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    Castle FAQ by JP

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 01/14/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                  ©1999 - 2000 Jonathan Bouldin
                  The JP Suikoden II Castle FAQ
              Questions? Get in touch at lunchboxs@hotmail.com
    - Levels
    - Shops
    - Helpful Areas
    - Other Interesting Things and Places
    - Mini Games
    - Anything I Might Have Missed
    - Credits
    - Disclaimer
    Version numbers:
    1.0 The finished un-updated version, the first one to
    appear on the Internet.
    1.2 I noticed I missed a lot of things, such as locations
    for mini games and such. And I added the suggestion
    box letters to this Castle FAQ.
    1.3 More suggestion box letters and another location
    1.4 A few more basic corrections and details on how to get
    a couple super secret characters. More SB letters, as
    1.5 A normal update. I’ve been getting some good e mails
    from people, so I’ve been able to add a bunch of new
    1.6 Got some old books up and a couple new letters. Not a
    lot, though.
    1.7 Blah!
    In Suikoden, you had a castle in the middle of a lake. It
    was comfy and it got the job done. In Suikoden 2, you rule
    over an entire town!! This town is home to more then just
    shops, an Inn, and a couple mini-games, as in Suikoden.
    Rather, it houses about six different mini-games and many,
    many shops, rooms, and people to talk to. This FAQ will
    hopefully make your Suikoden 2 home a little bit less
    -_-_-_-_-_-_-Your Castle-_-_-_-_-_-_-
    Your town grows every time you recruit someone, but there
    are certain points in the game where it grows a lot in a
    quick spurt.
    ~Level 1~
    This is, of course, what it starts on. It stays like this
    till you have
    1. Recruited 30 people
    2. Join forces with Two River City
    ~Level 2~
    Once it’s level 2, it stays level 2 until you
    1. Recruit 61 people
    2. Recruit Klaus and Kiba
    ~Level 3~
    The castle starts getting very big and confusing at this
    point, with the huge amount of rooms and tunnels that, in
    fact, all join together. If you’re not careful you could
    find yourself lost in your own castle! But, it gets even
    bigger as soon as you
    1. Recruit 102 people
    3. This level is the final level, and last until you beat
    Suikoden 2
    Of course, certain people you recruit run shops in the town
    and castle. With all 108 characters, you’ll have everything
    from an Inn to a Trade Center.
    ~Item Shop~
    Owner: Alex
    Alex runs the Item shop in town, and stocks whatever item
    shop you’ve visited before stocked. For example, if you
    went to a town and went to an item shop that sold Mega
    Medicine, Mega Medicine will be added to Alex’s inventory.
    Outstandingly useful, if you ask me.
    ~Armor Shop~
    Owner: Hans
    Hans, of course, sells Armor. Like Alex, he stocks whatever
    armor shops you’ve visited so far.
    ~Rune Master~
    Owner: Jeane
    Once Jeane is recruited, you’ll have your own Rune Master
    to engrave, remove, or sell Runes. She sells, you guessed
    it, whatever the Rune Master’s shop’s sold that you’ve
    visited before!
    ~Magic Scrolls~
    Owner: Raura
    This special shop is opened after you get Raura to join
    you. She specializes in Magic Scrolls (i.e. Flame Wall).
    This is the only shop of its sort in the game giving it
    special qualities. Not only does she sell Magic Scrolls,
    but also if you bring a Rune to her, she’ll actually change
    it into a Scroll!
    ~Trade Center~
    Owner: Gordon
    Gordon opens a Trade center, which can make you quite rich.
    You have to know what to trade at what center, of course,
    to get the best results. The following chart should clear
    this up a little. As you can see by looking at it, some
    items are real good investments, while other aren’t as
    Item to Trade   Best Place to Buy       Best Place to Sell
    Ancient Text    700p, Kobold Town       35000p, Forest Town
    Book            3500p, Forest Town      7300p, Rockaxe City
    Crystal Ball    300p, Crom Village      7000p, Kobold Town
    Candle          200p, Rokkaku Town      750p, Crom Village
    Deer Antler     1100p, Forest Town      5500p, Headquarters
    Flute           200p, Headquarters      700p, Rockaxe City
    Fur             350p, Headquarters      800p, South Window
    Gold Bar       17000p, Rokakku Town    40000p, Highway Town
    Holly Barrie    550p, Forest Town       1100p, Rockaxe City
    Mayonnaise      400p, South Window      2200p, Highway Town
    Musk            4500p, Highway Town     8500p, Crom Village
    Native Costume  800p, Gregminster       2500p, Highway Town
    Pearl          18000 Rokakku Town      35000p, Rockaxe City
    Red Pepper      1200p, Crom Village     3200p, Rockaxe City
    Salt            270p, South Window      700p, Rokakku Town
    Soy Sauce       300p, Rokakku Town      850p, Gregminster
    Sugar           150p, Forest Town       550p, Highway Town
    Wine            650p, Gregminster       1900p, Rockaxe City
    Wooden Amulet   350p, Kobold Town       850p, Crom Village
    -Helpful Areas-
    Aside from shops, your town includes other helpful areas of
    interest, such as an Inn.
    Owner: Tessai
    This is pretty basic, but sharpening your weapons is pretty
    darn important. This just go to show you that you shouldn’t
    forget the basics!
    Owner: Hilda
    Alex’s wife, Hilda reopens her old Inn in your
    headquarters! It is, of course, useful to be able to rest
    and save before a major battle or something of that nature
    without having to go to the nearest town and back.
    Owner: Lebrante
    This is the only ‘helpful area’ I’m not exactly satisfied
    with. At 400p per appraisal, it’s actually better to go to
    a town and get it done there.
    An interesting addition, indeed. On top of the castle’s
    watchtower, you’ll find a telescope that’s used for
    sightseeing. It’s useless, actually, but still pretty
    Owner: Emilia
    Whenever you get Emilia to join you, you’ll get a library.
    Once you do, go get all your ‘Old Books’ from the storeroom
    and give them to her. She’ll put them on the shelf and you
    can read them, intern, getting some sort of history lesson
    about the game or other information. It’s actually quite
    interesting. However, the old books found throughout the game are
    interesting at the most, they contain information about a number of things you
    wouldn’t normally find out during the game. There are 8 books in all, but these
    are all I’ve found. If you’ve gotten all the books, I’m open to contributions. If you
    DO send me one of the books (that is, what the book says), I’ll be sure to put it
    up. Thank ya.
    Seeker of Sindar
    (Personal note about the book: The Sindar are a very strange addition to
    Suikoden 2. About three of your recruits are people looking for the Sindar
    treasure, and it makes me wonder if they’ll be mentioned anymore throughout the
    Page 1: I spent my life chasing the secrets of the Sindar, but here in these ruins,
    Page 2: I’ve reached the end of my strength. And so I write some of what I’ve
    Page 3: The Sindar are a phantom race. They have become known throughout
    history and yet their true nature is a mystery.
    Page 4: They came from the north and traveled south, leaving mysterious ruins
    behind them.
    Page 5: Legends say the clan leader had a cursed rune inscribed in him
    Page 6: It granted eternal life but doomed the clan to a life of wondering.
    Page 7: They say a secret treasure lies in the heart of the ruins,
    Page 8: but there are many traps, and most seekers only find death, like
    Rare Find List
    (Personal note about the book: One of the more useful books of the game. It
    contains a list of Rare Finds for a lot of the town throughout the game. However,
    once you buy the Rare Finds, this book won’t do you much good.)
    Page 1: Ryube: Leather Coat, Brass Armor. Toto: Feather Hat.
    Page 2: Kyaro: Winged Boots. Muse: Sun Badge, Guard Robe, Circuret, Water
    Crystal, Fury Crystal.
    Page 3: Coronet: Tunic, Karate Uniform. Kuskus: Sacrificial Jizo.
    Page 4: South Window: Half Plate, Kite Shield, Water Crystal. Radat: Speed Ring, Sound
    Set #5, Magic Robe.
    Page 5: Lakewest: Headgear, Earth Crystal. Two River: Guard Ring, Silver Hat,
    Wizard Crystal.
    Page 6: Kobold Village: Gold Emblem, Heavy Necklace. Greenhill: Draining
    Crystal. Forest Village: Scale Mail.
    Page 7: Rockaxe: Silverlet, Brass Armor, Thunder God Garb. Highway Village:
    Rabbit Plans #2, Thunder Armlet.
    Page 8: Banner Village: Rose Brooch, Rabbit Plans #3, Full Plate. Gregminster:
    Winged Boots, Mangosh, Mother Earth Crystal, Flowing Crystal.
    Page 9: Tinto Town: Skill Ring, Wind Hat, Tunic, Kaikyoku Wear. Crom: Magic
    Character List
    (Personal note about the book: This doesn’t actually list every recruit in the
    game, but actually just a few. And it doesn’t tell you how to recruit them, it just
    tells you about them and where they can be located.)
    Page 1: Clive: From the Howling Voice Guild is chasing a “woman.” Be careful of
    his gun.
    Page 2: Oulan: Trying to rid Kuskus of a thief who preys on all female parties.
    Page 3: Zamza: Seen in South Window. A master a magic and fists, he can also
    be seen in Toto.
    Page 4: Killy: Hunts for the secrets of the Sindar. Seems to be exploring in South
    Page 5: Hoi: A thief who goes in and out of Radat.
    Page 6: Simone Vedricci: Staying in Radat while he studies away from home.
    Page 7: Pesmerga: Black Knight seens in Toran as well as the Cave of the
    Page 8: Jeane: Rune master from Toran. Opened a shop in Two River.
    Page 9: Meg, Gadget: Apprentice to a machination. Seen traveling from Greenhill
    to Muse.
    Page 10: Genshu: Seen at the inn in Coronet. Travels the world to improve his
    The Gate Rune War
    (personal note about the book: If you, for some reason, didn’t play the first
    Suikoden, this will possibly shed some light on the Toran Republic. If you DID
    play the first game, you will have lived the book, and then some. So, aside from
    getting to read about yourself, the book is rather useless.)
    Page 1: The war in which the Toran Republic defeated the Scarlet Moon Empire
    is known as the “Gate Rune War” or the “Liberation War.”
    Page 2: The first leader of the victorious Liberation Army was a woman named
    Odessa Silverburg.
    Page 3: She was originally emperial nobility, but her lover was killed by the
    Empire and
    Page 4: so she joined the Resistance and formed the Liberation Army.
    Page 5: The original members were Flik, Humphery and Sanchez, but according
    to another member, Viktor,
    Page 6: the later victorys were due to the intervention of McDohl, the son of the
    6th emperial general.
    Page 7: During the war, Odessa was killed and McDohl took over leadership over
    the Liberation Army.
    Page 8: McDohl followed the advice of General Mathiu and set up Hora Castle as
    the new Liberation Army base.
    Page 9: After many battles, they succeeded in over throwing emperor Barbossa.
    Page 10: However after helping form a new nation McDohl journeyed off
    somewhere without seeing the fruits of his long labors.
    The Grasslands
    (personal note on the book: I’ve heard rumors that the Grasslands are where the
    next game may take place. If that turns out to be true, then this will be
    enlightened a little bit. This book is very short, one of the shortest books you find,
    and it doesn’t give much info on the actual Grasslands. It just tells you its location
    (north of Tinto), and who live there, etc. Anyway, this really makes me want
    Suikoden 3 to hurry up to see if this is where it takes place… It’s ever so
    Page 1: The Grasslands are a grassy plain stretching from the western part of
    Tinto to the north.
    Page 2: Many different peoples live there, and are trying to take control of it.
    Page 3: Tinto plans on more raids in the future, but they’re hindered by the
    Page 4: particularly the Karaya and Chisya clans, as well as the Free Knights of
    Page 5: Recently, border attacks by a group of thieves called the “Keeper of the
    Flame” have increased.
    Page 6: (blank)
    Owner: Barbara
    This is outstandingly useful, and best of all, you get it
    at near the start of the game. This is used for storing
    items that you might not need at the moment, or when you
    have to make some quick room in your inventory. With the
    Storeroom, you won’t have to drop items nearly as much as
    you WOULD have to.
    Owner: Templeton
    Otherwise known as a mapmaker, Templeton has made a map of
    the whole State area. Not only does he give you one when
    you recruit him, but he also posts one on the wall of your
    castle. This huge map simply list towns, locations,
    buildings, and pictures of every town featured in the game
    (except Greminster, I think).
    ~The Bar~
    Owner: Leona
    Now, this may sound a bit useless, but it’s actually not.
    Aside from running the bar, Leona also manages your party
    members. Of course, this is anything but useless!
    ~Fast Transportation~
    Owner: Viki
    Viki is a pretty messed up girl, but she can get you around
    very fast nonetheless. Once you recruit her, you’ll be able
    to teleport to any single city you’ve already visited
    (except Greminster). Something you should know, also. The
    more you use Viki to get around, the better chance you have
    of getting accidentally teleported to a secret room in the
    game! You’ll know if Viki says “Huh?” instead of “Shazam!”
    then you’re on your way to the secret room. If you DO get
    to the room, WALK, don’t run, take every treasure you see
    (its really good stuff) and soon someone will run up the
    stairs, find you, and throw you out.
    -Other Interesting Things and Places-
    Interesting things and places are things like the
    Suggestion Box, or the Bronze Statue you get sometime in
    the game.
    ~Suggestion Box~
    This appears outside the Main Hall. People write things and
    leave them in the box for you to read. Of course, there
    isn’t always something in there, but the more people you
    get, the more letters you get as well.
    This isn’t a necessary section of the game, or the guide,
    but I found a lot of these letters interesting and funny.
    These are, by the way, in alphabetical order, but since I
    don’t have many up yet it just seems like I just typed them
    up. But I didn’t! Alphabetical all the way! If you have any
    letters you’d like to submit, go for it! Send them to
    From Captain Gengen Jonathan, are you good? Gengen is
    trying very hard to be good
    solder. Me work hard as a bee.
    I’ve been traning. I’m faster then ever. Faster then the
    That thing on Gadget is busted again. He’s making so much
    noise. Maybe I should
    tighten his thingamajig.
    Bonaparte is so cute. When he saw this box, he wanted to
    pee on it. But I stopped him.
    Tee hee hee.
    If you’ve got extra crystals, bring them to me. You can’t
    find the scrolls I make anywhere
    else. Give them a try.
    Raura the Scribe
    Bolgan has been coming a lot recently and has been studying
    really hard. If you see him,
    please tell him how proud you are of him.
    With me on your side, you have no excuse for losing. Just
    remember that and we’ll have
    no problems.
    Captain Gengen showed me how to use a sword today. Captain
    Gengen is so strong!
    Todat Captain Gengen taught me how to track enemies. You
    have to sort out the different
    Captain Gengen taught me how to swim today. He can stay
    underwater for 15 minutes!
    The fisherman was so surprised, he jumped in too!
    This is the suggestion box, huh. Just wanted to see if
    you’d read this. Hee hee hee. See
    ya, bro.
    HE HE HE!!
    This is a cursed letter. If you don’t pass it on to 5 more
    people, you’ll be cursed. Have a
    nice day.
    Lord Hero, I’ve left a bunch of tools at my home in Ryube.
    I can’t do without them.
    Lord Hero, you’ve been looking tired lately. Please
    remember your health comes first.
    I want to write a letter to Flik. How does this sound?
    “Lord Flik, you’re as lovely as a star
    in the sky…”
    From Nina
    Lord Hero, I don’t think I’m cut out to be a warrior. What
    do you think?
    D’ya know what? Taro… Taro loves Yuzu!
    Hero, why don’t ya come visit me at the docks. The salt air
    smells great and we can do
    some fishing together.
    Yam Koo
    I was so surprised to hear how few of your solders read
    books. Fortunately more people
    seem to be getting interested lately.
    To live is to fight!!!
    Long-Chan Chan
    The castle is too hot. Also there are too many people. Why
    don’t you ask some of the less
    important people to leave?
    I want to work hard so I can be a great doctor like Cr.
    Huan someday.
    Mary, Thomas, are you well? I’m in the )*&^)&*^ Army now. I
    hope to return in the
    Thanks to the Celadon Urn you gave me, I know have 100
    vases and my collection is
    complete. I thank you.
    I’m going to try a more mature approach. How’s this sound:
    “Ciao, Flik. How ARE you?
    I’m laying in bed in my pajamas…”
    From Nina
    With all these villages and forts disappearing, it’s hard
    to keep the map updated. Please
    end this war soon.
    Please Lord Hero. Please make Hix into a true warrior.
    Remember that all my investigations are handled absolutely
    discreetly. Loose lips sink
    From Captain Gengen, Jonathan, don’t work too hard. You
    might hurt yourself. Come
    talk to Gengen is you feel sad, okay.
    Everyone here is nice. It’s a pleasure to wash their
    Hey, Lets get some more cute girls to join our army.
    Lord Hero, I’ll never forget how you helped me find the
    coin that day at the river. Thank
    Thank you for saving Bright. I’ll take good care of him. I
    The food here is great! The best!!!!
    Lord Hero, thank you. I’m so happy that you listened to my
    singing in South Window.
    I’ll never forget you.
    Lately, the warehouse has been full of rats. Please do
    something about it….
    Did Apple say anything about me? Tell me if you hear
    anything, okay?
    From Captain Gengen, Jonathan, you are very strong now. Not
    as strong as me, but
    strong enough. Me proud of you.
    Here are three letters that I don’t know the titles for:
    I'm not as accomplished a phonologies as my father yet, but
    I hope to be someday.
    I've gotten used to your lovely castle, but the more I'm
    here the more I wish I realize I
    belong in Greenhill.
    Teresa Wisemail
    Lord Hero, forgive me. I mistakenly put a letter to my
    family into this box
    ~Troop Placement~
    This is quite nifty, but not really necessary for beating
    the game. Still, you can tinker around with your units (the
    ones that are used in major battles). The possibilities are
    simply endless! I suggest you experiment with this a bit,
    you may find something you like. When you want to mess with
    your troops, talk to Apple in the Main Hall.
    The boat, which rests at the docks, can be used to sail
    anywhere in the lake, but you’ll probably just start using
    Viki for your main sort of transportation once you have
    ~Window Settings~
    Once you have Tenkou, give him the Window Sets that you’ve
    found for new window setting options! Useless, but neat-o!!
    ~Bronze Statue~
    When your castle is finally level 4 a statue will appear on
    the fourth floor telling you who has been the most useful
    in the battles of the game to that point.
    ~Sound Settings~
    When you’ve recruited Connell, give all your Sound Sets to
    him and you’ll be able to change the game’s menu sound
    ~Guardian Deity Statue~
    Jude, who you recruit during the game, builds this statue.
    But you also need to collect all the 16 plans scattered
    over the world. You can build a Dragon, a Bunny, a Unicorn
    or a Turtle. Or you can mix them up, which can get… sort of
    interesting. The first time you build a statue, you’ll
    receive some sort of gift. Below is a list of what you can
    get. I’ve used abbreviations so it won’t take as long to
    type (I’m lazy!!!). The abbreviations are as follows:
    D = Dragon
    R = Rabbit
    T = Turtle
    U = Unicorn
    1 = Plan 1
    2 = Plan 2
    3 = Plan 3
    4 = Plan 4
    Body    Tail    Legs    Head    Item you receive
    D3      D2      D1      D4      Dragon Incense
    U3      U2      D1      D4      Rage Rune
    U3      U2      U1      D4      Skunk Rune
    U3      U2      T1      D4      Firefly Rune
    T3      T2      D1      D4      Gold Bar
    T3      U2      R1      D4      Wall Rune
    R3      R2      D1      D4      Dragon Incense or Fortune
    D3      D2      D1      T4      Silver Armor
    D3      U2      U1      T4      Technique Rune
    D3      D2      T1      T4      Whirlwind Armor
    D3      U2      T1      T4      Silence Rune
    T4      U1      R2      U3      Boulder Set or Toy Boat
    T4      T1      U2      U3      Mother Earth Rune
    T4      R1      D2      U3      Dream Robe
    T4      D1      T2      T3      Prosperity Rune
    T4      T1      T3      D1      Mother Earth Rune
    T4      D1      D2      R3      Robe of Mist
    T4      T1      U2      R3      Dryad Rune
    T4      T1      R2      R3      Cyclone Rune
    R4      R1      U2      U3      Phero Rune
    R4      T1      T2      T3      Fine Bone China
    R4      R1      T2      T3      Prosperity Rune or Fortune
    R4      R1      R3      D2      Chaos Shield
    U4      T1      D3      T2      Landscape Painting
    U4      T1      R2      D3      Rubber Duck
    U4      T1      U2      U3      Hunter Rune
    U4      U1      T2      T3      Thunder Rune
    U4      U1      T2      T3      Flowing Rune
    U4      T1      T2      T3      Goddess Statue
    U4      R1      R2      R3      Fortune Rune
    The ranch is where Yuzu hangs out. Whenever you find a farm
    animal, catch it and she’ll take care of it for you. Of
    course, this really increases the food supply of the
    restaurant in your castle quite a bit.
    Right next to the ranch is this farm. Bring Tony seeds to
    plant and you’ll have a garden in no time at all.
    ~The Band~
    When you’ve gotten Albert, Pico and Annallee to join, you
    can talk to them and they’ll play you any background music
    you want to hear from the game. Oh, by the way, be sure to
    listen to the neat-o morning music (nicely titled Beautiful
    Richmond can give you nice hints on where to find new
    recruits, and how to get them. He also tells you secrets
    about the people in your army!
    -Mini Games-
    ~The Old Whack-A-Mole Game~
    Location: The Farm
    Owner: Tony
    Tony’s garden has a lot of moles that need to be beaten,
    and so you can beat them for him! Alright!! There are about
    four difficulty levels, beat the four of them and you’ll
    get some Mole armor.
    Location: The Docks
    Owner: Yam Koo
    Fishing is probably the easiest mini game. Simply keep the
    power gauge in the big bar going up and down; and you’ll
    have a fish, or a boot. The list goes on. The best fish is
    Salmon, which can be sold for over 4000p.
    Location: The room behind the stage
    Owner: Karen
    This can get kinda tough, for me especially cause my
    reflexes aren’t that great. This game has five levels of
    hardness, and stages four and five are random when it comes
    to the dance! However, levels one two and three have set
    dance steps to follow.
    Level 1:
    Level 2:
    Level 3:
    Level 4:
    Random, but watch out for the use of the L1 and R1 buttons.
    Level 5:
    Same as Level four.
    As you can plainly see, it gets much hardy each dance. You
    can win some nice stuff from this, though, so good luck!
    ~The Climbing Game~
    Location: Through the door above the restaurant
    Owner: The owner of this mini game has no name
    This is pretty interesting, I must say. There are three
    leagues; they all have their own prizes and prices to play.
    It’s pretty much just a big board game, really. But even
    so, there are some really nice prizes to be won! To make it
    really annoying though, the prizes are chosen at random and
    depend on if you came in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.
    The Expert 10000p League:
    3rd                    2nd                 1st
    Mega Medicine         Ninja Suit          Turtle Plans 4
    Graffiti              Silverlet           Goldlet
    Sunglasses            Sexy Wink           Celadon Urn
    Mantle                Kite Shield         Kaikioku Wear
                                              Millet Dumpling
                                              Gold Bar
                                              Dog Whistle
    The Intermediate 5000p League:
    3rd                    2nd                 1st
    Medicine              Stone of Power      Invisible Smile
    Boots                 Magic Stone         Ninja Suit
    Failure Urn           Boulder Set         Silver Shield
                          Lubricating Oil     Secret Writings
                          Deer Antler         Blur Dragon Urn
                                              Leisure Set
    The Beginner 1000p League:
    3rd                    2nd                 1st
    Medicine              Teriyaki            Karate Uniform
    Wooden Shoes          Gauntlet            Cup of Promise
    Hex Doll              Blow of Anger Card  Sun Patch
                          National Outfit     Wide Urn
                                              Rose Bouquet
    And that’s about it! Even though this game can be
    frustrating, it’s also fun, sometimes. ?
    Location: Barracks
    Owner: Shilo
    Once you get Shilo, you can have the pleasure of playing
    this outstandingly annoying and frustrating game any time
    you want!!! YEAH!!!!
    Location: Restraint
    Owner: None
    This is probably the most popular mini game in Suikoden 2.
    But it would be a waste of my time to write an ingredients
    list or something, since there are several on the Internet!
    When you recruit Hai Yo, strange chefs will appear and
    challenge him all the time. Be sure to visit the restaurant
    often to see if a new chef is there.
    -Anything I Might Have Missed-
    This section is always open for people to send me anything
    they want me to put up about the castle that I missed. I
    only have one thing at the moment, and that is this list of
    things to do in your bath. And I’ve only heard of these
    things, I’ve never bothered to do any of them yet. So if
    you want to tell me any more things to do for bath time
    fun, or want to tell me what some of these combos do, feel
    First you have to get all the flying squirrels. Now you
    need all the character that show up on the stone tablet,
    then you have to have access to all towns, finish all the
    cooking contest then when you have done all of the above go
    to where your dock is in your castle. Characara will appear
    near Yam Koo, chase him until his friends appear (Ruladia,
    and the other one) then they are yours to control.
    There are several hammers hidden throughout the world.
    Bring these hammers to Tessai and you can automatically
    jump one of your weapons to a very nice level.
    Bring Viktor and Flik into the cypress bath.
    Bring Viktor and Flik into the jungle bath.
    With any party, put six Blue Dragon Vases around the bath
    and two Landscape Paintings.
    Enter the bath 20 times once your castle reaches level
    Put six Vases and two Flower Paintings Around the bath.
    If you put 6 hex dolls and 2 Graffiti’s in the bath, The
    Hex dolls' eyes begin to shine, and the Graffiti’s eyes
    begin to bleed.
    Put six Hex Dolls around the bath.
    Put six Chinese Dishes all around the bath.
    Put six Pertain Lamps around the bath.
    Jakob for all his tons of info.
    Tim Saxton for his very nifty recruiting trick for… dang…
    what were there names? The big octopus guys? ?
    And a note to everyone out there: I HATE MY COMPUTER.
    All characters, names, etc, are ©Konami. Konami is not
    associated with me or this FAQ in any way. This FAQ should
    not be reproduced, electronically or otherwise, without my
    consent first. This walkthrough is ©2000 Jonathan Bouldin.

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