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    Lei by DChun

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    A Lei FAQ. The world really needs a newer one to read. 
    A FAQ by Daniel Chun. I Thought the world needed another FAQ and I got tired 
    of reading the only two in existence on the Internet. I must Thank Surfbard, I
    apologize for not obtaining his permission to us his moves, but the moves 
    below are all from his FAQ (version 4.0) at surfbard@ix.netcom.com (with 
    one minor adjustment). He's got one of the most comprehensive FAQs out there.
    The Strategy however, is all mine.
    *Lei Wulong*
    lp+lk                    - Flying Sky Kick
    rp+rk                    - Neck Wringer
    f,f+lp+rp                - Trip
    uf+lp+rp                 - Trip & Elbow
    (ss right) lp+lk         - Crescent Punishment
    (ss left) lp+lk          - Side Throw
    (from behind) lp+lk      - Alley-Oop Back Punch
    db+lp+lk                 - Low Combo Break
    db+rp+rk                 - Low Combo Break
    lk~rk                      - Jumping Roundhouse
    lk~rk, U                 - Jumping Roundhouse (up to three)
    lk~rk, U, D            -Juping Roundhouse (up to three) lay down.
    b+lp+rp                  - Headbutt
    f,n,rk                   - Spinning Forward Kick
    f,n,lk                   - Spinning Rush Kick
         rk                   - High Roundhouse
         d+rk                 - Foot Sweep
    uf+rk                    - Hopping Kick (Juggles)
    db+rk,rk                 - Rave Spin
    db+rk~D                  - Rave Sweep -> Snake Stance
    uf+rp                    - Elbow Drop (hits floored opponent) -> Play
    lp+rp~B                  - Turning Punch -> Back Turned Position
    lp+rp                    - Turning Punches -> Back Turned Position 
    lp+rp~lp+rp              - Turning Punches -> Uppercut
    rk~rk,lk,lk              - Rolling Kicks -> Face Down Position
    f,n,rp,lp,rp,lp          - Guard Melting Punches
    f,n,lp                   - Rush Punch
         ~D                   - Snake Stance
    f,n,lp,rp                - Two Rush Punches
            ~D                - Dragon Stance
    f,n,lp,rp,lp             - Three Rush Punches
               ~D             - Panther Stance
    f,n,lp,rp,lp,rp          - Rush Punch Combo
                  ~D          - Tiger Stance
    f,n,lp,rp,lp,rp,rk       - 4x Punches, Mid Kick
    f,n,lp,rp,lp,rp,lk       - 4x Punches, Low Kick
                      ~D      - Crane Stance
    f+rk,lp,rp,lk            - Crescent Kick -> 2x Punches -> Low Kick
    f+rk,lp,rp,rk            - Crescent Kick -> 2x Punches -> Mid Kick
    f+rk,lp,rp,lp,lk         - Crescent Kick -> 3x Punches -> Low Kick
    f+rk,lp,rp,lp,rk         - Crescent Kick -> 3x Punches -> Mid Kick
    db+rk,(WS)rk,rk,rk,lk,lk - Six-Legged Fury
    b+lk+rk                  - Back Turned Position
           lp                 - High Backfist -> Back Turned Position
           d+lp               - Low Backfist -> Back Turned Position
           rp                 - Backwards Uppercut (Juggles)
           d+rk,rk            - Rave Spin
           rk                 - Backwards Mid Kick
           lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk  - Triple Backflip
    d+lp+rp                  - Slide Position
           rk,lk              - Slide
           lk                 - Rising Low-Kick
           rk                 - Rising Low-Kick
           lp                 - Roll to Play Dead Position
    d+lk+rk                  - Play Dead Position
           lk+rk              - Kangaroo Thrust (Juggles)
           lk                 - Sweep
           lk~rk              - Rave Spin
           rk                 - Rising Mid Kick
           d+lp               - Roll to Slide Position
    rk~lk                    - Low Cartwheel -> Face Down Position
        rk~lk                 - Low Cartwheel -> Face Down Position
        lk~rk                 - Sweep -> Play Dead Position
        lk~rk,rk              - Rave Spin
        lk                    - Rising Low Kick
        rk                    - Rising Mid Kick
    f+lk+rk                  - Drunken Stance (Reversal on counter)
    f+rp+lk                  - Snake Stance
    b+lp+rk                  - Phoenix Stance
    lp,rp,lp,lk+rk,lp,rp,rk,lp,rk,rk    - Tenstring  - HHLMMMHMLH
    lp,rp,lp,lk+rk,lp,rp,rk,lp,rp,lk    - Tenstring  - HHLMMMHMMH
    lp,rp,lp,lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk,lp,lp,rp - Ninestring - HHLMMMLLM
    -Phoenix Stance-
    rk                       - Crescent Smash (Unblockable)
    lk,lk,lk,lk              - Hawk's Claw Kicks
    -Drunken Stance-
    lp                       - Drunken Punch
    lk+rk                    - Double Back-Kick -> Face Down Position
    -Snake Stance-
    lp,lp,lp,lp,lp           - Hopping Punches 
    rp,rp,rp                 - Three Punch Combo 
    lp,lp,lp,lp,lp,F         - Hopping Punches -> Snake Stance
    rp~F                     - Snake Jab -> Dragon Stance
    rp,rp~F                  - Double Snake Jab -> Dragon Stance
    rp,rp,rp~F               - Triple Snake Jab -> Panther Stance
    rk                       - Hopping Kick -> Snake Stance
    lk                       - Cannon Kick -> Face Down Position
    lp+lk                    - Dragon Stance -> Neck Shake Throw
    u                        - Dragon Stance
    d                        - Panther Stance
    -Dragon Stance-
    rp                       - Double Arm Strike (Juggles)
    rp~F                     - Double Arm Strike -> Tiger Stance
    rk                       - Spinning Forward Kick
    lp                       - Neck Shake Throw
      lp+rp                   - Drink -> Drunken Stance
    lk                       - High Crescent Kick
      lk                      - Low Sweep
    rk,lp,rp,lk,rk           - Rushing Dragon Combo
    rk,lp,rp,lk,d+rk         - Rushing Dragon Combo
    rp+rk                    - Throw
    rp,d~d                   - Double Arm Strike -> Tiger Stance
    u                        - Tiger Stance
    d                        - Snake Stance
    -Tiger Stance-
    lp                       - Overhead Swipe
    lk                       - Spinning Rush Kick
    rp                       - Overhead Swipe
    rk                       - Fast Sweep
    u                        - Snake Stance
    d                        - Dragon Stance
    -Panther Stance-
    lp                       - Two-Handed Low Punch
    lp,rp                    - Double Low Punch Combo
    rp,lp,rp                 - Guard Melting Punches
    lk                       - Low Sweep
    B+lk                     - Low Sweep -> Phoenix Stance
    rp                       - Uppercut (Juggles)
    rk                       - Right Kick - same as F+rk from normal stance
    rk,lp,rp,lk              - Lunging Panther Combo
    rk,lp,rp,rk              - Lunging Panther Combo
    lk,rp,lp,rp,lk           - Stalking Panther Combo
    lk,rp,lp,rp,rk           - Stalking Panther Combo
    u                        - Snake Stance
    d                        - Crane Stance
    -Crane Stance-
    rp                       - Backfist -> Back Turned Position
    lp                       - Rush Punch (Back Turned Postition on Block)
    rk                       - Hop Forward -> Low Kick
    lk                       - Hop Forward -> Mid Kick
    lk,rk,rp,lk              - 4 Hit Combo (Last Hit Juggles)
    d                        - Snake Stance
    u                        - Panther Stance
    Strategy: I'll only give you the stuff you really need to know, as I can only 
    teach people that aren't as good as me, and I'm only damn good as oppose to a 
    Well, Lei is undoubtedly one of the most powerful players in the game.  He 
    has all of the combos (not so heavy on the juggles though), and he is AMAZINGLY
    confusing. You can keep people guessing through an entire combo or totally 
    annoy them if you keep up a good defence. 
    Things to remember:
    	*Never repeat a combo more than twice, and if you do, only repeat the
             beginning of it and change up. (you professionals out there don't 
             laugh at me. I never saw this on any of your FAQs. 
    	*Lei's stances are the best. No one else has them and not many people
             guard against them. Most beginner-moderate think that its an 
             opportunity to hit you when they see him go into a stance. Prove them
    	*Lei's rush punches are excellent against most people. 10-11 servings.
             That sort of thing. I base most of my offensive strategy off of them.
             Stance changes will be discussed later. However, use them very 
             sparingly against people who counter. Then it should be like sugars 
             and fats: 1-2 servings.
    	*The low sweep (db+rk) is excellent. It has no lag time and you can
             change stances after it.
    	*Lei's positions when he's lying down should be memorized. They can
             save your life after you're knocked down or thrown. 
    	*Use a lot of keep out tactics (jabs and front kicks, etc.) and then
             pull out a move.  You don't win by showing off until you're pretty 
             damn good. (again, professionals don't laugh at me. I didn't see this
    	*Take advantage of the new sidestepping and counter features. They come
             in handy against jump kicks and those damn Ali kicks of King.
    Stance changing:
    	The rush punches of Lei are excellent offensively because you can
            change your stances easily. Be careful against pros. They can spot the
            stance change and go for a quick jab or something. Remember to switch 
            up. Try this:
    	After the First rush punch try sidestepping into the snake stance 
            (f,N, lp~d). Then pull out the hopping punches from Snake stance. 
            They're so fast our opponent won't even know what happned until 
            they're on the floor. 	
            Or, after the second punch go into the dragon stance. This helps when 
            you're low on energy. Pull off a throw with "lp" and then push "lp+rp"
            to gain back some energy. The throw works like a charm against 
            beginners and average players since they're still blocking high from 
            the rush punches, but not so great on pros; they don't call them pros 
            for nothing. If they start ducking and you are stupid enough to repeat
            the combo, then hit "rp" and try to juggle them. 
    	After the third rush punch is Panther stance: my favorite. The double
            low hit is fast and has some recovery time, but if they block then 
            you're okay. If it connects then thats all the more better. After a 
            couple of repititions they will know to block, but try hitting "rp"
            and it will juggle them. This juggle is low, but the upper-cut has 
            only a little bit of recovery time. It works like a charm against
            everyone. I even got the local pro pissed off because it worked so 
            well. The kicks are also good. If you want to show off against a
            beginner then take a chance and hit "lk" and then hold Back+lk and
            you'll go into the unblockable stance. Tap "lk" again to knock'em down
            and them hit "rk" to whip out your unblockable. Remember to hold Back 
            throughout this whole thing. People look at you and say, "damn. He's 
            good." I love that.	
            The fourth rush punch goes into the tiger stance. This is an okay 
            stance, but you might as well just finish off the rush combo with a 
            kick. But anyway, the over head swipes (rp or lp) stun the opponent if
            they block. It's pretty cool. If it connect then they bounce and it's 
            funny to hear people that have never seen it laugh at the other guy. 
            It makes him angry and he won't fight so well and it will make you 
            feel good. If you think you got time then push "lk". He'll let out a 
            roundhouse that connects about 5% of the time. The "rk" however, works
    	After the fourth punch is the kick. The right kick button should be
            pressed since it knocks the opponent down and the left kick is low and
            only leaves the opponent stunned.  You go into a crane stance and it 
            makes beginners just look at the screen weird. They get flashbacks 
            from the Karate Kid. Anyway, this is an awesome stance since it's got 
            a pretty useful combo and good punches. I normally tap "lp" from the 
            crane stance since average to beginner players always get hit by it. 
            If it connects they start to rol to the other side of the screen.  If
            a pro or pretty good player blocks it I can do the low backfists from 
            Lei's turned back position (you end up with you back turned if they 
            block.). If they block that then you're in trouble. The low back fist 
            should be mixed up with the uppercut or the first part of the rave 
            spin (d+rk) in the turned back position. The combo of the crane stance
            juggles and it isn't too slow, plus if the first hit connects then the
            rest will also. (lk, rk, rp, lk). The juggle isn't all that high and 
            because of the recovery time of the last hit it's hard to get in a 
            good hit.
    That was the rush punch strategy. 
    Also, I must add in the stratgies on the other moves. The rushing roundhouse 
    (f, N, lk) works well since few people do it. NEVER do it close up. You should
    be a good kick and 3/4's away from your opponent. After the kick you can go 
    into a second kick while they're stunned (if they block). Most people get hit 
    by the low hit. (f, N, lk, d+rk). 
    Another helpful strategy is the moves out of the turned back position.  Almost
    all beginners will run up to you when your back is turned since they're hungry
    for a behind throw. Yeah, right. Just keep hitting them with about 4-5 low 
    back-fists and finish off with either "d+lk" or "d+rk". You might add a 
    jumping elbow to the first one and a "d+rk" to the second one (a stance change
    is also possible...Just tap "d" after the "d+rk".) 
    Ways to get into the turned back position:
    	A blocked punch from the "crane" stance. 
    	Tapping "b+lk+rk"
    	doing the Jumping Roundhouse (lk~rk_U) (quite confusing if u switch up
             the amount of time you hold up.  
    	Melt Guarding punches
    	A lot of other things when you mess up. You might keep a combo going
             and forget where your opponent is. Don't worry. You are still just as
             tricky Lei can fight anywhere.
    Lei is the best isn't he?
    Last, but not least, is the section on his lying down positions. All I can say
    is that you must memorize all of the lying down positions (about 4-5 fight 
    where you really pay attentions to his postions from when he's lying down will
    get you to remember).  They can be quite useful. A guy might throw you and you
    can still pull a rave spin on him and laugh last.  Don't give up. Lei can 
    fight from where most others are vulnerable. He's an all-round straight lookin
    Now go out there and kill'em.
    catch copy - super police
    nationality - China
    fighting style - various martial arts (cored Wu Xing Fist)
    age - 45
    height - 175cm
    weight - 65kg
    blood type - A
    occupation - policeman
    hobby - movies, naps
    likes - SONY products (he has appeared on a SONY commercial film)
    dislikes - crimes, villains
    stage - Quiet Street
    Bye now...hope this would help.

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