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    Kuma by Greene

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    =====< Kuma FAQ. version 1.0 >=====
    Written by Greene, "The Bear"
    Table of Content
    1) General Description of the character Kuma
    2) Crucial Move list: Moves that you WILL use and will USE only
    3) Strategy Guide with Kuma
    This FAQ will be quite brief, because I began to play with Kuma for a brief
    period, and still there are a lot to be discovered in this huge character.
    Yet, I think it is very useful to share what I know with other people,
    because I believe that the excitement of Tekken2 comes not from beating
    button-smashers, but from a match with skilled players. Then, without
    further delaying, I'll talk about our cute yet dangerous bear, Kuma.
    1. General Description of Kuma
    Kuma is very slow, yet deadly character in the game. He has a few combos
    that is not hard to pull off yet is very dangerous. Even though most of his
    attacks are focused on a close-range attack, he also has some long range
    attacks. The only serious flaw that Kuma has is that it is extremely hard
    to spice up upper and lower attacks with Kuma due to his slow movement. If
    you don't trust my word, you can look at his combos. Other than his
    10-string combo, NO other combo actually spices up the upper and lower
    attack, in contrast to many other characters. Thus if you really are going
    to use Kuma... well, you will have to have some kind of 'commitment' to
    this slow bear... or this will be just somebody's teddybear to toy with.
    Then one might ask... why I am using this character. As a matter of fact, I
    wanted to write FAQ about one of those glamourous characters such as
    Heihachi, Paul, King or Michelle (My goddess) but... someone else already
    took it so I couldn't!
    2. Crucial Move List.
    There are Kuma's move list in any Tekken Site. If you really want to
    'research' Kuma, get that move list.
    ( Chances are... you will find it pretty much useless because Kuma's attack
    tends to stay in one spot. )
    F,B,U,D : Holding the stick
    f,b,u,d : Tapping the stick
    Left Punch Right Punch
        1   2
        3   4
    Left Kick Right Kick
    When there is '+' sign, that means either you press, or press and hold
    A comma means the progression of moves, such as 1,1,1 meaning press left
    punch three times.
    1. Grabs
    1+3 Hell Press
    2+4 Bear Hug
    F+2+4 Mauling
    2+4 (Behind) Long Toss. One thing to remember. Kuma is different from other
    character with the backthrow. For instance, if you press either 1+3 or 
    2+4 with Michelle, if she is behind somebody, she will do the German Supplex. 
    But if you press 1+3 instead of 2+4 with Kuma, he is so dumb that he will do 
    Hell Press instead of Long Toss!!
    2. Other techniques. (That you will use in any occasion)
    1,1,1 Punch Combo.
    f+1,1,1 Heaven Cannon
    or d/f+2,1,2,1 Uppercut Rush
    D+1+2 (when lying) Spring Hammer Punch
    3+4 Sitting
    u/f+3+4 Hip Press
    (while Sitting or after
    Hip Press or after Spring
    Hammer Punch) Bloody Claws
    D+1,1,1,2,(F or D/F or D)+1 Bear Rush
    b,f+2+3 Salmon Hunting.
    B+1+2 Terrible Claw (Unblockable)
    D+2,1,1,1,2,1,2,1,1+2,1+2 10 String.
    There are a lot more, but as I found, they are virtually useless. If you
    don't think so, please mail me. Write specific occasion, and the specific
    move that worked precisely in that occasion. As I told you above, I haven't
    been playing Kuma for that long yet, thus any suggestion is welcome.
    As an attentive reader might have found, Kuma's combos are concentrated on
    one spot, and thus it is clearly easy to block if anyone sees it coming.
    This will be the clear flaw with Kuma. If you have any suggestion to spice
    up upper and lower attack without loss of time, please mail me.
    3. Strategy Guide for Kuma.
    As I emphasized from the beginning, Kuma is slow, so if he misses any
    attack, he is as good as dead. Yet, he is very powerful, and his power
    compensates more than enough for his slowness. Thus if anyone is going to
    use Kuma, he will have to make advantage of this fact.
    a. vs CPU.
    From Round 1 to 3.
    Even though Kuma is slow, no one should have a problem in THIS stage unless
    you are Forrest Gump or lower. The main strategy here is: At the beginning,
    maul the opponent. Mauling will give a damage of 45%
    After that, do 1,1,1 combo (Trust me, he is DEAD, if he gets all three
    hits) If he blocks on the second hit, don't go to the third hit. The
    opponent will attack you with lower punch (Itzy Bitzy... that sucks!) If
    he/she blocks the combo, step away and WAIT till he does something wrong.
    Chances are, he/she will try upper body kick. Wait till that is over, and
    as soon as Kuma blocks it, counter with f+1,1,1. Heaven Cannon is the only
    FAST weapon that Kuma has, and this works fairly well. Using Bear Hug
    (33%-40%) on the finish is very effective, too. Just make sure you don't
    use Kuma's Bloody Claws, because you have to save it for the future. -
    well, unless otherwise you lose. :P
    From Round 4. to Round 7
    This is where the game gets harder. If you are playing against one of those
    bitches (Nina or Jun) or bastards (Law or King) you will have to resort
    mainly on Bloody Claws from now on. You won't be able to grab with ease. If
    you just walk up and try to grab... well, they will break your throw
    easily, too. From now on you have to rely on opponent's mistake (missed
    combo or missed kick, whichever that needs lots of recovery time) You have
    to time yourself well. Or your Kuma will absorb all the combo hits with no
    chance of counter attack. Yet, you still can maul and hug people after they
    miss their stupid combos
    1. vs Lei
    Lei is always easy. Just duck and wait till he does his moronic turning
    fist. After the second punch, you can deliver the long toss (70%) After two
    throws, he is dead meat
    2. vs Nina or Jun
    They are real bitches. You can't really grab them unless they have
    committed real grievous mistakes, or still you are playing Round 4.
    (occasionally, you will miss throw even in Round 3 if you are playing
    against those bitches) Don't worry. There is a bitter medicine for them
    anyway. (For everybody, actually)
    Get one step back, sit down and do bloody claws. If you do Bloody claws,
    you will notice that as Kuma swings his claws, he advances one step each
    time. Thus if you are not that far away, the last two shots will connect.
    Don't rejoice yet. After the bloody claw, roll BACKWARD or Nina will
    deliver that nice and nasty combo on your poor Kuma with no sweat. (in case
    of Round 7, that is) After you roll back, both bitches will run at you.
    Don't let them 'stomp' u. Jump up and then turn around. What if they don't?
    Go one step front and sit down... Bloody claw again. This is what you do
    after all. Try to grab them after missed combos occasionally. Due to the
    long arms, Kuma can actually deliver Bear hug after Nina or Jun
    accidentally miss a throw. Anyway... chances are, you will have to rely on
    the bloody claws.
    3. vs Michelle
    Oh, she is hot, isn't she? (Some claim that Nina is the hottest, but Fuck
    that! Michelle is the best!!) Yes, she is very pretty and good looking...
    and also good-natured. She will let you do whatever you want unless you are
    playing on 7th round (everyone turns either bitch or bastard on 7th round,
    so it's not her fault after all) Enjoy your game. Just remember not to
    abuse those grabs. She will break it on round 2 if you do. If she keeps
    being a bitch... there is a prescription written above.
    4. vs Yoshimitsu or Heihachi
    These yucky males have one common figure: Easy to dupe and easy to finish.
    You will be able to do mauling on both of them right at the beginning, if
    you didn't abuse that skill in the first three. Maul them. After that...
    just wait and see. Keep your distance so that they can't grab you. Chances
    a. Yoshimitsu will do his stupid two-kick combo. Right after the second
    kick, deliver Heaven Cannon (f+1,1,1) He doesn't learn his lesson anyway...
    wait till he does this and finish him with it.
    b. Heihachi will try that stupid upper round kick. Right after that kick,
    again, deliver the beloved Heaven Cannon. This does wonder!
    What if that doesn't work? You still have the magic prescription called
    Bloody Claws. They are really powerful tools that Kuma can pride in. Try
    using them... the usage is in Nina section.
    5. vs Jack 2
    This slow and yucky character has a same trait as Kuma. This WILL be a
    power game. Well, the only difference is that you have brain, which he
    doesn't. Unless he is on 7th round, you can try anything you want... well,
    don't hug him. I reserve that move exclusively for girls :)
    Again, if you are stuck, you can get yourself away with bloody claws here
    6. vs Law
    This guy sucks! I mean, he is the only guy that you can NEVER grab after
    5th round (well, bosses are born assholes, so exclude them) Sit down and do
    bloody claws... you will realize that this is the most wise decision you
    can ever make against this guy. What if he does his stupid Dragon's fang
    attack? Oh, Thank him and do Punch Combo 1,1,1 and he will stay on the
    ground for a LONG time.
    7. vs King
    Well, I never had any problems against any other people (well, against
    girls, tho, cuz of my weird sexual pervertedness... trying to finish
    Michelle with Bear Hug on Round 7, hahaha) this one has been the pain in
    the ass for a long time. If you see him after round 5, first pray to god.
    That's all you can do (Humph) The only tip I can give you is that you will
    have to live ducking (1) or you will get his multi, which hurts like shit.
    Secondly, you will have to stay 4 steps back or he will willingly deliver
    Frankensteiner (2) The second problem has been solved for me, because if
    you can have exact timing, you can deliver either f+1,1,1 or 1,1,1 combo
    while he is flipping on the air. But for the first part... Nah, not yet.
    Still needs lots of practice.
    Round 8.
    You will meet Paul here. (well, if you continued as the second player and
    kicked your buddy's ass to play, it's different story. You will see one of
    those other middle bosses. That's the due you will have to pay for being
    nasty to your buddy (j/k) I didn't fight against middle bosses yet, so I
    will have to write about it when I update this FAQ) This is so damn easy.
    This round is where you use one of the skills that you never used yet: Hell
    Press. Stay one step away so that he will MISS his stupid falling leaf
    combo. As soon as he finishes the combo (as soon as Kuma blocks his elbow
    attack, that is) press 1+3 and Paul is down. Due to Kuma's sooper-dooper
    heavy weight, Paul will stay down for a LONG while (about 7 secs or so) Do
    it again!! He loves it, anyway (Nothing sexual here) After the second hell
    press, he will get up and try to do that stupid falling leaf again. step
    back and wait till he misses. After he misses his second falling leaf,
    trust me he is dead (Just like Lei)
    What if Hell press doesn't work? Don't worry. Kuma has enough weapon to
    work his way out with. If Hell press doesn't work... simply do 4 (Right
    kick, simple one) in place of the Hell press. Make sure you keep the
    distance. You should be all right. Just remember that if u r carrying out
    this option, this will work 100% unless you have mistake in placement, but
    Paul will get right up after he gets hit, so you don't have the chance to
    kick him again, like you could with Hell Press
    Round 9.
    Kazuya. The Asshole. Key to this guy is: Stay AWAY. 3 steps precisely. Or
    he will deliver his deadly dragon punch. If u get that, you are DEAD (Trust
    me, you are dead) He will run at you, stomp you, sweep you and keep kicking
    you while you are down. Stay away. When he approaches to you, run away.
    Run!! I mean it. and as soon as you get the distance of 3 step, sit down
    and do the bloody claws. That's all you can do. absolutely nothing else.
    (This round is not that hard, if you know how to deal with the sitting down
    and bloody claws
    Round 10.
    Devil. THE Bastard. You will have to suffer for a while till you get the
    right distance. If you are far away, he will air-laser you, and if you are
    too close... Trust me, you are dead again. the right distance here is
    again, 3 step, but in round 10, it doesn't really have to be 3 step. When
    the round begins, sit down as soon as possible. Do the bloody claws. Avoid
    ANY contact, and as soon as you get the distance, sit down and do the
    bloody claw. If he dares to air-laser you... if he is on the ground, you
    can still duck, and if he air-laser you, jump up and you should be able to
    avoid the laser. And if he air-lasers you, make sure you run at himafter
    his air-laser. You will be able to stomp him on his way down. Other than
    that... just same shit. sitting down and bloody claw... sitting down and
    bloody claw...
    *Special Tip*
    If someone hits you to the ground, DON'T roll to get up. Wait till the
    opponent comes close and do
    D+1+2. This will initiate bloody claws right after the spring hammer. This
    is extremely useful. Make sure you use this skill as much as possible,
    should u get pounced to the ground.
    vs Human characters:Due to the fact that my career with Kuma is not long, I
    am not really good at fighting against human characters with Kuma yet. I
    even lost to one of those button-smasher the other day! (I couldn't believe
    it myself!!) Anyway, because of that fact, I can't really provide any
    useful tip that can help you fighting against human characters. Sorry about
    that. I will try to fight against as many humans as possible, and I will
    fill up this page on the next version, I promise.
    Kuma... well, I know he sucks... all my favorite characters are taken now!!
    Greene, 'The Bear'

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