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    Paul by BPrigge

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/04/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Subject: [TK2] The Tekken2 Paul Phoenix faq v1.0
    From: prigg001@maroon.tc.umn.edu (Brady Prigge)
    Date: Mon, 04 Mar 1996 08:18:29 GMT
    Message-ID: <313aa66b.6364123@news.direct.ca>
                       The Tekken2 Paul Phoenix faq v1.0
                 by:Brady Prigge - prigg001@maroon.tc.umn.edu
                      (B-Day|R| on irc, think - anagram)
        This faq is dedicated to Shaun Hoff, the Supreme Super Soda Sucker
                          it was completed 2-28-96 .
    Question : Where is the Table of Contents?
    Answer : The Table of Contents is here
    I. Introduction
         A.Paul Faq - version History
         B.Note from author
         C.Explanation of the Counter System used in Tekken2
    II.Moves List
         B.Straight Moves List (from lukejedi's tekken2abstract faq)
         C.Paul's Common Moves
         D.Paul Phoenix's Tekken 2 moves
              1.Special Attacks
              2.Throwing Tehniques
              3.The Reversals!
         A.10 strings
         B.Ground Combos (Canned Combos)
         C.Float combos
    IV.Strategy and Analisys
         A.Vs CPU (CPU cheeze)
         B.Vs Player
         C.Fighting Against Paul
         A.Infinite string in Tekken 1 
    VI.Completely Useless Info
         A.Character description
         B.What are the hidden messages Paul gives us?
         B.blah blah blah...
    allright now! enough Q and A!
    v1.0  The Original
    What is needed
     *still need many of Paul's reversal animations
     *info on Paul's b,b+2,2 dodge if any
     *corrections in grammer, wording, facts, etc...
     *Attack and throw descriptions
     *general polishing up
     *10 string description and info
     *more in-depth strategy
     *percent damage inflicted by each move
     *Tile-splitter-death fist and other combos need to be added(with 
    explanation) to canned 
        combos section
    When I started playing Tekken2(i had never played Tekken 1 at the time) 
    I used King because he looked the coolest. However, being a VF2 only 
    player then, this was not a good move. King was sort of like a demented 
    Wolf, and I lost quite often. When I saw Paul I knew I would use him the 
    most, as many of Paul's moves are taken from Akira(my favorite VF 
    character) from VF2. I would recomend this to VF'rs who use Akira when 
    learning tekken2 as well. Paul has a single jump kick, a double jump 
    kick, a dashing elbow, a reversal and a few other shared moves.  Paul is 
    probably a bit better than the average tekken2 character, but that is 
    just my belief. Some people view Paul as weak because of long recovery 
    time, while others think that he is limitlessly better than everyone 
    else. All in all, it is how you use him. And I hope this faq will let 
    you use him a bit better than you did before. 
    Examination of Tekken2's Counter System
    It may be helpful to understand why some of your attacks are doing 
    double or triple damage, and here are some of things I have noticed:
    OK, I’ve only really been analyzing this with Paul, but here's how the 
    counter attacks seem to work:
    After blocking an attack, you can retaliate and hit the opponent while 
    they are finishing up with their attack animation. This will 
    occasionally cause two sets of "sparks" to appear which are sometimes 
    accompanied  by an added effect. The added effect is usually extra 
    damage, or the ability to do new moves etc...
    With a "Major-counter" you are hitting an opponent while they are 
    "winding up" to do an attack. Or, in other words, interrupting your 
    opponents attack with one of your own. 
    With Paul's power punch ; the player hit by it normally receives a 
    certain amount of damage. When used as a counter(see above) the player 
    on the receiving end loses even more life(about 30% damage on normal 
    setting I believe). When used as a Major counter: massive damage is 
    dealt(60 to 90 percent!), AND however gets hit by this goes flying 
    backwards, tumbling 
    over and over.
    Another example of a major counter is Pauls d+1,2. If it is a major 
    counter then there will be 2 sparks and the opponent will be stunned 
    long enough to not be able to block the second half. If used as a 
    regular counter, there will be two sets of sparks, but the power punch 
    can be blocked.
    King's 5-Ali kicks/octopus grab can be done as regular counters as well 
    as major ones.
    Contact me if you have something to add to this section. Better yet, 
    check out the Tekken2 
    counter faq. I don’t who wrote it, or where to get it, but it is good. 
    (note: the following is a direct lift from lukejedi's excellent tekken2 
    faq - which can be found at ftp://ftp.netcom.com /pub/lu/lukejedi
    .  -thanks luke!)
    Here is how the connotation of joystick movements and button presses 
    d,u,f,b (*tap* stick down, up, toward opponent, away from opponent)
    D,U,F,B (*HOLD* stick down, up, toward opponent, away from opponent)
    d/f,d/b,u/f, etc (tap stick diagonally)
    D/F,D/B,U/F, etc (HOLD stick diagonally)
    N (return stick to Neutral position)
    QCT Quarter-Circle Towards (circle stick from down to forward)
    HCT Half-Circle Towards) (circle stick from back to down to forward)
    (WC), While Crouching
    (WS), While Standing
    A tilde (~) between two buttons means to press the second
     one IMMEDIATELY after the first.  
    Paul Phoenix Moves List
    1+3       Shoulder Throw
    2+4       Shoulder Popper
    1+3+B     Stomach Throw
    f,f+1+2   Shoulder Ram
    d/f+1+2   Striking Shiho-Nage
    d/b+1+2             Ultimate Tackle   {2+4} to remain standing when it 
    <tackle> 1,2,1,2,1  Mounted Punches
    <tackle> D+2,1,1,N+4,1,1+2  Ultimate Punishment
    <tackled> 1+2       Ultimate Escape (when opponent is trying to punch 
    2-3              P-K Combo
    2,D+3            P-lowkick Combo
    u/f+3,4          Double Jumpkick
    f,f+4            Somersault Kick
    f,f+3,4,   (4)            <---	TRIPLE
               (f or d/f + 4) <---	KICK
               (d or d/b + 4) <---	STRINGs
    QCT+2            Death Fist
    (WC)+1           Tile Splitter
    (WC)+1,f+2       Tile Splitter, Death Fist
    (WC)+4+2         Falling Leaf Combo
    D,f+2            Elbow Strike
    (WC)+2           Stone Splitter
    (WC)+1,4,2       Tile-Splitter, Falling Leaf Combo
    f,f+2            Flash Elbow
    QCT              Ducking Dash
    D,d/f+2,1        Elbow Strike, Death Fist
    D,D/F+2,2        Elbow Strike, Lifting Leg Punch
    b+1+2            Unblockable Death Fist
    b+1+3 or b+2+4   Attack Reversal
    1,2,3,2,1,2,1,4,2,1   Tenstring
    1,2,3,1,4,2,1,4,2,1   Tenstring
    1,2,3,1,2             Fivestring
    <End of lukejedi tekken2abs.faq extraction>
    Before we take a closer look at the special moves, lets first check out 
    some of the moves common to all characters.
    Uppercut  (d/f+2)
    This can also be done with d/f+1, but you need to use RP to get them in 
    the air for a float. This along with Right Jump Kick(u/f+4) are the best 
    moves to start float combos with Paul. The Range on this move is very 
    limited however.
    SideKick (d/f+3)
    Maybe the most underused move in Pauls arsenal. This kick is almost 
    uncounterable when done from its farthest reach. It is quick and can 
    surprise a crouching opponent, it also is good for mixing up attacks, 
    just don’t expect to float or stagger people with it ;)
    Punch (1 or 2)
    The only real use for using a punch alone is to float opponents when
    they are in mid-air. Sometimes, however, you can use a single
    punch to finish off a opponent who is almost KO'd without fear 
    of counter(but not reversal).
    Kick (3 or 4)
    Kicking with LK knocks them down. Paul's Right kick is rather
    useless IMO.
    Toe Kick(d/f+4)
    Short Range
    Rising Toe Kick (WS+4)
    Doesn’t knock them down. Can be done out of the crouching dash(d,d/f,f)
    Hop Jump Kick (u/f+3 or u/f+4)
    Start float combos with u/f+RK, but watch out for reversals or counters! 
    His u/f+LK is another rarely used move, but can be followed by a RK for 
    an instant double jump kick.
    Big Jump Kick (U/F+3 or U/F+4)
    These high kicks look silly and can be used to humiliate your
    opponent!  ;)
    Flying Punch! (U/F,1)
    The most useless stupid move in the game IMHO! No one uses this. If
    you get hit by this, hang your head in shame.  :)
    Run (f,f,f)
    Rush in on a far away enemy.
    Slide (4 after running for a while)
    This attack hits people lying on the ground as tripping anyone who is
    not guarding low. This is good follow up to any attack that puts Paul
    and his opponent far away from each other such as the Shoulder Ram. This
    move also puts you in a lying position.
    Tackle (Run into a standing opponent)
    The same tackle as Pauls Ultimate Tackle(d/b+1+2). After tackling, press
    1,2,1,2,1 to punch them in the head. Or try his chain 
    Shoulder Ram (Run into a moving opponent)
    This is what usually occurs when the person getting ran at tries to 
    resist a tackle. Does a lot of damage.
    Running Stomp (Run through an opponent who is lying down)
    Another good humiliation move! Use this when far away and your opponent 
    is slow  at getting up. 
    Hop Pounce (u+2)
    A light pounce that is relatively quick but does little damage. Only use 
    this when you are inches away from an opponent and they are JUST about 
    to get up(ex. after knocking down someone with a standing LK).
    Otherwise, use Paul's ground punch(d+2) instead.
     High Pounce (U+2)
    Paul jumps really high and lands his fist on a lying opponent with
    a punch. These are Rarely used in Tekken2 and any opponent can get up
    to avoid this. Unlike other characters, Paul cannot follow up ANY move 
    with a high Pounce with any reliability.
    RISING ATTACKS (Use these after being knocked down)
    Rising Kicks (<when lying down> 3 or 4)
    LK is a rising low kick and RK brings out a rising high kick. Do not use 
    these against good players! You will always be countered!
    Spring up Palm (<lying down> B+3+4)
    Paul takes a long time to get up halfway, and then spring at you with 
    arms extended. This move is slow but hard for an opponent to hit you out 
    of. Use this occasionally if your opponent is always trying to hit you 
    when you stand up.
    Roll and Spring at 'em (<lying down> 1 or B or both, then F+1+2)
    Try rolling back(B) and then spring at them. This will surprise even 
    expert players if you use it sparingly. 
    Remember that you can do "get up combos" of sorts. While lying down, 
    press 2 to recover. Before you stands up, press 1 to roll into the 3rd 
    dimension. Then hold back on the joystick to roll backwards. Before Paul 
    finishes this, press f+1+2 to spring at them! Mix up how you get up and 
    you may surprise a few people!!
    Well, this is the long part. 
    In Tekken 1, this move could be used VERY cheesily(is that even a 
    Thankfully you now recover in time to block or dodge another attack 
    after the somersault hits you while you are blocking. Thus, this move 
    has lost a lot of its power.
    Paul is vulnerable while executing this move. You can occasionally hit
    people with this as they get up. It can also be used to get in close 
    with someone. When someone blocks this, you(Paul) are stunned longer 
    than them. Remember this.
    Jump Kick Strings 
    (u/f+3[First Kick],4[2nd kick] OR f,f+3[Singlee jump kick],4[Double Jump 
    kick],4[3rd Kick])
    It may be easier to execute u/f+3,4 ; but you cannot add a 3rd kick to 
    that. The f,f+3 motion also allows you to dash in before kicking. Just 
    press forward once and hold the second forward a second before kicking. 
    This technique increases your range and is needed to do some of Paul's 
    float combos. The 3rd kick in the THREE KICK STRING can be a high kick 
    (by simply pressing RK), a low kick(press down+RK) or a side kick(press 
    d/f+4). It is a powerful technique to always finish your 3 kick string 
    with down and RK. This will force your opponent to crouch before every 
    3rd hit. This leaves them vulnerable to the sidekick now!
    It should also be noted that these kicks hit crouching opponents. 
    Sometimes it is useful to use his kick strings when opponent thinks you 
    are going to throw him.
    You can also do this 3 kick string while running! In other words, 
    f,f,f(let Paul run for a while if you wish),3,4,4
    After connecting with the first 2 kicks in the 3 kick string, always run 
    in and ground punch! It works 100% and the extra damage is nice. The 3rd 
    kick in the 3 kick string is should mostly be used only if the first 2 
    are missed or blocked.
    Death Fist aka Super Punch (d,d/f,f+2)
    Pauls most powerful move. Pauls Power Punch has varied effects ;
    As a regular hit - Takes off about 23% of opponents life.
    When used as counter(blocking attack and retaliating in time) - even 
    more life taken off. When used as Major Counter(interrupting opponents 
    attack) - Does a HUGE amount of damage (roughly 68% on regular damage 
    setting) and sends however hit by it tumbling head over heels, far away 
    from you. Use this large distance gap to run at the person after they've 
    been hit( See running moves above).
    Notice that Paul takes a crouching dash before you hit RP with this 
    move. You can punch right at the start of the dash by hitting the button 
    right after the joystick motion. Or you an delay the power punch by 
    waiting a little, or d,d/f,f,pause,RP.  Switching your timings with the 
    power punch can fool your opponent. It is advised that you do the late 
    power punch as much as you can. This will make other players more likely 
    to try to interrupt your Death Fist. That is when you bring out for 
    quick power punch for a Major Counter and the most Powerful Single move 
    in the game!  See the Crouching Dash section below for more reasons to 
    release the death fist late.
    It should be noted that the crouching dash that precedes the Power Punch 
    is actually a move by itself(d,d/f,f). Other uses for this technique 
    will be mentioned later in the faq.
    Tile Splitter (d+1 or WC[While crouching]+1)
    This move is most commonly associated with the Tile Splitter, Death Fist 
    combo(see ground combos). However, it is a power full move in itself. 
    This Move has 3 Different effects:
    Regular Hit - Paul smashes his opponent for relatively low damage. 
    Nothing can be added on after this for a combo
    When used as a Major counter - The smash hits them harder and they are 
    stunned long enough to be hit by a power punch(2 right after the Tile 
    Splitter - see ground combos). There is no other known follow up to this 
    attack that combos
    When an opponent gets hit with this While they do not have their feet 
    planted on the ground(example - while they are trying to stand up) - 
    Paul smashes them into the ground! The damage is increased a little and 
    the player hit by it is both lying on the ground and humiliated!
    Paul has 3 options after executing the Tile splitter. 1)Do not follow up 
    2)after d+1, press 2 for a death fist follow up(combos on counter hit) 
    3)Press 4 to execute his turning low kick(aka 1 half falling leaf 
    combo), after that you can do the death fist with RP or stop attacking. 
    Look below for 1/2 falling leaf  info.
    It may seem impractical to use this move alone at first, but remember 
    that most players expect the death fist after it and will usually not 
    counter the Tile Splitter alone. Like his other Moves, mix up your 
    attacks and follow ups. For example, doing his tile splitter and then 
    doing the normal deathfist (d,d/f,f+2) can match many players offguard! 
    The Tile splitter can also be used to harass people when they are 
    getting up. If this connects they will be smashed into the ground!
    Low Turnaround Kick (aka 1/2 Falling Leaf Combo) [d+4]
    Pauls signature move! This is perhaps the most effective move in Pauls 
    arsenal! It is very quick and can catch people off guard. And best of 
    all, it hits low! (Akira could use this move :) )
    Since 90% of Pauls moves have to be blocked high, this move is great! 
    This move is so quick and powerful(especially when comboed with the 
    elbow or deathfist) that most people try to play Paul out of its range. 
    If you play a close-in game with Paul, this move is essential. Stick 
    this move in whenever you can and follow it up with the elbow. Don’t 
    over use it though. But if you do, and you find that every one is crouch 
    defending you ; hit them with a tile splitter, death fist, Jumping kick 
    string, elbow or whatever you just about want!
    This move can be followed up by a elbow as a floating canned combo. Just 
    press 2 after executing the d+4. This is known as the falling leaf 
    This move is great for hitting a rising opponent. After scoring a 
    knockdown with Paul, run in and wait. If they get up with Forward or 
    Back, use the falling Leaf Combo! Both hits will connect if they roll 
    forward, and both hits MAY hit if they roll backwards. I guess Tekken 2 
    DOES have some sort of physics engine.
    ELBOW STRIKES (FC,f+2 or FC,d/f+2 or f,f+2)
    Paul has 3 different elbows(just like Akira :) ), ill take you through 
    them in the order listed above,
    Crouch -> Elbow (FC,f+2)
    This is Paul's elbow from Tekken1. It is a good move in that Paul as 
    very few special moves done from a crouching position. It is best used 
    to counter an attack after blocking something low. For some reason I 
    never use this move in a fight. BTW, the motion may be FC,d,d/f,f+2 ill 
    fix this later.
    Chain Elbow (FC,d/f+2 - may be followed up with D/F+2 or D/F+1 for a 
    The only use here is to add something to the elbow. Using the elbow 
    alone only gets you reduced damage. To add on an attack after this - 
    from crouching position, press d/f+2, keep holding the D/F and after the 
    elbow connects(or sooner) press 1 for a power punch (hits high) or 2 for 
    a lifting leg toss(hits low). Mix these to attacks up to keep them 
    Flash Elbow (f,f+2)
    Another important Paul move. This attack is uncounterable when blocked. 
    So use it to keep your opponent in check. Hits crouching defender.
    Ground Punch (d+2 while above a lying opponent) -aka Stone Splitter
    Another very important move for Paul. You should try to use this 
    whenever your opponent is lying down! Since people get up quicker in 
    Tekken2, you may have to dash in (f,f) before hitting with this. 
    Whenever one of your special move knocks them down, but is to far away
    for the Stomp, try to get them with a ground punch. It is important to 
    be efficient with this move. Use it often! Keep in mind though, that 
    Paul actually has to recover from a missed ground punch.
    Crouching Dash(d,d/f,f)
    This move is actually more than the beginning of the death fist. If you 
    are bringing out your Death Fists late(d,d/f,f,pause,RP) you now have 
    the luxury or crouch dashing in and throwing(d,d/f,f,1+3 or 2+4)! You 
    can also tack on the crouch dash before any throw to triple your 
    throwing range!  And don’t forget that you can stop the crouching dash 
    anytime simply by push back on the joystick. Try doing the crouch dash, 
    interrupt it with B, and then quickly execute the falling leaf combo. It 
    is moves like these that let you play Paul in an unpredictable manner!
    I believe unconventional use of this move is key to mastering Paul.
    Unblockable Death Fist (B+1+2)
    Pauls only unblockable attack. Use it sparingly as it opens you up for a 
    counter. Occasionally<sic>, you’ll connect with this. It does 90% damage 
    and lets you run in and stomp( or ground punch) afterwards.
    Shoulder Throw (1+3)
    Pauls 1+3 throw looks like a judo mauver. He grabs their arms and flips 
    them over his shoulder. Follow it up with a ground punch everytime. Use 
    this more often than 2+4 because of the following ground punch.
    Shoulder Popper (2+4)
    Paul grabs their arm, sticks his leg on their chest, and straightens his 
    body to pull opponents arm out of it socket while pulling the to the 
    ground! You can actually hear the bone coming out! Doing this move puts 
    both Paul and his opponent on the ground. Even when you get up 
    quickly(tap 2 while lying down) though, the ground punch follow up can 
    be avoided. So use his 1+3 for more damage(because of the ground punch 
    follow-up) and use 2+4 when you want to be lying on the ground(when time 
    is running out).
    Try this: after connecting with this throw, roll back(B). Then try to 
    surprise the other person by springing at them with f+1+2. 
    Stomach Throw (1+3,B)
    Another judo-like move. Paul does something that looks like Kage's(vf2) 
    Ten foot toss, but at a more horizontal angle.
    Although this move is often listed as B+1+3, that will only get a 
    reversal attempt out.Press 1+3 within throwing range and right after 
    that, hold back. This move puts you at a great distance from the other 
    player, so get up quick(tap 2) and run in for the tackle, stomp or 
    ground punch. This move can supposedly be used as CPU Cheese(see 
    appropriate section).
    Shoulder Ram (f,f+1+2)
    Hands Down Pauls most effective throw! I have yet to see someone break 
    it! Does good damage and puts Paul and his opponent at a great distance. 
    Follow this up with a run in for a tackle or running stomp.
    Striking Shihi-Nage (d/f+1+2)
    Wow! The best looking throw in the game IMO! It looks realistic but 
    painful. Paul grabs their arms and leads them on front of him. Then he 
    pulls them in and smacks them to the ground with his other arm! A nice 
    amount of damage and i still have not seen this throw broken.
    Ultimate Tackle (d/b+1+2) to break the tackle, press B+2+4 while Paul 
    touches you
    The same as his run into 'em tackle, but without the annoying run at the 
    start. This move can surprise people. Follow this up with face 
    Punches(1,2,1,2,1) or Pauls Ultimate Choke ( read on). Note that the 
    face punches(and maybe the choke) can be reversed by another Paul.
    Ultimate Choke Multi-Throw
    Pauls very own chain throw! Many people have trouble with this so;
    Here is a great and easy way to do it as told by SeeThru9:
    From: seethru9@aol.com (SeeThru 9)
    Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade
     "I hope this sorta makes things a little easier to understand in 
    relation to Paul's choke.
     Here's how I do it, and it works every time:
     d/b+1+2 for the tackle, and immediately hold D and hit 2 once before 
    Paul reaches the ground, so the face punch is inputted before the tackle 
    is finished. Once Paul pulls back for the 1st punch, I continue to hold 
    D and tap 1. I keep tapping 1 (not smacking, just steady, like a beat, 
    to keep the time for the move), and as the 1st punch to the side 
    CONNECTS (not comes out, but actually connects), I quickly do the 
    N+4,1,1+2 sequence. It works for me every time this way.
     So, you input the 1st punch before the tackle is finished, keep tapping
    (I repeat, don't mash the button, it's not necessary) 1, then do the 
    choke as the 1st gut punch connects. I keep tapping 1, and go right into 
    the sequence from that. And when I say the gut punch connects, you 
    should do the N+4,1,1+2 very quickly when you see the sparks from the 
    1st stomach punch, so you should have the entire sequence entered before 
    the 2nd gut punch even starts.
    Hope this sorta helps. It's just the way I do it, and it seems to work
    THE REVERSALS!!! (b+1+3 or b+2+4)
    This Move single handedly changes the gameplay elements of Paul Phoenix 
    in Tekken2! See strategy section
    When you do this move Paul will back off for a second, assuming a more 
    defensive position for a second. You must time it so your opponents 
    attack goes into this position as it starts. The reversal must be 
    started about a one-fifth of a second before the attack reaches you. 
    So, in other words, doing the motion opens up a "window" for about One-
    fourth of a second in which a reversal occurs if a reversible attack 
    enters the "window". Paul then intercepts his opponent’s attack, and 
    performs some sort of mauever to attack them. The result of a successful 
    reversal varies depending on the move that got reversed. Read on for 
    some of those results.
    There is recovery time after a missed reversal! It is brief but you are 
    still open to attack. Don’t get into the habit of doing "random 
    reversals". It looks silly and it is really not that hard to time a 
    reversal in Tekken2. Always use reversals when your opponent becomes 
    An ideal Paul player would be attacking(and hitting) with his moves for 
    most of the match. But when the other player DOES have a chance to be 
    offensive, that is where you reverse their attacks!
    Lets try to name all of the reversal animations Paul does! It will help 
    people know if certain moves are reversable or not, and is just good to 
    know. Generally, a hop jump kick(u/f+3 or 4) can be reversed. But a High 
    jump kick(U/F+3 or 4) or running jump kick(f,f,f,3) cannot be reversed. 
    Just about any standing attack above the waist can be reversed(including 
    unblockable). Paul cannot reverse low attacks like Akira can :(
    Attack Reversed                                          Result
    ------------------------                                ----------------
    King's Frankensteiner                                   Paul Powerbombs his
    Punch                                                   Paul uses a Judo
    manuver to receive the punch
    and flip his opponent over his shoulder
    Kick                                                    Paul grabs the leg
    and twists it, forcing them
    to fall
    Hopping Jump Kick                                       Like above, with
    more of a spin to it
    Yoshimistu sword                                        Flipkick
    if you have more reversal animations for this section, E-Mail them to 
    me. You will be given full credit ofcourse. I am espescially interested 
    in hearing how Paul manages to reverse Yoshimitu's sword, as we have
    few Yoshimitu's here.
    Ultimate Escape (1+2 when tackled by someone)
    Another neat thing about Paul. With this you can avoid damage from 
    strikes to the head or  another Paul multi-throw after being tackled. 
    The motion is simply 1+2, and it doesn’t need to be executed gracefully! 
    Just repeatedly tap 1+2 right after being tackled and it will still 
    reverse! Although you are supposedly supposed to wait just before the 
    punch reaches you before pushing the buttons.  See the strategy section 
    for info on using this technique to run away and let time run out. 
    10 STRING ATTACKS *means a guard point in which the 10-string stops 
    1,2,3*,2,1,2,1,*4,2,1   Tenstring
    This is his 10 string from tekken1. They only need to block the RK(4) 
    1,2,3*,1*,4,2,1,*4,2,1   Tenstring
    A variation of his first string. Once again, block the 4's low.
    Here are the timings for those 10 strings from Goten's 10 string timing 
     it is set up like a rythem(ie. if numbers are close together-push them 
    1232 1  2  1 4  2  1
    1231  4 2 1  4  2  1
    1,2,3*,1,2             Fivestring
    I haven’t even used this 5-String yet! More info later...
    Ill insert more 10 string info in a later version of the faq along with 
    the attack animations Paul assumes while doing these strings.
    Canned Combos
    1, 2 Punch - is exactly what it sounds like! Press LP~RP for a quick 
    uncounterable  weak attack
    Punch Kick Combo (2,3)
      Ahhh! This doesn’t even seem to combo anymore unless it is used as a 
    counter! Even worse,   its harder to run in and do this thanks to the 
    flash elbow(f,f+2)! Pauls old PK combo still  knocks them down however.
    Punch Low Kick (2,d+3)
      A good variation of the above combo. If you use PK alot, then use this 
    once in a while to get in a  surprise hit.
    Floating or Juggling Combos
    Here are some damaging juggle combos I have found with Paul. I start 
    them differently on the list but Paul can start a float combo with : Right 
    Jump kick(u/f+4) and right uppercut(d/f+2). You can also start combos by 
    connecting with ONLY the second kick in his double jump kick(f,f+3,4).
    Also, the LP floats can be substituted with d/f+1 uppercuts.
    You can also start floats with ONLY his first kick in the double jump 
    kick(f,f+3) but it is unnecessarily<sic> difficult.
    Jump kick, LP, Double Jump kick
     (u/f+4,1, f,F+3,4)
            -use the delayed double jump kick(f,F+3,4) i stated earlier to
             get this to work. Remember that Tekken 2 doesnt let you
    input the motions of a move while you 
             are doing another move unlike vf2, so do this rather quickly
    Uppercut, LP, Power Punch
     (d/f+2,1, d,d/f,f+2)     -note that using a power punch in a float
                               combo reduces the power punch's damage
    Jump Kick, LP, Falling Leaf Combo
     (u/f+4,1,d+4,2)          -you may have to dash in after the LP
    Uppercut,LP,1-2 punch combo
     (d/f+2,1,1~2)            -like before, dash in after LP
    Jump kick,LP,Big Jump Kick
     (u/f+4,1,U/F+4)          -looks kind of stupid, but fun to do
    Uppercut,1-2 punch combo,3rd of 3 kick string(low kick)
     (d/f+2,1~2,f,f+3,4,d+4)  -the last kick will scrape them on the ground, 
                               getting extra damage as counter if they try
                               to get up with an attack
    Elbow, Lifting leg toss, Falling leaf combo
     (d,D/F+2,2,d+4,2)        -start the falling leaf combo(d+4,2) as they 
    				   hit the ground. coolest looking Paul
    Jump Kick, LP, Tile Splitter
     (u/f+4,1,D+1)              -another humiliation combo. This smashes 
    				     your opponent into the ground!
    Here is an advanced combo from rgva'er Son Goku
    > f/d+2,1,f,1,2,3,1,4,2,1,4,2,1 - Son Goku's Token Saving Double Float
    > Combo of Death. (The SGTSDFCoD is by far the most difficult float to
    > date timing wise. When done correctly the 3,1 will miss the falling
    > opponent but the 4 will bounce him right off the ground up into the
    > rest of the combo.)
    Vs CPU (CPU cheeze)
    I personally do not play the computer. I’ve only tried about a dozen 
    times and it doesn’t seem like much fun. In fact, if there’s no one on 
    the tekken2 machine, I just look for vf2. Other people however DO play 
    the CPU alot. There are many ways of beating the CPU easily(cheesily). 
    One such is from rgva. It involves doing the 1+3,B toss and following it 
    up with his Unblockable(B+1+2). I have not personally tried this (read 
    above) but some claim to have beaten the entire game with it. 
    Another commonplace method is knocking down the computer's player and 
    waiting near them to get up. As soon as they get up dash back. The CPU 
    will go for a rising attack and you can counter it with an attack of 
    choice. I prefer the deathfist as it knocks them down and the process 
    can be repeated.
    One thing i have noticed is that you can often bait the CPU into 
    attacking into your reversal. Try a quick move such as a sidekick or 
    punch. After the CPU blocks it will often retaliate with a reversible 
    attack. Reverse this!
    If you have something to add to this section, please do. You will of 
    course be given full cred

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