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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RHendrawan

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/24/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      JONATHAN                   ,, /|,,           
           PHAGAN                ,,| |,,       LIAN   
                                 ,,| |,,,         XING  
     ,,,,,,,,  ,,,,,,,,  ,,,,,,,,,,| |,,,,,  ,,,,,,,,  ,,,,,,,,
    ,, _____ ,, _ ,, _ ,, ______ ,,| |____ ,, ______ ,, ______ ,,
    ,,/  _  \,,| |,,| |,,|  __  \,,|  __  \,,/  __  \,,|  __  \,,
    ,,| |,|_|,,| |,,| |,,| |,,| |,,| |,,| |,,| |,,| |,,| |,,| |,,     ___
    =================================================================|___ > 
    ,,\___  \,,| |,,| |,,| |,,| |,,| |,,| |,,| |,,| |,,| |,,| |,, 
     , _ ,| |,,| |,,| |,,| |,,| |,,| |,,| |,,| |  | |,,| |,,| |,,  T
    ,,| |_| |,,| |__| |,,| |__| |,,| |,,| |,,| |__| |,,| |,,| |,,  H
    ,,\_____/,,\____  |,,|  ____/,,|_|,,|_|,,\______/,,|_|,,|_|,,  O
     ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,| |,,| |,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,  ,,,,,,,,  ,,,, ,,,,   M
                  ,,| |,,| |,, GABRIEL       .....                 A
     E            ,,| |,,| |,,      LOGAN    .|\...                S
      D   B        ,,\|,,| |,,  .......  .....| |......        MARKINSON  
       W   E         ,,,,| |,, .. ____ .. _ ..| |.. _ ..
        A   N           ,,\|,,.../  __|..|_|..| |..| |__ ...................
         R   T           ,,,, ...| |..... _ ..| |..|  __| ______ .. ____ ...
          D   O               .._| |__ ..| |..| |..| |.. /  __  \../  __|..
        ___    N              .|_   __|..| |..| |..| |.. | |..| |..| |....
      < ___|================================================================
                       M      ...| |.....| |..| |..| |.. |  ____/..| |...
                       A      ...| |.....| |..| |..| |.. | |.. _ ..| |...
      ERICH            R A    ...| |.....| |..| |..| |.. | |__| |..| |...
         RHOEMER       A R    ...| |.....|_|..|_|..|_|.. \______/..|_|...
                         A    ...| |..................... .............
                         M    ...| | ...                
                         O    ...| |...
                         V    ...|/...       ANTON GIRDEUX
                             SYPHON FILTER FAQ v1.0
                            for the Sony PlayStation 
                                by Rudy Hendrawan
    Unpublished work Copyright 1999 Rudy Hendrawan
    This FAQ is for private and personal use.  It can only be reproduced 
    electronically. This FAQ is NOT to be used for PROFITABLE or PROMOTIONAL 
    purposes.  This includes being incorporated, reprinted, or otherwise used by 
    magazines, books, guides, etc., in ANY way. This FAQ was created and being 
    maintained currently by Rudy Hendrawan (goblic@hotmail.com or rudy-
    h@psxrocks.com) All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged that are not 
    specifically mentioned in this FAQ. 
    I'll Make it Simple : this FAQ is MINE there is NO unauthorised use of this game 
    FAQ  ANYWHERE unless it is shown in its ENTIRETY...you MAY put this FAQ  on your 
    site but ONLY in its COMPLETE FORM. I do not write this walkthrough so some hack 
    writers can sit back and get paid for it. And the most important thing : You 
    cannot sell this walkthrough.
    Syphon Filter is (c) Sony Computer of Entertainment and (c) 989 Studios
    ***** Table of Content ****** 
    1. Version                                                             
    2. Forewords                                                           
    3. Characters' Profile                                                
    4. Logan's Moves List                                                    
    5. Weapons And Items List                                              
    6. Battle Tips and Strategies                                                     
    7. Tips For Non-Walkthrough Players                                       
    8. Complete Walkthrough                                                 
    9. Gameshark Codes (from The Game Shark Code Creators Club)             
    10. Personal Credits                                                              
    ##########  1.  VERSION  ###########                                      
    Version 1.0 (24/02/99) : initial release. Already contains complete walkthrough.                                                              
    ##########  2.  FOREWORDS  ###########                                     
    Piece of conversation in the game to let you know what you're dealing with : 
    "My God !! Syphon Filter! It's ...... "
    "Yes, it's quite remarkable. A virus genetically programmable to eliminate 
    anyone or anything. Imagine a weapon that can target specific demographics, 
    ethnic groups that can wipe out the whole continents, except for those chosen to 
    Syphon Filter is a mission-based action game. You're Gabriel Logan, a covert 
    operative agent, trying to chase Erich Rhoemer the terrorist who is threatening 
    the world with the 'ultimate' syphon filter virus. In his mission, Gabriel is 
    capable of using many weapons, including : silenced 9mm, M-16 machine gun, .45 
    gun, sniper rifle, night vision rifle, etc. Gabriel can sneak, climb ledges, go 
    down ledges, contact your friend with radio, roll, and so much more.                                                                    
    The animation is so fluid. Maybe this is the first game where your character is 
    able to move his waist ^_^. The background is so interactive. Try to shoot the 
    wall and you will see a hole on the wall. Shoot a window and the window will 
    break and make ways. Run in the snow and you will see your footsteps.                   
    The action is very tense in this game. Terrorists are everywhere, and are 
    equipped with different weapons. The terrorists seems to be smarter in later 
    stages, thus makes them harder to kill. Kill them and you can get the weapons 
    they left. There is a critical target point on the enemy's body, which is : 
    Shoot him in the head for a sure kill. Furthermore, you will need your brain to 
    survive. Sneak carefully in the darkness, crouch, equip your nightvision rifle, 
    aim to the enemy's head, and...BOOM (get the picture ??).         
    The enemy's AI is very good, for example : if you miss the shot, the enemy will 
    try to find who shot him. If an enemy is dead near another enemy, this person 
    will try to look for his friend's killer. Throw a grenade and the enemies will 
    spread out and move away from the grenade. That's why you should not make many 
    mistakes and be wise to choose which weapon to use.                                                      
    There are several types of mission, such as : stealth mission (where you should 
    not be detected at all), infiltration (can be detected, but the enemy will sound 
    the alarm to make the situation hairy), or timed mission (you have to finish the 
    task on certain times). There are boss stages in this game, and they're quite 
    Many people compare this game to Metal Gear Solid, as they have the same type of 
    gameplay and similar stories. Lots of people call this game a MGS's clone. 
    Personally, I DON'T think that this game is MGS clone, because it comes out only 
    4-5 months after MGS. It means that this game is made at the same time Konami 
    made MGS. As you know, I wrote MGS FAQ, too - I played these two games A LOT. If 
    you ask me which game is better, I say that each games has their own pros and 
    cons - and my advice is : buy them both - you won't be sorry because these two 
    games are the BEST action game that I ever played. And NO DOUBT ABOUT IT !!
    This is my third FAQ after Metal Gear Solid and Hard Edge:The Disaster Adventure 
    (import). The first time I saw this game, I immediately fell in love. Played it 
    all day and night, then I decided to make the FAQ for this wonderful game. Takes 
    about one week to finish it. It is really a hard work because I want to make the 
    FAQ as complete as possible. I will update this FAQ if there's something new.
    If you have any question, suggestion, or information, e-mail me on 
    goblic@hotmail.com or rudy-h@psxrocks.com. I'll try my best to help.
    ##########  3.  CHARACTERS' PROFILE  ###########                           
    ( the characters' profile is taken from 989 Studios site - www.989studios.com )                                                      
    1. GABRIEL LOGAN - Covert Operative                                        
    Stats :                                                              
       Sex : Male Height: 6'3"                                         
       Age : 35 Weight: 185 pounds                                            
       Birthplace : Camden, NJ                                               
       Eye Color : Brown                                                     
       Nationality : American                                                
       Hair Color : Black                                                   
    Background :                                                            
       Recognized as the top operative in the Agency today. Agency Operative, 1993-
    Current. U.S. Army, Special Operations, 1987-1992. Gulf War, 1991. Presidential 
    Citation, 1991. Silver Star, U.S. Army, awarded 1989. Commissioned as a 2nd 
    Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, 1987.
    Training :                                                                
       M.A. Degree, Biochemistry, Magna Cum Laude, Rockefeller Institute, awarded 
       B.S. Degree, Biology and Chemistry, MIT, awarded 1987.                          
       U.S. Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), MIT, 1983-1987.               
    2. LIAN XING - Intelligence Communications Expert                                  
    Stats :                                                                    
       Sex : Female Height: 5'7"                                               
       Age : 29 Weight: 120 pounds                                             
       Birthplace : San Francisco, CA                                          
       Eye Color : Brown                                                       
       Nationality : American                                                 
       Hair Color : Black                                                    
    Background :                                                              
       Operative for the Agency since recruitment after graduation in June 1996. 
    Expert in the field of communications.
    Training :
       Ph.D., Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude, Stanford, 1996.
       M.S., Computer Science, Stanford, 1995.
       B.A., B.S. Languages and Computer Science, U.C. Berkeley, awarded 1993.
    3. THOMAS MARKINSON - Director of the Agency                              
    Stats :                                                                   
       Sex : Male Height: 6'0"                                               
       Age : 52 Weight: 210 pounds                                           
       Birthplace : Cambridge, MA                                             
       Eye Color : Green                                                      
       Nationality : American                                                  
       Hair Color : Gray                                                     
    Background :                                                             
       Agency Director, 1997-Current. Defense Intelligence Staff, Washington D.C., 
    1986-96. Army Intelligence, Washington D.C., 1976-86. U.S. Army Special Forces, 
    1968-75. Purple Heart, Medal of Honor, both earned during tours in Vietnam.
    Training :                                                                
       B.A., International Relations, Georgetown, 1968.
       Officers Training School, U.S. Army, 1968
    4. EDWARD BENTON - Deputy Director of the Agency                           
    Stats :                                                                    
       Sex : Male Height: 6'0"                                                 
       Age : 47 Weight: 210 pounds                                             
       Birthplace : Chicago, IL                                                
       Eye Color : Brown                                                       
       Nationality : American                                                  
       Hair Color : Black and Gray                                             
    Background :                                                               
       Deputy Director, Agency, 1999-Current. Division Chief, Agency, 1993-96. 
    Intelligence Analyst, Balkan Region, Agency, 1984-92. Intelligence Analyst, 
    South American Region, Agency, 1978-84.
    Training :                                                                 
       M.A., International Relations, University of Maryland, awarded 1978.    
       B.A., Political Science, Johns Hopkins, awarded 1975.                   
    5. ERICH RHOEMER - International Terrorist                                  
    Stats :                                                                    
       Sex : Male Height: 6'2"                                                 
       Age : 35 Weight: 193 pounds                                             
       Birthplace : Leipzig, Germany                                           
       Eye Color : Brown                                                       
       Nationality : German                                                    
       Hair Color : Black                                                      
    Background :                                                               
       Responsible for the bombing of the Comm Parks building, London, U.K., 1997. 
    Airplane hijacking, Gulf Airlines, Istanbul, Turkey, 1995. No records exist 
    prior to 1994. Has ties with many terrorist organizations in  South America, the 
    Middle East, Europe and the former USSR.
    Training :                                                                 
       No formal training records or certifications exist.                     
    6. MARA ARAMOV - Expert Assassin Working for Rhoemer                        
    Stats :                                                                    
       Sex : Female Height: 5'11"                                               
       Age : 32 Weight: 137 pounds                                             
       Birthplace : Novgorod, Russia                                           
       Eye Color : Blue                                                        
       Nationality : Russian                                                   
       Hair Color : Auburn                                                     
    Background :                                                               
       Assassin for hire,1989-Current. Believed to be responsible for the deaths of 
    at least 14 people, all contracted assignments. KGB Operative, 1986-1989. 
    Believed to be a member of the Black Baton terrorist organization. Has links to 
    organized crime in Moscow.
    Training :                                                                 
       No formal training records or certifications exist.                     
    7. JONATHAN PHAGAN - CEO and Founder of Pharcom Industries, Inc.           
    Stats :                                                                    
       Sex : Male Height: 6'5"                                                 
       Age : 65 Weight: 190 pounds                                             
       Birthplace : Chicago, IL                                                
       Eye Color : Hazel                                                       
       Nationality : American                                                  
       Hair Color : White                                                      
    Background :                                                               
       CEO and Founder of Pharcom, 1992-Current. Vice President, Wyn Industries, 
    1983-92. Director of  Laboratories, Wyn Industries, 1972-83. Research Chemist, 
    Zyzon Labs, 1965-72. Helped bring both Zyzon Labs and Wyn Industries to the 
    forefront of the biotech industry. Chairman, Society for the Advancement of 
    Biotechnological Materials.
    Training :                                                                 
       M.D., Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1965.                              
       B.S., Biology and Chemistry, University of Illinois, awarded 1957.      
    8. ANTON GIRDEAUX - Munitions Expert Working for Rhoemer                   
    Stats :                                                                    
       Sex : Male Height: 6'0"                                                 
       Age : 29 Weight: 200 pounds                                             
       Birthplace : Toulouse, France                                            
       Eye Color : Blue                                                         
       Nationality : French                                                     
       Hair Color : Blond                                                       
    Background :                                                               
       Mercenary for hire, 1992-Current. Machinist, 1988-1992. Girdeaux has no 
    official records linking him to any significant criminal activity. Believed to 
    have been recruited into the Black Baton ranks by Mara Aramov.
    Training :                                                                 
       Certification by French Society of Machinists, 1988.                    
    ##########  4. LOGAN'S MOVES LIST  ###########                              
    Gabe has lots of moves in this game. You have to master the control to survive 
    the mission. 
       +++ Basic Moves +++                                                      
    Direction pad : move your character.                                         
    Square        : to shoot the equipped weapon                                
    X             : to crouch                                                  
    O             : to roll                                                    
    Triangle      : to interact with the environment, such as : open doors, pull 
    switches, etc.
    L1            : to aim the shot                                            
    R1            : to target lock an enemy                                     
    L2            : to strafe left                                             
    R2            : to strafe right                                            
    Start         : to the character screen                                     
    Select        : to change weapons                                           
    Select + DPad : to choose which weapon to use without stopping the game.   
    Tap D, D      : to turn your body 180 degrees.                              
       +++ While holding the Aim Button (L1 button) +++                         
    Direction pad : move the crosshair.                                        
    Square        : to shoot                                                   
    Triangle      : to zoom in (for sniper rifles)                             
    O             : to zoom out (for sniper rifles)                            
    L2            : to sidestep a little bit to the left                       
    R2            : to sidestep a little bit to the right.                     
       +++ While in front of the ledge +++                                     
    Triangle           : grab the ledge                                        
    After grabbing, you can do this :                                           
    DPad Up            : to climb the ledge.                                   
    DPad Down          : to climb down the ledge.                              
    Dpad Left or right : to move left or right while hanging.    
      +++ While on the ledge +++
    Hold X, press up   : climb down the ledge              
    Looks easy, right ?? ...... NOT AT ALL !! Here's why : To kill enemies in later 
    levels, you have to hold and press several buttons at once, such as : target 
    locking the enemy, crouching, and side stepping and shooting at the same time 
    (Hold R1, R2, X, and press Square to shoot), then do that to another enemy 
    (Release R1 and R2, then hold R1 again without releasing X, then press R2 to 
    side stepping again, then press Square).....Get the picture ?? Furthermore, 
    there are enemies that you have to kill with the aim button (L1) and you have to 
    do it fast before the enemy sees you.                 
    So all I can say is : Practice, Practice, and More Practice.               
    ##########  5.  WEAPONS AND ITEMS LIST  ###########                        
    There are few types of weapons in the game. They are : guns, shotguns, machine 
    guns, rifles, grenades, and misc. Fire rate score ranges from 1 to 5, 1 is the 
    slowest and 5 is the fastest. Damage score ranges from 1 to 5, 1 is the weakest 
    and 5 is the strongest.
    +++ GUNS +++                                                               
    1. Silenced 9mm Handgun                                                    
       Stats :  Fire Rate 3                                                    
                Damage 2                                                       
                Clip Size 15                                                   
                Max Rounds 90                                                  
    The 9mm handgun is the standard issue side-arm for NATO and all five branches of 
    the U.S. Armed Forces since passing the 1979 MRBF (Mean Rounds Before 
    operational Failure) performance test where it expended 35,000 rounds, six times 
    the gun's service life.  
    NOTE : this is one of your first primary weapons. Not suitable when fighting 
    multiple enemies because it's not so powerful. The advantage of this weapon is 
    that this weapon is equipped with silencer, so you can use this weapon in the 
    stealth missions. The aim function of this gun is quite useful, although you 
    cannot zoom in or out.
    2. .45 Handgun                                                             
       Stats :  Fire Rate 2                                                    
                Damage 3                                                      
                Clip Size 10                                                   
                Max Rounds 60                                                  
    This tough, durable gun has been in production for almost a century. It has 
    tremendous stopping power, and in spite of its strong recoil and heavy slide and 
    bolt, it is a deadly weapon in the hands of a seasoned professional. 
    NOTE : This weapon is quite good, despite its fire rate. You can kill with just 
    one body-shot if you do it right. 
    +++ SHOTGUNS +++                                                          
    1. Shotgun                                                                 
       Stats :  Fire Rate 2                                                    
                Damage 4                                                      
                Clip Size N/A                                                  
                Max Rounds 25                                                  
    The 12-gauge modified choke shotgun is standard issue for the DEA, FBI and USSS. 
    In firing tests using tactical 00 shot with nine lead on an ISCP regulation 
    target at 25 yards, the payload was delivered into the "A" kill zone with 
    limited collateral damage. 
    NOTE : Shotgun is really strong. Shoot them and you can see the enemy taking a 
    heavy impact to the back. The problem is the reload time - it's very slow. You 
    have to reload everytime you shoot. Suitable for close range and quick killing. 
    Not suitable for multiple enemies with flak jackets.
    2. Combat Shotgun                                                          
       Stats :  Fire Rate 2                                                    
                Damage 4                                                       
                Clip Size N/A                                                  
                Max Rounds 30                                                  
    The overly heavy recoil of this 12-gauge shotgun is more than compensated for by 
    its unparalleled stopping power and its recoil-inertia operation which is 
    significantly faster than the gas-operated system found in most auto-loading 
    NOTE : This is a better version of shotgun. It's more powerful, and a little bit 
    faster, even though the stats look similar. 
    +++ MACHINE GUNS +++                                                       
    1. HK-5 Pistol-Machine Gun                                                 
       Stats : Fire Rate 4                                                     
               Damage 3                                                        
               Clip Size 32                                                    
               Max Rounds 192                                                  
    The HK-5's modular design and small size make it very popular with both military 
    special forces and terrorists. With more than 23 officially recognized variants, 
    it is fast becoming the most widely used pistol-machine gun in the world. 
    NOTE : Quite useful for dealing with multiple enemies. Running around and 
    shooting is the best way to use this.
    2. G-18 Pistol-Machine Gun                                                 
       Stats :  Fire Rate 5                                                    
                Damage 2                                                       
                Clip Size 33                                                   
                Max Rounds 198                                                 
    With a rate of fire topping 60 rounds per second, the G-18 is perhaps the most 
    deadly pistol-machine gun in the world. Its only weakness is its tendency to 
    expend ammunition faster than most shooters are prepared for, leaving them 
    defenseless during a reload. 
    NOTE : Quite good, but the ammo runs out quickly. So I don't use it a lot.
    3. BIZ-2 Pistol-Machine Gun                                                
       Stats :  Fire Rate 4                                                    
                Damage 3                                                       
                Clip Size 66                                                   
                Max Rounds 396                                                 
    This pistol-machine gun is designed to deliver sustained firepower in tight 
    quarters. The unconventional design of its large-capacity magazine keeps the 
    weapon compact but still provides a near bottomless source of ammunition. 
    NOTE : Wow... this is an excellent weapon, but you can only find it on later 
    stages (15+). The fire rate is fast, and the damage is really good. 
    +++ ASSAULT RIFLES +++                                                     
    1. M-16 Assault Rifle                                                      
       Stats :  Fire Rate 4                                                    
                Damage 2                                                        
                Clip Size 30                                                    
                Max Rounds 180                                                 
    This low-recoil weapon is lightweight and accurate. Developed by the U.S. Army 
    in 1965, this assault rifle has since become a mainstay for armed forces, police 
    and personal defense enthusiasts. 
    NOTE : you will find this weapon in earlier level. Don't like it and rarely use 
    2. K3G4 Assault Rifle                                                       
       Stats :  Fire Rate 4                                                     
                Damage 2                                                        
                Clip Size 20                                                   
                Max Rounds 120                                                 
    The deadly K3G4 is commonly armed with Teflon coated bullets capable of cutting 
    through most standard-issue flak jackets like a hot knife through butter. 
    NOTE : This is one of the best weapons in the game !! These bullets can go 
    through the flak jacket. So you can kill the enemies as if they're not wearing 
    any flak jacket. Furthermore, you can pick up the enemy's flak jacket when 
    they're dead.
    3. PK-102 Assault Rifle                                                    
       Stats :  Fire Rate 4                                                     
                Damage 2                                                        
                Clip Size 30                                                    
                Max Rounds 180                                                 
    A variant of the popular Vokinhsilak system (one of the most widely used and 
    modified designs in the world), the PK-102 is a compact, lightweight full 
    assault rifle that is easy to conceal, making it a popular choice for 
    NOTE : you will get this weapon a lot in a few mission. In fact, all of the 
    enemy in mission 8 use this, so you won't be afraid of the bullets. I rarely use 
    this, but I find it very useful to face the chopper. 
    +++ SNIPER RIFLES +++                                                      
    1. Sniper Rifle                                                            
       Stats :  Fire Rate 2                                                    
                Damage 2                                                       
                Clip Size 10                                                   
                Max Rounds 30                                                  
    This high-caliber, silenced rifle comes equipped with a classified digital scope 
    with basic optical character recognition, making it a highly accurate weapon 
    capable of identifying and classifying human targets and impact points prior to 
    NOTE : As head-shot becomes my style in playing this game, sniper rifle is one 
    of my most favourite weapons. The binoculars can zoom in to make an accurate 
    head-shot. Good for sneaking mission.
    2. Nightvision Rifle                                                       
       Stats :  Fire Rate 2                                                    
                Damage 2                                                       
                Clip Size 10                                                   
                Max Rounds 30                                                  
    Often used by Russian Army snipers, this Russian rifle is capable of extreme 
    accuracy. It excels in engaging fleeting, moving, open and masked single 
    targets. This model comes standard equipped with an SVDN2 night sight and 
    NOTE : This weapon is similar to the sniper rifle, but it has night vision 
    bunocular on it. So you can see the enemies easily in the dark environment. Use 
    it to shoot the terrorists, but it's not suitable for shooting lamps and other 
    stuff, because you can hardly see the 'non-living' things in this binocular. I 
    can't say which gun is better (NVR or Sniper Rifle) because they have their own 
    advantages and I use them both.
    +++ GRENADES +++                                                           
    1. Grenade                                                                  
       Stats :  Fire Rate 1                                                     
                Damage 5                                                       
                Clip Size N/A                                                  
                Max Rounds 10                                                  
    Upon detonation, this incendiary weapon spreads ammonium perchlorate three 
    meters outwards from the blast point. It is instantly ignited by the explosion 
    and quickly burns out, fatally burning anyone nearby but leaving little 
    collateral damage. 
    NOTE : Even though this weapon is an instant killing weapon, grenades are not 
    good to use. Activating the grenade takes a long time, and it takes time for the 
    grenade to explode. The enemy uses this time to spread out, thus the grenade 
    can't hurt them. 
    2. Gas Grenade                                                             
       Stats :  Fire Rate 1                                                    
                Damage 5                                                       
                Clip Size N/A                                                  
                Max Rounds 10                                                   
    Primarily used as a stealth weapon against multiple targets, this grenade 
    releases trace amounts of Soman nerve agent into the air. The gas quickly 
    dissipates, but not before rendering victims unconscious. If no antidote is 
    administered, death follows within 15 minutes. 
    NOTE : This is one of the most useful weapons (and one of my favourite, too). 
    With this grenade, you can kill enemies in group. As you know if you head-shot 
    someone in a group, his friend will notice you and try to kill you. Imagine that 
    happens on stealth mission. The good part is : this is a stealth weapon. The 
    lowdown is that you cannot use this on confront mission because it's so slow.   
    3. M-79 Grenade Launcher                                                   
       Stats :  Fire Rate 1                                                     
                Damage 5                                                       
                Clip Size N/A                                                  
                Max Rounds 10                                                   
    This single-barreled, break-action grenade launcher was developed during the 
    Vietnam War. Commonly referred to as the "Blooper", it fires 40mm HE grenades 
    that contain enough explosives to produce more than 300 fragments with a lethal 
    radius of up to five meters. 
    NOTE : This is an excellent weapon. The grenade launcher is much faster than 
    grenade and explodes upon impact. Great range of explosion make this weapon is 
    one of the most useful weapon. But it is only suitable in long range and cannot 
    use this on close range or you will caught the explosion yourself.
    +++ MISC. +++                                                              
    1. Taser                                                                   
       Stats :  Fire Rate 1                                                    
                Damage 5                                                       
                Clip Size N/A                                                  
                Max Rounds Infinite                                            
    Using CO2 cartridges, this weapon fires a probe that lodges one inch deep in the 
    victim's body. Then a charge of 500,000 volts is passed along a wire connecting 
    the weapon to the probe. This charge can be sustained indefinitely until a 
    victim catches fire. 
    NOTE : This is my favourite weapons in the earlier stage. It has unlimited ammo 
    and can be used in stealth mission. Don't underestimate this taser - this baby 
    can zap a person from a long distance. Basically, if you can see the man, you 
    can zap him ^_^. When other games uses knife as the standard equipment, taser 
    adds a nice touch on this game. Oh yeah, be careful when you use this. If the 
    enemy burns, you have to wait until the fire stops before you pick up his weapon 
    or you will die. That's why don't zap a person when he's close.
    2. C4 Explosives                                                           
       Stats :  Fire Rate N/A                                                  
                Damage 5                                                       
                Clip Size N/A                                                  
                Max Rounds N/A                                                 
    These incendiary blocks are made of a putty-like material which can be molded to 
    the user's liking. The C4 explosive putty is then wired to a fuse and a friction 
    igniter, allowing the user to detonate the explosive from a distant or protected 
    NOTE : This is a special type kind of weapon. You are not able to get it from 
    the enemy. You use this weapon on certain places. C4 is only for blowing things 
    on the mission, and you cannot use this on the enemy. Lame. 
    +++ NON-WEAPON ITEM +++                                                    
    1. Flashlight                                                              
       Stats :  Fire Rate N/A                                                  
                Damage N/A                                                     
                Clip Size N/A                                                  
                Max Rounds N/A                                                 
    Standard equipment for all agency operatives, this flashlight is shockproof and 
    charged by a 300 hours battery.
    NOTE : You cannot use it to hit behind enemies' neck or anything ^_^. This is an 
    ordinary flashlight - you use it to see in the dark. 
    2. Keycard                                                                 
       Stats :  Fire Rate N/A                                                  
                Damage N/A                                                     
                Clip Size N/A                                                   
                Max Rounds N/A                                                  
    A standard magnetic-strip card key.                                         
    NOTE : Use this to open locked doors. Get it from a killed enemy.
    3. Antigen                                                                 
       Stats :  Fire Rate N/A                                                  
                Damage N/A                                                     
                Clip Size N/A                                                  
                Max Rounds N/A                                                 
    This device is used to subcutaneously inject a fine stream of fluid under high 
    pressure without puncturing the skin, and is loaded with an experimental serum 
    capable of counteracting the effects of the syphon filter virus. 
    NOTE : Use this on the patients.              
    4. Viral Scanner     
       Stats :  Fire Rate N/A                                                  
                Damage N/A                                                     
                Clip Size N/A                                                  
                Max Rounds N/A                                                 
    Developed in secret by the viral research branch of PHARCOM Inc.. This device is 
    capable of detecting trace particle of the syphon filter virus from up to 50 
    meters away. It can also scan through some solid objects and provide visual 
    feedback of their contents.
    NOTE : This is a very useful device. Not only it will detect the syphon filter 
    virus, it can detect boxes, enemies, barrels, switches, etc - it can see thru 
    walls. This is very useful for a sniper to know where the targets are. 
    ##########  6.  BATTLE TIPS AND STRATEGIES  ###########              
    Here are some battle tips that might help you to sharpen your battle skills :
    1. Always pick up enemies' weapon that they left, especially the powerful ones. 
    You will need it a lot. Don't rely yourself on your taser especially when you're 
    in the later stages because taser don't work on enemies' that wear flak jackets. 
    Do not take the weapon if the enemy is caught in flame - you should wait first.
    2. Do not get hit by explosion, caught up in flames, get struck by train, get a 
    head-shot (even though it's rare), or get slammed by car debris when you're 
    near. Unlike other games, you'll die instantly if you do that. 
    3. You have to make very little mistake if you're on stealth/infiltration 
    mission. Miss your shot, and an enemy will be alerted. And once he's alert, he 
    will always stay alert for the rest of the game. After that, it's just a matter 
    of time before he notice you.
    4. Save your powerful weapon and some stealth weapon (K3G4, M-79, nightvision 
    rifle, gas grenades, etc) as much as you can. You will bring the weapons that 
    you have to the next level when you save your game, unless you go to other 
    countries (stage 6,8,12,15). Only use your powerful weapons when you face tough 
    enemies, like bosses, grenade lobbers, and group of enemies with flak jacket. 
    5. Notice the danger bar on the top left of the screen? It's a very important 
    bar. If the danger bar reaches max, that means the enemy has clear shot on you. 
    Your health will only be depleted after the danger bar reaches max, so hide 
    behind walls or run if that happens.
    6. If you're surrounded by a lot of enemies and you don't equip the appropriate 
    weapon, press start to go to the character screen and change your weapon there. 
    Do not attempt to change the weapon by holding Select + L2/R2 because it takes a 
    lot of time. But you should know that Gabe still does his weapon-changing 
    animation so you have to evade until the weapon is ready to use.
    7. If there's no enemy nearby, reload your weapon by pressing Triangle. 
    Reloading takes some time and things will get hairy if you're reloading in the 
    middle of the battle.
    8. Use the appropriate weapon. For example : if the enemy is too far, snipe him 
    by using sniper rifle. If the environment is dark, then use the nightvision 
    rifle. If there's a group of enemies, use gas grenades or grenade launcher (M-
    79). If the enemy is in short range, use the shotguns. These are some examples - 
    experiment on your own to find the type of weapon that is suitable for you. 
    Experiment on the aim function (L1 button), too.
    9. Use the headshot on enemies if possible. One headshot will instantly kill the 
    enemy. Headshot is effective against enemies with flak jackets. Furthermore, if 
    you do the head-shot on enemies that wear flak jackets, you can keep his flak 
    jacket for your own.
    10. If there are barrels near the enemy, shot the barrel to make an explosion on 
    the enemy. But beware that the enemies can do the same thing on you ^_^. On the 
    labs, there are bottles on the table. Some bottle will produce gas (just like 
    gas grenades) if you shoot it, so experiment. 
    11. You can use your sniping ability on dark environment if you have Nightvision 
    rifle. Make the situation dark by shooting/tasering the lamps. At first, I don't 
    think that it works, but with that tactic I manage to approach Marcos on stage 
    for and snipe him on the head. 
    12. You don't always detect the enemy on your radar. You can only detect them 
    only if you saw them previously. So be careful and don't blame the radar if an 
    enemy suddenly appears behind you.
    13. On later stages, you'll be given a viral scanner. This is a very useful 
    device. You can use this to see through solid object. By using this, you can see 
    an enemy inside the building, so you can make the appropriate approach on him. 
    Take note that even if you see him on the viral scanner doesn't make the enemy 
    appear as dot in your radar if you haven't seen him.
    14. Learn to use all the buttons to move Gabriel. He can do lots of useful 
    moves, such as :
        a. zig-zag : when approaching the enemy on frontal combat, press strafe 
    button while moving forward. While doing that, press R1 button to target lock 
    and shoot the enemy. Use roll if necessary.
        b. circling : by combining the strafe button and the opposite direction 
    button, you can move in circle. Circle clockwise by pressing L2 and right on D-
    Pad. Circle counterclockwise by pressing R2 and left on D-Pad. Press sneak 
    button (X) for a silent and better control. 
    15. This is my ultimate tactic. I called it : the Peek-a-Boo tactic. It is 
    useful for killing multiple enemies that wear flak jackets and has already 
    detected you. It will take some time, but it get the job done. Look at the 
    picture below :
              #                 N       G = Gabriel
           o  #                W+E      o = enemies 
        o o   #                 S       # = wall 
    From the picture above (sorry that I cannot draw better ^_^), you can see that 
    there are three enemies on Logan's Northwest. Move Logan to the wall and make 
    him face north. Position Logan as close as possible to the wall, yet the enemy 
    cannot shoot him. Use your weapon (9mm, shotgun, sniper rifle,...). Aim by using 
    L1 button. Hold it all the time (don't release it). By doing this, you'll be on 
    the aim screen (with crosshair) and you're aiming at the wall. While still 
    holding L1 button, push L2 button to side step to the left. If you're close 
    enough to the wall, Logan will see the enemies. Position your crosshair to one 
    of the enemies' head. The enemies should notice you right now and start shooting 
    at you. Notice the danger bar, as you know that your health will not be depleted 
    unless the danger bar is full - you have a few seconds to move your crosshair. 
    If the danger bar max before you're able to move the crosshair to the enemy's 
    head, don't worry - you have plenty of time later - just release the L2 button 
    (STILL HOLD THE L1 BUTTON) and the enemies won't be able to see you. If you 
    still hold the L1 button, your aim won't change. If you feel save, press the L2 
    again (while still holding the L1 button). Move the crosshair. Repeat until you 
    point at the enemy's head. Head-shot him. Then repeat to the two other enemies. 
    This tactic works everytime, even on the later stages, and even against the 
    **PHARCOM ELITE GUARDS**. You should know that the enemies have 'boundaries', 
    meaning that they won't be able to follow you. Use this advantage to do the 
    Peek-a-Boo tactic. Believe me - it works really-really fine.                                
    ##########  7.  TIPS FOR NON-WALKTHROUGH PLAYERS  ###########              
    If you want to play the game on your own without any help from the walkthrough, 
    here are some tips that you should know :
    1. Always remember where you saw locked door and you have no keycard. You will 
    come there again if you have the keycard. 
    2. Always check boxes that forms some kind of stairs. You might be able to climb 
    3. Always search one area thoroughly, then move to the next area after you sure 
    that you do not left anything there. This way you can save time, and you won't 
    get back there to look for things that you haven't found. 
    4. You won't hold 2 keycards at once. Once you find a keycard, you won't find 
    any keycard until you use the one you found on a door. With this knowledge, you 
    should know that if you cannot find the keycard to the door, concentrate the 
    search the areas from the door you just opened to the door you can't opened. 
    5. If you have a mission of collecting a keycard, kill all terrorists and 
    scientists, then search their bodies to find them. You won't find a keycard in a 
    6. Improvise - that's the keyword. The stage design is very good in this game. 
    So try everything that crosses into your mind, even when you thought it's not 
    possible in a game.
    7. Check your radar. Sometimes it shows the item needed to finish the game, like 
    the viral bomb or etc. 
    8. If you can't accomplish a mission, try completing the other mission first. 
    Sometimes it is needed to accomplish the mission you're stuck. (Hey, you cannot 
    accomplish a mission at a particular place if you don't have a keycard to open 
    the door leading to it ^_^)
    9. Just remember that the stage designer of this game seems to give you hint 
    about where to go. Such as : if you don't know where to go, sometimes an enemy 
    will appear from a ledge. Maybe you should climb the ledge where the enemy was.
    10. Use flashlight to find hidden boxes. Sometimes you feel that the place is 
    bright enough, but use your flashlight to be sure. 
    11. Use the aim button (L1) to look around the area. Look up or down to find 
    ledges, iron bars, or something. Use the viral scanner and flashlight to help 
    12. Before going down from a bridge or ledge, check with the aim button (L1) to 
    see whether the ledge is too far. Climb down if it's too far, because if you 
    jump, you'll die.
    13. Use roll if you see a hole on the wall. 
    13. If anything fails, kill all enemies and search the place thoroughly with 
    14. If Tips #13 doesn't work, walk to every place and press Triangle wherever 
    you walk. 
    15. If all the tips fails, hey.... you can read the walkthrough ^_^ 
    ##########  8.  COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH  ###########                          
    Note : I explained each level as detail as I could in the walkthrough. Most 
    people may prefer shorter, point-to-point walkthrough - but some levels are 
    really tough and you will need to be fully guided there. In the earlier stage, 
    you will find ways on how to kill the enemies effectively in the walkthrough. I 
    hope that you learn 'the art of killing' from that. I rarely put the 'how to 
    kill' in the later stages, giving you a chance to improvise. 
    ***** STAGE 1 : WASHINGTON DC - GEORGIA STREET *****                       
    Agency Directive : 
    Our FBI informant has pinpointed the terrorist viral attack in the DC subway 
    system. Our contacts within US Defense and Interpol confiorm the identities of 
    the terrorists. We will drop you in after CBDC (US Army Chemical and Biological 
    Defense Command) Operations begin.
    Your targets are Rhoemer, Kravitch, Aramov, and Girdeux. SATCOM has intercepted 
    coded Microwave Traffic. Rhoemer must have an uplink station in the area. Assist 
    CBDC if needed. Avoid collateral casualties if possible. Check your objectives 
    onsite for more information.
    NOTE : This is your first level. Use this level to get used with the controls. 
    You will start with a police car burning in front of you and an CBDC officer 
    (man with yellow suit) running to the right (north). Instead of going to the 
    car, go to the alley to your right (to the north). Ignore the bar and the subway 
    entrance on the map for the time being (you will go there eventually, but not 
    On the end of the alley, be careful. There are 2 terorrists on the roof of the 
    building. Shoot them, and grab the 2 M-16 that they left behind. Make your way 
    to the Vacant Bank on the lower right side of the map (northeast). There are 2 
    terrorists in front of the Bank, one is equipped with 9mm and the other with M-
    16. After you defeated those 2 guys, grab the ammo they left behind and enter 
    the building. There is a box with flak jacket in front of the door. Enter the 
    building further and you will get a call from Lian Xing. She asks you to protect 
    CBDC bomb squad in the building. Proceed further in the building to find him 
    (and try to rescue him, off course ^_^). There are 5 men equipped with 9 mm. 
    Kill them all (don't use your tazer here, because it's too slow) and Lian Xing 
    will tell you : ALL CLEAR, GABE. (#1st CHECKPOINT)
    Go further to the little room on the left side of the vacant bank. Get a M-16 
    bullets in the box. Proceed further into the dark room. Use your flashlight to 
    find a box with grenades inside. After getting those grenades, proceed to the 
    entrance of the Vacant Building. When you reach the place where you found the 
    Flak Jacket, the window will be broken and there will be 3 enemies (with 9mm) 
    shooting at you from the roof of the building in front of the bank. Use your 
    tazer (Man, this Tazer is very handy ^_^). Proceed back to the alley where you 
    came WITH CAUTION !! There are 6 terrorists on the roof of the building in the 
    alley, all equipped with M-16. To kill them or not, it's up to you. Proceed 
    through the alley to your starting point, then go to the street in front of the 
    bar and the subway station. There will be some enemies on this place, all 
    equipped with 9mm and they keep coming from the wall. If you haven't maxed out 
    your 9mm pistol, then kill them with tazer. Proceed to the subway entrance and 
    go downstairs. Use your flashlight to see in the dark. There's a box of flak 
    jacket in there. Go towards the door to see that the subway gate is locked. 
    Press Triangle to call Lian Xing and she will tell you what to do - new 
    objective : turn off power to terminal. Go back upstairs and enter the bar - you 
    can shoot the entrance door or just run to the glass. 
    Go inside the bar until you reach a room blocked by a box to your left. Sneak 
    and kill the enemy with M-16, then climb the box. Shoot the window, and climb 
    thru the window. There's a gate with 'No Trespassing' sign nearby and a black 
    box in front of it. Climb on the black box and face west. Press triangle and you 
    will hang on the bridge above you. Go to the other side of the bridge and press 
    triangle under the iron pole to hang on the iron pole. Move to the left to the 
    bridge on the other side. There will be 2 enemies with 9mm appear when you're 
    hanging, but keep going left. Taser them. Then get a box on the bridge - it's M-
    79 Grenade Launcher (a very powerful weapon). Go back down to the front of the 
    gate. The gate's door is locked. Shoot the lock - if you find it hard to shoot, 
    use L1 button to aim your shot to the lock. Enter the gate and go to the 
    elevator call switch on the left of the elevator hole. Push Triangle to call the 
    elevator, step on the elevator, then press triangle again to go downstairs. Lian 
    Xing will contact you again. After that, use your flashlight to find the power 
    switch. Activate it by pressing Triangle. (#2nd CHECKPOINT). 
    By activating that switch, the gate to the subway is now opened. But don't go 
    there yet - instead, complete your other objective : eliminate Kravitch and 
    destroy comm array. Go back to the elevator and go back upstair. An enemy will 
    appear and shot you with his M-16. Go back to the window where you came from. 
    Another enemy with M-16 waits for you from the other side of the box. Look at 
    your map and go to the Kravitz place - Lian Xing will call you again, telling 
    that you're near. Approach to Kravitch room and shoot Kravitch. One thing that 
    you should know is that Kravitch wears a flak jacket so you cannot hurt him by 
    using tazer. Use your M-16 to kill him fast. Go behind the desk where Kravitch 
    was to find a box with shotgun. After you kill Kravitch, 3 men will appear - one 
    with 9 mm and the 2 other with M-16. Before you leave the room, don't forget to 
    shoot the Comm array - it looks like a computer on the corner of the room. (#3rd 
    Go back to the front of the bar towards the 'now opened' subway entrance. 4 
    enemies with 9 mm will show up again. Proceed downstairs and go through the 
    opened subway terminal security door. While going through the door, Lian Xing 
    will call you and give you new objective : tag bomb in terminal. Go downstairs 
    to the door, and watch out - 5 or 6 persons will attack you with M-16. After 
    that, go across the left subway track to reach the bomb place - watch out for 
    the train. Approach the bomb, and tag it by using triangle button (#4th 
    Now the last mission is to eliminate Rhoemer. From your conversation with Lian 
    Xing you know that Rhoemer is on LV B2. Instead of going to the end of the LVB1 
    (towards the stairs), go to the tunnel on the leftmost of the map. So go across 
    two tracks, and find the door to the tunnel and go through there. You will face 
    4 person surrounding you, but don't worry because there's a box of flak jacket 
    nearby. Proceed and climb the platform. Climb down the platform and use your 
    flashlight. Press the elevator call switch to call the elevator by using 
    Triangle button. Hop on the elevator and press triangle to use it. In the lower 
    level, Lian Xing will call you and give you Rhoemer's position. A guard with 
    shotgun is guarding the way to the lower level terminal, so sneak and taser him 
    from behind. Approach the location on the map by crossing the subway track and 
    go to the 'blinking spot' on the map. Use your sneaking mode because all enemies 
    are equipped with shotguns. Beware of the last enemy near the bomb because he 
    wears a flak jacket. Head-shot should finish him. Approach the bomb and ........
    ***** STAGE 2 : WASHINGTON DC - DESTROYED SUBWAY *****                      
    Incoming from Benton : 
    You're lucky to be alive. Ten square blocks of downtown D.C. just sank 20 feet 
    into the ground. It looks like Rhoemer had the entire subway wired to explode as 
    part of his escape plan.
    It's likely you've cut his time table short, and that he's still down there with 
    you. Aramov and Girdeux also remain unaccounted for. Don't let Rhoemer escape 
    that terminal. And be aware that you're now completely cut off from all 
    Note : Stage 2 is actually a short stage, but this stage will make you 
    frustrated... VERY FRUSTRATED (I just going round and round for more than 1.5 
    hour just looking for the way out). The main purpose of this stage is to get out 
    from the lower level of the subway's terminal, and the stage emphasizes on the 
    pathfinding. I will guide you through the map. Look that the map doesn't have 
    any direction like the first stage map, so I will call upper part of the map = 
    north, left = west, right = east, and lower part = south....OK ??
    Go along the path to the south from where you start. You will find a box with 
    flak jacket inside. Then cross the subway track to the east. After going up to 
    the terminal again, go to the north. Beware of a burning enemy soldier come 
    towards you - you cannot shoot him down, just move backward to avoid him and 
    then wait until the fire stop burning. Then walk to the north, then to the east. 
    There are 2 enemies with M-16. Cross the railroad track to the east, then climb 
    the passanger car train. Walk on top of the train to the south and Lian Xing 
    will call you to help the CBDC officer. Jump down from the train roof and then 
    shoot two enemies with M-16 rifle. There's an annoying enemy who will lob a 
    grenade towards you. He wears a flak jacket, too, which makes him super annoying 
    ^_^. Remember that one explosion will kill you, so stay away from his grenade 
    and shoot him with your M-16. Then use your flashlight on the railtrack - you 
    will see a box with a C4 explosive inside ( #1st CHECKPOINT )
    When you pick up the explosive, an enemy will shoot you from a ledge above the 
    burning train. Remember this 'most important' ledge - this ledge is the ledge 
    that will take you to the upper level of subway's terminal. So after taking the 
    C4 explosives, go to the place where the grenade lobber stands then go south. 
    You will come to a place where there's a red box surrounded by burning trains on 
    the left and on the right. Climb the red box, then face east. Press Triangle and 
    you will climb to the ledge where the enemy shot you before. Go across the 
    'Danger' letter, then face west. Press Triangle again to pull yourself up. Face 
    east again and press triangle and up button to go to the ledge. Walk to the 
    north and press triangle to hang on the pipe. Press Right to move Gabriel to the 
    right until the pipe ends. Press Down to go to the ledge under him and...... You 
    succeeded to go to the upper level ....FIUUHH (and that takes me more than 1.5 
    hours ^_^).
    After that, go to the north to reach the place where the map shows you to. On 
    the way there, Lian Xing will call you. Go north again to see a bomb on the 
    track on the right (east) side. Ignore the bomb cause you cannot do anything to 
    that bomb. Go to the place where the map asked you to, and you'll come to a 
    blocked passage. Use the C4 explosives on the blocked passage, then move out of 
    the way. The bomb will explode, and the passageway will open. The CBDC officer 
    will come to get the bomb. Go along with him and Lian Xing will asks you to 
    protect this person. Two enemies with M-16 will come from the south and one 
    enemy with M-16 will come from the north. Kill them to protect the CBDC officer, 
    and ....(#2nd CHECKPOINT)
    Check the map to see where Rhoemer is, then try to go following her path. When 
    you approach the path, Gabriel will call Lian Xing, telling that the path is 
    blocked by fire from the ruptured pipe. She will tell Gabriel to find and shut 
    the gas mains. Go south past the bomb's place and then go to the west. Cross the 
    railroad. Use your flashlight, then go south again. You will reach a pole with a 
    picture of a gas - it's the gas mains. Use triangle button to shut it. Go back 
    to the place where Rhoemer went. Since the gas is closed, there's no fire 
    blocking the path. Climb the box near the passanger car, and then climb the 
    train. Go to the north and Lian Xing will contact you again. After that, jump 
    down the train. Move north cautiously, and you will see a burning enemy is 
    running towards you. Face back by tapping Down, Down on the controller pad, then 
    run towards the train again. There's an enemy on the train, so you have to shoot 
    him, then move aside so the burning enemy does not hit you. Wait until the fire 
    is out, then go north again to another train. Approach this train, but don't 
    climb on the box yet. Instead move back and you will see that there's an enemy 
    with M-16 waiting for you on the top of the train. Shoot him, then climb the 
    train. Go north, jump down the train, and ......
    ***** STAGE 3 : WASHINGTON DC - MAIN SUBWAY LINE *****                     
    Incoming from Benton :
    Logan, Intel indicates Rhoemer has fled the scene. Jenkins is meeting heavy 
    resistance in the Washington Park Area and OCPD reports fifteen officers down. 
    We fear an agency leak has given his position away.
    Mara Aranov's identity has been confirmed by interpol. Do not let her escape. 
    Caution : FEMA is using the east bound tracks to shuttle emergency personnel. Do 
    not use explosives of any kind in the tunnel or you will cause a derailment.
    NOTE : This is the first boss level. You have to time your 'line changing' with 
    the train. Messed up and you'll be struck by the train.
       +++ BOSS NO 1 : MARA ARAMOV +++                                         
    Your mission is to stop Mara Aramov. She is running on the railway track. There 
    are 2 railway track, and she will keep changing tracks because of the trains. 
    Chase her. Use your shotgun or M-16 to shoot her. There will be enemies waiting 
    for your on the junction of the track. Use roll to avoid enemies' fire. One 
    thing that you should know is that you CAN roll underneath the blue iron between 
    the two track. After some time, you will get really close to her. Shoot as much 
    as you can to defeat her. Oh yeah.... she wears a flak jacket, so you cannot 
    hurt her with your taser. For easy winning, shoot her in the head.
    ***** STAGE 4 : WASHINGTON DC - WASHINGTON PARK *****                       
    Incoming from Benton : 
    Mission Redirect : CDBC has requested direct intervention and assistance. Your 
    new orders are to locate viral bombs, plant homing beacons, wait for the arrival 
    of CBDC, and provide covering fire. The bombs are set to detonate within the 
    Terrorists resistance is heavy. Agency intel reports that Anton Girdeux is 
    leading the park operation. Exercise caution. We have lost all communication 
    from Jenkins' Team.
    NOTE : This is one of the coolest level in this game. A very big place, lots of 
    enemies, and dark environment. Perfect to hone your skill on headshot. 
    You start on a foggy and rainy night in Washington Park. Look above your radar 
    on the lower left of the screen - there's a time counter - you have to disarm 
    the 4 viral bombs in 20 minutes. There will be other missions given on the way 
    to disarm the bombs, but make this objective (disarm 4 bombs) as the priority 
    cause the timer will stop once you disarm all the bombs. As the area on this 
    stage are big, look at the map frequently.                                                                
    On the first area, you will find 2 enemies. One is running around with shotgun, 
    and the other one is standing on the wall with nightvision rifle. Just as you 
    enter the gate, you will find an enemy heading towards you from the left with 
    .45 gun. There are 4 square things on this area. The lower right contains a box 
    with flak jacket and the upper left contains a bomb. The bomb looks like a grey 
    square thing in your radar. Approach the bomb and press triangle to call the 
    CBDC officer. The CBDC officer will come and try to disarm it. Protect him while 
    he's disarming the bomb - failure in doing this will end the mission. 3 persons 
    with .45 will come and try to shoot him. Kill them and collect the .45 bullets 
    that they left. (#1st CHECKPOINT)
    Go to the north to reach the statue. On your way there you will get a call from 
    Lian Xing, telling that there is a hostage situation on the tennis court - new 
    objectives. Ignore this for now and go behind the statue. The second bomb is 
    there. Tag the bomb, and the CBDC officer will come. Protect him - 6 men with 
    .45 will come to kill him. Use your .45 to kill them because all of the enemies 
    are carrying this weapon - you can get the bullets easily. Furthermore, .45 is a 
    powerful weapon. Collect their weapons. (#2nd CHECKPOINT) 
    There are 2 paths here : one leading to the left, and one leading to the right 
    (tennis court). Take the one to the left. After reaching an alley, you will come 
    to a square place with 4 bench in the middle. 3 men will appear and attack you - 
    2 men with shotgun, and 1 men with .45. There's a flak jacket here on the north 
    side of the wall. Proceed north to receive a call from Lian Xing - new objective 
    : to find the sattelite comm. 
    Proceed to the north end of the left branch. There're enemies here, but ignore 
    them and go straight to the north. Most enemies carries : shotgun, nightvision 
    rifle, and .45. There are 2 small buildings in this area. The bomb is on the 
    south building. Tag the bomb and cover the CBDC officer. There will be 7 men 
    trying to kill him, all equipped with .45. Protect this person at all costs. 
    (#3rd CHECKPOINT). There is a box with M-16 on the roof of the northern small 
    Go back to the statue again, and this time take the right path towards the 
    tennis court. On the square area (where there're 4 benches), 4 enemies with 
    shotgun will attack you. Just defeat them and go straight towards the tennis 
    court. Follow the path, and you will reach the last bomb in the path. Tag it and 
    a CBDC officer will come to disarm it. 7 persons with .45 will come to kill him. 
    (#4th CHECKPOINT).
    Now proceed to the tennis court. On your way to the tennis court (before the 
    alley) you will find a box with a flak jacket in it. Proceed through the alley 
    cautiously - 5 men will appear from the wall above to attack you with 
    nightvision rifle and shotgun rifle. Proceed to the tennis court. There're 2 
    hostages in the tennis court, and 2 terrorists. One is near the hostages, and 
    the other one is walking around. From outside the cage, use your taser to kill 
    the guard who is walking around. Sneak towards the door (not entering the door 
    !!) and when you see the terrorist from the distance, equip your night vision 
    rifle. Take your time to zoom in and aim for the terrorist's head (I really like 
    this part). Aim carefully, and....boom - One Shot One Kill. (#5 CHECKPOINT). 
    Inside the tennis court, loot the bodies for shotgun shells and .45 bullets. 
    There's another terrorist walking around in the tennis court. Shoot him to get a 
    shotgun shell. Leave the tennis court and proceed to the square area on the 
    south of the Hedge Maze. Approach this site and Lian Xing will tell you that the 
    comm array is near. 2 persons, each equipped with shotgun and nightvision rifle 
    are near the structure. Circling the structure, you will find 2 persons with 
    shotgun and night vision rifle again - for the total of 4. The comm array is on 
    the top (roof) of this structure. Climb the structure to find the Comm Array - 
    do not shoot it like on the first mission. Instead, approach it and press 
    Triangle button (#6th CHECKPOINT) . Lian Xing will tell you the position of the 
    Trigger Man Marcos - new objective. He's in the Hedge Maze. One thing that you 
    should know about Marcos : He wears a flak jacket. So snipe him if you can.
    This is the part I like. First, shoot all the lamps with sniper rifle/taser. The 
    maze will be dark, so the enemy can't see you unless he's close enough. Sneak 
    into the maze, point your night vision on your enemy's head, and...BOOM - 
    STRIKE. If you're good enough, you can kill Marcos by sniping him on his head. 
    By doing that, you can save lots of bullets, life, and get a flak jacket from 
    him. (#7th CHECKPOINT)
    After that, go towards the Freedom Memorial. As you know, there are 4 enemies 
    equipped with shotguns and flak jackets. Like in the maze, shoot all the lamps 
    from the distance. Then sneak cautiously. If the enemy sees you, run back. You 
    should know that NightVision rifle has better range than shotgun. So make some 
    distance, and shoot the enemy in the head. Even though the enemies can see you, 
    the shotgun cannot reach you ...... After all 4 persons are killed, proceed into 
    Freedom Memorial.
    Forwarded from Agency Intel :
    Spysat has completed a detailed analysis of Girdeux's Body Armor; It is 
    impervious to all conventional weapons. Our armor specialists are working on it, 
    but your agent may have to improvise to find a weak point. 
    Our demolition expert has noted that the use of any explosive device will 
    trigger the Viral bomb.
    NOTE : This is the second boss level. Looks really-really cool (don't get much 
    of these in any other games).  
       +++ BOSS 2 : ANTON GIRDEAUX +++
    This is one of the coolest boss level I've ever seen in any other games !! Anton 
    wears full body armor and equips a flamethrower. Once the flame hits you, you're 
    toasted. To make things worse, Lian Xing does not tell you where the weak point 
    is !! Yikeess ......
    Playing for more than half an hour, trying to figure out how to defeat this 
    boss. And indeed, practice makes perfect !!
    There are things that you should know when fighting this guy :
    1. He always aim his target when he fires his flamethrower. So whenever he fires 
    it, do the plan B : RUN. 
    2. He needs to get a clear shot before he fires his flamethrower. He will not 
    shoot if he can't see you or if there's an obstactle between you and him, such 
    as : pillars and statue.
    3. He needs an 'undisturbed' few seconds to aim. So if you are seen by him then 
    you're not for a split second and appears again in front of him, he will not 
    shoot you because the 'few seconds' is reset.
    4. Since there's a weak point, you should have guessed that you MUST use the aim 
    shot (using L1 button).
    5. The enemy requires a few shot before he died. Unlike you who will die with 
    just one shot.
    6. The fire that he shot will stay on the place until you or he died. 
    Now, for the big question : Where should I shoot him ?? Where is his weak point 
    ?? (Come on ...You should have guessed it).
    ............The weak point is : the big flamethrower cannister behind him. 
    This is how to defeat him :
    1. Lure him near one of the pillars by standing still behind the pillar. You 
    have to position yourself so Girdeux cannot see you, and you cannot see him - 
    the pillar is between you and him.
    Closer is better because you can aim much easier and faster.  
    2. Use strafe button (L2 or R2). Then use aim button (L1). Just remember that 
    Girdeux has a good reaction, so there's a posibility that he will face you 
    immediately when you come out from your hideout even though you're on his back 
    when you strafe. Aim to the cannister behind his body (or if he faces you, aim 
    to the canister - slightly over his left shoulder) and shoot. If you cannot aim 
    the shot to his cannister in a short time, just strafe back behind the pillar - 
    he will not shoot you even though he saw you before (look rule #3). Go circling 
    around the pillar and repeat. 
    3. If something goes wrong on the timing and he manages to fire the 
    flamethrower, just run behind another pillar with a hope that he misses his shot 
    and repeat the tactic on this new pillar. 
    ***** STAGE 6 : NEW YORK CITY - EXPO CENTER RECEPTION *****              
    Incoming from Markinson :
    I've approved your request for access to the FBI files on Jonathan Phagan. I 
    think your suspicious maybe correct. The PHARCOM reception maybe a cover for a 
    meeting between Phagan and Rhoemer. Follow Phagan closely.
    Obviously, you must not be seen or captured. You are authorized to eliminate any 
    of Phagan's security, but use silenced weapons only. Once you're observed the 
    meeting, use whatever means necessary to capture Phagan alive. Officially, the 
    agency knows nothing about this.
    NOTE : This is your first stealth mission. You cannot be detected by the enemy, 
    not even once. If the enemy sees you, the mission is over. You are only equipped 
    with silenced weapon : Sniper rifle, silenced 9mm, and taser. Use sneak almost 
    all the time, except when you know the enemies' location.
    You see Phagan is walking to the door. Instead of following him to the same 
    path, climb the ledge on the left. Climb again on the next ledge so you're one 
    ledge below the pillar. You should see 2 green dots in your radar, because 
    there're two guards on the door. If you only see one green dot, position 
    yourself behind the pillar ledge near the path so you can see both guards. Move 
    back a little bit, and crouch. Wait for the guard to come down the path. Shoot 
    him with tazer when you see him. After one guard is down, his friend will come 
    to him. Shoot him before he detects you. Then take the HK-5 that they left. Go 
    into the door. There's a junction ahead. Hide behind the left wall to see an 
    enemy walking to the north. Follow him and use your taser on him. Proceed north 
    to a room with a formation of rocks in there. There's a guard guarding the door 
    to the north. Sneak behind and taser him. Enter the door that leads to the 
    statue room (Pharaoh room ??). Sneak to the wall to the left, and you will see a 
    guard is walking to the north in the Pharaoh room. Taser him from a distance. 
    Grab the HK-5 he left behind, and hide behind the statue that is not attached to 
    the wall. If you sneak near the north path, a guard will come to your way. Move 
    away by circling the statue. The guard is heading outside. I don't know if 
    there's something wrong about this guard, because everytime I taser him, the 
    mission failed. So instead of taser-ing him, equip your silenced 9mm, aim 
    (easy...you got a lot of time) to the head, and shoot him - or just let him go. 
    After that, there is still one guard left - he's the most cautious guard. 
    Instead of heading to the next room, try run to the west wall and back hiding to 
    lure him out. This guy will make a quick walking around, making it hard for you 
    to kill. This guy is weird, too.  I always fail the mission when I taser him or 
    when I shoot him in the body (with R1+Square button). So I think the only way is 
    to use the aim-to-the-head shot (L1 button). It is hard to aim on him because he 
    turns his back very quickly. So the tip is : aim while standing, not crouching. 
    Because you and your enemy are in the same level (elevation), you will only aim 
    to the left or right and not worrying to aim up or down. If you crouch, you will 
    have to aim a little bit higher. This takes a lot of practice and patience. (I 
    tried over 20 times in this place, and it makes me frustrated). After you defeat 
    him, go into the room and ..... (#1st CHECKPOINT)
    After the animation, you will find out who's the traitor among you. You will 
    face Benton here. He wears a flak jacket, and a machine gun (G-18). Move to the 
    west wall. Benton maybe shoot you, but he will miss if you're fast. From here, 
    equip your sniper rifle, aim carefully (don't worry, Benton will not be able to 
    shoot you) and bang...he's down. You won't lose any health if you do it right, 
    furthermore you will get a flak jacket ^_^. You will call Lian after Benton's 
    down. Search his body to get G-18 and his card key (#2nd CHECKPOINT).
    Lian Xing will ask you to find the another security cardkeys. Go to the gate to 
    the west and press the gate control panel to open the gate. An enemy will appear 
    and surprise you (It surprised me ^_^). Get HK-5 bullets from him. Go to the 
    door behind him (reads Museum Staffs Only). Open it (or kicking it exactly) by 
    using Triangle button and you will get a 'welcome party' from the 3 enemies (all 
    equipped with HK-5). Run around to kill the enemy on the floor, and hide behind 
    (to the south of) the blue face statue. Use the Peek-a-Boo tactic here. Position 
    yourself so you are line up with the line between the box and the statue. The 
    enemies cannot shoot you. Equip your sniper rifle, aim by using L1, and while 
    still holding L1, press R2 to move right a little bit. Move the crosshair (dot) 
    on the enemy. If the enemy shoots you, release the R2 button so you are covered 
    by the statue. Repeat until you aim him on the head and shoot him. Repeat the 
    procedure with the other guy. This way, you will not lose your health. Climb to 
    the box near the face statue, and climb again to the ledge. Proceed to the dead 
    body that you just shot, get everything from him, and climb the box. Climb to 
    the higher ledge over the box to the north. Shot the lock on the door and 
    proceed to the only way. Get the HK5 bullets in the box near the fan, and shoot 
    the lock on the door. Go outside and use your taser to zap the enemy. Go down 
    and kill the enemy with the flak jacket - he holds the Card Security key (#3rd 
    You should notice that there're 2 gate : one is on the south and one is on the 
    west. Go back up again to the door near the fan. Near the door you will find a 
    gate switch. Activate, then go down quickly and run to the west gate - it will 
    not stay open for long. After the tunnel, you will come to the west Ancient 
    World Exhibits on the map. There're 2 enemies here - one of them is wearing flak 
    jacket, and one of them is upstairs - all equipped with HK-5. Get a cardkey from 
    him. (#4th CHECKPOINT) 
    After that, activate the gate opener switch to the south, leading to the 
    Aerospace exhibits. 3 enemies will appear and shoot you. After you defeat them, 
    go to the end of the path to activate the elevator. More enemies (3) will show 
    up again. Go down with the elevator, and go through the blue door to the east. 
    Kill 2 enemies here. Go to the east door with 'Museum Staff Only' label on it. 
    You will come to the 'Planet Mars' room. There will be 4 enemies waiting for you 
    on the ledge in front of you. Kill them and climb the ledge. Go to the south of 
    the ledge to find a switch. You cannot activate the switch because you don't 
    have the key. (This is the part that is annoying - I'm stuck at this place and 
    finally knew how to do it after trying more than half an hour).
    Go back to the place where there's a rocket. Use the elevator to the second 
    level. You have to go to the third level, but how ?? See the broken elevator 
    call switch on the third floor - the one that keeps sparking ?? Shoot it while 
    you're in the elevator by using the aim button (L1 button). The elevator will go 
    to the third floor. Face 2 guys with a HK5 guns. You should recognize this 
    place, because you can see the pyramids to your left. That means you're in front 
    of the pyramids. Go to the end of of the room to get a keycard. Apparently, you 
    have killed this man while you're on the pyramid.(#5th CHECKPOINT)
    Go back to the elevator, take the elevator to the lowest level and go to the 
    mars room. On your way back to the Mars room, some enemies will come to shoot 
    you. Use the keycard to open the door. Proceed, and two men will try to kill you 
    from the space shuttle room below. They are equipped with HK5 and G-18. Go to 
    the end of the room to get the K3G4 in the box near the gate. Then go down to 
    the space shuttle place. 3 persons will try to kill you from the bridge above. 
    They all wear flak jackets and HK5. Climb the space shuttle, then press Triangle 
    on top of the space shuttle to hang on the bridge. Climb up the bridge and head 
    south. You will meet a terrorist with HK5 and flak jackets. Open the blue door, 
    and see an animation.
    Incoming from Lian :
    Aramov is interrogating Phagan near the Dinosaur exhibit. I'm losing the audio 
    feeds, but she keeps saying something about Syphon Filter.
    Both Aramov and Phagan have information we need... You must stop Aramov from 
    killing Phagan, but without killing her.
    NOTE : This is the first mission that requires your skill of head-shot. All of 
    the guards are wearing a flak jacket, so head-shot is a must in this level. This 
    level will prove whether your good or not ^_^
    Go towards the door to the south. By the time you're reading this, 3 enemies 
    should have come and kick the door to eliminate you, plus one enemy from the 
    other side of the gate on the west. They are equipped with HK5 and they all wear 
    flak jackets. Run past them to the corner, then stop by the wall. Don't worry, 
    they won't after you. Use the Peek-a-Boo head aim tactic : position yourself 
    near the corner, then face the wall. Equip your silenced 9mm. Aim using L1 
    button (you should now aiming for the wall), then press L2 to move a little bit 
    to the left while still holding the aim button. Aim the crosshair to the head. 
    You will have a few seconds to do that. If the enemy sees you, release the L2 
    button (but still holding the L1 button), and press L2 again to move a little 
    bit to the left after the enemy stop shooting. Shoot them in the head. This 
    should take care of 2 enemies. Walk towards the door to repeat the Peek-a-Boo 
    tactic to finish the two remaining enemies. But watch out, because the enemy is 
    on the left side (behind the gate) and on the right side of the door, so if you 
    aim at one, the other will try to shoot you from behind. After looting their 
    equipment (and their flak jacket off course ^_^), go back into the room to check 
    the lockers for a K3G4 (3th locker from the left) and a flak jacket (3th locker 
    from the right). 
    Then go to the path with a door leading to a circular room with glass dome 
    beneath it. After reaching there, Gabriel will call Lian Xing and she will tell 
    you that the enemies are in the lower level and there's no way down. You've got 
    to improvise your way down. Walk to the right side or the left side of the 
    bridge. See iron bars on the ceiling ?? Use Triangle button to hang on it. Move 
    to the center of the glass dome, then press down. You will see an awesome 
    animation (wow...so cool ^_^).
    Down here, the enemies will swarm you like a meal. 5 terrorists are here. Use 
    the Peek-a-Boo tactic to hunt them one by one. But beware, the enemies on the 
    roof are equipped with sniper rifle, and it means they have greater chance of 
    hitting you. One of the enemy is equipped with G-18, like the one you get from 
    Benton - so this is going to be a tough fight. Your objective is to kill the 
    enemy with flak jacket and combat shotgun on the ledge, and then grab the 
    keycard (#1st CHECKPOINT)
    Open the door to the south (the red door) leading to a place with T-REX statue. 
    You will see a switch at the south junction, and there are 2 guards guarding it 
    - all equipped with flak jacket and HK5. Hide (crouch) on the left side of T-REX 
    base and shoot them in the head. When you reach the switch, a guard (with HK5) 
    will appear from behind the right gate, and a guard (with combat shotgun and 
    flak jacket) will appear from the room the lobby that you just left. Activate 
    the switch will open the right gate - run through it quickly and kill an enemy 
    (equipped with HK5 and flak jacket) on the end of the path. Shoot another enemy 
    (equipped with G-18 and flak jacket) on the other side of the glass (kinda like 
    an aquarium). Shoot the 2 guards from the other side of the gate that you just 
    enter. Equip yourself with sniper rifle and climb the ledges on the aquarium and 
    climb down on the other side - shoot the fish if they're getting in the way. 
    Carefully head south to the path after you hear a conversation between Aramov 
    and Phagan. Remember that the objective is to keep them alive, so you cannot 
    shot Phagan or Aramov. You will have limited time, because Aramov is about to 
    kill Phagan and she will do that if you don't act fast. I can find 2 ways to 
    stop Aramov : 
    1. Aim (by using L1 button) with your sniper rifle and move the crosshair to 
    Aramov's machine gun (HK5) that she aimed on him - you have to zoom in on the 
    binoculars. Shoot the HK5.
    2. Equip your taser and aim the taser on her. Don't worry about the glass, the 
    taser has the ability to break it. ( #2nd CHECKPOINT ).
    OK, now the mission is to reach Aramov. You have to go upstairs, but you will 
    find no stairs in this place. Once again, you have to improvise (AGAIN ??). Go 
    to the dinosaur's tail and climb on it by using triangle button and Up. Walk 
    towards the shoulder. When you reach the neck section, three enemies will come 
    and shoot you - all equipped with flak jacket (Oh boy, almost all of the enemies 
    are wearing flak jacket). You may have to go back down to finish them. When 
    you're done, climb again to the dinosaur's shoulder. Jump and hang on the iron 
    bar on the ceiling, and move to the right towards Aramov's place. Let go of your 
    hands and reach her to get HK5 bullets and finish the mission. 
    Incoming from Markinson :
    I know that this type of military operation is usually carried out by our agents 
    within the army rangers, but for obvious reasons I am assigning it to you : find 
    and inventory the base's missile arsenal, plant C4 charges at key locations, and 
    eliminate Gabrek, the base CO.
    You will also have to disable the base's anti aircraft radar dish before Lian 
    can initiate evac. Once your explosives are set, you will only have a limited 
    amount of time for pickup.
    NOTE : I really like this level. This is a semi-stealth mission, I think. You 
    can kill the enemy with any guns, but the alarms will ring. The mission will not 
    be failed, but it's like a suicide mission, because the enemies will keep coming 
    and swarm you all the way, giving you hard time to finish the mission. so 
    whatever you do ...DON'T SOUND THE ALARM. All of the guards here are equipped 
    with PK-102.
    When you start the level, you will see a guard walking around the truck in front 
    of you. This guard will meet his friend on the left side of the truck. If he 
    does, then you will not be able to head-shot him - because if you do, his friend 
    will notice you and the alarm will ring. So as soon as the game starts, follow 
    this guy quickly and give him a head shot before he reaches his friend. Enter 
    the guard's place on the right side of the truck and search the cabinet for gas 
    grenades. Then sneak behind the truck and kill the first enemy's friend on the 
    left side of the truck by giving him a head shot. Or if you don't have the time 
    to kill the first guard, wait until those two meet, then lob a gas grenade near 
    them. From those two guards, you will get PK-102. (All the guards here are 
    equipped with PK-102). See the guy walking around in the distance ? Give him a 
    head shot. Shoot the big lamp too because it can detect you if you walk into the 
    Move under the bridge. When you are under the bridge, 2 persons will come and 
    check. I myself prefer going back near the truck and snipe them from a distance. 
    Shoot the guy on the top of the right wall, along with 2 big lamps on the left 
    and right wall. In this place, you will see a fuel tank. Approach a fuel tank 
    from the right side, look east, and youwill see a man walking around in 
    distance. Head shot will do him fine. Smash the street light, then plant the C4 
    explosives in front of the fuel tank. (#1st CHECKPOINT)
    When you move towards east, Lian Xing will give you another mission objectives : 
    disable power to motion sensors. After this, move back because an guard will 
    come across in front of you. Snipe him from a distance. Move to the east to see 
    a switch. You cannot use the switch because the lock code is required. After 
    this, you will see 2 enemies on the other side of the gate. Snipe them. Move 
    south and then east. Snipe the enemy from a distance. Move forward until you see 
    an antena. Snipe an enemy from behind the gate to your left. Then place the 
    explosive on the east wall (#2nd CHECKPOINT)
    Shoot the lock to open the gate, then an enemy will appear guarding the Power 
    Plant. Snipe him, then activate the motion sensor switch on the power plant 
    (#3rd CHECKPOINT)
    Go back near the place where you put the first bomb, then head north to climb on 
    the bridge. After you cross the bridge, sneak. There will be 2 enemies walking 
    to your right downstairs and 1 enemy standing in front of a buiding near the 
    stairs. Snipe the person in front of the building on your left downstairs before 
    he sees you. Then go down the stairs and get night vision rifle and gas grenades 
    in the box. Then sneak to the place where those two guys walking. You will see 
    that those 2 guards are always together - you cannot head-shot one of them 
    because the other will hear and will sound the alarm. Instead, lob a gas grenade 
    between them. Approach to the dead bodies, and you will see 2 guards walking on 
    the ledge over the truck. You have to snipe them when they are apart, or you 
    will make the other guard alerted. After killing them, shoot the big light. Walk 
    towards the truck while keep looking at your radar. You will see a blinking dot 
    from your left - there's an enemy inside the building to your left (to your 
    south) and you can hardly see him. Snipe him from a distance, then go to the 
    south. There are three ways to the southern part of this place : 
    1. the west path is blocked by a fence that you can't open, but you can see that 
    there's a fuel tank on the other side of the fence.
    2. the middle path.
    3. the east path, where you can see a gas tank in the corner.
    Walk to the gas tank in front of the east path, then plant a C4 explosives. 
    (#4th CHECKPOINT) 
    Even though the east path is blocked by a fence, approach the fence and snipe a 
    guard there. Push yourself to the fence and you can see a big light to your 
    front-right. Snipe it. Then go back and take the middle path. Go inside the 
    groove in the ground, so you're protected by it. At the end of the groove, you 
    will see two guards standing near each other behind the barrel to your left 
    (east). Use your gas grenade on them. Then head to your right (west) to reach 
    the fuel tank that you saw behind the fence. Use your C4 explosive. (#5th 
    Then move back to the east path (to the right of those two guards behind the 
    barrels). In the end of the path, you will see the last fuel tank on your left. 
    If you reach to the right turn, be careful. Gabrek will come with his 2 soldier. 
    Hide to the house on your right. Wait there and Gabrek and the 2 soldiers will 
    past you, leaving you unnoticed. Aim a gas grenade to them - they are moving, so 
    you have to throw slightly in front of them. They will all die if you do it 
    right. Grab the cardkey and flak jacket that Gabrek brought (#6th CHECKPOINT).
    Plant the last explosives on the fuel tank, then go to the path where Gabrek 
    from. Be careful, there's a guard on the outside of the house on your right. You 
    will not be able to see him, because he's hidden by the walls. Snipe him if you 
    can, but gas grenade is better. Then go along the path to see a switch. Activate 
    it to open the gate - Does the place looks familiar to you ?? It should be, 
    because you're on the path leading to the second fuel tank - this is kinda 
    shortcut. Go to the place where you cannot use the switch before. Activate the 
    switch by using Gabrek card, and the gate leading to the bunker will be opened. 
    Once you got across the gate, snipe the big light in front of you. Then go past 
    the truck to the east. Beware of a guard coming from the bunker's entrance. 
    Enter the bunker carefully. There's no map for this bunker, so be careful. Snipe 
    the person walking around on the lower level in front of you. After that, go to 
    the barrels to see two guards talking on the right path. Gas grenade them. Take 
    their machine gun and take the left path (the right path is a dead end) to go to 
    the base bunker.
    ***** STAGE 9 : ROZOVKA, KAZAHKSTAN - BASE BUNKER *****                   
    Incoming from Lian : 
    Gabe, all the explosive charges you set are primed and ready for detonation. All 
    you have to do now is catalog the SS-23s and get to the roof. As you check each 
    one, I'll be transmitting the firing codes to HQ. So keep your channel open.
    Entering the bunker triggered a silent alarm. The base is on alert now, so 
    you're not going to be able to get back to the surface the way you came. 
    Sattelite photos indicate that there's a freight elevator on the roof, and it's 
    likely connected to the bunker. That's your exit strategy. 
    Note : Come on ... triggered a silent alarm ?? It's so hard to get unnoticed on 
    LV8, and I trigger the silent alarm ...mumble..mumble...mumble... ^_^. You 
    should know that this is a combat mission, not a stealth mission. So do your 
    best !! Oh yeah, I almost forgot - don't touch the red electric fence because 
    you will be killed instantly. And no maps for this level ...oh boy. 
    I try to map the place, and here it is : 
                           #S  #
                           #   #               #     :  wall
                           #F  #           || and =  :  door
                      ######   ######          F     :  Flak jacket 
                      # b    a      #          S     :  Start 
                      #   #######d  #          E     :  Elevator 
           ####       #   # 1-1 #   #       a,b,...  :  points of interests
           # F#       #   ||   ||   #
           #  #       #   #     #   #
      ######  ######  #   #######   #    What you should know :
      #          i #  #             #      Room 1-1 : contains 2 missiles
      #  ########  #  ######   ######      Room 2-1 : contains 4 missiles
      #  # 2-1  #  #       # e #           Room 1-2 : contains 4 missiles
      #  ||    j#  #########   #           and you cannot open room 1-3
      #  #      #h        f    #
      #  ########  #########   #
      #            #       #   #
      ##############  ######   ######
                      #      g     k#
                      #   #######   #
                      #   # 1-2 #   #
                      #   ||m  ||   #
                      #   #     #   #
                      #   #######   #
                      # n           #
                      ######   ######
                           # o #
                           #   #
                 ###########   #
                 E             #
                 ######==###   #
                     #     #   ||1-3
                     # p   #   #
    In the enemy bunker, you will see a box with flak jacket(F). Head to the 
    junction (a), and you will see that electric fences have blocked your way to the 
    left and to the right. There are 2 enemies on the left path, each equipped with 
    combat shotgun and PK-102. Kill them, but you won't be able to take their 
    weapons, because the path is blocked by the electric fence. Look to the wall 
    behind the RIGHT fence (b). See a blinking lamp ?? It's the electric switch for 
    the fence. Aim and shoot it. Go there, then turn left. You should see a 1-1 
    door(c). Open it by activating the switch on the right and fight a person with 
    combat shotgun. There are 2 red missiles in the room. Check the panel and you 
    will contact Lian Xing. Check the other panel in front of the other missile, 
    then open the gate on the other side from where you came from by activating the 
    switch. An enemy with combat shotgun will wait in front of the door. Shoot him, 
    and loot the 2 persons that you shot on the first time. Oh yeah, you can shut 
    the left electric fence by shooting the panel (d) on the wall near the gate, but 
    it does nothing. 
    Proceed, and shoot the panel to open the fence. If you shoot from the left, then 
    you will disable the right electric fence, so to get through you must go back 
    past the room with the missiles. Anyway, go to the open path (e). Going to the 
    path will make 2 enemies (with combat shotgun and PK-102) appear. There is a 
    path to the right (f) and there is a junction on the end (g), leading to the 
    left and the right. Take the right path (f) because you will go to the (g) 
    junction after that. At the end of the (f) path, you will come to a junction 
    (h). 2 enemies with PK-102 will be waiting for you here. Reaching the junction 
    will make an enemy on each side (right and left) to attack you with PK-102. Take 
    the left path (i), and an enemy will appear again. You can take the flak jacket 
    (F) in the box if you want - then go to the place where the person just shot 
    you. You will see a 2-1 door to your left. Kill one guard with PK102 and open 
    the 2-1 door by clicking the switch. Equip your silenced 9mm and head-shot 2 
    persons there with Combat shotgun and PK-102. Go to the missile access control 
    (j) on the wall and activate it. The 4 missiles will come out one by one. 
    Catalog them by pressing Triangle after the missiles has come out. 
    6 down, 4 missiles to go. Go back to the main path and take the (g) junction 
    this time. On the junction, 3 guards will appear, 1 equipped with combat shotgun 
    and 2 equipped with PK-102. Shoot the switch on your left and take the left path 
    (k). Open the 1-2 door on your right by activating the switch beside the door. 
    Enter the room by walking backward, because an enemy with PK-102 will appear 
    from behind. Activate 4 missile panels to catalog the missiles. (#1st 
    CHECKPOINT).  Now the job has been completed. The mission now is to find the 
    elevator to the roof. 
    Open the (m) door by clicking the switch - 2 enemies with PK-102 and combat 
    shotgun will wait from the other side of the door. Go right to the (n) point and 
    shoot the panel on the junction. Go across the 1-2 room to enter the (o) path. 
    Blow the switch to open the electric fence. As soon as you do that, run to the 
    elevator (E) by going through the o path and take the right turn  , because 2 
    enemies equipped with flak jackets and PK-102 will appear from behind. Just go 
    to the elevator door and activate the switch on your right. The switch will open 
    the elevator door. Hop on it and press Triangle to go to the roof. If you do it 
    right, you won't take any damage. 
    By the way, you cannot open the 1-3 door and you will find nothing in the 
    computer room (p). 
    Incoming From Lian : 
    Rhoemer's patrols have discovered my location and I'm coming under heavy fire. 
    You better disable that radar soon or I won't be able to dust off. It's control 
    panel should be somewhere at it's base. 
    I'm having Markinson's team stand by in case something happens. Hurry Gabe.
    NOTE : The third boss stage. Quite cool, and the most important thing : non-stop 
    After going up on the elevator, you will arrive at the roof. Circling the place, 
    you will see 4 boxes. Two boxes contain flak jacket, and two boxes contain PK-
    102. Go to the stairs leading to the radar dish. Ascend the stairs, and go to 
    the panel on the radar. It's the Radar Tracking Override switch. Activate it and 
    you will hear a conversation, added objectives, and updated briefing (#1st 
       +++ BOSS 3 : CHOPPER +++
    Use your PK-102. This is your best weapon against the chopper, and you can find 
    the ammo in the boxes. I think the target is the whole body of the helicopter, 
    so you can shoot it anywhere. After you activate the switch, go downstairs and 
    wait for the chopper to come out in front of the radar dish. Even before the 
    choper comes out, the radar will show you where the chopper is so you can target 
    lock the chopper (using R1 button). If the lights from the chopper hits you, 
    RUN. The chopper will use its machine gun to gun you down and if you don't move, 
    you'll die in no time.  Start shooting from the moment the chopper appear (even 
    before he lit the lights), then still shoots while evading the bullets. If you 
    do it right, the chopper will smoke and go below the roof. If not, the chopper 
    will fly above you while shooting at you make a turn then flying and shooting 
    above you. 
    There are 2 patterns that the helicopter uses to shoot you :
    1. If the helicopter appear from below the roof and use its light on you, the 
    bullets will try to chase you. So to evade the bullets, you must run in circle. 
    Don't make back and forth straight line, such as : strafing left, then strafing 
    right. If you do this, you will be hit by the bullets. In other words, while 
    strafing, also press the direction button . Just be sure that you don't get 
    blocked by the box or by the radar base when you evade or the bullets will 
    finish you there.
    2. If the helicopter fly in a straight line and shoots you - the bullets will 
    make a straight line. so to evade the bullets, use the strafe button - use roll 
    if necesarry.
    After the chooper goes below the roof (after it smokes), the chopper will appear 
    much like the first time, but the location is random. While flying on the roof 
    top, the chopper will drop guards to attack you. Beware, and shoot them before 
    he shoots you. Just remember that your main target is the chopper, so shoot the 
    chopper again until it burns.
    Incoming from Markinson : 
    The timers on the explosives you planted have been triggered. When they go off, 
    it will leave a crater a mile wide. Our chopper will pick you up at the main 
    gate, if you get here in time. Our window for escaping ground zero is short, so 
    you had better hurry. 
    I have sent a team to Lian's rendezvous point. They found nothing but a burning 
    pile of debris. Rhoemer will pay dearly, soon enough.
    NOTE : Escaping from the base sequence. In other games, this type of mission 
    ussually lies in the last level, but not in this game. All I can say is : 
    Run..Run....and RUN 
    Basically, the mission is to leave the base as quickly as possible. The action 
    is so fast here, because you only have 3 minutes to leave the base. Use your 
    combat shotgun to kill the enemy quickly. The path that you have to take is the 
    path where you kill Gabrek. Kill if you have to, but running is a better option. 
    I won't tell you where the enemies are because you won't care (Come on, you'll 
    be busy running ^_^). I won't tell you the way out, because you should have 
    known that. Just remember this tips :
    1. don't shoot enemies while you are near the barrels. If the enemy shoots the 
    barrels, it'll explode and you're dead.
    2. R1 button (target lock) will change your running direction, so be careful.
    3. Use strafing and rolling for the best evasion method. 
    4. run in the groove to evade enemies.
    One thing that you should know is that there's a flak jacket on the right side 
    of the first groove. Get it if you want.
    The most difficult enemy in this stage is the last enemy guarding the gate. He 
    wears a flak jacket and throws grenades. Shoot him with combat shotgun multiple 
    times and hopefully you kill him before you exit through the gate. Sometimes the 
    enemy can kill you even if you have exited the place (you can hear Gabriel's 
    dead while the screen is fading black). That's why you should kill the last 
    Incoming from Markinson :
    You have to find your way down to the catacombs, where Phagan is being held. 
    Eliminate all PHARCOM scientists you find on the way; I want to shut down this 
    entire operation.
    Our labs have prepared an antigen which fights the effects of the virus. You 
    must stop and administer it to any human test subjects you find. The agency 
    needs these subjects alive, so do everything in your power to insure their 
    Note : new location, so they give you your standard equipment (9mm, sniper 
    rifle, taser and stuffs). This is not a stealth mission, so just let it all out. 
    Remember that the right side of the map is north, not east.
    You arrive at the roof. Do not fall, or you will die. Face to your right (east). 
    Move forward a tiny little bit and you will spot an enemy below you. Use your 
    sniper rifle on him. After that, go north on the roof and use your look button 
    to your right (east) to find a ledge under you. Go to that ledge. Move east when 
    suddenly the right window on the building in front of you is broken and someone 
    comes out and shoot you. Snipe him - and head to his place (behind the window) 
    by going through the ledges and climb the window. You will find the man's PK-102 
    and flak jacket in the box. Go to the path to the east to see an unarmed 
    scientist with a flak jacket. Kill him, as killing the scientists is one of your 
    mission. Take the south turn to go into the room with patients. You will contact 
    Markinson there. Approach the 2 patients (test subjects) and inject them with 
    antigen. Then go back to the path and go east. Head south on the path full of 
    boxes. To your left (east) you will see a guard with PK-102 in front of the 
    door. You cannot open the door because it is electronically locked and you need 
    a keycard. Head further so see a path to the south (dark room) and to the west. 
    You will find a flak jacket in the dark room (use flashlight to see the box). 
    Sneak to the west path to see a guard with PK-102 and a scientist. Kill them. 
    After that you will find a junction to the south (lab) and to the west (path 
    with boxes). As you go to the lab, an enemy with PK-102 will attack you from the 
    west path. Head to the lab, break the window, and use the antigen on the 
    patients. Now go back and take the west path. Go to the southwest lab (look at 
    the map) and kill a guard with shotgun. Break the window and inject the standing 
    patient with antigen - the patient on the bed is dead. Go back to the path and 
    head west again to reach the west lab. You will find 3 scientists, a dead 
    patient, and 2 boxes that contain PK102 and flak jacket. Kill the scientists and 
    inspect them to find a key card in one of their bodies. (#1st CHECKPOINT) 
    Now that you have the keycard you can now open the locked door. Head back to the 
    path with boxes, and 5 enemies will swarm you there (that's why they put boxes 
    in the path ^_^). They are equipped with PK102, shotgun and .45. Then open the 
    locked door by using the card on the door lock switch. You will see boxes in the 
    room. Climb the boxes, and an enemy will break the window in front of you and 
    shoot you. Snipe him. Descend the boxes, and climb the window. Climb down to the 
    balcony. 3 persons will attack you with PK-102. Face north from where you came. 
    There will be 3 windows to your left leading to a room. Enter the southernmost 
    window to see an unarmed scientist - kill him. Go back to the balcony and enter 
    the northernmost window. Find a K3G4 rifle there. Then go back to the balcony 
    and enter the middle window. Take the right turn to see a guard with .45 and a 
    scientist in the corner for you to kill. Then take the first path to the right 
    (west) and you will find a patient. Entering the room will cause 2 guards with 
    PK-102 comes. Use the antigen on the patient and take the flak jacket in the 
    Go back to the path and take the path to the right (west). Go to the path to see 
    2 guards with   and shotgun and PK102 and a scientist with .45. All wear flak 
    jackets. Search the guard with PK102 body's to find a keycard. (#2nd CHECKPOINT)
    At this moment, there should be 2 scientists left to kill and 1 patient to be 
    cured. Use the keycard to the doorlock and the door will open. The door leads to 
    the library. There are 3 guards in the lower level, equipped with G18, .45, PK-
    102 and they all wear a flak jacket. Climb to the north east box to the 2nd 
    level. Kill 3 guards with PK-102(2 persons) and .45 (1 person)and flak jackets 
    on them. Circling your way to the northwest corner of the 2nd level of the 
    library. Climb the box there, and climb the bookcase. Shoot the window on the 
    wall, and climb through that window. Cross the bridge and fight 2 men with 
    shotguns. Climb the window on the other side of the bridge, shoot it, and climb 
    down to another room. Fight 2 persons there with .45, flak jacket and PK102. 
    Pick the shotgun in the box near the stair. Enter the lab and cure the last 
    patient. (#3rd CHECKPOINT). 
    Take the east path from the lab. Shoot a man with G-18 machine guns on the 
    corner. Proceed to the south to see a junction. A scientist will run across you. 
    Shoot him, but beware of the guard with PK 102 on the east side. Behind the 
    boxes on the east end (near the guard), you will find a box that contains a flak 
    jacket. Loot the scientist for a .45, flak jacket, and a cardkey (#4th 
    Climb the boxes to the west. You will be swarmed by 3 guards with shotguns and 
    PK-102. One of them is wearing a flak jacket. Climb down the boxes, run to the 
    south to another boxes. Climb it and you will be attacked by a person with 
    flakjacket and a shotgun. Climb another boxes to go west. There is a junction to 
    the north (dark room with boxes) and to the south and a box containing a flak 
    jacket. A scientist will come from the south path. Kill him (#5th CHECKPOINT).
    By now, the only mission left is to find the entrance to the catacombs. Go to 
    the dark room. You will be welcomed by a person with PK102 from the top of the 
    box and a person with shotgun from the path where you came. Climb the box to 
    find a K3G4 rifle. Climb down the box, and go to the south path. Climb to the 
    attic and 3 persons, all equipped with PK102 and flak jackets, will attack you. 
    Go south to see a stair leading down. Follow the path and you will see a door 
    lock. Use the card on the door and open the door. Kill a man with .45 gun, then 
    climb the window. Climb down, then climb the ledge to your left. Go straight to 
    the east at the junction, and you will fall to a lower ledge that will connect 
    to a window in the end. Break the glass and kill 2 men with PK-102. Get a gas 
    grenade in the box nearby, and climb the box. Take the elevator to your right to 
    the lower level.
    Incoming from Markinson : 
    The Kazakhstan incident is blowing up at the state department, and the UN 
    council is furious. The agency is shifting blame towards NATO command, of 
    course. You are now at the mid-point of Rhoemer's sronghold. Interpol schematics 
    suggest that the catacomb's entrance is probably in thr rose chapel. Find your 
    way there. 
    All mission objectives remain in force; eliminate PHARCOM scientists, administer 
    the antigen to test subjects, and find Phagan.
    NOTE : the north is the right side of the map, so watch it. Oh yeah, save at 
    least one gas grenade for the next stage. It's very important to do this. 
    Get the flak jacket right next to you, then descend. An enemy with PK-102 will 
    attack you from the left side behind the boxes. Move to the left path to reach a 
    room with a patient. As you enter this room, an enemy with shotgun will appear 
    from the window above you and another with PK102 will appear behind you. 
    Administer the patient with the antigen. Take the shotgun in the box. Leave the 
    room and head east. Descend to the south, and shoot the enemy with PK102 in 
    front of you. Approach where the guard is to find a lab in the left. A scientist 
    will leave from the lab. Kill him. There's nothing in the lab, but if you search 
    it, an enemy will come from your behind with PK102. Go back and descent the 
    stairs to west. You could go up to the other side of the balcony by climbing the 
    boxes. You can find a flak jacket there. When you're on your way down, and enemy 
    will attack you from the balcony. After you reach downstairs, go to the lab on 
    the south to meet a scientist. Kill him, then go to the left path before you 
    reach the lab. You will find a patient there. Use the antigen on him. Then face 
    2 enemies with flack jacket and G18 and PK102. Kill the scientist in the lab. 
    Then climb the boxes to reach the middle lab. You should see that there are 
    three labs here, but you can enter the middle lab only by climbing the boxes. In 
    the middle lab you will see a patient. Cure him with antigen. 
    By now, there should be 6 scientists left and one patient left. Go back near the 
    stairs and take the path to the west. Go along the alley and face the guy with 
    flak jacket and .45. You will reach a room in the end of the alley. Fight 3 man 
    with flak jacket and G-18 from upstairs, and pick the flak jacket in this room. 
    Climb a set of boxes to the north east corner of this room, and climb down. 
    There's a passage behind the boxes. You will find the last patient (#1st 
    CHECKPOINT) here and you will contact Markinson. Proceed to the open area (front 
    gate area) and kill a man with G-18 gun. Find a box with PK102. Go to the west 
    and to the north again to reach the west path from the front gate. Fight 2 
    persons with shotgun and G-18 from above the wall. Climb the boxes there to 
    reach a balcony. Fight a man with machine gun from the other side of the 
    balcony. Then fight a man with a shotgun from a balcony nearby. Climb that 
    balcony and take the flak jacket in the box. Break the glass and go to the room. 
    You will find a scientist there and a locked door. You cannot open it right now, 
    so go back to the lower balcony and take the passage there. 
    After going through the passage, you will come to the place where you came, but 
    you're in the upper floor now. Fight 2 person with PK102 and shotgun and flak 
    jacket there. Then cross the bridge to the other balcony. While you crossing, 
    kill a guy below you. In the other side of the balcony, find a box with flak 
    jacket. Enter the lab and you will find a scientist with a .45, flak jacket, and 
    keycard (#2nd CHECKPOINT). 
    Go back cross the bridge again and went to the upper balcony. Use the keycard to 
    open the locked door. There's a junction here and two men are waiting from the 
    right path, each equipped with G-18 and PK102. Go to the left path. You will see 
    a scientist coming out of the left path. Kill him and proceed to the lab. Find 
    another scientist at the end of the lab to get a cardkey (#3rd CHECKPOINT). 
    Get a PK102 from the box near the scientist. Beware of an enemy coming from 
    behind, because he's equipped with grenades. Go back to the junction and you 
    will meet 2 guys with G-18s. Take the right junction now (to the east). You will 
    arrive at a balcony. Kill a man with machine guns from the other side of the 
    balcony. Walk to the end of the balcony and use the keycard on the door. Open 
    the door, and fight 4 persons and 1 scientist here. They are eauipped with flak 
    jackets, G-18, and PK102. Exit through the north west to reach the cemetary 
    balcony. Run through the balcony and Logan will call Markinson. Go to the end of 
    the balcony and see a ledge on your left. Climb the fence and go to the ledge. 
    It's a tiny ledge, so you have to be careful. You will find a flak jacket at the 
    end of the ledge. Go to the west ledge approaching the rose glass, and you will 
    see an animation (#4th CHECKPOINT).
    On the balcony, you will be attacked by 2 men. Go down the balcony and find a 
    K3G4 bullets in abox. After getting it, a man will appear and attack you with 
    PK102. Go to the alley on the north west and face an enemy with .45 and flak 
    jacket. Go to the open area and 2 men with flak jackets and .45 and PK102 will 
    attack you. Go to the only way and kill a man with flak jacket and G-18. You 
    should now arrive at the cemetary. Kill lots of guys here with PK102 and G-18. 
    But beware of the grenade lobber above the wall. Go to the 'green' path and you 
    will see the last scientist and a man with G-18. Kill the scientist (#5th 
    Proceed and you will face 2 person with shotgun and PK102 and flak jackets. 
    Proceed again and you will face 3 persons with G-18, Shotgun, and PK102. Find a 
    box with flak jacket in this room. Proceed to the west path. 2 persons with 
    PK102 and flak jackets will appear from behind the pillar. Keep going until you 
    reach the place where there is a stairs leading to the lower level. There are 5 
    persons here, each one equipped with shotguns, G-18, and PK102. Go descent the 
    stairs to reach the catacombs.  
    Incoming from Markinson :
    If these catacombs are like the ones we shut down beneath Paris, then Rhoemer is 
    using a palm print activation system for security. You will have to follow one 
    of Rhoemer's guards or lab workers to Phagan's cell. And wait for them to open 
    the cell door. Remember, I need Phagan alive. 
    The agency has broken off contract with the state department. Do not acknowledge 
    any communications you might receive from other agency members. We are running 
    out of time.
    NOTE : First part of this stage is a stealth mission. After reaching Phagan, the 
    mission change to a cover-and-follow mission. There's no map for this place, and 
    you won't need one. Just follow Phagan and Lian.
    When you first arrive to the catacombs, you will see a guard downstairs in front 
    of you. Snipe him. Follow him to the left and downstairs. Before the stairs end, 
    you will see a guard. He will stop for a while before going to the stairs. Take 
    the chance to snipe him. If you want, you can get a flak jacket near the stairs. 
    Move forward again, and you will see a box with shotgun on your left. Sneak 
    forward a little bit more and you will see 2 persons there. Now this is a nasty 
    situation if you don't have a gas grenade.  Use your gas grenade on them. Keep 
    following the scientist to the left of the stairs. Go follow him close and you 
    will hear a click where he enters the cell. Approach him quickly, and you will 
    see and animation. (#1st CHECKPOINT)
    Phagan will tell you something that will surprise you (...won't spoil the fun 
    ^_^). Now you have to follow Phagan. I think I don't need to show you the way, 
    and all I can say is that protect Phagan at all costs. Manouver around Phagan 
    all the time and use your favourite weapon to kill the enemies (preferably 
    assault rifle or shotgun).  You can take several items along the way. Follow him 
    until you reach the checkpoint (#2nd CHECKPOINT)
    You will come to a place where there is a stairs leading down. An enemy on your 
    left is waiting, so shoot. Then there will be 2 enemies downstairs. Jump down 
    (without using the stairs - you won't die and it's much faster) and kill those 
    two to get a shotgun. Phagan will go downstairs anyway. Follow him again like 
    the second part until you reach Lian Xing's cell. You'll see an animation. (#3rd 
    Now follow Lian to the exit. Just follow and protect her, like you did with 
    Phagan. You will come across one more checkpoint before you reach the exit. 
    (#4th CHECKPOINT). Follow her again, but this time there are more enemies ahead 
    of you. Protect and follow her to the exit and you will see an animation where 
    you meet Mara.
    Incoming from Lian : 
    Rhoemer's men are attacking Phagan's warehouse district in force. You have to 
    get the silo's mainframe computers before they do. The agency's satellites are 
    down, but Aramov assures me the silo can only be accessed via service elevators 
    in warehouse 76. Erikson has the computer's access codes, so you'll need to find 
    him first.
    This warehouse was PHARCOM's clearing house for the bodies they were using to 
    transport the virus. You have to plant beacons on any bodies you find so the 
    agency can retrieve them fordisposal at a level 5 cointainment facility.
    NOTE : I really hate this level !! This level is the worst level design in the 
    game. So much place looks similar, yet the mission is so difficult. You will 
    find hard times in this level. Oh yeah... you cannot see the bodies you're 
    looking for. The bodies are stored in boxes, so you have to use the viral 
    scanner to look for them. Once you see it, plant the beacon by walking on top of 
    the box and press triangle. One more bit of advice : the enemies on this level 
    is unlimited. They keep coming, so I won't list all the enemies in this level. 
    So don't stand still and waste enemy one by one - it's no use. Since there's no 
    direction in this map, consider up = north, left = west, right = east, and down 
    = south on the map. 
    You'll arrive in the alley. Go to the end of the alley. Then go north east to 
    see a buiding with two windows on it's side. You should be able to find it, 
    because it's so near - but if you can't, the building is infront of Warehouse 
    #7. Shoot the windows, climb the windows to see an animation of Logan meeting 
    Erikson.(#1st CHECKPOINT)
    Go to the corner of this room to find a box with viral scanner in it. This is a 
    very important item. The viral scanner is a scanner that can scan a body that is 
    contaminated with syphon filter virus. Furthermore, it can see through solid 
    objects (kinda like an X-ray). After getting the viral scanner, go back through 
    the window and go to the warehouse #13 (it's on the map). Climb thru the window 
    to get in, then go to the other room. Climb the black boxe, shoot the window and 
    climb thru it. Get a grenade launcer (M-79) from a box. Go back thru the 
    Go to the warehouse #23 (it's on the map, too). On the way there, you should see 
    a building in the center. Break the window to enter it to get grenades in the 
    box. Then open the Warehouse #23 door. Get a machine gun BIZ-2 from the box. 
    Leave Warehouse #23 and head east past the building in the center. Then look for 
    a big poster on the north side. (Actually, it's to the north of warehouse #13). 
    Climb the ledge to the left of the poster and enter the window. Head east into a 
    room. See the boxes near the window in this room ? Use the viral scanner. You 
    will find a body in the box near the window. Hop on the box, and press triangle. 
    Gabe will put the beacon on the top of the box and contact Lian (#2nd 
    Break the only window in this room to the east. Climb down to the outside area. 
    Head to warehouse #38, which is the northwest of Warehouse #36 (Warehouse #38 is 
    the big square on the north west of the map). You cannot open the warehouse's 
    door, so you have to climb from the left and enter from the window. Use your 
    viral scanner in this room. You will find a body in the north white container. 
    Go on top of the container and press Triangle to place the beacon. (#3rd 
    Go outside the building by blowing the barrels in front of the door. Go outside 
    to warehouse #36. There's a building that looks like a warehouse to the west of 
    warehouse #36, but there's no number. This building leads to warehouse#36. Kick 
    the door, enter the building and go to the side path on the left (north). Go to 
    the east to reach warehouse #36. Look with your viral scanner beneath the 
    barrels in the northeast of Warehouse #36 and you will see a structure 
    underground. Blast the barrels. After the explosion, check the floor and you 
    will find a hole leading to a tunnel underground. Jump into the tunnel. 
    Go out from the room by climbing the boxes. Head right on the junction. Go 
    through the path and take the first right path to get a box with K3G4 inside. Go 
    back to the path and proceed right. Go until you reach back to the upperground. 
    Look to your west to see a container. Look up and you will see a rope across 
    above the container. Climb the container and hang on the rope. Move to your 
    right (south). Then let go of your hand on the upper ledge to the right. Inspect 
    near the rope to see a power switch. Activate it. (#4th CHECKPOINT)
    Go to the other end of the ledge and climb down to the other side of the fence. 
    Head to the warehouse#69. You cannot open the front door, so you have to find 
    another way in. There's a pile of box to the left of the door. Climb the box and 
    enter the building thru the window. Becareful of the 3 enemies here, because one 
    of them is a grenade lobber and they all wear flak jackets. KIll them and use 
    your viral scanner in the building. You will find a body in the container in the 
    corner. This time you don't have to climb the container, just approach it and 
    press Triangle to put the beacon. (#5th CHECKPOINT)
    Go outside the building by blowing the barrels in front of the door. Then go to 
    the west to the electric fence. Since you have turn the electric power off, you 
    can now open the gate. Proceed to the underground tunnel again. Just go straight 
    until you reach an 'previously electrified' gate. Open the gate, then go 
    straight and to the right gate. Open the gate and run until you reach a set of 
    barrel in the way and 3 people shooting you. Blow the barrel and kill the 
    person. Take the right path to the upperground. Go to the only path to reach a 
    building with 2 windows. Climb the windows, and...      
    Incoming from Lian :
    I still can't contact Markinson but I've hacked into the agency's European 
    computer system. Bad news. You've probably going up against PHARCOM's elite 
    guards. Extremely well trained and armed. Even Rhoemer's men haven't broken 
    through their perimeter yet. 
    Avoid any direct fire fights if you can. Warehouse 76 should be south of your 
    present position. Where the hell is our agency back-up ? NATO thinks a civil war 
    is breaking out, but we're getting no support.  
    NOTE : This mission is similar to Stage 15. You have to find 3 dead bodies 
    (again) and find the way to the next stage (again). But it's much better now. 
    The enemies don't come back if you kill them. But this time the enemies are the 
    **PHARCOM ELITE GUARDS**, meaning they have a very good aim, are equipped with 
    deadly weapons, and all wears a flak jacket. Wow......... And since there's no 
    direction in this map, consider up = north, left = west, right = east, and down 
    = south on the map. 
    You're inside the building that has an underground tunnel leading to Warehouse 
    76. Search the room for a box of flak jacket in the corner. Then jump down to 
    the door below you to reach the underground path. You'll find an open place at 
    the end of the path. As you go into the open area, two guards with PK102 will 
    shoot you from the building's roof. Walk a tiny little bit to the east and you 
    will meet 2 enemies with PK102 again. Go into Warehouse #87 (it's on the north) 
    - fight an enemy with PK102, then open a box of sniper rifle in it. Exit the 
    warehouse and enter Warehouse #85 on the east. Go behind the white container to 
    find a passage leading to an open area. This passage is guarded with a guard 
    holding a PK102. In the passage you will find a set of box forming a stairs on 
    your right. Climb on them to reach a window. You can see 2 guards with a combat 
    shotgun and a BIZ-2. After that, climb the window to enter Warehouse #82 from 
    behind. Use your viral scanner in the building to find the first body. It's on 
    the box that the two enemies were. Get on top of the box and plant the beacon by 
    pressing Triangle. (#1st CHECKPOINT)
    Go outside the Warehouse. Look a white container in front of you ? Walk to the 
    west side of the container (near the slopes), and sneak slowly to the south. You 
    will see 2 guards with PK-102s on the south near a warehouse with no number. 
    Walk towards the guards, loot their weapons, and go straight forward until you 
    reach a green container. Approach the green container from the south side, and 
    look west - you will find a guard behind the fence. Go south again until you 
    reach a fence. You will find Warehouse #74 on your right (west). Use your viral 
    scanner in the warehouse to find the second body. The body is in the northwest 
    boxes. Approach it and put the beacon on the box (#2nd CHECKPOINT)
    After you plant the beacon, 2 person will come at you with PK102 and combat 
    shotgun. Go out of Warehouse #74 and head back to the green container. See the 
    building with 2 windows on the north of the green container ? It's the warehouse 
    with no number on the south of Warehouse #82. Approach from the window, and 
    snipe the only guard with PK-102 there. Climb the window down to enter the 
    warehouse. Climb to the ledge above (where the guard was), climb the boxes, then 
    climb up to the roof. Two person with BIZ-2 with shoot you from the building 
    nearby. Go slightly to the west to see a wooden pole that bent across the two 
    building. Hang to that pole and go to the roof where those 2 enemies were. Take 
    the grenades out of the box near the pole, and then go east to jump down to a 
    lower roof. Climb down to the south, and you'll be welcomed by 2 guards with 
    PK102 and combat shotgun. Then inspect the boxes with viral scanner near the 
    place you jump down (near the fence), and you will find the last body. Approach 
    the box and put a beacon on it. (#3rd CHECKPOINT)
    Go to the tunnel leading underground. There's no map for this place. Proceed and 
    you'll welcomed by 2 guards with PK-102. Go left and you'll meet a man with 
    PK102 near the box. Move slightly forward to the junction and you'll be welcomed 
    by 5 enemies with PK 102. If you don't want to be instantly killed, shoot the 
    barrels first before the enemy uses it to kill you. Go left at the junction. Run 
    to the end of this path and you'll meet 5 persons with PK102 along the way. Take 
    the left turn again at the end of the path and you'll be greeted by a man with 
    PK102. There's a path leading to the upperground to your left. Beware that if 
    you enter this place, you'll be swarmed by bullets and grenades from lots of 
    guards on the roof. So just run and reach the building to your right. It's the 
    Warehouse #76. 
    (About the guards, I tried many times to kill them off the roof, but I failed 
    each time. It's not the shooter that I'm worried about, it's the grenade lobber. 
    You can not evade the grenades easily because there're lots of fuel tanks 
    blocking your way. So instead of shooting them, I prefer running straight to the 
    ***** STAGE 17 : ALMATY, KAZAKHSTAN - WAREHOUSE 76 *****
    Incoming from Lian :
    The entire warehouse district is going up in flames. You have to find the 
    freight elevator before Warehouse 76 collapses around you. It's located in the 
    south east corner of the building. You don't have much time. 
    I've done a spot analysis of the serum that Markinson was having you to 
    administer to the test subjects in Rhoemer's Stronghold. Gabe, it wasn't a 
    vaccine. It was some form of concentrated Potassium Chloride, used in lethal 
    injections. Markinson was having you to kill those men. 
    NOTE : This is much like Stage 2 combined with Stage 11, where the objective of 
    this mission is to reach the Silo Access Tunnel within a short period of time. 
    There're fires everywhere, so you got to find your ways. There are enemies in 
    the fire, so you got to watch out too. The enemies are still the PHARCOM Elite 
    Guards, so all enemies are wearing flak jackets. And since there's no direction 
    in this map, consider up = north, left = west, right = east, and down = south on 
    the map. 
    You start in front of Warehouse #76. Check your timer - you got only 15 minutes 
    to reach the elevator. Climb the slope ledge and get the flak jacket in the box 
    to your south. Then make your way to Warehouse #76 on your Southeast. Enter the 
    warehouse, then enter the door on your right (southwest) by going thru the left 
    side of the door. An enemy with PK102 will appear in front of you. Note the 
    ledge where he stands, because you will go there eventually. After killing him, 
    you will see a room to your left (east). A man with flak jacket and PK102 is 
    waiting for you there. Shoot the barrels for easy killing. Go into the room and 
    take a sniper rifle in a box on the corner. Go out of that room and climb the 
    ledge where your first enemy stands. You will see a tiny hole on the lower side 
    of the wall. Enter the hole by rolling (O button). Go straight to the wall, then 
    jump down to the east. Climb the highest container to the east, then face south. 
    You will see a bridge above you. Press triangle to hang on the bridge and press 
    up to be on the bridge. Run straight to the south across the bridge. Don't stop, 
    because the bridge is collapsing. You will find an enemy with PK102 is blocking 
    you. Shoot him fast while running and then reach the end of the bridge. Don't 
    worry, the last segment of the bridge won't fall. Face north, then climb down 
    the bridge to the lower level (Don't jump down without hanging on the bridge 
    first !! It's too high. You will die instantly).    
    In this place there are 2 rooms, to the west and to the east. The west room 
    contains an enemy with combat shotgun, and a box with BIZ-2 . The east room 
    contains an enemy with BIZ-2 and a box with flak jacket. Proceed south to meet 2 
    enemies with PK102 and 1 enemy with BIZ-2. Go to the west path and you will 
    contact Lian there. Proceed to the next room to the west. (#1st CHECKPOINT)  
    There's a set of box in front of you. Climb the boxes, then climb the ledge on 
    your right (north). Then proceed west, and wait (you will know why ^_^). Jump 
    down from the ledge, and go west. In the next room, you will see a set of boxes 
    on your left (south) and a set of boxes on your right (north). Climb the boxes 
    on the left side, then climb the ledges on your left. Proceed west until you 
    reach the wall. An enemy with combat shotgun will appear from below. After 
    killing him, jump down and go west to the next room. There are 2 path here : to 
    the right (north) room or to the left (south). The north room seems blocked, but 
    you can enter it by climbing the boxes on your west. Then go south, and climb 
    the bridge. Cross the bridge to the north room. After you kill a person with 
    PK102, jump to the white container. Climb down the white container to the lower 
    level to get 2 boxes of M-79 Grenade Launcher. Go back by climbing on the white 
    container, and crossing the bridge again. 
    This time, take the south path. Three enemies will jump from the container. Kill 
    them quickly by shooting the barrels - the explosion will kill them instantly. 
    Loot their weapons : Combat shotgun, BIZ-2, and PK102. Walk to their bodies and 
    an enemy with PK102 will appear from the west. Go behind the white container to 
    find a tiny hole under the Russian letter. Go into the south room by rolling 
    through that hole. Head west, then climb the boxes. Climb the white container 
    and you'll be attacked by a man with BIZ-2  from the bridge. Head to the south 
    east corner of the container, and climb to the bridge. Get a M-79 from the box. 
    Don't walk to the west end of the bridge because it will collapse. Back to the 
    container (where you blow 3 persons by shooting the barrels) by rolling thru the 
    hole again.
    Go south to find a pile of boxes. Climb it, then climb to the container to your 
    right (south). You will find a hole again at the east wall. Roll thru it and 
    you'll come to another room. An enemy will 'welcome' you with his combat shotgun 
    on the floor and another enemy with PK-102 from the bridge above. Climb the 
    boxes on the south, then climb to the bridge on the south. Go to the east to 
    another room. Beware that the bridge is collapsing when you run on top of it, so 
    run fast. On the end of the bridge, climb down (don't jump or you'll die). Still 
    standing on the boxes where you jump down, look south with viral scanner. You'll 
    find a white panel behind the fire on the left wall (It is hard to see but it IS 
    there, so keep looking ). It is the elevator call panel. Shoot the panel, then 
    go to the elevator. Just be careful, because the switch is a time switch - if 
    you don't go on the elevator, the elevator will go down again.
    Incoming from Lian : 
    According to Aramov, the silo's entrance is down there somewhere. She says to 
    follow the main tunnel. It dead ends at the silo elevator, but because of the 
    fire above, some elevators may be off-line.
    I'm picking up frantic radio traffic from NATO command, but I still can't 
    contact anyone within the agency.
    NOTE : This is the kind of stage that I hate, just like Stage 15. I don't like 
    the cave environment. It makes me dizzy trying to find the right way. You should 
    use your flash light a lot. There's no map for this place either.... oh boy. I'm 
    trying to describe the way out as detailed as I could. Hopefully, you can escape 
    this level. All the enemies are stil the ** PHARCOM ELITE GUARDS ** - they all 
    wear flak jackets. And they attack in groups on this level. So be very careful. 
    You will see paths that are blocked by the laser fence. You can not pass the 
    fence in this level, so find another way.  
    After the elevator scene on the previous stage, you arrive at the tunnels below. 
    Get a flak jacket in front of you. 3 enemies will try to kill you there. They 
    are equipped with 2 PK102s and 1 BIZ-2. Ignore the right path that is blocked by 
    red laser fence and go straight forward until you reach a bridge. There are 2 
    guards with PK102s guarding the bridge. Cross the bridge and you will be 
    contacted by Lian. 
    Go to the right path by climbing the ledge. The place is a little dark and you 
    might want to use your flashlight. Go straight forward and you will find an 
    enemy with BIZ-2. Proceed a little farther and you'll come to a bridge. Take 
    note of this bridge because it is very important. Go straight until you come to 
    the place which is blocked by a laser fence - a guard will try to stop you along 
    the way and you have to cross 2 bridges. You can find a box with K3G4 there. Go 
    to the 'very important' bridge (the first bridge after you take the right turn). 
    Go to the side of the bridge and use your flashlight to the bottom of the 
    bridge. You will see a set of boxes under the bridge. Go to the side of the 
    bridge and climb down to the boxes by pressing sneak (X) button and U on the 
    side of the bridge. Go to the mesh platform near the box that does not have a 
    steel bar, then climb down this platform to reach the box below. Jump down the 
    box and you'll arrive on another tunnel below. 
    Proceed to this tunnel and you'll see a man with BIZ-2. Move a little bit 
    farther to see another man with BIZ-2. Proceed forward, and you'll meet a man 
    with PK102 - he's a grenade lobber, too. Move again past the pile of box and 
    you'll meet a man on the brige with BIZ-2 (he's a grenade lobber, too). Go back 
    to the pile of boxes and climb it. Then climb to the ledge above you : you'll 
    arrive at the side of the bridge. You can see a box with a flak jacket in it to 
    your right. Go across the next bridge and you'll find a man with PK102. Go 
    forward and you'll come to a place with a panel on the left. Go to the panel 
    (it's the elevator control panel) and you'll call Lian. Check one of the bridges 
    and you'll get a box with a flak jacket. 
    Now go to the middle set of boxes (near the 'not working' elevator). Climb the 
    box, and then hang on to the red bar. Move to the ledge on the end of the bar, 
    climb the bar, and climb the ledge. You'll find a box with a M-79 grenade 
    launcher there. You'll find 3 persons on your way down, each is equipped with : 
    BIZ-2, Combat shotgun, and a grenade with BIZ-2. After that, go to the set of 
    box near the bridge that is closest to the elevator control panel. Climb the 
    boxes and climb to the ledge above. You'll come to a tunnel with red lights. Go 
    along the tunnel and you'll find the power relay on the end of the tunnel. 
    Activate the power relay. (#1st CHECKPOINT).
    Go back across the tunnel to the elevator control panel. But you'll face a lot 
    of enemies down there, including a grenade lobber that will lob a grenade to the 
    tunnel. So when you reach the end of the tunnel, press X to sneak and climb down 
    to the box as soon as you can and then kill the grenade lobber (with BIZ-2). 
    Kill 3 other persons with BIZ-2. Then activate the elevator control panel and 
    ride the elevator on the center of this room. Activate the elevator by pressing 
    Triangle and you'll go to a lower level. Go to the only path and you'll meet a 
    group of 3 terrorists, 2 with shotguns and 1 with PK-102. Proceed again until 
    the end of the path and turn right there. You'll meet 3 persons with Combat 
    shotgun, PK-102, and BIZ-2 around the corner. Climb the ledge and go straight 
    again until you reach the elevator call switch on the wall. Activate the switch 
    to call the elevator, then ride the elevator to the upper level. 
    At this place you'll see another elevator leading down, but I don't find 
    anything down there. Take the other path to see a bridge in front of you leading 
    to the right. Go to the left to see an earthquake (you have to run back ^_^). Go 
    to the bridge and take the right path. Go across one more bridge. Go straight 
    along the path and you will see a group with 3 terrorists coming along your way 
    with 2 PK102s and 1 BIZ-2.  Proceed further and you will come to the POWER ROOM. 
    There are 3 control panel here. Activate all 3 control panel (one on your right, 
    one on your left near the laser fence, and one on the bridge), and you'll see an 
    Incoming from Lian :
    The entire power grid to the tunnels is now off-line so the laser fields should 
    be gone. The silo has it's own power supply so you should still be able to 
    access the mainframe computers and download PHARCOM's DNA sequencing data. 
    You should have a clear line to the silo from there, if you can find a way out 
    of that power room. And Gabe, you're still outnumbered by Rhoemer's men. Maybe 
    you can use the blackout to your advantage. 
    NOTE : Just like the name, this is a total blackout mission. This environment of 
    this stage is the darkest compared to of all other stages. There's no light in 
    the tunnel, and you'll find lots of **PHARCOM ELITE GUARDS** in the tunnel. You 
    have to use your flashlight at the right time because sometimes there's a ledge 
    and if you don't see it, you'll fall and die. But if you use your flashlight 
    when there's an enemy nearby, the enemy will notice you and start shooting. So 
    You are trapped in the power room. You have to make your way to the lower level 
    tunnel. Do this by going to the red iron bars in ront of you. Hang on to the 
    right bar, then move to the left. Drop to the lower ledges. Climb down, move 
    yourself to a lower ledges, and let go of your hands. Repeat until you reach the 
    bottom. If you don't know how to do it, you can watch the game's demo by waiting 
    on the game title for some time. If you have reached the bottom tunnel. move 
    forward to the boxes (#1st CHECKPOINT). You will find a flak jacket and a 
    nightvision rifle from the boxes.
    I will say this again : Only use your flashlight in the appropriate time. Use 
    your flashlight only to look where the ledges are, so you won't fall. That's why 
    in the dark tunnel, don't light your flashlight unless I say so. This level is 
    just straight forward - there's only one path in the tunnel.I will tell you the 
    enemies that you will encounter.
    Proceed the tunnel and see a man with PK102. Move forward again and you will 
    meet a man with BIZ-2. The path will slope higher right now. You will meet a man 
    with a combat shotgun. After that, a man with PK102. Then the path will slope to 
    a lower level now - you will descent. After that, you'll meet two men. They 
    carry combat shotgun and BIZ-2. Use your flashlight now. You will see that 
    you're in the ledge. Climb down to the lower level. An enemy with combat shotgun 
    will wait for you here. Go to your right (where the enemy with combat shotgun 
    was). The path here is sloping higher. You will see an enemy with a BIZ-2 on a 
    high place. Use your flashlight again to see the elevator's frame. Since you 
    turn the electricity off, the elevator will not work now. Use your flashlight to 
    light your way and make your way to the upper level by climbing the elevator's 
    After you're on the upper level, 2 enemies with Combat Shotgun and PK-102 will 
    attack you. Grab a nightvision rifle from a box nearby. Use your flashlight 
    after you fought those guys. You will come to a ledge near the bridge and an 
    enemy will attack you from the bridge. After hanging on the ledge, move your 
    character to the right so you will come to the side of the bridge. Cross the 
    bridge and move forward. Cross another bridge and you'll meet a man with Combat 
    shotgun on the other side of the bridge. Move a little forward to see a bridge 
    and a lot of people (about 4 or 5 persons) on the the other side of the bridge. 
    Kill them with a grenade launcher to wipe them out, because one of them is a 
    grenade lobber. After that, make your way to the white door - it's the missile 
    silo entrance elevator.     
    Incoming from Lian :
    You were right. The Devyatka's launch sequence has already begun and we have no 
    way of stopping it. You'll have to find the missile's self destruct codes 
    somewhere on the fuselage itself and enter them into the main launch computer. 
    We can then detonate it in the upper atmosphere.
    The command computer mainframe is also where you'll find the genetic codes for 
    the syphon filter virus. 
    NOTE : This is a really tight timed mission. You have to be real fast in this 
    stage. You have to try this stage over and over. Speed is the key here. 
    You arrive near the missile. There's a box with flak jacket near your starting 
    place. If you think that this section is not a timed mission, then you're wrong. 
    Even though there's no timer, this is a timed mission. If you're not hurry, 
    there will be a countdown. If the countdown ends, the mission will fail. So run 
    towards the other side of the rocket. You will see a guard with PK-102 there. 
    Activate the elevator call switch, and ride the elevator to Level 3. After you 
    reach this place, 2 enemies with BIZ-2 and PK-102 will try to shoot you. See a 
    bridge that bent from the wall to the rocket ?? You have to climb to the upper 
    bridge, and then activate the panel on the rocket. You will see an animation 
    (#1st CHECKPOINT)
    After that, there will be a timer on your radar. You only got three minutes. And 
    the rocket is about to launch in about 10 seconds. You have to move fast to the 
    place where the elevator to LV3 is (where you came from, not where Rhoemer was). 
    The gate will be closed, and you have to get in before the gate closed. So run 
    as fast as you can, then roll before the gate closed. You may have to repeat 
    this a few times before you get it right. 
    After that, the gate will be opened again. Make your way to the elevator where 
    Rhoemer was. Activate the elevator call switch, then ride the elevator to LV2. 
    Go through the path and Lian will call you on your radio. You will meet a man 
    with PK102. Proceed again, and you will meet a man with combat shotgun. Go to 
    the mission control room. You will find 3 guards (with 2 BIZ-2 and 1 PK-102) and 
    2 scientists. One of the scientists carries a keycard that is needed to open the 
    door to the mainframe room. Go to the mainframe room after you use the card on 
    the switch. A man will appear with combat shotgun on the entrance of the 
    mainframe room. There will be 4 persons attacking you from the ledge with a 
    window. The 2 guards on the left ledge are equipped with BZ-2 and combat shotgun 
    and there's a box of K3G4 there. The 2 guards on the right ledge are equipped 
    with PK102 and BIZ-2 and there's a box of gas grenades there. Ignore them all if 
    you got no time - but if you do, kill the two people on the right ledge cause it 
    will help you to fight Rhoemer. There are lots of computers here, so you have to 
    know which one. Use the map to know which of the computer is the right one. You 
    have to face south (right of the map) on the computer. If you're on the right 
    computer, there will be words that say : computer controller. Activate it (#2nd 
    Now is the final showdown with Rhoemer. 
       +++ FINAL BOSS : RHOEMER +++
    He's equipped with grenade launcher (At first, I think he planted mines or 
    something ^_^). Man, this guy is tough when I first fought him. I equip my 
    grenade launcher, and he doesn't move a muscle. He fires back, and I'm through. 
    Then I'm starting to move around, and Rhoemer is faster than I thought. With his 
    Grenade launcher, he can finish me anytime. 
    Tried all weapons in my inventory, and nothing could stop him. 
    Then I found the solution : the gas grenades !! It can only be found on the 
    right ledge of this place. As soon as the game start, climb the computer 
    controller in front of you. Then move straight forward to the right ledge where 
    those two people shot you. Climb the ledge, then stay in the center of the 
    place. Rhoemer will not be able to shoot you, because he cannot climb ledges and 
    his shots will hit the ledge everytime. By crouching, take the gas grenades from 
    the box there. Look at your radar and wait until Rhoemer is close. Face yourself 
    to Rhoemer so the Rhoemer's dot on the radar is in front of you (or use viral 
    scanner if you haven't spot him or if the dot doesn't appear on the radar). Then 
    throw a gas grenade without aiming (L1 button). Just one hit and he's 
    down....HAH !! So easy that it makes me feel so stupid for taking lots of time 
    trying every weapon. (At first I thought I was lucky, but I repeated it over 3 
    times and it worked fine everytime - he is really lame after all !!) 
    Sit back and enjoy the ending........
    PS : Oh yeah, Don't miss the animation after the credits for a surprise. 
    (Possible sequel ??? Certainly hope so !!)
    ##########  9.  GAMESHARK CODES  ###########
    These gameshark codes are taken from The Game Shark Code Creators Club site 
    (http://www.cmgsccc.com/) and are used with permission on Feb   , 1999.
     | NO | NAME                                    |  CODE           |
     |  1 | Infinite Armor Everyone [Note 1]        |  80068BEE 2400  | 
     |  2 | Infinite Ammo on Pickup All             |  800467C6 2400  |
     |  3 | Infinite Timer All Levels               |  80116690 FFFF  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |  4 | Mostly Weapons Only! Modifiers          |  80115FB8 0001  |
     |    |                                         |  80115FBC ????  |
     |    |                                         |  80115FBE 0020  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |  5 | Mostly Items Only! Modifiers            |  80115FB8 0001  |
     |    |                                         |  80115FBC 6002  |
     |    |                                         |  80115FBE 0???  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |  6 | Mostly Weapons and 13th Item Modifier!  |  80115FB8 00??  |
     |    |                                         |  80115FBC 6FFF  |
     |    |                                         |  80115FBE 0020  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |  7 | Have All Levels in Level Select Screen  |  801462AA 0B14  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | ============ LEVEL CODES  ============= |                 |
     |    | **1. Georgia Street**                   |                 |
     |  8 | Infinite Armor                          |  801A8BDA 0258  |
     |  9 | Infinite Health                         |  801A8BDC 0096  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | **2. Destroyed Subway**                 |                 |
     | 10 | Infinite Armor                          |  801A2EE2 0258  |
     | 11 | Infinite Health                         |  801A2EE4 0096  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | **3. Main Subway Line**                 |                 |
     | 12 | Infinite Armor                          |  801C6CCA 0258  |
     | 13 | Infinite Health                         |  801C6CCC 0096  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | **4. Washington Park**                  |                 |
     | 14 | Infinite Armor                          |  801AA442 0258  |
     | 15 | Infinite Health                         |  801AA444 0096  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | **5. Freedom Memorial**                 |                 |
     | 16 | Infinite Armor                          |  801C0496 0258  |
     | 17 | Infinite Health                         |  801C0498 0096  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | **6. Expo Center Reception**            |                 |
     | 18 | Infinite Armor                          |  801AC26E 0258  |
     | 19 | Infinite Health                         |  801AC270 0096  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | **7. Expo Center Dinorama**             |                 |
     | 20 | Infinite Armor                          |  801A9ABA 0258  |
     | 21 | Infinite Health                         |  801A9ABC 0096  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | **8. Rhoemer's Base**                   |                 |
     | 22 | Infinite Armor                          |  801A9292 0258  |
     | 23 | Infinite Health                         |  801A9294 0096  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | **9. Base Bunker**                      |                 |
     | 24 | Infinite Armor                          |  801B381E 0258  |
     | 25 | Infinite Health                         |  801B3820 0096  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | **10. Base Tower**                      |                 |
     | 26 | Infinite Armor                          |  801C5A5A 0258  |
     | 27 | Infinite Health                         |  801C5A5C 0096  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | **11. Base Escape**                     |                 |
     | 28 | Infinite Armor                          |  801AE44E 0258  |
     | 29 | Infinite Health                         |  801AE450 0096  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | **12. Rhoemer's Stronghold**            |                 |
     | 30 | Infinite Armor                          |  801AD592 0258  |
     | 31 | Infinite Health                         |  801AD594 0096  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | **13. Stronghold Lower Level**          |                 |
     | 32 | Infinite Armor                          |  801AB066 0258  |
     | 33 | Infinite Health                         |  801AB068 0096  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | **14. Stronghold Catacombs**            |                 |
     | 34 | Infinite Armor                          |  801ACE96 0258  |
     | 35 | Infinite Health                         |  801ACE98 0096  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | **15. PHARCOM Warehouses**              |                 |
     | 36 | Infinite Armor                          |  801AACF2 0258  |
     | 37 | Infinite Health                         |  801AACF4 0096  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | **16. PHARCOM Elite Guards**            |                 |
     | 38 | Infinite Armor                          |  801A4566 0258  |
     | 39 | Infinite Health                         |  801A4568 0096  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | **17. Warehouse 76**                    |                 |
     | 40 | Infinite Armor                          |  801B725E 0258  |
     | 41 | Infinite Health                         |  801B7260 0096  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | **18. Silo Access Tunnels**             |                 |
     | 42 | Infinite Armor                          |  801A2092 0258  |
     | 43 | Infinite Health                         |  801A2094 0096  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | **19. Tunnel Blackout**                 |                 |
     | 44 | Infinite Armor                          |  801B0A62 0258  |
     | 45 | Infinite Health                         |  801B0A64 0096  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | **20. Missile Silo**                    |                 |
     | 46 | Infinite Armor                          |  801AD5D2 0258  |
     | 47 | Infinite Health                         |  801AD5D4 0096  |
     | 48 | Stop Countdown Timer                    |  80116BAC 008A  |
     |    |                                         |                 |
     |    | ============ Weapon Codes ============= |                 |
     | 49 | Maxed Ammo Reload Silenced 9mm          |  8012F0B4 03E7  |
     | 50 | Infinite Ammo Silenced 9mm              |  8012F0B6 0063  |
     | 51 | Maxed Ammo Reload .45                   |  8012F0C0 03E7  |
     | 52 | Infinite Ammo .45                       |  8012F0C2 0063  |
     | 53 | Maxed Ammo Reload G-18                  |  8012F0C4 03E7  |
     | 54 | Infinite Ammo G-18                      |  8012F0C6 0063  |
     | 55 | Maxed Ammo Reload Combat Shotgun        |  8012F0C8 03E7  |
     | 56 | Infinite Ammo Combat Shotgun            |  8012F0CA 0063  |
     | 57 | Maxed Ammo Reload Shotgun               |  8012F0CC 03E7  |
     | 58 | Infinite Ammo Shotgun                   |  8012F0CE 0063  |
     | 59 | Maxed Ammo Reload PK-102                |  8012F0D0 03E7  |
     | 60 | Infinite Ammo PK-102                    |  8012F0D2 0063  |
     | 61 | Maxed Ammo Reload M-16                  |  8012F0D4 03E7  |
     | 62 | Infinite Ammo M-16                      |  8012F0D6 0063  |
     | 63 | Maxed Ammo Reload EIZ-2                 |  8012F0D8 03E7  |
     | 64 | Infinite Ammo EIZ-2                     |  8012F0DA 0063  |
     | 65 | Maxed Ammo Reload HK-5                  |  8012F0DC 03E7  |
     | 66 | Infinite Ammo HK-5                      |  8012F0DE 0063  |
     | 67 | Maxed Ammo Reload NightVision Rifle     |  8012F0E0 03E7  |
     | 68 | Infinite Ammo NightVision Rifle         |  8012F0E2 0063  |
     | 69 | Maxed Ammo Reload Sniper Rifle          |  8012F0E4 03E7  |
     | 70 | Infinite Ammo Sniper Rifle              |  8012F0E6 0063  |
     | 71 | Maxed Ammo Reload M-79                  |  8012F0F0 03E7  |
     | 72 | Infinite Ammo M-79                      |  8012F0F2 0063  |
     | 73 | Maxed Ammo Reload K3G4                  |  8012F0F4 03E7  |
     | 74 | Infinite Ammo K3G4                      |  8012F0F6 0063  |
     | 75 | Maxed Ammo Reload Grenade               |  8012F0FC 03E7  |
     | 76 | Infinite Ammo Grenade                   |  8012F0FE 0063  |
     | 77 | Maxed Ammo Reload Gas Grenade           |  8012F100 03E7  |
     | 78 | Infinite Ammo Gas Grenade               |  8012F102 0063  |                                         
    Note 1: With this code, it gives the enemies infinite as well. The only way you 
    can die, or kill enemies, is to get shot in the head or hurt by an explosion.
             |  Quantity Digits to Accompany Mostly Weapons  |
             |   and 13th Item Modifier Code (look code 6)   |
             |             04 - .45                          |   
             |             05 - G-18                         |
             |             06 - Combat Shotgun               |
             |             07 - Shotgun                      |
             |             08 - PK-102                       | 
             |             09 - M-16                         |
             |             0A - EIZ-2                        |
             |             0B - HK-5                         | 
             |             0C - NightVision Rifle            |
             |             10 - M-79                         |
             |             11 - K3G4                         |
             |             12 - Viral Scanner                |
             |             13 - Grenade                      |
             |             14 - Gas Grenade                  |
             |             17 - Card Key                     |
             |             18 - C4 Explosives                |
             |             19 - Antigen                      | 
            |  Quantity Digits to Accompany Mostly Weapons    |
            |       Only! Modifier Code (look code 4)         |
            | 607F - .45 + Combat Shotgun + G-18              |
            | 60FF - .45 + Combat Shotgun + G-18 + Shotgun    |
            | 61FF - .45 + Combat Shotgun + G-18 + Shotgun +  |
            |        PK-102                                   |  
            | 63FF - .45 + Combat Shotgun + G-18 + Shotgun +  |
            |        PK-102 + M-16                            |
            | 67FF - .45 + Combat Shotgun + G-18 + Shotgun +  |
            |        PK-102 + M-16 + EIZ-2                    |
            | 6FFF - .45 + Combat Shotgun + G-18 + Shotgun +  |
            |        PK-102 + M-16 + EIZ-2 + HK-5             |
            | 7FFF - .45 + Combat Shotgun + G-18 + Shotgun +  |
            |        PK-102 + M-16 + EIZ-2 + HK-5 +           |
            |        NightVision Rifle                        |
        |     Quantity Digits to Accompany Mostly Items Only!      | 
        |              Modifier Code  (look code 5)                |
        |   05 - Viral Scanner + M-79                              |
        |   08 - Viral Scanner + M-79 + K3G4                       | 
        |   0F - Viral Scanner + M-79 + K3G4 + Grenade             |
        |   1F - Viral Scanner + M-79 + K3G4 + Grenade + Gas       |
        |        Grenade                                           |
        |   3F - Viral Scanner + M-79 + K3G4 + Grenade + Gas       |  
        |        Grenade + FlashLight                              |
        |   BF - Viral Scanner + M-79 + K3G4 + Grenade + Gas       |
        |        Grenade + FlashLight + Cardkey                    | 
        |  1BF - Viral Scanner + M-79 + K3G4 + Grenade + Gas       |
        |        Grenade + FlashLight + Cardkey + C4 Explosives    |
        |  3BF - Viral Scanner + M-79 + K3G4 + Grenade + Gas       |
        |        Grenade + FlashLight + Cardkey + C4 Explosives +  |
        |        Antigen                                           |
    ##########  10. PERSONAL CREDITS ###########
    I'd like to extend my thanks and appreciation to the following:
    1. Thanks to God, for everything.  
    2. Thanks to my family ( Pa, Ma, Cik J, Ko T, Freddy, and Shienny). Love Always. 
    God Bless You All. And Happy B-day (Feb 22nd) for my dearest little sister with 
    her lovely voice ^_^.
    3. Thanks to 989 Studios & Eidetic, for making one of the BEST action game EVER 
    on any system. This game has already become a 'Classic' for me. Please there be 
    a sequel...please...PLEASE !!
    4. Thanks to TSar63 boys (Ical "Boyz II Men", Wildan "Time Crisis Master, who 
    keeps on breaking his own record", Chairul "VCD", Senna "Izul", Didit "Swimmer", 
    Abdi "Otong", Krisna "Keriting", Denny "Kacamata", Thoriq "Sepakbola", Imam 
    "TK", and Dilla "Legenda Naga"). You are the reasons I'm writing this FAQ. 
    5. Thanks to my friends at Dynamic labs (Sekti 'Penyok', Andi, 2 Arifs, Baso, 
    SiB, Santoso, Poer, Islahul, Darwin, Agus, Richard, James, Anas, dll ) and at 
    Sion. You are great. Thanks !! And congratulation for those who graduates this 
    Saturday. May God Bless you all in your life. 
    6. Thanks to The Game Shark Code Creators Club site (http://www.cmgsccc.com/) 
    for giving me the permission to put the Gameshark codes in my FAQ. Your site is 
    frequently updated and I often rely on your site for the GS codes. Keep up your 
    excellent site, guys !!
    7. Thanks to VEGA store & its group in Bandung, who sold me this game. Please do 
    not copy, alter, or sell this walkthrough without my permission. I have tried so 
    hard to write this FAQ. BTW, I am one of your members. Thanks !! 
    This FAQ is dedicated to someone that I really-really adore (CM). You're my 
    inspiration - always. God Bless You. 
    PS : Thanks for the seminar last Saturday ^_^. 

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