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    Jack-2 by ALinde

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                     Jack-2 FAQ/Strategy Guide V1.00 (4/27/96)
                                    Alex Linde
       Send comments, suggestions and flames(oh, yes, especially flames) to:
    At first I picked Jack-2 simply because he and I had one thing in common -
    it's that we're both Russian (well, except maybe that we both have
    plutonium blood =). Anyway, you're probably thinking - Jack-2 is big, slow
    and dumb looking. Can he really be good? The answer starts with a y.
    Although Jack-2 is not fast, he is very strong and powerfull (those big,
    bulging muscles should be a hint). Many, many of his moves do over 50%
    damage, and he's got what is probably the easiest to do 100% combo in the
    entire game. Jack-2 can kill you faster that you can count to three. Make
    one mistake and you're gone, in a flick of a finger. If all of his moves
    are utilized and none overused, Jack-2 can become unpredictable and
    dangerous. This is my first attempt at writing a game faq, and if it
    doesn't come out perfect, I'm sorry. Please feel free to email any thoughts
    you have about it to the address above.
    Move List
    Taken directly from Meanbean's Tekken2 FAQ: Note: I'm assuming that you are
    familiar with Tekken 2 move abbreviations. If not, check out a Tekken 2 FAQ
    such as Luke's and it will explain everything.
    1+3,1+2              Hell Press, Face Basher
    2+4                  Lift Up Slam
    d/b,f+1+2            Piledriver
    QCB+2                Backbreaker
    QCT+1                Pyramid Driver
    d/f+2+4              Catapult
    d/f,d/f+1+2          Modified Catapult   **allows you to combo opponent**
     (1+3)_(2+4) Death Shot
     D+1+2      Spring Hammer Punch
    1,1,1                   Hammer Combo
    2,1,2                   P, Elbow, Uppercut
    b,b+1,1                 Gigaton
    b,d/b,d/D/F+1           Megaton Sweep
    b,d/b,d,D/F+2           Megaton Knuckle
    D+1+2                   Bravo Knuckle
    (f,f+1+2)_(F+1+2)       Power Scissors
    (WS)+1+2,1+2            Double Uppercut, Double Hammer
    1+2,1+2                 Hammer Knuckle, Double Uppercut
    D#+1+2                  Meltdown
    f+1+2,1+2               Scissors, Meltdown
    f+1+2,d/f+2             Scissors, Megaton Punch
    D#,D/F+(1,2,1)_(2,1,2)  Creeping Punches (stick D_D/F_F to change
                            end attack level)
    D#+1,1,1,2,(D_D/F_F)+1  Hammer Rush (L_M_H ending)
    d/b+1,1,1,1,1,d/f+2     Machine-gun Knuckle
    D+1,2                   Megaton Strike
    u/f+3+4                 Hip Press
    3+4                     Sit Down
       B                   +Roll Back
       F                   +Roll Forward
       (1,2,1,2)_(2,1,2,1) +Blood Fan
    3+4,3+4                 Sit Down, Hop Forward, Sit Down
    (WS)+1                  Violent Uppercut
    D/B+3,4,3,4,3,4         Cossack Kicks
    D#,d/f+1,2,1,1          Wild Swing, Backfist
    d/f+(1,2,1,2)_(2,1,2,1) Uppercut Rush
    HCF [1-5 times] +1      Gigaton Punch (unblockable after 3 windups)
    D+2,1,1,1,2,1,2,1,1+2,1+2      Tenstring
    D+2,1,1,1,2,1,2,1,d+1+2,1+2    Tenstring
    u/f+1,1,4,3,4,1,2,1,1+2,1+2    Tenstring
    Move Analysis
    This section is an analysis of Jack-2's moves and combos.
    Lift Up Slam            2+4
    Piledriver              db,f+1+2
    Backbreaker             QCB+2
    Pyramid Driver          QCF+1
    Catapult                df+2+4
    Modified Catapult       df,df+1+2
    Hell Press, Face Basher 1+3,2+4
    The Lift Up Slam is not very good IMO because it doesn't have any logical
    followups and doesn't do much damage. The piledriver is a very good throw
    as it does over 60% damage but the motion is slightly awkward and your
    opponent may duck or hit you by the time you're finished. The QCB+2 is
    Jack-2's most usefull throw - it is easy to do and can be followed up for
    additional damage. (see the Beat the CPU section for more on that). The
    pyramid driver looks more painful that it is. It is mainly for show, but is
    good to end the round if your opponent doesn't have much energy left. The
    regular catapult is a neat looking throw, makes the opponent look like a
    volleyball :) For additional damage follow that up with a hip press
    (uf+3+4) towards the end of the opponents fall. Doing the modified version
    is slightly harder but you can combo the opponent with 1+2,1+2 (Double
    Hammer,Uppercut) or b,db,d,DF+1 (Megaton Sweep). The hell press, face
    basher does a hefty chunk of damage but the problem is that you if you
    don't get a full connect with the hell press, you get no/almost no damage
    and you can't connect the face basher - which is what happens most of the
    Canned Combos
    Hammer Combo                    1,1,1  *
    Punch+Elbow,Uppercut            2,1,2  *
    Machine-gun Knuckle             d/b+1,1,1,1,1,2
    Double Hammer, Double Uppercut  1+2,1+2
    Scissors, Meltdown              F+1+2,1+2
    Scissors, Megaton Punch         F+1+2,df+2
    Creeping Punches                D,D/F+1,2,1 or D,D/F+2,1,2  *
    Hammer Rush                     D+1,1,1,2,(1 or d/f+1)
    Megaton Strike                  D+1,2
    Wild Swing, Backfist            D,f+1,2,1,1
    Uppercut Rush                   d/f,2,1,2,1
    Cossack Kicks                   db+3,4,3,4,3,4
    If there's one thing this list shows, is that Jack-2 has plenty of canned
    combos - and it is easy to mix them up. The Punch+Elbow, Uppercut combo is
    slow but effective because it takes most people some time to figure out
    that they a) cannot reverse the elbow and b) cannot major counter the
    uppercut if the elbow is blocked. The machine gun knuckle is fast, but
    somewhat limited in range though it can effectively knock people out of
    their combos. The good thing about it is that you can press 2 for the
    megaton strike anytime after the first few punches of the machine gun
    knuckle. The double hammer, double uppercut, is great for float combo but
    standalone, it is easily blocked. Also, it is very effective to retaliate
    against whiffed attacks because if the hammer hits, so does the uppercut.
    Scissors, meltdown, is Jack-2's most usefull move,IMO. It is great for
    surprizing people and just like the hammer,uppercut, if the first one hits,
    the second one does too. Most people will not see it coming fast enough and
    eat the meltdown (see more on this in the Beat the CPU section.) When
    people start blocking the meltdown, do a mega ton punch instead. Mix them
    up, and you'll keep your opponents guessing. I've found the creeping
    punches to be next to useless because the hammer rush is so much better.
    The hammer rush is another one of jack's great combos because you can mix
    up the endings. The Megaton Strike is great for float combos, but I also
    like to use it when people are expecting a hammer rush and vice-versa. This
    adds even more unpredictibility to our favorite robot. However, keep this
    in mind: many of Jack's combos are slow and if you start them way out of
    range - you're wearing a shirt with KO written all over it. So, know the
    range of each move - never start a combo if you're so far that the third
    hit in the combo will not touch the opponent. That's one thing I like about
    the Wild Swing, Backfist combo - it covers a lot of distance in a very
    short time. So, you can start it three steps away, and get to your opponent
    in under one second. The uppercut rush, however, is a very slow combo. Do
    not overuse this one. I like to use this combo to keep people such as Nina
    and King at bay - so they cannot multithrow me. One other use for this
    combo is to do the first two hits, then stop and go right into the Hammer
    Rush combo. Another reason why this is a good idea is that sometimes the
    last hits of the uppercut rush will not connect if the first ones did, so
    switching to low hits may give additional damage. However, again, be
    carefull with the uppercut rush. It is easily blocked and easily reversed.
    The cossack kick is a funny move which is Jack-2's attempt to perform a
    classic russian dance. The range is VERY short, so only use this up close.
    It is nice because people often underestimate how many kicks he can do. One
    other good use for this is to hit lying opponents with the first kick. It
    does more damage than a foot sweep(D+3) and is a nice alternative. Note on
    the Uppercut Rush and Cossack Kicks : you must hold the DF or DB while
    performing these moves or not all of the punches/kicks will come out.
    Sit Down Punches
    Sit Down                   d+3+4
    Hip Press                  u/f+3+4
    Spring Hammer Punch        D+1+2 (when lying down)
       Sitting Punches            1,2,1,2 or 2,1,2,1
    There are three ways placing you(Jack-2) in a sit position in order to do
    his 4 sitting punches. You can plain sit down or you can miss/block hit a
    hip press pounce, which puts you in a sitting position or you can spring
    hammer punch out of a lying position. Then you can do the sitting punches,
    one of Jack-2's signature moves. Many people will not block all 4 punches 
    (also see Beat the CPU on this), so use this often. Even if the opponent
    gets out of range, keep punching as you are moving closer with each punch
    and there isn't much they can do to stop you if you are close enough. Never
    start the sitting punches from VERY far away, your foe can easily knock you
    out of it unless you are close to them.
    Uncanned Combo's
    Here are some of the uncanned combos that Jack-2 has in his arsenal. Most
    of them are float combos, for some the last hit connects on the ground. My
    good friend Lei(whose address is at the bottom of this FAQ) has donated a
    great many of these combo's, and I have added on some of my own. There are
    many, many more, and you may find some yourself! Meanwhile, Lei is going to
    integrate what everything that we have come up with, and add on new stuff
    as he finds it - check out his Tekken 2 combo pages by clicking here.
    * 1+3, b,d/b,d,D/F+1
    Hell Press, Megaton Sweep
    * d/f+2,1, D+1,2
    First 2 hits of the Uppercut Rush, Megaton Strike
    * d/f+2, d/b+1, D+1,2
    Right Uppercut, Machine Gun Knuckle, Megaton Strike
    * d/f+2, 1+2, 1+2
    Right Uppercut, Double Hammer, Double Uppercut
    * d/f+2,1, b,d/b,d,D/F+1
    Double Uppercut, Megaton Sweep
    * d/f,d/f+1+2, 3(or 4), u/f+3+4
    Modified Catapult Throw, Kick, Hip Press
    * d/f,d/f+1+2, 2, b,d/b,d,DF+1
    Modified Catapult Throw, Right Jab, Megaton Sweep
    * d/f,d/f+1+2, F+1+2, 1+2
    Modified Catapult Throw, Scissors, Meltdown
    * d/f,d/f+1+2, b,d/b,d,DF+2
    Modified Catapult Throw, Megaton Knuckle
    * D+1+2, b,d/b,d,D/F+1
    Bravo Knuckle, Megaton Sweep
    * D+1+2, 1+2,1+2
    Bravo Knuckle, Double Hammer, Double Uppercut
    * D+1+2, D+1,2
    Bravo Knuckle, Megaton Strike
    * df+2+4, u/f+3+4
    Catapult Throw, Hip Press
    The following is not really a combo, but it works pretty well against the
    computer and works sometimes against humans. In order to be able to do the
    face bash(1+2), the hell press(1+3) must fully connect - that is Jack-2
    must be lying on top of his opponent. I don't try to guess the exact time
    to press the 1+2 - when I see Jack-2 falling on him, I just hit 1+2
    repeatedly until he is fully on top of his opponent, and then I sit back
    and watch the show...
    * QCB+2,1+3,1+2
    Catapult Throw, Hip Press, Face Bash
    Kind of a a sidenote, Tekken 2 has a lot of very cool animation as part of
    it's moves that you may not notice unless you are paying special attention.
    Take the Face Bash for example: When Jack-2 raises his hands, he makes a
    fierce growl at which point you can see that the opponent raises his hands
    and waves as if saying "Oh shit..." They lift their head of the ground ever
    so slightly, and then you see Jack-2 pound it back to the ground. Ouch :)
    Another example is King's romero move, one of my favorite moves in the
    game. If you watch the opponent while King is just putting his legs on
    theirs, you will notice that they look over their shoulder to see what's
    going on. Then when King grabs their arms, their head gets rocked back into
    looking forward. It's like they're wondering "What's going to happen to
    me?" They're in for a bone crushing experience.
    Single Knockdown Moves
    Bravo Knuckle          D+1+2
    Meltdown              #D+1+2
    Gigaton punch          b,b+1
    Gigaton Punch          HCF(1-5 times)+1
    Megaton Knuckle        b,d/b,d,D/F+2
    Megaton Sweep          b,d/b,d,D/F+1
    Violent Uppercut       WS+1
    The Bravo Knuckle is one of Jack-2's most damaging moves doing anywhere
    from 40% to 80% damage. It is a powerfull uppercut and it goes underneath
    many high attacks. It is wonderfull when this move connects because you can
    combo it with 1+2,1+2 or otherwise, when the opponent is about to land. If
    your foe blocks the move, then it is a good idea to duck because they are
    likely to go for a throw. You can block as soon as you land, but do not
    abouse this - if you whiff the Bravo Knuckle, prepare to receive what you
    deserve. The Meltdown is a fairly ineffective move because it usually
    doesn't hit lying opponents, and as Jack is in a crouch before starting it,
    it's easy to see coming. However, this is a good retaliation move for moves
    blocked low, ie King's ali kicks. The only real use for the Gigaton punch
    is to deceive people into thinking that you are going for the unblockable,
    and hit them after the first swing. A good thing about it is that it stuns
    on block and you can start a slow combo or tenstring right afterwards. The
    Gigaton Punch (unblockable) is quite useles IMO because any idiot will see
    it coming and pulverize you. The Megaton Knuckle is Jack-2's version of a
    Power Punch (ala Paul). Even though it does major damage, Jack-2 does not
    crouch dash before hand, so it has lesser range than most power punchers,
    and the motion is slightly awkward. I mostly use this when I am desperate
    for energy. The Megaton Sweep, on the other hand, is one of the coolest
    moves in the game, as well as most effective IMO. If it connects, your
    opponent goes somersaulting sideways - ouch :(. This move hits low and fast
    - unlike most other Jack-2's moves - so use it to surprise people. If you
    are close, you can also use this move to hit lying opponents. The Violent
    Uppercut can probably be used to start combos although I've never done it -
    it is fast and but you have to crouch to start the move, so I do not use it
    A)  D+2,1,1,1,2,1,2,1,1+2,1+2
    B)  D+2,1,1,1,2,1,2,1,D+1+2,1+2
    C)  u/f+1,1,4,3,4,1,2,1,D+1+2,1+2
    D)  u/f+1,1,4,3,4,1,2,1,1+2,1+2
    The first two tenstring works very well against both the computer and human
    opponents (well, the computer does break out sometimes but not often).
    Here's my way of doing the first two tenstrings: Hold Down and hit 21, then
    keep hitting 1 until you see Jack go hit the 3'rd punch (the left
    backhand). At this point, hit 2, then wait about 1/2 a second and hit 1,
    then wait 1/2 a second and hit 2 again then 1/2 a second later hit one
    again. At this point do D+1+2,1+2 or 1+2,1+2 fast. Mix up the last two
    move, but IMO it's best to use D+1+2 more often than 1+2, because it's
    easier for them to just block back than alternate between back and up. Only
    use 1+2,1+2 if they start blocking the D+1+2,1+2. The last two tenstrings I
    find pretty much useless because most of the time, I get knocked out of
    them before I get the chance to do the 3'rd hit.
    Beat the CPU
    There are many easy/cheesy ways to beat the CPU with Jack-2. Most of them
    require you to knock down the opponent, follow them, dash away when they
    start moving, wait for a whiffed rising kick, then retaliate with whatever
    you wish. Admiteddly, Jack-2 is not the best character to do this with, but
    he is as able as most. Here are a few ways to get to that terrific melody
    (not) at the end of the game.
            1) Do the F+1+2,1+2 over and over again. The first two
            characters will fall for both, the latter characters will
            often fall for the second hit. After this, use the strategy
            above, and as they whiff their kick, do one of the following:
                    a) do F+1+2,1+2 and knock off about 45% damage - can
                       be repeated.
                    b) do 1+2,1+2 - same as a)
                    c) go for a backbreaker (QCB+2), folow up with
                    hell press (1+3), finish with a face slam(1+2) upon
                    possible full connect of the hell press - this is the
                    best way to beat the time record. I have gotten 4:30
                    with Jack-2, which is not my best time with any
                    character, but oh well. =)
                    d) try a b,db,d,df+2 - this gives humongous damage but
                    the range is limited as he does not crouch dash like
                    others (ie Paul), so you may miss.
                    e) go for a D+1+2 Bravo Knuckle - same advantages and
                    disadvantages as d) but easier to pull off.
            2) Run up to your opponent at the start of the match and
            do a QCB+2 throw. This doesn't always work but when it does
            you may follow up with :
                    a) 1+3,1+2 - as in part c above. This does 100% and
                    works most of the time, even against devil, if you
                    time it right. Time the 1+3, just as you are free to
                    move after the throw. Do not pound 1+3 or nothing will
                    happen at all, or you will mess up and do a punch or
                    b) any of the followups in parts a) - e) in way 1) above.
            3) Simply sit down and do the bloody punches. Most of the time
            at least two of them will hit but often all four hit - even
            against devil. Just be sure to be about two steps away when
            you sit down because you can easily be punched or kicked out
            of your attempt to sit. After you punch them, roll backwards
            (hold back), then repeat. I've found that if the machine is
            set at a high difficulty level, this becomes the only way to
            cheese devil into submission. Just make sure that he doesn't
            hit you out of your attempt to sit and you'll beat him easily.
    Using these strategies, beating the computer should be piece of cake for
    you. The way I look at it - why should you waste your money on the
    computer. So always try to win using the methods described above, but when
    you are winning, and want to just have fun, relax, and try to do whatever
    it is that you wish. However, make sure that you remember the above - you
    can usually win without a problem. One thing though: it may happen that the
    computer will block the F+1+2,1+2 for both hits and comeback with a
    standing kick. Be prepared to eat some of those kicks, and keep trying to
    connect the F+1+2,1+2. If the computer (especially devil) just doesn't go
    for the second hit, switch to something else, then go back and do more
    F+1+2,1+2's and one will connect for sure - and if one connects, the CPU is
    as good as dead.
    Conclusion - Beat Human Opponents
    Well, I really cannot help you there much. All I can say is that everyone
    should have their own human strategies and divulging mine would be
    encouraging tekken to be an robotically played game - go out there and
    think up your own ways to beat your opponents. However, be sure and
    remember all those comments I made about each one of Jack-2's moves - use
    those in creating your own strategies. I hope they will be good ones. By
    now, you probably see that Jack-2 can be a terrific character - and if you
    lose occasionally, please do not smash the controls - ours are pretty beat
    up from people who have no respect for private property. Remeber it's a
    game - you're supposed to have fun. And fun you will have if you stick to
    Jack-2. Be unpredictable, and you stand a good chance against anyone. Good
    I would like to thank the following people in no particular order for
    helping make this FAQ a possibility:
    Luke(lukejedi@ix.netcom.com) - for writing the original tekken 2 faq.
    Without him, we'd all be in the dark.
    Meanbean(bean@ccsi.com) - for revising Luke's tekken 2 faq.
    Lei(ma_lyn@stu.ust.hk) - for providing me with a great many Jack-2 float
    combo's to put on my faq that were mostly donated to him by Hikedi
    Abbott Wang(wang57@futures.wharton.upenn.edu) - for writing his excellent
    Heihachi FAQ as an example to all the rest of us faqwriters.
    Beamer(beamer@spacelab.net) - for letting me use his jack-2 image and for
    his Tekken 2 advice.
    Jedi Master(jedi@sparky.tstonramp.com) - for all the help he has given me
    in learning tekken2 multiparts.
    Sang Hong(sangmh@hnc.net) - for offering several combo's and strategies for
    All the people on #tekken2 - Sleet, MG, Greene and others, for being so
    helpfull, for keeping my interest in the game up and for being there when I
    needed them ... thanks guys!
    and ...
    all the local fools who help keep my savings high and theirs low :)
    It is my hope that this FAQ will have proved helpfull in learning Jack-2.
    Now go out there and kick some ass!

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