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    Baek by SurfBard

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                                Baek Doo San FAQ v1.0
                                     By SurfBard
    Welcome to my FAQ on Baek Doo San. Baek is the sub-boss of Law, and, unlike
    most sub-bosses, has his own unique moves, for the most part. If you have
    any questions or ideas to improve this FAQ, contact me at
    surfbard@usa.pipeline.com. Thanks, and enjoy!
    Commentary on some of Baek's moves
    f,N,d,df+LK                 Wing Blade
    Baek ducks, and thrusts his leg up at you, sending you very, very high
    straight up. This move is a good setup for juggle combos, shown below, and
    takes a fair amount of life away.
    f,f,RK                      Hammer Heel
    A variation of Kazuya's axe kicks, this one will go up in the air, and come
    down to the ground instead of back. It hits opponents on the ground, but
    they have to be a few steps away.
    f,f,f,LK                    Killing Blade
    This is pretty much the same as most other f,f,f,LK moves in this game: Baek
    runs and does a jumpkick. This stuns if blocks, and that can open up a short
    period where you can launch a combo.
    u,d+LK                      Jump Spin Crescent Kick
    Baek jumps, and when he's about to land, gives a kick to the middle. The
    flaw with this move is the time it takes to execute ; you can easily be
    knocked out of your jump before you kick.
    db+LK+RK                    Heel Explosion
    This unblockable move, like the others, takes a good period of time to
    "charge up". If it hits, a good portion of your opponent's life will be
    taken away. Of course, that nasty time period will give your opponent a
    fair chance to throw you or hit you with a combo, if they're early enough.
    Baek's Moves
    From Meanbean's Tekken 2 FAQ
    LP+LK                   Hammerhead Throw
    RP+RK                   Blue Shark Claw
    f,f+RP                  Cobra Bite
    db+LP+RP                Swordfish Throw
    [from behind] LP+RP     Starfish Throw
    [from behind] LK+RK     Starfish Throw
    |Special Moves|
    f+RP                    Backfist
    f,N,d,df+LK             Wing Blade
    f,f+LK                  Axe Kick
    f,F+RK                  Hammer Heel  **hits lying opponents**
    f,f,f+3                 Killing Blade
    (ub or u or uf),D+RK    Jump Spin Crescent Kick
    D,N,RK,RK               Tsunami Kick
    db+LK+RK                Heel Explosion (unblockable)
    Baek's Combos
    LK,RK,LK                    Break Blade                 53%
    LK,LK,LK,RK                 Butterfly Combo             85%
    LK,LK,RK,RK,LK              Black Widow Combo           95%
    LK,LK,RK,RK,RK,LK           Mantis Combo                90+%
    (Crouched)+RK,N,LK,LK,LK    Baek's Rush Combo           60%
    (Crouched)+RK,N,LK,LK,D+LK  Baek's Rush Combo           50%
    LK,LK,RK                    Wave Needle                 60%
    f+RK,LK                     Knife Heel                  40%
    f+RK,RK,LK                  Triple Threat               50+%
    uf+LK,RK,LK                 Hunting Hawk                48%
    Flamingo : b,b+LK,N
                B               Flamingo Slide
                F               Flamingo Slide
                LK              Cutting Heel                15%
                B+LK            Hunting Heel                21%
                d+LK            Flamingo Low kick           7%
                LK,LK,RK        Flamingo Wave               45%
                LK,RK,RK,LK     Flamingo Distraction        60%
                LK,RK,RK,RK,LK  Flamingo Hurricane          65+%
    RK,LK,RK,LK,LK,LK,LK,LK,RK,LK,(Crouched)+LK,N+LK,LK     120%
    RK,LK,LK,RK,LK,LK,LK,RK,LK,LK                           111%
    RK,LK,RK,LK,LK,LK,LK,LK,RK,LK                           97%
    |Juggle Combos|
    Break Blade : LK,RK,LK
       F+LK,LK,LK,RK            Butterfly Combo             117%
       (Crouched)+LK,N+LK,LK    Snake Combo                 86%
    Snake Combo: (Crouched)+LK,N+LK,LK
       LK,LK,LK,RK              Butterfly Combo             99%
       (Crouched)+LK,N+LK,LK    Snake Combo                 72%
    Wing Blade: f,N,d,df+LK
       LK,LK,LK,RK              Butterfly Combo             84%
       uf+LK,RK,LK              Hunting Hawk                65%
       db+LK+RK                 Heel Explosion              51%

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