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    King Arts by BWilliams

    Version: 5.05 | Updated: 05/30/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: bruce m williams <beamer-1@ix.netcom.com>
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade
    Subject: TK3: Art of King Faq Ver. 5.05
    Date: Sat, 31 May 1997 02:27:27 GMT
                                    The Arts of King
                         by Beamer (beamer-1@ix.netcom.com)
                        Version 5.05 5/30/97 7:30 P.M. CST
           Latest Ver. can be Found at http://www.clever.net/beamer/king.txt
    This Faq is dedicated to the patient Wives & Girlfriends of Gamers without whom
    these moves would not have been found. All moves have been verified or seen by
    myself.  If you see a move that is not listed, describe it to me with motions if
    known and I'll check it.
    While common knowledge cannot be copyrighted, presentation can.  You may use
    this faq any way you wish for private personal use.  If this faq or any part is
    to be used for profit or reposted with different conventions, I ask only that
    you give credit to my contributors and myself.
    The FAQ community's sole purpose is to enlighten.  Catlord, Surfbard and myself
    exchanged information many times even with no notice, simply because credit was
    always given.   I've taken classes in Japanese at the local college, bought a
    Japanese tutoring program, bought many dictionaries, bought translation soft-
    ware, bought OCR software, and bought japanese windows.  My sole goal was to
    become closer to the heart of the gaming industry.  I've scoured Japanese web
    pages and bulletin boards to bring you the freshest information.  While I get
    moves from many different sources, I can honestly say that EVERY move, EVERY
    combo, EVERY multipart, EVERY ESCAPE has been verified by myself.  That is the
    main responsibility of a FAQ writer, to ensure that the information that he is
    giving out is accurate and not just a collage of "common knowledge" and re-
    posts of information seen elsewhere.
    On a personal note, thanks go to Tragic for the offer to use your copyright
    notice, but i see it's already been ripped to somebody elses "work".
    That being said, ENJOY.
    x.) Dedication
    XX) Disclaimer
    1.) The Story of King
    2.) The Tale of the Tape
    3.) Conventions
    4.) Techniques
    5.) Unblockables
    6.) Reversals
    7.) Grapples
     a) Front Throws
     b) Side Throws
     c) Back Throws
     d) Crouch Throws
     e) Ground Throws
     f) Side Step Throws
     g) Multi-Parts
     h) Timings
    10) Multi-Parts & Throws Explained
    11) The Art of Escaping
    12) 10 Hit Combos
    13) Juggles
    14) Helpful Hints
    15) Extras
    16) Thanks
    17) Versions
                                  THE STORY OF KING
    An orphan, who was brought up in King's orphanage, was 24 years old when King
    was killed. Seeing that the orphans lost their hope and were at a loss, he wore
    the mask in order to keep the orphanage. But he couldn't become very strong
    because his technique waslearned just from watching King during his childhood.
    And it is Armor King who hesitantly visited him during fight matches, hearing
    that King the Second became heir to King. Armor King works as his second. He
    knows who killed King, but he thinks that he has to bring up this young man to
    be a very strong fighter more than anything else, and that he must prove his
    friendship to King. Four years have passed now, and the young man has grown
    into a splendid wrestler, King the Second. He was told by Armor King that the
    "God of Fighting" killed King. His trembling fists are wet with the tears of
    Armor King. He takes Armor King's hands and gave a big nod. A friendship over
    generations has come back now.
                               THE TALE OF THE TAPE
    MOTTO:                                    Anger Of The Beast
    Country:                                  Mexico
    Fighting Style:                           Wrestling
    Age:                                      28
    Height:                                   6'4"
    Weight:                                   198 lbs
    Blood Type:                               A
    Occupation:                               Pro Wrestler, Orpanage MGR
    Hobby:                                    Pleasing Children
    Likes:                                    Drinking Beer in Victory
    Dislikes:                                 Tears of Children
    Stage:                                    Wrestling Ring in the Sky
    f - Tap Forward                           F - Tap and Hold Forward
    b - Tap Back                              B - Tap and Hold Back
    u - Tap Up                                U - Tap and Hold Up
    d - Tap Down                              D - Tap and Hold Down
    1 - Left Punch                            2 - Right Punch
    3 - Left Kick                             4 - Right Kick
    n - Joystick Neutral Position             ~ - Follow Immediately
    - - Means "or"                            {}- Escape Motions
    # - Hold for @ 1/2 Second                 SS- Side Step u~n - d~n
    WS- While Standing From a Crouch          WT- While Back is Turned
    * - Optional after Counterhit             []- Damage Units
    ||- Attack Height                         l - low strike
    m - mid Strike                            h - high strike
    d - strikes downed opponents              / - @ 1/4 second pause
    Damages are based on units not percents.  Factory setting for Tekken3 is
    140 units but may vary by location.  Counterhits take off up to 100%
    of listed value for powermoves, and 50% for regular moves.
    NAME                                      CONTROL
    Ali Kicks |all l-d| [17,7,7][17,7,5,4,3]  D/F~4,4,4*4*4 - D#,d/f+4,4,4*4*4
    Easy Ali Kicks  |"| [17,7,7][17,7,5,4,3]  d+3+4,4,4*4*4 - D#3+4,4,4*4*4
      Middle Smash                  |m| [10]    2 after 1st kick - 3rd - 5th Cntr
    Drop Kick [Delayed]             |m| [25]  f,f+3+4 [3+4]
    Jail Kick                       |m| [30]  f,f+4
    Sattelite Jump Kick             |h| [40]  f,f,f 3+4
    Flying Cross Chop           |any-d| [15]  f,f+1+2
    Push                       |m or h|  [0]  f,f,n+1+2
    Elbow Drop during high jump   |m-d| [35]  2+4
    Knee Drop during high jump    |m-d| [40]  3+4
    Smash Uppercut                  |m| [20]  f,f+2
    Dynamite Uppercut               |m| [20]  D,d/f+2 or WS+2
    Elbow Drop                    |m-d| [15]  d+1+2
    Elbow Sting                     |m| [15]  d/f+1
    Side Swipe                      |m| [10]  d/f+2
    One-Two Punch               |h,h| [6,15]  1,2
    One-Two Uppercut       |h,h,m| [6,15,10]  1,2,1
    Straight Right & Uppercut  |h,m| [10,12]  2,1
    Straight Left & Uppercut    |m,m| [5,15]  d+1,n+2
    Frankensteiner                |m-d| [15]  d/f+3+4
    Savate Kicks              |m,l-d| [15-20]  d/f+3-4
    Yakuza (Turn Around Kick)       |h| [15]    b+rk
      Quick Moonsault Press	(WT)|all-d| [25]    1+4 (Unblockable)
      Clothesline (WT)              |h| [50]    1+2 (Unblockable)
    Spinning Elbow                  |m| [15]  1+2
      Turning Hand Knife (WT)       |m| [21]    1
      Clothesline  (WT)             |h| [50]    1+2 (Unblockable)
      Quick Moonsault Press	(WT)|all-d| [25]    1+4 (Unblockable)
    Dashing Knuckle Bomb            |m| [28]  f,n,d,d/f+1+2
    Stomach Smash                 |l-d|  [6]  f,f,n+2
    Knuckle Bomb                    |m| [35]  u/f+1+2
    Break Neck Speed                |h| [60]  SS+3+4
    Ankle Smash                   |l-d| [21]  D/F~1 - D#,d/f+1
    Straight Arrow                  |h| [30]  SS+2
    Black Shoulder                  |m| [40]  f+2+3
    Crouching Side Step                  [0]  d,b+2+4
            The Ali kick is your friend use it liberally against Eddie and Mashers
    of all types.  If the ali kick counters, u can get 2 more kicks, if u counter
    a left kick, the ali kick will knock them down(go for a ground throw or WS+4)
    if you counter a right kick the 5th kick will stun if it connects, use your
    favorite combo.
            I usually don't use the jump kicks accept under long distance playing.
            The jail kick is very powerful but the time spent tapping forward you
    could do kings turnaround kick for more damage and better ground techniques.
            The flying cross chop can hit mid,low, or high depending on distance,
    use it and mix it up with a regular grab or ground grabs (when they start to
    get smart and try to duck the regular grab).
            The elbow drop is generally not used accept against Lei or other
    players who like to lie down a lot.  The move comes out much faster than TK2.
            The side swipe should NEVER be used, it has no range, speed or juggles.
            The elbow sting is very quick and if it counter hits the opponent will
    be knocked to the ground.  Look for the yellow flash of a counter and ground
            The smash upper is used for keeping the opponent at medium distance.
    If it is blocked immediately d+2, hold d and go into the dynamite upper.
            I generally don't use the punches combos unless i'm against a player
    who reverses a lot (break up their tempo if you don't continue the 10 hit).
            Use the frankensteiner sparingly, it's very slow takes no damage unless
    it's a counter hit, otherwise stay away.
            The savate kicks are good combo breakers and do well against rising
            The Turn Around Kick is your second best friend..it's quick, it's hard
    to reverse, it takes mucho damage, keeps the opponent in a good zone, and has
    decent recovery time.  Use the TA kick at medium to far range to turn around.
    A simple right kick while turned is a quick move with big counter damage,
    when turned you can go into a quick moonsault press or a Clothesline.  A
    major counter TA kick will roll the opponent far, chase them down and punish.
            I don't generally use the clothesline, it moves you way off axis, is
    easily seen, has poor recovery.  Don't use it.
            The spinning elbow is an interesting move in that king crouches down
    and under high attacks and will yield a big counter.  Used during the side
    step will confuse the opposition.  Generally if you use the elbow use the
    hand knife also, it has the same recovery time and will always hit if the
    elbow connects.
            The dashing knuckle bomb is your third best friend.  If it connects
    closely with a counter it will bounce them high for a juggle combo.  If it
    connects for a regular counter they will be sent flying, hunt them down.
    If it does not hit, it has medium recovery time, go into d+2 as described for
    the smash upper.
            The stomach smash should only be used between medium and far distance,
    the neutral aspect of the motion will kill you during close fighting.  If you
    get the smash ALWAYS press 1+2 afterwards regardless if it was a counterhit or
    not.  If it was a counter you grab them, if it wasn't you go into the spinning
            The break neck speed is generally used for the same distance as the
    stomach smash.  It has excellent damage, is fairly quick, and if is blocked
    you will roll out of range for minimal risk.  It seems to have low priority
    against other moves.
            The ankle smash is a decent move but i generally only use it when they
    are already grounded.   Get the feel for tapping d/f and pressing 1 just as he
    gets into a full crouch.  With practice you won't need to crouch and wait to
    get the move, his dynamite upper and ali kicks can be done the same way.
            Use the Straight Arrow against players who love to go into strings.
    They generally are concentrating on hitting the correct sequences.  If used at
    medium fighting distance they will race by you and this move has major counter
            I generally use the Shoulder sparingly, it has a slow recovery time, use
    it at medium to far distances as the opponent is trying to close the gap.
            The crouching sidestep is essentially King's double Mexican multi part
    but without King standing up to do the grab.  Why would you want the animation
    for that move you ask?  Good players will NOT try to strike you if they see
    King do the animation for the SS Grab, it's too easy for the strike to miss
    and then be punished by King for all their health.  Good players tend to duck
    when they see the animation, simply tap forward and d+1+2 to crouch grab!  By
    contrast, if YOU see king SS Grab d+2 will break him out of it.
    Moonsault Press                    [25]  f+1+4
    Jaguar Impact                      [50]  f+1+2
    Clothesline (WT)                   [50]  1+2
    Offensive Power Up                       1+2+3+4
            The Moonsault Press is another of your party of friends.  I use it out
    of range to purposely have the opponent come close.  As they get close rise
    and kick with left kick (hold down) they will be knocked off their feet and
    you can hit with a WS+4, go into another press and start over again.
            The Jaguar Impact is a move to be used at medium distance.  It's slow
    easily ducked but takes horrendous damage.  Use it sparingly.
            The Offensive Power Up lasts 5 Seconds or until you are struck.  Gives
    guard damage and any hit will be a major counter. You can't block though!!
    		      REVERSALS (Can't Reverse Punches)
    Spinning Achilles Hold (Left Kick)        b+1+3 - b+2+4
    Dragon Screw (Right Kick)                 b+1+3 - b+2+4
    Chicken-Out (Counters a reversal)         f+1+3 Reversed Left Punch/Kick
    Chicken-Out (Counters a reversal)         f+2+4 Reversed Right Punch/Kick
    Low Combo Escape (No Damage)              d - d/b+1+4 - d - d/b+2+3
            Damage for reversals is as follows: 150% of the normal damage amount
    for the opponents move you reversed. 
            After the Spinning Achilles Hold tap f~d+1+3-d+2+4.  The reversal
    usually gives you enough time to get a ground grab.
            The Dragon Screw will leave the opponent face up, so you must do one
    ground grab to bring them face down, and another quick ground grab.
            I have used the Chicken succesfully against reversal happy players.
    Generally reversal characters reverse you out of slow points in the 10 hit.
    The points are the 4th hit the 6th hit and the 9th hit.  All the ten hits
    have the same 4th hit: 1,2,1,1 the player will usually reverse the 4th hit
    which is a left punch.  Simply hold forward just after you begin your ten hit
    (won't change the combo) and if they reverse the 4th hit tap 1+3 together.
            Use the low combo escape against low kick attacks.  For instance,
    Paul's falling leaf combo is d+1,4,2 which is a tile splitter followed by a
    spinning sweep followed by a death fist.  Just as you see the tile splitter,
    tap d+1+4 and you will push Paul out of his sweep.  King's low escapes are
    powerful in that they push the opponent to their knees, which can be followed
    by a crouch grab. Low cancelled kick moves do not give enough time for them
    to recover, low cancelled punch moves can be followed with a low grab, but
    the timing is a lot less forgiving.
    Swinging DDT                        [35]  1+3 {1}
    Brainbuster Suplex                  [35]  2+4 {2}
    DDT                                 [55]  D#~d/b~d/b+1+2 {1+2}
    Tombstone Piledriver                [58]  d/b,f+2 {2}
    Coconut Crush                       [30]  d/f+2+3 {2}
    Giant Swing                         [70]  f,b,d/b,d,d/f,f+1 {1}
    Figure 4 Leglock                    [32]  d/b+1+2 {1+2} {3+4 revenge [-26]}
    Jaguar Driver                       [25]  d,d/f,f+1 {3+4}
    Flying Press                        [30]  d,d/f,f+1~1+2 {3+4}
    Frankensteiner (Counter-Hit)        [45]  d/f+3+4
    T-Bone Powerbomb                    [50]  d,d/b,b+1+2 {1+2}
    Atomic Knee Buster (Right Side)     [42]  1+3 - 2+4 {2}
    Argentine Backbreaker (Left Side)   [40]  1+3 - 2+4 {1}
    Cobra Twist                         [60]  2+4
    Half Boston Crab                    [60]  1+3
    Octopus Slam                        [75]  b,f+1+2
    Powerbomb {does not multi}          [45]  d+1+3 - d+2+4 {1+2}
    Double Mexican {multi's}            [28]  d/f,d/f+2+4 {2}
         Mini Swing                     [30]  d/b+1+3 {1}
         Crotch Headbutt                [30]  d/b+2+4 {2}
         Figure Four                    [33]  D/B+2+4 {1+2}
         Camel Clutch                   [30]  d/b+1+3 - d/b+2+4 {3+4}
         Crucifixion                    [28]  d/b+1+3 - d/b+2+4 {1+2}
         Chicken Wing                   [32]  d/b+1+3 - d/b+2+4 {1+2}
         Flip Over Left Side             [0]  d/b+1+3 - d/b+2+4 {1}
         Flip Over Right Side            [0]  d/b+1+3 - d/b+2+4 {2}
         Bow Break (Right Side)         [37]  d/b+1+3 - d/b+2+4 {2}
         Strangle (Left Side)           [35]  d/b+1+3 - d/b+2+4 {1}
    SIDE STEP GRABS (Cancel the Grab by Sidestepping again)
         Double Mexican {multi's}       [28]  SS+2+4 {1+2}
         Cannonball {multi's}           [18]  SS+2+4 {ss left 1}{ss right 2}
    Irish Whip                           [0]  b+1+2
      Spinning Ground Smash             [10]    3+4 {3+4}
      Quick Slam                         [8]    2+4 {2}
      Spin & Let Go                      [0]    1+3 {1}
      Turn Around & Let Go               [0]    1+2 {1+2}
    Jaguar Driver                       [25]  d,d/f,f+1 {3+4}
      Boston Crab                       [25]    1+2,3,4,1+2
    Grand Smash (Counter-hit)            [6]  f,f,n+2
      Jaguar Backbreaker                [30]    1+2 {1+2}
      Jumping Powerbomb                 [60]    1+2,u,d,n+3+4 {1+2}
    Standing Achilles Hold              [30]  f,n,d/f+2+3 {2}
      Scorpion Death Lock               [40]    1+2,3,1,1+3  {2} [-10]
      STF                               [35]    1,2,3,1+2  {1} [-10]
      Indian Death Lock                 [30]    1+2,1,3,1+2  {1+2} [-10]
        Romero's Special                [50]      1,3,4,1+2,3+4 {None}
    Single Arm Hyper Extension          [20]  f,n,d,d/f+1+4 {1}
      Double Arm Hyper Extension        [25]    1+2,1+2  {1}
      Reverse DDT                       [20]    1+2,4,2+4  {2}
        Arm Crucifixion                 [25]      4,3,4,3+4,1+2
      Chicken Wing Face Locke           [30]    2,1,1+2+3  {1+2}
        Dragon Sleeper Hold             [30]      2,1,3,1+2+4,1+2+4 {1}
        Rolling Deathe Cradle           [75]      1+3,3+4,2+4,1+2,1+2+3 {2}
    Note:  Escapes for the Standing Achilles Hold extensions are the ONLY
    escapes to return damage.
    	Reverse Arm Clutch/Double Mexican Multi-Part Chart
    AC-> BD--> GX-> PB-> GS
          |          | 
          |           --> TB
    DM--------> CB-> PB-> GS
                |    | 
                |     --> TB
                 --> MD-> SF-> GS
                           --> TB
    AC) Reverse Arm Clutch              [25]  d/f~1+3 - d/f~2+4
    DM) Double Mexican                  [28]  d/f~1+2
    BD) Backdrop                        [18]  2,1,1+2
    GX) German Suplex                   [18]  3+4,1+2
    CB) Cannonball                      [18]  2,2,1+2
    PB) Powerbomb                       [22]  1,2,3+4
    MD) Manhattan Drop                  [17]  3+4,1+2,1+2+4
    SF) Super Freak                     [20]  1,2,3+4,1+2
    GS) Giant Swing                     [27]  2,1,3,4
    TB) T-Bone Powerbomb                [32]  3,1,2,3+4,ALL
    Ultimate Tackle                      [5]  D#,1+2-d~1+2 -f,d,d/f+1+2{2+4-1+2}
      Bunches of Punches                [@5]    2,1,2,1,2 - 1,2,1,2,1 {d+1-2}
      Single Arm Break                  [25]    1+2
        Double Arm Break                [10]      1+2
        Leg Break, (Double)             [20]      3+4
          Arm Locking STF               [40]        1+2 (Critical Timing)
      Leg Break                         [20]    3+4
        Arm Locking STF                 [40]      1+2 (Critical Timing)
      Punches to Arm Break              [40]    1,2,1,1+2 - 2,1,2,1+2
        Leg Break, (Double)             [20]      3+4
          Arm Locking STF               [40]        1+2 (Critical Timing)
      Punches to Leg Break              [35]    1,2,1,3+4 - 2,1,2,3+4
        Arm Locking STF                 [40]      1+2 (Critical Timing)
    For multiparts - Timing (when you do the next part) is not as important as
    tempo (the amount of time in between each group of presses).  Assuming /= 1/4
    second pause: 3//1//2//3+4//all MAY work, 3/1//2///3+4~all WILL NOT.  In
    general from the time King BEGINS the first part and up until the break and
    damage of the first part connecting is the window.  Plenty of time is given.
    Notes: if you are doing the jaguar driver > Boston Crab, you must wait until
    the opponents feet leave the ground to tap 1+2,3,4,1+2 otherwise the 1+2 of the
    first part of the BC will count as the Jaguar press.  Once their feet leave the
    ground you can input the next part at ANYTIME before the apex of the driver.
    Note2: the rolling deathe cradle must have correct tempo, and has no room for
    sloppiness.  All the buttons must be inputted within 3/4 of a second with no
    oopseys.  The timing (when) is not important, there is enough time to input
    the string almost 2 1/2 times!  Practice: left buttons (thumb and 1st), kicks
    (1st and middle), right buttons (thumb and 1st), punches (1st and middle),
    1,2,3 (thumb, first, middle) 
    Critical Timing: the 1+2 needs to be pressed at the exact instant king's back
    touches the ground from breaking the legs, after you press 3+4 for the leg
    break, hold button 1 and tap 2 just as before you hear the crunch!
                          MULTIPARTS & THROWS EXPLAINED
    The multi-part, the most sought after and fun items in the Namco games arsenal.
    In general don't expect to get off a whole lot of ground grabs during the heat
    of battle, know the correct times for ground throws.  Lei and Eddie have a
    habit of lying down in front of you, otherwise don't bother to memorize moves..
    they're all the same control, just dependent of the victims position.  The
    crouch throws are good to use against King after you block his last ali kick,
    or against Xiang Lou (it will grab her out of the Art of Phoenix), other
    players have a tendency to crouch when you get close, punish them.  Nothing
    better than a turtling fool that you grab with a  Reverse Full Nelson (this
    can be multied from, the powerbomb can't).  For King's arm clutch multi: you
    must follow the arm clutch with the backdrop, the german suplex & cannonball
    can be interchanged & the Giant Swing & T-Bone Powerbomb can be interchanged,
    you must use the powerbomb to GSwing/Tbone if you used the German Suplex, the
    GSwing/TBone can follow the Powerbomb or Superfreak, the Cannonball can be
    followed by the Powerbomb or the Manhattan Drop, the Superfreak can only follow
    the Manhattan Drop. This applies to the Reverse Full Nelson except you cannot
    backdrop or German Suplex.  If you Side Step Grab with 2+4 and you grab the
    opponent head on, you will get the Reverse Full Nelson which you can follow
    the same multi-part.  If the opponent is slightly off axis, you will get the
    Cannonball which can be multi-parted also, albeit smaller. King can now pull
    of some very hateful breaks after the tackle.  After the 3+4 Tackle/Leg Break,
    begin tapping 1+2 quickly for the Arm Locking STF..the exact timing is not yet
    known. The Rolling Death Cradle has no breakout after it begins, the rolls
    continue to take off health...I rolled 8 times and killed the cpu with this 1
    Counter those throws!!  If you don't like being thrown, then don't be thrown.
    All normal throws (throws that don't require a joystick motion) can be
    countered simply by pressing either left punches or right punches.  If you get
    thrown otherwise, well.. you shouldn't have been standing around long enough
    for your opponent to tap the joystick for a power throw. THE accurate way to
    escape most multiparts is to tap 2~1(hold)~2, this will escape almost all of
    kings grabs (special thanks go out to Might Mort on IRC).
       Reverse Arm Clutch/Double Mexican Multi-Part Escape Chart
    AC {1-2}--> BD{1}-> GX{1}-> PB {None}--> GS {1}
       Note 1    |               | Note 2          Note 5
                 |                ---------> TB {2}
    DM--------> CB {None - 2}-> PB {1}-> GS {1}
                 |   Note 3      |             Note 5
                 |                -----> TB {2}
                  --> MD-{2} -> SF {None}-> GS {2}
                                 | Note 4         Note 6
                                  --------> TB {1}
    AC) Reverse Arm Clutch                    DM) Double Mexican
    BD) Backdrop                              GX) German Suplex
    CB) Cannonball                            PB) Powerbomb
    MD) Manhattan Drop                        SF) Super Freak
    GS) Giant Swing                           TB) T-Bone Powerbomb
    Note 1: The breakout can be either 1 or 2, doesn't matter.
    Note 2: The Powerbomb following the German Suplex can't be broken.
    Note 3: The Cannonball following the Double Mexican can't be broken.
    Note 4: The Superfreak can never be broken.
    Note 5: Following a Powerbomb, the Giant Swing escape is 1, the Tbone is 2.
    Note 6: Following a Superfreak the Giant Swing escape is 2, the Tbone is 1.
    			     10 HIT COMBOS
    121:1::3:3:4:3:2:1+2 {1+2}                6,15,10,6,8,10,5,5,6,30  
    hhm m  h m l l l throw
    121:1::3:3:4:4:1:1                        6,15,10,6,8,10,5,5,7,23
    hhm m  h m l l m m 
    121:1::3:3:4:4:1:3                        6,15,10,6,8,10,5,5,7,30
    hhm m  h m l l m m
    121:1::24:4:4::1:1                        6,15,10,6,6,5,5,5,7,23 
    hhm m  h l l l m m
    121:1::24:4:4::1:3                        6,15,10,6,6,5,5,5,7,30
    hhm m  h l l l m m
    Note:  All combos can be begun on the second hit by holding forward, the
    damage will then be 12 instead of 6.
    Juggles can be begun by a Dynamite Upper (D#,d/f+2), a short 
    jumping right kick (u/f+4), or the Knuckle Strike (f,n,d,d/f+1+2)
    close counterhit.
    Air, Left Jab, Jail Kick; Air,1,f-f+4. 
    Air, One-Two Punch, Jail Kick; Air,1,2,f-f+4.
    Air, One-Two Punch, Smash Uppercut; Air,1,2,f-f+2.
    Air, One-Two Punch, One-Two Punch; Air,1,2,1,2.
    Air, One-Two Punch, Frankensteiner; Air,1,2,d/f+3+4.
    Air, One-Two Punch, Knuckle Strike; Air,1,2,f,n,d,d/f+1+2
    Air, Ali Kicks; Air,d+3+4,4,4.
    Air, One-Two Punch, Ali Kick, Spinning Smash;  Air,1,2,d+3+4~2.
    Air, One-Two Punch, Ali Kicks; Air,1,2,d+3+4,4,4.
    Air, Left/Right Jab, One-Two Punch, Ali Kicks; Air,1/2,1,2,d+3+4,
    Air, One-Two Punch, Ali Kick, Spinning Middle Smash; Air,1,2,
    Air, One-Two Punch, Turn Around Kick, Moonsault Press; Air,1,2,b+4,
    Air, One-Two Punch, Ali Kick, Spinning Middle Smash, Ali Kicks;
    Know the machine you are playing on.  I don't mind losing to someone who is
    better than I am, IF they win with skill, not constant knock-down-footsweep-
    pounce or DEFECTIVE CONTROLS.  I've seen some games where the right punch
    works, the right kick works, but push both at one time and NOTHING happens.
    I've played on games that only have 4 directional (made that way, or just
    dirty) joysticks. Hold the joystick down, slowly move the joystick to the
    down/for position and NOTE exactly when the character begins crouching
    forward. This is the exact joystick position needed for certain power moves:
    Ali Kicks, Ankle Smash. DO NOT CROSS THE D/F POSITION. You may also get these
    moves by tapping (and Holding) in the d/f position and tapping the
    corresponding button JUST as you crouch.
    Practice the Dragon Punch.  You know, the SFII Dragon Punch motion f,n,d,d/f
    and punch.  You can hold in the D/F position (you have up to @ 1/2 second to
    perform the next motion, use this to your advantage to be unpredictable). The
    tighter and more precise the circle, the easier it is to get multi-part holds
    or the knuckle strike.
    OPENING STANCES (May be controlled, not sure yet)
    On knees with back to opponent rise, turn and face to begin round. 
    (I believe it is chosen on odd rounds with punches if king has original 
    mask, kicks if King has Armor King's mask, even rounds it is opposite.)
    1-2 punch and elbow smash then begin round.
    (I believe it is chosen on even rounds with punches if king has original 
    mask, kicks if King has Armor King's mask, odd rounds it is opposite.)
    1- Jump Forward with a Raised Arm
    2- Slash Motion Across Throat, Thumbs Down while Growling
    3- Three Cheers for King
    4- Howling at the Moon
    1-2 Kings old mask, bare chested, blue tights with gold piping and gold
    wrestling shin boots,
    3-4 Armor Kings mask with red eye, muscle shirt with "Evil Mishima Product"
    on back (in Chinese), blue breaker pants, chain belt, studded wrist guards,
    and it looks like Pumas for shoes :)
    Catlord                 Gamest Magazine         Wangel   
    Jon Decausemaker        Darmash Topiwala        Marcel Michaud
    Dakine Pinoy            DragonLee               Scott Brewer
                            Very Special Thanks To
    Shinichi Nakada         Surfbard                Slikatel         
    			Extra Special Superlative Thanks To
    		Tragic (may your ego never outstrip your skills) 
    				  All The Guys on IRC
    1.00 - An early shell with most moves and multi-parts corrected.
    2.00 - Shaping up to be a better faq.  
     a.Re-aligned margins to help with better printing.
     b.Fixed aignment on multipart strategies so powerbomb DOES NOT
       follow the manhattan drop.
     c.Confirmed the falling backdrop after the arm hyperextension.
     d.Added several other sections. 
     e.Confirmed the Half Nelson Face Lock, Figure 4 to sleeping 
       opponents, and the Rolling Death Cradle. Thanx Darmash! 
     a.Re-named Half Nelson Face Lock to Chicken-Wing Facelock. Trying
       to use Japanese names as much as possible (phonetics-problems)
     b.Found the actual motions for the Indian Death Locke, Romero's
       Special, Manhattan Drop, and Reverse DDT.  Getting closer to 
       finding most of the movements.
     a.Added ability to follow a single arm break with the leg break 
       after the ultimate tackle. Thanx Scott.
     b.Added new motions for the T-Bone Powerbomb. Not confirmed yet!
     a.Added confirmed T-Bone Powerbomb motions.  Added unconfirmed
       Dragon Sleeper following the Chicken-Wing Face Lock.
     a.Added many new escapes.
     b.Left off extraneous motions for the Romero.
     c.Added forgotten section on reversals.
     a.Added Juggle Section
     b.Added Escape Section
     c.Added Juggle Section
     d.Added Helpful Hints Section
     e.Added The Art of Escaping Section
     a.Expanded the Arm Clutch/Half Nelson Mutlipart section
     b.Added new theories to the Escape Section
     c.Added confirmations for the Dragon Sleeper and the Crucifixion
    3.26 Fixed typo for the Rolling Deathe Cradle
    4.00 Added a strategy section for regular moves.
     a. Added more things to the hint section
     b. Confirmed escapes.
    5.00 Added even more escapes
     a. Added damages
     b. Added attack levels
    5.05 Added winning stances
     a. Added opening stances
     b. Added uniform choices
     c. Added low cancel notes
     d. Added timing section for multi's

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