have 15000p, pick up the Fury Rune.
    None of these are really needed at this point though, so don’t stress it. Even if you have
    15000p, you might even want to save it for something else. Leave and go to the item shop
    at the bottom left of town. The guy in here says that he does have the Wooden Amulet,
    but it’ll cost 500p.
    “We’ll pay, of course”
    (gladly pay for it with your money)
    “No way.”
    (get Jowy to pay for it)
    If you pay for it, you’ll lose 500p, but you say ‘No way” Jowy will sell an old ring of his
    and get 2000p for it. Not only will you get the Amulet for this, but you’ll also get 1500p!
    Pretty nice, pretty nice. Now just save if you want, and head back to Toto Village for a
    surprise… When you get back, you’ll see that the village has been burned down, and
    Pilika is the only survivor. Shortly after your arrival, A Suikoden character makes her
    appearance. You may remember Apple from the first Suikoden. But you may not cause
    she wasn’t a main person at all. But in this game, she’s one of the important ones.
    Anyway, she walks up and asks who you are.
    “What Happened here?”
    (inquire why the place is in ruins)
    “Who are you?”
    (inquire who she is and why she’s here)
    Pick one and get on with it. Anyway, She’ll explain everything (Im not going to say what
    she explains, it would spoil some things) and requests you take her to see Viktor and Flik.
    You’ll appear on the world map, but before you go to the fort, go back in the village and
    recruit Hanna. NOW head to the fort to see Viktor. After Apple tells them whats going on
    in the world, the scene changes to you, Jowy and Pilika. After some more talking, he’ll
    go on about how he doesn’t know who to trust anymore.
    “You can trust me.”
    (reassure him)
    “I don’t know either”
    (let him know you’re in the same boat he is)
    After you answer, you’ll be told Viktor wants you. Head up the big room on the top floor
    and he’ll give you an assignment. That is, go recruit a man living in the forest so he can
    fix the Fire Spears and you can defend the fort.
    “Of course.”
    (say you’ll do it)
    “We can’t do it.”
    (try to say no and be asked again)
    You can turn them down a billion times if you want and it’ll keep going in the same
    triangle of people asking you the same thing over and over again. After you say you’ll do
    it, go to Ryube again and go to the forest. Take a left at the fork and follow the long path
    to his house. It’s not much of a maze, so you shouldn’t get lost. If you do, take my advice
    and stop playing this game right now cause you wont get anywhere. Maybe you should
    try something rated EC or lower… Ok, just kidding. Anyway, if you decided to leave the
    forest when you put the bird back in his nest and never talked to Kinnison, he’ll be there
    now for you to recruit. Once you get to Tsai’s house, no one will be there. But after
    waiting for about 15 seconds, he’ll walk in. Of course, he won’t be happy about you
    being in his house when he wasn’t there, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, he’ll ask
    what you want.
    “We’ve come because we need you.”
    (tell him what’s up)
    “Nothing in particular.”
    (have him tell you to leave)
    After you’ve told him about Luca Blight, he’ll join you and let you keep the 2000p Flik
    gave you. Pop Tsai in your convoy and head back to town. When you get there though
    you’ll see the place in flames with Luca himself killing people left and right. It’s not a
    happy scene. You’ll watch a couple people die, then Jowy will act all pissed off. After
    which, you can comment on it.
    “We can’t just sit here and watch.”
    (say you should go kill Blight right now and be stopped by Tsai)
    “We have no choice…”
    (act logical and stay out of his way)
    Be glad you don’t fight him now. Actually, you’ll get your chance later in the game and,
    IMO, he’s harder then the last boss. But, that’s LATER. Lets focus on NOW. Go back to
    the fort, rest up and save, then go see Viktor. Flik will be there as well, and they’ll both
    thank you. Then they’ll tell you to get ready to leave for Muse City.
    “I understand”
    (leave for Muse)
    “I want to fight by your side”
    (persist on staying)
    If you say you want to fight, you’ll progress in the story faster and save yourself a
    pointless trip to Toto Village. If you say you want to leave, just head for Muse. When you
    leave the fort, Jowy will say that you should go back. If you keep going anyway, before
    you leave Toto Village, Jowy will bounce in again and say that you should go back and
    do what you can.
    “Let’s go back…. Jowy.”
    (agree to go back and fight for your right to party)
    “We should run away.”
    (disagree and be asked again)
    You can’t disagree. So go back to the fort and go see Viktor and Flik again. Once you say
    you want to fight, Flik will test you in a Dual Battle. A one-on-one fight between you and
    him. However, you have a huge advantage over him, that is, you can tell what he’s going
    to do by what he says. One thing you should remember about these fights though, when
    the enemy is defending, DO NOT use the Wild Attack option. He’ll counter attack.
    Remember that.
    ^^^Dual Battle vs. Flik^^^
    This isn’t THAT hard. You don’t have to damage him too much to win.
    Attack Phrases:
    “This is just a waste of time”
    “That’s how to attack. Got it?”
    “Nice try. I’ll go next.”
    Defend Phrases:
    “C’mon take a swing at me”
    “Okay, it’s your turn. Let’s see what you’ve got.”
    “That’s how to attack. Try it yourself.”
    “In combat, caution is the best weapon.”
    “Want to try that again?”
    Wild Attack Phrases:
    “The next one’s going to hurt!”
    “Here goes! Hope you can handle this!!!”
    -After the Fight-
    Keep in mind that he says more things then that. But those are pretty common phrases.
    After you win, he’ll let you tag along. You’ll get to name your company. HOWEVER,
    this name will go far beyond a company’s name. This will be the name of *slight spoiler*
    your army when you become the leader of the Your Name Here Army, and at the end of
    the game your new country will be named whatever name you choose here. Be careful!
    *end of spoiler* Jowy will suggest a few, then you’ll get to put in the final name. After
    the big name is put in, Pohl will warn that the Highland Army is in the sights. Rest and
    save with Pohl real fast, then go outside. After a briefing of the battle plan, you’ll be
    asked if you’re ready. If you say no, you can go save or do something else. Whatever.
    When you say you ARE ready, the story will progress and the fort will be attacked. This
    is your first major battle, that is, where you lead your company instead of just six people.
    You’ll see when the fight starts.
    This is a very easy major battle that very well may be impossible to lose. Apple will tell
    you how to do everything during these first few Major Battles, so don’t worry about not
    knowing what to do. Since you only lead one unit, and the computer controls the others,
    all you really have to do is either stay out of their way or try your luck with attacking or
    you can use your Fire Spears. But try not to hit any allies with these! This wont last very
    long and, to tell you the truth, these Major Battles in Suikoden 2 or easier then the ones in
    Suikoden, IMHO.
    -After the Major Battle-
    Well everyone will cheer and stuff, however, the peace will be killed by a second attack
    on the fort right after the first one. You’ll be given another choice here, go rest and save
    quick or just go ahead and get this other fight over with. During this next fight, Apple
    will again tell you how to do everything. Just keep ‘Waiting’ and Luca’s army will pop
    up behind you. You’re now surrounded and you love this on auto. After you lose, Viktor
    and Flik will run off and tell you to, also. Of course, you’ll be heading to Muse. But first,
    Jowy says you should go get Pilika.
    “I’ll go with you.”
    (just go with him)
    “Im getting out of here.”
    (try to leave by yourself)
    If you say you’ll leave on your own, you won’t be able to get out the front gate cause of a
    group of solders that never stop coming. This is the game’s little way of telling you that
    you have to go give Jowy a hand. Run back inside the fort and head to the top floor and
    into the big room where you’ll see Pohl, Luca and Pilika. Jowy will be next to the door.
    Luca will kill Pohl (Grrrrrrrrr…) and then try to take Pilika down. Yes, he’s mean. But
    you should be kinda mad at him since he killed Pohl and all. A menu will pop up. You
    can choose “Save her,” or “Don’t save her.” If you wait too long, Jowy will try and save
    her, but fail. If you choose to cave her, you’ll help Jowy out. Even if you choose to be a
    wimp, it’ll turn out the same way. Viktor rushes in and says that he threw the spears in
    the boiler and the place is about to blow up. When you get outside, you’ll notice that
    Pilika can’t talk.
    “Don’t worry. She’s just in shock.”
    (reassure everyone)
    “Luca couldn’t have……..”
    (do the exact opposite of reassuring everyone)
    Well, head for Muse again. At this point in the game, the computer seems to choose a
    random party for you. It’s annoying, but you’ll have these people in your party for quite a
    while. You can buy new armor and stuff pretty soon though. So don’t worry.
    _-_-_-_-_-_-_-YOUR NEW DESTINY-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
    In Toto, Pilika will run off into a cave at the top right corner of town. Follow her and
    you’ll read some writing on the wall. After which, you’ll just disappear into another part
    of the cave. Leknaat will appear in front of you. You’ll remember her from the first
    Suikoden if you played it. She’ll say a few things, then you’ll go all the way up to see
    what happens next. A very long flashback type thing will take place. You’ll discover you
    were a scary looking kid. You’ll just see scenes from the game that you’ve already done.
    Its cute and long. After this, Leknaat will say some more things. She doesn’t seem as
    friendly as she did in Suikoden… Anyway, the Bright Shield Rune beckons you. You
    want its power, right?
    “Since we need ‘Power’……..”
    (agree to receive the Rune)
    “I don’t need ‘Power.’”
    (try to get out of it but just be asked over and over again)
    Jowy will take the right cave, and leaves you with the left. Go in and take your Rune. I
    must say, I cool as the your Rune is, I like the Black Sword Rune sooo much more!! But,
    oh well. Take what you can get and head to Muse. The mean guard wont let you in. So go
    to the White Deer Inn. You’ll see an interesting little cut scene, then you’ll hit the hay. In
    the morning, you’ll go down stairs. There are two people sitting at the tables, one is an
    Item shop and the other is a Rune master, just so you know. When you go the Bright
    Shield Rune on the Hero, his Double-Beat Rune was removed. Have it put on Rikimaru if
    you happened to get him. If not, just put it on someone else. The Item shop has 2 Belt of
    Strength’s in the Rare Finds section that you may want. Oh, and buy a freakin’ lot of
    Medicine. When you try to leave, Alex will run in all mad and stuff. He’ll say he has an
    Entry Pass to Muse, and says he’ll let you use it if you help him look for the treasure in
    the ruins. You’ll be at a dead end till you do, so go ahead and agree. Be sure to save. This
    isn’t that easy, but not really hard either… but save. Go out of the Inn and around to the
    right and all the way up to a couple big doors and enter.
    -The Ruins-
    Go up to see a door and a small panel next to the door. Check out the panel to open the
    door and keep going. This place is a big, monster filled maze. The monsters are pretty
    tough, also. So you may want to make sure you have an Escape Talisman or three just
    incase you have to get out in a hurry. The Talismans also come in handy after you’ve
    beaten the ruins so you won’t wave to walk all the way back out. In any case, go up and
    left to get the two treasures, then go back to the main path and keep going up a bit. Then
    go right and up. Now go up and make a U turn to the right where there aren’t any bushes
    and go down. There’s a chest here with an Angry Blow scroll in it. Go back up and left,
    and up again to a bridge. When you’re across, Go up and take the Gauntlet from the chest
    then go all the way down, then left, then all the way up into the next screen. Go left
    across the bridge and up when you reach the end of the path. Push the statue onto the
    little square button and go through the door. Take the Shoulder Pads and then take the
    round plate on the pillar. Now go back across the bridge and put the plate in that hole in
    the wall to open the door next to it. In this next room, you’ll see a statue of a two headed
    snake. This is what you’ll have to fight in a little while. Anyway, go left across that there
    bridge, and go up when you see an opening leading up. Take the triangle plate in the
    pillar. If you want, you can go out of this room and keep going left to get a Fire Lizard
    Rune. It’s not a very cool Rune though. When you’re done, go back across the bridge and
    take the path going up, then go right. Go up the stairs here and put the plate in the wall.
    This drains the ruins of water. For some reason, it also seems to release tons of new,
    much harder enemies for you to enjoy. Backtrack out of this room. When you get back to
    the intersection, go strait across the bridge and follow this path to a save point and save.
    You don’t want to do all that stuff again, do you? Of course not. Now go back to the
    intersection and go up. Just go strait and get the Chain Mail at the end of the path, then go
    back the way you can and get into the moat. In the moat is where you’ll start fighting the
    new, tougher baddies. Go down into the next screen then take a left. You see a square
    plate, which is good. Take it and backtrack out of the moat. Go all the way down to
    where you saw that two-headed snake statue go through the opening on the bottom right
    wall. Follow this path to a door. Put the plate in the opening and get the very nice things
    in the chests. You’ll see that the plate disappears when the door opens. Its being put back
    into you inventory for use later on. Now go out, back to the main area and up. Go across
    the bridge back to the save point and save, then put the plate in the door and go through
    it. You’ll see another panel by a door in this room. After some talking, the door opens
    and that’s your queue to head on through. You’ll then have to fight the two-headed
    ===Beating Double Head===
    Ok, first off, Jowy should be on about level 14 or 15 (having the other party members on
    that level is also nice). If he is he’ll have a super strong Rune attack that will help you a
    bunch. Use this in the first round, as well as the Family unite attack with the hero and
    Ninami. When Nanami is unbalanced you may want to have her heal with Medicine or
    something. Otherwise just have her attack. After Jow has used the super strong Piercing
    One attack, have him use Flash Judgment every turn after. The Double Head only uses
    attacks that hit everyone and they don’t hurt too badly, but over a couple turns you’ll start
    to need healing. When this happens, use the hero’s Rune. Great Blessing will heal
    everyone just fine. He also has and attack called Shining Light that you can use to put the
    hurt on Double Head. Have everyone else just attack or use any Rune they might have
    and this is won. BTW, double boy can only attack once per turn, making this even easier.
    This is just too easy…
    -After Double Head-
    Go strait to see the treasure. As it turns out, it’s a Healing Herb. Cute, huh? Well, there’s
    nothing left to do here except save if you want. When you’re ready, use an Escape
    Talisman to get out. If you don’t have one you’ll have to walk it. Once you’re out,
    though, Alex’ll toss the herb on the ground in shame. Go back to the Inn to see that Hilda
    is really out of it. In fact, she’s on the floor half-dead. No one knows why, but that
    doesn’t matter. You’ll take her to a bed and Jowy will run off to find a doctor. After a
    little while of talking, you’ll get control over the hero back. So, what you need to do is go
    back to the place where Alex threw the healing herb down and get it. Then take the
    healing herb to Hilda for a quick recovery. Nice, isn’t it? Alex will hand over the entry
    permit and Hilda will drop the price for staying at the Inn to a cool 0.00p per night. You
    might as well stay and save since it HAS been a while, then head to Muse.
    This place is big. But, before you can discover all its bigness, you’ll have to get in. This
    is a pretty funny scene… Nanami will give herself the part of Hilda, Jowy the part of
    Pete, and you the part of Alex. Jowy doesn’t feel too great about it, though.
    (she’ll just tell you to do it and you wont have a choice)
    “It’ll be fine. Come on already.”
    (don’t get Jowy’s approval)
    “Lets go, Pete”
    (again, Jowy wont be happy)
    Anyway, you’ll get arrested no matter how good or bad your acting is. In the prison cell,
    Nanami and Jowy will be mad at each other. They’ll then ask who was the better actor.
    Jowy was better.”
    (make Nanami mad)
    “Nanami was better”
    (hurt Jowy’s feelings)
    “You both stunk.”
    (tell the truth)
    At night, after the gals are asleep, you and Jowy will still be up. The first question doesn’t
    matter, since he’ll say the same thing either way. In fact, all the questions are like that.
    But anyway, He’ll then ask if you think you’ll ever go back to Kyaro.
    “Don’t worry, We’ll go back….”
    (reassure him)
    (just wonder like he is)
    Then he’ll go on some more. He talks a lot… He’ll be mad at himself for not being able
    to protect Pilika when Luca was about to chop them both to bits.
    “It’ll be Ok……..”
    (reassure him again)
    (again, say nothing and just look at the moon)
    The next morning, You’ll see Viktor and Flik at the door. They bail you out and tell you
    to go to the Leona’s new Tavern. When you’re in town, from where you are go up and
    take the first right. Then go down till you reach a dead-end and go up the stairs. Someone
    named Elza will come and ask you a favor. Except her offer. She’ll give you two
    packages. Now keep going up and a dude named Clive will come into the scene and ask
    you if you’ve seen her.
    “Nope. Never saw her.”
    (be convincing)
    “I… Er….”
    (somehow, he’ll believe you)
    Anyway, now go to the Tavern. You passed it on the way to see Clive and Elza. Go
    inside and chat with Leona at the bar, and then you’ll appear outside again. Now its time
    to head to city hall to the north. It’s not hard to find at all. Keep going up even when you
    get inside, and you’ll see Viktor. He’ll join you and you wont have any choice but to go
    into the door above you. Inside, you’ll meet the Mayor of Muse, Annabelle. Along with
    her annoying jerk of an assistant, Jess. I don’t like him at all, but hey, that’s my problem.
    Anyway, Annabelle is very smart, and it turns out she knows a lot about the three of you.
    Genkaku comes up during the conversation and Annabelle mentions that she wasn’t able
    to atone the crimes against him; or something like that.
    “Atone him for your crimes?”
    (ask what she means)
    (sorta ask what she means)
    Either way, she won’t tell you now. She leaves you in the care of Jess (I hate Jess) and
    goes off somewhere. Head up into the room above you to the right and Jess will be in
    there talking to someone. He’ll see you and ask you to sneak into the Highland Army’s
    camp to find out how much food they have. That’s right, he’s gonna risk the lives of you
    two cause he’s stupid and cant think of a better way. Anyway, it’s up to you.
    “Sorry, but no way.”
    “Alright. We’ll do it”
    If you refuse three times he’ll stop asking, but you can’t really do anything if you don’t
    say yes. But before you agree, you might want to do the following stuff…
    -Pre-Spy Preparations-
    Say no three times so that you can walk around the room and search the top book shelve.
    You’ll get a “? Book” which isn’t necessary, but since you’re going for everything, you
    might as well get it. After you get it, leave City Hall and go down a little ways. You’ll see
    Tuta in front of a box down the road. Talk to him and he’ll ask about the fort and say he
    heard it was burned down.
    “I’m fine.”
    (well, he can already see that you’re alright, cant he?)
    “It was horrible.”
    (tell him your story)
    Well, either way he’ll invite you to see Dr. Huan. The H. man will tell Tuta to help out
    Viktor. Really though, you just got yourself a new party member in your soon-to-be
    army. After words, go back into the house and talk to Huan again and he’ll give you the
    Recipe #3. Another not necessary, but nice item for your soon-to-be army. No go strait
    down till Elza steps out again. She’ll give you the Sound Set #1. Yet another item that
    will serve no usefulness till your soon-to-be army is up and running. That wont be too
    long off, actually, isn’t that cool? Anyway, the Clive comes and things get dramatic. Elze
    almost shoots you and Clive, being the mid-evil FBI kinda guy he is, dodges the bullet
    and runs after Elza right out of Muse. You can’t follow them either. Now you can also go
    to the Rune Master’s shop and buy a Fire Rune. Put it on Nanami since she’s probably
    the only one with a Double-Beat Rune. She’s be attacking four times every turn by doing
    this. In fact, if you’re VERY lucky, you can get up to attacking EAGHT TIMES in one
    turn!!! Quite useful. But you don’t HAVE to do this. There’s also an appraiser in town
    that you may want to visit. He can turn those “?” items into real things that you can use
    later in the game, or sell now and get a good bit of cash for them. Now, you’re finally
    ready to try your luck at being a spy and sneaking into the Highland camp. Be sure to
    save, then go see Jess again. He’ll give you the uniforms and complement you on your
    bravery/stupidity. Now go back to the Tavern and talk to Leona and make yourself a
    party (finally!!). Be sure to make a strong party. The woods you have to go through to get
    to the camp aren’t too cool. Now that you can exit Muse at will, you can recruit Anita
    from the Tavern! She’s the blond girl sitting at the first table alone. If she’s there, go to
    the shop and buy an Antitoxin. Then go talk to her a few times. She might ask for an
    Antitoxin, if she does, give her one. She might ask if a female swordsman really THAT
    rare, if she does, say she’s beautiful. And she also might ask you to refill her glass of
    wine. If she asks this, go talk to Leona to get some wine and bring it to Anita. You’ll
    have to run out of Muse a few times every time you do something new for her. But after
    you do all three things, she’ll join you. She’s a very good fighter, put her in your team to
    test her out. After you do this, exit Muse, take the road leading up and keep going strait at
    the fork. You’ll come to the checkpoint. After being cleared, the guard lets you through
    and shows you the way into the woods. Check your inventory and make sure you have a
    lot of Medicine!
    -The Woods/Highland Army’s Camp-
    The first screen is simple. Just go right and up. There are two treasures in this whole
    place, a Belt of Strength and a Circlet. Both aren’t very good, so if you pass them up, no
    one will hate you. I never get them! If you want them, though, from the entrance of the
    second screen, just go right until you see a path going up. Pass this and hold right. This
    will lead to another path going up. The Belt of Strength is here. Keep going right to see
    an exit to the lower right hand corner. Follow that path till you reach the Circlet. When
    you exit this screen, just go up and you’ll find the way. The rest of the woods are very
    simple. When you reach the end, the hero the Jowy will change into their uniforms and
    go into the camp. Head to the top-right hand side of the camp. This is the ration tent.
    When you get there, a guard will see you. Be sure to play along! Anyway, after you’re
    done in the tent, you start walking away, only to see the meany Rowd. He spots you and,
    of course, let’s everyone in the base know that you’re here. You’ll run to the left a bit, but
    before you get going, go back to the ration tent. On the outside behind a box there’s a
    treasure chest with a “Fire Sealing” Rune. As it turns out, there’s nowhere for you to run
    except inside the big tent in the middle of camp. This is a tent for Royal Family, but Jillia
    plays along and lets you hide in the tent. After Rowd leaves, she even gives you some
    good ol’ Highland tea. What does this remind you of? That time in Venice? Never mind.
    That’s an old coffee ad incase you’re wondering. Anyway, she recalls seeing you in
    Kyaru, when you were about to be killed by Rowd. She asks if you’ll ever forgive
    “I will….. Someday I know I will.”
    (lie to her and yourself)
    (just say nothing)
    Jowy will ask what Highland is trying to do to the State and she’ll mention Luca Blight,
    and ask if you know him.
    “I know him.”
    (lie again. I mean, you really don’t)
    “….. He’s a fiendish monster.”
    (get scolded by Jowy, but get support from Jillia)
    She’ll talk, and talk, and talk, and before you know it, the tea will be cold! This is the
    time to leave.
    “You’re right.”
    (agree and head out)
    “The tea was delicious.”
    (agree and head out, but add a complement first)
    You’ll appear outside the tent. Follow the left wall down to the exit and Rowd will stop
    you again. You’ll stop and listen to him for some reason, and guard jump out to attack
    you. Kill them, then Jowy will tell you to run.
    “I can’t do that.”
    (disagree and get pushed away)
    “Okay, see ya.”
    (agree and run off to the others)
    When you’re with the other people again, there will be no sign of Jowy. Solders’ll attack
    you again, so kill them. After the fight, Nanami will ask what happened.
    “First we have to get out of here.”
    (leave. you might as well do this)
    (get attacked again)
    Unless you want to fight some more, pick the first option. You’ll be outside the woods
    now. Just head back to Muse. When you get there, go to City Hall to find out you can’t
    see Jess or Annabelle at the moment. Now go back to the Tavern to see Viktor and Flik
    there, waiting. Viktor will join you and say to go back to City Hall. Save and rest since
    you can, and the head to City Hall. When you get to City Hall, head to Annabelle’s
    office. Viktor will use a nice little trick to get you in, and you’ll go inside. You’ll soon
    find out that Jess didn’t even tell Annabelle about his little plan, which wasn’t nice. He’ll
    then ask you how much provisions Highland had.
    “About two weeks worth………..”
    (tell him and because you’re nice)
    (let Nanami fill them in)
    Now then, Annabelle will say she’s sorry for putting you in such danger, even though the
    only involvement she had in it was hiring a looser like Jess. Jess will make some more
    rather mean comments and you’ll go back to the bar, mad and dissatisfied. Nanami is still
    worried about Jowy, but talks herself into believing he’ll be Ok.
    “It’s Jowy. He’ll be fine.”
    (Ressure her, of course)
    “I don’t know…….”
    (tear down the situation even more then it already is)
    Either way, she’ll go wait for him by the front gate. Go and stay with her. She’ll keep
    asking you to go back in about three different times. You can do so, or stay and wait. If
    you go in, you’ll actually just keep waiting at the Inn.
    “Welcome home.”
    (make him feel loved)
    “I’m tired from waiting.”
    (he’ll say he’s sorry for making you worry)
    If you stay and wait with Nanami, Pilika will soon come out, too. And after a while, Jowy
    will trudge up with open arms.
    “Welcome home.”
    (make him feel loved)
    “I’m tired from waiting.”
    (he’ll say he’s sorry for making you worry)
    Anyway, you’ll go back to the bar and go to bed. And a week will pass by very, very fast.
    Nanami will tell you two that there’s something going on up on Jowston Hill. The
    entrance to Jowston Hill is way up at the top left corner of town. Head up there and at the
    top of the hill you’ll meet up with Viktor again. He’ll let you tag along with him so you
    can get in on the Hilltop Conference action. But the person guarding the door wont let
    him in because he doesn’t have proof of his identity! So, Flik comes along and gets you
    guys in. What an ego crusher… Inside the place, just follow the path to the room where
    it’ll take place. Another guy I hate in this game, Gorudo, pushes Nanami out of his way.
    Unfortunately, you’ll be having further dealings with him later. I won’t go into that
    anymore, though. You take your seats after a Knight saves Gorudo’s rep, and the meeting
    starts. During which, I feel I must point out that Gorudo makes more bad mouth
    comments to the Mayor of Greenhill. And the Mayor of Greenhill is a woman. He must
    be sexist, if you ask me. Anyway, before you know it, Blight and his army are heading
    for Muse. After the meeting, just go back to the bar and you’ll find Annabelle and Apple.
    Annebelle asks you to slow Blight down for two days so that the other State solders can
    arrive. Hey, no problem! Its only two days against the Highland Army, right? Anyway,
    you’ll end up agreeing! Annabelle will say for you to go to her room after the fight, and
    she’ll tell you about Genkaku’s past. The next day, save. You’re about to fight a major
    battle. When you’ve saved, talk to Viktor and lets get this started.
    You’ll see what you’re up against now. Not too pretty, for sure. Like Apple says, if you
    beat Solon Jhee’s unit, they’ll run. You won’t even have a chance to attack him and some
    Knights that are on your side show up. Another thing, don’t attack Gilbert’s unit. Try to
    protect it, rather. Gilbert wills rather quickly and switches sides to join your cause. He’s
    one of the 108 stars, so if he dies now, he’s gone for good. Don’t let that happen. Now,
    all you really have to do is either attack weaker units, or stay out of the way all together.
    Either method will do fine. After a while of fighting, Camus will show up and tell your
    Knight friends that they have orders to withdraw. Nice. Real nice. Reluctantly, they back
    off leaving you to handle everything. So, now you get to fight some more. Keep it up,
    don’t die! Soon, they’ll run off to rest up so they can kill you later, and you go back to the
    bar so you can rest a bit, also.
    -After the Major Battle-
    Before you do anything, go save, because it’s the right thing to do. Then run up stairs and
    talk to Nanami – she’s in one of the rooms.  She’ll ask if she can tell you something.
    (let her tell you something)
    “I’m kind of tired.”
    (snuff her off and go to bed)
    If you let her tell you something, she’ll just say “forget it’ and you’ll go to bed. But in the
    next room, you see Jowy talking to someone. Who? Well, Kage. You might remember
    him from Suikoden 1. After Jowy says something about taking the right path, you’ll
    know something up. And you’re right, too, the game is about to take a drastic turn. But
    anyway, the next morning, the three of you go up to City Hall to talk to Annabelle about
    Genkaku. But, when you get there you’ll find her way to busy to tell you anything, and
    she tells you to come back in the evening. So, go back to the Inn. When you arrive,
    though, Jowy just runs off again and doesn’t say why. Talk to Nanami and say you’re
    worried about him, then go up to City Hall again. On the right side of the entrance you’ll
    find Jowy and Kage talking again, but this time you catch him in the act and can ask him
    what’s up.
    “What are you doing?”
    (take a guess)
    “Who was the person?”
    (this isn’t a hard one, either)
    Either way, he’ll give a stupid answer and tell you to run far away.
    “What are you going to do?”
    (try to dig deeper into what his plans are)
    (act like you know he’s up to something)
    If you ask him what he’s going to do, he just says he wants you to take care of Pilika,
    should anything happen to him. That night, Viktor pays a visit to Annabelle and they
    have some wine. A nice though, really, since she wont be able to drink wine for much
    longer. Anyway, after that, it’s your turn to go see her about Genkaku, finally. So head on
    up, but the guard will say something about your friend going to see her… Yeah, none
    other then Jowy. He goes into her room, and after a few words and little bit of fighting,
    he stabs her and runs off. He DOES get a new picture in his text boxes here, though. So
    it’s not all bad. Then you run in and see what’s up. He’ll run off no matter what, and
    Annabelle will die there. On top of your best friend betraying you and Muse already
    losing the war because the mayor of it just died, to make matters worse Jess runs in and
    since you’re the only ones in the room, accuses you of killing her. Yeah, nice guy. After
    that, you’ll find yourself running from yet another city. Go back and see Leona and she’ll
    tell you that the army is meeting up again in South Window. Pilika joins the convoy, and
    then you run out of town. That night, Nanami brings up the option of running away and
    living on your own in the mountains. It doesn’t matter what you say, she’ll agree either
    way, actually. You wake up the next morning, and you happen to be right next to
    Coronet, just a little farther south and you’re there. When you get there and try to book a
    boat in the bottom left corner of town, you find that Luca has ordered no one to leave the
    city on a boat. Sucks. Anyway, now that you know this, go to the Inn. Doesn’t the
    innkeeper look like Sanchez from Suikoden 1? Anyway, it just so happens that the three
    traveling performers are passing through. You know, Rina, Eilie, and Bolgan. Eilie
    doesn’t like the looks of Nanami being there, since Eilie wants you for herself. Anyway,
    you can say you don’t know her, which is fun. Or you can say, “It’s been a while.” Either
    way, you all sit down for a drink. Then, its up to you to find out away to get a boat. Well,
    first go save since it’s been a while.
    -Getting to South Window-
    I thought that last subheading was getting to long, so I decided to give this its own
    subheading. Hope you don’t mind! At the southeast corner of town, you’ll find Sheena, a
    Suikoden 1 character. He’ll run out of the hut, and yell some stuff through the door.
    Strange, huh? Go in the hut and you’ll find Tai ho and his bro, Yam Koo, also from
    Suikoden 1. Be persistent while talking to them, and he’ll challenge you to a game. It’s a
    game of chance, so luck is all you have. Just keep trying, and be sure you saved before
    you try this!  It can drain your cash! Anyway, once you’ve won, go back and get your
    friends from the bar, then go back to Tai ho’s place and hop on the boat. He’ll take you
    across with no problems. Save when you get here, then leave town and head south for
    long ways till you reach South Window.
    -South Window-
    Now that you’re finally here, you’ll see Viktor near the entrance. After a bit of talking,
    you’ll all head to the bar. The bar is actually at the Inn, so go there to find Flik and Viktor
    waiting. There will be even more talking, then you, Viktor, Flik and Nanami will head to
    City Hall. Once you’re there, you’ll meet the mayor of South Window. After some more
    talking, Granmeyer, the mayor, will ask Viktor to go see what’s going on in North
    Window, since young girls have been disappearing in surrounding areas. Now, you loyal
    Suikoden players will probably know what’s going on. Neclord, the vampire is there in
    North Window. But how? He died in Suikoden 1? Well, you’ll understand later. Go back
    to the tavern now. After a bunch more talking, you’re given a party of five people, and
    now you’re off to North Window. It’s actually more to the northwest, really, at the top
    left corner of the island. Once you get there, you’ll see, for the first time, Viktor’s
    hometown. It’s a ghost town, however. The aftermath of the vampire Neclord still
    remains. Viktor tells the story of what happened, but then, Neclord, the big meany, walks
    up. And let me tell you, time has NOT served him well - he is UGLY!!!! But that’s
    besides the point, the real bad thing is that he’s very alive and doing just fine. He then
    attacks, but don’t bother with him. You can’t win at the moment, just let yourself die.
    After your dead, he’ll run off and your new mission will be to go fetch the Star Dragon
    sword. If you have enough medicine, use some now. If you used any Rune power during
    and fights, go back to South Window and rest. Other wise, just heal up and leave North
    Window. Go down then left at the fork, and you’re there.
    -The Cave of the Wind-
    Save outside, then go on in. First, go all the way up into the next room. Then keep
    following the path right, and into the next room. Take the next path up and right into the
    next room, then follow the path through here. There’s only one path to take again, so
    follow it into the next room and you’ll be in a room with the path you came in on, another
    path leading up, with is right behind you, and another path strait ahead. First go strait and
    get the Fish Badge from the chest, then go back and take the path leading up. Go strait
    through the next room and go through the door at the other side. Then go up and take a
    left at the first path to get a Fire Wall Scroll, now go back and continue up. No go up and
    right, and in the next room you’ll be faced with a few fear inspiring “puzzles.” First,
    you’ll see a few rocks blocking your path, go up to the top one and push X to push it out
    of the way and keep going. Next, you’ll see a tunnel that’s blowing wind making it so if
    you walk across, you’ll get blown into a hole. Give up? Ok, take the rock that’s next to
    the hole, and push it in front of the hole. This is the basic idea that should make the rest
    of the rooms easy. Just remember to always stay BEHIND the rocks, and you’ll be just
    fine. The last room has four rocks and four of the wind gust things, once you’re past the
    last room, go strait across to find an old man and three treasure chests. Take them all, and
    if you need to get out of the cave, talk to the old guy. If not, go back and down just a little
    to another path, right below the path with the old guy on it. Take the door at the end. Now
    then, exit this next room through the door at the top, and in the next room go left and
    down through the other door. In the next room, go down at the fork, then at the next fork
    go down again and you’ll reach three other paths. Take the bottom left path to get a Half
    Helmet, and take the bottom right path for a Stone of Defense. Now exit this big room by
    taking the top left path and following it to a door. Once you’re through, go up a little to
    meet Kahn, a vampire hunter dude. After a bit of friction, he’ll join you to help you take
    out Neclord. So, with that, keep going up. It’s just one path the rest of the way, so you’ll
    be fine. You’ll soon reach the Star Dragon sword, but Viktor really screws up and makes
    the sword very mad. At that time, the sword attacks you…
    ===Beating the Star Dragon Sword===
    First off, the hero and Nanami should use their unite attack, and when Nanami is
    unbalanced, have the hero attack regularly or attack or heal with his Rune. Viktor should
    attack or heal, but mostly attack. Have Kahn use his nifty Rune, and have Eilie attack or
    heal as needed. The sword attacks twice per round and really has some rough attacks, so
    watch your power. And he has 2500 HP, so this is a balanced fight, if you ask me, but it
    still might take a short while to beat him.
    -After the Star Dragon Sword-
    He’ll join you to kill Neclord, and you’ll walk out of the cave through a door behind the
    sword. The first thing to do now it to run back to South Window and take a nap at the
    Inn. And while you’re there, if you haven’t already, buy new armor as needed, and also
    restock on items. After this, go back to North Window and go in the castle. There’s
    actually only one real direct rout through here, but there are two or three little side areas,
    and another thing, there ARE enemies in here, but the encounter rate is extremely low.
    You could run through this whole place and not get in a fight, probably. When you first
    get it, go in the door right above you and get the Fire Rune in the bottom left corner.
    Then exit the room and go left, up, and through the door. Then go up and left through the
    door here. Ignore the door on the upper wall and head strait through the door in front of
    you. The next few screens will just be a strait path, but when you come to a room full of
    statues, you’ll be in another dreaded puzzle room. First, push the statue that’s out of place
    on the square above the brown square, then push the west-most statue up to open a secret
    door. Go in the room to get the Darkness Rune, and exit the secret room and push the out
    of place statue onto the discolored floor panel and continue on. Its another single path
    trek now and soon you’ll be in a room full of candles. Light the bottom row of candles by
    pushing the X button. The only candle you don’t light is the next to the last one. Go in the
    secret room to find a Blue Ribbon. Now leave and light the unlit candle on the top row to
    continue. Keep going up till you reach a bridge. This will let you know you’re almost
    there. Just keep going and be sure to get the two treasure chests in one of the rooms on
    the way, since one of them is a Chain Mail. Equip it to the hero, unless someone else
    really needs it, then keep going. You’ll cross another bridge, then be in the room right
    before Neclord’s. Heal up now, if you need to, make sure everyone is equipped with good
    armor, and go on in. Once inside, Neclord will actually want to make a deal. The Star
    Dragon Sword for Daisy - Daisy evidently an old girlfriend of Viktor’s, or something of
    that nature. But Viktor is too smart for that, he sees through the N man’s plan and
    beheads the Daisy impersonator. With his plan destroyed, Neclord runs off, but leaves a
    huge monster of his that you’ll get to kill.
    ===Beating Abomination===
    Now, the problem here is a combination of a few things. 1. This guy has 4500 HP. 2. He
    has a number of attacks and they all hurt rather badly. 3. He attacks twice a turn, so that’s
    two painful attacks every turn. However, you have your tricks too, right? Sure! First,
    have the hero and Nanami use the unite attack, and have the hero heal with his Rune
    when Nanami’s unbalanced. Now have Viktor attack with Scrolls or his sword. Have
    Kahn use his strongest Rune spell, Charm Arrow, then have him use the scrolls he has in
    his inventory. Have Eilie heal and attack with everything she’s got. When worse comes to
    worse, have the hero use his strongest Rune spell to heal everyone. Doing this, and being
    on level 24 or 25 should be enough to win without too much of a struggle. But keep in
    mind that this is easily the hardest boss you’ve fought, so don’t do anything foolish.
    -After Abomination-
    You’ll automatically leave the castle and Kahn will leave the crew to follow Neclord.
    When you start heading back to South Window, Flik, along with Leona, Apple, and the
    others will walk up to greet you with the news that Highland has overthrown South
    Window. And even worse, Mayor Grenmeyer’s head was hung on the South Window
    gate. War, what is it good for? Anyway, Freed is pretty crushed by the news, and since he
    has no where to go, he decides to stay with you guys. You’ll go back inside the castle,
    congratulations, by the way, it’s your new home! After a little bit of chatting, Apple tells
    you about a guy named Shu who lives in Radat. He’s a strategist, and according to Apple,
    a very, very good one. A good place to start would be to have him join your cause. For
    the first time in too long, you’ll be able to make your own party again. Make up one of
    real quick. The only real hard thing you have to do is walk across the map, and that’s not
    hard. So make a party, save, and leave. Radat is on the other side of the island. I mean,
    the OTHER side, all the way east. So start walking. You’ll come to it eventually. If
    you’re still injured from the fight with Abomination, which you should be, stop in
    Kuskus on the way and stay at the Inn. Once you’re in Radat run strait through town till
    you reach a wall with a break in it. This is the front gate at Shu’s house. Oh, did I
    mention he’s rich? Yes, he got rich off trading. He’s a cool guy, if you ask me. Anyway,
    you get to speak with him, but he just sends you away saying that he uses his smarts to
    “predict shifts in the world’s economy.” You won’t leave till you get him to join you,
    though, so lets think for a second… Well, go to the tavern and talk to everyone there.
    Then, when you’re leaving, Shu walks in. Apple literally begs him to join you, but again
    he lets you suffer in all your humiliation. Well, with that, leave the tavern and go down a
    bit to find a man in a trench coat named Richmond, the privet eye. He’ll tell you he can
    help you, and after paying a small fee, he tells you to go to the Inn to wait. So, go ahead
    and wait at the Inn. After a while, he’ll tell you about Shu meeting someone at the port to
    the east. So, you sleep at the Inn, and the next day (there’s that cool music again) you
    wake up and head to the port. Just follow the same path you went to get to Shu’s house,
    just go farther. After waiting for a bit, Shu shows up, and again tries to give you the cold
    shoulder. But Apple wears him down enough to where he makes a deal with you. If you
    can find a coin he throws in the water by morning, he’ll join you. But hey, that’s a strong
    current. You’ll have to get the dam doors shut before you can do any searching. Talk to
    the dude with the headband, and he'll give you the brush-off. Then, Amada will walk up
    to say hi, and then HE’LL make you a deal. If the hero can beat him in a one on one
    battle, he’ll close the gate. Man, lots of gamblers around here, huh?
    ^^^Dual Battle vs. Amada^^^
    Attack Phrases
    Ok, first a little test…
    YOWCH!!!!! Nice one! My hand’s all numb!
    Ouch! I felt that one!
    Ouch!!! I definitely felt that one!!!
    Ouch! Pretty good! Ok, it’s my turn next!
    Thinking the same thing, eh. C’mon, let’s go.
    Wild Attack Phrases
    That won’t get us anywhere! Lets try this one on fer size!!!!!
    Argh!!! I’ll get ya next time!!!!!
    I’m just about ready to take the gloves off.
    Ok, here we go!
    Ok, it’s my turn next!
    That was fun!!!!! Lets go again!!!!
    Ok, boy, here we go!
    Defend Phrases
    Ha ha, ok, first show me what you’ve got, boy.
    Dammit!!!! I might lose this one!!!!
    C’mon, now it’s your turn.
    Damn! Dammit!!!! Gotta think!!!!!
    -After the Dual-
    A deal’s a deal. He opens the gate so you guys can crawl around in the 20-degree water
    all night! Later that night, you three are still looking. Nanami has nothing but bad things
    to say, and finding the thing isn’t looking up at all. However, just before you give up, the
    hero sees the coin and grabs it. And Shu appears on the stairs and joins the army. Of
    course, he’s wondering how the coin got in the water, since all he threw in was a rock.
    He’ll never know, but you get to see Richmond standing on the bridge flipping a coin. Of
    course, he threw it in. Well, you might want to save after all that, then head back to the
    _-_-_-_-_-_-_-IN NEED OF A LEADER-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
    Once you’re home again, go to the main hall where Viktor, Flik, and a few others are
    waiting. Shu shows up right away and already has a plan. After laying down his
    employment rules, he explains the plan. Which is, basically, to sneak behind Solon Jhee’s
    unite and attack it from behind, then to get the South Window troops to join you, then
    you’ll have a good chance of winning. Shu assigns you, the hero boy, to be the one who
    attacks Solon Jhee. The next morning, save and then pay another visit to the Main Hall
    again, where everyone is waiting for you. Well, get started with the battle.
    |||Major Battle: Defend the Castle|||
    The computer will do most everything until you arrive behind Jhee, then you’ll have
    some say in the fight. You arrive right after the fight starts, so head up to the J-man as
    soon as you can. Once you’ve attacked Jhee once, everyone will see what you’ve done
    and switch sides and join you. Try and stay away from battle after that, or at least keep
    the hero’s unit away. The other units you command don’t matter a great deal. Soon
    enough, Solon will call a full retreat… wimp.
    -After the Major Battle-
    You’ll arrive back at your HQ to find all your new recruits cheering for you. Then you’ll
    head back to the Main Hall, and Flik will inform you that you’re officially ‘the hero.’
    You’re all of the sudden famous. Well, of course, this new army needs a leader. Of
    course, Shu has his eye on you for the new leader. He explains all that you’ve
    accomplished, and really, by the time he’s done, you’ll probably end up thinking you’re
    the one for the job, too. Obviously, you can’t proceed in the game until you accept, so I
    won’t put the your responses in here. Nanami wants you to think about it more, so you
    take here advice and Viktor tells you to meet up with him in the bar of the castle so he
    can tell you about “something Annebelle didn’t have time to tell you.” That night in your
    room, You and Nanami talk about this leader concept a little more, then you head to the
    bar. Save at the save crystal outside your room. Then head to the bar. If for some reason
    you don’t know where it is, from your room go up through the big door at the top of the
    room, then go down the stairs. You’ll now be in the main room of the castle, the nucleus.
    Head through the door at the bottom of this room and then you’re almost there. Just go
    through the door to the right and you’re at the bar. Viktor will be there, so have a chat
    with him. He'll ask if you still want to sit through the story.
    “I still want to here it.”
    (persist in hearing it)
    “Forget about it.”
    (have Nanami persist for you)
    If you refuse, you’ll get out of hearing it, but there’s nothing else to do, so of course
    you’ll end up hearing the story. It’s pretty interesting anyway, so if you refused, talk to
    him again to get the story. It goes a little something like this…
    “Okay… Now this happened a long time ago. It has nothing to do with you. Hero, you’re
    an individual named Hero, you’re not just ‘Genkaku’s son.’ Okay? Don’t you ever forget
    “Just before this war started, fighting between Highland and the State was pretty much
    limited to just minor border skirmishes. It was just about 30 years ago? Highland and the
    State fought a great war against each other. There are lots of different stories about what
    happened, but it seems that the State started the war. Annebelle’s father, Mayor Derall of
    Muse, let the State, and the famous general, Han Cunningham let the Highland army.
    Derall was an amateur when it came to war and before long he had lost have of Muse and
    the Matilda Domain. That’s when a hero appeared…. Your adopted father Genkaku.
    Genkaku got command of a unit and raided Highland’s supply tent. This slowed
    Highland long enough for the State to recover.”
    “The war went back and forth. Genkaku and Han were from the same village and it looks
    like they were good friends. Sometimes they would drink together leisurely right in the
    middle of both camps. By doing so, they both realized what a stupid and pointless war it
    was. And so, Genkaku and Han worked together to make a peace treaty. Citizens of both
    countries were overjoyed. All except for one man…. The mayor of Muse city.”
    “There was one border city, your hometown of Kyaro, that Derall refused to give over to
    Highland. So negotiations broke down and the war began anew. That’s when the kind of
    Highland, Agares Blight, made a suggestion. The war should be decided by a ‘dual
    between both champions.’ Darell agreed to the idea, as did Han and Genkaku who wished
    only for the war to finally come to an end.”
    “The time came for the dual to begin. King Agares gave his sword to Han and Mayor
    Darell gave his sword to Genkaku. This singled that each champion was fighting as a
    representative of their own country. But something happened. Genkaku never once even
    raised his sword. Darell ordered him over and over to fight over and over, but he refused.
    Time passed, and people got angry that the contest was spoiled, they blamed Genkaku.
    With no other choice, Han knocked away Genkaku’s blade and put his sword on
    Genkaku’s neck to declare victory. That’s how your town of Kyaro came to be Highland
    “Genkaku was called ‘traitor’ and ordered into exile by Lord Derall. He left without ever
    revealing his true reason for not fighting. Many years passed, Darell had left his job as
    mayor, and finally it was learned why Genkaku didn’t fight. Darell had secretly coated
    the sword he gave Genkaku with poison. Genkaku was ruined if he won or lost. If he lost,
    fine. If he was, Darell was planning to expel him for his ‘evil crime.’ Genkaku detected
    the poison and couldn’t bring himself to swing his sword. And so… Genkaku’s name was
    finally cleared, but he would never again return to the City-State. As for what happened
    after that…. well, you know better then I do.”
    *end of spoiler*
    And there’s the story! It’s a long one, huh? Well, Nanami will be asleep when Viktor’s
    done with the story, and the next morning she’ll wake you again. Save, then head to the
    Main Hall. Chat with Shu to be asked the question again, that is, do you want to lead the
    Army. Obviously, you have to join the army. If you refuse over and over again, the
    people standing around you will eventually all try and talk you into it, then it will just
    repeat. So, go ahead and agree, you have no choice, anyway. After you accept, Huan, the
    doctor you met in Muse will arrive and join the army. Nice, huh? I can’t blame him, of
    course. If my hometown had just been destroyed I’d go ahead and join to get some
    revenge, too. Well, enough about me, after he joins, you’ll be asked to name the castle
    whatever you want. So, name it something good, because you’ll be stuck with it for the
    rest of the game! I named mine Evermore Castle, after the Secret of Evermore. Hey, it’s
    all I could think of, shut up! Then Leknaat will appear! Good ol’ Leknaat! Players of
    Suikoden 1 will understand the story behind her a bit better. Anyway, you may also
    remember Luc from Suikoden 1, well, Leknaat leaves him with you at your castle, so
    now you have one of the best magic Rune users in the game! Sure, he dies easily, but it’s
    a small price to pay for his power. After all this is done, you’ll wake up the next morning
    with Nanami screaming in your ear. You seemingly cant do anything, but leave the
    castle, and right before you go onto the world map, Fitcher, you may remember him from
    Muse, will run up and ask you if he’s in North Window.
    “Nope, You’re way off.”
    (tell him he’s wrong and he’ll leave)
    “That’s right.”
    (he’ll ask you a few more questions)
    Don’t say he’s way off, just say that he’s in North Window and everything will be fine.
    He’ll then ask about the great hero who defeated the Highland Army.
    “He’s unbelievably cool.”
    (put in good word for “the hero.”)
    “Eh, he’s nothing special.”
    (just let him decide for himself, I supose)
    “The hero is me.”
    (he’ll say you’re joking and go off to talk to the “real” leader)
    It doesn’t matter what you say, of course. Once he runs off, head to the Main Hall to see
    him talking to Shu. He then, of course, finds out who you really are and grovels for
    forgiveness. See? Being leader isn’t so bad, is it? He’ll ask you to come to Two Rivers
    City to forge an alliance. Of course you want to, right? I mean, it Two Rivers City!
    You’ve never been there! And besides what else can you do? Nothing! So, say you’ll go
    and let’s get on with it, shall we? However, you need a captain to get your boat to Two
    Rivers. Before we go get one, however, we’re going to do a bit of recruiting! Yay!
    Now then, go to the bar and make a party of some sort and head over to South Window.
    When you enter, you’ll see a shadowy figure to the left. This is Clive, you may remember
    him from Muse. He won’t join you just yet, but soon. Go to the Inn/Bar and recruit
    Zamza, if you didn’t earlier in the game, you can now.
    Then go upstairs in the Inn and talk to Alex and Hilda. You went treasure hunting with
    Alex, if you remember. And Hilda, of course, is his wife that owned the White Deer Inn.
    Well’p, three recruits so far! Not bad!
    Now leave the Inn and go right until the armor shop comes into view, then go all the way
    up to a house. A stupid inventor, that is sadly one of the 108 Stars, lives here. First, he
    asks for a Sacrificial Jizo. Bolgan has one equipped, unless you’ve already used it. If not,
    give it to him, if you used it, run to Kuskus and check out the item store’s Rare Finds
    section. Go back to South Window and give it to him, and he’ll ask for a Wooden Shield.
    Thankfully, they sell them at the armor store just a little ways away. Go pick one up and
    bring it back to Adlei, the inventor. From here, go to the Rune Master’s shop and buy a
    Wind Rune (5000p! Ouch!). Now take them to Adlei and give them to him. Be sure to
    pick “Throw Wind Crystal” when the option appears, or you’ll have to get him another
    Sacrificial Jizo. After you hit him in the head with it, he turns into a rather nice guy! In
    fact, he builds you an elevator in your castle! Sweetness!
    Well, now that you’re at your castle, go to the bar and make a party of all female
    characters and go to Kuskus. Just left of the entrance, there is an old woman down some
    stairs. She’ll tell you about some meanies who beat women up for fun. Leave town, then
    go back in and go to the west side of town, across the big yellow bridge. The fellows are
    over there and start making remarks, etc. Then you get hit in the back of the head and
    knocked out. But Oulan, the person you came here to recruit, saves you. Tell her what she
    wants and ask her to join.
    We’re actually not done. The most frustrating recruit in a large portion of the game is
    next. Go to the docks on the east side of Kuskus and talk to Tai Ho. He and his brother
    will be your boat captain if you win his freaking game again! But this time, if you lose,
    you OWE him money, so if you get into the minus numbers (i.e. -1000p), just start the
    game over. You could blow a lot of money on this, but it MUST be done! It MUST I say!
    So just keep trying and you’ll eventually get lucky and win. A good method is to go and
    fight till you have about 5000p, then save at the Kuskus Inn. Then whenever Tai Ho
    cleans you out, just push Start, Select, R1, R2, L1 and L2 to reset the game and start at
    the Inn with all your cash, ready to play again.
    After you’ve won, go back to your castle and go to the bar. Put Freed in your party, then
    leave the castle again and go to Radat, the town you got Shu in. Stallion, another
    Suikoden 1 character is in this town and if you’ve successfully ran from 50 battles, he’ll
    join. However, unless you’re insanely under-level and have ran from most of the battles
    you’ve fought to this point, he probably won’t join yet. Anyway, go down to see
    Richmond outside the Appraiser’s store. Talk to him and ask him to join, he’ll play a coin
    flip game. After you’ve lost once, go to the bar and talk to the man directly left of the
    door inside. He’ll give you a new coin to use when playing the coin game. Go down to
    Richmond again and he’ll see that he’s been beaten, and will join.
    Now go directly right from where you are behind the large wall to find a woman hanging
    up laundry. This is actually Freed’s wife, and after a long bit of talking, she’ll ask if she
    can join so she doesn’t have to be away from Freed. Of course it’s alright with you, so
    after she joins, go back to the bridge where you had to search for the coin. Its time to visit
    your pal Amada!
    Amada wants to join, of course, but he still wants to decide it with another one-on-one
    ^^^Dual Battle vs. Amada^^^
    Attack Phrases
    Ok, first a little test…
    YOWCH!!!!! Nice one! My hand’s all numb!
    Ouch! I felt that one!
    Ouch!!! I definitely felt that one!!!
    Ouch! Pretty good! Ok, it’s my turn next!
    Thinking the same thing, eh. C’mon, let’s go.
    Wild Attack Phrases
    That won’t get us anywhere! Lets try this one on fer size!!!!!
    Argh!!! I’ll get ya next time!!!!!
    I’m just about ready to take the gloves off.
    Ok, here we go!
    Ok, it’s my turn next!
    That was fun!!!!! Lets go again!!!!
    Ok, boy, here we go!
    Defend Phrases
    Ha ha, ok, first show me what you’ve got, boy.
    Dammit!!!! I might lose this one!!!!
    C’mon, now it’s your turn.
    Damn! Dammit!!!! Gotta think!!!!!
    -After the Dual-
    Victory should come rather easily, and he’ll join the army.
    You’re actually still not done! One more person to recruit! Go across the rest of the
    bridge and you’ll be back on the continent the game started on. The one with the old fort
    that Luca burnt down. From the bridge, go northeast, or up and left, until you reach the
    fort. Go on inside to meet Templeton, the mapmaker. He’s another Suikoden 1 character,
    back and ready to give you a map. He’ll run off after you talk to him at the fort, and he’ll
    go to Toto Village, Pilika’s hometown, now in ruins. Head up to Toto to talk to him again
    and he’ll join you for the sake of the difficulties all this town destroying is causing him
    and his mapmaking. He’ll then join the army AND give you a Suiko Map, a very usful
    Now go all the way back to the castle. Your recruiting is done for the time being, but
    you’ll be getting Clive soon. Once you’re back at the castle, go see Shu in the main hall
    again. Since Amada will be in your party, he becomes your captain. Then Shu asks you to
    choose your remaining party members. Put Luc in, and kick Anita out. Fill her space with
    whomever you’d like, and you don’t have to bring Oulan, but I did, she’s useful. Now
    that you have your party, go down to your docks (from your room go through the big
    door, down the stairs and into the next room, then through the door just right of the big
    stairs you just came off of) and on the left side of it, you’ll see Amada preparing your
    boat. After he says his words, leave the castle and go to South Window to recruit Clive,
    replace who ever you’d like, he’s a good companion to have along.. While you’re here,
    go to the Rune Master’s shop and attach your Blue Gate Rune to Luc’s head, and the
    Darkness Rune to whomever will accept it. Now stroll to Kuskus and go to the
    Blacksmiths. Sharpen your weapon, Nanami’s weapon, and whoever else is in your party,
    to level 6. But not Luc’s weapon, he won’t be attacking with his normal weapon too
    _-_-_-_-_-_-_-NEW PLACES, NEW FACES-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
    Now go back to the castle, get on your boat, and go to Lakewest. Its up and left from your
    castle, you’ll se it on the map. Once you’re at Lakewest, Go to the house at the top left
    corner of town and inside you’ll find Taki. Talk to her four times, then she’ll join you.
    Good start! Now leave Lakewest and follow the road directly west to Two Rivers City.
    As soon as you walk in, you’ll be pick pocketed and all your potch will be taken, you
    wont get it back any time soon, either, so you’ll have to deal with it! Go to the top of
    town and show your letter to the guards at the door to find out that the stupid thief you
    stole your cash also got the letter.
    -Catching Choco-
    Well, I myself hate this guy! Too bad he ends up joining your army… But anyway, this is
    a deceiving title, because you don’t actually catch him and get your money back. All you
    do is get chase him around for a bit, then get caught up in government business, then you
    chase him some more, etc. I’ll shut up now, lets just get on with it! There’s a passage
    leading up to Choco’s village on the left side of town. You don’t walk on the world map
    at all, its just right above you. In fact, you’ll see him run up to his village by it, so follow
    him! Once you’re there, the chase will began, so keep following him till he fly’s away
    with your letter, and your money. Well, head back to Two River to find Fitcher about to
    get a… rather severe punishment for running off you find your castle and lying about you
    coming to their village. You can either stop the punishment, or stand back and watch him
    get lashed. Either way, you get to see Makai and chat a bit, then he send you to an Inn to
    get some rest. At the Inn, in your room, you find Choco waiting. After asking a couple
    more questions that go nowhere, he fly’s off again. Go back downstairs to see Fitcher run
    up and tell you that Makai and Ridley are fighting about a reason unknown. Go to City
    Hall and head to Makai’s room to see what’s up.
    -Trouble in the Message Center-
    Well, city hall actually! When you arrive in Makai’s room you’ll see him and an
    enragedRidley! Despite all efforts to calm Ridley, he storms out breaking the age-old
    alliance between Two Rivers and Kobold Village. To get to Kobold Village, go to the
    Winger’s Village and then through an exit at the top left corner of town and you’ll be
    there. You won’t be able to get through, though. So you’ll have to think of another way…
    Well, start heading back and Fitcher, being the “feeb” he is, gets pick pocketed by
    Choco! Of course, it’s time to play the chasing game again! You’ll corner him again, but
    again, he’ll escape, yet again, through a secret passage!! Follow him, but NOT far! The
    enemies in here are very tough and before you go too far into the sewers, I recommend
    you build your levels to 30, no less. Why? First, there’s a very hard boss in here that
    you’ll need to be on level 30 for, and second, you need money. You’ll be killing two
    birds with one stone by building up here. Also, aside from leveling up and getting cash,
    the enemies here drop nice things (Land Sharks drop Guard Rings and Recipe #21’s,
    Sirens drop Banshee Runes and Mangoshs, etc.), I know it will take a long time, but do it
    because it’s really for the best. Once you’re FINALLY at level 30, go rest, save, stock up
    on Medicine, and make any Rune adjustments you’d like, but leave the Blue Gate Rune
    on Luc and buy a Water Rune and put it on the Hero... Now, head to the sewers!
    -Two River Sewers-
    Once you enter the main part of the sewers, you’ll see a treasure on the other side of the
    water. If you didn’t get it while you were leveling up, go down and across the bridge and
    get it. Then go down and follow the path to another bridge, then go up for a Resurrection
    Rune, then turn around and take the bridge across to the other side. Don’t go crazy on
    using your Runes in during battles in here, attack regularly as much as you can. Anyway,
    go across the bridge, then left and down off the screen. Keep following the path off the
    screen again, and… Well… Just keep following it! It’s just one long path! You’ll find a
    Healing Wind Scroll on the way, then you’ll reach a fork in the road. Take the path
    leading up and get the Fire Emblem and the Stone of Defense, and go back to the fork
    and take the other path. Just keep moving along and you’ll come to a save point! Heal,
    save, and go through the door ahead of you. You’ll then be in a dark hall. Keep walking
    up and you’ll be attacked by the Pest Rat.
    ===Beating the Pest Rat===
    This boss is quite hard indeed, but he should be very bearable as long as you have a high
    level. It has 5200 HP, attacks twice a turn and all his attacks hurt! But, you have the Hero
    armed with his normal Rune AND a Water Rune, so you’ll be able to take on anything
    coming your way. Further more, you have tons of Medicine (don’t you?), so the odds are
    totally in your favor. First, have the Hero use his Water Rune and use the Protect Mist
    spell.  Also, unite attack with Nanami, or heal, whichever is needed. Then have him
    attack or heal while Nanami is unbalanced. Have Oulan open the fight by using her Rune,
    the attack or heal with Medicine. Have Luc drain his Blue Gate Rune. Use everything
    except Empty World – you shouldn’t need to take such drastic measures. Have Clive use
    Scrolls and attack or heal. With that strategy, you should be fine!
    -After the Pest Rat-
    Go back and save, of course, then continue to the exit of the sewers. You’ll be right in
    Kobold Village! Ridley runs up to say hi, then after getting very mad, he’ll tell you what
    happened. You see, it seems someone was hanging around the village the night before,
    and one of Ridley’s men saw him. The strange guy got away, but he dropped a secret
    peace treaty between Two River and Highland. Normally, this would be alright, but
    Ridley doesn’t like the fact that the treaty also signs the Kobolds over to Highland. That’s
    why all this is going on. He then says he can no longer trust humans.
    “I understand.”
    (be a good hearted young man and let it be)
    “That’s what the enemy wants!!!!!”
    (I like this one as to you get to sound like a real leader who knows what he’s doing!)
    Ridley throws you out again, and you’re at another brick wall as of what to do. Head
    back to the town of Two River to see Makai and the towns people chatting with Kiba and
    Klaus, Kiba being a famous Highland General and Klaus being his military strategy
    genius son. After the people are done talking, Kiba and everyone leaves, and Fitcher asks
    Makai what’s going on. Then Choco appears again and yells out some more human
    hating stuff, and runs off. Go to the Inn and go upstairs to see a guy in one of the rooms.
    Talk to him and tell him to go to your castle and that it won’t cost him anything and he’ll
    join the army as the castle Armor shop. Now rest at the Inn and save, then go to Makai’s
    place to talk about this ‘treaty.’ When you’re there, Makai basically says that he’s going
    to join up with Highland, destroy your army, the Kobolds and the Wingers. In any case,
    he’s not planning on joining forces with you. He tells you to stay at the New Leaf Inn
    before you head out, because Highland is at large. Once outside, Choco will dash up and
    tell you his grandmother wants to mean you, and then Fitcher will spring upon you the
    fact that he sent a letter to Shu sending for reinforcements! Surprise!! Well, it’s time to
    meat granny, so go to the Winger’s village again. Choco will show you the way to his
    house, and granny will talk for a while, telling you her thoughts on everything that’s been
    going on, and will give you a history of the wingers.When you’re ready to go, you’ll see
    Choco yet again, and he’ll just tell you that he still doesn’t like you and he won’t give
    you your wallet! Nice guy, for real. Go back to the Inn to rest and save, and in the
    morning Kiba arrives. The only difference is that he has his army with him…
    As soon as they’ve talked, the battle begins and people start dying left and right! From
    here, run over to Kobold Village and try to get Ridley to join again. At first, he still
    won’t, but then he comes to his senses and helps in the fight. Not only that, but the
    Wingers drop in (hee hee, I made a pun) and start helping out. Furthermore, your army
    arrives and this leaves Highland surrounded. Then they retreat and you have won the
    battle! YES!!!
    On the Highland’s side, you see Solon Jhee saying his last words in his defense before
    Luca Blight cuts his head off, and Jowy steps up for a try. He makes a very strange offer
    to Luca, and a seemingly impossible one, but as we shall see, he’s all but able to get any
    sort of job done… Anyway, the next morning, you’ll be informed that Shu is there to see
    you. Go to the assembly hall to talk to him, and when you’re done there, go to Kobold
    village. At the Item shop, buy a Fried Taco or two, then just start heading back to your
    castle. On the way out Choco will ask to join, so recruit him even if you don’t want to,
    which you probably won’t! In Lakewest, have the Hero eat all the Fried Tacos. If you see
    steam coming off him, he’s ‘toasty.’ In a house at the upper part of the village, there’s a
    guy who builds baths. Talk to him while you’re toasty and he’ll join you! When you’re
    finally home again, go save at the crystal right outside the main hall, then go into the
    main hall to speak with Shu. He’ll bring up a new problem, but says he wont tell you till
    tomorrow. Well, you wake up the next day in your new room! Finally! You actually may
    want to explore your castle before talking to Shu again, it’s been improved by a long
    shot. Also, go outside and over to the rightmost side of the castle. Go up and through the
    big door (the one you used when you entered the castle to fight Neclord). Now, go around
    the water supply and through the door. In the next room, you’ll see your new bath! Take
    one if you’d like! After you’re done, go through the door on the right side of the room.
    Go through the door just to the right. You’ll be in a big empty room. Go down and
    through one of the doors at the bottom of the room to see a guy named Hai Ho talking to
    one of your men. He’ll insist on joining your army! Join him and he’ll turn the balcony
    and the big empty room into a totally nifty restaurant!!! YEAH!!! Now, go back and save
    again and go talk to Shu, he’ll tell you about Greenhill City, and how forming an alliance
    with them would be a huge help. He then tells you his plan to send you, and four other
    young people into the school as students so you could form one. He tells Flik to go along,
    and then you have three people to choose from, cause Nanami’s coming along. I’m taking
    Luc, Choco (you should take him too. He allows you to recruit someone on the way) and
    Gengen! Now that you’re leaving, head to the boat docks!
    _-_-_-_-_-_-_-NEW PLACES, NEW FACES (PART 2)-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
    Go to Lakewest, you have to go through here to get to Greenhill. Before you leave
    Lakewest though, go to the Inn and speak with Hix and Tengaar in the corner. Both of
    these people were in Suikoden 1, by the way, and happen to notice Flik! After a bit of
    chatting, they run off. Bid farewell to them for now and continue on to Greenhill, which
    is past Kobold village to the west, then north and west. You’ll see it, believe me. Head on
    in to see Fitcher at the entrance. He tells you a few things, then tells you to come up with
    some fake names. You can temporarily name yourself anything! So, after coming up with
    a new name, you get to name Nanami, too. It, of course, doesn’t matter what you name
    anyone. So, do what you feel and head up to the front gate. Thanks to Flik’s really great
    and smooth speaking skills, you get through unhurt. You might as well save at the Inn,
    and rest if you need to. Go, run up the center path and you’ll soon see a solder and a
    young girl in a fight. Well, Flik saves her, and she gets an instant crush on him, but of
    course, we all know that Flik still loves his old friend Odessa, who died four years earlier.
    Because of this, he won’t let himself get with anyone else. A sad tale indeed… Anyway,
    After this whole thing is over, go up and into the big building and talk to Emilia behind
    the desk. After enrolling you, she’ll run off. Run after her and talk to her again, and she’ll
    pretty much give you a big run down of the locations of everything. Then Shin will walk
    by, he’s rather important. Now go talk to Emilia again and tell her she’s pretty, but only
    once. Now go outside to se Nina talking to her friends about Flik! Whew, she’s totally
    lost it… Now she drags him off. To where? No one knows. Now go rest in your dorm,
    it’s the one on the left side of the school. She’ll tell you where your rooms are, but for
    some reason she tells you in a very confusing way. Here are easier directions: Ho up the
    stairs on the left side of the room, then at the top of the stairs make a U turn and you’ll be
    at your rooms. Now, if she makes THAT sound confusing, I’d hate to here her explain
    anything else. You can keep looking around and exploring if you’d like, but there isn’t
    much reason to. After dinner, you’ll go back to your rooms and Nina will walk up, judge
    Nanami (is it just me or are those fake names not working too well?), and you’ll go to
    bed. In the morning, you’ll here that kick ass morning time music again, then go outside
    the dorm to se Flik. He tells you about Shin, and how he’s been following him. He says
    that he thinks Shin has something to do with Teresa. But before anything else can be said,
    Nina spots him and he’s forced to run off. You’ll see Emilia near the exit of the campus
    and she’ll tell you a few things you knew already. All the while, hinting for you to go into
    town. So, do what she says! Go into town and go to the Inn to see some crazy stuff going
    on involving Teresa, the Inn, the owners of the Inn, and Highland Solders. So, do you
    give up? Well, it seems the solders have a crazy idea Teresa is hiding at the Inn!! Silly
    guys. You’ll also see Rowd again… Great… Anyway, Shin walks up and says a few
    things, and after everyone is gone, he says a few more things to the owners of the Inn,
    apologizing and the like. Now as he walks off, try to tail him, but by the time you reach
    the school you’ll see that you’ve lost him. Go talk to Emilia and ask her about Shin. By
    doing this you can have a fun little conversation with her. End up telling her that you’re
    the leader of (insert name here) Army, and she’ll wish you luck and tell you she’ll help
    you if she can. Actually, what you’ve just done is recruited her. She won’t actually go to
    your castle and join, however, until this whole ordeal is over with. Go back to the dorms,
    rest, have dinner, and you’ll be back where you started! That is, at your room. Nina will
    ask about Flik’s favorite food, then mention ghosts in the dorms. Now, you’d think that
    after living through something like stealing a castle from a vampire, Nanami would be ok
    with this. But, she gets totally freaked out! You can entertain this idea, or make her feel
    better, whichever you’d like.
    -Getting Closer-
    Well, the next day you go outside the dorms to see nothing interesting or out of the
    ordinary, which, judging from your stay here so far, is strange. Go into the school and
    head left to see Nina hiding out in the corner. She tells Nanami about shadows in the
    dorms at night and completely restarts the whole ghost thing. Then goes on to tell
    Nanami that Flik told her that he has someone he loves who is always with him. Of
    course, he’s talking about Odessa, but Nina doesn’t know that! Incidentally, Nanami
    doesn’t either.  She then walks off again. Walk back outside to find Flik, he assures
    Nanami that he’s not into kids. Now head to town to find Fitcher about to be beat up by
    the locals! Flik saves him using a rather entertaining plan of his, then he tells you about
    the person who took Greenhill, even though he doesn’t know who it is. Now is a good
    time to save since you haven’t in a while, and tonight something different and interesting
    will happen. On the way back to the dorms, Nina stops you and Flik just puts it in your
    hands and then runs off. Nina, of course, takes off after him. Go back to the dorms now
    and eat dinner, and Nina will, yet again, stop you on the way back to your rooms. You
    manage to get away, however, and go to bed. That night, you’ll be woken up by Nanami,
    who heard something. She’ll tell you to go see what it is, then as you walk away she’ll
    join your party. This is just a big game of hide and seek, really. Just keep chasing the
    shadowy figure until you chase it into the room on the bottom of the dorm building.
    When you see the thing is gone, light the unlit light on the wall to open a secret door, and
    continue on. Once you’re through the little passage, you’ll be in the school. Follow the
    shadowy guy all the way left and you’ll find out that the person you were following the
    whole time was Flik, who was following Shin. He’ll then join your party – be sure to put
    him in the front row! Now keep going to find another dead-end. The door is open by
    examining the statue, of course. Head through the door to enter the forest. There’s only
    one treasure to get at this time, and that is the Protection Mist Scroll. The way you get it
    is when you come to a fork, go right to find it. That’s all you need to know. Other then
    that, it’s a strait path. Once you reach the end, you’ll see a cabin off in the distance. Shin
    then walks up and is very close to trying to kill you all, then Teresa steps up. She invites
    you inside, and explains how Highland managed to take Greenhill. It’s pretty cool, really.
    You see, the solders of Muse were released and they came to Greenhill. Then Highland
    gave all the weapons and armor they took from the solders back. After this happened, the
    Highland army appeared and all the solders got prepared to fight them. Even though
    Highland was right at Greenhill’s front door, they never made a move, and the food
    supply of Greenhill dropped because of all the new solders. Over time, the solders and
    the citizens were fighting over the remaining bits of food, and then everyone realized the
    real reason Highland returned the solders and weapons – to take Greenhill without even
    And so, Teresa finishes her story and tells you to leave. Shin seconds that and you have
    no choice but to head back and pack your bags because. The next day, while listening to
    that cool morning music, you begin to leave, but don’t quite make it because there is a
    ceremony being help for the guy who took Greenhill. Of course, you must know that this
    person is Jowy, but if you didn’t know, the person is Jowy. After becoming very close to
    being captured, Fitcher gets you out of it and you run. Head up to the secret passage you
    took last night and run to the cabin. By the way, you can sometimes get a Scale Mail
    from the solders, and that should help you out since it’s very strong armor. One you reach
    the cabin, you’ll see Nina, Shin and Teresa there. Teresa, being the insecure girl she is
    has decided to give up and turn herself in. She leaves and Nina runs after her. Now you
    have to run all the way back to the entrance of the school to see her telling Rowd about
    her giving up. Shin has other plans, then you run up to give him a hand. After a couple
    fights, Nina runs up and, with the help with a few other people, convince Teresa to try
    and live. Now you have to run back to that cabin again, where Rowd will appear and Shin
    will stay behind to stall him while you make a run for it. Now you’re in a new section of
    the forest. At the first fork, go down to find some Tow Shoes, then backtrack and keep
    going to another fork. Go up to find a Silver Hat, and continue along and you’ll come to a
    fork going the other way. Make a U turn to find a Chimera Rune, and then keep
    following the path to find Jowy yet again. He’ll tell you about his secret plan against
    Highland and tells you to give up on your army and run away. You end up dragging
    Nanami off screaming. Just run down a bit more to the exit of the forest, then you’ll see a
    cut scene with Jowy and Rowd. Rowd is threatening Jowy about letting people sneak by,
    but then Culgan and Seed back Jowy up and Rowd lets him off the hook. You now find
    yourself back on the world map. Before going to Two River, go to the Muse border and
    recruit Meg and her robot Gadget. Now head to Two River and go into the last house in
    the Kobold Village here. Gengen’s old friend Gobocha is here and he follows you out
    after you leave. Sneaky kid. Now go to the human section of Two River and recruit Jeane
    from the Rune shop. Now go rest and save at the Inn, and now head to the other Kobold
    village. You should see Hix and Tengaar here, if you don’t, I don’t know what’s up. But
    you should see them right when you walk in. Afterword, be sure to save at the Inn, then
    head to the elder’s house.
    -Old Associates-
    You’ll see them outside, then they’ll go inside and by the time you walk in, they’ll be
    done telling their story. The elder notices you, then Tengaar mentions the Warrior’s
    Village, which you’ll remember from Suikoden 1. Once the elder hears that, the scene
    cuts to you and Hix having a man to man kinda talk. No matter what you say to him, if I
    remember right, he’ll say the same thing. So don’t worry about it. The next morning, you
    find Hix screaming his head off over Tengaar, who’s pretending to be cursed by a
    Unicorn. The elder plays along and this motivates Hix to go on the Unicorn Quest. He’ll
    join you and you have to make someone leave your party to make room for him. If you
    have Luc, go ahead and send him along, and then head to South Window! Along the way,
    stop in Lakewest and save at the Inn, then talk to the guy with yellow hair. He’ll
    challenge you to a game. You might remember how annoying this was with Tai Ho, but
    you have to do it again. Once you win, he’ll join! Now head to South Window, but don’t
    stop in the main hall of your castle along the way or else you’ll progress in the game, and
    we just don’t want that quite yet, but you can empty that pesky suggestion box if you’d
    like. Also notice that your castle looks a heck of a lot nicer on the world map now,
    because it’s getting bigger all the time. Go right to South Window and at the item shop
    they’ll sell you the Blue Stone for only 30p. Once you have it, go back to and show it to
    the elder, and he’ll tell you about the Red Flower, which is in the Cave of the Wind, so go
    to the Cave of the Wind and you’ll see the flower right inside. After this, go back and talk
    to the elder. Now, once he tells you where the Green Bell is, go to the Two River sewers.
    But on the way, right after you go down the first ladder in the sewers next to the small
    waterfall, go directly left to find a hidden room where Chaco’s brother lives. Be sure you
    have Chaco in your party and he’ll join you. Now continue through the sewers to find the
    bell. It’s not hard to find. Once you have it, leave the sewers and go back to Kobold
    Village to talk to the elder again. He’ll tell you that Tengaar has left for the Unicorn
    Forest. Go save, then enter the forest on the top of down.
    -The Unicorn Forest-
    Run strait up for a little bit, and when you reach a fork, go right to find a Necklace. Now
    go back and take the other path, and go left when you can. Now go down to find another
    Necklace, now run strait up and follow this path till you reach a path leading up. Take it
    to find another Necklace! Now go back to the main path you were just on and go right a
    little bit into the next screen. Follow this path to the next screen, and now you’ll come to
    a fork again. Take the upper path to find yet another freaking Necklace, and then go back
    and take the other path. Follow this path for a while and you’ll come to Tengaar. She’ll
    fill you in that this was just a test, there’s no such thing as the Unicorn Quest. It is then a
    Unicorn steps out of the bushes! Now, did you expect that? I don’t think so!!! Anyway,
    he Hix ends up standing up to the Unicorn and you all go back to the village. As thanks
    for your help, Hix and Tengaar join your army. By the way, if I haven’t mentioned this
    yet, the Kobold on the right side of the elder’s house gives you a new recipe. When you
    leave the house, keep an eye out for a small girl named Yuzu you will now appear in the
    town. Recruit her and you’ll have someone to look over your farm animals when you get
    some. Of course, she has lost three, and you have to find them for her in the forest. The
    first one is right up ahead, the second one is right up next to where the first one was. The
    third one? Well, it’s also where the other two were, now you can officially recruit her. Be
    sure to rest and save now, and head, at last, back home.
    -Home Again-
    Well, once you’re back at your castle, save, and also you can compete in a cooking
    contest for the first time at the restaurant. Head to the main hall and talk to Shu (man,
    Teresa must be glad to stay put for a while. She’s been traveling with you through all
    those side quests and everything!). Once she’s about to walk off and think, Shin walks in
    with Fitcher, cool guy. The Nina will run up! Yay! Shu will then send you to bed, and for
    some reason, you wake up in your room. Go to bed to go to a cut scene with Jowy being
    talked to by Blight. Jowy now sort of has Blight’s approval, which is impressive, and
    then Jowy asks to marry Luca’s sister, Jillia. Silly boy, silly boy indeed. Luca, not being
    really happy about this, is about to kill Jowy when Jowy mentions an idea. After which,
    the cut scene ends and you wake up the next morning. Go back to the main hall now to
    see Shu, and he’ll tell you about Matilda, and how he thinks you should form an alliance
    with them. Make your party and be sure they’re strong, since you’ll be fighting some
    pretty… *ahem*… tough baddies on this little mission. As far as recruiting goes now, its
    pretty slim. If you’ve been running from a lot of battles (50 to be exact), you can recruit
    Stallion from Radat. Go pick him up if you think you can. If you DO go to Radat, be sure
    to buy the pig that the little kid is selling on the side of the road and give it to Yuzu when
    you get back to the castle! That’s about it, but you’ll be getting several more recruits
    during this Matilda mission! So, after you’ve gotten Stallion, if you did, go to your docks
    and head to Lakewest (by the way, there’s a baby chick on the beach of Lakewest, so be
    sure to take it). From there head to Two River, and from Two River go north, then way,
    way, way northwest at the fork to the Forest Village. Talk to Wakaba in front of one of
    the houses here and he’ll ask if you know of any strong people.
    “What about me?”
    (You’ll get to show off a little and then he’ll join you)
    “I dunno…”
    (He’ll say thanks anyway and continue his search)
    How ‘bout that guy…”
    (He’ll run off happily, but if you exit and enter the town again he’ll still be in the same
    spot, and still searching)
    Once you’ve recruited him, he’ll mention that his master might have headed to Matilda.
    Isn’t that nice? You’re just on your way there! From where you’re standing, keep going
    up for a while to find a guy selling a sheep for 4000p, buy it and then go to the elder’s
    house. You’ll find Tony in the back room of this house, so invite him to your castle. He’ll
    say he can’t go, but then the elder will convince him to join you. On your way out, talk to
    the elder again for some seeds, which you’ll need so Tony can grow some food and stuff.
    Now then, be sure to check out the Rare Finds section of the Armor Shop! Really nice
    stuff! Now walk across the map to the other side of the Greenhill region. The Checkpoint
    you want to go is the north-most one. Once you’re there, go into the forest. This is pretty
    strait forward, you won’t have any trouble. On the way you’ll see a big Indian guy who
    won’t join you now, but will soon enough. When you reach a place to turn right, follow
    that path to find a Guard Ring and continue till you come to another fork. First, take the
    left path for a Mega Medicine, then the top right path for some Dragon Armor, and then
    go back to the lower right path. While walking along here, Viki will transport right in
    front of you! RECRUIT HER!!!! She’ll teleport you to any town you’ve already visited!
    Outstandingly useful! Recruit her!! Ok, I’m done with my outburst. After you’ve
    recruited her, keep going on to the Matilda Kingdom. Once you’re there, you’ll be forced
    to see the king of Matilda, Gorudo. You might remember him from… awe… who cares
    about where you last saw him! After he insults you, he tosses you into your room for the
    day. Go to sleep, and during the night Leknaat will appear in your room and will talk to
    you about your destiny and such, then the next morning, go upstairs to see everyone
    running around. You’ll see that Highland is at the border! Wow! Surprise, surprise!! You
    can either go to battle, or watch. You don’t have your whole army with you, and not
    much becomes of the battle, so it may be a good idea to just watch. Gorudo orders his
    knights to let the refugees be killed by Highland, and that does make Miklotov happy.
    After everyone has died, Miklotov and Camus walk off angrily, you should follow them
    outside. Miklotov says he’s going to Muse to see what’s going on, and after he goes off,
    Camus asks you to follow him and help him out. You now can explore the town freely for
    the first time. However, there isn’t here right now, except some good armor and Runes.
    Rest and save at the Inn, then leave town.
    _-_-_-_-_-_-_-RETURN TO MUSE-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
    From Rockaxe, go southeast and you’ll go through a small village called the Highway
    Village. You’ll be doing more stuff here in a bit, but for now, go through the village and
    southeast some more to the border. You’ll find Miklotov here, and he’ll join you. If you
    want, you can put him in your convoy so you won’t have to send any of your other party
    members away. After he joins, head south from the border down to Muse, and you’ll get
    to see all of Muse’s people get eaten by a giant demon dog, namely the Beast Rune. After
    this, go into Muse and head to the top left corner of town, and you’ll be attacked and ran
    off by solders! Now go back to the Highway Village for a new opportunity to recruit two
    more people. First, go to the Inn to see Futch run by in a hurry, then walk up a bit more to
    see Humphery standing facing the wall. After a bit of him talking to an Inn employee,
    walk up and talk to him and you’ll see a cut scene with Futch and Kent. By the way, you
    might remember from Suikoden 1 how after Futch’s dragon died, Humphery was
    supposed to take care of him. And here they are now, isn’t that nice? Anyway, Futch will
    tell Kent that he once was a Dragon Knight, and how if he ever got another dragon he’d
    take Kent for a ride. Once you can talk to Humphery again, you can say whatever you’d
    like I think. I don’t think what you say matters, but anyway, he’ll say talking to you was
    nice and walk away. Then the Innkeeper will give you a room. So, the next morning, you
    can thank him if you want, but either way go outside to see Kent talking to some other
    guy. The other guy will tell him about rumors of a dragon on a mountain to the north, and
    Kent, wanting a ride on a dragon, decides to go see if he can catch the thing. Oh, by the
    way, there’s a cow next to the Inn for sale that you can buy! Ok, back to the story, go
    inform Humphery of Kent’s running off and Futch will run off to a room. Talk to the
    Innkeeper again to stay for the night, and the next morning you’ll learn that Kent still
    isn’t back. Humphery and Futch will decide to go save him, and now you should go with
    them. So, after they’ve joined you (Leave Wakaba in your party), save at the Inn and buy
    some supplies if you’re short on them. Now leave town and head north for a while till
    you finally reach the mountain.
    -Ratukei Mountain-
    When you arrive, you’ll see a bunch of fog and mist, but Futch’s dragon scale gets rid of
    it and now you can continue. Go up for a couple screens to come to a fork, then go left to
    find a Fur Cape, then go back to the fork and go right. There’s another small side path
    here off to the right, which has a Run Lightning Card on it. In the next screen you’ll be at
    another fork, go right for a ways to find a Thunder Amulet, then go back to the fork and
    go left. After going onto the next screen you’ll be at another fork. Go left for a Stone of
    Power, then go back and head right, into the next screen. Now you’ll be in a maze-like
    area. Go up and all the way right for 2000p, then down and all the way right for the
    Unicorn Plans 2 (you’ll want these). Now go back and up at the first path you come to
    and go right into the next screen for a Skill Ring, then head back into the last screen and
    go up and all the way left for the Dragon Plans 2 (you’ll also want these). Now go all the
    way right for a Medicine Rune, and then take that path right below you to the next screen.
    Now simply follow this path for a bit to a save point, so be sure to save. Then head on up
    a little more to your boss, Harpy!
    ===Beating Harpy===
    There are a couple rules of this battle. 1. It was 7400HP. 2. Attacks twice every round. 3.
    Has about four attacks. 4. Will always be hard, no matter how you fight, with what party,
    or what strategy. Now then, I don’t have that much to say about this battle except it IS
    one of the hardest in the game and you’ll have to use everything you might have handy to
    win. Its attacks may take as much as 200HP out of you at a time! Good luck!
    -After Harpy-
    Kent will wake up and you’ll chat with him for a little bit about how stupid he was for
    coming here alone. He’ll say he heard a dragon, and after tons of talking into, Futch
    agrees to go see if there’s a dragon up ahead. You might want to save now, since you just
    beat Harpy, then continue up to the next screen. A little ways up on the next screen,
    you’ll see a dragon egg! Yay!! Anyway, Kent is very excited about it and begs Futch to
    take it a raise it. Humphery is also a bit pleased. But Futch, finally after all this time,
    breaks down and tells everyone that he doesn’t want another dragon. He only wanted
    Black, and Black is gone, he’s done with dragons. Humphery will then take his sword
    and when he’s about to break the egg, it hatches, and that makes Futch want to take care
    of it, and he names it Bright. After this, Humphery wants to repay you. Ask him to fight
    with you so that he’ll join you. Now, rest and save and go back to Rockaxe. There’s still
    nothing to do here, so go to the castle to see Camus again. Then Miklotov runs off to see
    Gorudo. When Gorudo doesn’t let Miklotov take the army to Muse, he throws his
    Knighthood away by breaking his oath. Camus walks in, and when Gorudo tells him to
    arrest Miklotov, Camus breaks the oath also and steps down as a knight captain. They
    both join you, of course, and the other knights in the room all do the same. So now is
    your queue to run again. Once you’re back at the border, everyone will meet you there,
    including Shu. And you’ll appear right in your castle. Talk to Shu in the Main Hall and
    he’ll pretty much say that you should rest tonight because there’s going to be a battle
    tomorrow, and then it’ll be nighttime. There isn’t much you can do since guards block off
    most of the doors in the castle, so go see Pilika, who’s waiting in your room, and after
    this you’ll go to bed. You’ll see a cut scene with Jowy and Blight, and they’ll talk a little
    bit more about his ‘idea.’ You’ll also find out that Jowy is getting married at this point.
    Yay!! In the morning, go meet up with Nanami is front of the Main Hall, then go inside.
    Shu will tell you that Highland has just taken Radat. Surprise! Viktor will talk Shu into
    letting you guys go down there and checking it out. So, make yourself a party at the bar
    and go to Radat. By the way, you can teleport there now by talking to Viki, who is in the
    same room as Luc, who is guarding the stone plate with all the names of the people
    you’ve recruited so far. You should know where that is by now. Once you’re in Radat,
    check out the town. It doesn’t take long to see that Kiba and Klaus are the people who
    took Radat (wow, what a huge accomplishment that was). Now you should get the heck
    out of there and head back to the castle. Save, then talk to Shu again. Now another Major
    Battle will take place.
    This will be another incomplete fight, but you shouldn’t just screw around either. Right
    after the fight starts, Ridley will ask a question about the troop deployment, but Shu
    won’t give a good answer. After a few more rounds, Ridley will take his men and leave.
    Figures, of course, I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same thing. After this, you’ll
    soon relies you can’t win, and you retreat.
    -After the Battle-
    Well, after a bit of talking, Shu tell you to get some rest. First things first, though. Save!
    Now go to your room and Eilie will be there to say a few uplifting things, then she’ll let
    you go to bed. You’ll then see another cut scene of Jowy, the king, Jillia, and Luca. Jillia
    will accept to marry Jowy and Jowy will cut himself as proof of his loyalty. He then
    pours his blood into a glass for the king to drink. The king does so, then dies because
    Jowy had been drinking an Antitoxin everyday and poisoning his blood just for this
    event. He then passes out, but services nonetheless. The next morning, go to the Main
    Hall. Apple will tell you that Kiba’s heading for your castle for a frontal attack. You’ll be
    going to war again in a moment, so if you’ve done anything special lately you should
    save beforehand. Once you’re ready, deploy your troops and get on with it!
    The first bit of this battle is pretty much strait forward. Just wait for them to get close to
    you, and then the other units will ambush them. This is when it starts getting a bit
    exciting. You'll watch as the enemy ignores the ambush and continues going for your
    main unit. Of course, this shakes your army up a bit, but they can still fight, so defend
    yourself as good as you can. You’ll then have a pleasant surprise when Ridley and his
    troops attack Kiba and Klaus from the back. Now, go ahead and attack them like you
    really mean it! You’ll have to hang in there for a while longer though, until the forth
    company will get an order from Luca to get outta there. The 4th retreats and leaves Kiba
    and Klaus there to die, and they get captured.
    -After the Major Battle-
    You’ll be back at the castle and Kiba and Klaus will be taken to you. RECRUIT them,
    don’t kill them even though you may want to. After you tell them to join you a couple
    times, they will and you’ll have an even better army then you did before. Now, isn’t
    peace good? The next day, save again and then go outside to the entrance of the town.
    You’ll see Sheena there and he’ll run off to hang out with the Suikoden 1 crew. Now go
    to the Main Hall. Apple will pretty much tell you that Highland has 75’000 solders
    coming to visit your castle, and you command 25’000. Matilda won’t change its mind,
    Tinto is doing weird things that no one knows about, Greenhill was taken by Highland,
    etc. You have no where else to turn to, and this might just be the end of the line. *gasp*
    Perhaps not! At this point Sheena walks through the door and invites you to come to
    Gregminster, the capital of the Toran republic. This town will sound very familiar and
    refreshing to the ear if you played Suikoden 1. It turns out that the hero from the first
    Suikoden wasn’t president for very long. He left after a while and now Lepant is the prez.
    Lepant is, as a matter of fact, Sheena’s dad. So, with that, Freed and Sheena join you. On
    the way out, Freed asks if you can stop in South Window on the way there, why not? Go
    to the bar and fill the rest of your party, then head for South Window.
    _-_-_-_-_-_-_-THE TORAN REPUBLIC-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
    In South Window, go to city hall to here Freed say some touching words, then go to
    Radat. Head to the dam again, and on the far side of it you’ll see a path leading down. Go
    down the path and take the stairs to find a man who’ll give you a lift to Banner. Yay!
    When you’re in Banner, rest and save before you leave, then head out through that top
    -Banner Pass-
    Go up and you’ll reach a fork, take the top path to find a Mega Medicine and then beack
    track to the main path and keep going. You’ll reach another fork in the next screen, take
    the top path for a Full Helmet and continue to the next screen. You’ll now be at the
    bottom of a cliff. Go up the left ladder for a Stone of Luck, then go back down and head
    up the right ladder. Now take the left ladder up here, and go down the ladder on the other
    side of this cliff to find a Magic Ring. Now go back to the platform you got to this one
    from and take the upper ladder, which leads to a Wing Ornament. Now go back to the
    first platform with two ladders on it and take the right ladder to find a Poison Rune and
    head up the next ladder from here, then head into the next screen. Now follow this path
    for a while till you come to a save point and three paths. The top path goes to a Silver
    Shield while the bottom takes you to a Silverlet. Save if you want, then take the center
    path and fight the big worm boss.
    ===Beating the Worm Thing===
    This shouldn’t be much of a fight, really. This thing has 4200HP, but only attacks once a
    turn and only has about two attacks. Just use a few strong Runes, unite attacks and
    normal attacks and it’ll be done with. Pretty pathetic… But Konami was probably just
    getting your confidence up before your next boss fight, which isn’t far off. Anyway…
    -After the Worm Thingy-
    Continue up and follow this path to the checkpoint. After a bit of trouble, you’re taken to
    Gregminster! Yeah! You appear in the castle, at the exact place the first Suikoden started.
    After a little waiting, you’ll get to see Lepant. He’ll tell you about the hero you founded
    Toran and say you remind him of the hero. Then he’ll agree to send you some help. He’ll
    let you choose between two people to lead the help he’s sending along. I like Kasumi a
    lot more then Valeria, but it was the other way around in Suikoden 1. Go figure. But I
    myself picked Kasumi, if it helps with your choice any. She’s a better fighter if you ask
    me, and also lets you get into the secret village of Rokkaku a bit earlier then you
    normally would. After this, Lepant gives you the Blinking Mirror, which is the coolest
    item in the game. Teamed up with Viki’s teleport moves, you can get anywhere and back
    super fast. You’ll appear back at the checkpoint, but talk to Varkas and go back to
    Gregminster real quick. You can see a bit more of the castle. Go to Kraze’s old office to
    see that they made it into a tribute room to the hero from Suikoden 1. Search the
    bookshelf in this room for Old Book Vol. 7. You can go see the old hero’s house, and go
    to the Inn. At the Inn on the second floor, talk to Sarah. She’ll give you the Cyclone
    Rune. For right now, that’s about all you can do here. So talk to Varkas again and go
    back across Banner Pass. Two screens past the save point in Banner Pass, walk along the
    lower tree line to find a secret passage leading to Rokkaku. It won’t do you much good
    going there now, though. Once you’re through the Pass, you’ll see Apple and Ridley at
    the exit and they’ll zap you back to the castle. Go to the Main Hall to hear that you’re still
    outnumbered, but no one’s worrying. Then you’ll be zapped to nighttime. Chat with
    Nanami, then go on to sleep. You’ll then be blessed with another cut scene with Jowy.
    You’ll hear a little bit of their strategy now, but nothing more. The next morning, go to
    the Main Hall. You’ll be interrupted with news that Ridley has been ambushed near
    Radat and needs help. If you want to save, you can have him wait a minute. If not, go
    ahead and get started.
    You only need to survive one round until back up arrives. Unless you take some
    REALLY hard hits, that shouldn’t be too hard. Once the rest of your army is there, send
    them down to get Ridley out of trouble by taking out the surrounding units. While you’re
    doing that, though, Luca himself and his company arrives, making the battle a lot
    tougher. His unit is pretty much impossible to beat, so try to stay away from it… if you
    can. Well, you might win. But you’ll probably end up losing Ridley’s unit. It’s alright
    tough, he’s not a puppy. He can take care of himself. He’s taken in front of Luca and
    Luca tries to talk him into a little deal. But Ridley refuses… what a nice guy, huh?
    -After the Major Battle-
    Shu tells everyone to rest again. You should now save, make a party of your best
    characters, the ones you plan on using for Luca, that is, and head over to Kuskus and
    sharpen their weapons. You may also want to go see Hans and buy THE BEST armor for
    EVERYONE in your fighting party. If you have the patience and the time, you can build
    your levels to 42 or so, of course, you probably won’t pull this off. So powerful weapons
    and armor are your best bet, I’m afraid. You have a few last minute things to do before
    the big fight.
    -Recruit #1-
     Go up to your room (your castle should be at level three now, so your room is actually
    on the 5th floor) and Tsai should come and see you. He’ll ask if he can speak to you.
    (let him say what he wants, you should do this)
    “I’m busy.”
     (he’ll simply walk away. You shouldn’t do this)
    He’ll tell you that he left some tools at his house, so before going to bed, go to the bar
    and put him in your party and teleport to Ryube. You’ll see that some survivors of the
    massacre that took place earlier have come back, but the village is still burned to the
    ground. Head up the path on the top right of the village and follow this path up and take a
    left at the fork. Now just follow this path all the way up to Tsai’s house. He’ll see his
    child, Tomo there. She’ll force you to let her join the army, even though Tsai doesn’t
    want her to. For some reason, Tsai doesn’t take his tools… Oh well. Now you can go
    back to your castle, but DON’T go to bed just yet. You have a few people to recruit
    (since your castle is level 3, and it SHOULD be by now. You can tell that it’s level 3 by
    the huge additions added on to it. The 5th floor, the Dojo, the watchtower, etc. If it’s not,
    level 3, it will be soon, so just skip this section and save it for later), so go put Tsai out of
    your party, and put Shiro the dog in his place.
    -Recruit #2-
    Head to the Forest Path, you know the place that connects the Greenhill region to
    Matilda. Talk to the big Indian guy there, who not only will join you, but also gives you
    two Listening Crystals.
    -Recruit #3-
    Now go back to your castle and put Kasumi is your party and go to the Kobold Village
    (the one called Kobold Village on the teleport menu, not the Kobold section of Two
    River) and go into the forest where you saw the Unicorn and Hix became a warrior. Walk
    up to the tree and Sigfried, the same Unicorn, will appear, thanks to the Listening Crystal.
    Tell Kasumi to say “Yes” when Sigfried asked her is she wants him to join, and he’ll
    -Recruit #4 & 5-
    Now go back to the castle and teleport to Banner Path, the place that connects the State to
    Toran. In the screen after the cliffs, walk along the lower wall to find a secret passage
    leading to Rokkaku, the town of ninjas. Upon entering, you’ll be arrested, but now that
    your castle is level 3 and Kasumi is with you, she steps out and speaks in your behalf (if
    you try to come here when the castle is level 2, you’ll be arrested and thrown out even if
    Kasumi is with you). Hanzo will send Mondo and Sasuke to go with you, but Sasuke will
    run off before he joins. Mondo joins right then and there, however. Go outside the small
    building you’re in and walk through the town to see Sasuke in front of a house. Talk to
    him again and Kasumi will talk him into joining you. If you get rid of Kasumi, you’ll
    have to go back to the castle, put her in your party, go back to Rokkaku, and then talk to
    him. So don’t get rid of Kasumi till you get home. I know that because it happened to me.
    Very annoying indeed. While you’re here, buy a Gold Bar from the trade center.
    All righty then! Head back to the castle! Once you’re back, you can take Kasumi out of
    your party, but take her Bolt of Wrath Scrolls first. They should be a bit useful. Now put
    whoever you’re planning to use on Luca in your party, and equip someone with the Bolt
    of Wrath Scrolls. Now save, save, save!!! Finally, you can go to bed. You’ll see a cut
    scene with Ridley in the Highland camp, where you’ll see him bravely stand up to Luca,
    cause Ridley’s cool. The next morning, someone will wake you up. Go down to the Main
    Hall to here Shu’s new plan. It pretty much goes like this: Kiba brings Luca into an
    ambush, the army jumps out and attacks Luca’s unit and destroy it, and kill Luca. Yep,
    that’s your plan.
    Kiba will bring Luca back a little ways, then you’ll jump out. This is where you start
    attacking Luca, I mean, a lot. When you get a sword to appear over Luca’s unit, telling
    you he’s hurting, he’ll teleport away, and at the same time hit you with a huge bit of
    magic. After this, you have to run since all your units are injured.
    -After the Major Battle-
    Well, save one more time. You don’t want to do that again, right? You’ll seem to be at a
    dead end, but when you’re walking through the hall of the castle, that is, the place where
    Viki is and the Stone Tablet of Promise is, etc. Ridley will walk up to greet you! Some
    people in your army helped him bust out! Now go to the main hall and Ridley will give
    Shu a letter from Leon Silverburg. It will tell you that Luca is planning a night raid, and
    that you should ambush him on his way there. Of course, some people think it’s a trap,
    but it’s actually not. It’s all part of Jowy’s big plan. So, agree to do it and lets get this
    show on the road! Now, Shu will tell you to select your party members. Select the people
    whom you got ready (you know, the ones you got the armor for, sharpened their
    weapons, etc), and then he’ll ask you to make two more parties for two other units. Both
    of these parties will die, you’re unit is the only one that will have a chance against Luca. I
    found it quicker to not put any people in units 2 or 3, it won’t take them as long to die
    that way and you’ll get on to Luca faster. That night, you see Luca sneaking up, he stops
    for a moment to comment on the castle’s torches being lit, and then he and his solders get
    shot by a huge amount of arrows. Flik (and his party, if you made one for him) will step
    up, and quickly die because of Luca’s five solders and his super large amount of strength.
    He then tries to get away and runs into Viktor (if you gave him a party, they’ll also be
    there). Viktor probably wont last too long, either, even though Luca’s amount of solders
    have dropped to three. Luca will try and get away once again, and then you will step up
    to him! You, the great leader of the New Alliance Army! You, the one you defeated
    Solon Jhee! You, the over all wonderful person!! You must fight this battle for Pohl!!!
    And all the people who were killed in those village massacres!!! This is the last straw!!!!
    Luca Blight’s life ends here!!!!!!!
    ===Beating Luca Blight===
    Luca has 6500HP, not too much, Harpy had more then that. However, he has NO
    weaknesses and he attacks THREE times every turn with attacks that HURT and really
    rather BAD. Sorry for all the caps, but I had to get my point across. You should use some
    sort of magic protection Rune or item as soon as you can. After that, well, you have to
    use every single thing to your advantage if you want to win. Don’t hold back on anything
    and keep very healed and protected. Luca only has about three attacks, but all of them are
    quite deadly. Use those scrolls you got from Kasumi, too, they should help a bit. Don’t
    bother being surprised if you lose a few times, by the way… This is the hardest boss in
    the game. The second hardest, of course, is the final boss, but just so you know, this
    WILL NOT be an easy fight. Do it for Pohl.
    -After Luca Blight-
    Well, you’d really think that would be enough for him, wouldn’t you? Well, after
    watching your character’s levels shoot up, you’ll see that Luca is still pretty much alive
    and well, and he then run off again. However, he won’t get away. Flik and Viktor join
    you, it doesn’t matter who you kick out since you’ll only be fighting some solders on the
    way to where Luca is. Before you chase after him, though, HEAL everyone! Ok, now go
    on ahead. The solders shouldn’t serve any problem. Before you exit the screen, be sure to
    heal the Hero. Now, when you exit the screen, you’ll see Luca again, and he’ll spot a
    small wooden amulet hanging from a tree. While he’s distracted by this, he’s again shot
    by tons of arrows from people hiding in the bushes. You’ll run up to him, and he’ll attack
    you one-on-one. This is truly the final battle with Luca Blight.
    ^^^Dual Battle: Luca Blight^^^
    This actually isn’t as hard as you’d think. Konami isn’t THAT mean, I suppose. Just
    don’t screw up unless you want to do all that other stuff again…
    Attack Phrases:
    Ha….. A draw…..
    Defend Phrases:
    Pathetic!!!! That’s what you call power!!!!
    You fool!!!!!!
    Fool!!!! That can’t stop me!!!!!!
    Wild Attack:
    You Pig!!!!! You dare wound me!!!!!
    Sorry I didn’t get more phrases for this guy, but I wanted to fight him again just about as
    much as you do, so I played it safe. That should be enough, anyway, since he’s already
    very wounded you could kill him in one turn if the situation was right.
    -After the Fight-
    He’ll fall over, completely out of strength, then stand and ask you why you want to fight.
    “To end this war.”
    (he’ll pretty much make fun of you, saying that war and death is apart of life, etc)
    (well, the turn out’s the same, but he doesn’t seem to make fun of you as much)
    These last few words before his death really make you see how psycho this guy was.
    After screaming “I am he true face of evil” he finally dies for good, and you finally have
    gotten full revenge for Pohl, your old friend. You then get to see Jowy waiting behind a
    tree, and you learn that his plan has gone perfectly.
    _-_-_-_-_-_-_-MORE NEW PLACES, AND MORE NEW PROBLEMS-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
    The next morning you arrive back at your castle. After absorbing the fanfare for a minute,
    you totally pass out. You then see a cut scene of Jowy and Jillia getting married, and
    Jowy now becomes the king of Highland. An ambitious young man, I must say. Back at
    your castle, you get out of bed and Nanami comes into your room. You’ve been resting
    for a week, silly boy. You may want to save, you know, now that you’re done, and then
    go to the Main Hall and talk to everyone. When you leave, Nanami will say she wants to
    go to South Window and Kuskus Town now that you have some free time and all the
    cities around there have been freed. Before you just go around exploring, though, it’s
    time for some more recruiting.
    -Recruit #1-
    Go to the bar and make a party, then go get one of your Celadon Urns from Barbara,
    which you SHOULD have a couple. If not, you can sometimes get one from the Bon
    Bons around Kyaro or the Flyers around South Window. But they’re both a bit rare, so
    hang in there. When you get a Celadon Urn, go to Radat and visit the tavern. You’ll see a
    guy in here you is actually pretending to be you. He’s actually getting a lot of money and
    food out of it, too. When he gets found out, he tries to make a run for it, but gets blocked
    off at the entrance. Then he runs to you and asked for help. The people take you as an
    imposter, too, and are well on their way to making some sort of an attempt to kill you.
    They couldn’t, of course, but even so, it’s rather insulting. After they throw you out, they
    walk off, and Hoi joins you, not even knowing you’re the real Hero. When you go back
    to your castle, it all dawns on him, though.
    -Recruit #2-
    Now go to the Appraiser’s shop in Radat and he’ll join you upon seeing the Celadon Urn.
    -Recruit #3-
    Go get an Ancient Text or two and another Celadon Urn. Ancient Texts can be gotten
    cheap at the trade center in Kobold Village, and of course, the Celadon Urns can be found
    around South Window by fighting Flyers. Now, go through Banner Pass and stop in
    Rokkaku and buy all the Soy Sauce they have, and now continue on to Gregminster.
    When you arrive, speak with Lorelai on the left side of town and she’ll join you, too.
    -Recruit #4-
    Now go to the trade center and talk to Gorden. Tell him you want him to join you, and
    he’ll say he will if you make 50000p off him in trading. Sell the Soy Sauce, the Celadon
    Urn and the Ancient Text(s). This should be enough to pay it off, but if it’s not, you’ll at
    least be almost there, so you can finish paying it by selling him a few smaller things.
    -Recruit #5-
    Once you’ve recruited him, go back to the castle and teleport to South Window. When
    you enter, Max will run up and pledge to join. Accept his pledge, and of course, he’ll
    join. If you don’t accept, he’ll run off in tears.
    -Recruit #6-
    Still in South Window, go to the Inn to see a young woman getting yelled at by the
    Innkeeper. Then he throws her out, and she goes to the right side of city hall. Go over to
    City Hall and talk to her there and she’ll recognize you from the Inn. Ask her to sing for
    you, then when she’s done tell her you want to hear her sing some more and she’ll join up
    with you.
    -Recruit #7-
    You’ll see a guy in red in South Window, too. Talk to him and tell him about Alex, then
    teleport back to the castle. Go to Alex’s shop to see Alex and Killy (the guy in red)
    talking, then Killy punches Alex and says he’ll kill him if he doesn’t tell him what he
    found in the Sindar Ruins. Hilda runs up to see what’s going on, and you, Viktor, Flik
    and Leona run up to help, too. After Alex tells him what he found, which is basically his
    wife and son, Killy walks off happy with the answer. Go back to South Window and talk
    to him and ask him to join you over and over till he does.
    -Recruit #8 & 9-
    Go to the castle and get a Sound Set from Barbara, and now go to the forest village.
    You’ll see a girl and a huge bird. The bird is hurt, and the girl is trying to protect it from
    the villagers. Then, three other birds will fly up and chase off the attackers, but then
    they’ll attack you and try to get to the hurt bird to kill it, or something. Fight them off, not
    hard, and then use a Listening Crystal to recruit the bird. The girl, Ayda, will then join
    the army, too.
    -Recruit #10-
    While in the Forest Village, go into the house right above the Inn on the left side of town
    and go into the back room. Talk to Connel there, and he’ll mention your sound set. Then
    talk to him again and ask him to join you.
    -Recruit #11-
    Go to Two River and head to the Kobold section of town. By now, you’ll have enough
    people to recruit him.
    -Recruit #12-
    This person isn’t on of the 108 stars, but is easily one of the best characters in the game.
    It is none other the Lord McDohl of Suikoden 1. However, if you didn’t get all 108 stars
    in the first game and uploaded the saved data, he won’t appear in the game, in which case
    you might as well skip this part. But if you did get the stars and upload the data, head to
    Banner village. When you get there, you’ll see Ko, the little boy who loves both you and
    Mcdohl. He even has a costume of your outfit! Cute! Talk to him and he’ll tell you about
    some guy who’s been fishing in the lake for the past few days. The passage to the pond is
    on the bottom right corner of the village. Go try to talk to McDohl to see that Gremio
    won’t be letting you do that. Go back and talk to Ko, and you two will come up with a
    plan. Go talk to Grem again and he’ll take the bait perfectly. Ko will yell for help from
    over the hill, then Gremio will run off to help him, leaving you wide open to speak with
    McDohl. However, before you say too much, Gremio will run up to tell you both that he
    wasn’t faking. Some mountain thieves kidnapped him. Of course, you decide to go help
    him out with the help of McDohl. If you say “I…I…” Gremio and McDohl will leave
    without you and you’ll catch up to them later. If you say “Lets go” they’ll join you right
    there. Save before you leave, by the way. Now, make your way through Banner Pass and
    at the save point, you’ll see the bandits. At first, they don’t really want to give Ko back to
    you, then they realize that they’re talking to 1) the leader of the Liberation Amry which
    took down the Scarlet Moon Empire. And 2) the leader of the New Republic Army, the
    person who killed Luca Blight with his bare hands. After this, the bandits tell you that
    they left the kid in the middle of the forest when a huge monster appeared. McDohl now
    joins you, if he didn’t before. Heal and save at the save point, and go up the center path to
    fight the monster.
    ===Beating the Worm Thingy/Poison Moth===
    For the worm thingy, just use unite attacks, but don’t use any Rune power. After a couple
    rounds, the Poison Moth will bust out of the worm. This is a much harder battle and you
    should now start using Runes like mad. With 6800HP, it attacks twice per round with
    SUPER strong attacks. Don’t bother holding back on anything, this includes using
    McDohl’s outstandingly cool Rune. Playing this just goes to show how lucky you were to
    have him in your party the whole time in the first Suikoden! Be sure to keep healed, that
    is, HP levels OVER 200! He can quickly wipe the party out if you’re not very careful!
    This is a pretty hard fight, but nothing that you shouldn’t be able to handle…
    -After the Fight-
    Ko has been poisoned, so McDohl and Gremio decide Dr. Luikan would be perfect for
    the job of curing him. So, continue on to Gregminster and you’ll here that Ko will be
    fine. Lepant begs McDohl to claim the throne of Toran, but he refuses once again. Leave
    the castle to find Pahn and Cleo and a few others waiting. Then you attend dinner with
    them. After dinner, go down stairs and talk to Cleo. She’ll ask you how you feel about
    war, and so on. The next morning, McDohl and Gremio will join you so you can go to the
    castle. Varkas will escort you back to Banner, then Grem and McDohl will leave the
    party. Now you have to go through Banner Pass again to Gregminster and talk to McDohl
    at his house. He can join you again there. Now, after you have him, try not to put him out
    of your party since then you’ll have to walk all the way through Banner Pass again and
    then back, etc.
    -Recruit #13-
    Now that you’ve done the McDohl quest, the item shop in town should sell the Rose
    Brooch in the Rare Finds sections. Buy it, as well as the other rare finds, good stuff. Now
    go to Radat and go to the left side of the riverbank to find Simone. Give him the Rose
    Broach and he’ll join you.
    -The Meeting with Jowy-
    One you’ve recruited all those people (whew…), save, and go to Kuskus and here about a
    Highland boat pulling up to shore. Go to the docks to see Culgan. He’ll tell you about a
    peace treaty, and request to be taken to your castle. Take him back to the Main Hall in
    your castle and he’ll tell Shu that Jowy has arranged for a meeting with you for a peace
    treaty. Culgan then leaves you with the option of whether or not to go to Muse to sign the
    treaty. Of course, some people think it’s a trap, some think it’s not. You’ll soon find out
    that you simply don’t have a choice in the matter. But, don’t worry, it IS a trap, so you
    don’t have you wonder anymore. Make a party, which will include Chaco and Nanami.
    The fastest way to Muse is through Coronet, since you can’t teleport there. Sail to
    Coronet and then hike to Muse. Jowy’s waiting at the meeting place at the top of the
    mountain. You’ll see that Muse is now a ghost town, and it has been ever since the beast
    Rune ate everyone alive. But anyway, go to the meeting place and inside you’ll see Jowy
    again for the first time in… well, a while. After some small talk, Jowy calls some solders
    with cross bows behind you and orders you to surrender. If you keep refusing, Jowy will
    be about to kill you when Viktor rushes in with Pilika, and Jowy doesn’t fire because of
    Pilika being in the room. If you surrender, the same thing will happen, only sooner. You
    then make your get away, and with no more thoughts of a peace treaty now have to take
    Highland down by force. Back at the castle, you meet Shu in the hallway. After some
    arguing about Pilika, go save and go to the entrance of your town to meet Koyu, a kid
    who wants you to help him and his siblings out with a small problem around Tinto. The
    problem is, namely, Neclord.
    _-_-_-_-_-_-_-‘TIS NECLORD AGAIN-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
    Koyu will join you, then Nanami will join you on the way out. No, you can’t refuse!
    Although a neat little interactive conversation takes place if you try. Once you’ve made
    your party (which you may want to include Wakaba for recruiting reasons), go to Barbara
    and grab a Window Set if you have one in your vault. If you don’t, you can win one from
    the Tigers in Banner Pass. I recommend you get one way or another before you leave (for
    recruiting reasons). Once you have one, or if you’re just going to leave without one, go to
    Drakemouth village. You may have stumbled upon this area before. In this event, you can
    teleport there. Otherwise, you’ve gotta walk it. If you’re walking, Drakemouth Village is
    down south from Kobold Village. So teleport to Kobold Village and head down to find it.
    Once you’re there, go to the top left of the village to find a blocked off gate. Koyu takes
    care of that, and you get to pass along into the Tinto region. The monsters along the path
    are sort of tough, by the way. Once you’ve come to a fork, take the stairs. When you go
    up them, you’ll be at another fork. Go right first to find a Master Robe, then take the left
    path. Gimiju is there to tell you that the zombies attacked the bandits’ place, so they
    burned it and everything leading to it. He then tells you to head over to Tinto to see if you
    can get the governor to do soemthing, since the chances of him listening to some bandits
    are kinda slim. Now go back down all the stairs and take the strait path this time, and just
    follow it for a short time till you reach Tigermouth village. Before you do anything, go
    down and talk to a guy in a redish tan jacket to get some tomato seedlings for Tony, then
    go down a little more to find a chick for Yuzu. Now follow the lower wall to a house, and
    go in it. In the first bookshelf in here you can find Old Book Volume 8. Now leave the
    village to be back on the world map. Tinto happens to be the dot on the map farthest
    away from where you are. One you get there, run up the ramp, then go right up another
    ramp and a bit farther right then down the path here and talk to the old guy in here to get
    the Unicorn Plans #3. Then go to the house just to the right of this house and talk to the
    guy in there to get the Dragon Plans #3. Now go back up the path and left to find a
    wooden crate of black stuff. Search it to find a Power Ring. Be sure to stop at the
    Blacksmith and sharpen your weapons to as high as you can offord. You’ll want to have
    your weapons to level 13 (McDohl’s is 14) before you go through the mine to fight
    Neclord, so the sooner you get them sharpened the better. At the top of town is a building
    with a guard in front of it. To the side, Raura will be walking back and forth. Talk to her
    and tell her Jeane is at your castle and she’ll join your army. Now, go talk to the guard
    and he’ll let you in the house. Gustav is through the first door in the top left of the first
    room. After he stops yapping, he’ll admit he needs help and requests reinforcements. This
    is another on of those non-refusable options. He’ll call a kid in who looks strangely like
    Bill Gates, and he’ll show you to your room. The next day, you might want to save just to
    be safe, then head back to the meeting room where Gustav is. Lilly, his little girl, will run
    in and announce that zombies have come to town. Everyone will join you, now run down
    to the entrance of town. Neclord will be there telling everyone that he’s going to take
    over the town, and turn everyone into zombies. Those he doesn’t turn into zombies he’s
    going to toss out of the Tinto region, then he leaves. Back in the meeting room, Jess
    (yeah, THE Jess) walks in and informs Gustav of his success in finding even more
    solders. Then he asks why you’re here. After getting an answer, he gets in your face and
    calls you a spy, saying you killed Annabelle etc. Of course, Viktor defends you, but its
    not until Ridley walks up and gives Jess the what for, then he leaves. You might want to
    go save again before you start planning the attack. But anyway, after you’ve planned for
    a bit, you’ll be sent to bed. After talking to Jess by your room, Nanami goes off to her
    room. You can go to bed now, if you do, Leknaat will visit during the night, after which,
    you’ll have to go to Nanami’s room. You can also go to her room right after talking to
    Jess, which will simply skip the Leknaat part. Either way, you’ll end up in Nanami’s
    room. She’ll ask if you think you should run away, or stay and fight. This time, though,
    you have a choice.
    -If you Run-
    Two random people that were in your party will be at the door and will tell you that
    they’ll go with you. Now head to Crom (the dot farthest west on the map) to find out that
    a battle has just now broken out in Tinto and you’re about to get arrested for being a spy,
    even though you’re not actually a spy. You’re taken to the village chief, where Koyu then
    runs in and tells them you’re the leader of an army and stuff. They then let you go and
    send you to a room. That night, you try to get away again, but the door is blocked. Koyu
    finds out that his sister was captured by Neclord, and so was Lilly. The next morning,
    zombies are all over the town. You can get away if you just keep running, and you’ll get
    to see a guy get eaten alive, too. But you can also help the people fight. Once you’re out
    of town, if you want to keep on the run, head to Tigermouth village and go through town
    heading toward the mountain pass. In Tigermouth, head toward the east exit and the
    guard will run off to help stop the zombies breaking into the town. You can either leave
    now or go help. If you help, Nanami will eventually drag you off. When you’re leaving
    the town, about 13 zombies will pop up around you. The Bright Shield Rune will then
    give off a power that kills them all in one big hit. The hero’s power is now drained. He’s
    unbalanced and his HP is 1. You can’t restore his HP, either, so don’t waste any items.
    Nanami will toss him on her back and will run through the pass fighting zombies along
    the way. When you’re about to get killed by the third zombie you encounter, a guy named
    Georg jumps out of nowhere and kills the zombie and takes you too safety. About this
    time you’ll see a cut scene of Jowy (along with Pilika, who can talk again) you is
    evidently feeling the drain of power being caused by the Bright Shield Rune. The hero
    will wake up later. Talk to Georg again and he’ll basically tell you that you should do
    what you think is right and not care much about feelings of obligation. Head through the
    pass to Drakemouth. Along the way, you’ll find that the hero in no longer unbalanced all
    the time, but his HP is still at 1 and it still won’t go any higher for a long period of time.
    Once you reach Drakemouth, the hero will completely pass out. This might be the time
    you see the scene with Jowy, it’s either or when you were with Georg. Sorry, I’m not
    sure. Anyway, you’ll wake up in a storehouse in Drakemouth. Nanami will run outside
    and almost get killed by Flik, then you go outside to find Apple and Shu there, also. Shu
    will ask you about three time to come back to the army, it sort of doesn’t matter what you
    say, but if you keep refusing he’ll slap you and give you a bit of a scolding, which you
    fully deserve by the way. He’ll also tell you that Ridley was killed in battle because he
    was preoccupied with looking for you. When he walks away with Flik and Apple, your
    two other party members leave you now, also. By the way, if you wan’t to go back, don’t
    worry about losing one of the 108 stars. Ridley’s son, Boris will show up and take
    Ridley’s place. He’s the same star Ridley was. You can, however, see a special ending to
    the game if you leave the village to the south exit, leading to the world map. A picture of
    a house will appear, I suppose telling you that Nanami and the hero lived a relaxed,
    fightless life from then on.
    -If you Stay-
    The next morning, go to the meeting room to find that Jess has ordered his troops to take
    on Neclord at his place of occupancy, which is totally stupid. He has 5000 solders, if he
    loses them, you’ve just lost 5000 people and Neclord just gained 5000 zombies. Not
    good. Now you’re forced to go to battle just because of his moronic move. Go to the top
    right corner of town to hear that a mine tunnel caved in. Go in the mine and follow the
    path and down the elevator. You’ll come to a curve that goes right, if you go down there
    you can find a Cape of Darkness. Keep heading along the time path to find Neclord. A
    fight will start, and after a couple rounds, it will then stop. Neclord will try to put a curse
    on you, but the Bright Shield Rune will block it. Now you can escape from the mine.
    Once you’re outside, you’ll see that the town is covered in zombies, then the Rune will
    kick in and the hero’s power is drained. At this point you’ll see the cut scene with Jowy
    and Pilika in Muse. After this, you’ll wake up in Crom. Leona is downstairs, so you can
    make a party again. If you had McDohl with you, though, he’s now back in Gregminster.
    Make a new party and go to the Inn. Wakaba’s master will rush out and then run off after
    the innkeeper runs after him. You can find L.C. Chan behind a building just right of
    where you are. When you’ve found him again, after a funny scene involving L.C. Chan’s
    bad memory, he’ll join the army. Now go save at the Inn and head to the entrance of
    town, where you’ll find Kahn, the vampire hunter from earlier in the game. He’ll tell you
    that he has learned how to take Neclords soul, but he can’t do it alone. There is a person
    in Tigermouth with that ability. Once you’ve done everything you need to here (buying
    items, equipping characters, etc), head to Tigermouth to meet Sierra, the good vampire
    who hunts vampires. Once you’re in Tigermouth, you’ll see that Sierra has attracted a bit
    of attention to herself, as to a crowd of people is around her and frankly, they want her to
    die. So, after she scares off the angry mob with an abrupt lightning attack, she starts
    talking to Kahn. Now, thanks to the Star Dragon Sword being with you, she joins. She
    wouldn’t normally. After you give the OK for her to join, out of the blue she starts
    fighting you. It’s strange, but it must be done. She’s not hard, so I’ll just tell you this
    about the fight: Attack and heal and you’ll do fine. No special patterns are required to
    beat her. After the little fight, she says you’re pretty good for a human, and joins up.
    Unless you’re overly happy with your present party, put her in your party. Otherwise, the
    convoy is always there. You may want to heal up at the Inn, and maybe save if you want,
    then head back to Crom. Go to the village leader’s house at the top of town to see a little
    scene with Sierra introducing herself to Klaus. Silly boy. Anyway, after this, you’ll go to
    your room to sleep. However, if you’d like, you can go get some background on Kahn
    and Sierra by talking to them and asking them why they’re after Neclord. They’re both
    upstairs, so if you want to do that, you can. Afterwards, though, you’ll just have to go to
    bed since there’s nothing else to do. In the morning, after Nanami wakes you up, head
    downstairs to find everyone lined up and ready to go. Try to fit Nanami, Sierra and Kahn
    all in your party, along with the other characters in it. You’ll be taking a very long hike
    through the Tinto Mine to get to Neclord, so stock up on lots and lots and lots of
    Medicine. Now leave town and go to the right a little bit to get to the mine.
    -Tinto Mine-
    Ok, first of all, use regular attacks on the enemies in here. NO runes, NO scrolls. You
    have to save them for later. For now, just attack and focus on making it through the mine.
    That’s why you got all the Medicine, you know. Anyway, head up, and into the next
    screen, then exit this next room through the door in the top right corner. Now go up to a
    fork and take a right to find a Dancing Flames Scroll, now head back and take the left
    path. Follow this path for a while, there are no other paths to take, so it’s hard to get lost.
    Soon enough, you’ll come to another small fork. Go right to find a couple treasures, that
    is a Full Helmet and a Stone of Magic Defense. Now go back and continue following the
    path to another fork. Go up to find a Master Garb, then keep going into the next screen.
    At the first left you come to, take it and go into the next screen. Now go up and around
    and follow the path all the way up to find a Window Set #5 and a Old Book Vol. 9. Now
    go back and take the path to the right of you and go right at the fork to the next screen.
    Go strait across this hall into a new really big room. In here, take the small passage below
    you to find a Silver Necklace, then go back up and go right a little bit and you’ll see a
    couple slides. Slide down the big one for a Mega Medicine, if you don’t want the MM,
    take the small slide and you’ll come to more slides. This time, the small one leads to the
    Mega Medicine (the same one from before) and the bigger one takes you farther. Once
    you’ve gone down the big one, go down and left and down the little slide and then down
    the ramp to get a Double-Strike Rune, then go back up the ramp and around the slide.
    You’ll see a guy standing here on the way. He’s one of your recruits, but he won’t join
    till your castle is level 4, and it’s not as of yet. So continue on to the right and go up the
    ramps. You’ll se a save point here, and I’ll use this save point as a land mark. If you want
    a Star Earring, go up and down the slide to find one. You’ll just have to slide down a
    couple more slides then walk around the wall to get back to the Save Point. If you don’t
    want the Star Earring, just go right. Before taking the little slide, ask yourself, “do I want
    a Wind Hat?” If you answered ‘yes,’ then go all the way right and take the big slide
    down. You’ll have to walk around the wall to get back to the Save Point. If not, save and
    take the small slide and go through the door. Follow this path for a bit, and you’ll enter a
    room with a box. There’s also a broken walk way at the top of the room. Push the box to
    the walk way to make a little bridge, then go left and follow this path back into the room
    with the box, but you’ll be on the walk way. Thanks to that box, you have no troubles.
    Follow this path up some more and you’ll finally come to a boss. A really big boss.
    ===Beating the Stone Golem===
    This guy is easy even though he’s huge and has 7500HP. He only attacks once per round,
    and one of his attacks is OK, even though its not that good. It hits one or two of your
    party members for about 200HP. His other attack hits the whole party for a good 130HP.
    Other then that he’s harmless. His defense is awful. He’s very weak to dark magic, like
    the stuff Sierra uses, and he’s also weak to Lightning magic. However, try to use magic
    (including healing magic) sparingly by using unite attacks and runes that don’t run low
    on power. Of course, you CAN use magic, just don’t use it all up during the fight. I’ve
    never found this one to be a problem, so you shouldn’t either… ok?
    -After the Fight-
    Just keep going up. You’re not out of the mine yet, I’m afraid. Follow the path for a good
    while till you come to a really large room. Go across the bridge, down the elevator, and
    then head left across another bridge, then up to a ramp. Go down the ramp and then
    follow the path down to the exit at the south end of the room. Once you’re in the next
    screen, just keep following the path (ignore the fork, just keep going down) and go up the
    elevator and you’ll be at the exit in no time. When you’re out, go left and fight the
    zombie, then continue left to fight another zombie. Now go up the big flight of stairs to
    find the church. This is where Necky boy is. Heal if you must and go inside, he’s in the
    first room on the left. In here you’ll see Lily and… I forgot her name… Anyway, they’re
    about to meet unsettling fates with Neclord, but you arrive just in the nick of time.
    Speaking of which, this is my favorite part in the game, where Viktor goes off on Neclord
    by saying the following: “I’ll make sure you never grin again. I’ll shop you up! Grind
    you up! Dry you in the sun! Break you into pieces! Bury you in the ground! Piss on you!
    Then I’ll dig you up! Pull you! Stretch you! Drag you around! And then… and then… in
    any case, I’ll never forgive you!” Hehe, I love that… Anyway, at this time a barrier hits
    Neclord making him very weak, and then you’re party will attack him! Yay!
    ===Beating Neclord===
    This is another fight that I never have a problem with. Simply attack with whatever
    attacks you have left over from the Stone Golem fight and you’ll win. He has a mere
    4000HP now, but he can attack twice a turn, which is no big deal. So can nearly every
    other boss in the game.
    -After the Fight-
    Neclord willingly returns the Moon Rune when he finds out he’s about to die. However,
    this does him little good. With the Star Dragon Sword’s final words to Necky boy, “Die,
    vampire”, Viktor kills Neclord. For good? Probably. Neclord wasn’t immortal this time,
    so I think he’s gone forever. But only time will tell for sure. Leave the church and go
    down to the bottom of town where you’ll see a large crowd of people, including Jess and
    Houser. If you want all 108 stars, I’m sorry, but you MUST recruit Jess now. Actually,
    it’s not that bad. He says he’s sorry for everything and stuff, so it’s not all bad. Everyone
    then goes off and leaves you there. Go to the Inn to rest and save, then go to Crom. Go to
    the house at the top right corner of the village to find… dang… what was his name? The
    Window Set guy! He’ll see the Window Set you have and you can either ask 1’000’000p
    for it, 10’000p, or ask him to join you in exchange. Sorry, you can’t get a million bucks
    for it, or even 10’000. You’ll have to settle for him joining you. After he joins, go to the
    mountain pass that leads to Drakemouth. At the first fork, go down and you’ll see Georg
    there (if you ran when you had a choice, you’ll know where I mean). Recruit him, and
    then continue back to the world map. Either way is fine, but just backtracking is faster.
    Use your Blinking Mirror to go back to the castle, then teleport to South Window. Go
    talk to Gensetsu, who’s standing in front of that statue in front of town hall (he’s the guy
    with that huge lump on his head who you’ve probably ran into a few times already). Talk
    to him and ask him to join, and he’ll challenge you to a little strength test thingy. You’ll
    win, of course, and he’ll join. Now go back to the castle.
    This concerns a lot of people when they’re playing Suikoden 2. They don’t think they can
    get all the characters because they run out of listening Runes and can’t recruit the
    monster character, who IS a star, living in Tinto mine. And they’re right. In fact, the only
    way you can recruit him is if you don’t recruit Sigfreid the Unicorn. But what most
    players don’t know is that Sigfreid and the monster you get in the Tinto mine are the
    SAME star. Hence, if you get one, you can’t get the other, but that’s not a bad thing
    because you don’t need the other because they’re the same star. Argo, if you want the guy
    in the Tinto mine, don’t recruit Sigfreid. It’s as simple as that! I hope this little fact calms
    a lot of worried people out there.
    -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-TWO MAJOR BATTLES AND A VERY GOOD TIME-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-
    In the castle, go to the top of the main room (the one with the big rock with the star’s
    names’ on it) and Sheena will join the convoy/party. Head to the main hall to here about
    Shu’s brand new plan! There’s no rest for you, huh? Anyway, you’ll learn that your army
    is going to make a counter strike and liberate Greenhill. And its about time, isn’t it?Yeah,
    I think so too. Shu then tells you to run along and get some rest. In your room, Sheena
    leaves and nighttime arrives really quickly. Go down to the very first floor of the castle
    and walk around. You’ll see a bunch of cut scenes involving a few people in the army.
    None are important, but you at least have to watch the one with Gengen in the hallway
    because we all love Gengen. I mean, who doesn’t? He’s so dang cool! Anyway, once
    you’ve gotten enough of the cut scenes, go back to your room to find an intruder. She’s
    an assassin and, incidentally, she wants to kill you.
    ===Beating Lucia===
    This can’t be THAT hard since you only have one person in your party (you), and
    Konami isn’t an unfair game company like some. Depending on your Runes, this battle
    can range from really easy to kind of easy. Her HP is 1500, but she won’t endure for that
    long. She’ll only take about 800 – 1000 HPs of damage before she gives in.
    -After the Fight-
    Flick and Viktor will run in and catch her. Then she blabbers on about some stupid things
    for a minute. You can either take her to prison or let her go. Well, actually you can only
    take her to prison. Even if you say “Let her go” they’ll take her to prison (at least I think
    so). Besides, she just tried to kill you! Why would you let her go? The next day you’ll
    find a couple guards stationed outside your door. No more people will be breaking into to
    your room now! Now what you must do is save and go to the Main Hall. Once you’ve
    saved and are in the Main Hall, Shu will ask you who you want to go with. The one that’s
    recruiting Greenhill, and one that’s slowing the other army down, or if you’ll just be
    giving orders from the castle. Of course, I’ll be covering all the options here so you can
    decide which one you want to do. Or you can do one and reset, and do another, then
    repeat. But I’ll tell you this now, the one where you stay at the castle is the coolest!
    -“I’ll Wait Here.”-
    At first, you’ll just be waiting around at the castle for battle reports to come in. But soo
    enough you’ll be giving so many orders you’ll think you’re a waiter (umm… sorry, bad
    pun). Anyway, in all the order’s, you can either ask for Apple’s advice, give a very harsh
    order that Apple will decide against, or give a calm, leader-like order.
    Order #1
    Houser has ran into solders from Muse.
    “Don’t pursue too far, we have to save time.”
    “Advance! Crush them!!”
    “What should we do, Apple?”
    (ask Apple)
    Order #2
    Kiba has ran into some Highland defense forces.
    “Be mindful.”
    “Wipe them out… all of them.”
    “What should we do, Apple?”
    (you know this one)
    After a few more reports (not orders), Apple will say how you should have gone with
    Houser because you could have learned a lot.
    “I suppose you’re right.”
    “That Experience, I don’t need!”
    (harsh, but she’ll agree with you)
    “100 lashes for Houser.”
    (Apple won’t let you do this one… But isn’t it funny??)
    After that one, you’ll be called to Greenhill by Shu.
    -“I’ll go with Viktor’s group….”-
    This one involves a major battle, but what’s wrong with that? Everyone loves major
    battles. Once the battle starts, you’ll see Jowy is with them. If you beat his unit, they’ll
    retreat. And it’s not actually very hard to do this because every unit that Jowy has isn’t
    really super strong, and you outnumber them.Try to use the Fire Spears or the Bombard
    Ability on Jowy’s unit. These are the safest ways to beat him without risking the loss one
    of your own units. This one is easy, folks.
    -“I’ll go with General Kiba….”-
    This is another major battle, but this one is harder and more interesting then the one with
    Viktor’s group. It includes two people you’ll remember. One of those people is Yuber
    from the first Suikoden, and the other person is Lucia, the gal who tried to kill you last
    night. In this battle, you’re outnumbered by about two units, but they don’t have many
    really strong units. But they have lots of them. However, there are a few things working
    to your advantage. One of them is Luc. Luc and his magic attack are very important. It’s
    strong, it always seems to wipe out half of a unit for every time you use it, and it can be
    used from a few squares away. Another thing is that many of the solders won’t move
    until you get right up next to Greenhill. But once you get there, they’ll start using their
    own magic attacks on YOU, which isn’t always fun. In the end, it all comes down to
    beating Yuber’s unit, but you’ll probably end up killing every unit they have before you
    can. Yuber’s unit is very, very strong, so use Luc’s magic on it. Or if you’re feeling
    lucky, attack it and hope you get a critical. This is a long fight, you must be patient.
    -In Greenhill-
    Teresa joins your convoy and you decide to take that old forest path that leads to the back
    of the school to reach Greenhill. Shin also wants to join your party, but he doesn’t have
    to. You can say “Nope” and we won’t join. Then you get to pick the rest of your party.
    You’ll want to pick your very best and most used characters because there’s a rather
    tough boss waiting for you inside Greenhill. Georg is a good one to use since he’s on
    level 58, which is about 10 levels higher then you should be right now. And I urge you to
    take Kahn, or someone else who’s at a high level and can use dark magic. Charm Arrow
    is a very important spell for this! You may want to run back to the castle real quick and
    save. Once you’re ready to go into the forest, go for it. You should know the way by now
    since you’ve gone down this path about a billion times already! But there is ONE THING
    that’s different now. And the different thing is that along the way, you’ll be attacked my
    Lucia again. Is it just me, or is she getting overly annoying?
    ===Beating Lucia===
    This time around, she gets pretty tough. She has three little followers who can pack a
    punch, and should be killed ASAP. By the time they’re gone, you’ll probably discover
    that she attacks twice per turn and uses a devastating Fire Rune. She’ll attack with her
    whip, then use the rune, or visa versa. I’ve never seen her attack twice in a row with the
    rune, but she might. She has two rune attacks. You’ve probably seen both of them
    because you’ve probably used them on enemies before. The one where the fire turns into
    blades and slices you’re party into itty bitty pieces is the one that hurts the most, normally
    hitting for over 200HP. The other one is where a big beam of fire falls on the party and
    blows up, hitting four about 190HP. Just hit her with what ever you have. This may be a
    harder battle, but it’s still not hard.
    -After the Fight-
    Well, Lucia is very stubborn and unmanageable, so she doesn’t listen to any of Teresa’s
    kind and loving words after the fight. She just runs off moping. Heal up and continue
    along the path to Greenhill. Once you’re back at the school, go out the front door and
    you'l’ see two people standing across from each other. The guy on the left will let you
    save, and the girl on the right will heal the party. Very convenient, yeah? After you’ve
    saved and rested, go into town and go down to the enterance. Here you’ll see Yuber
    again, and he’ll then let the Bone Dragon out you play with you.
    ===Beating the Bone Dragon===
    This thing attacks only once a turn, but it uses attacks that take 240+ HP out of the whole
    party, so staying highly healed is up there on the important side. Use Kahn’s Charn
    Arrow. This’ll hit the dragon for about 1200HP each time you use it. Have everyone else
    attack with whatever they have. If it works, use it. The Bone Dragon have about 7500HP,
    so don’t hold back.
    -After the Fight-
    You’ll be taken back to the castle very qickly and you’ll learn that Matilda has given in to
    Highland. You then decide to attack Muse. But when Apple asks you what you want to
    do, say you’ll think about it and teleport to Greenhill. Your last nine recruits await you!
    -Recruit #1-
    Go to the school in Greenhill and go into the Blacksmith classroom. At the top right
    corner of the room you’ll meet Jude. Talk to him a couple times to learn that he’s out of
    clay, then hike to the forest village. Go up and take a right at the armor shop and go down
    this path. You’ll see a house. Go up past it on the right side of the house a go along this
    path to find a short guy with white hair. He’ll give you some clay. Now then, return to
    Greenhill, talk to Jude, give him the clay, and recruit him.
    -Recruit #2-
    Go to the Greenhill Inn and and listen in on Pico fighting with his ex-girlfriend about
    Annallee. Mention Annallee and tell her where she is and he’ll join you.
    -Recruit #3-
    Teleport back to the castle and pop Viktor in your party and head to Kuskus. Go to the
    Blacksmith’s place and talk to Tessei in the back. After a rather funny scene, Tessei will
    join you. Now you FINALLY have a blacksmith in your castle!
    -Recruit #4-
    Go back to the castle, then teleport to Tinto. Head to the Armor Shop and talk to Albert,
    the guy standing next to the desk. Tell him about Annallee and Pico and he’ll join you.
    -Recruit #5-
    Go to Kuskus and visit the Inn. Talk to Karen here and she’ll tell you that she’ll join you
    if you can keep up with her dancing. The dance combo is triangle, square, O, X, triangle,
    X, O, square. You have to do the steps one right after another with no brakes in between.
    This may sound tough, but it’s not. Don’t worry about it.
    -Recruit #6-
    Go back to the castle and replace Viktor with whomever you would normally have in
    your party, then go to the 4th floor of the castle. Go out on the balcony. If you see a
    statue of the person who’s been most useful in all the battles throughout the game so far
    (which is normally the hero), then you’re castle is at level 4 and you’re ready to recruit
    some more. For the next recruit, you’ll need to spend some money, but that’s OK. Go to
    Greenhill and go to the blacksmith’s classroom. Talk to the student on the right side of
    the table to get the Silver Hammer. Now go back to the castle and have Tessei sharpen
    the hero’s weapon to level 14. After you do this, go sail to Coronet. On the docks you’ll
    see Genshu. Talk to him and he’ll join you because you’re weapon is really sharp.
    -Recruit #7-
    Now go to the Cave of the Wind and go through the cave like you normally would. In the
    very last room, where you fought the Star Dragon Sword, you’ll meet up with Pesmerga.
    Ask him to join, and he’ll gladly do it.
    -Recruit #8-
    Go back to the castle and put Simone in your party, then go to Radat, to the place where
    you found Simone. Vincent De Boule, one of my favorite characters from Suikoden one,
    will be there and will join your army.
    -Recruit #9-
    Go to the Tinto mine and head to the room with all the slides (go in the enterance on the
    world map. If you go in the mine through Tinto, you’ll reach a dead-end). You may
    remember talking to Mazus in here on your last visit. But now that you’re castle is level
    4, he’ll join you. CONGRADULATIONS!!!! YOU HAVE ALL 108 PEOPLE!!!!!!
    You’re now ready to beat the game! Er… well, you will be after you do all the stuff you
    have to do before the end of the game!
    -Back to the Game-
    Now, doesn’t it feel good to finally be done with all that dang recruiting? I know I felt
    rather good about it! I mean, now you have the freedom to just finish the game instead of
    having to watch out for people to recruit. I dunno… Maybe I just get excited too easily.
    Either way, go to the Main Hall and tell Apple you’re ready to go to Muse. After a quick
    cut scene, you’ll appear in the Greenhill dorm building. After getting talked to by Apple,
    go outside to see… who? Yes! Lucia yet again! Follow her into the school, then through
    the secret passage in the back. About three screens up through the woods, you’ll find
    Jowy and Lucia waiting for you. Yet again, Jowy tries to talk you out of being leader of
    your army. However, this time, he finally realizes that just as he can’t quit being king of
    Highland, you can’t quit being the leader of your army. And you both realize that things
    can never be back to the way things were, because ever since you got those runes on your
    hands, you’ve been destined to fight each other. Sad, yeah? Anyway, after all this is over,
    go back to the dorm to find that preparations are complete. You may want to save, or
    maybe not. It doesn’t matter a great deal. But whenever you’re ready, get ready for
    another major battle.
    The first thing you’ll notice on this is that THEY are outnumbered. You’ll also see you
    have a few new units to play around with. The Highland troops probably won’t come into
    this. They’ll probably stay near the back of the screen the whole time. And to make
    things even easier, the run off part way through the fight. Go for the units Lucia controls.
    Once you take out all of them, you’ll win. Of course, SOMETHING is going on, but at
    least you won. If you’re having trouble with Lucia’s annoyingly tough unit, try some fire
    magic… Heck, it worked for me!
    -After the Battle-
    You’ll be at Muse! But the place is a ghost town. Nothing to see here… Head for Town
    Hall to find some of your solders. Something is inside Town Hall, and Viktor, being the
    cool exploring Indiana Jones type of guy he is, wants to check it out! Head on in to find a
    really large gold colored wolf…
    ===Beating the Golden Wolf===
    Nothing too it! Just hit it with whatever you have! It attacks twice per turn and uses a
    little rune, but that’s all. It’s also low on power with a mere 3500HP. This guy is such a
    waste of time, your levels won’t even go up after you beat him.
    -After the Fight-
    After you’ve beaten that one, you’ll find that there are more of them scattered over the
    town. You can fight them if you want, but running is the better option here. If you DO
    fight them, another one will appear in its place. Sucky, huh? Yep. Anyway, when you’re
    out of Muse, you’ll discover that you were tricked (are you surprised?). Solders are
    coming at you from the east and north! But if you try and get away by the west and south,
    more solders will pop up and kill you! What do you do? Escape to the east! Well, you’ll
    be back at the castle after all this with Shu. After they’re all done talking, go save. Head
    to the forth floor of the castle to see a scene between Kiba and Shu. Shu will tell Kiba
    they need a decoy to win this next battle, and Kiba will have to be the decoy. Now that
    Kiba just volunteered his life for your war, I don’t want to hear any mean talk about him,
    got it? After the little scene, you may want to run of to the 5th floor and check out your
    new room in all its freakin’ awesome level four castle wonderment!!! After this, go talk
    to Shu and tell him you’ll go through with the fight. This will bring everyone into the
    Main Hall for a huge battle briefing. It’s really quite uplifting! And at the end of it all you
    get to yell a hardy uplifting line yourself! Yay! Now Leknaat appears to give your rune
    more power (Hehehehehehe!! The BIG attack baby baby!!!) if you have the 108 stars.
    The next morning, you see Kiba and his people off. Now go to the Main Hall to start on
    the journey to Matilda. A very, very important part of the game. This is where recruiting
    all those people pays off! Before you give the single to leave, be sure to save. When you
    leave, you’ll appear in a major battle right outside of the Matilda region.
    After the enemy appears, you’ll see that you’re very outnumbered. Jowy is there, and
    Yuber, as well as Gorudo, the stupid sexist fat man. Further more, they have you
    surrounded from to sides. What you want to do is take out as many enemy units as you
    can before the third turn. First of all, take three or four units to take care of the Matilda
    troops. Have the rest do a number on the Highlanders. After about two turns, Culgan’s
    army will appear behind you. Now you’re totally surrounded. However, all you have to
    do is survive two or three more turns and you’re all good. Your reinforcements will arrive
    (two tiny units. Ha!), and this will cause all the baddies to retreat. Personally, I don’t see
    how two little units could scare them that much, but what the heck. It worked.
    -After the Major Battle-
    You’ll find out who those mysterious reinforcements were, then you’ll go back to
    Greenhill to rest up. When it’s time to select your party members, make it a point to
    select people over level 50. Georg, Mazus, etc. should be over level 50, but you don’t
    necessarily have to take them. Anyway, once you have your party of level 50+ characters,
    tell Shu to wait a minute and go get your ass to the inn so you can save. Once you’ve
    saved, go back and tell Shu you’re ready to move out. The time has come… *dramatic
    -Invasion of Rockaxe-
    After the enemy takes the bate of your armies, you’ll pop out of the bushes. After you
    head in, you’ll get a message from Kiba saying that he and Leon Silverburg were both
    mortally wounded. Sad, yes. Anyway, once you’re in the castle, you’ll find yourself in a
    small room. This isn’t the main entrance! You have quite a bit of a walk ahead of you.
    It’s a good thing your castle isn’t this big, huh? Go up through the door, and follow the
    hall though the next door. Grab the Stone of Speed from the next chest and head up the
    ladder. If you want an Escape Talisman, go through the right door, if not, go through the
    left door and continue on till you reach a room with a door at the top of it, and a ladder
    leading down. A Stone of Defense and a Crimson Cape is through the door if you want
    them. Either way, go down the ladder next and through the door here. Just follow this
    single path till you reach a bridge outside, and cross the bridge. You’ll now be back
    inside. Go through the door here and follow the path to another small room with a ladder
    and a door. The door leads to an Earth Shield, which just might be worth getting. Once
    you’ve grabbed it, or if you haven’t, go down the ladder in the little room. You’ll be in
    yet another little room with a door below you and one to the right of you. The one below
    leads to some Power Gloves, the one to the right continues on with the level. Follow the
    path to the right and you’ll appear outside again! Go through the big door to the right and
    you’ll now be in the bunker of the castle. The Flame Helmet, a Gold Necklace and some
    Mega Medicine can be found in here if you look in each of the room. You have to go into
    them from the top, though. The exit of this room is down the little hall leading off to the
    left that you saw when you came in. Follow this hall to the next room. Continue
    following the hall and you’ll reach a stairway, but if you go a bit farther down you’ll find
    the Dragon Plans 4 AND the Unicorn Plans 4 in the little room here! You should get
    these things! Once you have them, go up the stairs and save at the save point. Also heal if
    you’re a little low on power. Now go down through the door here, and follow this path to
    another door, and go inside. Walk towards the stairs and everyone in your party will
    decide to stay and fight off the baddies that are coming up behind you, while you and
    Nanami go and finish the job. Go through the door at the top of the stairs, and the next
    thing you’ll see is you and Nanami walking through a HUGE hall. The next part of the
    game is vital for those who want the best ending. You’ll run into Jowy here, and he’ll tell
    you that his army and country is more important then you, therefor, he’ll have to kill you
    himself. However, just when you’re about to have to kill your best friend, Gorudo walks
    into the hall his some archers. What could he be plotting? I’ll tell you what he’s plotting.
    Kill the two most powerful people in the country and get all the land for himself.
    However, Nanami, being your big sister, wants to protect you from the arrows, so she
    uses a special move Genkaku taught her years ago. When the text box for you to say
    “Nanami!!” or “Look out!!” pops up, or have about half a second to say one of them
    before the text box closes. Is you don’t say it fast enough, the hero won’t pull out his
    weapons and jump to Nanami’s aid. If you say it fast enough, he’ll pull out his weapons
    and jump up to help Nanami. If you want the best ending, keep trying till you say it fast
    enough. If you don’t, you might as well not have gotten the 108 stars! After you say
    “Nanami!!” and get ready to help her, sadly, she’ll get hit with an arrow. But don’t worry,
    you did it! Now you can get the best ending! You and Jowy, now standing there, shaking
    it anger, decide to join up for one last time and show fatty who’s boss. I like this boss
    ===Beating Gorudo===
    Hehehehehe!!!! Ho ho ho ho ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! YEAH!!! Now he dies!! This guy is all
    talk, and besides, with Jowy in your party you have a few huge tricks up your sleeve with
    his Rune! Fight this one for Nanami.
    -After the Fight-
    Well, he’ll die finally, and Jowy will take his leave. Hey, it’s either that or staying around
    and being killed by your army! Nanami then passes out, and Shu runs up. He orders for
    the flag to be burned and then Huan shows up to help out Nanami. Everyone then goes
    back to the castle. Everyone will be giving you kind words as you all wait outside the
    doctor’s room. Huan then comes out and delivers the news……… Nanami…….. is…….
    dead. Flik loses it at this point, but Viktor calms him down. If you got the 108 stars and
    were fast enough when Nanami was shot, Huan will ask to talk to Shu alone in the room.
    If you didn’t do one or both of these things, nothing else will happen. You have reason
    for rejoicing if he asks Shu to speak with him alone. :-) You’ll wake up in your room the
    next morning. Now is a lovely time to save, since you just did the most important part of
    the game and all. When you’ve saved, head to the Main Hall and Shu will tell you that
    your army should attack Highland and finish them off. Give the order to invade Highland,
    and walk out of the Main Hall. Then you’ll pass out. Go figure! A cut scene will then
    take place, showing Jowy sacrificing a doll of Julia to the Beast Rune. But his solders
    don’t know it’s a doll, so they think that he actually just gave his wife to the Beast Rune.
    This gives the solders renewed vigor… or something like that. When walking away,
    Jowy will then pass out, too. The cut scene ends there and you wake up in your room
    with a bunch of people around you. After they give you some reassuring words that the
    war is very close to being over, you go back to sleep, then wake up again in the middle of
    the night. Go down to Shu’s room and you’ll see Apple walking in. She’s a bit depressed
    to say the least, but before she leaves, Shu tells her to pick one of the cards sitting on the
    table in his room. She picks fire. Whatever could that mean? Shu doesn’t have anything
    to say, so you can go back to your room and sleep now. Then next day, save first thing!
    then head to the Main Hall. Everyone, and I DO mean everyone; will be gathered in
    there. If you still haven’t saved, tell them to hold on a minute and go do it real quick.
    When you’re ready, give them the OK to head off. At this point, a few people say some
    uplifting things, and then you get your chance to yell something uplifting. Don’t you feel
    good? After the cheering subsides, you and your troops will head off to meet your
    destiny. The next cut scene will be of you and a few troops walking through some woods.
    At this point you split up, leaving Viktor and Shu behind to pull off some sort of plan that
    only they know about. Of course, once you hear Shu say something about his “last
    mission”, you know it can’t be good. Then you’ll see a major battle screen, but you won’t
    be involved in it. It’s just a couple good units against seven Highland units. Once the
    Highlanders get close to your units, though, Shu will give the signal and Viktor will light
    the woods on fire, with all those Highlanders in it. Hmmmm… It makes sense now,
    doesn’t it? The card with fire on it? Of course it does! Later, Shu will be strolling through
    the burning forest, waiting for something to fall on him, perhaps, and he runs into Leon.
    You can sort of tell that they rather hate each other by their conversation here. Right at
    the end of the conversation, a tree falls… and… well, Shu doges it and is just fine.
    However, you and a few others waiting at the entrance to the burning forest don’t know
    that, and assume he’s dead. Just when Apple is about to run into the forest in a crazy,
    whacked out, super fit, Shu and Viktor come marching out without a scratch. Strangely
    enough, he’s rather upset about being alive, but hey, how would Konami look if they had
    the cool strategist guy die at the end of BOTH Suikodens? Well, worry not, they’re
    smarter then that! You’ll appear outside a border. The Highland Border, to be exact. Talk
    to Hilda on the top left to rest and save, you don’t really need to leave this place. You can
    do that once you reach L’Renouille. Just be sure to save. Apple can rearrange your units
    for the upcoming major battle, if you want. Whenever you’re done doing whatever you’re
    doing, talk to Apple and tell her it’s time to move out.
    Here we are. We have reached the final major battle of the game! This, of course, won’t
    be the easiest major battle ever. In fact, it’s up there with one of the hardest. But you’re a
    perfectly good match for Highland! To avoid taking lots of damage, you should make
    heavy use of Luc and Mazus, the two magic users, to hit the baddies hard from a good
    ways away. You should also use the Fire Spears to your advantage to hit two or three
    units at once. As you’ll see, the units guarding the city won’t be moving much. So you’ll
    have all the time you need to position your units right where you need them. But what
    makes the fight so hard is the strength of the enemy units! Thankfully, Yuber runs off
    early in the fight, but that still leaves a challenge for you. Be careful during this battle,
    and take your time! Once you get the hero’s unit a couple squares into the city, battle will
    end. One way of doing this without having to take out all those really strong units is to
    hurt one of the units bad enough to where it’ll run into the city to heal. This will give you
    a clear passage into the center of the city.
    -After the Major Battle-
    After that long battle, you’ll appear outside L’Renouille. Now you have to make a party. I
    recommend making a party of only five people. If you want to use the best party you can,
    you might want to do the same. I’m taking Georg, Pesmerga, Wakaba, and Clive.
    Remember, leave that last space blank. Why? We’re gonna go pick up McDohl! If you
    don’t have access to McDohl, or don’t want to use him, choose your last character
    yourself. But don’t go into L’Renouille just yet. Push against the wall behind you and
    you’ll leave the city. Now that you’re back on the world map, head northwest to the very
    little village of Sajah. Since this village is in Highland territory, unlike most other towns
    of the game, you don’t get the same love as you do in other villages. Instead, people here
    really don’t like the great hero of the state who led them to victory over Highland. But
    that’s just a small set back… go to the item shop and check out the Rare Finds section
    and buy the Golden Hammer. When you bring it to your castle blacksmith, you’ll be able
    to get your weapons up to level 16! You may also want to buy and equip some Crimson
    Capes since they’re sold here. Teleport back to the castle to rest and save, then teleport to
    Banner and go to Gregminster to get McDohl (unless you don’t have him in the game or
    don’t want to, etc). Once you get back, you’ve gotta do some major weapon sharpening.
    If, and you probably will, run out of money, teleport back to L’Renouille and fight the
    monsters on the world map, or even the monsters in that are in L’Renouille itself. Really,
    it shouldn’t take all that long. After you get your weapons up to 16, get some more cash
    and go to your Rune shop. Buy a Water rune and put it on McDohl. Also, from fighting
    the monsters on the world map, you MIGHT have gotten a Mother Earth rune. If so,
    attach it to someone, and if not, don’t worry about it. Now rest if you need to, but be sure
    to save, and teleport to L’Renouille for the last time.
    -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-THE FINAL MISSION-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-
    Once you get there, go right up into the front door. When you walk up a tiny bit, you get
    attacked by Lucia again… *sigh*
    ===Beating Lucia===
    This is her hardest form, and she actually might be a problem for you. She has about
    6000 HP and some powerful attacks. Further more, she attacks three times per round.
    Ouch!! She’s actually sort of like another Luca Blight, just easier because you’re about
    20 levels higher then you were when you fought Luca. Just hit her. You probably won’t
    have to waste too much Rune power on this one. Hmmm… on second though, she isn’t
    that tough. :-)
    -After the Fight-
    You’ll see a cut scene involving Lucia and Teresa, which is of no importance, then you
    get to continue a long. This place is big! From where you are, go left, and keep going left
    till you reach the end up the hall. Then go up and you’ll fight some solders. After they’re
    done with, keep going up till you reach some stairs, then go down the stairs and go
    through the door. Go down this hall and through another door, and then you get to fight
    more solders. When you go through the door above the solders, you’ll be in a big hall. Go
    all the way up the hall and you’ll run right into the great Han. Really, Han isn’t nice. You
    then fall into a one of one dual with him.
    +++Dual Battle: Han+++
    This is just another dual... It shouldn’t be that tough, though, since I have all these
    commands written down.
    -Defend Phrases-
    “You think you can beat me, boy?”
    “Let me see your power, Genkaku’s son!!!”
    “Try that again, boy.”
    “Well struck…. It seems I should be more careful….”
    “Unf… You like to take risks, eh?”
    -Attack Phrases-
    “Foolish boy!!!”
    “Ho ho ho… you taught him well, Genkaku me friend…”
    “And now it’s my turn.”
    “You can’t defend yourself forever.”
    “I can’t let you pass here, son.”
    -Wild Attack Phrases-
    “Now feel my deadly sword.”
    “You think my sword has lost its bite!!!”
    “Yes, but can you defend against my sword!!!”
    “Let’s bury our past here, boy!!”
    “Watch and learn, boy. Here’s how you wield a sword!!!”
    “Can you take this?”
    -After the Dual-
    You should win rather easy. After words, Han has a quick death scene, and you’ll
    continue on. In the next room, go up, then loop around when you get to the top of the
    stairs and go through the door here, then through another door. Go all the way down this
    hall and go right and through the door there. Follow this path till you reach a room with
    two doors in it. When you get there, take the left door. Now follow this path ALL the
    way up. I mean ALLLLLL the way up, till you reach a room where four solders jump out
    at you and fight you. After you kill them, go left and follow this hall till you reach a door
    an a path leading to the left. Take the path leading left and follow it till you reach the
    outside of the castle. Follow the little sidewalk to another door going back into the castle,
    and then go right down the hall. You’ll fight more solders, then continue. As far as paths
    go, it gets pretty simple here. All the door you’ll come across are locked except for the
    ones your supposed to go though. Soon enough, you’ll reach a fork. Look in the room to
    the right of you to find a save point! In the next room down, you’ll find an Escape
    Talisman, just incase you’re in bad shape, I guess. Anyway, when you’ve saved, exit this
    place by taking the path that leads up on the right side of the room. Follow this till you
    reach a room with a door on the top of the room and a door on the bottom. Take the one
    on top and then keep going. From here on out its strait all the way. You’ll soon see
    another save point, but this is a rather special one. It restores your Rune power, HP, heals
    your status problems, and hey, it even saves the game!! Make use of this lovely little gift
    and then keep going up to a final battle with Culgan and Seed.
    ===Beating Culgan and Seed===
    These guys are worthy opponents! Seed has 4200HP, while Culgan has 3800HP. They
    each have very powerful runes, and you really shouldn’t hold back on them at all. Use
    everything at your disposal. Heck, with that cool save point right behind you, you have
    nothing to lose! :-)
    -After the Fight-
    Why do the bad guys always have to make you feel guilty for killing them right before
    they die? Oh well, after another death scene, you see a cut scene of Jowy and Pilika. It’s
    really quite touching… He tells her that he’s going to have to say goodbye forever, and
    she asks him to hold her one more time, and he does, and Jillia walks in to hear abouther
    new home in Harmonia that she’s going to live in since Highland is about to fall for good.
    After they say a lot of goodbyes, you get control of the hero back. Before you walk
    forward any, go back to heal/save at that save point. Once that’s done, go back to the hall
    you appeared in and walk forward. You’ll see Leon again, and he’ll tell you about Luca’s
    long time plan to unleash the Beast Rune into the world. After he says this, indecently, he
    unleashes it on your party. Here we go, folks… the last battle…
    ===Beating the Beast Rune===
    After a nifty CG scene, you’ll be in battle with this thing. It’s made up of five parts. A
    right head, 4800HP, a left head, 4800HP, a right paw, 5700HP, a left paw, 4500HP, and a
    rune, 3300HP. Of course, the thing has its super strong attacks and defense, and frankly,
    you’re pretty mismatched. It’ll either hit you three times with three attacks, or one time
    with one BIG attack. Either way, you’re in bad shape. McDohl’s Black Shadow attack
    works Ok, since it hits everything at once. And of course, if you get in a jam, you have
    the hero’s Forgiver Sign attack, which will get you out of trouble if needed. The first
    thing to attack is the Rune. Once it’s gone, use a couple good attacks on the right leg to
    kill it. It revives other sections, so it should be taken out fast. After which the left leg is
    the target. Now, pretty much all the big threats are gone. Just use whatever you have left
    over to win. It’s not too bad from here on out…
    -After the Fight-
    Whew… glad that’s over… Your party walks into the throne room, but there’s no sign of
    Jowy. Only his cape is sitting on the throne. Then, the castle starts to cave in, and you
    start to run out. However, the people waiting for you outside are starting to get a bit
    worried. But then you run out with a big grin on your face and a spirit of victory and
    justice! Well… you run out, anyway. The next day, you wake up in your castle. SAVE
    SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!!!!! If you don’t save now, you’ll have o beat that stupid Beast
    Rune again to see all the endings!!
    People are got the 108 stars, rejoice! It’s about to pay off!
    -Ending #1-
    This is one of the basic endings where you don’t have to have all 108 stars to see it. Go to
    the Main Hall and speak with everyone there. They’ll tell you that they want you to lead
    their new country. Say you will, and bam! You’ve got the ending! You’ll then see a few
    future cut scenes of what happened, teamed up with some great music. Then window will
    start popping up, describing what every single star did after the war. The credits will role,
    and after the credits, you’ll see a neat little picture! The End.
    -Ending #2-
    Another basic ending, but I suppose a bit harder to find. Go to the Main Hall, and they’ll
    tell you about the new country and everything, but this time, say you won’t lead the new
    country. You’ll then be able to leave and go to whatever you want. Teleport to
    L’Renouille and then leave. Walk southeast down the Tanzen Pass, and follow this path
    till you come to a fork in the road. When you reach the fork, go left, not strait. Follow
    this path for a while (you may remember this bit of it, since this was where the game
    started. That is, this is the campsite where the massacre took place), and you’ll reach the
    spot where you and Jowy carved the X in the rock at the start of the game. He’ll be there
    waiting for you. After he tells you a few things you’ve probably been wondering for a
    while, such as why he betrayed you and tried to kill you on several different occasions,
    he’ll challenge you to the REAL final battle. A one of one dual. Beat him in the dual, and
    he’ll then die. After words, you’ll go back to the castle and become king of your new
    country. The rest of this ending is just like the last one!
    -Ending #3-
    This is the ending everyone wants, and it’s a real reward for taking the time to get the 108
    stars. In the Main Hall, when everyone is telling you about the new country, say you
    won’t lead it and then go to L’Renouille. From here, go to Tanzen Pass, and to the same
    spot you met Jowy at the last time. The same thing will happen, he’ll challenge you to a
    dual battle, but instead of killing him this time, DON’T attack. EVER!!! After about two
    duals, he’ll get really weak and fall down. He’ll then ask you for your right hand so he
    can give the rest of his power to your rune. When he asks this, DO NOT give him your
    hand! Keep refusing!! After you refuse a couple times, he’ll start to get healed by your
    rune. At that point, you two finally make up with each other and head off.
    -------------------------------HUGE SPOILER!!!!!!-------------------------------------
    Read this next part at your own risk of ruining the best ending for yourself. After you two
    start walking away, Shu comes up to you and tells you something very interesting. When
    Nanami was shot with that arrow, she really didn’t die. She faked it. Why, you ask? She
    wanted to get away from the hero while the war was going on because “she didn’t like to
    see him hurt”. Frankly, I don’t see how his sister dying was going to make him feel any
    better then he did, but whatever. It turns out she’s been waiting at Genkaku’s house this
    whole time! After saying a few more words, Shu leaves you so you can go see Nanami
    again, and Jowy, of course, comes along with you. You then get to see a bunch of really
    cool cut scenes of the three of them going off and doing stuff! And you even get to see
    where Jillia and Pilika live. And believe me, it’s nice!!
    -----------------------------END OF HUGE SPOILER--------------------------------------
    After you see that, you may expect yourself to go back to the castle and lead your
    country, but you don’t. And then the boxes with what the people did after the war comes
    up again, and then the credits, and a special picture at the end. And so, you’ve beaten the
    whole game… ah… its one heck of a thing.
     _-_-_-_-_-_-_-CHARACTER LIST-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
    A huge thanks to Odin135 for this list!! Thanks again! Oh, and sorry if this is a bit hard to
    read. After I copied and pasted it, it was all scrambled and stuff. I think I got it to where
    it’s pretty much readable.
    108 Stars of Destiny
            When I found out that there was no character list for
            Suikoden 2 I decided to make one.  If any one finds anything
            wrong or has information about characters that I don't
            have please E-mail me at Odin135@hotmail.com It may take
            some time for me to repley be patient.
            If you have questions about the game include where you are in
            the game and what you are suppost to do next.
            If you want to use this on your website E-mail me and ask
    Castle Level 1= 30 members and below
    Castle Level 2= 31-60 members
    Castle Level 3= 61-100 members
    Castle Level 4= 101 members and above
    Name                    Location        How to get them
    1. Hero                 Start with       Start with
    2. Ridley              Two River City  Joins after Two River City beats Kiba
    3. Shu                  Radat City      Joins after you find his coin
    4. Luc                  HQ                 Lekneet brings him to you
    5. Humphrey       Rakutei Mt.     Complete Dragon Quest
    6. Hauser             Tinto City      Joins after you defeat Neclord
    7. Kiba                 HQ                 Don't kill him after you beat him in battle
                                                        and he joins
    8. Pesmerga          Cave of Wind    Shows up where you fought the Star Dragon
                                                            Sword when you have 100 members talk
                                                            with him and he will join you
    9. Sierra               Tigermouth      Joins when you walk into Tigermouth with
    10. Teresa              Greenhill City  Rescue from Greenhill City
    11. Nina                Greenhill City  Joins when you return to HQ with Teresa
    12. Feather             Forest Village  Need one of Badeaux's crystals, walk into
                                                           center of town and fight griffins and he joins
    13. Viktor              South Window    Joins when you enter South Window for the first
    14. Valeria             Gregminister    Choose her at Gregminister
    14. Kasumi              Gregminister    Same as Valeria
    15. Fitcher             Two River City  After you defeat Kiba at Two River City
    16. Clive               South Window    Talk to him when you have a boat
    17. Flik                HQ                       Joins after you defend HQ for the first time
    18. Tsai                Ryube Forest    Go to his house in the forest when you need
                                                          Fire Spears
    19. Jess                Tinto City      Joins after you defeat Neclord
    20. Stallion            Radat Town      After fall of Greenhill, Must beat him in race
                                                            (run from battle 50 times to win race)
    21. Georg               Tigermouth Path After beating Neclord talk to him
    22. Hanna               Toto Village    Talk to her after Toto burns down
    23. Killey              South Window    Talk to him in South Window then
                                                              at Alex's shop then back at South
                                                              Window After Alex has joined you
                                                               and after Luca is dead
    24. Anita               Muse City /     Keep talking to her and saying she is
                                 Banner Village  beatuiful and refilling her glass (you
                                                          have to leave the town every after time
                                                          you talk to her
    25. Sigfried            Kobold Village  Need to bring one of Badeaux's crystals
                                                           and a pure female (Such as Nanami) the
                                                           place where Hix defeated the Unicorn,
                                                           must have completed the Unicorn quest
    26. Nanami              Kyaro Town      Walk into your back yard
    27. Rina                Coronet Town    Talk to her after Tai Ho agrees to take you
                                                             to Kuskus Town
    28. Tai Ho              Kuskus Town     Win 5000 bits from him and he will join
    29. Eilie               Coronet Town    Joins with Rina
    30. Yam Koo             Kuskus Town     Joins with Tai Ho
    31. Bolgan              Coronet Town    Joins with Rina
    32. Hix                 Kobold Village  After defending Two River Talk to him and
                                                            Tengaar in Lakewest inn and then go to Kobold
                                                            Village and complete Unicorn Quest
    33. Tengaar             Kobold Village  Joins with Hix
    34. Freed Y             HQ              Joins after South Window falls to highland
    35. Yoshino             Radat Town      Bring Freed Y to her house and then leave the
                                                               town then come back to her house and she will
                                                               join (will only be there if shu has already
    36. Chaco               2 River(Kobold) After you defeat Kiba at Two River City joins
                                                               when you try to leave town
    37. Klaus               HQ              Joins with Kiba
    38. Gilbert             Battle Map 3    Wound him in battle and he joins
    39. Tetsu               Lakewest Town   Buy fried tacos from Two River City(Kobold) and
                                                               use them on the Hero until he starts smoking
                                                               then go and talk to him
    40. Jeane               2 River(Human)  Talk to her in the Rune shop after the fall of
                                                              Greenhill City
    41. Wakaba              Forest Village  Castle Level 2, Hero must be level 30+
    42. Maximillian         South Window    After you Luca has been killed he will stop
                                                                   you when you enter the town
    43. Genshu              Coronet Town    Castle Level 4 Hero's weapon level 15+
    44. Camus               Rockaxe Castle  Joins with Miklotov
    45. Miklotov            Rockaxe Castle
    46. Jude                Greenhill City  After you have recapture Greenhill bring
                                                          him  clay, a guy in Forest Village has clay
    47. Lebrante            Radat Town      Buy a Ceadon Vase from the Trader in
                                                              Gregminister and give it to him
    48. Lorelai             Gregminister    Castle level 3
    49. Tony                Forest Village  Castle level 2 in the chief's house
    50. Gijimu
    51. Rikimaru            Ryube Village   Pay for his meal (3000 Bits) and he will join
    52. Gantetsu            South Window    After defeating Neclord challenge him the
                                                                parties' total strength has to be over 400
    53. Simione             Radat Town      Buy a Rose Brouch at Banner Village
                                                              and  give it to him and he will join
    54. Connell             Forest Village  Castle must be level 3, bring him a sound set
    55. Hans                2 River(Human)  Talk to him on the 2nd floor of the Inn
    56. Huan                HQ              Same as Flik
    57. Tuta                Muse City       Talk to her in front of Huan's house
    58. Futch               Rakutei Mt      Joins with Humphrey
    59. Tomo                Ryube Forest    Bring Tsai to his house when he asks to get
                                                             get some tools, Tsai must be in party
    60. Badeaux             Forest Path     Castle Level 3 must have hero and shiro in
    61. Mazus               Tinto Mines     Castle Level 4 he is standing where there are
                                                            a bunch of slides
    62. Mondo               Rokkaku Hamlet  Castle Level 4 if you got Valeria or
                                                                  just have Kasumi and enter the town
                                                                 (see end of faq for directions to town)
    63. Sasuke              Rokkaku Hamlet  Same as Mondo
    64. Leona               HQ              Same as Flik
    65. Adlai               South Window    After you get HQ give him a sacrifice jizo
                                                              and a wooden shield and then get a wind crystal
                                                              and throw it at him
    66. Raura               Tinto City      Joins if you have Jeane
    67. Sheena              Gregminister    Find in HQ(not sure when) and he leads you to
                                                            Gregminister where he joins
    68. Kinnison            Ryube Forest    Put nest back in tree and walk off and
                                                              back onto the screen and he will join
    69. Shiro               Ryube Forest    Joins with Kinnison
    70. Amada               Radat Town      Go and talk to him when you need to get to
                                                              Two River city
    71. Emilia              Greenhill City  Tell her who you and Flik are (the first
    72. Zamza               Toto Village    Talk to him with Nanmai in party (before
                                                            Toto burns down)
    73. Karen               Kuskus Town     Castle Level 3, dance with her
                                                              after Luca has been killed
    74. Lo Wen                              Joins with Gijimu
    75. Tenkou              Crom Village    Bring him a window set and he joins
    76. Gadget              Greenhill/Muse  Joins with Meg
    77. Annallee            South Window    After Luca has been killed go to the Inn
                                                                 then talk to her again to the right of the
                                                                town hall after she sings she joins
    78. Viki                Greenhill/      Appears out of no where and joins
    79. Koyu
    80. Vincent             Radat Town      Castle Level 4 bring Simione to where he
                                                             was standing and he will join
    81. Meg                 Greenhill/Muse  Castle Level 2, talk to her
    82. Mukumuku            Kyaro Town      Talk to the big tree behind the Hero's
                                    OR                          house 3 times
                            Greenhill/Muse  Walk back and forth between Greenhill and
                            Border                Greenhill/Muse Border with only the Hero
                                                       and he will show up in a battle and he joins
    83. Marlowe
    84. Richmond            Radat Town      Play the coin game with him once then go
                                                                to the bar and talk to a game there and get
                                                                another coin and play him again
    85. Apple               Toto Village    When you return to Toto after buying the
                                                           wooden amulet and she will be there
    86. L. C. Chan          CromVillage     Go to the Inn with Wakaba in your party
                                                               then talk to him behind the house to the
                                                               right of the Inn
    87. Millie              Ryube Village   Agree to find Bonepart and when you do
                                                            she joins
    88. Tessai              Kuskus Town     After you have recaptured Greenhill bring
                                                             Viktor to the weapon shop and he will join
    89. Taki                Lakewest        Talk to her a bunch of times and she joins
    90. Gengen              HQ              When you have to go get Flour
    91. Gabocha             2 River(Kobold) Bring Gengen to see him and he joins
    92. Yuzu                Kobold Village  Agree to help find her sheep, must
                                                             complete Unicorn Quest first
    93. Hai Yo              HQ              Castle Level 2, On the second floor
                                                       south balcony (right side) he will be
                                                       talking to someone and he will join
    94. Kahn                CromVillage     Talk to him in town after Tinto is taken over
                                                             by Neclord
    95. Barbara             HQ              Same as Flik
    96. Sid                 2 River(sewers) After the city is saved bring Chaco into the
                                                          sewers and under the water fall and Sid will
    97. Shin                Greenhill City  Joins with Nina
    98. Oulan               Kuskus Town     Talk to an old lady who says some thing about
                                                              a band of people mugging female groups then
                                                              leave the town and go back in with a mostly
                                                              female team and cross the bridge in the center
                                                              of the town
    99. Shilo               Lakewest Town   Castle Level 2, win 5000 bits from
                                                              him and he joins
    100. Alex               White Deer Inn  Talk to Hilda when you have a castle and they
    101. Hilda              White Deer Inn  Joins with Alex
    102. Bob                2 River(Kobold) Castle Level 3 and talk to him
    103. Ayda               Forest Village  Joins with Feather
    104. Pico               Greenhill City  Talk to him when you have Annallee
    105. Alberto            Tinto City      Talk to him when you have Pico and
    106. Templton           Toto Village    Go to the Mercenary Fortress after it has
                                                               burned down and meet Templton and then
                                                               go to Toto and he joins
    107. Hoi                Radat Town      After Luca has been killed walk into the bar
                                                           and stand up for Hoi
    108. Gordon             Gregminister    Make 50,000 Bits from trading and he joins
    There are some charaters that do not get a star because they join your party
    until you
    until you get rid of them and then you have to get them again.
    109. Makumaku           2 River City/   Walk back and forth on the road between
                                       Greenhill City    2 River city and Greenhill City with only
                                                                 the Main Character and he should appear in
                                                                 a battle with you(you can have other squirles
                                                                 in the party when doing this)
    110. Mikimiki           Greenhill City/ Same as Makumaku Execpt walk between
                                      Forest Village  Greenhill City and Forest Village
    111. Mekumeku           Greenhill City/ Same as Makumaku Execpt walk between
                                            Matilda         Greenhill City and Matilda
    112. Mokumoku           Clearing below  Same as Makumaku Execpt walk between in the
                                                                    Forest Village  the clearing below Forest Village
    How to get to Rokkaku Hamlet
    On the way to Gregminister just after the cliff where you climb a bunch of
    go north until you are stopped by trees and then go right until you are in a
    path with
    trees above you and below you and then keep trying to go down and through
    the trees.
    There is a hidden path somewhere in this section that leads to the town.
    Abizboah and Rulodia
    I have hear that there are 4 monsters in total Sigfried, Feather, Rulodia,
    and Abizboah.
    I have yet to get them. If anyone knows how you can get them when you have
    used 2 crystals
    on the Sigfried and Feather and If they count as stars E-mail me ASAP. And
    is Rulodia a star.
    I would like to say thanks to all the people who helped out especially JL
    and Spencer Pantera.
    _-_-_-_-_-_-_-EQUIPMENT LIST-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
    MAJOR thanks to Feral for letting me use this! Again, thanks man!!
    Suikoden 2 armor types and equipments listing
    compiled by Feral (feralnoa@aol.com)
    version 0.9           Added some rare accessories from the Mountain
                                Climbing mini-game prizes.
    Version 0.8 January 23, 2000. Rearranged some of the accessories listed
                                                     after further testing.
    Version 0.7 January 20, 2000. Started this list.
    Don't you just hate it when you find something like Windspun Armor, and
    it looks really great, but no one (well, no one that you brought along,
    at any rate) can wear it? Me too. Well, this is my solution to that.
    This list is intended to show which of the many characters in the Playstation
    game Suikoden 2 can equip which armors and helmets/headgear, as well as
    whether they can have a shield. Also hopefully it will eventually have a
    comprehensive listing of the accessories and which characters those can be
    equipped by. I had noticed that the instructions booklet which came with
    Suikoden 2 had a list placing each of the armors into one (or more) of
    four categories. This then gave me the idea that it could be possible to
    put together a list of which characters can wear each of the armors,
    without having to write it all out over and over about 70 or so times.
    If each character could only wear one type of armor, then it would be
    comparatively simple to use the categories to predict which armors
    could be worn by each character, as opposed to manually trying out
    each combination. Same thing for the helmets/headgear, and it would
    also be simple to determine whether a character can carry a shield as
    well. The accessories, on the other hand, pose a bit more of a problem,
    as the instructions booklet did not provide types for them.
    Note: This is still preliminary, and some of these are still from
    guesswork. If you find any mistakes, such as characters/equipment being
    left out or incorrectly listed, please e-mail me with the correction(s),
    and how you determined it so I can fix the problem. Also, the
    instructions booklet that came with the game also had some mistakes in
    it which I have attempted to catch and fix, but some may still have
    slipped by.
    webpage(html) version of this list with clickable links in tables and some
    info on runes as well.
    List of characters and their armor type, helmet or headgear, shield if
    they can carry one. Specific unremoveable equipment is in (parentheses).
    the hero - Light Armor, Headgear
    Amada - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Anita - Light Armor, Headgear, Shield
    Ayda - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Badeaux - Heavy Armor, Helmet
    Bob - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Bolgan - Light Armor, Helmet
    Camus - Light Armor, Helmet, Shield, (Crimson Cape)
    Chaco - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Clive - Light Armor, Headgear
    Eilie - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Flik - Light Armor, Headgear, Shield
    Freed - Light Armor, Helmet, Shield, (Water Amulet)
    Futch - Light Armor, Helmet, Shield
    Gabocha - Light Armor, Headgear
    Gantetsu - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Gengen - Light Armor, Helmet, Shield
    Genshu - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Georg - (Silver Armor), Helmet
    Gijimu - Heavy Armor, Helmet
    Hai Yo - Light Armor, Headgear
    Hanna - Light Armor, Helmet, Shield
    Hauser - Light Armor, Helmet
    Hix - Light Armor, Headgear, Shield
    Hoi - Light Armor, Headgear
    Humphrey - (Knight Armor), Helmet
    Jowy - Light Armor, Headgear
    Kahn - Light Armor, Helmet
    Karen - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Kasumi - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Killey - Light Armor, Headgear
    Kinnison - Light Armor, Headgear
    Koyu - Light Armor, Headgear
    L.C. Chan - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Lo Wen - Light Armor, Headgear
    Lorelai - Light Armor, Helmet, (Thunder Amulet)
    Luc - Robe, Headgear, (Speed Ring)
    Mazus - (Robe of Mist), Headgear
    McDohl - Light Armor, Headgear
    Meg - MA Karate Suit, Headgear, (Lucky Ring)
    Miklotov - Heavy Armor, Helmet, (Fire Emblem)
    Millie - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Mondo - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Nanami - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Nina - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Oulan - Light Armor, Helmet, (Power Gloves)
    Pesmerga - (Knight Armor, Horned Helmet, Chaos Shield, Guard Ring, Iron Boots)
    Rikimaru - Light Armor, Helmet
    Rina - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Sasuke - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Sheena - Light Armor, Headgear, Shield, (Star Earrings)
    Shilo - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Shin - Light Armor, Headgear
    Sid - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Sierra - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Simone - Light Armor, Headgear, (Cape of Darkness, Gold Emblem)
    Stallion - Light Armor, Headgear, (Winged Boots)
    Tai Ho - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Tengaar - Robe, Headgear, (Wind Amulet)
    Tomo - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Tsai - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Tuta - Robe, Headgear
    Valeria - Light Armor, Headgear, Shield
    Viki - Robe, Headgear
    Viktor - Light Armor, Headgear
    Vincent - Light Armor, Headgear, Shield, (Rose Brooch)
    Wakaba - MA Karate Suit, Headgear
    Yoshino - MA Karate Suit, Headgear, (Water Amulet)
    Zamza - Robe, Headgear
    Shiro, Gadget, the five squirrels, Feather, Sigfried, Abizboah and
    his wife and child can't have anything equipped.
    Types of equipment
      Bandana (headgear)         def + 1
      Leather Hat (helm/hdgr)    def + 2
      Feathered Hat (headgear)   def + 3, Spd + 3, resists wind
      Pointed Hat (headgear)     def + 5, protects against balloons
      Circuret (helm/hdgr)       def + 7
      Half Helmet (helm/hdgr)    def + 10
      Head Gear (headgear)       def + 14
      Silver Hat (headgear)      def + 19, restores HP, resists darkness
      Full Helmet (helmet)       def + 20
      Wind Hat (headgear)        def + 24, Spd + 7, resists wind
      Flame Helmet (helmet)      def + 30, Str +4, resists fire
      Horned Helmet (helmet)     def + 35
      Mole Helmet (helm/hdgr)    def + 12, Prevents unfriendly
     Armor (R = Robes, MA = Martial Arts Karate Suit, Lt = Light Armor, Hvy = Heavy
      Robe (Lt/MA/R)             def + 1
      Tunic (Lt/MA)              def + 2
      Leather Coat (Hvy/Lt/MA)   def + 4
      Brass Armor (Hvy/Lt)       def + 6
      Guard Robe (Lt/MA/R)       def + 7
      Karate Uniform (Lt/MA)     def + 10, Tech +5
      Leather Armor (Hvy/Lt)     def + 14
      Chain Mail (Lt)            def + 16
      Ninja Suit (Lt/MA)         def + 17, Spd +15
      Half Plate (Hvy)           def + 19
      Magic Robe (Lt/MA/R)       def + 22
      Thunder God Garb (MA)      def + 25, Hit +10, resists lightning
      Scale Mail (Lt)            def + 28
      Dragon Armor (Hvy/Lt)      def + 30
      Master Robe (MA/R)         def + 33, Restores HP
      Full Plate (Hvy)           def + 36
      Taikyoku Wear (MA)         def + 40, Spd +10
      Master Garb (Lt/MA)        def + 45, Str + 15, Tech + 15
      Robe of Mist (MA/R)        def + 47, Repels magic, resists water
      Earth Armor (Hvy/Lt)       def + 49, Anti-bat, resists earth
      Dream Robe (MA)            def + 52, can't be attacked
      Silver Armor (Lt)          def + 55, Restores HP, resists darkness
      Knight Armor (Hvy)         def + 58
      Blood Armor (Hvy/Lt)       def + 62, Drains HP
      Windspun Armor (Hvy)       def + 65, Spd +15, resists wind
      Mole Suit (Hvy/Lt/MA/R)    def + 29, Resists earth, no target
      Wooden Shield   def + 2
      Steel Shield    def + 7
      Kite Shield     def + 12
      Mangosh         def + 19, Return stab x 1.5
      Silver Shield   def + 27, Restores HP, resists darkness
      Chaos Shield    def + 34
      Earth Shield    def + 36, Anti-bat, resists earth
      For hands (cannot be worn by Kobolds)
       Gloves         def + 2
       Gauntlet       def + 4
       Power Glove    def + 16, Str + 15
       Silverlet      def + 11
       Goldlet        def + 18
      Footwear (cannot be worn by Wingers or Kobolds)
       Wooden Shoes   def + 1
       Leggings       def + 2
       Boots          def + 3
       Toe Shoes      def + 9
       Winged Boots   def + 14, Spd +10
       Iron Boots     def + 15
      Necklaces (can only be worn by Kobolds and Wingers)
       Necklace         def + 7
       Heavy Necklace   def + 11
       Silver Necklace  def + 17, Restores HP
       Gold Necklace    def + 21, Mag def + 5
      Capes (* can be worn by all)
       Cape             def + 1
       Leather Cape     def + 5
       Fur Cape         def + 9
       Cape of Darkness def + 12
       Crimson Cape     def + 14
      Emblems (cannot be worn by Kobolds or females)
       Fire Emblem       def + 7, Str +15, resists fire
       Gold Emblem       def + 10, Mag def +10
      Rings (* can be worn by all)
       Guard Ring   def + 7, Mag def +10
      Rings (not yet tested or found a pattern for)
       Speed Ring   def + 10, Spd +15
       Skill Ring   def + 9, Tech +20
       Lucky Ring   def + 12, Luck +20
       Magic Ring   def + 7, Mag +15
       Power Ring   def + 8, Str +20
      other accessories (* can be worn by all)
       Cheek Guards      def + 3
       Shoulder Pads     def + 5
       Belt of Strength  def + 6, Str +5
      other accessories (can only be worn by feminine characters)
       Blue Ribbon       def + 6, can't be targeted
       Star Earrings     def + 8, Restores HP
      other accessories (not yet tested or found a pattern for)
       Water Amulet      def + 6, Repels magic, resists water
       Thunder Amulet    def + 9, Hit +15, resists lightning
       Wind Amulet       def + 12, Spd +10, resists wind
       Sun Badge         def + 4, Restores HP
       Fish Badge        def + 6, Repels magic (** I can't seem to figure this out)
      Wing Ornament      def + 19, Spd +12 (can only be worn by Wingers)
      Rose Brooch        def + 13 (can only be worn by Vincent and Simone)
      Special Accessories (these can be equipped by characters other than the ones
                                       listed, but won't have any effect)
       Rose Bouquet      Narcissus ATK Up (Vincent, Simone)
       Millet Dumplings  For Badeaux. Beastmaster ATK Up
       Dog Whistle       For Kobold Attack.... (Gengen, Gabocha)
       Lubricating Oil   If Meg equips, Gadget's ATT Up
       Secret Writings   Ninja ATK Up (Kasumi, Mondo)
       Invincible Smile  Fancy Lad ATK Up (*** see note)
       Cup of Promise    Manly, Bandit ATK Up (Amada, Rikimaru, Gijimu, Koyu, Lo Wen)
       Leisure Set       For Family Attack....
     * can be equipped by all characters, Except those who can't have any items at all,
       of course.
     ** I thought that it could only be worn by characters younger than 18 years old,
       but Viki can't wear it and according to Richmond, she's only 16...
     *** I think this is really supposed to be either the Pretty Boy ATK (Flik, Miklotov,
      and Camus) or the Cutie Boy ATK (Futch, Luc, and Sasuke)
    Credits and Thanks to:
     whoever at Konami made Suikoden2 and the booklet that came with the game, otherwise
    I wouldn't have anything to write about.
     Aya Brea for chatting with me via e-mail and asking "Don't you hate powerful stuff
    like Windspun Armor that no one can wear?" which is what gave me the idea to make
    this list.
     The people who post on the Suikoden board at rpgamer for giving me feedback
    and encouragement (I post on there as Viki) and Pesmerga for just being helpful
    in general.
     Anyone else who helped me in any way that I may have forgotten to mention.
    If you'd like to use this list for something, feel free, but Please give me credit for
    typing it all up and testing most of the stuff to make sure it's accurate.
    -_-_-_-_-_-_-Your Castle-_-_-_-_-_-_-
    In Suikoden, you had a castle in the middle of a lake. It was comfy and it got the job
    done. In Suikoden 2, you rule over an entire town!! This town is home to more then just
    shops, an Inn, and a couple mini-games, as in Suikoden. Rather, it houses about six
    different mini-games and many, many shops, rooms, and people to talk to. This will
    hopefully make your Suikoden 2 home a little bit less confusing.
    Your town grows every time you recruit someone, but there are certain points in the game
    where it grows a lot in a quick spurt.
    ~Level 1~
    This is, of course, what it starts on. It stays like this till you have
    1. Recruited 30 people
    2. Join forces with Two River City
    ~Level 2~
    Once it’s level 2, it stays level 2 until you
    1. Recruit 61 people
    2. Recruit Klaus and Kiba
    ~Level 3~
    The castle starts getting very big and confusing at this point, with the huge amount of
    rooms and tunnels that, in fact, all join together. If you’re not careful you could find
    yourself lost in your own castle! But, it gets even bigger as soon as you
    1. Recruit 102 people
    3. This level is the final level, and last until you beat Suikoden 2
    Of course, certain people you recruit run shops in the town and castle. With all 108
    characters, you’ll have everything from an Inn to a Trade Center.
    ~Item Shop~
    Owner: Alex
    Alex runs the Item shop in town, and stocks whatever item shop you’ve visited before
    stocked. For example, if you went to a town and went to an item shop that sold Mega
    Medicine, Mega Medicine will be added to Alex’s inventory. Outstandingly useful, if you
    ask me.
    ~Armor Shop~
    Owner: Hans
    Hans, of course, sells Armor. Like Alex, he stocks whatever armor shops you’ve visited
    so far.
    ~Rune Master~
    Owner: Jeane
    Once Jeane is recruited, you’ll have your own Rune Master to engrave, remove, or sell
    Runes. She sells, you guessed it, whatever the Rune Master’s shop’s sold that you’ve
    visited before!
    ~Magic Scrolls~
    Owner: Raura
    This special shop is opened after you get Raura to join you. She specializes in Magic
    Scrolls (i.e. Flame Wall). This is the only shop of its sort in the game giving it special
    qualities. Not only does she sell Magic Scrolls, but also if you bring a Rune to her, she’ll
    actually change it into a Scroll!
    ~Trade Center~
    Owner: Gordon
    Gordon opens a Trade center, which can make you quite rich. You have to know what to
    trade at what center, of course, to get the best results. The following chart should clear
    this up a little. As you can see by looking at it, some items are real good investments,
    while other aren’t as good.
    Item to Trade   Best Place to Buy       Best Place to Sell
    Ancient Text    700p, Kobold Town       35000p, Forest Town
    Book            3500p, Forest Town      7300p, Rockaxe City Crystal Ball    300p, Crom
    Village      7000p, Kobold Town
    Candle          200p, Rokkaku Town      750p, Crom Village
    Deer Antler     1100p, Forest Town      5500p, Headquarters
    Flute           200p, Headquarters      700p, Rockaxe City
    Fur             350p, Headquarters      800p, South Window
    Gold Bar       17000p, Rokakku Town    40000p, Highway Town
    Holly Barrie    550p, Forest Town       1100p, Rockaxe City
    Mayonnaise      400p, South Window      2200p, Highway Town
    Musk            4500p, Highway Town     8500p, Crom Village
    Native Costume  800p, Gregminster       2500p, Highway Town
    Pearl          18000 Rokakku Town      35000p, Rockaxe City
    Red Pepper      1200p, Crom Village     3200p, Rockaxe City
    Salt            270p, South Window      700p, Rokakku Town
    Soy Sauce       300p, Rokakku Town      850p, Gregminster
    Sugar           150p, Forest Town       550p, Highway Town
    Wine            650p, Gregminster       1900p, Rockaxe City
    Wooden Amulet   350p, Kobold Town       850p, Crom Village
    -Helpful Areas-
    Aside from shops, your town includes other helpful areas of interest, such as an Inn.
    Owner: Tessai
    This is pretty basic, but sharpening your weapons is pretty darn important. This just go to
    show you that you shouldn’t forget the basics!
    Owner: Hilda
    Alex’s wife, Hilda reopens her old Inn in your headquarters! It is, of course, useful to be
    able to rest and save before a major battle or something of that nature without having to
    go to the nearest town and back.
    Owner: Lebrante
    This is the only ‘helpful area’ I’m not exactly satisfied with. At 400p per appraisal, it’s
    actually better to go to a town and get it done there.
    An interesting addition, indeed. On top of the castle’s watchtower, you’ll find a telescope
    that’s used for sightseeing. It’s useless, actually, but still pretty
    Owner: Emilia
    Whenever you get Emilia to join you, you’ll get a library. Once you do, go get all your
    ‘Old Books’ from the storeroom and give them to her. She’ll put them on the shelf and
    you can read them, intern, getting some sort of history lesson about the game or other
    information. It’s actually quite interesting.
    Owner: Barbara
    This is outstandingly useful, and best of all, you get it at near the start of the game. This
    is used for storing items that you might not need at the moment, or when you have to
    make some quick room in your inventory. With the Storeroom, you won’t have to drop
    items nearly as much as you WOULD have to.
    Owner: Templeton
    Otherwise known as a mapmaker, Templeton has made a map of the whole State area.
    Not only does he give you one when you recruit him, but he also posts one on the wall of
    your castle. This huge map simply list towns, locations, buildings, and pictures of every
    town featured in the game (except Greminster, I think).
    ~The Bar~
    Owner: Leona
    Now, this may sound a bit useless, but it’s actually not. Aside from running the bar,
    Leona also manages your party members. Of course, this is anything but useless!
    ~Fast Transportation~
    Owner: Viki
    Viki is a pretty messed up girl, but she can get you around very fast nonetheless. Once
    you recruit her, you’ll be able to teleport to any single city you’ve already visited (except
    Greminster). Something you should know, also. The more you use Viki to get around, the
    better chance you have of getting accidentally teleported to a secret room in the game!
    You’ll know if Viki says “Huh?” instead of “Shazam!” then you’re on your way to the
    secret room. If you DO get to the room, WALK, don’t run, take every treasure you see
    (its really good stuff) and soon someone will run up the stairs, find you, and throw you
    -Other Interesting Things and Places-
    Interesting things and places are things like the Suggestion Box, or the Bronze Statue you
    get sometime in the game.
    ~Suggestion Box~
    This appears outside the Main Hall. People write things and leave them in the box for you
    to read. Of course, there isn’t always something in there, but the more people you get, the
    more letters you get as well.
    ~Troop Placement~
    This is quite nifty, but not really necessary for beating the game. Still, you can tinker
    around with your units (the ones that are used in major battles). The possibilities are
    simply endless! I suggest you experiment with this a bit, you may find something you
    like. When you want to mess with your troops, talk to Apple in the Main Hall.
    The boat, which rests at the docks, can be used to sail anywhere in the lake, but you’ll
    probably just start using Viki for your main sort of transportation once you have her.
    ~Window Settings~
    Once you have Tenkou, give him the Window Sets that you’ve found for new window
    setting options! Useless, but neat-o!!
    ~Bronze Statue~
    When your castle is finally level 4 a statue will appear on the fourth floor telling you who
    has been the most useful in the battles of the game to that point.
    ~Sound Settings~
    When you’ve recruited Connell, give all your Sound Sets to him and you’ll be able to
    change the game’s menu sound effects.
    ~Guardian Deity Statue~
    Jude, who you recruit during the game, builds this statue. But you also need to collect all
    the 16 plans scattered over the world. You can build a Dragon, a Bunny, a Unicorn or a
    Turtle. Or you can mix them up, which can get… sort of interesting. The first time you
    build a statue, you’ll receive some sort of gift. Below is a list of what you can get. I’ve
    used abbreviations so it won’t take as long to type (I’m lazy!!!). The abbreviations are as
    D = Dragon
    R = Rabbit
    T = Turtle
    U = Unicorn
    1 = Plan 1
    2 = Plan 2
    3 = Plan 3
    4 = Plan 4
    Body    Tail    Legs    Head    Item you receive
    D3      D2      D1      D4      Dragon Incense
    U3      U2      D1      D4      Rage Rune
    U3      U2      U1      D4      Skunk Rune
    U3      U2      T1      D4      Firefly Rune
    T3      T2      D1      D4      Gold Bar
    T3      U2      R1      D4      Wall Rune
    R3      R2      D1      D4      Dragon Incense or Fortune     Rune
    D3      D2      D1      T4      Silver Armor
    D3      U2      U1      T4      Technique Rune
    D3      D2      T1      T4      Whirlwind Armor
    D3      U2      T1      T4      Silence Rune
    T4      U1      R2      U3      Boulder Set or Toy Boat
    T4      T1      U2      U3      Mother Earth Rune
    T4      R1      D2      U3      Dream Robe
    T4      D1      T2      T3      Prosperity Rune
    T4      T1      T3      D1      Mother Earth Rune
    T4      D1      D2      R3      Robe of Mist
    T4      T1      U2      R3      Dryad Rune
    T4      T1      R2      R3      Cyclone Rune
    R4      R1      U2      U3      Phero Rune
    R4      T1      T2      T3      Fine Bone China
    R4      R1      T2      T3      Prosperity Rune or Fortune Rune
    R4      R1      R3      D2      Chaos Shield
    U4      T1      D3      T2      Landscape Painting
    U4      T1      R2      D3      Rubber Duck
    U4      T1      U2      U3      Hunter Rune
    U4      U1      T2      T3      Thunder Rune
    U4      U1      T2      T3      Flowing Rune
    U4      T1      T2      T3      Goddess Statue
    U4      R1      R2      R3      Fortune Rune
    The ranch is where Yuzu hangs out. Whenever you find a farm animal, catch it and she’ll
    take care of it for you. Of course, this really increases the food supply of the restaurant in
    your castle quite a bit.
    Right next to the ranch is this farm. Bring Tony seeds to plant and you’ll have a garden in
    no time at all.
    ~The Band~
    When you’ve gotten Albert, Pico and Annallee to join, you can talk to them and they’ll
    play you any background music you want to hear from the game. Oh, by the way, be sure
    to listen to the neat-o morning music (nicely titled Beautiful Morning)!!!
    Richmond can give you nice hints on where to find new recruits, and how to get them. He
    also tells you secrets about the people in your army!
    -Mini Games-
    ~The Old Whack-A-Mole Game~
    Location: The Farm
    Owner: Tony
    Tony’s garden has a lot of moles that need to be beaten, and so you can beat them for
    him! Alright!! There are about four difficulty levels, beat the four of them and you’ll get
    some Mole armor.
    Location: The Docks
    Owner: Yam Koo
    Fishing is probably the easiest mini game. Simply keep the power gauge in the big bar
    going up and down; and you’ll have a fish, or a boot. The list goes on. The best fish is
    Salmon, which can be sold for over 4000p.
    Location: The room behind the stage
    Owner: Karen
    This can get kinda tough, for me especially cause my reflexes aren’t that great. This game
    has five levels of hardness, and stages four and five are random when it comes to the
    dance! However, levels one two and three have set dance steps to follow.
    Level 1:
    Level 2:
    Level 3:
    Level 4:
    Random, but watch out for the use of the L1 and R1 buttons.
    Level 5:
    Same as Level four.
    As you can plainly see, it gets much hardy each dance. You can win some nice stuff from
    this, though, so good luck!
    ~The Climbing Game~
    Location: Through the door above the restaurant
    Owner: The owner of this mini game has no name
    This is pretty interesting, I must say. There are three leagues; they all have their own
    prizes and prices to play. It’s pretty much just a big board game, really. But even so, there
    are some really nice prizes to be won! To make it really annoying though, the prizes are
    chosen at random and depend on if you came in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.
    The Expert 10000p League:
    3rd                    2nd                 1st
    Mega Medicine         Ninja Suit          Turtle Plans 4
    Graffiti              Silverlet           Goldlet
    Sunglasses            Sexy Wink           Celadon Urn
    Mantle                Kite Shield         Kaikioku Wear
                                              Millet Dumpling
                                              Gold Bar
                                              Dog Whistle
    The Intermediate 5000p League:
    3rd                    2nd                 1st
    Medicine              Stone of Power      Invisible Smile
    Boots                 Magic Stone         Ninja Suit
    Failure Urn           Boulder Set         Silver Shield
                          Lubricating Oil     Secret Writings
                          Deer Antler         Blur Dragon Urn
                                              Leisure Set
    The Beginner 1000p League:
    3rd                    2nd                 1st
    Medicine              Teriyaki            Karate Uniform
    Wooden Shoes          Gauntlet            Cup of Promise
    Hex Doll              Blow of Anger Card  Sun Patch
                          National Outfit     Wide Urn
                                              Rose Bouquet
    And that’s about it! Even though this game can be frustrating, it’s also fun, sometimes. ?
    Location: Barracks
    Owner: Shilo
    Once you get Shilo, you can have the pleasure of playing this outstandingly annoying and
    frustrating game any time you want!!! YEAH!!!!
    Location: Restraint
    Owner: None
    This is probably the most popular mini game in Suikoden 2. But it would be a waste of
    my time to write an ingredients list or something, since there are several on the Internet!
    When you recruit Hai Yo, strange chefs will appear and challenge him all the time. Be
    sure to visit the restaurant often to see if a new chef is there.
    -Anything I Might Have Missed-
    This section is always open for people to send me anything they want me to put up about
    the castle that I missed. I only have one thing at the moment, and that is this list of things
    to do in your bath. And I’ve only heard of these things, I’ve never bothered to do any of
    them yet. So if you want to tell me any more things to do for bath time fun, or want to tell
    me what some of these combos do, feel free.
    First you have to get all the flying squirrels. Now you need all the character that show up
    on the stone tablet, then you have to have access to all towns, finish all the cooking
    contest then when you have done all of the above go to where your dock is in your castle.
    Characara will appear near Yam Koo, chase him until his friends appear (Ruladia, and the
    other one) then they are yours to control.
    There are several hammers hidden throughout the world. Bring these hammers to Tessai
    and you can automatically jump one of your weapons to a very nice level.
    Bring Viktor and Flik into the cypress bath.
    Bring Viktor and Flik into the jungle bath.
    With any party, put six Blue Dragon Vases around the bath and two Landscape Paintings.
    Enter the bath 20 times once your castle reaches level four.
    Put six Vases and two Flower Paintings Around the bath.
    If you put 6 hex dolls and 2 Graffiti’s in the bath, The Hex dolls' eyes begin to shine, and
    the Graffiti’s eyes begin to bleed.
    Put six Hex Dolls around the bath.
    Put six Chinese Dishes all around the bath.
    Put six Pertain Lamps around the bath.
    _-_-_-_-_-_-_-SUGGESTION BOX LETTERS-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
    This isn’t a necessary section of the game, or the guide, but I found a lot of these letters
    interesting and funny. These are, by the way, in alphabetical order, but since I don’t have
    many up yet it just seems like I just typed them up. But I didn’t! Alphabetical all the way!
    If you have any letters you’d like to submit, go for it! Send them to jook@ignmail.com!
    From Captain Gengen Jonathan, are you good? Gengen is trying very hard to be good
    solder. Me work hard as a bee.
    Lord Hero, as a knight in the service of justice and good, I vow to aid you in any way I
    I'm strong and I can use magic. I know you must be happy to have me on your side, but I
    don't like it when you take me out of the party. Got it?
    I taught Bonaparte a new trick. I call it "Swallow the Man". I'll show it to you later. Bye-
    I’ve been traning. I’m faster then ever. Faster then the wind!
    That thing on Gadget is busted again. He’s making so much noise. Maybe I should
    tighten his thingamajig.
    Bonaparte is so cute. When he saw this box, he wanted to pee on it. But I stopped him.
    Tee hee hee.
    Why don't you come by and see us once in a while. I think Bolgan misses you.
    This room really needs a good going over. I moved the dresser and it was so dusty back
    Sir Hero, Hey there. Why don't ya come by. I'll tell ya all about the country I'm from.
    If you’ve got extra crystals, bring them to me. You can’t find the scrolls I make anywhere
    else. Give them a try.
    Raura the Scribe
    Bolgan has been coming a lot recently and has been studying really hard. If you see him,
    please tell him how proud you are of him.
    With me on your side, you have no excuse for losing. Just remember that and we’ll have
    no problems.
    Captain Gengen showed me how to use a sword today. Captain Gengen is so strong!
    Todat Captain Gengen taught me how to track enemies. You have to sort out the different
    Captain Gengen taught me how to swim today. He can stay underwater for 15 minutes!
    The fisherman was so surprised, he jumped in too!
    This is the suggestion box, huh. Just wanted to see if you’d read this. Hee hee hee. See
    ya, bro.
    I know your secret.
    HE HE HE!!
    This is a cursed letter. If you don’t pass it on to 5 more people, you’ll be cursed. Have a
    nice day.
    Lord Hero, I’ve left a bunch of tools at my home in Ryube. I can’t do without them.
    Lord Hero, you’ve been looking tired lately. Please remember your health comes first.
    I want to write a letter to Flik. How does this sound? “Lord Flik, you’re as lovely as a star
    in the sky…”
    From Nina
    Hope your working hard. As for me, I'm giving it all I've got.
    Next I want a cute little pink piglet.
    Lord Hero, I don’t think I’m cut out to be a warrior. What do you think?
    Is it really okay for me to be in the New Army?  I feel so out of place.
    D’ya know what? Taro… Taro loves Yuzu!
    Why aren't people nicer to my little sweetie, Bonaparte?
    He's very nice... once you get to know him.
    I made a slight teleporting error earlier. I was aiming for the restaurant, but I wound up in
    the men's bath. Boy were they surprised!
    Your Viki
    I'm so embarrassed to be asking you this, but what kind of women do men like?  I need
    some advice.
    I just can't get used to these 'beds' of yours.... I'd appreciate it if you could do something
    about it.
    Hero, why don’t ya come visit me at the docks. The salt air smells great and we can do
    some fishing together.
    Yam Koo
    I was so surprised to hear how few of your solders read books. Fortunately more people
    seem to be getting interested lately.
    LIBRARY #2
    I hope that even when he war is over, people will continue to come to the library to study
    and learn....
    To live is to fight!!!
    Long-Chan Chan
    The castle is too hot. Also there are too many people. Why don’t you ask some of the less
    important people to leave?
    I want to work hard so I can be a great doctor like Cr. Huan someday.
    The hammer is the soul of the blacksmith.  If I had better hammers, I could sharpen
    everyone's weapons to a higher level!!!
    I'm planning to marry Hix when we get back to our village. You'll be invited too of
    Mary, Thomas, are you well? I’m in the )*&^)&*^ Army now. I hope to return in the
    Thanks to the Celadon Urn you gave me, I know have 100 vases and my collection is
    complete. I thank you.
    MUMUMU? Mu-Mu, Mu!!! MUMUMU.....
    "Mu-Mu? MUMUMU???"
    That Marlowe guy is always reading books.  I think I'll drag him to the dojo for some
    I’m going to try a more mature approach. How’s this sound: “Ciao, Flik. How ARE you?
    I’m laying in bed in my pajamas…”
    From Nina
    With all these villages and forts disappearing, it’s hard to keep the map updated. Please
    end this war soon.
    Hello!!! Please come to the restaurant!  I will make something special for you!!!
    Hai Yo
    We had a picnic today. It was fun. I ate lots of food.
    Please Lord Hero. Please make Hix into a true warrior.
    I'm leaving Koyu up to you.  He's not smart, but he's lovable just the same.
    Lo Wen
    Remember that all my investigations are handled absolutely discreetly. Loose lips sink
    From Captain Gengen, Jonathan, don’t work too hard. You might hurt yourself. Come
    talk to Gengen is you feel sad, okay.
    To strike truly with your sword, you must strike truly with your mind.
    Oh, sorry about that last letter.  I mixed you up with someone else.  Don’t worry, I won't
    do it again.
    Your Viki
    Everyone here is nice. It’s a pleasure to wash their cloths.
    Hey, Lets get some more cute girls to join our army.
    I still do not fully understand you mortals.  But I enjoy that wine your friend Viktor
    sometimes brings me when he is lonely.
    I had to take Gadget apart and put him back together.  There were a few screws left when
    I was done though.... I hope it's okay.
    How's this: "Dearest Flik. I love thee as a bee loves a flower...." Well, that's just a first
    draft, but you get the idea...
    From Nina
    Lord Hero, I’ll never forget how you helped me find the coin that day at the river. Thank
    Considering how much people use my elevator, you would think I could get a 'thank you'
    once in a while.  Don't you agree?
    Thank you for saving Bright. I’ll take good care of him. I promise.
    Tell me if you find any new clues about the Sindar. Don't tell you-know-who!
    From Lorelai
    The food here is great! The best!!!!
    Lord Hero, thank you. I’m so happy that you listened to my singing in South Window.
    I’ll never forget you.
    Today, sensei taught me the secret art of kicking.  It's all in the back...
    Sensei is still so much stronger than me.  I've got a lot to learn still. More training, I
    Lately, the warehouse has been full of rats. Please do something about it….
    Did Apple say anything about me? Tell me if you hear anything, okay?
    I saw a Window Set in Greenhill.  I wonder what happened to it...
    From Captain Gengen, Jonathan, you are very strong now. Not as strong as me, but
    strong enough. Me proud of you.
    Here are three letters that I don’t know the titles for:
    I'm not as accomplished a phonologies as my father yet, but I hope to be someday.
    I've gotten used to your lovely castle, but the more I'm here the more I wish I realize I
    belong in Greenhill.
    Teresa Wisemail
    Lord Hero, forgive me. I mistakenly put a letter to my family into this box
    _-_-_-_-_-_-_-THE OLD BOOKS-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
    The old books found throughout the game are interesting at the most, they contain
    information about a number of things you wouldn’t normally find out during the game.
    There are 8 books in all, but these are all I’ve found. If you’ve gotten all the books, I’m
    open to contributions. If you DO send me one of the books (that is, what the book says),
    I’ll be sure to put it up. Thank ya.
    Seeker of Sindar
    (Personal note about the book: The Sindar are a very strange addition to Suikoden 2.
    About three of your recruits are people looking for the Sindar treasure, and it makes me
    wonder if they’ll be mentioned anymore throughout the Suikodens.)
    Page 1: I spent my life chasing the secrets of the Sindar, but here in these ruins,
    Page 2: I’ve reached the end of my strength. And so I write some of what I’ve learned.
    Page 3: The Sindar are a phantom race. They have become known throughout history and
    yet their true nature is a mystery.
    Page 4: They came from the north and traveled south, leaving mysterious ruins behind
    Page 5: Legends say the clan leader had a cursed rune inscribed in him forehead.
    Page 6: It granted eternal life but doomed the clan to a life of wondering.
    Page 7: They say a secret treasure lies in the heart of the ruins,
    Page 8: but there are many traps, and most seekers only find death, like myself…
    Rare Find List
    (Personal note about the book: One of the more useful books of the game. It contains a
    list of Rare Finds for a lot of the town throughout the game. However, once you buy the
    Rare Finds, this book won’t do you much good.)
    Page 1: Ryube: Leather Coat, Brass Armor. Toto: Feather Hat.
    Page 2: Kyaro: Winged Boots. Muse: Sun Badge, Guard Robe, Circuret, Water Crystal,
    Fury Crystal.
    Page 3: Coronet: Tunic, Karate Uniform. Kuskus: Sacrificial Jizo.
    Page 4: South Window: Half Plate, Kite Shield, Water Crystal. Radat: Speed Ring, Sound
    Set #5, Magic Robe.
    Page 5: Lakewest: Headgear, Earth Crystal. Two River: Guard Ring, Silver Hat, Wizard
    Page 6: Kobold Village: Gold Emblem, Heavy Necklace. Greenhill: Draining Crystal.
    Forest Village: Scale Mail.
    Page 7: Rockaxe: Silverlet, Brass Armor, Thunder God Garb. Highway Village: Rabbit
    Plans #2, Thunder Armlet.
    Page 8: Banner Village: Rose Brooch, Rabbit Plans #3, Full Plate. Gregminster: Winged
    Boots, Mangosh, Mother Earth Crystal, Flowing Crystal.
    Page 9: Tinto Town: Skill Ring, Wind Hat, Tunic, Kaikyoku Wear. Crom: Magic Ring.
    Character List
    (Personal note about the book: This doesn’t actually list every recruit in the game, but
    actually just a few. And it doesn’t tell you how to recruit them, it just tells you about
    them and where they can be located.)
    Page 1: Clive: From the Howling Voice Guild is chasing a “woman.” Be careful of his
    Page 2: Oulan: Trying to rid Kuskus of a thief who preys on all female parties.
    Page 3: Zamza: Seen in South Window. A master a magic and fists, he can also be seen
    in Toto.
    Page 4: Killy: Hunts for the secrets of the Sindar. Seems to be exploring in South
    Page 5: Hoi: A thief who goes in and out of Radat.
    Page 6: Simone Vedricci: Staying in Radat while he studies away from home.
    Page 7: Pesmerga: Black Knight seens in Toran as well as the Cave of the Winds.
    Page 8: Jeane: Rune master from Toran. Opened a shop in Two River.
    Page 9: Meg, Gadget: Apprentice to a machination. Seen traveling from Greenhill to
    Page 10: Genshu: Seen at the inn in Coronet. Travels the world to improve his
    The Gate Rune War
    (personal note about the book: If you, for some reason, didn’t play the first Suikoden, this
    will possibly shed some light on the Toran Republic. If you DID play the first game, you
    will have lived the book, and then some. So, aside from getting to read about yourself, the
    book is rather useless.)
    Page 1: The war in which the Toran Republic defeated the Scarlet Moon Empire is
    known as the “Gate Rune War” or the “Liberation War.”
    Page 2: The first leader of the victorious Liberation Army was a woman named Odessa
    Page 3: She was originally emperial nobility, but her lover was killed by the Empire and
    Page 4: so she joined the Resistance and formed the Liberation Army.
    Page 5: The original members were Flik, Humphery and Sanchez, but according to
    another member, Viktor,
    Page 6: the later victorys were due to the intervention of McDohl, the son of the 6th
    emperial general.
    Page 7: During the war, Odessa was killed and McDohl took over leadership over the
    Liberation Army.
    Page 8: McDohl followed the advice of General Mathiu and set up Hora Castle as the
    new Liberation Army base.
    Page 9: After many battles, they succeeded in over throwing emperor Barbossa.
    Page 10: However after helping form a new nation McDohl journeyed off somewhere
    without seeing the fruits of his long labors.
    The Grasslands
    (personal note on the book: I’ve heard rumors that the Grasslands are where the next
    game may take place. If that turns out to be true, then this will be enlightened a little bit.
    This book is very short, one of the shortest books you find, and it doesn’t give much info
    on the actual Grasslands. It just tells you its location (north of Tinto), and who live there,
    etc. Anyway, this really makes me want Suikoden 3 to hurry up to see if this is where it
    takes place… It’s ever so mysterious…
    Page 1: The Grasslands are a grassy plain stretching from the western part of Tinto to the
    Page 2: Many different peoples live there, and are trying to take control of it.
    Page 3: Tinto plans on more raids in the future, but they’re hindered by the Grasslanders,
    Page 4: particularly the Karaya and Chisya clans, as well as the Free Knights of Camaro.
    Page 5: Recently, border attacks by a group of thieves called the “Keeper of the Flame”
    have increased.
    Page 6: (blank)
    Where the more common questions end up.
    Q: How do you use the Blinking Mirror? Lepant has already given it to me, but it doesn't
    show up in my inventory.
    A: It shows up in the ‘Special Items’ section of your inventory; the same place the
    Listening Runes are, and the Suiko Map.
    Q: Who can where the Windspun Armor?
    A: I hear Miklotov can wear it with no problems.
    _-_-_-_-_-_-_-THANK YOU’S-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
    I’d like to thank Feral (FeralNoa@aol.com) for his armor list and information (i.e,
    pointing out some of my mistakes). And Odin135 (Odin135@hotmail.com) for his huge
    character list which was very helpful. Jakob for all his tons of info. Tim Saxton for his
    very nifty recruiting trick for… dang… what were there names? The big octopus guys? ?
     Elizabeth Hollinger for directions, HP levels, secrets, and her Players Guide published
    by Prima, which all that stuff is contained in.

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