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    Armor King by MKendall

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                                     An Armor King Faq
                                        Matt Kendall
                 I.  Introduction
                II.  Techniques
               III.  Technique Summary
                IV.  Play Vs. Computer
                 V.  Play Vs. Human Opponents
                VI.  Some Armor King Cheeze
               VII.  Credits
                                   Note:  This is thorough!
                 This is the first time I've written something like this;
            hope it's what you want. . .  Armor King is King's sub-boss in
            Tekken 2.  Although Armor King doesn't have nearly as many holds
            as his counterpart, he is still a powerful character.  His two
            key moves, the Steiner Screwdriver and his Jump-In Super Knuckle
            Bomb, both do a good deal of damage, and usually catch opponents
            off guard.  Also, his Ali-Kicks are quick and effective against
            human opponents.  If your machine doesn't have Armor King as a
            selectable character already,simply move to King, move left, press
            and hold start, move left again, back right, release start, and
            finally move right one more time back to King.  You should now
            have Armor King as your character.
                 You should know by now what the abbreviations stand for, but
            for those of you who don't:
                                           Left Punch 1  2 Right Punch
                                            Left Kick 3  4 Right Kick
            b, d\b, d, d\f, f, u\f, u, and u\b:  Stand for back, down and back,
            down, etc.  The lower case letters should indicate to tap the
            joystick in that direction.
            B, D\B, D, D\F, R, U\F, U, U\B, and N:  Again, back; down and back;
            down; etc.  Capital letters, however, signal to hold the joystick
            in that direction.  "N" signals to have the joystick in the neutral
            (HCT) and (WC):  (HCT) represents "half-circle toward," which means
            to start the joystick in the back position, and circle around to
            the forward position.  In other words:  b, d\b, d, d\f, f.
            (WC) stands for "while crouching".
            A (+) means to press buttons, or move the joystick and press buttons
            at the same time.  Example -- 1+3:  Press left punch and left kick
            Finally, a (,) means to do the next move right after the previous
            one.  Example -- 1,2,1:  Press left punch, then right punch, then
            left punch.
                                     *Grappling Techniques*
            1+3                                 Coconut Crush
            2+4                                 Suplex
            (During the Suplex) d, d, D+1+2     Steiner Screwdriver
            (From behind opponent) 1+3 or 2+4   Reverse DDT
            d\f+3+4                             Frankensteiner
            d\b, d\b+1+2                        DDT
            d\b, f+1+2                          Tombstone Piledriver
            d, d\f, F+1                         Jaguar Driver
            f, HCT+1                            Giant Swing
                                     *Special Techniques*
            1,2,1                               1-2 Uppercut
            (WC)+3+4+(4 1-5 times)              Ali-Kicks
            d+3+4,2                             Ali-Kick, Smash Uppercut
            f,f+2                               Middle Smash
            f,f+1+2                             Flying Cross Chop
            f,f+4                               Jail Kick
            f,F+3+4                             Drop Kick
            3+4                                 Delayed Drop Kick
            f,f,F+3+4                           Satellite Drop Kick
            d,D\F+2                             Dynamite Uppercut
            u\f+1+2                             Knuckle Bomb
            (WC)+1+2                            Short Elbow Drop
            D+1,N+2                             Low Jab, Uppercut
            f,f,N+2                             Stomach Smash
            u\f or u,N+3+4,4,4                  Jumping Ali-Kicks
            U or U\F+1+2                        Elbow Drop
            U\F+3+4                             Double Knee Drop
            b+1+4                               Straight Arrow
            f+1+4                               Black Shoulder
            f,N,d,D\F+1                         Dark Uppercut
            u\f,N+1+2                           Jump-In Super Knuckle Bomb
            1,2,1,1,2,4,4,4,1,(1 or 3 or 2)     Ninestring
                         Please note that these moves were taken from:
                      Eric & Luke's Tekken 2 Frequently Asked Questions
                                     (The Luke Mook)
                                   Abstract Version 1.0
                               Summary of a Few Techniques
                 This section will focus in on some of the more effective
                 Steiner Screwdriver:  One of the main reasons I like Armor
            King. This move is very easy to execute as it starts off of one of
            the basic grabs, the suplex.  Also, the timing on the Screwdriver
            isn't so restricting like King's and Nina's multi-throws.  It can be
            set up from when Armor King is lifting the opponent into the air to
            when he is just about to fall back.  And, unlike King's suplex,
            Armor King will hold the opponent in the air for a second of two
            giving you time enough to administer the Screwdriver.  Also, when
            you plant your opponent's head into the ground, they will take
            about 45% damage on most machines.
                 Ali-Kicks:  Although these low kicks are fairly weak, they are
            so quick that your opponent will usually not block the first two.
            If you start a set of Ali-Kicks, you can usually only get in three,
            in which the last one can be blocked.  Armor King recovers slowly
            from the Ali-Kicks, so unless you're playing against someone who
            doesn't know how to defend against them, it's best to only deliver
            two Ali-Kicks.  This way, your opponent will be stunned briefly
            while you recover.  If you happen to catch your opponent with a
            set of Ali-Kicks while he\she is in the middle of a combo, you
            should see a yellow swirl when the first kick connects, and should
            be able to give five unblockable kicks.
                 Giant Swing:  This move, although it takes a second to set
            up and is somewhat tricky to do, will cause almost 70% damage to
            your opponent!  Armor King will knock the other fighter down, grab
            their legs, and swing them around several times, and finally fling
            them across the screen.  This move will usually catch the computer
            off guard at the beginning of matches giving you a quick advantage.
                 Tombstone Piledriver:  Another tricky move to set up, but
            well worth the effort.  Armor King will set up the opponent in much
            the same way as the Jaguar Driver, but will drop to his knees,
            slamming the opponent's head onto the ground.  This move will take
            off about as much energy as the Giant Swing.
                 Frankensteiner:  Flipping over, Armor King will wrap his legs
            around the opponent's neck, then reverse his momentum, pulling his
            opponent over and into the ground.  This move is very useful against
            the computer, but doesn't work too well against human opponents.
            If the Frankensteiner is done too far away, you might just knick
            the opponent with your heels, damaging the opponent slightly and
            leaving yourself open for a cheap ground kick.
                 Straight Arrow:  This is another useful move against the
            computer.  Armor King will side step, changing his axis, reel back
            with his fist, and give a straight punch.
                 Black Shoulder:  This move causes Armor King to charge,
            burying his shoulder into the opponent.  This is a useful move to
            do when an opponent is finishing up a combo from too far away.
            Start the move right before the opposition finishes up the last hit.
            You should bulldoze your opponent before they have a chance to
                 Dark Uppercut:  This move is the same as Kazuya's Dragon
            Punch.  You take a quick crouched step, and then spring up fist
            first.  This move either takes off about 25%-75% of your opponent's
            energy.  It depends on what the opponent is doing when you connect.
            This move is useful right at the beginning of the round, as the
            computer usually does not block it.
                 Jump-In Super Knuckle Bomb:  This is Armor King's unblockable
            move.  Armor King will launch himself skyward, pulling his entire
            upper body back and charging the hit.  Finally, he comes down with
            both fists on the opponent's head.  This move can also hit someone
            on the ground, crouching or laying down, either way.  It's a
            fairly strong move.  Most human opponent's don't quite know what to
            do when they see you do it.  Usually they just keep walking back
            into your path, setting themselves up for the attack.  It's tricky
            to execute.  I usually just do the same motion as a Knuckle Bomb,
            except I do it much faster.  Just try tapping the buttons and the
            joystick.  The faster the better.  Most of the time when I do this,
            I either end up jumping straight up and punching, taking a short
            hop and punching the ground, an Elbow Drop, or a Knuckle Bomb.
            It's probably one of the most difficult unblockables to do, so
            keep at it.
                               Armor King Vs. the Computer
                 The computer is really not that hard to deal with once you've
            played around with Armor King for awhile.  Here are some strategies
            you might want to try:
            Jun:  Wait for her to finish up her Cartwheel Kick; this leaves her
            open for a second.  If she starts her Three-Ring Circus from too
            far away, you can knock her out of it with five Ali-Kicks.  If you
            don't see the yellow swirl on the first kick, then only kick twice.
            DO NOT kick three time if there's no swirl; otherwise, she'll block
            the last one and Cartwheel Kick you before you can recover.  She'll
            also do a little Dashing Uppercut sometimes.  Block it and move in
            on her.
            Yoshimitsu:  This guy is pretty easy.  If he sits down, you can
            give three Ali-Kicks and juggle him.  Wait for him to do his two
            spinning kicks then move in with a few punches.  You can also
            Black Shoulder him right as he's finishing up the second kick
            to send him across the screen.
            Nina:  Wait for her to finish up her little kick combos before
            moving in.  She has two:  one in which she gives a few straight,
            right kicks, and then the a spin kick; and one where she gives a
            right then a left kick.
            Law:  Since most of his attacks are up high, you should hit down
            low.  Wait for him to start his corny punch combo, and then go in
            with some Ali-Kicks.  You can also do this on his kick combo.
            Heihachi:  This is probably the most difficult character to beat.
            He's not shy about doing his Powerbomb or Neckbreaker.  The only
            thing I can tell you is to wait until he misses a kick before
            moving in.  You might want to refer to section VI for a way to
            cheat him.
            Paul:  Wait for him to do his Falling Leaf Combo.  He leaves
            himself wide open at the end for a thorough pounding.
            Jack-2:  Jack-2 is one of the only characters who will not run
            into your Frankensteiner (refer to section VI).  He'll block most
            everything you do.  The key is to wait until he starts his
            Uppercut Rush.  Boot him in the head while he's doing that.  You
            can also use  Ali-Kicks during his Rush.
            King:  King relies heavily on three basic moves:  the
            Frankensteiner, Ali-Kicks, and the Drop Kick.  Just stay back
            from him and he'll end up putting himself on the ground for you.
            Now just run up and kick him.  If he does his Ali-Kicks, block the
            last one, run up a bit, and use left kick.  Listen to King as he
            gets up also.  If he growls, he's going to kick upon standing.
            Position yourself just outside of his kick range.  When he misses,
            move in and knock him down again.
            Michelle:  She's not very hard.  You can either wait for her to
            start her Spinning Sweep and then let her have it with 5 Ali-Kicks,
            or you can wait for her to finish her Sweep Combo and kick her
            in the face.  Your choice.
            Lei:  Simple, wait for him to do his Turning Punches, then grab
            him from behind on his second revolution.  Or, while he's
            turning, kick him in the back of the head.
            Kazuya:  Kazuya is another tough character.  He'll just shrug
            off most anything you do, and kick you in the face.  One way to
            deal with him is to wait for him to miss a kick.  As soon as he
            kicks, you can get in two quick Ali-Kicks.  Another strategy is to
            keep backing off until he does his Ultimate Tackle.  If your fast
            enough, you can hit him with your 1-2, Uppercut.  Or, keep backing
            off until he does his Dragon Punch.  Usually he will miss, leaving
            you time to move in and hit.
            Devil:  Actually, Devil is not quite as tough as Kazuya.  His
            downfall is that he's so aggressive.  Try the same tactics for
            Devil as with Kazuya.  I've also noticed that Devil doesn't really
            keep his guard up when running.  If he knocks you down, and your
            a pretty far from him, get up by rolling backwards.  As soon as
            you rise, start punching.  He should run right into your fists.
            Also, don't worry about fighting fair.  Just keep running up and
            kicking him while he's down; he'd do it to you.
                 --For any of the first few characters, don't be afraid to
            run up to them and use the Steiner Screwdriver.  People in my
            arcade always forget about just grabbing the opponent, which is
            usually why they only get to the third character.  After stage 5,
            though, wait for your opponent to move before trying anything.
            Unless it's a grab, they will usually just duck you and counter-
            attack.  Don't be in a rush, otherwise, you'll end up getting your
            ass kicked.--
                                  Play Vs. Human Opponents
                 There is no way of ever knowing how someone else will play.
            Most people have patterns however that are easily exploitable.
            These people usually play as Law, Lei, Lee, of Baek.
                 Law Players:  I absolutely abhor people who play as Law.
            Usually they abuse these four moves:  the straight punching;
            three or four kicks in a row followed by two Rainbow Kicks;
            Rainbow Kicking from across the screen; or continuous jump-kicking.
            For the punching, use Ali-Kicks to knock them out of the combo,
            or wait for Law to finish his last punch, then start your own
            Ninestring.  If the loser you're playing likes to do Rainbow
            Kicks, wait for the second one, then move in for the kill.
            Usually Law players will stand after the second Rainbow Kick,
            leaving themselves open.  This is a perfect time to administer
            the Steiner Screwdriver.  If, however, your opponent always
            stays crouched after the kicks thinking he will get you when
            you miss your grab or punches, boot him in the head with Left
                 Lei Players:  I think that Lei players are probably the
            easiest to deal with.  If they lay down, which most Lei players
            do constantly, run up and give three Ali-Kicks. If they're far
            enough away, you could also come down with the Double-Knee Drop.
            Most of the time, when a Lei player moves from the down position,
            they'll try the Sweep\Hook Kick deal.  Simply block the sweep,
            stay down while the Hook Kick passes harmlessly over your head,
            then stand and grab.  Another thing Lei players like to do is a
            high kick, then a low kick. The low kick will always trip you
            if you don't block it.  It's not that difficult to block, though.
            However, Lei players tend to do this high kick\low kick too far
            away from you.  The low kick will always turn Lei away, leaving
            him open to anything you've got.  I find it best to just run up
            and grab Lei.  This way, you'll do the Reverse DDT, powerful and
            fun to watch.
                 Lee Players:  Use the same type of strategies for Law players.
            Look for the string of high kicks or punches and go in with the
            Ali-Kicks.  Lee players also like to do his unblockable, which
            can easily be ducked.  Counter-attack after the miss.
                 Baek Players:  Out of these four opponent's, Baek players
            are the most annoying to play against.  I can almost say with 99.9%
            certainty that all they're going to do is go straight out kicking.
            Keep your distance and wait to see which kinds of kicks they're
            going to do.  If they're high kicks, you know what to do.  Watch
            for his one kick that will send you sky-high.  If you block it,
            you can usually get in and throw a few punches.  Low kicks are a
            pain, though.  You can't usually get in any Ali-Kicks, as you'll
            be kicked out of sequence.  If you've got enough room and time,
            try the Satellite Drop Kick while Baek is kicking low.
                 As for everyone else, they actually play differently.  Here
            are some suggestions, though:
                 Run Around -- Dart back and forth quickly.  You might be
            able to fool your opponent into believing you are about to
            close in.  They will usually try a few punches or kicks, which
            should completely miss you.  When you see them finish up, or
            leave an opening in between kicks\punches, move in.
                 Run and Gun -- Sometimes opponents like to let you move in
            before they try anything.  I've found that a useful strategy is
            to run at them, and as soon as you're within range, use a left
            kick or start your Ninestring.  The opponent should let their
            guard down the second you punch\kick in order to try to punch\kick
            you.  This usually works pretty well where I go to play Tekken 2
                 Use your Unblockable -- Armor King's Unblockable is tricky
            to do at first, but with some practice, you should get it down.
            Unlike other character's Unblockables which leave them open on
            the ground, Armor King's Unblockable only leaves him open in the
            air.  When most people see little yellow swirls coming out of your
            fists, though, they're usually just going to stand and watch what
            you're going to do.  Another thing about this Unblockable is that
            Armor King will turn around in the air if the opponent moves a
            little too far behind you.  This will surprise opponent's who
            think that they'll get the drop on you from behind.  Make sure,
            however, you don't do this Unblockable up close.  Your opponent
            needs to be 2 to 3 body lengths away for the move to hit.
                 Be Patient -- Use this strategy in combination with your
            Run and Gun.  Wait for your opponent to run at you.  Simply kick
            them when they're within range.
                 Try to Charge over them -- Some people like to back off as
            far as they can for some reason.  If they do, back off yourself.
            When your pretty far, take off running.  If you're far enough
            away, you will charge right into your opponent sending them
            rolling across the screen.  Even if your opponent kicks or
            punches, you'll just go right through it and bash into them.
                 Refer to the next section for a good tactic at the beginning
            of the match.
                 Some accessory notes:  For people who like to jump kick,
            keep your joystick neutral to avoid taking damage.  If they like
            to jump high and try to kick on the end of the jump, a straight
            kick will usually take care of that.  Finally, don't use Armor
            King's normal jump kick!  Unlike others' jump kicks, it won't
            stun.  They will merely push you to the side.  Armor King will
            land face down and take some time to get up, leaving you
            completely vulnerable.  If you're going to try to jump kick,
            use the Satellite Drop Kick.  This will stun the opponent on
            contact, giving you time to recover if you didn't knock them down.
                                   Some Armor King Cheeze
                 Some lame fighting techniques that will cheat the computer.
            Armor King's evil, anyway; why should he play by the rules?
                 Use Your Frankensteiner:  The computer loves to run into
            this one.  Stand away from the computer so that it charges at
            you.  Make sure you're close enough, though, so that the computer
            won't run you over with the unblockable Shoulder Charge.  When it
            comes close, execute your Frankensteiner.  You will usually catch
            the computer and slam them.  Do it again and again for an easy win!
                 Shift Your Axis:  Again, wait for the computer to run at
            you.  Right when the computer is on you, use the Straight Arrow
            to side-step any attack the computer will do (usually a kick).
            You should slam your fist into the side of the opponent's head.
            Be careful, though.  If you do it too early, the computer will
            just grab you or kick you down.
                 Watch the Joystick:  If you're fighting against a
            human-controlled opponent, watch their joystick right before
            the match starts.  If they're pushing forward and hitting
            buttons, start off with your Dark Uppercut.  If they're moving
            back, run up and grab them.  Start with an advantage!
                 Thanks to:
                 Anyone cool enough to read this far;
                 Bucky and Brendon for getting me addicted to the first Tekken;
                 Whosoever puts this on their web page;
                 Pete for buying me alcohol;
                 The Starcade for having Tekken 2 so I could research;
                 And the fools who play as Law, Lei, Lee, and Baek for making
                 it too easy. . .;
                                 Got a question or comment?
                                   So write to me already!
                   Tell me what you thought.  You're feedback is appreciated!
                              Write me at:  LBSV63A@Prodigy.com

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