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    Misc and Extra Guide by Dagwon

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    			        version 2.5 
    			        by Ryuusei
    This guide is for those who played Destiny for billion times and still
    don't get the point what their skills are (especially those who played
    with Dave's walktrough), here I tried to put all those, their elemental 
    magics, the voice talents and all the good stuff about Destiny. This may
    filled up what's missing in the walktrough. Please take note that this
    based on the original version of Tales Of Destiny, which is from Japan.
    Added to this guide is:
    - BIG EXTRA NEWS section (2.0)
    - US version equivalents of character skills (2.5)
    - New addups on the PS Tales Of Phantasia (2.5)
    - Added combo command list on the section III-sub section 4 (2.5)
    - Note of apologies in section IV (2.5)
         1. STAN AILERON
         2. RUTEE KARTRET
         3. PHILIA PHILIS
         4. WOODROW KELVIN
         5. LION MAGNUS
         6. MARY AGENT
         7. CHELSEA TONE
         8. JOHNNY SHIDEN
         9. MIGHTY KONGMAN
         1. HOUOU TENKU
         2. GUREN KEN
         3. MAOU ENGEKI HA
         5. NENPA SENPUU JIN
         1. VOICE TALENTS
         3. BIG EXTRA NEWS
    Destiny's Enhanced Linear Motion Battle System is an upgraded system of
    SFC Tales Of Phantasia's Linear Motion Battle System, which allows you
    to perform fighting game like moves in any range. The skills here are 
    divided into two parts, swordskill (tokugi) and magic (juumon), which 
    in this very fashionable order:
    Swordian : character's own swordian *.
    Element  : magicall elements which the swordian based *.
    Tokugi   : character's swordskills (with used TP and LV to learn them)
    Juumon   : character's magics (same as for tokugi) *.
    *. means belongs for those who only has a swordian. Those who haven't,
    will not be included.
    1. STAN AILERON (The shuujinkou/main character, who wants to become a
                     master swordsman and very clumsy on girls)
    Swordian : Dimlos
    Element  : Fire
    Tokugi   : 1. Majin Ken/Devil God Sword (TP:2, LV:2) 
                  (US : Missile Sword)
               2. Hien Ren Kyaku/Flying Swallow Consecutive Leg 
                  (TP:4, LV:5) (US : Kick Attack)
               3. Rekkuu Zan/Violent Air Slash (TP:6, LV:9) 
                  (US : Spin Slash)
               4. Koga Hazan/Tiger Fang Ripping Slash (TP:8, LV:13)
                  (US : Tiger Blade)
               5. Dankuu Ken/Sky Cutting Sword (TP:10, LV:18)
                  (US : Vortex)
               6. Shishi Sen Kou/Lion Battle Roar (TP:16, LV:24)
                  (US : Force)
               7. Souryuu Renga Zan/Dragon Talon Consecutive Fang Slash 
                  (TP:10, LV:31) (US : Dragon Blade)
               8. Senkuu Retsu Ha/Light Air Rending Ripp (TP:20, LV:40)
                  (US : Light Spear)
    Juumon   : 1. Fire Ball (TP:5, LV:1)
               2. Eruption (TP:16, LV:7)
               3. Fire Wall (TP:3, LV:13)
               4. Fire Storm (TP:30, LV:19)
               5. Fearful Flare (TP:40, LV:28) 
                  (US : Fear Flare)
               6. Flare Tornado (TP:50, LV:32)
               7. Explode (TP:60, LV:40)
    2. RUTEE KARTRET (The heroine, who wants to become a lens hunter and
                      taking care some kids in a nursery in her village of
    Swordian : Atwight
    Element  : Water
    Tokugi   : 1. Search Gald (TP:2, LV:5)
               2. Snipe Air (TP:3, LV:8)
               3. Robber Item (TP:7, LV:12) 
                  (US : Thievery)
               4. Escape (TP:10, LV:19)
               5. Snipe Roar (TP:12, LV:26)
               6. Bloody Rose (TP:32, LV:42)
    Juumon   : 1. First Aid (TP:5, LV:2)
               2. Ice Needle (TP:6, LV:5)
               3. Deep Mist (TP:3, LV:7)
               4. Ice Tornado (TP:14, LV:10)
               5. Acid Rain (TP:7, LV:12)
               6. Antidote (TP:8, LV:13)
               8. Barrier (TP:8, LV:15)
               9. Ice Wall (TP:22, LV:17)
              10. Recover (TP:18. LV:19)
              11. Heal (TP:10, LV:21)
              12. Sharpness (TP:12, LV:24)
              13. Icicle (TP:26, LV:28)
              14. Nurse (TP:20, LV:30)
              15. Dispell (TP:14, LV:33)
              16. Blizzard (TP:38, LV:37)
              17. Cure (TP:22, LV:40)
              18. Raise Dead (TP:26, LV:45)
              19. Maelstrom (TP:70, LV:50)
              20. Resurrection (TP:32, LV:55) 
                  (US : Revive)
              21. Tidal Wave (TP:94, LV:61)
    3. PHILIA PHILIS (The innocent cute girl from the Straylize Monestary)
    Swordian : Clemente
    Element  : Lightning
    Tokugi   : 1. Inspect Eye (TP:2, LV:3) 
                  (US : Inspect)
               2. Philia Bomb (TP:3, LV:7)
               3. Force Field (TP:12, LV:12)
               4. Twin Bomb (TP:6, LV:18)
               5. Hide Party (TP:33, LV:25) 
                  (US : Cloak)
               6. Bomb Line (TP:12, LV:32) 
                  (US : Bomb Rain)
               7. Judgement (TP:18, LV:39) 
                  (US : Identify)
               8. Stop Flow (TP:40, LV:47) 
                  (US : Statis)
    Juumon   : 1. Fire Ball (TP:5, LV:2)
               2. Wind Arrow (TP:6, LV:4)
               3. Stone Blast (TP:5, LV:6)
               4. Lightning (TP:9, LV:8)
               5. Storm (TP:12, LV:11)
               6. Ice Tornado (TP:14, LV:13)
               7. Tractor Beam (TP:20, LV:16)
               8. Stone Wall (TP:22, LV:19)
               9. Ray (TP:30, LV:22)
              10. Thunder Blade (TP:33, LV:25)
              11. Fearful Flare (TP:40, LV:28) 
                  (US : Fear Flare)
              12. Holly Lance (TP:57, LV:31)
              13. Flare Tornado (TP:50, LV:34)
              14. Cyclone (TP:54, LV:37)
              15. Indegunation (TP:70, LV:40) 
                  (US : Holy Wrath)
              16. Explode (TP:60, LV:45)
              17. Extinction (TP:80, LV:50) 
                  (US : Dissolve)
              18. Tidal Wave (TP:94, LV:54)
              19. Black Hole (TP:88. LV:??)
              20. Meteor Swarm (TP:100, LV:68)
              21. Divine Power (TP:120, LV:??)
    4. WOODROW KELVIN (The master of both archery and swordsmanship, who
                       is the rightful king of Phandalia)
    Swordian : Igtenos
    Element  : Wind
    Tokugi   : 1. Gouretsu/Great Rend (TP:4, LV:4)
                  (US : Power)
               2. Fuujin Ken/Wind God Sword (TP:3, LV:11)
                  (US : Wind Blade)
               3. Hayate/Swift Wind (TP:7, LV:15)
                  (US : Speed)
               4. Dankuu Ken/Sky Cutting Sword (TP:10, LV:20)
                  (US : Vortex)
               5. Kagerou/Heat Blaze (TP:14, LV:25)
                  (US : Mirage)
               6. Akuu/Red Rain (TP:10, LV:33)
                  (US : Arrow Storm)
               7. Rekkuu Jin/Violent Air Blade (TP:34, LV:42)
                  (US : Void Sword)
    Juumon   : 1. Wind Arrow (TP:6, LV:2)
               2. Storm (TP:12, LV:9)
               3. Stream Arrow (TP:18, LV:12) 
                  (US : Arrow Stream)
               4. Wall Wind (TP:25, LV:16) 
                  (US : Whirlwind)
               5. Air Thrust (TP:40, LV:22) 
                  (US : Air Slash)
               6. Cyclone (TP:54, LV:35)
               7. God Breath (TP:76, LV:45) 
                  (US : Divine Wind)
    5. LION MAGNUS (Seingard's genius swordsman, who is very unfriendly to
                    everybody, especially to Rutee)
    Swordian : Chaltiere
    Element  : Earth
    Tokugi   : 1. Majin Ken/Devil God Sword (TP:2, LV:2)
                  (US : Missile Sword)
               2. Hien Ren Kyaku/Flying Swallow Consecutive Leg 
                  (TP:4, LV:5) (US : Kick Attack)
               3. Koga Hazan/Tiger Fang Ripping Slash (TP:8, LV:12)
                  (US : Tiger Blade)
               4. Souryuu Renga Zan/Dragon Talon Consecutive Fang Slash 
                  (TP:10, LV:19) (US : Dragon Blade)
               5. Kuu Shuu Ken/Air Attack Sword (TP:12, LV:27)
                  (US : Flying Dragon)
               6. Ma Jin Yami (Marian) (TP:44, LV:41)
    Juumon   : 1. Stone Blast (TP:5, LV:2)
               2. Grave (TP:10, LV:8) 
                  (US : Spike)
               3. Picohan (TP:9, LV:10) 
                  (US : Hammer Blow)
               4. Stone Wall (TP:22, LV:16)
               5. Picopico Hammer (TP:40, LV:21) 
                  (US : Strong Hammwer)
               6. Press (TP:43, LV:27) 
                  (US : Stone Press)
               7. Demons Lance (TP:57, LV:32)
    6. MARY AGENT (The best swordswoman, who is also good on cooking)
    Tokugi : 1. Mou Shuu Ken/Strong Attack Sword (TP:3, LV:3)
                (US : Beast Blade)
             2. Majin Ken Kai/Devil God Sword-Modified (TP:3, LV:6)
                (US : Power Missile)
             3. Gou Rai Ken/Strength Lightning Sword (TP:5, LV:10)
                (US : Double Blade)
             4. Gou Majin Ken/Strength-Devil God Sword (TP:10, LV:15)
                (US : Fierce Missile)
             5. Shishi Sen Kou/Lion Battle Roar (TP:16, LV:22)
                (US : Force)
             6. Kagerou/Heat Blaze (TP:14, LV:28)
                (US : Mirage)
             7. Retsu Majin Ken/Rending-Devil God Sword (TP:16, LV34)
                (US : Ultima Missile)
             8. Zan!/Slash! (TP:36, LV:41)
                (US : ZAN!)
    7. CHELSEA TONE (The apprentice archer, who wants to go with Woodrow)
    Tokugi : 1. Gouretsu/Great Rend (TP:4, LV:5)
                (US : Power)
             2. Hayate/Swift Wind (TP:7, LV:10)
                (US : Speed)
             3. Jinrai/Swift Lightning (TP:8, LV:16)
                (US : Shock Arrow)
             4. Hien/Flying Swallow (TP:14, LV:23)
                (US : Speed Arrow)
             5. Akuu/Red Rain (TP:10, LV:31)
                (US : Arrow Storm)
             6. Shi Ten Messatsu Ya/Death Heaven Destroying Killing Arrow 
                (TP:40, LV:43) (US : Force Arrow)
    8. JOHNNY SHIDEN (The travelling musician)
    Tokugi : 1. Ataru Symphony (TP:5, LV:-, Score A needed)
                (US : Symphony)
             2. Go Go Samba (TP:7, LV:-, Score B needed)
                (US : Samba)
             3. Kawase March (TP:6, LV:-, Score C needed)
                (US : March)
             4. Shibure Rumba (TP:9, LV:-, Score D needed)
                (US : Rumba)
             5. Nemure Lullaby (TP:12, LV:-, Score E needed)
                (US : Lullabye)
             6. Nakayoshi Waltz (TP:18, LV:-, Score F needed)
                (US : Waltz)
             7. Miracle Voice (TP:21, LV:-, Score G needed)
                (US : Golden Voice)
    9. MIGHTY KONGMAN (Kong, the number one brawling champion)
    Tokugi : 1. Bolt Thrust (TP:3, LV:5)
                (US : Volt Thrust)
             2. Ronbu Shoulder (TP:5, LV:11)
                (US : 1-2 Combo)
             3. Great Upper (TP:7, LV:18)
                (US : Uppercut)
             4. Hells Hurricane (TP:10, LV:27)
                (US : Hurricane)
             5. Ikasu Hip (TP:12, LV:34)
                (US : Hip Attack)
             6. Heavy Bomber (TP:42, LV:43)
    This is a special addition of the game. Since some of the tokugis are
    taken from Tales Of Phantasia, there are secret techniques (ougi) in
    Destiny which form by a various combinations, also in various locations
    and only Stan Aileron has the right to master these faboulus ougis.
    Well, with few must-have conditions:
    1. Stan must have required tokugi, juumon or things to learn an ougi.
    2. Stan and Dimlos must have required at certain level.
    3. Stan must have Dimlos armed and only with Dimlos he can do an ougi.
    Now, the ougis written as in this terms:
    Where       : the location of the stone, where an ougi is engraved.
    LV Stan     : the level which Stan requires.
    LV Dimlos   : the level which Dimlos requires.
    US Name     : US version name of the ougi.
    Condition   : required things to learn the ougi.
    Description : describe each move of the ougi.
    Where       : At the Limestone Cave in the south of Shiden.
    LV Stan     : 20
    LV Dimlos   : 22
    US Name     : Spin Flare
    Condition   : 1. Fire Ball
                  2. Rekkuu Zan
    Description : Stan does a swordflip like Rekku Zan diagonally and he soars
                  down with his whole body englufed in a phoenix like flame,
                  with Dimlos thrusted. 
    Where       : At the village of Armeida in Seingard.
    LV Stan     : -
    LV Dimlos   : 8
    US Name     : Throw Sword
    Condition   : Answer 50 Tales Of Phantasia questions, asked by Cless and
                  Arche. Dave's walktrough has the details of the quiz.
    Description : Stan does a uppercut like in Koga Hazan and he throws
                  Dimlos, which turned into a big ball of fire. During
                  that time, you'll have to manually fight bare-handed and
                  go to the spot where Dimlos is. If we use the term like the 
                  other ougis, it will be like Fearful Flare and Koga Hazan.
    Where       : At the Heidelberg underground passage in Phandalia
    LV Stan     : 25
    LV Dimlos   : 23
    US Name     : Fiery Wave
    Condition   : 1. Fire Wall
                  2. Majin Ken
    Description : Stan swing Dimlos to the ground just like in Majin Ken 
                  and a small wave of fire appears temporarily.
    Where       : At the village of Lynne in Fitzgard (Stan's village).
    LV Stan     : 33
    LV Dimlos   : 34
    US Name     : Dragon Toss
    Condition   : 1. Fire Storm
                  2. Hien Ren Kyaku
    Description : Stan kicks consecutively to the air, while fireballs 
                  appears every time Stan kicks.
    Where       : At the Swordian laboratory at the north of Armeida.
    LV Stan     : 40
    LV Dimlos   : 42
    US Name     : Flame Vortex
    Condition   : 1. Explode
                  2. Dankuu Ken
    Description : Stan spins Dimlos and flies into the sky, which is the 
                  description of Dankuu Ken and soars down thrusting
                  Dimlos into the ground, which made a fire explosion 
                  around him. 
    Where       : At Cloudius in the sky.
    LV Stan     : 38
    LV Dimlos   : 38
    US Name     : Hellfire
    Condition   : 1. Flare Tornado
                  2. Shishi Sen Kou
    Description : Stan rams his body and punches his opponent made an
                  energy in a form of lion's head, which is the description 
                  of Shishi Sen Kou, only it's red (normally it's plain
                  white in Shishi Sen Kou) and he hops, thrusting Dimlos
                  to the ground, making a bunch of fire pillars to appear. 
    Where       : At Seingard castle.
    LV Stan     : 48
    LV Dimlos   : 45
    US Name     : Assasin
    Condition   : 1. Souryuu Renga Zan
                  2. Maou Engeki Ha
    Description : The screen darkens and a flash is shown, Stan dashes to his 
                  opponent and attacks furiously, until Stan's body turns red. 
                  As he turns red, his opponent also burns when it gets hit 
                  and Stan jumps while attacking. Stan ended the whole string 
                  with a fierce sword swing, which made a very large wave of 
                  fire. If you miss your opponent, you just keep on attacking 
                  which is an open chance for your enemy to nail you. If you
                  equipped a shield, Stan throws the shield up before he dash 
                  and attacks.
    Where       : At the forest entrance to Straylize monestary
    LV Stan     : 54
    LV Dimlos   : 50
    US Name     : Phoenix
    Condition   : 1. Kyou Jin Tatsu (an attachment disc which has the spell 
                  2. Houou Tenku
    Description : Stan crosses his hands in his chest, with Dimlos in his right
                  hand. When the screen darkens and there's a flash of light,
                  he crossed out both hands, which made him grow into giant size
                  and he fly into the sky with that engulfing phoenix flame 
                  like in his first ougi, Houou Tenku. Then from one side of
                  the screen, giant size Stan flies horizontally with Dimlos
                  thrusted, while his body still engulfed by flame, which made
                  him like a phoenix and Dimlos is the phoenix's head. This
                  is Stan's top and final ougi, which cleans up enemies a whole
    The most remarkable thing is the voices in Tales Of Destiny, that was 
    done by Japan's top voice talents (seiyuu in Japanese), who done a lot 
    of roles in some famous anime series. Most of these seiyuus are well 
    known worldwide and here they are, with other roles they played.
    Please be carefull that some of these maybe just spoilers, so watch your
    1. Seki Tomokazu.
       Character voice for : Stan Aileron
       Other roles         : 1. Van Farnel in Tenkuu No Ecsaflowne
                             2. Chichiri in Fushigi Yuugi
                             3. Shirou Kamui in X
                             4. Suzuhara Touji in Evangelion
                             5. Domon Kasshu in Kidou Butouden G Gundam
                             6. Eiji Shinjo in Tou Shin Den OVA
                             7. Burn Griffith in Psychic Force OVA
                             8. Junpei in Elf wo Karu Mono Tachi
                             9. Arisaka Gou in Shin Kaitei Gunkan
                             10. Hidaka Ken in Weiss Kreuz
       Recently Tomokazu-san has played his role as Bartholomei Fatima in
       Square's RPG, Xenogears and a full time member of an idol seiyuu 
       group called Weiss with Koyasu Takehito, Miki Shinichirou and Yuuki
       Hiro, which is now disbanded.
    2. Imai Yuka.
       Character voice for : Rutie Kartrett
       Other roles         : 1. Mamiya Otaru in Saber Marionette J
                             2. Scarlet Ohara/Angel Saliva in Wedding 
                             3. Inaho in Master Mosquiton
                             4. Toshio in Burn-Up Excess
                             5. Yanase Kaori in Variable Geo
                             6. Shinohara Wakaba in Shoujo Kakumei Utena
    3. Inoue Kikuko.
       Character voice for : Philia Philis
       Other roles         : 1. Belldandy in Aa Megami-sama/Oh My Goddess
                             2. Tendou Kasumi in Ranma 1/2
                             3. Shiori in Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel
                             4. Saginomiya Sakura in Aozora Shoujoutai
                             5. Uranus in Tou Shin Den OVA
                             6. Avutu in Shin Kaitei Gunkan
                             7. Ayanokouji Reika in Battle Skipper
                             8. Lune Venus in El Hazard
                             9. Aina Saharin in Gundam 08 MS Team
                             10. Panther in Saber Marionette J
                             11. Electra in Nadia The Secret Of Blue Water
       Like most seiyuus, Kikuko-san also been in idol seiyuu groups like
       DoCo, Goddess Family Club (GFC), Angels, Osakana Penguin and Idol
    4. Midorikawa Hikaru.
       Character voice for : Lion Magnus
       Other roles         : 1. Heero Yuy in Shin Kidou Senki Gundam W
                             2. Rukawa Kaede in Slam Dunk
                             3. Paikuuhan in Dragon Ball Z
                             4. Rayle Kuturn in Lost Universe
                             5. Freedsharlf in Chou Kou Soku Gran Doll
                             6. Tamahome in Fushigi Yuugi
                             7. Zelgadis in Slayers
                             8. Faust in Saber Marionette J
                             9. Shinjo Naoki in Cyber Formula
       Like Tomokazu-san and Kikuko-san, Hikaru-san also a member of a
       five male idol group called E.M.U. (Entertainment Music Unit), which
       also includes Okiayu Ryoutarou-san as a member.
    5. Hayami Sho
       Character voice for : Woodrow Kelvin
       Other roles         : 1. Maximillian Jenius in Macross
                             2. Von Burnings in Dunbine
                             3. Knight Schumacher in Cyber Formula
                             4. Fudou Akira in Devilman
                             5. Raishin in Ushio to Tora
                             6. Skrimiiru in Shurato
                             7. Ginias Saharin in Gundam 08 MS Team
                             8. Exkaiser in Yuusha Exkaiser
                             9. Da Garn in Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn
    6. Amano Yuri
       Character voice for : Mary Agent
       Other roles         : 1. Nakamura Asako in Ushio to Tora
                             2. Yukimura Keiko in Yuuyuu Hakusho
                             3. Kiyone in Tenchi Muyou
                             4. Rain Mikamura in Kidou Butouden G Gundam
                             5. Alcione in Rayearth
                             6. Karuma in Zenki
                             7. Rorerei in Saber Marionette J
       Yuri-san also can be heard in another Square game,  Sou Kai Gi as
       Sudou Hifumi.
    7. Watanabe Naoko
       Character voice for : Chelsea Tone
       Other roles         : 1. Miyu in Kyuuketsuki Miyu OVA
                             2. Suimei in Yuugen Kaisha
                             3. Miku in Wingman
                             4. Miho in Saint Seiya
    8. Yamadera Kouichi
       Character voice for : Johnny Shiden
       Other roles         : 1. Hibiki Ryouga in Ranma 1/2
                             2. Arisugawa Sorata in X
                             3. Zabel in Vampire Hunter The Animated Series
                             4. Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop
                             5. Ryuu-Ou Ryouma in Shurato
                             6. Gyunei Guss in Gundam Char's Counterattack
       Like Amano Yuri-san, Kouichi-san also perform in Sou Kai Gi as Gabu
    9. Genda Tessho
       Character voice for : Mighty Kongman
       Other roles         : 1. Guile in Street Fighter II V
                             2. Takagi in Oss! Karate-bu
                             3. Koumoku-Ten in RG VEDA
                             4. Terry Sanders Jr in Gundam 08 MS Team
                             5. Gemon in Gundam ZZ
                             6. God Reideen in Chouja Reideen
    New in Destiny there are events occured by the talking of each charac
    ters, when they are in the world map. By these talks, the personality
    of each characters are shown here. You can access those dramas by not
    moving your characters in the world map and after fighting. You can 
    also hear these mini dramas freely right after you finished the whole 
    game, which you also hear the drama between Stan and Dimlos. (The voice
    for Dimlos is Okiayu Ryoutarou-san, who is also voicing as Miktran) 
    My favorite dramas mostly those includes Stan and Philia, with Rutee
    a little bit. It seems that Rutee is kinda jealous when she saw Stan 
    and Philia together. Tomokazu-san, Kikuko-san, and the other seiyuus 
    roled with their best performances, and the results are faboulus. After 
    all, the power of TOD lies on these seiyuus.
    Also new in Destiny is after you hear the mini dramas, you don't have
    to move the characters and they started performing their poses, which
    are :
    1. Stan Aileron, raises his fist up and down in motion.
    2. Rutee Kartrett, swing her hips left and right in motion.
    3. Philia Philis, plucking flowers.
    4. Woodrow Kelvin, standing up in a firm gesture.
    5. Lion Magnus, crosses his hands in an arrogant gesture.
    6. Mary Agent, sits asleep.
    7. Chelsea Tone, shaking like she is scared.
    8. Johnny Shiden, playing his guitar.
    9. Mighty Kongman, flexin' his muscles in motion.
    Special announcement that PS Tales Of Phantasia is out now and it has
    a brand new feature, cooking (ryouri). If you buy some foods in the
    game, you can combine them into more delicious food. Not all that, it
    has a new character for the PS TOP. The newcomer is a kunoichi (female
    ninja) and her name is Fujibayashi Suzu. More info later but now, 
    here's the list of the characters in TOP along with their weapons and 
    of course, the voice casts.
    - Cless Albein (Swordsman and Tales Of Phantasia' shuujinkou) 
      Gender          : Male
      Weapon          : Swords, axes and spears
      Character Voice : Kusao Takeshi
    - Mint Adonade (Healer and Tales Of Phantasia' heroine)
      Gender          : Female
      Weapon          : Rods and Staffs
      Character Voice : Iwao Junko
    - Chester Berklight (Archer and Cless' best friend)
      Gender          : Male
      Weapon          : Bows and arrows
      Character Voice : Itou Kentarou
    - Klarth F Lester (A good expert in summon magics, who dislike of 
      Gender          : Male
      Weapon          : Books (?)
      Character Voice : Inoue Kazuhiko
    - Arche Klein (A young and noisy half-elf, whose good in black magics
      and has a very deep affection on Cless)
      Gender          : Female
      Weapon          : Brooms (?)
      Character Voice : Kanai Mika
    - Fujibayashi Suzu (Kunoichi and PS Tales Of Phantasia' new character)
      Gender          : Female
      Weapon          : Ninjatou (ninja blade)
      Character Voice : Kawata Taeko
    This section discusses about the strategies while in battle and a few stuff,
    which are more cool than those above. About strategies and stuff, there's 
    a few that you may need to know when you're playing Destiny, either both 
    Japan and US versions. (Note that these names based on Japan version only)
    - Before you get to Dykroft to fight Miktran (the last battle), it's best 
      to learn all the ougis from Houou Tenku to Kouou Tenshou Yoku and 
      equip yourself with Combo Command item before you filled up your ougi 
    - If you hate being surrounded by your enemies, now here is the key. The 
      best way to get out of this one is to use Dankuu Ken or the ougi Nenpa 
      Senpuu Jin.
    - If you are in Noischtadt (Fitzgard) by the time you were dropped from
      Dykroft (the world in darkness, that is), there's a house with a man 
      stands on the roof. Go to the house and talk to him and you get a 
      ticket to a live show. Go to the colloseum and talk to the guards 
      there, who'll ask you to turn left after you entered. They let you pass, 
      then go to the left staircase and enter. You'll be in a musical treat 
      by the game's version of DEEN performing the short version of their 
      single, Yume De Aruyouni.  
    - While fighting Miktran as himself holding Belzerios (the sixth Swordian,
      who suppose to be dead in the War Of Heaven And Hell), make sure you
      round him up good. As he is high above and you can't reach him, nail
      him with Kouou Tenshou Yoku to bring him down and get him. But if you
      are fighting Miktran as Neo-Miktran, the best way is give him the taste 
      of Satsugeki Bukou Ken or any rending moves to made him unable to per
      form his magics, so keep your TP refilling items ready. You can direct 
      Rutee to help Stan by commencing her Bloody Rose and Woodrow with his 
      Rekkuu Jin, while Philia can pull out a magic or two.
    - This is the very impulsive thing, when you have to fight a very tough
      opponent (a shell like creature in Berklandt and dragon creatures in 
      Tower Of Duruaga). Since some skills and magics have no effect of this
      kind, there are some that might hurt them. Those are:
      - Stan's Majin Ken, Mary's Majin Ken Kai and both Shishi Sen Kou 
        (Mary's Gou Majin Ken and Retsu Majin Ken will do).
      - Mary's Zan! with a golden frypan, which you can buy at the port of 
        Noischtadt for 50.000 galds.
      - Rutee's Icecicle.
      - Philia's Philia Bomb and Twin Bomb.
      - Kong's skills like Ronbu Shoulder, Great Upper or any skills.
      - Both Philia and Woodrow's Storm magic.
    - Just for thought, in the story when Stan and co. have to face Lion, 
      there's a very conspirative story. It says that Lion's real name was 
      Emilio Kartrett, Rutee's young brother, both born in an affair between 
      Hugo Gilchrist and Chris Kartrett. It is shown by the similarity between 
      Rutee's Snipe Roar and Lion's Kuu Shuu Ken, which also performed by 
      Hugo when Stan and co. faced him in Berklandt.
    Just for your notice that if you equipped the Combo Command item on Stan, 
    you can pull off his skills like in a fighting game fashion.
    Here's the list of them : (This is purely based on the Japan version of
    TOD, which I memorized and experienced)
    - D,DT,T + X => Majin Ken
    - B,BD,D,DT,T + X => Hien Ren Kyaku
    - U,UT,T + X => Rekkuu Zan
    - T,D,DT + X => Koga Hazan
    - T,DT,D,U + X => Dankuu Ken
    - T,DT,D,DB,B,T + X => Shishi Sen Kou
    - D,DT,T,D,DT,T + X => Souryuu Renga Zan
    - D,DB,B,DB,D,DT,T + X => Senkuu Retsu Ha
    - U,UT,T + SQUARE => Houou Tenku
    - B,DB,D,DT,T + SQUARE => Kuuga Shouryuu Kyaku
    - T,D,DT + SQUARE => Guren Ken
    - D,DT,T + SQUARE => Maou Engeki Ha
    - T,DT,D,U + SQUARE => Nenpa Senpuu Jin
    - T,DT,D,DB,B,T + SQUARE => Shikou Bakuen Jin
    - D,DB,B,DB,D,DT,T + SQUARE => Satsugeki Bukou Ken
    - T,B,DB,D,DT,T + SQUARE => Kouou Tenshou Yoku
    *. D = Downward; U = Upward; T=Toward; B = Backward
    This section goes to those who deserves the credit for inspiring me to
    finish this guide, as also an end to this guide. Comments and other
    stuff like that, please drop me an email at acoi95@bdg.centrin.net.id
    Note of apologies:
    I'm terribly sorry for not updating this guide for couple of years, 
    since I have a tough time around my college schedule and playing Tales
    Of Phantasia for a long haul. I hope you all can understand and I'll
    try to make it up to you by asking one simple question about Tales Of 
    Phantasia, which is :
    In the Treant Forrest, there's a hidden town of Japon which ables you
    to retrieve the Murasame and in the future, you can go there to find
    Suzu. The question is when is the exact moment finding that town, was
    it in the past (before or after you fixed the ring for summoning 
    Origin)or in the future? 'Cause I tried after that, I just can't go 
    back there anymore.
    These thanks gose to:
    - NAMCO for making this science fantasy RPG. You can reach them at, 
      www.namco.co.jp (Japan) or www.namco.com (US)
    - The seiyuus who did a remarkable job performing in this game, honto
      ni arigato gozaimasu, minnasan!
    - DEEN, for their new single 'Yume De Aruyouni' in this game.
    - Doi Hitoshi-san (doi@usagi.com) and his seiyuu database. Without it,
      how can I find out the seiyuus and their works.
    - Donny Chan (crs1219@inforamp.net) for his journal on Destiny. This
      is inspired by you.
    - [SMJ] Apple for correction of Yuka-san's character role and other
      roles in Saber Marionete J that other seiyuus roled.
    - Nugroho for giving me the US name for Stan's ougi, Kouou Tenshou 
    - Those who asked me billion times about the US release of TOD. I hope
      this will sums up the reason why I still enjoying the original TOD.
    - And you, for taking some time to read this guide. You know who you 

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