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    Lee by HKing

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    From: wang57@futures.wharton.upenn.edu (Abbott Wang)
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade
    Subject: Re: TK2: Lee Strategy Guide
    Date: 20 Feb 1996 21:55:56 GMT
    Hugh L King (hlkng@mailserv.mta.ca) wrote:
    : I have a Lee strategy guide, but my university has a cheesy newsreader
    : that can't paste, so it's at
    : http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/1577/lee.txt
    : If anyone wants to get the file and post it here, feel free to.
    : Hugh King
    : hlkng@mailserv.mta.ca
    This is the Lee strategy guide on his web page:
    This character profile outline scammed from
    Richard D
    A)  General Description of Lee Chaolan
    B)  Lee's move list
    C)  Lee's combo list
           1)  Lee's Punch combos
           2)  Lee's Kick combos
           3)  Lee's Kick-Flipkick combo
    D)  Lee's throws
           1) Falling Headlock
           2) Headlock Punch
           3) Knee in the Head
    E) Lee's unblockables
    F) Lee's 10 hit string
    G) Lee V.S. the Whole World
           1) Lee Chaolan V.S. the computer
           2) Lee Chaolan V.S. local scrubs and button smashers
           3) Lee Chaolan V.S. Turtles
           4) Lee V.S. expert players (human)
    H) Lee Chaolan in Tekken 1
    - this strategy guide is dedicated to the Lee players who don't like Law due
     to the ease (cheese) of his flipkicks, as well as those annoying yells
    Lee is a good all-around player, but he is somewhat weaker than many
    characters, so why do I play him?.  The reason is because his slide and
    backflip are just too cool!  Not because of his powerful combos, since he
    doesn't really have any.  Lee's best combos do about 50% damage, which isn't
    bad, but some characters have 80%+ combos, so he's not as powerful as they 
    are. In addition, Lee's damaging combos can only be used to full capacity in 
    quite specific situations, which makes their usefulness a little limited.
    Lee's main strength lies in his speed and quick recovery time, as well as
    his own unique moves that are quite useful.  Lee also has enough attacks
    to mix up combos fairly effectively.
    Lee Chaolan is a fairly average ranged offensive player, which means he
    has good attacks for medium and close ranges, however, most of his combos are
    close range. Lee has lots of good offensive moves, but not a lot of good
    defensive moves, except to try to interrupt opponent attacks with fast
     - From <The Luke Mook> Tekken faq abstract Version 1.0
    (BTW, when is his full version going to come out?)
    1+3          Neck Fracture
    2+4          Chastisement Punch
    f,f+3+4      Knee Bash
    <behind> 1+3 or 2+4   Bulldog
    2,2                     Double Knuckle
    1,2                     1-2 Punch
    d/f+3                   Step-In Middle Kick
    d,d/b+4                 Blazing Kick
    D#,(U/B_U_U/F)+4        High Flipkick
    D#,(u/b_u_u/f)+4        Low Flipkick
    D#,(u/b_u_u/f)          Feint Kickflip
    4,3,4                   Spinning Kick Combo
    1,1,1,1,1               Left Fist Flurry
    F+2,2,2                 Dragon Knuckle Combo
    D#,(U/B_U_U/F)+3+4      Flip Drop
    (WC)+3                  Shin Kick
    3,3,3                   3 High Kicks (F stick to switch to middle kick)
    D#,d/f,d/f+3            Dragon Slide
    (N+4)~(u+3)             High Kick, Flip Kick
    f,f,N+3+4               Dropping Slide Kick
    D+4,N+4                 Lowkick, High Kick
    D+4,4,4,4               Razor Edge Combo
    f,f+3                   Heel Drop
    b,b,N+3+4               Back Handspring
    f,f,N+3,4,[4]           Shredder Combo (ends high)
             ,[(f_d/f)+4]         -        (ends middle)
             ,[(d_d/b)+4]         -        (ends low)
    (WS)+3,3,D+3,3....      Infinite Kick Combo
                             Punctuating the combo with up stick
                             yields an occasional heel drop. Down
                             stick will give you occasional low kicks.
    (WC)+3+4                Silver Cyclone (unblockable)
    d/b+1+2                 Silver Fang (u,u cancels;unblockable)
    d/f+1,2,2,1,3,3,3,4,3,4   Tenstring
    A combo is a chain of moves that once the first hit is connected, other
    hits cannot be blocked.  Only the first 2 are true combos, and even then the
    Low-High combo must be started right_next to the opponent for all kicks to
    hit.  The other combos can be blocked after a few hits, unless started as a
    counter hit, then they become unblockable.  I'm not sure of exact damages, so 
    I'm guessing. (I could be way off, but I think they're close)
    1) f+2,2,2    (25-30%?)      Dragon Knuckle combo
    2) D+3,3,3,3  (45%?)        Low-High Kick combo
    3) 4,3,4        (30%?)      Spinning Kick combo
    4) D+4,4,4,4        (35%?)    Razor Edge combo
    5) F+1,1,1,1,2,2,2 (40-45%?)  Fist Flurry
    Discussion of the combos and moves
    Lee's slide is very useful, since a lot of the time you're fairly safe even
    if it's blocked or it misses, just don't overuse it since it is slow to start,
    so Lee can be knocked out of it quite easily before it comes out.  Try to have 
    a bit of range between you and your opponent when you do it.  As well, good 
    players will also figure out how to get you good when it misses, so overuse it
    at your own risk. (eg: Jack's low scissor, as soon as you start to move)  You 
    can play possum if it misses against the CPU, (totally misses, not blocked) 
    however, I wouldn't recommend it against human opponents.
    The double jump kick is also very useful, especially as a run-in spin off,
    just vary the range (ie: start it out of range so that both your first kick
    and your opponent's kick/punch whiff, but your second kick connects) if you
    think your opponent is expecting it.  It's pretty much a good idea to always
    hold down or forward after the first kick if you want to play it safe, and
    minimize the chance that your opponent will pop up and throw you after the
    second kick.  If opponents wait for you to do the double jump kick once
    they've begun to expect it, throw out the slide, followed by a rising sweep
    and do it again immediately, before they get used to it.  Again, don't
    overuse this and in particular, use the second slide very sparingly.
    The Spinning Kicks are very fast, and quite effective at interrupting
    opponents who like to move in fast and start combos or run in and jump kick,
    so try to use them this way.  They can be ducked quite easily though, so be
    careful.  Against better players, you're usually better off to just do the
    first two, unless it's a juggle, since the first two are unbreakable if the
    first connects, but the third can be ducked or blocked.  In addition, once
    people start ducking them before or after the first kick, use the N+4~U+3
    combo to flipkick the crouching opponent for a possible juggle the next time
    instead of the 3 kicks (might be too far for a juggle, but if not - Fist
    Flurry works great, or probably the Low-High) or a sure-fire slide, possible
    sweep combo. Experiment with the juggling.
    His flipkick is generally not that useful on its own except to catch
    opponents who like to pounce towards you while you're standing. (eg. Armor
    King)  It can still catch people off-guard if used sparingly, it's just that 
    he's got faster combos that work just as well.  However, if you can connect
    with the uf flipkick, go for the juggle as above.
    As far as I can tell, Lee's speed is second to none, and matched by few
    characters, so virtually every time Lee and an opponent start combos at the
    same time, Lee's connects first. (assuming it was one of Lee's fast combos)
    Knowing this, anytime you think you see an opening, launch a punch combo,
    since they're fast, easy and have good recovery time.  I prefer to use the
    F+2,2,2 since if the first hits, it's unbreakable, whereas the 1,1,1...can
    usually be blocked after the first two hits.  For some reason, everyone
    seems to underestimate Lee's recovery time and always tries to throw after
    blocking the punch combo.  Duck immediately after doing the combo, then come
    back up and throw them after they try for the grab, or if you want to do
    more damage and not chance missing, come up with the first 4-6 hits
    (depending on how close they are) of Lee's infinite combo for a whopping
    approx. 50% damage.
    Lee's Razor Edge combo definitely has the most potential to be overused,
    since it's his only multiple low hit attack.  I usually use this as a
    fallback nearing the end of a round when both myself and my opponent only
    have about 25% life or less, since by then opponents usually aren't
    expecting it.  Try not to do this too much, or opponents will begin
    anticipating it, and Lee is vulnerable for an instant after it.  You can
    also use it as a counter hit when attacks whiff in front of you, but this
    leaves you a little open if blocked, so you should probably stick with the
    Dragon Knuckle combo for fast recovery.  Alternately, you can only throw out
    the first two hits of the Razor Edge to confuse opponents, since Lee's
    recovery time is good from there.
    Lee also has his flip drop attack that hits as it comes down, (D#,'u or
    uf'+3+4) he lands on them with his elbow/falls on them.  This is a good
    surprise move, since most players won't know what the heck you're doing for
    at least the first few times. (I've yet to see a Law player use this)
    Lee's infinite (as above - WS+3,3,D+3,3,3....) can be kind of cheap to use
    since I find it's hard to knock Lee out of it.  It's still very possible,
    you just have to time it right, which can be difficult.  Lee's infinite is
    extremely useful against players who do lots of close high attacks or
    throws.  Just duck under whatever they do (assuming they're going high) and
    come up with the first 4-6 hits of the infinite just like the CPU.
    Finally Lee has his backflip, (b,b,N+3+4) which at first glance doesn't seem
    to be very useful since it is a little slow.  It's good to put some distance
    between you and your opponent, although most run right after you after you
    do it.  If they do, as you land start the double jump kick or a fast combo
    as they come in to keep them from chasing you too much.  It is also very
    effective to avoid Yoshimitsu's helicopter stomp as well as P.Jack's flying
    stomp.  (assuming they started while you were standing)
    D)  Lee's throws
    Lee has 3 throws (please look at the moves section above). 
    1)  Neck Fracture (1+3) (30%?, see below) -
    This is the most common throw, which is also unique to Lee, and enables you
    to sweep immediately after falling to the ground beside the opponent for
    another hit. (sweep doesn't work on CPU though, roll away and come back with
    his slide, then sweep)
    2)  Chastisement Punch (2+4) (30%?) -
    This throw makes it difficult to sweep the opponent afterwards, since they're 
    just too far away to run in and sweep if they get up immediately, but if it's 
    a big character, and they try to roll away to get up, you can do the Low-High 
    Kick combo for a 2-3 hit juggle. (they have to start moving for it to hit 
    3)  Knee Bash (f,f+3+4) (30%?) -
    This throw is a very fast grab the opponent and smash his head on your knee, 
    and also results in Lee being too far for a sweep, however, Lee recovers from 
    this throw very fast, so you usually have time to run in and then sweep.
    E) Lee's unblockables
    Lee's Silver Fang unblockable is not very impressive when first viewed, as
    it does a measly 40% damages (as oppose to Paul - 80%, Lei - 70%).  Not only
    that, but it is so slow Lee might as well be wearing a sign saying "Hit Me!"
    The only good use for this unblockable in my opinion is to start it, and
    then immediately abort it to try to fake out an opponent.
    Lee's Silver Cyclone, on the other hand is good for a surprise if someone
    hasn't seen it before, since Lee ducks down while charging it, causing high
    attacks to whiff, and then, WAANNGYAA!  It does come out reasonably fast,
    but damage is still only around 40-50%, and as soon as opponents find out
    it can be ducked it, it immediately loses most of its effectiveness.  It'd
    be fun to use against some Law player who likes to do the double flip kick
    too far away hoping you'll run into the second, since I'm pretty sure it
    would come out just as he landed from the second.
    Sorry, I can't comment on this, I've never really bothered to learn it,
    although I tried to do it a few times on the CPU and it doesn't seem that
    effective to me.
    1) Lee Chaolan V.S. the CPU (version B)
    level 1 : Have fun. Try your combos, 10 hit string etc.
    Level 2 : Have fun. Try all your combos, 10 hit string. Consider giving
    the CPU second round :P
    level 3 : The CPU starts to get tricky. No problem. Just run (f,f) up to the
    CPU character and throw him a couple of time to get out of sticky
    situations. The Neck Fracture (1+3) is good to use because you can roll
    awayand follow with the slide (f,f,N,3+4).  Start tapping forward as you get
    up so that after you stand, Lee will move slightly forward, then just hit
    3+4.  Remember you don't have to stand extremely close to throw.  Just
    stand within the distance where yours hand can touch his/her hands.
    level 4 : This is where I start opening the round by always trying for a
    throw, as well as start playing the character the CPU is using against me.
    V.S. Yoshimitsu - wait for his double roundhouse (get practiced so the
    second whiffs or duck under it) and either Dragon Knuckle, flipkick, Razor
    Edge, Spin Kick (4,3), or do a WS+2 (juggles)
    V.S. King - Back off a few steps at the beginning of the round and try to
    stay about this distance away from him as much as you can.  Wait for him to
    do the Frakensteiner and sweep when it misses, you can try for his juggling
    Low-High Kick combo as he gets up, too.  Also, watch out for his Ali-kick,
    uppercut and his Ali-kicks.  He also does the motion to grab you with a
    multi-part quite often, watch out for it.
    V.S. Lei - This H.K. cop loves to do his punch + back punch to you. Just
    duck both then do a flipkick, a WS+2 (juggles), the infinite, or a back
    V.S. Jack. This big guy is slow, so try to use the Dragon Knuckle and
    Spinning kicks to interrupt his attacks a lot.  In particular, wait for his
    two lunging punches, and try to get practiced so you can make the second one
    whiff, then just move in with the Dragon Knuckle.  Try the double jump kicks
    V.S. Roger/Alex - They like to do the Frakensteiner and love to do that
    sitting down kick.  Treat them like King, but duck under the sitting kick
    then sweep or do a standing axe kick. (WS+3,3 - you can duck under the
    sitting kick no problem, if you've got the distance right)
    V.S. Paul - Just wait for him to finish his falling leave combo and throw,
    Dragon Knuckle, Low-High Kick combo (every one hits - most damage)
    or Spinning Kick him (4,3).
    V.S. Michelle - Wait just within range of her low kick and as soon as she
    starts something, (usually the punch, sweep) hop back quick, then hop back
    in with Lee's axe kick (f,f+3 - use the 2 f's for the hop as well as the
    kick) or right after the sweep whiffs, do the Razor Edge and hope it's a
    counter hit, or try for the double jump kick. (pretty much have to use
    the f,f,f+3,4)
    V.S. Nina - Wait for her to do a combo and duck under it, since she tends to
    go high.  Come up with the infinite like Heihachi or the WS+2.
    V.S. Jun - Wait out of range for her to run in at you, and hop back as soon
    as she starts.  Be prepared to duck even after this since she loves to
    throw.  However, sooner or later, she does the cartwheel kick, you've got to
    back off enough so that it whiffs, then move in fast with the Dragon
    V.S. Law - Try to get him to do high combos, then duck under them and go for
    4-6 hits from his infinite.  Be very prepared to block low as Law loves to
    hop in and low kick, low sweep and low jab you.  Immediately after blocking
    a low attack, while still holding down, hit 4 once to whittle at him. (or
    any other character)
    Level 5 : CPU will just sit back and relax and wait for your mistakes.  If
    you are no good, it will block everything  you throw at it and give you what
    you deserved.  Keep playing the character using their weaknesses (CPU) to
    your advantage.  You can still throw the CPU fairly easily, and if you do
    the Neck Fracture, try for the roll away, slide as you can usually get up by
    rolling back without fear of punishment if the slide is blocked.  Use low
    punch or kick if you just need one more hit to finish the CPU. (d+1 or D#,4)
    Level 6 : Throws get hard to pull off. You're probably better off not trying
    for them after an attempt at the start of the round since the CPU almost 
    always breaks free. Don't just walk up to the computer and attempt a throw. 
    You might even get reversed.  Attempt a throw only after the CPU has done 
    something wrong (after a combo).
    Level 7 : Time to show your stuff!! Play the character, and exploit their
    weaknesses. Cheese, throw, pattern-remembering, passively aggressive, you
    name it. Against him/her you have to use something you that you have not
    used before if you want to play aggressively.
    Level 8 : Heihachi - He is tough.  Use the Razor Edge or Dragon Knuckle if
    any attacks whiff in front of your face, in particular, try to hit Heihachi
    with the Razor Edge as soon as he starts something, if you can tag him, it
    usually turns the Razor Edge into an unblockable.  Finally, the most
    effective strategy, try to get him to whiff a high roundhouse or miss a
    throw while you're ducking it, and come up with the first 4-5 hits of Lee's
    infinite combo.  This does about 50% so if you can get it twice, you should
    have him.
    Level 9 : Kazuya Mishima is even tougher than Heihachi, use the strategy for
    Jun, backing off as soon as you see him coming towards you, and keep
    backing off until you see him do an attack.  If he whiffs the jumping
    uppercut, or puts his head down, nail him with the Dragon Knuckle.  If he
    starts to duck, however, quickly launch the Dragon Knuckle.  The
    best strategy is the same as Heihachi's, the infinite for 50%, however it's
    much harder to get Kazuya to whiff a kick so you have to watch for his
    missed throw.  You can also start the infinite if you can block his hell
    sweeps, but you can only get 1-3 hits max if that. (knocks him back a bit 
    though) Cheese (medium difficulty don't know if it works on harder levels):
    After knocking him over with the Dragon Knuckle, run over right next to him
    immediately, then back off once.  He rises with an attack, wait for it to
    whiff then nail him with the Dragon Knuckle again and repeat.
    Level 10 : Devil is actually much easier than Kazuya or Heihachi to me.
    Devil pretty much constantly whiffs high roundhouses and throws, perfect for
    4-5 hits from the infinite.  Be careful not to get knocked over, since he
    may not let you get up before 3-4 sweeps.  When Devil does the ground
    laser, duck!  If you're close enough, the infinite will tag him as you rise.
     When he air lasers, run towards him and nail him as he comes down.
    2) Lee Chaolan V.S. local scrubs and button mashers
    First of all, have no mercy.  Pound the opponent into the ground if you
    really want to win, since Lee's attacks are only average and opponents
    usually have better damage.  Constantly be on guard, even against people who
    don't know what they're doing, I've seen some pretty good locals lose to
    button mashers taking Paul! (due to sheer unpredictability)
    Actually, I find Lee can actually be tough to play against Law scrubs and
    button mashers (unless you want to destroy them with his infinite...) since
    even though the flipkick is SOOO predictable, if one connects, you can lose
    50% life in an instant, due to juggling and pouncing.  After blocking the
    flipkick, nail him with the Dragon Knuckle to ensure they can't block before
    being hit.  In addition, most Law players I've played against aren't used to
    their own attacks and tend to eat the last hit or two of the Dragon Knuckle
    by trying to duck under it, or are always surprised when the Spinning kicks
    knocks them out of a combo/running jump kick, even though they do it all the
    time with Law.
    Against Baek, watch out for his his kick which juggles you high, since you
    can take major damage from a juggle combo too.  Again, most of these players
    aren't used to having their attacks interrupted, so be a little more
    aggressive than normal, just don't go too crazy.  If they insist on doing
    his stupid 4 low sweeps combo, block it low then punish them with the
    Scrubs are also usually poor at blocking the Razor Edge, so you can probably
    use it without fear of punishment.
    It is sometimes fun to see some of the expert player losing to button
    masher. (What the hell? I, the supreme Nina/ Paul/ Wang/ Michelle etc..lost
    to a 4'11" 7-years-old who doesn't know what he is doing?) The piss-off look
    on their face is very entertaining.  Well, to people who never learn the
    trick to fight V.S. button smasher, they deserved to die. Sorry if I
    offended anyone, but that is life. Swim or sink. There are cheap moves, but
    you better figure out a way to counter them. If some mindless scrub keep
    doing something to you and you don't like it, stop playing the game for a
    while, think of a cure for it. And then be the comeback kid. No point in
    steaming, or risk your life in real physical tekken fight over $0.50. (I saw
    that happen many times)
    Me, I usually have trouble getting a long winning streak, since I tend to
    take characters I'm trying to learn after a few wins, and then lose.  Not
    that I can just keep winning with my characters of preference, it's just I
    can get a longer streak for sure.  There's also the fact that many fights
    turn into knock-over, sweep wars which I find to be kind of boring, so I
    generally don't sweep (or Low-High) more than twice after a knock down even
    if the dumb Jack-2 player just keeps rolling away, instead of to the side or
    just straight getting up.  I think there's only a few other players like me
    in the area in this respect, since virtually everyone here will sweep/attack
    low to keep you from getting up the entire fight if they'll win.  In fact,
    many scrubs depend on this to get them the win.
    3) Lee Chaolan V.S. Turtles
    Ever play a turtle who ducks down and block all the time, and waits
    for your mistake?  Lee has lots of interesting ways to deal with these
    people.  First of all, his axe kick (f,F+3) will get these players for some
    good one-hit damage.  He also has his flip drop that hits low, and is very
    seldom used, so it usually catches them by surprise.  His kick, flipkick
    combo can be very useful against turtles, giving you the opportunity to try
    for some juggles.  Finally the infinite again, if they get too close.
    4) Lee Chaolan V.S. expert players (human)
    It is quite pointless to provide a guide for Lee V.S. characters controlled
    by human.  It is simply because different people can play so differently
    with the same character.  Keep up the variety though, and don't be
    predictable, and you can surprise many, so try to be unpredictable with your
    Adjust your style to meet your opponents.  Mix up attacks to confuse your
    opponent.  Also a lot of players do not block low very well. You can dash in
    and do the Low-High combo and maybe sweep them again when they are down.
    Some ideas of how to vary your opening (TK2 chess?)
    1)  F+2,2,2
    2)  4,3,43)  try 1+4,3 (not V.S. button smasher)
    3)  back off (b,b)
    4)  backflip (b,b,N+3+4)
    5)  try d+4,4,4,4
    6)  dash forward (f,f) and throw opponent
    7)  try jump kick (f,f,f+3)
    H) Lee Chaolan in Tekken 1
    Unselectable except on PSX version.  Kazuya's sub-boss.
    Basically most of his attacks in two were in the PSX version of one.
    The Iceman - http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/1577/

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