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    Endings Guide by Ruk Chan

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    					SUIKODEN 2
    		    	    	      ENDINGS GUIDE
    					v. 2.3
    				       by Ruk Chan
    WARNING1: Contains spoilers!
    WARNING2: I know my work and I know how I think.  If I see this guide under somebody's
    	name on somebody else's page, prepare to get sued cause this baby is under
    	copyright law!  I don't care if you live in Timbuktu or Tawi Tawi... my clan 
    	is very big.  I will find you!
    [v. 1.0 February 7, 2000]
    I played this game twice, and I've also seen my sister Jov's games so we were able 
    to extract explanations for how the endings turned out the way they did, and how they
    were connected to each other.
    [v. 2.0 February 7, 2000]
    A few minor additions/corrections are made, courtesy of a letter sender who also was
    able to see a different angle on some of the endings.  Thanks to ShinaCat 
    [v. 2.1 February 8, 2000]
    Thanks to Shuriken_Zero (SatsuNoHadouRyu@aol.com) for pointing out my typo error.
    I previously mistakenly wrote that Jillia and Pilika are in Kyaro, but I actually meant
    that they were in Harmonia (remember Jowy and Jillia's parting words?).  Oh, and be sure
    to check out Shuriken_Zero's Richmond FAQ.  It's a great reading material!
    [v. 2.2 February 10, 2000]
    New ending sequence as described by K. O'Donnell (thedragoon@hotmail.com), more on 
    the squirrels and other forest-lovers.
    [v. 2.3 January 08, 2001]
    Just a few minor revisions, almost a year after the last revision ^^;;  Bear with me.
    Just need to answer all those "life-threatening" questions I get in the email.
    This guide contains the description of the endings, how to get those endings, and the 
    explanations why a certain event affects the ending.  I'm not about to write you guys 
    a script because you might kill me if I spoil the entire scenes for you.
    A.  The Endings
    B.  Analysis of the Endings
    C.  The 108 Stars - Epilogue
    WHAT HAPPENS - As soon as you enter the Gathering Hall, the people plead that you
    	create a single unified country.  You agree to be the leader of this new country.
    	After this, 5 scenes will be shown:
    	(1) A meeting at Jowston Hill ensues, with Hero sitting at the head of the 
    	(2) Hero has a meeting Shu, Apple, and Klaus at Anabelle's conference room in
    	Muse.  Klaus will then get out of the room and talk to Jess on the next room.
    	(3) Ridley is shown to be commanding the Kobold army.
    	(4) Teresa and Shin are talking to the people of Greenhill City.
    	(5) A lonely Hero waits outside Muse, just like when he, Nanami, and Pilika
    	waited for Jowy at the entrance of the city.
    	After these scenes, what happened to the rest of the 108 stars will be narrated.
    	Nanami's narration will say that she died defending Hero and Jowy, and the Hero's
    	narration will say that he continues to lead the state.
    	After the credits, you will be shown a portrait of Jowy waiting at the place
    	where he and the Hero, at the beginning of the game, promised to meet.  He sits
    	beside the rock marked X.  This portrait will give you a clue how to get the real
    	ending.  It means, you haven't finished your business with Jowy (he escaped during
    	your invasion of L'Renouille, remember?).
    HOW TO GET THIS ENDING - You enter the Gathering Hall in the castle after the final
    	battle at L'Renouille and when they ask if you would like to lead the new country
    	you answer that you will do it.
    WHAT HAPPENS - The time has come to lead a new country, you don't want to.  Flik and Viktor
    	meets you and tells you that you are powerful and have so much ahead of you but
    	will not stop you from leaving the castle.  They will ask you to remember that you
    	will always have a home in your castle.  You go to where Jowy is (if you saw Ending #1,
    	you would have an idea where he is), and you fight.  You beat Jowy or you defend the 
    	entire time.  Nevertheless, Jowy is already
    	weak, he asks you to take the Black Sword Rune so that the two runes may reunite.
    	You take it.  Jowy dies.  After this, 5 scenes will be shown (same as with the
    	5 scenes that will be shown in Ending #1).
    	After the scenes, what happened to the rest of the 108 stars will be narrated.
    	Nanami's and Hero's narration will be the same as with Ending #1.
    	After the credits, you will be shown a GRAYSCALE portrait of Nanami, Hero and Jowy
    	standing under a tree, looking over the horizon.  It was once Hero's dream, but it
    	will never come true now because Nanami and Jowy have both passed away.
    HOW TO GET THIS ENDING - This ending will happen if:
    	(1) Leknaat did not appear before your battle at Rockaxe.  This only means that
    	you have not completed all the stars right after the final battle at Muse.  
    	(2) When Gorudo finds Hero and Jowy, he will attempt to have them killed, but 
    	Nanami gets in the way.  You will be given a choice and you choose to say
    	"Look out!" or "........" (In my second game, though, the elipses wasn't one
    	of the choices).
    	(3) You can either enter the Gathering Hall and decline their offer of leadership
    	or don't go to the Gathering Hall and go straight to where Jowy is.  See Ending #1
    	for clues to where he is.  If you remember where you first started your game, then
    	I salute your brilliant memory!  If you don't, then have Viki teleport you to
    	Kyaro and walk all the way up North to a mountain and look for him there.
    	(4) You and your warfreak nature beats up Jowy when you should be defending.
    	(5) Jowy is too persistent in making you take his Rune no matter how you don't
    	want to take it.  If he still wants you to take the Rune after N times of 
    	declining, that means you have no choice but to get this ending.
    WHAT HAPPENS - You go to where Jowy is (the portrait in ending #1 will give you a clue).
    	He wants you to fight him but you decline.  He attacks you, but you choose to
    	defend.  Jowy then says he is dying, and that you have to take the Black Sword
    	Rune from him so that your runes may reunite.  You decline.  After declining
    	over and over again, the runes glow and heal Jowy.  He joins you and you head
    	back to Kyaro.  Along the way Shu will meet you and tell you that Nanami is
    	still alive.  You go back to Kyaro, meet Nanami and pray by Genkaku's grave.
    	You and Nanami accompany Jowy to his former home.  He takes one last look and
    	The three of you take all your things inside your backpacks and leave Kyaro.
    	You try to see how Pilika and Jillia are doing in Harmonia.  Pilika and Jillia are
    	in front of their new home, with Pilika watering a plant and Jillia watching her.
    	Jowy leaves without letting his presence be known by the two people.  Pilika,
    	however, senses Jowy and runs to the gate.
    	Later, You and Nanami cross a bridge and Jowy runs to try to catch up.
    	After the scenes, what happened to the rest of the 108 stars will be narrated.
    	Nanami's narration will state that after reuniting in Kyaro, the three go on
    	a journey.  Hero's narration will say that the smiles of Nanami and Jowy are his
    	greatest treasures.
    	...However, the final portrait of the Hero, Nanami and Jowy standing under a 
    	tree will be in FULL COLOR.  The dream of a peaceful life with the three friends
    	still together has been fulfilled.
    HOW TO GET THIS ENDING - You will only get this ending if:
    	(1) Leknaat appeared before taking Rockaxe.  For this to happen, you must have
    	gotten all 108 stars as soon as you finish your attack on Muse.  After
    	attacking Muse, check Luc's tablet to see if all the names of the stars are filled
    	up, and no name must be greyed.  If it isn't complete yet, make sure you complete
    	it before you go meet Shu or else you will get this ending.
    	(2) When you go to Rockaxe and meet Jowy, don't give him answers that indicate
    	that you want to fight him.  This might have an effect on the time limit given for
    	you to react when Gorudo lets his arrows fly.  I was given enough time to choose
    	whereas my sister had to have a split-second reaction.
    		You must choose to shout "Nanami!" _and_, if you were only given a split-second
    		to react (just like my sister), you MUST HAVE PRESSED X before the computer
    		moves on to the next dialogue box.  You would know that you have beaten the
    		computer if Hero comes forward and pulled out his weapon (same as what he 
    		did when he showed Wakaba how strong he is).
    		ShinaCat (shinanat@yahoo.com) also suggested that you can choose
    		either as long as you beat the comps from moving to the next dialogue box.
    		Still, the indication if you are successful in saving Nanami is when you see
    		the Hero pull out his weapon.
    	(3) After the final battle, go to where Jowy is (see Ending #1's final portrait for
    	clues to where he is).  If you remember where you first started your game, then
    	I salute your brilliant memory!  If you don't, then have Viki teleport you to
    	Kyaro and walk all the way up North to a mountain and look for him there.
    	(4)  When Jowy challenges you to a duel, be a best friend and just defend all the time.
    	This small thing marked the difference between my games and my sister's games.
    	(5)  Whatever Jowy begs you to do, don't take the Black Sword Rune away from him!
    These are the questions that came up when my sister Jov and I compared our games.  How is one
    game different from the other?  How does one wrong choice lead to a tragic ending?
    	Remember Suikoden 1 when Leknaat resurrected Gremio?  Her presence indicates that
    	the 108 stars (which is your goal, in the first place) have come to gather in one
    	unified voice (even though Kiba eventuall dies -- and it's no one's fault but Konami's).
    	She sort of like blesses you.
    	"LOOK OUT!", "NANAMI!" AND "......."?
    	In the Happy Ending, Shu explains that the reason why Nanami chose to keep her survival
    	a secret was because when the arrows flew, Hero tried to shield her with his body
    	and that wasn't appropriate for a leader to do.
    	Shielding Nanami is essential to her survival.  Even though she still gets hit, your
    	attempt was there.  If Hero didn't have quick reaction then he does nothing, and there
    	would be no reason for Nanami to hide herself...that would be enough reason for Konami
    	to just let you watch her die.
    	'Cause d-uh?  Hero has the Bright Shield Rune, and isn't that enough for a player to
    	get the idea that he's supposed to heal a dying friend?  
    	Taking the Black Sword Rune also means accepting
    	the Rune holder's death. (You should play Suikoden 1 and meet Ted to see a more thorough 
    	demonstration of this fact.)
    In between the narration of what happened to each star after the unified country was born, there
    are scenes that show what they are doing (note that some scenes may not appear if there are 
    certain characters that you didn't get):
    	(1)  Annallee, Pico, Albert do their singing, and the siblings Rina, Eilie, and
    		Bolgan perform their acts in front of a crowd in your castle.
    	(2)  Ridley is shown standing in front of his people.  He then goes to the back
    		of the people gathered before him and finds wingers--that exasperates him.
    	(3)  Gadget is surrounded by people (Jeanne, Barbara, Adlai etc).  He then makes himself
    		grow big, with mechanical arms and legs that stretch really far.
    	(4)  Viktor and Flik are at the mercenary Fortress entrance talking about something
    		when Tengaar comes in, dragging poor henpecked Hix behind him.  Viktor and
    		Flik laugh and go in the Fortress.  Tengaar drags Flik again as she follows
    		the two warriors.
    		Meanwhile, Nina gets into the picture and is trying to search for Flik.
    	(5)  K. O'Donnell told me that there is supposedly another mini-scene, but that he
    		hasn't tried it yet.  In it, you have to have completed the 5 squirrels,
    		and gotten Ayda, Feather, Kinnison, Sigfried.  There is a scene that shows
    		these characters which kind of explains why Ayda returns to the forest.
    Some of the narrations may vary depending on what subquests you did within your game.  In my
    first game, when I didn't finish the cooking contest, Hai Yo's ending said that he is still
    being hunted by the Black Dragon.  In my second ending, when I finished the cooking contest,
    his ending said that he is laying flowers on Shun Min's grave.
    Choosing between Kasumi and Valeria, and doing the Elza subquest can also affect some 
    characters' endings.  The same is true when choosing among Feather, Sigfried, and Abizboah.
    Under no circumstances can the content of this FAQ sheet be copied.  If
    you want this on your page, please give this site proper credit.
    The Kraiders Otaku Fridge http://www.disc13.com
    SUIKODEN 2 is © 1996-1999 Konami Co. Ltd. All rights reserved. Suikoden and Konami are 
    registered trademarks of Konami Co. Ltd. Licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment
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