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    Power Chart by RichardD

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    Introduction to Tekken 2 Characters' Power Chart V1.0
    After numerous posts of strategies V.S. button smashers, somebody came
    up to me and asked me about how to use one (Law, in particular). I was
    quite impressed with that guy. (He sure has guts). But when I think
    about it, sure Law has some finesse (although not much). I begin to
    wonder how good it takes a player to win V.S. a button smasher. And the
    chart below is what I come up with. As usual, I am not trying to set a
    standard, but would rather let people talk about it.
    Introduction to Tekken 2 Characters' Power Chart V2.0
    There are 3 reasons why I pull out a version 2.0 of this chart
    1) There are some more explanations to be given
    2) On so many occasions I  read the "RE: ...... " post
    first before the original post. Some of the posts don't even show up
    after weeks. I assume that they must be have turned up in the usernet
    heaven in the sky. So I repost just in case.
    3) To correct some typos.
           \ Class|
            \     |
             \    |
              \   |            (Button                                          (Human      (Ultimate
    Characters \  | (Scrubs)    Smasher)    (Pros)     (Experts)   (Masters)     Limit)      Limit)    (?)
                \ |    1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8    9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16
                 \|    |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |
    Law           |                |<--------->|
    Baek          |                |<--------------->|
    Lee           |                |<--------------------->|
    Paul          |    |<----------------------------------------------->|
    Michelle      |          |<------------------------------>|
    Nina          |    |<--------------------------------------->|
    Bruce         |          |<-------------------------------------->|
    Wang          |    |<----------------------------------------------->|
    Yoshimitsu    ||<------------------------------------------->|
    Jack-2        |          |<------------------------------------------->|
    Lei           |          |<----------------------------------------->|
    Heihachi      |    |<----------------------------------------------->|
    Jun           |          |<------------------------------>|
    Kunitmitsu    ||<------------------->|
    King          |    |<------------------------------------------>|
    Roger/Alex    |    |<--------------------------------------->|
    Kazuya        |    |<-------------------------------------------->|
    Devil         |    |<--------------------------------------->|
    Anna          |    |<--------------------------------------->|
    Armor King    |    |<------------------------------------>|
    Ganryu        |          |<------------------------------>|
    Kuma          |       |<------------------------------>|
    P. Jack       |       |<------------------------------------>|
                       |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |
                       1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8    9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16
                                (Button                                           (Human    (Utimate
                    (Scrubs)    Smasher)    (Pros)     (Experts)   (Masters)       Limit)    Limit)     (?)
    Explanation of what is going on here
    1) Everything is out of my experience with my tongue firmly in cheek. So
    don't get mad if I didn't rank your character high enough. Or better,
    show me how good you can be. I will be very happy to learn something new
    from anyone.
    2) Each character has a "class". (Notation borrowed from D&D Tower of
    Doom).  For example Law players can have a class between 3 to 5,
    Michelle has a class between 2 to 7.5. With the advance of each class,
    you have a 50% (linear) more chance of winning. For example, a class 5
    Michelle (or Law)  V.S. a class 4 Michelle will have a 50% more chance
    of winning.
    3) Every character has a "entry" class and a "maximum" class. For
    example, Law has an "entry" class of 3 (button smasher), and
    "maximum" class of 5. Michelle has "entry" class of 2 and "maximum"
    class of 7.5.  What that means is that Law's beginners will be able to
    kick the ass of Michelle's beginners relatively easily with a (3-2) x
    50% = 50% more chance of winning. But as both players are getting
    better, the playoff for playing Michelle is better, as she can go all
    the way up to class 7.5, while Law will only advance to class 5. Hence
    expert Michelle players has a (7.5-5)x50% = 125% more chance of winning
    when playing V.S. professional Law players.
    4) Some competent players may gone beyond the physical ability (max class)
    of the character that he use, with a standard deviation of 1 or 2 (?) classes.
    It is because at high class basic reflex, strategy, hand eye coordination,
    player's psychology, knowledge of other characters, all have a profound
    effect beyond the original game play. For example, a really competent
    Paul player should be able to extend his class to 12 or beyond(?),
    if he can constantly beat up the other masters.
    A vivid example would be Akira  in VF2 MoAT. I think he has
    reach Class 12 (Human Limit) in VF2. And the mysterious Wong may even gone
    beyond that level.
    5) To sum it up, I think that every character has a chance V.S. any
    other characters. It depends on how you use them. But only a handful
    of characters have potential to reach class 10 (and beyond?). To be
    in class 10  the important thing is the ability to pull
    out powerful (100%) combos. Imagine this: one mistake kill it all combos!!
    Can you dream of how powerful it can be? And I am sure those characters
    will always be the winner at a higher class.
    These candidates are:
    Heihachi - A little slow to my taste, but very powerful. He has
               combo that can do up to 100% damage.
    Wang - This dirty old man has 3+ 100% combos! Although they are all
           extremely hard to pull out in the heat of a battle, especially
           V.S. human. I will put all his combos together in a
           neat FAQ later. He also has reverse throws that make him even
           more deadly.
    Jack-2 - He has so far the  easiest to pull out 100% combos. I use him
             sort of like Zangiff in the Street Fighter series. He is a
             power guy, and can comeback in one combo within 5 seconds. I
             will elaborate on him as I get better with him later.
    Paul - For his sheer power and speed, and lack of delay between power
           moves. Hey man, just don't falling leaves like crazy and you will
           be fine. But I have yet to see a 100% Paul's combo (V.S. human)
           (Paul experts, please comment). He has reverse throws and reverse
    The characters that are almost there:
    Bruce - His 6 hit combo, can do up to 80%-90% damage. And lightning
            fast. His multiparts can do up to 70% damage.
    Kazuya - Although I have not use this guy, but I have seen him in
             action. He can do up to 90% damage in a combo.
    Lei - This H.K. cop keeps me guessing. He has a very valuable element of
          surprise and unpredictability.
    And finally, just in case you are curious about how I rate myself:
    Michelle : Class 7
    Wang     : Class 8
    Paul     : Class 7
    Nina     : Class 4
    Jack-2   : Class 6
    Bruce    : Class 5
    Jun      : Class 6
    Richard D
    My personal feeling about Tekken 2 is quite similar to William Shatner
    (Captain James T. Kirk)'s feeling about Star Trek - "Damn it!! It is
    only a TV show!! .... Oh ... Sorry .... I was just playing the Evil
    Possessed Captain in Episode XXXXX ...."

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