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    FAQ/Walkthrough by joshx42

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/10/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    - Syphon Filter Complete	    Version 1.0
    - joshx42@hotmail.com	            Submitted 11/10/01
    Table of Contents
    Part 1: Introduction
    -Revision History
    Part 2: Lists
    -Weapons (partially completed)
    -Characters (in progress)
    Part 3: Walkthrough
    Mission 1
    Level 1: Georgia Street
    Level 2: Destroyed Subway
    Level 3: Main Subway Line
    Level 4: Washington Park
    Level 5: Freedom Memorial
    Mission 2
    Level 6: Expo Center Reception
    Level 7: Expo Center Dinorama
    Mission 3
    Level 8: Rhoemer’s Base
    Level 9: Base Bunker
    Level 10: Base Tower
    Level 11: Base Escape
    Mission 4
    Level 12: Rhoemer’s Stronghold
    Level 13: Stronghold Lower Level
    Level 14: Stronghold Catacombs
    Mission 5
    Level 15: Pharcom Warehouses
    Level 16: Pharcom Elite Guards
    Level 17: Warehouse 76
    Level 18: Silo Access Tunnels
    Level 19: Tunnel Blackout
    Level 20: Missile Silo
    Part 4: Conclusion
    Part 1: Introduction
    Welcome to the vicious and brutal, but utterly satisfying world of Syphon 
    Filter!  You play Gabriel Logan in his quest to stop terrorist Erich Rhoemer 
    and find his sequencing computers with vaccine data.
    Note: You are reading the guide from an absolute Syphon Filter master and 
    die-hard.  I have beaten this game 50+ times using these exact steps. Any 
    questions?  If you have any, email them to me at my address listed at the 
    top of this walkthrough.  Now, let’s proceed.
    Revision History:
    Version 1.0 (11-10-01) Introduction, part of the weapon lists, and the 
    walkthroughs for levels 1-13 have been posted.
    Part 2: Lists
    Now I will give you the lowdown on the weapons and tell you which rock and 
    which suck.  The first part after the weapon’s name is the excerpt from the 
    manual, and the second after the weapon’s stats are my comments.  The Fire 
    Rate and damage amount are on a scale of 1-5.  Certain weapon’s stats might 
    have been slightly edited on its journey from the manual to my guide because 
    the manual is incorrect, at least in my strongest opinion.  And the current 
    magazine rounds plus the maximum amount of spare rounds equals the max 
    1.  Silenced 9mm Pistol
    The 9mm handgun is the standard issue side-arm for NATO and all five 
    branches of the U.S. Armed Forces since passing the 1979 MRBF (Mean Rounds 
    Before Operational Failure) performance test where it expended 35,000 
    rounds, six times the gun’s service life.
    Fire Rate: 3
    Damage: 2
    Clip Size: 15
    Max Rounds: 90
    I use this weapon often, but its power is second in every way to the 45. 
    automatic handgun.  You will want to use it in certain circumstances, but it 
    isn’t something that can generally be relied on after the first few levels.
    2. .45 Automatic Handgun
    This tough, durable gun has been in production for almost a century.  It has 
    tremendous stopping power, and in spite of its strong recoil and heavy slide 
    and bolt, it is a deadly weapon in the hands of a seasoned professional.
    Fire Rate: 2
    Damage: 4
    Clip Size: 10
    Max Rounds: 60
    2-3 rounds will generally take down any non-flak-jacketed guard.  This is 
    one of the best guns in Syphon Filter, so much that I frequently choose it 
    over some machine guns.  Unlike the 9mm pistol, this can be relied on just 
    about everywhere.
    	*Machine Pistols*
    3. HK-5 Machine Pistol
    The HK-5’s modular design and small size make it very popular with both 
    military special forces and terrorists.  With more than 23 officially 
    recognized variants, it is fast becoming the most widely-used pistol-machine 
    gun in the world.
    Fire Rate: 4
    Damage: 3
    Clip Size: 32
    Max Rounds: 192
    The HK-5 is a good weapon but inferior to the just as common M16 assault 
    rifle.  It doesn’t come in handy too often, the damage level isn’t very 
    high, and overall there are definitely better guns to be used.
    4. BIZ-2 Machine Pistol
    This pistol-machine gun is designed to deliver sustained firepower in tight 
    quarters.  The unconventional design of its large capacity magazine keeps 
    the weapon compact but still provides a near bottomless source of 
    Fire Rate: 4
    Damage: 3
    Clip Size: 66
    Max Rounds: 396
    This is definitely a great gun to use but it doesn’t show up until the last 
    mission.  It is easy to pull off headshots with this gun and can easily take 
    out a non-flak jacketed cluster at a time with its quick fire rate.
    5. G-18 Machine Pistol
    With a rate of fire topping 60 rounds per second, the G-18 is perhaps the 
    most deadly pistol-machine gun in the world.  Its only weakness is its 
    tendency to expend ammunition faster than most shooters are prepared for, 
    leaving them defenseless during a reload.
    Fire Rate: 5
    Damage: 2
    Clip Size: 33
    Max Rounds: 198
    (The rest is in progress, and should be posted a couple days before or after 
    Part 3: The Walkthrough
    Mission 1
    Level 1: Georgia Street
    Go forward and around the corner to the right.  Run forward.  Use the 9mm 
    and kill a couple of the guards.  Grab their ammo.  Look for the building 
    with glass acting as a door to the left of the down ramp.  Barge through the 
    glass.  Go forward and left.  Go around the corner and you will see another 
    room to the left and a hallway to the right.  Note the room. Go right and 
    proceed down the hallway.  You will get a comm warning you what is ahead.  
    Go forward and turn the corner. Quickly headshot Kravitch before he can 
    move.  Run over to him behind the bar and grab the shotgun ammo from the 
    box.  Three guards will come from behind.  Take out the two on the left 
    first using target lock, then go to the right and kill the other one.  Look 
    around for a little computer-like looking device.  Put a couple holes in it 
    for a checkpoint.
    Do a 180 and go back out of the room the way you came.  The room you noted 
    earlier has a guard in it.  Headshot him and climb in.  Grab his M16.  Keep 
    the 9mm out and shoot out the window.  Climb out to receive a comm.  Turn 
    right and walk forward to the locked door.
    (Note: You can grab the ledge above and shimmy across the pole for an M-79, 
    but I don’t recommend it.)
    Shoot off the padlock and run into the tiny area.  Flip the elevator call 
    switch and wait for the elevator.  Take it down to a small room.  Take out 
    your flashlight and look around on the wall to the right.  You will see a 
    power switch.  Pull it for a checkpoint.
    Head back to the elevator, but don’t activate it yet.  Do a 180 so you are 
    facing the room you just left first.  Then send the elevator up.  When you 
    arrive, you will be facing a guard up top.  Kill him and run forward.  Go 
    back through the door and grab the dropped M16.  Climb back through the 
    window and go to the hallway.  Headshot the guard.  Turn right and return to 
    the area where you started the level.  Look for the same cop car.  You will 
    see an alley on the left.  Take it and head that way.  At the end, follow 
    the street forwards.  Two guards will pop up on each of the two buildings 
    next to you.  They are optional.  When they’re dead, (I usually kill two) 
    head to the end of the street and look left to see the bank.  Run in that 
    direction.  Kill both guards and run through the glass and enter the bank.  
    Head inwards.  Grab the flak jacket if you need it.  A guard waits on the 
    left when you enter the big room.  Target and body shot him.  Run forward 
    and you will see a CBDC agent disarming a bomb.  Stand near him and don’t 
    move.  Kill any guards around you.  He will disarm the bomb for a 
    Go left and forward to find an M16 box.  Now equip that machine gun and exit 
    the bank the same way.  When you run back through the glass, turn right.  
    There will be three guards on the building.  Manually aim and kill the guard 
    on the left FIRST, because he throws grenades.  Then target lock and kill 
    the other two.  Head back towards the alley.  The four guards are still 
    optional.  Go into the alley.  When you return to where you started the 
    level, run over to the very first guards you killed.  Turn left and take the 
    down ramp and head into the dark area.  Look around to see another ramp 
    leading down.  Take it.  You will be contacted by Lian.  At the bottom, turn 
    left and cross the tracks to the small path.  On the other side.  Keep going 
    in the direction you had been going and you will see a bomb.  Go up to it 
    and plant a beacon on it for the final checkpoint.
    Cross the tracks again, and keep going forward.  Cross the next set of 
    tracks, keeping your eyes out for the train, and you should be on the 
    opposite path.  Turn left and head forward.  A couple guards should come.  
    Kill them, and keep running forward.  Eventually you will see an entrance to 
    the right.  Go in and take out your flashlight.  Turn left and walk over to 
    the switch.  Flip it and turn 90 degrees right.  Walk to the elevator and 
    ride it down.  Leave it for a comm.  Go forward and turn left.  Headshot the 
    guard and proceed to the end of the path.  Turn left and go down that way.  
    Cross the tracks to the right.  Take out your shotgun and body shot both 
    guard to the right.  Make sure to stay on the right side of the main area 
    but not on the rightmost path.  Go forward down that ways.  Proceed to the 
    very end, shotgunning any guards you see.  At the end, near the locked door 
    you will see a guard with a flak-jacket.  Headshot him, keep the shotgun 
    out, and run over to the bomb to end the level.
    Level 2: Destroyed Subway
    (Note: Your shotgun will be used for the entire level.)
    After the cutscene, turn right and walk forward until you are blocked by the 
    flames.  Grab the jacket if you need it.  Cross the tracks and turn left.  
    Keep the shotgun out.  Walk forward and a burning guard will run towards 
    you.  Headshot him and pass him.  Turn right and walk forward.  When you 
    reach the open area (in a few short steps) turn right again to see a guard.  
    Shotgun him and repush target lock.  The green symbol should switch to the 
    guard on the top of the train in front of you.  Shotgun him, grab his ammo, 
    and climb up to the train where he came from.  Run forward.  You should get 
    a comm from Lian.  Roll forward off the train.  Turn right and climb up as 
    you see three guards.  Shotgun the first two, then run forward and the guard 
    will throw a grenade.  Headshot him as he does this and roll out of the way 
    of the shrapnel.  Return to where you just climbed up.  Take out your 
    flashlight and go in the other direction.  Target lock and shoot the guard.  
    Open the white box for a checkpoint.
    Return to the guard who threw grenades and head to the left.  You will see a 
    tiny platform half-covered in flames.  Climb on to it.  Turn left and climb 
    up to the next pillar.  Go to the end of this one and turn left.  Climb up, 
    turn around, and climb up.  Grab the pole above you and shimmy to the right. 
      When you can’t go any further, drop down.  Run forward all the way to the 
    locked gate.  Plant the bombs at the gate, then run back away as the bomb 
    goes off.  The CBDC agent will come out.  Follow him over to the bomb.  
    Shoot any near guards.  He will defuse it for a checkpoint.
    Return to the gate and turn left.  Walk over near the flames for a comm.  
    Return in the direction of the bomb and take the turn right.  Take out your 
    flashlight and cross to the path against the wall.  Turn left and walk until 
    you reach a switch.
    Flip it.  Return to the flames you were just at where you got the comm.  The 
    fire will be gone now.  Go down that path.
    Climb up onto the train and run to the end.  Jump off after you get a comm.  
    Shoot the burning guard.  Do a 180.
    Shoot the guard on the top of the train.  Do another 180.  Go forward and 
    climb up.  Shoot the final guard.  Run forward, take out your M16, and drop 
    off the train to end the level.
    Level 3: Main Subway Line
    Time yourself.  See if you can beat this in 10 seconds!
    Run forward, round the corner to the left, and roll under the first blue 
    thing.  Turn left and headshot Aramov to end the level.
    (Yes, you read that right!)
    Note: If you miss and she gets away, simply follow her, rolling between the 
    blue things, and headshot her as soon as you can.
    Level 4: Washington Park
    (This level definitely isn’t as short as 3.  It’s quite the opposite.)
    Run forward and forward, and shoot any guards that you see.  You should come 
    to two pillars.  On the top of the right is a guard.  Shoot him.  Run 
    between the pillars and roll out of the way of the gunfire if there is any.  
    Stay near the left side and you should see a box-shaped bunch of walls.  
    There are about four of these.  Head forward, but stay next to the boxes so 
    you can find out where the bomb is, as explained ahead.  Keep checking your 
    radar.  Eventually you should see a flashing dot.  Go around to the entrance 
    and go to it and plant a beacon on the bomb.  A CBDC guy will show up.  
    Three guards will rush in.  Kill them and he will defuse the bomb and you 
    will get a checkpoint.
    MAKE SURE to grab all three of the 45’s littered around.  Take the left 
    exit, turn right, and run forward until you receive a comm.  Keep running to 
    see an entrance on the left.  First, turn right and note the statue.  Now 
    take the entrance, then take the long path down and exit.  Turn left and 
    fire the 45, killing the guard.  Do a 180.  Run forward and use the target 
    lock to kill both guards.  Grab the flak jacket if you need it, then run out 
    the next path to the next open area.  When it turns, turn with it and run 
    off the end to see two guards.  Kill them.  Now, stay on the path and follow 
    EXTREMELY DIFFICULT.  Two shots with the 45 to any guard will usually kill 
    him.  When you reach the bomb, plant the beacon.  Make sure the 45 is out, 
    then look around as CBDC comes.  Guards will come from all directions.  The 
    CBDC guy has unlimited health, unless he is shot in the head.  KILL ANYBODY 
    QUICKLY IF THEY COME UP.  If a guard is standing still and fires for ten 
    seconds, he will headshot the agent.  Take no more than three or four 
    seconds to kill each guy.  When the CBDC agent defuses the second bomb, you 
    have a checkpoint.
    Grab some ammo from all of the dead guards and follow the path all the way 
    back to the previous area with the flak jacket box.  Grab the flak jacket if 
    you need it and haven’t gotten it already.  When you go down the next 
    corridor back to the open area, a guard will come up if you are too slow 
    leaving the area.  Kill him, and return to the large statue in the open area 
    that you have noted.  Look around for the third bomb.  It should be on a 
    straight line in front of you when you exit the long and narrow corridor.  
    Take out the shotgun, then plant the beacon.  The CBDC agent should come 
    from 45 degrees to the right of the bomb.  The first guy will come from 
    behind you, so do a 180.  Guards will come from most sides, so fire quickly. 
      When the bomb is defused you will get a checkpoint.
    Check your map, and then run forward towards the next bunch of hedges.  Stay 
    on the wide white path.  Not too far into it you should reach the fourth and 
    final bomb.  Plant the beacon and wait for CBDC to come.  Guards will come 
    from all four directions, but usually from the left and behind.  But note 
    this, there is usually one or two guards that come from the very right of 
    the bomb, and they are the most dangerous because they are in such close 
    range and hard to spot because they are blocked by a large bush.  Make 
    killing them with your shotgun absolute first priority.  When the bomb is 
    defused, you’ll get a checkpoint.
    Keep following the path.  The bombs are done!  Well, except for one, but you 
    don’t have to do that.  Take the flak jacket on the left if you want, then 
    proceed into the next area.  There will be a big wall in front of you.  Go 
    around the left of it and start down the left path.  You will immediately 
    see a guy in the middle of the tennis courts.  Headshot him with the sniper 
    rifle and continue down the path until you see a tiny object on your path.  
    Aim the sniper rifle into the middle of the tennis courts.  Headshot the guy 
    who is standing up and with the gun to free the hostages, and receive a comm 
    and checkpoint.
    Run forward and M16 up the guard in the courts.  Keep the gun out.  Turn the 
    corner left and go forward until you see an odd shaped pile of pillars.  Run 
    to the other side through the middle while taking out the three guards.  The 
    most dangerous guy is the one on the other side, on top of a pillar.  Climb 
    up the blocks and get to the top any way you want, then access the computer 
    for a comm and checkpoint.
    Turn right and jump off, then follow the short ramp up into the hedge maze.  
    Take out your 45.  You should see two entrances forward, right and left.  
    Take the right path and go forward.  Shoot the guard and take the left turn. 
      Go forward, take the right path, and shoot the next guard.  Turn left and 
    walk forward.  At the end of the path, turn right and headshot Marcos.  But 
    be careful!  You have about two seconds once you see him to shoot, because 
    if he sees you, he will run off around the hedges, and you will have to 
    catch him and headshot him or if you’re a first-timer and aren’t skilled at 
    that enough yet, simply hold target lock and empty 45 caliber slugs into 
    him.  As soon as Marcos dies, you will get a comm and the final checkpoint 
    of the mission.
    Take the left path and head forward.  Go as far as you can down the path and 
    to the right to exit the maze.  Take the two ramps down into the area with 
    all the trees.  Two flak-jacketed guards will run at you.  Headshot the guy 
    on the left, and run behind the wall for cover.  Peekaboo out and headshot 
    the guard, then run up the ramp.  Headshot the next two guards, make sure 
    your armor meter is max, and if not, grab their flak jackets.  Make sure 
    your 45 is out and head to the door to end the level.
    Level 5: Freedom Memorial
    After the cutscene, you will battle Anton Girdeux.  Listen carefully.  It 
    only takes four forty-five caliber shots to his flamethrower pack to end the 
    mission.  Here’s the strategy.  Whatever you do, DO NOT GO INTO THE OUTER 
    PERIMETER BEHIND THE PILLARS.  When the level starts, immediately go into 
    manual aim and shoot his pack for an explosion.  Let go and strafe-roll left 
    out of the way.  Watch your radar and see what direction Girdeux turns in.  
    Go in the other directions and circle around behind him.  DON’T CLIMB UP 
    clean shot, take it for the explosion, and then he will do a 180.  Roll out 
    of the way immediately or you WILL die.  If any flames catch you, you have 
    little chance of surviving.  It takes four or five shots if you are using 
    the 45 automatic.  At the final explosion, the mission ends.
    Mission 2
    Level 6: Expo Center Reception
    After the lengthy cutscene, strafe slightly behind the pillar to the left 
    and watch Phagan walk.  When he passes the guards, wait until you see the 
    guard on the left start to walk towards you.  Immediately strafe to the left 
    against the grate.  Make sure your 9mm is out, then go to manual aim.  The 
    guard will walk to the bottom of the ramp and stop.  Headshot the guard, 
    then go back to the bottom of the ramp.  Aim and headshot the second guard.  
    Proceed to the top of the ramp, and enter the building.  Turn left, and 
    crouch walk behind the guard.  Headshot him and enter the next room.  Strafe 
    a foot or so right so you are between the middle of the room and the back 
    left pillar.  A guard will walk to the right ten yards ahead.  Headshot him 
    and walk to his position.  Grab his gun.  Go down the next corridor and turn 
    left.  Make absolutely sure Phagan is gone from the next room.  Walk to the 
    edge of the corridor.  Headshot the guard while he is moving.  Strafe to the 
    right and go to manual aim.  As soon as the next guard walks in, headshot 
    him.  Run forward to the wall.  Turn left and walk a couple steps ahead, but 
    don’t turn the corner.  Wait for the guard to come out, then QUICKLY 
    headshot him.  Proceed to the end of the path for a cutscene and checkpoint.
    After the comm, run forward and peekaboo Benton.  After the second 
    communication, grab Benton’s keycard for a checkpoint.
    Go to the opposite side of the room from where you came in, and shoot the 
    guard on the other side of the grate.  Access the panel and open the door, 
    then grab the guard’s ammo.  Kick down the door.  Aim and headshot the lower 
    guard first, then run into the room.  Strafe left and climb up to the 
    pillar.  The guard can’t shoot through the grate.  Climb up the grate and 
    headshot the guard.  Run forward and grab the flak jacket if you need it, 
    then climb up the tiny box.  Jump up to the next ledge, then walk forward 
    and switch to manual aim.  Blast the padlock off and walk in.  Turn left and 
    run all the way to the end of the corridor.  MAKE SURE to grab the box of 
    HK-5 ammo.  Use your 9mm to blast off the next padlock to the door, then 
    switch to the machine gun.  Aim and kill the long-range guard through the 
    glass.  Note this guard.  You will later have to grab a keycard from him.  
    Next, strafe left, and avoiding the ramp down, walk down the steps and blast 
    the guard.  Jump off to the bottom and use your target lock and fire.  Run 
    between the pillars and headshot the next guy.  Grab his keycard for a 
    Turn back towards the ledges and kill any guards who are still alive.  Next, 
    climb all the way back up to where the switch is next to the formerly 
    padlocked door.  Activate the switch, then turn left exactly 90 degrees.  
    MAKE SURE to stay on the very right side of the ramp, and roll forward down 
    to the bottom of the place.  Turn right and run as fast as you can for the 
    next path.  Follow it as the grate closes.  Roll under the grate to make it 
    through in time or you will have to climb up and do that again.  Next, 
    proceed down the path.  Turn left and take the left side of the next room.  
    Headshot the guy on the bottom, then target lock and kill the guy on the 
    top.  Grab the keycard from the guy on the bottom for a checkpoint.
    Grab the flak jacket box if you need it, then activate the switch and go 
    through the gate.  Follow it around to a guard.  Kill him, then go around to 
    the elevator, but DON’T GO IN.  Target lock and kill the guy on the top 
    IMMEDIATELY (you will usually take damage here.  Strafe to the right and 
    kill the guy who snuck up behind you.  Target and shoot the guy on the 
    bottom floor, then return to the elevator.  Put your back against the wall.  
    Look up to see a rapidly sparking circuit.  Fire the HK-5 into it once to 
    send the elevator up to the top floor.  When it gets there, get off and run 
    forward.  Shoot both guards and grab their ammo.  Turn the corner and pass 
    the railing.  Guards will fire at you through the glass.  You will recognize 
    the room below the glass.  Go to the end of this hall and you will find a 
    guard you killed earlier.  Grab his keycard for the final checkpoint.
    MAKE SURE to grab the combat shotgun from the box, then equip it and do a 
    180.  Go back the way you came and shoot the guard with a shell on the way.  
    Grab his ammo and return to the elevator.  Ride it down to the middle floor. 
      Now instead of shooting a circuit, simply push triangle again to descend 
    to the bottom floor.  Grab the ammo littered around and kick down the door, 
    combat shotgun still out.  Run forward and turn the corner right.  Shoot the 
    guard.  Take a left turn to see a door and a guard to the left.  Shoot him, 
    then kick down the door and go in the Mars exhibit.  Three guards are 
    inside.  Run 45 degrees to the left and shoot one of the guards on the left. 
      Climb up and shoot the other guy.  Do a 180 and head to the right.  Fire 
    on the final guy.  At the end of the corridor you will see a switch and a 
    grate.  Access the switch and go through the grate.  Follow the path down 
    until you see a guard.  Target lock and fire, and he will be knocked through 
    the glass.  Go to the end and MAKE SURE to grab the K3G4 rifle, and jump out 
    into the open.  Shoot the guard.  Aim upwards and kill the other guy.  Go to 
    the ladder of the space shuttle and jump up.  Jump up to the grate, and grab 
    some ammo.  Turn left and head in that direction.  Follow the ramp up to the 
    top, and K3G4 the guard.  Walk to the double doors to end the level.
    Level 7: Expo Center Dinorama
    After the cutscene, (yes, I will start like that in about every level) turn 
    right and walk over to the rightmost door.  Make sure your K3G4 is out.  The 
    door will kicked open by four guards.  Kill them all, grab their ammo, and 
    go up the ramp.
    Walk to the end of the corridor, and kick down the door.
    After the comm, follow the circular path left until you see a pole above 
    you.  Switch to your HK-5.  Jump up onto it and shimmy to the right over the 
    middle of the glass.  Drop down through it.  When you resume gameplay, 
    headshot the guard on the ledge in front of you.  Turn left and jump off.  
    Strafe right and climb up to the top.  Avoid the gunfire.  (Well, duh.)  
    Turn left and headshot the guard.  Grab his keycard for a checkpoint.
    Run forward and roll off the ledge.  Run to the other side of the room and 
    kick down the door, leaving the guards on top alone.  Take out your K3G4 and 
    proceed inside.  Go to the end of the room and look at the keycard panel.  
    Two guards will rush up in front of you.  Kill them both and access the 
    panel.  The grate will open, so run through.  When you enter the room, there 
    will be a guard 45 degrees to the right, so kill him, and then two guards 
    will sneak up from back at the grate.  Kill them both.  If you do not 
    conserve your ammo well you will probably be out of K3G4 by now, so find 
    another weapon then the one I am mentioning.  Next, behind the small fish 
    tank opposite from the grate should be a guard.  Kill him with the K3G4 and 
    climb up into the tank.  Go to the other side and grab his ammo.  Switch to 
    the sniper rifle and proceed down the hallway for a checkpoint.
    You will hear Aramov’s and Phagan’s voices.  Strafe right after entering the 
    big room.  Aim and shoot Aramov’s gun for the final checkpoint.
    Climb up the tail of the dinosaur and go forward to the pole.
    Turn left 90 degrees and kill both flak-jacketed guards.  Shimmy across the 
    pole and go right through the glass.  Walk forward up to Mara Aramov to end 
    the mission.
    Mission 3
    Level 8: Rhoemer’s Base
    Some people say that this is a stealth level, and actually try to make it 
    all the way through without getting seen, but that is basically impossible, 
    so listen to me.  I am a complete expert because I love this level to death. 
      But make sure to note that the guards on this level are infinite once the 
    alarm goes off, so don’t waste too much ammo.  Turn left.  Leave the guard 
    close to you alone.  A second guard will come up on the other side of the 
    truck.  Headshot him.  The other guard will come up and kneel beside him.  
    Headshot that guy.  Now move over to the lockers and grab the gas grenades.  
    Switch to manual aim and headshot the guy on the bridge through the glass.  
    Then shoot out the searchlight, because we don’t want to be seen until the 
    first checkpoint.  Now, make sure to grab the two HK-5’s from the guys you 
    killed.  Proceed forward under the bridge.  Look 45 degrees to see a fuel 
    tank.  A guy should walk next to it.  Headshot him, then run over to it.  
    Plant the charge for the first checkpoint.
    Turn left and run forward.  Turn the corner to the right.  It is actually 
    good to be seen here, believe it or not.  Let the guard see you so the alarm 
    goes off, then kill him and run forward.  The gate on your right is locked 
    for now.  Turn the corner and run down the long corridor to the left.  At 
    the end, you will see a gate to the right and a padlock.  Note it.  Run 
    forward to the fuel tank and plant the charge for a checkpoint.
    Return to the gate, and shoot the padlock off QUICKLY before the three 
    guards get you.  Run in and follow the row of machines to the switch on the 
    wall.  Access it for a checkpoint.
    Run back to the gate, and shoot the three guards with your PK-102.  Run back 
    down the long path, and run all the way back to the place near the first 
    fuel tank.  You should see a path you haven’t taken yet.  It’s a ramp up.  
    Take it, and follow it all the way across the bridge to the other side.  At 
    the end you should see two boxes to know you are going the right direction.  
    Leave them alone.  Go around the ramp, and you will see a fork to the left 
    and right.  Go left and forward.  At the end you will see a truck.  Stay on 
    the left wall, and you will see a fuel tank.  Plant the charge on it for the 
    fourth checkpoint.
    Go the way you had been going, and run forward down the path.  At the end 
    you should see another path 45 degrees to your left.  Note it, then turn 
    right. Follow that path to find another fuel tank and you know what do that 
    will give you another checkpoint.
    Return to the next entrance you noted and stay on the left wall.  Guards 
    will jump over the wall in front of you.  Fire that PK-102, and wipe the 
    area clean.  Grab their ammo.  Run forward and rig the final fuel tank.  
    Checkpoint time.
    Turn right, and run around the corner to the left.  Kill the two guards and 
    MAKE SURE TO GRAB THEIR SHOTGUN AMMO.  But keep the PK-102 out for now.  Run 
    down the path and turn left to see Vladimir Gabrek, Chief of Security.  
    Headshot him as guards jump over the wall.  Throw a gas grenade at them, and 
    shotgun the rest of them.  Keep your shotgun out, and go over to Gabrek and 
    grab his keycard for the final checkpoint.
    Go over to the keycard panel and access it.  The formerly locked gate will 
    open.  Run through it and turn left.  Run forward and you will be back in 
    the area of the 1st checkpoint and fuel tank.  Shoot both guards.  Now, turn 
    right and run down the path to see a locked gate.  Look around to the right 
    for a keycard panel.  Access it to open the gate.  Run through the gate.  
    Keep that shotgun out.  Take the path on the left and shoot all four guards 
    QUICKLY.  Run down the ramp into the bunker.  Switch to gas grenades.  Turn 
    the corner to the right and throw one forward.  That will keep any guards at 
    bail for at least ten seconds.  Now, run forward, run up the ramp on the 
    left, and go in to end the level.
    Level 9: Base Bunker
    Note: This is a relatively short level, but there is only one checkpoint.  
    So you have a ways to go to reach it.  After the cutscene, run forward and 
    grab the flak jacket from the box.  Switch to the PK-102.  Turn the corner 
    to the left.  Target lock and blast the two guards.  Turn around and you 
    should see a switch on the wall behind the two lasers.  Blast it to shut 
    them off.  Run forward, bypassing the green switch.  Turn the corner and you 
    will see two sets of lasers and a switch.  Blast the switch to shut off the 
    second set of lasers.  Return to the green switch.  Activate it and the door 
    will open.  Inside is a guard.  You will know what to do.  Run over to the 
    computer on the left and access it for the first firing code and a comm.  Go 
    to the other missile and access the computer for firing code 2.  Access the 
    second green switch to open the second door.  Shoot the guard.  Leave the 
    room and turn to the right and go forward.  You are now on the second set of 
    lasers you blasted the switch too.  Take out the combat shotgun and go into 
    the middle.  You will see two paths to your right and one to the left.  Walk 
    towards the fork and two guards will come out.  Kill them and take the path 
    closest to where you came from.  Run down it and a guard will spring up from 
    each direction.  Kill them and run forward to the fork.  Turn right and kill 
    the guy, then blast the switch to shut off the lasers.  Turn the corner and 
    take the straight path.  Shoot the guy and the switch.  Go past the dead 
    lasers and shoot the guy.  Access the green switch to open the door, and 
    blow both guards out of their feet sockets with your shotgun.  Access the 
    computer and the four missiles will come up, one at a time.  Access them all 
    for firing codes 3, 4, 5, and 6.  Nope, you haven’t gotten the checkpoint 
    yet.  Leave the room and turn left.  Instead of shooting the switch, access 
    it to shut off the lasers.  Go down the path and access the next switch.  
    Turn the corner right and go to the end of the hall.  You should recognize 
    your position.  You are where there were three paths.  Left is back to the 
    start, and there are two paths to the right.  Take the path on the left (the 
    other path) and shoot the switch.  Keep going that way until you find 
    another green switch.  First, keep walking forward and you will see another 
    part where shooting the visible switch shuts off the other set of lasers.  
    Shoot the red switch, and return to the green switch.  Access it, and walk 
    into the room.  A guard will come up behind you.  Turn and kill him, and 
    make sure you have at least 10 shells left.  Next, access the four missiles 
    to retrieve firing codes 7, 8, 9, and 10, and you will get the only 
    Access the final green switch, so the door will open.  Kill both guards, and 
    turn the corner to the left.  Go past the dead lasers and switch to a 
    useless weapon, say the 9mm.  Go down the ramp to the final set of lasers.  
    Shoot the switch.  Run forward down the ramp, and turn the corner right to 
    the elevator.  Access the switch on the right to open the locked gates, then 
    ride the lift up to end the level.
    Level 10: Base Tower
    After the cutscene, switch to the PK-102.  Check your ammo level.  If you 
    have at least 30/60, you’re fine for now.  If not, grab one of the two ammo 
    boxes and replenish it.  Next, armor level.  If you have anything less than 
    a quarter left on the Armor level, grab one of the two boxes to replenish 
    it.  Why the preparation?  Well, duh.  When you are ready, remember that you 
    can grab the ammo boxes or flak jackets if you need them.  The PK-102 is all 
    you will need.  Go up the ramp to the radar control.  Access the switch to 
    shut it down.  Immediately afterwards, Lian will be killed.  There are three 
    phases to this battle.  When you shoot it a little bit, smoke will come out. 
      When you shoot it more, flames will come out.  You know what happens after 
    Go and run to the bottom of the ramp, and as soon as you see the helicopter, 
    target it and run towards it, firing.  In this battle, you will know if you 
    are hitting the chopper if you see sparks flying from it.  Now, continue to 
    target and fire until it disappears off lock.  Next it will come up from one 
    of the ends slowly.  IMMEDIATELY run to the other side behind cover, then 
    target it and peekaboo it.  It won’t hit you there, and the faster you do 
    this two-step process, the less guards it will drop.  After a few seconds of 
    pounding, the boss will fly off.  Kill the guards.  If you shot the chopper 
    while it was dropping guys, it will come around for another pass.  Run 
    towards it and target lock while firing.  It should be in flames by now.  It 
    will disappear and come back.  Run under cover and peekaboo it, and kill the 
    guards.  It should disappear again, but when it comes back, it won’t go into 
    its drop guys phase.  Run towards it, target lock, and blast away to blow it 
    up and end the level.
    Level 11: Base Escape
    Note: Only stop running in this level at the final guard.  Very important.  
    You got that?
    Second Note: This level has no checkpoints.
    Switch to your combat shotgun, then follow the guard.  Shoot him, then exit 
    the path.  Shoot the next guy and run past the debris.  Fire at the guy on 
    the top off the roof, and run past where you shot Gabrek.  Run down the long 
    corridor and turn right to the fifth fuel tank.  Shoot the guy from the 
    roof, then keep running.  A guard will come out from the left side.  Kill 
    him and grab his shotgun ammunition.  Keep running.  Pass the fourth fuel 
    tank and run towards the truck.  Two guards will show up behind you.  Let 
    them go, and pass the truck.  Keep running.  Run down the second dipping 
    path, and turn right away from the two guards when you reach the end.  Go 
    towards the two ammo boxes you saw in level 8.  Pass them up and run up the 
    ramp.  Shoot the guy.  Keep going and cross the bridge.  At the end, go down 
    the ramp.  You are now on the other side of the debris.  Go right and pass 
    the first fuel tank.  Turn right and run towards the right.  Go under the 
    bridge, then switch to your PK-102.  As soon as you see the guy, stop.  
    Headshot him because he has a flak jacket, then run out the way you came in 
    level 8 to end the mission.
    Mission 4
    Level 12: Rhoemer’s Stronghold
    After the cutscene, do a 180.  Run forward and you should see a ramp on the 
    left.  Take it.  Take out your taser, and follow the ramp until you see a 
    guard.  He should be right in front of the right window.  Fry him.  Take 
    back out your 9mm, and proceed to the bottom of the ramp.  Jump off to the 
    right, and blast the guard.  Go over and climb up the wall to the broken 
    window.  Jump in.  Grab the fallen guy’s ammunition, then start down the 
    hallway.  Headshot the scientist.  Run up the ramp to the right to receive a 
    comm, which, by the way, is now from Markinson.  Give both test subjects the 
    injection, then leave the room.  Pass the dead scientist and continue down 
    the hallway.  You will see a green switch, a locked door, and a guard.  
    Shoot the guard.  Now note the switch and door.  Several times in the next 
    two levels, you will have to retrieve a keycard from a dead scientist, then 
    go to the switch and access it to open the door.  Anyway, pass the two 
    objects and go forward.  You will see a ramp up.  Bypass it and turn the 
    corner right.  The scientist will see you.  Headshot the guard and run after 
    the lab dude, who will have run up a ramp.  Note the hallway to the right.  
    Follow the lab dude up the ramp and headshot him.  Run through the glass and 
    give the test subject his injection.  Grab the box of gas grenades.  Return 
    to the corridor and go down the hallway you noted.  Shoot the guard.  You 
    should be still using your 9mm right now.  Eventually, about three quarters 
    through the hallway, you will find a turn to the left that leads to a ramp 
    and another lab.  Go up it and shoot the guy.  Break through the glass and 
    give the injection to the subject.  Return to the hallway and keep going 
    down the intended direction.  At the end you will find another laboratory.  
    Go in and headshot one of the scientists.  Run up to them and headshot them 
    after they surrender.  Grab the flak jacket and the box of PK-102 ammo at 
    the back of the room.  One of the dead lab dudes has a keycard.  Grab it for 
    the first checkpoint.
    Leave the room and switch to the PK-102.  Run back down the hallway.  You 
    will see three guards.  Kill the first two and the third will run away.  
    Chase him and execute him.  Grab the littered flak jackets if necessary.  
    Return back to the green switch.  Access it to unseal the door.  Kick open 
    the door and climb the boxes to the top.  Gunfire from the other side will 
    shatter the glass.  Roll forward off to the ground under cover.  Climb up 
    into danger and shoot the guy.
    Jump off and turn left.  You will see a guy in front of you and a guy on the 
    second window.  Target lock and shoot them both.  Jump up to the second 
    window and chase the sixth scientist.  Run into him and he will stop and 
    surrender.  Execute him and return outside.  Follow the corridor until you 
    see the final guard 50 feet away on the windows.  Manually aim and make his 
    chest red.  Next, look for the fourth window.  Go inside and grab the K3G4 
    from the box.  Keep the PK-102 out for now.  Next, return to the third 
    window.  Shoot it and roll off the ledge inside.  Go to the other side of 
    the room and turn the corner right.  Headshot the seventh scientist and the 
    guard.  Go to the end of the hallway and turn left.  You should see a ramp 
    to the right.  Take it, then give the injection to the test subject.  Two 
    oddly efficient guards will come up the ramp behind you into the room.
    Target lock and QUICKLY kill them both.  Leave the room into the hallway.  
    Proceed right until you reach the left wall.  Peekaboo out and shoot the 
    eighth scientist and two guards.  Go over to the dead scientist and note the 
    locked door.  Grab the keycard for the second checkpoint.
    Take out the K3G4 and return to the green switch.  Activate it and the door 
    will unlock.  Go up to it and kick it open.  Go in and strafe left to the 
    bookcase.  You are in the library.  Run forward and shoot the flak-jacketed 
    guy.  Aim upwards and fire, killing the sniper.  Reach the end of the 
    bookcase and turn right.  Kill any near guards.  Then look for the little 
    box.  Climb onto it and climb up the next level.  Follow the corridor to the 
    end.  Turn right and shoot the guy.  Keep going forward and turn right, then 
    shoot the second guy.  At the end of this path you will find another tiny 
    box.  Climb up onto it and then the bookcase.  Take out the PK-102 and aim 
    upwards, and then shoot the window out.  Climb up to the frame and blast the 
    guard in the chest.  Walk to his position and look for the sound of breaking 
    glass.  Manually aim and kill the guy behind out.  Proceed to the end of the 
    path and go through the window.  Aim down to the left.  Kill the guard, and 
    then jump down to the floor, not the boxes.  Turn left.  Shoot the lab jars 
    instead of the guard and they will act like a gas grenade.  Do a 180.  Go 
    over and grab the shotgun ammunition from the box.  Proceed to the next 
    room, and turn right.  Give the test subject his injection to complete that 
    objective and get the third checkpoint.
    Go on the left side of the room and go down the ramp.  Fire that PK-102 at 
    the guard.  Go forward down the next ramp, and you will see a lab dude run 
    past to the right.  Go to the left and headshot the guard.  Roll behind the 
    boxes for cover and grab the flak jacket if you need it.  Peekaboo the ninth 
    scientist, then go over to him and grab his keycard for checkpoint number 
    Climb up over the boxes and manually aim downwards, and QUICKLY.  Headshot 
    the guy before he kills you, and jump off to the other side.  Turn left and 
    walk to the edge of the boxes.  Take out your 45 automatic.  Do a 180 as a 
    pair of guards come up behind you.  Shoot them without bothering to target 
    lock.  Switch to gas grenades.  Climb up the boxes and throw one over to the 
    other side.  Wait for the gas to clear and take out your K3G4 if you have 
    any spare ammo.
    (Non first timers, you should have at least 50 bullets left.)
    Jump over the next set of boxes.  Turn the corner left and kill the tenth 
    and final scientist for the fifth and final checkpoint.
    Go over and grab the flak jacket if you need it, then go into the dark area 
    and climb up the first tiny box.  Shoot the above guy.  Climb up to the 
    second stack and a guard will come up behind you.  Shoot him, then climb up 
    to the next stack in the dark.  Turn right and climb up to the final stack.  
    Push triangle and you will grab a complete refill of K3G4 ammunition.  
    Return to the bottom and go back down the ramp.  Make sure that flak-jacket 
    penetrating gun is out, then head up the next ramp and go to the top, then 
    run back down and shoot the two guards.  Run back up and turn left.  Run all 
    the way to the other ramp as two more guards run up it.  Target lock and 
    fire, then proceed to the bottom.  Follow the path until you reach a green 
    switch.  Access it and the door will unlock.  Kick open the door and shoot 
    the guard.  Go out the window and run and climb to the ramp that looks 
    identical to the one at the start of the level.  And no, you’re not back at 
    the beginning.  Follow the ramp downwards to the window.  Target lock before 
    you break it, and fire and kill the guard while breaking the glass.  Jump 
    off the ledge and turn right.  Shoot the flak-jacketed guard.  Switch to 
    your 45 and run around the left side of the elevator and get on to end the 
    Level 13: Stronghold Lower Level
    After the cutscene, proceed down to the bottom of the ramp.  Turn left and 
    look between the crate and the pillar.  One forty-five caliber bullet is all 
    you need.  Turn left again and go down the hallway to the next room.  Shoot 
    the guard behind the window and give the test subject his injection.  
    Returning to the first room, head the other way, to the right from the 
    direction you were first going in, and down the ramp.  Head forward, noting 
    the ramp on the right, to the end and you will see a guard.  Headshot him 
    and immediately place yourself between the last pillar and in line-of-sight 
    of the ramp, so the guard on the other side can’t snipe at you.  A scientist 
    will come running down the ramp.  Block his path and he will kneel at your 
    feet.  Kill him, then do a 180 and target lock the guard that you can’t see 
    from here.  Three shots should do the trick.  Head down the ramp you noted 
    earlier, down to the bottom.  Bypass the entrance on your right, but instead 
    go past the crates into the large tunnel.  You’ll come to a fork, straight 
    and left.  Head straight, to the top of the ramp.  A scientist will try and 
    escape, so block and shoot him.  Proceed forward into the next room, then 
    climb up the crates on your left to the top and head into the hidden room.  
    Jump down, and give the test subject his injection.  Go left into the next 
    room.  If you already used your gas grenades (not if you followed this 
    walkthrough, of course) pick up the set from the partially hidden box.  YOU 
    MUST HAVE THEM FOR NEXT LEVEL.  Now climb up onto the crates and switch to 
    your K3G4 assault rifle.  Run forward into the third room, descend to meet 
    two flak-jacketed guards.  Use the K3G4 on them.  Head right into the room 
    and K3G4 the scientist, then reload, switch to your PK-102, and go back to 
    the bottom of the crates, then keep going, past the crates and down the 
    ramp.  Give the test subject his injection, then head to the left down the 
    corridor and you should recognize your surroundings.  Head to the right, 
    back to the bottom of the ramp you noted earlier.  Head inside the tunnel 
    and turn to the left.  A guard will run away from you, so headshot him with 
    the PK-102.  Run to the end of the long corridor.  Turn left out into the 
    open, then immediately aim upwards and to the left and headshot the 
    flak-jacketed guard.  He’ll fall off the deck, and you can grab his 
    ammunition.  Head towards his direction, basically ending up on the exact 
    diagonal opposite of where you started in this room.  Climb over the crates, 
    turn right down the corridor.  Markinson will contact you, so listen to him, 
    then give the final test subject his injection for your first checkpoint.
    Run forward to the end of the corridor, then aim upwards and to the left to 
    see a guard.  Fire into his head and another will show up.  Target lock him 
    and blast away.  When he is gone, reload and turn right, heading towards the 
    next turn.  When you reach the right turn, a flak-jacketed guard will pop up 
    from the roof in front of you.  Quickly aim upwards and headshot him, then 
    reload and take the right turn.  Target lock and shoot the guard way in 
    front of you near the top of the large stack of crates while running 
    forward.  Climb up the stack of crates to the top, turn right, and climb up 
    onto the ledge.  Head to the right, to the end of the ledge.  A guard will 
    pop up on the ledge in front of you, so PK-102 him.  Do a 180 and another 
    guy will appear on the far ledge with the big window out of nowhere.  
    Quickly target lock, move in, and fire while strafing so this unusually good 
    shot won’t nail you.  Reload and head right into the corridor, then take out 
    your 45. automatic and climb over to the crates to the end.  Turn left, 
    headshot the guard, then move in, turn left again, and go past the pillar 
    and you might see a guard, but don’t worry about him.  Over the railing 
    you’ll see a beam leading to the other side.  Climb over the railing onto it 
    and run across, but DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TARGET LOCK.  The camera 
    will change with you still running forward and you’ll likely fall.  When you 
    reach the end, climb over the railing and head up the ramp to your left, 
    switching to the K3G4.  Kill the scientist, switch to your 45, then grab his 
    keycard for a checkpoint.
    Return to the railing and get back onto the beam.  Most likely there will be 
    a guard between the wall to your right and the pillar.  If you get lucky and 
    your weapon autoaims onto him, blast him.  If not, just head across and turn 
    left, then go back down the corridor, over the crates, and into the room 
    with no roof.  Turn right at the end of this section of wall on your right, 
    and go up onto the ledge.  Grab the flak jacket from the box if you need it, 
    then shoot out the window, go through, and position yourself to the left of 
    the doorway with no door.  Peekaboo the scientist in the next room, reload, 
    then grab his keycard for another checkpoint.
    Use the keycard to access the door, then kick it open.  Go to the edge of 
    the right-side door, then peekaboo the two guards, but don’t bother grabbing 
    their ammo yet.  Instead, head left, down to the end of the hallway, and go 
    right into the teensy narrow corridor, where a scientist will try to get 
    past you.  Block him and execute him.  Head up the ramp, into the lab, then 
    go to the end and headshot the scientist, who will pull put a useless 
    weapon.  Grab the PK-102 ammo, then grab the scientist’s keycard for the 
    fourth checkpoint.
    Run back the way you came, emptying a few shots into the attacking guard, 
    then go back down the miniature ramp and back to the double doors.  Target 
    lock and shoot the couple of guards on your way, then grab the ammunition of 
    the two guards you shot earlier and switch to your PK-102.  Head down the 
    ramp, to the end of the corridor, and left to the locked door.  Use the 
    keycard on the door, then head over to kick the door open.  Someone will try 
    to snipe at you from behind.  Don’t worry, just kick the door open and keep 
    yourself safely behind cover of the right-side door (at least for the first 
    few steps.)  IMMEDIATELY switch to manual aim, because an armed scientist 
    and flak-jacketed guard will come running.  Quickly headshot them, proceed 
    down to the end, then turn left and nail the guard off the ledge.  Keep 
    going forward, finding the little corridor and going into the next room.  
    Sometimes there is a guard here and sometimes there isn’t.  If so, PK-102 
    him in the back, then proceed around the corner to the apparent dead end (or 
    at least for first glance.)  Logan will send a comm to Markinson telling him 
    that he is above the entrance to the catacombs, but can’t find a way down.  
    Afterwards, climb onto the beam, being extremely careful.  Grab the flak 
    jacket if you need it, then make sure your PK-102 is out and loaded, and 
    finally head towards the huge window.
    After a brief cutscene, turn left and blast the guard in front of you.  Roll 
    off the ledge to the ground, turn the corner going to the right, then target 
    lock and nail the next guard.  Follow the wall all the way to the end, then 
    grab the box of K3G4 ammo and immediately equip that weapon.  Turn around 
    and turn the corner, and a guard will run up to you.  Take him.  Reload, 
    then search around the area where you rolled off the ledge and you’ll find a 
    corridor to go down.  Head to the end.  From now on to the catacombs’s 
    entrance, don’t stop.  Turn the corners and blast any guards on your way.  
    Go to the end into the next corridor, and proceed all the way until you 
    enter a yellow corridor.  Don’t stop, but make sure you have ammunition in 
    your K3G4.  Turn the corner to the left and blast the final scientist for 
    the final checkpoint.
    Run forward to the end of the yellow corridors, killing those two guards on 
    your way, then keep going into more familiar-looking territory (by that I 
    mean the walls.) Head down the wide tunnel, blasting the guard, then evade 
    any other guards around the pillars to the end of the room.  In the next 
    room, actually make sure you kill all the guards.  K3G4 all of them, then 
    switch to your Silenced 9mm Pistol.  Head down the ramp to end the level.
    (Levels 14-20 are in progress, but full priority is being put on the Syphon 
    Filter 3 FAQ, so I most likely won’t continue this for a while.)
    If you illegally steal anything from this guide, oh **** you’ll be sorry!
    Copyright 2001.

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