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    Jun by TKunitsu

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                           Strategy Guide for Jun Kazama
                                By Toshihiko Kunitsu
    * Note : Please refer to the Tekken2 FAQ by Luke for the notations used in
    this FAQ.
    Jun's move list
     1,1                     Punch, Middle Screw Punch
     1,3                     Punch-Kick Combo
     1,2                     Punches
     F+2                     Charging Strike
     (WC)+3+4                Can-Can
     1,4,4,4                 Punch, 3 sweeps
     1,1,4                   Punch, Middle Screw Punch, Can-Can
     1,1,3                   Punch, Middle Screw Punch, front Kick
     F+1,4                   Middle Screw Punch, Can-Can (hits low)
     F+1,3                   Middle Screw Punch, Front Kick (hits medium)
     N+3+4                   Cartwheel Kick
     F+4                     Lightning Crescent
     B+3                     Backflip Kick
     B+3,4,4,4,3             Backflip Kick,Sweeps,Cartwheel Kick
     B+3,2                   Backflip Kick, Charging Strike
     (d/b+4)_(3~4),4,4       Leg Sweeps
     (d/b+4)_(3~4),4,4,3     Leg Sweeps, Cartwheel Kick
     F+3,3                   Spinning Roundhouse
     1+4                     White Heron (a low kick and high punch combined)
     1+4,2,1,1,4             White Heron, Punches, Can-Can
     1+4,2,4                 White Heron, Punch, Lightning Crescent
     1+4,2,D+4               White Heron, Punch, Crescent Low
     1+4,2,1,4,4,4,3         White Heron, Punches, Leg Sweeps, Cartwheel Kick
     1+4,2,1,1,3             White Heron, Punches, Cartwheel Kick
     B+(1+3 or 2+4)          Attack Reversal
     (F+3)#,4,4,4            Spinning Heel Drop (unblockable)
     (WS)+2,1,1,1,2,1,4,3,3+4Tenstring 1
     (WS)+2,1,1,1,2,1+4,1,3+4Tenstring 2
     (WS)+2,1,1,3            Fourstring
    You should be able to use all 10hit combos for each character if you wanna
    beat players in your town. I know only good players can stop 10hit combos.
    If you can already use 10hit combos, you must be able to beat most players.
    10hit combos are the best and easiest way to beat players! If you (1) don't
    know how to stop them, you can't do anything with them! If you can't use
    them, you should start practicing now! Once you learned how to do that, you
    will see how useful they are! You might need to practice a lot to be able
    to do 10hit combos(because the timing is severe) But you will be able to do
    them by practicing and practicing! Even you can't use 10hit combos(if it's
    too hard for you to use it), there are still lots of good ways to fight!
    When you start the fight, what would you do? Kick? Punck? Do you know what
    attack is the fastest? It is a LEFT PUNCH. Even your opponent try to do
    something at the beginning of the fight, you can hit him faster by left
    punch, (2) especially LOW LEFT PUNCH {down+1}. I always do a low left punch
    at the beginning of the battle whatever the opponent does. Or you can use
    low left punch in case you can beat the opponent with one hit. We can't
    respond to the low left punch and can't block it!
    Now let's talk about the tactics for Jun!
    Tactics for Jun
    I.If your opponent is close to you
      1. Start a combo {1+4,2,4 or d+4} Espacially {1+4,2,d+4} works good.
      2. Start a combo {1+4,2,1,4,4,4}, you can use this combo as an infinity
         combo by using this one repeatedly.
      3. Start a combo {1+4,2,1,1,1,4 or 3}
      4. Do a low left punch, then start 10hit combo
      5. Start a combo {1,1,4 or F+1,4}
      6. Start a combo {1,1,3}
      7. Start a combo {1 or 3,4,4,4}or{1 or 3,4} + #1~3combos
    I recommend you to use #3 and #7 combo. Because it starts with low kick,
    and most people will get hit till last double kick. Once you kick him up in
    the air by the double kick, you can kick him by an upperforward kick{u/f+4}
    But if your opponent know how to escape(if they duck), then you should use
    {1+4,2,1,1,1,3} or {1+4,2,4}. Or you can connect #2 and #3combo together.
    It becomes a long combo and they won't be able to stop it!
    II.If your opponent is a little away from you(when your punch or kick can't
    reach the opponent)
      1. Start #4,5,6,7 combos mentioned above (Jun moves forward as you do
         these combos)
      2. Do a back flip and start a combo {b+3,4,4,4,#1~3 combos mentioned
         above} If your opponent try to do something, back flip kick will eat
         the opponent.
    III. If your opponent is far away from you
      1. Run to him, tackle(automatically do a tackle) and slap him(tap
         repeatedly left punch and right punch)
      2. Run to him, do a sliding kick or jump kick(either left kick or right
    IV. If your opponent is lying
      1. do a down attack {u+2}
      2. do a low spin kick {d+3 or d+4)
      3. get close to him and start a combo {3,4,1+4,2,d+4} You can pick the
         opponent by {3,4} and {1+4,2,d+4} will hit him. But you have to be
         really close to the opponent to pick him up.
      4. If your opponent always does a kick when he stands up. Stay close to
         him, but not too close! You need to stay a little away so that you
         don't get his kicks or punchs. Your opponent will freeze after he does
         a kick. Then you can punch him up in the air by an appercut {F+2} You
         can do aerial combo #1 mentioned later! But if your opponent doesn't
         do a kick, you shouldn't use this #4 technique!
    If you are a beginner, you'd better use #2. #2 is the easiest and certain
    way of down attack. But if you are a middle class and expert player, you
    should try #3 combo
    V. Aerial combos
      1. Punch him up in the air by {F+2}, do a wheel kick {3+4}, tap to right
         a little, start a combo {1+4,2,d+4}.
      2. Kick him up in the air by double kick{d+3+4}, then you can either do
         an uppercut{F+2} or start a combo{1+4,3,d+4} or {1+4,3,1,4,4,4}
      3. Kick him up in the air by double kick{down+3+4}, do one more double
         kick as soon as you landed.
      4. Punck him up by upper cut{d/f+2} or {F+2}, do a jump kick{u/f+4}
    I always use #1 aerial combo since this one does the most damege out of
    VI. Time attack pattern
    This is only for V.S.computer and to make a fastest record to beat all of
    them, till devil.
    Start with {F+1,4}, do a jump kick {u/f+4}, stay there till your opponent
    roll, once they start rolling(rolled half way), do the same attack
    {forward+1,4 then upforward+4} If your timing is right, you can hit him
    both with second punch and double kick(Because it becomes a counterhit) It
    takes only 3.5sec for one game. You can use this pattern up to round 4~5.
    After that, you must start with 10hit combo because they start ducking.
    10hit combo works good even V.S. computer. After you kick him down by 10hit
    combo(the one finishes with a cartwheel kick), go close to him and step
    away when he started rolling. You need to step back so that you can't get
    his kick. As you see he does a kick you can punch him up in the air by an
    upper cut {F+2} Then do an aerial combo #1. It takes about 7.5sec for this
    combo. But whenever you see Lei, you always need to start with 10hit combo
    twice since he always roll away. If you do everything right and you were
    lucky, you can hit around 3min10~15sec. My best record is 3min6sec,
    however, the fastest record in Japan is around 1min50sec!
    VII. Summary
    Jun has lots of combos and most of them are really useful and can be
    connected together. It might be fun for you to figure out our own combos.
    Also she has a counter attack {b+1+3 or b+2+4}. When you fight with big and
    slow characters such as Jack2, P.Jack, Kuma, Ganryu, you should be able to
    use it. Law is rather easy to use counterhits since he does lots of high
    punches and kicks. But don't overuse counterhits! You will freeze when you
    miss it! As I play Tekken2, I came to know that we should always attack and
    not to wait for your opponent attacks. Attack,attack and attack! Not so
    many people can stop Jun's combos I mentioned above(especially 10hit
    If you have any questions, please Email me. I can answer your questions as
    long as I can! I hope this will help you! Thanks!

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