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    Jun vs. CPU by Victar

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    From: vctr113062@aol.com (Vctr113062)
    Newsgroups: alt.games.video.sony-playstation
    Subject: [TK2] Jun vs CPU cheeze guide v2.0
    Date: 18 Mar 1996 01:42:05 -0500
    [Tekken 2] Victar's Jun vs CPU cheeze guide v2.0
    "Hai! Hai! Yah!"
    Jun is the CPU-killing Cheeze Goddess, second only to Lei the Cheeze God
    (you may now bow down in worship). I play on a Jun machine (Baek is a
    sub-boss) with block-damage, set to "Hard" difficulty. (Hey, you with the
    glasses! You're not bowing!!!! :)
    ****Cheeze #1: Death From Above****
    Death From Above works like this:
       1) knock the CPU down
       2) stand real close to the CPU, practically stepping on its head or
       3) when it rolls to the side, do a long pounce (U+2)
       4) If you time it right, the CPU will whiff a rising attack and Jun
    will land on its head for some 25-40% damage, depending on whether you
    score a counter-hit. 
    If the long pounce misses, then you didn't get close enough. If the CPU
    blocks the long pounce you were too slow. Don't do the short pounce (u+2)
    by mistake or you'll eat a kick. Death From Above works on everyone except
    CPU Lei (who always rolls away) and stage 1 enemies (who don't use rising
    attacks as much). Oh, and don't try it on human opponents, who rarely use
    the sideways roll anyway. 
    Are you tired of being unable to follow up Jun's 1+3 throw with anything
    (because the CPU recovers too soon)? Well, now you can. After you break
    the CPU's arm with 1+3, dash right up to its head and hit U+2 really
    quick. Bam! Half its life is gone. Death From Above doesn't seem to work
    with Jun's 2+4 throw, though.
    Death From Above works even better when Jun knocks the CPU down with
    something else - cartwheel kick, backflip kick, rushing uppercut,
    double-hit front kick, almost anything works. The one exception that comes
    to mind are the rising trip kicks you can do when you're getting up from a
    knockdown, because those hit the CPU far away *and* it recovers from them
    really fast.
    So when the CPU is stretched on the ground (after a knockdown, whiffed
    Frankensteiner, or whatever), then  instead of sweeping it with a pitiful
    low 3, run close to it (you're standing right on its knees). You'll have a
    little more time to spare than if you knocked it down with the 1+3 throw,
    so wait until it's about halfway through the sideways role before you hit
    At my arcade, Death From Above was first discovered with Nina, and I've
    since found it effective when playing Anna, Heihachi, Devil/Angel, and now
    Jun. It probably works with everyone for whom U+2 is a flying punch
    ****Cheeze #2: Cartwheel Kick****
    Cartwheel Kick cheeze works like this:
    (from the edge of Jun's range) Cartwheel Kick, crouching 1, dash back,
    As long as you don't do Jun's Cartwheel Kick (just press 3+4) from too
    close, the CPU will almost always block it. It may try to hit you
    afterwards, but Jun's low 1 (a crouching punch) is so fast you'll usually
    hit it out of whatever it tries, or at least push it back. On early stages
    you can just do 3+4, low 1, 3+4, low 1 etc. over & over again. On later
    stages, particularly vs. CPU Wang, Kazuya, & Devil, you must be careful to
    dash away after the low 1 and before you try to restart the pattern *from
    the furthest border of Jun's range*. It helps if you can wear the CPU down
    with block-damage, so if block-damage isn't enabled on your machine then
    bug the arcade attendent to change the setting.
    There are two hazards to this strategy. The first risk is that the CPU
    will hit you out of the cartwheel kick (in particular, watch out for CPU
    Kazuya/Devil's dragon punch). You can reduce this risk by 
       a) doing the cartwheel kick from the edge of Jun's range, or better yet
       b) doing the cartwheel kick only after you've blocked the CPU's
    attack/string, or better still
       c) doing the cartwheel kick only after the CPU whiffs an attack/string
    The second risk is that if you whiff the cartwheel kick, the CPU will give
    you the pounding you deserve. So be careful not to overestimate Jun's
    Also, it is better not to overuse this pattern if you can help it -
    eventually, the CPU may start throwing you after the Cartwheel Kick, or
    kicking you out of it (especially if you do it from too close). It is
    safest to do the Cartwheel Kick when the CPU is recovering from a string
    or special move. It is more damaging if you can hit the CPU out of a
    string/special move with the Cartwheel Kick. The Cartwheel Kick is an
    excellent way to retaliate against whiffed attacks of any kind. Remember,
    if the cartwheel kick scores a knockdown, follow it up with Death From
    ****misc. cheezes****
    -my favorite Jun combo is F+2, jumping 3. It's a rushing uppercut, after
    which you jump straight in the air and kick 'em again; finish 'em off with
    Death From Above. Jun's F+2 has a certain amount of setup & lag time,
    though, so don't use it unless the CPU whiffs an attack.
    -Another useful Jun tactic is to wait for the CPU to start a string, then
    use her double front kick (D+3+4) to hit the CPU out of it. This works
    particularly well against CPU Michelle, or after blocking Paul's dashing
    elbow. It doesn't work against CPU Heihachi/Kazuya/Devil, who never use
    their strings (except for the hell sweep). Don't do the front kick when
    the CPU is just standing there, or it will duck/low block the kick and
    hurt you while you recover. Again, be sure to follow up the double front
    kick with Death From Above!
    -It's usually safe to go for a "free throw" at the start of a round. At
    higher levels, the CPU will very often duck or escape your throw but if
    you do a crouching punch and/or back off after your attempt, you probably
    won't be penalized. I like to use the 1+3 throw followed, of course, by
    Death From Above. Remember, attempting to do an ordinary sweep to the CPU
    after the 1+3 or 2+4 is hazardous to Jun's health. You Have Been Warned.
    -For the toughest CPU enemies (Kazuya, Devil), fall back on the Ranma
    Saotome final desperation technique: run away (not too far), let the CPU
    run into your crouching punch, then dash a short distance away again. If
    the CPU whiffs an attack or string when you dash away, now's your best
    chance to start up the cartwheel kick cheeze. Note that the Saotome
    technique does not work on CPU Michelle, and works only so-so on Wang.
    Both of 'em sometimes kick you out of the crouching punches.
    -I've seen Jun's unblockable spinning kick used to cheeze the CPU. They
    did it like this:
       1) Knock the CPU down with Jun's inescapable throw (d/f+2+3)
       2) Let the CPU roll to the side while powering up the unblockable
    spinning kick
       3) kick the CPU as it's standing up
    However, I suck at diagonal moves, so I haven't been able to do this very
    often. Death From Above is much easier. Besides, I'm the only one who
    bothers to beat the game with Jun anyway. ^_^
    -When you get knocked down by mid-level (say, level 4-7) enemies, a nice
    trick to gain an edge is to roll to the side (tap 1) and then get up with
    a kick (3 or 4). The CPU may get baited into a missed pounce and eat the
    kick. This tactic doesn't work well on CPU Kazuya/Devil, though - he'll
    kick you out of the sideways roll over and over. Even if you roll
    backward, he'll probably get at least one low kick on you before you
    escape. It sucks, but c'est la vie.
    -The first couple CPU opponents can quickly and easily be slain with Jun's
    10-hit strings, but later opponents will just duck and/or hit you out of
    A few more notes on individual CPU enemies:
    Baek - He's a "boss" on the machine I play, so I've only killed him will
    Law. The Saotome strategy does not work well on him, and neither does
    doing the cartwheel kick when he's just standing there. I recommend
    learning to recognize his short kick strings - when you see one coming,
    dash out of range, and retaliate with the cartwheel kick when he finishes
    Heihachi - I hate him, but at least he does fall for the Cartwheel Kick
    pattern. Sometimes he jumps toward you with a quick air kick; block it,
    dash up to him, and hurt or throw him (he's got a long recovery time from
    that move.) Watch out for his hell sweep-axe kick string (sheesh I hate
    that, next time he tries it I'm just going to jump away from him.) His air
    kick and Death Fist moves must be blocked high.
    Jack 2 - His throws *hurt*, so stay in a crouch when you're waiting for
    him to make his move. He likes to do strings of punches. Hit him out of
    the punch string with the double front kick, or just reverse the second
    punch. Then dash up to him, Cartwheel Kick, dash, Cartwheel Kick over &
    over again. You'll knock him out of his attempts to roll away several
    times, possibly KO him before he finally wises up and rolls to the side;
    by then he'll be down to a centimeter or two of life. If you're going for
    a speedy time, then repeated Cartwheel Kicks are a quick way to take
    Jack-2 out. You can also use Death From Above, or repeated low 3s as
    Jack-2 finishes the sideways roll.
    Jun - you won't fight her unless you continue someone else's game, which
    is actually too bad. My Devil easily kills 9th-level Jun just by falling
    back on the Saotome strategy until she whiffs a cartwheel kick, then
    <whack*whack*whack>, Death From Above. Note that CPU Jun likes to throw a
    King - the Cartwheel Kick pattern works OK. Stay in a crouch whenever
    you're close to King, because he'll try to do his multi-throws on you more
    frequently than any other CPU character, IMHO. When he whiffs a
    Frankensteiner or drop kick, pay him back Death From Above! (Note that a
    drop kick blocked from close range will force you into guard-stun, in
    which case you won't have any time to retaliate. Crouch-blocking the
    Frankensteiner won't cause guard-stun, though). Watch out for King's
    single Ali kick, uppercut string; you have to block the Ali kick low and
    the uppercut hit high, then whack him during the recovery time. Whenever
    you block a set of his Ali kicks, retaliate with the cartwheel kick; he
    won't recover in time to block.
       King sometimes likes to do a special spring to his feet after he's been
    knocked down. If he does, you can block it and retaliate with almost
    Law - the Cartwheel Kick pattern doesn't always work on him because he's
    so fast. Jun can sometimes front kick him out of his strings, though.
    Watch out for his string of punches ending in an elbow smash or two; you
    have to block the elbow smash(es) high.
    Lei - Incredibly Easy. Just duck his set of two turning punches (he does
    'em over & over again), and when he's got his back turned to you, throw
    him. I guess even Cheeze Gods have their weaknesses...
    Michelle  - wait a short distance away for her to do one of her two- or
    three-hit strings out of range. For extra damage, hit her out of the
    string with a front kick or Cartwheel Kick. To play it safe, wait until
    she finishes the string and either start the Cartwheel Kick block-damage
    pattern or dash up to her and throw her. Be careful, because she tends to
    end her strings either in low kicks (which must be blocked low) or an
    uppercut (which must be blocked high). Don't let her run into crouching
    punches or you'll eat her boots.
    Nina - the Cartwheel Kick pattern works OK. It's hard to hit her out of
    her kick strings, because her legs have such long reach. Watch out for her
    multi-throw. She likes to multi-throw you out of missed kicks!
    Paul - Easy. Stand outside of sweep range, and wait for him to do his trip
    kick + dashing elbow combo. Block the elbow and retaliate with the double
    front kick or a throw, Death From Above. Repeat. If he closes in on you,
    make him keep his distance with a crouching punch. You have to block his
    trip kick low and his dashing elbow/death fist high.
    Yoshimitsu - Easy. He's got a horrible lag time after his standing kicks.
    Crouch and wait for him to do his two standing high kicks in a row. Then
    immediately let go of the joystick (i.e. stand up) and tap 3. You'll do an
    extra-powerful roundhouse that will send him flying. (Alternatively, just
    reverse the second kick - if I can do it, anyone can. :) If Yoshi closes
    in on you, make him keep back with a low punch. If he does his tumbling
    move into you, block the first two tumbles and then throw him.
    Alex/Roger - They fight a lot like King and have all of his weaknesses,
    especially springing to their feet after a knockdown. The cartwheel kick
    pattern works on 'em too.
    Wang - Hard. The Cartwheel Kick pattern works on him sometimes, but don't
    rely on it exclusively or he'll start hitting you out of the Cartwheel
    Kick. Don't do the Cartwheel Kick from any closer than the edge of Jun's
    range or you'll be *asking* to get hit. Crouch (Wang likes to throw) and
    wait for him to do a Michelle string, then treat him as if he were
    Michelle (but don't bother throwing him with 1+3 or 2+4, he almost always
    escapes). Watch out for his Michelle-uppercut and Death Fist, both of
    which have to be blocked high. The Saotome technique works only so-so.
    Kazuya - Hard. The Cartwheel Kick pattern works if you're extremely
    careful, or better yet, if you combine it with the Saotome technique. He
    likes to tackle you, so be ready to escape or hit him out of the attempt
    with a crouching punch. If he whiffs his dragon punch, juggle him with
    something quick (you won't have time to do this if you block it). Always
    go for Death From Above when you have the chance. Watch out for his
    spinning sweep kicks, which must be blocked low, and his *#$% dragon
    punch, which hurts like hell (50%) and must be blocked high.     Kazuya
    also throws like a total bastard, so stay in a crouch and do not whiff
    your attacks. That means you don't attack unless he's within range, and
    NEVER do any attack he can duck underneath unless you're hitting him out
    of a move, or while he recovers from a move.
    Devil - As bad as Kazuya. Treat him the same. He doesn't have as many of
    Kazuya's moves (no standing tackle, and his hell sweep only hits twice),
    but he shares Kazuya's passion for dragon punching you and throwing you
    out of ill-timed attacks. Beware the *#@$ unblockable laser. CPU Devil
    always uses it at least once or twice per match, occasionally up to four
    times in one round. Duck the ground laser (he bends over a moment before
    firing it). You can stand up and kick him afterward, or quickly dash up to
    him and throw him (assuming you can do Jun's d/f+2+3; Kazuya/Devil will
    escape basic throws up to five times in a row.)
        When Devil flies up for the air laser, react fast! If you can run (f,
    f, F) behind him and back-throw him when he lands, great. Be careful not
    to do a normal dash (f, F) or you'll stop after a few steps and get fried.
    If you're standing at least a screen length away, the safer option is to
    dash away (b, B) and keep on dashing. When he starts to fire, hold the
    joystick U/B and you should jump out of the laser's path. Then run to
    close the distance between you and Devil before he charges you with the
    running battering-ram. If Devil prepares the air laser while you're lying
    on the ground, tap 1 to roll to the side (out of its path) and then roll
    away or toward him (this is also handy vs human Devil players).
    A word on unblockables other than Devil's laser. The CPU very rarely uses
    them. When the CPU has decided to do an unblockable, you'll see your enemy
    "power up" while a pretty sparkly flashes. That is your warning to either
    hit him *fast* or run/jump away. 
    When I tell you people to do the lizard
    Pull yourself together and take a listen
    Take my flask and sip the liquid
    Forgive me now for what I might deliver
       -Saigon Kick, "The Lizard"

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