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    Heihachi by AWang

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 02/21/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tekken 2 : Heihachi Mishima FAQ -> v1.01
    Written by : Abbott Wang
    E-Mail     : wang57@futures.wharton.upenn.edu
    URL        : http://futures.wharton.upenn.edu/~wang57
    Please send any questions, comments, or suggestions to mx`e,Mail 
    address.  Basic format for this FAQ was taken from Joji Suzuki's Akira 
    FAQ for Virtua Fighter 2.  Thank You.
    v1.00>2.20.96>Initial version of the Heihachi FAQ.
    v1.01>2.21.96>Added throwing techniques and float combos.
    	Heihachi Mishima was the final boss in Tekken.  A large purse 
    will be awarded to the warrior who can beat him in the final round of the 
    tournament.  Heihachi was defeated by his son, Kazuya Mishima at the end 
    of Tekken.  Rumors has it that Kazuya had to make a deal with the Devil 
    in order to beat his own father.  Now, in Tekken 2, Heihachi is a 
    selectable character; and the new man to beat is Kazuya Mishima.
    |Brief Character Overview|
    	Heihachi has no flashing multi-throw combos or reversals. He does 
    not have a large variety of moves.  He has only 3 frontal throws and 1 
    back throw.  Heihachi relies on the quickness of his uppercuts not only 
    to float his opponents but to punish them afterwards.  He is also ranked 
    as one of the strongest characters in the popular Japanese arcade 
    magazine, the Gamest.
    Conventions and Moves List sections taken from :
    by LORD ZOR (lordzor@clark.net)   
    ORIGINAL FAQ by K W Amico (lukejedi@ix.netcom.com)
    * d,u,f,b 
      (*tap* stick down, up, toward opponent, away from opponent) 
    * D,U,F,B 
      (*HOLD* stick down, up, toward opponent, away from opponent) 
    * d/f,d/b,u/f, etc 
      (tap stick diagonally) 
    * D/F,D/B,U/F, etc 
      (HOLD stick diagonally) 
    * N 
      (return stick to Neutral position) 
    * QCT Quarter-Circle Towards 
      (circle stick from down to forward) 
    * HCT Half-Circle Towards
      (circle stick from back to down to forward) 
    * 1,2,3,4
      (tap a button.  They are arranged on most machines like so:
                     L.PUNCH    R.PUNCH 
                            1  2 
                            3  4 
                      L.KICK    R.KICK 
    * A plus sign (+) indicates that the things on either side 
      of it must be done together.  1+3 would mean press 
      L.PUNCH and L.KICK at the same time. 
    * A comma (,) indicates that the things on either side are 
      of it must be done one after the other.  f,f would mean 
      tap the joystick right two times. 
    * (WC), While Crouching, basically means tapping the joystick 
      down.  (WC)+1 would mean tap the joystick down and press 
      L.PUNCH at the same time.  This is important, because the act 
      of crouching is not instantaneous.  A move executed during the 
      crouching process is almost always different from what happens 
      when you wait until you are fully crouched to hit the button(s). 
    * (WS), While Standing, means return the stick to neutral 
      while you are in a crouch and press the button after the 
      plus (+) sign. 
    * A tilde (~) between two buttons means to press the second 
      one IMMEDIATELY after the first.  It is almost like pressing 
      the buttons together. 
    * Brackets ([]) surrounding an item indicate an optional input. 
    * A pound sign (#) after a joystick direction means that the 
      direction indicated before it is to be held for a little while 
      before the button is pressed.  You will often see this after a 
      "D" in a D+(something) move, meaning that you have to wait until 
      your fighter is in a full crouch before doing the next controller 
    * An underscore (_) between items means "or". 
    * Three question marks (???) indicates that the entry is not 
      confirmed.  In the previous version of the FAQ I did not include 
      unconfirmed entries, but I have reneged on that policy by 
    |Moves List|
    1+3                    Neck Breaker  
    2+4                    Powerbomb  
    f,f+1+2                Super Head Butt  
    <behind> 1+2 or 3+4    Atomic Drop  
    1,1,2                     Shining Fists  
    1,2,2                     Devil Fists  
    f+2                       Backfist 
    2,2                       Punch, Backfist 
    d/f+1,2                   Double Uppercut  
    f,N,d,d/f+1               Thunder Godfist  
    f,N,d,d/f+2               Wind Godfist 
    f,N,d,D/F+4,4,4,N+4,4     Hell Sweeps - Axe Kick  
    f,f+3                     Left Axe Kick  
    f,f,F+3                   Sky Foot Slice  
    u/f+3,4                   Screw Blade Leg Attack  
    u/f+4,4                   High-Low Jumping Spin Kicks  
    f+4                       Right Axe Kick  
    4~3                       Crushing Kick  
    (WS)+4,4                  High Kick, Axe Kick  
    U/F+2+4                   Corpse Splitter  
    QCT+2                     Death Fist  
    (WC)+1                    Tile Splitter  
    (WC)+1,2                  Tile Splitter, Death Fist  
    f,f+2                     Demon Godfist  
    f,N,d,d/f+3,N             Slice Kick  
    f,N,d,D/F+3               Low Slice Kick  
    b,b,N+3+4                 Shadow Foot  
    (WC)+4                    Demon Stomp (opponent must be lying down)  
    (WC)+1+4                  Demon Tile Splitter (unblockable)  
    f,F#+2,1,2,2,3,4,4,1,2,1        Tenstring (the pause=1 second)  
    d/f+3,2,2,4,4,1,4,1,2,(1_4)     Tenstring  
    d/f+3,2,2,4,4,1,2,1,2,1         Tenstring  
    |Move Analysis|
    Move Name, how to execute, attack levels, and damage points
    Damage Points as given in the Gamest Mook Act.1
    Neck Breaker 1+3 N/A 30
    Power Bomb 2+4 N/A 35
    Super Head Butt f,f+1+2 or f,F+1+2 N/A 35
    	These are Heihachi's 3 frontal throws.  The names are pretty 
    descriptive of what the moves do.  When you execute a throw, you will see 
    Heihachi reach out with both arms and grab.  If you miss, you will be 
    open to attacks or even a throw from your opponent.  If you make contact, 
    but the opponent is too far away or is ducking out of range, you will 
    just knock them down with minimal damage.  Throws are mainly used to 
    punish opponents when they miss their throw, or to grab opponents after 
    they are finished with their combos.  Sometimes, their ending attack 
    takes a while to recover, and this will be a good time to throw.  The 
    problem is that the neck breaker and power bomb can be broken if the 
    opponents tap the same buttons (1+3 or 2+4) right after being grappled.
    	For the Super Head Butt, you can hold down the second forward 
    component of the throw to let Heihachi get closer to his opponent before 
    grabbing.  A technique called the "recovery throw" can be used with the 
    Super Head Butt.  When you do the Super Head Butt, hit 1+2+3 or 1+2+4 
    instead of just 1+2.  If the second forward component did not register, 
    or if you held it too long, you will get the Neck Breaker or the Power 
    Bomb instead of punches or no throws coming out.  If everything goes 
    well, the Super Head Butt comes out.
    Atomic Drop 1+3 or 2+4 (from behind) N/A 45
    	This is Heihachi's back throw.  When you are behind your 
    opponent, hit 1+3 or 2+4 for a atomic drop.
    Shining Fists 1,1,2 HHM 10+10+20
    Devil Fists 1,2,2 HHH 10+15+25
    Backfist f+2 H 12
    Punch, Backfist 2,2 HH
    Punch, Right Punch 1,2 HH 10+15
    	These are Heihachi's basic high level attack combos.  Shining 
    Fists is 2 left punches followed by a right straight punch.  This does 
    good damage and knocks down opponents.  The Devil Fists is a left punch, 
    right punch, followed by a right backfist.  4 of the attacks hit high 
    level, which means that if the opponent ducks, you will miss with all 
    punches.  I prefer to use the Shining Fists because the first punch comes 
    out relatively quick, and the rest of the punches follow, not to mention 
    the last punch hits medium level.  After blocking opponents slow 
    recovering attacks, you can counter with the Shining Fists, especially if 
    your opponent completely miss their attacks.  The final right straight 
    punch of the Shining Fists usually sends opponents flying backwards.  The 
    Punch, Right Punch combo is not in the Moves List.
    Left Uppercut d/f+1 M 10
    Right Uppercut d/f+2 M 15
    Double Uppercut d/f+1,2 MM 10+28
    	These are Heihachi's basic uppercut moves.  Depending on 
    Heihachi's stance, you will get either a small or big uppercut.  If 
    Heihachi's leading foot is his left, then the left uppercut will be a 
    small uppercut and the right uppercut will be the large uppercut.  The 
    Double Uppercut will always consist of a uppercut followed by another 
    uppercut which resembles the Wind Godfist uppercut (more later).  The 
    left and right uppercuts are medium speed moves, and the right uppercut 
    has some floating potential.  The Double Uppercut is used to punish 
    opponents in the air, or it can also be used to float opponents as well.  
    If you throw just one uppercut often, mix it up with the double uppercut, 
    opponents might be tricked into thinking that you are going to do just 
    one uppercut, and try to retaliate after the first uppercut.  When the 
    second uppercut of the Double Uppercut connects, the opponent will be 
    floated high in the air.  At this point, you should hold forward to get 
    closer, and proceed to do another Double Uppercut.  Mixing the single 
    uppercuts with the Double Uppercuts will keep your opponents guessing.
    Screw Blade Leg Attack u/f+3,4 MM 25+20
    High-Low Jumping Spin u/f+4,4 HL 25+15
    Sky Foot Slice f,f,F+3 M 30 
    	These are 3 of Heihachi's aerial attack moves.  The Screw Blade 
    Leg Attack starts with a jumping kick followed by another kick in the 
    air.  The High-Low Jumping Spin kick is exactly that.  It hits high then 
    low.  These 2 moves take a while to come out, and often times are 
    interrupted.  I do not use these moves often.  If I do use them, the 
    opponent and I are somewhat far apart.  The Sky Foot Slice is good to use 
    when you are running towards an opponent while they are on the ground.  
    Instead of stomping, you can sometimes catch them getting up.
    Left Axe Kick f,f+3 M 30
    Right Axe Kick f+4 M 30
    	These are Heihachi's axe kicks with hit twice if connected.  They 
    have decent speed.
    Crushing Kick 4~3 M 30 
    	Heihachi does a forward flip and hits with his legs.  The motion 
    is to hit left kick immediately after right kick.  Not at the same time 
    though, but one quickly after the other.  This move is slow, and my 
    opponents often interrupt me during this move.  It can be used as a 
    surprise attack as you are backing up from your opponent though.
    High Kick, Axe Kick (WS)+4,4 MM 20+25
    	This is a good move to use after ducking your opponents high 
    attack or throw attempt.  As you let go of the stick from a crouching 
    position, hit right kick twice to do a high kick followed by the axe kick.
    Tile Splitter (WC)+1 M 15
    Tile Splitter, Death Fist (WC)+1,2 MM 15+30
    Death Fist QCT+2 M 33-49
    	These are some of Heihachi's high powered attacks.  The Tile 
    Splitter is a downward arm chop.  You tap the stick down and hit left 
    punch from a standing position.  This move has ok speed.  If the Tile 
    Splitter hits as a major counter, meaning that the move hits your 
    opponent while they are in the execution frames of their attacks, hit 
    right punch (2) to immediately follow up with the Death Fist.  If the 
    Death Fist connects, it does major damage along with sending your 
    opponent backwards.  The Tile Splitter can also be used against rising 
    opponents.  If you time it right, you can send them straight down after 
    they get up, pretty funny.  The Death Fist can also be performed by 
    itself by doing the quarter circle roll from the down to the forward 
    position and hitting right punch.  This move has moderate speed, but if 
    it catches your opponent, you will be awarded with a large amount of 
    health taken out of your opponents life bar.  The Death Fist is good to 
    use against opponents who totally whiff their attacks.  Also, as an 
    opponent is coming in with their 10 hit combos, you can time your Death 
    Fist to hit your opponent in between their moves.  Further, the Death 
    Fist has a huge range, as Heihachi fully extends his right arm to punch.  
    Demon Godfist f,f+2 M 40
    	This is another one of Heihachi's high power moves.  Heihachi 
    does a huge uppercut.  If it connects, it sends the opponent straight up 
    into the air.  You can usually follow it up with the Double Uppercut 
    (more on floating later in the section).  This move takes a long time to 
    come out, however.  Another good thing about this move is that you can 
    delay hitting the right punch (2) after the 2 taps forwards.  You can tap 
    f twice, which will make Heihachi take a quick step forward, then hit 
    right punch for the Demon Godfist.  This move has a long recovery attack, 
    and can be easily punished if blocked.  This move does, however, avoid 
    all high level attacks as Heihachi lowers himself for the uppercuts windup.
    Shadow Foot b,b,N+3+4 N/A N/A
    	This is Heihachi's dodge move.  Heihachi takes 2 steps to the 
    side.  Tap the stick b,b, return to neutral, then hit 3+4.  This is a 
    good move to open up distance between you and your opponent, and at the 
    same time, you will be dodging their attacks.  Also, if your opponent is 
    running at you, you can also do a dodge and they will miss whatever they 
    were planning to do.  After they miss, take advantage of the situation by 
    retaliating with a attack of your own.  This is also a good way to avoid 
    your opponent 10 hit strings.  If they are approaching you with the 10 
    hitter, dodge to the side and come in with an attack.
    Demon Stomp (opponent must be lying down) (WC)+4 N/A 25
    Demon Tile Splitter (unblockable) (WC)+1+4 N/A 70
    	The Demon Stomp is one of Heihachi's pounce techniques.  If the 
    opponent is near and on the ground, tap down and press right kick at the 
    same time.  Heihachi will step on them.  The Demon Tile Splitter is 
    Heihachi's unblockable attack.  He takes forever to come out.  The only 
    time I use it is to time the unblockable move against a rising opponent.  
    If they get up while I am doing the move, the Demon Tile Splitter will 
    send them right back to the ground along with a huge chunk of health 
    taken out.  This the same as the Tile Splitter strategy of Oki-zeme 
    (attack on the rising opponent, more later).
    Thunder Godfist f,N,d,d/f+1 M 38
    	Heihachi does a jumping uppercut.  Great damage potential, but 
    long recovery time and very slow execution time.  Good to do against 
    missed attacked with a relatively long recovery time.  It also avoids 
    high level attacks prior to execution.
    Slice Kick f,N,d,d/f+3 M 35
    Low Slice Kick f,N,d,D/F+3 L 25
    	Heihachi does a slight hop and kicks as he lands.  If you hold 
    D/F, Heihachi does a low kick.  If you do not, he does a high kick.  This 
    is a good move, and doing the Low Slice Kick will usually surprise your 
    opponents.  The beauty of these 2 moves is that it is almost impossible 
    to tell which one will come out.  Therefore, mixing these 2 moves will 
    keep your opponents guessing.  Doing this move from mid-range will allow 
    Heihachi to execute the move successfully and not be interrupted by your 
    opponents attacks.
    Hell Sweeps - Axe Kick f,N,d,D/F+4,4,4,N+4,4 LLLMM 17+12+12+20+15
    	Heihachi does 3 low sweeps followed by a standing axe kick.  You 
    can begin the axe kick after any one of the 3 hell sweeps.  If you want 
    to do it after the first hell sweep, just release the D/F to neutral 
    after the first hell sweep and hit 4,4.  I usually do 2 Hell Sweeps then 
    the Axe Kick because I find the Axe Kick connecting more consistently 
    after 2 Hell Sweeps.  After 3, the Axe kick usually misses, and the third 
    Hell Sweep usually never hits for me.  Doing 2 Hell sweeps followed by 
    the Axe Kick will usually give me 4 hits, and about 40% health damage.
    	This is one of Heihachi's main weapons.  This move along with
    Wind Godfist will give Heihachi incredible strength and advantage.  More 
    on this later.
    Wind Godfist aka Fujinken f,N,d,d/f+2 M 30
    	This is Heihachi's most useful move.  Heihachi does a big 
    uppercut.  This is the basic move which will set up all float combos.  It 
    is also uncounterable, meaning that if you force the opponent to block 
    your uppercut, there is no move that your opponent can do immediately 
    afterwards which will hit you, provided that you are correctly defending 
    the proper level.  If you just stand there after the uppercut, your 
    opponent can dash in and throw as well.
    	This move comes out relatively fast, and has a quick recovery 
    time, thus making it an uncounterable attack.
    NOTE ON ALL OF HEIHACHI'S f,N,d,d/f+ Attacks (Crouch Dashing)
    	If you noticed, Heihachi has this basic dragon punch motion.  Tap 
    forward, return to neutral, then hit d, and roll into d/f.  At this 
    point, hit one of the 4 buttons.  Each will give you a different move.  
    Left punch will give you a jumping uppercut (Thunder Godfist).  It does 
    huge amounts of damage, but slow to execute and recover.  Right punch 
    will give you the Wind Godfist, Heihachi's most useful move.  Fast, great 
    floating potential, and quick recovery.  Left kick will give you the 
    hopping kicks.  It will hit high if you let go of the d/f position, and 
    it will hit low if you hold the D/F.  Finally, holding D/F and hitting 
    right kick will give you the hell sweeps which can be chained into the 
    axe kick.
    	Something you must now learn is the crouch dash using this dragon 
    punch type motion.  Yes, Heihachi can crouch dash. The advantage of 
    crouch dashing is that Heihachi avoids all high level attacks.  Further, 
    Heihachi's crouch dash has a huge range and is very fast.  He can close 
    in on an opponent with blinding speed.  I do his crouch dash as follows.  
    I tap forward, return to neutral, then immediately hit down, then roll to 
    D/F and hold.  This will make Heihachi do a crouch dash forward.  He 
    cannot do a crouch dash backwards.  What's good about this is that 
    Heihachi can still execute any of his 4 moves for a period of time after 
    the crouch dash.  This will be utilized by Heihachi as his basic weapon.  
    More on this in the next section.
    	Finally, I will describe how I play with Heihachi.  First thing, 
    read the crouch dashing section under Move Analysis.  Learn how to crouch 
    dash with Heihachi by using his dragon punch type motion, the f,N,d,d/f.  
    Heihachi can cover a large amount of distance in a short period of time 
    using the crouch dash.  He also avoids all high level attacks during the 
    crouch dash.  Before coming out of the crouch dash, he has the option of 
    using any of his 4 attacks following the motion, f,N,d,d/f.  
    	I try and only use crouch dashing to approach my opponent or move 
    forwards.  As I close in on my opponent, I usually do either the Wind 
    Godfist (f,N,d,d/f+2) or the Hell Sweeps into the Axe Kick 
    (f,N,d,D/F+4).  You can still do the Wind Godfist if you hold the d/f 
    component for the full crouch dash, then hit 2.  By holding D/F, you also 
    have the option of doing the Hell Sweeps.  This is the beauty of crouch 
    dashing for Heihachi.  You cannot tell whether Heihachi is going to do 
    the Uppercut or the Hell Sweeps.  Conveniently, if your opponent is 
    standing, the Hell sweeps will hit, and if your opponent is crouching, 
    the uppercut will hit.  Once either move connect, you can almost be 
    guaranteed roughly 50% damage.  If your Wind Godfist connects, the 
    opponent will most likely be floated into the air, and at which time you 
    can follow up with a float combo of your choice (more in the next 
    section).  If the Hell Sweeps connect, do 2 Hell Sweeps into the 
    Axe-Kick.  Usually, all 4 hits will connect, and it takes off about 40% 
    health.  (f,N,d,D/F+4,4,N+4,4)  
    	This is Heihachi's basic strategy.  Utilizing his crouch dashing 
    abilities from the dragon-punch type motion.  At the same time, Heihachi 
    has the ability to do any of his 4 attack moves from the f,N,d,d/f 
    motion.  You must utilize the Wind Godfist and the Hell Sweeps-Axe kick 
    after the crouch dash for the best results.  Of course, mixing it up 
    later will keep your opponent guessing.
    	Another strategy for Heihachi.  You do not have to attack after 
    the crouch dash.  You can do a normal attack after the crouch dash, just 
    wait for Heihachi to rise again after crouch dash.  By this time, 
    Heihachi will have moved a large distance in a short amount of time.  
    Your opponent might still be waiting for you to do a move, either the 
    uppercut or sweeps.  At this point, you can throw them if they are 
    standing, or any medium attacks if the opponent is crouching.  
    |Float Combos|
    	After connecting with the Wind Godfist, you can do many things.  
    I usually do one of the following:
    f#1,slight pause,1,2,2 60
    	This is a left jab followed by the devil fists.  It is also very 
    easy to do, and one of the most damaging.  Hold forward then hit left 
    punch after the float.  Wait until Heihachi recovers from the left punch, 
    then execute the 1,2,2 combination.
    f#1,d/f+1,2 48
    	This is a left jab followed by the double uppercut.  Holding 
    forward before hitting the left punch will get you closer to your 
    opponent.  Then execute the double uppercut.  Looks damm cool too.
    f#1,slight pause,1,1,2 50
    	This is a left jab followed by the shining fists.  Hits 4 times 
    in the air, and does good damage.
    f#1,2,d/f+1,2 63
    	This move does not always connect for me, but is very nice if it 
    does.  After the Wind Godfist, hold forward then hit 1,2 for the left, 
    right combination.  Then do the double uppercut.  Very nice style points.
    f#1,slight pause,QCT+2 10+(33-49)?
    	This is a left jab followed by the death fist.  You have to wait 
    until the left jab is fully recovered before doing the death fist.  If 
    you do not wait, only the back fist will come out due to the forward 
    component + right punch.  Wait a bit after the left jab hits and 
    recovers.  Then do QCT+2 for the death fist.
    All of the above combos do relativly the same damage, around 50% of 
    health bar.  Here are some other combos to try :
    NOTE : _ means to hold.
    Fujinken(Super Right Upper, 623B)
      -> 1-2 Punch(AB) -> Ponken(Straight, 236B)
    Fujinken(Super Right Upper, 623B)
      -> 1-2 Punch(AB) -> Kikokurenken(1-2-Back Knuckle, AAB)
    Fujinken(Super Right Upper, 623B)
      -> Musorenken(Double Upper, 3AB) -> Short Upper(3A)
      -> Musorenken(Double Upper, 3AB)
    Fujinken(Super Right Upper, 623B)
      -> Lead Jab(6_A) -> Narakubarai(Sit Spin Kick, 623DDD)
      -> Kakatogiri(Heel Cutter, (neutral)DD)
    Fujinken(Super Right Upper, 623B)
      -> Lead Jab(6_A) -> Narakubarai(Sit Spin Kick, 623DDD)
      -> Kakatogiri(Heel Cutter, (neutral)D)
      -> Hasaishu(Neel Kick, 69DC)
    Fujinken(Super Right Upper, 623B)
      -> 1-2 Punch(AB) -> (Crouch dash, 623_)
      -> Kakatootoshi(Heel Drop, (neutral)DD)
    |10 Hit Combos|
    Heihachi has 4 10 hit combos:
        H H H H M M L H M H
        M H H L L M H H L H
        M H H L L M H H L H
        M H H L L M H M M M
    	Oki-zeme is taken from Virtua Fighter 2 terms.  Oki-zeme means to 
    attack the rising opponent.  Once your opponent is on the ground, take 
    advantage of the situation by inflicting more damage.  You must be 
    careful with your pounces, however, because your opponent can roll out of 
    the way and punish you if you miss.  Instead of a pounce, you can also 
    dash at them if they are far away.  You will end up either stepping on 
    them, tackling them, or take them down again if they got up in time.  
    	The way I perform Oki-zeme is to just do just do D+3, which is a 
    low round house.  After the first one hits, do f,f,F, to run after the 
    opponent and do D+3 again.  Continue doing this.  If your opponent does 
    not know how to get up properly, you can keep getting successive hits.
    |Fighting the CPU|
    	There is an easy way to beat the CPU.  Keep doing the Wind 
    Godfist until it connects.  Follow that up with a float combo of your 
    choice.  Then, as the CPU is getting up, move in and back out of the 
    way.  The CPU will usually do a high rising attack, and at this point, 
    you should do a crouch dash into the Thunder Godfist for a KO.  Try to 
    time it so that you are crouch dashing underneath the high rising attack.
    I would like to thank the following people:
    Joji Suzuki-for the basic format of his famous Akira FAQ, and for his Heihachi 
    strategies; especially his technique of doing the dragon punch motion into 
    either the uppercut or the hell sweeps.  Also, Joji, good luck on the MCAT in 
    Andy Lin-for his general knowledge of fighting games, including VF2, UMK3, and
    TK2.  He is PENN's best VF2, UMK3, and TK2 player.
    Yukinobu Miyamoto-for his awesome floating Heihachi combos.  He is one of 
    Japan's top 256 Tekken2 players.  Good luck with your master thesis!!!!
    Gamest Mook Act 1 : Tekken 2
    LORD ZOR and K W Amico for their moves lists from their FAQ's.
    Abbott Wang***University of Pennsylvania***Wharton'96***(215)417-1108***
    ****CHECK OUT MY WWW PAGE @ http://futures.wharton.upenn.edu/~wang57**** 
    ***SEE DAT LIST @ http://futures.wharton.upenn.edu/~wang57/datlist.txt**
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    *                                             --- Homer Simpson        *

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