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    Kazuya by Aoi

    Version: 2.0B | Updated: 10/22/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 00:13:54 -0400
    From: Aoi <aknight@frontiernet.net>
          |  /                                  \  |_)      |    _)                
          ' /   _` |_  / |   | |   |  _` |     |\/ | |  __| __ \  | __ `__ \   _` |
          . \  (   |  /  |   | |   | (   |     |   | |\__ \ | | | | |   |   | (   |
         _|\_\\__,_|___|\__,_|\__, |\__,_|    _|  _|_|____/_| |_|_|_|  _|  _|\__,_|
                                       version 2.0 B 
           FAQ created by William Knight. Distribute freely without altering contents.
    This FAQ was written late last year, 1996. I am redistributing it untouched,
    except for a few minor spelling errors, the ascii header and a little
    rewording on two sentences. Other than that the faq is the same as the original.
    I am not changing anything because what you read here is when I was at the peak
    of my game. Since I play very little Tekken 2 nowadays I will leave it as is.
    I'm not sure of the exact date but it was written roughly back in October 1996.
    A year has passed since I wrote this faq so for those who haven't seen it, 
    here it. This was one of my first faqs I have, written a dozen or so since then.
    You'll notice my real name is in the title cause this was before I used my present
    internet nick, Aoi.
    				  William Knight (Aoi)
    I. Introduction/About Kazuya
    II. Basic moves & moves list
    III. Advanced moves
    ***The Ultimate finish***
    ***Special Combo section***
    IV. Strategy against CPU/Humans
    V. Closing remarks 
    This FAQ will be mid-depth rather than in-depth because I just started 
    playing Kazuya on a regular basis. I used to play him alot, but I got into 
    other characters and I played him occasionaly. I am writing a FAQ for Kazuya
    because every where I look there are no FAQs for him at all, so here
    you go.
    Kazuya is a very strong character. Even if you do not know any of his 
    moves his basic moves should be efficient if you are a beginner. He is much
    like Heihachi in that moves like his "Demon Godfists" can take away 
    precious energy. Also if linked together his Hell sweeps and axe kick can 
    drain alot of health. 
    Holding Kicks (1+3)
    This grab is one of Kazuya's strongest moves in terms of damage it takes 
    almost half energy about 40%. That is alot for a grab, but it can also be 
    used to set up your opponent for a unreal combo that works best against the 
    CPU and not that well aginst humans. I will talk about in the advanced moves 
    section.(unreal meaning not a real combo)
    Hip Throw (2+4)
    This grab takes about 30-35% energy. It is very useful when grabbing 
    oppenents while they are in the middle of an attack. This can also be used 
    as a linker to the same unreal combo as listed above.
    Headbutt (f,f+1+2) irreverseable grab
    This grab takes about 30-35% energy. It can also be used as a linker to the 
    unreal combo. Most people don't expect this move so it can be used very 
    effectively. This move is Kazuya's cheese move because you can beat the 
    computer with this one move. All you have to do is try to get the CPU on the
    ground as soon as possible via knockdown or grab. I usually try to headbutt 
    first because this is an irreverseable grab meaning the CPU cannot push you 
    away. From here run up next to the CPU wait for it to roll away halfway, 
    back away from it about 1 1/2 steps, as soon as it throws a defensive kick 
    you should be just out of range do the headbutt. Repeat this about 3 maybe 
    4 times and the CPU will be out for the count. 
    Neck Throw (1+3 or 2+4) (behind the oppenent)
    This move is most effective against Lei and Devil/Angel because he always 
    has his back turned. Duck the entire round and block if you have to. After 
    he does the 2 turning punches do a normal grab as soon as soon as he is done 
    with the last punch. This grab takes about 40%. All of the other characters 
    will get out this move by doing a quick hit to stop you. As for Devil/Angel
    when they do the floating laser, run underneath them and grab them 
    immediately or soon as they land. This takes patience because you have to 
    get used to being that close to them without getting hit.
    2+4            Hip Throw       
    1+3            Holding Kick           
    f,f,1+2        Headbutt         
    (d_D/B)1+2     Ultimate Tackle  {2+4}
       <tackle> 2,1,2,1,2  Mounted Punches
    <behind> (1+3)_(2+4)  Neck Throw
    1,2            2P
    f,f,f+3        Flying Kick
    f+4            Axe Kick
    f,f+3          Sidestepping Axe kick
    (WS)+4,4       Double Axe Kick
    d/f+4,4        Standing Double Axe Kick
    1,1,2          3P Combo
    4~3            Flipkick
    1,2,2          3P Combo
    d/f+1,2        Double Uppercut
    f,N,d,D/F+2    Power uppercut
    f,N,D/F+2      Alternate Power Uppercut 
    f,N,d,D/F+1    Dragon Punch
    f,N,D/F+1      Alternate Dragon Punch      
    f,N,d,D/F+1+3 or f,N,D/F+1+3     Dragon Punch, Side Kick
    f,N,d,D/F+1+4 or f,N,D/F+1+4     Dragon Punch, Sweep Kick
    f,N,d,D/F+4,4  Hell Sweeps
    f,N,D/F+4,4    Alternate Hell Sweeps
    u/f+4,4,4,4    Jump Kick, 2 Sweeps, Side Kick
    (WS)+2          Stun Punch  **stuns on counterhit**
    f,neutral              Sidestep
    (tap back)b+1+4      Spinning Dragon Punch (unblockable)
    (hold back)B+1+4    * Long Spinning Dragon Punch* (unblockable)
    			     *hits lying opponent*
    f,F+2,1,2,2,3,4,4,1,2,1    Tenstring
    f, F+2,1,2, 2,3,4,4,3,2,1  Tenstring
    f, F+2,1,4,4,2,4,3,2,1     Ninestring
    d/f+2                  Uppercut (combo starter)     
    d/f+1,2                Double Uppercut (combo starter)
    f,N,d,D/F+2            Power Uppercut
    *Kazuya's most powerful combo*
    (WS)+2               Stun punch, dragon punch
     ,f,N,d,D/F+1+3, 4~3  with sidekick, flip kick    4-hit 122 pts.
    f,N,D/F                Alternate Power Uppercut
       ,1,1~2~2               +P, 3P                                5-hit  70pts
       ,d/f+1,2,d/f+4,4       +Double Uppercut, Double Axe Kick     5-hit  65pts
       ,1,1~2,u/f+4,4         +P, 2P, Jump Kick, Sweep Kick         5-hit  65pts
       ,1,1~1~2               +P, 3P                                5-hit  64pts
       ,1,d/f+4,4             +P, Double Axe Kick                   4-hit  58pts    
       ,1,f,N,d,d/f+2         +P, Power Uppercut                    3-hit  57pts
       ,1,d/f+1,2             +P, Double Uppercut                   4-hit  54pts
    *Hell sweeps (f,N,d,D/F+4,4)
    *Alternate Hell Sweeps (f,N,D/F+4,4)
    These are very effective on novice and intermediate players. They usually 
    have no idea where to block so these are good for tight/close situations.
    Use these sparingly on the CPU, I use them to start a juggle combo such as 
    the hell sweeps then the axe kick. The same goes for experts.
    *Jump Kick, 2 Sweeps, Side Kick (u/f+4,4,4,4)
    These are also very effective on novice and intermediate players. Take note 
    though almost never try these on the CPU it will block every last one of
    your moves. If you do connect it would be the first hit the spinning jump
    kick and that's it.
    *Dragon Punch, Side Kick (DragonPunch_AlternateDragonPunch+3)
    This is best used as a counterattack whether the CPU or human. As soon as 
    they start their move or are in the middle of a combo or ten hit try to back 
    away out of range while blocking, preferably 1 1/2 steps back no more 
    because if you go too far you might whiff with the Dragon Punch.
    *Dragon Punch, Sweep Kick (DragonPunch_AlternateDragonPunch+4)
    This is the same as above.
    Spinning Dragon Punch (b+1+4) and Long Spinning Dragon Punch (B+1+4)
    Now remember the unreal combo I mentioned earlier, well here it is.
    The spinning dragon punch takes about 2 seconds to complete. The most
    effective way to use it is after a grab. Okay first try to grab the CPU
    with whatever grab you like (on later stages use the headbutt as your grab
    because it is irreversible). Then quickly kick it on the ground with a low
    kick (down+RK or LK). This should knock the CPU back about one character
    length. As soon as it starts to roll back about halfway through the roll
    give or take, take 1 step (more of a quick tap so that Kazuya does a short 
    hop back) and start the unblockable (B+1+4). The CPU will roll back 
    about almost the length of the screen, but not quite. It will always want to 
    charge at you so this gives you those precious 2 seconds you need in order to
    get off the unblockable without getting knocked out of it. You can also do 
    the shorter spinning dragon uppercut, but the process is much quicker. When 
    you get to the point when the CPU is rolling away take a 1/2 step back (tap 
    so that Kazuya does a short hop back) and simultaneously do the shorter 
    version of the spinning dragon uppercut, if timed right he should connect.  
    This almost never works on humans because they won't ever charge toward you 
    after being knocked down, if they do they will stop and avoid you when they 
    see you charging up for the unblockable. It might work on humans if they 
    don't know what the unblockable does, it only works once maybe twice because 
    people learn what to expect next time. 
    ***The Ultimate Finish***
    I have found out a way to instantly kill the computer and humans
    in just two moves. It is a stun combo and it takes away 
    everything quickly. Here it is:
    (WS)+2, B+1+4 Long spinning uppercut (unblockable)
    That's it. The catch is you need to hit the opponent with a
    counterhit while doing the stun. The easiest way to do this is 
    get in close and duck. While ducking jab them in the legs then 
    quickly do the stun. If they block the stun repeat the duck 
    and jab then stun. They can't block everything. Also when you 
    hit with the stun the opponent must be falling forward. This 
    gives you time to execute the unblockable uppercut.
    If someone does this to you then:
    To escape this whole charade is sort of complicated because
    the unblockable can hit you on the ground if you are one of
    the bigger size characters like Kuma, Jack-2, and P. Jack. So 
    if you fall down before the person can hit you just play dead
    and roll to the side. You may have a chance to escape if the 
    person is slow at executing the unblockable, but most of the 
    time you will get hit.            
    Stun Combos
    (WS)+2, d/f+1~2,f,1~2,f,N,d,d/f+2,4~3    
    (WS)+2, d/f+1~2,f,1,1~2~2                
    (WS)+2, d/f+1~2,f,1,1~1~2                
    (WS)+2, d/f+1~2,f,1,d/f+4~4              
    (WS)+2, d/f+1~2,f,1,f,N,d,d/f+2       
    (WS)+2, d/f+1~2,f,1,d/f+1~2             
    (WS)+2, d/f+1~2,f,1,f,N,d,d/f+4,4      
    (WS)+2, (WS)+2                    
    (WS)+2, f,N,d,d/f+1,3              
    (WS)+2, f,N,d,d/f+1,4              
    (WS)+2, f,N,d,d/f+1,3, 4~3                
    (WS)+2, f,N,d,d/f+1,4, 4~3                
    (WS)+2, u/f+4,4,4,4   
    Most powerful combos
    (WS)+2, d/f+1~2,f,1~2,f,N,d,d/f+2,4~3
    (WS)+2, d/f+1~2,f,1,1~2~2
    (WS)+2, f,N,d,d/f+1,3, 4~3
    Kazuya vs. the CPU
    Lei: Duck the entire round, then when he does his 2 turning 
    punches. Do the stun punch (WS+2) just as he finishes the 
    rotation on his second punch, then do the Long Spinning 
    Dragon Punch (B+1+4). Or you can finish him with the dragon 
    punch,sidekick, and flipkick (f,N,d,d/f+1,3, 4~3.
    Paul: Wait for the falling leaf combo (sweep then the elbow)
    then just do whatever you want with him. The best move would 
    be the Shining fists.(LP,LP,RP) or the alternate unblockable 
    spinning dragon uppercut (b+1+4).
    Heihachi: Start off with the mounted punches if he pushes 
    you away then try the headbutt. The best way to beat him is 
    to try to get him on the ground as soon as possible, then 
    repeat the headbutt method listed under heabutt in the basic
    moves section.
    Yoshimitsu: Duck his 2 kicks sometimes he does 3. Just as he 
    is doing the second kick do the stun punch (WS+2), then do 
    the Long Spinning Dragon Punch (B+1+4).
    Kunimitsu: Same as Yoshimitsu.
    Law,Nina,Jun: On latter stages the best route is the 
    headbutt,low kick,and Dragon uppercut unreal combo listed in 
    the last area in section III.
    Kazuya/Devil: Try the headbutt,low kick,unblockable spinning
    dragon uppercut this works best. You will probably whiff and
    miss the dragon uppercut a few times, but keep trying. Or 
    the very easy way out is to do the spinning dragon
    uppercut over and over until it connects. This method is 
    sometimes long,unpredictable, and dangerous because you 
    might get beaten up in the process and never connect. 
    Wang & Michelle: These 2 have almost the same moves which 
    means the weaknesses of the moves are the same for both 
    characters. Wait until they do the downward chop and low 
    sweep. From here keep out of range of the low sweep then do 
    the hell sweeps and axe kick combo (f,N,d,D/F+4,4 then 
    (WS)+4,4). Repeat the process. 
    Against beginners players: Use your Jump Kick, 2 Sweeps, 
    Side Kick (u/f+4,4,4,4)to the fullest, but not over and over
    this should give you time to execute your nine-hit or 
    ten-hit combos. Keep up your guard.
    Against Intermediate players: Use the hell sweeps, 
    front kick sparingly. Stay on guard all the time that is the 
    key to winning. Some people don't believe me when I say in 
    order to win you have to block too. So keep your guard and 
    if they let up a bit blast them with an axe kick,
    sidestepping axe kick or a ten or nine-hit.
    Against experts: You will have to find your own niche 
    against experts, but all I can really say is keep a very 
    strong guard and look for a weakness or repetition of moves 
    and find a counterattack for that move. Do not repeat moves 
    over and over if you do they will more than likely fool 
    around with you let you think you are winning and do 
    something drastic that's why I said keep a strong guard 
    because you might get the upper hand and you might be able 
    to rely on your strong guard at the closing second.
    Well I hope you learned something from this FAQ and if you 
    have any questions e-mail me at aknight@frontiernet.net
    				William Knight

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