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    Baek by CIlang

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                                 Tekken 2
                          Baek Strategy and move                          
                          Created by: Chris Ilang
                              2:21 PM 6/12/02
    This document is copyright by "Chris Ilang" 2002 
    Many thanks to Risk braker
     It seems that I see a lot of people that want to know how to master 
    Baek and his infamous Taekwondo. Personally I use to love Baek in Tekken 
    2 as he kick butt with his combos. Although Hwaorang is in part 3, you 
    notice the differences. Most of everyone seeing this FAQ will see Baek's 
    basic moves as seen on other FAQ's and most Baek's fanatics will already 
    know the moves and combos, but I'll try to add all the technical stuff 
    that I possibly know and help Baek's beginners. 
    In conclusion please 
    don't sell this FAQ or copy to another FAQ because this is meant to be 
    on the net and it took me hours to do this(yes you can print it). All 
    written aspects are copyright to IC aka "Chris Ilang". Thanks 
    Introduction: This is not my Original work i just want to make this 
                  guide more useful because the original one is hard to
                  read and there are some wrong combos in it so I modify 
                  this Guide to a better one hope you like it. (^_^)
    Table of Contents
    I. Bio
    II. Baek's Techniques
       -Flamingo Stance
       -Against all odds(coming soon)
    III. His Apprentice Hwaorang
    IV. Thank you
    I. Bio.
    This is his story since child hood but not really his complete story
      The history of Baek is little known to anyone. Baek was born in Korea 
    and has taught himself Taekwondo since his childhood. When he was a teen 
    he became friends with the Law family from China and he offer to train 
    the son (Marshall Law) with Taekwondo. They really became close. The 
    years went by and Marshall wanted to learn Jeet Kun Doo and realize that 
    was his art. He then made a Dojo to train others. All forgotten was Baek 
    and furiously thought he didn't care about the mastery of Taekwondo. So 
    furious and forgetting his friendship, Baek went to the Dojo while Law 
    was out and brutally defeated all of Marshall Laws' students and tore 
    down the place. Beak was then manipulated by the Mishima family as he 
    started to work with their corruption business and forgetting about his 
    students and old life. Baek and Marshall became rivals throughout the 
    Second Tournament of the King of the Iron Fist. They finally met at the 
    Tournament. No one won this fight as both beaten to death by each other. 
    They shook hands at the end and Beak realize that he had no right to make 
    someone's choice as he holds a pendant of himself and young Law. All grudges 
    were settle as Baek became more positive with himself and decided to train 
    Hwaorang as Marshall train his son Forrest to go to the Third Tournament.
     (Hopefully I got his story right, anyone give me a e-mail if I need to 
    fix/add it) 
    II. Basics
     Well on we go with the basics. I will specified his throws, I will show 
    you from left to right: moves, name of move, positions(low, medium, high), 
    and hit/percentage. here we go:
    1+3---Hammer Throw - Baek grabs the opponent on his/her waist and drops 
    down to hit on the side to the head. This does 30% damage
    2+4---Blue Shark- Baek grabs the opponent on his/her waist and drops 
    backward for a flip to the head and back. This does 30% damage
    d/b+1+3---Swordfish- This throw is like a Judo side throw. This does 35% 
    f+2+3,(5)---Cannonball- This is one of the new techniques coming out of 
    the pages of Hwaorang but can be a tag throw also. 30% damage, tag-able 
    with Hwaorang only, 40%
    f,f+2---Roll and choke- Baek grabs opponent by the neck, monkeyflips 
    him/her and then crack to the neck(you get the picture). 30% damage
    1+3,2+4,2+5,(5)---Left-Snake's Revenge-This one is pretty cool. Baek 
    grabs opponents arms and lift to a side kick. 40% damage, tag-able
    1+3,2+4,2+5---Right-Hunting Serpent- Another cool one. Grabs opponent 
    arm and double kicks him/her to the head. 40% damage
    1+3,2+4,2+5---Reverse throw(with your back to the opponent)- My least 
    favorite throw from Baek. a reverse Judo throw. But hold on, this throw 
    differs hit % depending the part on where you catch the opponent.
    1+3,2+4,2+5---Starfish throw(close to opponents back side)- This is 
    better as this move is inescapable. 50% damage.
    Although Baek has no reversal he does have parries which can result into 
    d/f-----------Low parry
    b+1+3, b+2+4--Parrying-works only against punches
    B+1+3, B+2+4--Parrying Flamingo-works only against punches, turns into 
    Taekwondo Arts:
    I will show you from left to right: moves, name of move, positions(low, 
    medium, high), and hit/percentage.
    *(new moves)
    W/A-while standing    J-juggles       U-unblockable     ~-Immediately
    Move                 Names                 Position   Hit %
    1,2(starter)---------left, right punch-----HH----------5,10
    * 3,3,3,4_(d+4)------Butterfly-------------HHMH(L)----15,12,12,15_10
    * 3,3,4,4,3,(f)------Black Widow-----------HHHMM------15,12,18,10
    * 3,4,3(5)-----------Wing Blade(J)---------HLM--------15,8,25
    * 3,3,4,4,4,3--------Silver Mantis(J)------HHHMHH-----15,12,15,18,15,15
    * 3~f----------------Flamingo--------------N/A--------N/A
    *SS+1----------------Hammer chop-----------M----------8
    *b+1-----------------Stealth Needle--------M----------17
    *b+2-----------------Bolt Cutter-----------H----------15
    *u/f+2---------------Bone Stinger----------H----------22
    3,3,3,4_(d+4)--------Butterfly ------------HHMH(L)----15,12,12,15_10
    3,3,4,4,3(f)---------Black Widow-----------HHHMM------15,12,15,18,10
    3,3,4,4,4,3----------Silver Mantis---------HHHMHH-----15,12,15,18,15,15
    3,4,3(5)-------------Wing Blade(J)---------HLM--------15,8,25  
    f,f,F+3--------------Killing Blade---------M----------30
    f,N,d,D/F+3(5)-------Wind Blade(J)---------M----------25  
    u/f,3,4,3------------Hunting Hawk----------MMH--------15,8,25
    u/f,N,3,3,4,4,3,(f)--Black Widow-----------HHHMM------15,12,15,18,10
    u/f,N,3,4------------Hopping Double Kick---HH---------25,20
    u/f,N,3,d+4,3(5)-----Wing Blade(J)---------HLM--------15,8,25  (J)
    D+3,3,3(5)_(d+3)-----Snake Kicks(J)--------LLM(L)-----12,7,15(7)
    W/S+3,3,4------------Double High Kicks-----HML--------12,10,10
    F+4,3(f)-------------Heel Drop-Mid(stuns)--MM---------22,10
    W/S_F+4,4,3----------Triple Threat---------MMH--------30,15,15
    f,F+4----------------Hammer Heel-----------M----------15
    d+4,3,3,3(f)_(d+3)---Baek's Rush-----------LMMM-------10,10,15,25_15
    * b/d+4--------------Heel Axe--------------M----------17
    * b+4----------------Heel Lance------------M----------14
    * 3+4(f)-------------Lightning Haldberg----HH---------12,12
    d/b+3+4--------------Dynamite Heel---------U----------40
      f,F----------------to Flamingo-----------N/A--------N/A
    Flamingo Stance:
    The Flamingo stance is a great advantage because you can sidestep, 
    backstep, and go forward and trick your opponent. You can do combos like 
    Eliminator, Albatross, Hurricane, High Low Kick, Head Crusher(b,b,3) and 
    Pick Hurricane(d_d/f_b/d+3).
    I will get back on the position and hit % to you next time(sorry). 
    4,3,3,4,3,3,3,4,3,4 (last hit Unblockable, but can be reverse)
    4,3,4,3,3,3,3,3,4,3 (last hit juggles, if hit of course)
    This is in construction but here is what I know so far.
    d+3,3,3(if last hits)
    Against all odds:
    (comind soon)
    III. His Apprentice Hwaorang:
    As you are aware you know you can tag/pick anyone in TTT but the best 
    choice has to be his student, Hwaorang. Because they both know 
    Taekwondo? No, because they have more combos and moves together.  As the 
    Cannonball(f+2+3~5) is an awesome tag throw that they both do, you can 
    also do the Snake's Revenge(left throw~5) and do the Dynamite Heel with 
    Hwaorang!! (massive %) or any heel for that matter. Other moves you can 
    try that works well for both is the Wind Blade (Hwaorang is f,d,N,D/F 
    +4) and then tag to do great juggles. The only disadvantage I say is 
    their lack of punches, luckily Baek has some new punches and parries. 
    There are other exclusive moves that they have so play with them (also 
    if your good with Hwaorang that helps). 
    IV. Thanks and Credits
    Well its time for me to say thank you to everyone and hopefully I can 
    help someone out there about Baek. I have to thank GameFaqs for letting 
    me put this faq out. Namco for giving us something to not give up the 
    coin-up industry and putting the best fighting game out there. I like to 
    thank my girlfriend Erika and my new daughter Jaleen for letting/supporting 
    me while playing Tekken. Also I like to thank Catlord and the 
    tekkentagtournament.com for having all the names of every single moves in 
    TTT and great faqs. If anyone emails me I promise to respond just give me 
    some time please. Oh and I love to hear your feedback about my Baek's faq. 
    Thanks to 
    By: Chris Ilang

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