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    FAQ/Walkthrough by David Newton

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/18/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    (c) 05/12/2001 Wong Chung Bang (David Newton)
    ASCII art is harder than it looks, you know.
    This is my first FAQ - I decided to write it as so many people were having 
    problems with Syphon Filter, especially the Stronghold Catacombs level. This is 
    not an in-depth FAQ detailing everything in the game, it's just a walkthrough to 
    help players who are stuck.
    The walkthrough for most levels details the quickest and easiest way through the 
    level, only telling you what you need to know to get through the mission. Many 
    places in some levels are not necessary, but contain weapons or armor, so it 
    might be better to explore for yourself and use this walkthrough only 
    occasionally, to help you when you need it.
    There are five major locations to complete a mission in the game, which are 
    split up into a varying number of levels each, to make a total of 20 levels. 
    I’ve numbered the levels (Location.Section) - that is, the first number 
    corresponds to the location, the second number corresponds to the section of the 
    Version History
    v2.0 (05/12/01) - This version. Yes, this FAQ was written in just over a 
    weekend. Rest of levels (1 to 13) added.
    v1.0 (01/12/01) - First version. Walkthrough for levels 14 to 20.
    Part 1 - Washington DC
    Level 1.1 - Georgia Street
    Georgia Street is a gentle introduction to Syphon Filter. You may not think so 
    on your first couple of tries, but this is an incredibly easy mission - the 
    terrorists here are so useless they can fire at you point blank with a shotgun 
    and still miss. The only problem comes when you have to protect the CDBC bomb 
    Make sure you don't shoot at the men in yellow suits - they're the CBDC, and 
    they're on your side. An interesting point is that one of the mission objectives 
    for this level is 'Eliminate Rhoemer', even though you don't really do this 
    until the end of the game.
    (FMV Sequence)
    (Radio call)
    From the start, run forwards and go into the bar called 'The Place' - either 
    shoot the glass or roll through the glass door. Follow the corridor around, 
    watching out for the terrorist behind the crate barricade on the left. Further 
    down the corridor, you'll get a...
    (Radio call)
    Then look around the next corner for Kravitch. You have to kill him, and it's 
    easiest to do this with a Head Shot (use manual aim). Once he's dead, shoot the 
    three terrorists who come out of the corridor behind you, then shoot the 
    communications array (the computer on the table).
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Go back to where the crate barricade was, and climb over it. Shoot the glass out 
    the window, and then climb out of it.
    (Radio call)
    You now have another objective - protect the CBDC bomb squad. Before you do 
    this, shoot the lock on the gate to your right, and then go down using the lift 
    beyond that (call it first using the switch).
    (Radio call)
    Use the flashlight to find the power switch.
    *Checkpoint 2*
    Once you've pressed it, return to the surface. You'll find a terrorist waiting, 
    so shoot him. There's a way to get the M-79 Grenade Launcher here - climb on to 
    the metal crate, then the walkway, then shimmy across the pipe to get to the 
    opposite walkway. Here, there's a crate containing the M-79. Remember that when 
    shimmying you're totally defenceless. 
    Anyway, return to the ground and carry on - if you go over the crate in this 
    alley, you'll be in front of the Capitol Theatre. It isn't necessary to go to 
    here, but you get a Sniper Rifle. Get it (or not), then go all the way back to 
    where you started. Mind the terrorist who is now on the other side of the 
    Once you're out of The Place, just use your map (press START) to find your way 
    to the area marked Vacant Bank. You shouldn't have too much trouble getting 
    At the bank, there's a flak jacket, so top up your armor if you need to. Once 
    you're in the main part of the bank, you have to protect the CBDC agent who runs 
    in to disarm the bomb - just shoot all terrorists as they appear.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    There's a box of grenades in a dark corner of the bank if you want to get them 
    (use your flashlight). Now go all the way back to the point on your map marked 
    Subway Entrance, and go down the subway. There's another Flak Jacket hidden in 
    the dark here. Go further down to the lowest level.
    (Radio call)
    The viral bomb you heard about on the radio call is on the left hand side of the 
    subway as you come in. Tag it by pressing Reload next to it.
    *Checkpoint 4*
    Try going down to the lower level.
    (Radio call)
    The lower level's closed off, so you'll have to take the lift. Go back up and 
    then turn left. Go through the door marked 'No Exit' and turn on your 
    flashlight. Press the Call switch, and then take the lift down. Headshot the 
    terrorist at the end of the corridor, then go out into the lower level. Run to 
    the other end of the terminal (look out at the end for the terrorist with 
    grenades), and get to the bomb. The next scene is straight out of 'Die Hard: 
    With a Vengeance...'
    (FMV sequence)
    Level 1.2 - Destroyed Subway
    The 'With a Vengeance' similarity continues... the bomb in the subway was just a 
    decoy for something bigger. 'Eliminate Rhoemer' is still on your objectives 
    list. The main problem with this level is that sometimes it's not obvious where 
    you have to go, due to the strange level design. Be careful of the flames, too.
    (Radio call)
    Turn right from the start, and keep to the wall. Cross the rails where you see a 
    gap in the flames. When you're on the other side, turn left and head back the 
    way you came - a terrorist on fire will run towards you. Be careful here, as if 
    he touches you you'll die. Using a headshot is the best way to deal with him.
    Head round the corner at the end, and shoot the two terrorists waiting for you. 
    Cross the rails again, and climb up on to the end of the wrecked train. 
    (Radio call)
    Head along the train and drop down the other side. There will be a group of 
    terrorists to your right, and one of them has grenades, so be careful. Keep 
    going along the rails (in the same direction as you were walking when you were 
    on the roof of the train), and you'll find the C4 - use the flashlight to see 
    *Checkpoint 1*
    A guard will now start shooting at you from the other side of the flames on the 
    train - it's quite hard to see him. Head back to where the other train was, and 
    walk along the other side of the terminal to reach an area with a red vending 
    machine that's fallen on to the floor. You can climb up here, using first the 
    vending machine then the beams in the roof. A few guards will shoot at you while 
    you're climbing, so again be careful. Once you're up, use the pipe to get across 
    to the other side.
    (Radio call)
    You're now in the Upper Terminal. Head towards the place marked 'Blow open 
    passage to street' on the map (you'll pass the bomb you tagged earlier). Use the 
    C4 and retire fast. Once you've done that, protect the CBDC agent as he disarms 
    the bomb.
    *Checkpoint 2*
    Start heading towards the place marked 'Eliminate Rhoemer'. You'll find the 
    tunnel is blocked.
    (Radio call)
    To find the gas main, use the flashlight. It's next to the hole you originally 
    emerged from, on the left hand side of the map. Turn it off, then head down the 
    tunnel where you couldn't go originally (towards 'Eliminate Rhoemer'). Climb on 
    to the first train using the crate.
    (Radio call)
    Keep going down the tunnel, and another burning terrorist will head towards you. 
    Shoot him, then turn around and shoot the terrorist behind you. Climb up the 
    next train and there’s yet another terrorist. Keep going to the end of the 
    (FMV sequence)
    Level 1.3 – Main Subway Line
    Some Bosses in Syphon Filter will appear within levels, but this is the first of 
    the three levels which are purely Boss levels. It’s not too difficult, but watch 
    out for the trains.
    (FMV Sequence)
    (Radio call)
    There’s no real way to walk through this, but remember you can’t use explosives. 
    The best way to do it is to just charge out from the start (skipping the radio 
    call), roll under the beam when the train’s passed, then head shot Aramov once 
    to end the level. If you can’t do that, just keep following her down the tunnel 
    until you have a clear shot, then headshot her. The trains will come on 
    alternate sides of the track, so keep switching over.
    (FMV Sequence)
    Level 1.4 - Washington Park
    This is the first level where you have a time limit, but you’re given plenty of 
    time. The real difficulty is protecting the CBDC agents from the terrorists - 
    expect to have to restart at checkpoints a few times here. This is an unusually 
    long level, with a huge number of checkpoints (seven, in fact).
    (FMV sequence)
    (Radio call)
    From the start, just go forwards, following the paved path towards the Statue. 
    When you’re running past the area with the high walls, you’ll see a blue 
    flashing dot on your radar - this is the first of the viral bombs. Get to it and 
    tag it, then stay around and protect the CBDC agent who arrives. Try either 
    using headshots to save ammo or normal shots to save time.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Keep heading towards the Statue.
    (Radio call)
    The second bomb is on the far side of that. Again, provide cover fire for the 
    CBDC agent - it’s harder this time as you’re in a more open area.
    *Checkpoint 2*
    Once the bombs are disarmed you don’t have to worry about the CBDC agents. Head 
    to the left of the statue, up the dead end on the map. (There’s a narrow gap in 
    the wall you have to get through).
    (Radio call)
    Keep going and you’ll come across the third bomb. This one is very difficult as 
    terrorists come in from all sides, and the CBDC agent takes his time about 
    disarming the bomb as well. The best idea is to use the .45, and run around 
    using Auto Aim to shoot the terrorists.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    Head back to the statue now, and take the other path. About half way to the 
    tennis courts, there’s another viral bomb, but ignore it for now unless you’re 
    running out of time. Instead, head to the Tennis Courts, edge your way in and 
    shoot the first terrorist using the silenced 9mm, then shoot the terrorist next 
    to the hostages using the Nightvision Rifle (or if you don’t have it just use 
    the Sniper Rifle). This gives you a ‘safe’ checkpoint, so you don’t have to 
    trudge all the way back from the other side of the park should you fail the next 
    *Checkpoint 4*
    (Radio call)
    Now go back to the viral bomb and tag it. Protect the agent again - the .45 is 
    again the best idea.
    *Checkpoint 5*
    (Radio call)
    All the bombs are now disarmed, so the time limit is cancelled. Head back to the 
    tennis courts, then keep going until you reach the large stone ‘statue’. 
    (Radio call)
    Pick off the terrorists, then climb up to get to the communications array. Press 
    Reload to connect.
    *Checkpoint 6*
    You now have to kill Marcos, who is in the Hedge Maze. He’s marked on your map, 
    so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding him. Using a headshot is the 
    quickest way to kill him, but it’s difficult to get a clear shot at him in the 
    *Checkpoint 7*
    (Radio call)
    Now all you have to do is run to the Freedom Memorial at the North end of the 
    map - you can safely ignore all the terrorists. Just keep running and rolling 
    until you reach the door.
    (Radio call)
    Level 1.5 - Freedom Memorial
    The second of the Boss levels may seem hard at first, but once you know what 
    you’re doing you should get past it with no trouble.
    (FMV sequence)
    (Radio call)
    The main problem with Girdeux (quite apart from his horrible accent) is that you 
    can’t hurt him. Instead, you have to target his backpack, which will explode 
    when it’s hit. Doing this a few times will eliminate him. Make sure that he 
    doesn’t see you - keep behind pillars. If the flamethrower hits you it’s an 
    instant death. You can’t use explosives here, either. Take care not to sidestep 
    into flames left by the flamethrower.
    (FMV sequence)
    Part 2 - New York City
    Level 2.1 - Expo Centre Reception
    The first part of this level is the first time where you must use stealth - if 
    you’re seen, you’ll fail the mission. Use only silenced weapons. Once you’re 
    past the stealth part, there’s still quite a bit of mission to go before you 
    complete it.
    (FMV sequence)
    (Radio call)
    From the start, climb up two ‘steps’ on the right, then wait for the guard to 
    walk down the ramp. Headshot him, then climb up one more time to the top level. 
    Shoot between the pillars (this will take some lining up) to headshot the next 
    guard, then go into the building. There’s another guard to your left - shoot him 
    before he gets round the corner.
    Go through the Stonehenge exhibit - there’s another guard waiting at the door at 
    the other end. Once you’ve got rid of him, follow Phagan around the corner. 
    Don’t follow too close behind him, though. Make sure you wait for a while before 
    shooting the next guard, or Phagan will see you.
    Keep following Phagan between the Egypt exhibits. A guard will emerge from 
    around the corner in the corridor, so be careful. The last guard is the hardest, 
    as he only walks around the corner once you’re in an exposed place, so edge 
    forwards and try and headshot him before he sees you. Then just follow Phagan 
    the rest of the way.
    (FMV sequence)
    *Checkpoint 1*
    (Radio call)
    You now have to kill Benton. The easiest way is to headshot him, but he’ll move 
    as soon as you put the cursor over him. Use a rapid-fire weapon to make things 
    easier (you don’t have to use silenced weapons any more). Once he’s dead, pick 
    up the card key he drops.
    *Checkpoint 2*
    (Radio call)
    Now you can open the gate in this room. Mind the guard on the other side, 
    though. Kick open the doors marked ‘Museum Staff Only’ using Reload, and there 
    will be another few guards to shoot on the other side.
    Use the crates to climb up to the high walkway, then shoot the lock off the vent 
    cover. Follow the vents around until you reach an open area. Slide down the 
    stairs (just walk into them and Gabe will do this automatically). Be careful 
    here as there are a lot of guards, some with Flak Jackets. One of them carries a 
    Card Key, which you should take.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    Now, climb all the way back up the stairs again (use the ‘stairs’ at the sides 
    of the staircase) and use the card key. The gate doesn’t stay open for long, so 
    quickly slide down the stairs again, turn right then right again, and roll under 
    the closing gate.
    Follow the corridor around and you’ll be at the ‘Frontiers of Space’ exhibit. A 
    guard here has another Card Key.
    *Checkpoint 4*
    There’s another guard high above you that you should watch out for. Use the card 
    key on the lock and go through the next gate. You’ll now be on a walkway. Shoot 
    the guards around you (one will come in from behind you), then call the lift, go 
    on to it and shoot the switch high above you (the one giving off sparks). This 
    will activate the lift. Follow the walkway. Shoot all the guards - one of them 
    has a Card Key (you might have shot him earlier from the other side of the open 
    *Checkpoint 5*
    Don’t worry about the guards shooting at you from the stairs - you don’t have to 
    go back there. Take the combat shotgun and run, going back down to the bottom 
    floor where the lift is. Kick open the doors here and shoot the two guards, then 
    look in the lockers for a G-18 and Flak Jacket.
    Kick open the next set of doors. You’ll be on Mars (part of the space exhibit). 
    Shoot the four guards lined up beyond the windows, then climb up there. Turn 
    right and open the next gate using the control panel. Turn around and run 
    through it.
    Be careful of the next set of guards at the Moon Landing exhibit, as they all 
    have Flak Jackets - it might help to use the armor-piercing K3G4 provided. When 
    they’re all eliminated, climb up on to the lander then the walkway. Now all you 
    need to do is follow the corridor around, shoot the last guard and get to the 
    (FMV sequence)
    Level 2.2 - Expo Centre Dinorama
    This is a short level, but it might take a while to work out what to do at the 
    end of it when Aramov is about to kill Phagan. It starts quite suddenly as well.
    (Radio call)
    A number of guards burst into the room where you start, so be ready. When that’s 
    done, head off down the corridor. Kick the doors open.
    (Radio call)
    Now you have to get down. Grab on to the roof beam, shimmy over and let go once 
    you’re on top of the glass bowl.
    (FMV sequence)
    You can shoot the balloons here if you like, but it’s pointless. There’s a guard 
    in front of you as soon as you start this next section. Shoot him, then drop 
    down and some more guards will appear around you. You don’t have to kill them 
    all, but one of them has a Card Key.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    When you have the card key, kick open the doors to the Dinosaur Exhibit. Some 
    guards will run around the next corner, so shoot them. Open the gate and go 
    through it - there’s another guard in this room, and someone shooting at you 
    through the glass window (sometimes he doesn’t appear for some reason). Two more 
    guards will appear behind you as well. When you’ve killed them all, go through 
    the glass window and you’ll be below Aramov and Phagan.
    What you have to do is prevent Aramov from killing Phagan, but keep Aramov 
    alive. There are two ways to do this - you can either hit her with the taser, or 
    shoot the pistol out of her hand with the Sniper Rifle (this is the method I 
    *Checkpoint 2*
    Climb up on to the tail of the T-Rex, then run to its head - a few more guards 
    will appear below you, so shoot them before you shimmy across the girder to 
    reach Aramov.
    (Radio call)
    Part 3: Rozovka, Kazakhstan
    Level 3.1 - Rhoemer’s Base
    It’s not necessary to be stealthy on this level, but I would recommend it. If 
    you’re seen, the level is alerted and life becomes very difficult... once you’ve 
    set off the alert it’s easier to restart from the last checkpoint. It’s quite a 
    long level as well.
    (FMV sequence)
    (Radio call)
    Shoot the guard to your left as he walks away from you, then kill the guard who 
    rolls out from behind the truck. Walk forwards slightly until you see a 
    searchlight and a guard - shoot the guard first, then shoot the searchlight. Go 
    under the bridge. In the next area, shoot the guard who walks out from the left 
    and then shoot the searchlights on each side of the roof (there’s a guard next 
    to one, so shoot him first). Plant an explosive on the fuel tank.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Shoot the guard to your left, then walk forwards slightly. You’ll see a switch 
    ahead of you, but you can’t use it yet - you need the card key from Gabrek.
    (Radio call)
    There are a few more guards around here, so be careful. Look both left and right 
    before stepping out. You can shoot the guards on the other side of the fence to 
    make things easier later on, but take care not to be seen. Head right and shoot 
    the guard patrolling beneath the alarm beacon, then the next guard. Keep on 
    going forwards, and you’ll be in an area with another two guards, the power 
    plant and a fuel tank.
    There’s a choice of what to do here. Both the power plant and the fuel tank give 
    you Checkpoints, but it’s not necessary to get them so close together. The 
    easiest thing to do is to shoot the two guards and turn off the power, ignoring 
    the fuel tank for now (you’ll have to shoot the lock on the gate).
    *Checkpoint 2*
    Go back to near where the first fuel tank was, and take the ramp to the bridge. 
    Once you’re over, crouch behind the wall on the end of the bridge. Ignore the 
    two guards walking together for now, and instead headshot the guard standing 
    When you’ve done that, go down to ground level and pick up the gas grenades and 
    the nightvision rifle from the boxes. Follow the guards (walk along the trench) 
    to where they both stop, then throw a gas grenade at them. Then go back to the 
    fuel tank you ignored earlier and plant the explosive.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    Go back to where the guards you gassed were. Use the nightvision rifle to aim at 
    the two guards walking along the wall. Take them both out, then shoot the 
    searchlight. Turn left and you’ll see another guard through a small window in a 
    door. Use the nightvision rifle to headshot him through it, then turn left and 
    plant the next explosive on the fuel tank.
    *Checkpoint 4*
    Turn right and shoot the next guard, then retrace your steps and head along the 
    next trench. Throw a gas grenade over the barrels to your left to knock out the 
    two guards on the other side. Shoot the searchlight on the wall ahead, then U-
    turn and you’ll see another fuel tank behind a row of barrels. Plant the 
    explosive on it.
    *Checkpoint 5*
    Now carry on going, and head under the alarm beacon. Run forwards and plant the 
    explosive on the final fuel tank - you just have enough time to do this before 
    Gabrek comes round the corner. Retreat around the next corner, then use a gas 
    grenade to eliminate him and his guards. If you miss, it doesn’t really matter 
    any more whether you alert the level at this late stage. When you’ve got the 
    card key from Gabrek you’ll get another checkpoint.
    *Checkpoint 6*
    Keep going the way you were going - you’ll end up at the switch you saw earlier. 
    Use it now, then run, strafe and roll your way to the bunker - if the level is 
    alerted, don’t try and kill all the guards because they come back. The bunker is 
    marked on your map.
    Level 3.2 - Base Bunker
    The difficulty of this level is that there’s no map. The only good way to 
    complete this level is memorise where the guards appear, and plan out a route.
    (Radio call)
    Run forwards, lean round the corner and headshot the two guards on the left. 
    Turn around and shoot the switch to turn off the lasers. Follow the corridor 
    around past the green switch, and shoot the red switch on the far wall. Go back 
    and press the green switch to open the huge door. You’ll find a guard waiting 
    inside. Index the first missile.
    (Radio call)
    Index the other missile, then go out the other door. There’s another guard here. 
    Press the red switch on the wall to the left, then go right and through the 
    lasers that you turned off. Go left down the corridor.
    Two guards will emerge, one from the left and one from the right. Headshot them 
    both before they have a chance to shoot you. Press the red switch to turn off 
    the last set of lasers in the first room, then sidestep left and shoot the 
    switch down the corridor. This turns the lasers off in front of you, so head 
    that way.
    You’ll have to shoot another two guards here, so be ready for them. When you’ve 
    done that, lean round the corner to the left and shoot the guard,  then do the 
    same for the one on the right. Shoot the switch next to where this guard was 
    standing, then go through the turned off lasers and lean round the next corner 
    to shoot the guard.
    There’s another switch to shoot here, and to the right you’ll find a Flak Jacket 
    behind a set of lasers (as usual, shoot the switch to deactivate them). Work 
    your way to the green switch and open the door to the second missile room. There 
    are two guards here. Once you’ve dealt with them, press the Missile Access panel 
    to bring the missiles to the surface, then index them.
    Go out of the room and go left - after two more switches you’ll be back at where 
    you entered the room. Go back down this corridor (mind the guard that runs in), 
    and turn right at the end.
    You’re in the last room now. As before, lean round the corners to shoot the 
    guards, then shoot the switch on the left. Go around the corner and press the 
    green switch. A guard will appear behind you, so run into the room and close the 
    door. This makes sure you won’t be shot at when indexing the missiles. Index 
    them now.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    (Radio call)
    There’s something weird here - you can climb up on to the switch on the wall if 
    you approach it diagonally. It’s not very useful, though. Open either door and 
    be ready to shoot. Go round to the side of the room opposite the side you 
    started at, and shoot the switch that you can see. This will deactivate the 
    lasers on the opposite side of the room, so run through the missile room and get 
    to the corridor.
    Shoot the switch on the right wall to get rid of the last set of lasers. Just 
    keep running and turn right to get to the lift and the end of the level.
    (Radio call)
    Level 3.3 - Base Tower
    This is the last of the three Boss levels, and it’s also the most difficult. 
    Again, working out how to defeat the boss is harder than actually defeating it.
    (FMV sequence)
    (Radio call)
    Go to the centre of the tower and pull the switch.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    (Radio call)
    The most important thing while fighting the helicopter is to not get hit by it 
    (obvious, maybe). Stand in an open area until its searchlight lands on you, then 
    roll forwards to avoid its gunfire. Use Auto Aim to shoot it using the PK-102 as 
    it heads away from you. Repeat this until it starts smoking.
    Soon after this, the helicopter will sink below the level of the roof. Pay 
    attention to which side it goes down on, and run to the other side of the 
    central building, as when it comes up it will fire rapidly at you while 
    unloading guards. Press Auto Aim while it’s firing, then while it passes over 
    your head shoot it. Quickly kill the guards and then repeat this tactic.
    If you find yourself running out of ammo or armor, there are two crates at each 
    side containing them. Occasionally, the helicopter will go back to its first 
    tactic, but without using the searchlight so you can’t tell when it’s going to 
    fire. Try rolling forwards as the helicopter crosses the inner line on your 
    (FMV sequence)
    Level 3.4 - Base Escape
    Another timed level, but it’s easy enough.
    There’s not much to say about this level. Just run, strafe and roll through the 
    base back to the entrance (you have a generous time limit, as before). You don’t 
    really have to pay attention to the guards, and you can jump off the bridge near 
    the end to save time.
    (FMV sequence)
    Part 4 - Uzhhorod, Ukraine
    Level 4.1 - Rhoemer’s Stronghold
    The guards get a lot better here - you’ll have to hide round corners and use 
    cover as much as you can to avoid being shot. Strangely, scientists are harder 
    to kill than normal guards as they tend to panic a lot. Checkpoints are few and 
    far between.
    (FMV sequence)
    (Radio call)
    Walk forwards from the start, then drop down to the platform to your right. Look 
    down and you’ll see a guard, so shoot him. There’s another guard hiding behind 
    the right hand stained glass window. Go through the stained glass window, pick 
    up the sniper rifle from the crate and go down the corridor. You’ll see the 
    first of the scientists, so shoot him.
    Turn in to the room on the right, and you’ll find two test subjects. Use the 
    vaccine on them (use it like a weapon).
    (Radio call)
    Go back to the main corridor, and go past the electronically locked door. 
    There’s a guard patrolling at the end. Once he’s disposed of, go into the room 
    he was patrolling and use your flashlight to find a flak jacket. Now lean around 
    the corner and headshot the scientist.
    Follow the corridor into the lab ahead of you. There’s another test subject 
    here. Go out of the lab and turn left down the corridor filled with crates, 
    shooting the guards as you go. Half way along there’s another lab on the left, 
    with another guard, a test subject and a box of gas grenades.
    Shooting the large flasks on the tables in the lab produces a gas grenade 
    effect, so use this to your advantage if you’re ever cornered in a lab. Continue 
    down the corridor by turning left. The lab at the end has three scientists, one 
    of whom is carrying a Card Key.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    There’s a PK-102 and a Flak Jacket here if you need them. Go back down the 
    corridor (there will be more guards) towards the door lock you passed earlier. 
    You can now open it, then kick the door open. There will be a huge pile of 
    crates in front of you - climb them, then shoot the guard on the other side 
    before climbing down.
    Go out to the balcony, and you’ll have to shoot a few more guards - some on the 
    balcony, some across the gap. There’s another scientist in the second room along 
    (counting the one you came out of as the first). The fourth room has a K3G4 in 
    it, and the third room is the way forward.
    From the third room, continue down the corridor. At the first corner there’s a 
    scientist and guard, so shoot both of them. Go up the ramp on the right to find 
    another test subject, but there will be two guards behind you. Be careful here, 
    and take the Flak Jacket.
    Go back to the corridor again, and turn right. Look around the next left turn - 
    there’s a scientist and two guards. You could use a gas grenade, or just shoot 
    them all. Make sure you save a few gas grenades for the last Ukraine mission. 
    The scientist will have a card key.
    *Checkpoint 2*
    Unlock the door, then kick it open. You’re now in the Library - quite a 
    difficult part of the level. Many of the enemies here have shotguns and flak 
    jackets, so headshot them as soon as you can. First, shoot the guards on the 
    lower level, then climb up the crates and work your way round the walkway. 
    Finally, go to the top level and out the window, but be ready to aim and shoot 
    the guard on the bridge with a shotgun. Another guard will emerge from the 
    window on the right.
    When you’ve got through the next window, look down to see a guard shooting at 
    you. Quickly shoot him back, then climb down to the floor. Shoot the bottle on 
    the lab table to gas the guard hiding behind it. Make sure the gas has cleared 
    before you go in, though. The last test subject is in the corner.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    Now carefully go down the ramp. A guard will roll out from around the corner. At 
    the end of this corridor, you’ll see a scientist run across the corridor. 
    Instead of chasing him, aim left and shoot the guard first, then concentrate on 
    the scientist. There’s a Flak Jacket behind where the guard was standing, and 
    the scientist has a card key.
    *Checkpoint 4*
    Climb the pile of crates. There’s a guard on the other side of it, so watch out. 
    When you’ve climbed down, another two guards will follow you over. Turn around 
    to shoot them. Climb the smaller pile of crates, then drop down the other side 
    and turn right. Look out for the guard at the corner. The last scientist is 
    walking around here.
    *Checkpoint 5*
    The crate contains a Flak Jacket if you need it. Go up the ramp into the upper 
    room. A few guards will leap out at you, so use the crates as cover. Go down the 
    other ramp and follow the corridor around. Unlock then open the door. There’s a 
    guard to your right as you emerge from the door.
    Shoot the stained glass window, then go out of it and back in through the next 
    window. There’s an M-79 here. Go out again, and along the low walkway to the 
    middle stained glass window on the other side.
    In this room you’ll find a few guards, a pile of crates, a box of gas grenades 
    and, most importantly, the entrance to the catacombs.
    (FMV Sequence)
    Level 4.2 - Stronghold Lower Level
    This level is just about exactly the same as the last one, but with a different 
    map, of course. All the major mission objectives are the same. There’s a lot of 
    distance between the start and the first checkpoint, but after that it gets 
    slightly easier.
    (Radio call)
    Go down the ramp from the start, and a guards will come in from the left. Turn 
    left and go through the narrow door into the next room - there’s a test subject, 
    and also a guard with a shotgun behind the high stained glass window. Another 
    guard will appear once you’ve used the antigen.
    Go back out of this room, beyond the ramp you started at and down the next ramp 
    on the right. You’ll be on a high balcony in a storeroom. There will be a 
    scientist who runs down the ramp ahead of you on the left, and a guard shooting 
    at you from the opposite balcony.
    When you’ve shot both of them, go up the ramp the scientist came from. A guard 
    with a flak jacket will appear behind you. If you go into the lab another guard 
    will chase you. Go down the ramp in the storeroom.
    U-turn and go into the lab on the lower floor. Another guard will appear behind 
    you. When you step into the lab another scientist will run out from behind some 
    crates - be ready for this, because if you miss him you have to chase him all 
    the way back to where you started.
    Exit the lab and go down the passage on the right (you’ll have passed it on your 
    way in). There’s a test subject here, but when you get near him you’ll be shot 
    by two guards from the ramp on the right. Keep going up the ramp into the lab to 
    find another scientist.
    When you’ve disposed of him, climb the crates and go through the high window. 
    You’ll be in another lab. Administer the antigen to the test subject here, then 
    climb the next set of crates. You’ll be back in the lab at the end of the 
    corridor from the storeroom, so return there. You can climb the large pile of 
    crates in the corner to get to the balcony if you like - there’s a .45 up there. 
    Climb down again and go down the narrow passage opposite the one you went down 
    You’ll see a guard running away from you, so shoot him. Follow the corridor 
    around. In the next room there will be two guards shooting at you from the top 
    level, but you can’t get up there yet. Shoot back at them, then climb up the 
    small pile of crates in the corner of the room - you’ll see a passage partially 
    concealed by them. Take this passage.
    (Radio call)
    The last test subject will be in front of you now.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    When you move further down the corridor to the outdoor area, a guard will jump 
    down from the wall. There are a few guards around here, both on the walls and 
    ground. Again, use the crates as cover. Work your way around to the pile of 
    crates leading up to the balcony (the huge pile of crates at the corner has a G-
    18 on top of it.)
    Once you’re on the balcony, two guards will appear behind you. This is a very 
    awkward bit as the guards are quite far apart, so you can’t headshot them both 
    quickly. When you’ve shot them, go down the corridor and over the crate. 
    Headshot the next guard. You’re now at the room just before the first 
    checkpoint, but on a higher level.
    Make your way across to the other balcony (walk along the beam). Another guard 
    will be shooting from below, and another guard will turn up at the balcony you 
    just left once you’re over. The box has a Flak Jacket. Take the ramp up to the 
    lab and shoot the next scientist, who has a Card Key. The scientist is quite 
    difficult to kill because he runs about a lot while shooting a .45 at you, so 
    just use the same tactic and Auto Aim. This is the easiest way to do it, unless 
    you get a headshot.
    *Checkpoint 2*
    Make your way back to the outside balcony, climb up to where the shotgun guard 
    was and shoot the stained glass window. Climb through this and down the other 
    side. Turn left through the narrow door and headshot the scientist.
    Unlock the door, then kick it open. Turn right to shoot two guards, then turn 
    around and head left from the door. A scientist will run past you, so shoot him. 
    Keep following the corridor and you’ll be in a lab with a scientist. Get his 
    keycard when he’s down.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    A guard will rush in behind you. Go back to where the door was and go past it 
    (so you would be heading right from the door). There will be another two guards 
    on your way. Keep going once you reach the balcony, being careful of the guard 
    behind the stained glass window on your right. You’ll come to another door, so 
    unlock it then kick it open.
    There are a lot of guards in this next room, and also a scientist. Dispose of 
    them as quickly as you can, then go out the other passage in the room. In the 
    next room, there will be two guards - shoot them, then keep walking round the 
    (Radio call)
    Climb over the banisters, and walk along the beams towards the huge stained 
    glass window.
    (FMV sequence)
    *Checkpoint 4*
    Drop down a level, and shoot the two guards on the wall either side of you. Get 
    the K3G4 in this area, then turn around as another guard will come in. Just work 
    your way through the cemetery, being careful of the guards throwing grenades 
    from the high walls. You’ll find the last scientist in one of the passages.
    *Checkpoint 5*
    Once you’re back inside, be careful as there are guards with G-18s, which can go 
    through your armor in no time. It’s probably best to just roll around and avoid 
    them rather than standing still and aiming. Continue through the hall with the 
    pillars until you get to the Rose Chapel, then roll down the ramp to end the 
    Level 4.3 - Stronghold Catacombs
    This is, in my opinion, the hardest level in the game - much harder than even 
    the final levels. This is mostly because it has a 'bug' which prevents you 
    winning the level if you don't do it exactly right. I've put 'bug' in inverted 
    commas as it's not exactly a real programming error, it's just not obvious what 
    you have to do.
    (FMV sequence)
    (Radio call)
    It might help to start off this mission by skipping the conversation between 
    Gabe and Markinson - this gives you more time to line up your first shot. Make 
    sure you're using a silenced weapon, then headshot the first guard who comes in 
    from the right.
    From here, go forwards out of the corridor and slightly to the right - you'll 
    find a Silenced 9mm pistol in a crate. This is the weapon you need to use for 
    most of the level. Turn left and walk behind the scientist (X button held down). 
    You can collect the rest of the crates along the way if you want, but usually I 
    don't bother.
    Duck into the first alcove on the left, and then line up a shot ready to 
    headshot the next guard as he comes round the corner. Remember, if the scientist 
    hears or sees anything unusual he'll run off.
    Inch your way forwards, keeping the scientist in the shadows in front of you. 
    Shoot out the first two lights in the corridor (including the one you passed 
    when you came down the stairs), then keep on edging forwards until you can only 
    just see the third light. The scientist will stand around for a bit here. Once 
    the scientist has gone beyond this, shoot it out.
    Creep forwards again, and you'll see two guards on your radar. Keep on walking 
    forwards, don't go into the alcove - you can go much further than you think you 
    can without them noticing you. Go to the point where the floor is darker, and 
    then throw a gas grenade in between the guards. Make sure you don't hit the 
    scientist as well. As soon as you have thrown the gas grenade, run back to the 
    alcove and duck into it.
    If you see the scientist running away, restart the level. He's seen you, but the 
    level hasn't been alerted yet. This is what confuses most people about this 
    level. Walk forwards again, and turn right (the scientist doesn't go this way, 
    but it's safer to do this so that you take out all the guards.)
    You'll see one or two (it depends how fast you were) guards walking down the 
    corridor. Headshot or gas them, but make sure you're not seen. Turn left again 
    and shoot the next guard (in the shadows ahead of you), then turn left one more 
    time to be in the large room with the stairs. The scientist should now be in 
    front of you. He'll hang around for a bit, and then set off down the corridor. 
    Follow him again, and he'll turn right.
    Follow the scientist until the corner, then fall back when you see the next 
    guard. Headshot him as he turns the corner (same idea as the second guard in the 
    level). Walk down the corridor where the scientist went, and with any luck 
    you'll hear the 'click' of the door opening. Run towards the door.
    (FMV Sequence)
    *Checkpoint 1*
    With the hardest part of the mission - and, in fact, the hardest part of the 
    game - over, the next two parts of the mission are easy enough (well, they're 
    difficult, but nowhere near as hard as working out how to do the first part). 
    Remember that you can now use non-silenced weapons. The PK-102 is a good weapon 
    to use, or the armor-piercing K3G4 if you have it. Keep following Phagan, 
    protecting him from the guards - most of the time it's better to headshot them 
    as some have flak jackets. Also, make sure you don't headshot Phagan by mistake.
    *Checkpoint 2* (During the Phagan part of the mission)
    When Phagan crouches at a junction, get ready to fire as guards will come in 
    from all sides. The hardest part is just after the checkpoint, when you go into 
    the room with the stairs - look out for two guards at the bottom of the 
    staircase. However, sometimes they don't appear for some reason.
    If you have to, you can hide behind Phagan to avoid taking damage as he takes 
    quite a few hits. I wouldn't recommend this, though. Look out for a guard behind 
    a grate later on, and also guards coming from behind you. Try to memorise the 
    locations of the guards and anticipate Phagan's moves. Just keep following him 
    and protecting him until you arrive at Lian's cell.
    (FMV Sequence)
    *Checkpoint 3*
    Lian is a bit more useful to have as a teammate than Phagan as she can actually 
    use a gun to defend herself.
    *Checkpoint 4* (During the Lian part of the mission)
    Use the same tactics as for Phagan and you should be able to get to the exit 
    without too much trouble.
    Part 5: Almaty, Kazakhstan
    Level 5.1 - PHARCOM Warehouses
    This is a strange level, because rather than killing all the enemies it's 
    important to think about who you're shooting at. There are two sides - Rhoemer's 
    men (blue, I think) and Phagan's men (white). Most of the time they'll just 
    shoot each other, leaving you to get on with the mission, but if they see you 
    and there's no one from the other side to shoot at, they'll draw their attention 
    to you. So try and keep the 'populations' of the guards roughly equal - it will 
    help later on.
    Another point is that not many of the guards carry flak jackets - this may seem 
    to make the level easier, but in fact it's harder as you can't headshot a guard 
    and take his flak jacket - instead, you have to find crates.
    (FMV Sequence)
    (Radio call)
    Again, skip the conversation at the start. This will give you more time to 
    headshot the blue guards at the end of the alley you start off in. From the end 
    of the alley, you'll see two windows, above you and to the right. Shoot one of 
    them, then climb up to it. First checkpoint already.
    (FMV Sequence)
    *Checkpoint 1*
    You can kill Erikson if you want - it doesn't count either for or against you. 
    Make sure you pick up the scanner from the crate, particularly if you have to 
    restart here - you don't want to have to retrace your steps. Leap out the window 
    again, then keep going forwards until you see a poster on the right wall. Climb 
    up to the right just beyond this - make sure no one is around first, though.
    Once you're up, turn left into a small, cramped room. The first of the bodies is 
    in here. Select the Viral Scanner as you would a weapon, then press Manual Aim 
    (or Fire) to use it. You're looking for a glowing green/blue blob on the scanner 
    - the bodies get easier to find once you know what you're looking for. Once 
    you've seen it (the scanner will say 'PLANT BEACON ON BODY'), go to it and press 
    Reload to tag it.
    (Radio call)
    *Checkpoint 2*
    Re-select your weapon, then shoot out the window and roll out, turning right. 
    Keep rolling, ignoring the guards (they'll be busy shooting each other). To the 
    left of the door leading into the warehouse at the edge of this area, there's a 
    high window you can shoot. Climb through it and you'll be in a room with three 
    huge crates. The second body is in one of these, so use the Viral Scanner. Tag 
    it by planting a beacon on the top of the box.
    *Checkpoint 3*
    There's a Flak Jacket and a crate of grenades in this room. You'll have been 
    waiting for this - shoot the row of barrels next to the door, then the row of 
    barrels beyond that. In the confusion, go to the closed door near the window you 
    originally rolled out of and kick it open using Reload. Get into the room, and 
    run out the other door. 
    Shoot the barrels ahead of you to blow open the floor of the next warehouse, 
    then roll down to get into a tunnel. Climb over the crates and turn right. Watch 
    the gunfight until one side dies, then pick off the survivors, shooting the 
    barrel as well. You can go down the right-hand tunnel to get a K3G4 if you want. 
    Keep following the tunnel to the surface, then turn left and climb on to the 
    roof via the crates.
    This next part is quite difficult, because you have to shimmy across the pipe 
    for a while, leaving you defenceless. Shoot a few of the white guards, and while 
    they are distracted by blue guards climb across. Quickly, pull the Power Switch 
    to get another Checkpoint.
    *Checkpoint 4*
    Turn left after pulling the switch, then carefully climb down the crates or 
    you'll die from the fall. Try to do this quickly, though, because you're being 
    shot at. Once you're down, go down the narrow alley between the two warehouses, 
    turn left and headshot the guard. Then run straight ahead to get to another 
    warehouse with a Flak Jacket.
    You probably needed that. Now go out and turn left to see a glassless window, 
    with crates below it. How handy - climb up and through it. There's another hard 
    bit here - you have to kill three flak-jacket-wearing guards, one of which has 
    grenades. It might help to get off the high crate you start on, as this makes 
    you an easy target.
    Once they're dead, look around using the Viral Scanner again and you'll find the 
    last body. Plant the beacon on the side of the box this time.
    *Checkpoint 5*
    Shoot the barrels to get out. Now all you have to do is get to the end point. To 
    do this, get back to the electric fence you saw earlier - it's switched off now 
    - and while the guards are distracted, kick it open with Reload. Go back down 
    the tunnel, and kick open the two electric fences there as well. Keep following 
    the tunnel around, and you'll eventually come to a blockade. Destroy it. Turn 
    right after this, and you'll be at the surface. Kill the guard here, then climb 
    in to the building through the window to complete the mission.
    Level 5.2 - PHARCOM Elite Guards
    This level is much the same as the last one, but without the distractions of 
    Rhoemer's men. The mission objective is still the same - find and tag 3 viral 
    carriers. There's nothing particularly 'Elite' about the Elite Guards, but they 
    are armed with BIZ-2s, so try and headshot them as soon as you see them.
    (FMV Sequence)
    (Radio call)
    Don't take the obvious route out the window - turn around and go down to get to 
    the opposite side of the building. Mind the guards here. Once you've gone 
    through the first warehouse, look out for the guard whose head is concealed by 
    the flame from the barrel. After you've gone to the end of this alley, do a U-
    turn and headshot the next two elite guards who jump down from the crate. The 
    first body is in the crate where the two guards were standing.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    There's a window you can climb up to, but don't bother. Instead, turn around and 
    run to the left-hand side of the area - in Warehouse 74 there's another body in 
    a crate to tag. That was quick.
    *Checkpoint 2*
    There's also a BIZ-2 in this warehouse, so get it if you haven't got it already. 
    Go back outside, and go into the building in the middle of the area. There's a 
    guard on the second floor, so be careful. Climb up the crates to get to the 
    roof, but again watch out for the guards on the opposite building. Make sure 
    there's no one around before you shimmy across.
    Once you're over, go down into the gap between the buildings and turn right. 
    Drop down to the ground after running along the roof, but be careful of the two 
    guards who emerge from the tunnel on the left after you drop down. The last body 
    is in this area, so use the Viral Scanner and then tag it.
    (Radio call)
    *Checkpoint 3*
    Go down the tunnel, shooting the barrels before you get to them (otherwise the 
    guards might shoot them and blow you up). Turn left, left, left and left again 
    to get to the surface, where you can ignore the guards chucking grenades and 
    roll to the Warehouse 76 entrance.
    (FMV Sequence)
    Level 5.3 - Warehouse 76
    A slight change of plan, then, as Warehouse 76 is now on fire. You have a 15-
    minute time limit, which is more than twice enough. The real difficulty is 
    avoiding the flames - if you find yourself on fire, try pausing the game then 
    unpausing. It sometimes helps. Take the level slowly and calmly, as the time 
    limit is no problem.
    (Radio call)
    Being careful of the flames, run to the open door. Turn right and shoot the 
    guard with the flak jacket. Destroy the barrels, then turn left and shoot the 
    barrels that the guard is hiding behind (not the best of places to hide), then 
    climb up the crates to where the first guard was standing - there's a place to 
    roll through here. 
    You can drop down between the flames in the next room (which is the same room as 
    the second room you walked through), and then climb up the crates to get to a 
    high walkway. Unfortunately, it's a bit unstable - follow it into the next room, 
    shooting the guard on it. Instead of following the unstable walkway all the way 
    along to the end, try and roll down on to the crates in the room below - you'll 
    die if you fall too far to the ground. This might take a few tries to get right.
    Some guards will run in, so kill them first. Go into the room in the direction 
    you would have been going if you had been following the walkway (not a good, 
    description, I know - South on the map), and then turn right.
    (Radio call)
    Keep going down the corridor, and...
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Climb over the crates, and watch out for the burning guard emerging from the 
    flames. Climb the crates to your left, shoot the guard that appears below you 
    and then drop down again to avoid the flames. Turn left and you'll see a 
    tempting-looking row of barrels, but don't shoot them yet - walk forwards a bit 
    and then three guards will drop down. You know what to do now.
    There's a secret bit here - go behind the huge crate that the three guards 
    dropped down from, and there's another roll gap. Go through it and shoot the 
    barrels and the guard, then get up to the walkway to get an M-79.
    Get back to the huge crate room, then into the next room (to the left, or to the 
    right if you did the secret part) and climb up the crates. There's a gap you can 
    roll through into the next room. Turn left slightly and headshot the guard. Turn 
    around and shoot the guard on the walkway as well.
    Make your way up to the walkway via the crates, then run along the collapsing 
    walkway into the next room (roll for effect if you must). At the end, drop down 
    on to the crates, then the floor. You'll be next to the lift now, so shoot the 
    switch on the wall nearby and wait for it to come up. Go on to it to complete 
    the level.
    (Radio call)
    (FMV Sequence)
    Level 5.4 - Silo Access Tunnels
    This is the first of two cave levels. It's quite difficult to navigate these 
    levels, and the lack of a map doesn't help either. Fortunately, they're both 
    quite short.
    (Radio call)
    Be prepared to shoot from the start of the level, as three guards run at you. 
    You might want to try skipping the radio call again. There's a flak jacket at 
    the start of the level to make up for the sudden start... Go down the passage. 
    It's a straightforward route, but watch out for the grenade thrower at the 
    bridge. You'll come to a set of lasers.
    (Radio call)
    Turn right and climb up into the high passage. Pick off the guard, then instead 
    of going over the bridge climb down the hole it is bridging - there are crates 
    and walkways there. You'll be in a low passage. For some reason the guards here 
    tend to run away from you rather than shoot, so you might have a problem 
    shooting them. There's a grenadier or two at the end. 
    Climb up the crates to get to a higher passage (mind the guard that appears 
    behind you). There's a flak jacket in an alcove if you need it. Go down the 
    passage away from the lasers and you'll come to the lift control room, but 
    there's no power.
    (Radio call)
    Use the crates in the corner of the room to get to a high passage, lit in red - 
    the relay switch is at the end.
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Go back down the corridor - the power room is now populated with a few guards. 
    Climb down the crates and shoot them, in whatever order you find easier. 
    Remember to move away if you see a grenade thrown at you. After that, press the 
    power switch you activated and then go down using the lift.
    In the low tunnel, the guards come in two sets of three, so be prepared. After 
    you've climbed up a level, you'll get to a lift. Call it and then take it up. 
    You'll emerge facing a set of lasers, so turn around and go in the other 
    You'll find a junction. Going left causes a cave-in, so it's not much help. Try 
    it if you want. Taking the walkway up and right will lead you to another three 
    guards, and then the power room. Activate all three control panels.
    (FMV Sequence)
    Level 5.5 - Tunnel Blackout
    That's one way of shutting it down... Strangely, this level is quite easy - 
    easier than you'd expect for the next to last mission. However, its lack of 
    Checkpoints mean that you can't afford to make any mistakes. It's a lot like the 
    Subway on Level 2 to start off with.
    (Radio call)
    Walk to the pit in the middle of the room, and climb down it, taking care to aim 
    yourself at the metal beams. Once you've done that...
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Use your flashlight to find the crates, and you'll find a Nightvision Rifle, 
    which is very useful on this level. All you have to do now is follow the caves, 
    checking your rifle every few seconds and picking off anyone ahead of you. Try 
    not to miss headshots as they will alert the guards, and it takes a while to 
    The most difficult part is when there are two guards - shooting one will alert 
    the other, so do this quickly. Be careful not to fall down the gap after this - 
    climb down after shooting the guard at the bottom.
    Keep following the tunnel and climb up the next set of beams, walk along the 
    tunnel and drop down at the end (make sure you veer slightly left or you'll fall 
    down into the gap). Cross the bridge and pick off the next two guards.
    Slightly further down the tunnel, you'll come across a group of three guards - 
    it's best to forget being subtle here and just use the M-79. Then run forwards 
    to the lift and the level will end.
    (FMV Sequence)
    Level 5.6 (Final) - Missile Silo
    Unlike any other timed mission in the game, this mission has a DIFFICULT time 
    limit. There's no timer on the screen to start off with, but you're still being 
    'background timed'. Being the last level, it's quite tricky as well, but once 
    you know what you're doing it's just about possible. The map's quite strange as 
    well - pause the game and you'll see what I mean.
    (Radio call)
    Skip the radio call at the start - it gives you more time (or at least  
    psychologically, anyway). As said above, there is no timer but you still have to 
    complete this part quickly. If you leave it too long, a countdown in Russian or 
    something will start, and once that finishes it's Mission Failed. You have about 
    one minute in total from the start of the level.
    Anyway, from the start ignore the crate, run left and shoot the guard on the 
    other side of the rocket. Ignore the guards below you for now. Press the call 
    switch next to where the guard was, and wait for the lift. Once it arrives, use 
    it to get down to the lower level (Level 3). Headshot the two guards here, then 
    quickly climb the beams on the left of the rocket, run over to the side and get 
    the codes from it. A bug in the game means that if you only just make it and no 
    more, the game will crash. There's a surprise here...
    (FMV Sequence)
    *Checkpoint 1*
    Thought the one-minute time limit before was hard? You've got five seconds on 
    this one. Turn right, and leg it towards the closing blast door. If you roll at 
    the last moment you should make it in time. You'll now have about 2 minutes and 
    40 seconds to complete the level.
    Call the lift opposite the one you came down, and take it up. Run along the 
    corridor here.
    (Radio call)
    Shoot the guard that sneaks round the corner. Carry on and shoot the next guard. 
    As you're about to go into the Mission Control room, a guard will appear behind 
    you, so watch out. Turn around to shoot him, then shoot everyone in the next 
    room (one of the scientists will have a Card Key). Use this on the door and run 
    down into the mainframe.
    The first guard is on ground level, so shoot him, then you should have enough 
    time to eliminate the other four guards as well. If you can, get the gas 
    grenades from where the last two guards are as well - this will make things 
    slightly easier later on. Charge to the opposite end of the room and press the 
    switch on one of the computers (the location is marked on your map).
    (FMV sequence)
    *Checkpoint 2*
    Rhoemer is surprisingly easy to finish, if you don't bother trying to shoot him 
    and instead use this tactic: Keep pressing Reload as the screen fades in, to 
    climb over the computer. Roll forwards to get to the other side, and shoot the 
    guards if you haven't already. Then climb up and get the gas grenades, and lob 
    one at him. That's it.
    (FMV Sequence)
    (End Sequence)
    Questions, comments, suggestions? wongchungbang@hotmail.com is the place to send 
    them to.

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