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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TProfeta

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                  /   _____/__.__.______ |  |__   ____   ____
                  \_____  <   |  |\____ \|  |  \ /  _ \ /    \
                  /        \___  ||  |_> >   Y  (  <_> )   |  \
                 /_______  / ____||   __/|___|  /\____/|___|  /
                         \/\/     |__|        \/            \/
                     ___________.__.__   __
                     \_   _____/|__|  |_/  |_  ___________
                      |    __)  |  |  |\   __\/ __ \_  __ \
                      |     \   |  |  |_|  | \  ___/|  | \/
                      \___  /   |__|____/__|  \___  >__|
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                         Syphon Filter FAQ/Walkthrough
                                 Version 0.9
                               by Tony Profeta
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    was created by Tony Profeta and is his by copyright. It is meant
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    Any means of reproduction or distribution of this document is strictly
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    Unpublished work Copyright 1999 Tony Profeta
    This FAQ/Walkthrough Copyright 1999 Tony Profeta
    Syphon Filter is Copyright 1999 "989 Studios"
    and Sony Entertainment of America
        Game Info.
    GAME: Syphon Filter        PLATFORM: Playstation
    VERSION: American          CATEGORY: Action
    DEVELOPER: Eidetic         PUBLISHER: 989 Studios
    PRICE: $44.99              RELEASE: March '99
    NUM. DISCS: 1              MULTIPLAYER: No
    DIFFICULTY: Moderate       COMPLETION TIME: 15-20 hours
        Table of Contents
    1.  V E R S I O N / U P D A T E S
    2.  S T O R Y
    3.  R E V I E W
    4.  C H A R A C T E R  B I O ' S
    5.  W E A P O N S
    6.  G A M E  T I P S
    7.  C O N T R O L S
    8.  W A L K T H R O U G H
    9.  R E G U L A R / G A M E S H A R K  C O D E S
    10.  L I N K S
    11.  S P E C I A L  T H A N K S
    12.  A U T H O R ' S  N O T E
               V E R S I O N / U P D A T E S
    Version 0.9  (December 22, 1999)
      Very little update. I fixed up the margins on the FAQ/Walkthrough
      so that it's now printer friendly. Expect an addition to the
      walkthrough sometime the first week of January. Happy Holidays,
      and let's hope Y2K isn't all it's hyped up to be. See you in the
      new year (or should I say century?) Till then!
    Version 0.8  (November 25, 1999)
      Happy Turkey Day to all! Hope you ate well and had a good day with
      the family. Too bad the Bears didn't win though . . . Oh well, you
      can't win 'em all. I think that I should be able to get a lot of the
      levels in this FAQ/Walkthrough finished with the extra time on my
      hands. Anyways, I finished the Level 8 (Rhoemer's Base) walkthrough
      (Would you like some gravy with that?) and I should have more levels
      finished by the end of my break. More to come soon!
    Version 0.7  (November 21, 1999)
      Well I finished the Level 6 (Expo Reception) and Level 7 (Expo Center
      Dinorama) walkthroughs. Things are looking good. Not much else to say.
      Hey, did you notice how I keep writing less and less in every update?
      Strange. Maybe there's something in the water here in Chicago . . .
    Version 0.6  (November 15, 1999)
      Hello again! Well, you're probably wondering what the hell happened
      to me, considering I haven't updated this FAQ in SEVEN MONTHS! Where
      did he go? Is he dead? Did he give up on this thing? Of course not!
      So what happened you ask? Well, lets just say that I had one two many
      things going on in my life, so I had to put this FAQ on hold. But I'm
      back. I'll have an update very soon, so just hold on for a couple of
      days. If you can't wait till then and you want to drop me a line and
      ask me a couple of questions, go right ahead. My e-mail address is
    Version 0.5  (May 8, 1999)
      Codes, codes, codes! I have codes for all you gamers that can't beat
      that one level or you're just too lazy to (if you like pressing
      multiple buttons at once, this is for you too because you have to
      have around 15 fingers to execute these codes)! Check out my new
      Codes Section, STAT!
      In other news, the Level 6 (Expo Reception) walkthrough isn't
      completed yet. I've been so busy with school and other stuff
      (like having a life!) I haven't been able to finish all of Level 6
      (Expo Reception) and none of Level 7 (Expo Center Dinorama). No one
      seems to be e-mailing me about any mistakes, so I guess all of my
      information so far is correct. If you'd like to see anything else
      in this FAQ/Walkthrough, then e-mail me and tell me what you think
      needs to be added.
      That's about it. In the next version, I should have Level 6
      (Expo Reception), Level 7 (Expo Center Dinorama), and Level 8
      (Rhoemer's Base) all finished.
    Version 0.4  (March 19, 1999)
      Well I beat the game! I'm kind of down though because the ending
      wasn't all that spectacular. I'm now trying to finish up all the
      walkthroughs, but because of my limited time available, I don't know
      how long it's going to take. In this version I added a bunch of Game
      Tips and I added to the  Special Thanks List. Also I finished the
      Level 4 (Washington Park) and Level 5 (Freedom Memorial) walkthroughs.
    Version 0.3  (March 13, 1999)
      Fixed up the Georgia Street walkthrough a bit. I also fixed up the
      GameShark Section and made it even more "visually enhanced". Added a
      bunch of tips in the Game Tips Section, so check those out. I also
      finished the Level 2  (Destroyed Subway) and Level 3 (Main Subway
      Line) walkthroughs.
    Version 0.2  (March 11, 1999)
      I added the Character Bio's, so now you can read up on all the
      characters in Syphon Filter (I'm sure that learning all about Gabe
      Logan's college career is very fun . . .) I fixed up the GameShark
      codes, so now they're in a table of some sort (I'm not sure what sort
      that is though . . .)
      Also added the story section which tells the real deal behind the
      Syphon Filter virus. I've got the opening cut scenes in script format
      too. The first walkthrough, Washington D.C. - Georgia Street (Level
      1), is done. I've added in some of the cut scenes and who says what
      and also all of the basic parameters/objectives that need to be
      followed. It took me a while to get the script from the opening cut
      scenes and the first level because I had to record the sound off of
      the game and then replay it and type in what they said. I have no
      life do I? A bunch of other minor additions were made for visual
      enhancement and better readability. In the next version I'm planning
      on having probably the next two levels in the walkthrough.
      * Just in case you're wondering, I'm currently at Level 15, but I
        don't have the time to do all the level walkthroughs at once, so
        I'm doing them by chunks. Hopefully, you'll stick with me on this.
    Version 0.1  (March 6, 1999)
      The first version! Well I've included a lot of information in this
      FAQ/Walkthrough.  Hope it helps! I haven't included the entire
      walkthrough part yet, because I am still working on it. Enjoy the
      rest! Oh yeah, I finished all the sections but two in one day! How
      cool is that? Well, I bet I missed something, so tell me if I did!
    Version 0.0  (March 6, 1999)
               S T O R Y
    Guacimo, Costa Rica - Caribean Rain Forest
    A man is kneeling with his hands behind his head. A woman close by is
    pacing  behind him, tapping a gun at her side. A man with a flame
    thrower and another man, who looks like the leader, are arguing.
      Rhoemer - "They are coming. Go! Torch it! Burn it all!"
      Girdeaux - "But what about the serum?"
      Rhoemer - "Leave nothing . . ." (faces toward Ellis) "Now I will
                 show you how I deal with informers . . ."
                 (nods to Aramov)
                "Finish him . . ."
      Aramov - (smiling) "With pleasure."
    100 yards away . . .
      Gabe - "These are the coordinates Ellis sent."
    Two gunshots ring out in the air
      Lian - "Over there!"
    As Gabe and Lian run towards the gunshots, a plane flies by overhead.
    They arrive to see a small base camp on fire and Ellis dead on the
      Gabe - "It's Ellis. Executed." (faces Lian) "Lian you find anything?"
      Lian - "The place is torched. I don't know what they were growing, but
              it wasn't narcotics."
      Gabe - "Rhoemer knew we were coming . . ."
      Lian - "So what's are next move?"
      Gabe - "We watch for the next viral outbreak. We won't have to wait
              long . . ."
    Washington D.C. - The Agency
    Three men in suits. Markinson is sitting behind a big desk. Another
    unknown man is standing by the window, hidden in the shadows. Benton is
    standing in front of Markinson, talking to him.
      Benton - "Logan's report was clear enough."
      Markinson - "I want two additional teams assigned to this. Find
      Benton - (walking out the door) "I understand."
      Markinson - "Logan is my best agent . . . What do you want to do?"
      Unknown Man - "Nothing. We will wait. We will wait and see what he
                     can discover . . ."
    Khumbu, Nepal - Sheron Village
    Snow is falling. Gabe and Lian are looking at dozens of people, dead
    from the Syphon Filter virus. Lian walks over to examine a body as an
    operative approaches Gabe.
      Operative - "Our W.H.O. contact was correct. Everyone within one
                   hundred miles is dead."
      Lian - "Not everyone! This man is still alive."
      Gabe - "How is that possible?"
      Lian - "It's not . . ."
    ` - S u m m a r y -                                                   `
    `                                                                     `
    ` Deep in the heart of Central America, an American special agent     `
    ` falls dead to the moist earth. Nearby, a secret jungle laboratory   `
    ` erupts into flames. Recovered evidence indicates that someone is    `
    ` creating a powerful biological weapon. Days later, special agents   `
    ` Gabe Logan and his partner Lian Xing discover the gruesome remains  `
    ` of victims littering the contaminated landscape of a Nepal village. `
    `                                                                     `
    ` Agency intelligence connects these events to terrorist Erich        `
    ` Rhoemer and his skilled team who are orchestrating a plan to        `
    ` unleash the deadly Syphon Filter virus on the U.S. The ruthless     `
    ` terrorists plant explosive traps, capture hostages and hide viral   `
    ` bombs throughout Washington D.C.                                    `
    `                                                                     `
    ` In response, the Agency sends in Gabe Logan, their best covert      `
    ` operative, to eliminate the terrorists one by one and save the      `
    ` U.S. from certain death. He is assisted by teams from the U.S.      `
    ` Army Chemical and Biological Defense Command (CBDC), and Lian       `
    ` Xing, who stays in close contact with Gabe throughout his           `
    ` missions.                                                           `
    `                                                                     `
    ` The fate of millions relies on the skill of one special agent.      `
    ` That agent is you.                                                  `
    `                                                                     `
               R E V I E W
    Syphon Filter is commonly referred to as a clone of Metal Gear Solid.
    Most people don't know that both games were in development at the same
    time and that they aren't that similar at all. Besides the fact that
    they both have to do with terrorism, they have very little in common.
    Syphon Filter should rather be compared to Goldeneye but in a third
    person view, because it is broken up into twenty missions that grab
    your attention and keep you playing until the end. The thing that I
    don't understand is why it had such low publicity. Sony sort of just
    let this game creep up onto the shelves. It just mysteriously appeared
    one day and no one knew where it came from or how it got there. I think
    that it could have been bigger if people actually knew the release
    date, but hey, that's just me.
    In Syphon Filter, you're Gabe Logan a special forces covert operative
    that works for "The Agency". A terrorist named Erich Rhoemer is
    threatening to release the Syphon Filter Virus into the world. Your
    job is to find and eliminate Rhoemer and his associates and to recover
    the Syphon Filter Virus before it is released. The game is split up
    into twenty exciting and action packed levels. All the levels are
    completely different and have you trying to complete a series of
    objectives while following a fine line of rules, or parameters. An
    example of one of the levels is when you have to tag multiple viral
    bombs and then protect the CBDC agent that comes to diffuse the bomb.
    Another example is when you have to use your stealth abilities and
    trail a suspected enemy throughout a museum, all while sniping armed
    security guards equipped with HK-5's.
    I really think that Syphon Filter was pushed onto the shelves a little
    too early. The graphics in the game are alright but Eidetic didn't use
    the power of the Playstation. They could have created a much better
    game if they would have just spent some more time on it. However, if
    the game came out too late, people would definitely think that they
    copied the Metal Gear Solid idea. There are minor yet annoying errors
    in the game and it all adds up in the end. This could have been a 9
    out of 10 game if it weren't for a couple of programming errors (the
    voice "acting" also is a big reason that it got an 8 out of 10) and
    minor glitches. Oh yeah, and can anyone tell me why Special Forces
    Covert Operative Gabe Logan runs like a duck and has eyes as small
    as Millhouse Van Houten? What's up with this?
    Overall though this game is good. It could've been great, but it
    didn't make the cut. Let's just say it's a level below great. It's
    got great action and it keeps you wanting to keep playing, but the
    story and the voice acting is terrible. Don't even make me start on
    the ending of this game (I figured that half way through the game).
    However, it's not the story that makes this game good, it's the
    action. From a choice of twelve guns, multiple grenade-based weapons,
    and a taser (!), this game is great for all you run 'n gun gamers.
    If you're looking for a quick fix of espionage, terrorism, and
    action, Syphon Filter is the game for you.
    - Tony Profeta
               C H A R A C T E R  B I O ' S
    G a b r i e l  L o g a n
      Covert Operative
    ` Sex: Male                 ` Height: 6'3"               `
    ` ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
    ` Age: 35                   ` Weight: 185 pounds         `
    ` Birthplace: Camden, N.J.  ` Eye Color: Brown           `
    ` Nationality: American     ` Hair Color: Brown          `
      Recognized as the top operative in the Agency today. Agency Operative,
      1993-Current. U.S. Army, Special Operations 1987-1992. Gulf War, 1991.
      Presidential Citation, 1991. Silver Star, U.S. Army, awarded 1989.
      Commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, 1987.
      M.A. Degree, Biochemistry, Magna Cum Laude, Rockefeller Institute,
      awarded 1994. B.S. Degree, Biology and Chemistry, MIT, awarded 1987.
      U.S. Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), MIT, 1983-1987.
    L i a n  X i n g
      Intelligence Communications Expert
    ` Sex: Female                    ` Height: 5'7"               `
    ` `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
    ` Age: 29                        ` Weight: 120 pounds         `
    ` Birthplace: San Francisco, CA  ` Eye Color: Brown           `
    ` Nationality: American          ` Hair Color: Black          `
      Operative for the Agency since recruitment after graduation in June
      1996. Expert in the field of communications.
      Ph.D., Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude, Stanford, 1996. M.S.,
      Computer Science, Stanford, 1995. B.A., B.S. Languages and Computer
      Science, U.C. Berkeley, awarded 1993.
    T h o m a s  M a r k i n s o n
      Director of the Agency
    ` Sex: Male                  ` Height: 6'0"               `
    ` `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
    ` Age: 52                    ` Weight: 210 pounds         `
    ` Birthplace: Cambridge, MA  ` Eye Color: Green           `
    ` Nationality: American      ` Hair Color: Gray           `
      Agency Director, 1997-Current. Defense Intelligence Staff, Washington
      D.C., 1986-1996. Army Intelligence, Washington D.C., 1976-1986. U.S.
      Army Special Forces, 1968-1975. Purple Heart, Medal of Honor, both
      earned during Vietnam.
      B.A., International Relations, Georgetown, 1968. Officers Training
      School, U.S. Army, 1968.
    E d w a r d  B e n t o n
      Deputy Director of the Agency
    ` Sex: Male                 ` Height: 6'0"               `
    ` ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
    ` Age: 47                   ` Weight: 210 pounds         `
    ` Birthplace: Chicago, IL   ` Eye Color: Brown           `
    ` Nationality: American     ` Hair Color: Black/Gray     `
      Deputy Director, Agency, 1999-Current. Division Chief, Agency,
      1993-1996. Intelligence Analyst, Balkan Region, Agency, 1984-1992.
      Intelligence Analyst, South American Region, Agency, 1978-1984.
      M.A., International Relations, University of Maryland, awarded
      1978. B.A., Political Science, Johns Hopkins, awarded 1975.
    E r i c h  R h o e m e r
      International Terrorist
    ` Sex: Male                     ` Height: 6'2"               `
    ` ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
    ` Age: 35                       ` Weight: 193 pounds         `
    ` Birthplace: Leipzig, Germany  ` Eye Color: Brown           `
    ` Nationality: German           ` Hair Color: Black          `
      Responsible for the bombing of the Comm. Parks building, London,
      U.K., 1997. Airplane hijacking, Gulf Airlines, Istanbul, Turkey,
      1995. No records exist prior to 1994. Has ties with many terrorist
      organizations in South America, the Middle East, Europe, and the
      former USSR.
      No formal training records or certifications exist.
    M a r a  A r a m o v
      Expert Assassin Working for Rhoemer
    ` Sex: Female                   ` Height: 5'11"              `
    ` ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
    ` Age: 32                       ` Weight: 137 pounds         `
    ` Birthplace: Novgorod, Russia  ` Eye Color: Blue            `
    ` Nationality: Russian          ` Hair Color: Auburn         `
      Assassin for hire, 1989-Current. Believed to be responsible for the
      deaths of at least 14 people, all contracted assignments. KGB
      Operative, 1986-1989. Believed to be a member of the Black Baton
      terrorist organization. Has links to organized crime in Moscow.
      No formal training records or certifications exist.
    J o n a t h a n  P h a g a n
      CEO and Founder of Pharcom Industries, Inc.
    ` Sex: Male                 ` Height: 6'5"               `
    ` ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
    ` Age: 65                   ` Weight: 190 pounds         `
    ` Birthplace: Chicago, IL   ` Eye Color: Hazel           `
    ` Nationality: American     ` Hair Color: White          `
      CEO and Founder of Pharcom, 1992-Current. Vice President, Wyn
      Industries, 1983-1992. Director of Laboratories, Wyn Industries,
      1972-1983. Research Chemist, Zyzon Labs, 1965-1972. Helped bring
      both Zyzon Labs and Wyn Industries to the forefront of the biotech
      industry. Chairmen, Society for the Advancement of Biotechnological
      M.D., Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1965. B.S., Biology and
      Chemistry, University of Illinois, awarded 1957.
    A n t o n  G i r d e a u x
      Munitions Expert Working for Rhoemer
    ` Sex: Male                     ` Height: 6'0"               `
    ` ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
    ` Age: 29                       ` Weight: 200 pounds         `
    ` Birthplace: Toulouse, France  ` Eye Color: Blue            `
    ` Nationality: French           ` Hair Color: Blond          `
      Mercenary for hire, 1992-Current. Machinist, 1988-1992. Girdeaux has
      no official records linking him to any significant criminal activity.
      Believed to have been recruited into the Black Baton ranks by Mara
      Certification by French Society of Machinists, 1988
               W E A P O N S
    Silenced 9mm Handgun
    Fire Rate: |||
    Damage: ||
    Clip Size: 15
    Max Rounds: 90
    Location: All levels
    The 9mm handgun is the standard issue side arm for NATO and all five
    branches of the U.S. Armed Forces since passing the 1979 MRBF (Mean
    Rounds Before operational Failure) performance test where it expended
    35,000 rounds, six times the gun's service life.
    This is the gun of stealth. Well, at least one of them anyways.
    The Silenced 9mm Handgun is one of the most useful guns in the
    game. In many levels you are required to be undetected, and that
    means don't be blasting enemies away with your K3G4 Assault Rifle!
    Enemies can hear! That means you need a silenced weapon (sniper
    rifle or silenced 9mm). The 9mm is also great for giving guys
    those well aimed head shots (ahh, I love head shots . . .)
    .45 Handgun
    Fire Rate: ||
    Damage: |||
    Clip Size: 10
    Max Rounds: 60
    Level: 4, 12-13, 17-18
    This tough, durable gun has been in production for almost a century.
    It has tremendous stopping power, and in spite of its strong recoil
    and heavy slide and bolt, it is a deadly weapon in the hands of a
    seasoned professional.
    This gun gives you a feeling of power. No silencer on this guy, so use
    it when you need to take out a bunch of surrounding enemies quickly.
    It's a very strong handgun, that won't let you down.
    G-18 Pistol-Machine Gun
    Fire Rate: |||||
    Damage: ||
    Clip Size: 33
    Max Rounds: 198
    Level: 4, 6-7, 12-13, 17-18
    With a rate of fire topping 60 rounds per second, the G-18 is perhaps
    the most deadly pistol-machine gun in the world. Its only weakness is
    its tendency to expend ammunition faster than most shooters are
    prepared for, leaving them defenseless during a reload.
    This gun kicks major a$$. The rate at which this gun unloads rounds is
    incredible. It shoots off 60 rounds a second (!) and is definitely the
    gun to use on a single enemy that you want to get rid of instantly.
    BIZ-2 Pistol-Machine Gun
    Fire Rate: ||||
    Damage: |||
    Clip Size: 66
    Max Rounds: 396
    Level: 15-20
    This pistol-machine gun is designed to deliver sustained firepower in
    tight quarters. The unconventional design of its large capacity magazine
    keeps the weapon compact but still provides a near bottomless source of
    This gun has a great feature - a high clip capacity. This gun can keep
    shooting long after the enemies are lying in their blood. This is a
    great gun for an abundance of enemies.
    HK-5 Pistol-Machine Gun
    Fire Rate: ||||
    Damage: |||
    Clip Size: 32
    Max Rounds: 192
    Level: 6
    The HK-5's modular design and small size make it very popular with both
    military special forces and terrorists. With more than 23 officially
    recognized variants, it is fast becoming the most widely used
    pistol-machine gun in the world.
    Small, compact, and very fast, the HK5 packs a big punch in a little
    package. It's one of the best guns in the game and also one of the
    funnest. The downside is that it's only found in one level! Doh!
    Fire Rate: ||
    Damage: ||||
    Max Rounds: 25
    Level: 1-4, 12, 15, 18
    The 12-gauge modified choke shotgun is standard issue for the DEA, FBI,
    and USSS. In firing tests using tactical 00 shot with nine lead on an
    ISCP regulation target at 25 yards, the payload was delivered into the
    "A" kill zone with limited collateral damage.
    The shotgun. You've seen it in almost every shooting game around. This
    12-gauge is great for those beginning levels when enemies are just
    waiting to be shot off. Use at close quarters for a couple laughs also.
    Combat Shotgun
    Fire Rate: ||
    Damage: ||||
    Max Rounds: 30
    Level: 6-9, 13, 15-17, 20
    The overly heavy recoil of this 12-gauge shotgun is more than
    compensated for by its unparalleled stopping power and its
    recoil-inertia operation which is significantly faster that
    the gas-operated system found in most auto-loading shotguns.
    Hmmm. You've got the shotgun, and now what's this? The Combat
    Shotgun!?! Don't be too enthusiastic the first time you see this gun.
    It is almost identical to the regular shotgun. Sure it looks different,
    and there is maybe a little power difference, but nothing big. Still,
    it packs a mighty big punch in it.
    PK-102 Assault Rifle
    Fire Rate: ||||
    Damage: ||
    Clip Size: 30
    Max Rounds: 180
    Level: 6-10, 12-13, 15-20
    A variant of the popular Vokinhsilak system (one of the most widely
    used and modified designs in the world), the PK-102 is a compact,
    lightweight, full assault rifle that is easy to conceal, making it
    a popular choice for terrorists.
    What happens when you run out of those 9mm rounds? Use the PK-102!
    It isn't silenced, but what else are you gonna use it for? My point
    exactly. Almost ALL of the enemies carry this gun throughout the game,
    so there's and abundance of ammo waiting for you.
    M-16 Assault Rifle
    Fire Rate: ||||
    Damage: ||
    Clip Size: 30
    Max Rounds: 180
    Level: 1-5
    This low recoil weapon is lightweight and accurate. Developed by the
    U.S. Army in 1965, this assault rifle has since become a mainstay for
    armed forces, police and personal defense enthusiasts.
    The M-16 doesn't have much too it. It's firing rate is fast and it
    does moderate damage, but you hardly see it in the game. They seemed
    to have forgotten it back in level 5! It's a great gun for those
    first five levels.
    K3G4 Assault Rifle
    Fire Rate: ||||
    Damage: ||
    Clip Size: 20
    Max Rounds: 120
    Level: 7, 12-14, 18, 20
    The deadly K3G4 is commonly armed with Teflon coated bullets capable
    of cutting through most standard-issue flak jackets like a hot knife
    through butter.
    Three words - Teflon coated bullets! This gun is deadly. It eats up
    those Flak Jackets like they're plastic. This is a must use gun when
    you're outnumbered and against enemies with Flak Jackets.
    Sniper Rifle
    Fire Rate: ||
    Damage: ||
    Clip Size: 10
    Max Rounds: 30
    Level: All levels
    This high-caliber, silenced rifle comes equipped with a classified
    digital scope with basic optical character recognition, making it a
    highly accurate weapon capable of identifying and classifying human
    targets and impact points prior to firing.
    The gun of snipers. Silenced, deadly, and with a scope, this gun
    can be deadly if used correctly. It has a basic optical character
    recognition which displays body areas and also a large zoom area.
    There are a few situations where it is needed, but if you have the
    choice, go with the 9mm.
    Nightvision Rifle
    Fire Rate: ||
    Damage: ||
    Clip Size: 10
    Max Rounds: 30
    Level: 4, 6, 8-9, 19
    Often used by Russian Army snipers, this Russian rifle is capable of
    extreme accuracy. It excels in engaging fleeting, moving, open and
    masked single targets. This model comes standard equipped with a SVDN2
    night sight and silencer.
    Pretty much the same as the Sniper Rifle. It looks cool, but don't
    waste your time with it. Forget that zoom crap and just go for the
    head shot with the 9mm.
    Fire Rate: |
    Damage: |||||
    Level: All levels
    Using CO2 cartridges, this weapon fires a probe that lodges one inch
    deep in the victim's body. Then a charge of 500,00 volts is passed
    along a wire connecting the weapon to the probe. This charge can be
    sustained indefinitely. Hold the square button to ignite and continue
    to hold it until your victim catches fire.
    I love this thing! By frying them long enough the enemy actually gets
    set on fire! If you're short on bullets or just want to see a cool
    camera view, go with the taser. A word of advice though, don't use
    it when there are multiple enemies or you're the one who's gonna be
    Fire Rate: |
    Damage: |||||
    Max Rounds: 10
    Level: 1, 4, 9, 15-16
    Upon detonation, this incendiary weapon spreads ammonium perchlorate
    three meters outwards from the blast point. It is instantly ignited
    by the explosion and quickly burns out, fatally burning anyone nearby
    but leaving little collateral damage.
    Pretty big boom, but you've got to get the timing down to the second
    if you want to hurt someone. It supposedly lets out ammonium perchlorate
    when detonated, but this "weapon" is more dangerous to you then to the
    enemy. Stick with the Gas Grenades.
    Gas Grenade
    Fire Rate: |
    Damage: |||||
    Max Rounds: 10
    Level: 6, 8-9, 12-13, 18, 20
    Primarily used as a stealth weapon against multiple targets, this
    grenade releases trace amounts of Soman nerve agent into the air.
    The gas quickly dissipates, but not before rendering victims
    unconscious. If no antidote is administered, death follows within
    15 minutes.
    A very useful item throughout the game. This grenade releases Soman
    nerve agents into the air once it hits the ground. In short, it's an
    instant killer. It's great for multiple enemies and for those missions
    where stealth is essential.
    C4 Explosives
    Damage: |||||
    Level: 2
    These incendiary blocks are made of a putty-like material which can be
    molded to the user's liking. The C4 explosive putty is then wired to
    a fuse and a friction igniter, allowing the user to detonate the
    explosive from a distant or protected position.
    This is more of an item than a weapon. You use it to blow open the
    subway to let in CDBC Agents. It really isn't too exciting.
    M-79 Grenade Launcher
    Fire Rate: |
    Damage: |||||
    Max Rounds: 10
    This single-barreled, break-action grenade launcher was developed
    during the Vietnam War. Commonly referred to as the "Blooper," it
    fires 40mm HE grenades that contain enough explosives to produce
    more that 300 fragments with a lethal radius of up to five meters.
    It's a grenade launcher. Just point, aim, and shoot. Simple enough,
    eh? Just be sure not to fire one in a tight place, or you'll be on
    fire before the enemy.
    Flak Jacket
    Standard issue flak jackets function as mobile armor. When armor runs
    low from damage, Gabe can bolster his armor by picking up flak jackets
    from dead enemies or finding the jackets in weapon boxes. If you kill
    and enemy with a body shot, you destroy his flak jacket. If you kill an
    enemy with a head-shot, the flak jacket you take provides 1/4 of the
    protection. Flak jackets found in weapon boxes provide full protection.
    The most important thing in the game. Always keep your Flak Jacket
    armor near 100% just to reassure yourself that you won't die. Flak is
    your life. If you lose it you will die. It runs out pretty quick if
    you're getting hit, so just finish those enemies off with a quick head
    shot before things get too out of hand. Also don't forget to pick up
    enemies' Flak Jackets to increase your armor by 1/4. Not much, but it
    helps in dire situations.
    Standard equipment for all Agency operatives, this flashlight is
    shockproof and charged by a 300 hour battery. It is a permanent item
    in Gabe's weapon inventory and necessary for reconnaissance in darker
    This item is useful in a couple of levels. It is pretty much only used
    for finding items that are hidden in those dark, "spooky" areas.
    This is a standard magnetic strip card key used primarily for security
    purposes. Keycards can be found on certain dead enemies and used to
    access certain restricted areas.
    These are usually found on dead enemies and they allow access through
    doors that were locked. Simple enough.
    Viral Antigen
    This device is used to subcutaneously inject a fine stream of fluid
    through high pressure without puncturing the skin. The viral antigen
    is loaded with an experimental serum capable of counteracting the
    effects of the Syphon Filter virus.
    Virus Scanner
    Developed in secret by the viral research branch of Pharcom Inc., this
    device is capable of detecting trace particles of the Syphon Filter
    virus from up to 50 meters away. It can also scan through some solid
    objects and provide visual feedback of their contents.
    This viral scanner is used in only one level and it allows you
    to find and tag the viral carriers of the Syphon Filter virus
    that Rhoemer has been hiding. It's also kind of cool because
    you can slightly see through walls and spot enemies before they
    spot you.
               G A M E  T I P S
      - You must master the control. Once this is done, you must master
        the art of head shots. Both of these are vital for you to complete
        the game (without codes or cheats).
      - Always reload! You don't want to be shooting at four guys in Flak
        jackets and have to reload. It'll suck. For you, not them.
      - Get used to the manual control for shooting. I almost always use
        the manual control. Hardly do I ever use the Auto-Lock, because
        of a couple of reasons. One, you waste tons of bullets from missed
        shots. Two, you have to tap R1 a bunch of times to get to the enemy
        you want, if there are multiple enemies. The final reason is that,
        unless you've got a kick @$$ gun (G-18 Pistol-Machine Gun, K3G4
        Assault Rifle, or BIZ-2 Pistol-Machine Gun), it's no fun. Wowwwww,
        I'm running around shooting guys on Auto-Lock with my Silenced 9mm!
        See what I mean? Just perfect the head shot and forget Auto-Lock.
        Oh yeah, and when you get those fun guns just mess around in a level
        and start over. I spent forty five minutes in Level 15 just shooting
        people with my BIZ-2 and zapping 'em with my taser from the rooftops.
      - Try to conserve your ammo for the harder enemies. Don't waste
        your ammo on the weak enemies. Keep your strong guns for bosses
        and multiple enemies with Flak Jackets. By the end of the game,
        you shouldn't even have to use your good weapons, because you'll
        be such a master of the head-shot.
      - Use the taser to your advantage. When there's only one
        single enemy don't waste your ammo when you can just fry 'em
        to death. *NOTE* Don't do this with enemies that have Flak
        Jackets because it's faster just to get a head shot.
      - Pick up enemies' undamaged Flak Jackets for a 1/4 armor
        increase. Since armor is pretty much the only thing that
        keeps you alive you need to always have 100% of it.
      - Use the screen visuals to your advantage. If you're shooting at
        multiple enemies and your danger is flashing red, get outta there!
        Hide behind something or else you'll get shot to death. Also with
        your radar notice when an enemy pops up so that you can try to snipe
        him before he sees you.
      - Use the manual-aim and the peek left/right to your advantage. In
        almost every level you need to use the peeking left/right so that
        you can get a clean shot. Try to hide behind an object, peek to the
        side that the enemy is and line up your cross-hair. If your danger
        meter starts flashing let go of R2/L2 but hold onto L1 so that you
        still maintain the position of the cross-hair. When the enemy stops
        shooting just peek to their side and your cross-hair should already
        be lined up for a nice head-shot.
               C O N T R O L S
    Basic Controls
    Directional Buttons
      Controls Gabe's directional movement and the aiming cursor while in
      manual aim mode.
    X Button
      - When standing still, Gabe kneels for better accuracy or to hide
        behind objects.
      - When in motion, Gabe comes to a walking crouch in order to sneak
        past or up on enemies.
      - When used near an edge, Gabe lowers himself down.
    Square Button
      Fires the equipped weapon.
    Circle Button
      Makes Gabe roll. This is supposed to decrease the chances of him
      getting hit when he is being fired upon.
    Triangle Button
      - Climbs objects if allowed.
      - Activates useable objects (switches, doors, computers).
      - Reloads the equipped weapon.
      - Contacts Lian Xing via the Advanced Communication Device (ACD)
        when she calls.
    R1 Button
      Fixes an automatic lock on a nearby enemy within range. Tapping R1
      cycles through targetable enemies.
    L1 Button
      Goes to the manual aim view with a cross-hair on the screen. You
      can move the cross-hair around with your directional pad.
    R2 Button
      Allows Gabe to strafe to the right. In manual aim mode, this allows
      Gabe to peek to the right while being able to fire.
    L2 Button
      Allows Gabe to strafe to the left. In manual aim mode, this allows
      Gabe to peek to the left while being able to fire.
    Analog Controls
    L3 Left Stick
      - The same function as the directional pad.
    R3 Right Stick
      - Can be used with L1 in manual aim mode.
    Special Moves
      By pressing the directional pad you can make Gabe run around. The bad
      thing about running is that sometimes you accidentally run instead of
      walk in some dangerous places. Be careful not to run off a high ledge
      or it's instant death.
    Walking Crouch
      By pressing the X button while running, Gabe goes into a walking
      crouch, which is perfect for stealth. This allows him to sneak up
      on enemies and also it allows him to safely travel in high,
      dangerous areas.
      By pressing the X button alone Gabe comes to a crouch. This is great
      for shooting enemies because it increases your stability and your
      percentage to hit your target. Kneeling also allows you to hide
      from enemies behind boxes or other objects.
      Pressing the circle button allows Gabe to roll in a direction.
      This isn't always helpful because rolling usually messes up your
      coordination and slows you down. It is somewhat helpful when you
      are in a mission requiring stealth, but not very. Roll at your
      own risk.
      If you press L2 or R2 you can strafe left or right. If you strafe
      while crouching you do it very slowly and stealthily. The L2 and
      R2 buttons are also used for peeking out from corners. If you hold
      L1 and press either L2 or R2 you can peek left or right and set up
      for a shot. This is another thing that you must master to beat the
    180 Degree Turn
      This is very helpful when some guards pop out of nowhere and start
      shooting you in the back. Just quickly tap down and you're facing
      the other direction. Nifty.
    Action Button
      The action button is the triangle button. By pressing triangle,
      Gabe can climb up onto rails, crates, walls, etc. The action button
      also reloads Gabe's equipped gun, which is very useful. You don't
      want to be caught in a shootout and have to stop to reload. Trust me.
      There are a number of ways you can shoot your equipped weapon at
      enemies or objects. By pressing the square button Gabe shoots his
      weapon directly in front of him. If you press and hold R1 and the
      square button, Gabe locks onto an enemy and starts shooting at them.
      The last way to shoot enemies is to press and hold L1. This makes a
      cross-hair (or scope if it's the sniper rifle) appear on the screen
      and you go into a first-person view. This is how you take out enemies
      with head shots, by lining up the cross-hair with an enemy's head
      until it says "head shot" on the screen. It is essential that you
      learn to use this technique for it is vital in the later levels.
    Sniper Shooting
      You can use the sniper rifle just like any other gun, but when you
      hold L1, you go into a scope mode. In scope mode you can press
      triangle to zoom in on an object or press circle to zoom out.
    Switching Weapons
      There are a number of ways to switch weapons during the game. The
      first is to pause the game, go down to weapons and equip the weapon
      of your choice. But this takes too long, right? A faster way to equip
      weapons is to press select until the weapon that you want shows up.
      Still too slow for you? Okay! The fastest way to equip weapons is to
      hold down the select button and press L2 or R2 until you reach your
    Using the Game Screen
    Armor/Health Meter
      Indicates the amount of armor you have remaining. Your armor
      depletes before your health. When your health runs out, the game
      is over. Although you cannot replenish your health, you can replenish
      your armor by picking up Flak Jackets from dead enemies or weapon
    Danger Meter
      Indicates your likelihood of being hit. When your Danger meter is
      completely filled, it and your Radar's Enemy Indicator Cone begin to
      flash. Evasive maneuvers like rolling or hiding behind obstacles
      decrease your likelihood of being hit in dangerous situations. When
      you are no longer in danger, the Danger Meter returns to normal.
    Target Meter
      Indicates when you have an enemy in target range. Press L1 to bring
      up targeting cross-hairs for more accurate aiming. When your Target
      Meter is completely filled, you have a 100% chance of hitting the
      targeted enemy. When there is no target available, the Target Meter
      does not appear.
      Indicates the location of all detected enemies relative to your
      position and includes a compass for easier navigation. The Enemy
      Indicator Cone flashes red when an enemy has you in sight and is
      likely to hit you.
    Weapon/Number of Rounds
      Indicates the currently selected weapon and remaining number of
      rounds for that weapon. Hold the select button to bring up a scroll
      bar and press L2 or R2 to scroll through weapons from your inventory.
               W A L K T H R O U G H
    G e o r g i a  S t r e e t
       - Washington D.C. -
    * Agency Directive *
    Our FBI informant has pinpointed the terrorist viral attack in the
    D.C. subway system. Our contacts within U.S. Defense and Interpol
    confirm the identities of the terrorists. We will drop you in after
    CBDC (U.S. Army Chemical and Biological Defense Command) operations
    Your targets are Rhoemer, Kravitch, Aramov, and Girdeaux. Satcom
    has intercepted coded microwave traffic. Rhoemer must have an uplink
    station in the area. Assist CBDC if needed. Avoid collateral casualties
    if possible. Check your objectives on sight for more information.
    * Cut Scene *
      Markinson - "When will the operation begin?"
      Benton - "Our intelligence within the FBI was not clear, but
                Rhoemer's men are already inside the subway."
      Lian - "Is it the same virus?"
      Markinson - "Yes, enough to eliminate everyone within a hundred
                   miles or more."
      Gabe - "Procedure?"
      Benton - "Standard intercept and eliminate . . . These are from our
                contact inside Interpol. Jenkins team is already on search
                and diffuse. You are the trigger."
      Lian - "I recognize Anton Girdeaux and Mara Aramov. Who's the
              other one?"
      Benton - "Pavell Kravitch. Rhoemer's communications expert. When you
                eliminate him you'll also have to destroy his comm uplink.
                You'll be dropped into the strike zone when the fire fight
                begins. You'll have an hour to find your targets and take
                them out."
      Gabe - "Do the locals know what they're dealing with?"
      Benton - "No."
    Logan is dropped into the strike zone. Guns are firing everywhere
    and police cars are on fire. A CBDC agent runs around a corner and
    opens fire . . .
      Lian - "I've got an ID match for Rhoemer on Level 1. Girdeaux is
              on Level 2. No location yet for Kravitch and I don't see
              any sign of Aramov."
      Gabe - "Copy. I'm on my way."
    * Walkthrough *
       - Eliminate Kravitch and destroy Comm. Array
       - Eliminate Rhoemer
       - Do not eliminate any CBDC Agent
       - Avoid damaging Viral delivery systems or explosive bombs
    Weapons you start off with:
       - Silenced 9mm
       - Sniper Rifle
       - Taser
       - Flashlight
    When you first start off the level, you see two CBDC Agents run
    ahead of you and start firing at the enemies on the rooftops and on
    the streets. Ignore them and go through the alley directly behind you.
    Tap down quickly to execute a 180 degrees turn and you'll be facing
    directly towards the alley. Follow the alley through its twists and
    turns until you get to another street. Go down the street and turn to
    the left. Ignore the enemies shooting from the rooftops and run until
    you see a couple of CBDC agents fighting enemies on the ground. You can
    either kill the enemies that the CBDC agents are fighting with on the
    ground or you can ignore them and run into the next building behind
    the enemies.
    Go through the hallway and pick up the Flak Jacket if you need it.
    As you round the corner you'll get an incoming message from Lian . . .
      Lian - "CBDC has an agent pinned down at your location. They're
              requesting cover fire."
    She'll tell you to protect the CBDC bomb squad as they diffuse the
    bombs. Objective Added. Follow the corridor until you get to a large
    room with CBDC agents in it. You'll have to protect the agents while
    they diffuse the bomb, so kill all the enemies in the room (especially
    the ones right in front of the agents). Once the CBDC agent diffuses
    the bomb, you don't have to protect them anymore. Bomb disarmed!
      Lian - "All clear Gabe."
    - CHECKPOINT #1 -
    After the bomb has been diffused, go into the next room and pick up
    the M-16 in the box. Keep going through the hall until you reach a dark
    room. Equip your flashlight by holding select and scrolling over by
    pressing either L2 or R2. Once you can see your surroundings look
    to the right side of the room and you'll see a box of grenades. Pick
    those up and make your way back to the street outside of the building.
    If you didn't use the Flak Jacket in the box before, and you need it
    now, pick it up for a full armor refill. Be aware of the enemies on
    the rooftop, but don't try to shoot them, just run past and you'll be
    fine. Also don't get to near to the flaming cars, or you'll catch on
    fire and instantly die. Make your way back to the alley and where you
    started off the game. Once you get back to where you started, help out
    the CBDC agents who are fighting the enemies on the ground. Once you
    eliminate the enemies on the ground, run into the next building with
    the green interior walls.
    Inside of the building, follow the hallway until you reach an opening
    in the wall on the left. Inside of the little room, is an enemy waiting
    to get capped. Kill him and climb into the room by pressing the triangle
    button. Pick up his M16 bullets and then shoot out the window on the
    left side of the room. Climb up into the window by pressing the triangle
    button and you are back outside, but in a different area. Once you're
    outside, look to the left and go through the alley. Climb the box and
    run out into the open area. There are enemies behind the flaming cars,
    but just ignore them. Run to the far side of the area and you'll see two
    boxes. One has a Flak Jacket and the other has the Sniper Rifle in it.
    Grab the Sniper Rifle and take the Flak Jacket if you are low on armor
    and hurry back into the safety of the alley. Head back to the window
    where you came from but instead of climbing back up it, go to the
    unexplored area.
    You'll see a box and a fence. Climb up onto the box using the triangle
    button and then press triangle again to jump up to a fire escape. Go
    all the way to the end of the fire escape and press triangle to jump
    up to a pipe. Shimmy to the left and be aware that enemies will be
    coming from around the corner. Auto-Lock onto the two enemies and
    shoot them. Once they are disposed of, continue shimmying to the left
    until you can't move to the left anymore. Press down on the directional
    pad to drop down onto the fire escape and pick up the M-79 Grenade
    Launcher. Jump back up to the pipe and shimmy your way to the right.
    Work your way back down to the ground and then head over to the
    fence. Press L1 and manually aim your 9mm towards the lock on the
    gate. Once you shoot the lock, the gate should swing open, allowing
    you access to the new area.
    You'll see a hole in the ground, this is the elevator shaft. To the
    left of the elevator shaft on the wall is a switch to call the
    elevator. Flip it and wait for the elevator to arrive. Get on the
    elevator and press triangle to go down. Once you get down, Lian will
    call, and she tells you to turn off the power to the terminal security
      Lian - "Gabe, this must be where the subway security bypass switch is
              located. Find it, and shut it off."
      Gabe - "Copy. See if you can find a copy of the subway system security
    Objective added. Equip your flashlight by holding select and scrolling
    to it. Turn to the right from the elevator and you'll see a switch
    directly in front of you. Flip it.
      Lian - "You've bypassed the subway security. The ramp in the first
              terminal should be clear now."
    - CHECKPOINT #2 -
    Head back up the elevator but be aware of an enemy in the fire escape
    once you get to the top. Eliminate him and climb back through the
    broken window. There's another enemy waiting inside, so kill him and
    then proceed to the left. Keep following the corridor until you reach
    a bar. Lian will contact you and tell you that you are near their
    communications array and Kravitch.
      Lian - "Gabe, I'm getting interference! You must be near their
              communications array."
      Gabe - "Kravitch"
    Get ready for a battle! Keep going down the hallway until you reach a
    large room where you'll see Kravitch. He's wearing a Flak Jacket so go
    for a head shot with the 9mm by pressing L1 and then lining up the
    cross-hair with his head until it says "head shot". Once he's dead,
    head to the back left corner of the room and destroy the computer
    by shooting it.
      Gabe - "I've taken out Kravitch and destroyed the Comm. equipment,
              but I don't see the uplink dish."
      Lian - "I'll trace it."
    - CHECKPOINT #3 -
    In the back right side of the room behind the bar is a box with a
    shotgun in it. Take the shotgun and get ready for three enemies who
    are approaching from the doorway. They all have Flak Jackets so
    you're going to need to get three well placed head shots. Once they're
    all eliminated, head outside back to the street. Once you're outside,
    hang a left, and be ready for some enemies to come at you. Kill them
    and continue until you see the subway entrance on the left. Go down
    it. Equip your flashlight and on the right is a box with a Flak Jacket.
    Take it if you need a boost in armor. Proceed through the open doorway
    and down into the subway. Lian contacts you and tells you that you now
    have to tag the bomb in the terminal.
      Lian - "Someone tried to set a viral bomb on level one. If you find
              it tag it. I'll give its location to CBDC."
      Gabe - "Copy. Where's Rhoemer?"
      Lian - "Level 2."
      Gabe - "I'm on my way."
    Objective added. Go down into the subway entrance and through the
    door. Be ready for enemies once you come through the doorway and
    into the subway.
    There are trains on both sides of the tracks, and only one train
    travels at one time on the tracks. Be sure not to get hit by the
    train or you will instantly die. Cross over to the left side, over
    the tracks and up onto the platform. Go straight until you see the
    bomb, and then press triangle to tag it.
      Gabe - "Tell CBDC to get its guys down here."
      Lian - "Copy. They're on their way."
    - CHECKPOINT #4 -
    Cross back over the tracks and go to the other side, but stay on the
    middle platform. You should spot a box with M-16 bullets in it. Take
    them for a refill. Proceed straight, aware that the enemies now have
    shotguns. Continue until you reach a box with a Flak Jacket. Pick it
    up if you need the extra armor. Turn to the right, go over the tracks,
    and through the opening. Equip your flashlight to see your surroundings.
    Hit the elevator call switch on the wall and then turn to your right.
    Wait for the elevator to arrive, get on it, and then press triangle to
    go down.
      Lian - "I've located Rhoemer. He's on the lower level arming
              another bomb."
      Gabe - "I'm moving."
    Go straight and through the opening on the left. Be aware that there
    is a guard there, so try to execute him without him seeing you. Proceed
    to the middle platform, wary of the enemies there. Keep traveling down
    the middle platform until you see the last bomb and a guard. Don't let
    the guard see you! He's got grenades and you will die if he throws one
    at you. You can try to snipe him from either the middle, left, or right
    platform with the sniper rifle. I've found that the right works the
    best. Don't forget to go for the head shot. Forget the body shots,
    because he's got a Flak Jacket. Once he's dead, run over to the bomb,
    and get ready for a cool cut scene.
      Lian - "Gabe what's happening?"
      Gabe - "I'm setting a beacon. Wait! Lian, this one's different from
              the others! It has a shorter timer and it looks . . ."
      Lian - "Gabe, that's not viral, it's . . ."
      Gabe - "Too late!"
    Gabe sprints off as the bomb explodes. The subway is in ruins and
    flames are everywhere . . .
    D e s t r o y e d  S u b w a y
        - Washington D.C. -
    * Agency Directive *
    Incoming from Benton:
    You're lucky to be alive. Ten square blocks of downtown D.C. just sank
    20 feet into the ground. It looks like Rhoemer had the entire subway
    wired to explode as part of his escape plan.
    It's likely you cut his time table short, and that he's still down
    there with you. Aramov and Girdeaux also remain unaccounted for. Don't
    let Rhoemer escape that terminal, and be aware that you're now
    completely cut off from all reinforcements.
    * Cut Scene *
      Lian - "Gabe! Gabe!? Are you there?"
      Gabe - (coughing) "I'm here. I'm alright . . ."
      Lian - "Oh my God Gabe! I thought you'd been killed!"
      Gabe - "Not yet. Get on the wire and tell Benton that the subway is
              a decoy. The main bomb is somewhere else . . . Where's
      Lian - "My video feeds are dead. My last visual had Rhoemer moving
              towards level one. Girdeaux was moving through the main tunnel
              just beneath the street."
      Gabe - "The ramps down here have collapsed. I'll have to find another
              way up."
    * Walkthrough *
       - Locate the explosives cache
       - Eliminate Rhoemer
       - Do not kill any CBDC Agent
       - Do not damage any bombs
    Weapons you (should) start off with:
       - Silenced 9mm
       - M-16
       - Shotgun
       - Sniper Rifle
       - Grenades
       - M-79
       - Taser
       - Flashlight
    When the level begins, everything is on fire and the subway system has
    collapsed. Do not touch the fire or it is instant death! Turn to the
    right and proceed down the walkway until you see a Flak Jacket. Take it
    if you need, otherwise move on across the tracks and onto the other
    platform. Be ready for a flaming enemy coming at you. You can approach
    this situation two ways. The first is to run against the right wall so
    that you just run past him. The other is to just turn around and run
    away. If you run towards him and touch him, you'll catch on fire and
    instantly die (fire tends to do that to you in this game). Once he's
    eliminated, continue down the platform and hang a right. Get ready for
    two enemies approaching. One will be running from the top of the train
    down to the ground, and the other will be coming from around the right
    corner. Both have an M-16, so kill them quickly and get their ammo.
    Drop down into the tracks and climb up onto the platform. Turn right
    and jump up to the top of the train by pressing triangle.
      Lian - "Gabe, the viral bomb that you tagged on level one, CBDC
              can't get to it. Debris was blocking the ramp to the
      Gabe - "Tell them to stand by. I'll find some of Rhoemer's stashed
              explosives and clear it from my side."
    Objective added. Continue down the roof of the train until you drop
    down to the ground. Proceed straight and be prepared for three enemies
    on your right. Two will have M-16's and the third will be armed with
    grenades and a Flak Jacket. You can take out all of them by using your
    M-79 grenade launcher or your grenades. The harder way is to kill the
    first two enemies and then quickly get a head-shot on the grenade
    thrower. Pick up their ammo and Flak Jacket. You'll only get the Flak
    Jacket if you shot the grenade lobber with a head-shot. If you used
    the M-79 grenade launcher/grenades, you won't get a Flak Jacket.
    Go back to the left tracks and equip your flashlight. Run down the
    tracks until you see a box with the C-4 Explosives. These are frequently
    overlooked by beginners.
      Lian - "That should be the C-4 needed to blow open that passage."
    - CHECKPOINT #1 -
    Move to the right side of the platform, and run until you see a red
    box. Climb onto the box and turn 90 degrees left. Press triangle to
    climb up to a platform. Turn to the left and be ready for an enemy.
    Also look to your lower right and you'll see another enemy. After they
    have been taken care of, go to the end of the platform, turn left and
    jump up to the next platform. On the higher platform, turn 180 degrees
    and climb onto the next platform. Jump up to the platform and turn to
    the left. Walk to the end of it, jump up to the pipe, and shimmy right.
    When you can't go any further, drop down onto the ground and Lian will
    contact you.
      Lian - "Gabe, I've restored video to portions of the undestroyed
              subway. Rhoemer's men are moving through the main tunnel."
      Gabe - "Check the subway map. Where does it lead?"
      Lian - "This branch feeds into the Washington Park line."
      Gabe - "That's it! Tell Jenkins to get his men to the park and
              exercise extreme caution. Girdeaux is there."
      Lian - "Benton says he'll handle it."
    Proceed down the right side of the platform. Once you get to the first
    intersection, take a left and equip your flashlight. Cross the tracks
    and climb up onto the far platform. Then flip the gas main switch on
    the wall.
      Gabe - "Lian, I've found the gas main. I'm shutting it down."
    Head back to the other side of the middle platform and you'll see
    the bomb that you tagged earlier. Ignore it, and go to the door at
    the end of the middle platform. When you reach it press triangle to
    set the C-4 explosives and tap down to turn 180 degrees. Run straight,
    and you'll have 3 seconds to get out of the area.
      Lian - "CBDC is on their way in."
    The CBDC agent will run to diffuse the bomb and you're job is to
    protect him. Eliminate all enemies near the area.
    - CHECKPOINT #2 -
      Lian - "All clear Gabe."
    Head back up to the middle platform and go towards the left tracks.
    Go into the tunnel and follow the tracks to a box. Climb it and then
    jump up to the roof of the train. Run to the end of the train and Lian
    will contact you.
      Lian - "I'm getting a message from Jenkins. Their team is in the
              park. They're under attack. One of the terrorists has
              a . . . Flame-thrower."
      Gabe - "Girdeaux . . ."
      Lian - "Benton wants us to head over there, STAT."
      Gabe - "Tell them as soon as I take out Rhoemer, I'll be on my way."
    Drop down off the train and be ready for enemies. Continue down the
    tracks until you see an enemy that is on fire. Quickly tap down to
    turn around and run back. Ignore the enemy on top of the train that's
    shooting at you and climb up to the box. Kill the enemy on top of the
    train with a head-shot and then head back the way that the flaming
    enemy came from. Climb the box and jump up to the top of the next
    train. Take out the next enemy on the top of the train and run to
    the end of it and drop down.
      Gabe - "I've spotted Mara Aramov in the tunnel. I'm going after her."
    M a i n  S u b w a y  L i n e
         - Washington D.C. -
    * Agency Directive *
    Incoming from Benton:
    Logan, INTEL indicates Rhoemer has fled the scene. Jenkins is meeting
    heavy resistance in the Washington Park area and DCPD reports 15
    officers down. We fear an agency leak has given his position away.
    Mara Aramov's identity has been confirmed by Interpol. Do not let
    her escape. Caution: FEMA is using the east bound tracks to shuttle
    emergency personnel: Do not use explosives of any kind in the tunnel
    or you will cause a derailment.
    * Walkthrough *
       - Eliminate Aramov
       - Do not use explosives of any kind
    Weapons you (should) start off with:
       - Silenced 9mm
       - M-16
       - Shotgun
       - Sniper Rifle
       - Grenades
       - M-79
       - Taser
       - Flashlight
    When you start off the level turn 180 degrees and you'll see a box
    with a Flak Jacket. Take it if you need an armor boost, otherwise turn
    back around and run to the left. Anything look a little odd with this
    picture? Aramov, enemies, all shooting at you, AND you have to dodge
    speeding trains?!? Sounds hard? Well it isn't.
    Let's talk about the train problem. There are two sets of tracks and
    in between them is a barrier. Each time a train goes down one track,
    expect another one to come down the opposite track. In short, just
    alternate between tracks whenever a train is coming towards you. Be
    sure not to get stuck against the barrier when a train is coming,
    that's a sticky situation. If that happens and you don't have time
    to run to the end of the barrier, try to roll underneath the barrier.
    That should save your @$$ just in the knick of time.
    As for the enemies in the tunnel, try to eliminate them quickly as
    you're running towards them. Once you pass them though, just forget
    about them and concentrate on what's ahead of you.
    There are a couple of ways that you can approach Aramov and kill her.
    First there's the run 'n gun method. Just equip your shotgun, and run
    like hell after her! Use your auto-lock and just keep shooting at her
    until she goes down. It won't take long. Another way to kill Aramov is
    with one simple, well placed, head-shot. She's wearing that darn Flak
    jacket so don't try to shoot at her body with your 9mm. Just one shot
    and it's over. Bang, just like that. 1,2,3.
      Gabe - "Where's Rhoemer? Where are the other bombs?"
      Aramov - "You're too late Logan!"
      Gabe - "We'll see . . ."
    W a s h i n g t o n  P a r k
       - Washington D.C. -
    * Agency Directive *
    Incoming from Benton:
    Mission Redirect: CBDC has requested direct intervention and
    assistance. Your new orders are to: Locate viral bombs, plant
    homing beacons, wait for the arrival of CBDC, and provide
    covering fire. The bombs are set to detonate within the hour.
    Terrorist resistance is heavy. Agency INTEL reports that Anton
    Girdeaux is leading the park operation. Exercise caution. We have
    lost all communication from Jenkins' team.
    * Cut Scene *
      Gabe - "Lian, I'm on my way to the park. Have Benton send a team to
              pick up Mara Aramov. I left her wounded and unconscious in
              the fifth avenue tunnel, but chances are she's already on
              the move.
      Lian - "Copy."
      Gabe - ". . . and if he hasn't alerted FEMA, he better do it soon.
              Rhoemer's going to trigger the main viral device whether
              or not the government meets his demands."
      Lian - "I'm already on it. Did you get any information on the
              operations in the park?"
      Gabe - "Tell Jenkins the smaller viral bombs are hidden throughout
              the park. Girdeaux has the main one . . ."
      Benton - "Logan, this is Benton. I have a mission redirect. Jenkins'
                team has been eliminated. I'm putting you on locate and
      Gabe - "Benton, what's going on?"
      Benton - "CBDC's getting slaughtered. We need you to track down the
                viral devices and provide covering fire while CBDC Agents
                come in and disarm them."
      Gabe - "Copy that. I'll give them cover as long as I can. Lian, how
              much time until the main device detonates?"
      Lian - "Less than an hour."
      Gabe - "Okay, let's do it."
      Lian - "I've set the pickup frequency for your beacons to
              niner-four-seven. CBDC is standing by."
    * Walkthrough *
       - Locate and disarm four viral bombs
       - Reach Freedom Memorial
       - Do not kill any member of the strike team
       - Do not damage any bomb
       - All bombs must be diffused under twenty minutes
    Weapons you start off with:
       - Silenced 9mm
       - M-16
       - Shotgun
       - Sniper Rifle
       - Grenades
       - M-79
       - Taser
       - Flashlight
    This level has a timer of twenty minutes. You may think that you have
    to rush through this level just to beat it in time, but you're wrong.
    This level can easily be beaten in under ten, so don't try to go too
    fast. Just forget about the timer and enjoy the park scenery.
    When you first start off the level you may notice that it's pretty hard
    to see anything that's ten feet or more in front of you. You're going
    to need to use your radar to figure out when an enemy is approaching,
    because it will be very hard to see them. In the first area there are
    two enemies, one is on the ground patrolling and the other is above on
    top of the wall. Follow the path until you see a guard on the ground.
    You can kill the guard on the ground with a shotgun, since he's got
    shotgun shells, and then equip your sniper rifle for the guard on top
    of the wall. Just zoom in and shoot him in the head. Pick up his
    night-vision rifle and proceed into the next area of the park.
    Immediately look to your left and you'll see a guard walking towards
    you. If you're quick you can kill him before he shoots at you. Once
    he's dead pick up his .45 and equip it for yourself. This gun is
    pretty strong and you'll be using it for most of this level.
    One of your jobs in this level is to locate and tag all four of the
    viral bombs that are in the park. When you get close to a bomb, you'll
    see a blinking white dot on your radar. Go towards it to find the viral
    bomb. The first bomb in the level is right by the guard that you picked
    up the .45 from. Before you go to tag it, go into the first alcove on
    the left of the main path. There, you'll see a box that holds a full
    refill for your shotgun. Pick those up if you need it and head back to
    the middle path. The first alcove on the right holds a Flak Jacket, so
    pick that up if you're a little low on armor. Now, the viral bomb! It's
    the second alcove that's on the left side of the middle path. You
    should see a blinking white dot on your radar. Go towards it and
    tag the viral bomb.
      Lian - "CBDC has the signal. They're on their way. Stand by."
    After you tag the viral bomb you need to provide cover for the CBDC
    Agent as he disarms the bomb. If he dies then your mission is over
    and you'll have to restart. Use your .45 to dispose of the enemies,
    because ammo for it is plentiful in this level and it kills off
    enemies quickly. Once the bomb is disarmed and you've killed all
    the enemies, pick up the .45 ammo that the enemies dropped and
    head onward.
    - CHECKPOINT #1 -
    Head back to the middle path and go straight. You'll come to a big
    open area where you'll see a statue. Lian will contact you here.
      Lian - "I'm picking up an emergency call from CBDC . . . They have
              a hostage situation near the tennis courts. Can you help?"
    Objective added. Look on your radar. Do you see a flashing white dot?
    Good. Go towards it. The viral bomb is located behind the statue
    towards the left of it. Tag the bomb and provide cover for the CBDC
    agent. Keep using your .45 and kill all the enemies that are within
    shooting range. Once the bomb is disarmed pick up the .45 ammo.
    - CHECKPOINT #2 -
    To get to the next bomb you'll have to look on your map and go towards
    the northwest. Head to the west of the statue and follow the path until
    you reach a big open area. There are around four enemies in this area,
    so equip your shotgun and kill 'em all. Once they've been eliminated,
    pick up the shotgun and .45 bullets and head on over to the wall.
    There, you'll see a box containing a Flak Jacket, so take it if you
    need it. Head over to the next path and go down it. Lian will call.
      Lian - "I've traced the signal from the Comm. Array. They have
              an uplink dish hidden somewhere in the park. If you can
              find it give me a connection. I can locate their trigger
    Objective added. Follow the sidewalk in the next area to find the third
    viral bomb. It takes some twists and turns, but stick with it because
    the sidewalk will take you directly to the bomb. On the path, there
    are a couple of enemies. Kill them and pick up their night-vision sniper
    rifle bullets and then keep heading down the path. Once you get to the
    bomb kill off the enemy that is shooting from the roof of the small
    structure. After he's dead, tag the bomb and provide cover(with your
    .45) for the CBDC Agent that arrives. Once the bomb is disarmed, pick
    up the bullets that the enemies dropped and head over to the other
    small structure.
    - CHECKPOINT #3 -
    Climb the other little building and pick up the M-16 bullets in the
    box. Head back the way that you came from, eliminating any enemy
    that gets in your way. Be sure to pick up all the night-vision rifle
    bullets and .45 bullets from the enemies that you kill/killed.
    Once you get back to the statue area where the second viral bomb was
    head over in the other direction and into the new area. Go to the
    right wall and you'll see a box containing some grenades. Pick those
    up and keep going down the path until you see the next viral bomb (It
    should be flashing on your radar). Tag the fourth and final viral bomb
    and provide cover for the CBDC Agent. Your .45 should be used here.
    Once the bomb is disarmed and all of the enemies are dead, pick up
    their bullets and you'll get a call from Lian.
      Lian - "All the bombs have been disarmed. Now find Girdeaux."
    - CHECKPOINT #4 -
    Keep continuing down the sidewalk until you see the opening to the
    next area. Don't go in just yet. Instead, head to your left and go
    towards the wall to see a box with a Flak Jacket. Take it if you need
    the boost in armor.
    When you enter into the next area there are going to be enemies on top
    of the walls hidden in the plants. Equip your shotgun and auto-lock
    onto the enemies and shoot them until they're all dead. Pick up the
    night-vision rifle bullets and the shotgun shells and proceed into
    the next area - the tennis courts.
    Follow the sidewalk until you can see an opening in the fence. Go
    into the tennis courts and turn to the left and go towards the wall.
    Set up your night-vision rifle and snipe the guard patrolling back
    and forth. Go towards the dead body of the guard, pick up his bullets,
    and set up for your next shot - the hostage situation. Aim your
    night-vision rifle and you'll see two CBDC agents being held hostage
    by a terrorist. You're going to need a head-shot, so just zoom in and
    cap 'em right in the head.
      Gabe - "Lian. Tell CBDC Command that I freed the hostages. I'm back
              on task."
      Lian - "Copy. I'll let them know."
    Pick up the dead terrorist's bullets and keep continuing through the
    tennis courts. There should be one more guard patrolling the area,
    so kill him before you are seen. Once you're out of the tennis courts,
    go down the sidewalk until you see a couple of enemies. Eliminate them
    and you'll get a call from Lian.
      Lian - "I'm getting interference. You must be right on top of their
              uplink dish."
    You'll come to an area that looks like a building with lots of different
    blocks. There are around four enemies in this area. Two in the front,
    one patrolling the ground, and another in the back on top of a block.
    Kill them all, pick up their ammo, and climb to the top of the building.
    Press the action button once you get to the Communications Array.
      Gabe - "Lian, connection's complete."
      Lian - "I'm tracking a mobile signal just north of you towards the
              Freedom Memorial in the hedge maze area."
      Gabe - "Check Rhoemer's file and see who he's been using as trigger
              man. I'll bet these bombs are set with a backup mobile
      Lian - ". . . Got it! Jorge Marcos. I'm downloading his dossier
              into your Comm. Device."
      Gabe - "Add him to my hit list."
    - CHECKPOINT #5 -
    Objective added. Proceed into the hedge maze, and if you look at your
    map you can see where Marcos is located. Head towards the vicinity that
    he is in. Usually, if you're good, you can cap Marcos right in the head
    before he even sees you. He's wearing a Flak Jacket so you're going to
    need to get a well placed head-shot to finish him off.
      Lian - "Marcos must have been ghosting an entire frequency . . .
              I've got 'em! Girdeaux is just north of you, in the Freedom
              Memorial building."
      Gabe - "That's where the main viral bomb is. Tell CBDC to stand by."
    - CHECKPOINT #6 -
    Pick up Marcos' Flak Jacket and .45 bullets if needed. If you look
    hard enough in this hedge maze you can find a Flak Jacket in a box
    (for a full armor refill) on the right side of the maze. Take it if
    you need it.
    Think you're done with the level? Think again. To get into Freedom
    Memorial, you're going to need to eliminate four guards, equipped with
    M-16's, .45's, and shotguns. One will charge out at you once you are
    within their sights. Kill him and move on to the next series of enemies.
    There are a number of ways that you can kill these guards. The first
    is simple. Use your M-79 and just blow 'em all away. The second option
    is to run at them and throw grenades. The third less dramatic approach
    is to just snipe them all from a safe distance until all are dead.
    Whichever way you do it is fine. Once they're all dead, pick up their
    ammo and Flak Jackets and head towards the door which leads to Freedom
      Gabe - "I'm at the entrance. Tell CBDC to get their team moving"
      Lian - "Hurry Gabe, you don't have much time."
    F r e e d o m  M e m o r i a l
        - Washington D.C. -
    * Agency Directive *
    Forwarded from Agency Intel:
    SPYSAT has completed a detailed analysis of Girdeaux's body armor: It
    is impervious to all conventional weapons. Our armor specialists are
    working on it, but your agent may have to improvise to find a weak
    Our demolition expert has noted that the use of any explosive device
    will trigger the viral bomb.
    * Cut Scene *
      Gabe - "Anton Girdeaux . . . I hope Rhoemer's paying you enough
              to die for him!"
      Girdeaux - "Gabriel Logan . . . Always the optimist . . . Look around
                  Logan! This hall contains the mosaic depicting the entire
                  history of your country's wars and aggression. We are
                  about to make an addition to it!"
      Gabe - "I don't think so Girdeaux. It ends here!"
      Lian - "Gabe, Girdeaux's wearing full body armor. You've got to find
              a weak spot!"
    * Walkthrough *
    Weapons you (should) start off with:
       - Silenced 9mm
       - M-16
       - Shotgun
       - Sniper Rifle
       - Grenades
       - M-79
       - Taser
       - Flashlight
    The secret to beating Girdeaux is to shoot at the fuel tank that's on
    his back. Depending on the weapon you have equipped, it takes anywhere
    from three to ten shots to kill him. With the shotgun it takes three
    shots, with the .45 it takes 5 shots, and with the 9mm it takes ten
    shots. To beat Girdeaux, equip either your .45, 9mm, or your shotgun,
    and hide behind one of the pillars in the room. Always keep Girdeaux
    between you and the pillar. To kill him, repeatedly peek out to the
    side of the pillar, aim at the fuel tank, and shoot. Be sure not to be
    in his range for too long. You'll know this if your danger meter is
    flashing or rapidly filling. Once it starts to flash, Girdeaux is going
    to shoot his flame thrower, so get outta there! Just remember to always
    have the pillar between the two of you and you'll be fine. If you get
    on fire, you're toast, and you'll have to start over.
      Lian - "Gabe are you alright?"
      Gabe - "He's finished Lian. Get CBDC in here. Tell Benton I need
              an EVAC."
      Lian - "Copy that."
    Gabe walks away and Girdeaux falls down to the ground, engulfed in
    flames and beaten.
    E x p o  R e c e p t i o n
        - New York City -
    * Agency Directive *
    Incoming from Markinson:
    I've approved your request for access to the FBI files on Jonathan
    Phagan. I think your suspicions may be correct. The PHARCOM Reception
    may be a cover for a meeting between Phagan and Rhoemer. Follow
    Phagan closely.
    Obviously, you must not be seen or captured. You are authorized to
    eliminate any of Phagan's security, but use silenced weapons only.
    Once you've observed the meeting, use whatever means necessary to
    capture Phagan alive. Officially, the Agency knows nothing about this.
    * Cut Scene *
      Lian - "We've analyzed blood taken from Rhoemer's men. It contains
              compounds identical to those extracted from the plants taken
              from Rhoemer's plantation in Costa Rica. Compounds patented
              by a multi-national corporation named PHARCOM. I checked with
              their contact in the World Health Organization. PHARCOM is
              also coordinating the W.H.O.'s efforts to track down these
              world wide viral outbreaks."
      Gabe - "Rhoemer's not sophisticated enough to run this kind of
              operation. With that arsenal he must have an enormous
              base of operations somewhere. Who's funding him?"
      Markinson - "I have already had PHARCOM investigated. The final
                   report was inconclusive."
      Gabe - "Whose report?!? Benton's?!? The same man who coordinated
              our botch raid in Costa Rica? The man who got Jenkins'
              entire team taken out? Where is Benton now?"
      Markinson - "I've placed him on leave. Now, what do you want to do?"
      Lian - "Phagan is hosting a reception at his exhibition center in
              New York tonight. I've tapped into their security files and
              accessed blueprints for the entire building."
      Gabe - "Phagan doesn't know who I am. I'll go as a guest and plant
              a remote wire on him. If there's a connection, I'll find it."
      Markinson - "Alright. Report back to me in twenty-four hours. But
                   this is not a standard intercept and eliminate operation.
                   If Phagan is involved with Rhoemer, I want them both
                   taken alive. If you do find a mole, eliminate him."
    At the party. Phagan starts to walk out of the party, into a secluded
    area. Gabe follows him from a distance.
      Gabe - "Lian, something's up. Phagan's moving. I'm going to
              follow him."
      Lian - "But Gabe his wire is coming in clear."
      Gabe - "I know but I want to be there in case something is
              going down."
      Lian - "Be careful. If any of his security guards spot you
              outside of the reception area, Phagan will know you're here."
      Gabe - "I won't let anyone see me."
      Lian - "Phagan's heading for the Sonidge Exhibit. I'm checking
              their security protocols . . . They have guards posted
              everywhere! Don't be spotted or the mission will be over."
    * Walkthrough *
       - Shadow Phagan to secret meeting
       - Do not allow yourself to be spotted until you reach the meeting
       - Do not shoot Phagan
    Weapons you start off with:
       - Silenced 9mm
       - Sniper Rifle
       - Taser
       - Flashlight
    Your mission in this level is to follow Phagan until you get to the
    secret meeting in the Ancient World Exhibit. The tricky thing about
    the first part of the level is that you cannot be seen by any of
    Phagan's security guards (there are seven), or the mission is over.
    Throughout the whole first part of the level, try to shadow Phagan
    from a distance, and never directly behind him. There is likely to
    be a guard right by him, and you'll be spotted if you're not careful.
    Another vital piece of information is that you have to kill all the
    guards in the first part of the level with head-shots and head-shots
    only! You'll have to have pretty good aiming accuracy, or you'll never
    get through this level. Also, when you kill the guards, be sure that
    Phagan is well enough ahead of you that he doesn't see or hear anything.
    If he does, the mission is over. In this walkthrough, I'll try to tell
    you exactly where to expect a guard, and how to eliminate him.
    When you first start off the level you'll see Phagan walking up a
    ramp. Don't follow him! Instead, turn to the right and climb up onto
    the platform. From the first platform, keep going straight and jump
    up onto the next platform. Turn to your left and switch to auto-aim.
    Get ready to kill the first guard of the level.
    If you look on your radar, you should see him slowly approaching near
    your position. Once he's in sight, you'll have about four seconds to
    get a head-shot. Make sure not to miss, or the mission will be over
    already. Once, the first guard is dead, slowly walk towards the middle
    ramp, but don't drop down into it. Instead, peek out to the left and
    up the ramp, and you'll see another guard just standing there waiting
    to get capped. One head-shot and he's finished.
    After the first two guards are eliminated, drop down into the middle
    ramp and pick up the HK-5 and ammo from the two guards. Quickly run
    up the ramp and when you get to the intersection look to your left.
    You should see a guard walking into the next area. If you're quick,
    you can get a head-shot on him before he gets into the next area.
    If he makes it in there, you'll have to perform a more difficult
    shot, because he's behind a pillar.
    Assuming that you finished this guard before he got into the next
    area, pick up his bullets and go in. You'll see a bunch of pillars
    around this room and there's only one enemy. Wait awhile to make
    sure that Phagan is far enough ahead of you and then snipe the guard
    by the far doorway on the other side of the room. Wait for him to walk
    back to his post by the door before you kill him, otherwise he may see
    you. Pick up his bullets that he dropped and head into the next area.
    Slowly approach the next area and stop once you see that the hall
    turns to the left. Go towards the end of the wall on the left side,
    and peer out to the right. You'll see a long narrow room with lots
    of Egyptian artifacts in it. Wait for Phagan to leave the room and
    then snipe the guard that is walking from the left side of the room
    to the right side. He'll be going in the same direction as Phagan
    was. If you don't have enough time to kill him, just wait for him
    to double back, and then take him out. Go into the Egyptian room
    and pick up the dead guard's ammo.
    Okay, you're still with me, that's good. Don't worry, there's only
    two more guards to go and you're home free . . . Well sort of . . .
    Anyways, after you've picked up the ammo from the guard in the Egyptian
    room, look to your right and you'll see a hallway. Slowly go towards it
    and peek to the left side of the hall. You should only do this to lure
    the guard out (In this game, a lot of guards only appear after you've
    reached a certain point in the level. If you get within a certain
    distance, they automatically just pop up out of nowhere. This is why
    you have to slowly approach some areas and get the guards to appear.
    You'll see them on your radar, but they probably won't see you.) and
    you'll see him round the corner and start coming towards you. Before
    he sees you, you have to turn around and run back into the Egyptian
    room. Aim towards the hallway and shoot him when he passes by. He won't
    see you if you're not directly in front of him.
    The last guard has to be the hardest of them all, but he can be easily
    killed if you take the right precautions. Run into the hallway, pick up
    the dead guard's ammo, and then go left towards the end of the hall.
    Once you reach the end turn to your left and quickly auto-aim to the
    right side of the little area. A guard should be walking around the
    corner towards you. You'll have about 2.5 seconds to finish this guard
    off. It's easiest to kill this guard with one thing. Quickness. Be sure
    to run around the corners and set up your gun quickly. This will give
    you more time to aim your gun. Once he's eliminated pick up his ammo
    and proceed into the next big room where you'll see some "friends".
      Phagan - "What are you doing here?! You were never to come here!"
      Benton - "Plans have changed."
      Phagan - "Get out! Both of you! We'll settle this later . . ."
      Aramov - "As of this moment, we no longer work for you. We want the
                location of the Syphon Filter Lab."
      Gabe - "Lian. I've found the Agency's leak. Benton."
      Lian - "Benton! That son of a . . ."
      Phagan - "Get out! Both of you! We'll settle this later . . ."
      Benton - "Shut up! He's been bugged. Quickly, get him out of here."
    - CHECKPOINT #1 -
      Lian - "Gabe, Phagan's run for it. Rhoemer and Aramov went after
              him, but Benton's still in there with you. Watch out."
    Great, you've just sniped seven tough guards, and now you have to
    fight Benton?! Don't worry, it's not as hard as you think.
    When you regain control of Gabe, run straight ahead towards the
    wall. Keep running until you hit the wall and then turn and face
    the opening on your right. The trick to killing Benton is all about
    position. You should be able to see Benton without him seeing you
    (To do this you might have to strafe to the left a little). Switch
    to your manual-aim, and aim directly ABOVE Benton's head. Why you
    ask? Well, Benton seems to know whenever someone is aiming at his
    head. Sounds weird doesn't it? So if it says "head shot" on the
    screen, you have about 1/2 of a second to shoot. If you don't, Benton
    "magically" discovers where you are and he takes cover, making your
    job a little more difficult. The simple solution is to just aim
    directly above Benton's head. When you're ready to shoot him,
    just tap down very quickly (so that the cross-hair is positioned at
    his head) and shoot.
      Gabe - "He's finished. Don't send a report to Markinson yet. I want
              to find out what's going on here . . . Where's Phagan?"
      Lian - "Mara must have destroyed the bug . . . I've lost his signal."
      Gabe - "I'll get to the security room and give you an uplink to their
              camera systems."
      Lian - "Copy . . . Pharcom security has already cleared the guests
              out and locked down the building. They'll be looking for you."
      Gabe - "I'll handle it."
    Once Benton is killed, head down towards his body. There, you can pick
    up a Flak Jacket, a G-18 Pistol-Machine Gun, and a card key.
      Lian - "Pharcom's using a magnetic card key system. Each gate is coded
              to a unique card. I'll see if I can find a master code."
      Gabe - "Check their security rosters. I want to know which guards are
              holding keys and where they are."
      Lian - "I'll try."
    - CHECKPOINT #2 -
    Objective added. After you're done gloating over Benton's dead body,
    head on over to the far right corner of the room. You'll see a gate
    with a flashing red panel on the wall. Before you go over to the
    panel, be aware of the guard behind the gate. To kill the guard,
    face the gate and creep over towards the panel slowly. You should
    see the guard. Once you see him, just give a quick head-shot and
    he'll be out of your way.
    Go up to the gate control panel and press the action button. Proceed
    through the gate and pick up the HK-5 bullets that the guard dropped.
    Now the gate that you went through might start to close. Don't worry,
    you're not going back that way. Look for the set of double doors that
    says "Museum Staff Only". Go up to the doors, and press the action
    button to kick them open.
    You'll be greeted with a fury of bullets. Don't even attempt to go
    into the room. My suggestion is that after you kick open the doors,
    strafe to the right and hide behind the wall. Switch to manual-aim
    and peek into the the room. There is one guard that is on the ground
    and two other guards that are up in the catwalks. You'll have to aim
    high to kill the two up above. To do this, peek into the room and get
    your cross-hair somewhere relatively close to one of the guards. Then
    just release the L2 button, but don't move the cross-hair. When you're
    ready, peek back out and your aim should be exactly where you left
    off. Adjust the cross-hair, and if the danger meter starts getting
    high, just release the L-2 button again. Keep doing this until you
    have a head-shot locked and both guards are killed.
    After you kill the guards, proceed into the room. You'll have to do a
    lot of climbing to get to your destination, which is at the top of the
    room. First climb up onto the platform on the left side of the room.
    Walk to the end of the platform, and jump up to the catwalk above. Go
    down the walkway and pick up the HK-5 bullets and the Flak Jacket. Climb
    on top of the box and then climb up onto the next platform. You'll see
    a vent that looks locked. Take out your 9mm and aim it towards the lock.
    Once you shoot it, the vent will pop open and you can proceed into the
    air duct.
    Go down the tunnel, and you'll see a box of HK-5 bullets. If you aren't
    maxed out already, then take them. From there turn to your left and
    you'll see another vent with a lock on it. Shoot it open, and proceed
    through the vent.
    Once you go through the vent, be aware of where you are. You are on
    top of what seems to be like a pyramid. DO NOT start running straight
    ahead. If you do, you'll slide down the pyramid towards a group of
    enemies with Flak Jackets. In other words, you'll have little chance
    of survival. The slide is there for a purpose, but that will be
    explained later. Make your entrance a little more subtle. Try to be
    stealthy. When you go through the vent you're going to want to look
    for cover. There are two pillars, one to your left and one to your
    right. Hide behind one of them, and switch to manual-aim.
    At the point where you are now, there are only three guards. One is on
    a walkway in another building across from the pyramid, and the two
    others are on the ground. You're going to want to go for head-shots,
    and once all three are dead, proceed down the pyramid by jumping down
    the big steps. If you want you can go down the slide to practice it
    for later.
    Once on the ground, pick up the HK-5 bullets and the card key. Be ready
    for new enemies to appear. Where do they come from? How the hell should
    I know? They just magically appear, and it sucks, but this is a
    reoccurring thing. To master this game you must be ready for anything,
    anytime, anywhere, so get use to it. To kill them, use the same
    technique as before. Just hide behind a pillar, peek out, and snipe 'em.
    With the card key you picked up before, you'll be able to use the gate
    control panel at the top of the pyramid. But where's the gate you ask?
    This is the tricky part. Facing the pyramid, turn to your left and go
    towards the opening in the wall. When you go in, turn to your right,
    and you'll see a hallway with a gate at the end. This is the gate that
    is opened when you use the card key at the top of the pyramid.
    Now, this is what you have to do. Use the card key at the top of the
    pyramid (make sure to pick up the HK-5 bullets from the dead guards,
    when you go back up to the top), and run to the gate. Sounds easy
    right? Wrong. The gate is on a timer, and you only have so long before
    it starts to close. The solution is to use the slide. This saves you a
    considerable amount of time, and it's pretty cool as well. So use the
    card key, go down the slide, turn to your right, and run down the
    hallway and towards the gate. The gate should be closing when you get
    there, so you might have to roll under it by pressing the circle button.
    Be aware that new enemies will appear once you insert the card key.
    Don't even bother with them though, because you don't have the time
    to kill them, and they won't even be able to shoot you.
    Once you get through the gate, proceed with caution into the next
    area. There are two guards: one on the ground level, and one on an
    upper level. Lock head-shots on both of them, and once they're dead,
    head on into the room and pick up the G-18 and the card key from
    the dead guard.
    - CHECKPOINT #3 -
    If you're in need of an armor refill, there should be a Flak Jacket
    from the guard, and one in an ammo box too, so pick 'em up if you
    need'em. Use the card key on the panel, and the gate in that room
    will open up. In the next area, you'll hear a buzzing sound and
    you'll see a huge rocket. There are a couple of enemies in this part
    of the level. First get rid of the guard on your level, and then
    concentrate on the guards in the level above and below you (use
    head-shots to conserve ammo).
    Get onto the elevator, but don't press the action button just yet. Do
    you hear that buzzing sound? Switch to manual-aim and look up and to
    the left. You'll see a switch that is spraying sparks everywhere. The
    switch is malfunctioning, so to get to the upper level, you'll have
    to use your 9mm and shoot it. Once you do, the elevator will proceed
    to the upper area.
    Go down the corridor of the upper level and shoot any enemies that you
    see. Remember to pick up the HK-5 bullets that they drop. When you get
    to a long hallway with glass windows on the left side, start to run and
    don't stop. You're in the area that was next to the big pyramid. The
    guards will be shooting at you through the windows, but don't even
    bother to shoot back, because it's just a waste of ammo. Just run to
    the end of the hallway and pick up the G-18 bullets and the card key.
    - CHECKPOINT #4 -
    You'll see a box at the end of the hallway. Inspect it and you'll find
    a combat shotgun inside. Once you've collected everything, turn around
    and run back down the corridor past the windows until you've reached
    the elevator once again. You'll run into a guard or two on the way
    back, so make sure to either kill them or run.
    Once you're at the elevator, press the action button twice to get down
    to the lower level. Get off of the elevator and head over to the blue
    doors. Like before, press the action button and you'll kick them open.
    There are two guards in the next area. It'll be kind of dark, but you
    should be able to see them just fine. Dispose of them with head-shots
    and pick up their HK-5 bullets. There's a set of lockers in the room
    and you'll be able to find a Flak Jacket and a refill for your G-18.
    Look for a set of blue double doors that says, "Museum Staff Only",
    and kick them open. Don't go into the room, but strafe to the right
    and hide behind the wall. There are four guards in this "exhibit",
    and they are all behind the glass. Pick off the enemies inside by
    locking on head-shots, and once they are all disposed of, head on in.
    Go towards the dead guards and climb up onto the platform that they're
    on. Pick up the ammo that they drop, and proceed to the right. You'll
    see a gate control panel where you can use your card key. Go through
    the gate and into the next area.
    You'll see a bunch of windows, and an exhibit of the landing of the
    moon past them. Don't go into the exhibit, but run past the windows
    to the far end of the corridor. You'll find a K3G4 in an ammo box.
    Pick it up and turn back towards the exhibit. Switch to manual-aim
    and peek inside. There will be guards either on the ground or on
    the catwalk above the exhibit. Kill them, and before you go into
    the exhibit, press and hold the X button and go towards the exhibit.
    You'll be lowered into the exhibit, but you will still be hanging onto
    the ledge. You're doing this for two reasons. The first is that it
    lures out the "magic" guards that appear out of nowhere, and it also
    allows you to get back into cover more quickly. Once the guards appear,
    just pull yourself back up into the area that you were in before and
    get back behind the wall. Peek out and kill them, and repeat this until
    no more guards appear.
    Once all of the enemies are disposed of go down into the exhibit, and
    climb up onto the spaceship. Walk to the middle of the spaceship and
    press the action button again to jump up onto the catwalk. Make sure
    not to fall off of the walkway, or you're toast. Pick up the Flak
    Jacket and ammo if you need it, and head down the catwalk towards
    the next area.
    In the next area, there will be a guard behind a gate, so make sure to
    kill him. He has a Flak Jacket, so pick it up if you need it. Continue
    down the hallway and you're home free.
    Gabe kicks open the doors to the security room.
      Gabe - "Lian, I've jacked in! What have you got?"
      Lian - "I've got 'em! They're in the dinosaur exhibit. You can't let
              her assassinate him Gabe. Only Phagan knows where the virus
              is being manufactured . . ."
      Gabe - "And only Mara knows where Rhoemer's base is . . . I'll figure
              something out."
    E x p o  C e n t e r  D i n o r a m a
       - New York City -
    * Agency Directive *
    Incoming from Lian:
    Aramov is interrogating Phagan near the Dinosaur Exhibit. I'm losing
    the audio feeds, but she keeps saying something about Syphon Filter.
    Both Aramov and Phagan have information we need...You must stop Aramov
    from killing Phagan, but without killing her.
    * Cut Scene *
      Lian - "The entrance to the Dinosaur Exhibit is in the main lobby,
              where the reception was."
      Gabe - "How do I get there from here?"
      Lian - "I'm not sure, I'll try to see if there's another way down."
    * Walkthrough *
       - Find security card key
       - Capture Aramov and Phagan alive
       - Do not allow Phagan to die
       - Do not kill Aramov
    Weapons you start off with:
       - Silenced 9mm
       - Sniper Rifle
       - Combat Shotgun
       - K3G4 Assault Rifle
       - G-18 Pistol-Machine Gun
       - HK-5 Pistol-Machine Gun
       - Taser
       - Flashlight
    In this level, you have to find Aramov and prevent her from killing
    Phagan. Easy enough right? Just kill Aramov! Wrong. Aramov is the only
    person who knows where Rhoemer's base is, and Phagan is the only one
    who knows where the Syphon Filter virus is being manufactured. You
    have to keep both of them alive, or else the mission is failed. Don't
    worry though, it's all in the walkthrough below. This level is a lot
    like the previous one, so if you did pretty good last time, this will
    be a cinch.
    When you start off the level, you'll be in a room facing computers
    and security monitors. Turn directly around, and you'll see a set
    of doors. To your left is a pillar, which is your destination. Head
    towards the pillar on your left and hide behind it. Once you start
    to move, four guards will appear. Two guards will come through the
    door you just saw. Another will stay out of the room, in the hallway
    where the first two guards came out of. The final guard is behind a
    gate that is to the left of the computers and security monitors.
    You're going to want to get to the far side of the pillar.
    Once you're there, switch to your manual-aim and look to the left.
    One of the two guards that came through the door will be approaching
    your position. You have very little time to kill him, so lock a
    head-shot on quickly. Once he is down, peek out to the left, and
    you'll see the other guard that came through the door. Dispose of
    him with a head-shot, and duck back behind the pillar. Before you
    take care of the guard hiding behind the doors, peek out to the right
    of the pillar, and you'll see the guard behind the gate. Snipe him,
    and strafe around the pillar towards where you started off the level.
    Go slowly, and you'll see the guard that is hiding in the doorway.
    Get a good position, and finish him off.
    Once all four of the enemies have been disposed of, pick up the
    ammo that they drop, and go towards the lockers in the room. Don't
    you just love lockers? Well in this one, you can pick up a K3G4
    refill and a Flak Jacket. Just what the doctor ordered.
    After you've picked up all of the items in the room, exit through
    the doors that the guards came out of. Head down the hallway until
    you come to a set of doors. Kick them open police style, and head on
    into the next area.
      Lian - "You're on top of the lobby now, but I can't find anything
              in the blueprints that show a way down."
      Gabe - "I'll improvise."
    You're on a big circular walkway above the lobby, and you need to get
    down. Hmmmm. No ladders. No ropes. What to do . . . Well the only
    logical thing to do is fall through a glass window down about half
    a story. Right? It may not sound fun, but at least it looks cool!
    Head towards the middle of the room and you'll see a railing above.
    Press the action button to jump up and grab it. Once you're on, shimmy
    towards the middle of the room and drop down through the glass by
    pressing down.
    When you fall, you'll land in the lobby on top of some stairs.
    Immediately come to a crouch by pressing the X button, and switch to
    your manual-aim. Look over the wall that you are hiding behind and
    snipe the guard that is shooting at you. Once he's dead, drop off of
    the ledge that you're on, and get onto the ground. Expect enemies to
    appear above you, and around you. There should be three guards in the
    upper rafters that you dropped from, and one guard to the left of the
    platform where you landed. The one on the platform is the toughest guard
    to get. To avoid them, run towards the opening in the wall, and take
    cover. Take each of them out, one by one, by sniping them. Once you've
    killed all of the guards that you can reach from your side, run to the
    other opening on the other side of the room and take out the rest of
    the remaining guards.
    Once everyone is killed, climb up to the platform where the toughest
    guard was shooting from. Pick up his Flak Jacket and his ammo for the
    Combat Shotgun. You'll also pick up a card key. Objective complete.
    - CHECKPOINT #1 -
    After you've picked up all of the items, descend back down to the
    ground and head towards the set of double doors. Kick them open and
    proceed into the next room, which contains a dinosaur exhibit. Enter
    the room slowly by holding the X Button and moving forward. Crouch and
    take cover behind the dinosaur. You should be on the look out for three
    guards. Two will come through the hallway directly in front of you, and
    the third will come from the lobby behind you. Lock head shots on the
    two guards in front of you, and ignore the guy behind you. Run towards
    the dead guards and pick up their Flak Jackets and HK-5 bullets.
    At the end of the room, you'll see a gate control panel where you can
    use the card key that you have. Go up to it and press the action button
    to raise the gate. You'll enter a room with lots of glass windows and
    display cases. There's an enemy on your right, one directly across from
    you past the glass display case, and two will come from the hallway
    behind you. Run to the left and hide behind the small display case.
    You're going to first want to eliminate the guard in your room. He will
    be directly across from your position. The next guard to kill is the one
    behind the display case. To do this, slowly strafe back towards the
    hallway that you came from. The guard will come into view, and when he
    does, cap him straight in the head. The final two guards can be
    eliminated by using the peek and shoot method. Once all of them are
    dead, pick up their ammo and climb into the room past the display case,
    where the second guard was. You'll have to climb through the display
    case to get into the next area.
    Once you get into the hallway past the display case, proceed down the
    corridor towards the brontosaurus. You'll see Aramov and Phagan in an
    upper room towards the right, behind some glass. She's holding a gun
    to Phagan's head, and about to shoot. You have to stop her from
    shooting Phagan, but you can't kill her. To accomplish this, you can
    do one of two things. The easiest would be to equip your sniper rifle,
    and shoot the gun out of Aramov's hand. All you have to do is aim for
    the gun and shoot. This somehow knocks Mara out and Phagan runs away
    alive. The second way you could stop Aramov from shooting Phagan is by
    equipping your taser and shocking Aramov for about a second or two,
    while making sure not to kill her.
      Aramov - "Tell me where the virus labs are?"
      Phagan - "I don't know!"
      Aramov - "Tell me, or I will kill you."
      Phagan - "I can't tell you. Don't kill me!"
      Aramov - "You have to the count of ten to tell me."
      Phagan - "Please! Don't! I'll pay you!"
      Aramov smiles and starts to laugh
      Phagan - (shouting desperately) "No!"
    Gabe knocks Aramov out, and prevents her from killing Phagan.
    During the scuffle, Phagan runs out of the room and escapes.
    Objective complete.
      Lian - "There goes Phagan! Is Mara still alive?"
      Gabe - "Yes . . . Now to get some answers."
      Lian - "Hurry! More security is on its way."
    - CHECKPOINT #2 -
    Once you knock Aramov out, proceed into the brontosaurus room, and
    head towards the dinosaur's tail. Climb up onto the tail, and walk
    down towards the head. As you do, more guards will rush into the
    room. Don't try to shoot them from on top of the dinosaur, but instead
    jump down to the ground, and hide behind one of the legs. Lock head
    shots on all of the guards, and when they're all disposed of, pick
    up their ammo and climb back on top of the brontosaurus. Head towards
    the head once again, and look up. You'll see a rail going across the
    ceiling towards the room where Aramov is lying. Jump up onto the
    railing, and shimmy to the left. Drop into the room and walk over
    towards Aramov's body.
      Gabe - "Lian, send in an EVAC. We'll have to patch her up before we
              can get the information out of her."
      Lian - "Copy, on their way."
    R h o e m e r ' s  B a s e
      - Rozovka, Kazakhstan -
    * Agency Directive *
    Incoming from Markinson:
    I know that this type of military operation is usually carried out
    by our agents within the Army Rangers, but for obvious reasons I am
    assigning it to you: Find and inventory the base's missile arsenal,
    plant C4 charges at key locations, and eliminate Gabrek, the base CO.
    You will also have to disable the base's anti-aircraft radar dish
    before Lian can initiate EVAC. Once your explosives are set, you will
    only have a limited amount of time for pick up.
    * Cut Scene *
    Gabe and Lian are in Markinson's office, discussing the mission.
      Gabe - "I discovered why every mission in this investigation has
              been compromised. The Agency had a leak. . . At the top. . ."
      Markinson - "Benton, of course."
      Gabe - "You knew?!?"
      Markinson - "You are valuable to me Logan, but you are not briefed
                   on all of the Agency's activities. I've known for some
                   time that Benton has been playing both sides."
      Gabe - "How many missions did you send us on, knowing that Benton
              could have gotten us killed?"
      Markinson - "We do what it takes, Logan . . . All of us . . ."
    A monitor turns on, and they watch as Aramov is being interrogated.
      Markinson - "What else did you find out?"
      Lian - "We downloaded several data files from Phagan's computers.
              It'll take a while before Intelligence can crack Pharcom's
              encryption codes. Phagan must have a lab somewhere that's
              manufacturing this virus."
      Gabe - "Phagan has disappeared. Interpol hasn't been able to turn
              up a trace of him yet, and there's still no sign of Rhoemer."
      Markinson - "Rhoemer is operating out of an old Soviet base in
              northern Kazakhstan. Our spy satellites have pin-pointed the
              exact location of his compound. The State Department must be
              able to tell the Kazakhstan Government that the United States
              had nothing to do with the operation . . ."
              "Your chopper will put you down one mile outside the base,
              just beyond the range of their long-range radar. Hopefully
              the blizzard will mask your approach. You will have to
              infiltrate on foot and disable their short range anti-aircraft
              guidance radar before EVAC."
      Lian - "Those look like long-range SS-23's."
      Markinson - "Yes, they're the reason I'm sending you. Before you set
                   the timer, you need to find their missile stock piles,
                   and retrieve the launch codes. We want to find out where
                   he is getting them. You will be carrying several C4
                   charges, which you will plant on these fuel tanks. That
                   should be enough explosive to take out whatever arms he
                   is stockpiling."
    Markinson points to the monitor, and a profile appears.
      Markinson - "This is Vladoslav Gabrek, Rhoemer's Base Commander. He
                   is personally in charge of security."
      Lian - "Contingency plan?"
      Markinson - "If you fail, we'll have another chopper standing by,
                   two clicks south."
      Gabe - "If I find Rhoemer?"
      Markinson - "Eliminate him."
    A chopper flies through the blizzard and sets down outside of the base.
    A truck goes through the gate into the base, and Gabe rolls out from
      Gabe - "I'm on my way in . . ."
      Lian - "Radio traffic shows a yellow alert status. Be careful to
              avoid their patrol. If the base goes on alert, you won't
              have much time to complete your objectives."
      Gabe - "Check."
    * Walkthrough *
       - Plant C4 charges at five fuel tanks
       - Eliminate Gabrek and collect Cardkey
       - Reach Missile Bunker
       - Do not damage the explosive charges
    Weapons you start off with:
       - Silenced 9mm
       - Sniper Rifle
       - Taser
       - Flashlight
       - C4 Explosives
    This level's difficulty depends on you. If you are cautious, careful,
    and take your time, then this level will be easy. If you try to run
    through the level with guns blazing, then you are going to die. Sorry,
    but it's the truth. Rhoemer's base has an alarm system that goes off
    only if gunfire or explosions are heard. You are in enemy territory.
    Stealth is a necessity in this level. My advice is to just take
    your time. I tell you where all the guards are, and their patrol
    patterns below, so this level should be easy if you are quiet and
    you shoot to kill.
    For this entire level, it would be beneficial for you to use a silenced
    weapon, and to kill with one shot (AKA kill with head-shots). If you
    use a weapon that isn't silenced, then the alarm will go off, and an
    endless amount of guards will appear, just raring to kill you. This is
    bad. Very bad. First off, it's better to beat a level with 100% health
    and lots of ammo, instead of 0.000005% health and only one bullet left
    in the chamber (Even though the latter might be more entertaining).
    Second, it's a lot easier to beat a level at your own pace, then having
    to rush because you're running from a bunch of Russian guards.
    Another important thing is that head-shots are a must. Think about it.
    If you were a guard on a Russian base, and you got shot, would you just
    stand there and wonder how you got shot, or would you start to run and
    shoot? I'm hoping the latter, and that's what guards in this level do.
    If you shoot them in the stomach, they're going to shoot back, even if
    they don't see you. This in turn sets off the alarm, and as explained
    above, this isn't good. So to make it easier on Gabe, and yourself, and
    just use the Silenced 9mm and shoot to kill.
    The level starts off with you facing a building, and behind it is a
    truck. There are two guards very close to you, but do not approach
    them. One is behind the truck, and the other one is in between the
    truck and the building. Start off by equipping your Silenced 9mm and
    strafe to the right, until you are past the building and you're behind
    a set of fuel barrels. You'll see the first guard walking away from
    you, so quickly switch to your manual aim and kill 'em.
    Make sure to notice the fuel barrels in the beginning of the level.
    You'll see a lot of these throughout the game, and if you shoot at them
    repeatedly, they explode, causing anyone (including you) near them to
    die. These can be good and bad. These can be beneficial during a fire
    fight, but if you're anywhere close to the barrels, and the enemy shoots
    them, you're a goner.
    After you kill the guard walking away from you, turn to the right, and
    look up. You'll see a guard pacing back and forth on an upper walkway.
    Lock a head-shot on him, and then after he's dead, shoot out the search
    light that's on the walkway. Throughout the level you'll see lots of
    search lights, which you'll have to destroy. Before you shoot at any of
    them though, make sure to eliminate any guards nearby, or they'll get
    After you shoot out the search light, run in that direction, but don't
    go under the overpass where the search light and the dead guard were
    just yet. Instead, look back towards the truck and the first guard you
    shot, and you'll see the second guard. Kill him, and backtrack to pick
    up a PK-102, and some ammo. From there, go towards the front of the
    small building where you started off, and you'll see a small room with
    glass windows. Go inside and you'll see a set of lockers which contain
    one of the best weapons in the entire game: gas grenades. Pick those up
    and head back towards the search light you shot out. Once again, stop
    before you go past the overpass.
    Look to your upper right and you'll see a guard next to another search
    light. Take out the guard first and then the search light. After that
    is taken care of, look to your upper left, and you'll see another search
    light. Shoot it out, and proceed past the overpass.
    Going past the overpass triggers a guard to come walking from your far
    left. Switch to your manual-aim and position the cross-hair just in
    front of where he's about to walk. When he gets there, just shoot, and
    make sure it's at the head. After he's dead, proceed up the path you're
    on and you'll see the first fuel tank that you have to plant a C4
    charge on.
      Gabe - "I've found a fuel tank."
    Go up to it, and press the action button to plant your C4 charge.
      Gabe - "I've planted the first explosive."
    - CHECKPOINT #1 -
    Only 4 more explosives to plant. From the fuel tank, turn to the left
    and look to where the guard had come from. You'll see another guard
    pacing back and forth, but he won't be able to see you. Kill him and
    slowly approach the next area, but don't go past the overpass. Instead,
    hug the left wall, and switch to your manual aim. A guard will be
    coming down a ramp on your left, so just wait patiently for him to walk
    in front of your cross-hair, and then snipe 'em. After you kill him and
    go past the overpass, Lian will contact you.
      Lian - "Gabe, Intelligence briefings show that the bunker is guarded
              by motion sensors. You have to cut their power to get in."
      Gabe - "Where's the sub-station?"
      Lian - "A half click southeast from your present position. Check
              your SAT Map"
    Objective added. In the next area, hug the wall to the right, and peek
    out to the left. You'll see a guard pacing back and forth, at first
    walking away from you, and then walking towards you. Eliminate him,
    and before you go in that direction, go back and face the ramp that
    the previous guard had come down. Don't go up it, but turn to your
    right and you'll see an opening on the right side of the wall. Inside
    you'll see a switch, but you won't be able to open it without getting
    Gabrek's cardkey first.
      Gabe - "Lian, the gate to the bunker is locked down."
      Lian - "Intelligence reports that only Gabrek has the key into the
              missile bunkers. His patrol's could take him anywhere."
      Gabe - "I'll try the Comm. Building."
    Since you can't get into the bunker without disabling the motion sensors
    and getting Gabrek's keycard, head back towards the last guard that you
    killed. Make sure to pick up any PK-102 bullets that are lying on the
    ground, and proceed forward (Note: You should be going the opposite way
    from the ramp that the guard came down from).
    You'll find yourself going down a corridor, and you'll see a guard
    patrolling back and forth from one wall to the other. Cap 'em in the
    head, and keep going down the corridor. You'll see another guard doing
    the same patrol pattern as the first one, so take him out and keep
    going. Make sure to pick up the ammo that both of them drop.
    In the area past the corridor, you'll see a radar dish along with
    another fuel tank directly in front of you. To the right is the power
    station for the entire base. It's enclosed by fence, and there are two
    guards inside. Hide behind the stone structure by the gate opening to
    the power station, and wait for the patrolling guard to come by you.
    Kill him, and walk along side the outside of the fence, until you see
    the second guard, standing in an alcove guarding the power switch.
    He won't be able to see you, so take your time and lock a head-shot.
    After both of the guards inside of the power station are eliminated,
    go towards the fuel tank by the radar dish, and plant your second
    C4 charge.
    - CHECKPOINT #2 -
    Only three more explosives to plant. Yeah!! Okay, after you plant the
    C4, head over to the gate to the power station, and shoot off the lock.
    Go into the fenced in area, and make sure to pick up all of the ammo
    that the two guards dropped. Head over towards where the second guard
    was standing, and you'll see a red, flashing switch which turns off the
    motion sensor power. Go up to it and press the action button.
      Gabe - "I've found the power to the motion sensors. I'm heading over
              to the bunkers now."
    - CHECKPOINT #3 -
    Objective complete. After you turn off the power to the motion sensors,
    backtrack all the way back to where you killed the guard that was coming
    down the ramp. Once you get back to that area, proceed up the ramp and
    walk across the walkway where the first search light was shot out. Be
    sure to pick up the ammo on the ground. At the end of the walkway, come
    to a crouch, and you'll see three guards on the ground. Wait for the two
    walking guards to get out of the area, and while holding the crouch
    button, walk down the ramp.
    Halfway down the ramp, switch to your manual-aim and look for the third
    guard in the doorway. Lock a head-shot on him, and once he's dead, you
    can continue down the ramp, and towards the two ammo boxes near the
    truck. There you can find a Night-Vision Rifle, and some Gas Grenades.
    After you pick up them up, head over to the dead guard in the doorway
    and pick up his PK-102 bullets. Keep going straight and follow the path
    that the two guards went down. You'll see the two guards right next to
    each other, and you have to eliminate them. Now, you could do this the
    easy way, or the skillful way. If you got skills, then you'll try to
    kill both of them with head-shots, making sure that no shots are fired
    other than yours. The easier way to kill them is to use a gas grenade,
    and kill two birds with one stone. Which ever way you prefer, pick up
    their ammo after they're dead, and continue down the narrow path.
    In the next big open area, you'll see a truck, and there will be two
    guards patrolling the roof-tops. Kill both of the guards (either with
    your Night-Vision Sniper Rifle or your Silenced 9mm) and then shoot
    out the search light. Turn to the left, and you'll see a building with
    a path on both sides. Take the left path first, and you'll see the third
    fuel tank. Go up to the tank and plant your C4 charge.
    - CHECKPOINT #4 -
    Two more explosives to plant, and you're done. Okay, turn to your right
    and go down the path. You'll see a guard at the end of the path, right
    by a fence. Kill him and pick up his PK-102 bullets. Backtrack to the
    big open area and go down the left side of the second path. Halfway
    down the path, you'll see an opening. Switch to your manual-aim and
    peek out quickly. Lock a head-shot and shoot the guard hiding inside.
    Pick up his ammo, if you're not already maxed out, and then keep going
    down the path.
    When you get close to the end of the corridor, come to a walking crouch,
    and hide behind the fuel barrels in the next area. There are two guards
    on the other side of the fuel barrels, and as long as you stay crouched,
    they won't be able to see you. To kill them, just aim your cross-hair
    above the fuel barrels, and at their head. You should be able to lock
    a head-shot on both of them.
    Once they are dead, turn directly around and walk straight until you
    see a "hidden" area on your right. You'll see the third fuel tank
    surrounded by a bunch of fuel barrels. Walk around the fuel barrels
    towards the fuel tank and plant your C4 charge.
    - CHECKPOINT #5 -
    There's only one more fuel tank, and it's not that far away. After you
    plant the C4,  head back and pick up the two dead guards' ammo that
    they dropped. Then, continue into the new, unexplored area. You'll see
    a pathway on the left side of the area that you're in that will lead to
    the final fuel tank and someone on your hit list: Gabrek.
    Go down the path and you'll see the final fuel tank. Hug the right wall,
    and look past it. You'll see Gabrek along with two guards. You're going
    to want to take all three of them out before you plant the C4. To take
    them all out at the same time, equip your gas grenades, and run away
    from them (make sure that they don't see you). Press the auto-lock
    button (R1) and wait until they round the corner by the fuel tank.
    Toss the gas grenade just before they come into view, and the grenade
    will land right when they come around the corner.
    Once they're all dead, pick up the Flak Jacket, cardkey, and ammo
    for the PK-102 and  the 9mm. Objective complete.
    - CHECKPOINT #6 -
    After you pick up all the items, head over to the last fuel tank and
    plant your C4 charge. Objective complete.
      Gabe - "That's the last explosive. I'll trigger the timer once
              I'm on the roof and it will disable their radar."
      Lian - "Copy.
    - CHECKPOINT #7 -
    Facing the fuel tank, do a 180 and walk over to where Gabrek came from.
    Go to the left and follow the path. There's a guard hiding in an alcove
    on the left up ahead. Just lock a head-shot on him with your 9mm,
    and kill 'em. Pick up his ammo and continue the way that you were
    headed. In the next area you'll see a flashing red switch.
    Go up to the switch and press the action button, and the gate next to
    you will swing open. Go through it and to the left. The area that you're
    in right now should look familiar. You're heading towards the bunkers,
    and that switch that didn't open before because you didn't have the
    keycard. When you get to the intersection, go right and go over to the
    switch in the opening on the right side of the wall. Now that you have
    Gabrek's cardkey, you can open the gate to the bunkers. Use the cardkey
    and the gate will open.
    You're in the bunkers. This is the final part of the level, and this is
    where you need to exercise extreme caution. You'll see a bunch of boxes
    and fuel barrels, and a truck to your left, along with two guards: one
    behind the truck, and the other one near the back of the truck. Don't
    even bother to kill these two guards, because it would just be a waste
    of bullets and you might accidentally trip the alarm if you miss.
    Instead of killing them, sneak past them by hugging the left wall. Go
    behind the fuel barrels and make your way towards the front of the
    truck. Keep hugging the wall, and you'll see the other guard that was
    behind the truck. Don't kill him, just keep against the wall and keep
    Look into the next area, and you'll see a guard walking up a rampway
    and he'll start to come towards you. Hide behind the wall to the left
    of the opening, and wait for the guard to walk by you. When he does,
    make sure to shoot to kill with one shot. Once he's dead, proceed into
    the area that he came from, but not before shooting out the search
    light on the overpass above you. After you shoot out the light, go
    down the ramp that the guard had come up. Go halfway down, and you'll
    see a guard pacing back and forth on the lower level. Come to a crouch
    and cap 'em in the head. Continue down the rampway and pick up the dead
    guards ammo. Look down the corridor and you'll see a couple of guards
    by each other. Use a gas grenade, and once the gas settles, pick up
    their ammo, and run up the ramp to your left, ending the mission.
    B a s e  B u n k e r
    The walkthrough for this level will be in the next version.
    B a s e  B u n k e r  E s c a p e
    The walkthrough for this level is not finished yet.
    R h o e m e r ' s  S t r o n g h o l d
    The walkthrough for this level is not finished yet.
    S t r o n g h o l d  L o w e r  L e v e l
    The walkthrough for this level is not finished yet.
    S t r o n g h o l d  C a t a c o m b s
    The walkthrough for this level is not finished yet.
    P h a r c o m  W a r e h o u s e s
    The walkthrough for this level is not finished yet.
    P h a r c o m  E l i t e  G u a r d s
    The walkthrough for this level is not finished yet.
    W a r e h o u s e  7 6
    The walkthrough for this level is not finished yet.
    S i l o  A c c e s s  T u n n e l s
    The walkthrough for this level is not finished yet.
    T u n n e l  B l a c k o u t
    The walkthrough for this level is not finished yet.
    M i s s i l e  S i l o
    The walkthrough for this level is not finished yet.
               R E G U L A R  C O D E S
    For all of these codes, you're going to have to press and HOLD the
    buttons in order! For some of us who just can't physically stretch
    and hold our fingers for long periods of time, ask a fellow house
    member/friend to hold down a couple of buttons for you. For the daring,
    try to input the codes with your eyes closed and in your normal gaming
    position (that means the regular "stance" that your hands are in when
    you're holding a controller). Try it, it's actually quite difficult.
    On to the codes . . .
    All Weapons and Ammo for Mission
    Pause the game and highlight the Weapons menu.
    Press and hold R2, L2, Right, X, Square, and Circle.
    This gives Gabe all the weapons that are in the level, plus he'll
    receive INFINITE ammo for all your weapons. Pretty cool, huh?
    Level Select
    Pause the game and go to the Options menu, then highlight Select
    Mission. Press and hold L1, R1, Select, Left, Square, and X.
    This allows Gabe access to ALL of the levels in Syphon Filter. Just
    go into Select Mission and pick your destination.
    One Shot Kills
    Pause the game and go to the Weapons menu. Highlight the Silenced 9mm.
    Press and hold Left, R2, Select, L1, Square, and X.
    You will hear Gabe say "Understood" if this code is done correctly.
    With this code Gabe only needs to hit an enemy once, anywhere on the
    body, for them to instantly die.
    Enemies Take Only Half Damage to Kill
    Pause the game and highlight the Map menu.
    Press and hold Right, R1, L2, and X.
    You will hear a laugh if this code is done correctly.
    This code makes it easier to kill enemies because it only
    takes half as much to kill them now.
    Hard Difficulty
    At the Title Screen highlight New Game.
    Press and hold Left, L1, R2, Select, Square, Circle, and X.
    You will hear Gabe shout "Dammit" if this code is done correctly.
    If you've beaten Syphon Filter already, why don't you try it on
    hard level? C'mon . . . Chicken!!
    Watch All Movies
    In the first level, after you jump out of the window in the saloon,
    go to the left and over the box into the big area where there's a bunch
    of flaming cars and a movie theater. Go up to the doors of the movie
    Pause the game and highlight the Map menu.
    Press and hold L2, R1, X, and Right.
    You will hear Gabe say "Got it." if this code is done correctly.
    Exit the menu and unpause the game. The door to the movie theater is
    now open for your viewing enjoyment. Go in and follow the red carpet
    until you see the concession area and two red curtains. Since you can't
    "stop off for any popcorn or Jujy Fruits", head through the curtains.
    Sit back and relax, and ENJOY THE SHOW!
    You'll get to watch all of the FMV in the game. If you want to skip a
    scene, just hit X and it will skip to the next one. Enjoy!
               G A M E S H A R K  C O D E S
    B a s i c  C o d e s
    1) All Levels Open
    2) Infinite Ammo at Weapon Pick-up
    3) Infinite Armor Everyone
         80068BEE 2400
    4) Infinite Timer All Levels
         80116690 FFFF
    5) Immune To Most Explosions/Fire
         80069FB0 FFFF
         80069FB2 2401
         80069FD0 0008
         80069FD2 1029
    6) Immune To Most Bullets
         80068974 0000
         80068976 2401
         80068B94 0016
         80068B96 1420
    P a t c h  C o d e s
    7) Mostly Weapons Only! Modifiers
        80115FB8 0001
        80115FBC ????
        80115FBE 0020
    8) Mostly Items Only! Modifiers
        80115FB8 0001
        80115FBC 6002
        80115FBE 0???
    9) Mostly Weapons & 13th Item Modifier
        80115FB8 00??
        80115FBC 6FFF
        80115FBE 0020
    10) Quantity Digits to Accompany Mostly Weapons
         and 13th Item Modifier Code
    04 - .45
    05 - G-18
    06 - Combat Shotgun
    07 - Shotgun
    08 - PK-102
    09 - M-16
    0A - BIZ-2
    0B - HK-5
    0C - NightVision Rifle
    10 - M-79
    11 - K3G4
    12 - Viral Scanner
    13 - Grenade
    14 - Gas Grenade
    17 - Card Key
    18 - C4 Explosives
    19 - Antigen
    11) Quantity Digits to Accompany Mostly Weapons
         Only! Modifier Code
    607F - .45
            Combat Shotgun
    60FF - .45
            Combat Shotgun
    61FF - .45
            Combat Shotgun
    63FF - .45
            Combat Shotgun
    67FF - .45
            Combat Shotgun
    6FFF - .45
            Combat Shotgun
    7FFF - .45
            Combat Shotgun
            NightVision Rifle
    12) Quantity Digits to Accompany Mostly Items
         Only! Modifier Code
    05  - Viral Scanner
    08  - Viral Scanner
    0F  - Viral Scanner
    1F  - Viral Scanner
            Gas Grenade
    3F  - Viral Scanner
            Gas Grenade
    BF  - Viral Scanner
            Gas Grenade
    1BF - Viral Scanner
            Gas Grenade
            C4 Explosives
    3BF - Viral Scanner
            Gas Grenade
            C4 Explosives
      Weapon Codes
    | 13 |  Maxed Ammo Reload Silenced 9mm        |     8012F0B4 03E7     |
    | 14 |  Infinite Ammo Silenced 9mm             |     8012F0B6 0063    |
    | 15 |  Maxed Ammo Reload .45                  |     8012F0C0 03E7    |
    | 16 |  Infinite Ammo .45                      |     8012F0C2 0063    |
    | 17 |  Maxed Ammo Reload G-18                 |     8012F0C4 03E7    |
    | 18 |  Infinite Ammo G-18                     |     8012F0C6 0063    |
    | 19 |  Maxed Ammo Reload Combat Shotgun       |     8012F0C8 03E7    |
    | 20 |  Infinite Ammo Combat Shotgun           |     8012F0CA 0063    |
    | 21 |  Maxed Ammo Reload Shotgun              |     8012F0CC 03E7    |
    | 22 |  Infinite Ammo Shotgun                  |     8012F0CE 0063    |
    | 23 |  Maxed Ammo Reload PK-102               |     8012F0D0 03E7    |
    | 24 |  Infinite Ammo PK-102                   |     8012F0D2 0063    |
    | 25 |  Maxed Ammo Reload M-16                 |     8012F0D4 03E7    |
    | 26 |  Infinite Ammo M-16                     |     8012F0D6 0063    |
    | 27 |  Maxed Ammo Reload BIZ-2                |     8012F0D8 03E7    |
    | 28 |  Infinite Ammo BIZ-2                    |     8012F0DA 0063    |
    | 29 |  Maxed Ammo Reload HK-5                 |     8012F0DC 03E7    |
    | 30 |  Infinite Ammo HK-5                     |     8012F0DE 0063    |
    | 31 |  Maxed Ammo Reload NightVision Rifle    |     8012F0E0 03E7    |
    | 32 |  Infinite Ammo NightVision Rifle        |     8012F0E2 0063    |
    | 33 |  Maxed Ammo Reload Sniper Rifle         |     8012F0E4 03E7    |
    | 34 |  Infinite Ammo Sniper Rifle             |     8012F0E6 0063    |
    | 35 |  Maxed Ammo Reload M-79                 |     8012F0F0 03E7    |
    | 36 |  Infinite Ammo M-79                     |     8012F0F2 0063    |
    | 37 |  Maxed Ammo Reload K3G4                 |     8012F0F4 03E7    |
    | 38 |  Infinite Ammo K3G4                     |     8012F0F6 0063    |
    | 39 |  Maxed Ammo Reload Grenade              |     8012F0FC 03E7    |
    | 40 |  Infinite Ammo Grenade                  |     8012F0FE 0063    |
    | 41 |  Maxed Ammo Reload Gas Grenade          |     8012F100 03E7    |
    | 42 |  Infinite Ammo Gas Grenade              |     8012F102 0063    |
    L e v e l  C o d e s
         Georgia Street
       43)  Infinite Armor         801A8BDA 0258
       44)  Infinite Health        801A8BDC 0096
         Destroyed Subway
       45)  Infinite Armor         801A2EE2 0258
       46)  Infinite Health        801A2EE4 0096
         Main Subway Line
       47)  Infinite Armor         801C6CCA 0258
       48) Infinite Health        801C6CCC 0096
         Washington Park
       49) Infinite Armor         801AA442 0258
       50) Infinite Health        801AA444 0096
         Freedom Memorial
       51) Infinite Armor         801C0496 0258
       52) Infinite Health        801C0498 0096
         Expo Center Reception
       53) Infinite Armor         801AC26E 0258
       54) Infinite Health        801AC270 0096
         Expo Center Dinorama
       55) Infinite Armor         801A9ABA 0258
       56) Infinite Health        801A9ABC 0096
         Rhoemer's Base
       57) Infinite Armor         801A9292 0258
       58) Infinite Health        801A9294 0096
         Base Bunker
       59) Infinite Armor         801B381E 0258
       60) Infinite Health        801B3820 0096
         Base Tower
       61) Infinite Armor         801C5A5A 0258
       62) Infinite Health        801C5A5C 0096
         Base Escape
       63) Infinite Armor         801AE44E 0258
       64) Infinite Health        801AE450 0096
         Rhoemer's Stronghold
       65) Infinite Armor         801AD592 0258
       66) Infinite Health        801AD594 0096
         Stronghold Lower Level
       67) Infinite Armor         801AB066 0258
       68) Infinite Health        801AB068 0096
         Stronghold Catacombs
       69) Infinite Armor         801ACE96 0258
       70) Infinite Health        801ACE98 0096
         PHARCOM Warehouses
       71) Infinite Armor         801AACF2 0258
       72) Infinite Health        801AACF4 0096
         PHARCOM Elite Guards
       73) Infinite Armor         801A4566 0258
       74) Infinite Health        801A4568 0096
         Warehouse 76
       75) Infinite Armor         801B725E 0258
       76) Infinite Health        801B7260 0096
         Silo Access Tunnels
       77) Infinite Armor         801A2092 0258
       78) Infinite Health        801A2094 0096
         Tunnel Blackout
       79) Infinite Armor         801B0A62 0258
       80) Infinite Health        801B0A64 0096
         Missile Silo
       81) Infinite Armor         801AD5D2 0258
       82) Infinite Health        801AD5D4 0096
       83) Stop Countdown Timer   80116BAC 008A
               L I N K S
    The Vault (my home page)
      - http://whitefox16.tripod.com/videogames/home.html
      - http://www.gamefaqs.com
    989 Studios
      - http://www.989studios.com
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      - http://www.playstation.com
    The Gameshark Code Creators Club
      - http://www.cmgsccc.com
    Gameshark (home page)
      - http://www.gameshark.com
               S P E C I A L  T H A N K S
    Lots Of Thanks To:
    - All of the countless number of e-mails giving me new information
      and a reason for making these FAQs.
    - All the developers that are stepping into espionage/counter-terrorism
      gaming idea. I applaud you.
    - 989 Studios and Eidetic for producing Syphon Filter.
    - My bOy eD. eD, gRaCiAs for helping me with a couple of those
      walkthroughs and all that other shi`z-nik' you did.
    - My dad, for buying me that $300 Playstation the day that it came out
      in the U.S. Thanks Dad!
    - GameShark and GameShark Code Creator's Club, for keeping those
      codes coming!
    - Whoever on the Eidetic team thought of the idea of head shots. Thank
      you, you are a genius and you deserve a raise.
    - 989 Studios' Syphon Filter Web page and the Syphon Filter manual for
      helping me out with the Character Bio's, Weapons section, Controls
      section, and a little bit of the Story section.
    - The people that didn't give up hope and kept insisting that I finish
      this FAQ. I'm doing this for you!
    If I forgot you, and you're supposed to be on this list, then e-mail me!
               A U T H O R ' S  N O T E
    Well this is the end. I hope that I covered what you needed to know
    in this FAQ/Walkthrough. If not, e-mail me at tony_profeta@hotmail.com,
    and tell me what I missed or what I need to add to make this better.
    Notice any grammatical errors or typo's? E-mail me about those too!
    That about wraps it up. Thanks for reading!
    Other work I have done:
      - Ready 2 Rumble FAQ/Move List
      - Syphon Filter FAQ/Walkthrough
      - Syphon Filter Review
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      - Xenogears Review

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