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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KHughes

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    Syphon Filter Walkthrough v 1.8
    Version 1.8
    --Level 1
    --Level 2
    --Level 3
    --Level 4
    --Level 5
    --Level 6
    --Level 7
    --Level 8
    --Level 9
    --Level 10
    --Level 11
    --Current codes
    Level 1
    	Right when you start, go around the corner holding R1 to lock onto the
    enemies. Keep using R1 to kill everyone until someone shouts out "Go Go Go!"
    At this time, you should proceed to the subway, which is accessible by heading
    down the ramp on the left side. Go down and look around by the locked door.
    You will be prompted to "Contact Lian Xing." Do it and you will have a new
    	Now, go back up and kill everyone up there again (except the CBDC, your
    backup). On the same side of the street as the subway is a building called
    "The Place." Blast through the glass (or just walk through it) and you will
    see a pool table straight ahead of you. (If you want you can shoot the light
    above the table, or turn to the little small room to the left of the entrance
    and shoot the bottles using sniper mode (Holding L1))
    	Take the hallway and go around the corner. On your left is a soldier in a
    small room off to the side.  Shoot him and go in that little room. Grab his
    ammo and shoot the window for a future time. 
    	Go back out of the small room and turn some more corners until Lian Xing
    notifies you that you're near the first boss. Take out your M-16 and get ready
    for a fight! Turn the corner and as soon as a green dot appears on your radar,
    hold R1 to lock him in (He's the guy with the Flak Jacket on). When you have a
    shot that isn't blocked by the bar straight ahead of you, fire away! He isn't
    too hard and you should kill him relatively easily if you've saved your M-16
    ammo. When he's dead, kill all the other people in the room and shoot the
    computer in the back corner. This is the first checkpoint.
    	Go back to where you started the level now. You should see a CBDC. Go to
    where he is and go down the alley.  When you come out of the alley, be
    prepared for gunners on the roof who have intentions of killing you! Holding
    R1 will remedy this problem and you should be clear of all gunmen--for a few
    seconds. When you come to the intersection, turn left and help out your backup
    by killing a few soldiers. Go into the building (the one with a triple-door
    and the newspapers for sale outside). 
    	If you really need it, get the Flak Jacket, otherwise, you can get it when
    you leave because there will be bad guys in here. What you have to do is keep
    the enemy from killing your CBDC man working on the bomb. Once you dispose of
    all the bad guys, head into the side room and take out your flashlight (you'll
    either have to go the menu in "weapons" while the game is paused, or hold
    select and find it using the L2 and R2 buttons.). In here, you can find M-16
    ammo and grenades. Now you're done with this building. 
    	Before you make your way out the doors, you will notice that there are many
    gunmen back on the roof. Take out your M-16 and kill them through the windows
    (Or if you want, take out your sniper rifle. That's a lot more fun). Go back
    through the alley to "The Place." Remember that window you shot earlier? Now
    you go through it. Take a left out it to get a Flak Jacket and Sniper Rifle
    ammo, but beware: there are some enemies behind the flaming cars. Then go back
    near the window and you will see a fence. Shoot the lock on the left side
    using L1 and press the elevator call button straight ahead. Take the elevator
    down and equip your flashlight. Search around the small area down there for a
    power box. Hit the power box. Now when you go back up the elevator, there will
    be a person you have to kill. After that, go back through the window, out of
    the bar ("The Place") and down to the subway. Now, instead of the door being
    locked, it is open and you can proceed through there. 
    	After killing everyone down here, go to the left and hit triangle when you
    stand next to the bomb. The bomb will be the big square gray thing on your
    radar. Now go all the way to the end of the subway, where you can no longer go
    straight. Go to the right and out that door. Take a left in here and go down
    the elevator. Go all the way to the end, killing anyone you see, and finally,
    the boss (wearing the Flak Jacket) and walk up to the bomb. 
    Level 2
    Before I start the walkthrough for this level, let me just tell you that
    whenever you get set on fire, you die. There is no putting the flame out (at
    least not to my knowledge. Even if there is, you will probably have already
    lost most of your life and by then it'd be better to just start over.) So
    don't wander too close to the flames. Knowing that, we can now proceed. 
    	Take a right to start and continue straight for a Flak Jacket. Then cross the
    tracks. While running down here, hug the wall on the right side or else a
    burning soldier that is screaming crazily past you will ignite you in flames.
    Take a right and kill the guy on the ground first and then the guy on top of
    the train. Go past the dead soldier on the ground, picking up his ammo, and
    walk next to the train.  You will be prompted to contact Lian Xing. She will
    give you a new objective: to find explosives. Now, go back to where you were
    when you killed the last two soldiers. 
    Cross the tracks right in front of you and climb up onto the train by first
    getting on the little ledge next to it. Go straight and prepare for the
    toughest part of the game so far. Walk up to this next opening while being
    towards the right side. You have to keep checking R1 to see if you can kill
    anyone (I recommend the shotgun here). Keep moving up until you can kill the
    first two guys. Then walk over so a third guy can see you. Beware; he has
    grenades! Keep shooting him from down where you are until you see a grenade
    coming at you. At this time, quickly jump up to his level and get away. If you
    are anywhere near the grenade when it blows up, you will feel the shock of it
    and end up like the two soldiers already on the ground! Turn into the side of
    the walkway parallel to him and run down that way until you hear the grenade
    explode. Shooting him with R1, it will take around 10 shots to kill him.
    Whenever you see him throw a grenade, get out of that area. He should only be
    able to throw 2 or 3 grenades before you finish him off. 
    Once he's dead, you will have to take a left and walk down on the tracks. Take
    out your flashlight from your inventory and search the right side of the wall
    way down by the train. Press Triangle to pick up the C4. Now go back to the
    spot where the man with the grenades was and go down the right side. When you
    reach the end of this road, a gunman above you will greet you. Shoot him with
    the weapon of your choice. I recommend the M-16. When he falls down, get his
    ammo and climb up on the crate that is dangerously near the fire. Face away
    from the fire and press triangle. You should climb up there. Keep climbing
    until you get to the next floor. Now, you have to go to the end of the subway
    and walk up to the door with bars. Press Triangle and you will have to protect
    a CBDC man while he works on the bomb. Then go towards the passage way in the
    "top left" section of the level.  Notice that there are flames in the way. You
    now have to find a way to get rid of them. To do this, go back and on the left
    side of the subway (right side when you're backtracking) is a place to switch
    it off (on the wall, near the beginning of this section). Now you can go back
    to the place in the top left section of the second floor subway.
    	All you have to do is make it through this area. The only tricky part is when
    there is another man engulfed in flames running after you. When you hear the
    screaming, quickly press down to do a 180-degree turn and run back. Don't
    worry about the guy on the roof of the train just yet. Make sure you get into
    the space between the two trains to avoid flaming up. Now that you are safe,
    take out your M-16 (or any other weapon) and destroy that threat. You can
    proceed safely when the guy stops flaming. Besides that, just keep going
    through this section and within a few more trains, you will be done with this
    Level 3
    This level isn't too much of a level. The basic premise is this: you have to
    kill the girl, Aramov. Basically, know that the trains come on alternating
    sides, and you can roll under the separators. Don't get too far behind her
    either. What I did was start off putting about 10 shotgun shells into her,
    then switching to my M-16 and nail her with that. Don't even worry about the
    guys on the side who are shooting at you; they won't do much damage and will
    only slow down your goal of killing Aramov if you go after them. 
    Level 4
    This is probably the coolest level so far because you get to use a night
    vision sniper rifle. This is especially fun when you get to the part where you
    pick off guys from a distance way before they can see you.  Also, the first
    objective you should do is to disarm the four viral bombs. The bombs are they
    gray square things on your radar. Knowing this is extremely helpful in
    completing this objective.
    	Start out by killing the guy ahead of you on the ground. After you kill him,
    get the guy on top of the wall. The guy on the wall will give you the night
    vision sniper rifle! Go through the hole in the two walls where the gunman was
    and take a left. I suggest using the .45 right now because it is pretty
    efficient; killing in one or two shots. Go to the "wall" of the scenery and
    keep going until you see the bomb on your radar. Press triangle on the bomb
    and protect your CBDC agent by shooting all the enemies that come near you.
    After that is complete, go to the middle and head forward. You will see a huge
    statue in front of you. Go towards it. When you get the latest message from
    Lian Xing-that there are hostages on the Tennis Court-ignore it for a second.
    First, go to the other side of the statue and have a CBDC man disarm the bomb.
    Protect him again, and you will reach the second checkpoint (if you die, you
    would start here again). 
    	Now check your map and look for the Tennis Court. You will have to go out the
    right side to reach the Tennis Courts. Luckily, on the way, there is another
    bomb. Just follow the path (pavement) and you will see it (watch for it on
    your radar). Successfully disarm the bomb, then continue forward. Before you
    go in the hole of these two brick walls, you can pick up a Flak Jacket on the
    left side if you need it. Now, continue on and Lian will give you a new
    objective. Right after she does, watch out for the gunman on top of the wall
    ahead of you. Kill him and get his ammo if he falls down. Before you turn this
    corner, know that there are three guys. One is on the left wall, the other is
    behind this upcoming turn, but will roll out and shoot at you, and the third
    one is on top of the far wall. After you turn the next corner, there is one
    more guy who is on top of the left wall. Go through here and coming up are the
    tennis courts. Don't get too close to the fence, but close enough so you can
    see one guy walking around in there with your night vision rifle zoomed in all
    the way (zoom in with triangle, out with circle). After that headshot, move in
    closer. Get it so you can get a clean shot at the guy in the center of the
    three soldiers you see. You will have to do this through the door of the
    Tennis Courts. After that, you will contact Lian Xing. You can now go back to
    your real objectives.
    	Go back to where the statue is and continue straight past it to the new area.
    There are guys all over here so keep your guard up. I used the .45 here. When
    you get to the next area, kill the guys in here and pick up the Flak Jacket if
    you need it. Continue through here and use the path to help you find the last
    bomb. This is the toughest one yet to defend because the guys come from all
    different sides. You will have to use your shotgun here to kill each one of
    the enemies at once because there are a lot of them. After you finish this,
    you will have to go back to the Tennis Courts. 
    	Now you will have to get to their comm. Equipment and disable it. It is on
    top of a series of white pillars. There is a gunman on top and many people all
    around it. Lian Xing will tell you when you're really close to it. Once you
    get up top, Lian Xing will tell you where your next foe will be (right ahead
    of you). 	
    	Proceed and you will end up in a place called the "Hedge Maze." Here you will
    have to kill a rather tough "boss." Use your shotgun on him and know that
    there is a Flak Jacket to use in the right side of the maze. You really
    shouldn't trade blows with him because he takes away so much per hit. Try to
    get a few good ones in at first, then run away and hit him once or twice every
    time you see him and he should be dead in no time. 
    	When you kill him, you will only have to run forward a little bit to complete
    the level. It's your call though; you can either run straight for the exit
    while rolling the entire time, or kill the 5 or so guys equipped with Flak
    jackets. I chose the former. Just run and when you get really close to the
    guys (like, one body length apart) start rolling like crazy! Keep rolling
    until after the screen turns black for a few seconds because they can still
    hit you. You will have to make it to the entrance, which is in between the
    last two guards. 
    Level 5
    	This is another of those non-levels as your only objective is to kill the guy
    you're locked into the room with. They say that he is wearing full body armor.
    They tell you to look for a weak spot in it. All you have to do is get behind
    him and shoot the tank on his back. After 3-4 hits he will be dead. 
    Level 6
    	Before I start let me say that although this level is the coolest so far, it
    is also the most challenging. What you should know for this level is that you
    cannot be seen until you complete the first objective. To successfully do
    that, you should only use weapons that are silenced. 
    	To start, go up on the left side of the path. Climb up until you are in
    between a pillar and some crate next to the wall (that you can't open). Wait
    until the first guard walks past you so you can't see him for a few seconds.
    At this time, shoot the stationary guard in the head with the silenced 9mm and
    then turn around and hit the walking guard in the head as well. Get their ammo
    and then proceed forward. Right when you get in here, you will see another
    guard. Shoot him in the head, and then go out by all the pillars. Walk up to
    the one that has another one right in front of the two next to each other so
    you can't be seen. Wait until the guard who walks out and looks where you used
    to be goes back and turns his back. At this time, go up behind him and shoot
    him in the head. Go through this area and take a turn. Don't go all the way in
    this room, just a little; when you get a certain distance into the turn, a
    guard will walk across. Shoot him in the head (I suggest the sniper rifle from
    far away) and proceed into the next hallway. There are two guys here. Wait
    until they walk out and then kill them. You will have to turn a corner for the
    second one to come out. 
    	Now, you don't have to worry about being sneaky!  Walk into this next room
    and peek around the corner to hit Benton in the head. If you successfully do
    it, you will get his Flak Jacket along with all the other goodies! Now, you
    have to go through the door marked "Museum staff only." 
    	There are three guys on this floor-one on each level. Kill the guy on the
    ground first, then the guy above him and finally kill the guy on the highest
    level (shoot him in the head for a Flak Jacket). Now pick up the ammo on the
    ground and climb up on the crates in the middle of the room. Keep climbing
    until you get to an air duct. Go through here and kill everyone. Keep killing
    everyone until people stop coming, then go down and pick up a cardkey. With
    the cardkey, you will have to go back up to the top of this area and press the
    switch on the right of the door (if you're walking out of it). Now you will
    have to quickly run down (take the "stairs" in the middle) and then run to the
    right side and through the door in there. You will have very limited time
    before the door shuts. If it does, you will have to do it again.
    	Keep going and kill everyone coming after you. One of them will give you a
    cardkey. Go down the elevator. Now keep going forward and go through another
    "Museum Staff only" door. This time you will be on Mars  (well, a Mars
    exhibit) and you will have to quickly kill everyone in sight. Take a right
    when you climb up and you will notice that it tells you to get a key to open
    this gate. 
    	Now you have to go back to the elevator and get to the second floor. When you
    arrive, stay on the elevator. Get to the "bottom right" of it. Look up with L1
    and shoot the switch on the third level. This one is broken (see the sparks?)
    and this is the only way to get up there. Once you're up there, just proceed
    until you get to a hallway with glass on the left side. There will be guys
    here. Kill them all then get the stuff in the box at the end of the hall. Now
    you can go all the way back down to the first floor, past the mars exhibit and
    open that gate that you couldn't before. Go through here and just continue on.
    You shouldn't have any more problems. After this, you are done with this
    Level 7
    	Get the stuff out of the lockers, and then kill everyone in this room. Go out
    and through the door at the end of this hallway. Lian will tell you that you
    will have to find your own way down. Get under the supports above you then
    press triangle to hang on. Shimmy over to the middle then drop down. Kill
    everyone in this room, then climb up to where the guy with the shotgun was and
    get all his things (First checkpoint).
    	Now, go out this door and hit the two guys coming out in the other hallway
    when you get there. Then get their Flak Jackets, and turn around to kill one
    more guy in a Flak Jacket. Hit the switch and go though the gate in that
    hallway you were just in. Now, kill the guy in here. After that, crouch in
    front of the glass and hit the guy in front of you in the head. Then walk
    slowly through this hallway until you hear two people talking. Wait until you
    hear one tell the other that he has "10 seconds" left. Then either shoot her
    gun with your sniper rifle, or use your taser on her. After this, climb on top
    of the dinosaur and kill all the new people coming into the room. Then just
    shimmy over to the ledge on the "right" of the dinosaur. 
    Level 8
    	(Taken from http://sages.ign.com) Take out the two guards behind the truck
    with the Gas Grenades found in the locker inside of the guard's room. Snipe
    out the guard on the over-head walkway THEN the searchlight (if you shoot the
    search light first, the guy will call for back up, making your life a living
    Go forward until you see the first gas-tank, but take out the guard that's
    coming around the corner from the left, first. Look where the guy just came
    from and take out the guard patrolling in front of the gate. NOW plant the
    Check to your left and see the guy coming down the ramp. Wait for him to
    leave, and Check your right. Take out this guard using the peek-a-boo tactic
    (see him when his back is turned) and head up the ramp. 
    Cross the walkway and wait atop until the two guards leave the scene. Kill the
    remaining guard and get the Night-Vision Rifle and Gas Grenades. Throw a Gas
    Grenade to kill the two guards around the corner and then sneak up and wait by
    their bodies. Kill the two guards on the walkway next to the light and then
    take out the light. Walk ahead a few feet and kill the guard through the
    window, and plant the second C-4. 
    After the C-4 turn to your right and kill the guard past the boxes, make you
    way down the alley, gas the talking guards and take out the lights. Head to
    your right and plant the third C-4. 
    Walk towards the tank but when you see the special guy, run all the way back
    and hide until he turns around, then kill him and pick up his card, FLAK, and
    ammo. Walk ahead, kill any remaining guards, and plant the fourth C-4. 
    Kill the guards around the corner and next to the door and open the gate, Head
    to the Power plant and kill the patrolling guard, HURRY kill the other guard
    next to the switch before he calls for backup. Hit the switch, and plant the
    final C-4. Now make your way to the bunker and prepare for a lot of guards in
    the next level.
    Level 9
    The tough thing about this level is that there is no map! You should also know
    that if you do touch the red lasers, you'll die. The way to turn the red
    lasers off is to shoot the flashing panels on the wall. All you have to do is
    progress through this level, going in all the side rooms to get the bombs and
    you'll end up at the end in no time. There isn't really much room to get stuck
    in this level. The only thing I am going to warn you about it at the end, you
    will be walking down a hallway.  Take a right (by the room with the computer)
    and just finish the level. If you open the side room, then go in it, you'll
    see a bunch of bad guys who will just be a nuisance and you won't get
    Level 10
    (Also taken from http://sages.ign.com) Beating the chopper can be tough unless
    you know the proper way. First you will need to learn the choppers two basic
    attack patterns and to be smart about evading the its fire. What it does is
    that it kind of strafes from side to side shooting bursts at you and then it
    drops down below the fence. Go to the edge and hold the lock on button and
    start strafing and then start shooting. Repeat this step as much as you can
    until he starts smoking. After it starts smoking, it unload a whole ton of
    lead at you so you better be good at side stepping. First stand facing the
    ledge its rising from and when it appears, lock on and roll (while shooting)
    along the edge as fast as possible from on corner to the other. It's almost
    beat when it passe overhead so when it does that just lock on and fire away
    and you should have it. Sometimes the chopper might drop some terrorists down
    but they shouldn't be too much of a problem, just get in some quick head shots
    then focus on the chopper again.
    Level 11
    	This level is really easy also and should only take a minute or two
    (literally). All you have to do is make it to the beginning of Level 8, the
    first level in Kazakhstan. What I did was just shoot the first two guys I saw,
    then didn't kill anyone else the rest of the level. While you're running, if
    you see the "danger" icon pop up under your health, start rolling. It's all
    pretty easy and you know you're at the end when you see a guy with a Flak
    Jacket. Just walk right past him and you'll be done!
    Defeating Rhoemer
     After you have push the button to the main computer, you watch a short film
    and start real quick. Rhoemer is right behind you with an M-79. To get out of
    his way, make a quick right behind the column. Take your quickest route to the
    opposite side of the room (underneath the first window.) This is a safe zone.
    Above you are two of Rhoemer's men. Sniper them. Before this next step, make
    sure Rhoemer is directly behind your computer. Check this by using the virus
    scanner you got a few boards before. As soon as Rhoemer is in his place, throw
    a hand grenade off the wall to scare him away. The second he runs, you run in
    the direction of the second window and jump the computer. Sniper the other two
    people in the second window, climb the wall, and get the gas grenades. If he
    is still where he was when you through the grenade, gas him from the window.
    If he is by you, wait until he peaks around the corner to gas him. 
    Museum Level Tip
    When at the end of this level, you have to capture Aramov and Phagan alive. To
    do so, target Aramov with the taser or (if you prefer), shoot her gun hand
    with the sniper rifle.
    M-79 in First Level 
    If you go through "The Place" in the first level in your normal direction
    you'll see a door blocked by a large block that you can climb over and there
    will be one guy inside and then a window to the left. Shoot out the window and
    then climb out the window. To the left there will be a large metal box and
    just before you get to it there will be a message from Lian and then you climb
    on to the box. Go to the edge of the box that faces the nearest wall and press
    triangle. Gabe will jump up and grab a fire escape, pull yourself up and then
    go to the right end of the fire escape and press triangle again and Gabe will
    grab a pipe hanging above him, hold left and scurry across it. Once you reach
    somewhere near the middle two guys will run from around the corner. After you
    take them out keep moving across the pipe and you will find another fire
    escape and on the opposite end of it you will find a metal box with the M-79
    in it, but it only has five rounds so save your ammo.
    Stealth Tips 
    You need to use stealth in Syphon Filter; and doing that can be quiet
    frustrating. Here are 3 tips to improve your chances of completing the game: 
    When a guard is on a route (walking back and forth). Hide behind a wall and
    hold L1 to manual aim. Then hit L2 or R2 to do a quick pop out. Then you
    simply shoot the heck out of the guard then let go of the buttons. 
    Instead of using your R1 auto aim, use the L2 manual aim. Wait until the
    screen says "head shot" then fire. You will use only 1 bullet and it kills him
    on the first shot. 
    When using stealth, shoot out spotlights so guards can't see you. If a guard
    is by a spotlight, Then snipe-out then guard first, and then shoot the
    1999, Kevin Hughes, KEVIN89065@aol.com
    Do not use this without my permission. Just let me know that my time was put
    to use (you want to use it) and I'll gladly let you. Please tell me first

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