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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Gabe_Logan2

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    Complete walkthrough for
    Syphon Filter
    This document is a complete walkthrough for the game Syphon Filter. If you are
    not interested in everything being revealed to you, do not keep on reading.
    Also keep in mind that this text may contain several spoilers. I suggest that
    you use this walkthrough only when you meet some challenges that you can not 
    manage to overcome yourself. My purpose is not to take you by the hand to the
    end of the game, but rather to help on specific occasions. That is why I 
    strongly advise against reading to and fro this document before you have 
    completed the game at least once.
    v0.05 General layouts (08/21/2008)
    v0.15 Sections A, B, C, D, E, G added (09/13/2008)
    v0.20 Section H started, level 1 added (10/06/2008)
    v0.30 Levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 added (10/12/2008)
    v0.35 Levels 6 and 7 added (10/13/2008)
    v0.40 Level 8 added (10/17/2008)
    v0.45 Levels 9, 10, 11 and 12 added (10/18/2008)
    v0.50 Level 14 added (11/08/2008)
    v0.55 Levels 15 and 16 added (11/9/2008)
    v0.70 Levels 17 and 18 added (01/04/2009)
    v1.00 Levels 18 and 20 added, sections I, J, K, L and M completed (01/04/2009)
    To speed up navigation, use the find function of your browser (Ctrl+F) and 
    copy/paste the letters with the square brackets.
    A. Introduction to the game             <INT>
    B. Starting the game                    <STA>
    C. Gameplay                             <GAM>
    D. In-game screen                       <IGS>
    E. Pause menu                           <PAU>
    G. Equipment                            <EQU>
      a. Description                        <DES>
      b. Location                           <LOC>
    H. Walkthrough
      I. Georgia Street                     <L01>
      II. Destroyed Subway                  <L02>
      III. Main Subway Line                 <L03>
      IV. Washington Park                   <L04>
      V. Freedom Memorial                   <L05>
      VI. Expo Center Reception             <L06>
      VII. Expo Center Dinorama             <L07>
      VIII. Rhoemer's Base                  <L08>
      IX. Base Bunker                       <L09>
      X. Base Tower                         <L10>
      XI. Base Escape                       <L11>
      XII. Rhoemer's Stronghold             <L12>
      XIII. Stronghold Lower Level          <L13>
      XIV. Stronghold Catacombs             <L14>
      XV. Pharcom Warehouses                <L15>
      XVI. Parcom Elite Guards              <L16>
      XVII. Warehouse 76                    <L17>
      XVIII. Silo Access Tunnel             <L18>
      XIX. Tunnel Blackout                  <L19>
      XX. Missile Silo                      <L20>
    I. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)     <FAQ>
    J. Cheats                               <CHE>
    K. Miscellenaous                        <MIS>
    L. Conclusion                           <CON>
    M. Credits & thanks                     <CRE>
    A. Introduction to the game     <INT>
    In this game, you play as special agent Gabriel Logan, member of the very 
    secret Agency. On the trail of Erich Rhoemer, he and his partner Lian Zing are
    brought to Costa Rica, on the site of plantation facilities meant for the 
    production of a virus nammed Syphon Filter.
    After a gunshot sound has drawn their attention, Gabe and Xing discover the 
    body of their teammate Ellis, terminated. Meanwhile, all the installations have
    been burned to the ground, leaving no evidences at all. 
    Not to long after that, a first bacterial attack is located in Nepal. Every
    form of life seem to have been killed within miles around, but for one man who
    survived miraculously. One among thousands...
    B. Starting the game    <STA>
    From the main menu, three options are available: NEW GAME, LOAD GAME and 
    TRAINING VIDEO. Note that you must have a Memory Card containing a Syphon 
    Filter savegame in order to see the Load Game appear. The Training video lets
    you look at a short video introducing you to the main gameplay.
    C. Gameplay     <GAM>
    I'm sure some of you will find the gameplay to be a bit wide and clumsy. It may
    take you a while before you are at ease with it. Take your time to familiarize
    with the sensibility of the mouvements, which might not respond as directly as
    you are used to (if you're running full, don't expect to be able to make a 
    straigh 90° turn, for instance).
    So here is the list of standard gameplay (NOTE: these controls will be as 
    described unless you have altered them. See section D for further details).
    Up arrow............................Move forward.
    Left arrow..........................Turn left. If you're standing still, the
                                        character will simply revolve on himself.
                                        If you are walking/running, the turn will 
                                        be made progressively.
    Right arrow.........................Same as above, but on the right.
    Down arrow (hold)...................Move backward.
               (tap)....................Do a 180° turn.
    NOTE: The joystick will do the same as the D-Pad (e.i. arrows). 
    X (hold)............................Crouch. This enables other actions:
                                        1° While crouching, moving around will be 
                                        2° Use the automatic aiming mode (see 
                                           below) to increase your accuracy.
                                        3° You can take cover behind low obstacles.
                                        4° When you come close to an edge, you can
                                           lower yourself down, preventing 
                                           accidental falls.
    Circle..............................Roll. This is really useful to dodge enemy
                                        shots while retreating.
    Triangle............................This is your interaction button. You can:
                                        1° activate control pannels and switches;
                                        2° access the content of weapon or flak 
                                           jacket boxes;
                                           NOTE: When interaction is possible, you
                                                 will get a tag saying so on the
                                        3° reload your weapon; 
                                           NOTE: When your weapon clip is empty,
                                                 Gabe will reload automatically the
                                                 next time you press the fire 
                                        4° climb on obstacles;
                                        5° use objects in your inventory;
                                        6° receive radio communications.
    Carré...............................Fire your weapon (see section G for further
                                        details on how to use your weapons).
    R1 (hold)...........................Manual aiming mode.
    L1 (hold)...........................Automatic aiming mode. A gauge will appear
                                        in the upper left corner of your screen 
                                        showing how good are your chances of 
                                        hitting your target (see section D for 
                                        further details).
    R2..................................Move sideway on your right. While in manual
                                        aiming mode, allows you to take a step on
                                        your right.
    L2..................................Same as above, only on your left instead.
    Start...............................Pause the game and access menus (see 
                                        section E for more details).
    Select (tap)........................Switch to the next weapon in your 
           (hold).......................Show your inventory on top of your 
                                        screen. Use the R2 and L2 buttons to cycle
                                        through weapons and items. 
                                        (NOTE: While doing so, you won't be able
                                               to move sideway with R2 and L2, but 
                                               you can still move around witht the
                                               D-Pad and joystick).
    D. In-game screen     <IGS>
    The screen layouts are simple and efficient, so you shouldn't have any problems
    understanding them.
    Gabe is always at the center of the screen and the camera is said to be active
    (meaning that it fallows the character like it would be fixed to his back).
    In the upper left corner are your different gauges. The first one is your 
    ARMOR/HEALTH gauge and is always visible. You loose armor points until it is 
    ruined and the gauge will then show your remaining health. Once this one too
    reaches 0, well... Keep in mind that collecting flak jackets will restore your
    armor, totally or partially, but never your health. The second one is your
    DANGER meter and this one will appear if you get in the fire line of an enemy.
    When it reaches its max, it means that the enemies can hit you. It will also
    blink at that time. The last meter is called TARGET and it will show how good 
    are your chances of hitting the enemy you are aiming at. It will appear only
    when you are using the auto aiming mode. The more the gauge is filled, the
    better your aiming is. If there are no enemies in sight, the target meter won't
    show at all.
    The RADAR is located in the lower right corner of your screen. It will indicate
    the location of your enemies in relation to your character which stands in the
    its center. The green dots are your enemies and they too will blink when they
    have you in their line of fire (meaning that your DANGER meter is full). The 
    blue dots are your allies (for instance, CBDC agents) or any other collateral
    Finally, in the lower left corner is your equipment information. A picture 
    shows what weapon you are equiped with, and underneath are your ammunition 
    count (number of bullets in the current clip/total number of bullets).
    E. Pause menu      <PAU>
    This menu will be brought to your screen when you hit the Start button in the
    middle of a mission. Here is an overview of the options available then.
    MAP: Press the X button to show the current level layouts. You can then see the
         location of some objectives too.
    OBJECTIVES: See your objective list.
    PARAMTERS: See your parameter list.
    BRIEFING: Allows you to read the briefing for the current mission (same one 
              that you saw when the mission was loading).
    WEAPONS: Press X to see the list of all weapons you are carrying. You can also
             see a description for each item and switch weapons.
    OPTIONS: List of miscellaneous options.
      Restart mission: Need more explanation?
      Restart mission at last checkpoint: Very useful from time to time.
      Select mission: A list of missions you've alread completed available for 
      Quit game: ...
      Game settings: Customize options like sound fx, music and voice sound level,
                     as well as controls config.
    F. Characters    <CHA>
    Coming soon...
    G. Equipment     <EQU>
    You start each mission (each mission being made of a few levels, the nuance is
    important here) with a 9mm silenced handgun, a taser and a flashlight. From 
    there you can collect additionnal weapons found throughout the levels on dead
    enemies or inside boxes.
    a. Using your weapons    <DES>
    To use any weapons or object (except keycards), equip it and press Square. 
    However there are a few types of weapon that are handled differently. 
    - Sniper rifles
      When you go to the manual aiming mode with a sniper rifle, you will look 
      through its scope. Press circle to zoom in and triangle to zoom out. (NOTE:
      to reload your weapon, you must exit the manual aiming mode or wait for the
      current clip to empty itself).
    - Grenades
      To throw a grenade, press and hold Square. The longer you hold it down, the
      longer the throw will be. Release Square to throw. 
    b. Description
    Each weapons described below are evaluated on two criteria with a note from 1 
    to 5 (5 being the best), e.i. fire rate and damage. These statistics are taken
    from the game booklet, but the analysis below each one is from me, and so is 
    the overall note given on 5 stars.
    Silenced 9mm Handgun
    Fire rate     |||
    Damage        ||
    Clip size     15
    Max rounds    90
    This small handgun is most useful for stealth mission. It can kill an enemy 
    with a few shots, but this lack of power it made up for by its rather rapid
    fire rate, better than most handguns.
    Overall rating: **
    .45 Handgun
    Fire rate     ||
    Damage        |||
    Clip size     10
    Max rounds    60
    This powerful handgun can pack a punch. One direct hit is normally enough to
    take care of an enemy without a flak jacket.
    Overall rating: ***
    M-16 Assault Rifle
    Fire rate     |||||
    Damage        ||
    Clip size     30
    Max rounds    180
    Fast and efficient, this assault rifle is one of your best bet for the first
    levels. Its range is however limited by that fact that Gabe handles it with two
    hands, allowing only a 180° area.
    Overall rating: ***
    PK-102 Assault Rifle
    Fire rate     |||||
    Damage        ||
    Clip size     30
    Max rounds    180
    Identical to the M-16, it is a good weapon to use against multiple enemies, 
    especially in the first half of the game.
    Overall rating: ***
    HK-5 Pistol-Machine Gun
    Fire rate     ||||
    Damage        |||
    Clip size     32
    Max rounds    192
    One of my personnal favourites, it combines firepower with rapid fire rate. 
    It also has a 360° range because Gabe handles it one-handed. However, bullets
    may prove to be tough to find and it is easy to run out.
    Overall rating: ****
    Fire rate     ||
    Damage        ||||
    Clip size     n/a
    Max rounds     25
    The classic shotgun! Always useful, it one-shot kills any normal enemy. This is
    a safe bet when going against multiple enemies. It has limited ammo but it is
    easy to find enemies with the same weapon.
    Overall rating: ****
    Combat Shotgun
    Fire rate     ||
    Damage        ||||
    Clip size     n/a
    Max rounds    30
    As efficient as the normal shotgun, you can hold five additional rounds.
    Overall rating: ****
    BIZ-2 Pistol-Machine Gun
    Fire rate     ||||
    Damage        |||
    Clip size     66
    Max rounds    396
    You will find this weapon only in the later half of the game. It has the same
    advantages than the HK-5, but it makes up for the ammo problem.
    Overall rating: *****
    G-18 Pistol-Machine Gun
    Fire rate     |||||
    Damage        ||
    Clip size     33
    Max rounds    198
    This is the weapon with the best fire rate of the whole game. In fact, it 
    shoots so fast that is is easy to run out of ammo without noticing. Very
    useful against enemies wearing flak jackets or for headshots, you should save
    it only for the crucial moments.
    Overall rating: *****
    K3G4 Assault Rifle
    Fire rate     ||||
    Damage        ||
    Clip size     20
    Max rounds    120
    This is definitely the best weapon in the game. Indeed, with teflon-made
    bullets, it can cut through flak jacket. Even better, you can collect theses
    flak jackets from the enemies after!
    Overall rating: *****
    Sniper Rifle
    Fire rate     ||
    Damage        ||
    Clip size     10
    Max rounds    30
    A reliable ally during infiltration missions, it allows you to shoot precisely 
    over long distances (see above for instructions on how to use sniper rifles).
    However, it is not an option to be spotted with this weapons in your hands, as
    it is a very poor weapon in firefight situations.
    Overall rating: **
    Nightvision Rifle
    Fire rate     |
    Damage        |||
    Clip size     10
    Max rounds    30
    As useful as the regular sniper rifle, it comes fitted with a nightvision 
    scope. Its only downside is that it won't show up body parts when you aim at it
    (whereas the sniper rifle scope does). It is slightly more powerful than the
    normal rifle, yet it has lower fire rate. Again, not a good idea to get caught
    with this weapon.
    Overall rating: ***
    Fire rate     |
    Damage        |||||
    Clip size     n/a
    Max rounds    10
    Very effective against a group of enemies, especially if they are not looking
    at you, allowing you time to aim and throw (see above for instructions on using
    grenades). Just make sure you don't blow yourself...
    Overall rating: ****
    Gas Grenade
    Fire rate     |
    Damage        |||||
    Clip size     n/a
    Max rounds    10
    Featuring the same advantages than the explosive grenades, it's also a silent
    weapon. It's thus a crucial weapon in certain stealth situations where you face
    multiple enemies. Make sure the gas is entirely dissipated before you come 
    closer to it.
    Overall rating: *****
    Grenade Launcher
    Fire rate     |
    Damage        |||||
    Clip size     n/a
    Max rounds    15
    A classic weapon that so many fans enjoy. For my part, I don't especially like 
    it, because it seems handicapped by its overwhelming power. For instance, 
    you've got almost as many chances to hit yourself than your enemies. Yet,
    overall it is still a valuable weapon useful in the toughest situations. 
    Overall rating: ****
    Fire rate     |
    Damage        |||||
    Clip size     n/a
    Max rounds    unlimited
    You should never have to use this weapon, unless you face a critical situation 
    where you have no ammo left. It's a very slow weapon that makes it useless 
    against multiple targets. 
    Overall rating: *
    C4 Explosives
    Fire rate     n/a
    Damage        |||||
    Clip size     n/a
    Max rounds    n/a
    The C4 explosives shouldn't be consider a weapon, but rather en item since you 
    are not free to use it at will. However you will be required to use to complete
    a few objectives throughout the game.
    Overall rating: n/a
    Viral Scanner
    This item is mainly designed for locating contaminated bodies in the later 
    levels of the game. However, it is also a very useful tools that allows you to
    see through walls, thus locating enemies before they do.
    Viral Antigen
    This is a vaccine that you will have to administrate to test subjects.
    Essential item to open doors.
    Flak Jacket
    This is your energy. When you are hit, your ARMOR gauge will decrease (see 
    Section D for more details). You can rocover your armor by collecting other 
    flak jackets, either on dead enemies or in item boxes. The first will five you
    back a quarter of your armor, while the second will fill it completely. Note 
    that if you kill an enemy wearing a flak jacket, you'll destroy it unless you
    shot it in the head or use a special weapon such as the K3G4. (Note: You can 
    regain your armor, but never your health.)
    b. Location     <LOC>
    It might be useful to know in which weapons are available in which level. Here
    is a list of all weapons that you might have with you during each mission. I 
    won't include the taser, since you always have it.
    NOTE: Although it is not indicated, you must picture the game as being divided
          in a few major missions, each one being made of a few levels. It is
          important to keep this in mind, as Gabe will keep all the weapons he has
          previously collected between levels of a same mission. I'll seperate 
          these larger missions in the chart below. 
    Level                                 | Available weapons
    Georgia Street                        | 9mm, M-16, Shotgun, Grenades, Sniper 
                                          | Rifle, M-79
    Destroyed Subway                      | 9mm, M-16, Shotgun, Grenades, Sniper
                                          | Rifle, M-79
    Main Subway Line                      | 9mm, M-16, Shotgun, Grenades, Sniper
                                          | Rifle, M-79
    Washington Park                       | 9mm, .45, M-16, Shotgun, Grenades,
                                          | Sniper Rifle, Nightvision Rifle, M-79
    Freedom Memorial                      | 9mm, .45, M-16, Shotgun, Grenades, 
                                          | Sniper Rifle, Nightvision Rifle, M-79
    Expo Center Reception                 | 9mm, HK-5, G-18, Combat Shotgun, K3G4, 
                                          | Sniper Rifle
    Expo Center Dinorama                  | 9mm, HK-5, G-18, Combat Shotgun, K3G4,
                                          | Sniper Rifle
    Rhoemer's Base                        | 9mm, PK-102, Combat Shotgun, Sniper
                                          | Rifle, Nightvision Rifle, Gas Grenades
    Base Bunker                           | 9mm, PK-102, Combat Shotgun, Sniper
                                          | Rifle, Nightvision Rifle, Gas Grenades
    Base Tower                            | 9mm, PK-102, Combat Shotgun, Sniper
                                          | Rifle, Nightvision Rifle, Gas Grenades
    Base Escape                           | 9mm, PK-102, Combat Shotgun, Sniper
                                          | Rifle, Nightvision Rifle, Gas Grenades,
                                          | M-79
    Rhoemer's Stronghold                  | 9mm, .45, PK-102, Shotgun, G-18,
                                          | K3G4, Sniper Rifle, Gas grenades, M-79
    Stronghold Lower Level                | 9mm, .45, PK-102, Shotgun, G-18,	
                                          | K3G4, Sniper Rifle, Gas grenades, M-79
    Stronghold Catacombs                  | 9mm, .45, PK-102, Shotgun, G-18, 	
                                          | K3G4, Sniper Rifle, Gas grenades, M-79
    Pharcom Warehouses                    | 9mm, PK-102, Combat Shotgun,  BIZ-2,
                                          | K3G4, Sniper Rifle, Grenades, M-79
    Pharcom Elite Guards                  | 9mm, PK-102, Combat Shotgun, BIZ-2,
                                          | K3G4, Sniper Rifle, Grenades, M-79
    Warehouse 76                          | 9mm, PK-102, Combat Shotgun, BIZ-2,
                                          | K3G4, Sniper Rifle, Grenades, M-79
    Silo Access Tunnel                    | 9mm, PK-102, Combat Shotgun,  BIZ-2,
                                          | K3G4, Sniper Rifle, Grenades, M-79
    Tunnel Blackout                       | 9mm, PK-102, Combat Shotgun, BIZ-2,
                                          | K3G4, Sniper Rifle, Nightvision Rifle,
                                          | Grenades, M-79
    Missile Silo                          | 9mm, PK-102, Combat Shotgun, BIZ-2,
                                          | K3G4, Sniper Rifle, Nightvision Rifle,
                                          | Grenades, Gas Grenades, M-79
    H. Walkthrough
    Here is the main section of this document: the guide that will tell you level 
    by level what to do. I will first list all the objectives you have at the 
    beginning  of the mission (and I'll add the others as they come).
    Pay attention to « Hint » sections. They will give you precious advices on 
    delicate situations as well as tips to find secret weapon locations.
    The sections « Enemy » will help you fighting the bosses in this game.
    I will not describe every corner of the mission, in the obvious intention to 
    reduce the text density. I will give only essential instructions but I won't
    fully explore the levels for you. Yet you should always take a good look at
    your environment by yourself.
    I. Georgia Street                                                         <L01>
    - Eliminate Kravitch and destroy comm. array
    - Eliminate Rhoemer
    As you start, be prepared to face many enemies: terrorists will keep coming 
    from over the wall in front. The CBDC agents may help you but don't count on 
    them. Walk towards the wall from where the terrorists are coming from and 
    locate the subway entrance on your left. Go down in it until you get to a 
    closed gate. You will then receive a radio transmissio from Lian.
    Objective added:
    - Turn off power to terminal security door
    Get back up to the street level and enter the bar just beside the subway 
    entrance. Fallow the hall at the back of the room. You will cross a door that
    is partially blocked on your you left. There is a terrorist with an M-16 in the
    small room  behind the blockage. Kill him and enter the room. Shoot the window
    on the wall and get outside. You will then get another transmission from Lian.
    Objective added:
    - Protect CBDC bomb squad
    Keep going in front of you and you will emerge in another street where CBDC are
    fighting terrorists behind flammed police cars. There are a few items there but
    nothing else to do. Instead, get back in the alley and go up to the metal 
    + Hint: M-79 +
    There is a large blue container beside the fence. Climb on it and jump to the
    catwalk above (press Triangle to do so). Then hang to the pipe that crosses the
    alley so you can reach the opposite catwalk. Make sure you face the large
    "Hotel" sign as you cross, because enemies will attack you from below and you
    will be better off facing them. Once you're on the other side, you will be able
    to collect a M-79 from a box.
    Back to main guide
    There is a padlock on the left part of the fence. Shoot it to open the gate.
    Use the switch on the wall. Once the elevator has reached you, climb on it and
    press Triangle to go down. When you get to the bottom, turn on your flashlight
    and locate a power switch on your right. Shut it down (objective completed/
    checkpoint) and go back to the surface afterwards.
    A few enemies will be waiting for you when you come up, one being on a catwalk
    to your right. Eliminate them and go back inside the bar the way you came out
    earlier. Another terroriste will be waiting in the corridor. Take him out and
    fallow that corridor up to Kravitch.
    * Enemy : Pavel Kravitch *
    Kravitch is a tougher guy than your average grunt. He is equiped with a flak 
    jacket. On the other hand he is only armed with a 9mm so he shouldn't be much 
    of a threat. A headshot is your best strategy, but he will start running as 
    soon as he sees you. It might be a little tough to get a clean shot, but wait 
    for your openings and use the counters as cover.
    Back to main guide
    When Kravitch is down, locate and destroy his computer in a corner of that room
    (objective completed/checkpoint). Before you leave, you should know that there
    is an item box containing a shotgun behind the counter where Kravitch was when
    you walked in. However as soon as you go there, three enemies will burst in the
    room. You should have no trouble with them.
    Go all the way back where you started the level. Go past the police car and
    turn left in the alley. You will emerge in another street with an undammaged
    police car. A few terrorists will attack you from the roofs on each side of the
    street. Just make sure you don't stay too close from the car because it could
    explose. Eliminate the enemies and keep going towards the bank. When you get to
    the entrance, a CBDC will lead you to the bomb location (if he didn't survive,
    don't worry, just go inside the bank and find the bomb yourself). Another CBDC
    will ask you to cover him while he disarms the bomb. A few enemies will attack
    meanwhile. Make sure no one gets close to the CBDC agent until he is done
    (objective completed/checkpoint).
    Leave the bank. Three terrorists will be waiting for you on the roof across the
    street. One of them will throw grenades at you. Kill them (starting by the one
    with the grenades) and come back to the subway entrance. The security door will
    no be opened. Get down to the train platform level and you will receive a 
    transmission from Lian.
    Objective added:
    -Tag the bomb in the upper terminal for CBDC
    There are two levels in the subway terminal. You are currently on the upper 
    level. There are also two train tracks, one on each side. You can cross those
    rails, but make sure you avoid the trains. They come in in alternation. There
    are also a couple of enemies.
    Cross the rails on your left and walk along the track until you reach the bomb
    (it will show up as a big blue square on your radar). Press Triangle when you
    are beside it (objective completed/checkpoint). Cross back to the main platform
    and cross the other track. 
    + Hint: M-79 (bis) +
    After you've crossed the track, turn right (like you were leaving the 
    terminal). You will soon see an entrance on your left. Inside will be boxes
    containing grenades and a M-79. Beware of the enemy standing near it.
    Back to main guide
    Turn left and fallow the track. You will see a doorway on your right, leading
    to a large corridor. To your left is a dark corner. Use your flashlight to
    reveal an elevator swithc. Use it to go down to the lower floor.
    Fallow the red corridor up to the track and kill the enemy standing in front. 
    Cross over to the main platform and go to the opposite side of the terminal 
    while dealing with the enemies you come across on your way. When you arrive 
    near the main bomb, an enemy wearing a flak jacket will be protecting it. You
    should kill him quickly with a headshot because he will attempt to throw a 
    grenade at you. When he is down, come closer to the bomb.
    II. Destroyed Subway                                                      <N02>
    - Eliminate Rhoemer
    Stay away from the flames surrounding you on this level. There's a box ahead
    containing a flak jacket if you need it. Cross the railways to your left, and 
    turn left again on the deck. A terrorist on fire will run towards you. Step
    back a few steps and he'll fall after a few seconds. Keep going and turn right.
    Two terrorists will come in fron the right, one on the platform and the other 
    on a subway car. Deal with them and climb on that car. Go right until you get a
    radio transmission from Lian.
    Objectives added:
    - Blow open passage to street and protect CBDC
    - Locate explosive cache.
    When you reach the end of the car, climb down. On the train platform, three 
    enemies will attack you, one of which will throw grenades at you. You shouldn't
    attack them right away, but instead fallow the tracks until your out of reach.
    This way you'll avoid the first grenade easily. You can not go very far because
    of train cars, but that will be enough to be safe. There will be a terrorist
    attacking you from above. Shoot him down. Then slowly come back towards the
    first three terrorists and take them down one at the time, starting with the 
    one with grenades. He wears a flak jacket, so you should aim for his head.
    Before you go any further, come back on the tracks and turn on your flash light.
    You'll find a different looking item box near where you took cover from the 
    grenades. This box contains C4 that you will need. Now go towards the last
    group of terrorists you took down until you get to a dead end. Climb on the
    knocked over vending machine and press Triangle grab the beam that is over your
    head. An enemy will attack you from below (from where the C4 was). Take him out
    and grab the perpendicular pipe, then climb again on another pipe. This way 
    you'll be able to reach the upper level of the terminal. Turn left and fallow
    the train platform until you reach the security door. Place the C4 charge you
    got earlier (press Triangle). Go take cover and after the explosion the CBDC
    officer will meet you down in the terminal. Fallow him to the bomb you tagged
    in the previous mission and cover him as he disarms it. Then cross over the 
    platform and you'll get a transmission from Lian.
    Objective added:
    - Shut the gas main
    Come back in your steps and turn right as soon as you can (that is, before the
    hole that leads to the lower level). Turn on you flashlight and look for the
    gas main, which is on the other side of the tracks. Shut it (objective 
    completed) and go back to where you got your last transmission from Lian. The
    fire that was blocking your way is now quenched. Climb over the subway car. 
    Once you're on the other side, a terrorist on fire will run towards you, just
    like previously. Just wait for him to die. After a few steps, another terrorist
    will attack you from the car you just came from. Eliminate him and climb on the
    next car. This time a terrorist will be waiting for you on top of it. Kill him
    and climb down at the other end.
    III. Main Subway Line                                                     <L03>
    - Eliminate Aramov
    * Enemy: Mara Aramov *
    This is a very straing foward mission. You only have to fallow Mara while 
    avoiding the subways that still are running. The trains comes in alternation on
    each side of the tracks. However, they may be exceptions: sometimes two trains
    will pass on the same side. You must zigzag between the two tracks will keeping
    Mara in sight. If you stay on the same side of the tracks then her, you should 
    have no problems avoiding the trains. There are also a few terrorists on the
    way and Mara will shoot at you if you get to close. After a while, she will 
    stop in a recess on the right. Take her down with a head shot (objective 
    + Hint: Quick win +
    You can actually be done with Mara after a few seconds only. First, you must
    press X during the intro animation in order to cut it short. Then quickly get
    on the main line and go in manual aiming mode. Aim for Mara's head (you should
    see it in the far) and shot. If you're quick enough, you should be able to get
    IV. Washington Park                                                       <L04>
    - Locate and disarm four viral bombs
    - Reach Freedom Memorial
    This level will require you to use different skills, from stealth to sniping.
    You have a 20-minute countdown to complete your first objective (e.i. disarm
    the bombs). Don't worry, it's a lot more time then you need. This level is a
    step up in comparison to the first three, mainly because enemies are more 
    heavily armed. 
    When the mission starts, cross the field in diagonal. You'll see the first two
    enemies, one on the ground, the other on a tall wall. Take them down and go
    between the two walls that form a gate. An enemy will burst in on your left. 
    Kill him quickly. The first bomb is located in a one of the "squares" that are
    in that area (use your radar: the bombs will show up as blue squares). Press
    Triangle near the bomb and wait for the CBDC agent to get to you. Cover him 
    while two or three enemies will attack you. Make sure you stay near the CBDC in
    order to draw the fire on you (checkpoint).
    When the bomb is disarmed, fallow the path to a statue. You'll then receive a 
    call from Lian.
    Objective added:
    - Rescue CBDC hostages
    The second bomb is behind the statue. Tag it and cover the CBDC. You should
    again stay near him and use the lock-on aiming mode with a powerful weapon 
    (such as the .45 handgun) (checkpoint). 
    There are two paths going on each side of the statue. Take the one to the right
    (when you face the statue while on the side of the bomb). Fallow the passageway
    that will lead to a small square patrolled by three terrorists. Kill them and 
    take the next passageway to your right. You'll then receive another 
    transmission from Lian.
    Objective added:
    - Secure terrorist comm. array
    This time you'll reach a much larger field. There a few enemies scattered 
    around, all armed with Nightvision Rifles. I suggest that you try to keep your
    stealth, since that will ease your progression. You should snipe the first
    enemy you'll see on your left and go grab his rifle. Use it on the next 
    enemy and so on until you reach the third bomb. Tag it and wait for the CBDC.
    This is maybe the toughest bomb to cover, because many enemies will come from
    all sides. You must act quickly and always stay near the CBDC (checkpoint).
    Come back all the way to the statue and take the other path this time that
    leads to a garden section. Use your radar to locate the last bomb. Tag and
    protect (objective completed/checkpoint). 
    Fallow the path until you reach a large passage that leads out of that section. 
    A few terrorists will attack you from the flanks above, so be quick to react.
    You'll then reach a tennis court. The hostages you have to free are there, in
    the middle of the court. You do not have to use a silent weapon, but it might
    still be a good idea. First eliminate the first terrorist you see, near your
    end of the court. Then go forward and take down the terrorist holding the two
    hostages (objective completed/checkpoint). There is a third terrorist at the
    other end of the court.
    Leave the tennis court and keep going until you get to a monument made out of 
    big concrete blocks. A few enemies are located nearby, and a few more are on
    the monument itself. Take them all out and then climb in the sculpture. The 
    communication aray is on top of it. Press Triangle in front of it and you'll 
    receive a call from Lian.
    Objective added:
    - Eliminate trigger man Marcos
    Climb back down to the ground and go towards the hedge maze. Fallow the paved
    path so you don't get lost, and eliminate the enemies on your way.
    * Enemy: Jorge Marcos *
    You come across Marcos after a little while. As soon as he sees you, he'll run
    away. Stay on his trail and do not loose him (that's what he is trying to do.
    He has good aiming so watch as he shoots back at you. He wears a flak jacket so
    aiming for his head is your best bet (objective completed/checkpoint).
    If he looses you, come to the entrance of the maze. He always go hiding in the
    north-west corner of the maze, so use your map to get there.
    Back to main guide
    Cross the maze and reach the Freedom Memorial. When you come closer, two 
    terrorists will block your way. The best thing to do is to fall back. They both
    wear flak jackets. You should either use a grenade to take them out if you got
    one, or snipe them from afar. Approach the Memorial entrance (objective 
    V. Freedom Memorial                                                       <L05>
    - Eliminate Girdeux
    * Enemy: Anton Girdeux *
    This is your first real fight in this game. Girdeux is armored from head to toe
    and is armed with a powerful flame-thrower. You find yourself trapped in a 
    circular room with columns circling around the main monument. Girdeux is at the 
    center with the bomb. You can NOT use any explosives because of that bomb. 
    Girdeux will only fire at you when he sees you, so use the columns wisely.
    There are a few item boxes around for ammo. Watch out for the flames that will
    stay alive a while after Girdeux as shot. In order to defeat Girdeux, you must
    fire at his fuel tank that he carries on his back. Use the manual aiming for
    better results, although it is possible to do it using the lock-on mode. A few
    hits should be enough (the power of the weapon you use as an influence on how 
    long it'll take) (objective completed).
    VI. Expo Center Reception                                                 <L06>
    - Shadow Phagan to secret meeting
    This is your first real infiltration mission. In order to complete your first
    objective, you avoid being spotted. It will thus be essential to make good use
    of your silent weapons, e.i. the 9mm or the sniper rifle. You must take out the
    guards using headshots so that they die instantly.
    You start the level a few steps behind Phagan. He is walking in a gentle slope
    and there are two guards at the top of it, one of which will come in your
    direction. Go to your left and climb the big steps until you get to the higher
    one. Use the columns there to hide from the guards. First, take out the guard
    who stayed at the top of the slope (just don't get to close to him and he won't
    see you, even if he seems to be looking in your direction). When he is down, go
    take his place and look down the slope. Headshot the second guard who stopped
    at the bottom.
    Enter the corridor at the top of the slope and turn left. You'll immediatly see
    a guard walking towards your right. Go in manual aiming mode and shoot him in 
    the head. Fallow his steps and enter the Stone Hedge exhibit. There is one
    guard located at the back of the room. Is going back and forth in front of the
    corridor leading out. Use the stone pillars to avoid detection and take him out
    when he stops. Also make sure Phagan isn't anywhere near him when you do so, or
    he'll hear you. Keep going until you reach the Ancient Egypt exhibit, but stop
    before you enter the room. One enemy is patroling in front. Use your sniper to
    take him out. Enter the room and turn right. Stay hidden behind the closest
    column and wait while aiming at the corridor ahead. After a short while, a
    guard will turn the corner. Quickly take him out before he sees you. Keep going
    and turn that same corner. Go in manual aiming right away because one last
    enemy will walk in front of you. Take him out and keep walking until a 
    cutscene starts (objective completed/checkpoint).
    NOTE: At any point, if you are too fast you might close up on Phagan. If that
    is the case, you should always wait a little before you do anything, otherwise
    he might hear the sound of a body falling on the floor.
    Objective added:
    - Capture Phagan alive
    * Enemy: Edward Benton *
    The action starts back with you being trapped in another Ancient Egypt room 
    along with Benton. He is armed with a G-18 and wears a flak jacket. As soon as
    he sees you, he'll run and take cover. You have few chances to defeat him while
    he is moving. Besides, he'll frenetically shoot at you while running. You must
    slowly and silently come closer to him when he hides somewhere. Make sure you 
    have a good angle, while being hidden behind something. Then go in manual
    aiming, take a step aside (pressing L2 or R2 accordingly) and go for a quick
    headshot. If you miss, make sure you're well hidden while Benton runs to
    another spot, and start over.
    Back to main guide
    When Benton is down, take the security card he was carrying (checkpoint). You
    will then receive an incoming call from Lian.
    Objective added:
    - Find security cardkeys
    From that point, you don't have to worry about stealth anymore. Head for the
    right corner at the bottom of the room, and use the keycard to open the grid. 
    Open the door to your right (press Triangle in front of it). There are two 
    enemies in the next room, which is built in height. Take cover behind the big
    statue to your left. Take the enemies one by one. When you are done, climb on
    that same statue, and again on the catwalk above your head. Keep going up until
    you reach a large vent. Shoot the lock to open the grid and enter in it. Fallow
    the only path available up to the next grid which you can open again by
    shooting the lock.
    You are now on the top of a big aztek pyramid. To the very bottom is en enemy
    who is wearing a flak jacket. Another (with no armor) will be firing at you
    from a corridor which is at your level in front of you. Take them out (there
    was a box containing a HK-5 back in the vent). When you want to climb down the
    pyramid, go to the stairs and Gabe will slide all to way to the bottom. The 
    guard that was at the bottom was also carrying a keycard. A few guards will 
    attack you as soon as you touch the ground, so be prepared to face them. When 
    the area is cleared, climb back to the top of the pyramid (from the sides) and
    activate the swtich you'll find near the vent entrance. The gate it opens is
    located at the bottom of the pyramid, at the end of a corridor to the right. 
    As soon as you've activated the gate controls, slide to the bottom of the
    pyramid and turn right. Hurry to the grid and roll under it if necessary. Keep
    going until you reach the next room. 
    There is one guard in this room and another located in a corridor high above
    might also see you. Eliminte the one above first, then deal with the one down
    with you. This one is armed with a G-18 and wears a flak jacket, like Benton
    was. Take him out and pick up the security card he had. Open the gate and head
    for the next room.
    This next room has a tall spacerocket replica in the middle of it. There are a
    few guards in there, two on the same your level, two others on the lower
    floor and finally one on a catwalk above. There is a small elevator to the left
    of the rocket. Go on the platform and manually aim above the elevator switch
    that has sparks coming from it. Shoot it to go up. You'll reach the catwalk
    where there was a guard earlier. Fallow the corridor, while dealing with the
    two enemies you'll come across. You'll pass in front of the parymid you were on
    earlier. You should ignore the enemies shooting at you and go to the end of the
    corridor in order to collect the security keycard (checkpoint). Now that you
    have your checkpoint, you can take down the enemies or just come back to the
    elevator. You'll come across another guard on your way back. Use the elevator
    to go all the way down (just press Triangle twice).
    Once on the lower floor, open the door (press Triangle) in front and you'll be
    in a locker room. There are two guards there. Take them out. You can take a
    look at the lockers: one contains a G-18 and another has a flak jacket in it.
    Head for the next door that will lead you to the Mars Exhibit. Eliminate the
    enemies firing at you from the corridor ahead. Then climb to that same corridor
    and head right. Use the control pannel and the keycard to open the gate.
    You'll reach the Moon Exhibit. First, take out the enemy standing in front.
    Before you go down on the exhibit floor, take the K3G4 from the box at the end
    of the corridor. Also eliminate the guard down in the exhibit who is wearing
    a flak jacket. When you'll set foot in the exbibition floor, another guard
    equiped with a flak jacket will attack you from a catwalk above your head.
    Using the K3G4 against him isn't a bad idea, because you don't have a good
    angle to his head. Climb on the lunar module replica in order to reach the
    catwalk. Head left and you'll meet a last guard after you turn the corner. He
    also wears an armor. Take him out and approach the door to your right.
    VII. Expo Center Dinorama                                                 <L07>
    - Find security cardkey
    - Capture Aramov and Phagan alive
    As soon as you start the level, four enemies, all wearing flak jackets, will
    burst in the control room where you are. A fifth enemy will fire from behind a
    grid on your right. Use the desk in the center for protection and take out your
    K3G4 (there are ammo in one of the lockers). When all threats are down, go out
    through the only opened door and fallow the corridor until you reach the top of
    the reception hall. Go halfway around catwalk and hang to the girder above.
    Move to the center of the dome and drop yourself.
    After the cutscene, you find yourself on a block in the center of the reception
    hall. An enemy will fire at you from an edge at your level. Take him down, and
    climb down to the floor. Now quickly take cover in a corner of the block you
    were just on, because three snipers will pin you down from the ceiling. A
    fourth enemy will take position on an edge over a door. Take out the snipers
    one at the time (their fire rate is slow, so use that to your advantage). The
    last enemy has a flak jacket and is armed with a combat shotgun. Headshot him
    and climb to his level in order to pick up his keycard (objective completed/
    Locate the door with a sign over it saying "Dinosaurs" and open it. This room
    is filled with obstacles and a heavy scenery. A few enemies will try to
    surround you and you might have trouble seeing them. Besides, they all wear
    flak jackets. Don't hesite to use your heavy artillery there. The last grid is
    passed this room, and its control pannel is beside it.
    There are a few guards in the next room. When you'll enter them, two more
    guards will fire at you from behind the gate that will have closed after you
    went through. The shots will be coming from all sides, so keep running around
    and again don't be afraid to use heavy firepower. When all guards are down,
    break down the showcase glass in the back of the room and cross over to the
    corridor. Turn left and you'll start hearing Mara's voice.
    * Enemy: Mara Aramov *
    Mara and Phagan are in a corridor above. Mara is pointing a gun at Phagan, so
    you have limited time to act. Position yourself so that you can have a direct
    shot at Mara (stay in the corridor is necessary). Take out your sniper rifle
    and carefully aim at Mara's HK-5. Shoot to disarm her.
    Back to main guide
    Climb on the tail of the dinosaur at the center of the room. A few enemies will
    then burst in from the corridor you came by, but the K3G4 should take care of
    them quickly. Walk to its head and grab the girder above. Cross over to Mara's
    VIII. Rhoemer's Base                                                      <L08>
    - Plant C4 charges at 5 fuel tanks
    - Eliminate Gabrek and collect cardkey
    This level will again require from you that you use your stealth skills.
    However, it is not an objective, so failing to do so will not end the mission.
    If you get spotted, the base will be on alert and will send in reinforcements.
    Besides, there are almost no flak jackets available at all in the entire
    mission. The strategy I will describe here will help you to keep your stealth.
    Yet it may still be helpful even if you set the base on alert.
    You start in a corner and two guards are on the opposite side of the area, near
    a truck on your left. One is standing still and the other is circling around
    the truck. First, crouch-walk (press and hold X) inside the small shed. In a
    locker you will find gas grenades that you absolutely need. Take them and go to
    the back of the truck, while avoiding the moving guard. He will soon stop for
    a short while near is comrade. Throw a gas grenade at their feet to take them
    both out at the same time (make sure the cloud of gas as completely been
    dissipated before you come closer).
    Further ahead there is a overhanging catwalk on which another guard is
    standing. Note the search light on it too. You must not walk in its beam or
    it will trigger the alarm. Take out your sniper rifle and headshot the guard
    first. Then shoot the search light to destroy it. You can now cross under the
    The first fuel tank is in that next area. But don't rush to it already, you
    must rather take cover behind the low wall in front of it. A guard will burst
    in from your left. Take him out and only now can you go place a C4 charge under
    the tank (press Triangle in front of it) (checkpoint). Now look to your right.
    You'll see a guard on the wall above, looking away. Snipe him and don't forget
    to destroy the search light too. Look to your left and destroy the other searh
    light on the arch (which is just to the left of the fuel tank). Cross under
    that same arch now that the way is safe and you will receive a transmission
    from Lian.
    Objective added:
    - Disable the power to motion sensors
    In the far, you'll see a guard round tripping. You can snipe him right now, but
    whatever you do don't go beyond the arch, because an enemy is coming from the
    left. Shoot him down as soon as you see him. A third guard is patroling on your
    right this time. Take cover behind the corner on your right and eliminate him
    and he turns away. Now you can venture out without any worries.
    Turn left, in the direction from which the second guard was coming, and climb
    the incline leading to the catwalk you crossed under earlier. Cross it and stop
    on the other side. Look down to see two guards walking by and a third one 
    standing still. Wait for the two guys to move away and shoot down the last one.
    Climb down and take the supplies from the boxes behind the truck (including a
    nightvision rifle). Take your right and you'll catch up the two guards as they
    walk on each side of some kind of trench. Have a gas grenade ready. When they
    stop, throw a grenade between them. If you aimed correctly, the cloud of gas
    will be large enough to take them both out. 
    Now switch to your nightvision rifle. Locate the guards on the wall in front of
    you. There's also a search light on that same wall. Make sure you stay out of 
    its reach. There are two guards: one will stay in front of you and the second
    will walk a long way on your right. You must take this one out first, when he
    is on that part of the wall. In other words, you must make sure that the body
    is not in the sight of the first guard. When it's done, take out the last enemy
    and destroy the light. On your left is the second fuel tank (checkpoint).
    From the fuel tank location, turn right and you will soon see a guard standing
    in front of a fence. Kill him and come back. Now there is a second passage with
    a trench, like the previous one. But before you venture their, locate a door
    with a small window on the left side of the building. You can see the head of
    a guard through it facing the said trench. Aim and shoot to kill him. Then 
    cross the passageway, but stay on the right side of the trench. Once on the 
    other side, look to your left to see two guards behind a row of barrels. Take
    out a gas grenade and throw it on the wall behind them. Again, don't forget to
    destroy the next search light. Finally, the third fuel tank is located behind 
    you (checkpoint).
    * Enemy: Vladislav Gabrek *
    Keep going until you see the fourth fuel tank ahead. Locate a door space on
    your right and hide their. Soon Gabrek and three of his guards will walk by.
    When they are passed you, sneak behind them. Throw a gas grenade at the group
    in order to kill them all at the same time. When the gas cloud has gone away, 
    pick up the security card on Gabrek (objective completed/checkpoint).
    Back to main guide
    Go and set a C4 charge under the fourth fuel tank (checkpoint). Keep fallowing
    the same path and stop after the next corner. In a door space similar to the
    one you wear just hiding in is a guard. You can throw a gas grenade to take him
    out, but it is also quite easy to come close enough to see his head (yet he
    won't be able to see you; remember that enemies have poor peripherical vision).
    Keep going until you come to a gate. Open it using the switch on the wall. Go
    straight in front of you and stop as soon as you see a first soldier. Use your
    sniper to eliminate him. Advance up to the next enemy and repeat until you get 
    to the power plant. It is on the other side of a fence on your right and there
    are two guards in there. Headshot the first one when he comes closer from the
    fence. Move until you can see the second one, who is standing still. With
    both one killed, you can place a C4 under the last fuel tank (objective
    completed/checkpoint). Then go the fence and shoot to lock to open it. The
    control pannel is near where the second guard was standing. Cut the power
    (objective completed/checkpoint).
    Come back to the last crossing and this time take your right. Notice that you
    were there earlier in this level. Take your right again and stop by the gate. 
    On the other side of the fence, locate the enemy. Snipe him and keep aiming at
    the same spot. A second guard will run in and stop exactly where his friend
    was standing. Shoot him quickly and you can now open the gate.
    Destroy the search light on the wall ahead and cross under the arch. Don't
    enter the bunker right away. Instead, wait on the side of the entrance as a
    guard will come out. Take him out and then enter the bunker. You'll see a
    soldier in front of you once inside. Kill him and look to your right where two
    more enemies are standing. A gas grenade will take care of them. Now walk
    towards them and turn left.
    + Hint: Survive in the alerted base +
    The ideal is obviously not to blow your stealth at all. However it is well
    possible to complete the level even with the base on alert. There will be a lot
    of enemies and well armed with either PK-102 rifles or combat shotguns. As I 
    mentionned at the beginning of the level, there are no full flak jacket
    available in the entire level. The only you will find is Gabrek's and it will
    give you back only a quarter of your total armor. So it is a heavy challenge
    and there are no magic tricks to do it. The combat shotgun is a rather
    effective weapon in such a situation, since it can kill an enemy with one shot.
    Take cover as often as possible and move only when the path is cleared. With
    enemies always coming, no place is really safe, but they usually come in in 
    waves. This means that after you've taken a few of them, there will be a break
    before new ones come in, leaving a gap for you to make your move. Barrels are
    your friends. They will explose when shot. Don't EVER take cover near barrels
    and shoot one that's near you yourself! Also make sure you don't destroy any
    barrel nearby a fuel tank. Finally, don't bother to kill all enemies you see
    on your radar. If they are not in the direction you are going in, leave them
    alone. The more you fight, the more chances you have to get killed.
    IX. Base Bunker                                                           <L09>
    - Catalog 10 enemy missiles
    - Reach comm. building roof
    This is a rather short level, yet a very intense one. First, there is a flak
    jacket in a box nearby if you need it. Go to the first crossing ahead and be
    ready to face enemies on your left. DO NOT touch the red lasers or you will be
    killed instantaneously. For now, you can only shut the ones on your right by
    shooting the switch with a flashing red light behind them.
    Ignore for now the green switch and continue to the next lasers. Locate the red
    switch and shoot it. Notice that the lasers on the opposite site have been shut
    off. Now come back to the switch with a green light and press Triangle to open
    de large door. The first two missiles you have to catalog are in there. An
    enemy is also waiting for you inside. Shot him and tag the two missiles. Open
    the door on the other side, eliminate the enemy waiting behind it and keep
    When you reach a double intersection. First of all, turn right at the first 
    intersection and deactive the lasers by shooting the switch ahead. A few
    enemies will try to surround you. Run towards the last switch you just fried
    and take your right. Again, turn of the lasers by shooting the nearby switch
    and keep going. You will come across a corridor on your right. There is a flak
    jacket behind the lasers. Ignore it otherwise. When you reach the next lasers,
    repeat the same process and open the door on your right (use the green light
    switch). There are two soldiers in the back of this room. Take them out and go
    to the control pannel they were standing next to. Press Triangle to raise the
    four missiles and tag them. After you can come back all the way to the first
    of the double intersection.
    At the second intersection, a bunch of enemies will jump on you. Deal with them
    and deactive the lasers on your left by shooting the switch. Like you did for
    the first storeroom, go deactivate the next lasers before you. Afterwards you 
    can enter the room and tag the last four missiles (objective completed/
    checkpoint). Watch out as an enemy will attack you from behind as soon as you
    enter the room. When you are done, exit by the oppiste door. Take your right at
    the intersection and destroy the last laser switch.
    + Hint: Access the armory +
    You will see ahead a control room with a computer. Enter this room but be 
    prepared for a tough fight. Three enemies will run in and take position, all
    flak jacket equiped. Eliminate them quickly and make sure they do not destroy
    the computer (in order to do so, don't hide exactly under the computer). When
    the area is cleared, activate the computer to open the armory door. As you
    enter three enemies will take position inside. Run towards the first one
    you see. He will throw a grenade at you, so by running to him you will avoid
    it. Headshot him before he can switch weapons (they too are equiped with flak
    jackets). Take down the other two soldiers. In the lockers around you are a lot
    of supplies. Take whatever you need.
    Back to main guide
    To the right of the control room is a freight-elevator. Use the switch on the
    wall to open its door and take it up to the roof (press Triangle).
    X. Base Tower                                                             <L10>
    - Disable radar tracking
    You are now standing on the tower roof. There is a large radar dish in the
    center. Go around it and climb to its control pannel. Press Triangle or shoot
    it to disable the radar (objective completed/checkpoint).
    Objectif ajouté
    - Shoot down attack helicopter
    * Enemy: KI-33 Chopper *
    The next fight is a tough one. The chopper has machine guns that can kill you
    in a matter of seconds. The PK-102 is the best weapon to use against it and you
    will find ammunition for it on each side of the dish (as well as flak jackets).
    During the first phase of the fight, the chopper will circle above you. You can
    avoid its machine gun by running in diagonal (arrow + R2 or L2). As soon as it
    gone over your head, turn around and shoot it as long as you can. Use the 
    lock-on targeting mode and keep shooting as long as you see green in your
    target gauge. 
    After a few times, you will enter the second phase. This time the chopper will
    rise frome below on each side of the tower. He then repeats the manoeuvre on
    the opposite side and so on. You should position yourself on the same side of
    the dish. Wait for it to rise, then when he starts shooting, run in diagonal
    to one of the corner. When the chopper has gone past you, turn around and shoot
    like previously. 
    There is an alternate strategy which would consist of waiting for the chopper
    on the opposite side of the dish. This way you are easily protected from its
    machine gun. The downside however is that the chopper then have time to drop
    one or two soldiers on the tower. In this case you would constantly have to
    deal with enemies while trying to shoot the chopper at the time. I strongly
    suggest that you use my strategy above which is more effective not really more
    Finally, the third phase combines the two first one. Be prepare to react
    accordingly and repeat until the level ends (objective completed).
    XI. Base Escape                                                           <L11>
    - Escape trough the main gate
    You have 3 minutes to escape the base, e.i. to get back to the entrance. You
    must move quickly and avoid wasting times with enemies. Try to always be on the
    move and stop as rarely as possible, even when you have to fight enemies.
    + Hint: M-79 +
    When the mission begins, turn around and go towards the power plant. The box
    containing the M-79 is near where you cut the power in the "Rhoemer's Base"
    level. An enemy soldier with a flak jacket will be protecting it. Take into
    account the 3 minute time limit you have when you decide to go and pick up this
    weapon. The level is rather short and the M-79 is far from being essential. The
    combat shotgun is the most effective weapon to use.
    Back to main guide
    At the start of the level, a guard will be ahead a running away. There is a box
    with a flak jacket on your right if you need it. Fallow that guard and take him
    out when you can. A second enemy will come from your right and a third is 
    located on a roof further ahead. Take them out and keep going.
    You'll see an enemy inside a building in front of you. Notice the barrels 
    before him: shoot them to quickly get rid of him. There is another enemy inside
    just after, but this time you have to use normal means to take him out. Fallow
    the path up to the passageway with the trench (a few enemies will attack you
    from the roofs on your way, but ignore them if they do not pose a direct
    Cross the passageway on either side of the trench, but do go down in it. If you
    do, you'll likely be overwhelmed by the enemies attacking from all sides.
    Indeed, three enemies will try to trap you in the passageway. Shoot down the
    ones in front will you keep running. You could simply ignore the third one and
    continue on. There is a box with a flak jacket on the ride side of the trench,
    which could justify that you want to come back.
    Go towards the next trench and eliminate the enemies as you cross it. Ahead are
    two enemies wearing flak jackets, taking cover behind a row of barrels. Use to 
    explosion to quickly kill them. Turn ride and climb up to the catwalk. A few
    enemies will be attack you on the way up.
    Climb down at the other end of the catwalk and go around the block in order to
    cross under that same catwalk. Two enemies will be blocking the base entrance.
    One will normally be inside the shelter, whereas the other will be right on the
    road out. This one is the biggest threat because he wears a flak jacket and
    will throw grenades at you. Stay in mouvement in order to avoid the grenades 
    and take them out. You can use the barrels near the shelter to take out the one
    inside. Finally, there is generally a third guard in the corner on your left.
    Depending on the time you have left, you can either shoot him or just roll past
    him and run outside the base (objective completed).
    + Hint: Gaining a few seconds +
    Once you've crossed the catwalk, instead of going down the normal way and go
    around the block, you can climb on the wall on either your left or right. Hold
    X and lower you down. Drop you off on the ground. Be cautious, because you will
    be in a bad position to fight the last guards. You will gain only a few seconds
    doing so, but in such a context it might just as well make the difference.
    XII. Rhoemer's Stronghold                                                 <L12>
    - Eliminate Rhoemer's 10 scientists
    - Administer antigen to 6 test subjects
    - Find security cardkeys
    - Find entrance to catacombs
    You start this level on the roof of the cathedral. Take a few steps foward and
    climb down on the arche on your right. You'll see an enemy down below. Use your
    sniper rifle to take him out easily. Keep walking carefuly and you will be
    attacked by a guard from behind a stained glass window. Kill him and make your
    way to that same window in order to enter the building.
    + Hint: The chandeliers +
    Notice the many chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. By shooting one, it'll
    collapse and create an explosion. This might be useful to take out enemies. Use
    it to your advantage.
    Back to main guide
    Take the corridor on your right and shoot the first scientist you see ahead. 
    There is a doorway on your right which leads into a small room. Enter and you
    will receive a transmission from Markinson. There are two test subjects in
    here: locate them and give them a shot of your antigen (press Triangle).
    Come back in the corridor and turn right. Turn the corner and you will see a
    monk guarding a large wooden door. Shoot him and keep going (ignore the door,
    you need a keycard first). Ahead is a dark small room which has supplies in it.
    There might also be a guard there, but for some reasons he's most often not
    there (if there was a guard by the large door before, this one won't be there).
    To the right of this small room is the second scientist. Eliminate him. There
    may be a guard with him too. Go in their direction and you will come to an
    First go straight ahead, towards the laboratory. Behind the glass door is a
    test subject. Give him the antigen and come back to the intersection. You will
    then be attacked by enemies in the corridor on your left. Deal with them and
    engage in that corridor. You will come across a second laboratory room on your
    left. This time there is a guard in front of the glass door. Kill him and go
    inside the chamber in order to administer the antigen to the test subject
    + Hint: The test-tubes +
    Notice the test-tubes on the counter of this lab. Some of them, when shot, will
    spread a lethal gas in the air, similar to the cloud produced by your gas 
    grenades. To differentiate them from the normal test-tubes, look at their
    shape. The ones that have this mortal gas are bulb-shaped and contain a green-
    blue liquid. No other type of test-tubes will have such effect.
    Back to main guide
    Come back in the corridor and go left to the third laboratory. Behind the glass
    doors are three scientists. Eliminate them and pick the keycard that one of
    them is carrying (checkpoint).
    Back in the corridor, four enemies will attack you. Eliminate them and make
    your way back to the large door. A new guard will be in front of it. Kill him 
    and go to the switch to unlock the door. Then go press triangle in front of the
    door itself to open it. In the room behind it, there's a pile of boxes. You can
    easily climb over them. Once at the top, enemies will start shooting you from
    far ahead. He's actually on the other side of the cathedral, in a small alcove.
    Snipe him and go out through the window. 
    Turn left on the balcony and eliminate the guard in front of the stained glass
    window on your left. Do the same with the other one on the balcony with you.
    Another enemy is located on the other side of the cathedral, like earlier. Now
    there are four stained glass window on your left. The first one is the one you
    came through. Behind the second window is a room with a scientist in it. Kill 
    him and come back on the balcony. There is nothing in the fourth one but a K3G4
    rifle (that I strongly suggest you pick up). Finally, behind the third window
    is the exit you are looking for.
    Fallow the corridor and you will catch up a scientist walking towards a guard.
    Take them both out and keep going until you see a inclination on your right.
    Above it is a test subject. Go to him and give him a shot of the antigen, but
    be ready to fight as two enemies will shut your exit. When you're done with
    them, come back in the corridor and turn right. At the end is a scientist
    protected by two guards. All three wear flak jacket, but notice the chandelier
    above their head. Eliminate them and take the security card from the scientist
    The door you can unlock was just before the last group of enemy. You now enter
    a library. ALL enemies in there wear flak jacket. The K3G4 might come in handy
    here, although it's quite possible to do without. In the back of the room is a
    box on which you can climb to reach the surrounding balcony. Three enemies are
    on that balcony. Eliminate them and go around the room. At the other end of the
    balcony is a bookcase on which you can climb. Destroy the glass stained window
    and go outside. There will be a monk on the arch. Kill him and cross to the
    other side. While doing so another enemy will shoot at you from your right.
    When you are on the other side, enter back inside the cathadral.
    Below you is a guard that has not seen you yet. Use that to eliminate him and
    climb down to where he was. On your left is a glass door, and behind it is a
    guard standing behind a counter. He wears a flak jacket, so be cautious. Kill
    him and go beyond the glass door. There is also a test subjet in a corner on
    your left. Give him the antigen and climb down on your left. An enemy is
    waiting at the bottom. After you've taken care of him, fallow the corridor up
    to an intersection. You will then see a scientist running by you. You can
    fallow him but stay alert as there is a guard on your left. Kill them both and
    take the keycard from the scientist (objective completed/checkpoint).
    Climb over the boxes and eliminate the enemy below (he has a flak jacket). When
    you climb down, two more enemies will attack you from behind. Kill them a go
    over the boxes on your left. An enemy is standing on the other side and he 
    wears a flak jacket too. Shoot him and climb over the last set of boxes. A
    scientist is about the go around the corner in front of you. Eliminate him
    (objective completed/checkpoint).
    + Hint: K3G4 +
    There is a dark room on your right with a peak made out of boxes. On top of it
    is a K3G4. As you enter the room, a guard will fall from above. Kill him. And
    as you start climbind the boxes, a second one will attack from behind.
    Back to main guide
    Climb the incline on your right and you'll reach what looks like an attic. 
    There will be three enemies there, all wearing flak jackets. They are tough to
    deal with because they move a lot and will somewhat try to corner you. Climb
    down on the other side of the room and open the door using the switch on the
    left wall. Open the door and kill the guard on your right. Exit through the
    stained glass window.
    + Hint: M-79 +
    Notice that the last door you opened prevented you from going left (it was
    blocking the corridor). Once you're outside, you can actually get back inside
    behind that door through the second stained glass window. You will then find a
    box containing a M-79.
    Back to main guide
    Fallow the central arch until you reach the other side of the cathedral.
    Destroy the stained glass window and climb inside. An enemy wearing a flak
    jacket will attack you from above a wall of boxes. Take him out and go right.
    One last guard will be hidden behind a column on your right. He too is equiped
    with a flak jacket. Nearby is a small elevator on which you must go to end the
    XIII. Stonghold Lower Level                                               <L13>
    - Eliminate Rhoemer's 9 scientists
    - Administer antigen to 4 test subjects
    - Find security cardkeys
    - Find entrance to catacombs
    The objectives are exactly the same as in the previous mission. Start by going
    down the slope and eliminte the guard that is at the bottom. Turn left and 
    enter the room on your left. Administer the antigen to the test subject there
    and be prepared for an attack from above. Get back out when you are done and
    take your right.
    You'll reach a larger hall. Do not go down for now, but keep going ahead
    instead. There is an enemy at the end of the balcony. Take him down and turn
    left. In the room up there is a scientist. He might be running towards you. If
    he does, just make sure you stand in his way and he'll get on his knees. Kill
    Come back to the balcony. On the other side of the hall is an enemy. Shoot him
    down and use the slope to get to the lower floor. Take your left once you are
    down there and go towards the laboratory room in front. Another scientist will
    come running like the previous one. Eliminate him and go through the glass door
    in front of you. Climb on the boxes on your left and go through the tunnel like
    window in order to reach a second laboratory. Down there is a test subject. 
    Give him the antigen and go through the glass door on your left. Climb on the
    boxes like you just did and go to the next room. You will thus reach a third 
    lab room. In this one, there are a few enemies. The first one is right below
    you. Kill him and climb down to where he was. Behind the doors on your right is
    an armed scientist. Be cautious because he almost always keeps running, which
    makes him a tough target to hit. Once he is dead, leave this place through the
    doorway on the opposite side of the lab. Down the slope is a test subject. 
    Give him the antigen and fallow the corridor back to the large hall. 
    Right in front of you is a corridor in which you must go. As you turn the
    corner, you will see one or two enemy guards which will try to run away when
    they see you. Kill them and keep going until you reach another large hall, this
    one divided by a large arch above. Cross under it and go towards the corner
    to your right. Climb over the boxes and take the corridor there. Administer the
    antigen to the test subject you come across (objective completed/checkpoint).
    You end up in a courtyard, be alert because a few enemies will attack you, most
    of them equiped with flak jackets. Make your way up to the other end of the
    area and climb the tall pile of boxes there in order to reach the balcony
    above. When you get to it, an enemy will attack you from behind, on the
    fortification. Take care of him and go in the corridor in front of you. It'll 
    lead you back in the large hall with the arch. There are two guards in the
    balcony with you, the first one wearing a flak jacket. Besides, after you've
    taken a few steps into the balcony, a third enemy also equiped with a flak
    jacket will burst in from the same corridor you used. When they are all down,
    climb over the guardrail and into the arch in order to cross over to the other
    side. As you do, a guard will fire at you from the ground level. When you reach
    the balcony, go into the small room and elimiate the scientist there. He is 
    armed, so again use caution. Take his security keycard (checkpoint).
    Come back all the way to the outside balcony. An enemy will be waiting for you
    on the upper balcony on your right Take him down and climb to where he was. 
    Destroy the stained-glass window and get inside. Turn right and kill the
    scientist on your right (he's armed too). Unlock the door to your right which
    leads to a corridor.
    First take your left and you will come across another scientist, not armed this
    time. Take care of him and keep going until you reach a long laboratory filled
    with test tubes of all sort. Make sure you don't destroy one that contains a
    deadly gas. At the end of the room is a third scientist, armed with a .45. 
    Kill him and pick up his security keycard (checkpoint). Immediately turn around
    and prepare for a quick firefight as an enemy will be coming at you. He may be
    trying to throw a grenade at you. Deal with him and come back to the door you
    previously opened (you will come across another normal enemy on the way).
    Go past the door and you will see two guards standing at the other end of the
    corridor, each one protected with a flak jacket. Take them down and keep going
    until you reach a locked door. Use your keycard to unlock it and open it.
    You end up on a balcony, on the second floor of a large rom. Ennemis will
    attack you from all around, most of the wearing flak jackets, including an
    armed scientist. This is a tricky part, so you might want to use your K3G4 
    providing you haven't spoiled your ammo before. Once every one is down, keep
    going and take the corridor in the corner opposite of where you came in. You 
    now reach the second floor of the rose chapel. Eliminate the enemies and, after
    a short communication from Markinson, make your way to the arches in the center
    of the room. Walk towards the large stained-glass window and there will be a
    You are on the ground level oustide the fortress. On the fortifications around 
    are two enemies: one on each side of you. Kill them and climb down to the
    ground. A tunnel will lead you to the next area. You'll come across two enemies
    equiped with flak jacket on your way through. When you reach the second area,
    an enemy with a flak jacket will fire at you from a roof in front of you. A 
    little to the left of him is another tunnel, but the entrance will be protected
    by another enemy with a flak jacket. 
    This tunnel leads to a cimetery. Between the gravestones is yet another enemy
    wearing a flak jacket. The next tunnl is on the opposite side of the area.
    However, after you've turned the corner, you'll see two enemies above on the
    fortifications and one will throw grenades at you. You should keep running to
    safety in the tunnel will ignoring this last pair. In this tunnl you will come
    across the last scientist you need to take down (objective completed/
    checkpoint). You will also have to face a few enemies, all wearing flak
    After that you will come back inside the cathedral and you will go through
    already seen rooms, but this time you find yourself on the first floor. There
    will be a couple of enemies in the room with the large columns and, as you
    might be getting used to, they all wear flak jackets. Once you reach the 
    chapel, take the slope down to the catacombs entrance.
    XIV. Stronghold Catacombs                                                 <L14>
    - Find Phagan
    NOTE: This mission could be divided into three distinct parts. During the first
    one, you have to remain stealthy while eliminating guards using a silent weapon
    and headshots.
    Part one:
    As the mission starts, you will se a guard in front of you. Eliminate him and
    climb down to where he was. Look to your right: there is a box with a silenced
    9mm if you need ammo. Then go left and climb down the stairs, fallowing the
    scientist. Always remember to keep a reasonnable distance between you and him.
    When you get to the bottom of the stairs, take cover in the alcove on other
    side of the tunnel. Soon, you will see a guard passing by you. Eliminate him
    quickly. Keep going after the scientist.
    The scientist will pass between two guards, standing on each side of the 
    tunnel and facing each other. Just before them is a crossing. Crouch so your
    steps won't make noise, and turn right. Take your left at the next crossing.
    There will be a guard walking ahead in the same direction as you. Eliminate him
    and you might also see another guard further ahead. You can just ignore this
    last one. Turn left at the next crossing.
    + Hint: Alternate strategy +
    It is possible to take out the two guards facing each other by throwing a gas
    grenade between them. You must really in the middle of the tunnel, so that the
    cloud of gas will reach both of them. Keep going straight ahead and you will
    end up in a room with stairs in the middle. The scientist will be on your left.
    Back to main guide
    Keep fallowing the scientist, but after he is passed the corner on your right,
    stay hidden in the tunnel where you are. A guard will pass before you. Take him
    out and after that you will be able to pass the corner too. Fallow the 
    scientist to Phagan's cell and there will be a cutscence (objective completed/
    Objectives added:
    - Fallow Phagan to Lian Xing's cell
    - Get Lian Xing out of the catacombs
    Part two:
    You must now fallow Phagan to Lian's cell. He is unarmed, so you must provide
    cover fire for him at all time. In general, you should stay close to him to
    that you draw enemy fire on you. Stay on your guards because you will often be
    surrounded by enemies. You will frequently be attacked from behind after one
    or two guards have pulled your attention in front of you. Always eliminate the
    threats closer to Phagan first. You should also ignore enemies that are not
    directly in your way. Thus, if you let Phagan take to much lead on you, he is
    most likely to get killed before you know it. A few enemies are equiped with 
    flak jackets, so headshots will always be a winning strategy. You will get one
    checkpoint on the way, when you come to a larger room with stairs in the
    middle of it. When you reach Lian's cell, there will be a cutscene (objective
    Part three:
    This time, Lian and you must find the exit to the catacombs. Lian will lead the
    way. Unlike Phagan, she is armed with a .45. Still, don't let her do all the 
    work, she is not that efficient. However, it means that you can not more easily
    deal with enemies attacking from behind while Lian keeps the ones in front 
    busy. Again, the fastest you deal with the enemies, the greater your chances
    are of making itout alive. Always give a hand to Kian and never leave her alone
    for too long. You will also get one checkpoint on the way, after you've climbed
    down some stairs. You will eventually get back to the very place where you
    started the level. There will be a few enemies wearing flak jackets waiting for
    you. Take them out and fallow Lian to the exit (objective completed).
    XV. Pharcom Warehouses                                                    <L15>
    - Find and interrogate Erikson 
    - Turn off power to electric fences
    - Locate and tag 3 viral carriers
    - Get to warehouse 76
    NOTE: This level is unique in that there are two factions fighting each other:
    Rhoemer's men in blue and men from PHARCOM in grey. If they see you, they won't
    necessarily attack you. They will fight the closest target to them. Besides, in
    those combat zones, enemies will respawn forever. Don't try to take them all
    out, since it is impossible. The chaos should instead provide you a lot of 
    openings for moving to your destinations.
    When the mission stars, go forward. Erikson's office is located on your right,
    and a low slopping roof on which you can climb will enable you to reach it. 
    Enter through the window and there will be a cutscene (objective completed/
    checkpoint). Before you get out, make sure you take the viral scanner from the
    item box.
    + Hint: M-79 +
    To the left of the alley where you started the level is a building inside which
    there are a few of PHARCOM's soldiers. You can enter this building through
    one of the large windows. Once inside, turn left and climb on the boxes. Break
    the window and climb on the roof. There is a box with a M-79 right in front of
    Back to main guide
    Leave Erikson's office and go straight ahead. On your right, past the two 
    enemies firing from the roof, there is an opening in which you can climb. When 
    you reach the last room, take out your viral scanner and look around (press 
    either Square or R1). Find the body and tag it (press Triangle while you are
    above it) (checkpoint).
    Break the window and get out. There are a few enemies on the roof and other on
    the ground firing at each other. You might one to take out a few before you 
    actually get out the building. Once you reach the ground, run away and take
    cover behind the large blue containers. Go at the back of this areay and 
    located warehouse 38 (the number is written on a small piece of wood over the
    door). To the left of that door (which is locked), a small roof similar to the
    one which gave you access to Erikson will allow you to reach a window. Destroy
    it and climb inside the warehouse. Use your viral scanner and locate the second
    infected body. Tag it (checkpoint).
    To get out from the warehous, shoot on the barrels that block the main door.
    The explosion will break it open. When you are outside, go to warehouse 36 (you
    can located it on your map also). Open the door and fallow the alley to
    warehouse 36. Shoot the barrels in the corner in order to reveal a hole to an
    underground tunnel. Turn right and fallow it until you get back outside.
    To your left is an electrified fence behind which are some of PHARCOM's men.
    Before you can do anything, you need Rhoemer's men to keep them busy. For an
    odd reason, the only way to have them come in is to go inside warehouse 45, to
    the right of the fence. They will come in shortly. Get back outside and climb
    on the large blue container in the middle of the area. There is a wire above
    your head that you can grab in order to cross over to a cornice over warehouse
    45. The fightings beneath you should keep you safe while you cross. You will 
    find on the cornice a power switch that will cut the power to all fences in
    the level (objective completed/checkpoint).
    Go to the left end of the cornice and climb down on the other side of the
    fence. When you reach the ground, go to the right of the building so that you
    don't run through the firefight. In the back is warehouse 69. To the right of
    the door (which is locked), there is a window that you can reach to get in.
    Once inside, be ready because three enemies will come out of nowhere when you
    touch the ground. One of them is armed with grenades and they are all wearing
    flak jackets. Kill them all and take out your viral scanner to locate the last
    body. Tag it (objective completed/checkpoint) and fire on the barrels to get
    Come back all the way to the tunnel (now that the power has been cut, you can
    kick open a gate in the fence). Fallow the tunnel until you reach a fence.
    Open it and turn right. Open the next fence and fallow this tunnel. There will
    be a few of Rhoemer's men fighting PHARCOM soldiers. Rhoemer's man are equiped
    with flak jacket so take them out first. Take the tunnel on your right after
    that, which will lead you back outside. There is one last of Phagan's men there
    who is also wearing a flak jacket. He hasn't seen you yet, so take him out
    quickly. Go left and climb on the roof and inside the building.
    XVI. Warehouse Elite Guards                                               <L16>
    - Locate and tag 3 viral carriers
    - Get to warehouse 76
    NOTE: There are no more confrontation between Rhoemer's and Phagan's men. 
    Moreover, all enemies from now on and until the end of the game will be wearing
    flak jackets (except for a few rare cases). Make sure that you are comfortable
    with headshots because you will need to use them a lot.
    First, climb down in the hole in the floor and find your way out the building.
    Enemies will fire at you from the roof behind you. Take them out and take your
    left. Go towards the warehouse on your right and eliminate the guard in it.
    Another guard is patrolling to the right of that warehouse. There is a way out
    at the back of the warehouse. Take it and when you get outside again, take out
    the enemy on your right. Find a pile of boxes on your left and use it to climb
    on the roof. Then you'll see a window on your right and through it you'll see
    two enemies inside the warehouse. Snipe them and enter the building. Use your
    viral scanner to locate the first body and tag it (press Triangle - 
    Exit the warehouse through the main gate and go left. To the right of the
    building you see in front of you are two enemies. Kill them and advance in 
    their direction. When you reach the end, the warehouse 74 will be on your
    right. Enter it but as soon as you do, two guards will block your exit and
    attack you. Take them out and use your viral scanner again to locate the second
    body. Tag it (checkpoint). You will also find a box containing a Biz-2 in a
    corner of the warehouse (you should really grab it especially if you don't
    already have it or if you are running out of ammo). 
    + Hint: M-79 +
    Exit warehouse 74 and look to its right. You should see a pile of boxes. Climb
    on it and on the roof. This you will be able to cross over the fence that was
    on the left of the warehouse. When you touch the ground, two enemies will 
    attack from the other side of the fence (where you were). Deal with them and
    locate the box with the M-79. Use the same process to come back.
    Back to main guide
    Exit warehouse 74 and to left, towards the large building in the center. There
    will be an enemy behind a fence on your right, so watch out. Deal with him and
    enter the said building. There will be a guard on the first floor. Take him out
    and climb to where he was. Climb on the boxes to reach the roof. Be aware now
    because two guards will attack you from the opposite building. You have almost
    no place to take cover so you have to take them out quickly. You can use your
    M-79 if you got one. There is a wooden beam that links the two building 
    together. Use it to cross over to where the enemies were standing.
    Climb down on the lower roof and go right. Climb down again when you reach the
    end. Two enemies will attack from the tunnel entrance on your left. Take them
    out and don't forget to scan around using you viral scanner. Tag the last body
    (objective completed/checkpoint).
    Enter the tunnel and beware of the numerous enemies that you will encounter.
    Turn left when you can and take the first tunnel left (there is no point going
    ahead, you'll just come across more enemies). Fallow that tunnel until you 
    reach its end and then take left. When you come out, run fast to the entrance
    of warehouse 76 and ignore the enemies that are on the roofs around you. They
    will throw grenades at you so you must reach warehouse 76 in a haste (obejctive
    XVII. Warehouse 76                                                        <L17>
    - Get to freight elevator 
    NOTE: You have a 15-minute time limit to complete this level. This is more than
    enough. It would be very surprising that you run out of time even if you take
    your time to explore the level. Beware of the barrels scattered around that
    will explose more easily if they are shot (one shot instead of two is needed).
    All enemies wear flak jackets.
    Go inside warehouse 76 while staying away from the flames. Take your right and
    eliminate the enemy on the container in front. Come closer to that container
    and climb on the boxes to reach its top. You will be attacked from behind.
    You can shoot the barrels near him to get rid of him. Look to your right and
    you'll see a hole in the wall. Roll through it. Go to the other end of the
    container and climb down on your right. A pile of boxes in front of you will
    allow you to reach a catwalk above. Run to the other end of if without stopping
    because parts of it will collapse as you walk on them. An enemy is also 
    standing at the end of the catwalk but he is the only one not wearing a flak
    jacket so you can take him out more easily.
    Press X and drop down on the floor. Keep going and turn right when you can.
    You will then recieve a radio call from Lian (checkpoint). Keep going ahead
    until an enemy on fire runs towards you. Wait for him to die and climb on the
    boxes on your right. Go around the flames and climb down. An enemy will be
    waiting for you there, so take him out before you actually climb down.
    + Hint: M-79 +
    Turn left and climb on the boxes in front, then on the container. Grab the
    catwalk above and take it to your right. When you reach the next room, an enemy
    will attack you. Shoot him down and find your way to the ground. In the far
    corner you will find two boxes with M-79 ammunition. Climb on the boxes to come
    back on the container.
    Back to main guide
    Take your left, then left again. As you approach the container in front, three
    enemies will drop down from it. Shoot the barrels behind them to take them all
    out at once. 
    + Hint: M-79 (bis)+
    To the right of where the last group of enemies dropped town, you will see a 
    small passage. At the end of is a hole in the wall through which you can roll.
    Once on the other side, climb on the container by first climbing on the boxes
    to its right. On the catwalk above will be an enemy. Take him out and climb on
    that catwalk. Turn left (the right part will collapse if you run on it) and
    get the M-79 from the box there.
    Back to main guide
    An enemy will be on your right. Kill him, but go left instead. Climb on the
    boxes right in front of you and then on the container. Locate the gap in the
    wall on your left and roll under it. You will land inside a room where two 
    guards are waiting: one on the ground and the second on the catwalk. Use the 
    boxes around for cover and deal with them. Under the catwalk is a higher pile
    of boxes. Climb on it in order to reach the catwalk. Run along it as parts of
    it will collapse (do not stop). This time however you will have to change 
    direction as the catwalk makes a 90° left. Use L2 to strafe left instead of
    turning using the D-pad. When you reach the end of the catwalk, drop down on
    the floor and locate the control pannel of the freight elevator. It is located
    on the left side of the hole but flames will make it harder to see. Shoot it
    and it'll call the elevator to you. Climb on it and press Triangle (objective
    XVIII. Silo Access Tunnel                                                 <L18>
    - Find missile silo
    NOTE: Again, all enemies are equiped with flak jackets.
    As soon as the level starts, three enemies will run at you. Take cover behind
    an obstacle and take them out. Advance in the tunnel until you reach a small 
    bridge that crosses over a hole. On the other side, two guards are waiting for 
    you, one of which is on top of boxes. The one on the ground will throw grenades
    at you as soon as he sees you. In order to avoid the blast, run at him even
    though it seems like a suicidal move. You might get dammage doing so, but you
    should survive. Beside, you will get a break while the grenade guy changes 
    weapon. Try shooting them in the head so that you can collect their flak
    jackets afterwards. Keep going until you reach lasers blocking your way and you
    will recieve a call from Lian.
    Objective added:
    - Shut down power room
    There is another tunnel on your right. Enter it and you will see an enemy who
    will run away. Go after him and you will see him hide under the first bridge.
    That is the way out you will have to use as well.
    + Hint: K3G4 +
    Before you go down, keep fallowing the tunnel you are in. You will come across
    a second small bridge and an enemy will toss a grenade at you (he is alone
    though). Take him out and keep going until you reach another set of lasers.
    Take out your flashlight and look to your right. You will see a box which
    contains a K3G4.
    Back to main guide
    When you reach the bottom, fallow the tunnel. You will come across a few 
    enemies who will run away. Run after them, but stay alert because at some point
    they will turn around and face you. The last enemies will also throw grenades.
    When you reach a dead end, look up. A guard will throw grenades from above.
    Take him down quickly. There is a high pile of boxes near you. Climb on it to
    reach the higher level.
    Once you get there, you will be again attacked by enemies located behind the
    lasers. Keeo going in the opposite direction. Eliminate the guard behind the
    small bridge. You will reach a larger area. There is a small elevator in the
    center but it is out of order. After you've tried the elevator and its
    activation pannel (located just nearby), you will recieve a tranmission from
    Objective added:
    - Reroute power to elevator
    To the right of the elevator control pannel is a pile of small boxes. Climb on
    it and you will reach a smaller tunnel with red light. At the end of it is the
    eletric pannel you will need to turn on (objective completed). When you come
    back to the elevator area, enemies will attack you from the below. On of them
    will throw grenades at you, so it might be a good time to take out your M-79.
    If you don't have one, you must take them out from above there. The thing is 
    you are trapped in that small space and can't really go anywhere. Also, don't
    try to come down or the enemies will have time to kill you 10 times before you
    reaches the bottom. Start off by eliminating the grenade enemy. If you are
    overwhelmed, you can always fall back inside the tunnel. When the area is
    cleared, climb back down and a fourth enemy will burst in. Deal with him.
    + Hint: M-79 +
    Near the elevator is a large pile of boxes on which you can climb. From there
    you will be able to grab a metal beam. Shimmy across to the other side and then
    climb on the beam. You will be able then to reach small alcove inside which you
    will find a box with a M-79 inside (turn on your flashlight to located it).
    When you come back, two enemies will attack you from below. 
    Back to main guide
    Reactive the elevator by first turning on its control pannel. Take the elevator
    down and enter the new tunnel. Be on your guards as you will come across three
    enemies. They are walking away from you but when they hear you they will turn
    around and fight. Fight them back and keep going when they are down. When you
    reaches some kind of crossing, three additionnal enemies will come from your
    right. Try taking them out before they can acknowledge you. And keep going in
    the direction they were coming from. When you reach the end of the tunnel, call
    the elevator by using its switch on the right wall. Go up.
    You will see a second elevator in front but there is no point to using it. 
    Instead, turn around and walk in the opposite direction. When you reach a
    crossing, turn right and take the catwalk. If you go to far left, you will
    trigger cave-ins which will force you to go right whatsoever. After you've
    crossed two bridges, you will meet another three-enemy group. Beware because
    they will be crouch-walking. This will make their shots more accurate and make
    them smaller targets. You will finally end up in the control room. Locate
    the three consoles and override them (press Triangle - objective completed).
    XIX. Tunnel Blackout                                                      <L19>
    - Find missile silo
    The control room is now completely destroyed and fire prevents you from exiting
    the same way you came in. The large hole in the center is your only way out. To
    its right, you will see a bent red metal beam forming a reversed "L". Grab it
    and moce over the hole. Locate a second beam below you and drop on it. Repeat
    until you get to the bottom (checkpoint).
    Take out your flashlight and you will see two boxes on your right. On contains
    a nightvision rifle and the other a flak jacket. The nightvision will be very
    useful throughout the entire level which is pitch black. 
    + Hint: Viral scanner +
    There might not be any more bodies to locate, but the viral scanner might be
    a very useful tool in this level. The nightvision rifle is great to spot
    enemies, but it won't reveal the terrain. As for the flashlight, it'll warn the
    enemies of your presence. The viral scanner on the other hand works great in
    the dark: you'll be able to see the enemies as well as the environment fairly
    clearly without any fear of being spotted because of it.
    Back to main guide
    Use the nightvision to take out the first enemies on your way. They are
    generally far enough from each other so that you will come across them one at
    the time. There are a total of seven guards for this first part and only the
    last two will be together. When you have taken them all out, advance carefully
    until you reach a pit. Down in it you'll see another guard. Eliminate him and
    grab the edge and drop down.
    Go to your right and you will soon see an enemy standing on a platform above.
    Snipe him down and climb to that same platform. From there you can grab another
    platform above, and then a beam and finally the upper level. Immediately take
    out your nightvision rifle and eliminate the two enemies walking ahead. To your
    right is a box with ammunitions for your rifle.
    Fallow that tunnel up to a crossing. An enemy will be standing beside a
    catwalk. Take him down and cross the pit using that same catwalk. You will
    come across two more of those bridges, so make sure you don't miss them. A
    guard will be standing near each pit. You will soon encounter a group of three
    enemies standing still. There is a fourt guard up in an alcove left of them.
    Take them all out and advance up to the silo elevator.
    XX. Missile Silo                                                          <L20>
    - Retrieve missile destruct code
    - Access missile command computer
    NOTE: All enemies in this level wear flak jackets.
    Although you don't see any countdown on your screen, you have limited time to
    complete your first objective. A few mintes at best. When you start hearing a
    countdown in Russian, that means you have only ten seconds left. Without
    loosing any time, rush to the other side of the silo while ignoring the enemies
    firing from below. There is only one guard on your level and he will try to 
    throw a grenade at you. Take him down and call to elevator up using the switch
    on the right. Take it down and go to the left of the missile. You will see two
    beams one above the other connected to the missile itself. Climb up to the
    higher and come closer to the missile. Press Triangle to acquire the
    destruct code (objective completed/checkpoint).
    After the cut scene, run to your right and take cover behind the blast door
    which is closing (you might have to roll under it). From there, you have 3
    minutes in order to complete the second objective. As soon as the door opens,
    go towards the elevator on the opposite side of the silo. Use the switch on the
    right to get it down to you and ride it up. Fallow that corridor up to the
    first control room while dealing with the enemies on the way (one of them will
    come from behind).
    When you get to the controle room, a guard will attack you. There are two 
    scientists there as well as a second guard on the opposite side of the room,
    near a locked door. One of the scientist as the keycard that will unlock it.
    Kill any threats and collect the keycard. Open the door and keep going. You 
    will then get to the computer room. A guard will pass before you. Take him out
    and enter the room. Four guards will attack you from two galleries on your
    left. If you have enough time left (I would say at least one minute), you 
    should take them out, especially the ones in the right gallery. The computer
    you must access is located in the back of the room, in the middle. Press
    Triangle once in front of it (objective completed/checkpoint).
    Objective added:
    - Eliminate Rhoemer
    * Enemy: Erich Rhoemer *
    Although it doesn't seem like he is wearing any body armor, Rhoemer can't be
    defeated using any weapons you currently have (including explosives). Rhoemer
    is armed with a M-79 and will fire almost as soon as he sees you. When the cut
    scene ends, immediatly run to that gallery where there were guards earlier (and
    there might still be some if you haven't killed them before). You'll cross
    Rhoemer doing so, but this way you will avoid his grenades. Climb to the
    gallery. If you didn't take out the guards earlier, do so quickly now (use the
    K3G4 if you have one). If you stay close to the back wall on the gallery, you
    will be protected from Rhoemer's grenades. In a corner near you, you will find
    a box containing gas grenades. These are the only weapon that will be effective
    against Rhoemer. Locate Rhoemer on your radar and throw a grenade just behind
    him. He will try to run away but will get cought in the cloud of gas (objective
                                 End of the game
    I. FAQ (Frenquently asked questions     <FAQ>
    Q: How can a beat this part of the game?
    A: I've said everything you need in this guide. You should take the time to get
       familiar with the environment of each level. Sometimes, people will walk on
       the solution without noticing.
    Q: Is there a multiplayer mode?
    A: No there are no multiplayer mode. There is one in the two sequels, e.i.
       Syphon Filter 2 and Syphon Filter 3.
    Q: Why do I sometime come across an enemy that you did not talked about in your
    A: This is most likely to happen. Sometimes, only a small detail in your
       previous actions (the order in which you go to some areas for instance) will
       trigger the enemies differently. If you fallow the precisely the steps I
       that I describe, you should meet the same condition I did. If it is not the
       case whatsoever, you shouldn't have to much difficulties getting through
       those unpredictable situations.
    Q: I have a better strategy for this mission/this part than the one that you
    A: I don't pretend to hold the truth or the best strategies in the world. The
       ones I describe above are the ones I developped while I played and the ones
       I still use. I have tried to establish the simplest strategies, but if you
       have better ideas, feel free to let me know through email or on the forums
       of All On Syphon Filter (http://www.syphon-filter.net/en/boards).
    Q: I've spotted a spelling/grammar mistake in your guide.
    A: I did not really make any revision of what I wrote and besides, English is
       not my first language. I still find a few mistakes myself and try to correct
       them as I go. If you feel annoyed by those mistakes, please tell me and I'll
       correct them as soon as possible.
    J. Cheats   <CHE>
    This is a list of all cheat codes that are available in Syphon Filter. They do
    not include codes obtained using any cheating device such as GameShark or 
    Action Replay.
    Unlock All Levels
    During a mission, pause the game. Select "Options" and highlight "Select 
    Level". Then simultaneously press Left + R1 + L1 + Select + Square + X.
    During the game, press Start. Select "Options" and highlight "Select level".
    Then simultaneously press L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 + Square + Circle + X.
    All Weapons and inifinite ammo
    (NOTE: Only the weapons that can be find in the current level will be
    During the game, press Start. Highlight "Weapons" and simultaneously press
    Right + L2 + R2 + Circle + Square + X.
    During the game, press Start. Highlight "Weapons" and simultaneously press 
    Select + L1 + L2 + R2 + Circle + X.
    9mm Super-ammo
    During a mission, pause the game. Select "Weapons" and highlight the weapon
    "Silenced 9mm". Then simultaneously press Left + L1 + R2 + Select + Square + X.
    If you entered the code correctly, Gabe will say "understood". 
    Code is NOT available for the PAL version of the game.
    Weak enemies
    During the game, press Start. Highlight "Map" and simultaneously press Right +
    L2 + R1 + X. If you entenred the code correctly, you'll hear Girdeux's laugh.
    During a mission, pause the game. Highlight "Map" and simultaneously press
    Right + L1 + R1 + R2 + Circle + X.
    See all FMV sequences
    In the first mission (Georgia Streets), go out through the window of the bar
    in the alley (where you would find the elevator to the subway security 
    controls). Go on the street where CBDC are fighting terrorists. In front of you
    there is a theater. Go the its doors and enter the Weak enemy code (which is
    Right + L2 + R1 + X while highlighting "Map"). When you come back to the game,
    you will be inside the theater. Go the to red curtains and all video sequences
    will play in a row. Press X to skip to the next seen or Start to leave.
    Fallow the same procedure, except that to code you must enter is L2 + R2 +
    Select + Square + X (while highlighting "Map").
    Hard mode
    On the start screen, highlight "New Game" and simultaneously press Left + L1 +
    R2 + Select + Square + Circle + X. If you entered the code correctly, you will
    hear Gabe say "dammit".
    On the start screen, hightlight "New Game". Press simultaneously on L1 + L2 +
    R2 + Circle + Square + X.
    *** All these codes have been tested and are certified to work.***
    K. Miscellaneous    <MIS>
    Easter Eggs
    - "Lian ??"
      In the level Base Escape, if you shoot on one of the fuel tanks (not enough
      to blow it), you will hear a warning message from Lian... wait, didn't she
      just gest kidnapped in the previous level??
    Hints and advices
    - Survive when you catch on fire
      Normally it is a certain death. However, press Start quickly after you've
      catched on fire. When you come back, you should have lost a little Armor, but
      still be alive.
    - Move!
      That might seem obvious, yet a lot of players forget it. When surrounded by
      enemies or when you find yourself in a any situation where you seem 
      outnumbered, move as much as possible. A still target is a dead target. You
      will get far less dammage if you move. Rolling is also a great tool since
      Gabe will never get hit while performing the roll.
    - Kneel
      This is something almost nobody think of doing, but if you press X and kneel,
      you will get a lot more accuracy. Notice how your target metter gets full a
      a lot faster than when you stand up. This is something do use especially 
      against targets that are far away.
    L. Conclusion     <CON>
    Well I hope that this guide as answered some of your questions and helped you
    when you needed. For any questions or commentaries, please contact me at
    gabe_logan2_a_hotmail.com (replace _a_ with @).
    You can also visit the All On Syphon Filter boards to ask your questions or 
    share your impressions on this game (http://www.syphon-filter.net/en/boards/).
    M. Credits & thanks     <CRE>
    Walkthrough entirely written by Vincent L. Pratte aka Gabe Logan aka Gabe
    Email: gabe_logan2_a_hotmail.com (replace _a_ with @)
    Walkthrough hosted by All On Syphon Filter
    Other websites authorized to publish this guide:
    GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
    SuperCheats (http://www.supercheats.com)
    (c) Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. 
    Any reproduction, total or partial, of this document is forbidden without the
    explicit content of its author.

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