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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Qu_Marsh

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 11/09/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         If you're looking for the Helraios 
                     password, just check the Frequently Asked
                               Questions section!
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     |_|  / / ____  | |  --   /_ -/    *@@*/-- --\
         / / | |_|\ | | ///\    \ \    ****\-- --/
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       \--\  \-/ \_/ \_/\___/\___/      **   | |
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                            %   TALES OF DESTINY  FAQ   %
                            %       Version 3.0         %
                            %    by Fritz Fraundorf     %
                            %     erggibbon@aol.com     %
                          The latest version of this FAQ is
                                available at GameFAQs:
    I. Revision History
    II. Frequently Asked Questions
    III. Walkthrough: Part One
      The Draconis
      Janos and Environs
      Journey to Straylize
      An Eye Tat Is Atamoni
      20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
      The Pirates
      You Spoony Bard!
      There's Something About Mary
      Lydon's Mysterious Dungeon
    IV. Walkthrough: Part Two
      Lilith Fair
      Split Decision
      Libra IV
      The Aethersphere
      Sky Cruiser
      Stahn Aileron and the Password of Doom
      I, Cloudius
      When Aetherians Attack!
      Swordian R&D
      Trash Mountain
      The Prototype Crystals
      In Which Stahn Kicks Butt
    V. Side Quests
      The Race
      Najasee's Game
      Mach Boy's Revenge
      Recruiting Bruiser
      The Tricycle
      The Trivia Quiz
      The Arena Revisited
      Blue Dragon
      Najabee's Game
      Tower of Druaga
      Hidden Houses
    VI. Items and Equipment
    VII. Abilities
      Sacred Skills
      Music Notes
    VIII. Playing the Game
      Battle System
      AI Functions  
      Joy of Channeling
      Combo Counter
    IX. Other Info
      Monster List
      Rune Bottle List
      Warehouse List
      Music List
    X. Credits / Disclaimer
    Version 3.0 (11/9/98):
     - Okay, this was pretty late in coming (the bonus dungeon
       was a lot harder than I thought), but it's here at last.
       If you haven't alreayd beaten the bonus dungeon, dust off
       your copy of ToD and check it out; it's really cool.
     - Added coverage of almost every side quest, except for the
       planting one (which I'll cover within a week). The Tower of
       Druaga info was mostly stolen from PSM, but I don't see how
       anybody could have figured out that stuff on their own...
     - Added the promised Warehouse List.
     - Revised walkthrough slightly.
     - Also, page 63 of the manual has a picture of Karyl using
       a technique called "Golden Voice".  I have yet to find
       the Score for this ability.  I assumed it would be in
       the bonus dungeon, but it wasn't.  I think I've covered
       the game pretty thoroughly, and I still have no clue
       where to get it.  Does anybody know how to get this
       elusive ability?
    Version 1.0 (10/24/98):
     - Completed walkthrough!  Yahoo!  All right!
     - Added Trivia Quiz side quest.
     - I still have a bunch of sub-quests (including the
       bonus dungeon) left to cover, which I'll get to in a
       future version... although I must say that after getting
       Pokémon, Tales has lost a lot of its appeal...
    Version 0.8 (10/15/98):
     - The Helraios code (it's actually Helraios and not Helios)
       is finally here!  You can find in the Frequently Asked
       Questions or in the appropriate walkthrough section.
     - Extended the walkthrough up through Helraios.
     - Realized I kept spelling Darilsheid wrong, and fixed it.
     - In the last update, I said that the enemy stats listed
       what element enemies absorb as their weakness... but now
       I'm not so sure; I've found a bunch of enemies where you
       *can* use the element listed on them.  On the other hand,
       I know for sure that there's some enemies that it *doesn't*
       work on -- the Kraaken, for example.  Anybody have any
       idea what it really means?  And how come some enemies says
       "Weakness:" and then have a blank spot, while others don't
       say "Weakness:" at all?
    Version 0.5 (10/10/98):
     - Extended walkthrough up to the end of the first half
       of the game, and a little bit beyond.  Still no Helios
       code, I'm afraid.  I promise I'll update as soon as I
       get it.
     - Added Najasee's Game and Mach Boy's Revenge side quests.
     - Added an early music list, as taken from the
       Sound Test option.
     - Added some info on Luck, courtesty of Stephen Tang.
     - I realized that there is a COLOSSAL mistake on the
       Inspect skill -- what it says the enemy's "Weakness"
       is actually its element, and using spells of that
       element on it will HEAL it.  So use the OPPOSITE
       element of what's listed on the Inspect screen or in
       the monster list.  I can't believe that Namco would
       make a mistake like this, but they did...
     - Also, I would like to ask that you wait until I'm
       finished with the FAQ before you send me any info that's
       not specifically requested in the FAQ.  I've been getting
       a lot of spoilers in the mail and I'd really appreciate it
       if they were marked as such.  Thanks!
    Version 0.3 (10/7/98):
     - Added 6 more segments of walkthrough, up through
       Moreau Castle.
     - Added the first two side quest (Tag! and The Race).
     - Explained the Combo Counter under Playing The Game
     - Added a Rune Bottle List
     - Added two more Frequently Asked Questions
    Version 0.1 (10/3/98):
     - First version!
     - Yeah, I know this is *real* early.  But I just wanted
       to post this version because a lot of people seemed
       to be having trouble with the battle mechanics.  If
       you are, just check out the Playing The Game section,
       which should answer all your questions ^_^.
    A. See the "AI Functions" section of Playing The Game.
       And, yes, you *can* control them.
    Q. How does the Swordian system work?
    A. See the "Swordians" section of Playing The Game.
    Q. Aren't the characters supposed to talk to each other
       on the world map?
    A. They did in the Japanese version, but, unfortunately,
       this feature was removed from the English release.
    Q. How do I get past the rubble in the Undersea Ruins?
    A. Use the Circle button to pull it out of the way.
    Q. What order do I push the buttons in in Moreau Castle?
    A. From left to right, 18273645. 
    Q. What's the password for Helraios?
    A. FATE.  But first put in GIFT and a chest with a
       Laser Blade will be in the next room.
    Q. Is it true that you can get Lilith in your party?
    A. You could in the Japanese version, but, unfortunately,
       she was taken out of the U.S. version (why, I have no
       idea).  Her voice clips are still there, though, so
       I would assume she's still in the game, just dummied
       out.  In other words, this means you can probably get
       her with a GameShark...
    Q. When people say things like "F12 -- Don't let the monkey
       spit in the potting soil", what does this mean?
    A. Those are tips for the bonus dungeon, the Tower of
       Druaga.  See the Tower of Druaga section under
       Side Quests for details.
    %%%THE DRACONIS%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: Dymlos, Green Gel (x5), Cloak (x2), Cape,
                  F. Bottle, Oberon 3, Spectacle, Orange
                  Gel, Melange Gel
       After the intial sequence of events, you'll gain
    control of Stahn atop the Draconis.  Head down the stairs
    and take the door to the left.  You'll be back out on
    the deck of the Draconis.  Take the door above you (the
    way to the left is blocked my monsters) into a large
    room.  When you enter here, a soldier (Wedge, no doubt)
    will get killed and fall down the stairs, blocking that
    route.  Head right along the bottom level and you'll see
    another dead soldier lying on the second set of stairs.
    Search his body for a Cloak, your first piece of armor,
    and equip it.  Continue right a little bit more and you'll
    reach a bunch of boxes.  Walk up to one of the boxes,
    hold the Circle button down, and then move left, pulling
    the box backwards.  Pull all the boxes away in this matter,
    then continue past them and take the lower-right exit.
       On this lower level, head down and left and go in
    the first door.  You'll wind up in a dark storage room.
    Make your way up to the upper left, where you'll see a
    brief cutscene in which Stahn claims the Swordian Dymlos.
    You'll then have to fight your first battle, against a
    Barbarian.  Use the Circle button to attack, and Square
    to defend.  After defeating the Barbarian, you'll win
    the battle and get some experience, Lens, and gald (money).
        Now that you have a weapon, you can fight the monsters
    wandering around the Draconis.  They're all either
    Barbarians or Mini-Demons; the latter can fly, so use your
    jumping attack (Up+Circle) to defeat them.
        Leave the storage room and head to the door at the
    far left end of the hall you're in.  Look around for two
    bags, holding a Green Gel (healing item) and an Oberon C
    (another healing item).  After getting them, leave the
    room, and go back up to the large room with the three
    sets of stairs.  If you go left along the lower level and
    enter the door near the crates, you can find a pot of stew
    that will heal you whenever you use it.  Avail yourself of
    it if necessary, then go up the now-clear stairs on to the
    upper level of the main room.
        There's four rooms on this level; one in the upper-left,
    with a Green Gel and Orange Gel inside; one in the lower-left
    (Green Gel); one in the lower-right (a Cape, equip it as
    an armor); and the central room (Green Gel, F. Bottle,
    Spectacle, Melange Gel), which you have to enter from the
    north side.  Visit all four of the rooms to collect all the
    items, then exit the main room through the left door on the
    lower level.
        You're now back outside, on the lower deck.  Now that
    you have a weapon, you can fight through all the enemies to
    the left, but all you get is a Cloak, and you should already
    have one anyway.  So just skip that and go right, back into
    the room where you started.  Go up to the top and exit on
    to the roof.  Stahn will automatically hop in an escape pod
    and fly off the Draconis.
    ITEMS TO GET: Life Bottle (x3), Auto Bow, Wood Shield,
                  Green Gel (x2), Cloak, Cape, Melange Gel
        After his fall from the Draconis, Stahn awakes in
    a cabin in the snow.  You meet up with Garr and his
    master Alba.  Alba sends both of you to find his
    granddaughter Chelsea in the woods.  Look around the cabin
    and open all the chests for some items (be sure to equip
    the Wood Shield on Stahn), then go outside.  Stand in the
    save point (the glowing circle), then go to your menu screen
    and save the game.
        Head north from the cabin into the woods.  Unlike the
    Draconis, the battles here occur randomly.  You also have
    Garr in your party now; he fights with a bow.  A good
    tactic when you're fighting enemies on only one side is
    to have Stahn back up and defend while Garr just shoots
    down the enemies with his bow.  Occasionally, you'll be
    ambushed, and the enemies show up to your left.  If this
    happens, hit L1 to switch Stahn and Garr's positions so
    that Stahn is facing the enemies.
        In the forest, go north and left.  At the first fork,
    head south, then go all the way left into a clearing with
    a chest.  Open it for a Life Bottle, then go back right
    and take the first turn north.  Go north until you can't,
    then look just to the east for another chest, holding a
    Cloak.  After getting the Cloak, head all the way left,
    and then up.  At the end of the path, you'll find Chelsea.
    She joins your party.  Equip her with the other Auto Bow
    you picked up in the cabin, then make your way back to the
    entrance.  Alba will greet you and give you a Melange Gel
    as a reward for finding Chelsea.
        Back in the cabin, Stahn decides to continue on to
    Seinegald.  Garr goes with him to take him to the border
    town of Janos, but Chelsea leaves.  Head out of the cabin
    and save, then leave the screen to the south and you'll be
    in a new section of woods.  Here, go down and righ to the
    first fork.  If you head north, you'll get a Green Gel, but
    you may be maxed out on them by now (you can only carry 15).
    If you head south, you'll eventually come to another fork
    in the road.  Go left first to get a Life Bottle, then go
    down and left to the third fork.  Head down, left (grabbing
    the chest on the way for a Cape), and back up.  Go left and
    you'll reach a save point by a tree.  Save your game, then
    exit to the left to Janos.
    %%%JANOS AND ENVIRONS%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: 50 gald, Saber, Channeling, L. Helm,
                  Green Gel, Rapier, Flame Disc
        When you arrive in Janos, Garr will leave, and Stahn
    and Dymios will talk briefly.  You're then free to explore
    the town.  Be sure to drop by the weapon shop and pick up
    a Long Sword.  You can purchase healing items and the like
    if you want, but you can usually find all the items you need
    in ToD in chests.
        Go upstairs in the inn and talk to the guy on the
    right side, the one who's lost his passport.  Leave the inn
    and talk to the old woman in the lower-right corner of
    town.  Go into the soldiers' office and ask about the
    passport.  Then go back to the guy who's lost his passport.
    He'll give you a 50 gald reward and run off.  Leave the
    inn and Stahn will bump into Mary Argent, who asks you to
    help her find her missing partner in crime.  Stahn, of course,
    agrees, and Mary joins you.  She fights with melee weapons
    just like Stahn, so you'll probably want to alternate which
    character is in the lead (using the Order option on the menu)
    to even out the damage they take.
        As Mary instructs, leave the town via the eastern exit,
    and head through the woods until Mary turns you to turn left.
    Do so, and keep going down the path until you suddenly appear
    in a cave.  The enemies in here are a bit tougher, so watch
    out.  If you head straight down, there's a Save Point, should
    you want it.  Otherwise, go down, left, and down to an
    underground lake.  Open the chests for a Saber (great sword;
    give it to Stahn) and the Channeling accessory.  Although you
    can sell it for a whopping 32767 gald, you're far better off
    hanging on to it, as it lets you play as your other characters
    in battle.  See "The Joy of Channeling" under Playing The Game
    for the full explanation.
        Now head to the upper-left corner of the screen and examine
    the blinking star to open the door.  Go through and follow
    the path left, picking up the Leather Helm from a chest on
    the way.  After exiting to the southwest, you'll be in the
    temple proper.  Head down and left into the main room, then go
    north.  You'll see Mary's friend Rutee imprisoned in a trap;
    after some mishaps, Stahn and Mary free her.  She joins you
    just as some bandits attack you, and your first boss battle
        By now, Stahn should have both his Missile Sword and
    Kick Attack skills.  I recommend equipping Missile Sword to
    the plain X (no direction), and Kick Attack to all the others.
    This lets you shoot Missile Swords by standing still, and
    use Kick Attack when moving.  Use Missile Sword to weaken
    the bandits from a distance.  After a couple of those, move in
    and hit them with Kick Attack.  They can hit pretty hard,
    so try to stay away from them.
        After defeating the bandits, heal up, then head south
    through the temple.  Take a left turn and enter the two rooms
    for a Green Gel and a Rapier.  Equip the Rapier on Rutee.
    Then take the right turn from the main room and enter the
    room there for the Flame Disc, the first disc in the game.
    Discs are kinda like materia; you attach them to your Swordians
    to gain additional abilities.  Just hang onto the Flame Disc
    for the time being.  After getting the Disc, leave the temple
    through the southern exit.  Cross the bridge, save your game
    if you want, and continue on to a fork in the road.  Take the
    southern fork and you'll be back in Janos.  Seeing you
    entering the town from Seinegald, the Seinegaldian soldiers
    give you a passport ^_^, to which I can only say, "So that's
    how you fooled them."
        Stahn, Rutee, and Mary will go to the bar, where you'll
    talk briefly.  Stahn decides to hang out with Rutee and
    Mary, and Rutee reveals that she too has a Swordian --
    %%%JOURNEY TO STRAYLIZE%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: Life Bottle, 10000 gald, L. Cape, Bread,
                  Orange Gel (x3), P. Bottle, Green Gel (x2),
                  R. Shield, Chain Mail, Club
        The next day, equip the Flame Disc on Atwight (since
    Stahn already can use fire magic, there's no need to give
    it to him).  Also, I highly advise you go to your skills
    menu and turn off Rutee's Search Gald ability, or she will
    use it *constantly* and waste all her TP.  You might also
    want to turn off other skills when you're fighting wimpy
    enemies (so you don't waste TP).
        Take the north exit from Janos and head due north
    through the forest.  You'll end up on the world map for
    the first time.  While on the world map, you can restore
    your HP by eating food, but you have to put the food in
    your food bag first (just use it on your item screen).  For
    a more detailed description, check the Playing The Game
    section... in fact, if you haven't read this section yet,
    you should take a look at it now; it has a lot of stuff
    that was left out of the manual ^_^.
        Once on the world map, head north and west, across the
    bridge, to the town of Harmentz.  Explore the town and
    buy any supplies you need, but do *not* ask the kid
    blocking the chest for the treasure.  He'll let you take
    it (it's just a Gel), then demand all your money in
    return for stealing his treasure.  So stay away from
    him.  In the lower-right corner, however, you'll find
    another kid hidden in the trees who will give you a Life
    Bottle if you talk to him.  Then go up to the mansion,
    head up the stairs on the right, and speak with Walt (who
    bears an uncanny resemblance to Red from SaGa Frontier).
    He'll buy the Old Cane from you for 5000 gald, and Rutee
    will "negotiate" another 5000 from him.  Then leave the
    mansion and go to the inn.  You can stay for free.
        The following day, the trio decides to go to Armeida,
    but on the way out of the inn, you're attacked by
    Seinegaldian soldiers, and you have to fight 8 of them
    at once.  This battle can be a bit tricky; have Stahn
    take care of one side of the battlefield while Rutee and
    Mary handle the other.  Be sure to turn Rutee and Mary's
    spells and skills on (except Search Gald), and use Stahn's
    techniques liberally.  After you defeat the soldiers,
    you'll have to fight Leon.  Don't even bother trying to
    beat him; you can't.  He'll quickly knock you out, and
    you'll be taken to Darilsheid, the capital of Seinegald.
        Talk to the guard at the cell door, then go back into
    your cell.  You'll be taken up to see the king, and there's
    a lot of dialogue in which Leon joins your party and you
    are given a new mission.  Now explore the castle for a
    whole lot of items, including Chain Mail armor, a Club,
    and a Round Shield.  Be sure to equip them all on the
    appropriate characters.
        After looting the castle, exit south into the town of
    Darilsheid.  Go straight to Hugo's mansion; the big
    building in the upper-right corner.  Inside, you'll be
    given your Swordians back, and Leon will introduce you
    to his Swordian, Chaltier.  Even if you've got weapons
    that are stronger than the Swordians, be sure to at least
    equip them in the "Swordian" slot so they will gain
    experience (note that you can't cast magic without your
    Swordian equipped, however).  And whenever your Swordian
    gains a level, its power increases, so check to see if
    it's stronger than your current weapon.
        Anyway, once you get your Swordians back, go shopping
    and pick up any better equipment... you should have plenty
    of money.  Also, you can earn some items in the warehouses
    on the docks... see the Warehouse List for details on how
    to do this.  Then leave town, and set off north and west
    (if you go southwest, you can go back to Harmentz and
    Janos) to the town of Armeida.  Hugo has given you a
    world map, so if you get lost, just go to your Valuables
    screen and choose the map -- you can find all the towns
    and even look at their stores.
        There's not a whole lot to do in Armeida; just an
    inn to stay at and an item shop.  To the east of Armeida,
    however, you'll find the road to Straylize Temple... just
    walk up towards the forest and you'll enter.
    %%%AN EYE TAT IS ATAMONI%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: Savory, Green Gel (x3), Bellebane, Chain
                  Mail, Life Bottle, R. Shield, Iron Helm,
                  Spectacle (x2), Orange Gel, Ankh Hat,
                  Stray Robe, Tech Ring
        Once inside the forest, go right into a clearing.
    You can't read the tombstone here, but if you search
    the mushrooms, you'll get Savory, which boosts a
    character's max TP.  Hang on to it; don't use it.
    Then take the path north and follow it across the stream to
    another fork.  Head down and left and grab the Green Gel
    (if you're already maxxed out on them, use one to heal a
    character, then grab the one in the chest).  Continue north
    up to a cliff, from which you can see the temple.  Grab the
    Green Gel in the upper-left corner, then head right
    to the second screen.  Run through here to the third
    screen, then go to the cliff in theupper-right corner,
    where you can find a Bellebane (in the mushrooms) and
    an Orange Gel.  Like with the Savory; hang on to the
    Bellebane and don't use it yet.  After collecting those
    two items, descend the trail to the left, then head north.
    The fourth and final screen is a just straight path that
    leads to the temple.
        Almost all of the buildings here have their
    entrances blocked by rubble; there are only two you
    can enter.  First, go in the nearby cathedral (just
    to your right) and head through the brown door in the
    back, near the painting (it's kinda hard to see in the
    shadows).  Grab the chest in here for a Reverse Doll,
    which is ToD's version of Goat Dolls or Soul Gems.  After
    getting it, leave the cathedral and enter the main
    temple, at the far north end.  Upon entering, you will
    here voices speaking from the door.  Go up to the door
    and you'll be told that you have to destroy all the
    crystals in the temple.  Use the save point if you want,
    then begin the crystal mission.
        First, take a right from the main room, then go
    up.  Enter the room on the left, and you'll have to fight
    a lizardman and one of the crystals (note that there are
    no random battles in the temple; just the set ones).  The
    lizardman isn't too hard to beat with the bum rush technique
    described in "AI Functions"; just watch out for his fire
    breath.  After killing it, smash the crystal.  One down, four
    to go.  Go into the room to the right of the one with the
    crystal for a Life Bottle, then return to the main room.
        Now head left into the west wing.  Continue past the
    stairs to the north, and take the southern set of stairs.
    Down here, go left and ascend the first set of stairs you
    come to.  Loop around and enter the two rooms -- the first
    has Chain Mail, the second a crystal to destroy.  Then go
    back down and continue left.  Pick up the sword lying on
    the ground; it's the Knight's Saber, a really good sword.
    Equip it on Mary, as she has no Swordian.  Then go through
    the door the dead soldier was guarding and smash the crystal.
    Leave this room, head right through the hall, and go back
    up the stairs.  Ascend the stairs you skipped earlier.
    Here, take the middle path into a hallway with four rooms.
    The far left one has a Round Shield in a chest, and the
    middle two hold the remaining crystals.  Smash them, and
    you should get a message that the shield has been disarmed.
        Return to the entrance hall and go through the shielded
    door into the Tower of Knowledge.  You'll speak with Bishop
    Ayles, who tells you some stuff and tells you to go to the
    cathedral.  Before you do, explore the Tower of Knowledge.
    There's a chest on nearly every floor, with some equipment
    (an Iron Helm, in particular), and a few items.  Most
    importantly, however, is the Tech Ring you find on the top
    floor.  By equipping this on Stahn, you can use the Select
    button to enter the full Manual mode in battle.  In this
    mode, you can move Stahn on your own and dash by double-
    tapping the D-pad.  This is kinda tricky at first, but makes
    the jumping attacks a lot easier to do.  Also, on the floor
    just below the top floor, there's a book that explains the
    history of Lens (on the left side).
        Once you're done in the Tower of Knowledge, go back
    into the main room of the temple and head into the west
    wing again.  Go up the first set of stairs, then take the
    door on the left.  Follow the path until you get to the
    cathedral.  The priest will open a secret passage; go
        All the chests in here are empty; ignore them.  Just
    wander around and look at the switches on the floor.  There
    are three white switches and three dark switches.  Either
    step on all the white switches (and none of the dark ones),
    or all of the dark switches, then go through the
    corresponding door at the top of the screen.  You will
    meet Philia, and the priest will use a potion to destone
    her.  Philia then reveals that High Priest Lydon has stolen
    the Eye of Atamoni.  After a bit of discussion, she joins
    your party.
        You now have 5 characters in your party, but you can
    only use 4 at a time, so you'll have to take somebody out
    if you want to put Philia in.  Be sure to equip her with
    the Mace, which you should still have.  Then head back out
    of Straylize Temple, through the forest, and back to
    %%%20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: F. Bottle, Liq. Bottle, Rue Staff, Orange
                  Gel, Fine Saber, Iron Helm, ?DISC (x2),
                  Pickaxe, Life Bottle, Sharp Stone, Clemente
        Talk to the King, then go to the harbor.  Talk to
    everyone here until you go into a long conversation about
    the Eye of Atamoni.  Then go back to the King and he'll
    arrange for you to get a ship to Calvalese, where the Eye
    has been taken.  Take care of any other stuff you need
    to, then go to the harbor and board the ship.
        En route to Calvalese, the ship will be attacked by
    monsters.  Talk to the bartender twice and he'll give you
    a Flare Bottle and Liquer Bottle, then go up on deck.
    Go to the bow of the ship and you'll see some cutscenes.
        After arriving in the Undersea Ruins, save your game
    at the save spot.  The battles here start to get tougher;
    especially dangerous are the Green Ropers.  These guys
    will grab you with their tentacles and hit you repeatedly
    for a lot of damage; stay at a distance and use range
    attacks and spells.  Use the Triangle button frequently
    to pause the game and issue new commands to your
    characters.  Be sure Rutee's First Aid spell is on so
    she can cast it when you're hurt.
        From the starting point, head north to the next
    room.  It looks like the path is blocked by rubble, but
    you can hold down the Circle button and pull the smaller
    pieces of rubble out of the way.  After clearing the
    path, go northwest into the next room.  When you arrive
    in here, Philia will talk some more.  Check the side
    rooms for Orange Gel and a Rue Staff, then go up the
    stairs.  In this room, head north across the bridge.
    Go in the door on the right (the one on the left is
    blocked) and open the chest for a ?DISC.  You can't
    use the ?DISC yet; you'll have to identify it (more
    on that later).  Leave that small room and take the
    path to the right.  Enter the two rooms at the top
    of the screen for a Life Bottle and the Pickaxe.
        The Pickaxe lets you break down the sealed blue
    doors.  Return to the sealed door you couldn't open
    earlier (next to the room where you get the ?DISC)
    and break in (just examine the door and you'll
    automatically use the Pickaxe).  Open the chests for
    a Fine Saber (give it to Mary) and an Iron Helm.  Leave
    that room, head east one screen, then take the southeast
    exit.  You should be in a room with a rope.  Climb down
    and you'll see two more ropes.  Climb down the one
    on the left and open the chest for another ?DISC,
    then take the rope on the right and keep climbing down
    until you can't anymore.  Go right two screens and
    collect the Sharp Stone, another Disc.  This one you
    can use right away, so equip it on somebody to give
    them the Spike spell (don't give it to Leon; he already
    has that spell).  Then go left and up the stairs.
    Continue up the stairs until you arrive in the control
         Here, you will find the Swordian Clemente.
    Clemente has chosen Philia, and you will then get
    Clemente as a Swordian.  Equip him on Philia, then
    retrace your steps to the room where you started.  Take
    the south exit to leave the ruins and continue on to
    ITEMS TO GET: Charm Bottle, Kite Shield, Amethyst,
                  Scorched Earth
         Upon arriving at the docks, look around for the
    cloth merchant and buy some Blue Ribbons for Rutee,
    Mary, and Philia.  Other than that, hold off on buying
    any equipment here, as you can get some better stuff
    in just a little while.  Also, in the leftmost of the
    two warehouses on the docks, you'll see three crates
    arranged like this:
    /---\ /---\
    | A | | B |
    \---/ \---/
                | C |
         If you push Crate C up so that it's lined up with
    the other two, a chest will appear.  If you leave and
    come back in, you can do this over and over again for
    more items (the faster you solve it, the better the
    item you get).  Actually, you can this in any warehouse
    (see the Warehouse List for details); I just mentioned it
    here because it's so easy to do.
         In the town proper, you'll see some kids standing
    by the well.  If you talk to them, you can play tag
    against them... see the Tag! side quest for more info.
    Then go to the item shop and buy four Rune Bottles.
    You can use the Rune Bottles to identify the ? items
    -- specifically, the two ?DISCs you picked up in the
    Undersea Ruins will turn into SW020020 and SW010022.
    Give the SW020020 to Stahn and the SW010022 to Leon,
    then give Flame to Rutee (Philia already has Fireball)
    and Sharp Stone to Philia.  Then use the other two
    Rune Bottles to turn the Bellebane and Savory into
    Red Bellebane and Red Savory, which are twice as
    effective as the plain kind.  (You can also turn
    Wormy Apples into Jam, but it's not worth the cost of
    the Rune Bottles)
        Go to the large building the upper-left corner
    of town and enter.  Talk to Baruk and he'll tell you
    to look for clues.  Go to the docks and talk to everyone
    until you hear about Jake.  Go to the bar and talk
    to everyone until you get another message, then go
    to the weapon shop, and back to the docks.  Talk to
    the guy in the upper-right; he's Jake, and he'll tell
    you where the Eye has been taken.  Go back to Baruk and
    he'll let you take the stuff in his room -- the Medium
    Food Sack (lets you carry more food) and the Combo
    Counter.  The Combo Counter counts the combos you do in
    battle and gives you extra EXP for them; see "Combo
    Counter" under Playing The Game for more info.  Be sure
    to turn it on under the Customize menu!  You can also
    examine the various books in Baruk's room for a few
    humorous conversations.
        Leave Cherik and head northwest to the next town,
    Kalviola.  As soon as you enter here, walk around
    outside the wall to the east, and go north.  You'll
    see a kid trying to fight some monsters, and
    automatically come to his aid.  Beat up the monsters;
    they're just Sea Slugs.
        After saving the kid, go into the town and head
    to the weapon and armor shops.  Normally, the shops
    would refuse to do business with you, but since you
    saved the kid, you can buy stuff.  Get Bastard Swords
    for Stahn, Mary, and Leon; and a Silver Mace for
    Philia.  Unless Atwight is at a really low level,
    just stick with him for Rutee.  Armorwise, pick up
    Amber Cloaks, Ring Mail, Iron Helms, and Iron Gloves
    for those who can use them.  Also, you can buy Oberol
    EX, a strong healing item, at the Oberol store here.
    Finally, if you talk to the kid you saved twice, he'll
    give you a Charm Bottle.
        Go to the Straylize Temple in the center of town.
    Philia will talk with the priests, and Leon will
    figure out that they're in league with Lydon.  You
    decide to sneak in at night.  Go to the inn and sleep,
    and it will be night time.  Head to the temple (but
    first walk by a closed door to see an awesome moving
    shadow effect) and enter via the side door on the
    left.  Philia will rejoin you.
        Reform your party, then head east and take the
    turn south.  Now go right and descend the stairs.
    You'll get into a battle against 2 Monk Soldiers, 2
    Priestess, and 2 Bat Eyes.  Have Stahn quickly use his
    Spin Slash to attack the two enemies to his right,
    while the other characters fight the guys on the
    left (have Rutee cast Ice Tornado to hit them all
    at once).  Keep using Spin Slash, and make sure to
    attack the Priestesses if they start charging up a
    spell.  Use items to heal if necessary, but be warned
    that they aren't immediate -- it takes a moment for
    the effect to occur, so have a character who isn't
    about to get use them.
        After defeating all the enemies, you'll free a
    captive priest, who will tell you to go to the
    cathedral.  Go back up the stairs and head straight
    left, then down into the entrance hall.  On the right
    side of this room you'll find a passage heading east.
    Go down it, fight through the second round of enemies
    as you did the first, and enter the cathedral.  Walk
    up to the torch and examine it to open the door, just
    like in the other temple.  Go through, and, after some
    dialogue, you'll have to fight two more identical waves
    of enemies.  Beat them as you did before.
        Leon will ask you where you're supposed to go next;
    it doesn't matter what you say as you'll end up going
    to Fitzgald no matter what.  Before you leave, however,
    go back into the temple the following day.  Head to the
    upper-right corner and go up the stairs.  Most of the
    chests here are empty, but two have a Kite Shield and
    the Scorched Earth disc (give the disc to whoever's
    currently using the Flame disc).  Then take the door
    to the south out onto the roof and pick up the Amethyst;
    an accessory that gives you +15 defense!
        If you want to play tag some more or take care
    of anything else in Calvalese, do so.  Then go back to
    the Cherik port and talk to the captain.  You'll set
    sail for Neuestadt in Fitzgald.
    %%%THE PIRATES%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: P. Bottle
        On the Neuestadt docks, there's a save point that
    you can use if you want, and in the warehouse on the
    right (did you check the warehouse on the right?),
    you can earn Winged Boots by pushing the three crates
    into a horizontal line in front of the door, like
    *** *** ***
    *1* *2* *3*
    *** *** ***
        You always will get Winged Boots for doing this
    (they warp you out of a dungeon); so get a bunch as you
    can't find them anywhere else.  The other warehouse is
    pretty crummy, you often don't get any item at all
    (it's easy to solve, though -- just push the rightmost
    crate left one space).
        When you enter Neuestadt proper, you'll see a kid
    (Karma) get chased by some rich kids.  Rutee will fend
    them off, and Karma will run away.  You're then free
    to look around Neuestadt.  This place is huge, but
    there's really only a few important places:
    o   Right next to the entrance to the docks is the
        equipment shop, where you can buy better helmets
        and gloves for Stahn, Mary, and Leon.
    o   The huge F-Mart is just down the stairs from the
        entrance to the docks.  Here you can buy items,
        including the Lemon Gel and Pine Gel (stronger Green
        Gel and Orange Gel, respectively).  Also, they
        may not seem like it, but the Fitz Burgers you can
        buy at the fast food counter are a very good food
        source for their price.
    o   There's a mansion north of the equipment shop; if
        you go up to the second floor and exit onto the
        balcony, there's a chest with a P. Bottle there.
    o   Just west of the central plaza is the Lens Shop,
        and if you keep going west, you'll reach the inn.
        However, you don't really need to stay here, as
        once you've talked to Ilene, you can rest on the
        second floor of her mansion for free.
    o   In the upper-right hand corner of town, in the
        park, you can race Neuestadt's fastest kid.  See
        the "The Race" subquest for details.
    o   Just next to the fastest kid is a booth selling
        Softy Kreem sticks.  They're a rip-off food source
        (50 gald for 10 food units is *not* a good deal),
        but occasionally you'll get a winning stick that
        can be redeemed for a prize at the booth.  And what
        kind of valuable reward do you receive?  Why, nothing
        other than a free Softy Kreem stick!  YEAH!!  ...in
        case I need to make myself more explicit, just skip
        this place, okay? ^_^
    o   In a mansion in the upper-left corner of town,
        you can find Karma and his sister, but there's no
        real point in going here.
         Eventually, where you want to go is Ilene's
    mansion, the blue mansion between the item shop and
    lens shop.  You'll be sent to the lens shop; pop in there
    and talk to the clerk.  Follow Ilene downstairs and
    there will be some conversation.  You can then help
    yourself to the items in her room (I forget what they
    are; anybody know?).  You *might* have to go talk to
    some guy at the docks first; I don't remember.
         Anyway, you'll end up having to go to the docks
    to attack the pirate ships.  Go to the docks, talk to
    Ilene, and you're off.  Your ship runs into the first
    pirate ship.  Head up on deck and board the enemy
         There's a lot of chests in the ship, but most
    of them are just garbage -- Green Gels and stuff.
    There's also a lot of fights in here, so I don't
    recommend picking them up.  Instead, just descend
    through the northern of the two stairs, grab the
    chest, and go down the stairs.  Head left and through
    the door to the south.  Dodge around the enemy and run
    through the hall and out the door.  Descend the stairs.
    Grab the chest and enter the rightmost of the two doors.
    Open the chest on the left, then attack the captain.
    You'll have to fight some Monk Soldiers and Priestess,
    just fight through them and you'll be finished with that
    ship.  Repeat on the next ship.  You then arrive at
    the lead ship.
         The boss ship is set up differently from the
    others, so here's what to do.  Enter the ship through
    the only set of stairs available and go right.  Open
    the chest for Splint Mail, then circle around to the
    top of the room.  Grab the chest for the Wall of Flame
    (aka WOF) disc, then descend the stairs.  Head left,
    open the chest for Silver Chain, then go north.  Run
    straight through the hall (the chests are just gels)
    into another hall.  Go down the stairs on the south
    side of this wall.  Head north into a square room
    with a chest holding an Hourglass.  Take it, then
    go north into a room with a save point.  Save,
    then step in the beam of light.  You'll teleport
    into the boss's rooms.  Do NOT take the door to
    the south (it leads back to the beginning); just go
    up and confront Batista, the pirates' leader.
         Batista is the first real boss you've faced
    so far, and he's tough!  He has 4,500 HP and an
    extremly strong attack.  First, kill off his
    accompanying flunkies (especially the Priestesses),
    then go after him.  Batista will usually trap one
    of your characters in the corner; keep healing that
    character with items (you probably won't be able to
    use spells as they take a while to charge).  Have
    Stahn hit Batista with Tiger Blades as fast as you
    can.  If things get bad, have Stahn dash away from
    Batista and use a bunch of items to bring back your
    dead characters -- just keep reviving characters and
    he won't be able to kill you all off.  If Stahn dies,
    you can still control the other characters from the
    menu, so quickly use a Life Bottle to revive Stahn.
         Once Batista is defeated, you'll return to
    Neuestadt and can do a happy dance that this stupid
    level is finally over.  Just head west off the docks,
    sit back, and watch the scenes.  When you fight
    Khang, don't even bother trying to beat him; you can't.
    Just let him knock you out, and there will be a bunch
    more scenes.
    ITEMS TO GET: SW060060, Crescent Axe, Shelter, Orange
                  Gel, F. Bottle, Life Bottle, Melange Gel,
                  SP025062, Hourglass, P. Bottle
       The next day, take care of any unfinished business
    you have in Neuestadt, and stop by F-Mart to pick up
    2 Rune Bottles.  Then go to the dock and talk to Ilene.
    You'll set sail for Sheeden in Aquaveil (doesn't Aquaveil
    sound like the name of a toothpaste?).
       Once you land, pop in to nearby Sheeden.  There's
    not a whole lot to do here, as all the shops are closed.
    Look around near the bottom of town for an old woman,
    and talk to her to trigger an extended conversation
    about Moreau and Batista.  Afterwards, go to the docks,
    at the east side of town.  Here, talk to the sailor
    blocking the ship, then the old man just south of the
    crewman.  Doing all this will open the cave to Moreau
    on the overworld map.
       Before you leave the docks, talk to the peddler in
    red, and you can buy a few items from him.  Be sure to
    buy the "Shiny Junk"; it's actually a ?DISC.  Use one
    of the Rune Bottles you should have bought in Neuestadt
    to identify it; it's the SW060060, which boosts a
    Swordian's slash and thrust by a whopping 60!  Give to
    Stahn, since he does most of the fightings.  You can
    also get items at the warehouses; check the Warehouse
    List for details.
       Now leave Sheeden and head southwest, on the west
    side of the mountain range.  It might be a good idea to
    fill up your bag with some food to restore your HP during
    the walk.  You'll come to a large cave on the beach; if
    you don't see, you haven't talked to the right people in
    town, so go back there and talk to everyone.
       Once inside the cave, head south and west.  Open the
    chest behind the waterfall for the Crescent Axe, a really
    powerful axe.  Equip it on Mary.  Now head through the
    door to the northwest and open the chest there for the
    Shelter Disc, which boosts your stats as well as giving
    you the Barrier spell.  I recommend giving it to Philia /
    Clemente.  Leave the room where you got the Disc and
    continue west to the second screen.
        Here, climb up the rock-step-sort-of-things and pick
    up the chest with an Orange Gel on the ledge.  Go through
    the door, head left one screen, and then go down.  You'll
    end up on a small ledge with a chest.  Open it for a Life
    Bottle, then go back into the previous room, climb up
    the steps in the upper-left, and go through the door
    onto another ledge.  Open the chest for a Flare Bottle.
    Now retrace your steps back to the second main screen
    (the one with the first of rock steps; where you got
    an Orange Gel).  Head left two screens.
        You should now be at an underground pond.  Look
    carefully along the pond bank and you should see a
    barely-visible set of stairs.  Go down it and hop across
    the ledges to a chest with a ?DISC.  Use the other
    Rune Bottle on it to turn it into the SP025062 Disc.
    Hop back to the bank, go north a little ways, and look
    for another set of stairs.  Go down these and follow
    the ledges to the west side of the pond.  Go down and
    left and through the door to another pond.  Open the
    chest near you for an Hourglass, then walk around the
    perimeter of the pond to another chest with a P. Bottle.
    You probably can't read the tablet just yet; so leave
    this room.
        Back at the first pond, head up to the top of the
    room and pass through the archway to the next screen.
    Loop around the waterfalls and go back through the
    archway on the other side of the river.  Open the
    chest for a Melange Gel, then go back the way you came.
    Save your game at the save point behind the waterfalls,
    then head left one screen and go to the upper-left to
    confront the boss, the Orgus Queen.
        Compared to Batista, the Orgus Queen is a pushover.
    Kill off the baby Orguses, then just pound on the
    Queen with Tiger Blade, while Rutee and Philia cast
    magic.  After the Queen is defeated, pop through the
    door she was guarding and you'll be back on the world
    map.  Head southwest along the coast until you find a
    road up onto higher land, then head east around the
    mountains.  Cross the bridge to the south and enter
    %%%YOU SPOONY BARD!%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: B. Talisman, Green Gel (x15), Amethyst,
                  Score B, Halberd, Orange Gel (x3),
                  Melange Gel (x5), Miracle Gel, Life Bottle,
                  Sharp Stone, Swirling Flame, Valve Handle
        Unlike Sheeden, Moreau does have fully functioning
    stores.  First, though, head to the far right side of
    town, where you'll encounter some Moreauian soldiers
    attacking a little kid.  Stahn will run to the kid's
    rescue, and you fight.  The soldiers are complete
    wimps; they only have 200 HP, so you can take them out
    in one or two hits.
        Afterwards, Stahn and co. will be chased by a bunch
    of soldiers, but will be saved by Karyl.  After a brief
    bit of discussion, he will join your party; the first
    new addition to your team in quite a while.  Karyl
    starts off with just a Mandolin (believe it or not, it's
    actually a really good weapon, and is somehow stronger
    than a bastard sword) and an Amber Robe, so he could
    use some equipping.  Head to the docks and go to the
    hat shop to get him a Feather Hat, as well as Striped
    Ribbons for the female characters.  You can also buy
    Breastplates for the fighter characters in the equipment
    shop in the northwest corner of town.
        Finally, one other store of note in Moreau is
    Trader Schmoe's shop on the docks.  He sells a whole
    bunch of ? equipment; most of which is garbage.  However,
    the second ?SWORD and the first ?ARMOR are Mythril (Daravon
    power!) equipment, which is extremely strong.  It's
    pretty spendy, though, as not only are the ? items
    expensive, but you have to buy a Rune Bottle to identify
    them.  If you've got plenty of money, go for it, but
    it's not essentialy if you don't.
        Once you've taken care of all your shopping, look
    for the house of the kid you saved.  Talk to his mother
    and she'll ask you if you want a reward.  Say no and
    she'll give you a Blue Talisman, which raises your
    defense by 10%.  Then go try to enter the castle.  Karyl
    will stop you and say that he's got another plan, then
    tell you to go to the pier.  So go to the pier (it's in the
    lower-left corner, in the town and not the docks).
    Talk to the boat guy and you'll sneak into Moreau
    Castle on a boat.
        Enter the castle through the door just ahead of
    you.  In the first room, open up the door to free
    Leianna, Fayte's wife.  If you need healing, just come
    back to her and she'll heal you.  There's also a
    hard-to-see chest with a Life Bottle in the lower-left
    corner of her room.
        Continue west to a room with a save point.  Use
    it if you want, then go south across the bridge (it's
    partially covered by water and is kinda hard to see).
    On the other side, look through the bushes for three
    well-hidden Green Gels, then take the door to the
    north.  Go through the water wheel room to a room with
    a large pond.  Head left, grab the Green Gel in the
    corner, then go through the door.  Open the two blue
    chests for another Amethyst and the Score B, which
    allows Karyl to use Samba (Karyl learns his skills by
    collecting Scores, not by going up levels).  There's
    also two Green Gels hidden in chests behind the
    bushes.  Then go up and examine the valve.  Choose
    to shut it off to stop the flow of the water.
        Retrace your steps to the room where you could
    go either north or south, and this time go south.
    Descend the stairs, and open the two chests for a
    Green Gel and a Halberd (an okay weapon).  Go left
    one screen and push the brown block up so that it
    fills in the gap between the two sides of the path.
    Continue west to the next screen, and push the
    block here in between the two pieces of bridge
    at the far bottom of the room (BTW, if you're getting
    sick of the fights, just go to Command and choose
    Run... running in ToD is really easy).
        Now return to the room with the valve and switch
    it back on.  Head into the large room and cross the
    water by walking on top of the brown block.  Grab the
    two Green Gels, then head south one screen.  Cross over
    the brown block, grab *another* Green Gel, and head
    east.  Head to the southeast and grab (wait for it) the
    Green Gel, as well the Orange and Melange Gels.  Now
    go through the brown door.  If the water isn't on,
    you won't be able to go through (it's powered by the
    electricity from the water mill), so go turn it back
        On the next floor, collect the two Gels, then
    climb down the short flight of stairs, get the Gel,
    and go through the door.  Pick up the Melange Gel,
    then pull the block into position (you'll have to pull
    it or you'll end up trapping yourself).  Cross over
    on top of it and go north to a room with a piano.
    Examine it and Karyl will start playing it, opening
    a door.  You will then have to pick a character to
    stay with Karyl; just pick anyone as they'll only be
    gone a short time.
        Head past the piano room and take a right.  Open
    the chest for another Sharp Stone disc, but *don't*
    go south -- it's a one-way door to an earlier part
    of the dungeon.  Just go back left and go north to
    a room with a bunch of buttons.  This is one of the
    weirdest puzzles ever in a game; examining the door
    will produce a series of bizarre sound effects that
    you have to replicate by stepping on the right buttons.
    You can try to solve it on your own if you want,
    but if you get stuck, step on the buttons in this
    order: 1, 8, 2, 7, 3, 6, 4, 5 (button 1 being the
    one on the far left, and button 8 being the rightmost
    one).  After pushing the buttons in the correct order;
    the door will open.  Go through and collect the Valve
    Handle, then go back and rejoin Karyl.
        Make your way back to the entrance room for the
    second floor, and go north two screens.  Loop around
    to the right side and take the door south.  First pick
    up the Miracle Gel in the bag, then pull the brown block
    over so it bridges the gap.  Now return to the main
    room, and go left.  Do the same block-moving shtick
    and head north.  Pick up the Gels, then open the valve.
    Go back to the main room and take the east exit.  Go
    north from there and cross over the brown block.  Open
    the door (it's another electric door) and descend the
    stairs to the third (and final) floor.
        Here, head right one screen to a save point.  Go
    north and examine the machine twice -- once to put the
    Valve Handle on, and a second time to close the valve.
    Go south two screens and pick up the Swirling Flame disc
    from the blue chest.  Give it to Philia right away; it
    lets her cast the very powerful Fire Storm spell.  Then go
    back to the starting room of the third floor, pull the block
    over to make a path (like you don't know how to do that by
    now ^_^), and cross.  You're now in the castle's entrance
    hall.  Go east for a Melange Gel, then head west and climb
    up all the stairs.  On the next screen, the music will
    change.  Heal up and put in your best team members (be
    sure to include Rutee), then go up to face Batista again.
        Batista is pretty much the same as before, except
    he has more HP (6000) and a new attack where he jumps
    into the air and starts spitting out some green stuff.
    With your new spells, like Stone Wall (which does about
    300 damage each shot) and Heal, he's actually easier.
    Just do the same thing you did before, and be sure to
    toss in lots of Stone Walls.  After defeating Batista
    for good, you'll get the key to Fayte's cell, and Moreau
    will be liberated.
    ITEMS TO GET: Squid Jerky, B. Flakes (x2), Melange Gel (x4),
                  Lemon Gel (x2), Pine Gel (x4), Miracle Gel (x2),
                  Life Bottle (x4), Green Gel (x3), Orange Gel (x3),
                  Juicy Beef (x8), Chestnut (x1), Persimmon (x2), Plate
                  Armor, R. Orange, Sour Milk, Loser, W. Apple,
                  Blowfish, B. Flakes (x2), Chicken, Cheese, Brie,
                  Steak, Bread, T. Roast, Roast, Beef, Appple, Eel,
        Explore Moreau again and you'll find a lot of things
    have changed.  First, another cat has joined the two in
    the park; if you talk to him, you can challenge him to
    a puzzle-game.  See the Najasee's Game side quest for
    the strategy.  Also, if you go to the pier and talk to
    the boat guy, you can rent a boat for 500 gald and go to
    various places.  You can make a number of stops in one
    trip, and it still only costs 500 gald, so try to do
    everything at once.
        First, take the boat to the south house and collect
    the Miracle Gel; then go the north house, where you'll
    find Bonito Flakes and a Squid Jerky.  Then go to the
    weapon shop SAMURAI, where you can buy Breastplates
    and other new armor.  If you need items, you can also
    stop by the item shop.
        When you're ready to leave town (you can't come
    back, so be sure to finish your business), go to the
    docks and talk to Fayte.  You'll set sail for Terazzi,
    but are attacked by a Kraaken (sic) for no apparent
    reason other than the fact that every RPG needs a
    giant squid boss.
        Contrary to what the game says if you Inspect it,
    the Kraaken *absorbs* water -- so turn off all of
    Rutee and Philia's ice spells.  Instead, use fire
    attacks, like the Swirling Flame disc's Fire Storm
    spell, and Stahn's Vortex.  Keep hitting the Kraaken
    and back into a corner while your magic-users cast
    spells on it.  Actually, the Kraaken's pretty easy
    compared to the other bosses; you shouldn't have any
    trouble with it.
        You'll then land in Terazzi.  You can check out
    the warehouses if you'd like, and there's a peddler
    selling a few items on the docks.  More importantly,
    there's another boat in the upper-left corner that
    you can ride around.  This one you actually have to
    guide by facing in the direction you want to go at
    intersections.  From the start, go left 3 times,
    and then up to a house with a Miracle Gel and Pine
    Gel.  Then hop back in the boat and go right, up,
    and right.  Grab the Life Bottle, then use the
    switch to open the watergate.  Return to the boat
    and go down, right, up (through the watergate),
    right, up, and left to the castle gate.  Hop off
    the boat and enter the castle.
        Right at the entrance, you'll see a handy
    Save Point, and a soldier guarding a door.  If you
    pay the soldier 500 gald, you can go through the
    door he's guarding to a room with a Bush Baby that
    will heal you for *another* 500 gald... and you
    have to pay still another 500 gald to get back out.
    This isn't really worth it, since you can just heal
    yourself with Rutee's spells and regenerate her TP
    by fighting.  However, there is a suit of strong
    Plate Armor in the Bush Baby's room, so you'll
    probably want to cough up 1000 gald just to get
    it.  Finally, if you talk to the soldier and answer
    "no" to his first question, he'll sell you clues
    for 100 gald.  These are all for a puzzle later
    in the dungeon, but since you have this FAQ, why
    do you need them?
        Anyway, on with the dungeon.  From the
    entrance room, take a left, grab the two chests
    under the overhang, then go left.  Enter the room
    to the north and flip the switch to open the drain.
    Then leave the room and take the door in the
    southeast corner of the hallway you're in; you
    should now be in a room with a green lamp.  Go
    right and pick up some Juicy Beef, then go back
    left and the south exit from the lamp room.
    You'll be outside, on a ledge with more Juicy Beef and
    a Melange Gel.  Take them, then go back inside and
    go left one screen.  Cross the bridge, pick up the
    Juicy Beef (what's with all this Juicy Beef?),
    then exit left.
        You're now outside, in the castle grounds.
    Pick up the Life Bottle to the north, then follow
    the stones south.  On the next screen, you'll find
    a bunch more chests.  Collect them all, then climb
    up the ladder (it's kinda hard to see) to the second
    floor of the palace.  Get the Melange Gel, then enter
    through the door.  Pick up all the food in the
    chests (why is there so much food in this dungeon?),
    then go north again to a long hallway.
         First, take the upper-left exit from here into
    a room with another drain.  Throw the switch to open
    it, then take the lower-left exit for two more pieces
    of Juicy Beef (not more Juicy Beef!).  Return to the
    hallway and descend the stairs on the right side.
    Grab the Pine Gel, then climb back up and go through
    the upper-right door to the library.  Pick up the
    Gels in the chests, then climb up the ladder in
    the upper-right corner to a bedroom.  Open up the
    closet and go through the door in there.  You'll
    be in a room with a big hole in the floor.  See
    the potted plant on the back wall?  Use the Circle
    button to pull it off the wall, then push it through
    the hole.
         After dropping the plant, return to the hall.
    Take the lower-right exit, go right, and get the
    Life Bottle.  Then head north, picking up the Gels
    and Juicy Beef (aah!) along the way.  You'll wind
    up in a hallway with some windows, through which
    you can see the rebuilt Draconis.  Head west and
    you should see the potted plant you pushed through
    the hole earlier (you *did* push it, didn't you?).
    Push it on to the switch on the floor and the door
    will open.  Head north two rooms.
        You're now in a large room with twelve doors,
    each corresponding to a Zodiac sign.  This is where
    the hints you can get from the guard are needed.
    Of course, you don't need those hints with the FAQ
    -- just go through the doors in this order: Goat,
    (Capricorn), water jug (Aquairus), fish (Pisces),
    ram (Aries), bull (Taurus), twins (Gemini), crab
    (Cancer), lion (Leo), virgin (Virgo), scales
    (Libra), scorpion (Scorpio), bow and arrow
    (Sagittarius).  You will then end up in a new
    hallway.  Save your game, then go up to face
    King Tiberius.
        Tiberius fights a lot like Batista, so you
    can basically use the same strategy on him.  Watch
    out for his Light Sword attack, which will take
    off about 300 HP to everyone and knock you all
    down.  Have Rutee cast heal spells constantly,
    while Philia backs away and uses attack spells.
    He has 10,000 HP.
        When Tiberius is defeated, he will reveal
    that Lydon has already departed for Phandaria.
    Leon then finishes him off just as Fayte arrives.
    Karyl then leaves the party (for now).
        Head back out of the castle (there's no
    fights) until you get to the entrance room.  Don't
    leave just yet; instead, go right to the next screen.
    Grab the food, head south, pick up more food, and
    then go west.  Get the Juicy Beef (noooooo....), then
    go down the stairs and head west through the canal.
    Pick up the Eel in the chest and continue west to
    a chest with the Revitalize disc.  After getting it,
    leave the castle.
        Terazzi is now a fully-functioning town, minus
    minus the inn.  You can take the boat around to a few 
    places (like the weapon shop), and if you take the north
    exit from the dock, you'll reach the town proper.
    In the upper-left corner of town, you'll can see
    Heihachi (you can tell by the hair ^_^), and there's
    a Lemon Gel and Pine Gel in one house.  Don't buy
    anything, you'll find a better shop soon.  However,
    do visit the warehouses; you can collect a new Disc
    and the powerful Sheeden sword from them.  See the
    Warehouse List for the full explanation.
        Once you've taken care of everything here, go to
    the docks, where you'll find Fayte waiting.  Be sure
    to save your game before talking to him.  Then hop on
    board his ship and you'll set sail for Frostheim in
    ITEMS TO GET: [prize], Sorcerer's Ring, SW100100, Light,
                  R. Bottle, Mythril Sword
        On the way to Phandaria, your ship encounters an
    enemy fleet.  You then get to a play an awesome Space
    Invaders-ish bonus game, in which your three ships
    take on the enemy fleet.
        For the non-action-inclined, just hit the Triangle
    button to call in reinforcements and end the battle --
    if your ship gets destroyed, you die (as in "Game Over"
    die).  If you do want to go for it, what you basically
    want to do is weave back and forth at the bottom of
    the screen and fire (with Circle) at the demons as
    much as you can.  You can dodge a lot of fire by
    positioning your ships so that the fire goes between
    two of them.  And unlike Space Invaders, you can move
    up and down as well as side to side, so use that to
    your advantage.  What you really need to watch out
    for are the crosshairs that appear.  This means the
    enemy ship will shoot a large blast at the spot,
    so move out of its path.
        If the ships (either yours or their) take damage,
    they'll start smoking, and your firing rate will be
    reduced (you can boost your firing rate by picking
    up the glowing icons that appear from time to time).
    If your two side ships are destroyed, they'll just
    disappear (lowering your firepower), but if your main
    ship (the one with the lifebar) is destroyed, you're
    dead.  Play defensively and just keep shooting at the
    demons; once you've thinned them out, shoot at the
    enemy ships.
        After the battle, Fayte will reward you based on
    how well you did (of course, if you took the easy
    way out and called for reinforcements, you get zilch).
    In my case, I scored 2910 points for the rank of
    Officer, and got an Elixir.  Since you can only play
    the game once, I don't know about the other prizes,
    but if you got something different, I'd appreciate it
    if you could send me your score, rank, and prize so I can
    compile a list.  Thanks!
        You'll then land in Frostheim.  Stahn and Fayte
    will talk for a little while, and Mary will wander off.
    After Fayte leaves, go over and talk to Mary.  She
    talks about her amnesia, then rejoins you.  Head into
    town and check out the item shop.  You can buy powerful
    new Mythril (d'oh) armor, as well as getting a few new
    weapons.  Then be sure to buy Fur Capes for everyone;
    you'll need them in the snow.
        After shopping, leave Frostheim and head southwest
    towards the forest.  As soon as you arrive here, you'll
    see none other than Garr being attacked by some of
    Lydon's soldiers.  You'll automatically take on the
    soldiers.  Beat them (they're wimps), and the party
    will take Garr back to Frostheim.
         Garr joins up after a bit of dialogue.  Amazingly,
    he's still at the SAME LEVEL as he was back at the
    start of the game (8), and has almost no equipment.
    He's really good once you get him up, though.  Be
    sure to outfit him with a Composite Bow and some
    armor, and pick up another Fur Cape for him.  Then
    exchange your Lens for gald, and spend the rest of
    your money to buy as many healing items as you can, or
    extra (useless) equipment if you're maxed on healing
    items.  Spend as much of your money as you can; you'll
    see the reason why shortly.
        Leave town and head north, to the Frozen River (you
    can't go through the forest; Lydon has a base there).
    The enemies on the world map are from way back at the
    start of the game, you should be able to plow through
    them.  Eventually, you'll see the river; enter.
        If you don't have your Fur Capes equipped, you'll
    constantly take damage, so make sure you're wearing
    them.  You should also turn off all of Rutee and
    Philia's ice spells (all the enemies here absorb
    ice), and give Philia the Swirling Flame Disc so she
    can cast Fire Storm.  Head north and east on the first
    screen until you get to a large rock blocking the path.  Go
    up to it and Garr will give you the Sorcerer's Ring.
    Equip it on any party member, then press the Square
    button to fire a beam at the rock and destroy it (note:
    the Ring costs 1 Lens per use, but this is pretty
    insignificant as you get loads of Lens from each
        Continue north to the next screen.  There's an
    ice pond here; if you step on it, you'll keep sliding
    in the direction you're facing until you hit something
    or slide off the ice.  Line up with the chest and
    slide over to it.  Open it for a ?DISC, which is really
    the mighty SW100100 Disc.  If you have a Rune Bottle
    with you, use it to identify the Disc and give it to
    Stahn.  If not, you'll get one in a moment, so just
    hang on to the Disc.  Head west across the bridge, then
    go south to the next screen.
        There's a massive frozen river here, littered with
    a number of chests.  First, line yourself up with the
    tree to your right, then slide right.  You should hit
    the tree, and stop.  Then slide south to a patch of
    snow.  Open the chest for the Light Disc, which gives
    you the Ray spell -- good, but not as good as Fire
    Storm.  Line yourself back up with the tree, then
    slide north and left back to the start.  Slide over to
    the tree again, then slide north, left, and north to
    another chest, holding a Mythril Sword.  Make your
    way back to the starting point.
        Instead of sliding east to the tree, slide south
    to another patch of snow (at least I *think* that's
    what you do... I can't read my notes here ^_^).  Slide
    south again to another snow patch.  Edge over to the
    left side of the snow, then slide north.  From here,
    slide east to the third and final chest, which holds
    a Rune Bottle.  If you haven't identified the SW100100
    Disc, use the bottle to do so.  Slide back to the
    start and slide south from there again.  Slide south,
    but then go west to the patch of snow over there.
    >From there, slide south, then east.  Exit the river
    to the south.
    %%%THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: Liq. Bottle, F. Bottle, R. Orange, M. Tiara,
                  Bracelet, Melange Gel, Bread, Sacred Text 5,
                  Winged Spear, Orange Gel
        You'll be on the world map, just outside
    Heidelberg.  Don't enter, though -- instead, head south
    and west past it, until you get to another town.  Go
    in here.  All the buildings are locked except one --
    the one in the lower-left.  Go in here and Mary will
    have a series of flashbacks.
        After the flashbacks have concluded, leave the
    town and go back to Heidelberg.  Stay at the inn,
    then go to the soldiers' office and loot the place for
    a Liquer Bottle, Flare Bottle, and Rotten Orange.  Then
    go up to the castle.  When you try to enter, the
    soldiers will recognize Garr and apprehend Stahn,
    Mary, and Rutee.
        Stahn and Rutee end up in the dungeon of the
    soldiers' office.  Garr, Leon, and Philia show up to
    rescue them, and then you have to find Mary.  Reform
    your party (be sure Rutee and Philia are in), then head
    up two floors and you'll see Mary talking with Dalis.  The
    party will stop to listen on their conversation, but then
    some soldiers run in.  After a bit of chaos, you'll end up
    fighting Dalis.
        Dalis only has 1,500 HP, but almost every attack
    takes off about 10 HP on him.  The only way you can
    really hurt him is with magic, so send Rutee and Philia
    to the far left side of the screen and have them
    constantly cast their best spells, while Stahn uses
    Kick Attack or Vortex to juggle Dalis and prevent him
    from attacking Rutee and Philia.
        After you knock out Dalis, Mary will grab him, and
    you'll have to escape.  Run up to the roof and jump off. 
    You'll land in the snow behind the soldiers' office.
    Head north into the cave.  Darzen, a friend of Garr's,
    will show up and take you into Sark's force's secret
    hideout.  Rutee will heal Dalis, and Mary will stay behind
    to take care of him.
        Leave the room and enter the door due south (not
    the one to the left; it leads outside).  Grab the
    Bracelet in the chest, then go into the room on the
    far left of the hallway.  Take the Mythril Tiara in
    here.  Now take the exit from the upper-right corner
    of the main hall into the actual dungeon. 
        There's loads of undead enemies in here, so equip
    the Light Disc on Rutee to give her the Ray spell
    (Philia already has it) and use it frequently.  In
    addition, Philia's Thunder Blade spell (if she's learned
    it) is very powerful as well.
        Slide north across the ice to the other side , then
    inch down until you're lined up with the top of the
    pillar.  Slide right and you'll bump into a hidden
    chest... but it only has a Melange Gel.  Take it
    anyway, then slide west off the ice and head up and
    left.  Take the left fork, and go left again at the
    next fork.  You'll end up with a small room with a
    tablet.  Get the chest, then make sure Stahn is
    equipped with Dymlos and the Missile Sword ability.
    Examine the plaque and it will ask you two questions.
    Answer "Fire Wall" to the first one and "Missile Sword"
    to the second.  You'll then receive the Fiery Wave
    ability.  Although it doesn't hit very hard, it has a
    wide range, and nets you a 5-6 hit combo every time
    it's used.
        After getting Fiery Wave, head one screen east,
    and then north to a large ice platform.  Slide up to
    the Ice Golem and you'll fight.  This fight is so easy
    it's not even funny; just hang back and use fire spells
    (Fire Storm, Fiery Wave) on him.  You can probably
    beat him without even getting hit.  Then use the
    Sorcerer's Ring to zap the two blocks directly in
    front of you.  Shoot the Sorcerer's Ring again at the
    clock-like thingy on the wall and a staircase will
    appear.  Go up and enter the first door you come to.
    Collect the chests for an Orange Gel and the Winged
    Spear.  The Winged Spear is strong, but not as good
    as Dymlos for Stahn, and Garr is probably better off
    with his bow (thanks to its long range).  Just hang
    on to it to sell and continue up the stairs into
    Heidelberg Castle.
    %%%LYDON'S MYSTERIOUS DUNGEON%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: Wind Spear, Pine Gel, Reflex, Aquamarine,
                  Life Bottle, Orange Gel, Hunter's Bow
         Upon entering the castle, head north two screens
    to the main hall.  Enter the middle door and you'll
    be in the throne room.  Take the leftmost door in here
    to find the Wind Spear Disc.  The Disc lets you
    cast Air Slash, which "savagely lacerates" enemies.
    It sounds pretty silly, but it's a very strong spell,
    so be sure to equip the disc on Rutee or Philia.  After
    getting the Disc, return to the castle's main hall and
    enter the rightmost door.  Collect the Pine Gel and
    Reflex (armor), then return to the main hall.
         On the right side of the main hall, you'll see
    two unlit torches.  Use the Sorcerer's Ring to light
    the two torches and a door will appear.  Go through.
    On the other side of the door, you'll start having
    random battles, so be prepared.  The enemies are pretty
    tough, so you might just want to run from most of the
         Head east through the first hall and into a large
    room.  Look for the two torches that aren't lit and
    light them with the Sorcerer's Ring.  Then take the
    right door at the top of the room into a small room
    with an Aquamarine.  Equip it on someone (it boosts
    your defense), then go through the middle door.  Head
    north and you'll see two statues.  Push the one with
    the torch just in front of the other one, so that the
    torch is touching the orb.  The door will open.  Go
    through into the clock tower.
         Upon entering the clock tower, head left across
    the gear (shades of Castlevania), grab the Life Bottle,
    and climb up the chain.  Throw the switch, then climb
    back down, cross the gear again, and climb up the
    chain on the other side.  Head right, hop on the gray
    platform, and ride it to the other side.  Climb up
    the chain.  From here, you can go up the chain to the
    left and then up another level to get an Orange Gel,
    but it's probably not bothering with.  Instead, climb
    up the right chain and examine the lever.  You'll have
    to leave one of your characters at the lever; it doesn't
    really matter who as they'll be back shortly.
         After dropping off your chosen party member,
    climb back down to the lowest level of the tower and
    enter the now-functional elevator.  When it stops, get
    off, climb up the chain.  You'll see another gray lift,
    but it's not functioning because the pulley is frozen.  Get
    underneath the frozen pulley and shoot it with the
    Sorcerer's Ring to thaw it out.  Then ring the lift
    to the left and descend a floor.  Open the chest for
    the powerful Hunter's Bow for Garr, which you should
    equip right away.  Then go down another level and pick
    up the character you dropped off earlier.  Climb back
    up to the lift, ride across, and climb up until you
    emerge back in the castle.
         Head forward through the first door.  In the next
    room, light all the torches with the Sorcerer's Ring
    to unlock the doors.  Go in the door on the left and
    use the Ring to melt the ice on the chains.  Then enter
    the door on the right and turn the wheel (just examine
    it with X).  Go back two rooms (to the first castle
    room after the clock tower), and go through the door
    in the lower left.  You'll be in a room with another
    wheel and a save point.  Turn the wheel, then save
    your game on the save point.  Whatever you do, *don't*
    go out the door to the south.  Doing so will put you
    back in the throne room and force you to repeat the
    entire clock tower.
        After turning both wheels and saving, go back
    into the hall and take the middle door.  The curtain
    should have pulled up to reveal some stairs.  Ascend
    those, and the next set of stairs.  Before going up
    the third set, stop and heal up.  Lydon is up the
    next stairs, and he's really tough -- you need to be
    prepared.  I recommend using Stahn in the lead, Garr
    a distance bance, then Philia and Rutee in the rear.
    Make sure Stahn has the SW100100 Disc, and Philia
    the Wind Spear Disc.  Garr should be equipped with the
    Hunter's Bow and not a melee weapon.  Everyone else
    should use their Swordians.  Once you're ready, go
    up the stairs to the rooftop, where Lydon is waiting
    with the Eye of Atamoni.  After giving the requisite
    bad guy speech ("You're too late to stop me", "You did
    well to get this far", "Now I will show you my power!",
    etc.), Lydon attacks.
        Believe it or not, you actually have to win this
    battle -- at first, I thought it was one you were
    supposed to lose.  Lydon will *constantly* cast Wind
    Slash, doing about 600 damage to your party with each
    cast.  The only way to beat him is to have Stahn
    use a Spin Slash as soon as the battle begis to fly
    over the enemy troops and get to Lydon.  Then have
    him hit Lydon constantly with Kick Attacks and
    Vortexes.  As long as you stay close to Lydon, he'll
    only use melee attacks and not magic.  Meanwhile,
    have the rest of your characters fight through the
    soldiers and wipe them out.  Once it's just you and
    Lydon, start hitting him constantly with your
    strongest attacks and skills.  Attack spells are
    pretty much useless, as you'll always get hit before
    you can finish charging them up.  Keep using Life
    Bottles to bring back your dead characters; it's
    more important than healing.  As long as you keep
    using Life Bottles, he can't kill you (until you
    run out of them, that is).  Even if you get killed,
    as long as the Life Bottle animation is going on,
    you won't lose.  Try to keep as many of your characters
    active as possible, and keep wailing on him.  He
    has 13,000 HP.
        After (if) you beat Lydon, Garr will reclaim
    Igtenos (which Lydon was using), and you will seal
    the Eye of Atamoni.  The gang then hopes on the
    Draconis to fly back to Seinegald.  When you
    regain control, go up to the roof and talk to
    Rutee.  After some more dialogue, you'll arrive back
    in Seinegald, where you are rewarded by the king.
    Head out of the castle and Stahn will board the
    Draconis to fly home.  That's all you have to do,
    so just sit back.  I know this seems like the
    ending, but it's not...
    %%%LILITH FAIR%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: Dymlos, Food Sack L, Black Onyx
        Back home in Lienea, Stahn is awakened by his
    sister Lilith.  Go to the table and eat.  Afterwards,
    Lilith will send you to buy a fish for dinner.  First,
    put your dishes in the sink (above the table, on the
    right hand side), then leave.  Go over to the shop,
    on the west side of town, and talk with the fishmonger.
    He's all out of fish, and tells Stahn to go to
        Now, if you do hike all the way down to Neuestadt,
    you can buy a fish that appears in your Valuables
    section.  If you take this back to Lilith, she says
    that it's really a whale, and berates Stahn for thinking
    that a whale was a fish.  The end result is the same
    as if you hadn't brought her the fish in the first
    place, so don't bother getting the fish.  Just go
    back and talk to Lilith.
        The next day, Lilith will wake Stahn up (again)
    and tell him that he has a visitor... it's Philia!
    Philia explains to Stahn that the Eye of Atamoni has
    been stolen (again) and joins you (again).  She also
    gives you Dymlos back, so be sure to equip it/him
    (again), as well as a Disc (probably SW100100).  In
    addition, there's no Disc equipped on Philia's Swordian
    either, so be sure to give her one.
        Leave the house and talk to Lilith again.
    She'll give you the Food Sack L, which lets you
    hold up to 20,000 units of food.  Now head south
    a ways and talk to Stahn's neighbors' daughter.
    Pick the third response and she'll give you the
    Black Onyx, which boosts your maximum HP by
    30%.  Equip it on Philia right away.  Finally,
    go to the shop and walk into the dark space between
    the two aisles to find the item shop.  If you followed
    my advice earlier and bought extra equipment in
    Frostheim, sell it all off now to earn some money (Stahn
    gave all his money to Rutee on the Draconis so you don't
    have any cash or Lens).  Then buy a bunch of P. Bottles;
    you'll need them.
        Leave Lienea and wind your way south through the
    mountain passes.  Although the enemies are wimps,
    they'll keep poisoning you, and, unlike most games,
    poison damage *can* kill you -- so be sure to use a
    Panacea Bottle whenever you get poisoned.  Keep going
    south and east, all the way across the continent,
    and you'll reach Neuestadt.
    %%%SPLIT DECISION%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: SP07115, Igtenos, Lute, Crossbow, SW130130,
                  S. Halberd, I. Knuckle, H. Bottle, Miracle
                  Gel, Fenface, R. Bottle, Life Bottle, Pine
        Take care of any business you have in Neuestadt
    (Mach Boy has honed his skills by running from rabid
    dogs, and you can challenge him again for more prizes...
    see "Mach Boy's Revenge" for tips and info), then go to
    the docks.  Talk to the captain and you'll be given the
    choice of whether to recruit Garr or Rutee first.  I
    picked Garr, but it doesn't really matter, as you have to
    recruit both eventually.
        If you pick Garr, you'll set sail for Frostheim.
    Note that once you've landed, you can just go back on
    the ship and go to Neuestadt, Frostheim, Darilsheid,
    or even Cherik in Calvalese (not that there's anything
    to do there).  You can't go to Aquaveil (I still think
    that sounds like the name of a toothpaste), however.
        In Frostheim, check around the docks for the
    red-hatted peddler.  Talk to him and he'll offer to
    sell you a Disc for 7,000 gald.  Buy it; it's the
    useful SP07115.  Then leave Frostheim and head southwest
    to the forest.  Now that Lydon is gone, you can pass
    through here (it's just one screen).  Continue west
    and you'll enter a forest scene.  Go through here
    and out the other side, and you'll be right outside
    Cyril.  Enter and go to Mary's house.  Talk to her
    and Dalis, then leave and continue north to Heidelberg.
        The shops in Heidelberg are all functioning now,
    so you can buy a few new pieces of Mythril armor.
    Head up to the castle and talk to Darzen and he'll
    get you in to see Garr.  Garr joins the party, and
    you're done with this half of the mission (note that
    you now have Igtenos in your inventory, although you
    can't use it as it's lost its power).  Head back to
    Frostheim and sail to Seinegald.
        Searching for Rutee, you'll end up in Darilsheid.
    Leave town and head west, then south around the
    mountains.  Go east, then turn northeast once you
    reach the end of the ice and you'll reach Cresta
    (just check your World Map under Valuables to see
    where it is).  In Cresta, head over to the orphanage.
    The game will take over, and Rutee will join.  Like
    with the others, Rutee's Swordian seems to be
    suffering from a case of "slipped Disc", so be sure
    to equip her with one.  If you haven't gotten Garr yet,
    return to Darilsheid and sail to Phandaria to get
        Once you've gotten both Rutee and Garr in your
    party, return to Darilsheid and enter the castle.
    Go speak with the King and he'll explain who he
    thinks is responsible for the theft of the Eye.
    Before you leave the castle, go down to the first
    floor and check the two treasure rooms in the back.
    They've been restocked with a load of powerful new
    equipment, including the SW130130 Disc and the
    Crossbow for Garr.  After looting the entire place,
    leave the castle and go to Hugo's mansion in
        At the mansion, you'll find swarms of Oberol
    employees all looking for Hugo.  Ignore them for
    now and go in all the rooms until Stahn comments
    about a book in one of them.  Go read the book; it
    mentions "Libra IV".  Return to the king and he'll
    tell you to ask someone from Oberol about Libra IV.
    So go to the mansion again.  The wandering employees
    will all tell you to talk to their manager, who has
    a beard.  Look around for him (you can see his beard;
    he has a different sprite) and talk to him.  He
    explains that Libra is an old Oberol factory on an
    island near Cresta.  Return to the castle once more
    and talk to the king to charter a ship (if you want
    to use the ship for some other purpose, do so first,
    as talking to the king here means you can only go to
    Libra).  Then head to the docks, jump on board your
    ship, and set sail for the Abandoned Factory.
    %%%LIBRA IV%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: Rubber Suit (x2), ID Card B, Electrify,
                  Reflex (x2), Oberol C (x3), Oberol EX (x2),
                  E. Bullet, Gale Staff, Fine Shield, Oberol G,
                  ID Card R, Strike Axe, Elixir, Pine Gel,
                  Silver Plate, R. Gauntlet, Ankh Shield
        When you first enter the factory, Rutee will ask
    Stahn if he thinks Leon is involved in this.  Pick any
    answer; it doesn't matter.  Then enter through the
    door.  The fights in here are brutal; they're just
    Dark Knights (no big deal) and Blood Wolves (big deal).
    The Blood Wolves will constantly cast Air Slash on
    you, doing about 1000 damage with each hit.  Run back
    and forth and hit any one of them that starts to charge
    up a spell.  Use skills to attack, not spells, as you'll
    rarely get a chance to charge up a spell before getting
    Air Slashed.
        From the room you're in, take the exit off to the left
    side.  Fight the Oberol employee if you want, then open the
    chest for a Rubber Suit.  Equip it on Rutee or Philia,
    then leave this room.  To the north are two doors; go
    in the one on the right.  Flick the switch to reroute
    the conveyor belt, get the Oberol C from the chest, then
    enter the door.  Look around down here for another suit
    of Reflex armor, then return to the main hall (the second
        This time, take the door on the left into a room
    with a windy platform over a pit.  Head to the lower-right
    and exit south into a small room.  Talk to the Oberol
    employee and fight him.  Defeat all the monsters and
    you'll get ID Card B, which can be used to open the
    blue door.  Leave this room and head to the upper-left
    of the pit room.  Descend the stairs, collect the
    Electrify Disc (it only gives you Thunder Blade, which
    isn't that great by now), then hop on the conveyor
    belt.  You'll be taken into a square room with two
    more belts to choose from.  Hop on the one leading
    south.  If you hit the switch earlier, the conveyor
    will take you near a door.  Open it with Key Card B,
    and go through into a three-pronged room.  Collect another
    Rubber Suit and a third Reflex, then fight the Oberol
    employee. When defeated, he'll yield a tip to the
    password (actually, you don't really need to do this,
    since you have this FAQ ^_^).
        At this point, I recommended heading back to
    Seinegald for healing.  Just go back to the entrance
    and walk out of the factory.  You'll be asked if
    you want to return to Darilsheid, say yes.  Stay
    at the inn, save, and stock up on items (Life Bottles
    in particular), then return to the factory.
        Head to the pit room, but this time use the
    upper-right exit.  Continue across the plank and
    through the door to the second floor.  The computers
    in this room will give you additional hints towards
    the password.  After reading them, go south, then
    left.  Fight the employee if you want, and be sure
    to get the E. Bullet, Oberol EX, and Gale Staff in
    the room.  The Gale Staff is a strong weapon for
    Philia, but don't equip it as not only can she not
    cast magic without her Swordian, it will heal the
    Blood Wolves (they're both wind-elemental).
        Go right two screens.  Examine the computer
    screen and you will have to input the correct color.
    You should be able to figure it out by now, but if
    not, the correct choices are the third option, then
    the fourth.  This will cause the door to the north
    to open (if you input the wrong answers, you'll have
    to fight some guys).  Go through and fight the employee
    for Key Card R.
        After getting Key Card R, head right from the
    computer to the red door.  Open it with your new
    key card and go through into a large junk room.  Enter
    the room nearest you and get the Oberol EX and Fine
    Shield inside, then head northwest.  There's an Oberol
    C hidden behind some junk (why they'd hide that, I
    have no idea), and an Oberol EX above it.  Pop into
    the door for an Oberol G, then take the upper-left
    most door out of the junk room.  Head north, fight
    the Oberol employee, then board the elevator.
        The elevator will take you down into a natural
    cave like that near Sheeden.  There's new enemies
    down here, and they aren't much easier.  Be
    especially wary of the Evilstars, which will cast
    Icicle constantly.
        Head south one screen, then left.  Grab the Strike
    Axe (equip if it on Stahn if it's stronger than Dymlos),
    then head east two screens.  Go through the cave door in
    the upper-right, on top of the steps.  This room may
    look empty, but it's not -- there's an Elixir in
    a chest hidden behind the pillar.  Collect it, then
    leave that room and head south.  Get the Pine Gel,
    then go south to the next screen.
        Cross the wooden bridge, then continue west across
    another bridge to the next screen.  First, go north
    to get the powerful Silver Plate armor, then take the
    west route.  Keep going for several screens until
    you reach a fork.  Turn right and go into a circular
    room.  Collect the two chests in here for Oberol C
    and (more importantly) a Rare Gauntlet, then go left.
    Follow the path across a really long bridge.  Get
    the Ankh Shield to your left (you know a dungeon's
    long when you get a piece of equipment and a direct
    upgrade to it in the same dungeon ^_^), then continue
    right.  From here, it's just straight walking until
    you reach Hugo's gang.  Hugo will leave Leon to
    get rid of you while he and the other Oberol leaders
        Although he's somehow gained about 12,000 HP in the
    few days since he was in your party, Leon is still a
    piece of cake.  Just have Stahn trap him in the corner
    with constant Dragon Blades, while Philia casts Holy
    Lance (substitute some other spell if you don't have
    Holy Lance yet) repeatedly.  He should go down easily.
        Leon will then cause a huge flood (?), which will
    sweep you onto the underground docks of Hugo's Draconis.
    Head right and board the Draconis.  Sit back and enjoy
    the incredible cut scenes.
    ITEMS TO GET: Horn, Boot Disc, Garnet, Wendiene, Pine
                  Gel, Elixir, Orange Gel
        Eventually, you'll end up on the world map, outside
    Seinegald.  Now that the Aethersphere has formed, the
    music has changed, and its shadows will float by.  Head
    into Seinegald and go to the docks (you might have to
    talk to the King first, I forget).  Talk to the captain
    and you'll sail over to Demon's Reef and enter Radisrol.
        Unlike the first time you visited here, there's
    no enemies.  Just head through to the control room
    where you found Clemente.  This time, you'll meet with
    Raiker, the former commander of the earthbound troops.
    Raiker gives you the Horn, which you can use to summon
    Bernardo the Sea Dragon (LOL).  He then asks you to find
    him an assistant.
        Leave Radisrol and you'll be on the world map, on
    board Bernardo.  You can now sail around pretty much
    anywhere and get off at any of the docks in towns.  And
    while on any dock screen, you can summon Bernardo by
    using the Horn in your Valuables screen.
        At this point, you should fill up those two empty
    spots in your roster by recruiting any two of the four
    other characters: Chelsea (found in the Heidelberg throne
    room), Bruiser (win in the Neuestadt Arena... see the
    "Recruiting Bruiser" sidequest), Mary (at her house
    in Cyril, but only if you didn't save Dalis), or
    Karyl (in the Moreau town square).  Just talk to any
    of them and they'll join you (except for Bruiser, who
    requires a little more work).
        I mostly used Chelsea (because of her bow) and
    Bruiser (good fighter), but it's up to you.  However,
    what most people don't realize is that you can change
    which two characters you pick... just recruit a third
    character and you can drop one of the other two.  If
    you want that original character back again, just go
    back to where you found them and collect them again.
        After you have six characters, go to Seinegald
    and talk to the king.  He sends you to talk to Professor
    Otto.  Go to Otto's lab (in the lower-left corner
    of the castle) and talk to him; he refuses to help
    you.  However, just talk to the assistant standing
    right next to him and he will help you instead ^_^.
        Return to Radisrol and go back to the control
    center.  Raiker sends you to get a Boot Disc to power
    up Radisrol.  Leave again and take Bernardo over to
    Fitzgald.  West of Lienea, you'll see a large lagoon.
    Swim in there and enter the cave.
        This place has to be the easiest dungeon in the
    whole game.  Just walk up to the slot on the door and
    examine it.  Choose to leave Stahn behind.  Since Stahn
    is "you", the rest of the party will automatically
    collect the Boot Disc for you (the rest of the dungeon
    was just a couple more rooms just like this, in case
    you're wondering).  When you turn to leave, you'll see
    some more cutscenes, in which Belcrant blasts Terazzi,
    absorbing more land into the Aethersphere.
        Before eaving the temple, it's probably a good idea
    to wander around and have some fights to build up your
    new characters (especially Chelsea, she starts at level
    3).  Once you leave, you'll notice that there are more
    shadows from the larger Aetherspehre.  Just head back
    to Radisrol and give the Boot Disc to Raiker.  He'll
    restart Radisrol and raise it into the Aethersphere.
        Once Radisrol stops, Raiker brings up a map and
    tells you to infiltrate Dycroft (named, of course, after
    Lara Croft's little known sister ^_^).  Now that
    Radisrol is up in the air, all the places that were
    filled with water have drained out.  Go back and explore
    them for all for a bunch of chests.  You'll also find
    a bunch of sleeping pods in one room that you can use
    to rest, and, in the room just west of the command center,
    there's a teleporter that will take you down to
    Darilsheid so you can buy stuff.  (Notice how all the
    town music has changed to the same thing?  It's really
    %%%THE AETHERSPHERE%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: Thunder Scepter, Oberol G, SW180180, Miracle
                  Gel (x3), Silver Plate, Emerald Ring,
                  S. Sword
         Venture out from Radisrol, and you'll be on the
    new Aethersphere world map.  This place is pretty cool;
    you can watch the actual continents from the ground
    float by below.  There's no map you can get for here
    (i.e., one you carry in your valuables), but the place
    is pretty straightforward.  The enemies can be kind of
    tricky, though, especially the Impulses (the big diamond-
    shaped things).  They're immune to fire, so Dymlos won't
    work on them -- use Kick Attack and Philia's bomb attacks
         Circle around from Radisrol to the Aeropolis
    Ignasea.  Cross the bridge and enter.  In here, you'll
    fight some skeletal-looking enemies; they're big, but
    not that tough.  Watch out for the Dark Mages, though
    -- they can cast spells, and have a wide-range missile
    attack (but you can destroy the missiles with a slash
         The teleporter to your left doesn't work (yet), so
    go right, then up.  Step on the teleporter and you'll
    be teleported into the interior of the Aeropolis, on
    level 3.  Head left until you get to an elevator, and
    ride it down to level 2 (check out the cool scaling
    here).  Grab the Thunder Scepter, then ride back up to
    level 3.  Now head back to the teleporter and go north.
    Take the first elevator you come to for Oberol G, then
    keep going to the one in the upper-right.  Ride it
    down to level 2.
         On level 2, head south into the lower-right corner,
    where there's an elevator and a teleporter here.  Use the
    teleporter to warp to a room, then exit to the south.
    Grab the Silver Plate and Miracle Gel, then warp back
    to the girders and take the elevator down to level 1.
    Follow the path to the teleporter and warp.  Head right
    to a fork in the hall, and keep going right.  Collect the
    very powerful Slayer Sword from the chest, then take
    the north turn from the intersection.  The gate to
    Dycroft is here, but it's already been destroyed by
    Hugo's forces.
         You'll automatically be teleported back to
    Radisrol, where Raiker suggests getting the Sky Cruiser
    from Mikheil and flying it to Dycroft.  I believe that
    Radisrol's inn opens up now, but you can always stay
    for free in the sleeping pods.
         Heal up and head back to Ignasea.  Make your
    way down to level 2, but this time head left.  Skip
    the first elevator you reach, and the teleporter after it,
    and keep going.  Near the next elevator you'll see a
    chest; open the chest for the SW180180 (give it to Stahn),
    then go down the elevator.  Head north a little and take
    the first teleporter you come to.  Go left and collect
    the Emerald Ring, a very useful accessory that cuts
    your MP cost by 1/3.  Teleport back, and continue
    up and right to another teleporter.  Use this one
    to get a Miracle Gel, then go back to the elevator
    and head back up to level 2.  
         Head north and west a little and step on the
    teleporter there.  In the room, follow the path to
    another teleporter and warp to level 3.  Head down,
    right, and up.  Use the upper teleporter to reach
    a chest with a Miracle Gel, then ride the elevator
    down to level 2.  Proceed on to the next elevator
    and go down to level 1, then use the teleporter.
        Go north to another Gate; this one leads to four
    other Aeropolises.  First, use the little blue circle
    to teleport back to the entrance.  You can now
    use the circle to warp directly to the Gate without
    having to go through the whole dungeon again.  With
    that available, return to Radisrol for healing (and
    go back down to Darilsheid if you need items), then
    go back to the Gate.
    %%%SKY CRUISER%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: Arc Wind, Bear Claw, Strengthen, Rare
                  Shield, W. Boots, H. Bottle, Hourglass,
                  Oberol G, Burning Sword
        In the Gate room in Ignasea, walk through the red
    panel.  This will turn all the doors red.  Step in
    the beam of light to warp to Josaia.  This whole level
    is basically a giant bonus game; you have to collect
    all the egg-like things on each level to activate the
    elevator while dodging the monsters.  Unfortunately,
    this isn't nearly as fun as it sounds, because it's
    almost impossible to dodge the monsters on the narrow
    girders.  Fortunately, you can still run from fights
        After four floors of this nonsense, you'll reach
    the top floor.  Run around here to get the Arc Wind,
    Bear Claw, and Strengthen Disc (lets you cast First
    Aid; give it to Philia), then exit in the upper-right.
    Step on the blue teleporter to warp back to the Gate
    room.  Like with Ignasea, you can now use the teleporter
    to warp from one end of the dungeon to the other without
    having to go through.
        Return to Ignasea via the blue gate and go back to
    Radisrol for healing.  Then return to Josaia, warp to
    the top, and exit back on to the Aethersphere map.
    Head north and east until you reach Mikheil (it's the
    only other dot accessible from where you are).  Enter.
        The main play mechanic here is riding the colored
    lifts back and forth.  Every time you ride one of the
    lifts, all the other lifts of the same color will also
    move.  You can also move the lift by actvating buttons
    of the same color.  In fact, you'll start off with one of
    these puzzles right away, but unfortunately I don't know
    the exact solution as I don't know exactly what I did.
    Basically, you have to take the right lift up, then
    come back on the middle left, then ride the left lift
    up, exit to the left, and ride the lift to the
    teleporter... but you may have to do some other stuff
    to get it to the right position first; I don't know.
    I'll get this fixed this up in a future version.
        Anyway, after taking the teleporter, you'll be in
    another girder area.  The enemies here are the same
    as before, with a couple of new additions -- the annoying
    Discus flying saucers (use jumping attacks or Spin
    Slash to hurt them, and don't stand under them) and
    the Mechscorpions (they can poison you, be careful).
    Head to the far lower-right corner of this level and
    take the elevator up to level 2.
        On level 2, you'll see have to cross appearing and
    disappearing blocks, but the game is pretty forgiving
    here.  Ignoring the teleporter directly above you,
    head left across the blocks to another teleporter.
    Take this one and ride the lift across the gap.  Throw
    the switch and head to the next screen.  Open the
    chest for a Rare Shield, then ride the lift back and
    teleport back to the girders.  Return to the teleporter
    you skipped earlier (the one north of the elevator)
    and warp through it.
        Ride the lift and follow the path, crossing another
    lift, until you get to a teleporter.  Warp through it,
    head left, and take the elevator up to level 3.  Cross
    the disappearing platforms and head down and right.
    You'll see two teleporters at the bottom; take the
    one on the left.  Head left one screen, then up.  Cross
    the lift, get the Burning Sword on the next screen (great
    weapon!), then go back to the teleporter.  If the lift
    is there, just ride across it.  If not, teleport back
    to the girders and use the teleporter on the right (they
    both lead to the same place).
        Head right one screen, then north two screens.
    You're now in a room with a very complicated puzzle.
    Again, I'm afraid that I don't know the exact solution,
    but it involves manipulating the switches so that you
    can ride the purple platform in to the upper-left corner
    without touching the blue one.  This allows you to
    take the blue on the left to the center platform, and
    from there you can ride the yellow platform.  Er, or
    something like that.  Just be sure to get the Hourglass,
    Holy Bottle, and Oberol G from this room before you
    teleport out.
        After teleporting out of the puzzle room, you'll
    be on level 3 of the girders.  Ride the elevator down
    to level 2, then head north and teleport.  Head north,
    cross the lift, and go right another screen.  Check
    the path on the left to see if the lift is there.
    If it is, ride it south.  If it isn't, use the path
    on the right, cross the lift there, flick the switch,
    and then head left to the same place.  Throw the
    switch there, then go right, down, and left to a
    white lift.  Cross it, then head left a coule more
    screens to the next lift.  Cross it (if the lifts
    aren't there, go back to the switches and fiddle
    with them) and keep going until you reach a Save Point
    and a chest with Winged Boots.  Save, then use the
        You're now up on level 4.  Head down through the
    maze of disappearing blocks (take it carefully and don't
    fall; it's a long way back up), then take the elevator
    at the bottom.  Head north and enter the teleporter.
    Go north and you'll come across a blocked gate.  This is
    a pretty tricky puzzle, what you have to do is to move
    the white block in the lower left (it's tough to see
    due to the pipes overhead) over to the track on the
    right-hand side.  Position so it's lined up with the
    top of the track, on the left side.  Now stand on the
    track, hold Circle, and move backwards to pull the plug
    out of the machine.  Pull it as far back as you can,
    then let go.  Quickly run over behind the block and
    push it onto the track so that it blocks the plug (if
    you don't make it in time, just try again).  If you do
    it right, the block will prevent the plug from reaching
    the machine, thus holding the gate open.  Heal up,
    make sure you have Rutee in the party, then go through to
    face Rembrandt.
        You begin the battle with minimal HP and TP.  Quickly
    use a Pine or Miracle Gel on Rutee to restore her TP, then
    have her cast Nurse to heal the party.  Then use more
    Orange and Pine Gels to boost up your TP as you attack
    Rembrandt.  Have Rutee use Thievery constantly on him
    until you succesfully steal (you'll see her grab a bag
    instead of falling down if you succeed); you'll get the
    SW280280 Disc when you win the battle if you do.  Aside
    from the fact that you start out nearly dead, Rembrandt
    isn't that tough.  When he gets low on life, he'll start
    using an air missile attack, but that's about it.  Just
    don't forget to steal that disc from him!
         After the battle, Stahn will send Marian back to
    the surface in an escape pod.  You'll then board the
    Sky Cruiser, only to have it shot down by the Guardian
    Draconis (this is what, the third time you've been shot
    down in this game).  Leave the crashed Cruiser, go
    back to Josaia, and warp to Ignasea.  Return to Radisrol
    and go to the control room for your next mission.  Ask
    the assistant about both missions, and then you will
    be told that the item, weapon, and armor shops have
        Go to the upper-left corner of Radisrol and you'll
    find the shops there.  The weapons aren't that good (plus
    they're really expensive), but you can buy some great
    armor.  Don't forget to sell your Lenses to earn extra
    cash; you max out at 9999, so be sure to sell whenever
    you get that many.
        You now have two missions to complete: disabling
    the Guardian Draconis in Cloudius, and repairing Igtenos
    in Helraios.  You can do them in either order, but I
    recommend doing the Helraios quest first, as you get
    Garr's Swordian from it, and can start using it right
    ITEMS TO GET: Ankh Shield, W. Symbol, Elven Bow, Juicy
                  Beef (x8... aaah!), Oberol G, Oberol
                  EX (x3), Score D, Card Key, Volcano, Flare
                  Claw, Laser Blade, Flare Sword, W. Boots,
        To begin the Helraios quest, go to the teleporter
    room in Ignasea.  Enter the green gate and warp to
    Rodeon.  This place is kinda like Josaia, but not
    nearly as annoying ^_^.  Actually, it's really fun.
    See the little gray things?  Those are bombs; you can
    drag them around with the Circle button, then detonate
    them by shooting them with the Sorcerer's Ring, toasting
    any enemies near it!  And whenever you blow up a bomb,
    a new one will pop out of the handy bomb dispenser, so
    you have an unlimited supply.  Of course, if you want
    to just fight through all the enemies, you can do that
       Enter the dungeon and head northwest to the first
    transporter.  Warp up to level 3, then take either the
    upper-right transporter or the left one (the one in the
    lower-right is a dead end).  Head to the middle of the next
    level, grab the Ankh Shield, then take the transporter to
    the north.  First go down to the bottom of this level for
    the powerful Elven Bow, then go to the upper-right and
    use the transporter.  This will take you to a small ledge
    with the Warrior Symbol, an accessory that boosts your
    attack by 10%.  After getting it, take the transporter
    back down, head to the upper-left, and exit.
        Out on the world map, head along until you reach
    the next Aeropolis... the infamous Helraios itself.
    The enemies in here aren't particularly bad (although
    the ever-annoying Saucers are back), but it's home to
    an extremly difficult puzzle.  Actually, it's not really
    difficult, it's just that there is a mistake in the
    clues that renders it unsolvable ^_^.
        From the entrance, head forward until you reach
    a room with three doors.  Take the door on the left,
    then go through the next door.  Look along the bottom
    wall for four difficult-to-see chest (all with Oberol
    items), then continue south.  In the next room, go
    right one screen.  The big brown thing that looks like
    a photocopier is actually a flamethrower; if you run
    through it quickly, you can get by without being hurt
    (Philia's Cloak skill might also protect you from it).
    Continue into a room with a 
        Walk up onto the silver platform near the
    conveyors.  Step on the conveyor to your right.  When
    you get off, go right again, then left, right, right,
    up, and up.  Collect Score D (for Karyl) from the chest.
    Now ride back to the start, climb on the left platform,
    and go right, up, right, up, up, left, right, and up
    to get to the exit (the other chests just have Gels).
    Go through.  Check out the side room for three pieces
    of Juicy Beef (WHY!?) and the Volcano Disc, which gives
    you a hefty stat boost *and* gives you three different
    fire spells.  Then go in the middle room and collect
    the Card Key.
        Now go all the back to the other room with three
    doors (the tiny one; where you took the door on the
    left).  Take the middle door, use your Card Key to
    unlock the next door, and go through.  The next hall
    has a whole bunch of side rooms; they all have Juicy
    Beef in them except for the second (which leads on)
    and the very last one, which holds the powerful Flare
    Claw for Bruiser.  Collect the Juicy Beef if you want
    it, and be sure to get the Flare Claw.  Then take the
    second door, head right, and go through the next door.
    Stay in the center of the room and run through the
    hall of flamethrowers into a room with a save point.
    Save, then go through the next door.
        And here it is... the password room.  You have
    to enter a four-letter password, but the problem is that
    the clues are actually wrong.  In case you missed them,
    the clues are:
    Last Password: Z-21 = E
    First Password: 5
    I-8 = A
        The numbers correspond to different letters of the
    alphabet.  Unfortunately, the second and fourth clues
    are both off by one letter -- they should be 6 and 20,
    which would give you the *correct* letters to spell
    out FATE.  Yes, that's right
    *****THE PASSWORD IS "FATE".*****
        But before you enter it, be sure to enter GIFT.
    You'll get a message saying that a chest has been placed
    (on the other side of the door).  You can also use
    HUGO and OGRE, but neither of them really do anything
    (OGRE gives you a Tekken 3 reference ^_^).
        Anyway, input FATE (I repeat, the password is
    FATE), and the door will open.  Go through and collect
    the Laser Blade from the chest (assuming you put in
    GIFT first).  It's a very strong sword, give it to
    Mary (if you have her) or Garr.  Run by all the
    flamethrowers and head to the upper-right.  Enter the room
    and collect the Flare Sword.  Although it's not that strong,
    it's one of the few non-Swordian weapons that Rutee can
    use (the Laser Blade is another)... of course, she can't
    use magic while she has it equipped.
        After you get the Flare Sword, take the upper-left
    exit from the hall o' flamethrowers.  Heal up, then
    step forward.  You'll confront Ilene, who will fight
    you.  Ilene doesn't attack directly; she just sends
    out little bomb things (try using Fiery Wave or Missile
    Sword to take them out), and there's a cannon overhead
    that keeps shooting at you.  Just dodge around the cannon
    and shoot at her with bows and Missile Sword.  Rutee
    can steal a Mind Ring from her, although it's not that
        When Ilene is defeated, she will jump out the window
    to her demise (but isn't Helraious surrounded by land?
    Oh well...).  Philia and Garr will use the equipment
    to repair Igtenos, and you will finally get Garr's
    Swordian.  He's automatically equipped with it (in the
    Swordian slot), but put a Disc on it.  It's at a very
    low level right now, so don't equip it as your weapon;
    just let it gain some experience and go up levels.
    Anyway, after you get Igtenos repaired, open the chest
    by where Ilene was for a pair of Winged Boots and use
    them to warp outside.  Return to Radisrol.
    %%%I, CLOUDIUS%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: Score C, Life Bottle, Miracle Gel, Pine
                  Gel, Lemon Gel, Melange Gel, Orange Gel,
                  Green Gel, Bronze Key, Earth, Rubber Suit,
                  Iron Key, Gold Key, Guitar, Crescent Bow,
                  Lucky Blade, P. Ring, GC Rod, Elven Cape,
                  Sacred Text 7, Tornado, Egg
        To start the Cloudius quest, go to the Gate room in
    Ignasea and pass through the yellow gate to turn all the
    doors yellow.  Step in the beam to teleport to Deimos,
    the obligatory dark dungeon where you can only see in
    a small circle of light.  This is no big deal, however,
    because there's NO random battles in here!  In fact,
    there's only three fights total, and they're easy.
        Leave the Gate room in Deimos and head west into an
    intersection.  Go south into a large room.  Head down
    the short flights of stairs, then go left through the
    first passage you come to.  Head down all the stairs
    and follow the long pathway until you come to a load
    of chests, which contain one of every type of Gel and
    a Life Bottle.  Take them, then return to the main,
    large, room and take the upper-right passage.  This
    will take you to a chest with Score C, which gives
    Karyl the March.
        Return to the main room once again and look
    around for another circle of light surrounding a mouse.
    Walk up to the mouse and you'll have to fight -- it's
    actually some Aetherians.  They should be easy by now;
    kill them all and you'll receive the Bronze Key.  At
    this point, two more circles of light with mice in them
    appear, except these two will be moving around.  Chase them
    both down and kill the mice for the Iron and Gold Keys.
        After getting all three keys, Head north back to the
    screen with the intersection, and take the north exit.
    Search the lower-left corner of this room for the Guitar
    for Karyl, then go up to the top and examine the door.
    Put the three keys in the keyhole to open it and go
    through.  Go up the machine and examine it.  Use the
    keys on it.  The lights will all come on, and another
    door will open.
        Return to the large room where the mice were, and
    go into the passageway in the lower-right.  Follow it
    down, right, down, and left.  Go past the open brown
    door and continue left into another large room.  Search
    this room for two chests with a Rubber Suit and the
    Earth Disc, then backtrack and go through the door you
    skipped earlier.  Head south and exit the Aeropolis.
        Back on the Aethersphere map, make your way to
    the plant-covered Cloudius (the only other dot on your
    map that can you access from here).  This place is
    pretty easy; you spend most of the time on the girders,
    where you just fight the same old Kubitooms and
        In Cloudius, head south and step on the teleporter
    to warp to level 1.  Go left and down a little, and
    enter the teleporter there to warp to a small grassy
    room.  Collect the Crescent Bow from the chest, and
    read the plaque for a clue to an upcoming puzzle.
    Return to the girders and head to the upper-right,
    then left, and down.  Ride the elevator in the
    lower-left up to level 2.
        Head to the lower-right corner of level 2 and
    use the teleporter to warp to a room with another
    tablet and a chest (the Lucky Blade).  After reading
    the tablet, go back to the girders and heap up to
    the north end of the floor.  There's three elevators
    here; take the center one to reach a teleporter that
    leads to another plaque.  After reading it, go back
    and take the elevator on the left to level 3.  Head
    down and right to another elevator and go up to level
        Once on level 4, head up a little and then left.
    Enter the first teleporter you come to warp to a room
    with three chests, containg an Elven Cape, P. Ring,
    and the very important Green Crystal (GC) Rod.  While
    it's a terrible weapon, you need it to get to the bonus
    dungeon, so be sure to hang on to it.  Then teleport
    back and head to the lower-left of level 4.  Take the
    teleporter there and read the final plaque.  Then go
    back and head up, then right, and up to another elevator.
    Ride it up to level 5.  On level 5, head straight down
    to the bottom side of the level, then left, and up to
    another teleporter.  Warp through.
        On the right hand side of this room is a brown
    tablet.  Make sure Stahn has Dymlos equipped, then
    examine it.  Answer "Flare Tornado" to the first
    question, and "Force" to the second.  You will receive
    the Hellfire Sacred Skill, which basically casts
    Force and Flare Tornado simultaneously.  It's kinda
    inaccurate, and not really all that great.  Anyway,
    after getting Hellfire, go up the stairs to a save
    point.  Be sure to save, then head through the door
    to Cloudius's main puzzle.  It's pretty cool (and,
    unlike the Helraios one, actually solvable), so try
    to solve it on your own.  If you give up, here's
    the solution:
        First, go through the door in the back and up
    the stairs to the roof.  Open the chest for the
    Tornado disc.  Now push the star sphere through the
    hole on the left (because "night's first star falls
    in the west").  It will shatter (if you push the sphere
    down the wrong hole, I think you're screwed, which is
    way you needed to save).  Go back down to the main room.
    The Goddess "shines for light upon darkness", which is
    the moon.  And since she "bides her TIME" silently,
    put the moon sphere over the clock icon on the south
    side.  It will descend into the floor.  The Fire Spirit
    (the sun) faces the Goddess, so put the sun sphere on
    the top side of the cross.  Now all that's left is
    Saturn... but you don't have Saturn.  What you have to
    do is take the small, unmarked sphere, and push it into
    the ring in the lower-left.  The ring will rise up and
    form a Saturn sphere.  Put the Saturn sphere on the
    east side of the cross.  All the spheres should now be
    sunk into the floor.  Stand in the middle of the cross
    and shoot the sun sphere with the Sorcerer's Ring.  A
    white dome should appear.
        Nothing seems to have happened, but you're
    actually done here.  Go back past the save point (save
    again if you want) and warp back to the girders.  Head
    down, right, up, and right to the upper-right corner
    and use the teleporter there.  You should be in a room
    with a large tree (if not, you didn't solve the puzzle).
    Heal up, cross it, and go through the door to Barak's
    chamber.  After a lot of dialogue, you end up fighting.
        Barak is definitely the toughest of the Oberol guys.
    He has a wide-ranging throwing attack, and does some
    other stuff that I forget ^_^.  Use a few spells to kill
    off his Earthworms, then start hitting him as fast as
    you can.  Fiery Wave and Kick Attack are both good as
    they keep him in the air for a while and stop him from
    pounding on you.  Use Nurse to heal, and don't bother
    with attack spells as you probably can't get them off.
        After you defeat Barak, open the hard-to-see chest
    on his throne for the Egg.  After getting it, go up to
    the wall and throw the switch to destroy the Guardian
    Draconis.  Use a Winged Boots to escape and return to
    %%%WHEN AETHERIANS ATTACK!%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: Score E, Blizzard, SP100300, Duel Sword,
                  Mercy, Silver Cape, Gourmet B
        Once you complete both quests, you'll see a scene
    in which the Belcrant fires again, nearly filling in the
    rest of the Aethersphere.  Head outside and you'll see
    that the map has changed a little, to say the least ^_^.
    Walk or teleport back to Radisrol.  This is your last
    chance to buy the equipment here, so use a Charm Bottle
    if you have to to afford it (or just go back to some
    Aeropolis and fight battles).
        Go into Ignasea and warp to Josaia.  Leave there
    and the Sky Cruiser will be just outside.  Go inside
    and you'll take off for Dycroft and land inside the
    Belcrant.  If you want to go back to Josaia, just head
    off the right side of the screen and you can choose to
    fly back.  Otherwise, head north and step on the
    teleporter to warp into the Belcrant proper.
        Head to the far north edge of this level and collect
    Score E from the chest, then hop on board the elevator
    to the south.  When it stops, head up a little and
    grab the Blizzard disc (good for Igtenos; Atwight already
    has it) from the chest, and continue north more to the
    elevator.  Ascend to the third floor.  In the upper-right
    hand corner of this floor is the Duel Sword, the latest
    in the continuing line of ridiculously-powerful weapons.
    Also, on the mid-left-hand side is the SP100300 Disc.
    The elevator here is right next to the Disc. 
        There's no treasures on the fourth floor, so just
    head up to the top and jump on the elevator.  On the
    fifth floor, collect the Mercy disc from the chest in
    the center, then head to the lower-left to find the
    elevator.  On level 6, go to the right side to get the
    Silver Cape accessory, then step on the green dot in
    the center of the floor.  You'll warp into a gray room
    with two arrows on the floor.  Step on the up arrow
    and you'll be back on level 1... or so it seems.  You're
    actually on a different level 1.  Go back up to level
    6 (all the levels are laid out the same) and step on
    the green dot.  This time, you will appear in a wide
    room.  Heal up, and go north to face Hugo.
        Hugo himself is actually not that hard.  He has
    Berselius, the Holy Swordian (although it looks more like
    a guitar than a sword), which allows him to cast
    Holy Wrath (big damage), but if you get up close to
    him, he won't cast the spell.  I recommend using Stahn,
    Rutee, Chelsea, and either Mary, Bruiser, or Garr (depending
    on who you have).  Send your fighter character in close
    to attack, while Chelsea keeps using her skills.  Have
    Stahn hang back and cast the Explosion spell on Hugo;
    it does a lot of damage.  Rutee should take care of
    healing, but make sure to have her steal from Hugo until
    you see her succeed -- you'll get the M. Symbol, which
    halves the charge time of any spell.  Needless to say,
    it's extremely useful; I recommend giving it to Philia.
        After Hugo is defeated, it will be revealed that he
    was under the control of Berselius.  And since the game
    now needs a new villain, Kronos appears completely out
    of nowhere and assumes that role.  He fires the Belcrant
    again, completing the Aethersphere, then drops into the
    sea.  You are rescued by Fayte and pulled ashore.
        In Darilsheid, you'll meet with the king, who informs
    you that Radisrol has been captured by the bad guys.
    A messenger then runs in to tell you that Harmentz,
    Armeida, and Cresta are all under attack.  Leave town
    (the place is all dark now) and go to any of the towns
    in question (Armeida, just to the north, is the closest).
    Fight through all of the wimpy ogres, talk to the
    Seinegaldian captains, then fight back through the
    second wave until you've killed them all.  Another
    messenger will show up and tell you to return to
         Back at the castle, the king will tell you go to
    the war room.  On the first floor, take the stairs in
    the upper left corner, then go up another floor via
    the stairs on the right.  The war room is behind the
    gold door.  Just talk to Raiker's assistant and the
    meeting will begin.  Raiker's assistant and some scientist
    guy will explain their plan to build a Multiplexed Lens
    Cannon to blow apart the Aethersphere.  The meeting is
    dismissed, but you are asked to stay.  Go talk to the
    assistant and he will give you two additional missions:
    repair the Draconis, and upgrade your Swordians.  Like the
    two Aethersphere missions, you can tackle these in
    whichever order you prefer.  However, I recommend you do
    the Swordian one first, as it's a bit easier.
        Also, if you go to Phandaria and return to Cyril,
    you'll find Dalis recovered and walking around town.
    Go talk to Mary three times and she will offer to join
    you (and give you Gourmet B as well).   She's one of
    the better characters, so I recommend adding her to
    the team (in my case, I had Stahn, Rutee, Philia, Garr,
    Chelsea, and Mary on my final team).  You can always
    get the character you dropped back later, if you want
    %%%SWORDIAN R&D%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: RC Rod, Vorpal Sword, Beam Shield, SP240360,
                  SW350350, Hellfire
        Head north from Seinegald to the town of Armeida.
    If you haven't played the trivia quiz bonus game, you
    may want to stop into Armeida to do so (see the Trivia
    Quiz side quest).  Otherwise, head northeast a little
    from Armeida and enter the cave there.
        You're now in the Swordian R&D Lab, the obligatory
    volcano dungeon.  Be sure to turn off all your fire
    spells, and turn all your ice ones (if you turn off all
    your spells except the ice ones, then you can *only*
    cast ice spells), and equip the Blizzard disc on Garr or
    Philia.  You might also want to give a different weapon
    to Stahn than the fire-elemental Dymlos.  Then put Rutee
    in the lead and give her Atwight and your best
    attack-boosting disc so she can do lots of water damage.
        Head north and start across the bridge.  Stop at
    the orange pillar and shoot with the Sorcerer's Ring to
    make a block rise out of the lava (up above, you can't
    see it).  Then continue north to the next screen.
    Take the south fork on the bridge into a small cave.
    Open the chest for the RC Rod, the second of the two
    rods you need to reach the bonus dungeon, then examine
    the plaque.  Answer "Explosion" to the first question
    and "Vortex" to the second, and Stahn will receive the
    Flame Vortex Sacred Skill (note: you must have Dymlos
    equipped, and have learned the Explosion skill).
        Leave that cave and continue east.  Grab the Vorpal
    Sword from the chest, then go north to a puzzle room.
    Here, you have to shoot the right pillars to raise the
    stepping stones.  Fortunately, it's a lot easier than it
    seems.  Just head north onto the first platform and shoot
    the pillar on the left.  Go up one platform, then right
    three (don't step on any of the brown circles in the
    corner of each platform, or you'll be teleported back
    to the start).  Shoot the pillar there.  Pick up all
    three chests for three discs, then head to the topmost
    platform.  Walk out on the stepping stones to the left
    and shoot the pillar, then exit to the north.
        Head west, then south.  Cross the lower bridge,
    and shoot the pillar to fill in the top bridge.  Go
    back and cross it to reach a chest with the Beam Shield,
    then cross the southern bridge.  Head north and enter
    the Swordian Lab itself.  There's another puzzle here;
    this time you have to align all the mirror devices so
    that the beam from the cannon will go into the machine
    at the top (if you've played SaGa Frontier, there's a
    similar puzzle in Luminous).  Number the devices like
    1 2 3 4 5
      6 7 8 9
    A B C   E
    F   G H I
        Then examine devices 2, 3, 8, E, G, and H to
    switch their direction.  Use the control panel next to
    the cannon and the beam should go directly into the
    machine.  Walk up and step on the glowing tile and
    you'll be teleported upwards.  Head north into the
    Swordian Lab.  You'll automatically upgrade your
    Swordians (or so it says, they haven't really changed).
    Unfortunately, Winged Boots don't work in here, so
    you'll just have to walk back out.  When you get to
    the pillar / stepping stone room, just step on the
    brown tile at the north end to warp to the other
    side.  If you haven't yet completed the Trash Mountain
    quest, do so now.  Otherwise, go back and see the
    %%%TRASH MOUNTAIN%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: Bahamut's Tear, Score F, W. Boots, Star
                  Helm, Doom Blade, Dragon Fang, Thunder,
                  Flare Rod, SW400400, Belselium
         The Draconis mission takes place in Junkland.
    If you've never been there before, it's on Calvalese.
    Head west from Calviola and follow the path across the
    continent until you arrive in Junkland.  In Junkland,
    you'll find a guy who wants to sell you an ancient
    weapon for 99,999 gald.  It's a ?SWORD, which, when
    identified, turns out to be a Laser Blade.  While
    powerful, it's not really worth the price of admission
    (and you already got another Laser Blade in Helraios).
    Do, however, go to the item shop and buy at least 8
    Neutralizers; you'll need them.
         Talk to the guy blocking the cave and he'll let
    you in.  As soon as you enter Trash Mountain, use a
    Neutralizer, or you'll take massive damage from the
    gas clouds and vents.  As long as the Neutralizer is
    active, you'll see a little cloud around you.  If it
    disappears, quickly use another Neutralizer.
         Head north, and go left at the first fork.  You'll
    come to what appears to be a dead end, but just walk up
    to the wall and hit Circle to break it in with the
    Pickaxe.  Head north and left until you come to another
    cracked wall.  Break through there and go into a large
    room.  Exit through the upper-left for the powerful
    Bahamut's Tear (should be Bahamut's Tail) halberd.  Give
    it to Mary.  Head back one screen (to the large room)
    and break through the wall in the upper-right.  Head
    down there to collect Score F, then go back out into
    the hallway before the large room.
         Continue left, then down.  On the next screen,
    descend the rope to B1.  Collect the Winged Boots from
    the chest, then go down another level.  Head to the
    lower-right and open the chest for a ?HELM.  If Philia
    has her Identify skill, just use that on the ?HELM to
    turn it into a Star Helm.  If she doesn't, you'll have
    to use a Rune Bottle on it.  After getting the ?HELM,
    go back to the very first fork.  (You might just want
    to leave for healing at this point)
         Take the right fork, and break through the first
    cracked door you come to.  Go north and collect the
    Doom Blade from the chest, the game's first Darkness-
    elemental weapon.  It's strong, but since a lot of
    enemies in here absorb darkness, you might not want to
    equip it (on the other hand, the Rays are *weak* against
    darkness).  After getting it, head back south and
    continue right past the open door to another cracked
    one.  Smash through and head north until you get to
    a rope.  Descend.
        On B1, go right, and turn down when you get a
    chance.  Head down and left until you reach an oval-
    shaped room.  Take the exit to the left here to
    another screen.  Go left a little, then down as far
    as you can.  Head left and pick up the Dragon Fang
    from the chest, a strong weapon for Bruiser.  Head
    back east and then north, and take the first turn
    to your left.  Skip the cracked door (there's nothing
    behind it), and keep going left until you can't.
    Then go south to find another rope, and descend.
        Go down and right until you reach a yellow rock
    blocking the path.  Smash through the cracks in the
    back wall and loop around so you're on the right
    side of the rock.  Drag the rock along up and right
    and push it into the hole in the floor.  This will
    fill the hole, and allow you to walk across it.
    First go right and then down to get the Thunder Disc,
    which lets you cast Holy Wrath, as well as boosting
    your stats a lot.  Then go back to the plugged hole,
    smash through the wall to the north, go through, and
    head due left.
        You should now be in a small circular room.  Break
    through the wall to the north to reach a large open
    room.  Open the two chests for the SW400400 disc (equip
    on Stahn, of course) and the Flare Rod.  Then go back
    out and continue left until you reach another hole
    in the floor.  Head right a little, get the yellow
    rock, and use it to plug up the hole.  Continue south
    and follow the path until you find the Belselium (it's
    a little gray triangle on the ground).  Get it, then
    use some Winged Boots to leave.
        Return to Seinegald and go to the Draconis repair
    site outside Darilsheid.  Stahn will hand over the
    Belselium to the repair crew.  If you haven't yet
    completed the Swordian R&D quest, do so now.  If you
    have, go talk to the king.
    %%%THE PROTOTYPE CRYSTALS%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: Lens (x3), Old Cane, Holy Symbol, Golden
        Back in Darilsheid, go to the castle and talk to the
    King.  Raiker's assistant will run in and tell you that
    the Multiplexed Lens Cannon needs more Lens power.  The
    King sends you to get the three Prototype Crystals from
    Armeida, Harmentz, and Cresta.
        Before leaving the castle, go to the war room and
    talk to the mayor of Armeida.  He'll tell you that the
    Lens was stolen by bandits; that's why Armeida was taken
    over by monsters.  Leave Darilsheid and head past Armeida
    to the forest you had to go through to get to Straylize
    Temple.  Upon entering, head due right and talk to the
    bandit.  He'll turn into an ogre and you have to fight
    him.  Just beat him up and you'll get one of the Lens.
        Now head southwest from Darilsheid, all the way to
    Harmentz.  Go to the mansion at the top of town and talk
    to Walt.  Agree to hand over all your money for the
    Lens.  Before you leave, go to the lower-left room of
    the second floor and search the tall cupboard.  You'll
    find the Old Cane that you sold him.  Take it, then have
    Philia Identify it.  It becomes the BC Rod, the final
    rod you need to open the bonus dungeon.  Now leave the
    mansion.  On your way out, Walt will run in and give
    you all your money back.
        Two Lens, one to go.  Head east from Harmentz until
    you reach Cresta (the town with the orphanage).  Go
    talk to the mayor and he will tell you that the Lens is
    buried under a tree at the orphanage.  Head over to the
    orphanage (the upper-left building) and stand next to
    the tree.  Hit Circle to dig, but you won't find anything.
    Go inside the orphanage and talk to the nuns, who tell
    you that there used to be another tree where the storage
    shed is now.  Enter the storage shed.  Walk up to the
    back wall and right until you hit the crates.  Take
    one step left and four steps down.  Hit Circle to dig
    and you'll get the Lens.
         With all three Lens, head back to Darilsheid and
    give them to Lewein in the courtyard.  Before you leave,
    check the tablet; you should be able to get the Assassin
    Sacred Skill from it.  The correct answers are "Dragon
    Blade" and "Fiery Wave".  After you give the Lens to
    Lewein, go talk to the king.  There will be some scenes,
    and you will end up at the inn.  Leave and go back to
    the castle courtyard.  The Multiplexed Lens Cannon will
    be activated just as the monsters beam down from
    Radisrol.  The generals will take care of them, and
    the Cannon will be fired at Radisrol.
        After all is said and done, you can now finally
    control the Draconis.  Just walk into it on the map
    and choose the second option to fly (the first one
    takes you to Dycroft).  First, fly back to Lienea
    (north side of Fitzgald) and go talk to Uncle Bob.
    He'll give you a Holy Symbol, which regenerates your
    HP during battle.  Equip it on somebody.  Also, if
    you go to Frostheim (I think it's Frostheim), there's
    a peddler who will sell you the Golden Frypan for
    70,000 gald.  It's actually a weapon for Mary;
    although not too strong, it is a non-elemental weapon,
    making it quite useful in the bonus dungeon (where
    some enemies are immune to all elemental damage).
        Now's probably a good time to go back and collect
    any of the Sacred Skills you missed (see the Sacred
    Skills list -- you can't get the ones in Heidelberg
    or Cloudius if you missed them, though).  You can
    also check out any side quests you may not have done
    earlier, and if you go to Neuestadt, you can rerace
    Mach Boy for each of the three items again.
    ITEMS TO GET: Fragment (x4), Star Shield, Star Glove,
                  SP300410, Star Cap, Terra, Soul Steel,
                  Delis Emblem, Resist Ring, Shamisen
        When you're ready to go to Dycroft, board the
    Draconis and choose the first option.  After a few
    scenes, you'll land outside.  If you want to go back
    to ground, just exit off to the right.  Note that if
    you leave and return, all the items in the blue chests
    will regenerate, allowing you to collect the Star
    gear over and over.
        Enter Dycroft and head north to the first
    intersection.  Take the two side exits for a Star Shield
    and the Shamisen, the best weapon for Karyl.  After
    getting both items, go north from the intersection and
    walk up to the mirror to get teleported.  Head south
    one screen, then climb up the stairs to the east.
    Head right and use the mirror to teleport.  Go south
    and open the two chest for the Terra armor and the
    first of four Fragments.  Teleport back and continue
    east, following the path east, north, south, and west
    until you reach another fork.  At this fork, go north
    (picking up the SP300410 along the way) into a small
    room with two chests, containing the second Fragment
    and the Star Glove.  Get them, then go back south and
    continue through the hall to another mirror.  Warp
    through it.
        Go either left or right (it doesn't matter) and
    up the stairs.  There's three mirrors here.  Take
    the one on the left to get another Fragment, then
    use the middle one for a Star Cap.  Finally, enter
    the mirror on the right.  Head south, then left.
    Go up the stairs to the next screen.  The background
    here is a different color (the enemies are still
    the same, though).  Go south and step on the circle
    on the ground.  You'll be teleported into a prison,
    with only Stahn and one other character (Mary in my
    case, but it varies depending on who you have in your
        Leave the cell and head right.  Search the three
    cells in this area for the final Fragment, the Soul
    Steel bow (don't equip it, it does darkness damage and
    most enemies here absorb darkness) and one of your
    captured party members (probably Philia).  After
    rescuing, her, go back to your cell and head left.
    Check the first cell to the south to find Garr,
    then keep going west and head up the stairs.  Go
    right a little ways and check the two cells for your
    remaining party members.  After you have everybody,
    take the stairs in the upper left.  Go left past
    the save point and exit through the door to the
        You'll be back in the room with the stairs you
    came up, but now you have all four Fragments.  Go
    south and step on the circle again.  You'll receive
    the Delis Emblem, which somehow prevents you from being
    teleported.  Head south and left.  Walk past the row
    of mirrors and go south.  Take the door at the bottom
    of the screen for the Resist Ring, then leave that
    room and go up the stairs to the right.  Head right,
    then south to the next screen.  Go right some more
    and ascend all the stairs.  Head right past some
    more mirrors and go through the door.  You're now
    in a room with a bunch of pillars with mirrors.
    >From the door, count two mirrors up and one left.
    Examine the mirror to smash it with the Pickaxe
    and reveal a staircase.  Go through.
    %%%IN WHICH STAHN KICKS BUTT%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    ITEMS TO GET: Cutie Mitten, Star Cloak, Faerie Ring
         You're now in a crystal area.  Save your game at
    the Save Point if you want, then go into the door just
    ahead of you.  Step on the plate and Stahn will be
    teleported away by himself.
         There's no random battles in this area, but if
    you step in front of one of the mirrors, you'll fight
    to fight a Stahn clone.  They're not that hard, but it
    does get kind of annoying.  To avoid these fights, push
    and pull the white coffin-like blocks along to cover up
    the mirrors.
         Leave the first room and head right in the plus-
    shaped room.  There's a door to the south in the east
    wing of this room, look along the bottom wall and you
    should be able to see it.  Take it south, and go east
    through this hallway (collect the Cutie Mitten along
    the way from a chest).  When the path splits north and
    south, go south, then head east to the next screen.
    Go south here, then left to the next screen.  Continue
    left until you reach a huge crystal.  Go up to it and
    examine it.  The crystal will shatter.
         After smashing the crystal, go back one screen
    to the right.  Examine the planetarium-like device to
    flip it.  Go right to the next screen, which should be
    dark (if it isn't dark, you didn't hit the planetarium).
    Had this room been light, you would have kept being
    teleported backwards.  Open the chest for the Faerie
    Ring (halves TP cost -- give it to Rutee or Philia).
    Head east and keep pushing along the south wall until
    you end up in a lighted room with another circle on
    the floor.  Step on it and you'll talk with the other
    characters.  Rutee will give you a code that explains
    how to set the various colored crystals.
         Leave the circle room and go back to the dark
    room.  Exit to the right to find the yellow crystal.
    Point it north (watch out, you can also point it up,
    which is *not* the same as north), then go back left
    through the dark room to the screen that has the
    planetarium.  Head to the southwest corner of this
    screen and go south into a room with the green crystal.
    Point it to the east.  Leave that room and continue
    west, past where the huge crystal used to be, until
    you get to a room with the blue crystal.  Leave it
    pointing upwards (if it's not pointing upwards, fix
    it).  Go north and you'll be back in the first room.
    Head to the upper-right and go through the passage
    there to the clear crystal.  Point to the west.
         From the first room, go right once again, past
    where the chest with the Cutie Mitten was.  This time,
    go north at the fork.  Continue north to the next
    screen, with another planetarium.  Turn it off, then
    take the southeast exit into a (hopefully) dark room.
    Push along the north wall as you walk east until you
    get into a room with the purple crystal.  Point it
    to the south.  Go back into the dark room and open the
    chest for the Star Cloak.  Work your way south, then
    right.  Head north into a lighted room.  Go right and
    you'll see two doorways.  Take the top one to find
    the red crystal (point it east), and the south one for
    the light blue crystal (point it west).
         Now go back to the room where you talked to your
    party earlier.  If you've set all the crystals properly,
    the circle will teleport you back to where the rest
    of the party is, and they'll rejoin you.  Equip the
    gear you got in the maze and save your game (you don't
    want to have to do all that again).  Head right and
    go through the second door.  Step on the teleporter.
         You're now in the final area of Dycroft, but the
    enemies are still the same.  Head right and down the
    stairs.  Continue south to the next screen, and step
    on the design on the floor.  All the lights will come
    on.  Continue west and use the teleporter.  Examine
    the panel on the wall to make a design appear.  Teleport
    back, head east (DON'T step on the light switch),
    and go one screen north.  Take the passage to the left
    and teleport.  Head left, then up.  Use each of the
    three teleporters to go to a room with a panel on the
    wall.  Flip each panel.  After you've flipped all three,
    go back to the main room and examine the panel there.
    It should rotate.  You're now in a different room.
    Head north to a save point.  If you save here, you'll
    activate the Talk option on the options screen, which
    lets you listen to all the overworld map conversations
    (the ones that were removed from the U.S. version).
    They're all in Japanese, though...
         Continue north into a morgue.  In the center of
    this room, Kronos will appear and taunt you.  Before
    following him, set up your party with the final party
    you want to use.  I recommend using Stahn, Rutee, Philia
    (all with their Swordians), and Chelsea.  Then follow
    Kronos north to the Eye of Atamoni.  Kronos will summon
    a zombified Leon, and you'll fight him.  Fortunately,
    he's just as much of a pansy as he was the last time.
    Trap him in the corner with Assassin or Kick Attack,
    and keep casting Holy Lance on him.
         Next, you'll find Kronos himself, and he's a lot
    tougher.  He keeps flying around, and casts Holy Wrath
    on you.  If you're on Semi-Auto control, he shouldn't
    be too hard (just use jumping attacks), but if you're
    on Manual, he's more of a challenge.  Run along the
    ground and try to hit him with jumping attacks.  When
    he floats down low, you can hit him with simple standing
    upward stabs.  Up high, you'll have to try Fiery Wave
    or Vortex.  Chelsea is invaluable here because her bow
    can hit him in the air, as are Philia's spells.
         After Kronos goes down, he will Reveal His True
    Form (TM) and turn into Ultra Kronos (dum dum dum!),
    complete with the requisite starry background.  Ultra
    Kronos is actually easier than plain Kronos, though,
    because he doesn't fly.  Just run over and use upward
    attacks against his head, while casting Holy Wrath
    on him.  When he teleports, just run over to the
    other side.  As long as you stay healed, he shouldn't
    be any trouble.  After you defeat Ultra Kronos, the
    Swordians will destroy the Eye of Atamoni, and you
    get to watch the ending (or what passes for one,
    anyway).  If that was too easy for you, try the
    bonus dungeon...
    LOCATION: Cherik
    ITEMS TO GET: Melange Gel (x?), Miracle Gel (x?), Efreet
       In the town of Cherik, you'll come across a couple
    of kids hanging out by the well.  If you talk to one
    of them, he challenges you to a game to Tag.
       The goal here is to run around town and avoid being
    tagged for as long as possible, while two kids chase
    you.  Although you're free to move around the whole
    town, the best strategy is just to run counterclockwise
    around the well.  Wait for the two girls to almost
    catch up to you, then start running again.  Don't just
    run around mindlessly or you'll probably end up hitting
    one of the kids on accident.  If you do bump into a kid,
    quickly run to the side; sometimes you can get away
    without being tagged.  Also, there's sometimes a third
    kid (a gold-haired boy) wandering around; watch out for
    him too. 
       When you're finally tagged, the elder's grandson will
    award you 1 gald per second you avoided being tagged
    (i.e., if you lasted 13 seconds, you'd get 13 gald).
    This is pretty insignificant, but you're also awarded
    extra prizes if you last long enough:
     0-19 seconds: No extra prize
    20-49 seconds: Melange Gel
    50-99 seconds: Miracle Gel
     100+ seconds: Efreet
       Try to rack up a bunch of Melange and especially
    Miracle Gels (the Miracle Gels restore 60% of a
    character's HP and TP, and you can't get them anywhere
    else for a while).  If you manage to last for over 100
    seconds (easier said than done), the elder's grandson
    will reward you with the Efreet ring.  When used in
    battle, it will summon an efreet to do over 1500 (!)
    points of fire damage to the enemies, but can only be
    used once -- so save it for when you really need it.
    And once you get the ring, you can't play tag anymore,
    so stock up on Miracle Gels first.
    %%%THE RACE%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    LOCATION: Neuestadt
    ITEMS TO GET: Sage, Magical Rouge, Thief's Cape
       In the upper-right corner of Neuestadt, you'll find
    a group of people gathered around the fastest kid in
    Neustadt.  Talk to the referee (in gray) and you're
    given the chance to challenge the kid to a race.
    First, let the brown-clad kid demonstrate the race
    course; you'll need to memorize it.
        At the starting line, start holding down the Circle
    button so you can get ready to run.  Try to guess when
    the race is going to start and start running.  If you
    false start, it's no big deal; you just start the
    countdown over.  You want to get a good start.
        Basically, what you want to do is run on the
    *inside* of the course.  The kid runs out on the
    outside, and running on the inside will give you
    the edge you need to pass him (since you both run at
    the same speed).  That means you should stick to the
    bottom across the first bridge and behind the first house.
    When you get to the underpass, run on the bottom side as
    well.  By the time you reach the main street, you should
    be ahead of the kid.  Now move into the top side of the
    street, so that you're directly in front of the kid.
    As soon as you reach the central plaza, turn north and
    run up the stairs.  The kid will get a huge speed boost
    here that you can't match, but if you're standing
    directly ahead of him, he won't be able to pass you.
    Then quickly touch the finish line and turn around for
    the second lap.
        If you manage to beat the kid, you'll be awarded
    one of three prizes (your choice):
    o  Sage: Raises one character's maximum HP by 5%.
       Use a Rune Bottle on it and it becomes Red Sage,
       which boosts your max HP by 10%.
    o  Magical Rouge: Gives you a one-time 10% discount
       in stores.
    o  Thief's Cape: An accessory; gives you +3 defense
       in addition to lowering the encounter rate.  Probably
       the best of the prizes. 
        After taking one of the prizes, just go back and
    talk to the referee again to race again, until you've
    gotten all three prizes (be the first on your block to
    collect them all!).  Once you've gotten all three
    prizes, however, you cannot race any more as the kid
    refuses to run against you.  If you talk to the
    baroness, she will award Stahn the title of "Mach Speed
    Boy" ^_^.
    %%%NAJASEE'S GAME%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    LOCATION: Moreau
    ITEMS TO GET: Elixir
         After Moreau is liberated, you'll notice a third
    cat wandering around the park in the north side of town.
    Talk to him and you can play a game (for free!).  This
    is one of those classic taking-away-objects puzzles;
    you and Najasee take turns taking 1 to 3 rocks out of
    the pile until none remain, and the person who takes
    the last rock loses.
        The number of rocks in the pilechanges every time,
    but there's still a strategy you can use to win every
    time.  The trick is to make sure Najasee ends up
    with one of the "magic numbers" on his turn.  The
    magic numbers are 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, and 28.
    Now, what to do depends on how many rocks are in
    the pile to begin with:
        If the starting number of rocks in the pile is one
    of the magic numbers (like 21), then choose to GO
    SECOND.  Najasee will pick up his rocks.  On your
    turn, take away 1-3 rocks so that the number of
    rocks in the pile is another magic number (like
    17).  Najasee then picks.  Then draw the right number
    of rocks to go to the next magic number, and keep
    repeating until you win.  As long as you make sure
    Najasee always ends up with magic numbers, you
    can't lose.
        If the number of rocks in the pile is *not* one
    of the magic numbers (say, 24), then choose to GO
    FIRST.  Take away 1-3 rocks so that the number of rocks
    in the pile *is* one of the magic numbers (if it was
    24, you'd take away 3 to make 21).  Najasee will
    then pick.  On your turn, again take away the right
    number of rocks so that you're on another magic number.
    Repeat until you win -- as long as you follow this
    strategy, you can't lose.
        When you beat Najasee, he gives you an Elixir.
    Unfortunately, once you beat him, you can't play
    Najasee's game any more.
    %%%MACH BOY'S REVENGE%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    LOCATION: Neuestadt
    ITEMS TO GET: Elixir, Gnome, Charm Bottle
        During the second half of the game, you can go
    back to Neuestadt and challenge Mach Boy to another
    race.  It's pretty much the same as before, except
    for one change: when you're heading down the second
    set of stairs (after the first house), Mach Boy will
    get an extra speed boost, just like he does near
    the end of a lap.
        To combat this speed boost, you need to quickly
    get ahead of Mach Boy at the start of the race and
    stay directly in front of him.  As long as you're
    blocking him like this, he can't pass you (he's
    too stupid to run around you ^_^).  It's actually
    possible to not block MB on his first speed burst,
    but catch up to him on the rest of the lap and
    still win.
        As with the previous round, when you beat Mach
    Boy you can choose one of three prizes:
    o  Elixir: Restores one character's HP and TP
    o  Gnome: Does a call-spell like attack that
       does about 1500 points of earth damage to all
       enemies.  One use only.
    o  Charm Bottle.  Gives you a one-time 30% discount
       in stores.       
        Of course, you can race Mach Boy additional
    times to earn the other two prizes.  Once you've
    collected all the prizes, Stahn will reclaim his
    title of "Mach Speed Boy" and the kid will refuse
    to race you.
    %%%RECRUITING BRUISER%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    LOCATION: Neuestadt
    ITEMS TO GET: None
        Once you've met with Raiker and can recruit people,
    go to Neuestadt.  Head to the ticket booth at the top
    end of town (on the lower level), buy tickets for the
    arena, and enter.  Talk to the guy blocking the door
    and choose to enter.
        You'll now fight a series of one-on-one battles
    against six monsters.  In order, they are: Imp, Clay
    Golem, Stone Giant, Blood Slime, Zombie, Blood Wolf,
    Evilstar, Ice Golem.  The only tricky ones are the
    two golems.  Stay back from the Clay Golem's long
    reach and use Missile Swords or Fiery Waves, and use
    fire magic against the Ice Golem.
        After beating all six monsters, you'll fight
    Bruiser.  He's not too tough; stay on the offensive
    and keep using special attacks on him, and heal
    with items.  You'll probably have to heal a couple
    of times, but you shouldn't have that much trouble
    beating him.
        Back in the arena, Bruiser congratulates you
    for your victory and asks to join.  Just say "Yes"
    and now he's in your party.  Be sure to equip him;
    his starting stuff is pretty worthless...
        Also, should you ever remove Bruiser from your
    team of six (to accomodate another character), you
    can always get him back by coming back here and
    repeating this sequence.
    %%%THE TRICYCLE%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    LOCATION: Armeida
    ITEMS TO GET: Tricycle
         After the Aethersphere forms (but before Armeida
    is attacked), go back to Armeida and talk to the
    sleeping woman in one of the houses.  She's awake now
    and will give you 500 lens.  DON'T SELL THE LENS.
    Instead, go back to Darilsheid.  Go to the Lens Shop
    there and talk to the kid in the upper-right.  After
    some dialogue, you'll hand over the Lens and the
    kid will give you a Tricycle.
         The Tricycle is actually an acessory.  When
    equipped, you will ride it on the world map.  It
    prevents you from having fights on the world map, but
    you move *really* slowly (we're talking Parasite Eve
    slow here).  You can also use it on the Aethersphere
    map, which is pretty handy.
    %%%THE TRIVIA QUIZ%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    LOCATION: Armeida
    ITEMS TO GET: Sacred Text 2, Channeling
        After you destroy the Belcrant, return to Armeida
    and you'll find two people standing outside the inn --
    it's Cress and Arche from Tales of Phantasia!  Talk to
    them and you'll be given a 50-question quiz over ToD
    and other Namco games.  You have 4 seconds to answer
    each question; and for the trivia-impaired, here are
    all the correct answers:
    0.  B       11. B       22. B       33. A       44. A
    1.  B       12. A       23. A       34. C       45. C
    2.  A       13. D       24. D       35. C       46. B
    3.  D       14. C       25. B       36. A       47. D
    4.  C       15. C       26. C       37. D       48. C
    5.  C       16. D       27. D       38. A       49. D
    6.  D       17. B       28. A       39. D       50. C
    7.  B       18. A       29. C       40. B
    8.  B       19. C       30. D       41. D
    9.  A       20. D       31. C       42. B
    10. C       21. B       32. A       43. D
        (Note that the answers are really numbered and not
    lettered, but if I put "20. 2", it would look weird, so
    I used letters instead ^_^).
         After answering all 50 questions, Cress will rate
    your performance.  If you get at least 35 right, he'll
    give you Sacred Text No. 2, which allows the very handy
    Throw Sword ability (Stahn jumps into the air and throws
    his sword in a ball of fire; just be sure to pick up the
    sword after you use it), and if you get all 50 correct,
    you'll receive a second Channeling in addition to the
    Sacred Text.  If you answer a question wrong, and want
    to restart the test, just hit X when you're being prompted
    to choose an answer.
    LOCATION: Neuestadt
    ITEMS TO GET: Mystic Symbol
         After you get the Draconis (you might be able to
    do this earlier, I don't know), return to Neuestadt
    and go downstairs in the inn.  Talk to the guy here and
    you can play a modified version of blackjack against
    him for 100 gald.
         You get to pick from three different named cards on
    each of four draws.  The cards always have the same value,
    but the fourth draw has more than three possible cards
    -- you'll be offered various cards, each of which have
    different values.  Fortunately, there's a way around
    this problem.  Just select Ocean for your first pick
    (8 points), Stars on your second pick (9 points), and
    finally Bird (2 points).  This will give you exactly
    21 points, and you won't even need to draw a fourth
         Once you beat the guy, he'll give you a Mystic
    Symbol (why is that every bonus game gives you a
    Mystic Symbol?).  You can't play any more after
    receiving the Symbol.
    %%%THE CAT AND THE RING%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    LOCATION: Neuestadt
    ITEMS TO GET: Emerald Ring
           After getting Chelsea in your party, go to
    the Neuestadt docks.  First, buy two Bonito Flakes
    from the vendor at the sound end of the docks, then
    look around for a cat and talk to it.  If Chelsea is
    along, she'll suggest feeding it something.  Feed it
    the Bonito Flakes and the cat will take you to some
    crates.  Search the boxes and you'll get an Emerald
    Ring, which reduces the amount of TP it takes to cast
    spells.  If you feed the cat the wrong thing, though,
    it won't deal with you any more, so make sure you get
    it right the first time.
    %%%THE ARENA REVISITED%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    LOCATION: Neuestadt
    ITEMS TO GET: Combo Command
         To do this quest, you must have Bruiser in your
    party.  If you don't normally use him, you'll have to
    drop one of your other characters for the time being.
    Then go to Neuestadt and go to the arena.  First, give
    Stahn a non-fire-elemental weapon (the Bahamut's Tear,
    if you have it) or you won't be able to win.  Then enter
    the arena as you would to fight Bruiser.  However, if
    Bruiser is already along, you'll fight a different
    series of enemies.
         The first enemies are simple -- a Trent, a
    Basilisk, a Gas Cloud, a Grizzly, a Killer Owl, and
    then a Red Roper.  Then things get a bit more
    interesting.  You fight a big purple monster called
    a Baldios, who is pretty tough.  Try to him with Kick
    Attacks to stun him.  After beating Baldios, you'll
    take on the Wyvern.
         First of all, the Wyvern absorbs fire, so if
    you're equipped with Dymlos, you're screwed.  If you
    don't have a fire weapon, run along the screen and
    use jumping stabs.  Vortex and Spin Slash can also
    be effective.  The Wyvern has a load of HP (20,000),
    so this battle will go on for quite a while.  However,
    once you win, you'll be rewarded with the Combo
    Command.  The Combo Command, when equipped, lets you
    do fighting game-style motions to activate your special
    moves.  For more info, see "Combo Command" under Playing
    The Game.
    %%%BLUE DRAGON%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    LOCATION: Lienea
    ITEMS TO GET: Blue Dragon
        When you fought Baruk, you should have searched his
    chair to get the Egg.  So what do you with it?  Take it
    back to Lienea (it helps to have the Draconis) and go
    to Stahn's house.  Stahn will automatically give the
    egg to Lilith, who wants to raise it.  Leave Lienea
    and come back in, and go to Stahn's house.  Repeat until
    the Egg hatches.  It turns out to be a baby Blue Dragon,
    which immediately takes off and starts flying around
    the village.
        If you talk to the dragon (whose name is Gourmet),
    he'll say he wants Gourmet food.  To make him grow up,
    you'll have to feed him all four Gourmets.  The Gourmets
    can be obtained by bringing the appropriate ingredients
    to the four Master Cooks in the world:
    Location: Left tower of Darilsheid Castle
    Ingredients: Acerola, Apple, Bananas, Grape, Jam, Lemon,
                 Mangosteen, Melon, Persimmon, Prune,
                 Strawberry, Sweetee
    Location: Mary, in Cyril
    Ingredients: Beast Meat, Cheese, Bread, Efreet
    Location: Sheeden family house
    Ingredients: Any 12 fish
    Location: Baruk's office, Cherik
    Ingredients: Prawns, Crab Soup
        Once you've cooked all four Gourmets, take them back
    to Lienea and give them to the blue dragon.  He'll grow
    up, and give you the cruddy Blue Dragon disc in return.
    It gives you some decent status bonuses, and lets you
    cast the absolutely worthless Blue Dragon spell, which
    does about 300 points of fire damage.  Whoopee.
    %%%TOWER OF DRUAGA%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    LOCATION: Janos / Snow Temple
    ITEMS TO GET: Too many to list ^_^
    The Tower of Druaga is Tales of Destiny's massive 60-floor
    bonus dungeon, accessible only late in the game.  It's
    filled with powerful enemies, but you can get some really
    cool items in it, plus it's fun to play through ^_^.
    Before you enter, you'll want to make sure you have
    Chelsea in your party, with the Force Arrow skill, and
    that all your characters are at least level 45.
    (BTW, the whole Tower of Druaga is based on an old Namco
    game of the same name)
    First, you'll need to collect the three rods of Ishtar.
    The GC Rod is located in Cloudius, but if Belcrant has
    already been destroyed, you can't go back and get it
    (oops!).  The RC Rod is located in the Swordian Lab
    you reach late in the game, and the BC Rod is obtained
    by using a Rune Bottle on the Old Cane.  (To get the
    Old Cane, you have to search Walt's dresser after you
    gives you his Prototype Crystal).  Once you have all
    three Rods, fly back to Janos and take the north exit
    into the woods.  Take the first fork and keep going
    (you may want to use the save point) back into the
    ruins where you first met Rutee.  Go up to the three
    altars at the top of the temple and examine them to set
    the Rods down.  When all three Rods are placed, the
    Blue Dragon music will start playing, and the door
    will open.
    The Tower of Druaga is unlike any other dungeon in
    the game.  First of all, you can see the enemies moving
    around.  Bumping into one of them will start a fight
    against 4 of that type of enemy (note that you cannot
    run from any fights in the Tower).  However, you
    should be able most fights, as you can use the Circle
    button to break down *any* of the walls (not the
    pillars, though).  In addition to the enemies, each
    floor has a door and a key (located in random locations).
    In order to get off the floor, you have to first pick up
    the key, then go to the door.  The door will open and
    reveal the staircase up to the next floor.  Simple
    enough?  Wait, there's more.  Each floor also has a
    secret treasure that you can obtain if you do the right
    trick.  Many of these are really good, but the actions
    you need to perform there are pretty obscure.  And so,
    without further ado, here is the complete listing
    of all the hidden items:
    F01.  Being the first level, there's nothing special
          here, and the only enemies are Green Slimes.
          There's a chest with W. Boots, though; be sure
          to pick them up so you can warp out of the tower
          if need be.  Then pick up the key and use it to
          unlock the door.  Go up the stairs.
    F02.  The Green Slimes are joined by Black Slimes here.
          Kill two sets of Black Slimes, and a chest will
          appear somewhere on the map.  Grab it for the
          Dash Ring (makes you automatically dash on the
          map), then do the key / door shtick and exit the
    F03.  You'll see a couple of Blue Knights roaming this
          level.  If you kill one of them, and then a Green
          Slime, before you pick up the key, a chest will
          appear with a Life Bottle.  On the other hand,
          it's only a Life Bottle, so who cares?
    F04.  Mages make their first appearance here; they're
          purple-robed guys that teleporter around the map
          and shoot white projectiles.  If the projectiles
          hit you, you'll lose about 100 HP.  Bumping into
          the Mages themselves will trigger a fight as
          usual.  They can do a lot more than 100 HP damage
          to you in a fight (they cast Cyclone), so it's
          generally preferable just to take the shot.  As for
          the chest, go directly to the door (sans key) and hit
          Circle on it as if you were trying to open it.  A chest
          will appear with the Paralysis Charm.  Get it, then
          collect the key and exit normally.
    F05.  This level is filled with Mages.  Kill two of them
          and a chest with the White Sword will appear.  It's
          the strongest sword yet, so be sure to get it.
          Then hurry to the exit.
    F06.  There's a couple new enemies here; Black Knights
          (who are not the same ones you fougnt in Libra;
          they have different stats) and Sorcerers, who
          shoot red projectiles that turn into lingering
          flames when they hit a wall.  The Sorcerers will
          cast Explode constantly if you fight them, so try
          to avoid them.  Head to the far lower-right corner,
          then walk north to the far upper-right corner,
          breaking all the walls in your way.  Once you
          reach the upper-right corner, run to the lower-left
          corner, and walk up the left side in the same way.
          After all this, a chest with the Lantern should
          appear somewhere (how anybody is supposed to figure
          this out on their own, I have no idea).  If not,
          repeat the whole thing, and make sure you cover
          the whole distance.  Once you've grabbed the
          Lantern (which allows you to see where to put the
          boxes in warehouses), hit the road.
    F07.  This floor is pretty simple.  Just pick up the
          existing chest for an Energy Bullet.  Then go to
          your items screen and push Triangle with the
          cursor on the Energy Bullet to discard it.  A new
          chest with a Reverse Doll will appear.  Other
          than that, the only noteworthy thing here is the
          appearance of the Red Slimes, which can shoot
          beams like the Mages do.
    F08.  This one's pretty wacky.  You have to get hit with
          a mage's beam from the right side, then get hit
          with one from the left (or vice versa, it doesn't
          matter which order).  This'll net you a measly
          Lavender.  It's still worth picking up, though.
    F09.  Floor 9 has two new enemies: Mage Ghosts (basically
          the same as Mages), and Druids (white mages that
          can break down walls with their beams, and, during
          battle, can teleport around cast Holy Wrath).
          The Mage Ghosts aren't too hard, but the Druids
          are.  Run up to the second row of tiles from the
          top and break every wall to the south.  Afterwards,
          look around, and you should see a chest with the
          all-important Dark Seal accessory.  It disables
          your special skills, but gives you 50% more EXP.
          It's worth giving to Philia or Rutee, since they
          probably don't use their skills much anyway.
    F10.  In order to get the chest on this level, you have
          to kill every Red Slime without touching the knights
          or being hit by their beams, and then kill one of the
          knights.  This is a lot of work, and all you get for
          it is a Warrior Symbol.  Since you should already
          have one of those, don't bother.  Just grab the key
          and leave.
    F11.  Head to the bottom row of the maze and just stand
          there (this makes you a sitting duck for the mages,
          but there's nothing you can do about).  Wait here
          for about 10 seconds and a chest will appear (it may
          be offscreen).  Collect it for a Strengthen disc,
          then exit.
    F12.  This one's tricky.  First, get the key and open the
          door, but don't go up the stairs.  Just stand right
          next to them and wait until the Mage Ghost moves
          directly over the stairs, then hit Circle to fight
          it.  If you do it right, a chest with the Battlesuit
          will appear after the battle.
    F13.  Don't pick up the key.  Instead, go to the door and
          hit Circle as if you were trying to open it (remember
          Floor 4?).  Then kill all the enemies.  This will
          net you the Red Shield -- except the Red Shield isn't
          even as good as the Star Shields you can get in
          Dycroft.  Unless the Red Shield has some special
          property I don't know about (it could), just skip it.
    F14.  A simple one here.  Just run around and avoid
          bumping into any enemies for 30 seconds.  A chest
          will then appear with a ?JEWEL.  Identified, it
          becomes a Moonstone, which boosts your defense by
          20!  Exit as usual.
    F15.  The music will change when you reach this floor.
          More importantly, you'll see the first Quox.  These
          dragons will always head directly towards you, and
          can break down walls.  They're also COMPLETELY IMMUNE
          TO ELEMENTAL ATTACKS.  If you run into one of them
          without non-elemental weapons equipped (give the
          Bahamut's Tear to Stahn and you're fine), you're
          basically screwed, because you can't change weapons
          during battle.  Your only hope then is to give the Use
          No Skills! command, then have Stahn trap the Quox in the
          corner and keep hitting it with Kick Attack (which
          does non-elemental damage).  This does work, but it's
          better just to change weapons before you fight one.
          The chest itself is easy to get: just kill the Blue
          Knight first, and you'll get another ?JEWEL, which
          is actually an Emerald.
    F16.  Woohoo!  You're a quarter done!  Exhausted yet?
          Remember, you can leave at any time by using the
          Winged Boots and keep all the items you found.
          This level itself isn't that tough; just kill the
          Mirror Knight (the only knight on the map), then go
          bump into the wall on the left.  A chest with the
          Hellfire Disc (another one) will appear.
    F17.  There's six enemies here: 2 druids, 2 mage ghosts,
          and 2 blue slimes.  Kill the druids and slimes,
          but leave the ghosts for the chest.  This one
          holds another Reverse Doll.
    F18.  This level's kinda tricky.  Walk clockwise around
          the outer wall, smashing all the walls in your
          way.  If any enemies get in the way, fight through
          them and keep walking until a chest appears.  Open
          it for the Dragon Sword, an earth-elemental sword
          which has a weak slash attack but a strong thrust.
          It's a good weapon, so don't miss it.
    F19.  The music is different, which means it's Quox time
          again.  Do *not* pick up the key; instead, go
          straight to the Quox and kill it (don't forget to
          give Stahn the Bahamut's Tear).  After killing it,
          get the key and open the door.  After you open the
          door, a chest will appear.  Go back and get the
          chest for a Thinking Cap, and *then* go up the
    F20.  This one's easy!  Just pick up the key and open
          the door without fighting anybody.  Before you go
          up the stairs, a chest with an Elixir will appear.
          Get it, then go up.
    F21.  One third done!  You'll see a bunch of new enemies
          on this floor, but you can't fight them if you
          want to get the item.  In order to get the item,
          you have to stand still for 10 seconds without
          fighting.  Then move, and wait another 10 seconds,
          still without fighting, and a chest with a Resist
          Ring will appear.  If you fight any enemies at
          all, you won't be able to get the chest. 
          Fortunately, the Resist Ring isn't essential,
          although it is handy.
    F22.  Another tricky floor.  Get close to the Quox and
          it will start following you.  Lead it up to the
          upper-left corner, and then stand in the very
          upper left corner.  Let the Quox come to you and
          fight it (as always, equip the Bahamut's Tear).
          Afterwards, a chest with another Dark Seal (hey,
          they're cool, why not have two?) will appear.
          Get it, then leave.
    F23.  Now you get to do some fighting.  First, kill a
          Wizard (the guys in orange), then a Blue Slime, then
          another Wizard.  This will make a chest with another
          Thunder Disc appear.  However, because you should
          already have one Thunder Disc, and the Wizards
          are tough to kill (they use Explode and Fireball
          constantly), it's probably not worth getting.  If
          you do decide to get it, equip Chelsea with the
          Faerie Ring and have her use Force Arrow constantly
          (you... did... bring... Chelsea... didn't... you?).
    F24.  Just sit still and let an enemy come to you.  Kill
          it, and you will receive the Blessing Disc as long
          as you didn't move.  Then grab the key and exit.
    F25.  Oddly, there is no chest to get here at all.  There
          is a Green Roper wandering around the level; these
          are not the same ones from Radisrol, as they're
          obviously a whole lot tougher.  Compared to the Wizards,
          though, they're not *too* bad.  Before you exit this
          level, read the description for the next one -- you want
          to be ready.
    F26.  There's two different items you can get here.  To
          get a Hyper Gauntlet, the best glove in the game,
          immediately run and pick up the key, then quickly
          kill a Druid.  As long as you reach the Druid within
          thirty seconds, a chest with a Hyper Gauntlet will
          appear after the battle.  Alternately, you could get
          the Battle Knuckle, Bruiser's best weapon.  To get this
          one, kill the Hyper Knight and the Quox, then let one
          of the Druids shoot you to make the chest appear.
          If you use Bruiser regularly, you should go for the
          knuckle.  If you don't use him, then get the Hyper
    F27.  Easy, and fun.  Just break any ten walls and a
          chest with a Ruby will appear.  The Ruby gives you
          a +35 defense boost, so it's well worth picking
          up (you'll have to identify it, of course).
    F28.  The DG (Dark Green) Slimes appear here; they're
          the latest slime evolution, but they're really tough.
          Avoid them at all costs.  To get the chest, open the
          gate, then wait for a Green Roper to move onto it and
          then kill it (similar to Floor 12). However, all you get
          is an Elven Cape, so why bother?
    F29.  Walk to the top wall and bump into it, then go to
          the right wall, the south wall, and finally the
          west wall.  This will make a chest with the Combo
          Command appear, but only if you didn't already get
          the one in the Arena.  If you did the Combo Command
          there, nothing appears, so just go straight to the
    F30.  As soon as you enter this level, stand still.  Let
          the enemies come to you and kill them (there's a
          Quox here, so equip the Bahamut's Tear if it
          starts coming for you).  After killing three, you'll
          get the Blue Talisman.  Then find the key and exit.
    F31.  You're halfway done!  Yahoo!  All right!  There's two
          Wizards, three Blue Slimes, and two Blue Knights on this
          floor.  If you want the chest, you can kill all the
          Slimes and Knights and it will appear.  But it's only a
          Mind Ring, and simply isn't worth effort.  Just grab the
          key and leave.
    F32.  Find the Quox and get it to chase you.  You now have
          to get the Quox to break five walls, which is easier
          said than done.  Just be sure not to kill the Quox.
          After it's broken five walls, a chest will come
          up, holding the Demon Arrow disc.  This lets you
          use the Demon's Lance call spell, which really
          isn't very good.  But it's kinda cool to see, so
          you might as well get it.
    F33.  The chest here is tough to get, but well worth
          acquiring.  What you have to do is get Stahn's HP
          down to 10% of his max HP, so that his HP value
          turns red.  The best way to do this is to run
          around and get shot by the various enemies.  If
          you get into an actual battle, you'll have to
          fight your life, and it's hard to stay low on HP
          *and* win the fight.  So just avoid the enemies
          and let them shoot you.  Also, you can't kill
          the Quox, so avoid it.  If you do manage to get
          your HP down that low, a chest will appear with
          the Blue Shield, the best shield in the game.  It's
          really strong, and definitely worth picking up.
    F34.  A simple one here.  Just kill one of the two
          Mirror Knights and a chest will appear with a
          ?JEWEL.  Identified, it becomes the "infinitely
          blue" (according to the game) Sapphire.  It's not
          as strong as the Ruby, though.
    F35.  Similar to the last floor; kill both Green Ropers
          and a chest with another ?JEWEL will pop up.  This
          one's the Topaz, but it's still not as strong as
          the Ruby.
    F36.  There's four Sorcerers on this level; kill all
          four of them without being hit by any of their
          beams or the fires they start.  If you can kill
          all four without being zapped, the chest with
          appear.  It holds the Princess Cape, an upgrade
          to the Silver Cape.  Also, note the Lizard Man
          wandering around here.  Although not that tough,
          it absorbs fire, so be sure to give Stahn a new
          weapon if you're about to fight it.
    F37.  Do NOT break any walls.  Yes, as fun as causing
          mindless destruction is, I'm afraid you don't get
          to do it on this floor.  Just walk over and pick
          up the key, then go to the door.  Open the door,
          but don't go up the stairs.  Go break any wall
          and a chest will appear.  Open it for the almighty
          Megalith Disc, which, in addition to boosting your
          slash and thrust attack by 460, gives you the
          100 TP Meteor Swarm spell, the best attack spell
          in the game.  Don't miss this one!  Once you've
          safely secured the Disc (and equipped it), go on
          up the stairs.
    F38.  Another important treasure to get here.  It's the
          GC Rod, and in order to complete the Tower
          succesfully, you *must* have it.  To get it, kill
          two Will o' Wisps in a row (i.e., without fighting
          any other enemies in between the battles).  The
          chest with the GC Rod will then appear.
    F39.  To get the chest here, break five walls in the
          southern half of the floor, and then two in the
          northern half (I have no idea how they expect
          people to figure this stuff out without PSM...).
          The chest contains a Silver Cape, but you already
          have the superior Princess Cape.  The only really
          important thing here are two new enemies; the
          Red Knights (just another knight), and the red
          Will o' Wisps, which, while statistically the
          same, have different spells (Fear Flare instead of
          Thunder Blade).
    F40.  Time to go postal!  Kill all the Lizardmen and
          Mages (remember to equip Bahamut's Tear against
          the Lizardmen).  Once you've killed all of them,
          kill the two Ropers.  You'll get the Demon's Seal,
          which is like the Dark Seal, but twice as effective.
          However, it also reduces your defense to nothing,
          making it risky to use.
    F41.  This floor sucks.  Not that there's anything
          particularly bad about it (you're two-thirds done!),
          but I died here and had to do the whole tower all
          over... waaaahhh!  Um, anyway, just kill the
          Quox and you'll get the Stone, which, when
          equipped, makes you immune to the Tractor Beam
          spell.  You get what you earn, I suppose...
    F42.  There's a lot of enemies in here, so it'll take
          some careful dodging to attack the ones you want.
          First, go after one of the *red* Will o' Wisps
          and kill it (Meteor Swarm works great).  After
          that, go pick up the key.  Now go kill another
          red Wisp.  If you did all that right, the chest
          will pop up.  It contains the Star Mace, a strong
          mace than can be used by Stahn, Mary, and Philia
          (although you'll want to keep Philia with her
          Swordian so she can use magic).  You already have
          the key, so once you get the Mace, head to the door
          and go up.
    F43.  This level has one of each kind of slime on it,
          including the new DY (Dark Yellow) Slimes.  Fight
          them in descending order of strength, starting
          with the DY Slime, then the DG Slime, Blue Slime,
          Black Slime, Red Slime, and finally the Green
          Slime.  Killing them in this order will cause a
          chest with a Mystic Symbol (yeah, another one) to
    F44.  This is similar to the last level, but with mages.
          Avoid the Red Knights and kill the mages in this
          order: Wizard (orange), Sorcerer (green), Druid
          (white), and then Mage (purple) for the chest,
          which contains the Magical Ribbon.  Equip it;
          it's good.
    F45.  This time it's knights, but there's a bit of a
          catch: there's already a chest here.  Don't
          pick it up, whatever you do.  Instead, kill off
          the enemies in this order: Lizardman, Hyper Knight
          (yellow), Mirror Knight (light blue), Black Knight,
          and then Blue Knight.  Leave the Red Knight alive!
          If you do it right, a second chest will appear.  Go
          to it and pick it up.  You should get a message
          saying that this is the new chest, and asking if
          you want to open it.  Choose yes.  There will be
          a bright flash of light.  Now go open the original
          chest and you'll receive the Excaliber sword, the
          best weapon in the game.  Give it to Stahn --
          although he can't use Sacred Skills with it
          equipped, the sword is so strong you won't even
    F46.  Go to any corner of the level, then go to another
          corner, etc.  After touching all four corners, go
          back to the first one and you'll automatically get
          the Aqua Cape, which reduces the effects of wind
          and water damage.  Also, the Quox here is actually
          a more powerful Black Dragon.  It's not that much
          harder, though; just be sure to use the Bahamut's
    F47.  This one's simple.  Just kill a Red Roper and a
          chest with a Rabbit's Foot will appear.
    F48.  Go to each corner and wait for there for 10
          seconds.  This will inevitably cause you to have
          a bunch of fights, but you *have* to get the chest
          here -- it contains the RC Rod, and without all
          three rods, you can't beat the dungeon.  If the
          chest doesn't appear, go back to each corner and
          try again until it does appear.  Remember, you
          must get the rod.
    F49.  Go to the door (sans key) and hit Circle to try
          to open it.  Now go kill one of the Wizards and
          the chest will appear, which has Magical Rouge
          inside.  Then get the key and exit normally.
    F50.  Without fighting any enemies, go to the north wall,
          then the south wall, then the east wall, and
          finally the west wall.  This will cause the chest
          to appear, which has an Emerald Ring in it (big
          whoop).  Perhaps more noteworthy is the Blue Ropers
          that debut on this floor; they're pretty tough,
          as they can suck your life really fast if they get
          a hold of you.
    F51.  From where you start, head to the south half of
          the floor and wander around there for at least 30
          seconds.  Then go back up to the middle of the
          floor and there should be a chest waiting with
          a Volcano Disc.  If you miss it, it's no big deal,
          as you should already have the disc anyway...
    F52.  This level's sort of a mini-game.  You have to
          smash all the vertical walls (i.e., the ones that
          look like this: |    and not like this: -  )
          before the enemies can smash all the horizontal
          walls.  This isn't too hard; just be sure not to
          smash ANY horizontal walls.  If you do, all you'll
          get is a measly Cloak.  Should you manage to
          do it correctly, however, you'll get the Gold
    F53.  Head to the lower-left corner.  Move up three
          rows, then right five columns.  Break the wall
          to your south, then walk through where it was.
          The chest will pop up, containing a Mercy Disc.
          Again, you should already have one, so it's not
          strictly necessary to pick it up.
    F54.  All you have to do here is use a healing item
          or spell on Stahn and the chest will appear.
          (If Stahn's at full HP, you'll have to get into
          a fight and let him get hurt)  The chest contains
          the Moon Crystal, which boosts your maximum TP
          by 30%.  You can't go above 999 TP, however,
          and you should already be pretty close to that
          anyway, so it really isn't all that great.
    F55.  There's no chest at all here, just a bunch of
          Wizards.  Just collect the key and run to the
          exit.  Don't take any chances; dying now would
          really hurt.
    F56.  Only five more floors to go!  You're into the
          home stretch now!  There's no chest here either
          (well, there is, but it has nothing in it), so
          just grab the key and leave.
    F57.  The different music should tip you off that
          there's something going on here, and there is.
          First go to the door and try to open it (by
          hitting Circle).  This will cause a woman to
          appear somewhere in the level.  Heal up, make
          sure Garr and Rutee are in your party, and talk
          to her.  It's an impostor Ishtar; you'll have
          to fight her.  She can (and will) turn you to
          stone, so either use Liquer Bottles, or Atwight's
          Restore spell.  Be sure to keep Rutee or whoever
          else has Atwight in the corner so she won't get
          turned to stone (you'll have to use a Panacea
          Bottle on her if this happens).  Your best weapon
          is probably Garr's Void Sword skill, which will
          juggle her for a number of hits.  False Ishtar
          absorbs holy attacks, so make sure to de-equip
          Excaliber from Stahn before the battle.  She's
          actually harder than Druaga, but just keep curing
          and you can eventually win.  After you beat her,
          find a Lizardman wandering around the maze and kill
          it too.  The chest finally appears; it holds the
          Berserker Bow, the best bow in the game.  After
          getting it, collect the key and exit.
    F58.  Now, I'm not totally sure exactly what you're
          supposed to do here... what PSM says just doesn't
          work, and David Johnson's method, although it
          worked for fine, isn't (by his own admission)
          100% accurate.  Anyway, here's what I think you're
          supposed to do here.  First, while avoiding
          the enemies, hit Circle on the door.  Now smash
          every single wall on the map (mindless destruction,
          woohoo!).  Now, still avoiding enemies, go up to
          the top row of the map, against the north wall.
          Move over to the fifth column (the middle one).
          Walk directly south until you get to the south
          wall (if you have to detour because of enemies,
          go back and redo it).  Finally, go kill one of the
          Red Knights.  Hopefully, the chest will appear.
          It contains the BC Rod, so you will need to get
          it in order to complete the dungeon.
    F59.  You should now have all three rods.  If not,
          quickly pick up the key, open the door, and use
          the stairs.  You'll be warped back to floor 38 so
          you can go back up and pick up the rods you missed.
          Assuming you do have the BC, GC, and RC Rods,
          kill one of the Hyper Knights and one of the
          Wizards and a Quox will appear.  Kill it and you
          will see a new green and yellow enemy wandering
          around -- it's Druaga!  Heal up, put Garr and
          Chelsea in your party, and go up to him to fight
          him.  For all the work getting here, Druaga is
          actually a wuss.  Just have Chelsea and Garr use
          Force Arrow and Void Sword constantly, while Stahn
          attacks him with Dragon Blade (with Excaliber
          equipped, of course).  He'll go down in no time
          (of course, if you don't have all three rods, you
          won't be able to hurt him and are in deep doo-doo).
          After you defeat him, get the key and go up the
    F60.  Go talk to Ishtar.  She'll tell to use the rods
          to free Ki.  Make sure you're not equipped with
          any of the rods, then go down to the second row
          from the bottom.  Run around in here and hit
          Circle until Stahn puts down the Green Rod.  Now
          go up to the second row from the top and keep
          clicking around until you put down the Red Rod
          (don't worry, you can't mess up).  Go talk to Ki
          and she will thank you for saving her.  Click
          around this middle rod some and Stahn will put
          down the Blue Rod.  Ki then gives you the Destroyer
          Disc (lets you cast Big Bang) and teleports you
          back into the snow ruins.
    Congratulations!  You've beaten the Tower of Druaga!
    You can actually go through the Tower a second time to
    get some new items, but I was too exhausted after the
    first trip to do it right now.  Look for it in the next
    version ^_^.
    %%%HIDDEN HOUSES%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Although not terribly important, there are a couple of
    hidden locations scattered about the world.  All of
    them can only be accessed once you have the Draconis.
    Located off the cliff east of Lienea, in the forest.
    There's just a bunch of people here who will clue you
    in about the game's other secrets.
    Located in the northwest corner of Calvalese, on
    the beach.  Look for a little identation on the cliff
    and go in there.  Here you can buy Pom Seeds (but you
    can get them cheaper from Otto in Darilsheid), as well
    as the special Estima and Lankear Seeds.  These are
    all used in planting at Aunt Maggie's field in Lienea;
    I'll cover this subquest in the next version, I promise.
    The Lens Pro is located on the island off the west
    coast of Phandaria (it looks like a number 3).  Land
    here and enter the northern forest.  Here you'll find
    a guy who will trade you any of four of the calling
    items (Sylph, Gnome, Efreet, or Wendiene) if you have
    enough Lens.  These items are pretty handy, and you
    don't have much else to spend your Lens / gald on near
    the end of the game.
    As mentioned by a number of people in the game, there's
    a guy who likes to play Roshambo located on a island
    north of Terazzi, in a forest.  Once you have the
    Draconis, you can get there, and can play the game.
    No, you don't kick people in the nuts; instead, you play
    a lame little rock-paper-scissors against Philia in which
    you have to slap the buttons once you win in order to score
    a point.  You can bet money, but the gald you win is so
    minimal that it's not worth it.  If you *really* need
    help on rock-paper-scissors, try the Official Rock-Paper-
    Scissors Strategy Guide at http://www.worldrps.com.
    In the "Used By" column, the letters correspond to the
    various characters:
    S = Stahn   M = Mary   R = Rutee    L = Leon    P = Philia
    K = Karyl   G = Garr   C = Chelsea  B = Bruiser
    Some weapons have two different attack values; the first
    number is the power of the weapon when slashing, and
    the second is the power when thrusting.
                    ATK  PRICE  HIT% USED BY   NOTES
    Short Sword     8/8   20     30  SMRLG
    Rapier          9/13  90     20  SMRLG
    Long Sword     15/15  40     0   SMLG
    Saber          25/16  120    0   SMLG
    Hand Axe       30/17  160    5   SM
    Knight's Saber 35/18  400    10  SMLG      Fire damage
    Fine Saber     40/20  480    0   SMLG
    Veldan         20/42  350    0   SMRLG
    Battle Axe     70/25  600    10  SML
    Bastard Sword  80/80  800    3   SMLG
    Lucky Blade   100/100 12000  10  SMRLG     Evade and luck up
    Crescent Axe  135/100 1160   0   SM        Holy damage
    Halberd       145/150 1225   5   SM
    Mythril Sword 185/185 1720   5   SMLG
    Ranseur       155/190 1200   0   SMG
    Winged Spear  170/210 3080   0   SMG       Wind damage
    Sheeden       210/150 11280  100 SMG       Earth damage
    S. Halberd    230/230 8100   6   SM
    Fenface       240/190 2945   15  SMG       Water damage
    Strike Axe    250/200 15000  10  SM        Lightning damage
    Arc Wind      250/310 24890  10  SMG       Wind damage
    Slayer Sword  300/300 10000  30  SMG       Earth damage
    Destroyer     340/305 30000  10  SMG
    St. Halberd   330/330 90000  10  SMG       Holy damage
    Flare Sword   350/390 32580  20  SMGR      Fire damage
    Burning Sword 390/390 --     10  SMG       Fire damage
    Golden Frypan   400   50000  100 M
    Duel Sword    425/425 65500  10  SMG       Earth damage
    Laser Blade   440/440 200010 100 SMGR      Holy damage
    Doom Blade    520/520 325000 10  SMG       Darkness damage
    Bahamut Tear  570/500 248750 10  SM
    Dragon Sword  400/620 31000  30  SMG       Earth damage
    White Sword   620/600 --     30  SMG       Holy damage
    Excaliber     820/820 --     50  SM        Holy damage
    GC Rod           1    --     10  P         Def+10, air damage
    RC Rod           1    --     10  P         Def+10, fire damage
    BC Rod           1    --     10  P         Def+10, water damage
    Plain Rod        5    5      10  P
    Gem Rod         18    240    10  P
    Rue Staff       18    400    10  P         Fire damage
    Club           24/24  280    10  SMP
    Silver Mace    60/60  580    10  SMP       Holy damage
    Quartz Rod      110   100000 10  P         Earth damage
    Gale Staff      200   100000 10  P         Wind damage
    Thunder Scepter 280   100000 10  P         Lightning damage
    Star Mace     660/660 16000  10  SMP       Holy damage
    Mandolin        100   1250   0   K         Defense + 5
    Lute            190   2560   0   K         Defense + 8
    Guitar          270   24000  0   K         Defense + 10
    Shamisen        470   36520  0   K         Defense + 15
    Auto Bow        10    20     10  GC
    Composite Bow   120   1850   10  GC        Defense + 5
    Hunter's Bow    160   2160   10  GC
    Crossbow        200   3520   10  GC        Holy damage
    Elven Bow       240   31500  200 GC        Earth damage
    Soul Steel      360   140000 60  GC        Darkness damage
    Berserker Bow   450   240000 95  GC        Fire damage
    Knuckle         200   1500   10  B
    Iron Knuckle    250   3120   10  B         Defense + 5
    Bear Claw       320   12000  10  B         Defense + 5
    Flare Claw      440   15000  0   B         Def+10, fire dmg.
    Atwight         */*   --     *   RSLPG     Water damage
    Dymlos          */*   --     *   RSLPG     Fire damage
    Chaltier        */*   --     *   RSLPG     Earth damage
    Clemente        */*   --     *   RSLPG     Lightning damage,
                                                defense + *
    Igtenos         */*   --     *   RSLPG     Air damage
    * The Swordians' stats increase every time they gain a
      level, so there isn't any way to list their stats.
                  DEF  PRICE  EVD% USED BY   NOTES
    Cloak          4   6      0    All     
    L. Armor       8   30     0    SMRLKGB
    Stray Robe     10  --     0    RPKC
    Chain Mail     16  150    0    SMRLKGB
    Amber Cloak    26  280    20   RPKC
    Ring Mail      32  300    0    SMLGB
    Splint Mail    40  220    0    SMLGB
    Silver Cloak   42  460    25   RPKC
    Silver Chain   45  500    0    RK
    Breasplate     56  540    0    SMLGB
    Plate Armor    64  820    0    SMLGB
    Mythril Mesh   65  1000   0    RPC
    Mythril Chain  72  1080   0    RK
    Rubber Suit    90  15000  0    RPC
    Reflex         100 10000  0    SMLGB
    Silver Plate   120 12800  0    SMLGB
    Holy Cloak     124 28000  0    RPC
    Rare Plate     140 20000  0    SMLGB
    Terra          164 200000 0    SMLGB
    Golden Armor   200 --     0    S
                  DEF  PRICE  EVD% USED BY   NOTES
    Wood Shield    1   25     5    SML
    Round Shield   2   85     10   SML
    Kite Shield    3   350    15   SML
    Light Shield   4   630    18   SML
    Fine Shield    5   7900   22   SML
    Ankh Shield    8   17500  25   SML
    Rare Shield    12  24250  30   SML
    Beam Shield    15  150000 30   SML
    Red Shield     15  100000 30   SML
    Star Shield    20  15000  30   SML
    Blue Shield    25  200000 30   SML
                  DEF  PRICE  EVD% USED BY   NOTES
    Ribbon         1   5      0    MRPC
    Beret          2   10     0    RPKC
    L. Helm        4   20     0    SMLGB
    Ankh Hat       5   120    5    RPKC
    Iron Helm      8   180    0    SMLGB
    Land Hat       10  340    5    RPKC
    Lucky Cap      10  --     0    RPKC      Luck up
    Blue Ribbon    12  220    0    MRPC
    Feather Hat    14  500    0    RPKC
    Ahmet Helm     16  480    0    SMLGB
    Striped Ribbon 18  1400   10   MRPC
    Mythril Tiara  20  680    5    RPC
    Cross Helm     24  650    0    SMLGB
    Fine Hat       25  1300   0    RPKC
    Thinking Cap   25  --     20   RPKC      Intelligence up
    Mythril Helm   28  720    0    SMLGB
    Rare Helm      36  14000  0    SMLGB
    Star Cap       38  90000  0    RPKC
    Magical Ribbon 40  100000 0    MRPC
    Star Helm      48  40000  0    SMLGB
                  DEF  PRICE  EVD% USED BY   NOTES
    L. Glove       1    12    0    SMRLGB
    Iron Glove     5    250   0    SMLGB
    Gauntlet       8    380   0    SMLGB
    Bracelet       12   880   0    RPC
    M. Glove       16   655   0    SMLGB
    Rare Gauntlet  18   18000 0    SMLGB
    Cutie Mitten   20   25250 0    MRPC
    Star Glove     24   30000 0    SMLGB
    Hyper Gauntlet 26   --    0    S
                 PRICE     EFFECT
    A. Charm     10000     Immune to poisoning
    Amethyst     10000     Defense + 15
    Aqua Cape    800       Defense + 8, reduces water and
                             wind damage by 30%
    Aquamarine   10000     Defense + 10
    Black Onyx   10600     Raises max HP by 30%
    BlueTalisman 2100      Raises defense by 10%
    Cape         5         Defense + 1
    C. Command   213645    Use skills with pad motions*
    Channeling   65534     Use second controller to control
    Dark Seal    100       Gain 50% more EXP, can't use skills
    Dash Ring    --        Always run
    Demon Seal   5150      Gain double EXP, can't use skills,
                             0 defense
    Emerald      10000     Defense + 10, hit rate + 10
    Emerald Ring 35000     Cuts TP use by 1/3
    Faerie Ring  38410     Cuts TP use by 1/2
    Fur Cape     895       Defense + 4, need at Frozen River
    Garnet       10000     Defense + 5
    Holy Symbol  5000      Restores HP during battle
    Leather Cape 50        Defense + 2
    Mind Ring    16000     Restores TP during battle
    Moon Crystal 10600     Raises max TP by 10%
    Moonstone    10000     Defense + 20
    M. Symbol    32900     Halves spell charge time
    P. Charm     25000     Immune to paralysis
    PrincessCape 2025      Reduces fire damage by 50%
    Protect Ring 600       Reduces physical damage by 10%
    Rabbit'sFoot 100       Raises Luck
    Resist Ring  1030      Reduces magic damage by 10%
    Reverse Doll 1000      Auto-revive when killed
    Ruby         10000     Defense + 35
    Sapphire     10000     Defense + 20
    Silver Cape  1650      Reduces fire damage by 30%
    S. Ring      --        Shoot beams with Square button
    Stone        1         Immune to Tractor Beam spell
    Talisman     ??        Raises defense by 5%
    Tech Ring    --        Move freely in battle*
    Thief's Cape 512       Defense + 3, lowers encounter rate
                            by 5%
    Topaz        10000     Defense + 32
    Tricycle     ??        No fights on world map, move really
    W. Symbol    3600      Raises attack power by 10%
    * See "Combo Command" under Playing The Game for more
    ** See the "Battle System" section of Playing The Game
       for more info.
                 PRICE     EFFECT
    Green Gel    30        Restores 30% of maximum HP
    Orange Gel   100       Restores 30% of maximum TP
    Melange Gel  120       Restores 30% of maximum HP + TP
    Lemon Gel    250       Restores 60% of maximum HP
    Pine Gel     500       Restores 60% of maximum TP
    Miracle Gel  1000      Restores 60% of maximum HP + TP
    Life Bottle  150       Revives dead character
    F. Bottle    200       Raises attack power by 30% temporarily
    H. Bottle    40        Lowers encounter rate temporarily
    Dark Bottle  40        Raises encounter rate temporarily
    P. Bottle    80        Cures status changes
    Liq. Bottle  455       Lowers attack power by 20% temporarily,
                             immune to petrification
    C. Bottle    1250      Get 30% discount in stores (one use)
    R. Bottle    500       Use to identify ? items
    Elixir       10000     Restores HP and TP completely
    Oberol C     50        Restores 35% of maximum HP
    Oberol EX    300       Restores 65% of maximum HP
    Oberol G     1500      Restores HP completely
    Spectacles   5         See enemy's stats
    Winged Boots 1500      Escape dungeon (one use)
    Neutralizer  450       Avoid damage in Trash Mountain
    Mag. Rouge   1000      Get 10% discount in stores (one use)
    Sage         300       Raises max HP by 5% (permanent)
    R. Sage      600       Raises max HP by 10% (permanent)
    Savory       250       Raises max TP by 5% (permanent)
    R. Savory    600       Raises max TP by 10% (permanent)
    Lavender     900       Raises strength by 1 (permanent)
    R. Lavender  1100      Raises strength by 2 (permanent)
    Bellebane    750       Raises agility by 1 (permanent)
    R. Bellebane 1250      Raises agility by 2 (permanent)
    E. Bullet    320       Electric attack / line
    Efreet       2500      Fire attack / all
    Wendiene     2500      Water attack / all
    Gnome        2500      Earth attack / all
    Sylph        2500      Air attack / all
    Bolt         2500      Lightning attack / all
    Valkyrie     30000     Holy attack / all
    Grow Fruit   10000     Grow to giant size
    Hourglass    1500      Freezes enemies during battle
    Old Cane     --        Give to Walt for 10,000 gald
    Ticket       --        Ticket to Neuestadt arena
    C. Counter   62780     Allows use of Combo Counter*
    Loser        1         Losing Softy Kreem stick
    Winner       --        Can be redeemed for free Softy Kreem
    Lantern      --        See Warehouse solutions
    S. Text 1    --        Notes for "Spin Flare"
    S. Text 2    --        Notes for "Throw Sword"
    S. Text 3    --        Notes for "Dragon Toss"
    S. Text 4    --        Notes for "Flame Vortex"
    S. Text 5    --        Notes for "Fiery Wave"
    S. Text 6    --        Notes for "Hellfire"
    S. Text 7    --        Notes for "Assassin"
    Score A      --        Notes for "Symphony"
    Score B      --        Notes for "Samba"
    Score C      --        Notes for "March"
    Score D      --        Notes for "Rumba"
    Score E      --        Notes for "Lullabye"
    Score F      --        Notes for "Waltz"
    * See "Combo Counter" under Playing The Game for more
                 PRICE     FOOD VALUE
    Acerola      250          90
    Apple        30           10
    Bananas      40           12
    Barracuda    1            50
    Beast Meat   400          200
    Beef         1000         510
    B. Flakes    500          500
    Blowfish     4000         1800
    Bonito       300          120
    Bread        20           10
    Bream        120          30
    Brie         1050         400
    Cheese       70           20
    Chestnut     120          40
    Chicken      420          200
    Cod          350          260
    Crab         3200         1600
    Crab Soup    4000         1000
    Dorian       3000         1500
    Eel          2000         1200
    Egg          150          55
    Fitz Burger  180          100
    Fitz Fries   50           25
    Fitz Shake   100          35
    Gourmet A    --           5000
    Gourmet B    --           5000
    Gourmet C    --           5000
    Gourmet D    --           5000
    Grape        980          500
    Herring      600          300
    Jam          600          30
    Juicy Beef   2800         2000
    Lemon        30           10
    Mackerel     1            15
    Mack. Pike   30           10
    Mangosteen   1500         700
    Melon        2200         1350
    Persimmon    84           30
    Pineapple    500          250
    Pom Seed     --           1
    Prawn        1200         500
    Prune        440          200
    Roast        600          300
    R. Orange    1            10
    R. Snapper   480          170
    Sea Bass     130          50
    Sea Bream    1800         820
    Silvervine   200          10
    Smelt        300          120
    Softy Kreem* 50           10
    Sour Milk    1            30
    Squid        100          30
    Squid Jerky  130          100
    Steak        1500         800
    Strawberry   200          70
    Sweetee      220          80
    Tender Roast 700          700
    Tuna         3000         1500
    Vegetables   300          120
    White Smelt  80           25
    Wormy Apple  2            -100
    Wrasse       10           10
    * About every 1 in 20 Softy Kreems is a winner and can
      be redeemed for a free Softy Kreem at the booth.
    DISC: Flame           WHERE FOUND: Snow Temple
    STATS: Slash Attack + 1, Thrust Attack + 5
    SPELL: Fireball
    DISC: Sharp Stone     WHERE FOUND: Undersea Ruins
    STATS: Slash Attack + 6, Thrust Attack + 15
    SPELL: Spike
    DISC: SW020020        WHERE FOUND: Undersea Ruins (identify)
    STATS: Slash Attack + 20, Thrust Attack + 20
    DISC: SW010022        WHERE FOUND: Undersea Ruins (identify)
    STATS: Slash Attack + 10, Thrust Atttack + 22
    DISC: Scorched Earth  WHERE FOUND: Kalviola Temple
    STATS: Slash Attack + 12, Thrust Attack + 12
    SPELL: Eruption
    DISC: Wall of Flame   WHERE FOUND: Pirate Leader's Ship
    STATS: Slash Attack + 10, Thrust Attack + 15
    SPELL: Fire Wall
    DISC: SW060060        WHERE FOUND: Sheeden peddler (identify)
    STATS: Slash Attack + 60, Thrust Attack + 60
    DISC: Shelter         WHERE FOUND: Natural Cave
    STATS: Slash Attack + 32, Thrust Attack + 6, Defense + 8
    SPELL: Barrier
    DISC: SP025062        WHERE FOUND: Natural Cave (identify)
    STATS: Slash Attack + 25, Thrust Attack + 62
    DISC: Swirling Flame  WHERE FOUND: Moreau Castle
    STATS: Slash Attack + 42, Thrust Attack + 40
    SPELL: Fire Storm
    DISC: Blessing        WHERE FOUND: Warehouse puzzle in Terazzi
    STATS: Slash Attack + 82, Thrust Attack + 40, Defense + 5
    SPELL: Antidote
    DISC: Revitalize      WHERE FOUND: Terazzi Castle
    STATS: Slash Attack + 35, Thrust Attack + 46
    SPELL: Tractor Beam
    DISC: SW100100        WHERE FOUND: Frozen River (identify)
    STATS: Slash Attack + 100, Thrust Attack + 100
    DISC: Light           WHERE FOUND: Frozen River
    STATS: Slash Attack + 52, Thrust Attack + 60
    SPELL: Ray
    DISC: Wind Spear      WHERE FOUND: Castle Heidelberg
    STATS: Slash Attack + 74, Thrust Attack + 55
    SPELL: Air Slash
    DISC: SP075115        WHERE FOUND: Frostheim peddler (identify)
    STATS: Slash Attack + 75, Thrust Attack + 115
    DISC: SW130130        WHERE FOUND: Darilsheid Castle
    STATS: Slash Attack + 130, Thrust Attack + 130
    DISC: Electrify       WHERE FOUND: Abandoned Factory
    STATS: Slash Attack + 82, Thrust Attack + 96
    SPELL: Thunder Blade 
    DISC: Strengthen      WHERE FOUND: Josaia
    STATS: Slash Attack + 120, Thrust Attack + 85, Defense + 5
    SPELL: First Aid
    DISC: SW280280        WHERE FOUND: Steal from Rembrandt
    STATS: Slash Attack + 280, Thrust Attack + 280
    DISC: Volcano         WHERE FOUND: Helraios
    STATS: Slash Attack + 145, Thrust Attack + 145
    SPELLS: Fireball, Fire Storm, Flare Tornado
    DISC: Earth           WHERE FOUND: Deimos
    STATS: Slash Attack + 132, Thrust Attack + 142
    SPELLS: Stone Blast, Stone Wall, Stone Press
    DISC: Tornado         WHERE FOUND: Cloudius
    STATS: Slash Attack + 139, Thrust Attack + 164
    SPELLS: Cyclone
    DISC: Blizzard        WHERE FOUND: Belcrant
    STATS: Slash Attack + 220, Thrust Attack + 160
    SPELLS: Blizzard
    DISC: SP100300        WHERE FOUND: Belcrant
    STATS: Slash Attack + 100, Thrust Attack + 300
    DISC: Mercy           WHERE FOUND: Belcrant
    STATS: Defense + 20
    SPELLS: Heal, Recover, Hammer Blow
    DISC: SP240360        WHERE FOUND: Swordian Lab
    STATS: Slash Attack + 240, Thrust Attack + 360
    DISC: SW350350        WHERE FOUND: Swordian Lab
    STATS: Slash Attack + 350, Thrust Attack + 350
    DISC: Hellfire        WHERE FOUND: Swordian Lab
    STATS: Slash Attack + 255, Thrust Attack + 278
    SPELL: Explode
    DISC: Thunder         WHERE FOUND: Trash Mountain
    STATS: Slash Attack + 260, Thrust Attack + 260
    SPELL: Holy Wrath
    DISC: SW400400        WHERE FOUND: Trash Mountain
    STATS: Slash Attack + 400, Thrust Attack + 400
    DISC: SP300410        WHERE FOUND: Dycroft
    STATS: Slash Attack + 300, Thrust Attack + 410
    DISC: Blue Dragon     WHERE FOUND: Lienea (Blue Dragon quest)
    STATS: Slash Attack + 245, Thrust Attack + 245
    SPELL: Blue Dragon
    DISC: Demon Arrow     WHERE FOUND: Tower of Druaga
    STATS: Slash Attack + 165, Thrust Attack + 155
    SPELL: Demon's Lance
    DISC: Megalith        WHERE FOUND: Tower of Druaga
    STATS: Slash Attack + 460, Thrust Attack + 460
    SPELL: Meteor Swarm
    DISC: Destroyer       WHERE FOUND: Beat Tower of Druaga
    STATS: Slash Attack + 415, Thrust Attack + 415
    SPELL: Big Bang
    World Map      Look at list of towns and shops
    Horn           Summons Bernardo at ports
    Food Sack S    Holds up to 200 units of food
    Food Sack M    Holds up to 2000 units of food
    Food Sack L    Holds up to 20,000 units of food
    Boot Disc      Needed to restart Radisrol
    Fish           Give to Lilith
    Delis Emblem   Assembled in Dycroft
    Card Key       Opens magnetic door in Helraios
    Belselium      Needed to repair Draconis
    Lens           Collect three to complete cannon
    ID Card B      Opens blue doors in Abandoned Factory
    ID Card R      Opens red doors in Abandoned Factory
    Passport       Needed to enter Seinegald
    Bronze Key     One of 3 keys to open door in Deimos
    Iron Key       One of 3 keys to open door in Deimos
    Gold Key       One of 3 keys to open door in Deimos
    Valve Handle   Repairs broken valve in Moreau Castle
    Pickaxe        Breaks down blocked doors
    Egg            Used in Blue Dragon subquest
    Any effect with a * after it means that it only affects
    enemies that are on the ground.
                   LV   TP   EFFECT
    Fireball       N/A  5    Fire attack / single
    Eruption       7    16   Fire attack / group*
    Fire Wall      13   25   Fire attack / single
    Fire Storm     19   30   Fire attack / group
    Fear Flare     25   60   Fire attack / group
    Flare Tornado  32   50   Fire attack / group
    Explode        40   60   Fire attack / group
                   LV   TP   EFFECT
    First Aid      N/A  5    Restores HP / single
    Ice Needle     ?    6    Ice attack / single
    Deep Mist      7    3    Lowers hit rate / single
    Ice Tornado    10   14   Ice attack / group
    Acid Rain      12   7    Lowers defense / group
    Antidote       13   8    Cures poison / single
    Barrier        15   8    Raises defense / single
    Ice Wall       17   22   Ice attack / single
    Recover        19   18   Cures all status changes / single
    Heal           21   10   Restores HP / single
    Sharpness      24   12   Raises attack power / single
    Silence        26   10   Causes silence / single
    Icicle         28   26   Ice attack / group
    Nurse          30   20   Restores HP / all
    Dispel         ?    14   Cancels enemies' spells
    Blizzard       36   38   Ice attack / all
    Cure           40   22   Restores HP completely / single
    Raise Dead     45   26   Revives dead character / single
    Maelstrom      50   70   Ice attack / all
    Revive         55   32   Restores HP / all
    Tidal Wave     61   94   Ice attack / all
                   LV   TP   EFFECT
    Stone Blast    N/A  5    Earth attack / single
    Spike          ?    10   Earth attack / single*
    Hammer Blow    10   9    Causes paralysis / single
    Stone Wall     16   22   Earth attack / single
    Strong Hammer  21   40   Earth attack / single / paralysis
    Stone Press    ?    43   Earth attack
                   LV   TP   EFFECT
    Fireball       N/A  5    Fire attack / single
    Wind Arrow     N/A  6    Wind attack / single
    Stone Blast    N/A  5    Earth attack / single
    Lightning      N/A  9    Lightning attack / single
    Storm          11   12   Wind attack / all
    Ice Tornado    13   14   Ice attack / group
    Tractor Beam   16   20   Physical attack / group*
    Stone Wall     19   22   Earth attack / single
    Ray            22   30   Holy attack / group*
    Thunder Blade  25   33   Lightning attack / all
    Fear Flare     28   40   Fire attack / group
    Holy Lance     31   57   Holy attack / single
    Flare Tornado  34   50   Fire attack / group
    Cyclone        37   54   Air attack / all
    Holy Wrath     40   70   Holy attack / group
    Explode        44   60   Fire attack / group 
    Dissolve       48   80   Instant death attack / single
    Black Hole     54   88   Darkness attack / group
    Tidal Wave     61   94   Ice attack / all
    Wind Arrow     7    6    Air attack / single
    Storm          9    12   Air attack / all
    Arrow Stream   12   18   Air attack / line
    Whirlwind      16   25   Air attack / group
    Air Slash      22   40   Air attack / group
    Cyclone        40   54   Air attack / group
    Divine Wind    45   76   Air attack / group
    ---Disc Spells---
    Blue Dragon    --   58   Fire attack / group
    Demon's Lance  --   57   Earth attack / group
    Meteor Swarm   --   100  Earth attack / all
    Big Bang       --   150  Holy attack / all
    ---Stahn Aileron---
                   LV   TP   EFFECT
    Missile Sword  2    2    Physical attack / ground
    Kick Attack    3    5    Physical attack / close range
    Spin Slash     9    6    Physical attack / air
    Tiger Blade    13   8    Physical attack / close range
    Vortex         18   10   Physical attack / column
    Force          24   16   Physical attack / wide range
    Dragon Blade   31   10   Physical attack / close range
    Light Spear    40   20   Holy attack / close range
    ---Rutee Katrea---
                   LV   TP   EFFECT
    Search Gald    5    2    Gain money when used
    Snipe Air      8    3    Physical attack / air
    Thievery       13   7    Steal item / single
    Escape         19   10   Escape from battle
    Snipe Roar     26   12   Physical attack / air
    Bloody Rose    42   32   Physical attack / air
    ---Leon Magnus---
                   LV   TP
    Missile Sword  N/A  2    Physical attack / ground
    Kick Attack    N/A  5    Physical attack / close range
    Tiger Blade    12   8    Physical attack / close range
    Dragon Blade   ?    12   Physical attack / close range
    Flying Dragon  27   12   Physical attack
    ---Mary Argent---
                   LV   TP   EFFECT
    Beast Blade    N/A  3    Physical attack / close range
    Power Missile  6    3    Physical attack / ground
    Double Blade   10   5    Physical attack / close range
    Fierce Missile ?    10   Physical attack / ground
    Force          22   16   Physical attack / wide range
    Mirage         28   14   Physical attack / single
    Ultima Missile 34   16   Physical attack / ground
    ZAN!           41   36   Similar to Stahn's Assassin
    ---Philia Felice---
                   LV   TP   EFFECT
    Inspect        N/A  2    See enemy's stats / single
    Philia Bomb    7    3    Physical attack / projectile
    Force Field    12   12   Paralyzes enemy / single
    Twin Bomb      18   6    Uses two Philia Bombs
    Cloak          25   33   Lowers encounter rate
    Bomb Rain      32   12   Uses Philia Bomb on all enemies
    Identify       39   18   Same as Rune Bottle
    Statis         47   40   Same as Hourglass
    ---Karyl Sheeden---
    See Music Notes.
    ---Garr Kelvin---
                   LV   TP   EFFECT
    Power          N/A  5    Physical attack / line (bow)
    Wind Blade     11   3    Wind attack (sword)
    Speed          14   7    Physical attack / line (bow)
    Vortex         20   10   Physical attack / column (sword)
    Mirage         26   14   Physical attack / single (sword)
    Arrow Storm    33   10   Physical attack / air (bow)
    Void Sword     42   34   Physical attack / column (sword)
    ---Chelsea Torn---
                   LV   TP   EFFECT
    Power          ?    4    Physical attack / line
    Speed          7    10   Physical attack / line
    Shock Arrow    16   8    Lightning attack / single
    Speed Arrow    ?    14   Fire attack / wide range
    Arrow Storm    31   10   Physical attack / air
    Force Arrow    45   40   Physical attack / projectile
    ---Bruiser Khang---
                   LV   TP   EFFECT
    Volt Thrust    N/A  3    Lightning attack / close range
    1-2 Combo      N/A  5    Physical attack / close range
    Upper Cut      N/A  7    Physical attack / close range
    Hurricane      27   10   Physical attack / close range
    Hip Attack     34   12   Physical attack / air
    %%%SACRED SKILLS%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Note that Stahn must have Dymlos equipped in order to
    use any of his Sacred Skills (you can use the regular
    skills whether you have Dymlos or not).
    SPIN FLARE                           TP: 8
     Fire attack / air
    Location: Natural Cave
    Required Abilities: Fireball, Spin Slash
    THROW SWORD                          TP: 10
     Fire attack / projectile (must pick up sword again)
    Location: Armeida (Cress and Arche's quiz)
    Required Abilitieis: None
    DRAGON TOSS                          TP: 10
     Fire attack / air
    Location: Lienea
    Required Abilities: Fire Storm, Kick Attack
    FLAME VORTEX                         TP: 30
     Fire attack / column
    Location: Swordian R&D Lab
    Required Abilities: Explode, Vortex
    FIERY WAVE                           TP: 12
     Fire attack / wide range
    Location: Heidelberg Catacombs
    Required Abilities: Fire Wall, Missile Sword
    HELLFIRE                             TP: 25
     Fire attack / wide range
    Location: Cloudius
    Required Abilities: Flare Tornado, Force
    ASSASSIN                             TP: 45
     Combo of various normal skills
    Location: Seinegald Castle Courtyard
    Required Abilities: Dragon Blade, Fiery Wave, Hellfire,
                         Flame Vortex
    %%%MUSIC NOTES%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    SYMPHONY                             TP: 5
     Temporarily raises hit rate / all 
    Location: Karyl starts with it
    SAMBA                                TP: 7
     Physical attack / single
    Location: Chest in Moreau Castle 
    MARCH                                TP: 6
     Temporarily raises evade rate / all
    Location: Chest in Deimos
    RUMBA                                TP: 9
     Physical attack / single / causes paralysis
    Location: Chest in Helraios
    LULLABYE [sic]                       TP: 12
     Causes sleep / projectile
    Location: Chest in Belcrant
    WALTZ                                TP: 18
     Heals party / group
    Location: Chest in Trash Mountain
    %%%BATTLE SYSTEM%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Tales of Destiny's battle system is a lot different from
    that of most RPGs, but once you get the hang of it
    you'll never want to go back to turn-based ones.
    The battle system is explained pretty well in manual,
    so read that first.  The only thing that's unclear is how
    to activate some of the moves.  Normally, pressing Circle
    will cause Stahn to run forward and attack the nearest
    enemy.  Pressing Circle again will cause him to run back
    to where he was standing before he attacked.
    If you hold up on the D-Pad while attacking, you can do a
    upward attack that's used to hit flying enemies.  Holding
    Down will cause Stahn to do a thrust attack.  Different
    weapons have different thrust and slash weapons; one
    weapon might be more effective when thrusting, while
    another might be better when slashing (the slash is the
    default attack).
    If you hit Circle with Stahn is running forward, he will
    do a jumping slash.  You can also do jumping thrust or
    jumping air attacks (by pushing the appropriate direction
    as you hit Circle).  The jumping air attack is particularly
    useful for knocking down those pesky bees and birds.
    Early on in the game (at Straylize Temple), you'll find
    the the Tech Ring.  When you equip this on Stahn, you
    can press the Select button during battle to activate
    "Manual" mode (you normally play in "Semi-Auto" mode).
    In Manual mode, pressing Circle causes Stahn to slash
    wherever he is standing (insteading of running to hit the
    nearest enemy), and you have to double-tap a direction to
    dash.  I like this mode a lot better, as it requires more
    skill and makes the battles more interesting, but it's
    your call as to whether to use it or not.
    %%%AI FUNCTIONS%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    At first, it might seem like you can't control your
    other party members, but you can.  Although you don't
    directly move them with the controller (except with
    Channeling, see "Joy of Channeling" below), there are
    still plenty of ways to control what they do.
    First, go to your skill and spell screens and use the Square
    button to darken all the skills.  This means your characters
    won't use any of their spells or skills automatically in
    battle.  Instead, you can cast them manually by hitting the
    riangle button in battle, choosing Skill or Spell and casting
    the spell as you would in any other game. 
    And to control your other characters' physical attacks, hit
    Triangle during battle and go to the Strategy option.  Change
    all the characters' targeting mode to Manual, and you can select
    what enemy you want each character to attack. 
    Finally, to make your other party members more useful in battle,
    try this trick.  Run Stahn right up next to the enemy, then hit
    L1.  This is the button to reverse your formation, which will
    bring all your characters right up next to Stahn and they'll all
    start attacking.  If you want to have them back off, just hit L1
    %%%JOY OF CHANNELING%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Very early on in the game, you'll get the Channeling
    accessory.  Although it seems useless at first, if you
    equip it on the party member in the second position,
    a second player can control that character in battle by
    tapping Select on the second controller.  And if you
    equip Channelings on the third and fourth characters,
    you can control them with the third and fourth
    controllers (if you have a multitap).
    This may not seem all that great, but it has another
    use.  Just set Stahn to Auto control, then set the
    other character to Semi-Auto or Manual.  You now play
    as the other character in battle, and Stahn is
    controlled by the computer.  You'll have to switch back
    and forth from  the first controller (to move around the
    map) to the second controller (in battle), but that's a
    small price to pay for being able to control any
    character ^_^.
    And, in case you were wondering, the other characters
    *are* fully functional and play just like Stahn -- you
    can map their skills to the X button like Stahn's, and
    you can equip the Tech Ring to use the Manual control
    Swordians are the talking swords that the main characters
    in ToD wield.  They serve a number of functions; the
    most important of which are weapons and spellcasters.
    First of all, each Swordian can be equipped as a weapon
    by its respective wielder (Stahn uses Dymlos, etc.).
    You can use it as a normal weapon, plus, while you have
    it equipped, can use that Swordian's magic (you can use
    Skills whether you have a Swordian equipped or not).
    Since magic is generally pretty good, you're usually
    better off equipping Swordians on all those who can use
    them and giving your other weapons to the non-Swordian
    Also, Swordians should *always* be equipped in the
    "Swordian" slot of your equipment screen.  Although you
    can't cast magic unless you also have it equipped as a
    weapon, the Swordians will still gain experience (note
    that you can equip the "wrong" Swordian in the Swordian
    slot, like having Rutee use Dymlos, but only the proper
    character can use them as a weapon).
    Yes, Swordians gain experience.  If you go to a
    character's status screen, and then push down, you will
    see the stats for their Swordian.  Swordians have their
    own experience level and experience count, as well as
    their own stats.  So whenever your Swordian gains a
    level, be sure to check its stats, as it may be more
    powerful than the weapon you're currently using.  In
    addition, as the Swordians gain levels, they will learn
    new spells.
    Discs are ToD's version of materia.  You can equip one
    Disc on each Swordian, allowing them to use new spells
    (for example, the Flame Disc lets you cast the Fireball
    spell).  They will also usually boost the stats of your
    Swordian.  Some discs just boost the Swordian's stats,
    and don't teach you any spells.
    To equip a Disc, just go to a character's equipment screen
    and equip the Disc in the "Disc" slot at the bottom.
    Since Discs attach to Swordians, you can only equip
    that on characters with Swordians, and you can only
    use one Disc per character at a time.
    While travelling on the world map, you can regain hit
    points by eating food.  You'll get regain 1 HP per step
    for each unit of food until your supply runs out.  As long
    as you have food in your bag, you will automatically eat it
    if you're at less than full health.
    To put food in your bag, go to your item screen and use
    the food as an item.  It will go into your bag, adding its
    value to your food supply (for example, one piece of Chicken
    counts as 200 food units.).  There's a limit on how much
    food you can have in your bag; you start out with a bag
    that holds 200 units of food, but can upgrade to bigger
    bags as you progress.  However, you can carry more food
    in your inventory; just not in the bag.
    %%%COMBO COUNTER%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    The Combo Counter is an item you acquire fairly early
    on in the game, in Calvalese.  Once you have it, you can
    go to the Customize option on the menu screen and
    turn the Combo Counter on and off.
    While the Combo Counter is on, the game will count the
    number of hits you can do in a combo during battle.  A
    combo is a sequence of hits against a SINGLE enemy (hitting
    several enemies at once is *not* a combo) such that it
    stays in its "getting hit" animation the whole time.
    Note that some attacks are combos just by themselves --
    Kick Attack, for example, hits an enemy 3 times.
    After battle, you will be rewarded with extra EXP based
    on the longest combo you did (only one combo counts per
    COMBO       BONUS
    1 hit       0 exp.
    2 hits      5 exp.
    3 hits      9 exp.
    4 hits     17 exp.
    5 hits     27 exp.
    6 hits     44 exp.
    7 hits     62 exp.
    8 hits     89 exp.
    9 hits    115 exp.
    10 hits   155 exp.
    11 hits   190 exp.
    12 hits   245 exp.
    13 hits   ??? exp.
    14 hits   ??? exp.
    15 hits   419 exp.
    16 hits   ??? exp.
    17 hits   579 exp.
    18 hits   689 exp.
    19 hits   772 exp.
    There's no disadvantage to using the Combo Counter, and
    you get extra experience for using it (the bonuses
    can get pretty significant when you do longer combos),
    so you should always have it on once you get it.
    Each character's Luck statistic will change every time
    you stay at an inn -- it's randomly determined.  You
    can also equip the Lucky Cap helmet to boost your Luck.
    If *all* your characters have Luck over 45, the pictures
    on the status screen will be replaced with the characters'
    faces.  Luck also affects some other things, but I have
    no idea what they are ^_^.
    %%%COMBO COMMAND%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Late in the game, you can acquire the Combo Command
    accessory.  When equipped on Stahn, it allows you to perform
    your special skills with controller motions (like in a
    fighting game) instead of the various X buttons
    combinations.  Actually, this is pretty useless (you
    never need all the skills at once), but if you want to
    try it out, here's the known moves:
    D, DT, T, X          Missile Sword
    B, DB, D, DT, T, X   Kick Attack
    U, UT, T, X          Spin Slash
    D, B, DB, X          Tiger Blade
    ????                 Vortex
    ????                 Force
    D, T, DT, X          Dragon Blade
    ????                 Light Spear
    d = down, t = towards, b = back, u = up
    %%%MONSTER LIST%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Bosses are denoted with a *.
                    HP     TP    WEAK AGAINST   STEAL
    Aerial Knight   3100   128   ????
    Aile            2050   0     ????
    Alra            2104   300   Water
    Arachnid        2200   0     ????
    Archer          900    0
    Assassin        886    0
    *Baldios        8000   0     Earth
    Balrog          2500   124   ????
    Baneshroom      2070   0     Water
    *Baruk          15000  0                    Dark Bottle
    Basilisk        1570   0
    Basilisk King   3148   0     Light
    Bat Eye         489    0     Fire
    *Batista        4500   0                    Bellebane
    *Batista (2)    6000   0
    Beast Bear      100    0
    Berserker       640    0                    F. Bottle
    Bishop          1380   164
    Black Dragon    5308   0
    Black Knight(1) 1610   0
    Black Knight(2) 3728   0
    Black Slime     3228   500
    Blood Slime     1280   100
    Blood Wolf      1480   64    Wind
    Blue Knight     3400   0
    Blue Roper (1)  1636   0
    Blue Roper (2)  4688   800
    Bone Knight     2900   0
    Cave Shark      1580   0                    Beast Meat
    Chunbird        185    0
    Clay Demon      1400   200   ????
    Clay Golem      3500   0
    Combat Bunny    1200   0
    Cotton Dust     1805   500
    Crow            1100   0
    Cuttlefish      298    0     ????
    *Dalis          1500   0
    Dark Knight     1772   0                    Oberol EX
    Dark Mage       1750   198
    Desert Fly      434    0
    DG Slime        4188   800
    Diamond Dust    999    64
    Discus          2070   0
    Dragonfly       2500   0
    Dragon ???      968    0     Holy
      (I can't read my writing here, what is the name of
       this monster? ^_^)
    Dragon Knight   2854   0
    Dragontooth     3120   0
    Drillfish       774    0     ????
    *Druaga         25000  9999
    Druid           3048   620
    Druid Ghost     2828   620
    DY Slime        4608   900
    Earthworm       2835   0                     P. Bottle
    Evilstar        1550   80    Holy            Orange Gel
    Evil Sword      2492   0
    *False Ishtar   15000  850
    Fenril          1180   48    Water
    Flame           2080   0     Earth
    Frost Bunny     81     0
    Gas Cloud       1980   0     Lightning
    G. Bee          90     0     Earth
    Ghoul           1340   0
    G. Leach        803    0     ????
    Green Roper     360    0
    Green Roper (2) 4048   600
    Green Slime     2908   400
    Gremlin         1233   88    ????
    Grizzly         2525   0
    G. Slug         75     0
    Healer          1800   128
    Healer Knight   2300   240
    Hellmaster      3164   0
    Holy Knight     1420   0
    Hornet          350    0
    *Hugo           20000  999                  M. Symbol
    Hyper Knight    4368   0
    *Ice Golem      6000   400
    *Ilene          13000  800                  Mind Ring
    Imp             1065   64    ????
    Imp Snail       1200   100
    Impulse         1654   0     Holy
    *Khang          2935   272
    Killamari       1400   0     ????           Squid
    Killer Bee      890    0
    Killer Owl      2499   0     Lightning
    *Kraaken        10000  200   Water
    *Kronos         25000  999
    Kubitoom        1872   0
    *Leon           12000  999                  Elixir
    *Leon (2)       16000  9999  ????
    Lizard          460    0
    Lizard Man      4688   0
    *Lydon          13000  999
    Lyght           2749   248   ????
    Mage            2410   420
    Mage Ghost      2508   500
    Mandragon       820    80    Water
    Mandrake        507    96    Water
    Mechscorpion    2001   0     Earth
    Mirror Knight   4048   0
    Monk Soldier    664    0
    Monk Warrior    990    0
    Neuroids        1900   0     Earth
    Nightingale     3000   240
    Ogre            3500   0
    Orc Jelly       130    0
    Orcrot          360    0     Water
    Orgus           880    0     ????
    *Orgus Queen    2800   0     ???? 
    Orse            2180   0     Holy
    Owl             180    0     Lightning
    Paghoul         2000   0
    Phyloxin        1601   192
    Pirate          590    0
    Piyo Bird       64     0
    Placenta        1932   0
    Poison Snake    558    0
    Power Stone     999    160
    Priestess       494    60                   Mackerel
    Puropluse       2044   0     Lightning
    Quox            4568   0
    Ray             2500   192   Wind
    Red Knight      5180   0
    Red Roper (1)   2836   0
    Red Roper (2)   4368   700
    Red Slime       3548   600
    *Rembrandt      15000  0                    SW280280
    Rock Baboon     220    0     
    Rota            2100   0     ????
    Savage          972    0
    Scorpion        462    0
    Sea Slug        280    0
    S. Giant        1300   0
    Shadow          4500   500
    Skeleton        1480   0
    Silver Dragon   4888   0
    Slime           700    200   Water
    Smog            2811   0     Lightning
    Snake           210    0
    Soldier         200    0
    Sorcerer        2728   520
    Sorceress       880    80
    Specter         999    400
    Sprite          85     0     Earth
    Starfish        324    64
    Stray Monk      1300   0
    Thelm           2100   0
    *Tiberius       10000  0     ????
    Trent           2310   248   Water
    Tzin            920    0     Water
    *Ultra Kronos   30000  999
    Vorpal Bunny    2490   0
    Vulture         553    0     Earth
    Warfish         985    128   Water
    Warrior         1868   0                    Fine Saber
    War Vulture     244    120   Lightning
    W. Ghost        3148   720
    Will O' Wisp    4000   500
    Winged Eye      790    0     Lightning
    Wisp            1020   100
    Wizard (1)      2890   240
    Wizard (2)      3368   720
    Wolf            240    0
    Worm            420    0
    *Wybern         20000  300   Lightning
    Viper           2514   0
    Yeti            1200   0     Water
    Zombie          2810   0     Water
    INN: 30 gald
    WEAPON SHOP:  Short Sword   20g   L. Armor      30g
                  Long Sword    40g   Wood Shield   25g
                  Plain Rod      5g   L. Helm       20g
                  Cloak          6g   Beret         10g
    ITEM SHOP:    Green Gel     30g   Life Bottle  100g
                  Orange Gel   100g   Cape           5g
    INN: 30 gald
    WEAPON SHOP:  Short Sword   20g   Gem Rod      240g
                  Long Sword    40g   Wood Shield   25g
                  Rapier        90g   L. Helm       20g
                  Saber        120g   Beret         10g
                  Hand Axe     160g   L. Glove      12g
    ITEM SHOP:    Green Gel     30g   L. Cape       50g
                  Orange Gel   100g   Bread         20g
                  Melange Gel  120g   Cheese        70g
                  Life Bottle  150g   Spectacles     5g
    INN: 70 gald
    WEAPON SHOP:  Short Sword   20g   Saber        120g
                  Long Sword    40g   Hand Axe     160g
                  Rapier        90g   Gem Rod      240g
    ARMOR SHOP:   L. Armor      30g   L. Glove      12g
                  Chain Mail   150g   R. Shield     85g
                  Beret         10g   L. Cape       50g
    ITEM SHOP:    Green Gel     30g   Spectacles     5g
                  Orange Gel   100g   H. Bottle     40g
                  Melange Gel  120g   Bread         20g
                  Life Bottle  150g   Cheese        70g
    GOURMET SHOP: Squid        100g   Strawberry   200g
                  Sea Bass     130g   Pineapple    500g
                  Bonito       300g   Prune        440g
                  Lemon         30g
    OBERON CORP.: Spectacles     5g   E. Bullet    320g
                  Oberol C      50g
    FRUIT SHOP:   Lemon         30g   Pineapple    500g
                  Strawberry   200g   Prune        440g
    TEXTILE SHOP: Cloak          6g   Ribbon         5g
                  Beret         10g
    GENERAL STORE:Green Gel     30g   Life Bottle  150g
                  Orange Gel   100g   P. Bottle     80g
                  Melange Gel  120g
    FISHMONGER:   Blowfish    4000g   Sea Bass     130g
                  Squid        100g   Bonito       300g
    INN: 140 gald
    GENERAL STORE:Short Sword   20g   L. Glove      12g   
                  Long Sword    40g   Green Gel     30g
                  Rapier        90g   Orange Gel   100g
                  L. Armor      30g   Melange Gel  120g
                  Wood Shield   25g   Life Bottle  150g
                  Beret         10g   Bread         20g
                  L. Helm       20g   Cheese        70g
    INN: 80 gald
    WEAPON SHOP:  Saber        120g   Battle Axe   600g
                  Fine Saber   480g   A. Cloak     280g
                  Silver Mace  580g   Iron Helm    180g
                  Veldan       350g   Iron Glove   250g
    ITEM SHOP:    Green Gel     30g   R. Bottle    500g
                  Orange Gel   100g   Spectacles     5g
                  Melange Gel  120g   H. Bottle     40g
                  Life Bottle  150g   Bread         20g
                  P. Bottle     80g   Cheese        70g
    TEXTILE SHOP: A. Cloak     260g   Blue Ribbon  220g
    FRUIT SHOP:   Vegetables   300g   Pineapple    500g
                  Banana        40g   Dorian      3000g
    FISHMONGER:   Bream        120g   R. Snapper   450g
                  Wrasse        10g
    INN: 100 gald
    WEAPON SHOP:  Saber        120g   Battle Axe   600g
                  Fine Saber   480g   B. Sword     800g
                  Veldan       350g
    ARMOR SHOP:   A. Cloak     280g   Iron Glove   250g
                  Ring Mail    300g   Ankh Hat     120g
                  Iron Helm    180g
    ITEM SHOP:    Green Gel     30g   R. Bottle    500g
                  Orange Gel   100g   Spectacles     5g
                  Melange Gel  120g   H. Bottle     40g
                  Life Bottle  150g   Bread         20g
                  P. Bottle     80g   Cheese        70g
    OBERON CORP.: Spectacles     5g   E. Bullet    320g
                  Oberol C      50g   Life Bottle  150g
                  Oberol EX    300g
    INN: 100 gald
    WEAPON SHOP:  Saber        120g   A. Cloak     280g
                  Fine Saber   480g   Ring Mail    300g
                  Veldan       350g   Iron Helm    180g
                  Battle Axe   600g   Iron Glove   250g
    ITEM SHOP:    Green Gel     30g   P. Bottle     80g
                  Orange Gel   100g   R. Bottle    500g
                  Melange Gel  120g   Neutralizer  430g
                  Life Bottle  150g
    INN: 200 gald
    WEAPON SHOP:  Short Sword   20g   Kite Shield  350g
                  Long Sword    40g   Ahmet Helm   480g
                  Battle Axe   600g   Land Hat     340g
                  Ring Mail    300g   Gauntlet     380g
                  Silver Mace  580g
    F-MART:       Green Gel     30g   P. Bottle     80g
                  Orange Gel   100g   H. Bottle     40g
                  Melange Gel  120g   Spectacles     5g
                  Lemon Gel    250g   Bread         20g
                  Pine Gel     500g   Cheese        70g
                  Life Bottle  150g   Lemon         30g
                  R. Bottle    500g   Acerola      250g
    OBERON CORP.: Spectacles     5g   Oberol EX    300g
                  Oberol C      50g   E. Bullet    320g
    BUTCHER:      Chicken      420g   Beef        1000g
    FISHMOGNER A: Squid        100g   Wrasse        10g
                  Sea Bass     130g
    FAST FOOD:    Fitz Burger  180g   Fitz Shake   100g
                  Fitz Fries    50g
    FABRIC SHOP:  A. Cloak     280g   Blue Ribbon  220g
                  Land Hat     340g
    GROCER:       W. Apple       2g   Sweetee      220g
                  Vegetables   300g   Acerola      250g
                  Lemon         30g   Pineapple    500g
                  Apple         30g   Prune        440g
                  Strawberry   200g   Mangosteen  1500g
    FISHMONGER B: Squid        100g   Wrasse        10g
                  Sea Bass     130g   R. Snapper   480g
                  Bream        120g
    FISHMONGER C: Squid        100g   Bonito       300g
                  Sea Bass     130g   Blowfish    4000g
                  Wrasse        10g
    SOFTY KREEM:  Softy Kreem   50g   Fitz Shake   100g
    INN: 100 gald
    PEDDLER:      Shiny Junk* 6000g   Lemon Gel    250g
                  Pine Gel    1000g   W. Boots    2000g
         * The Shinky Junk is actually a ?DISC, that,
           when identified, is the SW060060.  You can only
           buy it once.
    (the shops below are only open after beating Batista)
    WEAPON SHOP:  B. Sword     800g   L. Shield    650g
                  Splint Mail  440g   Ahmet Helm   480g
                  Silver Cloak 480g   Land Hat     340g
                  Silver Chain 500g   Gauntlet     380g
    ITEM SHOP:    Green Gel     30g   R. Bottle    500g
                  Orange Gel   100g   Bread         20g
                  Melange Gel  120g   Cheese        70g
                  Life Bottle  150g   Cross Helm   650g
                  P. Bottle     80g   A. Charm   10000g
    INN: 80 gald
    ITEM SHOP A:  Green Gel     30g   R. Bottle    500g
                  Orange Gel   100g   Bread         20g
                  Melange Gel  120g   Cheese        70g
                  Life Bottle  150g   Breastplate  540g
                  P. Bottle     80g   Gauntlet     380g
    ITEM SHOP B:  Bread         20g   Steak       1500g
     (Warez)      Cheese        70g   Egg          150g
                  Beef        1000g   Beast Meat   400g
    GOURMET SHOP: Roast        600g   Eel         2000g
                  Beef        1000g   Sea Bream   1800g
                  Steak       1500g   Tuna        3000g
                  M. Pike       30g   Prawn       1200g
                  White Smelt   80g
    GROCER:       Vegetables   300g   Chestnut     120g
                  Apple         30g   Silvervine   200g
                  Persimmon     85g   Grape        980g
    FABRIC SHOP:  Cloak          6g   Silver Cloak 460g
                  A. Cloak     280g
    HATTER:       Feather Hat  500g   Ribbon         5g
                  Beret         10g   Blue Ribbon  220g
                  Land Hat     340g   S. Ribbon   1400g
    TRADER SHMOE: Long Sword  1800g   Lucky Cap:  1500g
                  M. Sword    1800g   Beret:      1500g
                  Rapier      1800g   L. Helm:    1500g
                  M. Chain    2000g   A. Charm   10000g
                  L. Armor    2000g   P. Charm   25000g
                  Cloak       2000g
        NOTE: Except for the two charms, all of Trader Shmoe's
              goods are ? items and must be identified with
              a Rune Bottle.
    WEAPON SHOP*: C. Axe      1160g   S. Chain     500g
                  QuartzRod 100000g   Cross Helm   650g
                  Breastplate  540g   L. Shield    630g
                  S. Cloak     460g
    ITEM SHOP C*: Mandolin    1250g   Life Bottle  150g
                  Lemon Gel    250g   P. Bottle     80g
                  Pine Gel     500g
    * Only open after you beat Batista.
    WEAPON SHOP:  B. Sword     800g   Halberd     1225g
                  C. Axe      1160g   QuartzRod 100000g
    ARMOR SHOP:   Breastplate  540g   Silver Cloak 460g
                  Plate Armor  820g   Cross Helm   650g
                  Cloak          6g   L. Shield    630g
                  A. Cloak     280g
    ITEM SHOP:    Green Gel     30g   Spectacles     5g
                  Orange Gel   100g   H. Bottle     40g
                  Melange Gel  120g   Bread         20g
                  Life Bottle  150g   Cheese        70g
                  P. Bottle     80g
    GOURMET SHOP: Bread         20g   M. Pike       30g
                  Cheese        70g   White Smelt   80g
                  Beef        1000g   Eel         2000g
                  Steak       1500g   Sea Bream   1800g
                  Vegetables   300g   Tuna        3000g
                  Egg          150g   Prawn       1200g
                  Beast Meat   400g
    INN: 200 gald
    GENERAL STORE: Ransuer    1200g   Lemon Gel    250g
                   Comp. Bow  1850g   Pine Gel     500g
                   Plate Armor 820g   Life Bottle  150g
                   M. Mesh    1000g   P. Bottle     80g
                   M. Chain   1080g   Crab Soup   4000g
                   M. Helm     720g   Herring      600g
                   M. Tiara    680g   Smelt        300g
                   Bracelet    880g   Crab        3200g
                   Fur Cape    885g
    INN: 200 gald (during occupation) 
         250 gald (after liberation)
    WEAPON SHOP:   M. Sword   1720g   M. Helm      720g
                   M. Axe     2000g   M. Tiara     680g
                   M. Mesh    1000g   M. Glove     655g
                   M. Chain   1080g   Bracelet     880g
                   M. Plate   1100g
    ITEM SHOP:     Green Gel    30g   R. Bottle    500g
                   Orange Gel  100g   P. Bottle     80g
                   Melange Gel 120g   W. Boots    1500g
                   Lemon Gel   250g   Bread         20g
                   Pine Gel    500g   Cheese        70g
                   Life Bottle 150g   Beef        1000g
    OBERON CORP.:  Spectacles    5g   Oberol EX    300g
                   Oberol C     50g   E. Bullet    320g
    INN: 150 gald
    ITEM SHOP:     Green Gel    30g   W. Boots    1500g
                   Orange Gel  100g   Bread         20g
                   Melange Gel 120g   Cheese        70g
                   Lemon Gel   250g   Beef        1000g
                   Pine Gel    500g   Apple         30g
                   Life Bottle 150g   Blueberry    250g
                   R. Bottle   500g   Melon       2200g
                   P. Bottle    80g
    INN: Free (at Stahn's house)
    ITEM SHOP:     Green Gel    30g   Life Bottle  150g
                   Orange Gel  100g   P. Bottle     80g
    FRUIT SHOP:    Lemon        30g   Strawberry   200g
                   Apple        30g
    GROCER:        Vegetables  300g   Chestnut     120g
                   Wormy Apple   2g   Silvervine   200g
                   Persimmon    85g   Grape        980g
    BUTCHER:       Chicken     420g   Beef        1000g
    FISHMONGER:    White Smelt  80g   Tuna        3000g
                   Eel        2000g   Prawn       1200g
    BAKERY:        Bread        20g   Fitz Burger  180g
                   Cheese       70g
    INN: 150 gald (but you can stay for free at the orphanage)
    WEAPON SHOP:   M. Sword   1720g   M. Plate    1110g
                   M. Axe     2000g   M. Helm      720g
                   H. Bow     2160g   M. Tiara     680g
                   M. Mesh    1000g   M. Glove     655g
                   M. Chain   1080g   Bracelet     880g
    ITEM SHOP:     Green Gel    30g   Life Bottle  150g
                   Orange Gel  100g   P. Bottle     80g
                   Melange Gel 120g   Bread         20g
                   Lemon Gel   250g   Cheese        70g
                   Pine Gel    500g   Beef        1000g
    Note: Radisrol doesn't have any shops to begin with;
       they're added as you complete dungeons.
    INN: 30 gald (but there's a free rest spot too)
    ITEM SHOP:     Green Gel    30g   Life Bottle  150g
                   Orange Gel  100g   R. Bottle    500g
                   Melange Gel 120g   P. Bottle     80g
                   Lemon Gel   250g   W. Boots    1500g
                   Pine Gel    500g
    WEAPON SHOP:   Destroyer 30000g   E. Bullet    320g
                   St.Halbrd 90000g
    ARMOR SHOP:    R. Plate  20000g   Fine Hat    1300g
                   HolyCloak 28000g   R.Gauntlet 18000g
                   Rare Helm 14000g
    %%%RUNE BOTTLE LIST%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    By using Rune Bottles, you can change various items into
    other ones.  This is mostly used to identifty ? items
    (?DISC, ?ARMOR, etc.), but it can also be used to modify
    a few other items.
    ?DISC         -->  various Discs
    ?SWORD        -->  various swords
    ?ARMOR        -->  various armor
    ?HELM         -->  various helmets
    ?JEWEL        -->  various jewels
    Apple         -->  Wormy Apple
    Beef          -->  Juicy Beef
    Bellebane     -->  Red Bellebane
    Blueberry     -->  Jam
    Cheese        -->  Brie
    Lavender      -->  Red Lavender
    Old Cane      -->  BC Rod
    Roast         -->  Tender Roast
    Sage          -->  Red Sage
    Savory        -->  Red Savory
    Sour Milk     -->  Cheese
    Wormy Apple   -->  Jam
    %%%WAREHOUSE LIST%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Every town with a port has at least one warehouse.
    These warehouses might seem unimportant at first, but
    they all contain hidden puzzles.  If you arrange the
    crates in the right way (you'll hear a click when you
    move them onto the right spot), a chest will appear,
    containing an item, which varies depending on how long
    it took you to solve the puzzle.  Each warehouse has
    two solutions; an easy one and a hard one (if you have
    the Lantern from the bonus dungeon, you can see the
    solutions).  The easy one usually gives you an item each
    time, but the hard one generally gives you a better item,
    but only once.  You can get some caller items, along with
    some other cool stuff, in the warehouses, so be sure to
    check them out.
    Move the topmost crate right one space.
    ITEM: Orange Gel, Life Bottle, Melange Gel
    Put one crate two spaces to the left of the pillar,
    and the other crate two spaces to the right of the
    ITEM: Elixir (first time), nothing
    Push the two crates against the north wall, in the
    space in between the large piles of brown boxes.
    ITEM: Life Bottle, Green Gel
    Put one crate down and right one space from the pillar
    on the left, and the other crate down and left one
    space from the pillar on the right:
    P      P   P = Pillar
     C    C    C = Crate
    ITEM: R. Savory (first time), Green Gel
    Put one crate below the white bag, and one to its
    ITEM: Miracle Gel
    Push the crates down from the above position until
    the crate on the left is down and right one square
    from the pillar, and the other crate is down and
    right one square from that:
    P     P = Pillar
     C    C = Crate
    ITEM: Hourglass (first time), nothing
    Push the rightmost crate up one space.
    ITEM: Life Bottle
    Arrange the crates in a diagonal line so that they
    form a three-square hole between them and the boxes
    in the upper left.  It's kinda hard to describe, so
    here's an illustration:
    **  C     * = Brown boxes
    ** C      C = Moveable crate
    ITEM: Elixir (first time), nothing
    Put the three crates in a vertical line in the lower-
    right corner.
    ITEM: Nothing (?)
    A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's a
         **  ****
    VV   **  ****
    V    C  C  **     V = Vase or barrel
                      * = Brown boxes
    VV       ****     C = Moveable crate
    VV      C****
    ITEM: Efreet (first time), nothing
    Push the rightmost crate left one space.
    ITEM: Life Bottle
    Put one of the crates two spaces to the right of the
    pillar.  Put the next crate two spaces to the right
    of the first crate, and the third crate two spaces
    to the right of the second one.
    ITEM: Elixir (first time), Life Bottle
    Put one crate in front of the back door.  Put the other
    two crates to the left and right of it.
    ITEM: Winged Boots
    Arrange the three crates around the pillar on the
    right, but one space away from the pillar, like this:
    C P C      P = Pillar
               C = Crate
    ITEM: Sylph (first time), Winged Boots
    Line up the four crates along the east side of the
    big white pile of stuff.
    ITEM: Pom Seed
    >From the easy solution, move the top crate down
    one space and right one space, the next crate down
    one space and right two spaces, the next down one
    space and right three spaces, and the bottom one
    down one space and right four spaces.
    ITEM: Wendiene (first time), nothing
    There's two stacks of barrels here, one with the
    barrels standing upright (the lower one) and the
    other sideways.  Push one of the crates up against the
    middle row of the upright pile of barrels.  Put
    the next crate to the right one of the first crate,
    and the other two crates up and to the right and
    down and to the right from the second one.  Again,
    that's pretty complicated, so here's a diagram:
    BB   C     B = Upright barrels
    BBBCC      C = Crates
    BB   C
    ITEM: R. Lavender
    Once again, arrange the crates near the barrels, but
    push the leftmost crate up one space, and the middle
    crate down one space and left one so that the crates
    form a square:
    BB C C     B = Upright barrels
    BBB        C = Crates
    BB C C
    ITEM: R. Bellebane
    Move the two bottom crates so that the four crates
    are surrounding the brown boxes:
    ****C      * = Brown boxes
    ****C      B = Barrels
    **CC       C = Crates
    ITEM: R. Foot (first time), nothing
    See the lone barrel against the top wall?  Put one
    crate two spaces to the right of it.  Then put the
    next crate two spaces to the right of it, etc.
    ITEM: Gnome (first time), nothing
    Surround the two barrels at the top with the
    four crates.
    ITEM: Nothing (?)
    There's three sets of white boxes.  Ignore the two
    on the left wall, and look at the one on the right.
    Push one of the crates against its upper-left corner,
    so that it is lined up with one of the pillars on
    the north wall, and also lined up with the barrel
    on the left wall.  Now put the next crate two spaces
    down and one space left.  Put the third crate another
    two spaces down and one space left from the second
    crate, etc.
    ITEM: Grow Fruit (first time), nothing
    This one's pretty tricky.  All of the crates go in
    between the big mess of white boxes and the big
    mess of brown boxes.  A diagram:
        C   |     C = Crate
      C     |     | = Wall
    WW   CBB|     B = Brown boxes
    WW C  BB|     W = White boxes
    WW   oBB|     o = Hole in floor
    WW    BB|
    W   BBBB|
    ITEM: Blessing
    Very similar to the above solution, but a little
    bit different... look carefully.
       C    |     C = Crate
         C  |     | = Wall
    WWC   BB|     B = Brown boxes
    WW  C BB|     W = White boxes
    WW   oBB|     o = Hole in floor
    WW    BB|
    W   BBBB|
    ITEM: Sheeden
    Arrange the four crates in a vertical line to the
    right of the white boxes.
    ITEM: Nothing (?)
    Do the same as above, but put the top and bottom
    crates two extra spaces to the right, and the
    middle two one extra space to the right (making
    a "C" shape).
    ITEM: Bolt (first time), nothing
    Put one of the crates against the brown boxes to the
    right, such that the crate is sitting in the shadow
    of the beam overhead.  Now put the other crates in
    a diagonal line down and to the left from the first
    one, like this:
    ITEM: Tech Ring (first time), nothing
    Put crate 2 in the same position as above, then flip
    the line so that it looks like this:
    ITEM: Thinking Cap (first time), nothing
    %%%MUSIC LIST%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    [Warning: Contains spoilers]
    #   NAME                       WHERE USED
    1   Preview                    ?????
    2   Unfinished World           World map
    3   Utopia?                    World map (2)
    4   Winterland                 Janos
    5   Kingdom                    Darilsheid
    6   The Laugher of Children    Cresta
    7   Despair                    Dark town music
    8   Caged                      Junkland / occupied towns
    9   Green Hill                 Seinegaldian towns
    10  Cruise                     Ship travel
    11  Solemn Castle              Darilsheid Castle
    12  Bared Fangs                Battle theme #1
    13  Ambush!                    Battle theme #2
    14  Nightmare                  Mini-boss battle
    15  Betrayal                   ?????
    16  Descent into Vice          Battle with Lydon
    17  Victory!                   Battle victory
    18  Ruins                      Snow ruins
    19  Caverns                    Natural Cave
    20  Clock Tower                Heidelberg Castle
    21  Sanctuary                  Straylize Temple
    22  Peaceful Day               Lienea
    23  White Labyrinth            Forests
    24  Fire                       Swordian R&D Lab
    25  Abandoned Factory          Libra
    26  Aerial City                Aeropolises
    27  Dead or Alive              Dycroft
    28  Who Are You?               Cress and Arche's quiz
    29  Champion!                  Bruiser's theme
    30  Mysterious Night           Straylize Temple
    31  Happiness                  Rutee's theme
    32  Hidden Sorrow              In the Belcrant
    33  The Storm                  General event music
    34  Underwater Remains         Undersea Ruins
    35  Botanical Gardens          Cloudius
    36  Concrete                   Mikheil
    37  Scholar                    Helraios
    38  Pure Fiction               ?????
    39  Thanks a Million           Aquaveil town music
    40  Water Garden               [unused]
    41  Limelight                  Neuestadt
    42  White Kingdom              Heidelberg Castle
    43  Will You Dance with Me?    Bar music
    44  Good Luck!                 Part 1-Part 2 scenes
    45  Memories Return            Mary's theme
    46  Silent Night               Ilene's theme
    47  Hello Again                Frostheim
    48  Heat Wave                  Oberol battle music
    49  Leon --Victim of Fate--    Battle with Leon
    50  Relentless Assualt         Boss battle
    51  Blue Dragon                Blue Dragon's theme
    52  Destiny                    Battle with Ultra Kronos
    53  Treasure!                  Item acquistion
    54  Game Over                  Self-explanatory ^_^
    55  Tales of Destiny           Title screen
    56  Endless Dream              ?????
    57  Daybreak                   Inn music
    58  Attack!                    Rembrandt's theme
    59  Port Town                  Dock music
    60  Over the Rainbow           On the Draconis
    61  Passion                    Calvalese town music
    62  Level Up!                  Level gain
    63  A Happy Home               Stahn's house
    64  Belcrant                   Belcrant attacks
    65  Cry for the Moon           General sad music
    66  Unsophisticated            Lens Cannon firing (?)
    67  Rise Again                 ?????
    68  Idle Fears                 ?????
    69  Warning Signs              Terazzi Castle
    70  Trickster                  Karyl's theme
    71  Enter Kronos               Kronos's theme
    72  Dreams                     Ending
    73  Puppy Love                 [unused]
    74  The Future                 Ending
    75  namco 1                    Tower level start
    76  namco 2                    Tower of Druaga
    77  namco 3                    Tower level clear
    78  namco 4                    Quox music
    79  namco 5                    ?????
    80  namco 6                    Tower game over
    81  namco 7                    ?????
    82  namco 8                    ?????
    83  namco 9                    Race start line
    84  namco 10                   Race with Mach Boy
    85  namco 11                   Race end
    86  Missing You                ?????
    87  Fatalism                   ?????
    88  Ancestry                   Mary's flashbacks
    89  Invisible Hand             ?????
    90  Visage                     Moreau Castle
    91  Naval Forces               Ship combat game
    92  Fin                        "Fin" screen
    This FAQ is copyright 1998 by Fritz Fraundorf.  Tales of
    Destiny is copyright 1998 by Namco.  This FAQ is not
    associated with or endorsed by Namco.  You may freely
    distribute this FAQ for noncommercial purposes if it is
    not altered in any way and I am credited.  Keep arms and
    legs inside the FAQ while in motion.
    - Brian Maniscalco (bsm@gaming-intelligence.com) for 
      explaining how to get through the first room of the
      Undersea Ruins.
    - Bubbawheat (bubbawheat@aol.com) for the Tricycle
      subquest, and explaining the fish event.
    - David Johnson (johnsonr@compuserve.com) for the use of
      Channeling, some music use info, and the floor 58
      solution for the Tower of Druaga.
    - Ginger Knuth (pegasus7@kcinter.net) for the Cat and
      the Ring subquest.
    - J. Parish (jparish@gaming-intelligence.com) for
      explaining how to see the Swordians' stats.
    - My dad (kfraundorf@aol.com) for helping me with the
      solution to Najasee's game.
    - Namco, for making this wonderful old-school RPG!
    - PSM's ToD walkthrough for the Helraios passwords
      and the solutions to the Tower of Druaga.  Please
      don't sue.
    - Skychrono (masamune@ix.netcom.com) for correcting the
      number of questions you have to answer to get Throw
    - Stephen Tang (tang@tritium.net) for all the info on
      Luck, and combo info.

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