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    Time Attack/Survival FAQ by TweeKeR

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    Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 17:17:40 PST
    Tekken 2 Survival FAQ --Update-- Nina
    By TweeKer (Sloach@hotmail.com)
    Sal Mazzurco
    Survival FAQ V.2
    	Nina is the only character who can come close to Baek in survival mode, 
    actually, with an experienced Nina player who knows the right moves, she 
    can even be better.  After about a week of playing Baek I got 38 wins, 
    after a week of Nina I could barely pull off 20.  But, after playing 
    Nina a while I got up to 46.  The trick, just as Baek,  is knowing which 
    moves to use (You only need a couple of them), and when to use them.
    	The best strategy I have found with Nina is to use her d/b+4, 3.  Just 
    be sure to be close enough so that both hits touch your opponent, if 
    they block it is OK, just make sure you are close enough to touch their 
    body.  If they block, then you will be back far enough so that you can 
    block before they can get off an attack.  They only characters who have 
    a chance of getting hits in are Yoshi and Kunimitsu with a high kick, 
    and Armor King, who will almost always will go into his can-can kicks, 
    so be sure to block low if he blocks.  King may do it too, but not 
    nearly as much as armor king.
    	If you connect with the d/b+4, 3, then juggle with a jumping u/f+3, 
    then as they are falling hit them with a D+4, 1, then tap forward twice 
    for the flip kick (f, f, 4).  On the flip kick, make sure you hit 4 late 
    enough so that it flips, if you hit it too early she won't go into it.  
    After flipping and hitting the grounded oppenent, wait for them to 
    either start to get up or roll, then tap f, f, 1+2 to lunge towards 
    them.  If they block you can either back off and try to start the combo 
    over or you can try to hit them with a B+1, if it connects, this part is 
    difficult but possible with practice, you can hit them with D+4, 1.  You 
    must time it PERFECT or else the first kick won't hit right and it won't 
    send them up and the punch will not connect.  If you can pull it off, 
    then be sure to flip on them afterwards for maximum damage.
    	The other combo you can use is either 1~2, D+3, 2, to knock them up, 
    then D+4, 1, to juggle, and as they are right above the ground hit them 
    with D+3, 4.  Getting all the hits to connect takes practice, but if you 
    sit and be patient in practice mode for about half an hour than you 
    should be able to pull it off. 
    	One of the things that you should not do in survival is try to do 
    linking grabs, they are more fun than those little cheesy combos I have 
    above, but the computer will duck the throw every time and hit you.  The 
    only one you can get away with every once in a while is the one without 
    a ducking grab.  (3+4,-1,2,1-2,1,3)  Its the one where she grabs them, 
    flips them over her back, then brakes their arm.  You can try to do the 
    other multi-throws but the only time they will connect is if you start 
    them as the computer is doing a high attack.  That way she will duck 
    under their attack and grab them before they can react.
    Characters To Watch Out For
    	Armor King:	If Armor King blocks the last hit of any combo you do, then 
    there is a 99% chance that he will go into the can-can kicks immediatly.  
    I recommend that you try to block low after a combo, but he may still 
    get the first two hits in.  If you does not do the can-cans right away, 
    then he probably won't, so you can let up off the low blocking and 
    attack him again.
    	Kunimitsu: 	Kunimitsu has a way of hitting you REAL QUICK in the head 
    after you try a combo.  The only advice I have for this is to not use 
    the d/b+4, 3 combo as it is the one that she will nail you after.  
    	If you have problems with any of the other characters or if you want a 
    survival FAQ with any other character then please email me.  
    If you would like to use any information on this or any other of my 
    FAQ's then please email me beforehand.  Then I will tell you its OK.
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