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    Bruce by ALaw

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                                 BRUCE IRVIN FAQ V1.0  
                                     By Alden Law
            This is my first attempt to write a FAQ.  Maybe there are many 
    mistakes in it (I hope not).  If you find any of them, feel free to send me   
    the corrections.  Of course I'll give you full credit, my email address:
    "WLBA00A@Prodigy.com".  Enough BS, let's go to the business!  Bruce is a very   
    useful and powerful character, he has many moves that make tremendous damage,
    included the infamous multi-parts throws (which can takes off maximum 70% 
    General description of BRUCE IRVIN:
            Bruce is the sub-boss of Lei, I think every Lei-player/expert had beat
    him (I was one of them) if you have finished the game.  I was impressed by his 
    kick-boxing style, so I decided to use him for just one game, just one game, I  
    said to myself.  However, in that "one" game, I realized and discovered many 
    interesting things about him, that is his cheesy combos, the correct ways of 
    using multi-parts throws, etc.  Believe it or not, Bruce can beat DEVIL nearly  
    perfect, in TWO rounds!  I'm not kidding, and Bruce is a good player to use   
    against human opponents, too.  
    Bruce's move list:
    -From <LORD ZOR> modified tekken2 FAQ V1.5
    1)Put in your coins (to get credits),
    2)Tap "start" once,
    3)Move to Lei,
    4)Tap "start" four times,
    5)Tap the stick right once.
    1+3             Knee Bash
    2+4             Ribcrusher
    <behind> 1+3 or 2+4     Backward Fling
    f,d,D/F+1+2+4           Embracing right knee
       <embracing> 1+2,1+2,1+2      Tumbleweed
       <embracing> 3,1+2+3          Left Knee
       <embracing> 4,1+2+3          Left Knee
          <Left knee> 1,3,1+2+4          Turning knee
             <turning> 2,4,1,1+2+3         Jumping Knee Kick
    f,F+4           Bazooka Leg
    f,f+3           Slice Knee
    f+1+2           Slice Elbow
    1+2             Sledgehammer
    b,b,N+3+4,[4]   Handspring Escape, [Bazooka Leg]
    d/f+3,1         Cyclone Edge, Tornado Uppercut
    f,f,f+3         Sniper Slash
    d/f+3+4         Step-in Middle Kick
    d/f+1,2         Double Facebreaker
    f+4,3,4         Triple Kick Combo
    1,2,1,2         4-punch combo
    3,3             Quick Kicks
    (WC)+3+4,3      Side Low & Side High Kick
    F+1,2,1         Triple Sock Combo
    1,2,(N_d_f)+4   1-2punch, (middle or low or high) Kick
    b+4,3,4         Triple Knee
    b+4,3,d+4       Double Knee, Low Kick
    3,2,1,4         Gatling Combo
    b+3             Stopping Kick
    b+3,4           Stopping Kick, Knee
    b+3,2           Stopping Kick, Feint Straight
    1,4,3           Southern Cross Combo
    1,2,3           Northern Lights Combo
    B+2+3           Sidewinder (Unblockable)
    Bruce's throws:
            Well, there isn't much to say about his throws except the multi-parts.
    Embracing right knee(f,d,D/F+1+2+4) is the initiation of all multi-parts, just 
    do the Dragon Punch motion and press 1+2+4, Bruce will duck and step in to 
    catch the opponent, since most multi-parts required you to press three buttons
    together, it is not easy to do as Nina's and King's( both required to press
    two buttons together), therefore practice is necessary to pull out Bruce's  
    successive multi-parts.  Because of that, I prefer the Tumbleweed multi-parts,
    though it is two-hit, but it takes off about 50% of life!  And the motion is
    easy:  f,d,D/F+1+2+4 --> grab the opponent --> press 1+2 repeatedly --> Bruce
    will hit his opponent by his right knee and then throw the opponent to another
    side far far away.  This multi-parts works 95%, even Kazuya and Devil can also
    be thrown!  Besides, this throw can be followed up by many deadly and cheesy
    strategy (details in below sections).    
    moves' analysis:
    1+2             Sledgehammer 
    Bruce jumps up and hit the opponent's head, the damage is good, but you need
    to find a suitable gap to perform this move, do this move when opponent is 
    ducked or is stunned or is recovering from slow moves, and remember, this move 
    should be performed in a pretty close distance.
    b,b,N+3+4, [4]  Handspring Escape, [Bazooka Leg]
    This is a very cool move, Bruce did a back handspring, and if you hit 4,  
    Bazooka Leg will come out after his handspring, notice that the [4] is an   
    optional input, therefore it can fool some opponents (human), for instance,
    do the first move (b,b,N+3+4), your opponent will probably step in to hit you, 
    when you see they are approaching, hit 4, they'll be hit because they are  
    totally off-guard.  On the other hand, when you see they didn't move or step
    back, then don't hit 4, because the Bazooka Leg won't hit them and you'll be 
    in danger.
    d/f+3,1         Cyclone Edge, Tornado Uppercut
    This is another cool move, Bruce did a low sweep and then connected with an
    jump-up uppercut (I think this move is translated from SFseries, the sweep 
    just like the sweep of Adon in SFA, and the uppercut is exactly the dragon  
    punch of Ryu/Ken).  Like the uppercuts of Kazuya, the uppercut made great  
    damage, and sometimes it stunned opponent when they block it too close!  But
    overall this is a slow move, when you fight against quick characters(Nina, Jun
    , Michelle, Law, etc.), it is unwise to use this move, they'll hit you before  
    you do the uppercut!
    f,f,f+3         Sniper Slash
    Just like other characters' f,f,f+3 move, this is a running jump-kick, which
    will stun the opponent when they blocked it.  This is one of the effective
    moves of Bruce's fighting strategy.
    3,3             Quick Kicks
    What's the special thing about this move?  Its name mentioned it, it is a 
    quick move, do this move when opponents were initiating some slow move or when 
    they are stunned.
    F+1,2,1         Triple Sock Combo
    Bruce punches three high punch, the last punch will smash the opponent away.
    Slow recovery, use it when opponent is off-guard.
    3,2,1,4         Gatling Combo
    *Important*  This combo is the key of victory, kinda like Lei's f,N+1,2,1,2,3
    combo, though CPU opponents can block the first three hits, but they usually 
    can't block the last sweep(4), they'll be knocked down, follow it with a (D+3) 
    , then step back and use other strategies to attack your opponent.
    1,2, (N or d or f)+4    1-2punch, (middle or low or high) Kick
    1,2,3           Northern Lights Combo
    1,4,3           Southern Cross Combo
    Three combos above are useful combos, mix them with (3,2,1,4), which can
    confused your opponent.    
    B+2+3           Sidewinder (Unblockable)
    Bruce's unblockable move, the range is three to four steps, setup time is 3
    seconds, the damage isn't good enough so I don't use it often.
    General Strategy of BRUCE IRVIN:
    At the beginning of each round, you can usually get a free throw, I suggest 
    to do the Embracing right knee --> Tumbleweed (f,d,D/F+1+2+4 --> 1+2,1+2,1+2).
    It takes off approximately 50% of life, it gives you a big majority already, 
    right?  When the Tumbleweed finished, your opponent will be thrown far away 
    from you, don't hesitate, do the Sniper Slash (f,f,f+3) immediately, another
    method is to run (f,f,F) towards your laying opponent, when you see your 
    opponent begin to get up, press 3, you may either hit them or stunned them 
    if they blocked, if they blocked the move, just quickly tap 4, If they block
    it again, you'll have enough time to escape (step back:b,b), or they'll be
    just hit by your 4.
    *Winning Pattern*
    As I said, the Gatling Combo (3,2,1,4) is key to win, here's how it works: 
    1)perform the move (3,2,1,4) in middle to close distance;
    2)opponent will be knocked down by the last sweep;
    3)step forward and D+3;
    4)a)step back and repeat the (3,2,1,4) again; or
      b)step back and do the (f,f,f+3), hit 4 quickly if they blocked it.  Step 
        back to middle distance and repeat step 1) again.
    When you are in close distance with your opponent, besides the (3,2,1,4) combo
    ,you can also use the punch combos or combos start with punches:
    -1,2,(N or d or f)+4 
    These combos work best with human opponents, they really made them dizzy.  But
    for CPU opponents, I prefer to use the (3,2,1,4) combo.
    f,f,f+3 always hit him, use it often, beware of his Hell sweep and the 
    annoying dragon punch.  When close, he'll always do a standing back right kick   
    , block it and retaliate with (3,2,1,4) and the winning pattern.
    VS PAUL:
    Paul is easy.  Step at least three steps away from him.  Just wait for him to 
    do the falling leaf combo, the sweep can't hit you because you are out of the 
    range, but you'll block the rushing elbow and then start the winning pattern!
    VS JACK:
    This big guy will do his scissors punches all the round, use any combos to 
    stop him.  And don't forget to use the winning pattern.  
    VS KING:
    King is a danger character.  Remember to duck when he tried to grab you for
    multiparts, and block his Ali kicks low.  After he finished the 
    Frankensteiner, sweep him (D+3) and do (3,2,1,4) combo when he gets up.
    He loved to do the stupid, slow turning kicks, just duck or block the kicks, 
    and start the winning pattern, the 3 in (3,2,1,4) will hit him if he dares to  
    sit down or doing stupid suicide.
    VS JUN:
    Jun is hard, very hard.  She is fast, she'll just rush in and throw you!  So,   
    you should be very alert, when you see she began to run, duck immediately.   
    And add a 4 while crouching if she can't grab you.  Another strategy is to 
    wait until she finished her string, then retaliate with (3,2,1,4) and the  
    winning pattern.  One more thing, remember to block her cartwheel kick high, 
    because it really hurts!!
    Michelle has numerous combos, just step away (so that the moves of her combos
    can't hit you), after she finished the combos, start winning pattern.  
    Remember to block all her uppercut and elbow strike (so fast!) high.
    VS LEI:
    Lei is quite easy.  He'll keep doing the turning punch, duck and hit him with
    4, or you can wait for his turning foot sweep, jumping hook kick.  Because  
    you are ducking, the jumping hook kick will miss, before he recovers from the
    move, you can do any combos you like.
    Kazuya is like a nightmare, hopefully you can grab and multi-throw him at the 
    beginning of the round, if you can't, don't panic, step back, find a chance to  
    do (3,2,1,4), sometimes he'll block the last sweep, if he did, step back and
    try it again (he won't block the last sweep all the time), remember his hell
    sweeps had four hits and his dragon punch is deadly! 
    Devil is not as hard as you think, you can multi-throw him at the beginning,
    and follow up by the (3,2,1,4) combo, duck the ground laser, and when he did 
    the air laser, you can either run (f,f,F) behind him and throw him or hold 
    the stick U/B at the moment the laser beam comes out.  Like Kazuya, his dragon
    punch is dangerous and he'll run and throw you like crazy.  So don't just 
    stand and let him throw you, you can duck or hit 4 when he is running to you. 
    (3,2,1,4) works very good on him.

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