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    King Throw by HSy

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    From: wild@i-manila.com.ph
    Subject: TK3: King's Throw List v0.1
    First of all; All the throw inputs are given and posted by Shinichi
    Nakada for rgva. So if theres any thank you credits it should be
    forwarded to him. Secondly, I tried to correct some of the typos and
    names of the throw but please freely correct any incorrect move inputs
    and names since most of them I just guessed and taken from tk2. And
    finally I created new type of format to list down throws for King to
    easily distinguish each other. Heres how I listed them:
    -start of table of content-
    1.0 High(H) Throws <throw standing opponents only>
         1.1 basic throw <regulars>
         1.2 stumble (setup) <no damage? throw/setup for another throw?>
         1.3 multiparts <throws that can be followed by another>
         1.4 Crosslink? throw <throws having several combinations>
             <King's old 5-part throw have changed (its still basically a
    multipart throw) it can now be linked with another set of part and he
    also have a new starter df+1+2 aside from his f~df+1+3. I decided it
    to call it Crosslinked?/chain? throw or if you can think a cooler term
    please share it.>
    2.0 Mid(M) Throws <throw both standing and crouching opponents>
        <the Ultimate Tackle can be considered as mid throw since it can
    throw both standing and crouching opponents which deeply affects the
    basic gameplay of high and low throw. Try to think of it as an
    unavoidable throw (if within range of course) *note its "unavoidable"
    but not "unescapeble" and not "unreversable". AFAIK the closest
    similarity for such a throw in 3D gameplay is akira's break
    stance(d+P+G) in vf3 but they are also completely different in some
    aspect also>
    3.0 Low(L) throws <throw crouching opponents only>
    4.0 Back(B) throw <throw standing back facing opponent only>
    5.0 Side(S) throw <throw opponents from the side only/after ss only?>
    6.0 Ground(G) throws <throw grounded opponents only>
    7.0 Hit(HIT) throws <throws can only be execute after MC/counterstun>
    8.0 Reversals <grab incoming attacks for a throw>
    Other things:
    King's Jaquar driver ->Archlock Facebuster is basically not a
    multipart throw (multi); it more like a transformed throw (x-throw)
    <where a throw is changed into another throw> like Law's bulldog throw
    or Aking's Steiner Piledriver. I'm thinking of seperating it from
    multiparts since its basically another type of throw not found in
    other fighting games(I think vampire2 victor has this type though) but
    let it be decided in another time.
    To view the Throw movelist set your newsreader's fonts (articles for
    Fagent) on fixed pitch or disselect any true type fonts. That way it
    won't messed up the spacings.
    I didn't tested any of the throw inputs AFAIK crosslink throws might
    not even exist :) all I'm after is that we try to set some standards
    of "details" terms to show how deep is the gameplay of TK3 and its new
    features. And also this type of format would be seen in any future
    FAQs. I test all the moves as soon as they change TK3 botton setup
    closer to each other. They are 3 inches part from each other.
    hurbert sy
    moves by Shinichi Nakada & rgva
    compiled by hurbert sy
    1.0 HIGH(H) THROWS
    	1+3		Swinging DDT		
    	2+4		Brainbuster
        	db+1+2		Figure Four
    	df+1+4		Coconut crusher		
    	df+2~4?		Frankensteiner
        	db,db+1+2	DDT
    	db,f+1+2	Tombstone Piledriver
        	f,HCF+1		Gaintswing			
    	QCB+1+2		Skyhigh Piledriver
    	b+1+2		Irish Whip
    		->3+4		Spin Trip Down
    		->2+4		Quick Trip down
    		->1+3		Spinning Exchange
    		->1+2		Surprise Exchange
    	1.3 MULTIPART(Multi) THROWS
    	QCF+1+2		Jaquar Driver
    		->1+2		Archlock Facebuster
    		->1+2,3,4,1+2	Boston Grab
    	f~df+2+3	Achilles Hold
    		->1,2,3,1+2	STF
    		->1+2,3,1,1+3	Scorpion Deathlock
    		->1+2,1,3,1+3	Indian Deathlock
    			->1+2,3,4,1+2+3+4	Romero Special
    	f,d,df+1+4	First Armbreaker
    		->1+2		Second Armbreaker
    			->1+2		Third Armbreaker
    		->2,1,1+2	Facelock
    			->???		Rolling Cradle
    	1.4 CROSSLINK THROW          
    	    Start at A or F then link it downward
    				       Possible Chain Throws:
     +-----------------------------+  		  F,G,D,J
     |   A. Revserse Arm Clutch    |    	  	  F,G,H,I,J
     |       f,df+1+3 (2+4)	       |    	  	  F,G,H,I,E
     |       B. Backdrop           |  F. Double Elbowlock	     |
     |          2,1,1+2	       |  df+1+2 or df,df+1+2 (low)  |
     | C. GermanSuplex|          G. CannonballBuster             |
     |    3+4,1+2     |                  2,2,1+2,1+2?		     |
     |         D. Powerbomb	       |    H. ManhattanDrop         |
     |             1,2,3+4	       |       1+2?,3+4,1+2+3+4      |
     | E. Gaintswing  | J. Skyhigh |    I. Super Freak           |
     |     2,1,3,4    | Piledriver |       1,2,3+4,1+2           |
     |		  | ?????????? |                             |
      Possible chain throws:       | E. Gaintswing | J. Skyhigh  |
    	 ->A,B,C,D,E	       |       2,1,3,4 | Piledriver  |
    	   A,B,C,D,J	       |    	       | ??????????  |
    	   A,B,G,H,I,E         +---------------+-------------+
    2.0 MID(M) THROWS
    	d,db+1+3	Ultimate Tackle
    	   ->1,2,1,2	   Mounted Punches
    	   ->3+4	   Legbreak
    		->df+1+2	???????
    		     ->3+4		???????
    	   ->1+2	   Elbowlock
    		->1+2		Armlock
    3.0 LOW(L) THROWS
        d+1+3 (2+4)	Powerbomb
        df,df+2+4	Double Elbowlock (chain throw starter)
    4.0 BACK(B) THROWS
        1+3			Half Boston Grab
        2+4			Cobra Twist
    5.0 SIDE(S) THROWS
        1+3 or 2+4		Argentinian Backbreaker(Left Side)
        1+3 or 2+4		Coconut Crusher (Right Side)
    	6.1 Face Up & Feet Toward
    		->db+1+3		Gaintswing
    		->db+2+4		Spread Eagle Headbutt
    		->db,n+1+4		Figure Four
    	6.2 Face Up & Head Toward
    		->db+1+3		Strangle Hold
    		->db+2+4		???
    	6.3 Face Down & Feet Toward
    		->db+1+3		Half Boston Grab
    		->db+2+4		Camel Clutch
    	6.4 Face Down & Head Toward
    		->db+1+3		Chicken Wing
    		->db+2+4		???
    	6.5 Sideways
    		->db+1+3		Ground Roll
    		->db+2+4		Hold them like bow & arrow
    7.0 HIT(Hit) THROW
    	d+3,4,4,4	Ali Kicks
    	    ->4,3,1,2		Abdominal Stretch
    	f,f,n+2		Stomach Punch
     	    ->1+2		Backbreaker
    	    ->1+2,u,d,n+3+4	Jumping Powerbomb
    	b+1+3(2+4)	Dragonscrew (right side)
    			Spinnning Achilles Hold (left side)
    	???		Armbreaker(if tackled & to be armbreaked)

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