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    Alex/Roger by Aoi

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    ALEX/ROGER FAQ v1.0 - by William Knight <aknight@frontiernet.net>
      -taken from Meanbean's Tekken 2 FAQ v2.35
    I like to use throws because I feel they are very effective. The ideal here is
    to use the throw when you know for sure your oppenent or even the CPU isn't
    expecting you to throw. Throws are supposed to be used to catch opponents off
    guard that can go for Humans and the CPU.
    Frankensteiner: Down Forward+3+4 *Close* 
    DDT: Down Back, Down Back 1+2 *Close* 
    Headbutt: 1+3 
    Powerbomb: 2+4 
    Giant Swing: Forward,Down,Down Forward,Forward+1 
    Animal Piledriver: Down,Down Forward,Forward+1 
    Tombstone Piledriver: Down Back, Forward+1+2 
    These moves cannot be countered, at least the CPU that I play doesn't and it
    is set at the hardest difficulty.
    The frankensteiner is one of the most moves that you will use when playing
    Roger/Alex. Versus the CPU this moves can be very, very useful because to my
    knowledge no character can reverse the frankensteiner except Paul (I will
    explain this later). Now the frankensteiner can be applied when the CPU is
    running toward you granted you aren't a full screen away if so it will just
    plow you over with the shoulder charge (F,F must be full screen away). It can
    also be applied very close especially the characters who tend to always duck:
    Lei,Michelle,Jun,Law,sometimes King,Kazuya,Devil,Nina, and Heihachi. That is
    alot of characters but these are the ones that are the main ones who I see
    usually ducking. *Okay Paul can reverse the frankensteiner by pressing both
    punch buttons as soon as their legs reach your neck, timing is critical.
    This also goes for King and Armor King too.*
    Okay the notorious DDT. This is one of the hardest for me get off sometimes
    consistently. I am normally effective when the CPU is running at me from
    about half screen, remember it will plow you over from full screen unless
    you jump over it that usually works for me. I find this is quite powerful
    during their 5-hit punch combo (1,2,1,1,2) then Down Back, Down Back+1+2 I
    usually get this off if I am playing earlier stages. Be warned that this
    almost never works on higher level knuckheads like Nina,Jun,Law,etc. because
    they will just knock you out before you can finish the control motions for
    the DDT. I also find that it won't work on Devil and good/expert players.
    For some odd reason I have some luck against Kazuya.
    -Giant Swing
    The giant swing is the main thing I use to start my sequence of moves to
    wear down the CPU. Basically here just do Foward,Down,Down Forward,Forward+1
    this will throw the CPU across the screen then during the wait for the CPU to
    recover take ruffly 2 to 3 step forward to avoid being trampled when it
    rushes you, then just explode with the Frankensteiner when it comes about 3
    steps away from you. These two moves are enough to finish off the CPU, timing
    is very crucial here and will work with everyone even Devil.
    Roger and Alex are very much like King and Armor King with similar moves but
    not all. King has more than the other 3. Use Roger and Alex as you would King
    and Armor King. This FAQ is basically meant for beating the game I will
    include the rest of the explaination of their moves as soon as I can figure
    out how to properly present them without making mistakes.
    The key here is to duck the entire round and wait for him to do the two
    turning punches then just grab him from behind with the hip throw.
    This is almost like the procedure with Lei. Wait for Paul to do the falling
    leaf combo then quickly tap (Down Forward+3+4) for the Frankensteiner. Keep
    doing this and he should be down for after 3 of them.
    I usually start of with the ducking game when playing Kazuya. Duck with him
    do a short jab, stand up but keep up your guard and wait for him to try to
    kick you in the face. Both the kick and once again go for the frankensteiner.
    --Quick Tip!
    Or you can just try to do the giant swing on him as soon as the round starts.
    When he is recovering from the giant swing move toward him about two step
    while he is charging at you then explode with the frankensteiner when he
    reaches you.
    *This takes patience and practice, it took me about a week in a half to get
    this one down pat. It works for everyone else too.*
    These 4 are a pain at about the 5 level up. Basically try to wear them down
    early in the match. Usually I start off every round with the giant swing.
    Here I would definately do this. Then like Kazuya, wait till they recover
    from the throw, move about 2 steps towards them as the are getting up. They
    will then try to run at you, from here just do the frankensteiner. Again the
    timing is very crucial.
    -Devil & Jack-2
    I grouped these two together because they are both very aggressive. With
    Devil it may be hard to start off with the giant swing, but keep trying and
    do the same tactic as above. Devil likes to duck alot so you can also play
    the ducking game with too just like Kazuya. Duck and jab, get up, he will
    then throw a kick, block this quickly duck and jab again simultaneously. This
    is very hard to keep up with because Devil may get very aggressive and angry
    and from here I usually just fight for my life because every move you make
    he will just counter attack. So basically try the giant swing/frankensteiner
    method or the duck and jab method. Jack-2 is very similar, but here all you
    have to do is wait for him to do his 3 low swinging uppercuts, then just
    kick him with the left kick because it is stronger. In my opinion I
    generally don't use Roger/Alex vs. humans bcause humans are so unpredictable.
    I can look into it more and see if there is something that might work, but
    for now have fun trying these techniques.
    Created by William Knight <aknight@frontiernet.ne

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