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A story of life, death, and humanity11/15/05auilix
Redefining a genre with style and character.04/13/03bearsman6
A marvelous RPG that is worth every last of your penny02/22/07Berserker_Blade
What would you sacrifice to have "the power" to change everything?05/21/12Bkstunt_31
Pure enjoyment05/04/03Compass
An example of how to make a sequel04/07/09Crack Addict
There's Fun to be Had, But The Story and Music Really Miss the Mark ...08/18/06Death Reaper
Konami might just be onto something here....07/30/04Fein
More than a hundred characters... how could I not love it?07/03/04Halron2
Something actually worth a 10... No, that's not a mistake.04/28/06hecktic00
A great sequel to the series.04/22/03Hiarashi
Better box art, but not necessarily a better game.12/30/14Kashell Triumph
This is how to make a sequel10/14/09LordShibas
A worthy sequel to the greatest game of all time07/18/01matt91486
Is this a very good game? Yes. Is it worth the $100 price tag? No.06/07/12nastynate3118
'Epic' doesn't even begin to describe it02/02/10RavenousGuy
Games should not cost this much on Ebay...09/25/04Relle
It's an epic tale of war, friendship, betrayal, hardcore cook-offs, and a prince that's kind of insane.06/28/04Sange
A worthy sequel..12/28/01Shady
I love Suikoden II. This is an absolutely superb achievement and is by far one of the best RPG ever conceived.08/14/09Vyse_skies
One of my top 5 favorite Playstation RPGs06/09/03YusakuG
On a system with way to many RPGs, Suikoden II shines a little more than most of the others in any collection....09/24/07Zylo the wolf

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