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    Information Guide by Mastermind

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    This is a total information guide to Syphon Filter by 989 Studios.
    This FAQ assumes you have read the manual in detail and, therefore, none
    of that information will be printed here.
    Legal information is at the end.
    This FAQ last revised 5/23/99.
    5/23/99-just added some information at the end
    This is an excellent action game.  It has a descent storyline and lots
    of twists.  The only thing I think it should have is a rank system.  The
    human graphic detail also leaves a lot to be desired.  The game's best
    feature is its realism; everything operates as in real life:  someone
    without armor can only sustain one or two gunshot wounds to the body; a
    shot to the head kills; there are no super weapons, they wouldn't have a
    purpose anyway; the radar can only detect enemies you have seen (no
    sixth sense); and a person will not survive an explosion, no matter how
    much armor they have (except for Rhoemer who has a special polymer
    _9mm_regular pistol that is best for stealth missions since it is
    _.45_strong handgun that is good in gunfights against unarmored guards.
    _M-16_normal assault rifle.  Found only in early levels.  Descent.  
    _Pk-102_identical to the M-16.  Appears all the time after Rhoemer's
    _Hk-5_pistol-machine gun.  Stronger than the M-16/Pk-102.  You only get
    it in the two Expo missions, and it is useful.
    _Biz-2_same as Hk-5, but holds much more ammo.  Only in the warehouse
    levels and should be used often.
    _G-18_pistol-machine gun that shoots faster than all other weapons. 
    Watch your ammo.
    _K3G4_assault rifle with teflon rounds (goes through flak jackets). 
    Best gun asides from M-79.
    _Sniper Rifle_silenced and tells you what part of the target you are
    aiming at.
    _Nightvision Rifle_silenced sniper rifle with infrared function. 
    Doesn't tell what part of body is targeted.  Can't see anything but
    _Shotgun_stronger than a pistol or a machine-gun, but weak from
    _Combat Shotgun_even stronger, should kill closer enemies in two or
    three shots if they're armored.
    _Taser_very cool, but useless against armored enemies (except in the
    head or limbs).  Hold the probe until smoke comes out.  Best with R1
    _Grenade_kills anything, but guards will run from it.  Not very useful.
    _Gas Grenade_kills as well as regular grenade, but explodes quicker and
    is silent.  Excellent weapon.
    _M-79_your best weapon:  shoots a grenade that explodes on impact, kills
    _Flashlight_guards can notice the extra light.  Dark areas sometimes
    hide item boxes.
    _Cardkeys_dropped usually by armored guards or scientists.
    _Flak Jacket_shoot armored guards in the head and you can retrieve their
    jackets.  Ones in boxes are fuller, though.
    _C4_DO NOT shoot at the explosives for obvious reasons.  When detonated,
    cause huge explosion.
    _Antigen_experimental syphon filter vaccine.  Only used in Rhoemer's
    _Viral Scanner_asides from detecting the syphon filter virus, it can
    look through some walls and detect guards.
    _Gabe Logan_James Bond-type agent that is sent to do a mission that
    should be assigned to a team.
    _ Lian Xing_your intelligence and communications operative who tells you
    everything you can and can't do.
    _Edward Benton_deputy director of agency who seems suspicious.
    _Thomas Markinson_director of agency who is basically your top boss.
    _Kravitch_Rhoemer's communications expert.
    _Jorge Marcos_Rhoemer's trigger man who also carries his communications
    _Gabrek_Rhoemer's man who runs the base.
    _Richard Erikson_Phagan's man who runs the warehouse district.
    _Jonathan Phagan_president of Pharcom who was funding and working with
    _Anton Girdeaux_machine/weapons expert.  One of Rhoemer's elite
    mercenaries.  He leads the park operation.
    _Mara Aramov_assasin working for Rhoemer.  Kills mercilessly, but never
    seems to die.
    _Erich Rhoemer_top enemy in the game.  Connected all over the world with
    politicians and other terrorists.
    1)there is an M-79 in the first level in the ally that leads to the
    subway terminal's power.  Look up.
    2)the most important skill in the game is your speed at executing head
    shots:  if you're quick, you'll get more flak jackets and take little
    3)the taser is my weapon of choice for the early levels because the guys
    don't usually have flak jackets and they're not quick to shoot you.  Has
    no distance limit.
    4)to kill Girdeaux, shoot at his backpack six or seven times.
    5)to shoot down the helicopter efficiently, run under it using R1
    targeting and shoot it as long as you have some green on the meter. 
    Always moving, continue until it seems like it's been shot down (smoke
    will emit).  When it rises again, strafe with a shotgun or machine gun
    along the fence directly in front of it using R1 targeting and shooting
    whenever you have some green on the meter.  It can't hit you when you do
    this, usually.  The Pk-102 is best here.
    6)when Aramov is holding Phagan in the museum, you have to taser her, or
    one of them will die.
    7)pistol-machine guns are better than the rifles, in general, because
    when using R1 targeting you can't turn fully around with a rifle and
    still target the enemy.
    8)default aiming is almost never the best thing to do.  You will most
    likely waste ammo because of bad accuracy.
    9)to kill Rhoemer you have to use a gas grenade, they're on the right
    hand opening in the wall in the mainframe computer room.
    10)always read your briefings, objectives, and parameters in full
    detail.  The briefings usually provide you with some extra hints.
    11)the enemies get smarter the further you progress.  This means they're
    more aware, they lock in on you quickly, and in the last five levels,
    they all have flak jackets.
    12)weapons found in boxes max out the ammo for that weapon.
    14)for infinite of all weapons in a specified level, pause and highlight
    the "weapons" menu.  Press ->, R2, L2, square, 
    circle, X, and select all at once.  
    15)if you put in this code, one shot from any weapons will kill any
    enemy despite flak jackets.  However, the chopper takes a few more
    shots, Girdeaux has to be hit in the backpack, and Rhoemer is still
    invincible:  highlight "9mm" in the weapons menu and press, all at once,
    <--, L1, R2, square, X, and select.  Gabe will say "Understood" if
    executed correctly.  
    16)if you walk right up in front of the movie theater door in Georgia
    Street and put in this code, a secret movie theater will open where you
    can view the cut scenes from the game in a continuous movie style.  The
    scenes at the end of the game and the last levels are omitted. 
    Highlight "Maps" in the pause menu and press, all at once, -->, L2, R1,
    X, and select.  
    17)if you want to play a more difficult version of the game, highlight
    "New Game" on the title screen and press, all at once, <--, L1, R2, X,
    square, and select.  The difference is the enemies target and shoot you
    MUCH faster, so the realism is greatly enhanced.  If executed correctly,
    Gabe will say "Dammit".  
    18)if you highlight "Maps" on the pause menu and press, all at once,
    -->, L2, R1, and X, the enemies supposedly are easier.  I don't know
    what this means, but if executed correctly, you'll hear a laugh, so it
    does something.  
    19)in the Base Bunker level, there is a door at the very end that
    doesn't open.  Most FAQ's will tell you it is unopenable.  This is not
    so, there is a computer in a room next to the door in plain sight. 
    Activate the computer and a hidden weapons room opens with max
    ammunition for almost every weapon!.  Careful, it's guarded.
    Some people say Syphon Filter is a rip-off of Metal Gear Solid.  This is
    not true.  Most importantly, Syphon Filter was in developement before
    Metal Gear was released.  I received a demo disk containing it in the
    mail just days after Metal Gear was released.  Not only that, but this
    game is different from Metal Gear.  It has more guns and targeting modes
    (Metal Gear has one) and the realism is absent in Metal Gear (e.g., dead
    guys come back when you reenter a level and people can sustain numerous
    bullet wounds).  Metal Gear's triumph over Syphon Filter, however, is
    its storyline.  Even though Syphon Filter has cinematic sequences and
    character background, Metal Gear has the most in-depth plot and
    interesting story details in any game I've ever played (I have not
    played all games).  Syphon Filter is also MUCH harder than Metal Gear. 
    The stealth missions can take some time to complete.  Metal Gear is easy
    even on hard, especially after you beat it once and know all the tricks;
    Syphon Filter is still difficult after you know what to do.  All in all,
    Syphon Filter provides totally realistic gameplay while Metal Gear
    provides an interesting and intricate plot.  I'd have written an
    information guide to Metal Gear if there hadn't already been one.  
    This FAQ is Copyright 1999 by Mastermind.  Distribution and/or copying
    of this FAQ is only legal if full credit is given to my sources and me.  
    I give credit to GameSages (http://sages.ign.com) for the first-level
    M-79 trick and all the cheat codes.  The true founders of these tricks
    are listed in GameSages.
    Check out my Information Guide to Resident Evil 2, my FAQ for Legend of
    Legaia, and a *Fighting Tactics* guide that I have out for Silent Hill,
    all are at gamefaqs.com.  If you have any questions, email me at:
    by Mastermind

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