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    Paul by TKunitsu

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    Paul Guide for Tekken 2 from T. Kunitsu
                          Strategy Guide for Paul Phoenix
                                By Toshihiko Kunitsu
    * Note : Please refer to the Tekken2 FAQ by Luke for the notations used in
    this FAQ.
    Paul's move list
     1+3                            Shoulder Throw
     2+4                            Shoulder Popper
     1+3+B                          Stomach Throw
     f,f+1+2                        Shoulder Ram
     d/f+1+2                        Striking Shiho-Nage
     d/b+1+2                        Ultimate Tackle
     During Tackle 1,2,1,2,1        Mounted Punches
     During Tackle D+2,1,1,N+4,1,1+2Ultimate Punishment
     From Behind 1+3 or 2+4         Neck Throw
     1,2                            1-2 Punches
     2-3                            P-K Combo
     2,D+3                          P-lowkick Combo
     1,D+3                          Reverse Punch/Lowkick Combo
     u/f+3,4                        Double Jumpkick
     f,f+4                          Somersault Kick
     f,f+3,4,4(or d/f+4 or d/b+4)   Triple Kick
     QCT+2                          Death Fist
     (WC)+1                         Tile Splitter
     (WC)+1,f+2                     Tile Splitter, Death Fist
     (WC)+4,2                       Falling Leaf Combo
     D,f+2                          Elbow Strike
     (WC)+2                         Stone Splitter (Enemy on Ground)
     (WC)+1,4,2                     Tile-Splitter, Falling Leaf Combo
     f,f+2                          Flash Elbow
     D,d/f+2,1                      Elbow Strike, Death Fist
     D,D/F+2,2                      Elbow Strike, Lifting Leg Punch
     b+1+2                          Super Death Fist (unblockable)
     b+1+3 or b+2+4                 Attack Reversal
     1,2,3,2,1,2,1,4,2,1            Tenstring
     1,2,3,1,4,2,1,4,2,1            Tenstring
     1,2,3,1,2                      Fivestring
    Paul doesn't have so many moves compared with others. But Paul is a very
    powerful and easy-to-use character. If you are a beginner of Tekken2, you
    might try Paul first. But you should be able to use 10hit combo at least.
    Paul's 10hit combo is rather easy to use than others'. I will talk about
    ONLY usefull moves to beat V.S. players and not talk about useless moves!
    Paul's tactics
    I.If your opponent is close to you
      1. Falling Leaf Combo (WC)+4,2
      2. Tile-Splitter, Falling Leaf Combo (WC)+1,4,2
      3. Any throws, but I recommend Striking Shiho-Nage(d/f+1+2) since it is
         the most damaging throw.
      4. Death Fist (QCT)+2
      5. 10hit combos
    Especially Falling Leaf Combo is easy to use and pretty fast. You can use
    this as your main weapon if you can't use 10hit combo. You can also use
    Death Fist as your main attack since you won't get any attack from your
    opponent after it(It pushes your opponent away from you).
    II.If your opponent is a little away from you. In the distance your punches
    or kicks don't reach your opponent
      1. Death Fist (QCT)+2
      2. Elbow Strike, Lifting Leg Punch(D,D/F+2,2) soon as you punch him up in
         the air, hold your stick down and press 2(Stone Splitter), or do the
         Falling Leaf Combo.
      3. Do a tackle d/b+1+2 and slap him (1,2,1,2,1).
      4. Do a Somersault Kick f,f+4, and throw him if your opponent blocks it.
         You can throw him since your opponent can't move for a while after he
         blocks it. If he doesn't block it and eats your kick, do a low
      5. Start 10hit combos
    III.If your opponent is away from you
      1. Run towards him and do a Double Jump Kick (3,4) right before you reach
         your opponent. This works good since most people try to do something
         if you run towards him. But your jump double kick will sure to kick
         him up in the air!
      2. Run towards him and tackle(automaticaly) and slap him.
      3. Run towards him and do a sliding kick(4) before you reach your
    IV.Aerial combo
    Paul have only a few aerial combos, and most of them are really hard to do.
    I will talk about the easiest one here.
    You must be very close to your opponent. Kick him up in the air by a Jump
    Kick (u/f+4). Do a left punch, then do Death Fist. Left punch holds him in
    the air for a second. I think this is the easiest aerial combo, however,
    this is hard to do. If you think this is too hard, you don't have to use
    this...But if you can, people will be very impressed!
    V.Down attack(if your opponent is lying down)
      1. Do a Pounce(u+2)
      2. Go close to your opponent and do a StoneSplitter
      3. Do a low spin kick (D+3)
      4. Stay a little away from him in the distance you don't get his standing
         up kicks. Do Death Fist as soon as your opponent start moving. You may
         use Super Death Fist(B+1+2) in the same way I said just now. But when
         you use it, you don't have to wait till your opponent start moving
         since the Super Death Fist takes a few second to be made. Your
         opponent will be DEAD since it takes a second to make a standing up
         kick. But you can only use this technique if your opponent always does
         standing up kicks. This one is rather like gambling. I don't recommend
         to use this so often.
      5. Stay very close to your opponent. As soon as your opponent moves, do
         the Falling Leaf Combo. You can hit him down again. You might use this
         technique repeatedly till he dies! If you do well, your opponent will
         never be able to get up! This works pretty well for BIG CHARACTERS
         such as Jack2 or Kuma.
    I recomment to use #4 If you do right, your opponent will never get up and
    will be pissed off a lot!!!
    VI.Time attack pattern
    This is only for V.S. computer and only to make the fastest record to beat
    all characters up to devil.
    Start the game with Tile-Splitter, Falling Leaf Combo((WC)+1,4,2). You can
    hit the opponent down most of the time by this. If you couldn't, do this
    till you hit him down. Then go very close to him. As soon as your opponent
    starts moving, do the Death Fist (QCT)+2. If your timing is right, it
    becomes a counter hit and kills him! It takes only 3sec for one game for
    this pattern. My best record is 2min18sec.
    As I said at the beginning, Paul doesn't have so many moves. In other
    words, Paul's moves are very simple. But if you combine and use techniques
    in the right time, you will be one of the toughest Tekken2 player! And
    DON'T forget to use 10hit combos! You might use them at any situation! They
    are always usefull and beat most players. I can say you can fight even only
    with 10hit combos! {1,2,3,1,4,2,1,4,2,1} Tap first {1,2,3,1} quickly, then
    tap rest of them slowly. You will get this pretty soon.
    If you got any question, please Email me! I will answer as much as I can!

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