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    Big Cheese Guide by RichardD

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    Updated FAQ for Tekken 2 Cheese Guide from RichardD
    Tekken 2 Super Big Cheese Guide
    * = New or Updated in Tekken 2 Super Big Cheese Guide v3.2
    I) V.S. Human Cheese
       1) General move Cheese
    *  2) Individual Character Cheese
       3) Prohibited Cheese
       4) Physical Cheese
       5) Special Section: Strategies V.S. Human Paul
    II) V.S. CPU cheese
       1) Exploring CPU Pattern
       2) Specific CPU Cheese for each Human Character
       3) General CPU Cheese
       4) Cheese V.S. the sub-boss
       5) Cheese V.S. CPU Devil and Kazuya
       6) Time Record Cheese
       7) Let’s Put It Together and Finish the Game Once For All
    III) Bonus Section
    *  Top Ten Cheesy and Fun Stuff You Can Do in Tekken 2
    Introduction to Tekken 2 Super Big Cheese Guide
    Different parts of the world have different rules in playing
    Tekken 2. In some places they  insist on a “no-throw” system, in
    other places you HAVE to give second round, in some other places
    you cannot hit people on the ground. But in my area, we fight
    dirty. My usual free-loader gang don’t give a damn about manners
    and rules. They just use whatever it takes to win. This guide is
    a description of what they did for a living. Personally I think
    cheesy stuff will only work V.S. players up to medium level i.e.
    class 6 (read my character power chart v1.1, if you care) in the
    first few times or in a surprise attack. If you do it
    consistently people will know how to block them all. But the key
    point is that  someone out there will not hesitate to do them to
    you, and you have to know how to get around them. It is very
    hard to find a master player who would do cheesy stuff. (Are
    they too proud of ruining  their reputation?) But a master who
    do cheesy stuff will be even more powerful.
    Please accept my gratitude for those who contribute to this
    guide. Sooner or later there will be a Cheese Guide V4.0 coming
    to rgva if there is enough interest. Please email me if you
    appreciate my work or have additional information to add.
    My email address: richardd@vcn.bc.ca
    There are 4 kinds of cheesy move V.S. human. Use them
    1) General moves cheese
    General move cheese can be done by every character to another
    character. If you do it over and over again it will be very
    annoying. It is somewhat basic, but if you can incorporate it
    into your level 2 cheese it can be powerful.
    Jump kick (f,f,f+3) : Some people has trouble blocking jump
    kicks and it can be a very annoying weapon. The correct way to
    block it is to stay neutral.
    Slide (f,f,F+4):  To block slide kicks you have to block low.
    Slide has a second purpose: to prevent people from getting up.
    But you can rolling to the side to avoid this.
    Shoulder ram (f,f,F): Most people has trouble blocking shoulder
    ram. The correct way to avoid this is to up kick (U+4) at the
    right moment. One neat trick for all you Law/ Lee people out
    there: When someone is shoulder-ramming you from far away, do
    your backflip (3+4). It will nail the opponent when the backflip
    comes down.
    Running stunt (f,f,F,N): As long as the opponent is anticipating
    your running attack, suddenly you stop running by neutraling the
    joystick (N), and tap into your own combo of choice.
    Sweep (d+3): Most characters has a sweep move (d+3). You can do
    this when the opponent is down. When they try to get up, dash
    forward to do it again. Works great V.S. people who don’t know
    how to get up.
    Unblockable: Almost every unblockable can be timed to hit the
    opponent when he gets up. The best way to avoid this not to get
    up if you see the opponent charged up. (Be aware that some
    unblockable can hit people on the ground, you have to roll away
    quickly to avoid this)
    Throw (1+3, 2+4): The origin of this tactic may be from Chun Li
    in the original SF2 series. Kind of different in Tekken 2 since
    you can duck to avoid being throw. But nevertheless use it when
    the opponents whiff their attack. Normally I think multipart is
    not very useful in higher level of gameplay. But some throws do
    a lot more damage than the others.
    e.g King’s giant swing (f,HCT+1), Jack-2 back breaker (QCB+2),
    or Wang’s Reverse body check. (d/f, d/f+2+4) (can be chained
    into combos)
    High and Low Cheese: The consistent use of low attacks will make
    your opponent block low more. If they start block low more, you
    can tap into your high attacks e.g.  Heihachi’s uppercut (f,f+2)
    or Law’s Flip kick (3+4) to kick their ass.
    Run away cheese: As long as you are ahead, keep backing off (Or
    jump backward). If the opponent try to shoulder ram you, just
    jump forward over them and repeat.
    Low kick cheese: Believe it or not, keep doing the (d+4) kick is
    a very good cheese V.S. both CPU and human, and break them out
    of a chain of moves. (not useful V.S. powerful character)
    Low punch cheese (d+1): same as Low kick cheese. (see above)
    1/4 sec cheese: You have to know EXACTLY when the game will
    begin after the announcer say “fight”. My observation is that on
    so many occasions the human players waste about 1/4 sec when the
    game begins and just stand there and do nothing. It is because
    they have bad timing and think that the game begin 1/4 sec
    later. I think the CPU has that kind of lag time, too, but it is
    shorter when the level goes higher. How to make use of that lag
    i) If you are using the character with long arms (the Jack’s,
    Bruce, etc) you can immediately do a special throw. (e.g. Jack’s
    backbreaker QCB+2).
    ii) If you are using characters will long sweep distance (e.g.
    Michelle, Wang), do a leg-sweep-something combo. (e.g. Wang’s
    leg sweep+uppercut D+4,1)
    2) Individual character cheese
    Individual character cheese are specific cheesy moves that can
    pull out by individual characters. Repeat them when necessary.
    A. King: His rushing Ali kick (f,F,4,4,4,4,4) has a very high
    priority and can be used as a counter move.
    - from littleTheo <littletheo@aol.com>
    Michelle: Do your 2+b punch over and over again to abuse your
    opponent. When you finally sick of playing around with him,
    throw him from behind (1+2).
    Michelle: Do a double or triple dashing elbow.
    This move has almost no setup time and cannot be reversed. If
    the opponent block the first one or you whiff, keep doing it.
    The opponent will try to do something after you whiff but end up
    eating your second  elbow.
    Jun: Keep doing your annoying 3-leg-sweep attacks (d/b+4,4,4,
    don’t use 3~4,4,4), especially when the opponent is down. This
    will sure piss people off. This tactic is particularly  useful
    V.S. some sleeping Lei.  On one occasion, the opponent simply
    gave up and stared at me. Of course I took my time and inflicted
    even more damage. Finally he pull out his ultimate weapon - his
    girl friend - to beat me up. :P
    When opponent starts to  block low more, tap into your cartwheel
    kick (3+4) or rushing uppercut (f+2). Alternatively you can tap
    into your infinity combo after the sweeps.
    Jun: Interchange your punch, punch, can-can, (1,1,4), and punch,
    punch, kick (1,1,3). One hit low and the other hit high. Keep
    the opponent guessing.
    Jun: Do your infinity combo:
    If the opponent start to block low, do 1+4,2,4 instead. This
    will hit high and knock your opponent down.
    Jun: After backflip (b+3), do rushing uppercut (2) or leg sweep
    (4,4,4). Again this will confuse the opponent like hell.
    Nina: She has a 4-hit combo that goes 1,2,d+3,2 right?  This
    goes, punch-punch, low-kick, uppercut.  IF YOU'RE quick
    (experiment with the timing) you can really make people mad by
    doing this: Right before they hit the ground, do d+3,2 and
    you'll knock 'em back up again. They'll to be too far away to
    keep doing it again (plus that would be an infinite juggle) BUT
    you can hit them with d+4,1 and she'll low kick then spinning
    chop; putting herself (if you're timing's right) in perfect
    range to hit with d+3,4 low-kick, highkick.  Each of these three
    little "pokes" are done, right before they hit the ground.  You
    can ALWAYS manage a 9-hit if the first four connect, and USUALLY
    a 10-hit!!  Think about it, a 10-hit combo where ALL hits
    - from Eric R. Gavin <jedi@mail.tstonramp.com>
    Nina: Believe it or not, keep doing Nina’s u/f+4,3,4 is an
    extremely cheese move. A lot of people don’t know how to block
    Paul, Wang, Heihachi: Keep doing your throws. Eventually the
    opponent will duck down more to avoid being thrown when you
    close in. As they duck down more, you do your death fist instead
    and sent them fly across the screen.
    Paul, Wang, Heihachi: once you hit the opponent with your death
    fist (QCT+2), wait for 1/4 second and then run towards your
    opponent. If you do it right, and your opponent is rolling to
    the side to get up, the axis will shift a little bit and you end
    up at the back of him. You can do another death fist to his back
    for a total damage of 80%.
    Paul, Heihachi, P-Jack: Follow the opponent who is being knocked
    down, and use you tile splitter (d+1) to slam them down when
    they try to get up.
    Paul: Use his tackle (d/b+1+2) as a counter attack to high
    attacks. Remember to hit (1+2) a couple of times more to make it
    a sure hit.
    Paul: Move close to your opponent who is knocked down and do the
    falling leave combo (d+4,2). Either the sweep will connect, or
    the elbow will connect, or both.
    Wang: Use the whirlwind throw (d/f+1+3+4) as a counter attack to
    high attacks.
    Lei, Law: Unlike Paul, their unblockable (Lei: B+1+4,4  Law:
    d/b+1+2) can hit people on the ground. Just pull it out when the
    opponent is down. (especially V.S. someone who doesn’t know how
    to get up)
    Baek: His 10-hit string (especially the one with the unblockable
    at the end) is good enough V.S. anybody up to medium level.
    Lee: most people has trouble blocking the 3 low kick, 1 medium
    kick combo (d+4,4,4,4).
    Lee: his Shredder combo f,f,f,3,4,4  will usually go through
    most high attacks and it can be initiated so quickly that the
    opponent will not be ready for it.
    Lee: After a opponent falls down use the Infinite kicks combo as
    soon as they rise for extra hits
    Lee: Do the Silver Fang d/b 1+2 to fool your opponent to come at
    you then cancel it by pressing u,u and beat them with a combo
    Lee: Do the throw 2+4 and go behind your opponent (this will
    sometimes make your rise with a kick rather than rolling away)
    if your opponent does kick block it and throw again (This one
    works only about 25% of the time)
    - Most of these Lee’s cheese are from <BFontanesi@aol.com>
    Yoshi: use your teleport (to confuse the opponent like hell, and
    throw the unaware from their back. (WC+3+4  Sit Down, F or B to
    teleport, N to heal)
    Yoshi: Dash back, sit, heal, dash back, sit and  heal. Repeat.
    This will work against passively aggressive people.
    Yoshi: One extremely cheezy thing to do is the first 7 hits of
    his tenstring 1,2,1,4,2,2,2 against people who don't have
    reversals. This part can be done over and over and over again
    since you can start your 1,2,1 immediately after the 2,2,2
    usually beating your opponent to his move. In any case, the
    first punch and the kick hit high while the rest hit middle so
    it's almost like an infinite middle hitting string. You can also
    sneak in a low punch after 2,2,2 before starting your 1,2,1
    - from Brian Fan <btf1@acpub.duke.edu>
    King: The stomach smash (f, f, N+2) is a very good counter move
    to high attacks. Then...
       1+2   Backbreaker   or   1+2,d,u,3+4   Sky Pile driver
    This move catches so many people off guard!!  I go across screen
    just out of reach, tap f,f wait a second then press 2, and
    Bamm!! Back breaker and sometimes  I'll do the Sky Pile Driver
    just to destroy the opponents confidence!!!!
    - from SPECTRE350 <spectre350@aol.com>
    Devil: After your throw, quickly do the air laser (3+4) , it
    will hit the opponent on the ground. But your opponent  can roll
    aside to avoid this.
    Devil: When the opponent whiffs his attack, quickly do (1,1,2)
    punch combo. It will knock them down. Then do the air laser
    (3+4), it will hit the opponent on  the ground. Then do the
    ground laser (1+2) non-stop to prevent him from getting close
    again. If he duck all the time, quickly do your air laser again.
    Devil: Devil is Kuma’s nemesis. Kuma is too big to duck under
    Devil’s standing laser beam.
    Wang: Wang is Devil’s nemesis. Wang is too short to be hitby
    Devil’s standing laser beam.
    Jack-2: Do you scissors and meltdown (f+1+2,1+2) when the
    opponent whiff his attack. If the opponent finally wise up and
    block low for the meltdown, do a scissors and megatron instead
    (f+1+2,d/f+2). The second hit will hit high. This will confuse
    your opponent like hell
    Jack-2: machine gun punch (d/b+1,2) is a very good counter move
    to any strings of attacks.
    3) Prohibited Cheese
    These cheesy stuff are strictly prohibited unless you do them on
    friends. Only they MAY forgive you.
    1) Pretend to give second round but kill your opponent instead.
    To use this tactic you have to win the first round. In the
    second round you fight the guy as usual, but half way you sort
    of give up and just stand there (to give second round). Most of
    the people (I did fight someone who did not accept a mercy
    round) will be too happy to go in for the kill and  put down
    their guard. Time to go for you own kill. Do you best combo and
    destroy them. Of course you have to put up that innocent and
    surprise look onto your face later and say something like “Oops,
    sorry”. Very cheesy and cruel, but win.
    Same tactic can be used in the Street Fighter series for
    offering  a fireball draw game. (Details Omitted)
    2) Play dumb on the first 2 round and go for the kill in the
    third round. To use this tactic you have to find someone who will give you
    second round. You sort of play the dumb guy in the first 2
    rounds. Normally they will put their guard down a little bit in
    the third round. But you just go berserk and attack in a frenzy
    like you have never attacked before. Very cheesy and abusive,
    but win.
    3) At the beginning of the round (especially the third round),
    say something to your opponent like, “Can you let me try
    something first? My joystick is not working”. Of course, the
    something that you try is your best combo, which is done onto
    your opponent! Very cheesy and twisted, but win.
    4) Let the opponent pick his character first every time, and
    then select their nemesis. This will really piss people off if
    you do it every time.
    i) Pick fast characters V.S. slow characters (e.g. Jun V.S. “The
    Jacks family”),
    ii) Pick power characters V.S. fast characters (e.g. Paul V.S.
    iii) Pick long range characters V.S. power character (e.g.
    Bruce/ Jack V.S. Paul)
    5) Act Like crazy.
    GOING crazy is one good way. I've never done it before but I
    have seen one do it very well (I'm still asking myself if he meant it
    to be a psycho attack). What he does is that in mist of the game
    he would suddenly start yelling and screaming (not that loud but
    enough to make you hear him...well). He would say things like
    "DIE DIE DIE!!!". If he's winning he would say "Ready to die?".
    Or if you can't seem to land a hit on him "Ha, you can't catch
    me". Another thing that works really well is laugh out loud when
    you're winning trust me your opponent will get nervous fast (of
    course this can sometimes backfire when you start losing ;)).
    - from Kevin Pak <kevinpak@hkstar.com>
    4) Physical Cheese
    Physically harass the opponent (w/o the help of your gang,
    depend on your size). Details intentionally omitted.
    5) Special section: Strategies V.S. Human Paul
    So very often I hear the statement about Paul that he is the
    best character in the game and he has no known weakness. This is
    an overstatement. Here it is, I propose a couple of Paul's’
    weaknesses for you readers. The discussion is open-ended and any
    comments are welcomed.
    i) Paul doesn’t have too many low attacks. What that means is:
       a) You only have to block high for most of the attack. To
    avoid the falling leaf (which attack low first) you just have
    to keep your distance, wait for it to whiff and retaliate.
       b) Most of his moves can be reversed since they hit high or
       i.e. his 10 hit string, power punch, jumping kicks, tile
    splitter. All you have to do is to practice the timing for
    the reverse. The one button reverse strategy will work here.
    (What is that? Read my Wang’s FAQ, if you care)
    ii) He doesn’t have too many combos. Most of them are 2 hitters.
    Usually the first hit will be a close range attack, and the
    second is a power punch. e.g. tile spitter, death fist, or dash
    elbow, death fist.
    The first move has a huge setup time and can be seen beforehand,
    and  counter or reverse easily.
    iii) Bait reversal
    Use Characters with reversal. E.g Jun, Wang, Nina, Anna. Duck
    down all the time. Paul player will be very happy to attack you
    with the jump kick or death fist. But you are well-prepared.
    Reverse him. The timing is tricking but the payoff is great.
    II)  V.S. CPU cheese for Tekken 2 Version B
    Never underestimate CPU cheese, it can be your ultimate money
    If you use the stuff mention in this section accordingly, you
    will have at least 50% chance  of finishing the game even if you
    pick a new character, but you may have a sucky time. For
    additional information, please refer to the individual character
    cheese guide V.S. CPU written by Victar <vctr113062@aol.com>.
    To me there are 5 categories of gameplay V.S. CPU:
    - have fun and win
    - no fun but win
    - have fun but lost
    - no fun and lost
    - no fun and lost perfect to the CPU
    Most CPU cheese will fall into the second category.
    1) Exploring Computer Patterns -
    The computer fall into patterns that you can take advantage of:
    CPU Lei WuLong: His punch + back punch is every Tekken player’s
    dream. Just duck to avoid the punches then back throw him.
    CPU Michelle, Wang: Horrible recovery time with her down
    punch+leg sweeps and 3 hit combos. Attack with any power move.
    CPU Yoshi, Kuni: Attack after his second turn around kick
    CPU King: There is a pause after his third Ali kick. Also he has
    a move which he springs up from the ground and face you with his
    back. Use any combo of your choice.
    CPU Paul: He loves to do his falling leaf combo, which has a
    huge recovery time.
    CPU Law, Lee: He loves to do his rushing punches. Use counter
    move or reverse throw to destroy him.
    CPU Jack-2, Kuma, P-jack: His second scissors hand can be
    reversed very easily. Also attack him after his sitting punches,
    when he is rolling back.
    CPU Nina: She loves to do her low kick, hand chop combo.
    CPU Jun: Low punch (d+1) her out of her cartwheel.
    CPU Heihachi: He loves to do the standing turn around kick
    2) Specific CPU cheese for each human character
    If you don’t have any fun in exploring CPU pattern and too sick
    of repeating general cheese, here is a guide of individual
    character’s cheese V.S. CPU.
    Yoshi: All you need is to do just one hit to the CPU character.
    And then you can just teleport back and forth (and heal, too).
    If you win the first round, you just have to teleport forever in
    the second round and aim for a double K.O. Boring, but win.
    Yoshi: start off a round is run up to your opponent and use the
    press on him/her. This works for me 90% of the time since this
    is not escapable.
    - from Brian Fan <btf1@acpub.duke.edu>
    Lei: CPU cheese God have so many cheesy tactics with no skill
    involved whatsoever. I strongly suspect that someone can finish
    the game with their eyes closed. Anyway I will list only 3.
    1) Use (d+3+4) to lay down. When the opponent whiffs his attack,
    do (3+4) to kick him into the air.
    2) use your rushing punches and trip kick. (f, N, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3)
    3) f,f,F+3(stun) then do his crescent kick(3) as quick as
    possible and  it will hit the CPU.
      - from Lo Yat Nam <cynlo@ug.cs.ust.hk>
    Lei: Quick Drop, Getup Kick, Phoenix Kick, Power Kick (d+3+4,
    3+4, b+1+4, 4)
    - from Ben Weng <bweng@ccs.neu.edu>
    Paul: Just time you death fist when the opponent start to roll
    and get up.
    Paul: Overhead slam, sweep, elbow (D+1, 4, 2) is very useful
    V.S. the CPU. Time your unblockable afterward.
    - from Mark Carravetta <carravem@it.uwp.edu>
    Paul :Here's another vs CPU Paul cheeze. This only works against
    the heavy characters though (King, Kuma, Jack-2, and Devil are
    the only ones I have successfully done it against). After you
    have made the CPU fall run up to him and do Pauls scissor kicks
    (f,F+3,4). At higher levels do only the first of the two kicks.
    This is what happens: as you run in and jump kick the CPU will
    do one of the two things. Either he will try to roll sideways or
    he will try and get up with any of the other ways. If he doesn't
    roll sideways your scissor kick will automatically hit him
    because those specific characters take longer than others to get
    up and guard. If he does roll sideways your jump kick will miss
    him. The CPU will then attempt to kick you. Because you missed
    your kick Paul should've flown right passed where the CPU
    *should've* been so when the CPU gets up both of you will be
    facing the wrong way. Because the CPU side rolled he will be on
    a wrong axis so his kick will miss. Your character on the other
    hand has time to change to the right axis so as soon as you land
    press 3 and Paul should kick the CPU out of his kick. Once again
    it will be counted as a major counter so there will be extra
    damage. This is the simplest way to use this cheeze but I'm sure
    you can change the kick to more powerful attacks or even combos.
    - from Kevin Pak <kevinpak@hkstar.com>
    Nina: Do your lifting-toss, arm break multipart right at the
    beginning of the game or do your overhead throw.
    Jun: Do your cartwheel (3+4) from the edge of her range. When
    the CPU opponent close in, do your d+1, and then dash back.
    Anna: At the start of the match, walk up to the CPU and (F+1+3)
    throw him/her across the screen. Then when the CPU starts to get
    up, (d/b+1+2) give it a 'Hunting Swan'! If your timing is
    correct you will get a Perfect!
     - From Brian R. Miller <dl145@cleveland.Freenet.Edu>
    Heihachi: There is an easy way to beat the CPU.  Keep doing the
    Wind Godfist until it connects.  Follow that up with a float combo of your
    choice.  Then, as the CPU is getting up, move in and back out of the
    way.  The CPU will usually do a high rising attack, and at this point,
    you should do a crouch dash into the Thunder Godfist for a KO.  Try to
    time it so that you are crouch dashing underneath the high  rising attack.
    - from Abbott Wang <wang57@futures.wharton.upenn.edu>
    Jack-2: Back breaker, hell press, face bash (QCB+2, 1+3, 1+2)
    always yield a 100% damage. Use (1+2), (1+2) to retaliate when
    any opponent whiffs his attack. It has enough range and power.
    Jack-2: Back breaker, dash back, back breaker (QCB+2, b,b ,
    QCB+2) is a good combo V.S. the CPU.
    - from Tiri <anastos@informatik.tu-muenchen.de>
    P-Jack: Tile Splitter, Death Fist, Dive Bomber, Hip Press will
    suck the CPU into it if you get the tile splitter connected.
    (WC+1,2, 3+4,u/f+3+4)
    P-Jack:, Dive Bomber, Hip Press (2+4, b,d/b,d,D/F+2)
    CPU-opponent always rolls to the side and then forward right
    into your Dive Bomber.
    - these P-jack cheese are from Tiri <anastos@informatik.tu-
    Devil: Use (1, 1, 2) punch combo to knock down the computer
    after he whiffs his attack. Quickly dash backward (b,b) and then
    start the air laser. The computer will try to roll forward to
    avoid this, but get nailed in the process. If you miss and the
    computer will try to back throw you, just use d+1 to break out
    of it.
    Kuni: For more Kuni vs CPU fun, stab it with b+2 whenever it
    whiffs a string (and it pretty much has to be an *entire*
    string, not just a single attack, unless you have godlike
    reflexes. Use the jumping knee to retaliate against whiffed single attacks). 
    This is easiest to do to CPU Michelle/Yoshi; it also works on Nina and Law, 
    once you learn to recognize how their strings end. The entire string has 
    to whiff (just blocking it isn't good enough). If you're too slow or too
    far away, the CPU will dash out of range, then punish you with a hop kick. 
    That's right, a hop kick. - from Victar <vctr113062@aol.com>
    Kuma: (2+4, 1,1,1)
    Do the bear hug, and then the bear punch combo after dash-in dash-out.
    - from  Al Slater <aslater@express.ca>
    Roger/Alex: Roger/Alex: 1+3,f,f,b+1 (do quickly, f,f is just for
    distancing) Unblockable will hit as opponent gets up with a roll
    (CPU always rolls after 1+3, except Lei sometimes).  If they
    attack as they rise, match is over in 3 seconds, if not, you
    have to run over and low kic/Ali kick. Also, b+1 after back
    throw (vs Lei) immediately ends round. VS. Kazuya/Devil: whiff a
    frankensteiner, keep trying to roll+3 until the CPU whiffs it's
    ground attack, then b+1 will hit if they roll as they're getting
    up (greater than 50% chance they'll do this on my machine).
    - from John E Larkspur <jlark@netcom.com>
    King: Multi-Part is good to use to get the match over quickly,
    but it does take time. The computer has only blocked me once,
    and that was when I was fighting Yoshimitsu. The computer
    blocked the German Suplex. Other than being slow, it can really
    get the match over quickly, if you can do it.
    -from Gregory C. Square <gsquare@eng.ua.edu>
    3) General CPU cheese
    If exploring CPU pattern doesn’t fit you taste, you can use the
    general CPU cheese instead. General CPU cheese can be performed
    by most of the character.
    i) Dash-in, dash out cheese
    After you knock the CPU character down, quickly dash forward,
    and then dash away. Almost every time the CPU will rise up with
    a high kick, and miss. (except for Lei, who always roll back).
    You can destroy him very easily this way.
    - From Hugh King <hlkng@mailserv.mta.ca>
    After dash-in, dash out, the CPU opponent will whiff his high
    kick. You have several opinions:
      a) bait reversal (reverse the opponent using b+1+3, b+2+4
         - from Aureliand G. <CunananAuGuCu@aol.com>
      b) unblockable (see Time Record Cheese)
      c) death from above (see below)
      d) power punch (Paul, Wang, Heihachi)
      e) virtually any juggle combos
    ii) Low punch cheese
    As the CPU character is approaching, quickly do a (d+1) and then
    dash away. Repeat. It is a kind of boring, but you will win. Use
    this tactics to soften up your toughest CPU opponent.
    - From Victar <vctr113062@aol.com>
    iii) unblockable cheese
    Quickly do your unblockable when the CPU character is down on
    the ground. A key point is that different characters has
    different unblockable setup time. And the distance is important,
    iv) Death from above
    Knock the CPU down (by a hit or throw) , dash forward to stand
    on its knees, hit U+2 when it rolls sideways. The pounce will
    hit the opponent when he whiffs his high kick attack.
    -  From Victar <vctr113062@aol.com>
    Bear in mind that not everybody has a (U+2) pounce. You have to
    use their own pounce/ stomp accordingly. e.g Michelle’s
    Actually with this cheese pattern and the low punch cheese you
    can take on almost anybody (CPU) with anybody and beat the game. But
    again, you may have a sucky time.
    v) Run away cheese
    As long as you are ahead of energy and time is running short ( <
    5 secs) , dash away (b,b) from the CPU. Don’t be a romantic
    4) Cheese V.S. the subboss
    I must admit that I only play a handful of characters. So some
    of the stuff in this section is merely my observation. Also bear
    in mind that I only pinpoint the most easy strategy. If you want
    more details you have to check the individual character’s FAQs.
    (Where are they? One good location is:
    Michelle V.S. Ganyru : see the Time Record Cheese Section below.
    Jun V.S. Wang: Stand at medium distance, wait for this dirty old
    man to do a string e.g. leg sweeps etc, and then do f+2, 3+4,
    d+3 for a 50% damage. (Some more CPU cheese info can be found in
    The Complete Devilish Guide to Evil Jun v1.0 that is coming soon
    to rgva)
    Lei V.S. Bruce: Just lie down (d+3+4), wait for Bruce to whiff
    his attack and then use 3+4 to retaliate.
    Paul V.S. Kuma: Pauls power fist is much more useful than his
    falling leaf combo (it hits a lot easier). Here's a great cheeze
    you can use. At the start of the round dash back twice then hold
    back (b,b,b,B). Kuma usually won't do much and even if he does
    you'll be out of range. Wait for him to run at you then when he
    is about 2 to 3 steps away from you do the power fist. You
    should hit him just as he starts one of his combos or attack
    (Kuma's attacks are very slow so the timing should be quite
    easy). Because this will act a a Major counter Kuma will be
    thrown way back. At this point you can either time your
    unblockable (or even better run in then do the unblockable) or
    just run in and step on him after that any normal kick or punch
    should finish him off.
    - from Kevin Pak <kevinpak@hkstar.com>
    Jack V.S. P-jack: Just use (1+2), (1+2) when P-jack whiff
    its/his (?) attack. (Uppercut Rush, sitting punches, etc) It has
    enough range and power.
    Nina V.S. Anna: Nina: Lifting Toss, arm break, (wait for CPU to
    start rolling) U+2. Gets 'em every time. For some reason, the
    CPU never(?) escapes the Lifting Toss.
    - From Victar <vctr113062@aol.com>
    Wang V.S. Jun: See time record cheese below.
    Heihachi V.S. Lee:
    Very Simple Method to beat Lee with Heihachi: f,f+LP+RP
    then immediately that this connects: d/b+LK (just beat it if you
    like) to sweep him as he falls from the butt. This makes Lee fly
    away from you. (if you wait till he hits the ground before
    sweeping he won't go far enough away). Lee will then come
    running at you. Time another f,f+LP+RP as he closes in and
    repeat until Heihachi needs a new stepson... :)
    - From Tim Peers <tpeers@paston.co.uk>
    Heihachi V.S. Lee: Keep hitting Lee and afterwards with this
    d/f+2(uppercut),1(as they are going down),4~3(backflip)
    I usually turn the uppercut into a dragon punch motion f,d,d/f
    It gives me a good range to crouch dash in and catch Lee.
    After one execution, back off and keep out of sweep distance.
    Wait for Lee to come in and counter with another uppercut.
    The game is easier this way. Oh another good move to work on is
    the hell sweeps f,N,d,D/F+4,4,4,F+4
    - from Little Theo <littletheo@aol.com>
    Lee V.S. Heihachi: I used to HATE CPU Heihachi, but I don't
    think he's so bad anymore. Start off the round with the
    chastisement punch, or better yet, the inescapable knee bash. If
    he ducks/escapes the throw, you're still no worse off than
    before. If you knock him down with it, though, you're set -
    stand almost but not quite next to him, and do Lee's razor kick
    string (D+4, 4, 4, 4) as he gets up. If you time it right, he'll
    try to kick you as he stands, and you'll knock him down (the
    razor kick string is a true combo when it strikes as a counter-
    hit). Dash up to him and repeat. You can do this to
    Heihachi/Kazuya/Devil whenever you knock them down, unless it's
    with Lee's falling headlock throw ('cause then you fall down
    with 'em. :) Lee's razor kick string is an excellent counter to
    the CPU's missed kicks & such, but don't go on the offensive
    with it too often or the CPU will block all four kicks and throw
    you while you recover.
    - from Victar <vctr113062@aol.com>
    5) Cheese V.S. CPU Devil and Kazuya
    - Entire section From Victar <vctr113062@aol.com> (This guy
    knows and tries every moves in Tekken 2 :P)
    Lei: The CPU-killing Cheeze God of Tekken has a LOT of options,
    but the most efficient one is f, N, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3
    Jun: Cartwheel kick from the edge of her range. Crouching punch.
    Dash away. Repeat.
    Ganryu: (WC) D+2, 2, 2... (assuming your machine has block-
    Michelle: Let Kazuya/Devil run into F+1, 2+3, 1
    Jack-2, P. Jack, Kuma: D+3+4, 1, 2, 1, 2, roll away, repeat.
    When you're knocked down, get up with 1+2, 1, 2, 1, 2 (roll
    Nina: Lifting Toss, arm break, (wait for CPU to start rolling)
    U+2. Gets 'em every time. For some reason, the CPU never(?)
    escapes the Lifting Toss.
    Anna: D+2, N+4. If you do this as a string (i.e. tap N+4 just as
    Anna's crouching punch makes contact) CPU Kazuya/Devil will eat
    either the punch, the kick, or both. But you have to make the
    attacks flow together as a string or the CPU might hit you out
    of it. This also works for Nina, BTW.
    King, Armor King, Alex/Roger: Let 'em run into the
    especially after they're knocked down.
    Baek: After a knockdown (such as d/b+1+3), dash away, d/b+3+4.
    Also, whenever Kazuya/Devil whiffs an attack, retaliate/tick off
    block-damage with D+3, N+3, 3.
    Bruce: b+4 over & over
    Kazuya: after a knockdown (such as f, f+1+2), D+3, dash away,
    wait for the CPU to stand up, B+1+4. Also, u/f+4, 4, 4, 4 is
    handy for ticking off block-damage.
    Law: after a knockdown (such as 1+3), hit the CPU out of its
    rising attack with F+2, 2, 2
    Lee: after a knockdown (such as the Chastisement Punch), hit the
    CPU out of its rising attack with D+4, 4, 4, 4
    Paul: (1+3)~B, tap back twice to turn around, wait for the CPU
    to stand up, B+1+2
    Wang: D/F+1+3+4 (if Kazuya/Devil ducks, do a crouching punch and
    try again), dash part-way up to CPU, b, B+1, air juggle. You can
    also start this pattern with d/f,D/F+2+4. Use F+2 to tick off
    block-damage, especially after Kazuya/Devil whiffs an attack.
    Yoshimitsu: let him run into d/b+1, over & over
    Everyone: let Kazuya/Devil run into your crouching punch, dash
    away, repeat.
    Paul:  Bait Kazuya into using the tackle (shouldn't be too hard
    since it seems to be his favourite move). Then counter it before
    he punches you. You should normally get up a few secs faster
    than him, use this time to position yourself for the
    unblockable. Another way to beat Kazuya is to only use
    reversals. Almost all of Kazuya's attacks are reversable (even
    the tackle, do the reversal just before he touches you)  and
    with a little practice you will find it easy as well as a lot of
    - from Kevin Pak <kevinpak@hkstar.com>
    6) Time Record Cheese
    Time Record Cheese is the best 100% CPU cheese, made for
    destroying EVERY CPU opponent INSTANTLY and aim at setting up a
    time record. Most of them will give you a time around the 3
    minutes area. Most of them are done best at the beginning of a
    round. Alternatively they can be pull off as a life saver if you
    energy is running low.
    Michelle: (WS+4, f,f, b,b, f+1+4#,2+3,1).
    This one is a 5 to 6 secs 100% cheese V.S. CPU.
    First you do a Blue Sky Cannon kick (WS+4) at the beginning of
    each round. It will work against every character if you do it
    fast enough. Then you dash in (f,f)  wait for the opponent to
    roll, dash back (b,b). (The CPU opponent will rises up will a
    high kick,  and whiffs) Do your  unblockable (f+1+4) IMMEDIATELY
    after the dash back. Pause for 1/4 sec, then do (2+3,1) to
    juggle. Just to remind you that the last 3 moves (f+1+4#,2+3,1)
    I name it "Michelle super move combo" in Michelle's FAQ v2.0. If
    you can do it before, you should not have problem doing it here.
    - inspired by an unknown guy in the arcade
    Wang: “The Jumpy Old Man Cheese” (WS+4, f,f, b,b+1, U+4)
    This one is a 3 to 4 secs 100% cheese V.S. CPU. For more style
    you can use the death fist (QCT+2) instead of jump kick (U+4).
    But it will take 1 more second . See Michelle’s description
    above for details. My best time is 1’59”.
    - Stolen from an unknown guy in the arcade.
    Paul: (1+3~B,B+1+2)
    It works for everyone. Start with the stomach throw,
    (1+3~B). Then, get your timing down so that when they just stand
    up, you start the unblockable, (B+1+2). They will run in and get
    pegged trying to jump over. This is a 5 second, two-hit kill!!
    If you do miss, They will probably jump over, so hit left kick
    till Paul nails them in the back of the head. Then try again. My
    best time with Paul is 4:06.
    - from Jeremy Wood <serith@oia.net>
    Nina: (2+4,1,2,1,2,1,3, b,b, qcb+2, f,f+1+2)
    It works against every computer opponent I've played except Lei.
    First do the lifting toss-falling elbow-arm lock
    throw,2+4,1,2,1,2,1,3 then back up twice out of sweep range and do the 
    qcb+2 followed by the f,f+1+2 then sweep. When you back up out of sweep 
    range the computer will kick as it's getting up and if timed properly the
    qcb+2 will counter hit allowing you to hit the f,f+1+2.
    - from Weasel <weasel@mail.ip.portal.com>
    Anna/Nina: (F+1+3,d/b+1+2)
    One thing I found that can be done Every time is:
    At the start of the match, walk up to the CPU and
    (F+1+3)throw him/her across the screen. Then when the CPU
    starts to get up, (d/b+1+2) give it a 'Hunting Swan'!
    If your timing is correct you will get a Perfect! (8 secs)
    - From Brian R. Miller <dl145@cleveland.Freenet.Edu >
    7) Let’s Put It all together and Finish the Game Once For All
    I know. I know. There seems to be a lot of little pieces of
    information flying around here and there in this guide to
    confuse everyone like hell. Don’t worry I will put it together
    in an example. This will show you how to add different
    strategies together and beat the game almost effortlessly. I
    will guide you till the end. So hold onto your seat. Here we go!! ............
    Let’s pick a character, someone who is unconventional, someone
    without the Time Record cheese. Let’s pick Jack-2. (No point to
    use Cheese God like Lei or Paul as an example).
    i)  First you check out section 1  “Exploring the CPU pattern”
    to roughly get an idea of what the major weaknesses of the CPU
    opponents are. After a few games I am pretty sure you will
    memorize that by heart.
    ii) Second, check out section 2 “Specific CPU Cheese for each
    Human Character”. This will tell you how to make use of the CPU
    weakness mention in section 1. For example, the best move of
    Jack-2 V.S. Paul is to do his hammer + uppercut (1+2, 1+2) after
    CPU Paul whiff his falling leaf (the leg sweep, dash elbow). You
    also discover that Jack-2’s Back breaker, hell press, face bash
    (QCB+2, 1+3, 1+2) is always a safe bet to use at anytime.
    iii) OK. You have been doing petty well. Now you have destroyed
    the first 5 CPU characters in a berserk. But the 6th and 7th CPU
    characters are tricky and slightly out of control. What should
    you do? Time to read on. Check out section 3 “General CPU
    cheese”. You will discover that to soften up a tough opponent
    you can use a low punch (d+1) and then dash back as he walk to
    you and harass you. If you knock them down, you can make use of
    a wonderful move called “Death from Above”. You can also time
    you unblockable or simply use (1+2,1+2) after the dash-in dash
    out cheese. Don’t forget to run away when you are ahead in
    energy when time is running short.
    iv) 6th and 7th CPU opponent is a breeze behind you. Now you
    have to face Mr. Tin Head (P. Jack). Check out the Cheese V.S.
    Subboss Section.
    Luckily there is some info about P. Jack inside it (otherwise
    you have to resort to the General Cheese section). You will
    discovered (1+2,1+2) is all you need to destroy Mr. Tin Head.
    v) Here comes Kazuya and Devil. Don’t worry, our friend Victor
    has provide overwhelming information on beating the evil pair.
    Let’s check out the “Cheese V.S. CPU Devil and Kazuya” section.
    Hmm..... The best move is to do (d+3+4,1,2,1,2, b,b ). Repeat. And use
    (1+2) to get up when you are knocked down. Easy said and easily
    done, too.
    vi) That is it, folks. Although my Jack-2 time is around the 7
    minutes area. But hey, not too many people has a Jack-2 time. :P
    III) Bonus Section: Top Ten cheesy and Fun Stuff You Can Do in
    10. Cheese a 7 years old photographic memory kid to death using
    9.  Juggle a guy 10 times in a row using Nina and watch him
        helplessly spank the buttons to get out of it but in vain.
    8.  Use Jun’s infinity Combo V.S. some newbies and get 2 perfect
        in a row. “What? I cannot block!? Something wrong with thejoystick!”
    7.  Cheese a button smashing Law player to death by using only
    6.  Cheese a decent Paul player to death by using only reversal.
    5.  Select Lei, close your eye, fall asleep (physically). Keep
        doing (d+3+4,3+4) in your dream. 3 minutes later, wake up. Here
        comes a new time record!
    4.  Your contribution ......
    Richard D
    My personal feeling about Tekken 2 is quite similar to William
    Shatner (Captain James T. Kirk)'s feeling about Star Trek -
    "Damn it!! It is only a TV show!! .... Oh ... Sorry .... I was
    just playing the Evil Possessed Captain in Episode XXXXX ...."
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