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    Tower of Druaga FAQ by SolidSnake316

    Version: 3.25 | Updated: 01/06/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tales of Destiny
    Tower of Druaga FAQ
    Version 3.25
    Author: SolidSnake316
    E-Mail: LHEkewl2012@aol.com
    ICQ: 59738955
    Version 1.0  7/14/01 - Initial release 
    - Started on the floors that I know are accurate but a few incomplete floors 
    - Began enemy list.
    Version 1.5  7/28/01 
    - Sorry for a lack of updates, I was away on vacation the day after I wrote 
    my FAQ  ^_^
    - Fixed some typos.
    - Added a little more information on rod locations.
    - Added one more preparation to the list.
    - Completed some floors.
    - Added Credits section.
    Version 2.0  8/11/01
    - Completed more floors.
    - Fixed a few grammar mistakes.
    - Fixed even more errors.  
    Version 2.5  8/15/01
    - Fixed more rampaging typos and grammatical errors.
    - Added Items Section.
    - Completed more floors.
    - Added Table of Contents for easy navigation. ^_^
    Version 2.75 8/17/01
    - Fixed more dangerous typos and grammatical errors. (Man do I suck at this 
    or what?)
    Version 3.0 1/5/02
    - Fixed more deadly mistakes and typos. (Can't get enough of these in my 
    works ^_^ )
    - BC Rod is finally found thanks to the help of ClesStahnRiDio and the 
    confirmation by KatanaSoul.
    - Floor 58-60 Completed.
    Version 3.25 1/6/02
    - Fixed version number and date. (D'oh!)
    Table of Contents
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Information about the tower
    3.  How/Where to get into the tower
    4.  Preparations
    5.  Tower of Druaga Walkthrough
    6.  Enemy List
    7.  Items Section
    8.  A way you can help
    9.  Notes
    10. Credits
    11. Disclaimer
    Welcome to my Tales of Destiny Tower of Druaga FAQ. I've decided to write 
    this FAQ because other Walkthrough/FAQs did not cover as much information on 
    the tower. Sometimes I would follow exactly what they write and I can never 
    get the item because of a mistake or two. So I've decided on a boring 
    Saturday to create an accurate FAQ on how to obtain the many items in the 
    tower. And besides who wants to read inaccurate FAQs anyway? And also this 
    FAQ can be the first one to be exclusively for the tower itself. Well anyways 
    onto the FAQ!
    Information about the tower:
    The tower of Druaga, in my opinion, is a 60-floor tower of doom! Why you say? 
    Well it's home to some of the cheapest enemies in the game. The rewards for 
    going through it is it's nice and powerful goodies but to obtain them is 
    easier said than done. Each level is the same but has a different layout. 
    Each floor has a treasure and to obtain it you must solve a puzzle associated 
    with each floor that was the same from Namco's original game, Tower of 
    Druaga. It may be simple or it may be very complex but the goodies are well 
    worth it. To reach the next floor you must obtain the key of the level and go 
    straight through the door. Easy, right? It would be if there weren't any 
    enemies around to make your life miserable. 
    How/Where to get into the tower:
    To get into the tower you must first find three rods: The RC, GC, BC rods. 
           The RC rod is inside the Swordian Lab. The lab is located northeast of 
    Armeida. The chest with the rod is near where the tombstone Stahn obtains 
    another Ougi is.
           The GC rod is in Cloudius. It is located in one the teleporters in the 
    left side of floor 4. Once you get inside Cloudius you MUST obtain the rod 
    before it is too late because later in the game you won't have a chance to go 
           The BC rod is in Walt's house in Harmetz. The BC rod is called 'Old 
    Cane' but you need to use a rune bottle or Philia's Identify ability to turn 
    it into the rod. 
           The tower is located in the area of Janos (that snow town in the 
    beginning of the game). Remember that temple where you met Mary with Rutee? 
    That's where the tower is. If you don't, exit Janos through the north way and 
    go to the right on the fork that you come across to. Keep running until you 
    come across a save point. Save your game here because the tower isn't going 
    to be an easy walk in the park. Once you have done that run north into the 
    temple. Once inside run up until you come across three altars. Place the 
    three rods on them to open up the entrance. Once open, step inside and meet 
    your doom!
    This is the hardest dungeon in the game so you might want to come in prepared 
    for what lies ahead of you.
    1. Have a FULL supply of every Gel, Life Bottle, P. Bottle, etc...
    2. I recommend at least level 55 with more or less 6000HP but some people 
    have done it with lower levels.
    3. Have Stahn equipped with the Phoenix skill.
    4. Have a non-elemental weapon for Stahn (Bahamut's Tear recommended).
    5. Have the best equipment you can find including the ones in Dycroft.
    6. If your bringing Philia along have her equipped with the Mystic Symbol so 
    she cast her spells quicker.
    7. Bring Chelsea along because her bow skills come in very handy especially 
    her Force Arrow.
    These things are vital to your survival. These alone have helped me tackle 
    the tower and will probably help you too ^_^.
    Tower of Druaga Walkthrough:
    Floor 1
    This has to be the simplest yet. The treasure is already here with no trouble 
    at all. 
    Item: W. Boots
    Floor 2
    Kill two black slimes.
    Item: Dash Ring
    Floor 3
    Kill a black knight and then a green slime or the other way around.
    Item: Life Bottle
    Floor 4
    Go to the door without the key and try as if you're opening it.
    Item: Paralysis Charm
    Floor 5
    Just kill a mage.
    Item: White Sword
    Floor 6
    Go to the lower right then walk to the upper right corner. Then run to the 
    lower left corner and walk up to the upper left corner.
    Item: Lantern 
    Floor 7
    Pick up the existing chest (Energy Bullet) and discard it in the inventory 
    menu. Then pick up the chest that appears.
    Item: Reverse Doll
    Floor 8
    Get hit by a mage's beam from both sides of the screen.
    Item: Lavender
    Floor 9
    Break a couple of walls in the north and south screens.
    Item: Dark Seal
    Floor 10
    Kill all the red slimes without getting hit by ANY beams. That means the 
    knight's beam and the slime's beams can't hit you.
    Item: Warrior Symbol
    Floor 11
    Move to the bottom of the screen and wait more or less 10 seconds.
    Item: Strengthen Disc
    Floor 12
    Open the door and lure the druid onto the stairs and then attack it.
    Item: Battlesuit
    Floor 13
    Touch the door without the key then kill all the enemies.
    Item: Red Line Shield
    2nd time through: Moon Sword
    Floor 14
    Walk for more or less 30 seconds without ANY encounters.
    Item: ?Jewel (Moonstone)
    Floor 15
    Defeat a Blue Knight.
    Item: ?Jewel (Emerald)
    Floor 16
    Kill the Mirror Knight on the left screen.
    Item: Hellfire Disc
    Floor 17
    Kill the blue slimes and the druids.
    Item: Reverse Doll
    Floor 18
    Walk clockwise around the floor twice.
    Item: Dragon Sword
    Floor 19
    Kill the Quox, open the door, and then get the chest.
    Item: Thinking Cap
    Floor 20
    Open the door without any enemy encounters.
    Item: Elixir
    Floor 21
    Stand still for more or less ten seconds then move to another spot and wait 
    another 10 seconds. Make sure you are in a spot where enemies are not close 
    Item: Resist Ring
    Floor 22
    Lure the Quox to the upper left corner of the floor and stay there to fight 
    Item: Dark Seal
    Floor 23
    Kill a wizard, then slime, then a wizard.
    Item: Thunder Disc
    Floor 24
    When you arrive stand still and wait for an enemy to attack you.
    Item: Blessing Disc
    Floor 25
    As far as what other people say there seems to be no chest on this floor.
    Item: Nothing
    Floor 26
    Get the key and fight a druid within 30 seconds or you won't get the chest.
    Item: Hyper Gauntlet
    Floor 27
    Break 10 walls.
    Item: ?Jewel (Ruby)
    Floor 28
    Lure and fight the green roper on the stairs.
    Item: Elven Cape
    Floor 29
    Walk clock-wise around the room. You will only get the chest if you have not 
    gotten the combo command at the arena. If you have it already from the arena 
    then there is no chest.
    Item: Combo Command
    Floor 30
    Stand from where you start and wait till 3 enemies fight you.
    Item: Blue Talisman
    Floor 31
    Kill all slimes and will o' wisps.
    Item: Mind Ring
    Floor 32
    Lure Quox into breaking 5 walls.
    Item: Demon Arrow Disc
    Floor 33
    Drop Stahn's HP to critical state.
    Item: Blue Line Shield 
    Floor 34
    Kill one mirror knight.
    Item: ?Jewel (Sapphire)
    Floor 35
    Kill 2 green ropers.
    Item: ?Jewel (Topaz)
    Floor 36
    Kill 4 wizards without getting hit by any beams.
    Item: Princess Cape
    Floor 37
    Upon entering the floor, do not break any walls. Pick up the key, open the 
    door, and then destroy a wall.
    Item: Megalith Disc
    Floor 38
    Kill 2 will o' wisps.
    Item: GC Rod.
    Floor 39
    Floor 40
    Kill all Lizard men and mages then kill the ropers.
    Item: Demon Seal
    Floor 41
    Defeat Quox first.
    Item: Stone
    Floor 42
    Kill a red will o' wisp, then grab the key, then kill another red will o' 
    Item: Star Mace
    Floor 43
    Floor 44
    Kill the wizard, sorcerer, mage, then the druid in that order.
    Item: Magical Ribbon
    Floor 45
    There will already be a chest here but do not open it. First kill the Lizard 
    man, hyper knight, mirror knight, Black and then blue knights. Leave the Red 
    one alone. Open the new chest and there will be a flash. Now open the 
    original chest and receive your reward.
    Item: Excaliber
    Floor 46
    Go to each corner of the floor and come back to the first corner you started 
    Item: Aqua Cape
    2nd time through: SW500490
    Floor 47
    Kill a red roper.
    Item: Rabbit Foot
    Floor 48
    Stay in each corner of the floor for more or less 10 seconds.
    Item: RC Rod
    Floor 49
    Touch the door without the key then kill a wizard.
    Item: Magical Rouge
    Floor 50 
    Walk to the north of the floor, walk to the south, walk to the east, and to 
    the west.
    Item: Emerald Ring
    Floor 51 
    Floor 52
    Break all vertical walls.
    Item: Gold Armor
    Floor 53
    Floor 54
    Use any healing item or magic on Stahn.
    Item: Moon Crystal
    Floor 55
    There are no chests on this floor. 
    Item: Nothing
    Floor 56
    There are no items to collect here.
    Item: Nothing
    Floor 57
    Touch the door without the key. Then look for a woman in the floor and defeat 
    her. After defeating her go kill a Lizard man.
    Item: Berserker Bow
    Floor 58
    You cannot get in any battles in this floor. First, you must destroy EVERY 
    breakable wall. Now go to the TOP of the screen, and walk, not run, down the 
    middle aisle. You CANNOT get into any battles, and if you see an enemy in the 
    way, start over. After you do that, kill the Red Knight.
    Item: BC Rod
    Floor 59
    This is it the showdown with the last boss of the dungeon, Druaga! Before you 
    try to kick his ass make sure you have ALL 3 rods or be prepared to have your 
    ass handed back to you because you can only damage him if you have all the 
    rods in your inventory. If you don't have all of them, get the key and open 
    the door to be "zapped" back to the lower floors (sometimes floor 38) to get 
    the rods that you have missed. If you have the rods here is what you do, kill 
    a hyper knight and a wizard. When this is done a Quox will appear (EQUIP A 
    NON-ELEMENTAL WEAPON!). Kill it and a new monster will appear onscreen. Go 
    towards it and fight Druaga. Once he is defeated get the key and go to the 
    final floor.
    Item: Nothing
    Floor 60
    There are no battles to do on this floor so relax and take a breather. Talk 
    to the girl and place the 3 rods (by pressing X) on the bottom, middle, and 
    top of the screen.
    Item: Destroyer Disc
    Congratulations, you have made it past the hardest side quest in the game. Go 
    save your status and give yourself a pat in the back for a job well done. ^_^ 
    Now go through it again if you want to get duplicate items (Magical Ribbons 
    for the girls) or new items such as the strongest SW disc. ^_^
    Enemy List:
    This is a complete enemy list for the tower.
    Note: You get no Gald or Lens in the battles in the tower.
    Green Slime
    HP 2908
    TP  400 
    These guys are easy to defeat just whack them!
    Black Slime
    HP 3228
    TP  500
    A higher-level slime but still same old slime.
    Blue Knight
    HP 3400
    TP    0
    A low level knight. Not tough to beat.
    HP 2410
    TP  420
    You want to know why you need the Phoenix skill? It's because of scum like 
    him. These guys cast Cyclone continuously, which can totally mess up your 
    party. As soon as battle starts have Stahn thrust into a mage then 
    IMMEDIATELY do Phoenix. It should kill a few of them and interrupt their 
    spells giving you enough time to kill the remaining few. 
    HP 2728
    TP  520
    Use same tactics as above as these guys like to cast Explode.
    Black Knight
    HP 3728
    TP    0
    Higher level of the Blue Knight. Not very tough to deal with.
    Red Slime
    HP 3548
    TP  600
    Higher level of Slime but these guys like to cast fire magic usually 
    Mage Ghost
    HP 2508
    TP  500
    Back from the dead and ready to get even! Same as a Mage with slightly higher 
    HP and TP. Phoenix still works even though they fly. 
    HP 3048
    TP  620
    Use same tactics as if fighting a Mage. These guys like to cast Holy Wrath.
    Blue Slime
    HP 3868
    TP  700
    Higher level of slime. These guys like using ice magic.
    Druid Ghost
    HP 2868
    TP  620
    Same as Druid, use my mage tactics to have an easier time to beat them.
    HP 3368
    TP  720
    As always use the same Mage tactics on these guys. They like casting Air 
    Slash if I remember correctly.
    HP 4568
    TP    0 
    Now your probably thinking...why do I need a non-elemental weapon for Stahn? 
    Well it's because of this guy and a couple of other enemies. He absorbs all 
    elements and can only be beaten by non-elemental weapons. Bahamut's Tear is 
    the non-elemental weapon of choice for Stahn. If you so happened to run into 
    him without equipping a non-elemental weapon then during battle quickly equip 
    the kick attack skill on Stahn and repeatedly use it against him. It'll take 
    awhile to beat him with it though.
    Mirror Knight
    HP 4568
    TP    0
    A higher-level knight. Only difference is that they have more HP and have a 
    higher attack power.
    W. Ghost
    HP 3148
    TP  720
    Like always use the Mage tactic on them because they like to show no mercy.
    Will O' Wisp
    HP 4000
    TP  500
    These guys are nothing but they do cast some nasty spells.
    Hyper Knight
    HP 4368
    TP    0
    Same ole' knight. Like always they just have an increase in attack power and 
    Green Roper
    HP 4048
    TP  600
    These guys are nothing until they get hold of you. Once they have you in 
    their clutches they pound away on you like there's no tomorrow. If Stahn 
    happens to be paralyzed quickly recover him and immediately use Phoenix to 
    get out of a sticky situation.
    DG Slime
    HP 4188
    TP  800
    Same ole' slime. Only difference is a higher attack power and HP.
    Silver Dragon
    HP 4888
    TP    0
    I call him the brother of Quox. He has higher HP and is immune to Dymlos. 
    Equip Stahn with Bahamut's Tear if you want to lay waste on him. Again if you 
    encountered him with Dymlos equipped, equip the kick attack technique.
    Red Roper
    HP 4368
    TP  700
    Just like a green roper but has a higher attack power. Don't get TOO close to 
    Red Knight
    HP 5108
    TP    0
    The highest knight class. They have a much higher attack power and HP values 
    then other knights.
    Lizard Man
    HP 4688
    TP    0
    These guys absorb fire damage so Dymlos is a no-no. If you happen to have 
    Dymlos equipped have Rutee or Philia cast any water type spell. 
    DY Slime
    HP 4608
    TP  900
    The highest slime class. These guys have higher attack and HP values than 
    normal slimes.
    Blue Roper
    HP 4688
    TP  800
    These guys are badass if you're caught in their clutches. They have a higher 
    attack value than normal ropers. So don't get caught or prepare for the 
    biggest beating of your life!
    False Ishtar
    HP 15,000
    TP    850
    She's not a worthy opponent to fight near the end of the tower. The only 
    problem you'll have with her is if she petrifies you with her charm.
    HP ??,????
    TP    ???
    I knew I forgot to get his HP & TP values. D'oh! Anyways, for being the last 
    boss of the dungeon, he's a pushover. Have Rutee heal whenever possible and 
    with Philia just pound him with her spells. Mary, Bruiser, Chelsea, Garr 
    should use their specials on him while Stahn should use assassin or Phoenix.  
    Items Section:
    This section is for the description and stats of the items you obtain in the 
    tower. This list goes by the order of floors:
    Floor | Item             |  Type     |   Description/ Stats
    1      W. Boots           Item         This gets you out of the tower when 
                                           you use it. 
    2      Dash Ring          Accessory    This ring lets you dash anytime.
    3      Life Bottle        Item         This item revives one party member.
    4      Paralysis Charm    Accessory    This protects a member from 
    5      White Sword        Weapon 
    	 Slash  620					Hit 30
    	 Thrust 600					Attribute: Light
    6      Lantern            Item         This item lets you view where the 
                                           locations of the boxes in warehouses 
                                           should be put.
    7&17   Reverse Doll       Accessory    Automatically revives you when your HP
                                           reaches 0.
    8      Lavender           Item         Strength up one point.
    9&22   Dark Seal          Accessory    Receive 150% more experience but this 
                                           disables the use of techniques.
    10     Warrior Symbol     Accessory    Increase strength by 10%
    11     Strengthen Disc    Disc 
           Slash   120				Defense 5			
           Thrust  85
    12     Battlesuit         Armor 
           Attack  10
           Defense 145
    13     Red Line Shield    Shield 
           Defense 15
           Evade   30
           Moon Sword         Weapon  
           Slash  680					Hit 10
    	 Thrust 680					Attribute: Light
    14     Moonstone          Accessory 
           Defense 20
    15     Emerald            Accessory
           Defense 10
           Hit     10
    16     Hellfire Disc      Disc 
           Slash  255
           Thrust 278
    18     Dragon Sword       Weapon   
           Slash  400					Hit 30
           Thrust 620					Attribute: Earth
    19     Thinking Cap       Helmet
           Defense 25
           Evade 20
    20     Elixir             Item         Fully restore HP and TP.
    21     Resist Ring        Accessory    Reduces magic damage by 10%.
    23     Thunder Spirit     Disc 
           Slash  85
           Thrust 85
    24     Blessing Disc      Disc 
           Slash  82					Defense 5
           Thrust 40
    25     Nothing
    26     Hyper Gauntlet     Hand  
           Defense 26
    27     Ruby               Accessory
           Defense 35
    28     Elven Cape         Accessory    Encounter rate 10% down
           Defense 8
           Evade 10
    29     Combo Command      Accessory    This makes all of Stahn's techniques 
                                           into Street Fighter like commands.
    30     Blue Talisman      Accessory    Increases defense by 10%.
    31     Mind Ring          Accessory    Restores TP by 1 after a certain 
                                           period of time.
    32     Demon Arrow        Disc
           Slash 165
           Thrust 155
    33     Blue Line Shield   Shield 
           Defense  25
           Evade 30
    34     Sapphire           Accessory 
           Defense 20
    35     Topaz              Accessory
           Defense 32
    36     Princess Cape      Accessory    Reduces fire damage by 50%.
           Defense 15
    37     Megalith Disc      Disc 
           Slash  460
           Thrust 460
    38     GC Rod             Weapon
           Attack  1					Hit 10
           Defense 10					Attribute: Wind
    39     Incomplete
    40     Demon Seal         Accessory    Doubles the experience earned but 
                                           makes defense 0 and disables special 
    41     Stone              Accessory    Makes a person immune to Tractor 
    42     Star Mace          Weapon
           Slash  680					Hit 10
           Thrust 680					Attribute: Light
    43     Incomplete
    44     Magical Ribbon     Helmet
           Defense 40
    45     Excaliber          Weapon
           Slash  820					Hit 50
           Thrust 820					Attribute: Light
    46     Aqua Cape          Accessory    Water and Wind damage reduced by 30%
           Defense 8 
           SW500490           Disc 
           Slash  500
           Thrust 490
    47	 Rabbit Foot        Accessory    Raises Luck.
    48     RC Rod             Weapon  
           Attack  1					Hit 10
           Defense 10					Attribute: Fire
    49     Magical Rouge      Item         Get 10% off prices in stores.
    50     Emerald Ring       Accessory    Special skills and spells cost 1/3
                                           of TP less. 
    51     Incomplete
    52	 Gold Armor         Armor
           Defense 200
    53     Incomplete
    54     Moon Crystal       Accessory    Maximum TP up 30%
    55&56  Nothing
    57     Berserker Bow      Weapon 
           Attack 450					Hit 95
    							Attribute: Fire
    58     BC Rod             Weapon
           Attack  1					Hit 10
           Defense 10					Attribute: Water
    59     Nothing
    60     Destroyer Disc     Disc
           Slash  415
           Thrust 415
    A way you can help:
    If anyone knows an accurate way of obtaining the treasure on any floors I 
    missed please feel free to drop me an e-mail in my mailbox. Also e-mail me if 
    you happen to find any errors (which sometimes are abundant ^_^) while 
    reading my FAQ.
    This is my first FAQ attempt so please don't flame me because you think it 
    sucks or you don't like its style and besides who's making you read it 
    anyways? Anyways if anyone has any questions, compliments, flames, about my 
    FAQ, again, drop me an e-mail.
    - To my best friend Patrick Forgione for information of various floors, 
    spelling and grammar errors, and giving me the idea of writing an FAQ. 
    Couldn't have done it without him ^_^   
    Pay a visit to his site at: www.angelfire.lycos.com/rpg/Gyven. His site has 
    information and FAQs on various Playstation 1&2 games.
    - GameFAQs.com for posting up my first FAQ. ^_^
    - ClesStahnRiDio for providing the info on how to get the BC Rod in Floor 58 
    and KatanaSoul for confirming this.
    - Me, for being such a cool guy to do this FAQ for you.
    - And You, the reader, for taking the time to read my lovely FAQ.
    This FAQ is for the sole purpose of helping anyone on the Tower of Druaga 
    side quest in Tales of Destiny. Please do not alter or sell this FAQ. 
    Tales of Destiny is developed and copyrighted by Namco.
    And the FAQ made by me, the one and only, SolidSnake316.

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