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    Michelle by RichardD

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 02/10/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: richardd@freenet.vancouver.bc.ca (Richard D)
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade
    Subject: Michelle Chang's FAQ v2.1 deluxe
    Date: 10 Feb 1996 08:16:30 GMT
    * = new or updated
    Introduction to Michelle Chang's FAQ V2.1 deluxe
    A)  General Description of Michelle Chang
    B)  Michelle's move list
    C)  Michelle's combo list
           1)  Michelle's Supreme combo
           2)  Michelle's Punch combo
           3)  Michelle's Up-and-Down combo
           4)  Michelle's Super-Move combo
    *      5)  Michelle's Old Man combo 1
    *      6)  Michelle's Old Man combo 2
    D)  Michelle's throw
    *   -  1 button throw system of Tekken 2
           1) Front Surplex
           2) Fisherman Surplex
           3) German Surplex
           4) Armlock Surplex
    E) Michelle's unblockable
    F) Michelle's 10 hit string
    G) Michelle V.S. the Whole World
    *      1) Michelle Chang V.S. the computer
    *      2) Michelle Chang V.S. local scrubs and button smashers
           3) Michelle Chang V.S. Turtles
           4) Michelle Chang V.S. expert players (human)
    H) Michelle Chang in Tekken 1
    - this faq is dedicated to the 5% Michelle players around the world
    Introduction to MICHELLE CHANG's Faq v2.1 Deluxe
    The second version of FAQ is out deal to the popular request from
    the 5% Michelle players. (consider there are 23+ (?) characters, 5%
    out of 100%, 1 out of 20, is not that shabby). I will tend to give
    a full analysis of almost every aspect of Michelle, hopefully that
    will generate some thoughts and interesting feedback among fellow
    Zebra Socks lovers.
    My email address: richardd@freenet.vancouver.bc.ca (please email)
    Michelle is still a good all-around player.  She has lots of solid
    attacks and she can mix them up pretty well.  She can now put her
    Sweep -Bow Leg sequence into combos for solid damage.  Her combos
    are too numerous to list, so try new stuff when you can.  Her
    Double Strike still stuns on a block, so it is very safe to use
    often.  She has also been given some fast attacks, which she
    desperately needed to compete with the other fighters of Tekken 2.
    She also has some pretty decent combos that start with low attacks,
    so use them when your opponent is standing.  Just don't go too
    crazy as she is pretty easily thrown after most of her combos
    due to slow recovery.
     - From <The Luke Mook> Tekken faq Version 0.9
    Michelle Chang is a medium range offensive player. (as oppose to
    King, Nina, etc who get close to crush bones, and Paul, Jack-2, P-
    Jack who can attack people from a mile away). She doesn't has any
    counter throw ( hence her best defense is offense ).  A lot her
    attacks mixed up both high and low and hence difficult to block.
     - From <The Luke Mook> Tekken faq abstract Version 1.0
    1+3                        Front Suplex
    2+4                        Fisherman Suplex
    (while going behind) 1+2   German Suplex
    d/f+1+2                    Nelson Suplex
    <behind> 1+3 or 2+4        German Suplex
    f+1                        Rushing Uppercut
    (1~1,1) or (d/f+1,1)       Catapult Combo
    D#,d/f+4                   Back Leg Sweep
    D#,d/f+4,3                  +Penetrating Bow Leg
    3+4,4,d+4                  Side Spin, High Kick, Leg Sweep
    d/f+1,1                    2-punch Combo
    d/f+3                      Punt Kick
    d/f+2,1 (1st must connect) Death Push, Big Punch
    d/f+2,3                    Death Push, Axe Kick
    1+2                        Double Strike
    d/f+2,3 or 4               Death Push, lowkick or high kick
    (WC)+4                     Front Leg Sweep
    (WC)+4,1                    +Uppercut
    (WC)+4,N+4                  +High Kick
    (WC)+4,D+4                  +Fan Kick
    1,1,4,3                    Catapult, Sweep, Bow Leg
    4,4,N+4                    Kick, Leg Sweep, High Kick
    4,4,D+4                    Kick, Leg Sweep, Fan Kick
    4,4,1                      Kick, Leg Sweep, Uppercut
    f,f+1                      Dashing Left Elbow
    D#,D/F+1                   Dashing Punch
    D#,d/f+2                   Dashing Right Elbow
    1~2,1                      Dashing Punch, Heaven Cannon
    1~2,3                      Dashing Punch, High Kick
    1~2,4                      Dashing Punch, Low Kick
    f,f+1,4                    Dashing Elbow, Kick
    1+4,3                      Club Fist, Sweep, Bow Leg
    2+3,1                      Death Push, Punt Kick, Uppercut
    3~2                        Instant (WS)+2, can be used to start her
    (WS)+2 combos
    (WS)+2,2                   Slice Uppercut, Elbow
    (WS)+2,1,1                 Slice Uppercut, Catapult Combo
    (WS)+2,4,N+4               Slice Uppercut, Sweep, High Kick
    (WS)+2,4,D+4               Slice Uppercut, Sweep, Fan Kick
    (WS)+2,4,1                 Slice Uppercut, Sweep, Uppercut
    (WS)+2,1,4,3               Slice Uppercut, Club Fist, Sweep, Bow leg
    (WS)+4                     Blue Sky Cannon
    1,1,4,3                    Punches, Sweep-Bow Leg
    U/F+3+4                    Earthquake Stomp
    2,b,1+2                    hit,rear sneak, German Suplex (can be ducked)
    f,f,f or while running +3  Jumping kick
    F+1+4                      Heaven Cannon (unblockable)
    2,1,1,2,3,3,3,4,4,1        Tenstring
    2,1,1,2,3,3,2,3,2,1        Tenstring
    2,1,1,2,3,3,2,1,4,3        Tenstring
    A combo is a chain of moves that once the first hit is connected,
    other hits cannot be blocked.
    1) f+1,2+3,1       (55%)    Michelle's Supreme combo
    2) d/f+1,1,2+3,1   (60%)    Michelle's Punch combo
    3) 3~2,4,1,2+3,1   (75%)    Michelle's Up-and-Down combo
    4)  f+1+4#,2+3,1   (85%)    Michelle's Super-Move combo
    5) f+1,d+4,1       (45%)    Old Man's combo 1
    6) d/f+2,1,U+2     (50%)    Old Man's combo 2
    Discussion of the combos
    All of the combos are 100% working. Only timing will tell how well
    they will work. All combos listed here are floats (which gave the
    opponent no chance to retaliate). All of them can be follow up by a
    dash (f,f) and then leg sweep (d+4,4), for a bonus of another 7% of
    1)  Michelle's Supreme combo - f+1,2+3,1 (55%):
    An easy combo to pull off. You just have to smash buttons to get it
    out. Works as a counter move against local scrubs and button-smashers
    who attack middle and high. Also works EXTREMELY well against Kazuya
    (CPU) and Devil (CPU). (see below sections)
    2)  Michelle's Punch combo - d/f+1,1,2+3,1 (60%):
    This combo simplify the traditional 3 hit punches (1~1,1), (which
    can be blocked even after the first connected), and add the air
    juggling part to the tail.
    3)  Michelle's Up-Down-Up combo - 3~2,4,1,2+3,1 (75%):
    This combo uppercut first, then lower kick immediately, then
    uppercut again, then air juggle the guy. The combo start with 3~2,
    which is the same as while standing uppercut (WS+2). But personally
    I think that 3~2 is faster than (WS+2), which you have to duck
    first and then get up. That is why I don't appreciate some of
    Wang's move, which start with (WS). BTW, Wang has some of
    Michelle's move,  and Paul's power punch alike, and reverse, and
    interesting throws, makes him very deadly.
    4) Michelle's Super-Move combo - f+1+4#,2+3,1 (85%)
    This combo is quite an interesting one. It combines with the
    Michelle's unblockable to do an even more devastating one. Watch
    out, there is a small delay between f+1+4 and 2+3. (also see the
    section on Michelle's unblockable below)
    5) Old Man's Combo 1 - f+1,d+4,1 (45%)
    - adopted from Weasel <weasel@ip.portal.com>'s Wang combo
    The Old Man's Combos, as the name implies, are stolen from our favorite
    old Chinese philosopher, Wang. As you should know by now, rushing
    uppercut (f+1) is a very good combo starter. When you hit the opponent
    with it, just before he lands on the ground, do the leg sweep and
    uppercut. You can sweep him one more time afterward.
    6) Old Man's Combo 2 - d/f+2,1,U+2 (50%)
    - adopted from Kyle Kilzer <kyle@ucsd.edu>'s [Tekken2] Wang FAQ
    Another Combo from the Chinese old man. This one sky-cannoned the
    opponent way up into the sky and pounced him in the air. A little bit of
    timing is required.
    D)  Michelle's throw
    1 button throw system in Tekken -
    Aside from the regular (1+3), (1+4) throws, throwing can be executed
    by pressing just 1 button. The way to do this is to hold a button in
    advance first, e.g. (3) and then press the other button (1) at the
    moment that you want to throw. The result of this is that you can
    throw more precisely at the cost of some movement being limited. But
    after get you get use to it, your throw proficiency will be improved
    by 50%. Now I can do throws that I could not get the timing before,
    e.g. backward throw Lei when he is doing his punch + back punch to
    you. Also you can sometimes duck some of CPU's high attack and throw
    him afterward. (Just like what Devil always do to you). Also you can
    duck some of the opponent's failure attempt to throw you (especially
    at higher level) and throw them back.
    And furthermore, you can extend this throw system to the reverse move
    e.g. (b+1+3), (b+2+4). A further discussion this will be in the Wang's
    FAQ V1.0 that will be coming soon to rec.video.games.arcade.
    - inspired by Joshua James Turpen <44699@ef.gc.maricopa.edu>
    Michelle has 4 throws (please look at the moves section above).
    Generally Michelle has pretty short arms, (as opposed to character
    like Bruce), and hence a short throw distance.
    1)  Front Suplex (1+3) (33%, see below) -
    This is her most common throw, which stun the opponent when he hit
    the ground, give you a chance of moving forward (f,f) and leg sweep
    (d+3) or (d+4,4) him in the head for a total of 33% damage. What I
    mean by "stun the opponent" is that after Michelle's front surplex
    the opponent take a long time to get up, as oppose to Jun's throw,
    which the opponent can get up almost instantly. (If you throw your
    opponent with Jun using 1+3 or 2+4 and try to leg sweep using d+3,
    most likely you will receive a kick in the face or leg sweep from
    2)  Fisherman surplex (2+4) (25%) -
    This surplex has a higher priority and longer range than the front
    surplex, but you cannot leg sweep the opponent afterward. (Why?
    Somehow the axis has change and Michelle's leg just miss the
    opponent's body)
    3)  German surplex from behind (1+2) (40%) -
    Very rarely an opponent will turn his back towards you.
    Usually I will do the sneak behind punch (2+b) and
    then (1+2). Most of the time the computer is quite alert and hit
    you with his turnaround move. You can also do this to Devil if he
    dare to air laser you (see below section on Michelle V.S. Devil)
    4)  Arm lock surplex (d/f+1+2) (30%?) -
    This move has quite a short range and not very useful at all. I try
    to use it like the reverse move of Nina, Paul, Jun, etc.
    E) Michelle's unblockable
    Michelle's unblockable is not very impressive when first viewed, as
    it does a measly 40% damages (as oppose to Paul - 80%, Lei - 70%).
    But it has several different aspects from the other unblockables.
    Firstly, the unblockable hit the opponent directly up into the air,
    which has potential for a juicy float (see the combo section above)
    to do 85% damage + sweep (7%). Other characters' unblockable tend
    to hit the guy across the screen, e.g. Paul's, you can only follow
    up with a running shoulder charge or stepping onto the face.
    Secondly, the range of the combo is quite astonishing (to the
    opponent, of course). The way Michelle do her unblockable is that
    she start running 2 steps and when she is close to her opponent she
    gives a super uppercut. That run gives her a unblockable distance
    of about 3 steps away. (As oppose to the short 1 step unblockable
    distance of Nina, and about 2 steps of Paul, since he held out his
    Thirdly, her unblockable priority sucks. What do I mean by that ? I
    did crazy things with my friends (Lei and Paul player) and both of
    us pull out unblockable at the same time. You know what, they nail
    me down every time with 96% damage. (Why 96%?, you receive extra
    damage when you are hit when doing unblockable). I jump into the
    conclusion that her unblockable is not something that you can use,
    if you are anticipating another unblockable. BTW, I think Lei has a
    very good unblockable, since it is 3-D and half-crescent, it  can
    hit people on the ground, people who step aside, even people at
    behind. (Any comment from Lei experts?)
    Generally Michelle's  10 hit string doesn't have very high priority
    v.s. the regular moves of the other players. Because all of them
    start with 4  upper punches, which can be knocked down very easily
    with a low kick or kick in the face. And the damage done is not
    very fantastic. Nevertheless, use the 10 hit string when you are
    very close to your opponent.
    1) 2,1,1,2,3,3,3,4,4,1
    You punch the buttons in a rush until the last punk kick
    ( ....,3 ), count 1, then do the (4,4,1). If you do it right, the
    last move you did will be an uppercut. Since this is a single leg
    uppercut, there is not much potential for a combo, except a leg
    What do I mean by single leg uppercut? Generally Michelle has 2
    kinds of uppercut. One is single leg one, (Michelle stand on her
    toes on one leg, just call her Michelle the cheerleader), which has
    a long recovery time, and hence not for float. (4, 4, 1), (d+4, 1),
    (d/f+2, 1) all fall into this category, with the exception of
    (3~2), which can be followed by a float. ( see the combo above
    On the other hand, the other kinds of uppercut, with both of
    Michelle's leg on the ground, has some float potential, since it
    has better recovery time. (f+1), (f+1+4), (d/f+1,1), or even
    (1~1,1) all fall into this category.
    2) 2,1,1,2,3,3,2,3,2,1
    See above
    Have not tried yet.
    1) Michelle Chang V.S. the computer (version B)
    level 1 : Have fun. Try your combos, 10 hit strings etc. Normally I
    can destroy the computer within 5 seconds by doing the kick, low
    kick, uppercut (4, 4, 1) combo, and then Michelle's Supreme combo.
    Level 2 : Have fun. Try all your combos, 10 hit strings. Consider
    giving the computer second round :P
    level 3 : The computer start to get tricky. No problem. Just run
    (f,f) up to the computer character and throw him a couple of time
    to get out of sticky situation. The front suplex (1+3) is good to
    use because you can follow up with a leg sweep (d+4,4). Remember
    you don't have to stand extremely close to throw. Just stand within
    the distance where yours hand can touch his/her hands.
    level 4 : Wait for the opponent to do something (an upper body
    attack) and do Michelle's Supreme combo as fast as a snake can
    bite. You can also open up with the twin arrow (1+2), which
    hopefully will stun or hit your opponent.
    V.S. Heihachi, use your turning kick (3+4,4,4,4) often. He is not
    fast enough to hit you if you step aside
    V.S. Yoshimitsu, use  Michelle's Supreme combo. That can punish him
    because he likes do his double turning kick to your face. Use
    elbow dash (f, f +1 ) to punch him from spinning around or doing silly
    V.S. King, Stay 3 steps away from King. Waiting for him to
    finish his move. Hopefully he will end up on the ground after his
    Frankensteiner. Sweep him. Elbow dash (f,f+1) him right after his
    3 Ali kick, (there is a small delay after his Ali kick). Also he
    has a move which he spring up from the ground and face you with
    his back. Do any Michelle's combo to inflict major damage.
    V.S. Lei. This H.K. cop loves to do his punch + back punch to you.
    Just duck and do your punch (d+1) and sweep him. Also you can do
    3 kick combo (4, 4, 4) when he turn his back towards you or you
    can just throw him. (for discussion of how to throw him, refer to
    the throw section of the FAQ)
    V.S. Jack. This big guy loves to do his scissors punch towards
    you.Just kick right onto his head (4, 4, 4) if he does that. Also
    you can do the punch and kick (2+3) combo to him. You can also
    twin arrow (1+2) him when he is doing his somersault or Russian
    V.S. Roger/Alex. Easy. You can win by soften up him using (d+1),
    and then sweep. And then Michelle's Supreme, they love to run into
    V.S. Paul. Just wait for him to finish his falling leave combo and
    throw him, punch him (1, 2, 3), elbow him (f, f+1), twin arrow (1+2)
    Level 5 : Computer will just sit back and relax and wait for your
    mistakes. If you are no good, it will block everything  you throw
    to him and give you what you deserved. Fear not. You can still
    throw the computer with ease. Use low punch (d+1) to soften up your
    opponent in between his combo. If he fall onto the ground, leg
    sweep (d+4) him.
    Level 6 : Throws  got harder to pull out. If you want to throw, use
    Fisherman Surplex (2+4) instead of Front Surplex (1+3). Don't just
    walk up to the computer and throw. You might even get reversed.
    Throw only after the computer has done something wrong (after their
    combo). Try open the fight with the Club Fist, Sweep, Bow leg combo
    (1+4,3). (Make sure your Sweep can touch his leg, whether he low
    block or not). Follow up with Michelle's Supreme.
    Level 7 : Time to show your stuff!! I think this is the toughest
    character in the game, especially if it is King and Nina. Cheese,
    throw, pattern-remembering, passively aggressive, you name it.
    Against him/her you have to use something you that you have not use
    before. (Like the other combos in this FAQ). Up to now you can see
    the different between Michelle and other characters. Michelle is a
    pure technical fighter (who make up this term?). You have to fight
    your way out. But if I am using Nina, on level 7 I still do my
    multipart (especially the one with QCT+1+2 .... ) at the beginning
    of the fight and take off about 50% with ease.
    Level 8 : Ganryu is quite a bad ass to fight. This pig will throw
    you if you give him half a chance. So keep him at bay. When he
    start to attack, do your dashing left elbow (f,f+1). Don't forget
    to punk kick (4) right after the elbow, in case you miss. Try to
    back off from him, if you cannot, doing the 3-hitter leg combo
    (4,4,4) will usually kick him out of whatever he is trying to do to
    you. Also use the turnaround kick (3+4,4,4,4) very often, it works
    wonders on him.
    Level 9 : Kazuya Mishima is not as hard as you think he is. Just
    stand at about 5 steps away. When he step forward to attack you
    quickly do Michelle Supreme Combo. (f+1, 2+3, 1). Suck him in every
    time. Good thing is that you have to do this only twice to finish
    him off ( 55% x 2 > 100%), so you can afford to play around with
    him for a little bit.
    Level 10 : When Devil does the ground laser, duck! When he air
    laser, run towards him and grab him from behind. When he moves
    forward to harass you, give him the same treatment you give to
    Kazuya. He deserved it!
    2) Michelle Chang V.S. local scrubs and button smashers
    Give me one scrub or button smasher and I will destroy him for you.
    Michelle's Supreme Combo is a very good and bitter medicine for the
    button smashers who are using Law, Baek and Lee (Lee is their new
    favorite character ). Since most of their attacks are aiming at the
    upper part of the body, the first hit of Michelle's Supreme just duck
    right under their attack and uppercut (f+1). Follow up with a
    punch, punt kick (2+3) to float and another ground upper (1)  that hit
    the opponent on the ground for a whopping damage of 55%. If you feel
    like it, you can also run (f,f) and then leg sweep (d,d+4) to
    harass them a little bit more (7%).
    Also the dashing left elbow (f, f+1) and twin arrow (1+2) are good
    weapons against inert scrubs. You can also abuse them by doing your
    (2+b) punch over and over again. That will move Michelle to the
    back of the guy and bong on his head. When the guy turn around, you
    do it again and bong on the back of his head again.
    To fight against Lee is quite interesting. He has his stupid 3 low
    kick + middle kick combo, which takes a while to get use to and
    block. Just use your quick elbow (left or right) against him.
    V.S. his infinity kick combo, the best bet is to do the turning
    step aside (3+4), and then kick and uppercut (4, 4, 1).
    Typically a Law player will try to attack right at the beginning of
    the game by doing his stupid (1,1,1,1,1) rushing punch combo. You
    can kick into his face by mashing (4, 4, 4). If he dare to use his
    3-kick (kick, kick, turn-kick) combo, destroy him with Michelle's
    Supreme combo, right after his first kick.
    V.S. Baek, you have to avoid his first low kick, and then do
    Michelle's Supreme.
    It is sometimes very funny to see some of the expert player losing to
    button smasher. (What the hell? I, the supreme Nina/ Paul/ Wang/
    Michelle etc lost to a 4'11" 7-years-old who doesn't know what he
    is doing?) The piss-off look on their face is very entertaining.
    Well, to people who never learn the trick to fight V.S. button
    smasher, they deserved to die. Sorry if I offended anyone, but that
    is life. Swim or sunk. There is nothing such as cheap move in this
    world. If some mindless scrub keep doing something to you and you
    don't like it, stop playing the game for a while, think of a cure
    for it. And then be the comeback kid. No point in steaming, or risk
    your life in real physical tekken fight over $0.50. (I saw that
    happened many times)
    To me, I never have a very long winning streak. Since most people
    in my area just look over your shoulder to see how you play first
    before he join in. I would say I lost about 1 out of 10 to a baek
    player, 2 out of 10 to Lee, 0 out of 10 to Law. (Law, why are you
    so predictable?)
    3) Michelle Chang V.S. Turtles
    Ever play a turtle who duck down and block all the time, and wait
    for your mistake?  Use the Up-down-Up combo to finish him. If he
    just keep his distance from you, and wait for you to do something,
    first, use the Super-Move combo to give him surprise. Most people
    are not aware of the range of Michelle's unblockable.
    4) Michelle Chang V.S. expert players (human)
    It is quite pointless to provide a guide for Michelle V.S.
    characters controlled by human. It is simply because different
    people can play so differently with the same character.
    I have play Michelle for quite a while now. And I must admit that
    that she is not the best character in the whole game. Nevertheless she is a 
    very good weapons V.S. button smashers.  She is fast in her moves, no doubt, 
    but she has huge recover time after her moves. (especially after the 
    uppercuts).  Get it straight - if you miss your 3-hitter combo, you are dead 
    meat. The opponent can step in and throw poor Michelle with no sweat. So try 
    to be unpredictable with your moves. Adjust your style to meet your opponents.
    Mix up high and low hit to confuse your opponent. Back off. Don't get too 
    close to your opponent, as her two quick attacks - elbow dash (f, f+1) and 
    twin arrow (1+2) works best at medium distance.  Also a lot of players did not
    block low very well. You can dash ina nd do sweep and uppercut (d+4,1) and 
    sweep them again when they are down.
    Some ideas of how to vary your opening (TK2 chess?)
    1)  try 1,1,4,3 (from Hugh King<hlkng@mailserv.mta.ca>)
    2)  try the 1,2,3 chain , and then f,f+1 or d#,d/f+2.
        (from Mr Shin Koto <Klqa22e@prodigy.com>)
    3)  try 1+4,3 (V.S. someone who loves to grab and throw/ multipart you at the 
        beginning of the round)
    4)  try backing off (b,b)
    5)  try d+4,1 (Surprisingly, Michelle's leg is long enough to hit the opponent
        right at the beginning stance
    6)  try dash forward (f,f) and throw opponent
    7)  try twin arrow (1+2) (not V.S. button smasher)
    8) try (4,4,4) V.S. button smasher
    9) try jump kick (f,f,f+3)
    10) try kick in the face (4) against aggressive players
        (from Matt V. Playle <ue921@freenet.victoria.bc.ca>
    H) Michelle Chang in Tekken 1
    Personally I didn't play Tekken 1 that much, here is a rough idea
    of how to play Michelle Chang in Tekken 1:
    "..... All you got to do for Michelle on Tekken I is SLIDE, meaning
    when they are down, SLIDE, and when they try to get up SLIDE. Works
    great, pisses people off. I don't  use Michelle on TEK II any more,
    she has limited power moves. WANG is the best player, if you ever
    played Michelle. He has the same moves as Michelle but more leathal. He 
    has a power move like Pauls and takes off more than half of an opponent's 
    energy, kinda hard to slide due to the new rolling to the side ...."
       - from Lord Jovien <ddimaya@jaxnet.com>
    Richard D

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