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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kamui

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/31/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.0 
    Copyright - Namco 1997
                Character design - Mutsumi Inomata
    Sony Playstation
    Made by Kamui
    E-mail: leo@inw.psi.br
    Updates -  Version 1.0 - Finished in January 30, 2004
               Version 0.9 - Finished in October 2, 2003
               First version - About March 2002
    1. Introduction
    2. Walkthrough of the Demo
    3. Character progression
    4. Demo to final game differences.
    5. Extras / Secrets
    6. Legal information / Thanks / Contact info
    1     -  -  INTRODUCTION
          Once upon a time, gamers only get to heard of new games on pressed 
    media, and play the game once it was released. But, this changed with the 
    advent of the CD media. Developers used that to show previews builds, 
    playable or not, of the games to create hype for the title and receive 
    feedback from the potential buyers. That gives the developer time to 
    correct some things, some for the good, others not. So these demos are a 
    living proof of the development of a certain title, which makes demo of 
    the games so valuable to certain persons.  
          Tales of Destiny was originally released in Japan, 1997. In 
    December 1998, Ridge Racer Type 4 was released with a 2 CD set. The first 
    one came with the game itself. The other come with many things of the 
    Ridge Racer series, it contained the original version of Ridge Racer 
    released for the PS (and a improved version, called Hyper Ridge Racer), 
    information about the Ridge Racer series and a section called NAMCO 
    CATALOGUE'98, that was collection of information of all Namco games 
    released in Japan at that time (much like the Square collection) and some 
    of this games included interactive material, such as the playable demo 
    from Tales of destiny.
          Once I began to play it, I realize that it wasn't an average demo. 
    For my surprise, the demo is deep, lengthy (+1h play) and come with some 
    surprises: new illustrations by Mutsumi Inomata and extra sequences that 
    was deleted from the final game.
          Others playable demos on the NAMCO CATALOGUE'98: Tekken 3, Libero 
    Grande and Klonoa. There is also a video preview of Ace Combat 3 and an 
    Art gallery of Dragon Valor. 
    2      -  -  DEMO WALKTHROUGH
          After you choose the game, a screen Tales of Destiny - Now Loading 
    will appear. And so the game will automatically begins.
          The game begins on the Draconis ship, just like the final game, and 
    you will see the entire introductory scene with Stahn "Country boy" 
    Aileron being discovered by the crew of the Draconis.
          And so, with the invasion of the monsters, until you get Dymlos. 
    After get Dymlos, you can fight and escape the ship, alive.....
          Enemy - Barbarian, Wyvern 
          PHANDARIA MOUNTAINS - After the escape from the Draconis, the game 
    will show you Garr "Sarcastic character" rescuing you from the ice field 
    near Alba's house (that doesn't appears on the final game!!!!). After 
    that you will leave Alba's house.  
          The next scene shows you talking with Mary "Amnesia + Muscles" and 
    entering the ruins from the ice field to rescue a friend that was trapped 
    inside a dungeon. Even Dymlos being against the idea, Stahn "Nice Guy" 
    decides to help someone in danger.
          SNOW TEMPLE - The dungeon is pretty straightforward, with few 
    places to go. This first part of the dungeon is exactly the same of the 
    final version, but the items dispositions are different. 
          The second part of the dungeon is virtually identical of the final 
    game. And so, you find Mary's friend Rutee "Greedy bitch" in a trap. 
    After rescuing Rutee "Ungrateful bitch", you have to face 3 imperial 
    Seinegald guards.
          Chests - 2 Wooden Shield, 1 Rapier, 3 APPLE GEL, 1 PINE GEL 
          Enemy - G. Slug, Sprite, 
          BOSS - 3 Guards      
          When you defeat the empire guards, you will reach the city of 
    Janos, and so, you will chat with Mary and Rutee in a bar, and know that 
    Rutee has a Swordian too. And so, they agreed to travel together. 
          The next morning, Rutee says that they will go to the town of 
    Harmentz for a work but before you depart, Stahn will hear a lecture of 
    the lens recycling system by the Oberon corporation and the role of lens 
    hunters (Mary and Rutee job). You can explore the town and buy items, and 
    such. From the edge of the city you can leave to the world map.
          From the city of Janos you can go north to the city of Harmentz, 
    that is your next destination, but you can also go to northwest to the 
    city of Darilshed or even go further north to the forest entrance to the 
    Straylize temple.
          You will eventually reach Harmentz. After you enter town, 
    automatically a cutscene with begin. You will enter the city and the 
    deliver the old cane to Walt and are allowed to stay the night on his 
    mansion. On the next morning....
          After you climb down the stairs, the guards of the Snow temple will 
    try to arrest you, but the team escapes the ambush. On the outside of the 
    mansion, a pack of Seinegald Soldiers will surround your team, and you 
    will have to fight your way. You will defeat them, of course...and so 
    Leon "Coldblooded child" Magnus, a knight from the Seinegald army, will 
    challenge Stahn and the others. 
          Even that you are way more powerful than Leon (very different from 
    the final version, when you don't last 30 seconds), you cannot defeat 
    him. So lose on purpose, otherwise the game doesn't advance. And so a 
    child alone can beat 3 Lens hunters with Swordians. You will be taken to 
    Darilshed, capital of the Seinegald Empire, to be judge by the king of 
          Enemies - 7 guards
          Boss - Leon
          The king will sentence you to death, but Hugo, the Oberon CEO, save 
    them and convince the king to send them to the Straylize temple, that's a 
    dangerous place. But, you won't be released freely; the guards put in you 
    a necklace that emits electric shocks on the wearer by remote control.
          Also, Leon will go with you to the Straylize temple.
          North of the city of Darilshed is the entrance of the Straylize 
    temple, and is a dense forest.
          You have to enter the forest to reach the Stralize temple, there is 
    some chests along the way. Be sure to grab them, because the enemies are 
    stronger than ever.
          Items - 2 Apple gel
          Before entering the On the Straylize temple, you will meet with a 
    girl turned to stone, meanwhile a monster is closing by...  
          BOSS - Barudeiosu
                 3 Skeletons 
          Stahn and the others get to take her from the petrified state and 
    know that she is a priestess, named Philia. Philia says about the Eye of 
    Atamoni. The Swordians explain to them about the eye menace, and Philia 
    goes with them, also there is a length text with a black screen. They say 
    about the Straylize temple, Philia and the Eye of Atamoni.  
          END OF THE DEMO
          The character progression of this demo is so cool because you can 
    get ridiculously strong on level 6 (!!!!!!), and you get most skills and 
    spells at level up. And so the demo show you abilities that you will only 
    have on the level 30 and near the end of the game.
          Level 1 - Majinken (Magic Missile)
                    Yourinjan (Kick attack)               
                    Koga Hazan (Tiger Blade)
          Level 2 - Hou! Tenku (Rising Phoenix)
          Level 3 - Mahou! Engiki ha (Fiery wave)
          Level 4 - Hou! Bakurengi (Hell Fire)
          Level 5 - Explode 
          MARY ARGENT
          Level 1 - Majinken (Power Missile)
                    Mojuken (Beast Blade) 
          Level 2 - Gouraiken (Double Blade)
          Level 3 - Shishi! Renkou 
          RUTEE KATRET
          Level 1 - Search Gald
                    Firsto Aido (First Aid)  
                    Ice Neddle
          Level 2 - Snipe Air
          Level 3 - Nurse               
          Level 4 - Thievery 
          Level 5 - Ice Wall
          LEON MAGNUS
          Level 1 - Majinken (Missile Sword)
                    Yurinjan (Kick Attack) 
                    Stone Break
          Level 2 - Pico Hammer
          Level 3 - Houriu enga don 
          Level 4 - Stone Wall
          The main motivation for me to write this FAQ is pointing out what 
    the demo has that the final game doesn't....
    - There is no opening movie or title screen.
    - The "NOW LOADING" screen doesn't exist on the final release.
          - In the menu screen the SAVE option are disabled. 
          - The character design that appears on the status screen for Stahn, 
    Mary, Rutee and Leon are different for the final game. There are 4 
    original portrait made by Mutsumi Inomata (one for each character, that 
    are from the TOD art book, that are advertised on the Namco collection) 
          - There are no save points on the game (which means that you can't 
    save on the demo).
          - The room on the Draconis where Dymlos is, are actually lit and 
    you can see all the extension of it.
          - The crate "puzzle" on the first room of the Draconis ship doesn't 
          - The dungeon on Phandaria plains, both from the rescue of Chelsea 
    and the road to Janus, don't exist on the demo. 
           - The skill tablet that is on the way to the Straylize temple 
    (Phoenix) isn't there.
           - When you arrive in the Staylize temple, the dungeon and the 
    crystal puzzle are nowhere to be found. 
          - The city of Janus is exactly the same as the final game.
          - The city of Harmentz are also exactly like the final game, but 
    you can only explore it after meeting with the Darilshed king. 
          - The city of Darilshed only consists in the King's room. If you 
    enter Darilshed before you enter Harmentz, you will appear on the King's 
    room and the guards will ask you to leave.
          - The town of Cresta and Armeida don't exist on the demo. 
          - On the battle, Rutee's Nurse is different. On the final game, the 
    nurses open first aids box in front of the party. On this version 
    thought, the nurses give the characters a shot on each character.
          - Much of the enemies in this game are recycled form the final game 
    but their enemies that don't appear normally in determined places.
          - The fight against Leon is very easy, almost too easy. But in the 
    final game you will be punished to death.
          - There are missing some frames of animations, mainly of the 
          - When the escape pod is falling down (Mode 7 scene), the 
    background is rotating but the ship doesn't. In the final game the ship 
    and background and the ship rotates in different direction.
          - Some backgrounds (old ruins and the desert) have serious polygon 
    breakup problems. 
          - When Stahn is being beating up in the Draconis, he doesn't 
    screams. But he does yell at the final hit.
          - The Harmetz theme is slightly different from the final release 
          WORLD MAP
          - From the city of Janus you can use any exit that you will get on 
    the world map.
          - Exploring the world map: there are only 4 locals to go that is 
    Darilshed, the forest entrance to the Straylize temple and the city of 
          - Cresta, the hometown of Rutee and Armeida, the last city before 
    the Straylize temple, don't exist in the demo.
          - On the beginning of the game in the final game, a member of the 
    Draconis tells Stahn to get IT from the basement; on the demo there is no 
    mention of this.
          - Dymlos doesn't mention the Aether's wars to Stahn, on the 
    beginning of the game.
          - The rescue of Chelsea doesn't exist on the demo. 
          - The passport issue on the city of Janos doesn't exist on the 
          - You meet with Mary in Phandaria plains, not in Janus. 
          - When you have to go to the city of Harmentz, to deliver the old 
    cane to Walt, but you never get the old cane as an item.
          - The scene with Stahn being punched by the Walt bodyguard is 
    absent from the demo.
          - The prison scene in Darilshed doesn't exist on the demo.
          - Stahn and the others go to the Straylize temple without much 
    explanation as have on the final game like the existence of the Eye of 
    Atamoni. There is only explaining about the shocking necklace.
          - The scene with Leon and Marian on the house of the Oberon CEO, 
    doesn't exists on the demo.
          - There is a scene just before entering the Straylize temple that 
    don't exist on the final game.
          - The boss fight in the Straylize temple doesn't exist in the final 
          - Some initial equipment (Mary, Leon) is different of the final 
          - On the city of Janus, you can buy some items and equipment, but 
    all this items is fairy inexpensive.
          - Some items in the treasures chests are different from the final 
          - All characters except Stahn are initially equipped with a 
    Chanelling stone, but can't use a multiplayer to control the characters 
          - You begin with a Food Sack S, but there is no food to put on the 
    Food Sack (very weird...)
          - You begin with a combo command, and you can't equip it on Stahn 
    (very, VERY weird....)
          - The Garr rescuing Stahn scene on the ice field near Alba's house 
    that doesn't appears on the final game.
          - Karyl cameo appearance!!!! If you go to the entrance of the 
    Straylize temple before you go to Harmetz to fight Leon, Karyl will tell 
    you to leave this place and don't return until the final game is 
    concluded. In the final game, Rutee will tell you to leave.  
          - The text on the end of the demo is nowhere to be found on the 
    final game.
    5     -  -  EXTRA / SECRETS
          A) Game information - Demo
          NAME: Ridge Racer Type 4  (SCPS 01800)
                                    (SCPS 01798) (Jogcon Version)
          PUBLISHER: Namco
          DEVELOPER: Namco
          RELEASE DATE: December, 1998
          PRICE: 5800 yen
                 7800 yen (Jogcon Version)
             Game information - Final version
          NAME: Tales of Destiny  (SCPS 1100)
                                  (SCPS 91111) (Playstation The Best)
          PUBLISHER: Namco
          DEVELOPER: Namco
          RELEASE DATE: December, 1997
          PRICE: 5800 yen
                 2800 yen (Playstation The Best)
          B) Other demos on the NAMCO COLLECTION'98
            1 - Libero Grande
            Status : PLAYABLE
            Arcade Opening : YES  
            Options : LIMITED
            Demo only features: No
            Already Released: YES
            On the Libero Grande demo, you can try the exibition mode and the 
    Challenge 9 mode. 
            In the exibition you can play a VS game with a second player and 
    1p/2p VS CPU. There is only two leaders to choose: Raimundo and Gaston, 
    and 4 teams to choose: Japan, Jamaica, Croatia and Argentina.  There is 
    only one match with the other captain and a random team.
            The Challenge 9 mode has 2 categories: Sidewinder and Hawk Eye.
            2 - Tekken 3
            Status: PLAYABLE
            Opening CG : YES
            Arcade CG : NO
            Arcade opening : LIMITED (there is no alternative opening)
            Options : NONE
            Demo only features: NO
            Already Released : YES
            There is only the arcade mode and only two fighters: Xiaoyu and 
    Eddy. You can fight against these 2 plus Lei and Paul.
            This is the funniest demo of all because this is for sure a build 
    of the final release: There is slowdown, texture warping and bad polygon 
    models and textures on almost all characters. But the gameplay was left 
    the same as the arcade version. 
            3 - Klonoa : Door to Phantomile
            Status: PLAYABLE
            Opening CG : YES
            Options : NONE
            Demo only features: YES
            Already Released : YES
            The Klonoa demo is a literal translation of the first world 
    (1-1, 1-2 and boss). All the voices was kept intact.
            There is a screen with the characters designs of Klonoa and 
    his friend and some text after you finished the demo.
            4 - Ace Combat 3
            Status: VIDEO ONLY (32 seconds)
            Opening CG : NO
            Options : NONE
            Demo only features: YES
            Already Released : NO
            The video of Ace Combat 3 is most fascinating because there is 
    hints of what the future release may became. The graphical engine was 
    already done. The video shows the city landscapes in hi-res and shows 
    the different angles of the airship. Also there is mention of the key 
    factors of the story of the game like: Nexus, sublimation, tele 
    existence, aero coffin, UPEO, Neucom, Ouroboros, United States of 
    Euro-Asia (I don't remember of this thing....) and most important: 
            The interesting part is that the game at the time of the 
    release of RR4 was called only Ace Combat 3, without Electrosphere 
    (the final release was called Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere); there is 
    no mention of it on the video or the NAMCO CATALOGUE'98. The expected 
    release date on the info was Winter 99.  
            5 - Dragon Valor
            Status: Illustrations 
            Opening CG : NO
            Options : NONE
            Demo only features: YES
            Already Released : NO
            There is 7 illustrations of the game: The first shows Clovis 
    with a sword, the second is the princess, 3 and 4 shows dragons, the 
    other 2 shows sketches of dragons, and the last one shows all the 
    dragons, Clovis and a chained princess. The expected release date on 
    the info is Spring 99.  
            C ) Next project / Released FAQ's.
            Serei Hata Rayblade (PS) - 30% completed
            Black/Matrix Cross (PS) - 20% completed 
            Generation of Chaos (PS2) - 10% completed
            Black/Matrix 2, Shaman King - Spirit of Shaman, Samurai Deeper 
    Kyo, Psychometrer Eiji, Cyberorg, Racing Lagoon, Digital Holmes, Maken 
    Shao, Project Minerva Professional, Makai Tensei, Guardian Angel, Beat 
    Mania 6 + core mix. 
            Mail me if you have any interest on these titles  
          - Others released FAQ's
            Akumajou Dracula - Castlevania Chronicle FAQ (PS)
            Biohazard Complete Disk FAQ (PS)
            Card Captor Sakura - Clow Card Magic FAQ / Walkthrough (PS)
            Houshinengi FAQ / Walkthrough (PS)
            Kaikan Phrase Datenshi Kourin FAQ / Walkthrough (PS)
            Tales of Destiny (demo) FAQ / Walkthrough (PS)
            Tales of Destiny 2 Title FAQ (PS)
            PUMP IT UP: the season evolution FAQ (ARCADE)
            PUMP IT UP: extra FAQ (ARCADE)
            Unlimited SaGa FAQ / Walkthrough (PS2)
          A) Legal Information
          This document is (C)?2002, 2004 Leonardo Lugarinho. All rights 
    reserved. Tales of Destiny is (C) 1997 Namco. All rights reserved. Ridge 
    Racer Type 4 is (C) 1998 Namco. All rights reserved. All other trademarks 
    is related on their respective owners. 
          This document can be freely distributed on this original, non-
    edited form and for non-profit uses ONLY. If you wish to put this 
    document on your homepage, send an E-mail first. 
          B) Thanks
          Many thanks to:
          My family
          My friends
          All the people that like the Tales series
          C) Contact info
          Questions, comments, suggestions....fell free to send me an E-mail 
    to leo@inw.psi.br with TOD-Demo as subject.  

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